Or, It’s Not da Bomb, But

the ‘Black Hole’ We Should

 Be Getting Worried About

When It Comes to How

Many People Are

on Earth




+++ 1. Once Upon a Time, the Population Exploded +++


Certain fairy tales have an enduring charm. Take, for instance, the fantasy of a worldwide ‘population explosion’. Not that we pretend earth’s human population hasn’t grown huge during the past century or so. But, in the late 1960s and on into the early 1970s, various scholars at prestigious universities successfully touted the idea there were ‘too many people’ for the earth to handle; that it was just a matter of a little time for massive starvation and death to strike down millions or billions of humans around the globe.




Because the earth ‘cannot handle’ so many voracious eaters, said they.


Besides which, added they, humans are so polluting, greedy & disgusting.


I can agree with the latter statement somewhat. Human beings really can be dirty, greedy & disgusting at times. Yet the former? That the earth can’t handle ‘too many’ of us? No, I dare to disagree with that one. Up in arms yet? Ready to blast me as an ‘ignoramus’?


Too bad. I’m university educated & degreed. And I was once a ZPGer.


Or, if you will, a proponent of ‘Zero Population Growth’ (ZPG).


So… so much for that criticism of me. I know the arguments inside & out, from both sides of the debate. And I’ve not abandoned the ZPG stance out of whim or a supposed ‘lack of knowledge’. I’m perfectly familiar with all of the arguments, purported logic & alleged facts regarding a ‘population threat’. Remember? I once believed in them as a clever little student at a huge university, my college dean encouraging me to get a Ph.D. and become a professor. So what would cause an educated person like myself to change my mind completely and do a total flip flop? What on earth happened to my thinking?


Oh, tiny little things like further logical analysis and examination of the facts.


You know, that sort of thing. Yes --- the horror! --- a ‘ruthless’ rationality.


But do you think this issue is passé, no longer a major influence on the world --- that is, thinking that there are ‘too many people’ living upon the earth? Ah, well then, you aren’t too clued in to the academic mood of contemporary times. In November of 2017, 15,364 scientists publicly signed & released the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity. These scientists called for, amongst other things, limiting population growth. Its lead author, William J. Ripple, is a professor of ecology at my very own alma mater & university. Technically, it’s their ‘Second Notice’, as published in an eminent science journal, BioScience, and has more scientist cosigners & formal supporters than any other scientific journal article put forth in history ever, period. So… passé or irrelevant?


Not at all. Not one bit. It is here, now, and these people, collectively, are influential.


(Incidentally, if one is skeptical or curious of the assertions I make above, peruse the ‘Second Notice’ of World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, in PDF format, at the URL, https://scientistswarning.forestry.oregonstate.edu/sites/sw/files/Warning_article_with_supp_11-13-17.pdf, which is where they have posted it as of 15 September 2019.)


Consequently, their actions will impact your life, whether you realize it or not.


I suggest you realize it. Better to be wise than blind… even if you’re nobody.


Yet are their concerns --- scientists though they be --- actually relevant?


Here’s where it’s odd. Because back in the late ’60s or early ’70s, it seemed plausible. Especially with the mainstream media of the time pushing it everywhere, like crusaders for the ‘gospel’. A Mr. Paul Ehrlich was the main person pushing for fear of a population ‘bomb’ or ‘explosion’ that would doom millions or billions of human beings to death & horrible starvation. To be fair to Mr. Ehrlich, who is a biologist & hence a scientist, he wasn’t the first to champion this idea. Other scientists during the 1950s & early ’60s vaunted similar concerns prior to him. So he wasn’t alone, or a solitary ‘loony’ who espoused this ‘never-before-heard-of’ idea. It’s just that Ehrlich hit the sweet spot.


He was ‘charismatic’ (read: really roused people with his personality & speeches), having, in addition, a great deal of ‘media savvy’ (read: knew how to get his message noticed, taken seriously, appear interesting or essential, and generate publicity).


It also helps to be the right person at the right time. That is to say, prior to 1965 and a Great Apostasy breaking out into the open everywhere, all over the world --- as a real & wise Roman Catholic would describe it --- the world just wasn’t quite ready to believe in this fear of ‘overpopulation’, that the earth could only handle ‘so many’ human beings. Whereas, in the wake of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council and resultant loss of any true restraint on Lucifer, the Ancient Enemy of Humankind, enough people’s earnestly deluded minds were ready to swallow whole the notion of impending doom.


