Preface to Questions & Answers


·       What is the ‘Questions & Answers’ section all about?   (1)


Since the scope of the Triune Catholic God & His Roman Catholic Church --- the former the Source of All Truth & thus the latter in this created world of ours His Foundation for a real epistemology --- is most literally universal (the meaning of the word ‘catholic’), this in turn being the whole purpose of the website, then the answer is:




To be a little more exact, though, I will use the Questions & Answers (Q&A) section to address those questions that people may ask (or ought to think to ask) and for which a Catholic thinker has answers. And, given we are in the midst of the Great Apostasy, during which almost no one else is truly Catholic and when, against the Church, practically everyone bears ignorance, prejudice, slander, violence & animosity, then I will comment on those things about which people nowadays are either very ignorant, very prejudiced, very slanderous, very violent or very belligerent --- and about which the Perpetual & Unchanging Faith of Rome can enlighten them.


In short, Q&A is a lens to focus the Light of Catholicism upon a wide range of long-neglected truths, whereby the darkness of deeply-entrenched lies & ignorance can be washed away. In doing so, I will pose questions and proffer answers of roughly 10 to 1500 words in length each. I will arrange these questions & answers in sequences, every sequence assigned a page within a larger array of web pages that will grow hierarchically in a systematic way as the website expands. In addition to making tables of contents to access the Q&A sequences by topic, I will also craft a comprehensive index of links for all of the web pages and their individually numbered questions & answers as time permits.


·       Wouldn’t it be better to write an article for each topic instead?   (2)


Perhaps. And I may do that for most or all of the topics eventually. In the meantime, it’s easier for me to approach the job in this way, getting the information out quicker. I hope Q&A will be very simple for most people to grasp, especially those who don’t have the time, patience or wherewithal to grapple with the subjects otherwise.


·       So Q&A is really just another way of saying FAQ, right?   (3)


Yes, although I make no pretense of these being ‘frequently asked’ questions. They are simply questions that someone may ask or ought to think to ask, at least. By asking them on behalf of the reader --- as it were --- I make things extremely easy. You needn’t lift a finger to ask me yourself or even trouble your mind to think the questions up to begin with, albeit I trust many, if not most, of the questions will be things that you’re thinking or would really want to say were it possible for you to do so with me in person.


Which leads me to observe that at least some of the questions won’t even be ‘questions’. Sometimes they’ll be exclamations, criticisms, assertions, observations or attacks. Nor do I pretend to follow a consistent ‘voice’ in posing these questions or statements. I.e., I’m not writing a story where the imaginary person doing the asking is always consistently the same person with the same views and same opinions all the way through, or who will develop steadily through the course of a Q&A section from start to finish. Sometimes the question proffered will be the imaginary voice of a person who hates Catholicism with a vehement passion, who was brought up to distrust the Catholic Church. Often the voice will take the role of someone who is more friendly & cooperative. Sometimes the voice will be of a person who is quite clever; at other times of someone who is either pretty slow on the uptake or else very prejudiced & angry.


Whatever the case, I aim to make the voice represent at least some of the readers who may recognize their own questions, exclamations, criticisms, assertions, observations or attacks in the Q&A sections that will be posted. And where a particular reader’s view is not represented, I still expect the intelligent reader, who is at least slightly curious, to be interested in what he learns. To wit, to find out why someone like me would dare to say what I say about the Catholic Faith and the modern world, and to entertain the best questions of them all:


What if this guy is right? What if the Roman Catholic Church really is God’s infallible means to communicate to the human race His One & Only Way to Salvation, and what if our modern world really is very badly astray both from the ultimate truth about things & from compliance with God’s purposeful design for our existence?


