+++ 70. The Sixth Big Problem With Ignorance: +++

What’s So ‘Unnatural’ (Per Modernists) About

Natural Law?


We’re ready to tackle the sixth big problem with ‘salvation-through-ignorance’.


A problem which, in mirror image, modernists have, too.


Except for them, the problem is that such a thing exists and destroys their conception of how the idea of ‘religion’ is supposed to work, something they very much don’t want to happen. That is to say, the modernist wants everyone to believe that it doesn’t matter which religion you believe… unless, of course, the religion you believe in teaches, contrarily, that it really does matter what religion you profess, and that it’s true.


Per the modernist, this is a bad thing to believe.


Whereas, for real Catholics, the problem is that such a thing exists and destroys the modernist conception of how ‘religion’ works --- a modernist thinking that relegates every traditional religion to, at best, the status of ‘equivalency’, or, at worst, irrelevance & ‘superstition --- something real & wise Roman Catholics very much crave and greatly yearn for everyone to know so that, in the end, the tyrannical rule of the Religion of Modernism can, indeed, be completely destroyed and eradicated everlastingly from the face of this fallen, rebellious & sin-ridden earth.


That, dear reader, is the power of a mere ‘idea’.


It’s also what makes modern people hate the Religion of Catholicism… yet which dangerous, thus very ‘bad’ and hence quite anti-modern idea do we speak of?


The teaching of the Law of Natural Reason, a law that Roman Catholics have always believed --- whatever, exactly, you call it --- is, most literally, written upon the hearts of all human beings of sound intelligence, all over the world, in every place, at all times, and regardless of how they grow up or what they know to start with during their mortal lives.


As St. Paul the Apostle says, inspired by the Holy Ghost:


“For when the Gentiles [specifically, those who didn’t belong to the Old Testament Church, and, metaphorically, any human beings who are not yet Roman Catholic], who have not heard the law, do by nature those things that are of the law [that belong to the law, this law referring both to the Law of Moses and the Law of Christ, since Jesus did indeed teach His Own Unique Law, as St. Paul mentions plainly in 1 Corinthians 9:21 and Galatians 6:2]; these having not the law are a law to themselves: who shew [show, make manifest] the work of the law WRITTEN IN THEIR HEARTS, their conscience bearing witness to them, and their thoughts between themselves [i.e., conflicts] accusing, or also defending one another…” (Romans 2:14-15 DRC)


Which is why he says to Catholics in the Diocese of Rome, a chapter earlier:


“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and injustice of those men that detain the truth [hide the truth] of God in injustice [sin]: because that which is known of God [known about God] is manifest in them [made clear inside themselves]. For God hath [has] manifested it unto them. For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; his eternal power also, and divinity: so that they are INEXCUSABLE.” (Romans 1:18-20 DRC)


Are you beginning to fathom the truth, my precious soul?


God makes it impossible to escape Catholicism.


No matter where you are or what you do, no matter how you start out or what you grow up with or where you go in this universe… IF you have an intelligent mind, then you cannot escape the teachings of His One & Only ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.


Divinely accentuated punctuation of finality.


+++ 71. How Can They Know If They Haven’t Heard? +++


This, indeed, is what the Catholic theologians of old were talking about when they affirmed the perennial teaching of the Church that, for people of sound mind, the Roman Catholic Faith of Jesus Christ during New Testament times is always absolutely necessary to know, lest the Just Wrath of God come upon you in the end.


I.e., lest you suffer hell forevermore.


This is the imperative of Catholic Missions.


This is why the Catholic Church has always striven, with utmost urgency, to send missionaries of the True Faith to all intelligent human beings everywhere in the world --- to tell them the saving truth about God’s Singular Roman Catholic Religion.


Lest anyone die, being sound of mind, visibly outside the Church and go to hell.


For, while any intelligent human being has the Law of Natural Reason written upon his or her heart, how many of us are of good will and gladly cooperate with that divinely engraved testimony, seeking His One True Religion with tenacity?


Hardly any of us. Yet does this lazy ignorance take us off the hook?


No, because we should have tried, having, at least, the bare minimum necessary in our hearts & minds to galvanize us --- if we have good will --- to seek for the truth about our existence and why we are here, living intelligences trapped in feeble corrupted bodies. Hence why the Church, in deep love for human souls, sends messengers to tell us!


These messengers are sometimes God’s answer to those good-willed human beings cooperating with the natural law in their hearts, and trying to find out Who He is and who they are, begging for His Saving Truth. And sometimes these messengers are God’s Mercy, giving bad-willed human beings a chance regardless of their cold hearts.


In either case, Catholic Missions is the essence of Divine Love.


Which is why St. Paul says, too:


“How then shall they call on him, in whom they have not believed? Or how shall they believe him, of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear, without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they be sent, as it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace [i.e., peace between God and human beings, not ‘world’ or ‘social’ peace, which is what Novus Ordoists like to spin it into], of them that bring glad tidings [good news, the meaning of the word ‘gospel’] of good things!’ [Isaias (Isaiah) 52:7 & Nahum 1:15]” (Romans 10:14-15 DRC)


+++ 72. Can’t I Be Saved If I Don’t Know? +++


But again, doesn’t this let us off the hook when we’ve never heard about Roman Catholicism or grew up being taught to vehemently mock it or hate it?


Which is why St. Paul says as well:


“Faith then cometh [comes or arrives] by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ [Jesus’ Roman Catholic Religion]. But I say: Have they not heard? Yes, verily [truly], ‘their sound hath gone forth into all the earth [has gone out everywhere], and their words unto the ends of the whole world [to the places farthest from where I am on earth].’ [Psalm 18:5]” (Romans 10:17-18 DRC)


Once more, Paul refers to the Law of Natural Reason “written upon their hearts” (Romans 2:15 DRC), when he says --- in response to his rhetorical question of “But I say: Have they not heard?” --- “Yes, verily [truly], ‘their sound hath gone forth into all the earth… their words unto the ends of the whole world.’” (Romans 10:18 DRC)


The Holy Ghost inspired truth is there, in our hearts, written by the Finger of God.


Ignorance and prejudice are no excuse for intelligent human beings.


Find this hard to believe? Yet insist on calling yourself ‘catholic’?


Let us review the theological testimony we saw in Chapter 42:


“Still we answer the Semi-Pelagians [a type of heretic during the 1st millennium], and say that infidels [people without the Catholic Faith] who arrive at the use of reason [are no longer small children and old enough to start thinking for themselves], and are not converted to the [Catholic] Faith, cannot be excused, because though they do not receive sufficient proximate grace [grace that is all around you and obvious, such as what people raised in good Catholic countries would have by virtue of the Catholic testimony all around them], still they are not deprived of remote grace, as a means of becoming converted. But what is this remote grace? St. Thomas [Aquinas] explains it, when he says that if anyone was brought up in the wilds, or even among brute beasts, and if he followed the law of natural reason, to desire what is good, and to avoid what is wicked, we should certainly believe either that God, by an internal inspiration [an inspiration of the heart or mind], would reveal to him what he should believe, or would send someone to preach the [Catholic] Faith to him, as [just like] he sent Peter [the first pope] to Cornelius [a Roman commander first converted to the Old Testament Religion before becoming a Roman Catholic --- see Acts 10 in the Bible]. Thus, then, according to the Angelic Doctor [St. Thomas Aquinas, see the quote just below], God, at least remotely, gives to infidels [those who aren’t Catholic], who have the use of reason, sufficient grace to obtain salvation [enough grace to become Catholic and die in the state of grace], and this grace consists in a certain instruction of the mind, and in a movement of the will, to observe the natural law [the basic law of religion & morality that God places in every person’s heart who has the use of reason and whether or not he’s Catholic to start with]; and if the infidel cooperates with this movement, observing the precepts of the law of nature, and abstaining from grievous sins, he will certainly receive, through the merits of Jesus Christ, the grace proximately sufficient to embrace the [Catholic] Faith, and [thus] save his soul.” (St. Alphonsus Liguori’s The History of Heresies, Refutation 6, No. 11. All emphasis & annotations added.)


As well:


“Objection: It is possible that someone may be brought up in the forest, or among wolves; such a man cannot explicitly know anything about the [Catholic] faith… Reply [the objection rebutted and answered correctly]: It is the characteristic of Divine Providence to provide every man with what is necessary for salvationprovided on his part there is no hindrance. In the case of a man who seeks good and shuns evil, by the leading of natural reason, God would either reveal to him through internal inspiration what had to be believed, or would send some preacher of the [Catholic] faith to him…” (St. Thomas Aquinas’ Quaestiones Disputatae de Veritate, Question 14, Article 11. Emphases & annotations added.)


+++ 73. So Ignorance of Catholicism, for Sound +++

Minds, Really Is Hell Forever If They Die in

That Ignorance… Isn’t It?


The sincere reader now slumps chilled, chastened, sad and sober, asking seriously:


“So ignorance of Roman Catholicism, for people with sound minds, really is the same as being damned in hell forever when these people die in that ignorance… isn’t it?”


To which we reply with tears in our eyes:


“Yes, it is.”


As Jesus said:


“Enter ye [all of you] in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth [leads] to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat [many people go in by that wide and easy entrance to eternal death]. How narrow is the gate, and strait [narrow & difficult] is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it [relatively small amounts of people go in by the narrow & difficult entrance leading to an everlasting abode in Heaven].” (Matthew 7:13-14 DRC)


This is one of the ‘hard’ sayings of Jesus. That is, difficult to hear.


Because if you don’t want to believe in Jesus & His Catholicism, then this reminds you of the terrible fate of hell awaiting you at the end of your life, when you die not being Catholic. Or, even when believing in Catholicism, you read this divine quote, and it reminds you of all of the people who aren’t Roman Catholic --- perhaps people close to you in this life --- making you sad and heartbroken. It especially crushes your heart when you think of how wicked this world is, being in the midst of the Great Apostasy, and know that hardly anyone is left on earth who is truly & really Roman Catholic.


Will Jesus find “faith” on earth when He returns? (Luke 18:18 DRC)


And yet it’s true.


The evidence makes it plain.


Hardly anyone today is still Catholic, despite all those (and they are few when compared to the whole world’s gargantuan population!) who still insist on calling themselves ‘catholic’ while denying the Salvation Dogma and the real reason for Missions.


The Church has never taught us otherwise; it is they who wander astray.


They, like most, prefer the wide & broad road to “destruction”.


They, like most, hate the narrow & difficult road to “life”.


Our time is a horrible time of lawlessness and sin.


“Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a REVOLT FIRST [a Rebellion against God happens prior to the end of our world], and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [a man of hell], who opposeth [opposes], and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth [sits, like a king on his throne] in the temple of God, shewing himself [showing himself, and therefore pretending] AS IF HE WERE GOD.” (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 DRC)


+++ 74. Why Are We So Worried? +++


And so we turn to rather apocalyptic considerations.


It’s amazing, in a godless world, how much godless people are obsessed with ‘apocalyptic’ or ‘post-apocalyptic’ scenarios in the last fifty years.


One only has to think of all the Hollywood-type movies in the last three decades that imagine less than cuddly futures for the human race; or of how uptight people got about the year 2000 and ‘Y2K’; or of how many people anticipated with fear and trepidation --- or at least with the utmost gravity --- the Mayan calendrical cycle completed on the winter solstice (December 21st) of the rather curious year, AD 2012.


Why are humans --- especially where we live --- so worried?


What are we afraid of?


From a wise Catholic point of view, the rejoinder is simple.


We’re in full scale Rebellion against God. We can’t admit it --- and maybe many of us are clueless (but not inculpably so) --- but we know we deserve punishment for our sins. Consequently, we conjure up all kinds of bogies to provide modern ‘reasons’ for our fear of punishment. That is to say, we know, deep down, how we deserve to suffer terribly for our “revolt”. (2 Thessalonians 2:3a DRC) But we can’t admit that it’s for our sins against a Roman Catholic God. Ergo, we must find other, less overtly religious, ‘reasons’ for why terrible things are going to happen, and so many of us are going to die. Not that these other ‘reasons’ can’t be legitimate worries in and of themselves… instead, that these worries merely ‘paper over’ the hidden & most profound reason we’re upset:


Because we are horrendous sinners, reject Roman Catholicism entirely, and we deserve nothing but to suffer terribly and die in the most tragic or awful of ways.


I beg the sensitive reader’s pardon for ‘alarming’ or ‘harsh-sounding’ words.


I don’t mean to be flamboyant or sensationalistic.


Howsoever, I cannot be a Catholic apologist of good conscience and refrain from going where the Infallible Testimony of the Church and most excellent evidence of research --- along with clear, valid & lucid logic --- lead me. I must be true to Roman Catholic doctrine and honest about our present world’s visible & earthly facts.


Which is why I tell you, precious soul, that we’re living through the Apocalypse (the book of Revelation in Protestant bibles) of St. John the Evangelist right now.




Oh, I know.


It’s de rigueur to say, amongst supposed ‘catholics’ and (maybe) real Catholics of the past century, “How can you know the Great Apostasy and the Apocalypse is happening this very moment? What if things get even worse in the future? Don’t count your chickens before the eggs hatch!”


This line of caution, though, only works for so long.


At some point, in all honesty and with all intelligence, we have to acknowledge the real, hard, solid, and inarguable evidence and say:


“Indeed, yes. We really are in the most wicked of times. We really can’t say this period of time doesn’t equal --- when you do your homework, intensely studying both Sacred Scripture and Tradition --- or exceed, the evil, rebellion and outright apostasy of St. Noe’s time before humanity suffered the Flood and God washed our world clean.”


Almost --- but not quite --- end of sentence.


+++ 75. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(Solipsistically Divine Pretensions)


We’ve already seen, in the scriptural quote at the end of Chapter 73 above, how St. Paul warns us of the “revolt first” and the revealing (or ‘unveiling’) of the “man of sin”, also known as the “son of perdition”. (2 Thessalonians 2:3 DRC) This hellish, wicked and rebellious human being lifts up his or her self “…above all that is called God, or that is worshipped…”, daring to invade the “temple of God” and enthrone a creaturely thing… his or her own mortal self… as if he were God.” (2 Thessalonians 2:4 DRC)


This is flabbergasting to the humble and thoughtful Catholic.


Who could be so proud, who would be so wicked?


Yet is this not the hallmark of our era?


Are we not each of us today individual religious authorities unto our own selves?


I.e., do not people today act like they are ‘god’, do they not dare to appropriate unto themselves the ‘right’ to believe and live however they please, to change former laws and defy ancient customs as they see fit… even go so far as to proclaim that they are ‘god’ and can make the ‘reality’ of our world into anything they want it to be?


Think about it.


Do we not live by the Modern Creed of do whatever you want to do’? With the strangely strict, and plainly contradictory proviso, of course, that, when doing whatever you want, you nonetheless must never dare to want to deny this imperative Creed of Modernism and say, instead, ‘do only as Our Creator commands’?


It reminds one of Lucifer (the Devil) in Heaven, trying to take God’s Throne and fight a losing battle amongst the stars till he and his cohorts (a “third” of the angels in the Bible, Apocalypse [Revelation] 12:4 DRC; see, too, what Isaias [Isaiah] 14:12-14 has to say about Satan’s horrendous plunge from the summit of pride) are cast to the earth.


It reminds one, too, of the Tower of Babel, when Nemrod [Nimrod] convinced the peoples of the earth, shortly after the Flood and still speaking one universal language, to disobey Our Creator and build an immense tower in order to “reach to heaven”. (Genesis 11:4 DRC. Please peruse all of both Chapters 10 & 11 of Genesis, as well as various traditions, for the full context of what Nemrod and his people did in Babylon.).


As we noted near the close of Chapter 12, regarding a pure solipsism:


The destiny of modern humanity, left unimpeded, is an utterly inverted Platonism and Berkeleian-imagined type of ‘perception’, ending --- with mirror-like infinite regression of a god-like type of consciousness, gazing narcissistically and endlessly at ourselves, staring at our own existential navels, as it were --- in eventual self-deification.


Which means?


Very simple, my dear reader.


The Beast arises out of the Sea. (Apocalypse 12:17-13:10)


+++ 76. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(The Parable Connection)


What is this dangerous and serpentine “beast”, and how are we little human beings supposed to comprehend the mysterious scriptural testimony about some bizarre creature --- “a beast” --- who comes “…up out of the sea…”? (Apocalypse 13:1 DRC)


Recollect that Jesus always spoke in “parables” to the people when He was on earth. (Matthew 13:13 DRC. See Matthew 13:10-17 for the whole context.) A parable, by the way, is a story… but a story with a lesson, for he or she who has the ability to understand the purpose of the tale. Recollect, as well, that it is Jesus Who is revealing to St. John the Evangelist, here in the enigmatic Apocalypse, what we read about “…a beast coming up out of the sea…” right after we read, two verses earlier, how “…the dragon was angry against the woman…” (Apocalypse 13:1a, 12:17a DRC)


Now, why in the world would Jesus speak in parables to those who listen, why would He hide their meaning from the people at large and why would He tell these parables… these stories of His with a lesson… when no one seems to understand them in the first place?


What is the purpose?