And their fear was partially justified. Adequately intelligent human beings have what Catholics call the ‘Law of Natural Reason’ upon their hearts. This Natural Reason, even amidst the Great Apostasy… when Our Creator punishes us with removal of graces to see or seek for His One True Religion of Catholicism Whole & Undefiled, His Sole Means of Salvation, what Roman Catholic theologians describe as the ‘Amos Curse’… is sufficient to know that you’re being bad. You’re simply left with very little help from Heaven to overcome this. Ergo, you fear the punishments yet to come. Modern human beings are never exempt from this. We know, deep down, how we deserve God’s Wrath for some terrible sins, not least of which is utter rejection of anything to do with Catholicity. It’s written in our hearts! Therefore, we are afraid. Yet can modern humans afford to admit the most frightening thing by far is everlasting hell, or natural afflictions sent by God?


No, they can’t. Which is why they find other reasons to justify a fearful foreboding.


Not that these reasons can’t be real or authentic in and of themselves.


It’s simply that they avoid the utmost imperative thing.


Contemporary human beings have a lot of fears. What psychologists would label ‘neuroses’. We’re afraid of terrorism and terrorist attacks, be they of the foreign kind or so-called ‘homegrown’ domestic attacks. We’re afraid of climate change and its possible repercussions, what used to be known as ‘global warming’. We fear asteroid impacts and imminent collapse of all life or civilization. The list can go on and on… and on. Some of these fears have legitimacy. Some are overblown. Some are rather groundless. It doesn’t matter. None of them are as dangerous as the threat of eternal damnation.


And so we envision all kinds of post-apocalyptic or dystopian futures.


All the while we suppress the uncomfortable truth:


That we’re very abominable rebels like Lucifer.


And thus deserve earthly & hellish torments.


The myth of ‘overpopulation’ is a convenient bogie. The idea that the earth can only handle ‘so many’ human beings. The notion that we already have, or soon will, surpass this ‘limit’. The supposition that it’s ‘impossible’ for the global human population to be far bigger than it is and still be able to successfully distribute the world’s resources and feed humanity adequately. And the fairy tale that it’s totally up to us, human beings, determining how many kids we will, or won’t, have. That we’re in full ‘control’.


Rather self-flattering, isn’t it? Charades as ‘humble’… but reeks of arrogance.


+++ 2. Reality Bites: Actually, We’re Imploding +++


In reality, the global human population is imploding.


Yes, you heard correctly. Demographers (specialists who study population statistically and analyze, describe or predict human population trends, etc., etc.) have been trying to tell us, for a decade or two, that we’re reaching critical terminal velocity when it comes to the next few generations --- particularly in the most modernized, communized or socialized parts of the world. To wit, too few people are choosing to have children.


For a population to be stable, every man & woman that couples must bear at least two children. This then replaces the father & mother when they die, keeping humanity from shrinking in overall numbers. Oh, but it’s a little more complicated than that. You see, a thing called ‘death’ occurs. And not just to the elderly, those expected to die. Babies sometimes die. Teenagers occasionally kick the bucket. People in middle age have cardiac arrest, cancer, strokes, car wrecks, suicide or what-have-you. The upshot?


To keep a human population stable, every man & woman that couples must bear, on average, 2.1 children just to make certain humanity’s overall numbers don’t shrink. And, since nobody can have ‘one tenth of a child’, then, obviously, this means some men and women must have a third child, or a fourth, or even a fifth. Just so long as it all averages out, as a whole, to a stable and basically non-fluctuating population. To have a slightly growing population, the average amount of children per couple must rise to 2.2.


Question --- have human beings, globally speaking, been hitting 2.1 or 2.2?


Answer --- nope, not lately. Worldwide, human fertility is collapsing.


Apart from a few Mideast nations, and most of the continent of Africa, etc., we are contracepting, aborting or otherwise heading ourselves toward extinction… if present trends continue. Total global population for human beings will, at most, peak at ten billion people --- if that. And while you may think that’s a lot of persons, and that extinction is the least of our worries, in reality, at present fertility trends, it takes a minimum of three, four or five generations to bring us to the brink of oblivion.


Right. In 1 or 2 centuries, at current rates, people could disappear from earth.


Alarmist? No, not really. Because before we could get anywhere near to hardcore extinction, national economies will collapse. Comprehend? If not enough younger people, then who replaces the workers who retire? And who cares for them when they’re feeble & crippled, or diseased & dying? Oh, and how about social programs designed to provide for senior citizens after they’ve retired? Nations don’t actually ‘save’ the taxes meant to pay these older folks ‘social security’ or whatever… did you know that? In reality, the taxes we pay right now, out of our present paychecks, is what goes to providing these older folks’ retirement money or what-have-you. So, with a very shrinking pool of younger workers or self-employed persons --- then where does retirement money come from? Magically out of thin air? Oh, you poor, naïve & charmingly deluded soul. Either they don’t get benefits, or else benefits shrink dramatically, or else fewer younger people pay way higher taxes to cover it.


Getting the idea? Ah, but that’s not all. Lots of other problems arise, too.


