Official Policy for Public Use of the Writings

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My dear soul, the use of the writings posted on this website, The Epistemologic Works, follows a very simple policy:


To wit, you are welcome to print or distribute any of them, in whatever way seems best to you, provided they are printed or distributed in exactly the same text as you found them when last able to visit The Epistemologic Works, and provided that you are not doing so in order to turn a profit --- indeed, that you are not giving them away for money or donations in any fashion whatsoever. Should you wish to publish them in some way that requires a person to pay or donate money for receiving them --- indeed, in which the paying or donation of money is in any way involved, however indirectly --- then you must first contact me to receive explicit, written & legal permission for doing so. Moreover, wherever reasonably possible, please print or distribute these writings according to the full length of the article, book or etc. Where this is not easily possible (for instance, in the case of a very long work such as Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus or The Dogma of Baptism Upheld), you may opt instead to print or distribute sections that are of lesser length, provided, as always, that the wording is exactly as it was when you downloaded it and it includes the copyright & website address information (as, for instance, found at the bottom of this webpage & almost all webpages on this site). If aware of updates or additions to writings since the moment you last downloaded them --- and given that the burden of time or expense doesn’t lay too heavily upon your shoulders --- then please use the latest version.


The goal of this policy is, of course, very plain:


That the widest possible audience may be reached with the Unsullied Light of Catholic Truth, thereby enabling men, during these dark days in which we live, to discover, hear, understand, believe, profess & obey the Saving Message of God’s One & Only Roman Catholic Gospel, as well as to learn to love, venerate, honor & exalt Jesus’ Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother, Queen Mary, the Mistress of Highest Heaven, and all of the rest of Her Celestial Children, the Saints, Angels, Virgins & Martyrs, who together with Her Glorious Majesty do fall down prostrate to humbly worship & adore the Triune Unity of the Uncreated Creator of All That Exists Out of Nothing, Father, Son & Holy Ghost, world without end, amen.


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