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  Feast of St. Francis of Paula, 2020 (4-2-20)


Yet another relatively brief post, this time…


Baptismal Confusion: Dilemmas of ‘Desire’; or, It Is Foolish to Presume Either ‘BOD’ or ‘WO’, as of Yet in Our Era, to Be the ‘Final’ or ‘Inarguable’ Stance, Not Even Bothering to Honestly Study Each Side’s Evidence!


This is the third time we’ve addressed this issue of baptismal confusion.


But what is the confusion concerning baptism all about?


Read the writings! In short, however:


Some people, calling themselves Catholic, say a catechumen could die ‘accidentally’ BEFORE receiving the form (liturgical words) & matter (sacramental water) of the Sacrament of Baptism and STILL, via perfect contrition for one’s mortal sins (including the Original Sin into which all of us are conceived, except for the Lord Jesus & Lady Mary), allied with a real intention to receive the form & matter should you unexpectedly survive and live long enough to do so, you will nevertheless be an EXCEPTION in God’s Sight, receiving the invisible graces of the Sacrament from the Holy Ghost and be allowed to enter HEAVEN, rather than automatically go to hell for eternity.


Other people, calling themselves Catholic, say a catechumen could NEVER die ‘accidentally’ prior to receiving the words & water of the Sacrament of Baptism, God NEVER allowing such a thing to happen since He omnisciently knows such a person’s heart (that it is good-willed and most earnestly seeks to obey Him by being Roman Catholic) and omnipotently provides for this person’s eternal safety; such a good-willed person ALWAYS gets the sacramental words & water, with accompanying invisible graces, NO MATTER WHAT, thereby avoiding hell and inheriting Heaven Above in the divinely-bestowed fashion prescribed by Our Lord Jesus Christ.


To wit, so-called ‘baptism of desire’ (BOD) vs. ‘water only’ (WO). Which is it?


That’s the battle, that’s the controversy. So where does the confusion come in?


BOTH SIDES get up in arms against the other side. BODers automatically condemn the WOer, acting as if BOD is infallibly & explicitly affirmed, or, at a minimum, that it is ‘disobedient’ to respectfully doubt or disbelieve in a position that has NOT, as of yet, been infallibly & explicitly affirmed. Meanwhile, WOers automatically anathematize the BODer, acting as if WO is infallibly & explicitly affirmed or BOD infallibly & explicitly ‘forbidden’ since the Council of Trent in the AD 1500s, or since Pope Leo the Great in the AD 400s, or etc., put in your favorite date here.


The problem? NEITHER SIDE is correct about their claims. We repeat:


Neither BODers nor WOers are ‘correct’ to act as if they’re certainly right!


The incredibly long & complex book, Baptismal Confusion: What the Fight Over ‘Baptism of Desire’ vs. ‘Water Only’ Is All About, and Where Both Sides Get It Very Wrong, Falling into Heresy or Schism as a Result, goes into this controversy very thoroughly, transcending nearly 2000 years of ecclesial history, quoting early Church fathers, doctors, saints, clergy & scholars to show, with ironclad logic, how this theological topic has never yet been resolved with finality. Hence why the two sides wind up either heretical or else schismatic. Because when you’re dangerously mistaken in thinking your side ‘infallibly’ upheld, that’s what results. You either deviate into abominable heresy, intellectual & spiritual support not available to protect one’s self, or else deviate into abominable schism, charitable & spiritual support not available to protect one’s self.


I.e., you are helpless to avoid grave sins against Catholic Faith or Catholic Unity.


Yet Baptismal Confusion is just ‘too much’ for most people. I knew that to begin with. 7 parts and 197 chapters is too frightening, too difficult or too intricate for most human beings to deal with. My only hope was that a few persons read it fully, understanding completely, and that, through these few persons who are (hopefully) of both good will and sound comprehension, then assist others in understanding and getting their heads screwed on straight. You see? Then it’s not all upon my poor little shoulders. And who am I? No one. And, frankly, I’d like to remain that way… I don’t deserve more, and more would only make me capable of greater sin.


But, of course, fakes or fundamentalists (as in, fake ‘catholic’ or a Catholic ‘fundamentalist’) simply cannot let this go. Maybe they refuse to take the time to understand. Or maybe they’re unable to fathom and understand. Or maybe the Luciferian spirit of our apostate era renders them blind & loathe to understand, despite taking time and being able to understand, otherwise. Whatever --- silly, irrational, conterfactual & nasty behavior is the consequence. A very recent letter, Baptismal Confusion: Sheepishly Shy or Gaunt as a Goat?, is the proverbial straw to sever this metaphorical camel’s back. We have done everything we can, short of a slick public relations campaign, to inform people of the FACTS & LOGIC. Hence the latest entry. One can never know wholly future to come. Yet, as of now, this is the final statement. Point by blatant point, we cite the rational facts, history, testimony & logic regarding the Sacrament of Baptism and its place, theologically, within the Roman Catholic Church. All the same, in this latest and relatively smallish effort, we admittedly focus upon BOD and its weaknesses, rather than on WO.


Why? Because we are ‘biased’ against ‘baptism of desire’ in presently orthodox sense?


Not at all. I once was a BODer. And then a WOer. Now I am what I am, basically neutral.


I merely note the very factual & logical reasons we now have, if Catholic, to question and be wary of mindless adherence to the BOD theological opinion. A wariness that was not necessary before the Great Apostasy occurred. But now it’s obvious… for the one paying attention. And, sadly, BODers --- due to greater numbers and greater nastiness --- are the ones that most need putting in place, like a game of academic whack-a-mole. They need to be told, in no uncertain terms, that a mindless adherence to BOD, even in its still orthodox formulation, is NOT a ‘final’, lasting word in the matter. That you are NOT truly orthodox or charitable to insist on foolish adherence to BOD, pretending you ‘know’ it’s ‘true’, or ‘disobedient’ to doubt just because it dominated theological thought for many centuries --- but WITHOUT ever receiving a truly infallible & explicit affirmation from a pope exercising his charism of infallibility. Savvy?


After this, I intend to let the issue rest. That is, from my side of things. It’s all I can do.


The rest is up to others; and, ultimately, up to Heaven; together, it will be resolved.


Fitting that it should be uploaded on the feast day of St. Francis of Paula. A Franciscan (for which I have always had the greatest of admiration & devotion; St. Francis of Assisi greatly paved the way in my life for my miraculous conversion to the Roman Catholic Faith Whole & Undefiled), he, by the inspiration of God and the approvals of his bishop & pope, began a sub-branch of Franciscans known as the Minims --- that is to say, the least. I am thoroughly unworthy of the name, let alone comparison with!, of such a wonderful saint and his religious order. He really was the ‘least of the least’. Notwithstanding, I am little, and least. How fitting that an inept little thing like I produce, unexpectedly, something worth knowing about this subject, that could end the confusion.


Fitting, but only ‘successful’ should Heaven determine it to be so. Have they? Will they?


King Jesus & Queen May have permitted me to see. They have allowed me to speak.


That much is indisputable thus far. Will they permit to helpfully persuade?


Well, in a very tiny way, They already have. Is that significant?


I dare not think so. Better to suppose it nothing… methinks.


And let the barbarians rage at me --- the savagest of all.


Cor Jesu, miserere nobis. Cor Mariæ, ora pro nobis. Amen.


  Feast of St. John Damascene, 2020 (3-27-20)


Another brief, quick & new post, this time to the Books & Articles (B&A) section (and this time simply a small yet important addition), to The Sacrament of Penance Without a Priest Available.


Why something added after the better part of two years since the original upload?


Knowing how to confess one’s sins, as truly Roman Catholic, during the Great Apostasy when the Triune God of the Catholic Church is punishing this world with, in major part, the putting of His Singular Ecclesial Body in the Sepulchre --- a Modernist Tomb --- is absolutely crucial. Many assume blithely, or despairingly, that it is then ‘impossible’ to survive spiritually without the Hierarchy and resultant clergy no longer functioning for the time being. While not what is normally supposed to be the case… and it is more difficult… does it mean we’re ‘doomed’ whenever overcome by sins of a mortal nature? Are we going to hell for sure?


Not at all. God & His Church provide the Sacrament of Penance, regardless.


Trent’s Council from the AD 1500s gives us infallible assurance of this!


Ah, but there will always be the poor, overwrought worry wart.


Perhaps there’s nothing anyone can do to comfort these tragic souls. Yet we have tried. I therefore added an Afterword. What for? I’ve mentioned it once or twice elsewhere on The Epistemologic Works. Howsoever, I mention it again here, in the Afterword, as a historical fact beyond dispute. And that would be? After St. Francis Xavier and his missioner comrades had managed to convert some of the pagan Japanese to the One True Religion of Catholicism in aforesaid AD 1500s, their still-pagan leaders then cracked down cruelly upon these new adherents, martyring all their clergy. This was the ‘end’ of Japanese Catholics thought most Catholics elsewhere in the world, if many gave it any thought at all. And yet it wasn’t…


In the mid-1800s, centuries later, a US naval ship forced its way into a Japanese port.


Then shocked Roman Catholicity with the entirely unintentional discovery that Japanese Catholics still existed alive & well in the ‘Empire of the Sun’. You see, whilst God had allowed them to lose all of their priests & bishops, the hardy Japanese Catholics then continued on as best they could, catechizing each new generation and administering the Sacrament of Baptism --- which can never be taken away in spite of an absence of clergy! --- and still enjoying the Sacrament of Matrimony (since two baptized spouses automatically gain this sacrament in joining together as man & wife). God permitted this; it is NOT disputable. In the meantime, whatever in the world does this tell us, Roman Catholics, right now, during the Apostasy, without a functioning Hierarchy and jurisdictional clergy? That it is indeed possible to live, functioning spiritually, despite the loss of our priests & bishops!


It’s not the way it should be. Nevertheless… indisputably!... Jesus & Mary will occasionally permit their children, Roman Catholics, to endure this cross. Such are our times right now. Despair? Not an option. Can we survive, with our souls intact? Absolutely. Such brave & persevering Japanese Catholics are proof of this. It is a historical fact. Period.


St. John Damascene, who a wicked Iconoclast emperor opposed, severing your hand! Just as the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, at your prayer to let you serve Her and Her Son henceforward if that hand would be restored, pristine, to its former functionality that you might give service with your writings, may we who endure the Great Apostasy as real Catholics in opposition to fake ‘catholics’ today and all those of false religion & given over to the Plague of Modernism, also have your prayers for us to win & surmount! Restore to us our severed hands (Praxis) and heads (Faith) that we might persevere regardless…


Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary, lift up your Catholic children that they might see Heaven!


  Feast of St. Patrick the Irish Apostle, 2020 (3-17-20)


A brief, quick & new post to the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section, Baptismal Confusion: Sheepishly Shy or Gaunt as a Goat?, a kind of re-visitation of the book, Baptismal Confusion.


Attempting to help a poor soul who had contacted me, both via letter & smartphone, I shall probably never know if my fast attempts to help ever bear fruit in this tragic earthly life. But it may, possibly, help others. Which is why I’ve posted it, preserving original person’s anonymity.


Just a few pages long, it tackles the subject of infallible teaching that trips so many up.


You see, the devil has no desire for human beings to find the infallible truth. And when even a few… a mere paucity… get anywhere near to the Saving Truth, he intervenes, seeking to cause division & confusion. The world does not need more confusion or more division. A real Catholicity, lived & practiced well, banishes both of these perseverating problems.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus, Our Lord & Saviour, have mercy on us!


Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary, Our Lady & Mediatrix, pray for us!


And under the title of Our Lady of Good Success… grant us the victory.


  Feast of Pope St. Gregory the Great, First of His Papal Name, and Doctor & Early Father of the One True Church of Roman Catholicism, 2020 (3-12-20)


After lengthy & careful work, have posted the next thing in the long-neglected subsection of the Prayers & Devotions section of this site, The Epistemologic Works --- The Holy Rosary. And what of it? Why have we dared to place it in the Prayers & Devotions section (P&D), in the Foundational Prayers subsection?


The Holy Rosary is more a devotion than a prayer alone, strictly speaking.


Notwithstanding, it is foundational. Much pondering & prayer had convinced me of that. Nor is something on The Epistemologic Works meant by myself to be taken as ‘the final word’, as if never possible to ‘update’ or ‘further-in-assessment’. Which is NOT the same as saying (to the one extreme), “I think I’m infallible.” (That’s silly, this site’s webmaster has NEVER vaunted the audacity to claim he is the ‘pope’ or that he exercises the Charism of Infallibility.) NOR is it identical to saying (to the other extreme), “Everything is dubious, surely it is all erroneous.” (That’s silly also, this site’s webmaster has NEVER vaunted the audacity to claim he is ever-wrong and could not ever, ever, ever be correct… or has the Maker not given us intelligence? Which, if rightly used, leads us to accurate conclusions and incisively right observations? Naturally, and logically, any adequately intelligent human being can know the TRUTH.)


Which is why I decided it must be included amongst the ‘foundational prayers’. But it will, as well, be included, in time (soon, we hope) in the prayers to our Lady Mary. For the Rosary overlaps into both areas nowadays. See today’s entry, and others, for evidence of this.


At any rate, if unaware of these things, then now you can know. And, if truly Roman Catholic already, yet seeking something edifying (may Heaven let it be so) or informing (assuming it is unknown to you as of yet), then the prefacing (relatively) short article is available as of today. Which entails, necessarily --- and crucially! --- the prayers of the Devotion of the Most Holy Rosary in both English (the language of my upbringing and the world language in our presently dominant epoch) and Latin (the Church’s language, apart from Fatima’s prayer in Portuguese).


Jesus & Mary willing, we shall further enlarge P&D with at least one more entry soon.


Yet the date of posting? What of this? Whilst I am weak, is there a purpose?


I believe there is. St. Gregory I was pope near to the 4/5th’s point of 1st millennium.


In the prefacing article of the Holy Rosary page, we go into a modest amount of detail about wherefore this is imperative. That is to say, why Heaven should think it important that the Rosary began to be an eventually widespread devotion soon after Gregory passed on. Noteworthy is the fact that Pope St. Gregory structured, regulated & extended the most meritorious Church practice of Gregorian Chant (not named because he himself originated Church’s Chant, but because he loved it, knew it intimately, and preserved it for us both untainted & ultimately untaintable till this day). Gregorian Chant revolves around Sacred Scripture, and, in closest of harmonies with a Divine Office, around the Psalms. And Mary’s Rosary is a Marian Psaltery.


Gregory the Great did many wonderful things, like an excellent, competent & virtuous pause before the Triune God of the Catholic Church allowed His Ecclesial Body to undergo a testing & scourging that was chaotic, troubling & foulsome during the next seven centuries. But dearest St. Gregory paved the way smoothly & soundly, by Our Lord & Lady’s Wills, for the Church Built Upon Rock to endure, expand & surmount, all to the honor & veneration of God’s Mother.


As we said before in the What’s New upload for the previous post, without weariness…




  Feast of St. John the Evangelist & Beloved Disciple / Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus / and 5th Day in the Octave of Epiphany, 2019 / 2020 (12-27-19 / 1-5-20 / 1-10-20)


Put forth a long awaited & much-desired (at least for me…) addition to the Prayers & Devotions (P&D) section of The Epistemologic Works, specifically the Foundational Prayers subsection. The Hail Mary prayer now is there, both in traditional English form and ancient Latin translation. Plus, as with the other two prayers posted for some time --- the Sign of the Cross & the Our Father --- there is a preface explaining this Catholic prayer in its essence, as well as in its implications, surprisingly (for those who are unaware), for the Great Apostasy.


And the rather complicated ‘slash’ upload dating above for this P&D post?


Had things beginning to be ready, and starting uploading, by the feast day of one of my most favorite of wonderful saints, Jesus’ Beloved Disciple and human author (along with the Holy Ghost) of the Gospel bearing his name. As any learned Catholic knows, he is the Apostle to whom Christ committed the care of His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, as Our Lord & Sacrificial Savior hung upon the Cross, dying. Hence the significance there.


A significance I could not bypass, pretending it didn’t matter to me.


Yet this has been an extremely busy past year, and Advent & Christmastide are extremely whelming times of year when the Catholic parent of a large Catholic family. So the preparations slipped into 2020, and, again, I could not resist the symbolism of the feast day of that same Lord & Savior’s Holy Name, Jesus, which fell upon a Sunday this liturgical cycle. Our Hope of Salvation through Him via Mary could not have occurred without the Dearest Virgin!


Finally, getting everything mostly squared away by the 10th of January, that date, too.


As the reader can find in the preface to the Hail Mary page, five is important…


God ‘favors’ certain numbers, so to speak, as evidenced in His Five Wounds.


So I could neither resist the symbolism of finishing it all up by the end of the fifth day in the Octave of Epiphany. And, counting inclusively, from Feast of St. John the Evangelist to the 5th in Epiphany’s Octave, one arrives at fifteen. The number of mysteries in Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary, centered on the Hail Mary, and, I trust, to be posted upon next in the subsection.


Oh, and, uh… 15 is the product of 3 x 5.


To wit, in Her Immaculate Soul, pierced with a sword, as it were, She suffered along with Her Divine Son in His Five Wounds. And what have saints of the last few centuries delighted in regarding the Blessed Ever-Virgin as? That She is the Daughter of the Eternal Father, the Mother of the Eternal Son, and the Spouse of the Eternal Holy Ghost. Nexus between Roman Catholic Body and Divine Trinity, the Three-in-One? Indeed. Three times five… as it were. Ergo --- fifteen.




  Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Patroness of Catholic Philosophers, 2019 (11-25-19)


Uploaded fourth & final segment of the long article (or very short book), Heptaton: The Octave Millennial Hypothesis, Wherein, With the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Aid, We Strive to See Via Our Creator’s Everlastingly Timeless Eyes .


This is the ‘fourth chapter’ or Epilogue, as I like to call it.


The whole writing is a theological parable, and the Epilogue is nigh well pure parable par plein-air, as the French might say. That is, ‘through the plain air’. Or, put alternatively, the parable put mostly without less parable-like explanations, but with little or nothing obscuring the parable.


Heptaton is now a finished whole, the mental & allegoric symphony played in total.


Are there any ears to ear? I don’t know. God knows. It’s in Mary’s Immaculate Hands.


We have told of Seven Spirits, diatonically, and an Octave today nearing completion, chromatically. There may be no one to hear & comprehend the cerebrative music of the heart. Or… perchance… not. Mayhap somebody’s ears are not tone deaf. We all start out that way, you know. I mean, is anyone born knowing the equivalent of years of high education at the get-go? Apart from Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady Mary, with perhaps St. John the Baptist --- no.


We all need time, desire, effort & graces to know. Only then do the ears truly hear.


Yet St. Catherine of Alexandria, whose feast day it is today, November 25th?


My second favorite heavenly virgin martyr, after St. Cecilia the Celestial Songstress, whose feast was upon November 22. She was regal & noble born (of the family in Egypt that descended from those who ruled this area of a tripartite Greek Empire called the ‘Ptolemaic’, before taken over by the Romans in the late first century BC) and grew up in what was, arguably at that point in time near the turn of the 4th century AD, the leading academic center of learning, and premiere city hosting scholars & scholarship, in the entire world. Being regal & noble, as well as obviously brilliant of mind (and stunningly beautiful of appearance), she was afforded the finest of educations available then. With saintly graces galore, she was, it seems, the finest & most magnificent intellect of her era. Doubts? The full account of her martyrdom clinches it.


The 70 greatest scholars of her time could not convince her to revert to paganism, she, instead, convincing them to give up their useless pagan demon gods, becoming Roman Catholic. (Our mock pardon to Antipope Francis, but real Roman Catholics have always sought to convert human beings to the One True Religion of Rome lest they wind up in hellfire forever.) Of a course, ’twas not mere (yet impressive!) learning or eloquence that converted them. As a massively brilliant cardinal once remarked, “Send a heretic to me, if you wished them proved wrong in their heresy. Send them to the saintly so-and-so, if you wish them converted.” Well said. I have often thought & said the same. Our dear St. Catherine was a marvelous blend of scholarship & saintliness. Hardly 18 years old, she outshone those four times her age. The enraged emperor at the time (there’s continually an enraged somebody-important when it involves an anti-Catholic non-Catholic official trying to bully & intimidate a bravely-Catholic truly-Catholic person…) kept finding his schemes reversed, Catherine standing unmoved and hordes more pagans converted to the Singularly Saving Catholic Faith. This includes the infamous ‘Catherine Wheel’, designed to exquisitely torture & murder her, it then burst completely asunder at her humble prayer. When still really Catholic --- and maybe still in locations here-and-there preserving shards of Catholicity --- various Catholic locales would process on her feast day at night, often up a hill or mount, with little wheels spinning with something like candles burning around them, held on sticks, to honor her upon her feast. I understandably am transfixed by her life & martyrdom for that lovely poetic act alone.


In any case, if thought useful, may her prayers enlighten my tiny mind and too, too limited understanding. And may her heavenly assistance make certain this minute effort reaches whatever ears are intended to hear --- and comprehend, as well --- the parable spoken.


Or chanted & sung, as the case might be. Ascent of Ascents, Canticle of Canticles.




  Feast of St. Cecilia the Celestial Songstress, 2019 (11-22-19)


Digitally published the third & long chapter of the long article, or short book, Heptaton: The Octave Millennial Hypothesis, Wherein, With the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Aid, We Strive to See Via Our Creator’s Everlastingly Timeless Eyes .


(There is but one more fourth of the writing to post, by the way.)


The little tome is about the Heavenly Symphony of God’s Creation.


Which symphonic creation revolves around the theme of the Mountain of God.


How appropriate, then, that this 3rd chapter be uploaded on the feast day of the Celestial Songstress. St. Cecilia has been my favorite virgin martyr for years now. Her deeds, her virginal purity, her harmonious soul, and her brave Catholicity Undefiled, is what I admire and what I so desperately need in my own sinful life as a Roman Catholic. If this little nod pleases her… then, by all means, may she kindly give me all the undeserved help I require in order to imitate her!


Incidentally, Cecilia earned the official title of ‘Patroness of Catholic Musicians’ NOT because she herself was, necessarily, an accomplished musician. (Lately, at a bare minimum, it is de rigueur to find small statuettes of her at the keyboard of an organ. This is, strictly speaking, not historically accurate… albeit the symbolism is wonderful.) She was made the Patroness of Catholic Musicians because, upon the evening & festivity of her earthly wedding --- a marriage which was against her will, she having taken an oath to be celibate till her death, consenting only on the grounds that her husband-to-be freely agree to become Roman Catholic and not violate her solemn vow of religious celibacy --- the Heavenly Music playing in her virginal heart was more beautiful, and more important by far, than the earthly music playing around her in jubilation at her earthly wedlock. Understand? She loved Heaven more than this earth and its paltry, silly & barren pleasures. Now do you know why I venerate her so highly? If only I could be one tenth the saint she was in the face of her glorious, unparalleled & intrepid martyrdom!


And a marvelous incorruptible of her fleshly relic on earth, to boot.


Now you know. There is so much to know… and not just about me.


Heptaton is a meagre stab at telling everything with just a few words.


Impossible? For a mere human, on a mere earth, amidst mere mortality, yes.


But for Our Lord & Lady? No. They can use the most worthless worm to do so.


If so, all praise to them. And if not, all condemnation be upon me, as is only right.


Sit canticum in cordibus nostris resonat ad Caelum, in Iesus et in Maria, semper Catholico.


  Vigil of All Hallow’s Eve, 2019 (10-31-19)


Have put forth half of a new booklet, or longish article depending on how one views it, Heptaton: The Octave Millennial Hypothesis, Wherein, With the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Aid, We Strive to See Via Our Creator’s Everlastingly Timeless Eyes .


Yet why the odd Greek-derived title, Heptaton?


An excellent question. But we leave that unanswered till near the end of the writing.


Perhaps the clever (and knowledgeable of Greek…) reader can already guess why, especially after perusing other books & articles uploaded to this site, The Epistemologic Works, in the past 2 or 3 years. There is a progression, a thread of thought involved. As the foundation of the website has been laid, we have ventured further in understanding, filling in nooks & crannies that I’ve long longed to address, offering wisdom in the process --- if we’ve anything of value to proffer. We leave it to God, Mary, the Church and how ever many readers read to bother rendering this sentence. Meanwhile, the sentences we write are there to read.


Yet what is Heptaton about? Climbing the Mountain of God.


Curious? Then, please, study the book carefully. Only I warn you --- it is not pedestrian or merely instructional. Or, should we say, it is instructional… but like a theological parable. We trust this does not frighten the potential reader off. Our Lord Himself spoke in parables. I do not claim to tell the tale as well as He did, nor could I ever. But I do like imitating Him, as incompetent as I am in doing so. Perchance His Mother, Mary, will supply my deficiency. Remember, though --- this is only the first half. Heaven willing, the rest will soon arrive.


The day posted, though (mostly posted; as often is the case, it takes more time)?


