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  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, 2017 (12-12-17)


Uploaded ten new chapters of the book, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section, the last two chapters unusually long by my standards --- since, in writing a big or complicated tome, I try to slightly increase the odds of it being read by making the chapters relatively small, with whimsically-named or word-playing titles, causing it to be a little bit less intimidating for the everyday reader. We now have a Part Six, going to Chapter 144.


We’re dealing with the sixth devastating argument against the fantasy of ‘it doesn’t matter what religion you are because a creator doesn’t exist’, or the other variation of ‘it doesn’t matter what religion you are because our creator doesn’t care as long you’re sincere’, taking a side trip into the Apocalypse… the ‘Book of Revelation’ as Protestants call it… the last book of the Bible.


In this side trip we grapple with the endlessly fascinating question, “What is this beast out of the sea?” Such a thing seems bizarre and weird, yet strangely transfixing. What makes modern people, who don’t much think about religion or philosophy anymore, assuming that they are irrelevant, so obsessed with this scriptural book and its peculiar, difficult-to-understand & shocking contents? Why now, when nobody cares, do people still fixate on these things?


And so we have tried to explain what the ‘Oceanic Beast’ is. Jesus taught in parables (stories outwardly telling a ‘story’ whilst, at the same time, saying something much more crucial, profound & urgent if the listener (or reader) has the ability (and desire) to comprehend). Beloved St. John the Evangelist, the disciple who sat next to the Lord at the Last Supper, continues Jesus’ strategy: tell the truth, but keep most of it hidden under metaphor.


After all, we don’t want to cast our pearls before the swine, do we?


Yet Jesus also said, in the Gospels, to shout from the rooftops what I tell you in secret.


It’s time to climb onto a roof and talk publicly. The Great Apostasy is here.


What are the Oceanic Beast’s seven heads? We’ve gone through five.


What’s the sixth head? The Greco-Roman Empire.


Yet in explaining this sixth head of the apocalyptic Sea Monster, we take another detour. We grapple with that perpetually entrancing number --- the Number of Humanity and the Number of the Beast --- six hundred sixty-six. Or, to put it more numerically, 666. What is this?


In doing so, we get allegorical, symbolic & geometric.




Because Our Creator is All-Knowing (Omniscient) & All-Powerful (Omnipotent). He doesn’t do anything by ‘chance’. And He made us in His Image… to look like Him. As a result, all of creation is a ‘parable’, telling us --- if we have the ‘ears’ to hear --- what He’s saying.


And what would that be?


That’s what these latest ten chapters get into. We’ve already dived into a lot of it. But 666? What’s so special about this number? And 6 and 7? Are they special, too? What is it with 12 and 144? And etc. God is allegorical; Sacred Scripture is allegorical; we get allegorical, too. Because it’s time to start to understand. It’s time to talk publicly from the rooftops.


And since 6 is the Number of Humanity (666 having an even deeper meaning that evades comprehension by most human beings, at least till now), then it’s very appropriate that we take this detour as we discuss the sixth head of the Oceanic Beast. God has a plan for everything. He never takes away our free will… notwithstanding, omniscience & omnipotence give Him the ‘upper hand’, so to speak. We act freely, often evilly, but He wins in the end every time.


It’s not going to be any different today, despite having consigned Him to the trash.


No flippancy meant there; it’s simply being honest. Modern human beings are the epitome of pride. We act like our own ‘Gods’ and we’re not going to let something like the real God get in the way of our ‘divine’ goals. If His Singular Religion, Roman Catholicism, gets in the way… well, then, away with Catholicism! And so it is. Nobody’s Catholic anymore.


Not really. Not truly. Not in the sense of intelligently believing all infallible dogmas.


God can’t be ‘wrong’, and He didn’t make us in His Image for no reason. Ergo, He gives us intelligent minds for a purpose. And He gave us His One & Only True Religion of Roman Catholicism for a purpose. To wit, to tell us what we’re meant to be and do.


Hard to believe? Then you want to be ‘God’ and you make up your own religion.


Yet birds of a feather flock together. Hence, modern people are similar.


This includes their modern ‘religion’ --- Modernism.


We could make super-impressive-sounding descriptions of this Religion of Modernism. Nevertheless, we’ll make it simple. Want to know what modernist religion is? Want to know what you most likely believe in, and even if you haven’t taken time or intelligence to think about it, acting more on ‘instinct’ and ‘modern custom’ than intelligent thought? Don’t you worry… we’ll do the leg work for you. Take Roman Catholicism, and then reverse it.


That’s right. You read correctly. It’s that simple. The goal is the goal.


In other words, most modern people don’t realize it.


Why should they? It’s not like they think a lot.


And if they do think, it’s not like they want to know the truth.


Ah, but truth exists whether you want to know it or not. And the truth is there, regardless. And it gets you in the end, no matter what. Because we all die. Then comes reckoning. What did you do with your life? And why? Did you think your intelligence was there for nothing?


The point is, take the Religion of Catholicism and flip flop it.


What do you get? The Religion of Modernism!


Not all at once. Not everybody altogether to the same degree. But, given enough time, affirmative. Pretty much everyone --- however blind to what they’re doing --- gets to the finish line, the logical conclusion even without logic. And Modernism in a nutshell is precisely opposite to Catholicism. So where are we headed? Where have we arrived?


Right… more and more the opposite of Catholicism.


This is why we detour into these things.


God knew what we would do from all of eternity. It’s no surprise to Him. And it doesn’t have to be a total surprise to us, either. He’s told us, in parable, what we’re living through right now. You just have to have ears to hear (an intelligent mind with good will to grasp it).


666 and 144? Esoteric & strange, I know. But give it a shot. Read a little bit and think.


And once you get through it, in the new Part Six of Helplessly Ignorant, Chapters 135 to 144, we’ll get back to the sixth head of the Oceanic Beast. I promise. And onto the seventh head. Seem too strange for you? Well, then, my poor & precious reader, you haven’t ever really perused the Bible, have you? Or delved into the early Church fathers. And so forth. It’s scriptural, traditional & orthodox. Just not what most of us think about most of the time. Inexplicable, though? No. You just haven’t thought about it. Or figured it out yet.


I’m helping you along. So don’t panic, don’t curse & don’t be stubborn.


Oh, and Our Lady of Guadalupe? She appeared to the simple & devout Amerindian Catholic convert, Juan Diego. Pious & God-fearing, he adopted the Religion of his Spanish Rulers --- those who freed him and his Amerindian fellows from the snake-god-worshipping and cannibalistic-human-sacrificing (not to mention tyrannical) Aztecs. The miracle that then transpired, with miraculous roses during December and a miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary upon his cactus fiber cloak or ‘pancho’ (the ‘tilma’) is proof that his testimony was true. The Queen of Highest Heaven and Mother of God really did appear to him, and She really did have a message for him, and for his unconverted Amerindian comrades (who then converted en masse upon seeing the miraculous image), and for us as well.


A pope didn’t formally declare Her the Patroness of the Americas for nothing, you know. God’s Catholic Church may have lost up to half of Europe to the Protestant Rebellion, yet He balanced it out, seemingly, with the miraculous conversion of millions of Amerindians to His Roman Catholic Body. That’s why so-called ‘hispanics’ of the Americas are so devoted to Her even until now, during the Great Apostasy. The upshot? What are we to draw from all this?


Everyone thinks (if they’re even aware) that the cherubic ‘child’ or ‘angel’ She stands upon in the miraculous image of Juan Diego’s tilma is a ‘heavenly angel’. And a ‘child’ because medieval Catholic artists knew that, in portraying sinless angels, children are the most heavenly --- that is, free from sin --- that human beings can be. Hence why they loved to portray angels as ‘babes’. Because they’re representing normally invisible celestial creatures visibly in visible art on earth! Sacred Scripture calls Lucifer a ‘babe’ in innocence when God first created him (trust me, or else read the Old Testament for your own self and see that what I’m saying is true). Consequently, that angelic ‘babe’ supposedly ‘holding up’ Queen Mary in the miraculous image is no true ‘angel’… it’s Lucifer himself, the head fallen angel, being crushed by Her Heel.


The proof? Easy. Look at his wings. Are they green, white & red? Okay. So why?


Long ago Central Amerindians in what is now known as modern day Mexico knew why and what it meant.


Because their wise & powerful snake god --- Quetzalcoatl, the ‘feathered’ or ‘flying’ serpent --- bore those very same colors of green, white & red, also. As does the modern flag of Mexico, used since 1821. Chance? No intelligent & honest person can think that. When Amerindians saw Juan Diego’s tilma with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe upon it in 1531, everybody knew exactly what it meant. It meant She was stronger & wiser than their snake god.


This is why they converted en masse. They were glad to be rid of their oppressors, the cannibalistic, human-sacrificing Aztecs, but not glad enough to adopt the Religion of their saviors, the conquering Spanish, to whom they had freely given fealty, prior to their liberation. It took this miracle. And, once done, they knew what they had to do. God’s Mother was their Mother now, and Her Son their Celestial Savior. It took this to convince them.


And, oh yes, the day? That is to say, December 12th?


The symbolism is delicious (12th month, 12th day).


The very day we uploaded the last ten chapters of Helplessly Ignorant, bringing us to Chapter 144 (144 is the square of 12, i.e., 12 times 12 equals 144). And in that last chapter thus far, Chapter 144, we explain the symbolism of 144, especially 144,000 in the Apocalypse.


Yet is there a deeper symbolism? I mean, Heaven does nothing by chance, right? Not if you’re thinking clearly and know God at all. Christ & His Mother chose December 12 in 1531 for a reason --- because it was the winter solstice then. The Gregorian Calendar was not adopted within Catholic countries until 1582 by papal decree (and… um… Catholics were the first people to come up with this necessary improvement to our solar calendar, by the way). Adoption of the new calendar came about because the earlier solar calendar, the Julian, compounded a small error of about 11 minutes each year (viz., every Julian year added approximately 11 excess minutes to each year, making the solar calendar year out of whack with the real year by about 3 days every 4 centuries), which starts to add up to some serious time after a millennium or so. This meant all Catholic countries had to jump from October 5 to October 15 on their solar calendars in 1582 in order to get the calendar back in synchronization with the real year, not letting Easter (which is supposed to be near the beginning of spring) slide into winter, then autumn, and then summer, etc., as the centuries go by. Confusing?


Yes, if you’re not familiar with these things.


If you’ve got your thinking cap on, it is time you realize:


“Oh. Oh my goodness. In 1531, nearly fifty-one years before the solar calendar was corrected (people back then all over the world still using the not-quite-as-accurate Julian Calendar), the Blessed Virgin Mary actually appeared to the saintly Juan Diego on December 21st (the date most common for the winter solstice, along with December 22), according to the Gregorian Calendar, projecting it backward before 1582, due to a less accurate Julian calendar accumulatively lagging somewhat over nine days behind the seasons. Mon Dieu!”


Which means?


Yes, Mary actually appeared to Juan on December 21 in 1531, upon the winter solstice. Or, to put it differently, She appeared to him at the very beginning of winter, on the shortest day of the year with the longest night. Symbolism? Absolutely. The Protestant Rebellion had just occurred and Modernism, speaking historically, was just gaining steam. The world was entering into full scale rebellion against God, rejecting His Singular Catholic Religion.


Therefore, the longest night of humanity, religiously speaking, was just beginning.


Mary came to reassure Her children, Roman Catholics, that She would care for them, and to add to Her Roman Catholic brood by miraculously converting Central & South Amerindians to Her Son’s Catholic Church. That promise continues until this day. The night is no longer quite as long, but, then, winter doesn’t get coldest until January & February, does it? And never is it coldest until right before dawn. Spring is just around the corner, the day almost ready to begin… yet it’s very, very, very cold right now, spiritually speaking. Catholics are freezing, all alone, trying to stave off religious frostbite, our shepherds having abandoned us, and --- despite all this --- we go on, not losing hope, because the Blessed Virgin Mary is with us. Our Heavenly Mother has not forgotten us. She wraps us up in Her Mantle, embraces us so closely to Her Immaculate Heart, and comforts us. In a cold, anti-Catholic world, She very tenderly chants Her Son’s Everlasting Canticle to us, and tells us to be patient.


After all, She will crush the serpent’s head.


And spring will come, and dawn.


The days are getting longer.


Hang on, my dear soul.


The Son also rises.


  Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 2017 (10-11-17)


Posted eleven more chapters of the book, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section. We now go all the way to Chapter 134 in Part Five.


What was the fifth head of the Oceanic Beast in the Apocalypse?


The Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire, centered in Babylonia.