·       How come you’re so vague in Question 1 regarding what Q&A will address?   (4)


I certainly don’t mean to be. However, I didn’t want to get tedious making an endless list. To give you a more precise idea of what I intend to speak of, though, here’s a very incomplete roster in no particular order:


The Roman Catholic Church, its status presently, the only way to find Salvation, Sedevacantism, the Spanish Inquisition, early Christianity, the veracity of the Gospel writings, St. Paul’s teachings on Faith & Works, the General Councils of the Church, the nature of Sin, the Catholic Church’s natural enemy, the Eastern Schism, the Humanistic Remort (Renaissance), the Protestant Rebellion (Reformation), the Atheistic Endarkenment (Enlightenment), geocentricity (Tychonian model), uniformitarianism & catastrophism, Darwinian macroevolution, Sigmund Freud & psychology, the Jews in history & their role today, Freemasonry, the United States government, Communism, the war in Iraq, homosexuality, feminism, the special & general theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, geometry & mathematics, music as the window of the soul, UFOs, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis, NASA & the exploration of outer space, demonology, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Roman Empire, the Chinese Empire, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, other eastern religions or philosophies, the nature of science, earthquakes, the death penalty, free speech, slavery, racism, corporeal punishment, shamanism, the New Age, Hitler & World War II, Area 51, paganism, environmentalism, global warming, crystal skulls, pyramids & the ubiquitous monoliths, the Great Apostasy, warfare, birth control, sexual intercourse, Aldous Huxley, Vatican II, the counterculture of the 1960s & its philosophical beatnik roots, Europe, the revolutions of 1848, the Russians, the Prussians, the Poles, the story of grass & cereal grains, John F. Kennedy, Hollywood & the motion picture industry, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Dominic the Preacher, the Holy Rosary, Boolean logic, information theory, the Fourier series, the veneration of saints & their statues, Atlantis, crop circles, automobiles & bicycles, biofuels, renewable energy & a carbon neutral economy, the Federal Reserve, Republicans & Democrats, the U.S. Supreme Court, the French Revolution, Fatima, Fr. Leonard Feeney, Pope Pius IX, the terrestrial continents, the seafaring knowledge of early man, ancient astrology, numerology, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the Amerindians, the conquistadors, St. Joan of Arc, the Tower of Babel, Berkeleianism, Randian objectivism, the Golden Ratio, natural logarithms, the Apollo moon landings, Pablo Picasso, Sirius, the electromagnetic spectrum, magnetism, the human aura, mesmerism, saintly levitation & bilocation, animal cognition, artificial intelligence, the morality of atomic weapons, missing persons, unmarked aircraft, triangles & other fundamental shapes, St. Hilarion, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the bodies of the incorruptibles, Jungian synchronicity, Kirlian photography, biomagnetics & the operation of electric currents or fields within the human body, acupuncture, the publishing industry, the nature of infinity, the measurement of time, calendrical systems of the world, Antarctica, Japan, the former Catholic Cathedral of Winchester in England, consciousness & its focal point, Purgatory, indulgences, the evolution of languages, Galileo Galilei, and porpoises & dolphins.


·       How in the world could all of these things possibly have something to do with the Catholic Church?   (5)


As I as much as said in answer to Question 1, the Triune Catholic God made all that exists out of nothing. He therefore knows everything. He also established His Roman Catholic Church as the Foundation of the Truth. That is to say, we who are made in His Image can know the truth about what we need to know --- and even sometimes what it’s only nice to know something about --- because he guarantees its truth. When His Church speaks, it is He, the Omnisciently All-Powerful God, speaking to us by speaking through those of His that He has placed in the position of being His Representatives, His Vicars & Stewards on earth. We can be certain the things spoken of infallibly include anything to do with Faith & Morals. We can also be sure that, because God exists and He speaks to us through the Body of His Son, the Church, our world is not absurd. To wit, that it has rhyme & reason, and does not operate capriciously without pattern, order, law, rule & general predictability. Between these two poles --- between assurance of an underlying order and infallible declarations --- we can then be certain that things are ascertainable to varying degrees of confidence. Accordingly, that we can investigate our world, figuring things out, and be sure of what we can know and what we can’t know. Where we can know, we can know with confidence how likely our conclusions are to be right.


Ergo why all those things listed above in Question 3 are related to Catholicism. It is because the Catholic Church, being founded in the God Who Made All That Exists, cannot possibly not have something to say about them. It is simply a matter of figuring out the in-between stuff, the stuff between infallible declarations and underlying order. Figuring this stuff out, we can see, as a result, how it is connected to the God-Given Dogmas of the Roman Catholic Faith. This, by the way, is where modern so-called ‘scientists’ go astray. They have divined a lot of the underlying order of things, building on that to figure out a lot of in-between stuff that they seem likely (if only in their own minds) to be right about. Nonetheless, what they have not divined, since they effectively deny the Divine, is the corresponding overlying order of things… the things that God keeps hidden above, outside of our tangible sight, which we can only know something certain about through the Infallible Guarantee of Divine Revelation. Viz., things He deigns to tell us about only via the Infallible Body of His Son, Jesus Christ, having neither given us any way to certainly know these things by careful observation nor through reasonable deduction. With these things, it’s either infallible declaration or nothing at all. That is to say, either God tells us or else we remain ignorant.