All Hallow’s Eve means ‘the day, or vigil, right before All Hallow’s Day’. And All Hallow’s Day is what we now call ‘All Saints Day’. That’s right. On November 1st a good, wise & real Catholic honors all the saints, angels, virgins & martyrs in Heaven Above. As a holy day of obligation, the One True Church has Catholics observe the night before --- or whole day, as centuries go by, and Catholics extended these things to better prepare for the special day --- in preparation for what is to come. During All Hallow’s Eve we prepare our hearts & minds to venerate Heaven’s holy inhabitants, particularly as we ourselves should hope to join them someday, becoming a denizen of the Celestial Abode ourselves. ‘Hallow’ is old-fashioned Elizabethan English for ‘Holy’ and could then be used as a verb. To ‘hallow’ something is equivalent to saying you wish to ‘holy’ it… make it ‘holy’. In any case, as the English went increasingly Protestant, then Modernist, the words ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ changed & morphed into today’s ‘Halloween’. And Halloween has become the demonically-obsessed funfest it is today, replete with ghouls, goblins, witches, monsters, sorcerers, vampires, zombies, and other disgustingly horrific things that everyone now considers so amusing or funny.


Repulsive and disturbing? As it should be for a real & wise Roman Catholic.


It’s simply Lucifer corrupting his spiritual childrens’ minds & hearts during the Great Apostasy, ‘repaganizing’ them, as it were, to love the things of hell & death. It also echoes the Great Flood of St. Noe long ago, and its terrible aftermath, about which you’ll learn in the new Heptaton book. Which long article, by the way, is only half uploaded right now. Heaven willing, the latter half will arrive soon.


If truly Roman Catholic know & acknowledge this:


We must honor the Denizens of Heaven should we hope to live with them forever.


If not Catholic yet willing to be so, then know & acknowledge this:


You will never be truly or rightly Roman Catholic should you never honor Its inhabitants.


And no one inhabits Heaven, nor any human being climbs the Holy Mountain of God to this Heaven, apart from becoming, and being, really & wisely a Roman Catholic Member of Jesus’ Roman Catholic Mind & Body, honoring His Mother, the Immaculate & Virginal Mary, most highly of all, and all the saints, angels, virgins & martyrs of Heaven in fitting proportion following Her. This is as it should be. It is as the Triune Catholic God decrees it.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!


Most Immaculate & Sorrowful of Mary, pray for us!


Ad Jesus per Mariam ab Astris! Amen.


  Feast of Our Lady of La Salette… as Well as Ss. Januarius, Bishop; Festus, His Deacon; Desiderius, His Lector; Socius & Proculus, Deacons of Nearby Dioceses; and Eutychius & Acutius, Laymen; 2019 (9-19-19)


Posted a new article, Population Implosion: Or, It’s Not da Bomb, But the ‘Black Hole’ We Should Be Getting Worried About When It Comes to How Many People Are on Earth .


What’s it about?


The title & subtitle alone ought to give you a pretty good clue.


For, while we’ve long had posted The Myth of Overpopulation , the article, Population Implosion --- not overly long, yet fact-filled and basically thorough --- is the best statement thus far on this site, The Epistemologic Works, regarding the enduring ‘fairy tale’ of earth’s ‘overpopulation’ in recent times. Fairy tale, you say? Yes. Not only has the last half century proven that we can more than adequately feed a population of, say professional demographers, nearly 8 billion people (albeit, to be fair, we human beings don’t always justly distribute the food we grow to places where people need it… despite ‘globalization’ and worldwide communication & transportation, our ‘loving’ era tends to let people starve when famine, war or what-have-you strikes a particular area and causes starvation), but, in reality, notwithstanding an earthly population still coasting upwards somewhat on mere momentum, our fertility rates have been plunging for decades practically everywhere, and, as a result, we face, in a few generations POPULATION IMPLOSION.


Hence the title.


There are human reasons behind this during the Great Apostasy & Modern Times. Lucifer, though, our demonic enemy, has reasons for why he craves this impasse and has worked hard to bring things to such a strait. Read the article to find out what his military strategy is. In the meantime, get it through your head by studying this article --- the hard facts, global statistics & irrefutable logic is now thoroughly registered. A population ‘explosion’ or ‘overpopulation of the earth’ is NOT a real threat. We can see that the real danger is population IMPLOSION.


Period. Don’t believe it? Then get off your duff, put your money where your mouth is, use your God-given brain & intelligence, and study the official facts & solid logic. Stop following the crowd like a skittish sheep, stand up straight with some backbone, and be rational.


The feast day, however?


Our Lady of La Salette is an Apparition of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary occurring in 1846 in a mountainous, beautiful area of southeastern France. She was dressed as a ‘high priestess’, or a ‘popess’, if you will, a thing not to be shocked at as truly Catholic, when you remember there is neither male nor female in Heaven; and that She is Our Lord’s Mother, Queen of Heaven, and, indeed, Our Lady… just as Jesus, Her Son, is Our Lord. In any case, she wept disconsolately.


What does ‘Salette’ mean, though? The ending is plainly French for someone feminine. (‘Ette’ endings have always had this connotation in French --- think Bernadette, Claudette, Paulette and etc.) This is because, however ‘politically incorrect’ it may be right now (yet true, regardless…), most women are smaller than most men. Ergo, the ‘ette’ ending in French signifies something small, smaller in comparison to several others around you. Nevertheless, the etymology of Salette is obscure. But it seems most likely to me, in my studies, that ‘salette’ clearly comes from the Germanic word ‘Sal’. (If this is surprising to the uninitiated, please realize how the part of France where La Salette is situated was closely allied to the Teutonic peoples a millennium or so ago, especially under the Holy Roman Empire founded by Blessed Charlemagne with the Papacy’s blessing & approval.) And what does ‘Sal’ mean? A ‘room’ originally… and still can, albeit ‘Raum’ is more common today… yet often associated with a ‘hall’ or large gathering place. (One can still run into this word nowadays with German’s ‘Saal’, the way it’s spelled lately.) The point? If correct, then ‘la salette’ means a smallish room, hall or meeting place. The mountains amongst which La Salette sits are magnificent, huge & stunning. But its village is tiny. As was probably an ancient site.


And Heaven does not do things for no reason. The site of a Marian Apparition is no exception; indeed, such an event demands a purpose for everything involved in it. As a result, it seems likely to me that Heaven’s Queen signified how She was having a meeting with Her Own --- Roman Catholics --- in this ‘small hall’ on earth in southeastern France. Small in the sense of being dwarfed by Heaven and the Cosmos. And small, too, in the sense that the One True Catholic Church is the Wife of Her Son, Jesus Christ, thus smaller than Him. The point? She wept at this meeting in, or with, the ‘small hall’, because both the Catholics there in the southeast of France were being very bad, and Catholics as a whole, throughout the world, were being, and becoming, very bad. Hence Her Message was painful & disturbing, enough to make a Mother weep for Her Children, Roman Catholics. The most terrible of times were to come upon us soon.


Something called the Great Apostasy, when true Catholicity is lost globally.


And as a Celestial Mother, She desires as many children as possible, as many as Her Son will give Her. A blessing to be delayed… with many of Her still mortal spiritual children lost… with the horrible punishment She could no longer keep Her Son from delivering to the earth, to both Catholics & non-Catholics. We are living the consequences right now. Part of which is the freefalling fertility of humanity, with an imminent population collapse. A thing which multitudinous Catholics themselves embraced, buying into the lies of Modernism.


For have supposed Catholics continued to value large families & lots of children?


No, they have not. Since Vatican II there is no difference between them & others.


The small hall or ‘la salette’ of earth is becoming empty of children’s laughter.


But St. Januarius? Derived in Latin from the ancient pagan name for the Romans’ god, Janus, whose personage they celebrated every year --- thus the name of the month January and it being the month at which they celebrated the beginning of a new year, as we ourselves do to this very day --- Janus was ‘two-faced’ to symbolize he looked, simultaneously, at both the past and the future. Hence, too, why Romans would remember the year just gone by, simultaneously looking forward to the year to come. This was recognition of the passage of time and its importance, as well as emblematic of changes in times or eras. Likewise today. We stand at the threshold of an epochal change. Lucifer intends it for one thing, yet knows his time is short. The Triune God of His Singular Catholic Church intends it for another thing, as does His Son’s Mother, Mary, Her Heel crushing the Ancient Serpent’s head. The Great Apostasy will end, the ‘angel of light’ fail, and the Roman Catholic Body of Jesus Christ will resurrect to the astonishment of a hitherto unbelieving, and disobedient, world. We will ponder the epoch past, drawing lessons, and perceive the epoch to come, seeking to apply those lessons prior to a final conclusion.


Curiously, even during the Great Apostasy, when hardly anyone is left who is truly Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled… not even those who call themselves ‘catholic’ and can still look or sound like they might be, to those who are uninformed, unwary or don’t know them well… the miracle of St. Januarius’ Holy Blood still occurs three times each year. I.e., upon September 19th, his feast day; upon December 16th, to honor his being bishop & patron of Naples in Italy; and on the Saturday before the first Sunday of May, to remember the reunification of his relics. And the miracle is what, prithee? Sealed in a double glass ampoule, when brought out and brought near to his skull, the blood from his martyrdom in that ampoule --- which before is brownish & solid --- begins to ‘boil’ and turn into bright-red, fresh-looking blood, before the astonished & reverent faces of thousands of onlookers. It is liquid during the miraculous transformation, and, were it not enough, observers have mentioned that it appears to grow in volume, and an experiment allowed in the early 20th century, weighing the glass ampoule during the transformation, demonstrated an increase of 26 grams. What may we draw from these wonders?


Unbelieving skeptics have failed for centuries to explain the miracle away.


If nothing else, certainly it is God’s Kindness to show Catholicism is His One True Religion, outside of which no one can be saved. Yet blood? It is the life of a human being, as Scripture makes abundantly plain in the Old Testament. It can then be seen as a promise, so to speak, of how Jesus & Mary intend to not only offer this life --- Eternal Life! --- to those who bear their cross and, like Januarius, stay to true to Catholicity Whole & Undefiled and die as Roman Catholics real & good, but a promise, too, to raise to Eternal Life, as it were, Christ’s Body, supine entombed whilst Lucifer has a brief free-for-all in the Great Apostasy. Just as St. Januarius’ Holy Blood, solid & ancient, nevertheless ‘boils’ and liquefies thrice yearly.


Father, Son & Holy Ghost. See the symbolism? The Trinity is Catholic Bedrock.


And the increase in volume & mass? Catholic Grace will increase converts as God so wills.


Interestingly, while not always, Januarius’ Holy Blood has also liquefied at papal visits. For instance, in 1848, when Pope Pius IX came to pay his respects, this miracle transpired despite not being any of the three times in the year when it normally happens… and even without the relic of Januarius’ skull being brought near. For Antipope John Paul II’s visit in 1979 and Antipope Benedict XVI’s visit in 2007, this prodigy did not take place. The Novus Ordo ‘bishop’ who presently pretends to religiously rule over Naples lately, a Mr. Sepe, claims that, in 2015, Antipope Francis’ visit coincided with this prodigy as he leaned over to kiss it, yet a real Catholic may be rightly dubious, since no one else apparently witnessed it, and Sepe, in propagating it, then claimed it shows St. Januarius “…loves our pope…”


Yes, if truly Catholic, you understand. No one who is a real Catholic, and who knows the flabbergasting anti-Catholic evil & tripe that Antipope Francis has said & done, and is even yet saying & doing, in comparison to what a real Catholic saint & martyr like Januarius said & did, can possibly fall for such a derisible stunt. Novus Ordo leaders often lie & prevaricate (e.g., they pretend that the water of Our Lady of Lourdes still runs, yet various locals know very well that it ceased to flow shortly after the Pseudo-Council of Vatican II) and St. Januarius could not conceivably ‘love’ the latest antipope’s most reprehensible & abominable of anti-Catholic words, deeds & diabolicism.


In any case, the symbolism is there if willing to believe it. I’m sure Antipope Francis actually wants to destroy this precious relic of St. Januarius and stop the miracles from occurring, if he could. Prevented by Heaven from doing that, then indulge simplistic skullduggery and have your lackey lie through his teeth, suppressing the relic’s good and upping antipapal evil.


No matter. The Holy Blood will boil, and the Sacred Body will Resurrect.


And such apostate travesties, amongst too many, will come to an end.


And the observers’ eyes will be opened, admitting Catholic Truth.


And, for a time at least, the earth will be barren no more.


Our Lord & Lady, may this new epoch come. Amen.


  Feast of the Holy & Wondrous Name of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea, and, for Real Roman Catholics, Truly Their Celestial & Heavenly Lady, 2019 (9-12-19)


Old Testament Catholics (members of the ‘Synagogue’, as early Church fathers liked to say) would formally name their newly-born children within a week after the birth. This was no different for the Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Per ancient tradition, her parents --- Ss. Joachim & Anne --- were inspired & guided by Heaven to give Her the Name they did.


And what does it mean?


Since the Protestant Rebellion in the 1500s and consequent rise of Modernism in subsequent centuries, scriptural scholarship has been increasingly biased & confused regarding this query. I know, because I truly am Catholic (a bad Catholic, yet a real Catholic!), was raised both Protestant & Modernist (hence, no pre-determined bias here… I know the Protestant & Modernist sides intimately from personal experience!), and I am a lifelong scholar (no super high degree or tenured professorial status, granted, but I am a major university graduate, a lover of languages, worldwide traveler, and I’ve studied ancient Hebrew, Greek & Latin, as well as Russian, French, Spanish and other tongues…). Therefore, I really do have something to say about this subject that is intelligent.


And, the truth is, scholars of recent centuries have as many theories, ideas & proposals for the ‘meaning’ of Queen Mary’s Name as they do for the many different colleges or departments at a giant university. I.e., they can’t agree and they honestly don’t know for sure. Well, except for one thing: they can all honestly agree that they don’t like the explanation real Catholics teach!


Curious, eh? One suspects there is an agenda here.


And so it is. Lucifer hates Mary, Who is his replacement by God’s Eternal Plan, and, per great Roman Catholic saints, the reason he rebelled in the first place long ago. Ergo, any surprise that his spiritual children on earth (read: non-Catholics and bad Catholics) cannot stand to honor Her or admit the true meaning of Her Holy Name from the beginning, in the wake of Her Birth?


Not at all. It is par for the course. Disparage that which you hate. Ridicule it.


Ancient Hebrew had no written vowels (that came later, with diacritical marks, called the Hebrew ‘niqqud’ system), and verbs, nouns, adjectives & etc. usually derived from so-called ‘radicals’ or ‘roots’ consisting, most normally if not always, of 3-consonant combinations. This is fascinating, but, as centuries & millennia roll by, can result in great uncertainty about the original formation of certain words. Thus the confusion, founded in prejudice, amongst modern scholars when it comes to the meaning of the Name of Mary. Why is this relevant & important?


First, we’ve the long tradition & teaching of the Holy Catholic Church concerning Her Name’s meaning --- to wit, ‘Star of the Sea’ and ‘Lady’ (as in, ‘a female who rules and is to be accorded honor & obedience along with her Lord’). This tradition & teaching was never seriously in question or doubt until Protestant & Modernist scholars dared to do so since the AD 1500s. Therefore, why take them gravely, as if to be believed, when you’re truly Catholic? Second, St. Jerome, a master linguist who lived circa AD 400, and expert in ancient Greek, Latin & Hebrew (he actually paid an expert Jewish rabbi in the area of Palestine to teach him Hebrew for years, so that he could accurately translate the Old Testament, by papal orders, from exceedingly old Hebrew manuscripts…), not to mention an early Church father, saint & doctor of the Church, assures us as Catholics, that the meaning of Her Name is indeed ‘Star of the Sea’ and ‘Lady’. It can be complex, and I do not wish to oversimplify, nevertheless, this is, in essence, the truth of what he attested to, as a true holy expert vaunted by the Roman Catholic Church. And, thirdly, my own scholarly investigation regarding the matter, over years, confirms precisely what both Holy Church & St. Jerome maintain --- that, while the matter is challenging and can be confusing, there is no reason, prejudicially, to pretend that the Name of Mary cannot be exactly what Holy Church & St. Jerome have said. When you examine it carefully, with patience & understanding… and without pre-determining bias… the Hebrew radicals or roots are there, logically supporting just what the Church & Jerome have said. Meanwhile, the now longtime Protestant contention of what Her Name means is patently ludicrous, casting aspersion on both the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Moses’ prophetic sister, St. Miriam (as conventional transliteration would have it), as well as very irrationally inconsistent with how parents would name a newborn baby girl (ancient Hebrew names always meant something significant, a something that was plain to parents of a new child, unlike contemporary Americans who often call their new child by a name based on custom or whim, having no idea what the name originally meant or signified, if anything).


Yet the upload for today?


It is an Addendum to The Achilles’ Heel of Evolutionary Theory booklet. Like the Afterwords added just days earlier to the Geocentricity booklet, and weeks earlier to the Ufology booklet, we add to the comprehension of potential readers. In the latter two, it’s further explanation of parable, helping the beloved soul to understand Divine Allegory. In the former, the Evolutionary booklet, it’s further explanation to get to the ontological crux of the matter --- of how anything at all can exist, especially human beings, human minds & human consciousness --- helping the beloved soul to understand Divine Light. Intrigued? Grant you, it’s probably not easy for most folks. With apologies to such people, I do politely insist that it’s worthwhile to know & understand. My deficiencies notwithstanding, it’s always a good idea, as real Roman Catholics, to seek to comprehend one’s Catholic Faith & Catholic Creator with deeper, simpler & more profound awareness. An awareness that is part & parcel of the mystery of mind & consciousness.


A mystery that is only solvable when we join the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Religion, Uncreated Creator of All That Exists, and which God is, indeed, the Ground of Being. That’s what ‘ontology’ is all about… the existence of existence. And to honor God’s Mother, Her Astonishing Name, we have posted today, September 12th. For the Ground of Being has a marvelous Throne of Wisdom, which is Her, Mary, and Her Name is truly astonishing.


Created & Immaculate Mother of Your Uncreated & Divine Son, the Ground of Being, may the Eternal Divinity of Your Sacrificial Son and the Profound Significance of Your Astonishing Name invoke both His & Your Assistance for Your Children, real Roman Catholics, and the conversion of yet more human beings to His Visible Body, the Roman Catholic Church --- God’s Sole Means of Heavenly Salvation, Visibly & Truly, without clever obfuscation or intellectual subterfuge --- and the ending of the Great Apostasy, crushing of Lucifer’s venomous head, and resurrection of Your Son’s Ecclesial Body, along with indisputably real Roman Catholic nations once again upon the earth!


  Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea, Queen of Highest Heaven, Throne of Wisdom, and Mother of the Second Person of the Triune God of the Catholic Church, He Our Uncreated Creator Who Took Incarnation in Her Immaculate & God-Created Womb, 2019 (9-8-19)


A Happy 2034th Birthday to Our Lady of the Rose & Good Success of the Purification!


(The latter is one of my favorite of titles of all for Her, with an accompanying & beautiful novena; the former Her Flower from time immemorial by long tradition amongst Roman Catholics.)


And, yes, as I said last year --- and probably a few times in the 11 years I’ve run this site --- we really can know Queen Mary’s age. Between Sacred Scripture & Tradition; intricate knowledge of calendrics, history & mathematics; as well as the help of certain saints, especially Ven. Mary of Agreda (a wonderful Spanish Franciscan nun of the Immaculate Conception…); it is therefore, most literally, possible (though difficult!) to know Her Solar Calendar age based on Christ’s Birth.


If you wish to know how, then look 3 to 4 years back on this date in What’s New entries.


As I’m typically running rather late in uploading everything on the date listed as posted, this time… to honor Roman Catholics’ Blessed & Celestial Mother… I’ve erred more on the side of getting something posted a bit earlier for the most part. And what might this something be?


A somewhat brief Afterword to Geocentricity, which was first uploaded fully last May.


Why? To add the explication of a heavenly parable, much as we just did with Ufology.


Assuming you’ve already read the Geocentricity booklet, then you may know what I mean, and wish to read the Afterward, too. Assuming you haven’t perused the booklet, then you mayn’t know what I mean, and consume the whole thing in order to comprehend better.


That is, presuming you’ve an appetite for Divine Allegory.


Given that you’re already truly Catholic Whole & Undefiled during this era of the Great Apostasy, then your immortal soul could benefit from doing so. Everything corrupt comes to an end, including our Luciferian times. The hour is growing late. Whatever number of hours, days, weeks, months or years left to endure, it is becoming time to know these things. And, in understanding them, better withstand the evil we face and increase one’s eternal reward.


As the Geocentricity Afterword states in the language of Christendom’s beating heart:


D’accord. Il est mais surnaturellement naturel de voir cela avec les yeux ouverts.


  Feast of St. Rose of Lima, 1st Canonized of the Americas, 2019 (8-30-19)


Added A Brief Afterword to Ufology: Precisely What Is Going on in the Skies During Our Modern Era and the Great Apostasy, and How Real & Wise Catholics Can Respond . Yet why now, after over seven months, having published the booklet way back in January of this year, 2019?


Please read the Afterword to find out. And if you haven’t read it at all, perhaps now’s the time.


In any case, as ever on The Epistemologic Works, it has to do with the Great Apostasy.


But St. Rose of Lima? I’ve always had a special devotion to her.


Dominican tertiary, like St. Catherine of Siena, she lived as a nun in her family’s garden. And was scorned, taunted & slandered by them constantly, for years on end. How’s that for trial & tribulation? And from the hands of your fellow Catholics --- indeed, your own blood family!


Yes, poor dear reader, this is how human beings behave toward each other.


We are cruel, unjust, judgmental, biased & assume the worst about you.


All without actually knowing the truth. Or caring. Just hateful.


And yet she really thought it only what she deserved.


Sinking in, beloved soul? If a great saint thought this appalling behavior on the part of her fellow Catholics & blood family merely what she deserved… how much more you & I? Who, while possibly Roman Catholic (I am, I know, but I’m not sure regarding you since I probably don’t know you…), are certainly not great saints like she! Seeing what Heaven requires of us? As my earthly name’s sake, St. Paul the Apostle, notes in Sacred Scripture, “For whom the Lord loveth [loves], he chastiseth [chastises, i.e., punishes carefully in order to make you the best Catholic you can be in this earthly life and the neverending heavenly life to come]…” (Hebrews 12:6a DRC)


Seem too difficult? Is God ‘too harsh’? No, for He loves us. If Catholic and chastised --- you know that He loves you. All the pain is for your own benefit, and worth it eternally. Oh, and if truly Roman Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled, never forget and be sure to remember:




For She will help you.


  Feast of the Most Immaculate & Pure Heart of Mary, 2019 (8-22-19)


Nothing spectacular or dramatic to speak of today on this site.


Well, other than the Queen of Highest Heaven’s feast day, of course.


In practical matters regarding The Epistemologic Works site, though? I’ve had a very, very, extremely busy summer, between everyday work & support of my family, not to mention the aforesaid family’s activities this summer. Which is good, since I’d gotten a huge amount done the past three years upon the website, even more productive than in the first three years after launching the site. A breather, then, as I focused on other things of a more purely terrestrial nature, being more St. Martha than St. Mary Magdalene, if anyone comprehends the Gospel reference. Meaning, spending spare time going through various things upon the site, with carefully fine comb, correcting typos, making tweaks, and planning the next additions.


The last of the major typo & tweak efforts I completed by August 22nd.


Hence the import of this What’s New post.


Yes, the final effort for now went on past August 22, 2019, but I love the import. That is, honoring our Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother, Mary, the Immaculate One. And her equally Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, beating so perfectly in an exquisite unison with Her Everlastingly Divine Son’s Sacred & Suffering Heart. Like a Celestial Diamond.


All laud be to Her. For this site is for Her. If She deigns to use it, fine.


Yet I hardly care either way. It’s worth it just to venerate Her.


With honor called ‘hyperdulia’ by the theologians.


To wit, not the ‘latria’ or ‘divine charity’ which real & good Catholics offer to the Uncreated Creator alone. Nor the ‘dulia’ or ‘honor’ by which we venerate the Saints, Angels, Virgins & Martyrs in Heaven Above. Which, while imperative & important, cannot match the honor Catholics Whole, Entire & Undefiled offer their Heavenly Mother, the Throne of Wisdom.


The honor & praise we offer Her so far surpasses the honor & praise we offer the Triune God’s Heavenly Children --- aforementioned Saints, Angels, Virgins & Martyrs --- that it is exceeded ONLY by the worshipful adoration we offer to the Triune God of the Catholic Church solely, in comparison to Her Unparalleled Hyperdulia as in contrast to the dulia of everyone else.


Mary’s Feast of the Immaculate Heart, by the way, occurs at the very end & last day of the zodiacal Sign of Leo, the Lion. Her Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, being ‘Lion of the Tribe of Juda’, it is obvious, to the student of ancient learning, that this was God’s Way of telling the Roman Catholic Gospel in ancient times for those with eyes to see. In any case, I cannot conscientiously consider it mere ‘chance’. God is in control of everything; and, be our ecclesiastical authorities aware or not, Heaven most surely is… the Sign Is There.


The point? The very next day, August 23rd, begins the zodiacal Sign of Virgo.


Yes, you read correctly. As the True Church celebrates Mary, the Star of the Sea, on August 22, the very next day, August 23, begins the month-long zodiacal Sign of Virgo, i.e., the Virgin. Chance? Again, it’s impossible for me to think so. God foresaw this from All Eternity. It’s inarguable, for wise Catholics. Fatima told us --- Her Immaculate Heart will conquer.


Let us, then, as real Roman Catholics, enjoy Her SIGN. For it is Her Time. NOW.