Jesus Himself gives us the answer via St. Matthew in his Gospel:


All these things Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes [to the huge crowds who listened to Him]: and without parables he did not speak to them. That it might be fulfilled [that] which was spoke by the prophet, saying: ‘I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden from the foundation [beginning] of the world.’ [Psalm 77:2]” (Matthew 13:34-35 DRC)


And Matthew refers to Christ making the same point earlier in the chapter:


“And his disciples came and said to him [Jesus’ students and loyal followers asked Him the following question]: ‘Why speakest thou to them in parables [why do you always talk to these huge crowds with stories that, while interesting and entertaining, they can’t seem to understand and usually don’t ever comprehend]?’ (Matthew 13:10 DRC)


A question Jesus did not duck or refuse to address.


“Who answered [Jesus gave them this response]: ‘Because to you [my students and followers] it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven: but to them [the crowds] it is not given [most of the crowd are not meant to comprehend or understand the majority of what Jesus teaches]. For he that hath [has], to him shall be given, and he shall abound [every person who is rich in the correct understanding of God’s True Religion will be given even more comprehension of His Religion beyond what he has already… much more!]: but he that hath not [the person who has very little knowledge of God’s Church and doesn’t care that he’s ignorant about Catholicism], from him shall be taken away that also which he hath [the very little comprehension he has about the Church of Rome won’t stay with himeven that little bit of understanding about Catholicism will be taken from him and lost forever!].’” (Matthew 13:11-12 DRC)


Yet is this all Jesus has to say about this mystifying topic?


We delve further into His own words:


“Therefore do I speak to them in parables: because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not, NEITHER DO THEY UNDERSTAND. And the prophecy of Isaias [Isaiah] is fulfilled in them, who saith [says]: ‘By hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand: and seeing you shall see, and shall not perceive. For the heart of this people is grown gross [coarse, disgusting and evil], and with their ears they have been dull of hearing [hard of hearing], and their eyes they have shut [so that, while able to see, they nevertheless purposely choose NOT TO USE THE EYES they have to look & see for themselves]: lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, AND BE CONVERTED, and I should heal them [and I, the Almighty Creator speaking through My prophet, Isaias, would forgive them for their transgressions].’ [Isaias 6:9-10]” (Matthew 13:13-15 DRC)


+++ 77. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(No Escaping Natural Reason Unscathed)


Is it beginning to sink in, dear soul?


The Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church --- the One True Creator of all that exists out of nothing, including us, mere human beings and little mortal creatures that we are, but formed in His Holy Image --- grants to every human person of sound mind the chance to hear and see and understand His Unparalleled Purpose for our existence. A Sacred Purpose so very intricately interwoven and astonishingly entwined with the beautiful, vast and infinite fabric, as it were, of His Own Divine Being.


Which is why He made us to look like Him.


He gave us intelligent minds and the perilous power of individual wills that, while corralled within rational and intrinsic limitations, we are, nonetheless, ultimately free to choose between that which is true and that which is false, between that which is good and that which is evil, between that which is holy and obedient and leads to everlasting life and that which is wicked and rebellious and leads to neverending death.


A choice that, if we choose freely & intelligently for Him, makes us one with Him.


Or that, if we choose freely & irrationally against Him, makes us separate from Him.


In either case, God foreknows --- via His Omniscience (All-Knowingness), and He not bound by, or subject to, the dimension of time --- which human beings will choose for Him and which of us will choose against Him. He knows our outcome from eternity. From the beginning He knows who will belong to Him and who will not.


All the while His Divine Love has no limits despite our evil inclinations.


None of us deserve His Mercy. Most of us will refuse to cooperate. Notwithstanding, God Almighty makes sure each of us, of sound mind, has the Law of Natural Reason within his or her heart, compelling us to seek for the truth and to do that which is good. In this way, no human being of intelligence can stand before Him at Judgment and accuse God of being ‘unfair’… of having given him or her, the creature made in God’s Image, no real chance to find Him and figure out that He created us to be Roman Catholic.


For the proud rebel, this Law of Natural Reason will condemn him.


For the humble servant, the same Law will exonerate him.


Whilst for both, it reveals how wicked we really are.


Conceived in sin, we are subject to the power of the Original Rebel, the Fallen Angel and Dragon of Old, the Devil. He who dared to fight against God, tried to claim His Throne, proclaiming constant lies about God & His Religion with a pathological vengeance.


+++ 78. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(Savage, Murderous & Irrational)


Most intelligent and comely of creatures at the start, this ancient Lucifer --- he who was the ‘bearer of light’ --- is now a herald of darkness, surrounding himself in the illusion of brightness, a celestial being named “satan” (accuser) who, says Paul, “…transformeth [transforms] himself into an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:14 DRC)


But in doing so, the “angel of light” chose to abandon the true light of rationality.


He has no good left in him, no love left for real truth and right reason.


He is, as Jesus said, “…a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh [speaks] a lie, he speaketh of his own [as if it is his native language]: for he is a liar, and the father thereof [Satan invented lying and rules over anyone who lies, which liars are his children and the citizens of his infernal kingdom, being either non-Catholic or, in the end, dying as bad Roman Catholics].” (John 8:44b-c DRC)


The upshot?


This Satanic Murderer is a Beast.


He is an empty void of ‘shining’ blackness, a maelstrom of dark duplicity.


He is clever yet irrational, savage, cruel and insatiably ravenous… snakish, reptilian, venomous, driven by fear… whilst predatory, ruthless, feral, deadly and untamed.


Hence, based on this knowledge, what is the first solid thing, the first sure meaning, that we can conclude from Jesus’ mysterious parable as told through His Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, in the Book of the Apocalypse at the end of the Bible?


For we read:


+++ 79. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(What Scripture Actually Says)


“And the dragon [the Devil, Satan] was angry against the woman [literally, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God --- figuratively, the Roman Catholic Church, which is the Body of Her Son, Jesus, to Whom She gave birth, making His Flesh truly Her Flesh as well]: and went to make war with the rest of her seed [her children and descendants], who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ [i.e., the children and descendants of this woman that the dragon hates are those human beings who are truly and visibly good Roman Catholics]. And he [the dragon] stood upon the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten diadems [crowns], and upon his heads names of blasphemy [names that mock and defy the Triune God of the Catholic Church and anything to do with His One True Religion]. And the beast, which I saw, was like to a leopard [like a leopard], and his feet were as the feet of a bear [he had the feet of a bear], and his mouth as the mouth of a lion [he had the mouth of a lion]. And the dragon [the Devil] gave him his own strength, and great power. And I saw one of his heads as it were slain to death: and his death’s wound was healed. And all the earth was in admiration after [amazed by] the beast. And they adored the dragon [worshipped the dragon like he was ‘god’], which gave power to the beast: and they adored the beast [worshipped the beast out of the sea like he’s ‘god’, too], saying: ‘Who is like to the beast? And who shall be able to fight with him?’ [‘Who can equal the beast? And who could ever win a war against him?’] And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies: and power was given to him to do two and forty months [i.e., he could say and do astonishing and hitherto unheard of things for forty-two months]. And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven [this beast mocks and defies Our Maker, ridicules and destroys His Catholic Church, and opposes His Holy Ones in Heaven, treating them like a joke]. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints [fight good Catholics on earth], and to overcome them. And power was given him over every tribe, and people, and tongue [language], and nation [this beast is the supreme ruling power over all the earth’s inhabitants]. And all that dwell upon the earth adored him [worshipped him like he’s the ‘creator’], whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb [who do not die as good Catholics, serving Jesus, the Lamb of God], which was slain from the beginning of the world [Jesus’ Death on the Cross is eternal and not limited to the time and place of Jerusalem in the first century]. If any man have an ear, let him hear [if you are able to understand what this means, then pay attention and comprehend]. He that shall lead into captivity, shall go into captivity: he that shall kill by the sword, must be killed by the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints [this terrible time of evil, sin & rebellion will test to the marrow the loyalty and goodness of every person left on earth who is truly Roman Catholic during the Great Apostasy].” (Apocalypse 12:17-13:10 DRC)


+++ 80. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 1)


What does this scriptural passage mean?


Both Sacred Scripture & Tradition make it plain that the “dragon” is the Devil, the Ancient Serpent who deceived Ss. Adam & Eve, leading them into the First Sin. (Apocalypse 12:17 DRC. See Genesis 3:1-24 for the history of their Original Sin.)


To wit, the first heresy and false religion on earth.


The “woman” is simultaneously the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Catholic Church. Whoever receives the Sacrament of Baptism is made a member of this Church, which is the Body of Jesus Christ, Her Son, and ergo of Her Flesh, being the Mother, and those of sound mind who profess this Church’s Infallible Teachings are indeed visible followers of Jesus and children of His Mother, having His “testimony” and being “her seed” by imitating Her holy example, as well. (Apocalypse 12:17 DRC)


Yet why does the dragon stand “upon the sand of the sea”?


And why does the “beast” come up “out of the sea”?


The first question refers to Apocalypse 12:18, the second question to Apocalypse 13:1, both quotes being from the Douay Rheims Challoner translation of the Bible. (DRC) All the same, despite appearing to be widely separated via the references (the first quote from chapter twelve, the second quote from chapter thirteen), in actuality they are but one sentence after another in direct narrative sequence in Sacred Scripture.


Viz., the Bible talks of the oceanic beast right after the dragon on the shore.


And when you read the thousands of pages that come from the early Church Fathers (writers and saints and bishops or teachers of the ancient Church, during the first eight centuries after Christ), and their commentaries upon the Bible, it becomes plain that ‘sand’ or ‘waters’ or the ‘ocean’ are metaphors for the multitudinous peoples of this world. That is to say, we innumerable human beings have covered the earth like the waters of the sea, or the countless grains of sand upon the shores of the ocean.


As a result, the dragon standing “upon the sand of the sea” symbolizes Satan himself standing in authority over this earth and being the spiritual father of humanity, who are each of us conceived into the Original Sin of our First Parents, Ss. Adam & Eve.


Adam & Eve were made by God to be the King & Queen of our visible, material world, but sold themselves --- and their descendants --- into spiritual slavery when they believed the lies of the Devil and took his religious venom into their bodies as well as their minds (for the falsehoods of non-Catholic religions do indeed have physical repercussions and not just mental or ‘psychological’ effects!). Doing so, they thereby corrupted both their own flesh and the flesh of all their descendants to come, of all human beings… apart from Jesus & Mary, Who are the second Adam and the second Eve, given to us by Almighty God to undo the evil of the first Adam and the first Eve.


The “beast” who comes up “out of the sea” then means that future human beings (the future here meaning ‘future in relation to the time that the biblical writer is writing’… but not any longer the ‘future to us who are reading it right now’ since it is happening at this very moment) become so wicked and so anti-Christ and thus anti-Catholic that they are organized into a ruling power over the earth, global in nature, that it is unopposed by adequate power to the contrary. Or, to put it differently, this organized force of anti-Christ and anti-Catholicism becomes the de facto supreme power on earth since any truly Roman Catholic nations have become few & weak and, eventually, non-existent.


This is the “beast” come up “out of the sea”.


And anyone who knows modern history knows what I say is a fact.


Truly Roman Catholic nations no longer exist anywhere on earth. There are no more Catholic monarchs and Catholic nobility with real power and real thrones to make real Catholic laws and require their people to obey them. The ancien régimes (French for ‘ancient regimes’ or ‘ancient rulers’) are dead and gone as of this moment.


Even Ireland & Spain, the last hold outs, are now religiously dead.


Their peoples the most staunchly Catholic by lax modern standards of the past five centuries, these countries held out the longest in preserving significant shards of their Catholicity despite their ancient monarchs being gone and replaced, democratically, with the ‘rule of the people’ or something else more suitably modern and not so appropriate for Catholic nations trying to remain Roman Catholic.


By the 1990s, though, even they had become rabidly anti-Catholic.


Yet what are the “…seven heads…”? (Apocalypse 13:1b DRC)


Anyone who studies Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition realizes that God ‘favors’, as it were, certain numbers. That is to say, certain numbers tend to symbolize or indicate certain things in our world that He, the Eternal & Uncreated Creator, creates.


Recall St. Matthew’s words:


All these things Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes [to the huge crowds who listened to Him]: and without parables he did not speak to them. That it might be fulfilled [that] which was spoke by the prophet, saying: ‘I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden from the foundation [beginning] of the world.’ [Psalm 77:2]” (Matthew 13:34-35 DRC)


So what is the ‘parable’ being told under the guise of the number “seven”?


The Number Seven is undeniably linked to the Deity of God.


I.e., Seven is the Supernatural & Sovereign Number.


Are you beginning to see, dear reader?


This “beast”, empowered by the “dragon”, is a pretender like the Devil himself. Both he and it pretend to be ‘god’, to be worthy of the worship reserved only for the True Worship of the True God, the Triune Deity of His Singularly Roman Catholic Religion.


We recollect St. Paul’s words:


“Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a REVOLT FIRST [a Rebellion against God happens prior to the end of our world], and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [a man of hell], who opposeth [opposes], and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth [sits, like a king on his throne] in the temple of God, shewing himself [showing himself, and therefore pretending] AS IF HE WERE GOD.” (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 DRC)


Words affirmed by St. John further in the apocalyptic passage:


“And they adored the dragon [worshipped the dragon like he was ‘god’], which gave power to the beast: and they adored the beast [worshipped the beast out of the sea like he’s ‘god’, too], saying: ‘Who is like to the beast? And who shall be able to fight with him?’ [‘Who can equal the beast? And who could ever win a war against him?’]… And ALL that dwell upon the earth ADORED him [worshipped him like he’s our unique ‘creator god’], whose names are NOT written in the BOOK OF LIFE of the Lamb [who do not die as good Catholics, serving Jesus, the Lamb of God], which was slain from the BEGINNING of the world [Jesus’ Death on the Cross is ETERNAL and never limited to merely the time and place of Jerusalem in the first century of the inescapably Roman Catholic solar calendar chronology, that we’ve used for a millennium or more, of ‘AD’ (‘Anno Domini’, i.e., ‘in the Year of Our Lord’)].” (Apocalypse 13:4, 8 DRC)


+++ 81. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 2)


Now, if Satan and his oceanic beast wants to be ‘god’ and worshipped like the ‘creator’, what do you think will be his strategy if, indeed, we really are at the end of our world as we know it, and the Great Apostasy and a Hideous Rebellion is upon us?


Right --- he will resent anything referring to the True God & His True Religion.


He will try to destroy anything smacking of the Old World Order.


And, lo and behold, we actually see this happening in our contemporary world. Everywhere and everywhen an intelligent person looks, for, at a minimum, the last hundred years, elements of Catholicity or of a so-called ‘christianity’ are systematically suppressed and then substituted with more modern constructions.


For instance, the powers-that-be have stamped out any official or academic reference to the aforesaid ‘AD’ or ‘Anno Domini’ --- apart from fleeting nods of the head in historical documentaries or history books. At first ‘AD’ was changed to ‘CE’ and said to stand for the ‘Christian Era’ that has been used by everyone everywhere in the world, who is an intellectual or educated, for at least the past two or three hundred years. ‘BC’, therefore, which had meant ‘Before Christ’, was changed to ‘BCE’, which meant ‘Before Christian Era’. Then, mysteriously, these terms --- while remaining the same acronyms --- were unexpectedly redefined as meaning ‘Common Era’ and ‘Before Common Era’… all mention of ‘Christ’ or ‘Christian’ wholly erased.


Or consider how official or academic references to ‘Christmas’ are gone. In the United States, which is the nation of my residence hence far, ‘Merry Christmas’ used to be the greeting you pretty much heard from everyone everywhere in our country in the weeks leading up to December 25thand even though most citizens were not Catholic, or only marginallychristian’ in a very remote sense. Then, suddenly, this custom disappeared. Postal clerks and school teachers and government leaders and corporate office workers were no longer supposed to use this classic, universal and ubiquitously-accepted yuletide statement of joy and friendliness lest it ‘offend’ someone and cause them to feel ‘left out’ or ‘oppressed’. The customary ‘Merry Christmas’ became the bland ‘Happy Holidays’, then the blander ‘Seasons Greetings’, and, today, a decisive majority of people, most of the time, will never say anything public to strangers, however vague, directly referring to December’s traditional festivities… and even though a sizable majority celebrates and observes the month of December in some small, low-key way still connected, however faintly, to the Birth of Jesus Christ, Who is Almighty & Eternal God-in-the-Flesh.


Or think about the systematic extinction of expressions of traditional-style religions within the public schools of the United States. At the beginning of the twentieth century, most public schools in America had no problem with reading the Bible or saying ‘christian’ prayers as a group during the school day, led by the teacher.


Why should they?


Again, the vast majority of people still called themselves ‘christian’ or had traditional notions of morality & religion. Ergo, why should most Americans have any compunction against students joining in with a vaguely Protestant prayer led by a classroom teacher? Or reading the Bible in some way that was of a religious purpose rather then purely ‘academic’, or of ‘historical’ and ‘educational’ purpose only?


To be sure, good Catholics did not join in with this expression of traditional religiosity. How could they? If truly Catholic then they knew that Protestantism --- the major form of ‘christianity’ in the United States prior to contemporary times --- was a false religion, and that good Catholic parents could not send their children to protestantized public schools, there to learn a falsechristianity’ or to learn to believe that Protestants can inhabit Heaven as they are, without first converting to the Roman Catholic Church.


Also, yes, the tiny minority that did not agree with traditional religiosity might feel ‘pressured’ to conform, and thus ‘oppressed’ by the majority way of doing things in public schools at this time. This is human nature to want to fit in, and not to be ‘shunned’ or ‘stigmatized’. Yet since when does ‘fairness’ to others require that the majority give up their dominant way of doing things just to appease the tiny minority? Isn’t this only another kind of tyranny, where a few control and enslave and oppress the majority by forcing them, against their will, to give up or change what they have every reason to presume, in a purportedly ‘free’ country, is their freedom to choose to practice in a public place? Wasn’t the American government, with the guarantee of freedom of religion, supposed to defend the privilege of American citizens to practice their particular religion publicly & freely, without repression, instead of suppressing traditional religion, and its public expression, in every public forum altogether?


