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Who Is Christ?


Christ is Our Creator’s Anointed. And what does ‘anointed’ mean?


Literally, it means ‘to put a special kind of oil upon someone’, usually --- but not always --- the top of a person’s forehead. Symbolically, it means ‘to appoint someone to a divine or royal office’. Excellent. But what does ‘appoint’ mean? And why is this done with a ‘special kind of oil’?


‘Appoint’ just means to give someone a special job or duty. And, in Our Maker’s One True Religion, a ‘special kind of oil’ is usually --- but not always --- something made from olive oil. And what makes it special? Since ancient times, in the Old Testament, it is a symbol of ‘shinyness’ or ‘richness’.


Okay, so where does this all take us? Jesus Christ is the Human Being that God chose to make ‘shiny’ & ‘rich’, appointing Him as King Above All Kings and the High Priest Over Everything.


So He’s the Most Important Person in All of Creation, Specially Chosen.


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