Dearest, Precious & Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us, the lowest!


Dearest, Precious & Most Immaculate & Pure Heart of Mary, pray for us, your fruit!


  Feast of Trinity Sunday, 2019 (6-16-19)


Uploaded another relatively short book, The Achilles’ Heel of Evolutionary Theory: Wherein We Expose the Fundamental Flaw of Darwinistic Theory, or ‘Evo-Devo’, Along With a Few Other Intrinsic Errors; and Also Illustrate How It Is in No Way at All Compatible With Catholicism .


The significance & implications of Darwinistic evolutionary theory?


It is the last major ‘enabler’ put into place, by the New World Order powers-that-be, which ensured that their ‘New Aeon of the Sun’ --- what any real & wise Catholic entitles the ‘Great Apostasy’ --- would certainly occur, barring a miracle otherwise. This divine miracle not to be forthcoming (the chance for it to transpire, by the way, was obedience to Our Lady of Fatima’s simple instructions, as given originally in 1917 and further made clear by 1929 and to the pope of that time), whilst greater & greater evil, in complete opposition to Roman Catholicism, has resulted, it certainly could not have happened without the final linchpin of Darwinism put in place.


Why? Because once you get important people… like scholars, artists, leaders and so forth… to believe in physical life-by-chance, or at least to push it publicly in every avenue possible, then, the masses slowly but surely following --- and increasingly hemmed in by the way our culture & governments are moving --- you have the ‘enthronement’ of mere human beings as ‘Gods’. How so? Even if someone during this time of the past two centuries remains ‘traditionally religious’ (especially if they call themselves ‘christian’ despite not actually being so due to not being Catholic…), increasingly, with evolutionary thinking, you have Godless results. Wherefore? Because, in reality, if Darwinism is true, then there is no ‘need’ for a Creator. And if, oddly, you still axiomatically must ‘insist’ on believing in a Maker… well, come on. Be frank.


Not much of a God, eh?, if this Deity creates and then lets it go its merry way.


To wit, ‘theistic evolution’. Which is just a fancy way of saying, if determined to remain in some way ‘traditionally religious’, nonetheless, you attempt to ‘marry’ your traditional religion with evolutionary theory. Outcome? God made the universe & us, then promptly ignored it. And permitted to happen whatever would happen via mere chance. Yup, theistic evolution.


Noble & inspiring, huh? In either case, the result is the same.


If no God, or a God Who attentively cares, forms & intervenes, then why in the world can’t we do whatever we want? That is to say, be the ‘Gods’ we are innately, finally getting the ‘chance’ as we stretch our wings and take over the ‘reins’ of evolution? Right --- we eventually take over evolution and evolve as we wish. And make sure we’re on the top, staying in charge.


Sound kind of ‘god-like’? Of course. Yet upside down. The opposite to God’s Wish.


So, significance & implications? Precisely what we see today, near the beginning of the 21st century. We’ve sowed the seeds; now we reap the harvest… and pay the piper. Nevertheless, all so very predictable if you were able to see the future coming way back then. Today? Much easier to see, in retrospect. Well, if you’ve the kind of mind to figure it out. Or read this booklet.


But the feast day? Which, in 2019, is Trinity Sunday, a week after Pentecost Sunday?


Because we do need God. To create us for a Purpose. And He is Triune. Literally, Trinity in Unity, Three Eternally Divine Persons in One Eternally Divine Being & Uncreated Substance. Ergo, if we’re going to end the Great Apostasy --- which will take God’s Will & Help --- then, truly Roman Catholic, we need to understand Darwinistic evolutionary theory and its inner flaws. Its internal self-contradictions & external fallacies. Only then may we, when God determines to act, be prepared to destroy the Darwinistic edifice with finality.


Ambitious? Not with the Triune God of the Catholic Church on our side. Which means being on His Side. He comes first; we second. And He sits upon the Throne of Wisdom, which is His Most Immaculate Mother, Queen Mary, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Star of the Sea and Our Lovely Lady.


It is an excellent day to stab a proverbial dagger into the heart of darkness, rank putridity.


Will the dagger strike its mark? That’s up to God, and His Gloriously Assumed Mother.


Dearest, Precious & Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us, the lowest!


Dearest, Precious & Most Immaculate & Pure Heart of Mary, pray for us, your fruit!


  Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, St. Felix, Pope & Martyr, & St. Joan of Arc, Virgin, for May 30th; Feast of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces & Queen of Highest Heaven, as Well as St. Angela de Merici, Virgin, & St. Petronilla, Virgin, for May 31st; 2019 (5-30/31-19)


Posted the relatively short book, Geocentricity: The Structure of the Cosmos as Deduced From a Scholarly & Catholic Paradigm; & How Supposed ‘Evidence’ for an Ultimately Frameless… or ‘Acentric’… Universe Fails Utterly to ‘Prove’ a Centerless Existence, But Ups Geo-Centrality .


And what is ‘geocentricity’?


Oh, nothing much. Just the structure of the entire universe.


Well, that is to say, the structure of our cosmos --- creation --- as best figured out in a very scholarly way, based on the Roman Catholic Faith Whole & Undefiled, as well as the best of the evidence available from scholarly, academic, scientific & technological study. In a word, we’re not trying to pretend that the solution we present is ‘infallibly’ so… we’re just saying, given what the Catholic Church infallibly teaches real Catholics, and referencing Catholic sources, teaching-wise, along with the best observation & data known in the public domain, then, resultantly, what is the best comprehension we can find of how God made our world?


To wit, its structure & design?


It’s less than infallible dogma, but way more than mere guess work.


It’s also crucial to our times of the Great Apostasy, and impinges upon the Roman Catholic Religion far more than most Catholics, I suspect, suspect. I.e., most persons --- despite a few of us being truly Catholic --- don’t realize how critical it has been undergoing the shift in cosmic perspective that modern people have undergone in the past few centuries, including, in the longer run, Catholics themselves… who capitulated to Modernist theory by c.1900.


Curious? Then, as is my wont, read it!


I’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible for the untrained person. However, it will involve some scientific & eggheady stuff. I am confident, though, that the person of average intelligence can get through it, and mostly understand, if determined & inquisitive. Too, I’ve made an effort to lighten the tone as often as I can, without being irreverent where it matters (read: when we’re talking about things of Holy Religion).


But the feast days?


A little complex, eh?


I’ve purposefully split the uploading & finalizing process over these two days of May 30 & May 31. Why? The symbolism is too exquisite. As well, Heaven allowed me just enough time to do everything within the framework in which I had to work, speaking of the days & hours it took. The significance, though?


A Central Earth is God’s intentional frame of reference for All of Creation. Hence, ‘up’ and ‘down’ mean something everywhere in the cosmos --- not just here on earth, within our earth’s gravitational field or sphere of influence. Ergo, Jesus’ Ascension & Mary’s Assumption are not merely ‘metaphorical’. They are physically real & meaningful, too. Consequently, it is beautiful symbolism to fully upload this book, and all the accompanying processes, on the Feast of the Ascension, adoring Our Lord, the God-Man, for His Sovereign Deity as shown in the Power which He possessed to literally & physically ascend into Heaven under His Own Will, and on the Feast of the Mediatrix, His Holy & Immaculate Mother, Who He assumed into Heaven by Divine Power, both Her Body & Soul. We honor Her. The upshot for all other real Catholics?


We would have no hope of salvation, entering Heaven, if not for His Ascension & Her Assumption. And because of Ascension & Assumption --- of going UP to Heaven! --- all real Catholics may hope to do the same, persevering in True Faith & Good Works, through Her (Mary!) in Him (Jesus!). That’s the crucial point. That’s what makes a little known thing, geocentricity, vitally worthwhile. And important for true Catholics to know about.


The Feast of St. Felix? His name in Latin means ‘happy’, a happiness for which we strive and may only fully achieve by going up into Heaven. This pope also was a brave martyr, being certainly in This Same Heaven. Feast of St. Joan of Arc? Young virgin girl, who God raised miraculously to lead French armies to victory over English Catholic armies being wicked, tyrannizing poor France, the Heart of the Church on Earth (Italy being the head, of course). Without Joan’s celestial leadership, France would have gone Protestant with England a century later. Yet more importantly, as Joan herself insisted, was that the Dauphine (France’s next king) become anointed in Rheims, where, for a millennium, the French had used the Heavenly Phial, sent down from above, for the purpose of doing so, placed into St. Remy’s hands. St. Joan also underwent brave martyrdom at the hands of the wicked English. And the Feast of St. Angela de Merici? She founded a school for children, especially young girls, in her native Italy, because, as she noted, there are few Catholic mothers since the proper formation of young girls is neglected. And, she also remarked, the disorders of society begin in families, from which all ills spread. And Who is the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary? The Mother of God, part of the Holy Family. Additionally, She is Our Mother, inasmuch as we are truly Catholic. And unless we are ascertaining, with all our might, to be a part of Her Family… how may we belong in a thoroughly Holy Heaven, for All of Eternity? It is through the Mother we go there! And St. Petronilla? It has been disrespected & discounted constantly by modernist & modernized scholars of the last two or three centuries, yet a great archbishop, Dominican & officially beatified man of the Roman Catholic Church, Blessed Jacopo de Voragine, wrote of it with scholarly, careful & sincere belief in the AD 1200s. Which is? That she was not only the ‘spiritual’ daughter of St. Peter the First Pope, but his actual & physical daughter, too. Per Blessed Jacopo, who relied on earlier ancient accounts, she survived past her father's martyrdom in AD 67, being propositioned for marriage to an important young man of Roman nobility, but pagan, of course, due to her beauty. She politely put him off, requesting time to prepare. Thereupon, she fasted & prayed, received the Viaticum, and, reclining in bed, rendered her soul unto the Triune Catholic God. Signifying? The Daughter of Rock --- Infallible & Singularly Saving Truth --- climbed that Celestial Ladder, both literally & figuratively, despising this fallen, corrupt earth, whilst knowing the Way UP to Heaven Above when the time came. We climb the Ladder spiritually in our flesh today, learning to chastize it; we climb the Ladder truly & actually leaving this flesh behind, having persevered and won Our Heavenly Race.


Ad Jesum per Mariam. Cor Jesu, miserere nobis! Cor Mariae, ora pro nobis!


  Feast of St. Hermenegild, Young Catholic Prince & Martyr, as Well as Saturday After Passion Sunday in the Season of Lent, 2019 (4-13-19)


This is the first time ever I have ‘jumped the gun’, so to speak, and posted something a bit sooner than the date to which I’m pegging it, here in What’s New. This is because it is that urgent & exciting to me (my heart is, literally, spiritually burning!) and because the celestial symbolism is jawdropping. Real Catholics trying to be good Catholics often find rather mysterious & supernatural things happening in their lives. This is one of them.


I’ve uploaded Unity of Worship Addendum: How the 1917 Code of Canon Law Simply Is Not, However Someone May Want to Think Otherwise, Any Act of ‘Infallibility’, the Truly Infallible Definition of Papal Infallibility at the Vatican Council of the 1800s Proving This . This is a follow up to the very recently posted Unity of Worship Redux in the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section, both being responses to the thoughtful & charitable arguments of a gentleman in the United States trying to insist that the 1917 Code was an act of papal ‘infallibility’. Which is, likewise, a follow up to the Unity of Worship article in the Books & Articles (B&A) section. The latter is in B&A because it never was written for one person in particular originally. The first two are in L&A for the precisely opposite reason --- they were originally to one person. Yet all 3 are 1.


Just as Our Creator is 3 Persons in 1 Godhead, All Holy & All Perfect.


He requires the same holiness & perfection from His followers, true Roman Catholics.


This means we, as real Catholics, must NOT mix the religiously holy with the religiously unholy… ever! Period. If real Catholics today, during the Great Apostasy, however few we are, cannot get this straight --- then may Jesus & Mary help us. We truly are lost & astray. We don’t have to be, though. We could get our heads screwed on straight. And that means keeping the unholy, which is almost always never justified to enter holy Catholic sanctuaries, out of that which is All Holy, and keeping ourselves, as real Catholics, from ever knowingly or carelessly turning to a notoriously & pertinaciously NON-Catholic priest for the Sacraments, or any ritual, prayer or religious devotion, etc., as if ‘justified’ to do so when in ‘need’. Again, period. It’s a principle millennia old, millennia upheld, and I am merely a poor & incompetent messenger daring to remind real Catholics of the truth, and what is rightas opposed to what is wrong. In other words… trying to get real Catholics to keep holy religiously separated from unholy.


Yet the mysterious & supernatural? I’m an not nearly clever enough or powerful enough to arrange the posting of this latest writing in the now completed triad of ‘Unities’, as it were, on such an auspicious date. Today is the Feast of St. Hermenegild. And who was he?


The eldest son --- and thus prince --- of a mighty king in Europe in Spain.


Unfortunately, this is when the Visigoths had invaded Spain, taking over a large portion of it, during the middle of the first millennium. The Visigoths were simply invading barbarians at first, but then settled down, cementing their victories. They then became, most if not all of them… Arian heretics. Arianism, by the way, was the worst affliction the One True Church endured until now, during the Great Apostasy unleashed by the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, we see the false Religion of Modernism ruling everywhere, all over the earth, even in Rome. Our redoubtable Hermenegild was the son of one of those Arian kings. But he married a good Catholic wife, and, converted by her example, holiness & prayers, along with, mayhap, the excellent influence of other real Catholics, politely defied his father regarding religion. Because, you know, real Catholics are to practice a rational obedience, NEVER a blind obedience. His Luciferian father --- for that’s what any false religion is, especially one that severely threatens God’s One & Only Holy Religion of Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled --- enraged, threw his own son, St. Hermenegild, into the dungeon, shackled & cold. He then demanded, on the night of Holy Saturday, right before Easter, that Hermenegild receive the valid yet illegal Eucharist from the spiritually filthy hands of an Arian (thus NON-Catholic!) bishop. Our dauntless saint, rightly appalled, indignantly repulsed this priest of false religion.


To wit, he absolutely refused to take a Sacrament from a NON-Catholic clergy.


And this at the start of Easter Sunday, when Catholics normally must, at a bare minimum, receive the Sacraments in obedience to the Roman Catholic Church. Isn’t there an exception here, wasn’t poor Hermenegild, no matter how brave, ‘over the top’ and, young as he was, not wise enough to know he was in desperate ‘need’ and could budge just a little itty bit in this case?


And yet he’s a saint of the Catholic Church, honored at Her altars for over 1400 years.


And a martyr at that, murdered by his own wicked, hateful, foul & Arian father.


He gave up being a king on earth, defying his earthly father, for holiness.


To rule forever in Heaven with King Jesus & Queen Mary, amen & amen.


Let us follow his courageous, intelligent, charitable & saintly example.


St. Hermenegild, who despised earthly glory, great martyr, pray for us!


  Feast of St. Leo the Great, Pope & Allegorical Martyr of Heroic Virtue, as Well as Thursday After Passion Sunday in the Season of Lent, 2019 (4-11-19)


Posted three new & separate pages in a long neglected subsection of The Epistemologic Works, Admonishments, in the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section of the website. Why so long to update this part of L&A? Because I really loathe doing it, and the three admonishments were very painful for me. The first, relatively so. The second, quite so. And the third, a complete agony in doing so. I don’t wish anyone ill --- and the third was one like a brother to me.


Of whom do I speak? You may look in the relatively obscure subsection to find out.


I don’t trumpet it so as not to be thought guilty of attempting to ‘punish’ or ‘attack’.


I’m simply trying to warn. I’ve no clerical ‘authority’ or ecclesial ‘jurisdiction’.


Yet of whom do I speak today? (Late at night, really, as the day’s work & responsibilities became lengthy…) The first is the Dimond brothers . I’ve never met them personally, but have known two persons well, who in turn knew them personally pretty well. In any case, I’ve looked over their public materials, which are extensive, enough to know that they’re Catholic fundamentalists (CFs). Indeed, as far as I can tell, the source of much, if not most, CF-type thinking nowadays during the Great Apostasy. The second is Richard Ibranyi, also known as Mr. Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi (RJMI). I knew him well & personally, even working with him in person at one time until his behavior became so awful as to cause me to flee with my family to keep them safe. Lastly, the third? Ronald Kramig & Lois Doyle, who were our dearest friends & our fellow Roman Catholics. Then the most diabolic & confusing events occurred, causing them to transform into appalling enemies against us, we scratching our heads in puzzlement.


It’s like the invasion of barbarian hordes from eastern Eurasia into the western part of the Roman Empire, pillaging & destroying, striking fear into the hearts of those who are now calling themselves Catholic. Along with this were some stupendous betrayals, as those supposed to be Catholic went into Arian heresy, and the aforesaid barbarian hordes, settling down to rule, became Arian heretics, most of them, before, finally, eventually winding up as Catholics.


The very thing today’s feast’s saint --- Pope Leo the Great --- faced with no army, no serious earthly power, no wealth of amazing & persuasive quantity. And in person, meeting Attila the Hun in the flesh at the Po River in Italy, Attila’s ravaging & unvanquished army ready to cross and assault Rome, completing his conquest. Woe is me! For I am no saint, pope, ecclesial doctor or spiritual father like beloved Leo the First. To whom shall I turn? To whom shall any real Roman Catholic turn in these darkest of days? We simply beg Heaven for unmerited mercy.


In St. Leo’s case (his name is symbolic of the lion, in case you don’t know), flabbergastingly enough, his mighty & savage foe turned his bloodthirsty army around to return from where he most recently came. His troops asking him why, contrary to his relentlessly conquering nature, a chastened yet honest Attila told them, in so many words, “Because a great soldier held a magnificent sword over me, threatening to kill me if I didn’t heed Leo’s request.”


That ‘soldier’ was plainly angelic, God’s Avenging Messenger. Pope St. Leo had no huge or tremendous earthly army to call upon, or magnificent warrior of human flesh to guard him as, dauntlessly, he encountered the conquering Attila in person. He had only humility, virtue of a heroic nature, and the desperate need of spiritual children. Oh, and unparalleled bravery. We desperately require the same today. If truly Catholic. Where is our spiritual father, where is Roman Catholicism’s contemporary Leo, a religious lion to galvanize Heaven to avenge us?


The answer is in the Holy Hands of the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church.


We’re in Babylonian exile right now, atoning for our sins. Our foes surround us.


The savage hordes have already pillaged & sacked Rome, our ecclesial queen.


Only Our Heavenly King (Jesus) and Our Celestial Queen (Mary) can save us.


To the latter, Queen Mary, real Catholics may cry, “Save us, Our Lady! Implore Your Eternally Divine Son, Our Lord, to forgive us our many crimes of iniquity and show us mercy again! Make us, we beg You, into real Roman Catholics worthy of the Name, of His Name & Your Name, let not the enemy besmirch either He or You with our vile atrocities, not least of which is denying His One True Religion, the Roman Catholic Faith Whole, Entire & Undefiled! To You do we appeal in this valley of tears, Our Heavenly Advocate. Please show us Your Son, Jesus.”


Let us also pray for the conversion & salvation of the souls I’ve had to admonish.




  Feast of St. John Capistran, 2019 (3-28-19)


Added a few new paragraphs --- and tweaked a few more paragraphs --- in the very recently posted Unity of Worship Redux writing in the Letters & Admonishments section of The Epistemologic Works. Why?


To close off a potential mental loophole. That is, to make it absolutely clear, and absolutely unassailable, that the 1917 Code of Canon Law really does indeed have a few bad canon rules within its body of canons (2414 altogether, hence why only a ‘few’ even if, say, 10 or 20 of them are bad). To be specific, that at least 3 of these canons truly are perniciously bad in pretending it’s ‘okay’ for a real Catholic, in ‘need’, to turn to a notoriously & pertinaciously non-Catholic priest… thus automatically excommunicated if truly Catholic prior to this… for any of the Sacraments, thereby joining religiously with this non-Catholic clergy via ritual or worship.


Don’t believe it? Then read Unity of Worship Redux for proof. And please be humble.


You are not infallible or omniscient, and this is ultimately a matter of eternal fate.


As King Jesus & Queen Mary are my witnesses, I tell you, dear soul, the Truth.


And the feast day? St. John Capistran became a Franciscan monk near the end of the AD 1300s. He preached a crusade as called for by a pope of that time, raising a ragged army of mostly untrained Catholic men (in the art of war, that is to say), who, miraculously, saved a Catholic Europe from being invaded, and taken over, by an opposing army of Muslims eager to annihilate Roman Catholicism and make Europe wholly Islamic.


I am no saint or holy one like dear Juan Capistrano.


In the slightly updated writing, though, I am preaching a crusade. Against what? In opposition to wicked teaching that real Roman Catholics may turn to plainly non-Catholic priests when in ‘need’. In reality, the One True Church, and Our Creator, has never authorized this mingling of Catholic with non-Catholic in ritual or worship, religiously speaking. Period. This notion is most vile & disgusting, defying true Catholicity and offending the Triune Catholic God. Therefore, why I dare to say these handful of canon laws are bad.


Mind you, I am not preaching a literal & bloody war. No, real Catholic nations no longer exist right now during the Great Apostasy. I thus preach a spiritual war. This means getting heads screwed on straight, believing & acting correctly, as real Catholics, however few we are, until Christ Jesus deigns to finish the world’s present punishment and show mercy again to His disciples, those persons who are Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled. This will never happen without real Catholics being wise Catholics. And a real & wise Catholic knows --- we must respectfully, rationally & rightly refuse to obey a wicked law or wicked leader.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


  Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, and Tuesday of the 3rd Week in Lent, 2019 (3-25-19)


Finally, after several years, another subsection added to the Straight & Simple (S&S) section of The Epistemologic Works site, Understanding Christ . Adding twenty more straight-forward questions, with simple (I hope!) answers to these questions, to the S&S section, it brings us altogether to 61 questions answered sequentially in totality thus far.




Then read them through. Everything is quite short, most of it quite simple, and we strive to be right to the point without digressing or taking interesting but complicated detours. It is, in essence, as the S&S section builds, a kind of catechism in Roman Catholicism.


It is my meager offering to Queen Mary on one of Her most special of days.


God Himself, Our Self-Eternal Uncreated Creator, chose Her to be the Mother of His Everlastingly Divine Son. St. Gabriel the Seraphic Archangel, who stands in the Presence of the Almighty continually, was chosen to announce this most tremendous of gifts possible for a mere human being --- indeed, a woman! --- humblest of all God’s creatures, hence Most Immaculate of His offspring. Her Pure & Holy Womb bore the Maker, the Second Person of the Trinity, void of stain of sin or fault or corruption or impurity. Behold the Man! Behold He the Babe within the Star of the Sea. Behold the Lady, behold the Woman! She who crushes the Serpent’s Head.


And this joy in the midst of the sorrow of Lent.


On a lenten Tuesday, ancient pagan day of the ‘god’ of war.


For She, Who wars against the ‘god of war’ --- Lucifer --- and triumphs.


Ad Jesum per Mariam, Calx Mariae. Veritas vincit! Veritas vincit, per Sedes Sapientiae.


  Feast of St. Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, 2019 (3-19-19)


Short addendum letter (or email, really), Unity of Worship Redux: How the 1917 Code of Canon Law Does Not, & Cannot, Vitiate or Change the Church’s Ancient Teaching re Religious Separation Applied to Ritual or Worship , uploaded to The Epistemologic Works in the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section. It is a companion piece to last month’s Unity of Worship posted in Books & Articles (B&A), despite the former being in L&A and the latter in B&A.


The motivation?


I had actually passingly & tangentially mentioned the 1917 Code of Canon Law in the earlier article, mentioning that it is not a perfect body of laws (meaning, it truly has a few bad laws), and, anyway, that’s why we dared to point out, in the subtitle of Unity of Worship, how a pope may not dare to ‘change’ any law just because he’s the pope. In other words, being the pope, with a supreme authority, does not mean --- with supremacy of authority --- that you can do whatever you want, just because you’re the supreme pope. Your supremacy of power is the power of a relative position to those under your authority, NOT absolute power to do anything at all.


Fathoming the distinction?


Even a pope is subject to parameters & limitations in his exercise of supreme authority. Were such a man to decree, from St. Peter’s Throne, that no Catholic, henceforth, may eat chocolate in any amount, on any day, in any place, at all, period, in perpetuity… well, would any intelligent Catholic be obliged to obey him? Not at all. A pope, in spite of his supreme authority, has not the jurisdiction to rule such a thing in such a matter. Nor may a pope make a law that either purposefully or foolishly undermines a practice that corresponds with a key linchpin of infallible dogma, being an intrinsic part of the Very Purpose of the One True Church.


And any body of canon law, during the second millennium at least, is most certainly NOT a papal act of the Charism of Infallibility. Hence, a pope could either intentionally or unwittingly make or approve a bad law. And are good & wise Roman Catholics obliged to obey a bad law? Certainly not! We are to practice rational obedience NOT blind obedience. And where the person who is superior in authority commands us, whether on purpose or unwittingly, to accomplish that which is plainly bad, then, as St. Thomas Aquinas the Angelic Doctor so helpfully teaches us, we can & must respectfully, rationally & rightly refuse to obey.


Why… because real Roman Catholic persons are so ‘rebellious’?


To the contrary. Because real Catholics would commit rebellion by obeying a wicked law.


