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How Can Ritual Save a Person’s Soul?


Human beings are creatures of ritual. We have ways of doing the same particular things in a certain order, day after day, year after year.


This is natural. It’s the way God has made us to be.


And He made us this way because it’s the way that He is. He Himself does particular things in a certain order, day after day, year after year.


Or else why does He make the earth go through days and seasons and years, the same particular things happening in orderly ritual within His Creation, time after time, again and again, down through the centuries?


The point is, we’re made to look like God --- we’re made in His Image. And if we’re going to be with Him in Heaven forever, then we have to be a smoothly working part of His Body, the Church… we must join with Him in His Everlasting Heavenly Ritual, doing what He designed His Church Body to do, forever.


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