·       Practical Instructions for Prayer in the Catholic Church


·       Foundational Prayers for the Catholic Faith


These are the prayers which all true Catholics of sound mind must know, without which the practice of Catholicity cannot even begin to be successfully accomplished. They are also prayers that, to one degree or another, are, more often than not, incorporated into other prayers of longer duration, or into various devotions, rituals & practices of the members of the Roman Catholic Church. These foundational prayers are six in number as far as I have gone in my ponderings & prayers thus far: the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, the Apostle’s Creed and the Holy Rosary. Use the link just above this descriptive paragraph to learn more about them!


·       Prayers to the Almighty God in General, or the Father & Holy Spirit in Specific


·       Prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ


·       Prayers to the Lady Mary


·       Prayers Appropriate to Various Occasions


·       Prayers of Contrition & Penance


Every Catholic, except for the most saintly, commits sins after his baptism. And even the most saintly of Catholics do not dare, in their saintly humility, to think that they have reached moral perfection in this life. Hence, a Catholic must recognize his sins for the sins that they are --- and be sorry for them --- in order to be forgiven for them. This is especially true of sins that are mortal, i.e., deadly and thus certain to send you to Hell unless cleansed from them prior to death upon this earth. And, praised be the Holy Family, there are prayers made available to members of the Catholic Church just for this purpose. Go to this subsection to see them!


·       The Divine Office


·       The Holy Mass


·       Concerning Indulgenced Prayers




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