Absolutely --- no honest person educated in American history can deny this.


But then our Supreme Court came down with a series of despotic decisions, during the mid-twentieth century --- and under the guise of ‘protecting’ the poor minority --- that reinterpreted the US Constitution and systematically suppressed and shut down the free will choice of the vast majority in the public forum, and which no one… not even the least religious or ‘moral’… had ever questioned or defied or thought ‘oppressive’, prior to the tiny minority, with the help of Freemasonic justices who dominated the United States Supreme Court at this time, shoving the will of a very few down the throats of a more traditional-minded majority.


Fair and ‘free’? Truly ‘tolerant’? A nation of real ‘liberty’ being ‘constitutional’?


The only one who can afford to entertain this mythical idea is the tiny minoritynow become a majority through force of time and new custom turned into old custom over the decades… but a majority that, you can be certain, will never allow the old majority of traditionally religious people --- now become the new minority --- to be permitted a similar protection from the ‘pressure’, ‘stigma’ & ‘oppression’ of their modernistic repression of all forms of traditional religion in public places owned, supported, supervised or otherwise in some way officially connected to our government!


Tolerance in ‘free’ modern countries works in only one way, you know:


In the direction of always more and more modern and almost never in the direction of the more traditionally religious or traditionally moral.


+++ 82. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 3)


Or ponder something more concrete.


The powers-that-be have acted, in the past century, as if the world desperately needs some form of global government and authority, as if we will face ‘apocalyptic doom’ without some kind of ‘New World Order’ to enforce peace & prosperity. All the while, when the world was dominated by Catholic nations a few centuries ago, the whole world already had a global government and authority in place at the time, in a very real sense, with both a Catholic Pope and a Catholic Emperor wielding incredible power.


True, most Catholic nations were often (and shamefully so) at odds, disagreeing and fighting. What’s more, they frequently disobeyed or ignored the Pope and the Emperor, acting as if utterly free, in God’s Sight, to do whatever they wished, regardless of these divinely-anointed authorities. Which, naturally, played into the hands of those who hated Catholicity and wanted the Great Apostasy to occur. Although, really, how is this any different from the way things are today? Don’t nations still fight & bicker all the time despite our international authorities of a more recent and non-Catholic form?


The point is, if all one wants is a ‘global’ government along with (presumably) the peace & prosperity that is imagined to come along with it, then what was wrong with using the Global Papacy of an Eternal Rome and the International Roman Catholic Empire already falling into place centuries ago?


Why not work with the already-existing arrangement and strengthen it, expanding the Old World Order and making it more effective, so that, internationally speaking, every human being and all countries and all world powers are in perfect accord?


Why, indeed?


The answer is simple.


Because the new powers-that-be --- the ones yearning for a New World Order and the end of the ancien régimes of actual Catholicity --- DO NOT WANT a global authority and peace & prosperity founded on ROMAN CATHOLIC PRECEPTS.




Au contraire, they want a world that is luciferian, founded upon the precepts of the dragon and his oceanic beast and a ‘new age’ of modern human relations.


And so they have created the United Nations.


At the close of World War II and a cacophony of disorder --- and after the collapse of their earlier effort, the ill-fated ‘League of Nations’ --- they erected, in New York City, the grand emblem of everything our New World Order embodies. Much derided, often decried, never quite achieving total and outright ‘real’ power, notwithstanding, this organization endures, ruled in reality by the five leading nations behind-the-scenes (France, Great Britain, the United States, Russia and China) who, truly, really do administer a total and outright real power on behalf of this United Nations.


And, if that is not enough, the UN has revealed itself, in the past half century, to seemingly care about only one thing… and one thing predominately, overall… funding efforts all around the world for a single, gargantuan & overweeningly arrogant goal:


Utter eradication of Catholic Teaching regarding family & sexuality.


Whether or not peoples were converted completely to the Catholic Faith, most nations most of the time for the past several millennia, have, nevertheless, kept the understanding of the Law of Natural Reason that humans beings are made to be male and female, for complementary (complementary, not complimentary!) yet distinct purposes, and that, primarily, the goal of this ‘binary’ sexuality is for the procreation of children.


Hence, marriage is for bearing children and never to be broken by divorce. Hence, anything like ‘contraception’ is forbidden and defies the Will of God. Hence, a clinically denominated ‘abortion’ is equally forbidden and literally annihilates the children who bear His Image in the womb. Hence, too, the clinically monikered ‘homosexuality’ is to be absolutely forbidden, being a physical union that is fruitless and mocks the spiritual and metaphorical Fatherhood of Our Creator, simultaneously mocking the allegorical smallness and weakness, yet beautiful and precious ‘femininity’, of His creation, of all creatures --- especially human beings --- who are made to be His. Consequently, too, ‘feminism’ is forbidden, the so-called ‘emancipation’ of women, being, in actuality, defiance of His Divine Paternity and the reason He made two, and only two, sexes. Which then means, also, that ‘feminism’ does not ‘free’ women but enslaves them, contradicting the purpose for why they are female as distinct from the male sex.


Is it sinking in, my precious soul?


And if you find yourself hating me --- or, at least, hating what I say --- with a furious, totally-consuming, bestial passion, then be smart enough and honest enough to recognize that you are the very thing we are talking about the fulfillment of St. John the Evangelist’s words in the apocalyptic passage we have been examining.


To wit:


You are part of the countless peoples and ‘waters’ of this present apostate era, a part of the irrational & godless “beast” that comes up “out of the sea”, to rule this world tyrannically by the power of an infernal dragon, to pretend to be ‘god’ with a ‘creator-like’ authority to change ancient laws and traditions --- to assault and attack and destroy the Law of Natural Reason with an unprecedented hubris.


Curious --- is it not? --- that the ‘powers-that-be’ chose to adorn the United Nations General Assembly Hall, where all the nations of the world’s peoples now gather together in New York City like the waters of the earth’s seas in a kind of hallowed ‘new world order church’, with a sea green carpet and a sea green marble rostrum at its head.


Oceanic and bestial symbolism?


Oh, yes… yes, indeed.


+++ 83. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 4)


And since people are not people in random isolation from one another --- that is to say, they are what they are, normally, in some sort of connection with and relation to each other --- then this ‘oceanic beast’ of ‘modern people’ must have ideas and ways of thinking and ways of doing things and ways of talking about things that are unique & distinct from other peoples in other places and other times, especially when viewed from far enough way, giving us the vantage point of perspective and understanding, of comprehending why they are the way they are, and how they became that way.


And so it is.


The thinking person, who studies history and uses mental muscles to grapple with ideas and intellectual theories… just the way a healthy person, who practices a sport and uses physical muscles to exercise and grapple with athletic equipment… uses these mental muscles to intelligently figure out how traditional people became modern people.


What kind of ideas did they embrace, what intellectual theories do they tout?


How did they become what they are in modern times, what makes them so very different from traditional people in ancient times?


What’s more --- as is so often the case --- it’s the questions that people don’t think to ask (or never dare to ask!) that are frequently the most revealing about who someone is and why they are the way they are. Or, to put it another way, when certain thoughts become ‘unthinkable’ or ‘forbidden’, then these unthinkable & forbidden ideas or theories are frequently the simplest means to rapidly figure out what’s going on in their minds.


So… what’s going on in the modern mind?


Let’s take a quick glance.


Beginning by the 1300s in certain parts of a wholly Catholic Europe, a growing group of scholars & artists challenged the former practices & former principles common to their careers and --- drawing inspiration from the Greeks & Romans of pagan times --- upended the conventions of their times with ‘new’ ideas and ‘new’ approaches.


We today call this major shift the Renaissance (French for ‘rebirth’).


There are many ways to describe this change. And not all new ideas or new approaches are to be condemned automatically, carte blanche, by a wise and patient Catholic thinker, without considering the situation carefully & rationally. (Careless & irrational reactions are a hallmark of Catholic fundamentalists (CFs), about whom you may read here.) However, one pithy way to describe this change is the following statement:


Man is the measure of all things.


Not God, or Holy Religion, or Sacred Tradition, or Infallible Dogma, or the like.


No --- human beings, period, no ultimate reference to Catholicism at all.


This is, at it were, the beginning of the end and the apocalypse.


Despite the Arian or Iconoclast Heresies, or the Eastern Schism, and various wars and feuds and difficulties that Catholic nations experienced, Roman Catholicism had come to dominate the most dominant part of the earth (as is obvious from the vantage point of looking over the last 2000 years), having sent missionaries and made converts in practically every part of the world (the myth that Catholicism had never reached the Americas or gotten deeply into Asia or Africa prior to the 2nd millennium is opposed to ancient testimony and the evidence of archeology --- but that’s another book for another time). This is the physical foreshadowing of the spiritual --- yet still very earthly and real! --- ‘thousand year reign’ to come in the not-too-distant future. (Apocalypse 20:4. Peruse Apocalypse 20:1-7 for the fuller context of this period of future time.) Prior to this future fulfillment of the prophecy in a more spiritual way, nevertheless, for one thousand years, as it were, Roman Catholicism in a more purely physical way ruled essentially unbowed before Her foes from, roughly, the 6th century until the 16th century. (There is a small CF --- Catholic fundamentalist --- faction now claiming antipopes have prevailed, unbroken, since AD 1130. This idea is nonsense. Indisputably non-Catholic antipopes during the modern era have never prevailed for a long time till our own rebellious epoch since Vatican II in the 1960s. Again, though --- another book for another time.)


The point?


+++ 84. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 5)


This is where most Catholic people started going bad.


Failing to look unto God & Catholicism as the ‘measure of all things’, instead following the rotten example of the ancient Greek philosopher, Protagoras, they started looking at their own selves and at their own carnal wishes and at the bad example of many other ancient pagans, too, as a ‘yardstick’ by which to ‘measure’ everything they might possibly imagine and wind up wanting to think, say or do in this earthly life.


(Which is not to say, by that way, that the ancient pagans and pagan thinkers don’t have useful things for Catholics to learn from or put into practice. After all, St. Augustine of Hippo shaped ancient Catholic theology by building on the good foundation of Greek Platonism, and, while controversial at the time, St. Thomas Aquinas and his fellow scholastic theologians did similarly by building on the foundation of Plato’s pupil’s philosophy and Greek thinker, Aristotle. It is to say, however, that, in studying the writings, lives & philosophies of ancient pagans, you can find both good and bad. Scholarly & wise Catholics choose the good while rejecting the bad, in this way metaphorically ‘baptizing’ these things to make them safe and practical for other Catholics to use, despite such Catholics not equaling their learning and prudence.)


Unfortunately, Catholics back then wanted to think, say & do sinful things. Their supposed ‘Renaissance’ was therefore not at its heart a fortunate and ‘revivifying’ event. It was never something basically good, sound or leading to the Kingdom of Heaven.


To the contrary, it was foolish, tragic and, in the end, diabolic.


Rather than a ‘rebirth’ it was a Remort (coined French for ‘re-death’).


That is to say, people began to think of themselves as their own ‘Gods’… and die.


Just as Satan in the Garden of Paradise tempted first Eve, then Adam, to partake of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good & evil at the center of this Garden, and, as a result, God in punishment did to them the very thing the Devil mocked (“No, you shall not die the death. For God doth know [For God indeed knows] that in what day soever [on whatever day] you shall eat thereof [you dare to eat the fruit of that tree of knowledge of good & evil] your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil.”), causing as well St. Eve to bear her children in pain and to live under her husband’s rule, and St. Adam to toil painfully in tedium for the rest of his life in order to gain the things his family needed to live during their earthly lives, the both of them --- and all their descendants, except for Jesus & Mary --- dying, being, as God declared, “…dust… and into dust thou shalt return [all human bodies in death, left untouched by the mortician’s artifice, shall become again the dust out of which I, the Divine Maker, formed the two of you].” (Genesis 3:4b-5, 19c DRC. Emphasis & annotation added.)


Fascinating, is it not?


That, as more and more Catholics embraced the wickedness of the Remort, God sent a mysterious Black Plague that, assert most scholars, killed at least one third --- perhaps three fifths! --- of the people of Catholic Europe in just a few years from the 1340s into the 1350s. Variations on this plague continued to haunt Europe until the 19th century. Then, as if that were not enough, at the same time this was happening, God allowed the popes, from 1309 to 1377, to rule from Avignon (southern France) instead of at Rome in Italy where they belonged. (The uninformed reader must realize that, whilst they stayed in Avignon for 68 years straight, they did not ever stop calling themselves bishops of Rome, since only a real Roman episcopacy can bestow the supreme and universal authority of a Successor to St. Peter.) This ‘exile’, as it’s been called, occurred because the Papacy conflicted with the French Monarchy, resulting in French popes who, while in Avignon, increasingly became the puppets of French kings. It only ended when God used the incredible St. Catherine of Siena in Italy to convince the seventh pope in Avignon it was time to return the Church’s visible head to where he should normally reside, in Rome, where St. Peter ended his rule in AD 67 as a martyr for Christ.


Yet right on the heels of this debacle, God allowed Christendom to be split into two factions… and even three factions near the end!... for 39 years from 1378 to 1417, as an irregular conclave for electing the next pope left Catholics confused and riven in half, saints themselves at the time disagreeing over who was the true pope.


Mere chance?


I think not.


No real & intelligent Catholic can possibly believe that God is not in control of everything. Hence, if He allows Christendom (read: Roman Catholic nations) to be plagued, slaughtered, confused and divided, then either bad Catholics are being punished for terrible sins or else good Catholics are being tested for the sake of purification and reward in Heaven to come. There is no other logical option.


Usually pain & confusion are for both purposes at the same time; yet the first (punishment for horrible sins) is typically the engine driving the two goals.


Is it any wonder, then, as Catholics continued to be bad with immodest art and adultery and concubinage (priests in the West having wives, contrary to Church law in the area of the world subject to the Roman bishop functioning, as well, as Primate of the West) and conciliarism (the false teaching that an ecumenical council is above popes in authority) and gluttony and so forth and so on, that God permitted Protestantism? Called by the world a Reformation --- as if it were a good and necessary thing --- it was actually a Rebellion and tore Britain and northern Europe from the Bosom of Holy Mother Church during the 1500s (albeit seemingly balanced by God, at the same time, with the miraculous conversion of the inhabitants of Central & South America).


A Rebellion that pretended Our Creator never designed us to be Catholic, the newly arisen Protestants founding their manmade religion on the spiritual lies of ‘faith alone’ and ‘scripture alone’… claiming the Bible teaches that ‘faith’ all by itself is what He requires in order to enter Heaven. A purported ‘faith’ that was clearly not His Catholic Religion; ergo, even were the heresy of ‘faith alone’ true, it would still be utterly incapable of gaining for them the priceless reward of Heavenly Salvation.


Yet Our Creator did indeed make us to be Catholic and gave us an infallible means to know His Saving Religion (which includes infallibly knowing the correct interpretation of Sacred Scripture, Protestants themselves proving, after five centuries, how no one can agree on the correct & necessary interpretation without a divinely-appointed Supreme Authority to unite everyone on this correct & necessary interpretation!), a means built upon solid rock (see Matthew 7:24-27 & 16:16-19), which rock is plainly His visible representative on earth --- a real & legitimate Bishop of Rome, true Successor to St. Peter, the apostle that Jesus purposely nicknamed Rock’, the meaning of the Greek-derived ‘Peter’ that is ‘Kepha’ in the Aramaic language Jesus spoke (see John 1:42), thereby enabling His flock to stay one with His Body (Church) & Mind (Religion).


The first Protestants were baptized and raised in Jesus’ Body & Mind. That is, they started out in life as Catholics --- although pretty bad Catholics, admittedly --- then shattered their solemn baptismal vows and divinely-commanded obedience to their Spiritual Mother, God’s Roman Catholic Church, claiming they were only returning to the ‘real’ Christianity of a ‘primitive’ Church. A claim which is a complete fabrication as I learned for myself while converting from the Protestantism I was taught as a small child, discovering the truth by actually daring to read what so-called ‘primitive’ Christians said for themselves about Christianity in their ancient writings:


That they were Roman Catholic, and nothing else.


(You may see the proof for this in Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works here. It quotes extensively from ancient Christian writers to reveal a Supreme & Infallible Papacy operating right from the beginning.)


+++ 85. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 6)


Notwithstanding, the story of rebellion, punishment & confusion goes on.


Next came the Heliocentric Revolution’, wherein many astronomers and learned scholars fell in love with the notion that the earth spins and moves through the heavens, centered on the sun. (Heliocentrism later evolved into the present ruling thought, that the universe is ‘acentric’ and has no central or ‘special’ frame of reference or position that is unique.) All the purported ‘proofs’ for acentrism are merely circumstantial, and --- as the famous & revered Albert Einstein is credited with popularizing --- we today believe all motion is relative so how is it that mirror opposite relative motions cannot explain the movement of every celestial body in the universe just as legitimately as the heliocentrically-derived acentric theory now shaping our beliefs?


This is precisely what the 16th century astronomer, Tycho Brahe, pointed out and why, from a wise Roman Catholic perspective, his Tychonian Geocentrism is, it would seem, the correct & most accurate understanding of how God designed His creation to move.