Not that everything one could list is necessarily worth commenting on. A man must have some knowledge in the matter to say anything intelligent. And the subject must, secondly, be worth knowing about during these days that we live in. My whole life has been until this point --- even before I converted to the Catholic Religion --- a preparation for just such a moment. The subjects listed above (and a very incomplete roster it is) are each of them important to the times we live in, although not by any means each of them equally important. This is why I intend to address them. I invite you to peruse them as they are posted & see for yourself what Catholicism has to say about the dark, dizzying, demented, dangerous & defiant days that we inhabit.


·       So you’re claiming to know it all?   (6)


Far from it.


I only claim to be standing upon the Infallible Foundation that the All-Knowing God placed on this earth for men to know how to save their souls, which is the Body of Jesus, His Roman Catholic Church. Beyond that, I merely claim to know a little something worthwhile about the topics I intend to address. One of my roles, during these times, is to pull together the things we can know infallibly from God’s Catholic Church, along with the things we can divine from the underlying order that God has created, thereby pointing to the explanation for things in-between. The items in the incomplete roster from Question 3 fall, to varying degrees, into one of these three categories:


1.   Divinely certain (infallible declarations of God’s Church).


2.   Carefully observed (underlying order of God’s creation).


3.   Reasonably deduced (in-between stuff that follows).


·       Why should this be of interest to anyone?   (7)


Because, as far as I can tell, no one else has figured it out. People have bits & pieces here-and-there. But no one, so far as I can see, has put things together to the extent that this website will (pray God) manage to do, melding infallible declarations with careful observation to reasonably deduce much of what is going on in our topsy turvy world of the Great Apostasy from the True Faith of Roman Catholicism. Part of the problem is that there are so few real Catholics left today. And part of the problem is the general blindness of the world, which is what allowed us to slip into Apostasy from Catholicism in the first place. And, lastly, part of the problem is that what is happening seems so novel & astonishing compared to what has come before our times.


This creates confusion. It is my job to banish confusion --- not because I know it all, but because I know a little something, such as it is, that is worth knowing. And because, most important of all, I stand upon the Pillar & Ground of the Truth, God’s Catholic Church.


·       Doesn’t this strike you as arrogant?   (8)


Which is more arrogant… that I dare to say I stand upon the Pillar & Ground of the Truth (the Roman Catholic Church, Jesus’ Body), knowing as well, beyond this, perhaps a little something worth knowing… or that you dare to say that I don’t stand upon the Pillar & Ground of the Truth and that I don’t have a little something to say worth knowing?


Each of us is being audacious. I.e., we both dare to proclaim that this is the truth of the matter, end of discussion. So how is it that your audacity is right (I’m not standing on the Truth & I don’t have anything worthwhile to say) while mine is wrong (I am standing on the Truth & do have something worthwhile to say)? Don’t you see that for you to declare with utter certainty that I’m not standing upon the Pillar of Truth is tantamount to you claiming to stand upon your own individual ‘pillar of truth’, that you are infallible & can’t be wrong in this matter? I mean, let’s be honest:


Are you omniscient?


Do you know everything?


Then how do you know for sure that I don’t stand upon the Pillar & Ground of the Truth?


How arrogant of you to pretend to know with absolute certainty that which you can’t possibly be totally certain about!


Whereas I, at least, don’t pretend to be infallible in & of my own self. I only claim to stand upon the Source of Infallibility in this world --- a Source that you can stand upon as well. I have no monopoly on it. Anyone can become Catholic; anyone can enter the Catholic Church. You just have to be able to fit through the Narrow Door. And that means giving up your pretensions to knowing it all, in & of your own self, as if you, personally, couldn’t possibly be wrong when it comes to axiomatically judging the Roman Catholic Church to be wrong. In short, you must humble yourself and believe The One Who Really Is Both Omniscient & Infallible:


The Triune Catholic God, Creator of All That Exists.


