·       The English Catechism of 1583


In 1567 an English priest named Fr. Vaux, at the urging of a dear friend who was a bishop, wrote this catechism to help uneducated persons & students learn the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The schism of King Henry VIII & the heresy of Elizabeth I had just occurred in the 16th century, and British Catholics were becoming fewer & fewer under the cruel sword of persecution and were often poorly instructed. His catechism was apparently successful, too, Fr. Vaux later suffering imprisonment till the end of his life while on a mission for the Catholic Church within England, the heretical authorities there punishing him for its dissemination --- not to mention that his catechism was repeatedly published until the end of the 1800s (one such reprinting being in 1583, upon which this version is based and from which it thus gleans its title). Very thorough despite a humble goal --- and standing firm against Protestant error where later catechisms became more & more ambiguous or even outright heretical --- its instructions are a needed antidote against the folly & blindness of our modern times, the era of the Great Apostasy. I have completely updated its archaic language and translated obscure or complex sentences & phrasings. Do you wish to know how to save your immortal soul, my dear reader? Then examine the words of this catechism very closely. The keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are within!


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