(To wit, the entire universe turns around the sun, while the sun, along with the whole universe, revolves around the earth at the center of everything. Please note how intelligent Tychonian Geocentrists do not pretend that either the earth or the sun are massive enough to gravitationally ‘bind’ the universe to themselves, their gravity then ‘causing’ the universe to revolve around them. Rather, the entire mass of the universe is itself gravitationally bound to itself as a massive whole, God having begun the revolution of the entire mass of the universe around the sun, this motion in turn embedded in the far greater revolving motion of a gravitationally self-bound universe revolving around the ultimate center, which is where God places the earth in a special central stasis, this terrestrial globe neither revolving nor moving in some periodic & extensive way. Incidentally, readers may find a detailed & logical explanation in Geocentricity .)


But, of course, this idea in modern academia became verboten & ridiculed.


Indeed, an idea now not even suspected that it could be thought true.


And, although it was never ‘obvious’ to the common, uneducated and everyday human being to start with, eventually, through compulsory public education in ‘democratized’ or ‘communized’ countries and the spread of ever-more-influential news and entertainment ‘media’, the idea of ‘heliocentrism’ or ‘acentrism’ became known --- and believed to be ‘true’ --- by practically everyone in our part of the world… if not the whole world and everyone everywhere on the earth, period.


Along with this heliocentric or acentric modernist triumph --- and together with the equally widespread Rebellion of the Protestants against Catholicism --- went any innate trust in the divinely infallible teachings of God’s Roman Catholic Church.


For why should trust remain?


Why shouldn’t people instead distrust Catholicism?


I mean, if She, God’s One & Only Roman Catholic Church, can be wrong about the position of a static earth in our creation at the very center of the universe, and the movements of the heavens around this central, special & terrestrial point, then why should anyone trust Her Infallible Religious Teachings in other matters of a religiously dogmatic, moral, liturgical, theological or philosophical nature?


Why shouldn’t people --- who were not even yet, or never would be, Protestant --- nonetheless follow the audacious example of Protestants and ‘protest’ against --- and defy --- the teachings of this now… supposedly… discredited’ and ‘unbelievable’ Roman Catholic Church and Her Divinely Infallible Dogmas?


Do you see?


It’s pretty simple.


The Catholic Church infallibly upholds Sacred Scripture. Sacred Scripture literally seems to say that the earth is central and immovable. All early Church Fathers who speak about it agree on this interpretation. And almost no one, till the 1500s, dares to disagree.


Then, by the 20th century, both scholars & non-scholars are in agreement, being taught that the earth is in no position or place or spot that is special, instead going around the sun endlessly for time without end (the sun, in turn, just one of billions of other ‘suns’ amongst billions of other ‘galaxies’ throughout a gargantuan & accidentally-existing universe) and that the Church was really, really, really, really, really, really stupid for teaching us to think otherwise. What’s more, tons of Protestants defy Catholicism, claiming to have ‘proved’ that the Church is both ‘unbiblical’ and ‘despotic’.


So why believe this Church could teach us infallibly?


+++ 86. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 7)


This growing disbelief in the teachings of the Church resulted in more and more European scholars or thinkers rejecting and mocking Catholicism or other traditional religions altogether, pretending that their own minds and own ‘rationality’ could determine what is ‘true’ regardless of what the Church or tradition teaches us.


This era of ‘skepticism’ reached critical mass during the fateful 1700s.


A period of time we now laud as the Enlightenment’, modern academia preaching to us, with no doubt permitted (strangely enough for people who claim ‘doubt’ & ‘skepticism’ are always ‘good things’), that this was a wonderful blessing for the world.


That is to say, we modern human beings have finally overcome centuries and millennia of ‘ignorance’ and ‘superstition’ to figure out, on our own --- free of the ‘tyranny’ of an Infallible Church or ‘needless’ and ‘unsubstantiated’ tradition --- how things ‘really are’, and that we are ‘free’ to live however we choose (except for when it comes to being free to choose to be actually Catholic or traditionally religious and against Modernism, of course), ‘free’ from the ‘shackles’ of the Church & Roman Catholicism, traditional religion or morality, ancient monarchies, non-modern ways of thinking, and etc.


From a wise Roman Catholic point of view, this ‘Enlightenment’ was, in reality, Endarkenment. Casting away the Light of Infallible Truth, rejecting the real Catholic Christ and Catholic God of the Catholic Church, how could it be anything other than a time of growing darkness in intelligent minds? Indeed, darkness that masquerades as if it were ‘light’, ‘shining’ just like Lucifer --- the ‘bearer of light’, as his Greek-derived name means --- pretends to be an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14 DRC) during modern times, thereby becoming a false Christ with false Christianity and false Catholicism, thereby deceiving most of the world and enslaving their minds with false ideas.


Are you beginning to understand the ramifications, dear reader?


This is not ivory tower theorizing of no importance.


This is brass tacks basics and the eternal fate of countless immortal souls.


And if you believe naively or tenaciously in the dogmatic teachings of modernist philosophy or modernist religion --- and no matter how ‘sincerely’ or passionately and with the ‘best of intentions’ --- then you are part of the many who are  headed down the “…broad… way that leadeth [leads] to destruction,” as the real Jesus Christ of His Singularly Roman Catholic Church warned in the Gospel. (Matthew 7:13d, c DRC)


The result of belief in the Religion of Modernism? Very simple.


Disbelief in the Religion of Roman Catholicism.


And consequent opposition --- more and more and more and more as time goes by and the Great Apostasy rages mostly unchecked throughout our world --- to anything that smacks of Roman Catholicity or traditional religion and traditional morals.


This is precisely what happened to learned scholars or other thinkers during the AD 1700s. More and more of them touted the ‘exciting new ideas’ of the Endarkenment, claiming to have the ‘freedom’ to decide for themselves (hence why they were often called, back then, ‘freethinkers’), without any respectful nod toward infallible Catholic dogmas or any traditional religion… supposedly by their ingenious ‘rationality’ alone (hence the point of their self-styled ‘rationalism’)… the ‘truth’ about our world, how it came to be, its history, how we human beings arose, the purpose of our existence (or the purposelessness of our existence), and what laws or ethics or rules or customs to devise for ourselves, governing our lives and how we think, speak and act, i.e., what we let people do and what we won’t let them do, deeming certain things bad or wrong or ‘negative’ or ‘inappropriate’ or whatever euphemism a modern person chooses to describe something condemned that was once called ‘sin’.


Ideas have consequences and these ideas shape our modern lives.


Amongst Catholics, this meant less and less belief in the ancient, simple, narrow and correct comprehension of the dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’. Especially in countries where Catholics lived side-by-side with Protestants --- or didn’t keep totally to themselves in so-called Catholic ‘ghettoes’ --- they started intermarrying with and living and working and socializing with, practically all of the time, non-Catholic people. This made for a situation where it became harder and harder for them to overcome their sentiments --- genuinely liking or caring for these people --- to believe that, yes, intelligent non-Catholic people (perhaps one’s own spouse!) would, indeed, end up falling into hell forever without becoming Catholic before they die. More and more wicked or rebellious priests & bishops in these areas did not help the problem, first quietly, then more and more boldly, teaching that the Salvation Dogma doesn’t mean non-Catholic people go to hell when they die. Bishops also increasingly and carelessly permitted exceptions to the general rule of Catholics not marrying non-Catholics.


The inevitable results of all of this reached ‘critical mass’ in the 18th century.


+++ 87. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 8)


Meanwhile, behind the scenes (so to speak), amongst people in Europe or in Central & South America, but who were not Catholic, or only phony Catholics, hating God’s One & Only Church with a bestial passion, self-styled ‘Freemasons’ spread everywhere, working to undermine the leaders of the Church and leaders of Catholic nations with all kinds of strategies, cruel & duplicitous slander, as well as violent, even murderous, attacks.


Again, this is not ivory tower musings or nutty ‘conspiracy theory’ fantasy.


Any literate person can read the public and official documents of recent popes, seeing how, starting in the early 1700s and carrying through the 1800s, popes again and again tried to warn their bishops, and Catholic people in general, that Freemasonry was inherently opposed to Catholicism, and that Catholics were forbidden to join the Freemasons, with disobedience to this command to result in an automatic excommunication from membership in the True Church.


And why would this be?


Because, whilst the lower ranks (the lowest three ‘degrees’ of Masonry) were pretty clueless about Freemasonry’s ultimate purpose (thinking it only a way to ‘get ahead’ in business or government, and to occasionally do ‘nice things’ for ‘good causes’ or to help fellow Freemasons who were in some sort of trouble, protecting them, or to get together and socialize from time to time, with funny little --- yet disturbingly eerie and over the top --- Masonic rituals thrown into the mix here & there), no one higher up in Freemasonry (it is publicly attested fact, from both former and still active members of Freemasonry, that at least thirty more degrees of Masonic levels exist, ascending beyond the three lowest levels, on up to the 33rd degree) can truly believe in this bilk.


We say it frankly --- the aim of Freemasonry was, and always has been, the spread of salvation heresy and other religious lies (‘one religion is as good as another’, ‘love of neighbor and the Golden Rule is the highest rule of all religions’, ‘every religion serves the same god in its own unique way’, etc., etc.), the destruction of Catholic Religion everywhere (via bad catechism, or no catechism, for the laity, heretical training at seminaries and, even, agents of Freemasonry posing as earnest seminarians seeking entrance into the clergy and then working their way up the Hierarchy for a greater and greater influence from within the Roman Catholic Church, or working inside certain non-Catholic governments to suppress the freedom of Catholics, or any people of traditional religions, in these countries), not to mention overthrow Catholic monarchies (whether from inside or outside) or all other types of Catholic governments the world over.


And, oh yes… that tendency of top Masonic leaders to serve Satan as ‘God’.


The average (and uninformed) person probably finds this hard to believe. If not Catholic, or claiming to be Catholic, the public and official testimony of popes from the 18th & 19th centuries will mean little to such people. All the same… and even if you don’t want to believe what these popes said about Freemasonry… why say it in the first place?


What’s going on? What about Masonry causes these suspicions & allegations? And what is the purpose of Freemasonry, why does this strange society exist to begin with?


Masonic officials mock these concerns in public, as if completely ‘open’ about their Freemasonic beliefs & intentions. “Oh, we’re not a ‘secret’ society,” they’ll occasionally say, in so many words. “Everyone knows we exist, so how can we be ‘secret’?”


And, yet, this is disingenuous.


No intelligent non-Masonic person calls them a secret society’ thinking nobody knows the Freemasons exist. Rather, we call them ‘secret’ because Masons indulge rituals and pursue goals that they doggedly refuse to reveal or adequately explain to the public. Additionally, the Craft of Freemasonry imparts revelations or special instructions to those initiated into higher degrees, which they forbid telling to the lower degrees.


Logical questions then naturally arise:


What are they hiding? And why? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?


But we don’t have time to go into all of the evidence regarding Freemasonry. My writings are long enough as they are --- too long for most people to digest --- and the sincere yet uninformed reader is going to have to do some diligent research on his or her own (from all sides and not just the side that supports what you want to believe, already, prior to looking at all of the testimony from every point of view!), finding out for one’s self whether what I say is wholly true or not. Nor can you hang your hat on an apparent lack of complete unity between various strands of Freemasonry (they have different groups in their outfit just like Protestants have different ‘denominations’ in their community), as if this can ‘disprove’ allegations of Masonic ‘conspiracy’.


To top it off, one must grapple with a trend in the last thirty or forty years that would seem to mitigate against the power & influence Freemasons have wielded in the past. To wit, membership in Masonic lodges has waned in recent decades.


Why is this? For a shrewd Catholic thinker it’s obvious:


Because the New World Order ‘powers-that-be’ have now wholly ‘masonized’ our part of the world, as it were, no longer needing as many Masons in positions of leadership to influence the public, due to most of us now believing in Masonic teachings without realizing we’ve become Freemasonic in our thinking.


Hence, when younger people today learn that something called ‘Freemasonry’ exists, they tend to view the outward trappings of Freemasons (their lower degree rituals and peculiar terminology) as kind of ‘silly-looking’ or ‘out of step with the times’. To those ignorant about Masons, what we’ve said about their ‘craft’ probably sounds weird, almost ‘crazy unbelievable’… and yet it is true, facts anyone can verify who looks carefully, logically weighing all of the testimony with an evenhanded & unbiased approach.


True, lower ranking Masons will deny much of what we’ve said, perhaps sincerely.


But they are ignorant, also, not fully initiated into the ‘deeper’ and ‘higher’ degrees of Freemasonic teaching or leadership. To them, Masonry is a slightly odd but real fact of our everyday life, useful in the recent past to advancing in wealth and prestige and power. And while for younger generations Freemasonry is, at best, an interesting phenomenon, it is, at worst, more historical curiosity than a vibrant, relevant entity in everyday life. (Nor have Freemasons ever been more than a minority of a country’s population, making a shrinking membership of proportional --- and not make-or-break --- importance.)


It doesn’t really matter.


If you claim to be Catholic, then, if serious, you’ll take the papal documents of the early 18th through 19th centuries as warnings of a grave nature, admitting that Freemasonry has been thoroughly & officially condemned by the Hierarchy of Catholicism as intrinsically opposed to Catholicism & Her Church. In any case, I aim for just a few people, knowing that --- humanly speaking --- I’ve little chance to persuade anyone beyond the very few who are, weirdly enough, willing to consider seriously what I’ve said… if, truly, there’s anyone paying attention to what I say. If skeptical yet willing to look on your own, the evidence is there, and, if honest & thorough, you’ll admit that it’s reasonable & factual.


Beyond this modest goal, I dare not venture further.


In the meantime, I tell you bluntly that the beliefs of full Freemasonic teaching are the Religion of Modernism, a complete opposition to --- and destruction of --- the Roman Catholic Church and all nations that are ruled by Catholics as Catholic, and the erection of a fantastic and wonderful ‘New World Order’ to replace a ‘bad’ Old World Order, once their foe, the Church of Rome, is gone, a ‘New Age’ of fully ‘enlightened’ luciferian humanity ushered in to replace the Old Age of Christianity.


+++ 88. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 9)


Which brings us to the American & French Revolutions.


Because the result of Endarkenment thinking and Freemasonic infiltration of certain countries --- nations who arose out of Western Civilization and used to be Catholic at some point in the past --- is very predictable in retrospect. To wit, the forging of a new nation called the United States in 1776 in North America, and the toppling of a decayed Catholic monarchy in France in 1789, replaced by the ‘republicanism’ of a ‘democratic’ government that was peculiarly & violently antagonistic toward anything Catholic.


Regarding the first (the United States), it is a historical fact that many --- if not most --- of the United States’ ‘founding fathers’ were Freemasons. Benjamin Franklin is one of the most famous, with the first president, George Washington, and first SCOTUS chief justice, John Jay, right on his tail. They were also Deists (saying they believed in some sort of ‘creator’, but unwilling to acknowledge the Triune God of the Catholic Church or identify themselves too closely with the ‘god’ of various Protestant factions), as well as ‘freethinkers’ (eager to assert their ‘freedom’ to think as they like without reference to Catholicism or traditional religion, and extolling their ‘rationalism’ and minds as everything they needed to decide what is ‘true’, ‘good’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’).


Again, this is part of public, recorded history. We are not indulging fantasy or ‘conspiracy theory’ nuttiness. It really all comes down to this:


Do you love the Endarkenment and like Freemasonic principles?


Then you’re a modernist.


Do you dislike the Endarkenment and find Freemasonic principles troubling?


Then, at the very least, you’re not quite a full-fledged modernist, you might be a real Catholic, and you are probably (if not truly Roman Catholic) associated with something that is more traditionally religious.


The bottom line, though, is this:


The United States was, basically, the first Freemasonic government on earth. (One can argue that Great Britain became Masonic, with its ancient kings capitulating to the ‘craft’ by being members of and supporting it, yet this took time to play out, and the US ‘leap frogged’ the UK by uniquely extolling their principles right from the start.) And the United States has worked ever since --- especially in the past century --- to spread its Freemasonic principles and ‘democratic’ way of governing everywhere on earth, not shrinking from war and rather violent tactics in order to achieve this bold objective.


Right on the heels of the American Revolution, however, came the French Revolution in 1789 and the overthrow of a Catholic monarchy. The government put in place of their former kingdom was the second Freemasonic government on earth. And, while France flip flopped around during the 1800s, lurching from one revolution to the next till finally getting something like a permanent government in the 20th century, both Freemasons and their Masonic principles have inspired & guided each of these tumultuous revolutions, not relinquishing power in the least until this very day. French Masonic revolutions became the forerunner, too, of Communism and their revolutions in the 1900s.


The point?


Freemasonic principles & teachings --- the ‘freethinking’ of the Endarkenment --- effectively reigns unchallenged in every nation on this earth, although to varying degrees (no pun intended), depending on the type of country and its culture.


+++ 89. An Oceanic Beast? +++

(A Monstrous Story Unveiled, Part 10)


Bringing us to modern Communism.


Forged by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (who escaped to friendly London in the Freemasonic-dominated Great Britain so as to avoid government suppression of their activities on the European Continent), they published their infamous The Communist Manifesto in 1848 (a date renowned for its Masonic-inspired revolutions all across Europe that particular year) and, a mere sixteen years later, the IWA (International Workingmen’s Association) --- composed of communistic, or communist-leaning, thinkers --- was founded in 1864 and its initial ‘congress’ held in 1866. This was the First International of Communism. A Second ‘International’ followed in its wake, culminating in the first Communist nation on earth with Russia’s ‘Soviet Union’, founded in 1917 amid an ‘October Revolution’ (November, really, if you use the Gregorian calendar instead of the Julian that Russians preferred then, and still prefer when it comes to traditional religion and their version of Eastern Schismaticism [‘Orthodoxy’]).