Understand now? This is why bad laws in a body of canon law that is not an exercise of papal infallibility cannot, in any way at all, ‘win the argument’ or compel a good & wise Catholic to do that which is evil. For that is what it amounts to --- evil. It is evil to join in ritual or worship, as a real Catholic, with he who is clearly NOT Catholic, and even in spite of it being done for the most ‘charitable’ or ‘practical’ of reasons. That kind of thinking is a ruse, and that kind of thinking is what ushered in the Great Apostasy until it broke out into the open at a most pernicious Vatican II Pseudo-Council. It’s time for true Roman Catholics to get their heads screwed on straight. It’s time for us to match --- and out-match --- the subtly & cleverness of Lucifer, something we can’t do merely on our own, but something we are more than able to do when guided by the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost, and led by the hand of Our Celestial Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God Almighty, the Throne of Wisdom. Not to mention our guardian angels assisting us.


And assisted by the Patron of the Universal (Catholic) Church, St. Joseph, whose feast day it is today, March 19th. He was the Head of the Holy Family. Let him again head us, what few real Catholics are left right now during the worst period of the Great Apostasy, leading us into the holiness of that Wonderful Family on Earth in Nazareth. It can be done. And it will happen. Simply a question of ‘when’. As in, “When will Christ deign to act? When will He permit Heavenly Mary to crush the Serpent’s Head --- the snakish head everyone has so blithely followed for so long lately? When will He allow St. Joseph, as Patron, not only to protect pitifully few real Catholics, but increase our number dramatically, and all in union with everyone else truly Catholic, perfectly & completely? When will the insanity end?”


These are urgent questions. I don’t claim to be a prophet. I simply point toward Truth.


Have you eyes, ears & mind? Have you intelligence & comprehension?


I pray that you do. To see Truth, admit Truth, and obey Truth.


There are many obstacles to this goal. Uproot them!


The Path is there. Who will follow? Will you?


I mean, follow King Jesus & Queen Mary?


May Jesus’ Sacred & Suffering Heart have mercy upon us, terrible sinners that we are, creating in us cleans hearts and renewing within our bowels a right spirit, and may Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart pray for us, Her children, holding us close to Her Maternal Bosom, wrapped securely under Her Precious Mantle, until all is said & done, and we are truly sanctified.


Ad Astra per Luna? No. Not in pride. Or, rather, only humbly so: Ad Jesum per Mariam.


  Feast of St. Mary Bernard (Bernadette) Soubirous, as Well as the Feast of St. Simeon the 2nd Bishop of the Diocese of Jerusalem, 2019 (2-18-19)


New & short seven chapter article, Unity of Worship: Why Real Catholics Dare Not ‘Worship’ With Any Non-Catholic or False ‘catholics’, Pretending It ‘Pleases’ God; Nor May a Pope ‘Change’ This Law, or the Ignorant Remain Ever ‘Guiltless’ , posted to The Epistemologic Works.


Call yourself Catholic? Yet think it’s okay to religiously worship with someone who’s not Catholic? Or think that, in abnormal times, you can knowingly (or at least culpably, you ought to be knowing better…) receive the sacraments from, or with, those who aren’t truly Roman Catholic?


Then study this little article.


I’ve addressed the problem before, but never so directly & singularly. Why?


Because time is running out. This is part of the confusion that brought upon us the Great Apostasy, and, when the Triune God of the Catholic Church exhausts His Just Wrath, deigning to end the Great Apostasy and show us His Mercy again, resurrecting His Son’s Ecclesial Body, then real Roman Catholics Whole & Entire are going to have to clean up some icky messes. Such as the aforesaid confusion regarding with whom real Catholics are to worship… and who not. Plus, Catholics are running out of time. That is to say, you can only be of adequate intelligence and ignorant about this matter for so long, not incurring serious mortal guilt for not knowing better. Comprehend? Who real Catholics worship with is a matter of neverending life & death, period.


So please don’t think you ‘know it all’ already and take a look. If you do have it correct already, then what have you lost? Only a bit of time. Whereas, if you don’t understand the principle of ‘unity of worship’ correctly yet, then you are risking your immortal soul and its eternal safety.


Understand now? This is not something to be taken lightly. Catholic clergy & laity of the past two or three centuries became astonishingly lax about this very thing and have paid the price. The price of losing Roman Catholicity altogether, allowing Lucifer to usher in the Great Apostasy and all of its accompanying evil, and blithely continuing to offend Our All Holy God --- what few true Catholics are left right now --- with continued violation of this mortally vital principle.


But St. Mary Bernard Soubirous’ feast day? She was the young seer of the Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes, Heaven’s Queen… the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God Almighty… visiting her eighteen times total in the most unlikely of places. On March 25th, 1858, She confirmed Her Title of the Immaculate Conception, as infallibly proclaimed by Pope Pius IX exactly 3 years & 107 days earlier on 8 December 1854, as a way of showing Her Pleasure and saying ‘thank you’. Even more importantly, Queen Mary drove home the fact that real Catholics must do strenuous penance.


Why? Because our sins were that horrible. The same warning is applicable today.


Yes, loss of Roman Catholicity the world over has lessened dramatically the enormity of sins Catholics are able to commit now, due to our greatly reduced numbers. Yet, no, just like the times of Ss. Esdras & Nehemias, when a remnant of the Israelites returned to Jerusalem & Palestine after 70 years of Babylonian Captivity for their forefathers’ terrible crime of stubborn & perpetual apostasy, it took much catechesis & blunt confrontation to get their heads screwed on straight.


Likewise today. And I am no saint like Esdras or Nehemias. But the same problem remains.


Oh, and Our Lady of Lourdes? Part of Her Gifts was the miraculous healing waters, as uncovered by the young & saintly Bernadette Soubirous, even before she had become a nun and adopted the religious moniker of Mary Bernard. It is not widely known, however, in the wake of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, that these miraculous waters ceased to flow. The now certainly non-Roman-Catholic caretakers of this shrine simply covered this fact up, still dispensing or selling the water of ‘Lourdes’ as if still the real thing. Can’t lose prestige or revenue, can we?


That would put a bit of a damper on their business of false religion.


Real Roman Catholics, though, know where the Water of Life lies:


Within God’s Roman Catholic Body, and God’s Roman Catholic Mind --- Whole, Entire & Undefiled --- perpetually unchanged and perpetually our Singular Means of Salvation, despite what the execrable Vatican II dared to teach, defying the One True God & His One True Religion.


May the Immaculate Mary crush the satanic serpent’s head, fiercely with finality.


And St. Simeon? He was the second bishop of the Diocese of Jerusalem, immediately following upon the first bishop, one of Christ’s Twelve Apostles, St. James the Righteous. He lived to be 120 years of age (thereby yet again destroying the Modernist myth that ancient people all lived short & brutish lives… thank badness for the end of Catholicity and the reign of Modern Times!), and, arrested for the ‘crime’ of being Christian (read: Roman Catholic), bravely died, like Our Lord, crucified.


May real Catholics today imitate his constancy during similarly evil opposition.


Cor Jesu, miserere nobis. Cor Mariae, ora pro nobis. Ad Jesum per Mariam.


  Feast of St. Agnes the Virgin Martyr, 2019 (1-21-19)


Last and 15th Chapter of Ufology book uploaded, plus an Addendum.


The very short book (by my standards) is complete. Don’t know yet curious?


Then read the tome. Think you know, but willing to find out for sure, not cocky?


By all means, study the little treatise. Call yourself Catholic? Are you the real thing?


Then I suggest, if not too sensitive toward the bizarre or the demonological, that you examine Ufology briefly yet carefully. This provides true Roman Catholics with a simple, albeit minimally adequate, understanding of this complex & strange phenomenon which seems to coincide neatly, in its present form, with the outbreak of the Great Apostasy into the open. Depending on what Our Creator --- the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church --- decides to do in the near future, the ufological phenomenon could either continue as it is, in a somewhat low key but persistent & global manner, or else manifest itself in a manner that is more dramatic, impactful & widely astonishing. In the meantime, it’s been shaping people all over the world religiously & spiritually in a way not conducive to Catholicity.


How can real Catholics respond in a way that is intelligent whilst true to Catholicity?


I.e., true to true Catholicity whilst true to the hard facts, however bizarre sounding?


That’s what this is about. It’s not intrinsically necessary to our eternal salvation. Nevertheless, it is indeed imperative in a fashion that is potentially dangerous to real Roman Catholics, who could be caught off guard by a phenomenon that is disturbingly demonological, and, without doubt, imperative to those enraptured by this ufological phenomenon, nonetheless, helpless in their gullibility & propensity toward it.


And St. Agnes’ feast day? One of the greatest virgin martyrs in Rome?


This all boils down to a clash between Christ’s Body & Satan’s Beast.


This is the Great Apostasy. Christ’s Body is in a Modernist Tomb.


Lucifer’s Beast is the false ‘church’ of our rebellious & dark times.


There are many stratagems involved. Ufology is merely one of them. Yet massive. Ufological incidents occur all over the earth every single day, year after year. They’ve shaped human beings’ notions and religious beliefs for some seven decades. They act to reinforce the typical spiritual lies of our times, in wake of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council. True Catholicism is the Ecclesial Body of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the God-Man. St. Agnes’ name is the Latin for ‘lamb’. Seeing the connection? The little lamb slaughtered, what may we expect? Lucifer exalts and pushes his advantage as quickly, efficiently & successfully as he can. Yet his time is limited. Christ & His Own will, in reality, resurrect. They are incorrupt, and unconquerable. The victory is via humility. Incorrupt despite lying in the Tomb, this Triumph will transpire in its time, at God’s Sovereign Behest. And when it does, the Great Apostasy will end. Want to see that eventuality happen? I can’t guarantee that you will. I can, though, assure you it is inevitable… Mary’s Little Lamb will resurrect. Eternal Life will surmount. Hell’s ambitions, while apparently successful right now, will crash into the ground. The devastating fracture lines are already taking place. The spiritual wind in the air is changing. Which side will you choose? If truly Catholic, will you remain Faithful?


The ufological phenomenon is one aspect of Lucifer’s Antichristic Antilamb.


New ‘sacraments’ and new ‘liturgy’ for new ‘times’. Bizarre? Sometimes.


Incomprehensible? Difficult to fathom… but not utterly impenetrable.


Our Kingly Lord & Regal Lady will not suffer satan to prevail.


  Feast of St. Anthony of the Desert, 2019 (1-17-19)


Next two chapters of the Ufology book now in the cloud.


This takes us to Chapter 14 and only one more chapter remains.


Fair warning to the sensitive & truly Catholic reader --- while we take a refreshing detour into the fabulous Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima back in 1917, the latest addition also delves into the inescapably demonological nature of the ufological phenomenon. I try so very hard not to talk about things that are disgusting, frightening & abominable, thus disturbing the gentle soul. Regardless, this is a sordid subject. And very demonic.


So be brave, but be cautious. And know with certainty how real Catholics have no need to fear these bizarre things with a mindless, irrational passion. The Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church is in control, and, whatever He permits hell to accomplish during our troubled times of the Great Apostasy, we don’t need to be afraid. Satan can do nothing without God’s Sovereign Permission. And only God can condemn us to hell forever.


St. Anthony of the Desert is proof of this. It is probably not wise for real Catholics to duplicate the holy Anthony in everything he said & did… unless, of course, we, like him, duplicate his astonishing courage & unflappable holiness. Nonetheless, he is practically unrivaled in his intrepid disdain for hell, the devil, the demons, and the damned.


Why would this be? It’s little known as far as I can tell, but we’ll reveal a secret:


If, as a real Roman Catholic, you’re determined to be a saint on earth, then, in drawing closer & closer to this noble goal, it seems that Our Creator invariably allows hell to assault such Catholic souls with brutal attacks from the devil. And I mean physically brutal. Not many of us, I wager, could face that here on earth. Hence the greatness of these saints.


That they would face, night after night, for hours on end, year after year, savage pummelings of the denizens of hell, wherein the poor saintly Catholic soul is a mass of blood & bruises at the end of the ordeal. And for years on end! E.g., the already mentioned St. Anthony around the turn of the fourth century, or the equally intrepid Blessed Anna Maria Taigi near the turn of the nineteenth century. And yet, the very next morning, by sunrise, miraculously healed of their wounds and ready, the very next night, to face the exact same ordeal. And, in Anna Maria Taigi’s case, being both a wife & a mother, her insanely dramatic beatings occurring without a single member of her family waking fearfully because of the noise. Well, except for a poverty-stricken priest she housed charitably, who, in his testimony for her beatification, said that he was absolutely flabbergasted at what he witnessed, shaking with fear as her poor body was flung supernaturally from wall to wall by invisible attackers. Fortunately, he recovered adequately enough to sprinkle holy water and make the Sign of the Cross. Priestly authority asserted, the diabolic attackers then fled, leaving her a bloody mess.


Then astonishingly healed of all her wounds as the sun dawned. Amazing?


Truly. Yet real & attested. Holy Mother Church vouches for these events.


The point? Hellish denizens now roam our earth freely unopposed.


This is the Great Apostasy, and sinful humanity must pay the piper.


All the same, whether dry martyrs or bloody martyrs, what few real Catholics remain alive right now, here at the end of all things as know it, we needn’t fear the devil. We may hate him and the demons or damned with righteous indignation. Indeed, we must! We are obligated to do so if we are truly Catholic! The occupants of hell are purely evil, no good left within them. A real & wise Roman Catholic must hate the truly hateful. Period.


So don’t be afraid. Just be wise. I’ve done the legwork for you. If useful, then read.


And remember… real Catholics can mock the mocker. I.e., hellish denizens.


We can laugh at their antics along with Our Celestial Lord & Lady.


¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva Maria Reina! Amen and amen. Semper Fidelis!


  Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord, 2019 (1-6-19)


Very next (relatively long) chapter of Ufology posted.


This is a really short book --- by my standards --- so it will end in 3 more chapters.


Honestly. Cross my heart. But let your yes be “yes” and your no be “no”, as Jesus tells authentic Catholics in the Gospels (read: real Roman Catholics Whole & Entire, not the fake post-Vatican II Pseudo-Council type). So I’m not lying. Nonetheless, check out the short little book, with its relatively short little chapters… except the somewhat longish 12th chapter… if you don’t believe me. And please be fair. It is short compared to the all the others, right?


But the feast day? Only one of the more crucial days on a universal liturgical calendar.


Only the ‘Epiphany’ of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God Incarnate. And veiled in His Sacred Humanity since conception in His Mother’s Immaculate Womb as of 25 March 15 BC (yes, it is actually possible to tell the exact solar calendar date if you try hard enough, being both logical & factual, based on sources reasonable for real Catholics to trust with rationality).


Nonetheless, God from All of Eternity. Not man made into ‘God’.


To the contrary, God subsumes Humanity into His Eternality.


Or, to put it differently, fully God becomes fully Human.


This the Three Magi sought & recognized & worshiped.


He, Jesus, was made ‘clear’ to an entire world. In the sense that non-Catholics of the Old Testament were both recognizing His Godness from All of Eternity and His Incarnation from His Conception in the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Womb. Having made this clear by their presents of gold, frankincense & myrrh to the Christ Child, worshiping & adoring Him as Our Creator from All of Eternity, veiled in the Sacred Humanity of His Mother, they testified, by their presence & public worship, His Deity Everlasting, amen.


And now? Today? We strive to make ‘clear’ His Deity, as His Second Advent nears.


Are you ready? The Signs are in the Skies. Heaven is troubled, the stars moved.


Not paying attention. That’s okay, I’m helping you along. Do you see? Read.


Just read, where your eyes are weak or lacking strength. Just read it…


It’s for you. Not for me. I’m simply sharing what I’ve seen.


Eh? That’s all you’ve got to do. Not too hard, hm?


Ad Jesum per Mariam. Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


  Feast of Pope St. Sylvester, 2018 (12-31-18)


Next five chapters of Ufology uploaded.


This brings us to Chapter 11 and leaves relatively very little of the short book left to post, and, with fortuity, it might be completed prior to the end of January 2019. Have finished the ‘big three’ books, Baptismal Confusion, Helplessly Ignorant and Inter Regnum, leaving me far more free to focus on lesser topics that still, I think, merit more attention and could potentially help someone.


A warning to gentler Catholic readers with little knowledge of ufology:


This is where it can get very bizarre, disturbing & frightening. We have no desire to disturb anyone. It’s simply the nature of this elusive subject. We have tried to be rational, factual, and, without leaving it too simplistic, neither overwhelm readers with too much.


And why could it be important? Because it’s a phenomenon not going away, having lasted over seven decades; is global, affecting people all over the world; and is concurrent with the Great Apostasy, massively influencing religious beliefs & thinking as its roots deepen.


Too, as far as I can tell, no real Catholic has ever tackled ufology in a scholarly way.


Hence, true Roman Catholics have either been left free to ignore it utterly without sufficient reason, or else suffer potential harm by becoming overwhelmed or obsessed with a topic that is, it is apparent, not easily understood and very antithetical to the Church’s Infallible Dogma & Morality. And which could, in the near future, spread yet more confusion in a big way.


Meanwhile, Pope St. Sylvester?


He’s not the Successor to St. Peter at the exact moment Emperor Constantine took Rome and legalized Catholicity throughout the Greco-Roman Empire. However, Pope St. Miltiades did not live long after this, and it is thus essentially St. Sylvester & Constantine who together upended the Empire and furthered God’s True Religion everywhere with this triumph.


Back then, members of the Roman Catholic Church were still very often familiar with paganism & sorcery. The ‘strange’ or demonic was not so strange, necessarily, in their lives since they confronted it everywhere still. With the demise of ancient paganism in our part of the world by the mid-second millennium, most Catholics were unlearned about how Lucifer operates and what God will sometimes allow him to do in this world. This leaves them frequently naïve, drawing mistaken conclusions that are more influenced by Modernist scientific opinions than actual reality. Even Church leaders have been naïve.


We now face a neo-pagan world. Our lives have changed dramatically.


The Great Apostasy will end eventually. But we need, in my opinion, better knowledge of our enemy, satan. This will not occur when some imagine --- it seems to me --- that we’ll go ‘back’ to how things were in the 1930s, 1940s & 1950s. As if these were the good ol’ days. Regardless, this is not going to happen. It’ll be more like the days of Pope St. Sylvester & Constantine. Conversion of the earth may be amazing & quick. But we’ll no longer be capable of going back. Which, since those weren’t the good ol’ days, is fine with me.


We need greater familiarity with our ecclesial heroes of the truly old days.


And they were good whenever we struggled with the devil, clear-eyed.


Let’s wipe away the murk, shall we? Pope St. Sylvester, pray for us!


And may Queen Mary wrap us safely in Her Mantle.


Cor Jesu, miserere nobis. Cor Mariae, ora pro nobis.


  Vigil of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, the God-Man, 2018 (12-24-18)


New yet short book partially posted, Ufology .


To wit, the first six chapters. Don’t know as of now how many more chapters are to come, but unlikely to be beyond 20 or 30 chapters total in the book, at most, if that even. Hopefully it can be done by January or February of next year, 2019.


And what is ufology? Read the book for a good definition. In short, while humanity has witnessed ‘strange’ things in the skies for millennia, something truly unique & remarkable has been occurring since the end of World War II --- the UFO phenomenon. And this thing has had a tremendous effect on contemporary human beings, all over the world, shaping religious & philosophical beliefs. Even if you, personally, don’t wish to believe in the ufological phenomenon… or were it a fantasy… notwithstanding, what people believe, regardless of its falsehood, has a real effect in a real world. Especially when it’s global.


In actuality, decent ufological researchers have proven the phenomenon is very real.


The curious person therefore naturally asks, with intelligence, “So what is it?”


That’s an excellent question and this book strives to answer it, from a truly Roman Catholic perspective. No smart person who examines the ufological phenomenon pretends to have all the answers. It is often bizarre, deceptive, elusive, frightening & amazing. But it’s been going on so long, in parallel with the Great Apostasy, that it’s unlikely to disappear suddenly --- unless, of course, it is tied to the Great Apostasy and this Apostasy finishes very soon and very suddenly. Until then, how can real Catholics intelligently grapple with it?


That’s all the Ufology book is meant to do. Describe it intelligently, explain it intelligently, and offer a paradigm through which to view it that is truly Catholic whilst, at the same time, rooted solidly in what hard facts & reliable testimony are available. Oh, and all this without contradicting Catholicity. Anyone else striving to do this? Not that I can tell, and I’ve studied the phenomenon extensively. Intelligent responses thus far are coming from non-Catholics.


I applaud them for their attempts and their intelligence, however, it’s never going to be totally satisfactory or jive with Roman Catholicism properly since they aren’t Roman Catholic. Hence the book. Curious? Then peruse Ufology. God’s Creation is vast, His Objectives often beyond our imagination, and we live in strange times. Savvy?


I don’t claim the subject is necessarily of an eternal life or death significance.


I do, though, assert that it can help to understand a topic more intelligently.


Every Catholic differs in skills; but each gains with better comprehension.


The Vigil, though? Of Christ’s Nativity or Birth upon our fallen earth…?


This was His First Advent. Or, to be precise, the day before His First Advent. When teaching & instructing His disciples for some three years, they asked Him about the end of the world as we know it. That is to say, His Second Advent, when He returns to the earth as King & Judge. What would be the signs, or indications? One of them is the very thing we see:


Signs & indications in the skies or heavens. We are living in that era right now.


I don’t dare to predict an exact date or year. I do, nonetheless, know that Jesus & His Apostles, as well as various Church fathers, doctors, saints, leaders & apparitions have given us plenty to go on. We can tell when the time is getting near. That’s all I dare to say --- that the signs are here, all around us, and the time is getting near. It is like the night before Christ’s Birth, the final vigil & eve for humankind. It is apocalypse now.


The Ufology book is simply one more explication of one of those signs.


Cor Jesu, miserere nobis. Cor Mariae, ora pro nobis. Ad Jesum per Mariam.


  Feast of the Expectation of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, 2018 (12-18-18)


Ah, finally! Baptismal Confusion is complete.


Chapters 187 to 197 are now posted. As is often the case, got it all started on December 18th, which is why I’m listing that as the date of uploading. But, of course, took the next day, too, December 19th, to finish all the websitey things you’ve gotta do to make it complete. I.e., given that you’re not taking the easy way out, with a ready-made site maker & host.


I value independence a lot and don’t want a bully shoving The Epistemologic Works around… hence why I’m doing it this way. Drawbacks? Some. Will it succeed indefinitely? Nah, I could still eventually run into some pretty nasty (perhaps anonymous) people who totally loathe the website and want to see it disappear. In the meantime, though?


So far so good. It’s in the Hands of the Triune God of the Catholic Church.


And He places it in the Hands of His Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother, Mary the Immaculate. Almost completely content to leave it up to them. ‘Almost’ in that I’m not a saint yet, I’m a really bad Catholic --- nevertheless, I am truly Catholic. During the Great Apostasy. So I’ve got my work cut out for me. Yes, but the Blessed Virgin? It’s not on the universal sanctoral calendar. A pope has never required every diocese everywhere to celebrate the Feast of Mary’s Expectation. Yet what is this ‘Expectation’? In the first millennium, the Spanish hierarchy decided it wasn’t fitting to celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation during Lent. March 25th, remember? Right. Aren’t we Catholics supposed to be sad & sorrowful with Our Lord during Lent, suffering with Him for our sins? So they thought it a good idea to observe this feast day on December 18th, which is Advent, anticipating the Joy of Christmas with Christ’s Birth. Understand? After a few centuries, though, they realized it was better to continue with tradition --- the true day of His Conception in Her Virginal Womb --- and returned to observing the Annunciation on March 25th. (Note, however… the Papacy instructed us to delay this feast day when it occurs during Holy Week, right before Easter. Ergo, it once in awhile transpires in the week following Easter. This actually happened in 2008, the year Heaven allowed me to begin this website, The Epistemologic Works. Ever examined the banner? See the smallest font statement at the very top, where it says “Established upon the Feast of the Annunciation in the Year of Our Lord, 2008”? Yes. Accurately speaking, this was March 31st that year --- and not March 25.) All the same, both Spanish hierarchy and the Papacy thought it a good idea to keep the feast day of December 18th. They just tweaked it from ‘Annunciation’ to ‘Expectation’.


Every good mother is filled with joyful expectation for the birth of her child, right?


Right. This is how this feast day came about. And it’s why I uploaded on this day.


Because we’re facing an ‘expectation’ this very moment, if truly Catholic. The expectation which joyfully anticipates the ending of the Great Apostasy, the reconversion of the world to a real Roman Catholicity, whole & entire, and the end of antipopes, little ‘terrestrial beasts’ that they are, apocalyptically speaking. Baptismal Confusion is also a book about baptism. Can’t be surprised about that, can you? And the Sacrament of Baptism is how any human being enters the Roman Catholic Body of Jesus Christ. We are conceived, as it were, into the Womb of the Church and the Womb of Mary. Then, for the rest of our lives, if remaining real Roman Catholics, we get nearer & nearer to one’s ‘birth’. That is to say, dying as good Catholics in the state of grace. Real Catholics striving to be good joyfully ‘expect’ this magnificent day, when we shed corrupt flesh and, we pray, hear Our Lord say:


“Well done, good & faithful servant. Enter into your eternal rest.”


Do you comprehend? Oh, I hope so. The world is so dark.