Our tender reader will forgive the ‘complicated-sounding’ hyphenated name. In being precise, ‘complications’ can arise. The point is, despite three seemingly ‘different’ set of leaders ruling over this massive Mesopotamian realm (the Neo-Assyrians, the Chaldeans or ‘Neo-Babylonians’, and the Persians or ‘Medo-Persians’), they were each of them founded on the ancient Sumero-Akkadian foundations of paganism & culture leftover from Nemrod’s Rebellion and the Semitic Akkadian’s adaptation of Nemrod’s religious revolt, whilst impressing their Semitic language, customs & cultures on top of this Sumerian paganism. The fifth imperial head of the Apocalyptic ‘Sea Monster’ both preserved Nemrod’s paganism and sought to resurrect it… all centered in ancient Babylonia, of course.


The catch is, the True God kept charitably interfering, seeking to bring these peoples back to their senses by returning to His True Religion. The fourth head of the Beast nearly did so, the Phoenicians; would any of the closely related ethnicities of the fifth head in the Empire of Babylon do so? Almost, several times.


These people were caught in the middle.


In the Middle of the Earth (where God planned the ‘middle’ of our earth’s spherical surface to be, from the beginning), in the middle of, practically, where the Garden of Paradise was, in the middle of Nemrod’s ancient post-Deluge Rebellion and the ‘rebirth’ of paganism so soon after the Great Flood cleansed our world of religious filth & immorality, and in the middle of Our Creator’s spiritual crosshairs, He, the Almighty Maker, either converting to His Singular Religion or else punishing & destroying the contumacious rebel.


Likewise humanity today.


We’re all caught in the middle of Nemrod’s Rebellion during the Great Apostasy, no matter where in the world we live. And we’re all caught in the spiritual crosshairs of Our Creator, He offering us either conversion to His Singularly Saving Religion of Roman Catholicism, or else ultimate punishment & destruction for our willful, repeated & unrelenting obscenities.


Technically, I completed the posting of this latest section of Helplessly Ignorant on the twelfth of October. However, I had everything prepared and was in the midst of updating on 11 October 2017. This, along with the incredible symbolism of the date, is why I’m saying, essentially, it’s October 11th that this post was made.


The significance?


The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Motherhood has been celebrated by true Catholics in various places at various times in the year throughout Catholicism’s two millennia history. Although, to be sure, it’s usually (till recent centuries) been more associated with yuletide and the turn of the new year on the solar calendar. For a variety of reasons, by 1914, the Catholic Nation of Portugul established the Feast of the Maternity on October 11.


That’s right. Just three years before Our Lady of Fatima appeared to three poor shepherd children in central Portugal and a mere three years & two days before Heaven astonished the earth with the unparalleled Miracle of the Sun on 13 October 1917, Portugal --- that unique kingdom so preciously devoted to the Mother of God --- officially began this feast today.


In 1931, to honor the 1500th anniversary of the glorious Council of Ephesus in AD 431, where Holy Mother Church solemnly, infallibly & explicitly affirmed the Blessed Virgin Mary as the ‘God-bearer’, Pope Pius XI authoritatively established this same Feast of Her Maternity on the universal calendar of the Roman Catholic Church in order to remind all Catholics everywhere on earth of Her Divinely-Bestowed Prerogative. The privilege of Her being the most highly honored of God’s creatures anywhere, anywhen, by being His Specially Chosen Vessel, the Mother of His Son… and despite Her being a mere creature, a mere human being.


A Son, incidentally, Who is God from All of Eternity.


Do you see the symbolism, my dear soul?


She Who Crushes the Serpent’s Head, Who vanquishes all false religions (read: all non-Roman-Catholic religions), Who is the Mother of the Second Person of the Divinity and thus Mother of God Almighty Himself, is honored in the very country She chooses to appear, warning us of the terrible calamities to occur --- not least of which is the loss of Catholicity all over the earth and the brief yet real triumph of the Religion of Modernism and the Great Apostasy --- only three years later, after Portugal had honored Her by establishing this Maternal Feast.


Pope Pius XI, by the way, in spite of doing this good thing he did in placing the Feast of Her Maternity on the universal calendar, failed, like his successor, Pius XII, to obey Her Command to solemnly consecrate the nation of Russia --- and Russia by name alone, publicly, together with all the Catholic bishops of the world on the very same day at the same moment --- thereby leading to the plight we find ourselves in today… apostasy & total rebellion, the errors of Russia now spread throughout the earth, almost no one remaining alive who is truly Catholic, and antipopes --- men pretending to be Catholic & Bishops of Rome who are not --- prancing along with the whole world cheering for the lies they perpetrate, like pied pipers, believing that they, the Vicars of Antichrist & Lucifer, ‘represent’ the God to Whom Mary gave birth.


They do not.


Until humanity gets that figured out --- especially the part of humanity that calls itself ‘catholic’ while not actually being so --- then the Modernists and the Antipopes are going to sail on, spreading lies & falsehoods about religion that continue to poison & damn souls.


Again, the symbolism, particularly of the feast of October 11th this year, 2017?


2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the Six Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima.


In May (the month of Mary, you’ll recall) She first appeared.


May 13th, 1917, to be exact. She then appeared on the 13th of each succeeding month until October 13th, 1917. The only exception is August 13th, 1917, since the Freemasonic leaders of Portugal at that time, oppressing good Catholics, had locked up the three small children in a nearby jail, trying to get them to renounce what they had seen and heard. They would not comply. Per observers in Fatima, Our Lady manifested Herself partially on August 13th, regardless. Meanwhile, on August 19th, 1917, She appeared to the children in prison.


2017 is also the first time, in 99 years, that a full solar eclipse has occurred and traversed the entire width of the United States of America from west to east. In 1918, when the last such eclipse transpired, on 8 June 1918, just months before the four year long World War I concluded --- and which the US joined in fighting the last two years of that horrible & bloody war --- Our Lady of Fatima’s first prophecy, that World War I would end soon, but not right away, came true. The ‘War to End All Wars’ (as people naively called it then, prior to World War II) only came to a full and official end on 11 November 1918. One cannot help wondering, if Catholic... is the full solar eclipse that the United States experienced, from west to east across the entire continent, on 21 August 2017... and which I had the privilege to witness in the Ochoco National Forest... a harbinger of the opposite, of a horrible global war about to begin in another few months, combined with great natural catastrophes & hideous plagues in years to come, etc.?


Only time will tell, since I’m not a prophet.


But one wonders.


The very next day of this year, 2017 --- August 22 --- was also both the Octave of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary bodily into Heaven, and the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the same Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary.


And, were that not enough, if one pays attention to the ancient Zodiac and its Twelve Constellations, one notes that each zodiacal constellation, since most ancient of times, thousands of years ago, start and end at exact dates of the solar calendar. For instance, the Zodiac Sign of Leo (the Lion), begins on July 23rd and concludes on August 22nd… the very day of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart and a single day after the moon (which represents Mary and the feminine) eclipsed the sun (which represents Jesus and the masculine). Any good Catholic who, as well, knows Sacred Scripture, knows that Mary’s Son, Jesus, is the Light of This World, just as the material sun in the sky is the material light of this earth. He or she knows, too, how the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse, tells of a Sign in Heaven, a Celestial Woman, clothed with the sun, standing upon the moon, and twelve stars upon Her Head. It doesn’t take too much imagination to realize that God through St. John the Beloved Disciple was speaking about Mary, telling us that the Glory of Her Divine Son, Jesus, envelopes Her (just as the glory of the sun enveloped the moon on that spectacular display of 21 August 2017), and that a feminine moon represents Her Queenly Rule over this earth, Her Heel eventually crushing the Serpent’s Head, and that the Crown of Twelve Stars upon Her Head are the Twelve Signs of the Ancient Zodiac, symbolizing Her God-Given Queenship of All of Heaven.


Incidentally, one of the names of Her Son, Jesus, is the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Juda’, a lion symbolizing kingship over his kingdom. Hence the significance of the Sign of Leo (the Lion), representing Jesus, and the fact that the 2017 eclipse happened at the very end of His Zodiacal Sign. And the significance, too, that two days later (one day after the Feast of Her Immaculate Heart), begins the Sign of Virgo (the Virgin), which zodiacal sign obviously represents the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mother of God.


Which brings us, then, to the last observation of immense significance.


That the Sign of Virgo (the Virgin) concludes on September 23rd.


As several astute astronomical buffs have noted for the last year or two, Jupiter (the king planet) entered into the Constellation of Virgo (the Virgin) as of 16 November 2016, not quite one year ago. Several other important planets & stars also congregated in the Sign of Virgo during this period. On 23 September 2017, Jupiter zodiacally ‘exited’ the Sign of Virgo. It is plain to the Catholic person that this symbolizes Jesus being in Mary’s Womb (the time Jupiter was in Virgo was just over 9 months) and then being born. October 11th, therefore? The perfect complement, completing the symbolism, celebrating and honoring Mary for being, truly, the Mother of God Almighty Himself. And just as Her giving birth to Him way back then, on December 25th, in 1 BC, began the New Testament Church, outside of which there is absolutely no salvation, of a singular Roman Catholicism, so, also, celebrating and honoring Mary for crushing the Serpent’s Head via Her Son’s Sacrifice upon the Cross, bringing the Great Apostasy to an end that we have endured now for over fifty years, and resurrecting’, as it were, His Body, the Roman Catholic Church, in a way totally unexpected and unforeseen by most of the people of this world, so lost in false religion and horrible sin that we are. After all, we must pay the piper. We can only enjoy his diabolic music and prancing for so long.


All of this, as well, just two days before October 13th.


To wit, the one hundredth anniversary of the Sixth & Final Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, marked by the unprecedented and celestial Miracle of the Sun, on 13 October 1917, in a land called Portugal, once Catholic and, at that point, terribly tyrannized by violently anti-Catholic people who wanted the destruction of the Catholic Church and the eradication of the Catholic Religion from the face of this earth… but who, instead, will have to admit their defeat.


She wins in the end, you know. Her Heel crushes satan’s head.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus, have mercy on us. Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Queen Mary, pray for us. That we who are Catholic might stay Catholic and attain to Heaven; that those who are not Catholic might become Catholic, stay truly converted, and attain to Heaven; and that those who are not Catholic and refuse to become Catholic, remaining enemies of God’s One & Only True Religion, might be crushed along with their father, the devil, under Her Foot, and acknowledge both He & She as the Heavenly Monarchs they are, if only under endlessly painful duress, their proud & modernist heads brought low, forced to admit, finally, the Saving Truth in the End.


Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Ad Jesum per Mariam.


¡Viva Cristo Rey!


  Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, 2017 (9-12-17)


Uploaded seven more chapters to the tome, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section. This takes us to Chapter 123 in Part Five.


Why do contemporary scholars and modern people reactionarily doubt much of what we can know --- or at least reasonably suspect --- about ancient history & ancient civilizations?


Because we’ve got big huge heads puffed with pride and must think ourselves the greatest.


We also don’t like the thought of our ‘greatest’ of civilizations disappearing into the murk of history, forgotten and disparaged like so many others prior to us. Oh, and that fear of ours that disaster & destruction await us… that bothers us, too. A fear not assuaged by the example of certain mighty civilizations that have disappeared or been destroyed long ago.


And, like the Phoenicians (which is the central fourth of seven ‘heads’ of an oceanic ‘beast’), we have a crucial choice to make. Which is more important:


A visible earth & material wealth or an invisible heaven & spiritual riches?


Thus far we’ve chosen very badly.


Hence our fear.


Four days ago, on September 8th, was the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, God’s Mother since She is the Woman God chose to give birth to His Divine Son, Jesus. And do mothers give birth to mere bodies? No, a mother gives birth to a human being, growing the body of a real person in her womb. Likewise Mary. And the Person She gave birth to is God Almighty from All of Eternity. Today, then, is the fourth day in the octave of this magnificent Queen’s Nativity. She is 2032 years old, plus four days.


(Please see older What’s New? posts for proof of how we can know Her exact age. You’ll find it in the entry made on 8 September 2011. It really isn’t ‘impossible’ to know Her precise age.)


Today Catholics honor Her for the Wondrous Name God inspired Her parents to give Her.


What is its meaning?


Most people, who claim to know, will insist it’s from the Hebrew for ‘bitterness’, citing the name ‘Miriam’ as evidence (she was the sister of St. Moses and a prophetess, to boot). If, indeed, there is any truth to this claim, then, of course, certainly the Blessed Virgin Mary knew the bitterness of seeing Her Only Son die in front of Her eyes, and held His lifeless, bloody body in Her holy & pure arms.


