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·       Catholics Are Forbidden to Worship With Those Who Are Not Catholic… and This Is Where the Catholic Church Has Said So!


·       The Catholic Church Is the Only Way to Save Your Soul, No Exceptions Admitted --- and Here’s the Infallible Proof!


·       Exhorting a Former Co-Worker


·       A Little About Myself, Why I Designed the Website as I Did, and How Sedevacantism Explains the Quandary We’re in Today


·       A Little Bit More About Me, the Salvation Dogma Defended Very Explicitly, and Why Sedevacantism Must Explain Our Crisis


·       The Myth of Overpopulation & the Wickedness of Birth Control


·       Regarding the Bible, Infallibility & the Church


·       Regarding Myself & Conversion to the Catholic Church (for my Maternal Family)


·       Regarding Preaching & the Catholic Faith


·       Regarding Religious Association with Heretics, Marital Relations, Geocentrism, & Etc.


·       Regarding ‘Scripture Alone’, ‘Faith Alone’ & the So-Called ‘Crimes’ of the Catholic Church


·       Regarding ‘The Epistemologic Works’ Website, Truth, Hell & the Catholic Faith


·       Regarding the Great Apostasy & Not Putting the Mass Before the Faith


·       The Term ‘Co-Redemptress’ for the Blessed Virgin Mary Is Neither Heretical Nor Scandalous to the Catholic Faith


·       Unity of Worship Addendum: How the 1917 Code of Canon Law Simply Is Not, However Someone May Want to Think Otherwise, Any Act of ‘Infallibility’, the Truly Infallible Definition of Papal Infallibility at the Vatican Council of the 1800s Proving This


·       Unity of Worship Redux: How the 1917 Code of Canon Law Does Not, & Cannot, Vitiate or Change the Church’s Ancient Teaching re Religious Separation Applied to Ritual or Worship


·       What Makes Some People So Self-Righteous About the Metric System?


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