·       So I can’t know anything without the Catholic Church?   (9)


You can’t know anything of lasting importance with absolute certainty without the Catholic Church. But we have delved too deeply into this subject here. Please go to the section on Epistemology for further details.


·       I’m highly educated. Are you telling me that all my training & knowledge is worthless?   (10)


It’s only worth something inasmuch as it is true or good, and inasmuch as you manage to save your soul within the Catholic Church. You could have everything in the world, all of the knowledge possible to gain --- veritable petabytes of information --- and what does it matter if you lose your soul in Hell forevermore? As Jesus said:


“For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?” (Mark 8:36 DRC)


But to learn more about this particular subject, please see the section on Salvation in Q&A.


·       I don’t believe in this. Why should I look?   (11)


Because you don’t know it all and you could learn something vitally important.


·       I’m already religious. Why should I look at Catholicism?   (12)


Because Catholicism is the True Religion, the one God started. If you aren’t Catholic, then you’re in a false religion. If you’re a fake ‘catholic’ (which applies to most going by the name of Catholic nowadays), then you’re in a false religion. And if you’re a bad Catholic, then you’re still going to Hell even if you’re in the True Religion. Becoming a real Roman Catholic is The Only Way to have Hope of Salvation, and being a good Roman Catholic is The Only Way to make that Hope of Salvation secure.


·       Again, don’t you realize this sounds arrogant?   (13)


Examine the website thoroughly before you make such accusations. Because the one thing you’ve left out of your calculations is this simple question, which I mentioned already in an earlier question:


What if he’s right?


You, dear reader, are not omniscient and you can’t know that I’m wrong unless you first investigate the matter carefully. That’s why I’ve put up this website, to allow you to do so with a minimum of effort on your part. I’ve made it as easy as possible, and I’ll continue making it as easy as possible --- for people of all kinds of differing intellectual ability --- as long as Heaven permits.


I’m doing my job. Your job is to look.


·       But how can you be so cocksure of yourself?   (14)


Because I looked.


Seriously, how can someone be sure that Antarctica exists? Increasing numbers of tourists today are seeing it for themselves, yet only a few decades ago it was a matter of complete trust in the testimony of those few who had actually seen it with their own eyes. It is still a matter of complete trust in the testimony of those who have actually seen it in person at this present time, the vast majority of us having never laid our eyes upon the icy continent in person as eyewitnesses to its tangible existence.


What’s more, we have the uniform testimony of our academic leaders & the members of the publishing media (whether print, radio, television, internet or what-have-you) as to the reality & nature of this southern continent, a testimony that is relatively constant across distance of miles & passage of time. They assure us of the truthfulness & accuracy of our secondhand knowledge about Antarctica.


Likewise the Catholic Faith. I personally haven’t seen God with my own eyes or talked to Him in a conversational fashion, hearing an audible voice, but I have the countless testimonies of those who have. Moreover, and more importantly, we have the infallible testimony of God’s Catholic Church, established on earth precisely for the purpose of giving men unwavering certainty --- across the world & through the years --- about His Divine Revelation, just as our academia & media give us a fair degree of earthly certainty about the existence of & facts concerning the Antarctic continent.


Yet enough of this. Look at the section on Salvation and the section on Epistemology to learn more.


·       Is there anything more to add about the Q&A section?   (15)


Yes. I have counted consecutively the questions & answers in each Q&A topic using a sequence of two hundred numbers. However, I might have to add or delete questions & answers later on; thus, the sequence may skip numbers or use similar numbers further differentiated by other means. E.g., (248a), (248b) and (248c).


Also, I will oftentimes use questions & answers that I have already employed in other Q&A topic sequences. I will identify these questions by brackets such as these, [248], in addition to the normal sequence of numbers within the particular Q&A topic that I’m working on. For instance, I might follow a question by these numbers, (1212)   [248], to show that the topic I’m working on is in the 1001-1200 sequence but that, in this specific case, I’m utilizing Question 248 from the 201-399 sequence. A symbol like this, [~248], denotes that the question is reworded. If to the right, like this, [248~], then part or all of the answer has been reworded. When symbols are on both sides like this, [~248~], then both the question has been reworded and part or all of the answer has been reworked as well.


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