Once more, the point?


Recent popes have also warned repeatedly how Communism is inherently opposed to Catholicism, and that its teachings (e.g., individuals should not have any significant ‘private’ property, all wealth must be ‘publicly’ owned and, supposedly, shared ‘equally’, the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ will rule, religion is ‘the opiate of the people’ and we should seek a ‘heaven’ here on earth instead of an ‘imaginary’ Heaven to come, and etc.) are dangerous --- if not totally antithetical --- to Church teachings, and that a hard line atheistic Communism is hell bent on annihilating Catholicism or traditional religion.


And, whilst Communism is said to have ‘fallen’ in Russia back in 1991, roughly one third of the world’s population is still ruled by openly Communist governments (think China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.), not to mention that, approximately speaking, at least another third of the world’s population is either ruled by openly ‘socialist’ governments or else is essentially socialist in their various economies and influential political parties, to some extent or another (think Sweden, Norway, India, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, or etc., etc.). ‘Socialism’ is often used interchangeably with the word ‘Communism’, but generally more associated with countries that are less ‘dictatorial’ and more ‘democratic’. Whatever the term --- and the remaining third or so of the earth’s peoples have been ‘communized’ or ‘socialized’ to some extent as well --- these leaders and their people seek to make a ‘paradise’ on earth, with maximum fulfillment of all human wishes that are modern and hence ‘acceptable’,  rather than worrying about seeking to inherit a real Heaven in the life to come after death on earth by pleasing Our Creator and His Purpose for our human existence. Furthermore, were that not enough, an intelligent observer notes how the primary leader of Russia since the beginning of the 21st century, Vladimir Putin, was both a member of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union and their brutal police force, the KGB, as well as the fact that the most powerful of his fellow leaders were Communists then, too, the majority of them, if not all of them. Leading one to ask:


Did anything actually change in Russia? Or was it just semantics?


This is especially sobering in the light of Putin’s tightening fist of authority, his icy belligerence toward the West, and flaunting of international law with his brazen takeover of the Crimea (afterwards justified ‘democratically’ by an ethnic majority of Russians on the Crimean peninsula ‘voting’ for his rule) and thinly veiled threats or military muscle-flexing directed at other nations, particularly in Europe… all so very reminiscent of a supposedly ‘historical’, and thus no longer pertinent and long gone, ‘Cold War’.


Not that so-called Capitalism is lauded by the Church as a ‘good thing’ in stark contradiction to Communism. The Roman Catholic Church has condemned usury in Catholic countries, as did several pagan thinkers of old, and Capitalism is simply usury gussied up for the present era (i.e., our currencies and banks all over the world are based on the system of lending at interest with money of no real & physical intrinsic value). What’s more, wise Catholics view the ‘profit motive’ of Capitalism with askance, knowing quite well that this much-worshipped ‘engine of wealth’ is merely ‘greed’ or ‘avarice’ by another name, which --- while undoubtedly a powerful ‘motivator’ --- is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and too often an excuse for cheap, shoddy & fraudulent work.


But back to Communism and a closing commentary upon it.


For it’s curious, that, after decades of ecclesial warnings, when John XXIII came to the papacy and initiated Vatican II, both he and his successor, Paul VI, not only ignored the instructions of Our Lady of Fatima concerning Communist Russia, but, via their Curia in the Vatican, continually thwarted efforts to get the Pseudo-Council to openly condemn Communism as many participating bishops begged to do, and, contrarily, went out of their way to start an official ‘dialogue’ with the Soviet Union and other communist nations, something previous popes had never dared to do. Not only that, but, after the Pseudo-Council was finished and a new ‘code of canon law’ issued in 1983 by Antipope John Paul II, the explicit condemnation of Freemasonry, along with membership in it forbidden, as per past law, strangely disappeared from the text of new ‘canon law’. (Neither is it truly pertinent that a Novus-Ordo-controlled Vatican, via CNO Cardinal Ratzinger --- later to become Antipope Benedict XVI in 2005 --- ‘amended’ this missing canon the next year by reassuring us that it was still ‘forbidden’ for Novus Ordoists to be Freemasons. Because if it’s NOT condemned in ‘canon law’… and Novus Ordoists are never explicitly punished for being Masons… then how is it ACTUALLY forbidden?)


Again, mere chance?


I think not.


The Spirit of Modernism and the new ‘powers-that-be’ sealed their triumph in every way they could. They didn’t want Freemasonry or Communism suppressed or opposed, and they want free rein all over the earth, ushering in a New Age of Luciferian Rule.


And so we arrive at Darwinism.


The so-called ‘Theory of Evolution’ did not happen overnight, invented by Mr. Charles Darwin in 1859 out of nowhere with his well-known book, On the Origin of Species.


Au contraire, Endarkenment thinkers had already embraced the geological postulate of ‘uniformitarianism’ (sometimes called ‘gradualism’) in contrast to ‘catastrophismby the early 1800s and very much did not want to think the earth was formed by a Creator God Who occasionally punishes wicked human beings with sudden and catastrophic events (like a worldwide inundation called the Great Flood). They were thus well-prepared to believe in an extraordinarily long & gradual history with slow but steady ‘evolutionary’ change if only someone could devise a ‘plausible sounding’ hypothesis against what Catholicism, Sacred Scripture and other traditional religious sources teach.


Darwin wasn’t even alone in coming up with the key part of his theory.


He might have invented the idea of ‘natural selection’ first in its substantially contemporary form, but worked for years on his famous and influential notion until a friend convinced him to publish soon lest another scholarly gentleman --- Alfred Russel Wallace --- steal his thunder by publishing before him. Per historians, Mr. Darwin was surprised but not overly concerned about this happening and allowed antecedent writings of his regarding ‘natural selection’ to be co-presented with Wallace’s compositions on the subject to other scientists in Britain in 1858. In addition to all of this, Darwin’s life was filled with personal tragedies and he suffered ill health and stress, delaying his work.


Yet we all know how the story ends.


His two great tomes, On the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man, caused a huge stir in academia, debate ensuing. At first, several very prestigious and learned scientists dared to argue strongly against the idea of one kind of creature ‘evolving’ over millions of years into another kind or ‘species’ of creature altogether. By the 1920s, though, it was over. Darwinistic evolution appeared to ‘win’ and everybody --- particularly scientists or professors at universities & colleges --- must now worship at the altar of life-by-mere-chance-and-‘natural selection’, or else suffer ridicule and (maybe) a ruined career.


(The curious or skeptical reader may go here for an exposing of the fatal logical flaw at the heart of any version of evolutionary theory, whether today’s Darwinism or whatnot.)


And, if life and a universe by chance, who needs God? In fact, why not tinker with our world and ‘evolve’ into whatever we want to be, becoming our own ‘Gods’? We’ll make reality into whatever we wish like an all-powerful ‘Creator’ and, there being no such thing we call ‘sin’ in a modern world, we shall do as we please!


+++ 90. Do You Fathom How We Think? +++


Do you fathom how we think nowadays, my dear reader?


Do you comprehend the difference between ancient & modern; betwixt traditional or medieval, and modernist; ’twixt the Old World Order and New World Order thinking?


Let’s make sure by summing it up.


Two paragraphs above I first contrast ancient and modern,ancient’ here meaning roughly two thousand years ago or more, when most people in most places were pagan. Pagans, of course, are not Catholic, whether Catholics of the Old Testament kind (before Christ) or Catholics of New Testament variety (after Christ --- to wit, Roman Catholic and nothing else). Yet pagans were not modern back then. So what’s the distinction between ancient pagan and the modern ‘neo-pagan’ of our modern times (which is precisely what we are… that is, pagan… if you’re paying attention)?




Pagans back then worshipped any ‘god’ except the True God of Catholicism, or, very occasionally, any ‘god’ along with, conflatedly, the One True Catholic God. (Worship of non-Catholic ‘gods’ along with the Catholic God is called, by Catholic theologians, the act of ‘syncretism’, of trying to put two different things together that don’t belong together… as if you’re doing a ‘good thing’ by doing so, religiously speaking, and please these ‘gods’, in addition to ‘pleasing’ the True Catholic God, by doing so.) Ergo --- and as we noted in Chapter 32 of this book, Helplessly Ignorant --- a wise and scholarly Catholic realizes the term ‘pagan’ is, by definition, and in the biggest sense of the terminology, the same thing as talking about anyone who is NOT Catholic, period.


And why is that?


Because they worship a false god instead of solely the True God of Catholicism.


What, then, distinguishes a new and hence ‘neo-pagan’ of modern times from the thoroughly quaint and outdated, run-of-the-mill pagan of ancient times?


Again, easy.


As we remarked in Chapter 32, a modern pagan narcissistically worships his or her own merely human and created self as ‘God’, as if he or she were his or her own ultimate & all-powerful ‘Creator’ and thus unquestionable ‘religious authority’.


Don’t quite get the distinction?


Ancient pagans worshipped other creatures, real or imaginary, earthly or celestial, as ‘gods’, submitting to the religious authority of these ‘gods’ (or to the priests of these ‘gods’, to be exact). Meanwhile, modern neo-pagans worship --- and even if they don’t fully realize what they are doing, or are, some of them, clueless as to what they are doing --- their own individual selves as if they are ‘God’ and their own individual selves as if they are ‘infallible religious authorities’. As a result, they most certainly do not ever want to submit to, or follow, anyone who does not agree with their highly exalted self-assessment or who refuses to cooperate with whatever they choose to do in their state of a totally amazing, fabulous and arrogant self-deification.


Are you starting to get the big picture?


But, then, secondly, above in the second paragraph of this 90th chapter, I contrasted between the terms ‘traditional’ or ‘medieval’, and the term ‘modernist’. I even used the rather old-fashioned & Elizabethan-sounding preposition ‘betwixt’, purposely making the contrast greater by using this odd word, ‘betwixt’, that now seems to us ‘archaic’.


So what’s the distinction between an archaic and therefore ‘traditional’ or ‘medieval’ person of the so-called ‘Dark Ages’ (or ‘Middle Ages’, which is what ‘medieval’ means) and a ‘modernist’ person of more recent times, especially the last half century?


Once more, easy.


Even if not everyone in the world became Catholic during the last two thousand years, the dominant part of the world since then --- which is Europe and her heirs, as any honest and intelligent person knows --- was, at one time in the Middle Ages, Catholic.


And Catholicism tells us that every intelligent human being (and whether or not Catholic) has the Law of Natural Reason on his or her heart. Hence, if the dominant part of the world is Roman Catholic and everybody else, who is non-Catholic, is both heavily influenced by Catholic European nations and shaped by the Law of Natural Reason in their hearts, then what does this reality overwhelmingly tend to make the world back then, at least at some point, howsoever brief in places, around the Middle Ages?


Right --- ‘traditional’ or ‘medieval’.


And what makes ‘traditionalists’ different from ‘modernists’?




Traditional people follow the Law of Natural Reason (even if not perfectly) and Roman Catholics are definitely traditional (and even when they’re being wicked Catholics!). As a result, modernist people are persons who more and more straight out reject Roman Catholicism, along with every traditional teaching and traditional rule, as time goes by (and regardless of whether or not they fully grasp what they’re doing), and modernized people very much like and love these new ideas and new customs, or new laws and new rules, of our completely upended, oh-so-very-contemporary, modern… and thus anti-traditional… revolutionary era.


So, then, thirdly, what’s the difference between (or ‘betwixt’…) the Old World Order and the New World Order that has visibly fallen into place more and more the past 250 years or so, speaking approximately about things that take some time to unfold?


Correct again.


The Old World Order upheld the Law of Natural Reason and, ultimately, a more and more Catholicized world; whereas, the New World Order opposes the Law of Natural Reason and, ultimately, hates the idea of Catholicism --- or any traditional religion or morality --- existing anywhere in the world as if Roman Catholicism or traditional teaching & morality is good, true, right, proper, ‘desirable’, ‘appropriate’, ‘healthy’, ‘inclusive’ or (put-in-your-favorite-modernist-euphemism-here), and, consequently, a normal and tolerable way of life that we can allow to exist.


End of sentence.


Do you see now, my dear soul?


Do you understand the Great Apostasy, of what our perilous global condition is, and what the horrific spiritual battle happening on the earth today is all about?


+++ 91. What Is the Beast? +++

(A Tale of Ten & Seven, Part 1)


This is, as we remarked, the self-deification of modern humanity.


Which brings us back full circle to ‘seven’. Remember that from Chapter 80?


Six is the number of a human being. (Apocalypse 13:18. We’ll explain the reference to “six hundred sixty-six” (DRC) later on.) Whereas seven is the number of the Triune God and Creator of All That Exists, which things exist because He makes them ‘ex nihilo’... Latin for ‘out of nothing’. (Apocalypse 3:1, 4:5 & 5:6. Again, hang in there and we’ll explain these verses mentioning “the seven spirits of God” (DRC) after awhile.)


The point is, human beings are made in the “image of God.” (Genesis 9:16 DRC) We look like Him but are not actually Him; we are His Divine & Created Reflection while NOT His Actual & Uncreated Being.


Which is why the Psalmist, St. David, says, inspired by the Holy Ghost:


“What is man that thou art mindful of him? [Of what importance is a mere human being that You, God, would even waste time thinking about us?] Or the son of man that thou visitest him? [Or important enough that You, O God, send Yourself to us like a human being, the Eternally Divine Jesus Christ? King David makes a messianic prophecy here regarding his own legal descendant, from a human perspective. See as well, for instance, Matthew 17:9 for one of Jesus’ many references in the Gospels to Himself as the “son of Man” (DRC).] Thou hast [you have] made him a little less than the angels, thou hast crowned him with glory and honour: and hast set him over the works of thy hands [over the things that You have made out of nothing]. Thou hast subjected all things under his feet, all sheep and oxen: moreover the beasts also of the fields. The birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, that pass through the paths of the sea. [You, God Almighty, make our humanity just a little less amazing & powerful than spiritual beings like You and the angels, nevertheless giving to this humanity --- unlike the angels but like Your Divine Self --- supreme authority over a wonderful realm, the visible earth and all of the physical creation.]” (Psalm 8:5-9 [4-8] DRC)


Do you grasp what’s going on?


God made us ‘look like Him’ to show that we are His… and that we are to be like Him, including ruling a great ‘realm’ like Him in the beginning till we committed Original Sin, but that, if we cooperate and obey Him in His One & Only Roman Catholic Religion, we can still be with Him via the God-man, Jesus Christ, and the hypostatic union, ruling with Him as One in Jesus Christ over a new heaven and new earth forevermore.


The choice, then is this:


Do we want Divinity on His terms or our terms?


Right now, most of the modern world is essentially proclaiming:


“We want it on our terms. We don’t care what our ancestors used to believe.”


In other words, we shall be like Gods (Genesis 3:5c DRC), and rebel against the True God of the True Church, which God & His Church are ROMAN CATHOLIC and no other so-called ‘religion’, ‘philosophy’, ‘god’ or ‘theory of origin and purpose’.




+++ 92. What Is the Beast? +++

(A Tale of Ten & Seven, Part 2)


And so we see “six” (Apocalypse 13:18 DRC) trying to be “seven” (Apocalypse 3:1, 4:5 & 5:6 DRC), but, just like the Devil, like Lucifer refusing to obey & humble himself, Michael & his angels cast such rebels out of Heaven. (Apocalypse 12:8-9)


Because Seven (Creator God) is willing to take Six (Created Humanity) unto Himself, joining us with Himself… but on His terms, not ours. Whereas we, the Six and Created Humanity want Seven and the Creator God on our terms, vaunting ourselves, defying the real God by deifying our own selves --- like a luciferian dragon --- pretending to be ‘God’ all alone, in and of ourselves, without having to cleave to the Catholic God.


This is bestial and irrational.


And today, like the seas, we cover the earth.


And, like the sands of these seas, the Dragon stands upon us (Apocalypse 12:18), ruling over us, because that’s what we did when our first parents, Ss. Adam & Eve, decided to rebel against God, partaking of the forbidden fruit, in order to be like “Gods”. (Genesis 3:5 DRC) We handed over authority of this earth to him, the Devil, so that, just as St. Paul the Apostle says, he is “…the prince [leader or ruler] of the power of this air…” (Ephesians 2:2b DRC. See Ephesians 2:1-3 for the full context.)


Air, because he is spirit and thus atmospheric, i.e., like the air we breathe.


And Dragon, because dragons spout fire and fly through the air.


And where does Satan go, where is his final abode?




Hell itself, at the heart of the earth.


And what is the most typical description of hell --- what do even our Darwinistic and materialist (in the philosophical sense of ‘nature is all there is, there is no supernatural’) scientists tell us about the center of the earth? --- what are the adjectives we most commonly hear in conjunction with hell and earth’s core regions?




Fiery and hot.


They burn, and the Devil burns, and he, the Dragon, will burn us.


We will all of us burn together with Satanif we let him continue to lie to us and continue to believe in all of his abominable religious heresies and moral falsehoods.


His Oceanic Beast will continue as well just as long as pretty much all of humanity continues to believe in, or kowtow to, the Dragon’s Religion of Modernism and a New Age of Luciferian ‘Light’ and consequently dark New World Order.