For example, certain industries depend upon juveniles or the young. Who will be purchasing toys when fewer and fewer children are around to want them? Or how about diapers, strollers, playpens, child’s garments, and so forth and so on? Who will need lots of teachers as the number of children entering public schools shrinks precipitously? Right --- as a population collapses sharply, businesses & governments will be hard pressed to find solutions to these difficulties and many others that we haven’t even mentioned. Additionally, did you know that younger people, by far, are the biggest ‘consumers’ we have when it comes to routine spending of money for various things like flat screen TVs, the latest smartphone released, the most fashionable of clothing, going out to restaurants, and etc., etc., etc? Less young people --- in our part of the world, at least --- means way less money spent, way less money earned for businesses, and thus said businesses way less profitable, with corresponding reduction of employees since they don’t make enough to be able to employ so many people… if there’s even enough people left to hire. Get it? Revenues from taxes then decrease at shockingly fast rates as less & less workers, and less companies and corporations (leastwise, much impoverished businesses…), are there to pay them. An infrastructure still requiring our support --- like vast social programs or healthcare, etc. --- will overwhelm the rapidly decreasing means to fund them. In other words, whilst one could intelligently imagine carefully & slowly shrinking population, preventing these financial crises, a dramatic plunge is different. It creates pure chaos.


Which then breeds poverty, makes us scared & angry, and overthrows governments.


Got it now? This is what we’re facing. Not a population bomb. Rather, collapse.


Yet don’t take my word for it. How about Mr. Elon Musk? I.e., the man who either founded or joined ‘little’ tech & engineering companies like Space X or Tesla. Right… that Mr. Musk. Famous for his all-electric Tesla cars, and for launching his own personal cherry red Tesla Roadster on a brand new Falcon Heavy rocket out to the orbit of Mars, it is essentially indisputable that he’s a cool geek and really smart guy. What has he recently said about the earth’s population situation when it comes to humanity?


In a live-streamed debate Elon Musk held with Asian industry giant Alibaba chairman, Jack Ma, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Shanghai, China, on 29 August 2019, in front of a large crowd (the curious or skeptical reader may find the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3lUEnMaiAU, as of 15 September 2019), Elon Musk stated, in response to Mr. Ma’s reflection on China’s low birth rate, among other comments, “Most people think we have too many people on the planet, but actually this is an outdated view. Assuming that AI [artificial intelligence] is fine --- we’re assuming there’s a benevolent future with AI --- I think the biggest problem the world will face in 20 years is population collapse. Collapse: I want to emphasize this. The biggest issue in 20 years will be population collapse, NOT explosion, COLLAPSE.” To which Mr. Ma replied, “I absolutely agree with that, the population will be facing a huge challenge.” And Mr. Musk went on to observe how such “accelerating collapse” WILL NOT BE ABLE to be ‘checked’ by immigration. Noted Musk, “The common rebuttal is, ‘Well, what about immigration?’ Like from where?” In other words, IF the whole world is having ridiculously few children, THEN THERE ARE TOO FEW TO MIGRATE.


End of sentence.


(Quote source given above. All emphases & annotation added here or just below.)


Musk also remarked in a tweet from July 2017 regarding the human population:


“…[We’re]…accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to notice or care.”


¿Comprende, mi amigo? This is the reality we face. Too few, too fast.


You might not think much of my assertions since I’m a nobody.


Yet Mr. Elon Musk and Mr. Jack Ma agree with me.


Hm. How ’bout that? Logic transcends prestige.


But it’s nice the rich smart dudes back me up.


+++ 3. Sizing Up the Shrinkage +++

(How Bad… and Why?)


To be as fair as possible to the esteemed Paul Ehrlich --- the one who kicked off the whole ‘we’ve-got-way-too-many-humans-on-the-earth-and-we’re-headed-for-disaster’ scare --- he likes to say, in later years, that his ‘warnings’ are, at a bare minimum, in part responsible for the rapidly dropping fertility of contemporary human beings. That may be correct. Wouldn’t want to rob him of his dues. Howsoever, these are rather dubious dues.


Wanna be the guy blamed, by our future generations, for a global collapse & chaos?


Yeah. That’s a dubious distinction or honor. “You destroyed human civilization.”


Perhaps Mr. Ehrlich, before he passes from this world, might like to apologize.


“Sorry about that ‘population bomb’ scare thing. Went a little overboard.”


Better yet. How about he works hard to get people to increase fertility?