Notwithstanding, the early Church fathers insist that Her Name means ‘Lady’ (as in a Sovereign Queen, just as a king may be called a ‘lord’), and St. Jerome most definitely taught that Her Name means also ‘Star of the Sea’. There is symbolism through and through in this, as is always the case when it comes to the Holy, Infallible & Only Saving Religion of Catholicism. God foreknows everything from eternity in His Omniscience.


So what is the symbolism here?


Our Lady & Star of the Sea is the counterpart of what Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, once was. The ‘bearer of light’ who is now a false ‘angel of light’, he fell into darkness via his pride and his rebellion. Mary, ever humble and always obedient, has taken his place. She bears the Light now, the Light of Her Divine Son. She is the Star that arises out of the sea of humanity, and, like the luminous ether, undulating with waves of light, She undulates with the Glory & Light of God Himself, She being the One He speaks into existence when He says, “Be light made,” and plants the Light of This World in Her Womb, His Spirit hovering over the formless deep, the pure, holy & untainted water out of which Her Son emerged, and which, applied to us in the Sacrament of Baptism --- and united to a Profession of the Roman Faith whole & entire --- permits human beings, conceived in sin, to hypostatically join with Our Creator, sharing in His Divinity. But on His terms (which are Roman Catholic!), not ours.


May this Lady crush the Serpent’s head and bring his Modernist Tower crashing to the ground, dividing our enemies… all those who refuse to admit the Saving Truth… and raise us up in Her Mantle, sheltering us and cradling us… and even if we must give up our lives in martyrdom for Our Holy Religion. Wallowing in humility, let us imitate Her, let us ask Her to supply what is sadly deficient in us, making us worthy of that for which we can never be worthy on our own, worthless sinners that we are.


Let us whisper Her Name with reverence, imploring Her prayers.


Let all true Catholics be but the sole of Her Foot.


The Foot that brings victory out of defeat.


Starting last November, in 2016, Jupiter (the king) entered the zodiacal constellation of Virgo (the virgin), and he exits on 23 September 2017. This upon the heels of the first continent wide total eclipse of the United States in 99 years and during the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s appearance to the three shepherd children in Portugal, which culminated with the miraculous (and apocalyptic) ‘Dance of the Sun’ upon 13 October 1917, witnessed by over 70,000 people, many who were not believers and were mockers of the Catholic Faith.


What does God have in mind?


I don’t claim to know with prophetic precision.


I do know, though, that we are living through the Apocalypse, and that the end of our Apostasy is at hand. Our sins cry out to Heaven for vengeance, and punishment is not far. Other civilizations have fallen into ruin for their sins, and ours will not escape its fate. I do not pretend to fathom exactly how God will act, or what will be our entire fate. I know only that God is about to visit us, and that it is better to be Catholic, be in the state of grace, be humble, and to be more concerned about being prepared spiritually than worrying about the crumbling of a nation’s infrastructure, economic demise, or bloody warfare.


The worst punishment has already occurred --- the loss of the Catholic Faith from highest to lowest, leaving only a very few in this world who are obscure and hidden, but truly Catholic. No Salvation outside this Church… that is what no one wants to believe, even those who still insist on calling themselves ‘catholic’. The Ecclesial Body of Jesus Christ is lying dead in the tomb of this world, a modernist temple erected in its stead. Now that Tower of Babel is tottering, destined to fall, and the Body of Christ about to rise again.


This I know. And I tell you, let us all be prepared.


  Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Ss. Timothy, Hippolytus & Symphorian, Martyrs, as Well as the Octave of the Assumption of the Same Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God, 2017 (8-22-17)


Posted another ten chapters to the book, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section. This brings it to Chapter 116 in Part Five.


Continuing with the fourth head of the Apocalyptic ‘Sea Monster’, we describe the nature of the Semitic Phoenician Empire (or ‘Confederacy’, if you will, since this Empire had no dominatingly central or direct rule of command), the Chanaanite Curse, and how this infection spread to the patrimonial descendants of St. Noe, not to mention how God determines imperial centrality, as it were, of the human race from His Perspective.


Along the way we grab a peek at Jerusalem and it’s heavenly symbolism.


We are over half the way through AD 2017.


The edifice of Modernism is fracturing --- yet it may take years and even decades before the entire skyscraping tower of self-deifying human hubris is crashed to the ground. During that period of time, it is entirely possible (yet I am not claiming to be prophetic in the strict sense, simply cautious in the broad sense) we will see brutal persecution before it’s all over. Or, perhaps, not. But even prominent ‘conservative’ political voices in America are talking recently like a ‘second civil war’ is more than just plausible… it’s already taking place.


That is to say, such ‘conservatives’ (relatively speaking, in comparison to the increasingly liberal modernist spirit of our times) are no longer able to hide their heads in the sand, pretending the United States, and modernized nations the world over, are bastions of ‘freedom’, protecting their citizens from coercion when it comes to religion or morality. Indeed, the US and other modern nations not only fail today to protect such ‘freedoms’ --- rather, they are becoming the very tyrants we imagined ourselves ‘free’ from, oppressing and browbeating everyone who dares to defy them, refusing to kowtow to a new global religion which opposes the Law of Natural Reason written upon our hearts and all that is of God.


Whither Catholicism?


It may seem dark & hopeless.


Notwithstanding, taking the long view (from humanity’s short perspective), Our Creator never relinquishes control. He foreknew our era, gives us His Protection so long as we endeavor to obey all of His Commandments, and promises us that His Mother --- the Immaculate Queen that He chose to bear His Son --- will crush the Serpent’s Head.


Understanding the Apocalypse enables us to grasp this Divine Plan.


Yesterday I had the privilege to see the first total solar eclipse to traverse the whole of America, from west to east, since June of 1918. I took my family to a remote location a mile high in the Ochoco National Forest, next to a lovely little mountain lake, and witnessed what many an astronomer has called unforgettable no matter how often they experience it, and which no camera can ever properly record or visual medium adequately replay.


So-called ‘totality’ during this eclipse occurred on 21 August 2017 in the morning.


For at least two minutes I and the small crowd gathered there in the middle of nowhere watched as a spectacular corona shone forth, like the ‘crown’ that it is, around the disk of the moon, an eerie yet beautiful darkness enveloping our small part of the earth. I can only presume that this corona --- easily 2 or 3 times bigger than the apparent diameter of our natural satellite --- is a result of a delayed ‘solar maximum’ after the unusually deep ‘solar minimum’ reached circa 2009. Or, perchance not. All I can say is that the corona I saw was much bigger than I expected it to be, and that the ecliptic darkness, while striking, was less than I anticipated, so bright was the halo of glory surrounding the lunar orb.


The significance?


Apart from being the first total solar eclipse to cross our nation from west to east for 99 years, it took place during the 100th anniversary of the six apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, who appeared to three humble shepherd children in the troubled but still staunchly Catholic country of Portugal from May 13 to October 13 in 1917. This same year saw the first Communist government in the world with Russia’s bloodthirsty ‘October Revolution’ (November, according to the Gregorian calendar), the monumental Balfour Declaration in Great Britain, and the promulgation of a ‘new’ and systematized Canon Law for the Roman Catholic Church that became officially binding the following year on Pentecost, May of 1918.


Our Lady of Fatima clearly invoked the Apocalypse, the final book of the Bible, where Beloved St. John the Evangelist speaks of a celestial woman clothed with the sun, standing upon the moon, and crowned by twelve stars. As a few of traditional sentiment have noted, claiming the name of Catholic, the sun and moon and various planets or stars have congregated in the zodiacal sign of Virgo (the ‘Virgin’) since November of 2016. The monarchic Jupiter has thus been in the ‘womb’ of the Virgin and will ‘exit’ in a kind of heavenly ‘birth’ in September, less than a month from now. The symbolism is palpable.


As that brilliant corona visibly encircled the moon, I could not help seeing God’s Hand in it all, purposely displaying for the whole wide world how He delights in honoring His Son’s Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. She stands upon the moon and the moon is Her metaphor, reflecting the light of the sun exactly as She reflects Her Son’s Divine Light. Eclipsing this effulgence, His Glory radiates around Her, adorning Her in regal attire. Another of Mary’s empyrean symbols, beautiful Venus, appeared in the darkened sky, beckoning as one of the rewards for loyal Catholics (Apocalypse 2:28 & 22:16), doubling, additionally, as a symbol of Her Son, God Almighty from all of eternity, Who took on Her Immaculate Flesh as His Own Flesh, incarnated as a humble babe on this earth. Making the appearance of Jupiter on the opposite side of the moon during the eclipse equally symbolic, He being the King of Kings and Creator of all things in heaven or on earth, and using Her Flesh to make atonement on the Cross for the sins of an unbelieving world… and all so we human beings may join with His Body via the Sacrament of Baptism and a Profession of His Singular Faith, Roman Catholicism, outside of which no one can hope to be saved or enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


This eclipse transpired on the sixth day of the Octave of the Assumption.


It also was a mere day prior to the Feast of Her Immaculate Heart.


And, were that not enough, right near the end of the month’s time assigned, since ancient times on a solar calendar, for the zodiacal sign of Leo (the Lion, symbolizing Queen Mary’s Son, Jesus Christ, as the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, King above all other kings), and literally right before the zodiacal sign of Virgo begins (the Virgin, as aforementioned, symbolizing the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, the God Man, to His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary). Leo begins July 23rd and finishes on August 22nd, whilst Virgo begins August 23rd and ends on September 23rd.


Perceiving the allegory?


Time will tell what God has in Mind.


I simply note the signs and point to Catholic Prophecy.


As well, I have striven to show anyone, who will pay attention, that it is the Great Apostasy we are enduring. What’s more, that only God’s New Testament Ark --- His One Holy Roman Catholic Church --- can preserve us from the Great Deluge of God’s Wrath upon a rebellious earth, just as only His Old Testament Ark --- the vessel of Noe wherein but he and his wife, plus his three sons and their wives --- saved eight souls by means of a visible, redemptive, buoyant wood.


Again, perceiving the allegory?


Ponder hard.


  Feast of St. Anacletus, Pope & Martyr, and 100th Anniversary of the 3rd of 6 Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, 2017 (7-13-17)


Uploaded the first section of Part Five of the tome, Helplessly Ignorant, which amounts to seven chapters and continues the interpretation of the ‘beast out of the sea’ in Sacred Scripture’s closing book, the Apocalypse, as well as furthers the sixth of seven devastating logical arguments against the most dominant contemporary heresy of ‘salvation-in-the-state-of-invincible-ignorance-and-sincerity’ for people of sound minds.


By the end of Part Four, we’d already described the initial two ‘heads’ of this oceanic beast. With the beginning of Part Five, we grapple with the third ‘head’ and explain in some detail the primary means of determining the correct understanding of what these ‘heads’ must represent from Heaven’s point of view and God’s timeless omniscience.


Incidentally, whilst either having the outline of a book or article given to me, so to speak, or else working it out in modest detail prior to writing it, the actual composing can be very organic and more like ‘exploration’ than a mere ‘mechanics’ or ‘engineering’. As such, I’d originally thought Helplessly Ignorant would amount to five parts total. Now I realize it’ll consist of six parts. This is as symbolic as the apocalyptic ‘monster’ we’re fathoming.


That is to say, six is the number of man & rebellion.


Ergo why it’s appropriate that it have six parts.


Likewise the book started previous to this, Baptismal Confusion.


Dealing with the many erroneous ideas lots of persons have about the Sacrament of Baptism --- the means Our Creator has granted us in order to be joined to His Church Body and thus to He Himself --- and how this confusion has been the doorway to the Great Apostasy that we now endure, it is appropriate it has seven parts.


To wit, the number of God & Heaven is seven.


Helplessly Ignorant and Baptismal Confusion are the first two of three ‘major’ books in the past few years. Major because they’re long and complex, not to mention concerned with subjects so crucial to our present era. The third ‘major’ book, for which I now have the outline and, Almighty God willing, shall post before this year is out, is Inter Regnum.


And what is it about?


So-called ‘sedevacantism’.


This is simply a word derived from ‘sede vacante’, Latin for ‘the seat is empty’.


People who consider themselves Catholic nowadays (and whether they really are or not, failing to hold God’s Singular Religion whole & entire by howsoever a ‘little bit’, rejecting even one of His Church’s simple & infallible dogmas), who are of a more ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ bent, often know Catholicism uses this phrase to describe the ‘seat’, or ‘throne’, of St. Peter in-between two popes. I.e., when one pope dies and another pope is not yet elected.


In the blindness of the Great Apostasy, such persons act as if the Church dissolves completely were St. Peter’s Throne to be empty at all… and even though Peter’s Throne is empty each & every single time a pope dies (or, very rarely, abdicates, etc.) and before a new pope can be elected! In times long gone by, it took a few months, normally, to elect a new pope. Sometimes, when cardinals wrangled endlessly, it took one or two years! Even in recent centuries it has taken at least weeks.