And I am really not a good Catholic, true Catholic though I am. I yearn for a world less dark. How about you? If truly Catholic. What do you yearn for? Nonetheless, whatever Our Maker allows this world to be right now --- totally apostate and anti-Catholic --- any real & wise Roman Catholic wants to be better, and wants to die in the state of grace.


Whatever else could we want? Earthly life is nothing compared to Eternity.


We begin our Journey to Heaven in the Sacrament of Baptism, along with a Profession of Faith. We continue our Journey by clinging to our baptismal vows and the Catholic Faith that is whole & entire, not contradicting dogmas or cherry picking what we want to believe. An enormous confusion has come about in the last several centuries regarding water baptism. Never could I find anything comprehensive enough, or to the point enough, to assist with ending this hideous confusion. Thus the book, Baptismal Confusion. I started writing it in 2011… first posting it in January, 2012… and now finishing it in December, 2018.


Essentially a little over seven years, including the preparation in AD 2011.


The sacrament that joins humanity (6) with the Divinity (7).


I like that symbolism. What about you? If truly Catholic.


There were three tough books I dreaded writing. Baptismal Confusion, Helplessly Ignorant, as well as Inter Regnum. Now they’re done. Whew! Hardly dared to hope it could be done. Now it’s in Heaven’s Hands. Yet I’ve still got a plow to hoe, in anticipation of a harvest to come. Our Lord & Lady willing, more will be forthcoming. Notwithstanding, these three books enable the whole world to see what’s wrong, how to fix it, and what to do meanwhile.


So as I take a small break to wipe the sweat from my forehead, grabbing some lunch, recognize this --- it’s there. Want to understand? Then read them. Can’t make anybody do this, can’t even claim a bishop’s approval for what I’ve done since there is no legitimate Roman Catholic bishop at this instant with religious jurisdiction over me.


I wish there were. I hope I live to see it. Or should I just get to Heaven?


Sooner rather than later, that is. I’m not sure which is better.


I just know I better get to Heaven in the end.


And I can’t do it if I don’t stay Catholic.


You’re welcome to join me. Please do! And if already truly Catholic (not the fake, post-Vatican II, Novus Ordo kind…), then please pray for my soul. Both while I’m still alive and after I’m dead (assuming I persevere and die as a real Catholic, prithee Heaven!). Won’t you please? I desperately need it. But alone or not, this much I know:


I’d sooner stop breathing earthly air than stop breathing Heavenly Graces.


There is no other way to save a soul; real Catholicism is THE WAY.


¡Viva Cristo Rey! O Virgo Virginum, ora pro nobis! Amen and amen.


  Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of the Holy Apostles, Ss. Peter & Paul, 2018 (11-18-18)


Thought about it prayerfully and had decided, by November 12th, to add a brief Coda or Dénouement, to the just completed book, Helplessly Ignorant. It involves a last parable, with which the tome is rife, for those who have read it thus far and comprehend.


Curious? Or sense something imperative is being pointed out?


Then take a look. It’s very short. Although, in all honesty, it probably won’t make much apprehensible sense without studying the rest of the book and having adequate context. It seemed, however, that it was time. As Jesus told real Roman Catholics in the Gospels, sometimes we must take what we’re taught in secret and shout it from the rooftops.


But the Feast? The Dedication of Ss. Peter & Paul’s Basilicas?


A true & well-informed Catholic will know that Christ never made St. Paul the Head Apostle, to rule His Catholic Body. Yet the true & well-informed Catholic will often know Christ did choose to make St. Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles (read: to those human beings who were not already part of the ‘Synagogue’, or Old Testament Church). They may know, too, how Jesus destined Paul to eventually come to the Diocese of Rome --- which is the place He establishes as the residence of the Visible Head, or ‘Vicar’, of His Ecclesial Body.


To wit, where the Papacy resides under normal conditions, and what makes a man, who’s Roman Catholic, the actual pope, sitting upon and reigning from St. Peter’s Throne. So what did St. Paul’s arrival in Rome, Italy, during his life’s work as an evangelist for the One True Religion of Catholicism amount to? And the answer: he became the auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Rome, subject to the Supreme Authority of St. Peter and the latter’s helper, or assistant, in his many duties as Christ’s Representative on earth.


Meanwhile, as Jesus had determined from all of eternity, St. Peter arrived in Rome after shortly residing in the Diocese of Jerusalem (but not as Jerusalem’s bishop!, this honor bestowed upon St. James the Righteous) and later operating as bishop of the Diocese of Antioch in Syria for seven years. It is being a real Catholic Whole & Entire, as well as a validly consecrated bishop and true & rightful election by true & rightful cardinals of the Diocese of Rome in Italy, which makes a man of sound mind the true & rightful pope. This principle stands perpetually until Christ returns. It’s why wise Catholics call Rome the ‘Eternal City’.


As far as I can tell, howsoever, most people… including the few who are really Catholic nowadays during the Great Apostasy… almost invariably, and mistakenly, presume out of thin air that the Throne of St. Peter (in the canonic sense, not the sense of Peter’s ancient & original chair, which we still have and, to my knowledge, is kept as a relic at the Vatican) is situated within the Vatican, within the aforementioned Basilica of St. Peter. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. The Vatican, under normal circumstances (read: not during a unique emergency time like we endure right now, during the Great Apostasy), functions as the center of the Papacy’s Curia, the men entrusted with the pope’s delegated authority to carry out his duties, duties that are too numerous for one single man to handle all by himself. Ergo, St. Peter’s Throne --- his monarchic ecclesial authority --- does NOT reside in St. Peter’s Basilica. Rather, this venerable site is where Peter was crucified & buried, the high altar directly over his hallowed bones. Likewise St. Paul’s Basilica. This venerable site is where Paul was decapitated & buried, his hallowed bones kept there safe for honor and holy prayer.


So where is St. Peter’s Throne, in the canonic and supremely authoritative sense?


St. John Lateran, formerly known in the first millennium as St. Savior, the feast day we as Catholics celebrated a mere nine days ago on November the 9th. This is the Cathedral of the Diocese of Rome in Italy. Hence, it is also the Mother Cathedral of the world, from where the Papacy rules the Church Militant anywhere a real Catholic exists in this mortal existence.


The point? This is, in my opinion, why God allowed Lucifer and the enemies of Christ’s Church to do what they have done during the Great Apostasy. Yes, He has allowed them to fool the world, both non-Catholics and self-styled Catholics (that is, those who aren’t truly the Roman Catholics they claim to be, having never professed, or having denied, one or more of Christ’s Catholic Church’s Infallible Dogmas in their ancient, original, correct, strict & unchanging sense). But, no, Almighty God has NOT permitted them to steal everything. Human beings are blind, religiously speaking, but He has not permitted them to completely co-opt St. John Lateran. Contrarily, they pulled off their stunt of pretending to preserve real Catholicity in Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican II Pseudo-Council. This made it look very ‘official’, hence ‘beyond questioning’. And the man who initiated this awful evil and damnable lie, John XXIII, purposefully used a papal name that had been sullied with the heresy of John XXII (22, realize!, not 23) as a subtle way to indicate his intent, for those in the know, what he was planning to do. Similarly his successor, Paul VI, who took over leadership of this Pseudo-Council upon John XXIII’s death in 1963 (Vatican went on from 1962 to 1965, incidentally). The goal? In my opinion, Paul VI --- who revealed himself notoriously & pertinaciously as the heretic he was with open & brazen promulgation of the execrable documents of Vatican II, assuming he had not already done so before this moment --- signaled with his chosen name, Paul, that someone with no business being in charge of the visible Church Militant was now visibly pretending to be in charge of God’s Singular Church of Catholicism. That is to say, just as St. Paul was the auxiliary bishop of Rome and NOT Rome’s head bishop, so, also, Paul VI was NOT Rome’s true head bishop, despite pretending to be so and fooling the unwary, self-deluded world. Unlike St. Paul, though --- who was truly Catholic --- the serpentine Paul VI was nothing of the sort, revealing his non-Catholicity (nay! his anti-Catholicity…) at the conclusion of Vatican II in 1965. Additionally, the ‘VI’ in ‘Paul VI’ indicated his self-deification of our Humanity over the Divinity, so perniciously put arrogantly forward as the ‘dignity’ of human beings. In reality, our pride & iniquity. Because, in the Apocalypse of Sacred Scripture, what is the number of humanity?


That is correct --- 6. It is ‘our number’ just as much as 7 is ‘God’s Number’.


Therefore, Paul VI, as the terrestrial beast --- with horns ‘like a lamb’ yet speaking with a voice that is ‘like a dragon’ --- was signaling, to those with ears to hear and in the know, that 6 was, so to speak, attempting to destroy and take over from 7. That Humanity would rule in the place of the Divinity, that Lucifer was making one last stab at stealing God’s Heavenly Throne. This is the parable being told & seen, for those with ears to hear & eyes to see.


Later antipopes (namely, John Paul I & John Paul II) then took the unprecedented move of adopting two monikers as their ‘papal’ names, signaling by this that they fully intended to continue the ruse of a fake ‘catholicity’. Benedict XVI (16, not 15!), who was a so-called expert at Vatican II and supported it doggedly in spite of his carefully crafted reputation, later, as a supposed ‘traditionalist’, adopted the name of Benedict precisely for this purpose of leading further into anti-Catholicity whilst deceiving the unwary into thinking him so ‘traditional’, with a ‘traditional-sounding’ moniker like the great & saintly monk, St. Benedict. Segueing into our present antipope, Francis, who chose this unprecedented moniker in order to pursue gargantuan change & perversion under the guise of ‘love’ and the ‘unexpected inspirations’ of an unholy spirit (read: Luciferian spirit!). Or, put differently, just as worldly minded people use Christ’s Life to twist it into a message of ‘mercy’ and ‘love’ that totally ignores everything He taught regarding sin, disobedience, judgment & hell, so, too, do such people --- like Antipope Francis --- use St. Francis’ life (who was so very Christ-like!) to twist it into a message of fake ‘mercy’ and ‘love’ that totally ignores everything Francis upheld & taught regarding sin, disobedience, judgment & hell, being a good & loyal son of the Roman Catholic Church.


Diabolic? Absolutely. How are we so easily fooled? Because of the ‘operation of error’.


Viz., we’ve been so bad and so rebellious that God has given the whole world over to a diabolic spirit of deception & wickedness, leaving us blind in our sins. In this way we then receive punishment to the fullest, deserving it completely due to our willful iniquities, including the worst of them all --- willful rejection of Catholicism Whole & Entire.


Yet enough said. The book is now there, fully. Read it or not. I’ve done my job.


I’ve told the truth and made it available for everyone. Praiseworthy?


Not really. I am an unworthy servant, doing only what I ought.


That is not deserving of praise. The message, howsoever?


That stands apart from my unworthiness. Useful?


That’s up to the Triune Catholic God to decide.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Ad Jesum per Mariam.


Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus, have mercy on us!


Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Queen Mary, Ever-Virgin, pray for us!


•  Feast of the Dedication of St. John Lateran, the Cathedral of Rome & Mother Cathedral of the Catholic Church Throughout the World, as Well as Feast of Ss. Tryphon, Respicius & Nympha, Martyrs & Virgin, 2018 (11-9-18)


Last (relatively) short 3 chapters of Helplessly Ignorant posted.


The sixth devastating argument against the falsehood of ‘salvation-in-invincible-ignorance-via-sincerity’ for intelligent people wound up; the seventh argument briefly stated; and the 180th chapter now closes it. The book is now essentially complete. Took two more days to make tweaks and get everything finalized, but the symbolism of the day was very, very important, not least of which is the fact it occurred on a Friday this sanctoral cycle, Our Savior’s Day of Crucifixion, and from whence He arose, wholly alive, upon Easter Sunday. This all happened --- ultimately --- because of St. Peter’s Successors. It will, then, involve a real Successor to St. Peter in order for it --- ultimately --- to resolve successfully.


The Great Apostasy that we live through today, that is.


And as the three martyrs show (that number again…):


It has been martyrdom one way or another, in the end.


A new ‘panangelon’ to come soon? Maybe.


Yet, like St. Nympha, virginal in the end with Our Lord’s Roman Catholic Body truly resurrected. Even if not virgins here on earth before our deaths, virgins of the heart in Heaven Above if we persevere till our utmost breath. We’re in Our Lady’s Hands.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of Our Most Majestic Lord, King Jesus, have mercy on us! Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Our Most Regal Lady, Queen Mary, pray for us! Cradle us maternally in Your Mantle, guarding us from that which threatens Your children’s souls!


  Seventh Day in the Octave of All Saints Day, 2018 (11-6-18)


Final long & complex 3 chapters of Helplessly Ignorant posted, getting us to Chapter 177.


How is the Sign of the Virgin incorporated in the capitol city of the Anglo-American Empire, how is it that real & good Catholics strive to be like this Virgin, Who is She, really?, and, how do Her enemies try to imitate & mock Her, like ‘angels of light’, and, failing to admit what reality appears to show --- visibly --- that everything points to this Sign & Catholicism?


Seven is the number Modern Humanity strives for; seventh head of Oceanic Beast.


Seven also the number, par excellence, of the Creator they dare to oppose…


Who do you think will win in the end? Fake ‘god’ or the real God? Nervous?


Don’t be. If truly Catholic, and good, you’ve God’s Mercy with you.


If not Catholic, or just bad regardless… what do you care? I mean.


We’re in the home stretch now. Not as in, ‘The End of the World!’ At least, I think not. I haven’t ever claimed to a be a ‘prophet’, so hands off. I’m just a real Catholic who thinks a lot, and, if on the right track --- and on God’s Side for real as a real Catholic --- then I’m saying, “Might want to heed the Signs of the Times. No honest Catholic person, who really looks, dares to say otherwise, however few we are. It’s the end of the world as we know it.”


One way or another. Meaning, whether bad or good, no going back now.


We’ve sealed our fate. That’s all. End of the world AS WE KNOW IT.


¿Comprende? As I’m fond of saying, with a nod to Hispanic friends.


Hispania, Iberia. Doesn’t mean what everyone thinks, historically.


I’ve known lots of people from Central America, South America, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the United States (first, second & third generations), etc., etc., etc. & etc. Lots of them have been wonderfully nice people. Some of them, noble. I’ve great love in my heart for them.


Yet the word ‘Hispania’ (or Iberia…) comes from the Spanish Peninsula in España. Spain used to have an empire (Portugal, as well, reflected in contemporary Brazil especially), and her power has influenced the entire world, whether people in the US like it or not. What say you?


Like it or not? It’s a litmus test, I admit freely. Like it? You’re not quite modern.


Hate it? Chances are, you’re very modern. Just chances, though. That’s all.


Don’t claim to be omniscient or infallible. Merely Catholic and dubious.


Dubious that you’re Catholic. Dubious that a truly modern person wants to be nice. And dubious that anyone is sincere… even those who profess most adamantly to be so. Cynical? No… more rationally jaded. As in, ‘I’ve seen enough to know people are biased & confused.’ Ergo, cautious? A bit. Ready to believe the worst? Maybe. Hopeful otherwise? Always.


Because God is God and Our Creator is Roman Catholic and none other. Always.


As in, ‘Forever’. Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary, have mercy upon & pray for us!


  Feast of Christ the King, the God-Man and the Everlasting Monarch Both in Heaven & on Earth, Even Now, and Feast of Ss. Simon & Jude, Apostles, 2018 (10-28-18)


And another 3 chapters of Helplessly Ignorant thrown in the ring, taking us to Chapter 174.


We are within 6 chapters of finishing, believe it or not (yet utterly true, Celestial Scout’s honor).


What are the spiritual abominations of the Apocalyptic Harlot? And are we, Modern Humanity, really so abominable, religiously speaking… and is the Anglo-American Empire really so bad, all in all? Here we get delicate, trying to speak nicely and not wanting to offend, anyone, least of all my fellow countrymen, citizens of the United States. Because, unfortunately, the answer is yes, we are. We are that bad and we do great evil.


Yet the “great city” that the Harlot represents? Where is this?


Read the post and perhaps you’ll find some rejoinders.


Appropriate that we should upload on the Feast of Christ the King, established on the universal liturgical calendar in 1925 by Pope Pius XI. Why? To remind Catholics --- whose nations were de-catholicizing and increasingly ruled by non-Catholics & anti-Catholics --- as well as the entire world that, yes, Jesus Christ truly is a King. And not just airy fairy in an invisible Heaven, or equally airy fairy in a not-yet-seen future to come. Rather, here and now. His ‘Social Kingship’, as theologians liked to say, extends to real governments and actual peoples right here on earth, and Christ’s Kingship is established now, here, as a Catholic nation rules and as Catholic nations make & enforce Catholic laws. Scared?


Don’t be. It’s the right thing, honest. God rules through mere human beings.


Indeed, good Catholics will rule with Christ upon thrones over the earth.


Meanwhile, His Kingship starts in your heart when you become Roman Catholic. It extends upon earth through your thoughts, words & deeds. If the head of a Catholic family, e.g., it extends over the members of this family and the household. When whole nations convert, becoming thoroughly (or nigh well thoroughly…) Roman Catholic, then His Kingship extends, in reality, over this land. Meaning, it better have Roman Catholic laws and Roman Catholic leaders, and the Roman Catholic Church truly better have a real say in all things that concern Holy Religion and anything to do with the One True Faith. Capisci?


This infuriated the Modernist world. Which screams, “No, ‘religious liberty’!


When, truly, they mean ‘real liberty only for the most liberal of Modernists’.


As the US found out in the wake of an historic Obergefell v. Hodges decision.


The point is, while there are a lot of ramifications, it boils down to this: that you don’t pretend ‘religious liberty’ in a nation that is truly & wholly Roman Catholic. If ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its original, ancient, strict, correct & unchanging sense, then why in the world would a Catholic nation say, “Hey, guys, it’s okay to be any religion you want. We don’t have any right to tell you different.” Why would a Catholic nation be responsible for sending untold numbers of unwary souls to hell by doing this? Mind you, no real & wise Catholic thinks you can, or should, ‘force’ someone to be ‘catholic’ (as if this were ‘possible’… which it’s not, Church’s Canon Law forbidding forced conversions --- a forced conversion properly understood --- which ‘conversions’ are not even real!). Yet why must a Catholic nation offer ‘religious liberty’ in its land when it knows there is no Salvation outside the Church’?


This is beyond stupid, it is diabolic. A Catholic nation will not remain Catholic with such idiotic laws upon its books (which is part of the point, from a Modernist perspective…), and so a Catholic makes laws to circumscribe what non-Catholics can or cannot do in their land. For instance, they cannot proselytize or worship in their false religion publicly. Why endanger the precious souls of others by making them think it’s ‘okay’ to be this false religion? True, never do you force the non-Catholic to convert to Catholicism, nor do you forbid them to carry out their false religious services, despite making them do so privately. Once again, capisci?


This is what the Social Kingship of Christ means in a real world, here right now.


Still relevant, given that we’re in the Great Apostasy with no Catholic lands?


Yes. Because God will end the Apostasy, and Catholic nations will return.


It behooves us (real Catholics, that is) to be prepared. May be sooner than we think.


And the Feast of Ss. Simon & Jude, two of the Twelve Apostles, Our Lord’s first bishops of His Roman Catholic Body, the Church? They got subsumed, so to speak, this year in Christ’s Illumination. Not that they mind, I’m sure. They were sent to Egypt, Mesopotamia & Persia, making many converts until they were martyred. Yes, if you’re paying attention, the very places I surmise to be the 2nd head of the Oceanic Beast (Egypt) and the 5th head of satan’s Oceanic Beast (Mesopotamia & Persia, that is, roughly equivalent to Iraq & Iran today... roughly). Exactly what we need presently, for the 7th head of an increasingly nasty & rude Oceanic Beast. That is to say, apostles, converting many nations, extending Christ’s Monarchy.


Which is Roman Catholic and none other --- just in case you’re not thinking straight.


Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Whose Ecclesial Body is Roman Catholic & naught else, may Your Rule and Your Kingdom extend everywhere, both in Heaven and on earth. May this Rule, once Your Mother’s Heel crushes the Serpent’s Head, establish itself everywhere around the globe, if merely for a brief time of peace, prior to the utter & ultimate end of the world as we know it. Amen!


Ss. Simon & Jude Thaddeus, Apostles & Martyrs. Pray for us and for this petition!


Queen Mary, Throne of Wisdom, pray for us and implore Your Son!


Extra Eccesiam nulla Salus. ¡Viva Cristo Rey! Amen.


  Feast of St. Raphael the Archangel, 3rd Greatest of the 7 Seraphim, Standing Continually in the Presence of the Godhead, Protector & Accompanier of St. Tobias the Younger and Healer & Comforter of St. Tobias the Elder, and Patron of All Catholics Who Must Travel, Whether Short or Long Distance, 2018 (10-24-18)


Still another 3 chapters of Helplessly Ignorant added, bringing the book to Chapter 171.


We are now only 9 chapters from finishing, completing the book with Chapter 180.


Many things transfix & fascinate in the bizarre yet poignant Parables of the Apocalypse, final tome of 73 altogether in the Sacred Scripture of God’s Singular Roman Catholic Church at present. The Oceanic Beast, the Terrestrial Beast, the Mystery of 666… and the strange & repulsive Apocalyptic Harlot upon the Scarlet-Colored Beast with names of blasphemy covering its body and the phrase ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great…’ upon her head.


What does it mean? Read, if you wish to know. Particularly if you’re Catholic.


It all applies today, during the Great Apostasy. It’s what we live through.


But St. Raphael? The significance there? Again, I’m glad you asked.


Dear St. Tobias the Elder was a wonderful & brave Catholic of the Old Testament, living in captivity under pagan oppressors (God’s Punishment then for those vowed to Him becoming so very wicked and even anti-Catholic, forsaking their vows en masse), burying at night Catholics murdered by these pagans and even enduring mockery for doing so from his fellow co-religionists, who, you might think, would commend him for intrepid, honorable acts. Then, ultimate humiliation --- he loses his sight, becoming blind for years, helpless and falling into terrible poverty. Only his son, St. Tobias the Younger, can help them at this point, and he has to make a long & dangerous journey of several hundred miles through a vile & perilous land full of cruel pagans in order to save his family from starvation & ruin. What does God do? Send St. Raphael the Archangel, under the guise of a mere man, to assist him. Who does precisely this, Tobias the Younger trusting him implicitly, successful in the end.


Along the way, Raphael instructs Tobias in how to free his wife-to-be from demonic affliction. You must understand, his wife-to-be was not ‘afflicted’ by ‘possession’ or ‘obsession’ (as the one instructed in the part of Catholic Theology called ‘Demonology’ would put it), rather, she was afflicted in that, married successively to seven separate men in sequence, each and every one of them suffers death at the hands of a very powerful and very, very deadly demon before the marriage may even be consummated. After a while, a poor woman afflicted thusly ceases to have suitors. Even the most healthy & natural of young men are wary of potential harm to their own wellbeing in doing so. For the traditional woman, this is tragic. And also totally humiliating, as if you have a ‘curse’ upon you. Why did God allow it? Just like with the two Tobiases, elder & younger, to test her with suffering. And because, frankly, none of those seven men was worthy of such a fantastic, pious & holy Catholic wife. Hence their fate.


But Tobias the Younger? Ah, different. Once having proved himself, great success!


By trusting and following the instructions of our redoubtable angel, St. Raphael.


Likewise real Roman Catholics today, what few remain. We are in captivity in a cruel neo-pagan world. No one likes us, no one knowingly helps us because we’re truly Catholic and belong to the Godhead. If anything, we are mocked & reviled… especially by those who consider themselves ‘catholic’ (but aren’t!) and even, sometimes, from those who are, in actuality, Roman Catholic, our own spiritual siblings persecuting us. Tough break?


If you’ve lived through it, suffering terribly, you know how difficult it is.


Let us turn to St. Raphael in prayer --- whose name means ‘God heals’ in ancient Hebrew --- and beseech him to help us. Help us in a hard & perilous journey through earthly life, staying true to our baptismal vows as God’s Own, truly Roman Catholic, to persevere unto the end, dying a good death in the state of grace. He is, after all, Patron of Catholic Travelers. And beseech him, too, to heal us, God’s Church, and this wicked & rebellious world, exorcising demons and defeating the devil, who murders one unworthy ‘husband’ after another, till, freed from oppression, we get the ‘husband’ actually worthy of us… if worthy of Him.


One of my children bears the baptismal moniker of Raphael, honoring this marvelous heavenly seraph, a spirit of fire, one of seven --- the Number of God --- who stands constantly in His Presence in Highest Heaven at His Divine Throne, the one Lucifer tried to steal, and which we, Modern Humanity, are trying to steal as well, self-deifying ourselves. Today, unexpectedly, I had the privilege of baptizing a tiny baby into the Kingdom of Heaven. (Entirely lawful for a Catholic to do in necessity, when no lawful or valid priest is available to do so for the child or anyone who is a baptizand and requires the sacramental water… indeed, Holy Mother Church has authorized anyone, in time of need, to baptize, so utterly crucial is this life-giving, regenerative Sacrament!) His parents are giving him the baptismal name of Raphael, too. How appropriate when baptized on St. Raphael’s feast day! A day on the universal sanctoral calendar of the Church for only barely a century now. Lucky us! Catholics, that is.