Ah, but let’s not indulge fantasies. Or, as a Catholic, demand miracles. Mr. Ehrlich, potentially, might come to his senses and be intrepid enough, and humble enough, to correct himself and try to set the record straight, warning us of the imminent population collapse on the near horizon, yet what about explanations? Yes, Paul Ehrlich has a lion’s share of the credit for popularizing the ‘population explosion’ myth (although, to be fair again, there’s that crusading mainstream media that doesn’t seem to care so much about hard news & accurate reporting, instead indulging one faddish ‘cause’ to get behind, and be a cheerleader for, after another…), but why would people appear to buy into his claim so fervently, like religious converts, and continue to believe in it long after it’s plain, to the intelligent & honest person, that this is a bunch of hokum? What’s motivating us human beings to cling to this myth like an earnest acolyte? What’s in it for us?


But first, how about the hard demographic data? Just how bad is it, really?


(By the way, sources for this data are the United Nations’ World Bank, our own United StatesCIA [Central Intelligence Agency], and a ‘non-governmental organization’ like the Population Reference Bureau [PRB] which is a group of super smart thinkers & analysts based in the US capitol of Washington, DC.)


Well, for instance, what’s the least fertile nation on earth right now?


Per the World Bank, it’s South Korea, with an average 1.1 children born to a man and a woman there in that country. Per the CIA, it’s Singapore, with 0.84 children on average. Per the PRB, it’s Macau, a special administrative region of China, with 1.0 children on average. Whichever, notice how far below they are from a replacement rate of 2.1?


Puerto Rico, a part of the United States, is at 1.1 children, per the World Bank. Taiwan hovers at 1.13 children, per the CIA. Hong Kong stands at 1.1 children, too, per the PRB. But are these nations or regions too tiny for you, dearest one, seeming ‘inconsequential’? Well… how about Italy, with 1.3 children, per the World Bank? Or Japan, with 1.42 children, per the CIA? Or the Ukraine, with 1.3 children, per the PRB?


We can go on tediously. Leaving out citation of the exact source, try these:


Thailand, with 1.5 children. Germany, with 1.46 children. Canada, with 1.5 children. China, with 1.6 children. Bulgaria, with 1.47 children. Kuwait, with 1.5 children. And Norway, with 1.7 children. Brazil, with 1.65 children. Australia, with 1.7 children. Russia, with 1.8 children. The United States, with 1.87 children. And the United Kingdom, with 1.8 children. Chile, with 1.8 children. Vietnam, with 1.79. Or, to continue, Austria with 1.5; New Zealand, with 1.8; Bhutan, with 1.87; United Arab Emirates, with 1.8; Ireland, with 1.8; Uzbekistan, with 1.75; Poland, with 1.4; Columbia, with 1.8; Iran with 1.96; North Korea, with 1.9; France, with 1.9; Qatar, with 1.89; Malaysia, with 1.9; Sweden, 1.9; Costa Rica, 1.89; Iceland, 1.8; Cuba, 1.7…


The list can continue until some 200 or so nations or areas are tabulated.


According to World Bank statistics, based on 2017 data, only 90 of the 200 countries they list are still beyond the 2.1 average children necessary to keep a nation’s population above stable. Repeat --- STABLE. All other nations, etc., as of 2017, are barely stable or shrinking. Repeat --- SHRINKING. Population momentum, globally speaking, will keep the earth’s human numbers rising till 2050 at the very latest, based on current trends. Notwithstanding, fertility-wise, the world is already collapsing, bar sudden reversal.


Meanwhile, please get it through your head… apart from most of Africa and a tiny amount of countries elsewhere… the fertility rates just cited from reputable data are merely a freeze frame of the year 2017. Fertility rates have been plunging dramatically everywhere on earth for at least the last two decades. Ergo, both the approximately 110 nations, etc., at or below replacement rate in 2017 are almost surely now, in 2019, lower than they were, fertility-wise, in 2017, and the approximately 90 nations, etc., still above the replacement rate in 2017 are almost certainly now, as of 2019, yet further down than they were, fertility-wise, in 2017, if not already --- some of them, leastwise --- at the minimum replacement level or even today in the below-replacement-level zone.


Understanding now? Fertility rates are in a global free fall. NOT a gradual slowdown. NOR a static level that just happens to be the replacement level. To the contrary, with but a few exceptions, the great majority of countries’ fertility rates are skydiving into levels astonishingly lower than the replacement rate of 2.1, and, with NO reason to think this long time trend will suddenly & unexpectedly reverse itself, THEN demographers and intelligent observers are left with every reason to expect human numbers to collapse.


And, as Mr. Musk commented in 2017, “…but few seem to notice or care.”


That’s how bad it is. Leaving us with the other query… WHY?


Why are most of us today refusing, or unable, to have babies?


I know the chapter’s title suggests we’ll answer it here.


But let’s break it down with the next two chapters.