Does the Church then totally disappear when St. Peter’s Throne is empty?


Of course not. The ‘inter regnums’ now total 40 or more years.


That is, till Vatican II during the 1960s. So what’s the real hang up?


Such people act, without being rational, as if there’s an unspecified but ‘magical’ amount of time beyond which, they assume, the Throne cannot sit vacant. They also assume, just as irrationally and also contradictorily, that the Throne is never empty. How can this be?


Because they are driven by prejudice and don’t bother to think about it.


The Church obviously doesn’t fall to pieces utterly just because there’s no pope.


On the other hand, plainly, it’s best to elect a new pope quickly.


The question is, how long does God allow it to take?


Such people are ignorant in this matter. It is indisputable during the past millennium that God, in one instance, let Peter’s Throne sit empty for two-and-a-half years. During the first millennium (though modern scholars doubt it today), the vacancy went up to around four years. What is the maximum possible time of vacancy, then?


There is no real answer for this yet.


God has not said, and the Church has never explicitly ruled.


As a result, it’s completely up to Our Creator… and we mere human beings shouldn’t draw an arbitrary line out of thin air.


This is the Great Apostasy, the “operation of error” foretold long ago.


(See 2 Thessalonians 2:10 DRC in Sacred Scripture for St. Paul’s Holy-Ghost-inspired words regarding this future time (in relation to him) that we’re living through right now in our own epoch of the Great Apostasy.)


Consequently, just as God allowed His Divinely Begotten Son to die upon the Cross and to lie dead in the Tomb for three days, so, too, can He choose to let His Son’s Ecclesial Body perish upon a Modernist Cross and lay in the Tomb as ‘dead’ for a time determined by Him, the Hierarchy apparently gone, leaving their thrones empty --- including St. Peter’s Throne --- according to Our Creator’s Will, in punishment for our multitudinous sins, the greatest of which is stubborn, blind rejection of His One True Catholic Religion whole & entire.


This is why I prefer the term ‘inter regnum’, Latin for ‘between reigns’.


God plainly allows for an empty throne between popes.


The question is, how long can it take?


It’s wholly up to God how long the time between papal reigns might be.


And if under the Amos Curse, the “operation of error” when almost everyone --- including purported ‘catholics’ who aren’t really what they say they are since they don’t profess the Catholic Faith whole & entire --- is wandering astray, then how can we have the audacity to pretend we know how long God might let the ignorance and confusion go on? It’s His Decision, not ours.


This is why I prefer the Latin phrase ‘inter regnum’. Truly, we’re between papal reigns. The purported ‘popes’ we’ve had since Vatican II are antipopes, being non-Catholic. They cannot occupy Peter’s Throne since they visibly defy God’s Religion, having been automatically excommunicated under Canon Law, if ever visibly Catholic to begin with.


It is our fate & punishment, our just desserts for many terrible sins.


It is therefore appropriate this book have five parts.


Just as Jesus suffered five wounds, so, also, His Church Body five wounds.


Which is why I expect, right now, the third ‘major’ book, to make up five parts. Five parts for five wounds. Two to His feet, two to His hands, one to His side where the spear pierced. All of the arguments, though, will amount to seven --- paralleling the seven arguments in the presently uploading book, Helplessly Ignorant.


Five parts, though, to mirror five wounds.


The date today, however?


St. Anacletus was our third pope.


He rose to the occasion, as his Greek-derived name implies, in the 1st century. Friend of the Apostles, he ruled for some ten years. Like all the ancient popes, he died a martyr --- the ultimate test of a real Catholic’s Faith. Are you willing to die for it, precious soul?


You’re going to have to be, if that’s what God requires.


Only a real Catholic has Hope of Salvation.


All intelligent souls dying as non-Catholics wind up in hell.


One hundred years ago today, the three children of Our Lady of Fatima were given a brief yet appalling glimpse of hell at the very heart of our earth. What they saw, per Sister Lucy (a Carmelite nun as she attained to adulthood), was terrifying. Per her, had the vision gone a second longer, they’d have died from fright & horror. It is for this reason Our Lady of Fatima appeared… to help lost souls become Catholic, and, once Roman Catholic, persevere in grace till, and especially at, death, so as to be eternally secure in God’s Singularly Roman Catholic Body.


The upshot?


Let us imitate Pope St. Anacletus, bravely dying a martyr, and the children of Fatima, two of whom --- Jacinta and Francisco --- died in terrible suffering, all alone. Meanwhile, Sister Lucia, the longest lived of the three seers, suffered her own cross in living much longer, but, in her suffering, watching two popes (prior to the Vatican Pseudo-Council of the 1960s) disobey Christ’s command to consecrate Russia (and Russia alone, by name, commanding his fellow bishops throughout the world to do so along with him at the same time) to Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, lest horrific punishment come upon the earth for our sins. The greatest curse of all is the curse of non-Catholicity, God withholding His gratuitous graces and, as a repercussion, nations altogether losing the True Religion of Catholicism, wandering into apostasy & rebellion & grotesque sin of the worst kinds, eagerly embracing the Religion of Modernism unto everlasting death.








No, because God has never officially & explicitly limited the time between popes. And the ‘perpetual succession’ infallibly defined at the Vatican Council of 1869 to 1870, never meant, nor could it ever logically mean, that there is no gap of any time at all between legitimate popes. It clearly & logically meant only that there would always be another pope to come until Jesus’ Return, without that Council ever defining, period, how long an ‘inter regnum’ could last.


There will be seven devastating arguments in the Inter Regnum book, proving that the misnomeredsedevacantism’ is not only possible, but, indeed, the sole logical explanation for what’s going on today during the Great Apostasy. Christ died and was laid in the Tomb. Likewise, His Church Body ‘dies’, as it were, near the end, laid in the Tomb.


It’s God’s Church, not ours.


We’re merely members of it, if truly Catholic.


Read the latest installment to Helplessly Ignorant to better understand.


Peruse Inter Regnum, too, to better comprehend, when it’s posted.


Our epoch is dark & confusing, as well as shocking.


Nonetheless, it is not wholly unprecedented.


Nor can we pretend it’s impossible.


It’s not. It’s real and it’s here.


If really Catholic, we must obey, we must persevere, and we must be humiliated by looking, superficially, as if we ‘disobey’ the Church’s Authority. Whereas, in reality, we obey the authority of God’s Holy Roman Church by refusing to obey, and spurn, those who are not truly & visibly Catholic and thus not truly & visibly in authority over God’s Roman Catholic Church.


But who, in their fraud, pretend to be ‘catholic’… and pretend to ‘lead’.


This is Our Cross, this our punishment & reality.


If truly Catholic, persevere.


If not truly Catholic, get real, convert, and persevere.


In either situation, heed the warning and do what we must to save our immortal souls:


Be a real Roman Catholic, defying --- with tenacious humility --- an entire arrogant world hell bent on rebellion against Our Creator, the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church, His One & Only Body, and, hence, His One & Only Means of Salvation for any human being on earth since the time of Christ.


End of sentence.


Jesus Christ’s Ecclesial Body will resurrect in the not-too-distant future.


We can be a part of this resurrection if truly Catholic, persevering.


May Jesus’ Sacred & Suffering Heart keep us steadfast daily.


May Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart uplift us.


May God’s Will be done in everything, amen.


  Feast of the Holy Apostles Ss. Peter & Paul, 2017 (6-29-17)


Posted a very brief short story called The Fruit.


For various reasons I have put it in The Great Apostasy section, which you can find in the Navigation panel to your left. You can also easily link to it in the Quiklinks panel to your right. All webpage titles change to a cloud-like white as you hover over it.


What is the point of this short story?


We are in the midst of the long foretold Great Apostasy.


Furthermore, this website, by its very nature, tends to focus on the purely logical and scholarly presentation of the truth that is necessary to save our immortal souls. That is to say, I dare to say that I am Catholic (however unworthy I am of the name) and that, reading what I have written carefully, with intelligent thought and without predisposed bias, that you can discover how to be Catholic, and, once Catholic (or Catholic for the first time), what it is you must think, say or do to save your soul.


Which is?


To look like Our Creator, and to be what it is He formed human beings --- the creature made in His Image --- to accomplish for His Singular Purpose, pleasing Him completely, and thus enter Heaven after bodily death in this transitory terrestrial existence, and so unite with Him in absolute & intimate happiness forever and forever, like husband and wife head over heels in love, world without end, amen.


Yet what is this story about?


It is a ‘silent dialogue’ because only one character speaks.


That is to say, the other character is implied… but with no dialogue recorded.


What’s more, if printed out in hard copy in a standard font, a mere two pages would suffice.


But the main title?


Read the story to find out.


All I will say right here is that the title is at the heart of the Catholic Faith.




Then read the story.


Put in terms of human probability, most Roman Catholics will never be great saints on this earth. And without ecclesial shepherds --- truly Catholic priests and bishops and, yes, even a true & legitimate Roman Catholic pope sitting upon the Throne of St. Peter in Rome --- then, literally, we are, temporarily, as real Roman Catholics… few as we are during the Great Apostasy and the hideous global rebellion that we’re enduring… sheep without a shepherd.


What are we to do?


What must we do, poor & frightened sheep, to please God?


How do we, in such terrible times --- unmatched since the worldwide rebellion right before the Great Flood, when only Noah and his three sons and their wives entered the Singular Ark --- make sure to save our souls by remaining Catholic, without denying the True Religion or wandering astray with no one on earth to protect and guide us, and so guarantee our eternal safety & happiness?


I’ve already addressed this in practical, scholarly terms.


Now I tackle it by a different approach:


Artistic, poetic & allegorical.




Because I wanted to. Sometimes the starkness of academic prose, all by itself, is not enough. Sometimes our souls, formed for the appreciation of beauty and something transcendent, simply isn’t enough. We hunger without most of the sacraments available (except for the mysteries of Baptism and Matrimony), spiritually starving --- or, rather, fasting --- and antiseptic prose, however true, isn’t quite enough. We hunger for something more, something almost ineffable, and this story, insufficient though it is, is a pathetic attempt… barely… to meet that gnawing need, that insatiable, ravenous longing for something bigger & supremely transcendent. Pathetic, did I say? Yes, truly, more than you might realize. Pathetic in spades.


Yet hopeless?




The Fruit (A Silent Dialogue in Two Pages), is a feeble stab at that incessantly gnawing hunger at the heart our emaciated souls.


It is, I trust, the prayer & sentiment of every real Catholic left on earth.


We seek, we stumble, we plod like pilgrims toward celestial hope.


Victorian in style, like Dickens or Doyle, the text is noble.


Antiquated, maybe, but civilized in a savage era.


May real Catholics loft it in heart, if not in words.


May it be the prayer, plea & profession of our hearts.


Today is the day we as Catholics honor the founding bishops of the Diocese of Rome.


We as humans, Catholic though we are, cannot accomplish the resurrection of God’s Ecclesial Body (His One & Only Roman Catholic Church) solely on our own. It will take a concerted effort between us --- seemingly fragmented and separated by distance as we are --- and the Sovereign Will of God Almighty, working through us or in spite of us, just as He did in the face of overwhelming physical odds, like another Day of Pentecost, pouring out His Spirit upon the few faithful, revivifying the Hierarchy and give us wise leadership, leading us into green pastures and protecting our souls, thereby allowing us to accomplish more than we could imagine possible, left to our meager devices, striving against a wicked & impudent world.


Think this impossible?


Humanly speaking, it is indeed.


Divinely speaking… no, it is not. God can and will give us what we need.


We must simply wait upon the Lord, doing all that we can, standing steadfast in the teachings we have received, deviating neither to the left nor the right. We don’t want to be Catholic fundamentalists (may God forbid!), notwithstanding, with humility and perseverance, opposing all that is modernistic and against the law of natural reason and therefore diabolically calculated to destroy our souls in the pit of hell forevermore, may we resist this anti-Catholic spirit and hideous rebellion, working out our salvation with fear & trembling.


That is our duty. Therein lies our hope of salvation. Such is our way of escape.


Not in human cleverness; not in brute force; but by the Spirit of God.


So read the story --- it’s not that long.


If only a psychological boost, it’s worth a brief perusal.


And, who knows? It just might help you to get through this hideous time.


Triune Catholic God Almighty, help us to persevere & overcome!