I had a very unique & lucid dream once, right before baptizing someone the next day. In this dream I suddenly descended deep into the bowels of the earth, finding dark caverns, hideous demons, and the damned everywhere. They did not concern me. I was bent on but one thing: finding Lucifer, the head of the demons & damned. I searched every cave, cavern, nook & cranny I could, finally locating him. (The demons & damned, oddly, despite exceeding me by billions, left me alone and did not dare to hinder me.) I then found a large beam of wood in my hands, and, without pause, proceeded to beat the living daylights out of satan. I pummeled him mercilessly, he howling in agony --- and, what hurt him more --- howling in the loss of his precious pride, savaged by a mere human being, still mortal, not even assured of my eternal salvation yet. He ran and I followed. All through the innards of the earth I chased him, like a celestial hound, pounding & brutally thrashing him every few minutes.


I cannot express the joy in doing so. In utterly crushing total evil, with glee.


But was it really myself doing it? No. Upon waking, the dream was there.


I can remember my dreams if I wish, yet I didn’t wish to recall this one. Sometimes I remember the dream unbidden. This invariably means it’s something important, something I need to remember & know. And always, if I ask Heaven for the understanding, it is given immediately. I knew the import of the dream. It was a herald of what was to come.


That day I would be baptizing a precious soul. Lucifer would lose; Jesus win.


This is the meaning --- by Christ, in Baptism, we beat satan to a pulp.


But only through and by Christ’s Victory upon the Cross.


Thus the beam of wood in my hands, thrashing him.


It is Jesus Victory, not ours. He works through us.


For the Greater Glory of the Triune God of Roman Catholicism, Uncreated Creator of All That Exists Out of Nothing and Our Redeemer and Our Comforter, Giving Us, In Spite of Our Unworthiness, the Truth Alone That Saves, His One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic Ecclesial Body! May Living Waters of Everlasting Life inundate Our Immortal & Truly Roman Catholic Souls. Amen.


  Feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Apostle of Devotion to the Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus, 2018 (10-17-18)


Another 3 more chapters of Helplessly Ignorant added, bringing the book to Chapter 168.


How does Lucifer --- the former ‘light bearer’ --- appear as an ‘Angel of Light’ to Modern Humanity, over what does his actually very dark spirit brood… and what is his ultimate aim, religiously speaking? Read the chapters (as well as anything you’ve missed, or chosen to ignore) to start getting an idea. That is to say, the truth about what’s been going on.


Conspiratorial? Yes. Unfounded & irrational? No. Not if you’re wisely Catholic.


If truly Roman Catholic, pray for wisdom. It’s one of the Holy Ghost’s gifts.


Meanwhile, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque? Oh, I’m glad you asked.


St. Margaret Mary was a French Visitation nun during the latter part of the 1600s. Through her, Our Creator chose to reveal Devotion to His Eternally Divine Son’s Sacred Heart; this is why she’s often called the ‘Apostle of the Sacred Heart’. This devotion was known by earlier saints… she wasn’t the first. She’s simply the one through whom God spread it widely.


E.g, as a pope noted, Devotion to the Sacred Heart seems enshrined in St. John’s Gospel.


The Singular Triune God of His Singular Catholic Church appeared to this holy nun not once, not twice, but thrice --- and all to propagate this devotion to His Son’s Ecclesial Body, Roman Catholics, especially in the ‘heart’ of His One True Church, the nation of France. Yes, three. That number again! As I’m fond of saying in the book posted, nearing conclusion now.


What then happened?


God required her to communicate to the King of France, through her confessor priest, that he must consecrate his French Kingdom, officially & publicly, to Christ’s Sacred Heart. Per Our Lord, through her, via the confessor priest and any other involved, if the French king would cooperate with this command, then all would be well. France would prosper, without great punishment for its sins (God forgiving them in His Mercy), and the king’s monarchy most securely established, his nation regaining fervency & loyalty to the Catholic Faith.


Did the King of France obey? No, he did not. Yes, they made half-hearted attempts to obey in the coming century --- yet no, ultimately, they did not. What next? St. Margaret Mary made her first communication in 1689. One hundred years later, in 1789, the French Revolution transpired. And the French king of that time later lost his head. Literally.


Has there been a real king of France since then? No there has not.


The import for real Roman Catholics? Take a breath and consider carefully:


Our Maker, the Triune God of the Catholic Church, made a similar request of the popes during the early 20th century, via Sr. Lucia, one of three seers of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal in AD 1917. By 1930, when Lucia, through hierarchical channels, had made known Jesus’ command that the pope, along with all of his Catholic bishops throughout the world, should officially & publicly consecrate the nation of Communist Russia (and Russia by name alone!) to God’s Mother’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary… did these popes obey? No, they did not. Yes, Pope Pius XII made a half-hearted attempt. But not what had truly been commanded. And what did Christ warn them?


That if they would not obey then they would suffer the fate of the French kings.


Do you see the implications now? St. Peter’s Throne sitting empty & bereft.


The Vicar of Christ having ‘lost his head’, as it were --- figuratively.


But literally, too, inasmuch as the Body of Jesus is now ‘dead’.


That is, in the Tomb, inanimate, enduring punishment.


God’s Visible Body having ‘lost’ Her Visible Head…


Until God miraculously resurrects It in the future.


This is the reality; this is the Great Apostasy.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus, have mercy on us!


Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Queen Mary, pray for us!


That good & wise Catholic French kings might be returned to their throne, and that good & wise --- and truly Roman Catholic --- popes might be returned to the Throne of St. Peter in the very near future, a Second Pentecost descending upon us in actuality, the Serpent’s Head crushed and the Singularly Catholic Ecclesial Body of Jesus Christ resurrected. Amen.


  Feast of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, 2018 (10-7-18)


Yet another 3 more chapters of Helplessly Ignorant posted, getting us to Chapter 165.


The book is just about done and will conclude with Chapter 180, after the sixth devastating argument against the heretical notion of ‘salvation-in-the-state-of-invincible-ignorance-and-sincerity’ is concluded, and we very quickly state the seventh devastating argument.


It will be a literary, logical & liturgical ‘triangulation’, so to speak.


In this latest trio of chapters we get into more details of God’s Apocalyptic Parable.


Who is the ‘Terrestrial Beast’? And how, and why, is it connected to the Oceanic Beast?


This is bringing us to our situation today, of how a Great Apostasy arrived.


Long foretold, veiled in parable… and now we’re all living through it.


Curious? Determined to save your immortal soul? Then read it.


Europe is again nowadays ‘invaded’, as it were, by people of the Religion of Islam. And Modernist Europeans, to their grave discomfort, are finding out that --- while modernized ‘muslims’ are mostly harmless or innocuous to their everyday modernized lives, the more seriously religious (and thus the real thing…) Muslims are definitely NOT.


That is to say, these kinds of Muslims despise European culture.


And they do not like Christianity, not even the fake kind.


Oh, yes, and that tendency for some of them, at least, to go violently jihad and try to annihilate non-Muslim Europeans. Not to mention that, calculating mathematically, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that real Muslims will quickly overcome Europeans numerically, modernized Europeans really not liking to have children or raise families.


Meanwhile, real Muslims treasure large families.


So who do you think wins? In the end?


In AD 1571 the threat was somewhat different. Real Muslims were still trying, mostly militarily, to overcome a still Catholic Europe. Many conflicts over the centuries transpired, the one at Lepanto crucial in ensuring Catholic Europe’s continued existence & safety. All pious Catholics agreed, starting with the Pope, that this triumph was due to Our Lady. Reciting Her Rosary fervently, the unlooked for victory was given to Catholic Europe.


We need another such victory today. Europe’s head is on the chopping block.


Mary’s Holy Rosary, incidentally is the Celestial Ladder of St. Jacob.


By it, real Roman Catholics find a more sure way to Heaven.


O Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us!


O Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary, pray for us!


For the Greater Glory of God & His Roman Church.


  Feast of St. Jerome the Scholar, Early Church Father & Doctor, as Well as Translator (Old Testament) & Redactor (New Testament) of the Latin Vulgate Bible, the Holy Roman Catholic Church’s Gold Standard of Sacred Scripture, 2018 (9-30-18)


Uploaded 3 more chapters of Helplessly Ignorant , taking us to Chapter 162.


We begin to explain the ‘seventh head’ of the Apocalyptic Oceanic Beast. First, though, we must figure out where to reasonably draw the line with the ‘sixth head’, which was converted, via God’s Gratuitous & Judicious Graces, to His Singular Roman Catholic Faith. Not that this then made everyone in the Greco-Roman Empire, or its historical offspring, into superb people, who never did anything wrong or foolish. Quite to the contrary.


In the end, however, after a couple of millennia and plenty of chances, Christendom --- Catholic nations --- failed. Punished for their bad Catholicity, or anti-Catholicity, the seventh head arose (which is also the ‘eighth’, as St. John’s Apocalypse makes clear), and, by circa AD 1800, this last of the Luciferian manifestations plagues the earth, spreading evil & prevarication.


The action, as it were, heads west again, rejecting the east and dawn, source of true light.


St. Jerome? Hmmm. Such a man, such a saint. Catholic, learned & so very human.


It gives me hope to know that he existed. And prevailed. And blessed us.


God’s Inspired Sacred Scripture, his Vulgate… the gold standard.


As Trent’s Council infallibly assures us, leaving no doubt.


He also staunchly defended Catholic orthodoxy against any heresy. Specifically, he wrote a brilliant treatise explaining & upholding the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary’s Perpetual Virginity. Yes, all the way back then, prior to the precise middle of the first millennium, someone of a certain notoriety was claiming She had borne ‘children’ after She bore Christ. With the saintliest of men, dear Joseph. Appalled? Repulsed? You ought to be, if truly Catholic.


So was St. Jerome. He pounced immediately. And vehemently, as well as logically.


Protestants are not the first to come up with this damnable & hellish notion.


Let us pounce, too. Upon the Oceanic Beast. It’s not the size that counts.


It’s the tenacity and Who upholds you. I’m nothing. You’re nothing.


So what? The Triune Catholic God uses nothings. Like you & I.


But if we die upon a cross unknown, despised… so what?


It’s what we deserve, and the means of our salvation.


I’m okay with that. Are you? His Will be done.


Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us!


Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!


World without end, forever, amen.


  Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, and Octave Day of Her Nativity, as Well as the Feast of St. Nicomedes, Martyr, 2018 (9-15-18)


Posted yet another 3 chapters of Helplessly Ignorant , bringing us to Chapter 159.


We now essentially complete the explanation & interpretation of the ‘sixth head’ of the Apocalyptic Oceanic Beast, having told how this pagan realm --- the Greco-Roman Empire --- became unexpectedly Roman Catholic, and, enduring for thousands of years, eventually fell into ruin as its inhabitants became worse & worse Catholics, either losing their Catholicity altogether, or else sliding into a lethargic & frivolous state of constant mortality of sin.


Fortunately, by God’s Grace, it spread Roman Catholicism throughout the world before it collapsed. And, along with that, it broadcast Western Civilization, too. How so? Because, prior to collapse… and even while it was collapsing… its part of the earth became dominant, influencing other parts of the globe, with its various ethnicities & realms, to some very significant degree or another. In a word, God’s Rome upended the entire world.


For good (as good Catholics), and for bad (as bad or fallen away Catholics).


Don’t want to scare or intimidate you, but along the way we get musical & numerical, employing the language of musical theory & mathematics to explain more of God’s Apocalyptic Parable. Specifically, how six can be perfectly harmonic… or not.


And the feast day, Our Lady’s Sorrows, which are Seven (Divine Number!)?


Let’s start with a quick review of these Seven Sorrows:


1.) The prophecy of St. Simeon (that a sword would pierce Her Immaculate Soul). 2.) The flight of the Holy Family into Egypt (to escape Herod’s wrath, he trying to murder Her Divine Son, they living in exile in a pagan land). 3.) The loss of Jesus in Jerusalem (as She, His Mother, was stricken with grief at thought of Him come to harm due to any negligence upon Her Part). 4.) Mary’s meeting Her Son, poignantly yet briefly, as He carried His Cross through Jerusalem (knowing He had to die for the world, yet what mother could not weep as her son goes to his death?). 5.) The Crucifixion of Her Son upon the Cross on the Hill of Calvary (He dying in awful agony in front of Her Eyes). 6.) Her Son taken down from the Cross and laid in Her Arms (for what mother would not weep disconsolate as her own son’s dead body, bloodied & bruised, is wrapped in her arms for the last time before he is buried?). 7.) Her Son buried in the Tomb (for, while She knew He would resurrect, this was Her final gaze upon Him Who She bore physically into this world, knowing that She would not be with Him again, in continual contact, till Heaven Above).


Pope Pius VII put this feast upon the universal calendar in 1814 as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God, after his release from captivity under an arrogant Napoleon, who kept him isolated & unable to carry out his work as pope from 1809 to 1813. Plainly, he had to have suffered severely from this cross, sympathizing with Our Lady.


And St. Nicomedes? A Catholic priest, Emperor Domitian tried to force him to sacrifice to the pagan gods in Rome near the end of the first century. His reply was bold & true --- “For me, I only sacrifice to the all powerful God Who reigns in Heaven.” The import?


Like Nicomedes, today in the Great Apostasy we have heathen leaders who, as liberal Modernists, try to force us, if only indirectly, to sacrifice at the demonic altar of self-deifying humanity, worshipping that which is not truly God, or worthy of our worship. We must be willing to die to ourselves like he did, whether in bloody or dry martyrdom.


And like the Blessed Virgin Mary, we must bear our sorrows, seven in number, if we wish to reign with Her & Her Son --- Who is God Almighty, King of Kings --- from upon His Throne, which He shares with Her, the Immaculate, and any who are Her Children, good Roman Catholics. Her Son’s Ecclesial Body in the Tomb right now, the Petrine Throne between Ecclesial Monarchs with anti-Catholic antipopes defrauding & seducing the world, we pathetically few disciples bear with Her those Seven Sorrows, seeing Him crucified.


Let us weep with Her, and let us mourn. Let us comfort Her with our tears.


Let us love Our Mother as does Her Son, and honor Her as does He, also.


For it is better to be in a house of mourning than a house of laughter.


This life is bittersweet; it is the bitterness that leads to salvation.


And to the Resurrection of the Body, and a Life Everlasting.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us!


Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary, pray for us!


That we may obtain an incorruptible crown:


That we may die, and live again forever.




  Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of the Second Person of God Almighty & Immaculate Queen of Highest Heaven, Conceived Immaculate by the Prevenient Graces of Her Son, God from All of Eternity, 2018 (9-8-18)


Happy 2033rd Birthday, Queen Mary!


Yes, it really is possible and really is true that you can know the exact age of God’s Mother.


This is partly because, calculating carefully & logically from the Gospels in Sacred Scripture, you can make shrewd & intelligent suppositions; and, additionally, with the help of a great saint like Mary of Agreda (a Franciscan nun of the Immaculate Conception, and who wrote lengthily about the ‘hidden lives’ of the Holy Family at the command of her superiors, and with the approval of numerous popes in the 1600s & 1700s, led & inspired by the Celestial Queen), you can have utter moral certainty about various solar calendar dates from two millennia ago, concerning God’s One True Religion of Roman Catholicism.


But, if you want to know more, search older What’s New entries 2 or 3 years ago.


Meanwhile, we’ve posted another three chapters of Helplessly Ignorant , bringing us to Chapter 156 of this tome. In it, we wax loquacious regarding humanity’s decimality and the beginnings of the Greco-Roman Empire’s divinely inspired & miraculous conversion to the Roman Catholic Faith. May this upload go far in adequately, yet pathetically, honoring Her.


A Woman Immaculate, God’s Chosen Vessel, looking not a day over 33 years old.


She was, you know, conceived without sin, and thus immune to the Curse of Eve.


In other words, death & suffering had no sway over Her. She suffered of Her own free will, in imitation of Her Divine Son. He, in turn, permitted Her to suffer --- but without humiliation subject to His & Her Enemies. She suffered of Her Own Free Will, with His Permission.


Yet us, Her spiritual children, if truly Catholic, whole, entire & undefiled?


Ah, well, we suffer because we deserve it. And not because we’re ‘holy’.


We’re not. We deserve everything we get. Every ounce of pain or fear.


Nevertheless, in Her, and through Her, we have certainty --- howsobeit, not arrogant presumption! --- of salvation.


Because Her Son is Our Sacrifice, and Roman Catholics are His True Servants.


As a result, we gain everlasting Heaven through Her Son, via His Mother. Savvy?


It’s ad Jesum per Mariam all the way. There is no other way. Ad astra per Mariam.


That is, to the stars --- the heavens --- through God’s Mother. She is the Queen.


She is the Immaculate, conceived without any sin. She is the Gate of Heaven.


Want to enter this Place after death on earth? Then strive for Her in Heaven while on earth.


Via the moon, through the stars, ambitiously yet humbly reach for Her Heavenly Post.


Nothing escapes Her Grasp. You will succeed if you trust in Her implicitly.


Apart from God’s Mother, you will achieve nothing. Only empty goals…


Bereft of any chance to achieve them in reality. She is that important.


That imperative, that essential. She is the Crusher of a Snake’s Head.


The Great Dragon, Lucifer, Rebel against Our God, and first apostate.


See the link? Understand relations? If not, study earlier What’s New…


You’ll find more details there. In the meantime, understand these words:


Our Lady is the Jacobian Ladder to Heaven Above. Her Rosary, prayed zealously & piously by a real Roman Catholic, is the means to climb unto Heaven, seeing God Face-to-face. Everything till then is --- while important to us on a temporal earth --- no critical matter unto everlastingly perfect grounds forever, apart from what we do here on earth achieving, or failing to achieve, the salvation of our precious & immortal souls. To wit, Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled… precisely as God, Our Uncreated Creator, has decreed.


Blessed be the Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus.


Blessed be the Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary.


  Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Octave Day of Her Glorious Assumption & Feast of Ss. Timothy, Hippolytus & Symphorian, Martyrs, 2018 (8-22-18)


Updated the book, Helplessly Ignorant , with yet another three chapters. We are brought now to the 153rd chapter, and --- believe it or not --- we are nearing the end of this tome. Relatively speaking, of course. By most persons’ standards, there’s still a lot to go. But my standards? Or that of a studious scholar? No… not too much more. Way more of the book as a whole has been posted than there is left to post. Heaven willing, we’ll complete this work ’ere the year closes.


In these latest chapters, we get a bit esoteric again. How so? Oh, the Golden Ratio (ϕ), and whatnot. Sound intimidating? Maybe. But I’ll bet you can handle it if you try. By the way, fair warning: you’re going to encounter stuff about pyramids again. Not New Agey, though. Just spiritual, religious, philosophical, mystical (in the Roman Catholic sense), and symbolic.


We’re continuing with the explanation of the ‘sixth head’ of the Apocalyptic & Oceanic Beast, though. Ergo, yes, there is a reason… and intelligently so… that we get into these things. Not my doing, just the way Our Creator, the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church, made it.


But the day? This Feast Day, as real Catholics say? What’s that about?


As is so often the case, given my limited time & strength, everything was ready to upload on 22 August 2018. Nevertheless, it takes a little more time to get it all in place, and everything doublechecked, making sure it looks & reads the way it’s supposed to. When dealing with complex & long works, that is challenging. Hence the delay and drawn out uploading.


To find out about the Assumption of Mary, read the What’s New entry for 15 August 2018.


In the meantime, realize that the octave day of this feast (i.e., the seventh day after the feast day itself) was no fluke or lark. The pope who established this feast on the liturgical calendar chose the Octave Day of the Glorious Assumption for a reason. Whether fully conscious or not on his part, it dovetails wonderfully with Our Lady of Fatima, one of the most important Apparitions of Our Lady, Mary, and Whose request, made in AD 1917 and made plain to a pope by AD 1930, still awaits fulfillment at this moment. It involves Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, though. A devotion that has been spreading throughout Christ’s Catholic Body unceasingly for several centuries now, obviously by God’s Will. Intrigued?


Realize, too, that we are exactly 1 year & 1 day past a solar eclipse. To wit, the flabbergastingly beautiful eclipse of 21 August 2017, the first solar eclipse to be seen across the continental United States since AD 1918, the very year after Our Lady of Fatima concluded and the ‘Great War’ (World War I) finished. Mere chance? I don’t think so.


It is, additionally, only one day before the next zodiacal sign commences. That is to say, the Sign of Virgo (the Virgin) ends on August 22nd (mind you, we’re talking ‘astrology’ that is real & ancient, NOT the silly superstitious stuff passing for ‘astrology’ lately), and the Sign of Libra (the Scales) begins on August 23rd. Or, to say it another way, we’re being weighed by God. On celestial scales --- to determine how ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ we are, religiously speaking --- in comparison to the Eternal Scale, which is God’s Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire.


Sound sobering? It is. Scared at all? Good for you. Hopeless? Not if you’re Catholic.


For real. Whole, entire & undefiled. The complete package, all Infallible Teachings.


Not the incomplete package sold to us under the guise of ‘orthodoxy’ at Vatican II.


That is to say, this pseudo-council, at St. Peter’s Basilica in the 1960s, was a fraud.


Shocking? Unbelievable? Not at all. Not if you’re truly Catholic. It’s the Apostasy. To wit, foretold long ago, repeatedly warned about throughout the centuries, particularly in the last few centuries, and undeniably here, right now, given that we have the eyes to see. Viz., a good will, capable of cooperating with God’s Graces, and comprehending what’s going on. In other words, to comprehend that we’re finally living out, in reality, what the Apocalypse has foretold for ages. A terrible rebellion, a horrible self-deification… the Great Apostasy.


And Ss. Timothy, Hippolytus & Symphorian?


Without getting too ‘complex’ or ‘detailed’, let us realize that it’s martyrdom one way or another. Accordingly, either we die literal martyrs as Roman Catholics, or we die as self-made ‘martyrs’, denying our unruly flesh & grievous temptations. Each of these persons… while separated in time or distance… denied themselves, dying for Christ & His Catholic Faith.


Will we do the same? For those of us who are truly Catholic, whole, entire & undefiled?


That’s the ultimate test. Do we love this world more, or the world to come?


Do we love the Religion of Modernism or the Religion of Catholicism?


The Great Apostasy, in the wake of the Vatican II, is a sieve. A visible way to tell if we really are what we say we are. Will we imitate the martyrs? Or make ‘compromises’? Time will tell. I pray you make the right choice. Martyrdom is precious; Catholicism right. The correct choice? Roman all the way. The real kind, not Novus Ordosim. Vatican II was a sham. Satanically.


Shocking? Only if you’re in love with the modern world & modern thought.


If Catholic, then no. It’s okay. Okay to politely defy an entire earth.


Why? Because Truth triumphs over Lie.


Jesus beats Lucifer, Mary trounces him.


And God commands us… and expects us to obey, despite an Apostasy. Want to please Our Creater? Then heed His True Religion, Roman Catholicism, and honor His Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. You’re eternally safe this way. Outside of a real & visible Roman Catholic Church, no salvation. Outside the state of grace, no merciful Creator. We invoke His Mercy through His Singular Religion and via His Immaculate Mother. And through Her Rosary, which is a precious lifeline, Her Marian Psaltery. Understand, beloved one?


You will, one way or another, eventually. I pray for you immortal soul.


With Divine Love I wish you the best --- that you become Catholic.


Blessed be the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary forever, amen.


  Feast of the Glorious Assumption of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of the Second Person of God Almighty, 2018 (8-15-18)


Posted yet another three chapters of Helplessly Ignorant , bringing us to Chapter 150 in Part Six. We continue with understanding the mysterious but surprisingly knowable & influential Greeks, who constitute --- along with those redoubtable Romans --- the sixth head of an Oceanic Beast, the Greco-Roman Empire. Again, technically, the upload came somewhat following midnight of that evening; nevertheless, all was ready, and I’d only to find the moments to actually do so. Plus, the symbolism is gorgeous & irresistable.


For what is Her Glorious Assumption?


Roman Catholics have for millennia believed in this tradition, that She was assumed (taken up) by God into Heaven both body & soul. That is to say, She died a bit earlier (most likely on August the 13th), at Her request, wanting to imitate Her Son in everything, including His Holy Death. God permitted this, although He would not permit Her to be mocked & mutilated like He. What loyal Son would let His Mother be treated like this, if in His Power to stop it?


The point is, tradition also preserves for us that She asked for all the Twelve Apostles to be present at Her Death. St. James the Greater having been, with certainty, martyred many years earlier (Blessed Mary lived till around 70 or 72), this means at least one of them had to be brought down to earth from Heaven Above to do so. The rest who were still alive on earth experienced the Holy Ghost Express, being brought to Jerusalem and the Cenacle, or ‘upper room’, where Her soul passed from this life, in a trice. Too, we have some reason to believe Apostle St. Paul partook in this wondrous event. Per one account, She looked not a day over 33, and as clear as glass. (Remember, She was NOT conceived in Original Sin, ergo, the maledictions of aging, illness, injury & death were not required of Her to suffer.) Upon passage from earth, they carried Her Holy Body to a nearby tomb, where, per ancient memory, those praying at Her Tomb could hear the angels chant for 40 hours (i.e., as transpired with Her Son in His Tomb, across 3 days, counting inclusively).


At the end of this blessed period, Her Immaculate Soul descended from Heaven and resumed its inhabitance of Her Equally Immaculate Body, and, the two reunited, She was assumed Body & Soul into Highest Heaven, there to occupy Her Regal Throne as Queen of Highest Heaven and Queen of Her Most Holy Rosary forevermore.