+++ 4. Kids Are a Pain (the Physical Reason) +++


To say you’re concerned about having children because the earth has ‘too many’ people already; or because this will worsen ‘climate change’ all the more; or because this would increase the demand on limited ‘natural resources’, and so forth and so on… is a ‘noble-sounding’ reason to many, if not most, persons nowadays in a most modernized part of the globe. It makes you appear ‘elevated’ in your sentiments or more aware in your ‘environmental consciousness’. You’re kind of patting yourself on your own back.


I mean, who isn’t worried about ‘climate change’ or ‘environmental degradation’?


Um… yet is this the real reason, or only reason, for not having any offspring?


Let’s get real. Let’s talk about life, money, politics & pleasure.


First off. Is life ‘easier’ without kids? Answer: why yes, yes it can be. Children are a responsibility. They make you lose sleep. They can be misbehaved. They can be rather disrespectful, and insulting when they’re older but still not old enough to be on their own. They can make a parent moan and say, “What was I thinking wanting to have a child?”


Just keeping it real. And honest. Even a true Catholic can have these moments.


So, upshot? Yes, in some ways, children can make your life more difficult.


Second thing, though. Do kids cost you a bunch of money? Answer: why yes, yes they can. Especially in the present day, when people expect --- even demand! --- that certain things be done for, or given to, a child since the ‘right-thinking’ person (lately) simply must --- must! --- make sure the offspring has the latest fashions, a smartphone, some form of transportation, the most cutting edge laptop or tablet for education or fun, a university education, or etc., etc., to be a ‘good’ parent. And don’t get me started speaking about the costs to give birth in a hospital with medical technology.


Just trying to be accurate. And candid. Children can cost a lot of money.


So, outcome? Yes, in many ways, children can make you pay for it.


Number three, however. Will today’s politics make you think twice before having a child? Or a second child? Or a third, etc.? Answer: why yes, yes today’s politics tend to make the average person question the wisdom of having kids. So-called climate change is causing tons of young adults to ask if it’s the ‘right thing to do’ in having a child. Endless preaching in the mainstream or social media, or in schools, about the ‘burden’ upon this earth of ‘too many’ human beings is causing tons of people to reject a first, second or third child. And who wants to be glared at by others when you go out into public, accompanied by a gaggle of offspring? Those stares can be… intimidating.


Just telling it like it is. And frankly. Children aren’t so popular anymore.


So, the gist? Yes, in lots of ways, children are no longer so fashionable.


And what about number four? Isn’t it way tougher to have fun when kids are around? Answer: why yes, yes in many, many respects life is less fun & pleasurable with children there to ‘imprison’ you and sting your conscience. Tougher to fornicate, sleep around and commit adultery. Tougher to feel okay about using recreational drugs, particularly illegal ones. Tougher to focus entirely upon your career or business and climbing the ladder of ‘success’. Tougher to have plenty of ‘me time’ and relax. Tougher to take off whenever you want, to do whatever you want, anywhere you want. Kids cramp your lifestyle.


Just pointing out the facts. And bluntly. Children tend to take away your options.


So, conclusion? Yes, in plenty of ways, children are a total & utter killjoy.


But do I believe all of this? Yes and no. Perspective is everything.


If the most important thing in your life is making life easier, making more money (and spending it however you wish…), making people approve of you (the ones whose opinion matter to you, at least…), and having as much carnal or worldly pleasure as you possibly can, then kids are a pain. Who in the world would want to have them? Which is what more & more of the world thinks lately --- in spite of claiming to care about them.


On the other hand, as a Catholic parent of a lot of children (by today’s standards in our part of the world), I can honestly tell you that the trade-off is more than worth it. What a child gives to you, in this world and (as a Catholic) in the world-to-come, far more than outweighs what people today think that they lose. So… are the reasons people regularly mention for not having any or many children truly the real reasons, or only reasons?


Oh my. Good thing I’m an imp. Otherwise I’d feel bad for what I’m about to say.


No. I’m calling you out. The emperor has no clothes. Regardless of some people’s reasons being true & legitimate some of the time, the biggest --- and most whelming --- reason today’s human beings don’t choose to have kids, or very many kids, is what we’ve noted just above. To wit, they make life difficult’, you’re less wealthy, more people will approve of you having none in the present time or treat you like you’re a freak if you have ‘too many’, and it’s way harder to party hardy and get your kicks in this life.


In short, the present culture makes you feel ‘noble’ for being a selfish prig.


+++ 5. Kids Are a Blessing (the Spiritual Reason) +++


But what about Lucifer’s point of view in all of this?


You know, the devil or satan. I mean, I am a real Roman Catholic. I therefore of a necessity believe in his existence. And that he’s humanity’s enemy, as well as the enemy of Our Creator, including the Triune God’s Second Person’s Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. What’s Lucifer’s interest in humans having, or not having, children?