End of sentence.


Which is why they seek, like their diabolic father, to rule on high.


Both figuratively & literally, we humans invade the celestial realm on our terms.


We build a modern Tower of Babel --- English now being the default global language, undoing the multiplicity of languages that divided our human race right after the Great Flood, God foiling their attempt to reach to heaven (Genesis 11:4c DRC) --- in our hearts (believing in the Religion of Modernism while rejecting all that is Catholic or traditional and of the Law of Natural Reason) and in our minds. For we even dare to attempt, flabbergastingly --- under the guise of a thing we call ‘space travel’ --- an invasion of the heavens and thus become the Gods we already believe we are.


That is to say, our clever minds have invented rockets and other cutting edge technologies to journey through the heavens (‘space’). As a result, the most daring of human intellects now dream of spreading ourselves throughout the universe and so make our ‘species’… as well as our individual consciousnesses, mayhap, if not each individual biological body… capable of living ‘forever’. Or, at least, able to live until the so-called ‘heat death’ of the cosmos ‘billions of years’ in the future --- though some today have the audacity to propose that we may discover other ‘universes’ (a multiverse!) and even learn how to enter them, or manipulate a cosmic ‘froth’ of quantum ‘bubbles’ that --- imagine they --- goes on and on perpetually, making us, along with other sentient species who ‘evolve’ into existence, the Universal Masters & Creators of All That We Survey.


This is truly the primary and spiritual significance --- whilst physical, too --- of Jesus’ Beloved Disciple, John the Evangelist, telling us about a bizarre yet intriguing “…beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads…” (Apocalypse 13:1a-b DRC)


+++ 93. What Is the Beast? +++

(A Tale of Ten & Seven, Part 3)


But there is also a secondary and spiritual import that --- whilst spiritual, yes --- nevertheless is very earthly and physical, too, correlating with real and visible things here on the terrestrial sphere below. Such as?


Well, dear reader, have you studied geography or examined a globe? Have you counted all of the continents on the earth’s surface? They are seven in number. Curious, eh?


To wit:


Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America & South America.


Except… have you ever noticed that Europe isn’t really, in actuality, a truly separate continent standing off all alone by itself, on its own, mostly disconnected from all of the other large continental landmasses strewn across the face of the earth?


To the contrary, Europe is a part of Asia, distinguished from Asia by a real yet arbitrarily-defined and humanly-devised ‘boundary’ --- a custom since ancient times, although debatable and shifting somewhat over the centuries --- where today the Ural and Caucasus Mountains happen to cut across the gargantuan territory that actually exists as one single landmass composed of both ‘Europe’ and ‘Asia’.


This is why scholars refer to this hugest of continents as Eurasia.


Meaning, in reality, Europe is not a true continent in its own right. Rather, it is a mammoth peninsula of the true, and much larger, continent of Eurasia, jutting off toward the west and the setting of the sun.


A question, then:


Why did someone in the past artificially divide off Europe from Eurasia on our maps as if it were its own ‘separate’ continent --- as if ‘distinct’ from the real and very gigantic continent of Eurasia --- in the first place… and why do we follow this custom?


It’s as if someone thought the number seven imperative when it comes to continents. Almost like the fabled ‘seven seas’. (Granted, there’s a tiny hullabaloo over ‘Zealandia’, a sunken Pacific landmass; but it’s only a remnant of a relatively ‘small’ Australia.)




I agree.


So fascinating that it impressed on me, in my meanderings around the world and pondering over its many places, occupants & phenomena, that Our Creator most surely never formed it ‘accidentally’ or with no forethought. Au contraire, He had everything in His Mind from all of eternity. And, while this idea is ‘taboo’ for most modern people --- especially those who are ‘scientists’ and hence must dogmatically adhere to Darwinistic ‘randomness’ and consequent ‘purposelessness’ of cosmic & biologic ‘evolution’ over billions and billions and billions of years --- it doesn’t take too much effort, for an intelligent and unbiased mind, to realize how this Darwinistic teaching is bogus.


I mean, think about it. If there’s an all-powerful and all-knowing Creator… well, then, why is it that we ‘must’ believe the earth and the cosmos are a product of ‘randomness’ and, consequently, ‘purposeless’ at the start and in the ultimate scheme of things?


Why, indeed? Hm. Let’s be a snitch and reveal the true modernist motive for demanding ‘randomness’ and ‘purposelessness’ in a wholly ‘material’ and ‘natural’ --- and hence necessarily non-supernatural’ and evolving --- world that’s billions of years old:


Because an all-powerful & all-knowing Creator automatically and unavoidably implies a serious and definite obligation, on our parts (for those of us who have adequate minds, that is, to grasp the significance of being created and hence a mere creature), to seek for this Creator’s Purpose for our existence, and what it is, exactly, the Maker of Everything created us to do in the midst of this vast everything.


So why did the Almighty give earth the number of continents it has?


And why claim it’s ‘seven’ when they add up to ‘six’?


Unless… but, oh! the idea is outrageous…


So very outrageous. Yet perhaps true?


I trust the longsuffering reader will forgive me for what I’m about to suggest. It’s just that it’s not ‘acceptable’ or ‘believable’ or ‘backed up by any evidence’ --- claim the scientists who pontificate as if ‘infallible popes’. Like the Great Flood that covered our earth to punish sin, the shocking idea smacks of ‘catastrophism’ and the wicked rebuked.


But what is this forbidden notion?


+++ 94. What Is the Beast? +++

(A Tale of Ten & Seven, Part 4)




Now, before anyone snorts with contempt --- thinking ‘how ridiculous!’ --- let us remember that one of the greatest minds on earth, Plato, spoke of it as a real place. This ancient Greek philosopher wrote at least twice in some detail about this famous continent (albeit one of his accounts is mysteriously incomplete), his student, Aristotle, one of the first persons we know of to doubt its veracity. Notwithstanding, even a skeptic of Plato’s accounts is forced to contend with an indisputable fact, something the latest modern intellectual presumes is ‘impossible’. And what is this ‘impossible’ fact?


We state it carefully:


How is it we can think all ancient people of Plato’s time (circa 400 BC) around the Mediterranean Sea were ignorant of most of the earth’s oceans & continents when, in fact, he plainly states --- and describes --- the Mediterranean as being a relatively ‘small’ body of water and not a real ocean like the immense sea past the ‘Columns of Hercules’ (read: the ‘Strait of Gibraltar’, where European Spain and African Morocco nearly touch)? Moreover, how is it he was also correct, in describing this ‘real ocean’ past Gibraltar (the Atlantic Ocean, obviously), that another continent lies opposite Europe across the Atlantic in the far west, which we people of European descent now know, thanks to Mr. Columbus, is America? How on earth did Plato know about this?


How could he, ‘ignorant’ ancient, know about these things?


The conclusion is sobering.


Plato was clearly demonstrating knowledge during ancient times that we moderns assume, out of thin air with smug arrogance, is something no one way back then, in the region around the Mediterranean Sea, had any idea of. Yet if surprisingly right about the Atlantic Ocean & America, then why can’t Plato have been right about Atlantis, too?


The epistemologic person investigates impartially.


He or she examines all of the evidence, from every side, never claiming to have ‘certainty’ in the matter prior to investigating thoroughly without a bias that demands a pre-ordained outcome --- especially when blatant evidence proves this bias is wrong.




Where to start an impartial investigation, though?


Plato is our best source of information regarding Atlantis, the very name of this great continent persisting till this day in the names of the Atlantic Ocean (where Atlantis was situated, per Plato) and the Atlas Mountains in north Africa (a region which, apparently, Atlantis colonized, or took over, at the height of its power). These two facts alone are highly indicative of Atlantis’ existence. But even if, as skeptics contend, these pair of facts --- plus tons of other linguistic & cultural evidence --- are merely ‘circumstantial’, they are nevertheless evidence that, when added up in total, becomes overwhelming, with many words, names, customs or motifs from both sides of the Atlantic (before Europeans came to the Americas en masse since the 1500s!) plainly pointing to a common origin.


What’s more, many peoples of old around the Atlantic Ocean preserve ancient, pre-Columbian memories of an Atlantean-type land existing between Europe and America. Way too many memories and independent accounts than we can logically dismiss out of hand. No honest & intelligent person can duck this. Something has to explain all of these accounts and linguistic or cultural evidence, and it’s more difficult explaining them without Atlantis than it is to admit that, in all likelihood, it comes from Atlantis.


Yet were that not enough, oceanography of the past 200 years offers overwhelming circumstantial evidence as well. (So why don’t oceanographers or scientists recognize this evidence for what it indicates, the confused or skeptical reader may ask? Simple --- because they’re not looking for it. They’re not even asking the rational questions which would lead them to suspect that there is both a mystery and an obvious explanation for this mystery. It’s so far off their mental radar that it’s literally beyond their knowledge or willingness to consider.) For instance, sandy beaches deep in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean that could only form above water as the result of waves continuously washing against dry land; or tiny fossils of fresh water diatoms in sediments dredged from the briny depths which could never be there unless once above sea as a fresh water lake. Most oceanographers or other scientists are either unaware of these facts (because they are never taught them in the first place, since the few who are aware don’t know how to deal with them) or else, if aware, reject them with a kneejerk reaction, not knowing what to do with them. After all, every scholar nowadays thinks ‘plate tectonic’ theory is inarguably correct. Ergo, how could an entire continent submerge in a single day?


This is why they can’t even see the evidence right in front of their noses.


I could go on, but this is not meant to be a book about Atlantis.


If skeptical --- yet humble, too --- then you need to do some research.


I merely note the obvious: Our God formed the earth with seven continents.


And He did so for an excellent reason --- because we’re made in His Image, and He intended us to rule like Him on the earth. Seven continents thus symbolizes our divinely-bestowed kingdom and supernaturally-appointed purpose. But it also symbolizes (from Heaven’s point of view), with the loss of Atlantis, the humbling of our world from its rebellious ‘self exaltation’ right after the Great Flood and resulting ‘demotion’ of our ‘god-like’ selves to mere creaturesby reducing the former SEVEN continents on earth to only SIX today, proving that God will NOT be overcome by His image.


Do you savvy, my dear soul? Do you comprehend what’s going on?


One more thing (and an important observation, too!):


From Heaven’s perspective, the seven heads of the oceanic beast symbolize, as well, the fall of Rome into apostasy. In other words --- no popes right now, St. Peter’s Throne is empty. Antipopes, pretenders & ‘barbarians’, as it were, hold sway.








Not on your life.


Just as Jesus seemed to be ‘conquered’ by dying and being laid in the tomb --- and just as St. Peter, the first pope, denied Christ in his fear, afraid of Jesus’ enemies --- so, too, recent popes of the last few centuries have increasingly ‘denied’ Jesus by failing to vigilantly defend the Catholic Faith, allowing the Church to ‘die’, just like Christ.


The tomb is real… and Jesus’ Body (the Catholic Church) is laid in it.


For a time, that is. Hence, conquered? No.


Jesus resurrected; so, too, will His Roman Catholic Body.


Incidentally, ancient Rome, within its oldest city walls, had seven hills’.


Viz., the  Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal & Viminal Hills.


The Vaticanus --- or Vatican --- Hill was outside this most ancient part of Rome at first, the Papacy in practice ruling the Church from what once was the Lateran Palace --- now St. John Lateran, the mother cathedral of the Diocese of Rome and thus where St. Peter’s Throne actually exists, from whence a true pope presides over God’s Catholic Church --- upon the Caelian Hill (or ‘heavenly hill’, the meaning of the Latin word from which its old family name derived). Though debated by modern scholars, early Church fathers thought it significant, when they mentioned it, that ‘Vaticanus’ implies ‘prophecy’. (Accordingly, a true pope ‘prophesies’ by upholding the Catholic Faith of Jesus.) Furthermore, when old Rome’s walls extended to include the Vatican Hill, this symbolically made an ‘octave’ of hills, like the diatonic (seven note) scale of musicologists, ascending from C to D to E to F to G to A to B… and back to C.


Our point?


These seven hills represent, as well, the divine power God purposely planned, from all of eternity, to put in St. Peter’s legitimate successors, real popes of a real Catholicity, in the City of Rome, the Head Diocese of the Church everywhere, in order to infallibly uphold True Religion. Their failure to do so adequately (and, eventually, do the very opposite, blatantly, and so lose their Petrine Office altogether!) in recent times is punishment for our world’s many transgressions --- especially persons who were supposed to be Catholic! --- a horrible rebellion and terrible punishment long ago foretold in several ways, e.g., in Sacred Scripture or by Our Lady of La Salette.


In other words, the luciferian “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14 DRC) is allowed by God, in punishment for our world’s sins of apostasy and unbelief in His Catholic Church, to usurp --- in a sense, and only ‘briefly’ in view of the long range of all of history --- St. Peter’s Throne, placing an anti-Peter’ and thus an anti-Christ’ there to deceive humanity… as if he’s a seven’… but really just a ‘six touting a false ‘catholicity’.


+++ 95. What Is the Beast? +++

(A Tale of Ten & Seven, Part 5)


But the “ten horns” and “ten diadems [i.e., crowns]”? (Apocalypse 13:1 DRC)


This refers to our humanness (and human faults) over time.


Because what are humans known for?


Right… for having ten fingers.


Of course, different countries and different ethnicities have used different ways of numbering (for instance, ancient Babylonia’s penchant for numbering by sixties, or a similar custom of theirs, employed in geometry to this very day, of dividing a circle into 360 degrees). Notwithstanding, numbering by tens has been, arguably, the most common method of humanity around the earth and throughout history. This is why pretty much the entire world, following the lead of dominant countries for the last few centuries, counts in tens, using the decimal system. Revolutionary France, in toppling their Catholic kings of old, promoted this ancient tendency for decimality --- but under the guise of a new, hierarchical and ultimately massive structure known as the Metric System.


(The French revolutionaries even tried, for a short time in the 1790s, to impose an ‘updated’ calendar founded on the basis of ten day weeks. Sadly --- for them, that is --- everyday citizens of the new regime refused to accept this innovation.)


Now, counting in ‘tens’ is NOT intrinsically ‘evil’ or ‘sinful’.


Howbeit, anything --- and I mean nearly anything! --- can be used for evil.


Such is the case with the ‘decimal’ or ‘base ten’ system. And the Metric System, a counting by ‘tens’ for the purpose of measurement that pervades our world today, oddly causes the majority of ‘science-loving’ or ‘educated’ people… who think themselves very ‘rational’ or ‘learned’… to be so weirdly & intensely arrogant about, so passionately attached to, this measuring system (sort of like the grammar ‘Nazis’ we run into online)… that it’s as if it were a matter of ‘life & death’ to use Metric alone.


I mean, try talking to these persons logically about the pros or cons.


Try conveying to them, respectfully & intelligently, the possible advantages of certain nations retaining their rather ‘old fashioned’ way of measuring things. Nevertheless, be forewarned, beloved soul. Because if you show the teeniest doubt or least reservation in practically forcing everybody to use the Metric System then you will, dear sir or madam, be roundly condemned and verbally sliced & diced, mercilessly, into the ugly, malformed and lilliputian ‘mental midget’ you so obviously are, per the one you’re attempting to hold a courteous, civilized, calm, helpful & reasonable discussion with.


We therefore ask:


What on earth is going on?


Why such emotional devotion to such a ‘rational’ thing?


And the steady and unwavering rejoinder to the truly curious:


Because it’s the zeitgeist of our apostate era, the Spirit of Modernism.


And the Oceanic Beast most adamantly does not want any significant trace of the Old World Order left in place, lest someone nostalgically pine away for, or, perhaps (may Lucifer forbid! exclaims this global ‘sea monster’), actively seek and strive to become the way we once thought, spoke & behaved.


Hence this mysterious emotional devotion to Metric, and despotic wish to practically force everybody in the whole wide world to adopt it as the sole way they use to measure things, whether that be velocity, distance, weight or mass, data, electric charge or current, temperature, intrinsic luminosity, and so forth and so on. Hence, too, why this peculiarly French notion put in place in their country after their Freemasonic Revolution (in 1789) but right before their ‘First Republic’ started falling apart with Napoleon’s rise (1799), was then further systematized and expanded into the global phenomenon it is today, being officially the ‘International System of Units’ (yet, as an acronym, known as ‘SI’ instead of ‘IS’ due to its official French title being the Système International d’Unités’).


Is it sinking in, dear soul?


The Metric System is not --- repeat, NOT --- intrinsically ‘sinful’ or ‘evil’ (i.e., a good Catholic can use Metric and it’s okay, it can even be simpler or more sensible to use the Metric System in many cases…), nevertheless, it’s just one more thing the ‘powers-that-be’ have imposed on the world (although the USA, UK, Liberia & Myanmar are often rued as ‘sluggards’ since they either haven’t legally shoved Metric down the throats of their citizens at all, or else allow simultaneous use of older measurement systems, to some extent, along with the internationally dominant Metric).


And why would the New World Order ‘powers-that-be’ do such a thing?


To fully abolish the Old World Order and start a New Age in every way they can.