This feast is so important that it has an octave:


And the eighth day of this octave, August 22nd, is the Feast of Her Immaculate Heart.


Lastly, though believed by many and then most Catholics for millennia, it was only infallibly, explicitly & solemnly confirmed, with Highest Authority on Earth, by Pope Pius XII in AD 1950. It has been only two thirds of a century since this even has been infallibly confirmed. Right before the Great Apostasy broke out into the open with the Vatican II Pseudo-Council and the 1960s, the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church gave us this Lovely Gift.


May more Celestial Gifts come soon. God knows how we need them!


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us!


Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary, pray for us!


Ad Jesum per Mariam, Stella Splendens!


  Feast of St. Elizabeth, the Holy Queen of Portugal, 2018 (7-8-18)


Posted next three chapters of Helplessly Ignorant , bringing us to Chapter 147 in Part Six. We tie up the observations about what the parable & symbolism of the Oceanic Beast in the Apocalypse means when it comes to numbers & geometry, including the significance of the ‘character’ or ‘mark’ of the Beast. Then we turn our attention back to the sixth of this Beast’s seven heads, reminding our readers that we start by examining the Greek realm established by the redoubtable Alexander the Great.


It is indeed a good day to post this.


True, I did not have time to update What’s New till two days later, and upload a day later yet.


Nonetheless, I did indeed add the three chapters to Part Six, which was fairly simple.


This St. Elizabeth is from Portugal, their most renowned Queen ever. And Portugal is where the Queen of Highest Heaven decided to appear to three small & poor shepherd children, this being the 101st anniversary of Her Six Apparitions to them, beginning with May 13 and ending on October 13 with the Miracle of the Sun, doing so the 13th of every month between (August excepted, since a nearby Freemasonic mayor literally kidnapped & imprisoned them; howsoever, Our Dauntless Celestial Queen merely met them in jail on August 19).


The point?


If you count inclusively and pray a novena (nine days straight the same prayers, with a heavenly petition the whole time), starting on July 8 with St. Elizabeth’s feast, then your novena will end upon July 16, which is the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Anyone who knows about Fatima knows that Our Lady of Fatima made it clear, via the Brown Scapular, that She linked Herself to this glorious title of Hers and promoted the Brown Scapular as one of several powerful means of obtaining Heaven’s Graces as a Roman Catholic.


And on the sixth day of this novena --- two thirds of the way through, as it were --- from July 8 to July 16, is July 13th. Reinforcing the theme of threes & thirds, this is the third (number three) of Fatima’s Six Apparitions; and, as made clear in the recently completed book, Inter Regnum, Our Lady of Fatima showed the three children a shocking & horrifying vision of hell at the center of our spherical earth upon the day of Her Visit with them. She then imparted to them three ‘secrets’. The first was revealed publicly right away. The second was revealed much later, but made public, too. Both proved true, involving World War One and World War Two. The third was supposed to be released publicly in 1960 --- only the Vatican of that time, under John XXIII, suppressed it. The Novus Ordo Vatican in 2000 pretended to release Fatima’s Third Secret, yet highly learned & accredited journalists have proven, beyond a doubt, that this release was bogus, being, instead, the prophetic vision that accompanied the Third Secret… and not the Third Secret itself. Why all this skullduggery & flimflammery? Read Inter Regnum to find out some of the answers.


In the meantime, know that this is a beautiful symmetry. The Great Apostasy will end.


We’re over half the way through. Yet hell licks at our feet, and a huge debt is owed.


It’s almost time to pay it. The drums of war beat in the background.


St. Elizabeth of Portugal was known for her peacemaking.


Catholics should pray for her reconciliatory help.


And prepare for a very different world soon.


Vero, veritas vincit.


  Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 2018 (6-24-18)


Uploaded the relatively short article (not quite fifteen pages if printed out in hardcopy, and a mere three chapters altogether…) called True Diversity: What Authentic Diversity Means, and How a False ‘Diversity’ Has Become One of Many Idols Befogging Our Feeble Minds Today. Not strictly & solely ‘religious’ --- that is, Catholic --- but, then, Roman Catholicism is universal, remember? Both literally (the title ‘Catholic’ comes from Greek ‘katholicos’, meaning ‘universal’ and telling us how any real Catholic must hold the actual Roman Catholic Faith whole, entire & undefiled, universally, that is, everywhere a Catholic is, in the original & unchanging sense of every teaching) and figuratively (I mean, Catholics worship the One True God Who made everything out of nothing, ergo, truly, Catholicism has something to say about everything… and whether overtly ‘religious’ or not!).


But don’t worry. If truly Catholic, the article is still Roman Catholic.


Yet a non-Catholic could read it, too, and benefit despite not being Catholic.


As the title says, and suggests, it’s now time to resist the tyranny of anti-Catholic --- and anti-traditional-anything when it comes to religion or morality --- leaders who are beginning to seriously oppress us all. Not that I’m advocating war or violence. I’m not! I just mean, we desperately need to wake up, realize what an authentic diversity is, see through all the terminology & obfuscation or ‘labels’ used by Modernists and politely push back.


Accordingly, courteously demand the ‘right’ for our ‘religious liberty’.


In the United States it’s constitutionally guaranteed.


And if enough people don’t stand up, well:


Welcome to brutal tyranny. Enjoy!


I don’t claim to be a saint. I’m absolutely pathetic compared to John the Baptist. But he was a herald for the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Divine Founder of the Singularly Saving Roman Catholic Church. I cry in the wilderness like him. I claim no specially given ‘prophetic mission’ like Our Lord granted to him. I’m just a bad Catholic, yet a real one.


But, oh, how beautiful this article is ready to post on his holy birthday.


Oh, Lord, if it is worthwhile, let it be all for You Alone.


My Celestial Lady, use it as You will, or not.


Only help me save my immortal soul.


And may souls of others, too.


In the One & Only Roman Catholic Religion.


Outside of which, absolutely no one can ever hope to enter Heaven.


That’s all I ask; that’s all I dare; that’s all I really want for any human soul anywhere.


Glória Patri et Fílio et Spirítui Sancto. Sicut erat in princípio et nunc et semper, et in saécula saeculórum. Amen.


  Feasts of Corpus Christi & the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of All Her Monarchic Son’s Graces, as Well as the Queen of Highest Heaven, 2018 (5-31-18)


How lovely today that Our Lord & Lady are joined together in perfect liturgical harmony! Mother & Son, Celestial King & Queen, the Second Adam & His Second Eve, the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus with the Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary. And in Her month, the month of May… at the very end, the thirty-first day. This happens on rare occasion, but, due to Pentecost being a ‘moveable’ feast (which, in turn, depends on the all-important, highest of all of the Church’s feasts, Easter, which is ever-moving), it is indeed rare. And, granted, Her feast is not yet universal. But it is local, and many dioceses throughout the world, prior to the Great Apostasy, have had their diocesan bishop approve it for this day. Which is why I mention it. How could I not, who have so much to owe Her, to Whom the world belongs, and, without Whom, none of us could ever find salvation as Roman Catholics? She is, truly, the Co-Redemptress & Mediatrix of All Her Son’s Graces, as He delights in honoring Her.


For tiny me, though? Just the day I post a tiny little article. Which is?


How to Get a Pope During the Great Apostasy.


I have no delusions of grandeur (well, hopefully I don’t… I want to be a good Catholic). My lilliputian efforts will never ‘change’ the world or ‘save’ anybody. But I do love truth, and the Saving Truth above all things, which is One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic alone out of all the world’s religions & philosophies. They are false --- and even if they have a lot of truth within them --- by virtue of one substantial fact. That no other religion is the One True Religion, that this Religion is Infallible and must be held whole, entire & undefiled, and, additionally, that there really is no Salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church, this infallible dogma understood in its ancient, original, strict, correct & unchanging sense.


That no one has wanted to believe in it properly during the Great Apostasy is the crux of the Apostasy --- it’s why the Great Apostasy came upon us in the first place, and it’s what makes this Apostasy ‘great’. As in, huge, mammoth, utterly destructive, blinding and practically unprecedented. It’s up to Our Creator to decide when to end it, it being our penalty for denying His One True Religion, or living it horribly with no penance or contrition, for centuries on end. It’s the Amos Curse, the worse thing that could happen to us, worse, infinitely, than wars, plagues, famine or other catastrophes.


Will this little article undo all that? No. Not by itself. But it’s necessary.


The Great Apostasy will end at some point --- and, if I’m not mistaken --- we’re over half the way through this Apostasy now. Real Roman Catholics are pitifully few, it’s true. Yet we must be prepared, as the opportunities arise and God enables us, to seize the day. And one major piece in ending the Apostasy is getting a real & legitimate pope back, one who is truly Catholic (not the fake anti-Catholic antipopes we’ve been enduring since Vatican II).


It’s a tiny little thing, very brief, very short. But if it helps real Catholics know how to seize that moment… how to go about properly & rightly returning a Catholic pope to his throne --- the Throne of St. Peter --- well, then, alright. That’s all I dare to hope for. It’s in Mary’s Hands.


May Her Immaculate Heart overcome all, especially in converting poor Russia to Roman Catholicism, the One True Religion they left so long ago. May She crush the Serpent’s Head and vanquish all heresies, schisms & false religions. May She bring Her servant, Her Son’s Vicar, back to his throne, crown him with the Papal Tiara, and bind the Ancient Dragon, giving us, and the world, a short period of rest & restoration, before the very end.


We wrap ourselves in Your Mantle, O Virgin of Virgins.


Seat of Wisdom, Help of (True & Roman) Christians.


Tower of David, clothed in the sun… Your Son.


A twelve spangled Zodiacal Crown on Your Head.


Remember Your children, both here now and to come.


And succor the poor souls in Purgatory. Ad Jesum per Mariam.


  Ember Wednesday after Pentecost, 2018 (5-23-18)


Essentially completed the Inter Regnum book, making last posts for it. Yes, tweaking & adjusting did take another 4 to 5 days, due to my duties, labors & limited strength or time… nevertheless, the book is now finished. As a final inspiration, I added an Afterward, which is composed of three chapters. Symbolism yet again, for I had envisioned Inter Regnum as an ‘octave of octaves’, made up of fifty chapters. Fifty, of course, for those who know Sacred Scripture, is the Jubilee Year. With the addendum of three chapters appended, we now complete everything like a Rosary, typically prayed with 53 Hail Marys overall.


Howsoever, Ember Wednesday after Pentecost? The significance of this?


True Catholics with wisdom await a ‘Second Pentecost’. It is now the 101st year of Our Lady of Fatima; all four sins that cry out for vengeance from Heaven are committed everywhere on earth, although particularly in our own most modernized part of the world; and, as Inter Regnum makes indisputably plain, God punishes humanity with the Amos Curse and wretched ‘catholics’ with an extensive ‘interregnum’ of St. Peter’s Throne, with the most virulent of anti-Catholic frauds pretending to occupy the Petrine Throne, being antipopes.


The outcome?


Whether it’s this year, next year, ten years from now, or twenty years from now --- cleansing of Church & Earth are almost here. I am no prophet, I claim no special gift. Yet it wouldn’t at all surprise me, when all is said & done, that two-thirds of the earth’s population is gone. In the meantime, God can easily --- and miraculously --- reestablish a real pope upon his throne.


It’s that easy for God. Read the book to get some clues.


Every day in the Octave of Pentecost corresponds with one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost. The first is Wisdom. The second is Understanding. The third is Counsel. And the fourth, today, Wednesday, is Fortitude. It takes Wisdom to see why the Triune God of the Catholic Church punishes us. Understanding to comprehend how He is doing so. Counsel to figure out what it is we, who are few yet truly Roman Catholic, must do during this terrible time. And Fortitude to endure, when all the earth seems frozen & cold, nothing but hatred, murder & abomination in every direction we look, even in our own miserable lives.


An ember day is a day of fasting & abstinence. For our sins, and to win mercy from God and glory in Heaven. Today is especially poignant, as the entire world stands on the precipice of fasting & abstinence for its many, many, many sins. Yet do we dare to think that we, few as we are, but truly Catholic, deserve anything less? To whom much is given, much more is required. Therefore, let us humbly acknowledge ourselves the worst sinners of all... accordingly, let us suffer everything we suffer with holy resignation.


Knowing that it is the least we deserve. And that God is merciful not to do more.


Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me, a sinner!


Who am the worst of all, the least of everyone.


Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners…


Now, and at the hour of our death. May it be holy


And from out of a Holy Death, may Life Everlasting spring.


  Feast & 101st Anniversary of the 1st Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima; Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor, Bishop & Expert Apologist of the One & Only True Roman Catholic Church; 1408th Anniversary of the Official Dedication of the Roman Pantheon as the ‘Panangelon’ Honoring the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary & All Martyrs (as Well as, Later, All Saints & Angels, albeit on a Different Date); and the 10th Anniversary of the 1st Page Posted of ‘The Epistemologic Works’ Website with ‘Mary Exalted’ as Its Primary Text and Our Lady of Guadalupe Its Primary Patron, 2018 (5-13-18)


Uploaded eight more chapters of Inter Regnum, being the whole of Part Five and the final remainder of the entire book. (Technically, due to the duties, crosses & labors that I endure --- not to mention the intricacies of coding the writings involved and making sure everything jives perfectly --- I got the first six of the eight remaining chapters fully posted, with the last two nearly ready and nearly posted by midnight of this day.)


This is the 101st anniversary of the 1st Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, which, I suspect, will be Her official feast day in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, there is, strictly speaking, nothing morally wrong with a Catholic calling it Her ‘feast day’ as long as said Catholic doesn’t, foolishly, behave as if every other Catholic must agree and act accordingly. I consequently don’t say this thinking it ‘official’. I just want to honor Her under this precious title of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’. And, truly, it is the 101st anniversary of the 1st of Her Six Apparitions at Fatima in Portugal. A date and a time with both historic & apocalyptic import.


Secondly, this is indeed the Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine. A man who a pope back then called the greatest theological mind of the Church. He was a Jesuit (indeed, the confessor priest of St. Aloysius Gonzaga), the leading apologetic defender of Roman Catholicism against the very puerile yet lethal threat & spread of the Heresy & Rebellion of Protestantism, and a thinker who, surprisingly enough, considered seriously the implications of a pope ceasing to be Catholic. Not that he thought God would let it happen --- but he did seriously ponder it, correctly concluding that Catholics must oppose such a false leader, and that he would automatically lose his papal office along with his membership in the Catholic Church.


Thirdly, it has been 1408 years since a pope, in AD 610, officially dedicated the Pantheon in Rome (formerly the pagans’ place for honoring ‘all the gods’, in case they overlooked or had missed one of them, incurring their wrath), making it, instead, into a ‘Panangelon’ to honor God’s Mother, the Virgin Mary, and All of the Martyrs, till, a few centuries later, it became symbolic of honoring every Saint & Angel in Heaven, thereby achieving (as it were) the same thing, in principle, as the ancient pagans. But for a right reason, of course. That the Church on Earth not neglect the veneration of any of God’s Children in Heaven, honoring them rightly & highly for their holiness & perfection. In this way, too, pleasing God, Who is pleased when His Children on Earth love & honor His Children in Heaven. This dedication, by the way, was emblematic of Catholicism’s Victory Over Paganism. A victory indicated by Our Lady of Fatima, foreshadowing the Great Apostasy that we endure at this very moment, whilst, simultaneously, guaranteeing that the Church would triumph again in the near future.


And, fourth, it is as well the tenth anniversary of the first page uploaded for ‘The Epistemologic Works’ website. True, on 31 March 2008, I bought the domain name and selected a provider, so that the potential web surfer (had he or she thought to look up the extremely peculiar & lengthy URL…) could go to the site and see that something was on its way. And, by 2 May 2008, the Feast of St. Athanasius, I had finished the first half of the book, Mary Exalted, with the intent of posting it to the homepage, which place it occupies to this very day, if one scrolls down a little ways (although it also has its own page now, in the Books & Articles section). Nevertheless, on 13 May 2008, I posted the homepage. Then, and only then, could a potential reader actually peruse anything at all on this strange site, called ‘The Epistemologic Works’. All these dates were significant (please go to the What’s New concerning 31 March 2018 to find out what was so important about March 31 in that extraordinarily exceptional year, liturgically speaking, of 2008), and none of them, I adamantly assure you, were chosen randomly or meaninglessly. I don’t claim to have intelligence adequate to figure everything out on my own --- nor do I dare to claim that heavenly intelligences are so favorable to me that they would help me out in keeping the symbolism pristine --- but I am compelled to claim that the symbolism is no accident. It is purposeful, and, if pleasing to Heaven, it will play its role, with a lasting, spiritual import.


In any case, the book, Inter Regnum, is now complete. If you have the audacity to think, without really thinking about it --- or the audacity to think, thinking wrongly about it, regardless --- that God does not, cannot or will not allow His Church to suffer occasional gaps between legitimate popes of a surprisingly long amount of time, or confusion about the same, poor Catholics not knowing for sure, with moral certainty, who is actually the pope (sometimes spectacularly wrong about who is the true pope, even!), then, my poor, poor, poor reader, the opportunity to banish your ignorance and learn the truth is here. All it takes is a little perseverance, a dose of humility, and (mayhap) a strong effort to think correctly.


At any rate, it’s now up to you, with God’s Help.


I trust that you humbly want the truth.


If not, then the devil has thoughtfully provided… even under the guise of traditionally religious and ‘catholic’ looking apps or social media or etc., etc… plenty of things to occupy your time and mind, using up your earthly life, until, when it comes time for you to die, you may, with some degree of shock & hatred, discover that your choice of pre-occupation was… shall we say?... not actually the wisest use of your time that you could have made.


I don’t claim to be the most fantastic writer. Perchance I’m really horrible. And reading isn’t exactly a popular activity amongst most people nowadays. I also don’t claim to have made this site, or written what I’ve composed, with the most average of people in mind. Not that I reject such people. I welcome you heartily! I just knew, when I started, that I hadn’t the time or strength or patience to write (or make a social media presence) for the average person. Notwithstanding, I also know that the average person can, with a little tenacity, grasp what I’m saying in spite of the ‘big words’ or ‘long sentences’ or ‘complicated sounding’ ideas & observations. You just have to want to understand. Yet that’s not the main point. I very purposely aimed for the not-so-average person, who, in turn, could then kindly help an ordinary person to understand. ¿Comprende? You plant a seed and reap a bigger harvest. Whither the Infallible Truth? Will anyone today, during the Great Apostasy, want to know, want to comprehend, whether average or not? Will Christ find, when He returns, the One & Only Saving Roman Catholic Faith remaining upon the earth? (Luke 18:8b) That is an open question at this point in time. Nonetheless, I am confident that, however few we are, God’s Roman Catholic Church is present --- and I mean in person, not mere theory. Too, I am confident that He intends to resurrect His Ecclesial Body. The end is near; but not yet.


Whither the Infallible Truth, then? Whence the Kingdom of Heaven on earth?


Jesus is literally King of Earth. Yet His Rule begins in a human heart.


Ad Jesum per Mariam. Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus.¡Viva Cristo Rey!


  Feast of St. George the Dragonslayer, 2018 (4-23-18)


Posted eight more chapters of Inter Regnum, giving us Part Four as a whole.


In these chapters we state the sixth devastating argument against the position of “it’s-simply-‘impossible’-God-would-allow-surprisingly-long-gaps-between-legitimate-popes-or-massive-confusion-over-the-same-for-awhile.” In doing so, we slay the dragon of skepticism & unbelief, whether from those who consider themselves Catholic (but may not be truly so…) or from those who turn to Modernist religion & philosophy, under the guise of ‘science’, pretending we’ve dispensed with the need of a real ‘truth’ or absolute epistemologic frame of reference.


The upshot?


There’s been a concerted attack on Roman Catholicism since the mid-1800s.


No one who knows Catholicism or studies history can honestly deny this. And the source of this battle is not merely earthly; it is spiritual. There is a real Dragon and he has a very real beef against the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Faith, and he has been allowed to test, humiliate & purge the Church in a vicious way for some four generations. That cruel trial is coming to an end, but Lucifer will certainly still have some more confusion and more cruelty before everything is put in place for a truly apocalyptic climax… and a far more pleasant dénouement. At least for those who wind up on the right side of history --- which always means, when you’re truly Catholic, the right side of the Creator.


St. George, millennia ago, faced a dragon, too. This one was of the more pedestrian type (as opposed to the Ancient Dragon, Lucifer), yet most Modernists, curiously, don’t want to believe in dragons anymore, either. Hence why Catholics --- as they’ve been Modernized over the last three centuries, especially among the learned --- have less and less over the past two or three centuries chosen to know about or believe in St. George’s very real dragonic foe.


George killed his dragon with the Sign of the Cross, a lance and courage.


It will take the same for the few remaining Roman Catholics today.


The Sign of the Cross and courage we can have as he did in his day; our lance is the Infallible Dogmas of the Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Entire. It is with this that we may slay the Ancient Dragon facing us now… with God’s Help, through the Sign of the Cross, which He will offer as He sees fit and when He sees fit. We wait on Him --- He does not wait on us.


St. George, by your simple yet whole & entire Catholic Faith, and by your prayers & intercessions, may we, too, slay Lucifer, the Liar, with infallible truth. May this infallible frame of reference provide an unerring compass for our directions and our aim, which is always his head, whence comes his poison. Like St. Judith decapitating a wicked & boastful Holofernes, we seek to decapitate our foe, the devil & his demons. As he is a liar, we combat him with veracity. Truly, veritas. The pagan Romans had their ‘goddess of truth’, a daughter of Saturn, that most golden, lustrous & beautiful of heavenly orbs. We have Our Word of Truth, True God & True Man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And we have His Queen Mother, greatest of all God’s creatures, whose Graceful Head towers from Mt. Cynthia through the Harvest Gate of Kronos and on into the highest heavens, where Our Lord has crowned Her with the Tiara of Twelve Constellations. May we have your heavenly support and become the sole of Our Celestial Mother’s Foot, by which this Dragon’s head and poisonous mendacity is crushed.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus, have mercy on us! Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Queen Mary, pray for us! All you blessed Saints, Angels, Virgins & Martyrs in Heaven, pray for us! That we might work with pure hearts, pure minds & pure truth.


Extra Ecclessiam nulla Salus. Amen.


  Feast of the Annunciation, 2018 (4-9-18)


Uploaded two more chapters of Inter Regnum, completing Part Three.


In these two chapters we state the fifth devastating argument with firmness. Just as Christ suffered five wounds during His Crucifixion, so, too, like Her Master, the Roman Catholic Church --- His Singular Ecclesial Body --- has suffered Her Crucifying Wounds during the Great Apostasy, for which the Queen of Heaven, His Blessed Mother, appeared on earth, sorrowful, to warn two French children in La Salette of the religious terrors to come.


In other words, for anyone who was listening (and it would seem hardly anyone was paying attention at the time, and, if they took the warning seriously, could not… or would not… comprehend it correctly), God through the Blessed Virgin Mary and these two unlikely messengers warned us, loud & clear, that imminent evil & terrifying punishment was upon us.


That is, if you have the ears to hear.


To wit, the willingness and the ability --- along with celestial graces.


It’s not too late now. Or, should we say, the hour is indeed late and evil reigns throughout the world… but, if truly Catholic and truly humble… we can still look back to a heavenly message less than two centuries ago that assures us Our Creator is in full control.


And that He foreknew, and permitted, this great chastisement to transpire.


It may be frightening, it may be horrifying, yet it is NOT ‘unthinkable’.


God warned us, and, if willing to warn, willing also to protect…


If we will simply believe, trust & obey.


That’s Roman Catholicism.


Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. St. Gabriel the Archangel came to earth in order to give a message to the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. That She, despite Her Purity & Virginity, would bear God in Her Virginal Womb, clothing Him with Her Immaculate Flesh.


This is the most flabbergasting honor and cross anyone could receive.


This same Mary announces to us the Passion of Her Son.


Except, this time, via His Body, the Catholic Church.


As She wept at La Salette, we weep with Her:


For in the Joy of True Faith is True Sorrow.


Only thus is God’s True Glory attained.


Let us weep with Her over our sins, pray for God’s Mercy, carry our crosses with holy resignation, trust Him to strengthen & enlighten us, and wrap ourselves in Her Mantle. A Mantle of Motherly Protection that can only be had through Her Son’s Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Entire. None of us deserve Divine Mercy (I certainly don’t!); notwithstanding, everyone who is truly Catholic must seek this Mercy.


And seeking God’s Mercy, we must be merciful to others.


This means loving fellow Catholics --- or how else shall we prove ourselves His Children? --- and begging for the conversion & salvation of as many human souls as is possible, and in spite of the massive religious darkness upon humanity. Yet, sometimes, this charity for humanity during the Great Apostasy means telling the truth religiously. Which, since humanity during modern times has chosen to hate, means in turn that we, who tell Catholicism to them, will draw their hatred down upon us.


This is the Fiery Maw of the Dragon.


This is Bestial Madness.


It is, too, our cross.