Remember --- or realize for the first time --- that a real Catholic professes ‘no Salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church’ with no ifs, ands or buts. There are no ‘loopholes’, like, say, for example, supposed ‘ignorance’. (Pssst… read Helplessly Ignorant if you think I’m making this up, or being ‘too strict’. God’s One True Church really has told everyone, everywhere, since the Day of Pentecost, that a human being can’t be saved without the actual Sacrament of Baptism, and that a human being of at least adequate intelligence can’t avoid hell without an actual Profession of Faith, which is Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled, rightly understood.) Hence, if the devil despises human beings, who are made in God’s Image, wanting to inflict maximum damage upon us while he can, then what would be his strategy for our times during the Great Apostasy, when he is freer to cause spiritual blindness & spiritual harm than at any other time in human history, apart from, maybe, right before the Great Flood? Correct…


He would attempt to get as many people as he can into the Pit of Hell, and he would correspondingly attempt to get as many people as he can to be evil as possible, so as to offend Our Maker all the more, spite God’s Mother to the highest degree he may, and so ensure even worse punishment upon this world and more human souls in the hereafter.


Fathom what we’re saying? Find it hard to believe? Maybe you’re not truly Catholic.


Because this is precisely what he’s doing, and it makes strategic military sense.


Put in terms of children, the human family --- and the two sexes --- is indeed how Almighty God ensures that little human beings, made in His Image, can comprehend Eternal Life to come. Destroy that comprehension by destroying human families, and Lucifer engenders far more mayhem, confusion, darkness, sin & punishment. People have difficulty understanding that which is invisible. They tend to get preoccupied dealing with an everyday visible life, brief though this life be. With the traditional family, and a real Catholicity, most people have a far better shot at understanding Our Lord’s Heavenly Fatherhood, Our Lady’s Celestial Motherhood, and the fact that Her Son, Jesus Christ, is the Everlasting Husband of His Immortal Body & Wife, composed of Catholics who, in the end, die a good death in the state of grace and consummate this Spiritual Marriage in Heaven Above via the Beatific Vision, forever & ever, amen.


A Spiritual Marriage that is Fruitful, being an Eternally Divine FAMILY.


Making a little more sense? Oh, I hope & pray so. The world is so dark.


We need a lot more light. Heavenly Light. Roman Catholic Truth.


The truth is, children are a blessing. The truth is, there can never be ‘too many’ kids, or humanity’s population ‘too much’ for the earth. The same Uncreated Creator Who made everything out of nothing, ex nihilo, can easily provide for however many human beings there are --- especially when we’re being real & good Catholics. The truth is, the more human beings, the more people there are to be truly Catholic, and the more souls there exist to attain to heavenly salvation, and the sooner this old world can be completed.


Starting to grasp Lucifer’s challenge? And thus his consequent spiritual strategy?


He must keep human beings from being truly Catholic… or from dying as good Catholics… in order to stave off his eventual defeat & punishment. Spiritual blindness and maximum wickedness achieve this goal spectacularly. In the meantime, slaughter of unborn babes does two things: increase hugely the number of souls in hell, even if only in the Limbo of the Babes, as well-informed Catholics call it; and make the murderers of the babes, and all of those who freely approve of this widespread massacre of innocents, all the more wicked, offending God, depriving Mary of more spiritual children, not to mention increasing the torments suffered by such evil souls if they wind up in hell.


Forsooth, if you can believe it, a clinically-monikered ‘abortion’ is one of his satanic ‘sacraments’, inverting the order of the world, pretending that truth is falsehood and good evil, thereby attaining to yet larger power in this fallen world, increasing his ability to do iniquity exponentially, and guaranteeing that God’s Wrath will be exponentially greater.


Nor be sidetracked by the deceptively ‘irrefutable’ argument that the earth can only handle ‘so many’ human beings. Demographers claim we have nearly 8 billion people alive today all over the world. That sounds impressive. For the thoroughly Modernist person, it sounds alarming & scary. When, truthfully, it is a drop in the bucket. Earth possesses about 57.51 million square miles of land. Dividing our global population with earth’s global land surface, you have just a little over 139.1 persons per square mile. Such a number sounds like a lot, if fully accurate. But take a minute to think a little bit. E.g., in New York City, one of the world’s larger cities and earth’s wealthiest city by far, there is a density of 26,403 persons per each square mile. This is nearly 190 times bigger than an overall average density of humans on earth. Or take the area of Texas. It’s 262,000 miles, roughly, of actual land. Now divide that into an even 8 billion, to simplify calculations. We get ~30,534 people per square mile, hardly more than New York City’s density, which is pretty nigh well about one person per every 30 feet square… is this putting things into perspective for you? Beginning to grasp ground level truth?