All you saints & angels of the Divinity, His spiritual children, help us in our spiritual need! Do not let the devil gain the upper hand. Do not let him win everything during this terrible era. Don’t permit the elect to fall and never rise again. Don’t let him overcome us. Help us, we plead, and, religiously famished though we are, devoid of most of the Sacraments of Your Singular Church, let us await with holy resignation, kissing our crosses and making our way through a spiritual Jerusalem, ready to die and be crucified in our sins --- however guiltless we may be for the sins of which they accuse us --- knowing we deserve all that we suffer, punished, and even though we may be unfairly impugned, hated for our goodness, for our unfailing testimony to the Divine Truth of His One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic Church, murdered and tortured in the end… and even though we may die, hated for Our Lord, suffering rejected and despised for the Testimony of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Roman Catholic and none other… perfectly clean, winning great reward, outside of which no man or woman can hope to be saved. It is time and the time is now. We witness the beginning of the end. The final battle between fallen angel and immaculate virgin is happening this very moment. There is no doubt remaining for the human being who has eyes to see and ears to hear. There is no confusion remaining for he or she who has a mind to fathom and a conscience to distinguish between true & false, right & wrong.


It is time.


May Jesus’ Sacred & Suffering Heart bestow upon us the graces to see.


May Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart grant you the heart to persevere.


She will crush the Serpent’s Head; we are but the sole of Her immaculate foot, helping with our very life’s blood to crush his dragonic skull.


We may die in this endeavor. Certainly we die, bloodlessly, in our hearts.


We give up all our hopes & dreams to follow the Truth That Saves.


For who can covet the world while saving his or her soul?


That isn’t the deal, that is not what God promises us.


Like St. Bernadette of Our Lady of Lourdes, we die.


Painfully, and shorn of all our terrestrial dreams.


That’s the deal, that’s what we suffer under.


So read the story and take hope… it’s the truth.


Painful, yes, but guaranteed to bring us into Heaven.


An eternal happiness making every tribulation on earth worthwhile.


Don’t give up. We have no option to fall into despair. We are closer to our salvation than ever before…


Ad Jesum per Mariam. Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!


  Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 2017 (6-24-17)


Uploaded another and bigger passage of the first section of the seventh & last part of the book, Baptismal Confusion. You may link to it here. You can also go to it in the Books & Articles section of this website to the left, or in the Quiklinks to your right.


You’ll recall I posted in April the first of four devastating arguments against the mistaken notion that the 1917 Code of Canon Law, with one often cited canon as supposed ‘proof’ of BOD (as well as a second canon sometimes cited, too, yet not often), somehow makes the theological opinion of ‘baptism of desire’ (BOD) magically ‘infallible’… or, at least, beyond reasonable dispute.


This is nonsense, and the chapters now online make it clear.


The first three of four devastating arguments against ‘BOD-is-in-canon-law-so-you-have-to-believe-in-it’ display the total absurdity of any body (i.e., collection) of canon law --- at least in the past few centuries --- being correctly thought an act of ‘papal infallibility’.


Ergo, if not an act of papal infallibility, you can be a true & good Catholic whilst respectfully & intelligently disagreeing with the purported ‘wisdom’, ‘compassion’ and ‘rightness’ of these two canons. As long as you stay true to what the Catholic Church has explicitly & infallibly taught, then, provided you have excellent & orthodox reasons for doing so, you can indeed humbly, respectfully & intelligently disagree with the theological opinion expressed in them.


And why would this be, again?


By definition, the 1917 Code of Canon Law is most certainly NOT an act of infallible papal definition or condemnation (pun most indubitably intended!). Wherefore, the 1917 Code, as an irrefutable logical consequence, is an act of papal authority and NOT papal infallibility.


Yet don’t we always have to obey?


Good Catholics obey any legitimate authority with jurisdiction when the authority is plainly commanding rightly. Notwithstanding, when this legitimate authority commands wrongly, or doesn’t have jurisdiction, or the thing commanded is dubious, you may, with respect, intelligently demur. Forsooth, if plainly in the wrong, you are obligated to demur!


This is merely the distinction between rational obedience & blind obedience.


Yes, a simple-minded or uneducated Catholic can sometimes inculpably obey a legitimate authority with jurisdiction commanding wrongly or dubiously, or an authority without jurisdiction trying to command him or her, even if the command is good & wise.


Notwithstanding, once the simple-minded or uneducated Catholic is informed, this excuse flies out the window. And an earnest, humble Catholic does not go around automatically condemning someone more intelligent or more trained than he, without first grappling cautiously & meticulously with what the more intelligent or more trained Catholic is saying. Acting otherwise is foolish at best and wicked at worst!


Consequently, dear reader, you are confronted with both the opportunity and --- if adequately intelligent --- the moral obligation to read this book, Baptismal Confusion, carefully & thoroughly. Blithely refusing to do so or skimming here-and-there doesn’t cut it.


You will face judgment, and Our Creator will not let you off the hook just because you don’t have the patience, humility or curiosity to investigate. The present confusion over the Sacrament of Baptism is that important, the Great Apostasy we are going through that dangerous & hideous.


This is your chance to make sure you’re Catholic, make sure you stay a true Catholic, and make sure you die a good Catholic, in the state of grace. There is no other way to save your soul.


What’s the most recent addition to the book about, though?


We investigate the other two arguments against the supposed ‘infallibility’ of canon law, as well as ancient & authoritative testimony from the 1st millennium and find out, to our surprise (if you haven’t learned about these things already), that ancient Catholics never, never, never allowed ‘accidentally dead’ and unbaptized catechumens to be buried in the hallowed ground of a Roman Catholic cemetery.




Don’t want to believe it?


No matter. The evidence is there.


You just have to be humble enough to look.


In addition to the ancient testimony, I’ve cited not one, not two, or even three highly respected theological experts of the past century-and-a-half, but, indeed, FOUR EMINENT PRIESTLY THEOLOGIANS & SCHOLARS, each of whom makes it clear the 1917 Code of Canon Law dared to innovate and allow… as a general rule for the first time ever in the Church’s long history… the corpses of unbaptized souls to be buried in the consecrated parts of Catholic cemeteries.


Again, don’t want to believe it?


Then read the latest post.


What’s online now for Part 7 of Baptismal Confusion is conclusive.


The evidence is stark, the logic impeccable, and the academic sources unimpeachable.


All you’ve got to do is look and think. Is that so hard?


Not if you care about the truth.


Today is the Feast of St. John the Baptist’s Nativity.


I can’t think of a better day to upload this post.


St. John’s baptism wasn’t a sacrament.


It didn’t confer the Holy Ghost.


But he did prepare the way.


Behold the Lamb of God!


The world began in water (creation); it was cleansed in water (flood); we begin in water (procreation); and we are cleansed in water (baptism). It behooves us to get the confusion over the Sacrament of Baptism cleared up. I’m not a pope, I don’t pretend to define infallibly. I merely point out the obvious:


That the Great Apostasy won’t go away until we get this confusion cleared up, and, if you are careless and arrogant about the Sacrament of Baptism, refusing to acknowledge the facts, then you not only help continue the confusion and our apostasy, but ensure that your eternal fate culminates in hell… at least temporarily (purgatory) and, much more likely, permanently (eternal damnation). Please look at the Lamb, heed his herald, John the Baptist, and think everything through carefully with me. If it’s truth you want, then that’s not too much to ask.


  Easter Monday and the Feast of St. Anicetus, 2017 (4-17-17)


Posted the very first part of the seventh & last part of the book, Baptismal Confusion.


I’ve long wanted to finish and upload the rest of Baptismal Confusion, but got sidetracked by the latest book, Helplessly Ignorant. (You’ll remember I woke up one morning having the scriptural quotes and the whole outline of the latter book in my mind, having a sense that it was timely and imperative to write it and get it online.) But why only the very first part of the former?


I had written much of this very first part well over a year ago.


Then a person close to me happened to mention that someone he knew had, despite reserving judgment for some time, come down on the side of BOD (‘baptism of desire’). And why was this? Because, said he, this someone had been told that BOD is ‘proven’ by the Church’s Code of Canon Law. The very thing that I had, some two years ago, already addressed (but not posted yet) and knew --- from long and careful research --- is not very good ‘proof’ of BOD at all.


In fact, it’s pretty much the worst evidence.


And, indeed… (surprisingly for those who have not studied or gotten truly familiar with all of the facts about these things)… astonishingly powerful evidence, in the final analysis, for the completely opposite side --- the position of WO (‘water only’) that BOD lovers hate so much.


Now, I haven’t had time to finish up the four devastating points against the BOD enthusiast’s ‘it’s-in-canon-law’ argument, showing, clearly and irrefutably, how it actually turns against them and winds up revealing the totally opposite thing… that BOD is brought into stark questionableness when you examine the history of canon law and baptism from the 1st millennium till our present time.


But I have uploaded, in a mere six chapters (five, really, if you discount the first of the six, which simply segues from the earlier majority of the book into the final and last part), the initial devastating point against the BOD argument of ‘it’s-in-the-1917-Code-of-Canon-Law’.


That it most certainly is not, and cannot be, an act of papal infallibility.


Don’t believe it?


Then read a mere 5 or 6 chapters and PROVE IT TO ME.


I mean, what have you got to lose, dear soul? You’re utterly confident, right?


Then surely, tender reader, if you’re so smart and so confident, then you’ll see right through my logical reasoning and thoroughly referenced & cited evidence. Which means, in turn, if you have any charity and compassion, that you’ll be able to assist me and let me know where, precisely, I’m wrong, and that Church’s Canon Law is always & wholly ‘infallible’.


That is, after all, what a good and helpful Catholic would do.


It’s what Christ did for us, and what His Vicar did, too. I.e., aside from today being Easter Monday (literally, the Monday right after Easter Sunday when Jesus resurrected), April 17 is the feast day of St. Anicetus on the universal sanctoral calendar. He was Bishop of Rome, and hence Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, during the middle of the 2nd century. Per the Martyrology and other ancient accounts, he fought with various strands of Gnosticism, a virulent heresy afflicting true Christians (read: Catholics) from the 1st to the 3rd centuries.


A Syrian by birth, his name is from the Greek Aniketos and means ‘unconquered’.


Let real Roman Catholics today, during the Great Apostasy, imitate both his name and his example, rejecting the Modernist Heresy which tyrannizes the world right now and has infected people who still call themselves ‘catholic’ since the Vatican II Pseudo-Council of the turbulent 1960s, being, in reality, Novus Ordoists (from the Latin Novus Ordo for ‘new order’). Novus Ordoists have apostatized from the Catholic Faith, no longer believing in it whole & entire.


Even the more ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ of them are guilty of this crime, God punishing such people --- who still call themselves by His Name --- by sending an ‘operation of error’ and a consequent blindness toward what the ancient dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ has always meant, with no ifs, ands or buts. To wit, that there is no exception to this rule for the person of sound & intelligent mind, with a so-called ‘invincible ignorance’ not ever meaning what they have claimed, and, therefore, no purportedly ‘invisible’ connection to Christ’s Catholic Body via an ‘implicit desire’ for water baptism with no real Catholic Faith.


It’s coming down to the wire, beloved soul.


It’s time to make up your mind.


Do you want the Truth?


Or do you want a Lie?


Look very carefully.


And choose wisely.


It’s extremely difficult nowadays to think correctly… but still not impossible.


Not if you ask, seek & knock. Not if you humbly implore the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the graces and wisdom of the Holy Ghost to see straight. We are commanded to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect, and this perfection includes being perfect in each of His Holy Religion’s infallible dogmas.


It should have been clear to us with the confusion and lies of the heinous Vatican II.


Can you not see with Antipope Francis being blatantly anti-Catholic?


This is the final battle between the Serpent and the Woman.


Don’t sell yourself short for sake of safety & prestige.


Doesn’t a human soul outweigh the world?


Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Ad Jesum per Mariam.


May Truth reign.


  Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent and 9th Anniversary of The Epistemologic Works, 2017 (3-31-17)


Uploaded most of the rest of the 4th part (albeit, not everything yet) of the latest book, Helplessly Ignorant, on this website, The Epistemologic Works.


Here we explain further how the world got into the Great Apostasy, and what the seemingly fantastic or bizarre parts of the Apocalypse (the last book of the Bible, what Protestants call ‘Revelation’ or, more often --- and incorrectly --- ‘Revelations’ in the plural) mean. I.e., precisely what are we to make of a Beast out of the Sea with seven heads & ten crowns?




Then take a look, read carefully, and think intelligently.


If ever there was a time when we can understand these things far better than before, that time is now.


•  Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of the Second Person of the Trinity, Which Second Person Is God Almighty from All of Eternity, and Whose Mother, Mere Creature Though She Be, Is the Queen of Highest Heaven Forevermore, 2016 (12-8-16)


Uploaded the fourth part (albeit, only a substantial part of the fourth part) of the new book, Helplessly Ignorant .