But the mystery of “ten” goes further, its symbolism multi-layered. St. John tells us:


“And the angel said to me: ‘Why dost thou wonder? [Why are you so confused without hope of understanding these strange, symbolic things?] I will tell thee [you] the mystery of the woman [the harlot or prostitute, not to be mixed up with the Holy Woman spoken of in Apocalypse 12], and of the beast which carrieth [carries] her, which hath [has] the seven heads and ten horns. The beast, which thou sawest [which you saw], was [at one time in the past], and [now at this time as I speak] is not [no longer existing as it did formerly], and shall come up [again] out of the bottomless pit, and go [return] into destruction [hell]: and the inhabitants on the earth (whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world) [people who are not Catholic or do not die as good Catholics, thereby losing Heaven and falling into hell everlastingly, which God in His Omniscience knows from eternity] shall wonder [will be amazed], seeing the beast that was [at one time], and [then afterward] is not [yet comes back from out of the bottomless pit, unexpectedly, later on]. And here is the understanding that hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, upon which the woman sitteth [sits], and they are seven kings: five are fallen, one is [as of this moment as we speak], and the other is not yet come: and when he is come, he must remain a short time. And the beast which was, and is not: the same [beast] also is the eighth [the eighth head of the beast, as it were, being this same beast risen again upon the earth], and is of the seven [belongs to the seven heads, that is to say, they’re all the same thing], and goeth [goes] into destruction [hell forever]. And the TEN horns which thou sawest, are TEN kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but shall receive power as kings one hour after the beast [shortly after the beast arises, seizing power over the earth once again]. These have one design [a single purpose and single goal]: and their strength and power they shall deliver to the beast [they’ll use all their earthly power & authority on behalf of the beast, to make this beast even stronger & more invincible]. These [earthly rulers] shall fight with the Lamb [the Lamb of God, Jesus, meaning His Roman Catholic Body and thus good Catholics], and the Lamb shall overcome them, because he is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they that are with him are called, and elect, and faithful.’ And he said to me: ‘The waters which thou sawest, where the harlot sitteth [where the harlot or prostitute sits as on a throne, ruling over them], are peoples, and nations, and tongues [human beings with different languages].’” (Apocalypse 17:7-15 DRC)


+++ 96. What Is the Beast? +++

(A Tale of Ten & Seven, Part 6)


Notice right away, dear reader, how this passage from the Apocalypse confirms nicely what we’ve said about the “seven heads” of the “beast” representing --- in more physical and terrestrial senses --- both the seven continents of the earth and the seven hills of Italy’s imperial capitol millennia ago. (Apocalypse 17:7e, d DRC)


For what does it say further on?


“The seven heads are seven mountains…” (Apocalypse 17:9b DRC)


And what is a continent when you think about it?


Standing on the lower surface of the earth… with our world stripped of its swaddling seas… what would the seven continents look like to us, rising to heights unknown, towers of gargantuan and unimaginable girth?


Correct --- like vast mountains.


Likewise the summits of ancient Rome, albeit smaller.


In both cases, the term ‘head’ equates to massive heights of rock & soil.


Notwithstanding there is still one more symbolism unveiled here as “seven heads”. (Apocalypse 17:7e & 9b DRC) To wit:


“The seven heads… are [also] seven kings: five are fallen [no longer exist right now, being a part of history], one is [as of this moment as we talk], and the other is not yet come [does not yet exist]: and when he is come [when finally he exists in the future], he must remain a short time [stick around and dominate and rule the earth for a relatively brief span of time].” (Apocalypse 17:9b, d-10 DRC)


Now, I don’t claim total accuracy or ‘infallible’ interpretation of the Apocalypse.


I do, though, insist once again that, being part of inerrant Sacred Scripture and thus inspired by God, that the Apocalypse --- for all its ‘bizarreness’ and ‘strangeness’ which baffles yet transfixes people at the same time --- it must mean something.


I also insist, to be rational, that God did not put it in the Bible for no reason.


Ergo, for it to have any earthly and human use at all, then somebody… at some point in time… must be able to comprehend it more fully & accurately, or else why did Our Creator bother inspiring it and putting it in Sacred Scripture in the first place?


For what purpose? What’s the point?


Which is why I dare to say:


Now’s the time.


Now is the moment, during the Great Apostasy, that it’s going to start making a whole lot more sense than it’s ever made before to most Catholics most of the time in the past, during centuries when its meaning was far more obscure and difficult.


As a result, I’m confident of the interpretations I’ve given the reader thus far.


There’s little doubt in my mind that, until this point, I am truly & really giving you, my dear soul, the correct (and fuller) understanding of what the Apocalypse and its strange or mysterious allegories mean, more than most Catholics have been able to do in times past (apart from great saints, of course, who I gladly bow to and venerate as far wiser than I). But I’m only moderately confident about the next interpretation of the “seven heads” as “seven kings”. (Apocalypse 17:9b, d DRC) I think I’m on the right track; I think I’ve gotten it pretty well figured out. Howbeit, I’m also open to the possibility that either myself or else another true Roman Catholic might, very soon, improve on the interpretation’s accuracy with even better insight into the symbolism.


Yet what is the interpretation I’m proffering?


As far as I can tell, most interpreters of the “seven kings” go astray by assuming, facilely, that “kings” must mean seven separate & distinct individual persons who are these “kings”, not fathoming the allegory intended here.


Which is?


Well, what is a king the king over?


Right. A kingdom --- the domain or realm of a king.


Moreover, kings may rule empires (and be called ‘emperors’, if they so choose), and empires may exist for some time in some form or another. That is to say, it (the empire) doesn’t stay the same the whole time… in fact, empires tend to morph dramatically over long centuries. The leaders can even change in big ways, seeming to ‘topple’ the empire that, nonetheless, goes on as an empire regardless of dramatic changes at the top.


The point?


We have, in my opinion, an historical example of the above proffered interpretation, dovetailing perfectly with the “seven kings” told of by the angel to St. John, along with the understanding that --- at John’s moment of existence there on earth in the AD 90s --- five of these “kings” has already “fallen”, with “one” ruling right now, and an “other” to come in the future (which future is now our present era). (Apocalypse 17:9d-10 DRC)


Leading to an obvious and immediate conclusion:


For what kingdom or empire ruled right then & there at that moment?


Correct… the Roman Empire, as John listened, perplexed, to the angel speak.


Starting with the Roman Empire, can we construct a series of empires answering to the scriptural passage, with the Roman Empire, in some real sense, being the sixth of seven overall, the seventh empire yet to come, but now, during our times, actually existing?


I believe we can.


Remember, though, we’re trying to view this through the eyes of Heaven and its way of seeing things --- not ours. Ergo, we’re not trying to represent every single empire that has ever existed anywhere on earth for a circa 5000 years (the amount of time it’s been since the Great Flood, per the Roman Martyrology), or always agree with modernist scholars when it comes to human history. No, we’re trying to find a series of empires Heaven views as significant and which sequence, mostly unbroken, for the last five millennia.


Which is why we begin with Nemrod [Nimrod] and the Tower of Babel.


Remember him?


We’ve touched on Nemrod, or the infamous Tower of Babel, a few times. And here we part again from modern scholars, who aren’t usually willing --- lately --- to take Sacred Scripture or ancient tradition very seriously. Yet the Bible says Nemrod is the grandson of Cham [Ham], who was son of Noe [Noah], that he was “…mighty on the earth…”, and “…the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon…” along with adjacent areas. (Genesis 10:1, 6-8b & 10a DRC.) And tradition tells us (e.g., the 1st century Jewish scholar, Josephus) Nemrod led humanity against God to build his herculean Tower.


Yet God sabotaged the building of this Tower, didn’t He?


Josephus informs us that Nemrod convinced the people that God was trying to destroy them again with another horrible worldwide flood by commanding them to disperse and colonize the entire earth. He (Nemrod) then ordered them to construct an immense and gargantuan tower of hard-baked brick and bitumen (asphalt, impervious to water) in the plain of Babylon between the two mighty rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates. (Flavius Josephus’ The Complete Works of Josephus, section of The Antiquities of the Jews, Chapter 4, Paragraphs 1-3. Translated by William Whiston and originally published 1737. The edition to which I refer is a combination of earlier re-publications under the editorial hand of William P. Nimmo and put forth in an Edinburgh, Scotland, edition, as well as a Porter & Coates edition in Philadelphia, USA. The exhaustive edition I cite from is the work of Kregel Publications, copyrighted in 1981, and the book I have, actually printed in 1995, at Grand Rapids, MI, USA. I refer to page 30 of this tome.)


As Sacred Scripture recalls to our collective human memory, “…the earth was of one tongue [language], and of the same speech…” at this point in time during Nemrod’s Rebellion. (Genesis 11:1 DRC)


Consequently, what did God do to stop the building --- not to mention compel them to obey what He had said about spreading out and re-colonizing the earth?


Yes, He divided their languages and made it impossible for them to live in peace next to each other… let alone continue constructing the gigantic Tower at Babel. Per the Bible, the Persons of the Triune God speaking amongst themselves, the Almighty said, “…it is one people, and all have one tongue [everyone has the same single language]: and they have begun to do this [this amazingly audacious & incredible task of building a tower that will “reach to heaven” (Genesis 11:4c DRC) in defiance of God’s Holy & Divine Will], neither will they leave off [cease] from their designs [shockingly supercilious plans], till they accomplish them. Come ye [all of you], therefore, let us go down and there confound their tongue [change their single language into many], that they may not understand one another’s speech [so they can no longer communicate with each other so easily].” Which is why the very next verse says, “And so the Lord scattered them from that place [Babylonia] into all lands [globally], and they ceased to build the city.” (Genesis 11:6b-8 DRC)


+++ 97. What Is the Beast? +++

(A Tale of Ten & Seven, Part 7)


Now think carefully.


If you’re humble and honest enough to seriously consider what Sacred Scripture says, then what would happen when God divides humanity into 12 to 72 --- or thereabout --- languages? (I haven’t the luxury of time to explain carefully why I set the boundaries at no less than 12 and, maybe, no more than 24 to 72 different languages… but these are very likely the lower & upper limits.) Nemrod’s a mighty king, so, assuming he goes on ruling those who speak his new language, then those people… his incipient tribe, as it were… would migrate under his leadership and seek to establish a separate realm that is autonomous from the other tribes and their cultures, wouldn’t they?


Of course they would; it only makes sense.


Nor should you get stuck on how soon this happens after the Great Flood or how ‘few’ they are, supposedly, that existed at this point in time. A small family with 2.2 or fewer children (even none!) is a peculiarity of our contemporary times, not the norm for most human beings most of the time in the past. An ancient Jewish tradition tells us Adam & Eve had 56 children. And after the Flood, with a mere eight survivors, would not people want to have as many offspring as possible, to ensure the continuation of humanity?




What’s more, a careful Catholic scholar notes how several ancient accounts indicate human beings were stronger & more fruitful near the beginning --- that we have waned and become weaker overall, physically, since then. This plus the fact that the Bible tells us people both before and right after the Flood lived much longer lives than we do now, gives us every reason to believe families were way larger than they are now… even when compared to the average size of a Catholic family, say, a century ago (about six children). Then, just to top it off, there’s powerful circumstantial evidence from ancient times to suggest that twins and triplets were much more common back then.


The upshot?


While Nemrod was a mere two generations removed from St. Noe, simple arithmetic tells us the human race probably grew to 500,000 individuals, at a bare minimum, within 140 years (and granted Nemrod did not take full control of humanity until at least one generation had arisen after he reached manhood)… if not more than 2 million people total. Shocking? Only if you refuse to do the math, conservatively based on 35 years per generation, together with an average 40 children per couple, and multiply accordingly for at least four generations past Noe. Calculating thusly, plenty of strong hands could work feverishly on a colossal Tower, especially in the fertile & fluvial land of Babylon.


Now let’s say, after God foiled their project, that Nemrod and his people wandered toward the west, crossing the Atlantic Ocean as it used to be, finding the amazingly rich land of Atlantis in the middle of it with a mild climate and lots of tillable soil. The wise bishop and early Church father, St. Augustine of Hippo, says the pagan Greeks derived their gods from the heroes, leaders and warriors of old. Hence, they were real flesh & blood humans that became ‘deified’ later on (which, from a pagan perspective, makes exquisite sense when we recall how earlier people were stronger & longer lived). Let us also suppose, for a moment, that Nemrod was one of those earliest heroes (“…mighty on the earth… and a stout hunter…” as Genesis 10:8b-9a (DRC) informs us). As a result, if he led his people to settle Atlantis and began a powerful civilization, then he was likely the fabled ‘Poseidon’ or ‘Neptune’ of Greco-Roman mythology, the ‘god’ of the sea, who fathered five sets of twin sons by one of his wives (Cleito), organizing his great empire in tenths (that decimality again!) with they being first governors of these provinces, and his firstborn son of this wife from the first pair of twins, Atlas, the premier king of Atlantis (whence the land got its name) after Nemrod passed on. Moreover, he having plainly led earth’s people into rebellion against God --- a kind of ‘Great Apostasy’ in miniature, so to speak, right after Noe’s Flood --- would it surprise a shrewd Catholic thinker that his sea kingdom became the worst of the world’s re-paganized people in the next couple of centuries, their false religion, tyranny & iniquity causing God to smite them with volcanic fury, abruptly submerging most of their continent in a single day?


Of course not. A real Catholic knows God might easily do this. Just as He suddenly destroyed wicked Sodom & Gomorrah (where the Dead Sea and its barren environs are now, Genesis 18-19), or the sinful Pompeii (archeologists still uncovering its ruins in southern Italy), both of them perishing with volcanic fury, so, too, did he smite the iniquitous Atlanteans, most of them dying. It’s simply on a much bigger scale.


Notwithstanding, no real Catholic could think this is impossible. God covered the whole earth in a devastating flood, right? Then how could sinking a mere continent be unthinkable?


(Incidentally, the Great Flood’s cataclysmic aftermath explains the so-called ‘Ice Age’ before the earth settled into a new and dramatically different equilibrium. In addition, the mammoth continent of Atlantis would have kept warmer southern waters from circulating to the north Atlantic Ocean, rendering the upper part of Europe colder & inhospitable.)


So while I can’t prove conclusively yet that Nemrod founded the Empire of Atlantis, it makes the most sense, and is therefore the first of earth’s great empires after the Great Flood. For though “…the beginning of his kingdom was…” in “Babylon,” obviously his rule only began in Mesopotamia (another name for the region of Babylon, a great part of which is present day Iraq), it then continued elsewhere later on, and only after God had “scattered them”. (Genesis 10:10a & 11:8a DRC) Furthermore, the astonishing horror and significance of his religious rebellion is revealed by the curious turn of phrase that his followers built a “…city and a tower, the TOP whereof may reach to HEAVEN…” (Genesis 11:4b-c DRC)


In other words, this wasn’t just a terrestrial construction project.


Rather, in the ultimate sense it was an occult power play.


The name Babel in ancient Hebrew means, metaphorically, ‘confusion’ due to the people of the earth unable to understand each other anymore after God took away their single language and divided people into numerous different languages that they couldn’t comprehend. Yet the language of Hebrew, like the Hebrew people’s patriarch, Abraham, comes from ancient Babylonia, and ‘Babel’ in that old Semitic language and, perchance, from an earlier and (presumably) Hamitic word, literally means gate of God’. (It’s true contemporary scholars dismiss this interpretation of the word’s origin; yet up until the mid-20th century it was the standard academic stance and I, personally, find it the most logical & convincing --- especially when you consider that a Semitic tongue like Arabic indubitably uses the term ‘bab’ to mean ‘gate’ while the term ‘el’ in ancient Hebrew… indisputably Semitic and etymologically linked to the Arabic name for their singularly Muslim deity, ‘Allah’... means ‘god’. Now put the two Semitic terms together and what do you get? Yes, ‘Babel’… gate of God’!) The rare person who studies & ponders this typically thinks this only describes how God Himself descended to earth --- as through a ‘gate’ --- to confuse human communication. What they don’t ever appear to realize is that it still more crucially tells of humanity’s earliest attempt, after the Great Flood, to invade Heaven on their own conditions, constructing a spiritual gate to ascend to the Throne of God, trying, like their luciferian progenitor, to overthrow Our Creator and so ‘remake’ Him into its own preferred (and religiously pagan) image.


The height of hubris?




Just like us today in modern revolutionary times.


By the way, the word ‘occult’ is from Latin and means ‘to cover over’ or ‘hide’.


In terms of the religious and supernatural or paranormal, it refers to ‘hidden knowledge’ which not only can make a person smarter and more knowledgeable, but can, too, give such a person the power to do things in this visible & physical world (as well as the invisible & spiritual world) that would be difficult or unfeasible otherwise.


This is why the occult is usually associated with evil.


For, whilst occult knowledge is not necessarily forbidden or wrong, it attracts those human beings who want power over others for wicked purposes. Indeed, since occult learning eventually runs into invocations, rituals and prayers that summon or command demonic entities --- using special powers often unique to particular demons and not always found in every fallen celestial creature --- then occultism is at the heart of Satanism, and the occult is to be treated with the utmost of caution & wariness.


And part of the mystery of the occult is that these fallen celestial creatures were at first unfallen and not evil. They were also created by God, and employed by Him, in unavoidable connection with our creation… that is, the whole cosmos.


As such, they each had special abilities and duties. One type of angelic creature can do one thing, or has a specific set of responsibilities, whereas another type of angel can do another thing, or has a different set of responsibilities. These abilities --- and the duties that go along with them --- the fallen angels did not entirely lose. Just as Roman Catholic theology teaches us that there are nine ‘choirs’ or ‘kinds’ of angels, so as well it teaches and implies there are distinct ‘choirs’ or ‘kinds’ of demons in our world. Demons that, varying in strength and wickedness and abilities… and somehow tied to this visible world, such that they cannot escape it or fulfill their fate without it and us… makes demonic entities curiously subject to both the operational rules (or ‘physics’) of the visible & invisible parts of our universe and the things we humans think, do or say.