We do not pretend the entire terrestrial surface is easily inhabitable. Nor do we audaciously claim humanity will reach, say, a population of 100 billion or thereabouts, hypothetically --- nor, as a Catholic, would God necessarily allow us to reach that huge number. For, as much as it irks a modernized human being, Our Uncreated Creator really is in ultimate control of how fertile we are. Even if we suddenly change and begin to try to have far more children, it’s ultimately in His Power to grant us children or not. Nor should we place trust in the most ‘advanced’ medical technology, artificially upping human fertility. Even were it permissible, for real Catholics to practice such a thing, Almighty God is not ‘usurped’ in such a facile & childish way. He calls the shots; humans are subject to Him. We only deceive ourselves thinking such technology ‘outfoxes’ Our Maker and enables us to call the ultimate shots on our fertility.


No, all we’re doing is putting things into proportion for the honest reader.


Earth is larger than we think, and more people can live together than we realize.


And food? We’ve already found out, in the past half century, that, with more people and more effort, we can grow far more to eat than simplistically thought when Paul R. Ehrlich alarmed educated people, along with many persons with less learning via the media, with his erroneous predictions. Millions and billions of humans DID NOT DIE due to massive starvation as a result of an inability to grow enough food, in the wake of his late 1960s & early 1970s claims. HE WAS FLAT OUT WRONG. He may have swayed many to bear fewer children, yet earth’s population is now way larger than he simplistically thought it was possible for the earth to support. Viz., there were about 3.5 billion humans when he started to sound his alarm, asserting confidently ‘hundreds of millions’ would die of starvation in the 1970s as a result of earth & humanity’s ‘inability’ to support us.


How many on earth now? Ah, yes, nearly 8 billion humans per demographers.


This is more than DOUBLE the amount of humans living circa 1970.


A tad off the mark? Absolutely. It is today inarguable.


As a Roman Catholic scholar, I can confidently say that, when lots of people starve, it results mostly from a few things. One, drought --- when too little rain or snow falls, it is hard for plants or animals to thrive. Two, blight --- when a disease annihilates the crops, it is hard for humans to survive. Three, insects --- when, for instance, locusts swarm, the harvests diminish horribly and it is hard for humans to live. Four, war --- when humans fight terribly, and whether or not an enemy purposefully destroys your fields, it is hard for humans to grow & reap food needed to continue existing. And five, greed or sheer carelessness, perhaps even cruelty --- when humans do not fairly distribute the bounty borne by God’s earth, it is hard for humans to get what they need in order to remain healthy & living. There are other causes, too. These are the main ones, howsobeit.


Is God in ultimate control of all of these factors? As Roman Catholic, I say yes.


I also dare to say that God can make crops far more abundant as He sees fit.


Which, in turn, often depends on how bad or good humans are being.


We are made in His Image. This makes us as humans priceless.


And it makes our children… literally… a blessing.


+++ 6. A Barren Earth +++


Sacred Scripture tells us human beings began in the Garden of Paradise.


Those who take this seriously usually think of St. Adam as ‘tending’ this Garden.


Correctly speaking, though, this is not true. Nowhere does Genesis or any scriptural passage say that God placed Adam in the Garden of Paradise to ‘tend’ it. It’s Paradise, recollect? In a paradise, plants tend to grow fine on their own. In the Garden of Paradise, this is true a hundred times over. (Granted, in Genesis 2:15 DRC, it says God put man in Paradise to “dress” and “keep” it. ‘Keep’ merely means ‘to guard’ and ‘dress’, in its old-fashioned Elizabethan sense, can mean ‘to fertilize’; or, in the original Hebrew, suggests a ‘slave’ or ‘worshipper’. Meaning? Human beings are God’s Image because we are His ‘servant’ or ‘slave’, intended to be ‘fertile’ inasmuch as we multiply this priceless Image of His, filling His Paradise…) What’s more, do you recall, in Genesis 3:17, how God’s Curse on Adam is that he would have to “toil” hard to get the food wherewith to feed himself & his family? (DRC) This Curse continues to this day. Science & technology may have caused us to forget it, or disbelieve in it, yet it’s true nonetheless. Whether humans believe it or not, and in spite of our wondrous science & technology, it takes enormous labor to get food from this stubborn earth. Which is why, point out I, it’s mistaken to suppose that our first father, St. Adam, needed to ‘tend’ this Garden.


It could do just fine without tending. That’s part of what made it Paradise.




No, the more profound point & understanding is the following:


That mere humans were the most crucial thing, by far, God planted in Paradise.


We were to ‘dress’ & ‘keep’ ourselves; as His slaves we were His premiere crop.


Yes, you read that correctly. We were the Almighty Maker’s most prized ‘plant’.


A plant that went to weed with Original Sin. Ergo, why we were thrown out.