Here things become unavoidably apocalyptic.


What is one to make of the rather ‘bizarre-sounding’ but transfixing passages of the Apocalypse (‘Revelation’ for Protestants in their bibles) of St. John the Evangelist?


How are they to be interpreted?


Without claiming to be ‘all-knowing’ or ‘infallible’, I do insist that they mean something.


And I do also insist, to be rational, that God did not inspire Sacred Scripture or put these mysterious passages into the Bible, if they could never be understood properly and accurately by mere human beings.


Hence, they have to mean something.


And they must also be important or else Jesus Christ, via the Holy Ghost, would not have instructed and inspired John, His Beloved Disciple, to write them upon the Island of Patmos, where he was exiled, by the Emperor Domitian, just off the coast of Asia Minor --- modern day Turkey --- next to the ancient city of Ephesus.


So what do they mean?


That’s what the fourth part of Helplessly Ignorant gets into.


I haven’t had time, though, to get all of the fourth part written and edited.


Nevertheless, I have a sense that it was imperative to get something up by today.


Which, if you’re paying attention and are Catholic --- or, at least, claim to be ‘catholic’ --- is one of the most crucial feast days of the entire sanctoral cycle in the liturgical year of the One True Religion, the Singular & Sacred Roman Catholic Church of Our Uncreated Creator.


She is, after all, immaculate --- perfect and without sin --- for a reason.


A reason that God Himself determined from all of eternity.


To undo the Original Sin of Ss. Adam & Eve, by making one of His mere creatures (but made in His image) without Original Sin, and who, by His Almighty Will & Power, would never sin during Her entire earthly life… instead obeying Him with simplicity and humility, forever, without ever displeasing or disobeying His Divine Will for Her whole existence.


It is this Holy & Humble Woman who crushes the Serpent by Her Heel. (Genesis 3:15 DRC)


It is this Immaculately Conceived Human Being who vanquishes all heresy.


It is this mere creature, without any sin, whose Immaculate Heart will destroy the Great Apostasy and convert the world again --- for a brief period, at least --- to the One & Only Roman Catholic Religion of Her Son, Who is, indeed, God Almighty Incarnate.


It is His Holy Flesh, gotten from Her, His Mother, which accomplishes this miracle.


How fitting, then, if Helplessly Ignorant is of any worth to Our Maker, that the fourth part --- which gets into the nitty gritty apocalyptic details --- should be posted on Her feast day, the day dedicated by the Church, Her Son’s Body, on the universal liturgical calendar.


May Her Immaculate Heart be triumphant.


May Her Heel crush the snake’s dragonic head.


May all false (non-Catholic) religion be destroyed.


May this day, in this year, 2016, symbolically represent the beginning of the end.


The end of the old earth and old heavens, and of sin and death and night and mourning and fear and the sea and everything to do with rebellion and disobedience and anti-Catholicity.


All praise be to the Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus Christ, Who is God Almighty, and to the Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of His Mother, Queen Mary the Immaculate, greatest of all creatures that He has ever created, and perfect in all Her ways.




  Feast of St. Francis Xavier the Jesuit Missioner, 2016 (12-3-16)


Uploaded a new article, Automatic Excommunications (‘Latae Sententiae’): Why Canon Law Automatically Excommunicates Notoriously & Pertinaciously Heretical or Schismatic Members of the Catholic Church Without Formal Action or Declarations from Her Leaders, and Why This Principle Applies from Highest Pope to Lowliest Layperson from the Most Ancient of Times , in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works website. This in turn is an updated and re-written excerpt from the longer article, Should You Go to a CMRI Mass or Take Part in the Worship of Other Traditionalists? , with a substantial endnote tying it all together, also found in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works website.


Why is this article important?


Because confusion reigns supreme during the Great Apostasy.


And that confusion revolves around what Catholicity is --- especially around denial of the infallible maxim ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its most ancient, narrow & correct sense --- and the loss of both knowing that you have become truly Catholic, and loss of knowing how to tell if someone else is truly Catholic.


That’s where the Church’s Canon Law comes in.


Since most ancient of times the Catholic Church has told us, with supreme authority, that those who are supposed to be Her members but reveal themselves, notoriously and pertinaciously, as grievous heretics or schismatics, are excommunicated.


And not just excommunicated, but done so ‘ipso facto’ and latae sententiae.


That is to say, automatically.


This is stunning and revelatory to the thinking person who cares. Who truly is Catholic, or wants to be truly Catholic, and is trying to figure out what in the world is going on with the world today. When everything and everyone seems to be bent on evil and anti-Catholicity, of systematically rejecting and denying all that the Church teaches.


Teachings that are infallible.


Hence, if systematically rejected and denied, then the world really is in the most wicked and rebellious of times… the time of the Great Apostasy, when, just as Jesus’ Human Body was buried in the tomb at the rejoicing of His enemies, so, too, Jesus’ Ecclesial Body --- the Roman Catholic Church --- is buried in the tomb at the rejoicing of Her enemies as well.


And yet there will be a resurrection.


It’s God’s Church, not ours, as I am fond of saying.


We’re merely members of His Church… if truly Catholic.


What’s going on today requires the complicity of some very important people. People who, like Judas Iscariot, are traitors and even murderers. Such people operate within the apparent structure of the Church --- whilst not actually being Catholic.


Now, if they’re hidden away, there’s not a lot we can do, apart from being cautious and certain to remain truly Catholic, professing and defending the Faith whole & entire.


But when such traitors come out into the open --- as they will, eventually, just as Judas revealed himself for what he was to everyone when he led the soldiers to arrest his Master, Jesus, in the garden --- the situation changes completely.


Now they’re out in the open.


Now they can no longer hide.


This is what being a notorious and pertinacious heretic or schismatic amounts to.


It’s why the Church excommunicates them automatically, without a prelate having to raise a finger in official or public action, or make some sort of ‘formal declaration’.


It’s to protect the Ecclesial Body of Jesus Christ.


Why, then, has everyone forgotten this, or acts like it’s simply ‘theoretical’ while in no way possible, or proper, to put it into routine practice?


Because they are either servants or dupes of Satan.


And if Satan was going to ‘win’ against his foe, the Catholic Church, then he must make people forget, or act like it no longer matters or can be put into practice, the canonic principle of automatic excommunications… of identifying those who are not truly professing Catholicism whole & entire, who are attacking Her and betraying Her.


If servants of Satan, they do this on purpose.


If dupes of Satan, they do it inadvertently.


Sadly, the adverb ‘inadvertently’ does not equate with ‘inculpably’.


God gives most of us intelligent and adequate minds.


Ergo, at some point, we should figure things out.


That’s what this article is about:


Helping you, the reader, to figure it out.


To fulfill your duty, become truly Catholic (or stay truly Catholic!) , and distinguish those who are not… and even if that means someone who is supposed to be a Successor to St. Peter and the Supreme Defender of the One True Faith.


Almost no one on earth is left who is truly Catholic.


How fitting, then, that this post transpires on the day that the Church dedicates to St. Francis Xavier, the great Jesuit missioner and, arguably, the greatest evangelist since the first century and the holy work of God’s chosen man, St. Paul the Apostle.


May another St. Francis Xavier, and another St. Paul the Apostle, be bequeathed to us.


May Queen Mary crush the serpent’s head and vanquish all heresies.


May King Jesus resurrect His Ecclesial Body and return to earth.


May we in the meantime be truly Roman Catholic, carry our heavy crosses while enduring the mockery and opposition and hatred of the whole world, and die in the state of grace.


May God give us again a true & holy pope, and shepherds to watch over our souls.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


  Feast of St. Saturninus and Vigil of the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, 2016 (11-29-16)


Posted the second and third parts of the new book, Helplessly Ignorant: The Nonsense of a Perfectly Intelligent But Strangely ‘Invincibly Ignorant’ Person Somehow ‘Unable’ to Know Catholicism Is True in Order to Find Salvation, Whilst, Instead, Getting into Heaven by Being ‘Sincere’ , in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works website.


Saturninus was a fairly popular name during ancient Roman times, clearly meant to honor the pagan god, Saturn, for which our most beautiful of relatively nearby celestial spheres --- the planets --- is named, the ringed and heavenly-looking orb.


This lovely heavenly orb has a strange hexagonal (six-sided) ‘storm’ raging constantly like a polar vortex swirling round its north pole. It’s considered during modern times as the ‘sixth’ planet out from the sun, yet, from a truly wise and scholarly Catholic point of view, knowing Tychonian Geocentrism to be the real arrangement of our creation (all things in the universe rotating around the sun, the sun itself then revolving, with the heavens revolving around it, around the earth at the center of our creation), Saturn is actually (and counting the ‘missing’ planetary orb called the ‘asteroid belt’, which cosmic Darwinists claim is a ‘failed’ planet that never quite came together over ‘billions’ of years, but which is in reality a planetary orb that suffered catastrophic destruction, probably at the time of St. Noe’s Great Deluge long ago) the eight celestial orb outward from the earth deep into the heavens. It is, as it were, the octave heavenly sphere corresponding to our moon, upon which Our Lady stands, like the highest ‘mountain’ of the earth (since, as  a wise person realizes, the earth and moon are coupled ‘gravitationally’ in a perpetual starry dance, the barycenter of this cosmic waltz being, literally, a thousand miles below our terrestrial surface.) So that, in a real sense, Saturn is the heavenly sphere an octave above our moon --- the highest height belonging to earth --- and, hence, the ‘seventh heaven of heaven’, as it were.


Is it any wonder, then, that Saturn is the most beautiful of ‘nearby’ celestial globes, ringed and golden, and, the astronomers tell us, of a density lighter than water, so that, were it possible, having a gargantuan sea or pool of water, Saturn would float, buoyant and ship-like.


And then that enigmatic six-sided hexagon at the north pole of Saturn…


Six, the number of humanity, on the octave heavenly orb corresponding to our earth’s most lofty summit, the lunar orb, ancient Diana, Selene and Cynthia, as our pagan ancestors called her… for the moon has always symbolized and evoked femininity.


The heavens do indeed declare the glory of God.


And reveal His mysteries for the one who sees.


Saturn was known as Cronos to the Greeks.


Overseeing crops, the seasons and time itself.


The Romans celebrated this pagan deity at the very time --- just after the winter solstice --- that Our Lord & Savior was born, around December 25th.


Curious, curious, curious.


Jesus Christ is the Bread of Heaven, the fulfillment of a heavenly crop of wheat, the medicine of immortality as St. Ignatius of Antioch called Him in his ancient letters from the turn of the second century, second in line from St. Peter himself as bishop of the Diocese of Antioch in Syria, where St. Paul the Apostle was a member, then sent forth to evangelize the world to Roman Catholicism, and where true followers of Christ were first called ‘Christians’, as St. Paul’s missionary companion, St. Luke (author of the third gospel in the Bible) tells us in his other scriptural book, the Acts of the Apostles.


And Jesus came to mark our times forever just after the winter solstice, changing it from a season of pagan debauchery and dissolution into a time of joy and solemnity and holy expectation… the Season of Advent, which we have just entered with the 1st Sunday of Advent upon 27 November 2016, when I posted the first of five parts to the new book, Helplessly Ignorant.


Again, curious.


What a frightening yet exciting time to be alive.


If we’re Catholic and die in the state of grace… what a reward we will receive.


What a Crown of Martyrdom we will win, and even if we never shed our blood.


Our heart’s blood, measured in sorrows and spiritual famine, will be our bloodless sacrifice, priceless and painful regardless. It’s the time to be brave, don our religious armor, tighten our spiritual belts around bellies thin and emaciated from long hunger without shepherds to feed us or pastures to lie down and rest in. The desert parches our lips, makes our skin like rough leather, the sun browns us like St. Mary of Egypt in the arid wasteland east of the Jordan River… living for forty years without sacraments or priests, in penance for her terrible transgressions.


We endure the same.


Let us surmount as she did, invoking her prayers.


Read the book. Get informed about the “operation of error” that besets us.


See with the eyes God has given you --- ponder with the mind He has bestowed upon you.


Seize every prayer, every devotion, every holy book left in our possession.


Prayer and wear the Rosary like a spiritual weapon.


Do the same with the Brown Scapular.


Likewise with the Miraculous Medal. Similarly the Medal of St. Benedict.


And heed the Saving Truth found in the book, Helplessly Ignorant.


‘No Salvation outside the Church’ means exactly what it says, no ifs, ands or buts.


It has always been understood with simplicity, without qualification.


‘Salvation-in-the-state-of-ignorance-and-sincerity’ is nonsense.


Know this, defy the Serpent, avoid the forbidden apple.