In other words, they are linked to us.


A link that can only be totally broken by Catholicism.


(Non-Catholic people exorcise demonic spirits, too, but only a person who is Roman Catholic --- especially a Catholic who is lawfully a priest in the One True Church --- can completely gain the upper hand over such fallen and celestial creatures. See Acts 19:13-20 in Sacred Scripture for a fascinating example of this, not to mention how the nearly deadly outcome of this non-Catholic experiment in demonic exorcism --- invoking the Catholic authority of Jesus, Who is God Incarnate, and St. Paul --- caused still more pagans to convert to the Roman Catholic Church and renounce their “…curious [i.e., occultic] arts,” (Acts 19:19a-c DRC) and so break hell’s power over them utterly.)


This is why Atlantis resonates so strongly today. The founder & leader of Atlantis manufactured an occultic pagan rebellion and miniature Great Apostasy just after the Great Flood, reintroducing false religion --- and the untrammeled power of hell --- into the earth. This is the Oceanic Beast first unveiled and it’s first head (empire & mountain or continent). This is humanity self-deified, of the mere six & ten grasping decimally for “heaven” and the Everlasting Throne and Self-Eternal Deity of the Singular Seven. (Genesis 11:4c DRC)


+++ 98. Oceanic Beast Arising? +++


This is why Atlantis obsesses so many today.


Declared a ‘myth’ by almost all contemporary scholars or scientists, it is a ‘legend’ refusing to die or be forgotten by everybody except historians or philosophers of the arcane. To the contrary, since the 1960s --- and the end of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council when the “mystery of iniquity” began to work in a hideously leviathan way as “…he who now holdeth [restrains]” got “taken out of the way” (2 Thessalonians 2:7 DRC) --- tons have embraced ‘New Age’ religion and wax eloquent about Atlantis ‘arising’, echoing the famous psychic Edgar Cayce’s 20th century ‘prophecy’ of Atlantis starting to rise around 1969. The very date when humankind (in modern times, at least) first set foot upon our earth’s moon, building a new tower or lunar ‘stairway’ to heaven, what occultic masters have taught is the argentine orb of the first of seven heavens.




I think so, too.


Atlantis was overthrown around 2600 BC.


(New Agers, or other students of the arcane, nowadays like to say Atlantis was lost circa ‘12,000 BC’… yet their chronology is no more to be trusted by wise Catholic scholars than the Darwinist thinking of ‘millions’ or ‘billions’ of years. A chronology which, because it’s so lengthy, makes New Agers think Atlantis could easily be this old. Howsobeit, even if not full-fledged New Age or a student of the arcane, the sea god’s continent continues to be remembered throughout the world via entertainment such as Stargate or its serial spin-offs… e.g., Stargate SG-1 and, especially, Stargate Atlantis. Or, still more deliciously for the student of modern times and regardless of any having preferred ideas for the lost continent’s age, how about NASA assigning the fourth of her five space shuttle orbiters with the name of Atlantis? Each of its launches reminded us of the fabled continent ‘rising’ into the heavens. Although, in fairness, they insisted it only honored a venerable oceanographic research vessel of the 20th century. Yet the question then becomes: so why did oceanographers name a sea ship --- any ship! --- to honor the memory of lost Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean? It’s also fascinating the shuttle Atlantis launched precisely 33 times, that Freemasonic number extraordinaire and Kabbalistic or occultic linchpin of mystical understanding, not to mention a key part of 3-dimensional tetrahedral geometry. Fascinating, because no other space shuttle orbiter in NASA’s small fleet of orbiters even came anywhere near this exact number of flights…)


Thus, the first head of the Oceanic Beast fell some 4600 years ago.


Where and when did the second head arise?


We haven’t discussed Egypt yet in Helplessly Ignorant in connection to Atlantis, nonetheless, Plato, where he talks about Atlantis in detail, states that his information came from another Greek man, Solon, via a mutual acquaintance. And this Solon had gone to Egypt for an extended time, visiting with various Egyptian priests. In one of those visits, Solon was in a temple with all kinds of pictures and hieroglyphs --- something extremely familiar to students of Egyptology until this present day.


Asking about certain hieroglyphs and pictures in this one particular temple, per Plato, an elderly priest told Solon that the Greeks were a very ‘young’ people, in contrast to Egypt, which was extremely ‘old’ as a nation and people. He then explained how catastrophes occur every so often and destroy peoples’ memories of previous times, the descendants starting all over again like ‘children’ who are ignorant and forgetful of former events. Egypt, said this priest, was ‘old’ in that its nation and people never forget history, remembering former events, preserving them via their priests and temples.


And so he told Solon about the ancient Atlanteans and how this magnificent ‘sea empire’ had ruled a gigantic island (continent) in the Atlantic Ocean, colonizing and taking over areas of Europe, Africa and the continent opposite in the West (America). But as this empire grew more powerful, it also grew more wicked and tyrannical. It fought a great war with the Athenians in trying to take over all of Europe & Asia Minor (modern day Turkey), a battle the Athenians unexpectedly won, putting an end to Atlantean conquest of Europe. Shortly after this, said he, the Atlanteans were punished for their iniquity, its continental land, along with associated islands, engulfed by fire & water as volcanoes erupted and it sank into the ocean, the Atlantic rendered impassable for a long time.


Obviously, this account might flatter an Athenian Greek.


Just as obviously, though, Plato and Solon were intelligent (Plato undeniably and remarkably so, as his philosophical reasoning demonstrates!) and both of them plainly believed in what the Egyptians told them about Athens & Atlantis (or else why did Solon bother telling anyone about this story, and why did Plato bother repeating it?).


The priest’s story was flabbergasting --- a revelation to the Athenians or other Greeks, indeed, who had lost all memory of this ancient time --- yet why would an elderly priest in Egypt fabricate the story of Atlantis just to ‘flatter’ a Greek? Egyptians thought Egypt superior to Greek knowledge and power in many ways. Greeks themselves gladly learned what they could from the Egyptians and the Babylonians, whose learning they knew was truly better than theirs in many ways. Nor were Greeks any serious threat to Egypt at this time (Alexander the Great’s astonishingly quick Macedonian conquest --- which included Egypt --- did not begin for several decades, after Solon’s visit). Hence, why would the old priest, in ancient Egypt, tell an Athenian Greek the pictures & hieroglyphs speak about Atlantis and its bid to dominate Europe, in one of many Egyptian temples?


The theory of ‘it-flattered-an-Athenian’ makes little sense.


And while some scholars suggest Plato ‘invented’ the story for its propaganda value alone, wanting to pump up Athenian morale after embarrassing military defeats, they do so ignoring or purposely ducking the inarguable point we made in Chapter 94:


Namely, that Plato was absolutely and perfectly right about the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the American continent opposite Europe and Africa in the West. How did he, supposedly ‘ignorant’ man of ancient times, know about these things?


Plato’s testimony is too astonishing to dismiss out of hand.


Doing so reveals one’s own bias and not an ulterior motive Plato may have had.


And so we grapple with another Platonic inference (based as well on some cultural memories & facts from the area of north Africa and around the Atlantic basin):


Atlantis either colonized or conquered… or both… Egypt.


And yet Egypt survived the devastation of Atlantis.


Now this is where it can get tricky. Because, yes, one could argue that Egypt --- as a colony or conquered territory of Atlantis --- continued the Empire of Atlantis in a very real sense. This is supported, circumstantially, by the seemingly ‘overnight’ entrance Egypt made on the world stage. That is to say, in barely a century, it would appear, Egyptian civilization went from practically non-existent… to, suddenly (through the leadership of their ‘god’ of wisdom, the legendary Thoth, a fervently pagan or patriotic Egyptian might say), a powerful kingdom and the most highly cultured, highly civilized, and highly knowledgeable of peoples. Whence this sudden order? The sands of the desert and passing time leave puzzles and guesses galore. Contemporary archeology with overly ‘confident’ conclusions makes it more muddled. Because the riddle makes more sense if someone came in with a great civilization and much knowledge already in place, colonizing anew, conquering the previous people --- or perhaps both at once.


In any case, we may infer from Plato, Egypt disdained Atlantean hegemony.


It would seem they rejoiced when Athens trounced Neptune’s forces.


This is why, despite there being a logical case for the idea Egypt in some way ‘continued’ Atlantis’ rule, it is just as logical --- and more persuasive, in my opinion --- to say the Egyptians were an off-shoot from Atlantis whilst crucially distinct. Atlantis was quite distant in the West (as relative to Egypt’s position on the earth), utterly destroyed before Egyptians could wax supreme (leaving no more connection between the two, not even a friendly alliance), and Egypt assumed the mantle of dominant global civilization while not idealizing or mythologizing their former master. This is the way Heaven sees it, surmise I, which is why we purposely dare to make the following hypothesis:


The Empire of Egypt is the second head of the Oceanic Beast.


Let us then wander a bit along the Nile.


+++ 99. Pyramidal Pretensions? +++


You see, my dear soul, Our Creator made us for a purpose.


As a Celestial Father, He adopts humans and gives us fathers on earth, too.


Every single human being comes from both a father and a mother. Every single human being has been planted in the womb of a woman, and the one siring this divine image acts in the stead (place) of God, procreating just as God Himself creates.


Except we, mere creations, can only ‘form’ while He makes ‘out of nothing’.


Do you savvy?


As reflections of the Divinity, the male sex ‘acts’ like God, with the female sex ‘functioning’ like His Creation, a Creation that is formed to represent His Uncreated Spirit & Divinity. Or, to put it still another way, Christ (Creator) plants the seed in His Church (Creation) and, in this primordial womb of “darkness”… a formless “void”… procreates, as it were, the Celestial Fruit of Life & Happiness in the Garden of a Neverending Paradise of True & Divine Light. (Genesis 1:2a-b DRC)


Too poetical for you?


Then you don’t grasp either the Creator or His Creation.


He fathomed everything from Eternity; nothing is chance, nothing beyond Him.


Human beings can’t be Him --- but we can imitate Him like a reflection.


In Heaven is neither male nor female. (Galatians 3:28)


Yet on earth, there is both for the time being.


This is the essence of the Great Apostasy.


That is to say, Sister Lucia (the longest living prophetess of the Church-approved apparition of Our Lady of Fatima), is reported to have warned that the devil, in his ‘final battle’ on the earth, would wage war against the human family & sexuality.


Hence our confusion and horrible sin over the Sacrament of Matrimony.


God made male & female to procreate.


Whereas we today claim ‘sex’ is only for ‘fun’ or ‘love’.


So which is it? Both sides cannot be totally correct at the same time.


Either one is fully correct, or neither is fully correct.


Either one rules, or else the other does.


Which will it be?


God formed the Church of the New Testament with Seven Sacraments, and one of those imperative sacraments is the Sacrament of Matrimony. And, whereas matrimony is not equal to religious perfection on earth (being a Catholic monk or nun), in the grand scheme of things, matrimony (the lesser on earth) is greater in Heaven, since, in Everlasting Life, matrimony mirrors on earth the Beatific Vision of Heaven.


Still not getting it? Let us try one more time.


God made us, His image, to marry Him eternally.


Jesus’ two natures, Divine & Human, are the hypostatic union.


It is this hypostatic union that enables humans to join with Our Maker.


This is why there is a Singular Church, His Catholic Body, to be saved in.


Outside this Union --- outside this Body --- there is no salvation possible, period.


The Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, became human to perform this miracle.


That is the hypostatic union. That is the marriage between God & Humanity.


But why am I going on about this when we’re talking about Egypt?


Because God makes Fatherhood to lead.


I.e., men are strong for a reason.


We’re strong-willed & strong-bodied in order to lead, sire & protect.


We’re fathers to imitate God, to procreate in imitation of His Divine Creation.


And mothers imitate Creation, to bear the fruit of the seed (His Eternal Word & Spirit) in the primordial ‘womb of darkness’ --- the formless ‘void’ or ‘chaos’ (to use an ancient Greek reference) --- so as to make something visible & perceivable out of nothing’.


Or, we may say, as recently and carefully observed in a laboratory in 2016:


Human life begins at conception with a zinc-powered ‘flash of light’.


And why is this scientific fact so very important?


Sacred Scripture informs us that God’s Spirit “moved over the waters.” (Genesis 1:2c DRC) A primordial deep, after He created the heavens and the earth, that was in “darkness…” (Genesis 1:2b DRC) Then the Creator ‘spoke’, saying:


“Be light made.” (Genesis 1:3b DRC)


Are you starting to get it now, my beloved soul?


A baby starts in light, growing in a womb’s amniotic water.


And men & women are two sexes so as to comprehend Creator & Creation.


If you don’t “comprehend it” then you remain a part of our apostate luciferian ‘brightness’… he who is an “angel of light” still pretending to be a ‘bearer of light’ (2 Corinthians 11:14b DRC), the meaning of his Greek-derived name of ‘Lucifer’… and you belong to his lying, murderous and satanic “darkness”. (John 1:4b, 8:44 DRC)


Seeing a tiny bit better now?


Don’t give up hope.


If you have good will, then you will find understanding.


The Natural Law is written upon your human heart, the Supernatural Spirit neither powerless nor unwilling to write the Messianic “law” (Christ’s Law, the Roman Catholic Faith) on that tablet of your soul as well. (1 Corinthians 9:21 & Galatians 6:2 DRC)


But what has this to do with the ancient Egyptian Empire?


Josephus, that wonderful 1st century Jewish scholar and (say some) a convert to the Catholic Religion, also tells us about a very ancient tradition concerning Egypt in his commentary upon Old Testament Sacred Scripture. Per him, St. Adam, as the king and pope of this fallen earth before he died nearly a thousand years old (Genesis 5:5), made a prophecy about his increasingly wicked descendants, foretelling the punishment of the Great Flood. In conjunction with this prophecy, says Josephus, Adam had his virtuous offspring build two “pillars” --- the one of “brick”, the other of “stone” --- so as to preserve knowledge that might otherwise be lost in the aftermath of this global destruction. (Ibid., as per the Josephan quote above from Chapter 96 in this book, Helplessly Ignorant, but referring, in this instance, to Paragraph 3 of Chapter 2 of his Antiquities of the Jews, found on page 27 of the 1995 edition by Kregel Publications.)


And Josephus clearly implies this “stone” monument may still be found during his own time… in the land of Egypt, the very empire from which the True God freed his people, the Jews, in order to worship Him as He commanded in the Old Testament Church.


Meaning? Well, what “pillars” are in Egypt?


And which of them is “stone” and the most impressive by far?


Right… the Great Pyramid at Giza. For whilst Egypt may boast many pyramids, the Great Pyramid is the largest and most impressive. Not just in size… but in its original dimensions when encased with brilliant white limestone and capped with gold, which, as any intelligent & honest investigator can admit, was inarguably made as a mathematical & geometrical marvel, enshrining in stone the curious constants of π (pi), ϕ (phi, also known as the ‘golden mean’) and e (the natural logarithm). Constants that seem to be built into our very universe (if you can believe in a Creator) and pop up constantly --- no pun intended --- everywhere people look. All the pyramids of Egypt are remarkable. Yet Giza’s Great Pyramid is unparalleled, unmatched by any other monument like it. Some have opined (and not just Catholics) that it’s a ‘prophecy’ written in stone. Prophecy which, if only we could ‘decode’ it, would reveal ‘secrets’ we can barely guess at.


Yet whatever we may want to think about secret prophecy, the mathematical and geometrical aspects are easily substantiated by anyone with some learning and a brain, while the implications of Josephus’ reference are sobering. It’s also sobering that, aside from Egypt and Sudan, or a few other places in the Mideast, pyramidal constructions are found in Central America, not to mention hidden in jungles elsewhere in the tropical parts of the Americas (which only aerial or satellite imagery, plus flora-penetrating lidar, are starting to unveil), as well as certain observers who insist they’ve seen what look like huge pyramids in various ‘Atlantean’ areas beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.






Yet the epistemologic mind considers regardless of bias. So why do strange pyramids exist on either side of the Atlantic basin? And why do stone monoliths from thousands of years ago appear everywhere on earth? Something is going on here.


But the pyramids?


They represent hierarchy, and the rule of Heaven over earth. The Great Pyramid itself, in its unique angle of slope (roughly 51.5 degrees), is like the rays of the sun shining upon the earth at the same angle, from our ground-dwelling human perspective.


Which is why, perhaps, the pagan Egyptians worshipped their sun god.


In any case, a pyramid climbs from massive base to singular pinnacle… the supreme pinnacle of Divine Rule, which Lucifer tried to appropriate. The sun represents this Light of God --- and not that it is itself, the sun, a sort of ‘god’, being a merely created thing --- something Satan and high-ranking Freemasons steal for themselves with an ‘all seeing eye’ pictured on American one dollar bills as the top of an Egyptian-style pyramid, shining like an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14b DRC), former ‘bearer of light’ himself transmogrified into a celestial thug, murdering truth and human souls.


Again, mere chance? Mere chance we now mock & destroy matrimony?


No. It is the epitome of rebellion, like a pyramid turned upside down.


The base is lied to, thinking (ludicrously) it’s on top. Such a pyramid cannot stand without toppling. And the God truly on top cannot be displaced, while the liar pretending to be the top --- ruling the deceived --- is darkness incarnate, a fallen angel trying to fly.


+ + +


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