Our Maker did, though, instruct us to, “Increase and multiply, and fill the earth…” (Genesis 1:28 DRC) This instruction did NOT go away just because we were evil and needed to be thrown out of the Garden of Paradise. And, given that God was more than willing to redeem us through His Singular Body & Religion of Catholicism, then the marred Image of His, that we bear, makes it critical that we procreate this Image.




Per several Catholic saints --- and the Church of Rome has never forbade holding the explanation they proffer --- it is for the purpose of filling the angelic thrones in Heaven that were abandoned by those celestial creatures who chose to follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God. That’s right. Foolish demons left vacant thrones waiting for redeemed human beings to claim them. See the perilous game the devil plays?


He’ll never regain his former throne. He also doesn’t want us to get them, either.


The catch is, no human being can claim one of these thrones without being a real Catholic Whole & Undefiled, or without persevering and dying in the state of grace. Then, and only then, may any human creature expect to occupy one of those thrones, ruling with Jesus & Mary over the New Heaven & New Earth, the New Creation.


This is the deal. This is what we’re here for. This is what God commands us.


This is why it’s vital to profess that there’s no Salvation outside the Church.


Because ending your earthly life outside this Church… either never Catholic or an iniquitous Catholic… makes you no different from the rebellious angels, the demons, who fell from Celestial Glory and will spend Eternity in the Pool of Fire. (Apocalypse 19:20, 20:9, 14-15 & 21:8) Don’t like that prospect? Then become or remain Catholic. Part of doing so, imperatively, is believing in the infallible teaching that humans bear God’s Image, that the Immaculate Mother of God is Mary and His Tree of Life via Whom we may gain Her Son, Jesus, the Second Person of God from All Eternity, including --- if called to the Sacrament of Matrimony --- being obedient through willingness to procreate & raise as truly Catholic any child He & She give you.


Because children ARE a blessing, gaining you a GREATER reward in Heaven.


This fact is now very unpopular, and even forgotten & unknown, as human adults presume --- without knowing they do so, oftentimes --- children are simply ‘choices’. Accordingly, you simply ‘choose’ to have a child since you ‘want’ one at the moment. For more & more people lately, this is a ‘choice’ they increasingly answer with a “No way!” type mentality, their ‘chosen’ lifestyle in no fashion willing to ‘accommodate’ the ‘inconvenience’ children would bring into their lives. E.g., the prestigious BBC in Great Britain just hosted an article, as of 17 September 2019, concerning the growing trend of many large cities around the world purposefully designing themselves without children kept in mind. Why? Because, think they, we make so much more money off of barren single adults or barren adult couples. Ergo, why accommodate adults bearing kids & having families? Let the rents & real estate prices rise to ludicrous heights! What do urbanities like these care? Parks with playgrounds are a needless expense and use expensive acreage, etc.! But a rather myopic & fruitless ‘choice’ in the long run.


Think about it. No human being enters this world full grown as a young adult. Every single one of us starts out as a child. So, while in the short run such cities might make ‘more money’ off of barren young adults… where will these free spending young adults come from in the not-too-distant future? If too many people are refusing the ‘choice’ to have children, then where in the world are these spendthrift young adults going to ‘magically’ arise in this world? As the saying goes: penny wise, pound foolish.


Again, for all the pain & struggle, children are a blessing, both here and hereafter.


And thus why, until the end of this world as we know it arrives, there CANNOT ever possibly be ‘too many’ children in this life below, NOR ‘too many’ humans on earth. To believe to the contrary is not only non-Catholic but anti-Catholic as well. It is the wicked ‘spirit’ of Antichrist and the animating ‘soul’ of an apocalyptic and Oceanic Beast. It is irrational and defies the Law of Natural Reason written by God upon our human hearts. Popular to think? Or ‘easy’ to admit & acknowledge during the Great Apostasy?


Not a chance. It flies in the face of the zeitgeist of our demented, demonic era.


Yet true? And infallibly so? Necessary to save an immortal human soul?


Absolutely. It’s part & parcel of God’s Singular Faith of Catholicism.


Queen Mary, like any good mother, wants all the babies given Her.


We as real Catholics cooperate, in wedlock, seeking to procreate.


And no good mother ever willingly allows her children to starve. In abandoning the mythology of a ‘population explosion’ and consequent ‘destruction of earth’, striving to be truly Roman Catholic, such bogies are the least of our worries. A far better thing to worry about --- if we must worry over anything --- is the population implosion of all humanity. The implosion is real and it is transpiring right now. It is a fallen angel’s desperate gambit to stave off his final defeat, whilst inflicting maximum evil upon humanity’s temporary home, the earth. Feel like letting him win in the meantime?


Then either you are ignorant, or else you are one of his many zombie children.


The “…children of wrath…” as St. Paul informs us. (Ephesians 2:3d DRC)


The very children who are making the earth barren, inheriting the same.


+ + +


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