We may be conceived in Original Sin.


We do not, however, have to commit actual sin.


We can know truth, we can choose to believe it, and we can humbly profess it.


That’s why God gave us intelligent minds and freedom of will.


This is why He made us look like Him, in His Sacred Image.


O Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!


O Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary, pray for us!


Let the Saving Truth be known.


It is time.


Like the Maccabees of old, we few real Catholics have retreated to God’s Mountain.


Now Satan threatens to chase us there, to seek and destroy us!


May the Sword of the Spirit be strong in our hands.


May Infallible Truth defy and dismay him.


May we, by Mary’s Heel, make him pay dearly for his arrogance.


By Your Eternal Power, O God, unleash Her Immaculate Heart, vanquish our Serpentine Foe!


Bring the Dragon down in utter ruin, quench his poisonous and fiery breath with the holy water of life and Roman Catholic Dogma. Let us finally, after long and patient humiliation, see his downfall and utter ruin. Let us mock the worm that troubles the world.


Let the Prince of the Power of the Air plunge to the ground.


Let him eat dust upon his belly.


This we pray.


This we ask.


This we seek.


May your Mother, Mary, be our refuge.


Deus, Deus meus. Do not forsake us unto the end. Amen.


  Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, 2016 (11-27-16)


Posted the first part of a new book, Helplessly Ignorant: The Nonsense of a Perfectly Intelligent But Strangely ‘Invincibly Ignorant’ Person Somehow ‘Unable’ to Know Catholicism Is True in Order to Find Salvation, Whilst, Instead, Getting into Heaven by Being ‘Sincere’ , in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works website.


This is a book I’ve long wanted to write --- yet dreaded doing so at the same time, knowing how difficult and time-consuming it would be and feeling incompetent, not being up to the task with all of the enemies of Catholicism arrayed against us --- but woke up one morning in February of 2016 realizing that it was time, and that the entire outline had been given to me in my sleep during the night.


No one has to believe me, of course… and I deserve any derision I receive, being an unworthy Catholic and rotten sinner… nevertheless, this is what happened.


If it really is from Heaven, and worthwhile to them, then I will be the most surprised. I am not only unworthy of the name of Catholic (despite certainly bearing this noble title), but a man of little brain and mind compared to the celestial beings. Any understanding I have is from God Himself --- He gets the credit. I did not make myself or give myself intelligence. It’s all from Him. And, like Nabuchodonosor [Nebuchadnezzar in Protestant bibles] of old, who ruled the mightiest empire of his time on earth, yet had his mind stripped from him by God for seven years in order to humble him, living like an animal and eating grass, I readily praise the Triune God of the Catholic Church for His gifts & bounties bestowed upon us.


I’m actually a hindrance to His Kingdom, not an asset.


In any case, the book tackles a simple but heinous problem:


Why the fixation in modern times with ‘ignorance’ and ‘skepticism’?


Why pretend it’s ‘impossible’ to know with certainty which religion or philosophy is actually and totally true (if any), and why the automatic, kneejerk derision toward any religion of a more traditional or formal nature?


What gives?


Modernized but ‘non-religious’ people act like it’s a hopeless attempt to discover which religion, if any, is true. Or, as is more and more common nowadays, they use this as a lame excuse for not looking and seeking and investigating whilst knowing, all along, that they really don’t think any of them are true… they’re all a bunch of nonsense and ‘superstition’, say they, if honest, or only privately in their minds.


Meanwhile, people who style themselves ‘catholic’ since Vatican II in the 1960s pretend that intelligent people can be ‘invincibly ignorant’ and --- in this state of ‘inculpable’ ignorance or prejudice about Catholicism --- be saved, instead, as they are without first converting truly, really, actually and visibly to the Roman Catholic Church. This, they say, is what the Catholic Church has always taught (a complete falsehood, as anyone who studies the early Church Fathers and ancient ecclesial history knows), or, acknowledging things have ‘changed’ since ancient times and ancient Catholic belief, they pretend that this change is merely a ‘deepening’ of the infallible dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ when, in fact, it’s an outright blatant and savage contradiction of what all real Catholics have always known Salvation Dogma to mean, with simplicity and no qualifications.


This salvation heresy --- this hellish lie --- has come to dominate our present world, being the primary means by which Lucifer (the Devil, or Satan) has appeared like an ‘angel of light’ and deceived nearly all peoples, including those who are supposed to be ‘catholic’ and ushered in the short but brutal era of the long foretold Great Apostasy.


It is with this realization in mind that I have written the book.


I do not pretend to have the power, the fame, the wealth or the ability in any way, shape or form to undo this hideous evil all by myself. I merely speak the truth where necessary, knowing that it is infallible and absolutely needful for the salvation of souls.


It’s up to God whether or not He uses it for good.


I am not a priest, bishop or pope, nor have I ever claimed to be.


I am merely Catholic --- having been raised as a modern and to hate the Catholic Religion --- and, by God’s Mercy, was converted to the True Religion in a miracle of transformation.


This transformation is proof that, if God can do it with me, then He can do it for anyone.


It’s His Church, not mine or yours.


We’re merely members of it, if truly Catholic and not espousing the falsehoods of the reigning Religion of Modernism which claims, amongst other things, that it doesn’t matter what religion you are… as long as you don’t deny what Modernism dogmatically teaches, especially the teaching that no religion really matters, that the Golden Rule (‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’) is all that’s important, and that this principle is something all major religions of old share in common. Ergo, beyond that Rule, and, provided you don’t act like Modernism is something bad or dangerous, then you’re on the right side of ‘progress’ and the world is becoming a more modern and ‘better’ place every day.


How lucky we are to be so smart and free of our ancestors’ superstitions!


This is what we think.


The Helplessly Ignorant book demolishes this myth by pointing out its glaring flaws and logical contradictions, as well as its blatantly demonic opposition to what the Roman Catholic Religion has always taught as infallible & saving truth.


Curious, then, that it should first be released to the world at large on the day wise Catholics honor God’s Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, under the title of ‘Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal’.


This year is curious already, being but one year shy of the hundredth anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima and its flabbergasting Miracle of the Sun in Portugal in Europe, witnessed by over 70,000 people, many of whom were not Catholic and unbelievers.


The Feast of Christ the King transpired on the last Sunday of October as always this year, but, as far as I can tell (and this feast was only instituted in the early 20th century by Pope Pius XI, so it hasn’t been on the universal liturgical calendar for long), for the first time ever literally right before All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween, as contemporary people know it) the next day, Monday, and All Saints Day right after that as ever, of course. Then follows a series of amazing feast days, such as the Feast of the Dedication of St. John Lateran’s Cathedral in Rome, Italy, which is the Mother Church of all real Catholics, being the seat and throne of the Papacy. Then comes the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of Ss. Peter & Paul a week or so later, the founding bishops of the Diocese of Rome in the mid-first century. Then the feasts of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Cecilia, St. Clement of Rome, St. John of God, St. Catherine of Alexandria and so forth and so on…


So many of my favorite saints are celebrated by the Church near the end of the liturgical & sanctoral years.


Then, at almost the very end, comes Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, not yet on the universal calendar, but well-known and widespread amongst Catholics of the past two centuries. Like the woman who crushes the serpent’s head, it was like Mary, Our Heavenly Mother, reassuring Her children, true Catholics, that, yes, the times are evil and bound to get more evil still… notwithstanding, the moment is coming, and not so far away, that My Son, Jesus, the God-Man, will speak, permitting Me to act, and I will vanquish our foe, the Devil. He will not prevail indefinitely, his time is horrible yet short, and you may cling to me, the Queen of Highest Heaven, and I will hide you in My Mantle, protecting you during this terrible time. Evil will not win; My Son’s Body, the Catholic Church, will resurrect; and worldlings will not go unpunished, either converted miraculously to My side or else annihilated by My heel along with their spiritual father, the Ancient Dragon and liar.


This is our hope.


This is our lifeline.


This is why we do not despair.


This is why, as difficult and unbelievable as it may seem, humanly speaking, we wait patiently, learn to endure our cross and kiss and embrace it, and soldier on, stumbling and gasping in our tribulation. We die with Christ on the Hill of Calvary, but do not rot away in the ecclesial tomb. Like Him, on Easter Sunday, we look for Resurrection --- both in the world to come and in this earthly life, too, prior to Jesus’ Second Advent. Will you or I live to see it? I cannot say with prophetic assurance. I only know that God will act, miraculously and without any foe able to withstand Him when He so chooses. He brought mighty Egypt to its knees when He freed the Israelites to worship Him in His One True Religion of the Old Covenant, and, against all odds, He brought the Day of Pentecost upon the incipient New Covenant Church in the Upper Room of Jerusalem, spreading Catholicism across the equally mighty Roman Empire in a trice, practically overnight, regardless of brutal and bloody opposition.


No enemy is His equal.


This is the God we serve.


Let us humble ourselves, beg His forgiveness for our many sins, bear our crosses gladly as the very least we deserve too suffer for our terrible rebellions, and wait patiently for Him to act.


Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, pray for us!


And by Your Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, O Queen crowned by Twelve Stars, clothed with the sun and standing upon the moon, bring the serpent to heel and convert this world once again to Your Son’s One & Only Catholic Body, outside of which no one can hope to be saved…


O Mediatrix of All Your Son’s Graces and Co-Redemptress of Our World, protect us --- particularly our immortal souls --- and help us, your unworthy children, in our desperate need. We look to you, O Mother, and trust You, just as you helped the poor couple married in Cana, running out of wine for their guests. You asked Your Son to succor them in their need, and He did. Please ask Him to succor us in our need, and He will. He never denies His Immaculate One Her wishes, for You can never wish that which is wrong, and He delights in honoring You, His Perfect Creature and Mother for the rest of eternity.


Now is the time we need Your help.


We turn to You, like a little child to his or her Mother.


You are sweet and tender, and will not fail us.


Where our shepherds have apostatized and abandoned us, You will not.


Gather the sheep, protect the lambs, and make us one.


Don’t let Lucifer triumph in his pride.


Humble him, crush him.


We Your children cry to You!


Protect us.


Dear reader, read the book.


Heaven willing, I will post two more parts in the next day or two.


By God’s grace I will post the fourth part by the 8th of December.


By Our Lady’s strength, I will post the fifth and final part by Her Son’s Nativity, the 25th of December.


However poorly worded, the message in the book is true and needful.


We will not gain Heaven’s Mercy or begin to undo the religious darkness till these spiritual falsehoods and cancers of the human soul are banished and buried.


May this tiny thing be a tottering but real step in the right direction.


May Our Eternal & Self-Subsisting Creator use it for good.


May human beings heed its message even if they revile me.


Then would God’s Power be truly revealed.


Ss. Francis & Dominic, little men of God, help me to be one tenth of what you were.


And, if against all expectations, I am ten times what you were, let it not be thought I accomplished anything on my own, let all the credit be given to God & His Mother, Mary. Let me hide in Her holy skirts, like a painfully shy child, let all honor go to Her, and through Her to God, let me only, I beg You, unworthy as I am, be made worthy by Your Power & Mercy, and let me, I beg You, see Heaven, since I dare not suffer the flames of hell forevermore.


But let me love You --- and Her --- like I should.




  Feast of St. Anthony of the Desert, 2016 (1-17-16)


Posted latest article, The Sacrament of Penance Without a Priest Available, in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works website.


An excerpt of Chapters 11 to 13 of the longer article, This Is the Great Apostasy… Now, How Do We Make Sure Our Souls Survive It?, with a couple of small tweaks, a tiny introduction, and an endnote tying everything up while rebutting typical biases held by various readers, the upload addresses a simple but vexing dilemma:


With lawful priests not available to real Catholics during the Great Apostasy, how is a person to be certain to absolve mortal sin prior to exiting this life?


Can anyone be saved out of this terrible situation?


Fortunately, the answers are reassuring.


Neither the Triune Catholic God nor His One & Only Roman Catholic Church have left us abandoned while our world undergoes a rebellion unseen since the time of St. Noe.


We are not without hope, we are not automatically doomed to hell.


What’s more, the Solemn Magisterium --- especially the Council of Trent --- gives us infallible assurance of this.


So, while laboring wearily in the midst of spiritual famine, void of visible shepherds for the time being, we poor hungry sheep are not laboring without hope… we are not laboring toward certain damnation.


But read the article.


Today is the Feast of St. Anthony of the Desert. Not St. Anthony the Miracle Worker, who toiled as a monk many centuries later. Do not confuse the two.


St. Anthony of the Desert lived at a curious time in history. As a young boy when he wandered into the Egyptian desert to live as a hermit, the Roman Empire was still officially pagan. Constantine had not yet converted to the Catholic Faith, indeed, had not even yet been born upon the earth.


