What Must I Do To Be Saved?


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This section contains links to other pages on the website that show a man how to save his immortal soul. At some point in the future, Heaven willing, I will write a special article to highlight the essential things that need to be understood & done, as well as the dangers that beset us during our times of the Great Apostasy.


In the meantime, there is now more than enough posted to The Epistemologic Works to guide a man’s soul safely into the Ark of Salvation, which is the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic Church. However, by way of inauguration of the first catechism now available on this site (the English Catechism of 1583, see the link below), I am opening this thirteenth and --- for the present, at least --- last section of the website to be activated. In view of this, please note the following crucial truth:


There is no forgiveness of sins and hence no possibility of salvation without a correct & proper Baptism of Water and a correct & proper Profession of Faith. God has put these two things together like a pair of peas in the pod. Baptism of Water washes a man’s sins away, giving him a new start by becoming a new creature in God’s Sight, and entering him into the Body of Jesus Christ, which is the Roman Catholic Church. Yet even before this, assuming he’s a grown man with the ability to think intelligently, he must learn, know, believe, profess & obey the teachings of this Roman Catholic Body of Jesus. The Catholic Church neither teaches anything more nor less than what Jesus & His Apostles taught, nor can She ever teach anything other than what both He & they teach, the Holy Spirit preventing a legitimate Pope from ever officially proclaiming a teaching to the Church that is false or wicked.


In this way the Hope of Salvation is maintained across the centuries and throughout the world until the return of Jesus Christ. Which, in turn, is why the Roman Catholic Church has always maintained --- with unwavering certainty and infallible authority --- that there is absolutely no Salvation outside the Catholic Church, with positively no exceptions ever admitted.


This is the unchanging teaching of the Church, and if you would have a chance at entering Heaven someday, my dear soul, then you must take this truth seriously and act accordingly. To wit, you must become Roman Catholic, believing & professing all that the Church teaches, and you must visibly live in the membership of this Church, professing & believing all that She teaches, till the end of --- and especially at the end of --- your life, dying in the state of grace.


·       The English Catechism of 1583


Located in the Profession & Abjuration (P&A) section of The Epistemologic Works, this link will teach you exactly what you need to know & believe in order to save your soul, becoming a good Catholic. Translated from the archaic English that it was originally written in, it avoids the doctrinal errors & mealy-mouthed ambiguities that characterize later catechisms in English (or in any language, for that matter) that were made nearer to, or during, the Great Apostasy.


·       The Four Great Creeds of the Catholic Church


Also located in the Profession & Abjuration (P&A) section of The Epistemologic Works, here you will discover the most authoritative & infallible sources of Catholic Dogma concerning all that you must believe & profess in order to save your soul, as gathered together in relatively short & pithy documents. Not meant to be utterly thorough statements (this is what catechisms are designed for), they are, nonetheless, when rightly understood, the essence of Roman Catholic Faith.


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