Admonishing Stan & Joan Heidt


12 September 2006


Dear Stan & Joan Heidt,


It has been over two years since you corresponded, sending an email making no factual and reasonable attempt based upon the infallible dogmas of the Roman Catholic Faith to answer the charges I had brought against you --- to wit, that you are manifest heretics, changing the Church’s unchanging dictum of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ into an empty aphorism which does not truly mean what it says it means. You do so by pretending that the SSPX and catechisms or teachers of the last 150 years are incapable of error, refusing to look at anything earlier, and by pretending that more recent Popes such as Pius IX contradicted all of their predecessors, as well as themselves, by making exceptions where no exceptions had ever before been taught. It matters not how you may lean toward the ‘conservative side’, reinterpreting the Dogma of Salvation to mean that very few involved in a so-called ‘invincible ignorance’ actually merit entering Heaven outside the Church’s visible bounds, for you deny the Dogma nevertheless by professing that men can die in the public practice of a false religion --- or no religion at all --- while still managing to inherit the Gift of Eternal Life. You do so imagining all sorts of excuses for these men, demanding God save them lest you accuse Him of ‘cruelty’ for not taking supposedly ‘sincere’ but uncatholic souls to His Bosom forevermore. And I include Joan in this because she both associates with the SSPX, who teach this abomination, and also failed to denounce this lie when you said it to my face in early 2003 in my home.


This is my final warning. I admonish you on behalf of the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic Church to repudiate the falsehood of salvation through an ‘invisible connection’ to the Church under the guise of an ‘invincible ignorance’. Abjure this lie in public writing, and any associated with it, to profess Catholicism whole and entire, and so have real hope to avoid the Everlasting Flames of Hell by dying a good death safe within the Ark of the Church. To aid in this quest I have sent you four writings. You will do well to examine them carefully and not act like a little pope who could never make a mistake in matters of Faith & Morals. Each writing conveys the infallible mind of the Church via Her Popes, Scripture, Tradition, Doctors & Saints, refuting the errors that shape our era, which is the Great Apostasy. On Judging is the first, smashing the idea that no one should judge, or that nobody can know another’s heart and so judge a sinner to be guilty. Second is Bad Books with Imprimaturs, showing historically how the Great Apostasy arose, and how the non-judgmentalism heresy let it happen. The Salvation Dogma is third, the denial of which is the primary religious lie by which the Apostasy has flourished. And fourth is Why we lost the Pope, not the Papacy, and the Mass, demonstrating that sedevacantism is indeed the correct position to take nowadays toward the Papacy for the time being, and how the Roman Catholic Church providentially upholds just such a stance for a time of crisis as ours. Meanwhile, unless you reveal good will by reading carefully unto a full understanding --- admitting the truth these writings champion --- then I must ask you to send no further emails to my address. Praying and sacrificing for your conversion,


                                                                             -W. Paul Doughton


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