Nevertheless, before St. Anthony of the Desert left this world, he witnessed the transformation of Rome from pagan monarch to Christian Queen.


The Empire became officially Catholic.


Unfortunately, at the same time this was happening --- the rolls of the Church engorged with people now converting to the Catholic Faith since persecution not only no longer threatened, but, instead, being a Catholic could help advance one’s career within the government --- God in His Sovereign Will permitted a massive spiritual attack against the One True Religion.


To wit, the Arian Heresy.


Some scholars estimate up to 90% of the bishops went openly heretical.


And, it would seem, at least half --- if not even more --- of the laity followed their shepherds into religious rebellion and eventual damnation.


This scourge of terrible heresy went on for the better part of the fourth century.


And poor St. Anthony witnessed the beginning of it, even as he lived to see the official conversion of the Roman Empire into a bastion of Catholicity.


It ought not to surprise anyone that he opposed Arianism with unbending zeal.


The point?


Any real Catholic today must approach our crisis with equal zeal.


We shan’t all be saints; we’re not all apostles or prophets.


Indeed, all of us are pretty much ‘no ones’.


Like the fishermen called out to be Jesus’ disciples unexpectedly, as it were, so, too, it would appear, many of us today, who are actually Catholic, were called out of nowhere to convert to the True Church.


And yet, like St. Anthony, as we convert we see the Church under assault like never before, Her Ecclesial Body, as it were, laid in the Tomb of this earth after Her Crucifixion upon a Modernist Cross, imitating Her Head --- Jesus --- to the bitter end.


Notwithstanding, will it really end in bitterness?


Any true Catholic knows the story:


No. Jesus resurrected. It did not end in the Tomb.


Neither will today’s Ecclesial Crucifixion end in the Tomb.


God will resurrect His Ecclesial Body, and that Body will not rot away.


In the meantime, those few of us who are truly Catholic, and without shepherds to guard our souls, must --- if only metaphorically --- survive like St. Anthony in the Desert. For, although in the strict sense we may not be called to be hermits, we are all of us right now, in the figurative sense, destined by God’s Holy Will to be spiritual hermits, all alone and seemingly forgotten or abandoned.


This is the cross and martyrdom each of us faces.


Without visible shepherds and a normally functioning hierarchy, we are just like hermits in the religious desert, surviving on prayer and on what few spiritual aids we may glean in the arid wilderness.


Like St. Anthony, we endure abstinence for the greater glory of eternity.


And, like Anthony, we witness with horror the superficial --- but very real --- triumph of hell for a very short span of time against the Pillar & Ground of Truth.


That is to say, just like hell and all foolish sinners thought Jesus --- the very Author of Truth, Truth Himself --- vanquished and in the earth, their enemy gone… so, too, hell and all foolish sinners now think Jesus’ Catholic Body vanquished and in the earth, their indomitable religious enemy obliterated.


It’s worse now than it was during the Arian Heresy. And, yet, the Arian Heresy looked pretty bleak at the time, a holy foe like St. Athanasius banished not once, not twice, not even thrice from his episcopal throne in Alexandria, Egypt, but five times over the course of interminable decades!


Again, the point?


St. Anthony went to the grave not knowing, humanly speaking, how this battle would turn out. For a while, humanly speaking, it looked like Arianism would win.


It was winning!


Likewise, for a while, humanly speaking, with Jesus in the Tomb, it looked like hell had triumphed.


It had triumphed!


But only for a moment.


The upshot?


St. Anthony of the Desert is honored as the father of monasticism, since, at the turn of the fourth century, no one yet had organized monasteries and caused monks to live in community with one another, subject to the rule and under daily obedience.


And even though Anthony did not go into the desert to organize monasteries.


Similarly today.


By God’s Choice, not ours, we are forced into a spiritual desert like hermits, in order to be truly Catholic during the Great Apostasy, when everyone has betrayed --- including our visible shepherds --- the Ecclesial Body of Christ.


Has hell triumphed?


It seems like it, superficially.


Just like hell appeared to win with Jesus in the Tomb, or how it seemed like everybody was Arian by the middle of the AD 300s.


Nonetheless, God’s Body did not rot in the Tomb, nor did God’s Ecclesial Body rot away in the ‘triumph’ of His foes as Arianism reigned for a moment during the fourth century --- when even the emperors were Arian and on the wrong side, upholding false religion! --- rather, He resurrected.


This is the hope we have.


This is the miracle we look for.


But it’s God’s Church, not ours. We’re merely members of it…


If we are truly Catholic.


Meanwhile, we survive in the desert like St. Anthony.


Perhaps we will live to see the ecclesial resurrection, if not too old.


Or perhaps our children will take part in the re-establishment of a real Catholicism upon the earth, witnessing the revival of a living, breathing & functioning Hierarchy, helping to organize its restitution just as Anthony organized the institution of monasticism so long ago.


It’s in God’s Hands. I do not claim to be prophetic, in the strict sense.


I merely prophesy --- in the broad sense that all real Catholics may claim to wield --- that God’s Promise will not fail.


Hell will not triumph in the end.


The Tomb will be empty.


And Truth --- and Truth’s Pillar --- will reign forevermore.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Ad Jesum per Mariam.


  Feast of the Holy Family and the Fifth Day Within the Octave of Epiphany, 2016 (1-10-16)


Uploaded the article, This Is the Great Apostasy... Now, How Do We Make Sure Our Souls Survive It?, in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works website. Originally a personal letter sent in response to a man in the South of the United States, he asked several questions, all of which revolve around this quandary:


As Catholics, what are supposed to do during such evil times?


Where do we get the sacraments?


The letter I wrote answered those questions.


Moreover, it became the basis for an explanation to help anyone in these straits. That is to say, for any real Catholic who realizes we’re in a horrible situation today, our world lost in the darkness of the Great Apostasy and facing a terrible punishment.


What are we to do? How are we to survive it? How can we make sure our souls go to Heaven when we have no visible shepherds to protect us and to guard us? Are we lost forever? Has God abandoned us? Do we become, if only by default, some sort of strange ‘protestant’ by being Catholic without any visible shepherds for the time being?


Read the article to find out in sufficient detail.


In short, though, no!


We are not without recourse. We can survive. We can die in the state of grace, and despite the hideous opposition against us, without pastors to keep us safe. We are not lost forever to the fires of hell. The danger to us is huge… greater than any time since the Flood of Noe… but we are not lost forever. God has not abandoned us. We are not now ‘protestants’ just because we have no pope, bishop or priest with jurisdiction at the moment. We remain Catholic --- and persevere as Catholics! --- in spite of apostasy, in order to save our souls.


In a word, we look for the end of this apostasy, and the return of our visible shepherds!


But, again, read the article.


It just might tell you something that is needful for your salvation!


Today, as I write and post this, is 10 January 2016. It happens to be the Feast of the Holy Family, which is a ‘movable’ liturgical day, as are so many of the Catholic Church’s liturgical feasts, given that we have a solar calendar derived from the Roman Empire, whilst following the Old Testament’s lunar calendar when it comes to Easter.


In this case, however, the mobility of the Feast of the Holy Family is not so much due to the mobility of Easter based on the lunar phases as it is because of the uneven division of seven-day weeks into a 365-day year (366 days when the year is a leap year, of course).


To wit, Epiphany always occurs on January 6th in a solar calendar, just as Christmas always occurs on December 25th.


But because the Feast of the Holy Family is always on a Sunday --- a Sunday that is within the Octave of the Epiphany --- then the Feast of the Holy Family is going to occur on varying days of the month within the solar calendar, just so long as that day is always a Sunday and in the Octave of the Holy Family.


Make your head spin a little bit, cause your mind to boggle?


Not to worry. Calendrics is a rather arcane pursuit.


Nevertheless, God did make our world to depend on the cycles of the sun and the moon.


Ergo, calendrics is important for the knowledgeable Catholic.


But does every real Catholic have to comprehend calendrics?




Just as long as --- given that you don’t understand calendrics, at least not fully --- you don’t then act impatiently & foolishly, and assume, out of thin air, that calendrics is not important at all.


Doing that puts you on the road to Catholic fundamentalism.


Which is horrible, leading to schism and heresy.


You can learn about this hideous danger here and here.


Yet is there significance in the Feast of the Holy Family?


I believe there is.


The Holy Family is at the core of everything.


I.e., our Salvation begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus, Who in turn in His Sacred Humanity begins with the Blessed Virgin Mary, His Chosen Mother, and ends with Her, who is also, by God’s Sovereign Will, the Queen of Highest Heaven. She is the one through whom God chose to bequeath to us His Son, the Eternally Divine Person of Jesus Christ, His Sacred Flesh & Blood, by which Salvation was accomplished on the Cross, sacrificing that very Flesh & Blood that She gave Him.


What’s more, both of them --- Divine Person and Immaculate Mother --- did most certainly put themselves both willingly and humbly under the authority of a mere man, most holy and saintly though he was, the wonderful St. Joseph.


A saintly man who was chosen by God precisely because he was so humble & holy!


The point?


As I am fond of pointing out to my wife & children, humility and obedience is at the heart of Catholicity.


And why would the Church choose to give us a Feast of the Holy Family on the universal liturgical calendar, every real Catholic in the world observing it?


So that we might honor the Holy Family with our veneration, and imitate their holiness!


All of us.


A holiness that must, of necessity, include humility & obedience, as is revealed by the passage from St. Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 2, that is read during the Mass on this Sabbath. For how did Jesus act after the finding of Him in the Temple by His Mother and Foster Father?


He then went home with them to Nazareth, ‘subject to them’ and increasing in ‘grace’.


Our time is the time of the Great Apostasy. Almost no one is truly Catholic. Our shepherds have abandoned us… many of them became wolves and lusted after our souls.


But are we to give up hope?


Are we to conclude that we are doomed, that God no longer loves us?


No, for that would be despair and is forbidden of any real Catholic to indulge --- especially when it comes to the salvation of our individual souls.


To the contrary, we must redouble our efforts and seek the narrow path.


A narrow path that remains Roman Catholic, and will remain so for all of eternity.


The upshot?


Now, of all times, must we look toward the Holy Family and work out our salvation with fear & trembling, remaining Roman Catholic and in spite of the abandonment of our visible shepherds, who have wilted with cowardice & laziness, or else revealed themselves to be the wolves that they already were, heretical in their hearts and salivating for our souls.


We must imitate Jesus, Mary & Joseph.


We must remain truly Catholic all alone and obscure, thought of as nobody by everyone.


We must practice the precious virtues of humility and obedience.


A humility and obedience that requires us to look like we are ‘rebellious’, at odds with those who call themselves ‘catholic’ and yet they are not, disobeying God & His Catholic Religion. An obedience that humiliates us, making us seem as though we are what we truly are not --- rebels and disobedient, proud and uncatholic.


To please God, we must displease men.


To remain Catholic, we must oppose the uncatholic.


We must persevere in what Catholics have always taught & believed.


We must do so in spite of a world persecuting us and condemning us.


We must persevere, despite Herod seeking to murder us.


We must survive in Egypt, ancient center of pagan oppression.


We must be ‘called out of Egypt’, like God’s Son and His Old Testament Church before then, when all the world seemed lost in false religion, and did not give a single nod toward the Creator or His One & Only Roman Catholic Religion, outside of which no one can hope to be saved.


We must endure --- and be faithful --- regardless of an entire world against us.


If not, how can we be worthy of God & Heaven?


This article is a modest attempt to help you do this, my dear reader.


If truly Catholic, then please learn what you can from it that might help save your soul.


And where I may need help --- as may be obvious from my inept efforts to do so for the sake of others, as in this article --- please do not hesitate to do so for me, although, I trust, always with my own soul’s eternal fate uppermost in your mind as your greatest concern.


Yet if not truly Catholic, please heed what is said.


It may seem unbelievable because you don’t want to believe it (and not because it actually is unbelievable, as if you know everything there is to know, and could be absolutely certain it isn’t true), but, given that it is true, how could you not heed it?


That is to say, you’d better make sure one way or the other, and not depend on your supposed ‘certainty’ that it couldn’t be true… and just because you don’t want to believe it’s true! In other words, look at the article carefully to see what it has to say!


It’s always the truth that we are to seek, one way or another.


And since truth doesn’t depend solely on you to determine its content, then, given that you have an intelligent mind… and that you don’t know everything already… oughtn’t you to use that intelligent mind to see what the truth actually is, regardless of your prejudices at the beginning of your humble but intelligent search?


Obviously so.


No intelligent and honest and humble person could think otherwise.


+ + +


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