If we would be conceived in Mary’s Womb with Her Son, then we must be that Holy Conception on earth. We must announce the Annunciation all over again, professing Roman Catholicity Whole & Entire, and, whatever our temporal fate, say along with Mary, “You see the lowest of Your servants before You. Be it done unto me according to Your Will.” Apart from this humble obedience & childlike trust, we cannot save our immortal souls. The modern world is only too willing to sacrifice invisible eternity for what is visible & transitory. Will we, the lowest, charitably defy them, sacrificing for the eternal?


It ends on the Hill of the Skull; every one of us dies in Adam’s Original Sin.


The Second Adam, together with His Second Eve, undoes this fate.


Yet we must die with Them in order to live with Them.


Will we stand with Jesus & Mary? Will we?


We must ask, seek & knock. Will we?


Or will we cling to this world?


I know it seems impossible. Given how wicked I am, it is impossible! But with the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church, all things are possible even my salvation and the relinquishing of this earth without trying to cling to that which falls from our hands.


May the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Christ Jesus, along with the Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of His Blessed Mother, give us the clean hearts and right spirit within our bowels to do that which we are otherwise unwilling to do. To freely open our hands and let this earth slip from our grasp, thereby reaching for Heaven and attaining that which is beyond grasp. Provided we are truly Roman Catholic and seek the Kingdom of Heaven.


While here on earth, even in the midst of the Great Apostasy.


Alleluia, amen.


  Feast of Holy Saturday, and the Martyrdom of St. Amos the Prophet, 2018 (3-31-18)


Posted latest five chapters of the new book, Inter Regnum.


Inter Regnum now continues through Chapter 32, giving us the entirety of the fourth devastating argument. And this argument is? That God permitted His Own Self to die, murdered, at the hands of mere human beings. Furthermore, that it is ancient, attestable tradition, that earliest Christians --- at least the wiser ones --- knew quite well how God, determining this from All of Eternity, decided to allow His Church to die near the end.


Just like Jesus Christ of Nazareth, briefly, yet really & truly in the Flesh near the end.


Hence, why is it ‘unthinkable’ that the death of His Ecclesial Body, the Roman Catholic Church, might be happening right now, starting with the notorious & pertinacious apostasy of all of the bishops (and the pope then, with undeniably public ‘solemnity’, appearing as if he ‘officially upheld’ teachings that were in plain, inarguable & shocking contradiction to previous infallible & explicit teaching, as if the Roman Catholic Church Herself could somehow ‘change’ unchangeable dogma? As if the original sense can be contradicted?


This is now the beginning of Part Three of Inter Regnum.


We have uploaded it on Holy Saturday, right before Easter Sunday.


The significance? The Great Apostasy is now at its own ‘Holy Saturday’.


Christ’s Roman Catholic Body has now been ‘dead’ for a whole ‘day’.


She is lifeless & inanimate, with no Hierarchy, hardly anyone left.


Hardly anyone truly Roman Catholic Whole & Entire, that is.


Just like the feast today, the 2nd day of the Easter Triduum.


Christ in the Tomb for a full day, lifeless, on a Saturday.


Hope is ‘lost’, disciples in shock & horror, paralyzed.


Likewise any tiny, confused --- yet real --- Catholics today.


We are shocked & bereft, confused, like the disciples of old, our dreams shattered.


It is also the day of the Martyrdom of St. Amos the Prophet. He delivered the words of Almighty God to a mostly unbelieving & disobedient membership of the Old Testament Church. People who refused to listen, refused to obey, and consequently paid the price.


One of his warnings is that the True God would curse them with a spiritual famine.


A famine of His Word, they unable to find His Catholic Faith whole & entire.


Not that they cared much… they were perfectly content going to hell.


Just as long as they could have some ‘good times’ here on earth!


The Island of Earth is in similar straits today --- utterly lost.


Like the Island of Ireland prior to St. Patrick’s arrival.


Happy with a neo-pagan druidic darkness.


Happy to serve demonic gods, and themselves.


He lit a Paschal Fire in defiance of their pagan gods on Holy Saturday.


Meanwhile, the Sword of Damocles hangs over the apostate head of everyone on earth.


Afraid? We all are without knowing why. Or, rather, we make up all kinds of ‘reasons’ for our fears. Fears that may be real --- yet ‘fears’ that explain away and ignore the primary fear at the root of it all... that we are wicked, that we are rebellious, that we are anti-Catholic and hence anti-Christ, and that we are now facing, with bitter certainty, His Divine Wrath.


Unless, of course, we seize His Divine Mercy before it is too late.


The choice is yours, dear soul. It always has been.


Choose wisely. That’s why I’m here.


To point the way, and encourage.


The rest is up to you; and God.


And God’s Mother, Mary.


Not much time is left.


Ecce! Veritas vincit.


Oh, and it is the 10th Anniversary of The Epistemologic Works website today. Exactly one decade ago, this very day, I formally began The Epistemologic Works with purchase of the domain name and selection of the host or provider. It was the Feast of the Annunciation in 2008. An unusual year since the Annunciation is typically on March 25. Likewise 2018. Annunciation’s Feast transpires on April 9 (in both cases, this later date occurs because, otherwise, the Feast would take place during Holy Week, the ultimate week of Lent).


Symbolism? As always. We announce God’s Truth in an Apostate Wilderness.


His First Advent nearly 2000 years ago; His Second Advent almost here.


Again, the Voice cries out for anyone to hear… Ecce! Veritas vincit.


  Feast of St. Patrick the Irish Apostle, 2018 (3-17-18)


Posted next five chapters of the new book, Inter Regnum.


Inter Regnum now goes to Chapter 27, completing the third devastating argument.


What argument is this? That God has allowed amazing gaps between, and confusion about, the popes. Whether Old Testament Popes, or New Testament Popes (read: true & legitimate Bishops of Rome, who are the Visible Heads of God’s Singularly Saving Roman Catholic Church), it is inarguable, both from Sacred Scripture and from Church History, that God has permitted flabbergasting confusion over who is really the pope, and astonishingly long gaps between popes.


Naturally, I focus most of the effort & evidence on New Testament times.


Don’t want to believe it?


Then read the book and look at the evidence for yourself.


Do you want the truth, or do you want a fantasy that makes you feel ‘good’?


I want the truth. That’s MY agenda, beloved reader. What’s YOURS?


The Great Apostasy, narrowly defined, is now in its 6th decade.


We are nearing the end, but it may still have awhile to go.


It won’t end, though, till real Catholics get this point:


That God does indeed, to punish & test Catholics, allow gaps & confusion when it comes to the Papacy. There is nothing about St. Peter’s Throne during the Great Apostasy that is utterly unprecedented. It’s merely the scope, duration and overwhelming alignment of simultaneous misfortunes that is shocking.


Whether or not you’re willing to believe this, it’s in God’s Hands, and your free will.


I merely make the truth available, with facts & logic galore.


It’s up to YOU to want the truth that is there.


But even if you don’t want it, you’ll have to reckon with God. Perhaps He’ll be merciful and enlighten your blinded mind --- and soften your hardened heart --- here on earth, before you die. Or perhaps He’ll be more severe and require a reckoning at your final judgment. I can only beg Him to be merciful. It’s up to Him to decide. I suggest you have humility and examine the evidence, as well as think through the logic, and do so without a predetermining bias.


In other words… actually WANT the truth, willing to toss your prejudice to the side.


Today is the Feast of St. Patrick. This man, enslaved multiple times by the pagan Irish, was the tool God chose to use in order to miraculously convert that poor blinded people to the Saving Truth of Roman Catholicism. He faced obstacles & persecution, even from fellow Catholics.


His famous prayer, the ‘Breastplate’, is a marvelous invocation.


I urge real Catholics to pray it, for the danger to us is just as horrible today.


Like Patrick, real Catholics, pitiful & few, are enslaved multiple times over to the neo-pagan Modernists, those who rule this Island of Earth, at the center of God’s Creation, with an iron fist. Lucifer’s hatred is palpable, his servants malevolent and a multitude, the enemy we face unbeatable through purely human strength, strategy or symphony of words.


We are outgunned. Or should we say, in the era of an invisible ‘cloud’:


Outconnected and outmaneuvered with massive data?


This is, after all, the ‘Internet of Things’.


We’re all one big happy family, you know.


Or, er… one, big, happy, leviathan, arrogant, mighty Oceanic Beast.


To be Roman Catholic is to defy this Beast. To be Roman Catholic is to stare into the open, poisonous, fiery maw of the Gigantic Dragon and not flinch. To be Roman Catholic is to gaze up at the earth’s moon, see an indescribably beautiful Woman standing upon it, clothed with and shining like the sun, a zodiacal Crown of 12 Stars upon Her Head, and whisper prayerfully:


“I am wrapped in Your Mantle, O Lady. Do with me as You will. Only crush his head.”


And to Her Son we pray, “Into Your Hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.”


This is Roman Catholicism. It is Passion & Crucifixion all the way.


Meanwhile, we need another St. Patrick, an Apostle of Earth.


The New Druids need to be faced down, and lose.


By God’s Almighty Power, not ours.


And through His Mother.


O Lord, save!


  Feast of St. Frances of Rome, 2018 (3-9-18)


Uploaded yet another ten chapters of the latest new book, Inter Regnum.


We go now to Chapter 22 and the first half of the third devastating argument. An argument against what? That there is no gap of time between popes (which is untrue, since, every time a pope dies --- or, rarely, abdicates --- there is always a period of time before the next pope is elected, and St. Peter’s Throne then sits ‘empty’ in the meanwhile), and that God or His Catholic Church has some special limit of time, beyond which He would never allow an ‘inter regnum’ to go on further (which is also untrue, as we see from the inarguable testimony of the third devastating argument). Namely, that God has often permitted --- both in the Old Testament Church and during the New Testament Church (read: the Roman Catholic Church, and none other) --- astonishingly long gaps of time between popes on occasion, and that, hard as it is for the more ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ people to believe (who call themselves Catholic, but frequently are not…), God also permits there to be, every so often, remarkable confusion regarding who is actually a pope and who is actually not (to wit, an antipope).


Don’t want to believe this?


Then stop being indifferent, arrogant or lazy, and read the book.


Yes, that’s right… *gasp* …you aren’t all-knowing, and you aren’t never-wrong. Thus, it couldn’t possibly ‘hurt’ you to take an hour or two to read Inter Regnum. It’s chock full of solid facts & ironclad logic and --- you know what? --- you just might learn something. Today is the Great Apostasy. Almost no one is Catholic. The Body of Christ (the Catholic Church) lies in a Tomb after crucifixion at the hands of those who are anti-Catholic, apostate & lovers of the Anglo-American Religion of Modernism, just like Jesus’ Body lay in the Tomb after crucifixion at the hands of those who were anti-Catholic, apostate & lovers of the Greco-Roman Religion of Hellenism. Both sets of murderers adore themselves and false gods.


Yet did Jesus remain in the Tomb or His Body rot away?




Neither will His Roman Catholic Body remain in the Tomb or rot away.


Realizing & admitting that God sometimes punishes us by allowing surprisingly long ‘inter regnums(gaps between true popes) and confusion over who is truly the pope (whilst permitting, too, frauds to put themselves forth as pretend ‘popes’) is one of several steps that people in today’s world must take, if really Roman Catholic, to solving the problems we face now. Humanity can’t solve everything on its own… it’ll take God’s Mercy & Supernatural Power, too.


Notwithstanding, the Great Apostasy won’t go away until we recognize this truth.




St. Frances of Rome, whose feast day it is today on the universal calendar of the Church, is perfect for this posting. I had nearly everything ready to go, although I did run into the next day, March 10, before finishing. However, the symbolism of her feast is exquisite. She was born and raised in the City of Rome. The ‘babylonian exile’ of the papacy had ended in AD 1377, wherein true Bishops of Rome had ‘exiled’ themselves to Avignon in southern France for 67 years. God used the marvelous St. Catherine of Siena to almost singlehandedly convince the seventh Avignon pope to return his residency to where it belonged, in Rome, Italy, since this is where our first pope, St. Peter, ruled and where he died a martyr. Ergo why all true popes are true & legitimate bishops of the Diocese of Rome. Frances was born in 1384.


Unfortunately, right on the heels of the popes returning to Rome, unruly and divisive cardinals --- under the influence of equally unruly and divisive rulers of various Catholic realms --- then precipitated an era of confusion. They elected two separate men, at the same time, as ‘popes’, the rivalry continuing for 39 years. Toward the end of this unprecedented chaos there were even three different men competing for the title of ‘pope’.


Now, fortunately, one of these men, at all times, really was the pope.


Which means, then, nonetheless, that the others were NOT popes. That is to say, they were ANTIPOPES. This split Christendom (read: Roman Catholic people & nations) into factions. Practically no one knew what to do, or who to believe. It was confusing… very, very, very confusing. A lot like today, during the Great Apostasy. Except it’s way worse now.


The point?


This great saint, Frances of Rome, was already very holy at the beginning of the 15th century. So holy, in fact, that God gave her the ability to prophesy. And what did she prophesy? One such prophecy --- before it happened! --- was the end of this ‘Great Schism of the West’, wherein nobody was united and nobody could agree on who was the true pope.


Precisely what we need today.


An end to the confusion, for lots more people to be real Catholics and good Catholics, and for all such real & good Catholics to be able to agree about who is truly the pope. Right now, God is punishing us. We are between popes. And everybody follows after antipopes (men who aren’t really popes), including those who think that both they themselves, and all these antipopes, are ‘catholic’. When, in reality, they are NOT so --- i.e., Catholic.


Such is confusing blindness. Such is anti-Catholicity. Such is Antichrist.


This is why we’re in the Great Apostasy.


For true Catholics, let us pray.


Pray that God’s Wrath is exhausted. Pray that His Mercy returns. Pray that he remembers those of us who have remained, or become, truly Catholic during this time of confusion, the Great Apostasy. And pray that, in His Mercy, He converts many to true Catholicity --- including those who think they’re ‘catholic’ but they’re not --- and that He gives us real representatives of Christ on earth again, about whom all may agree, and that these true & legitimate Successors to St. Peter, sitting upon St. Peter’s Throne, will be wise, holy & brave.


St. Frances of Rome’s life was filled with disappointment. Following God’s Will meant so often, for her, going against her own will and her own plans… and even though her will and her plans were wonderfully good & virtuous. God’s Will is sometimes like that. His Cross for us, real Catholics, is often the opposite of what we strive for, and even though our goal is wonderfully good & virtuous. That’s part of being a good Catholic, of being a saint.


Any real & good Catholic would like this Great Apostasy to end NOW.


It will end soon. But not when I say so or you say so. Rather, when God says so.


In the meantime, if Catholic, we suffer. And we offer it up to God. It’s His Church, not ours. We’re only a part of His Church if we truly belong to Him. And we only belong to Him if we’re truly Roman Catholic whole & entire. That’s the problem --- that most ‘catholics’ nowadays have not been Catholic WHOLE & ENTIRE. They’ve been ‘catholic’ partly, adamantly against the parts of Catholicism that they don’t like, and don’t love.


The parts they pretty much hate, like ‘no Salvation outside the Church’.


Ouch! That one really rubs them the wrong way.


That God has given us only ONE WAY to salvation, and that this single way is Roman Catholicand nothing else. That so-called ‘invincible ignorance’ doesn’t mean what they want to think it means --- that it doesn’t mean perfectly intelligent human beings can somehow ‘not know about’ Catholicism, or be raised to  ‘not like’ Catholicism, and, in this state of ‘not knowing about’ or ‘not liking’ Catholicism, die as they arenot really, actually, consciously, visibly & literally Roman Catholic… and, somehow, magically, despite what the Church has repeatedly taught us, clearly & loudly, for centuries & millennia since the time of Christ & His Apostles, be ‘invisibly connected’ to the Catholic Church without knowing you’re ‘connected’ and, in this imaginary ‘connection’ to ‘catholicism’, enter God’s Kingdom of Heaven without ever actually believing in (indeed, while believing against!) His Singular Catholic Church.


May the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary’s Heel crush the luciferian serpent’s head.


May his venomous lie of ‘salvation through ignorance’ die with him.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, and Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us! That we do not give up when victory is so near, even if we don’t, all of us, live to see the victory here on earth and the end of the Great Apostasy. May King Jesus’ Sacred & Suffering Heart, together with Your Queenly, Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, replace the diabolic tyranny we all suffer with the Blessed Reign of Heaven Eternal. May the One True Religion of Roman Catholicism never be denied by anyone again.




  Feast of St. Peter’s Throne at Antioch in Syria, Visible Head of the Catholic Church, 2018 (2-22-18)


Uploaded next ten chapters of the latest new book, Inter Regnum.


This now takes us through twelve chapters total with the brief introduction and first two devastating arguments made against those who --- whether or not they’re wholly and thus truly Roman Catholic --- think the Throne of St. Peter never sits empty (which it has always done between papal reigns, to wit, when one pope dies or abdicates and the next pope is not yet elected & accepted this awesome responsibility), or that it cannot sit empty beyond an unspecified length of time (which neither God nor His Singular Catholic Church have ever declared or defined, setting an ‘official limit’, beyond which He would ‘never allow’ Her Papal Throne to remain vacant).


Don’t wish to believe this?


Then, as I am fond of saying, put your money where your mouth is and read it. Read it carefully, read it with humility (not pretending you already ‘know everything’), and read it intelligently. Too, read it without a predetermining bias that demands you come to the conclusion that you already wanted to arrive at, before looking at the facts & logic.


After all, what’s the use of that?


To actually find the truth?


I hardly think so.


Don’t waste your God-given mind and make yourself into a fool.


This is the Great Apostasy, the Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Entire is the Only Way, no exceptions, for a person of sound intelligence to save his or her immortal soul, and one reason we are in the period of global spiritual darkness that we endure --- with hardly anyone left on earth who is truly Catholic --- is because God has permitted us to be punished with Christ-defying antipopes, diabolic pied pipers who lead astray both those who style themselves ‘catholic’ and those of countless other religious ‘preferences’, including so-called ‘atheism’ and ‘agnosticism’.


This is the reality; this is our world today.


This is our punishment because neither Catholics nor the rest of humanity have seen fit to relentlessly pursue God’s Charity, the fact that He has provided us with even One Single Way to avoid everlasting hell and enjoy Eternity With Him in the Beatific Vision of Heaven. If you either

already are Catholic or will become Catholic in the not-too-distant future, then you must of a necessity comprehend this apostate predicament, led by antipopes, or else you will certainly never remain or ever become Catholic, or else you will never make headway against the tyrannical confusion and make any contribution, however modest, toward solving it.


God is prepared to use us as His Own, yet only if we truly belong to Him.


We are only truly His Own when we are Roman Catholic.


The antipopes are not His precisely because this is so.


Multiple Catholic sources from ancient times up until recently, in the past century, have foretold this very crisis. The loss of Catholicity on a global scale was not unforeseen by Our Creator or His saints or other wise Catholics. Nor are surprisingly long ‘inter regnums’ impossible. It is, indeed, the only thing --- period --- that reasonably explains today’s appalling situation.


Or have you not been paying attention to what Antipope Francis is saying & doing?


Dream time is over. Fantasy land is finished. It’s time to wake up.


May the Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus, along with His Mother Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, enable you to do this. Reveries can be pleasant, and sleep is sometimes necessary… but not when the world is burning. There is work to do.


Today is the second time in the liturgical & sanctoral year, barely one month after the first time, that we celebrate our first pope’s throne and supreme rule over the One True Church. First is January 18th, when we remember his 25 year reign in the City of Rome… which is why true & legitimate Bishops of Rome have been the Visible Head of Christ’s Catholic Church ever since. Today, February 22nd, we remember St. Peter’s 7 year earlier reign in the City of Antioch in Syria. That divine number, seven, as we make clear in the latest posting of Helplessly Ignorant some 2 or 3 months ago. Modern humanity wants to be ‘divine’ without the Divinity. Whereas the Divine, the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church, wants us to be ‘divine’… but only with Him, perfect in humble obedience to Him, as real Catholics with all of the Church’s infallible dogmas whole & entire.


Let this date on the solar calendar mark a clear heavenly movement in the right direction here on earth.


  Feast of St. Peter’s Throne at Rome, Visible Head of the Catholic Church, 2018 (1-18-18)


Posted first two chapters of the latest new book, Inter Regnum.


And what does ‘inter regnum’ mean? It’s Latin for ‘between reigns’.


Why is this important? Because the whole entire world and all of humanity is in the Great Apostasy right now. What is apostasy? Complete & utter rejection of God’s One True Religion of Roman Catholicism, outside of which absolutely no one can be saved… no ifs, ands or buts… or any endless loopholes contrived by so-called ‘catholics’ in the last few centuries under the guise of a supposedly ‘invincible ignorance’ for intelligent people, coupled with an equally purported ‘sincerity’ upon their parts, allowing them to be ‘invisibly connected’ to the incontrovertibly Very Visible Roman Catholic Body of Jesus Christ. And what is it about our apostasy that makes it ‘great’? It’s the biggest apostasy of human beings since right before the Great Flood, and God’s Devastating Wrath upon earth due to our horrific & neverending sins, including denial of His Saving Truth and embracement of whatever false religion they want to believe in --- after all, who cares if this false religion is only a fantasy? Doesn’t matter. They don’t want to believe in the One True Religion of Roman Catholicism, whole & entire!


And what is one huge factor allowing the Great Apostasy to occur?


False ‘popes’ who aren’t even really ‘catholic’.


Don’t think this is possible… but call yourself a ‘real’ Catholic?


To which my earnest & incredulous reply is very simply the following:


Seriously? I mean, really? At this point in time with Francis putting himself forth as a ‘pope’?


Have you been paying attention to what he’s been saying & doing lately?




As I sometimes sardonically joke to my family:


“Do you think, if God allows it, at the point an antipope announces publicly to the world that he’s a Satanist, and that God is the Devil and the Devil is God, and that sin is virtue and virtue is sin --- do you think at that point in time, finally, the most conservative or traditional of self-styled ‘catholics’ will turn to each other and say, ‘Hey, you know… I don’t think the pope is Catholic. In fact, I don’t think he’s even the pope!’”


You think?


If you accuse me of being ‘too harsh’, my dear soul, then realize this:


It was possible to figure out that the antipopes were antipopes some 20 years ago. It was possible to figure out, by the 1990s at the very latest, that Vatican II wasn’t a real council, and that the Great Apostasy had erupted out into the open.


But now time is running out.


Even the most blind who are of a ‘conservative’ or more ‘traditional’ nature --- and call themselves ‘catholic’ --- should be able to start seeing straight, and, finally, figure out the truth. That we’re in the midst of the Great Apostasy foretold long ago by Roman Catholics, and that God’s Wrath is about to be poured out upon the earth in an undeniably visible way.


His first punishment was to let people… who used to be Catholic… become blind to their loss of Catholicity. And in order to make sure this was permitted to happen, Our Creator also allowed the Throne of St. Peter to become empty (which is what happens routinely every time a pope dies and before the next pope can be elected, incidentally) --- but for an extraordinarily ‘long’ amount of time which shocks & surprises those who are unaware.


By human standards & mistaken assumptions, at least.


Don’t want to believe this?


Then put your money where your mouth is and read the book.


Stop being willfully ignorant, stop being impatient, and actually start to THINK.


The time is short and the hour late. The world is become a cesspool of sin.


Even amongst purported ‘catholics’, including the supposed ‘pope’.


So get off your duff and use your God-given mind.


It’s that simple.


Today is the Feast of the Throne of St. Peter in Rome.


I can’t think of a better day to post the first part of this book, however small the post is.


May the Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus and the Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Queen Mary enlighten darkened minds and soften hardened hearts, causing them to finally see the truth… the One & Singular Saving Truth of Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire, and the unique & peculiar truth, right now, that the whole world and all of humanity is in false religion and spiritual blindness. The blindness & wickedness of the Religion of Modernism, and the fact that the antipopes, since the Vatican 2 Pseudo-Council, have been leading self-styled ‘catholics’ and practically all human beings down the road to eternal destruction.


Wake up, my beloved soul!


The celestial alarm clock is beeping.


Don’t hit the snooze again and fall back to sleep.


Our beds are burning… it’s time to get up.


Rise and shine!


  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, 2017 (12-12-17)


Uploaded ten new chapters of the book, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section, the last two chapters unusually long by my standards --- since, in writing a big or complicated tome, I try to slightly increase the odds of it being read by making the chapters relatively small, with whimsically-named or word-playing titles, causing it to be a little bit less intimidating for the everyday reader. We now have a Part Six, going to Chapter 144.


We’re dealing with the sixth devastating argument against the fantasy of ‘it doesn’t matter what religion you are because a creator doesn’t exist’, or the other variation of ‘it doesn’t matter what religion you are because our creator doesn’t care as long you’re sincere’, taking a side trip into the Apocalypse… the ‘Book of Revelation’ as Protestants call it… the last book of the Bible.


In this side trip we grapple with the endlessly fascinating question, “What is this beast out of the sea?” Such a thing seems bizarre and weird, yet strangely transfixing. What makes modern people, who don’t much think about religion or philosophy anymore, assuming that they are irrelevant, so obsessed with this scriptural book and its peculiar, difficult-to-understand & shocking contents? Why now, when nobody cares, do people still fixate on these things?


And so we have tried to explain what the ‘Oceanic Beast’ is. Jesus taught in parables (stories outwardly telling a ‘story’ whilst, at the same time, saying something much more crucial, profound & urgent if the listener (or reader) has the ability (and desire) to comprehend). Beloved St. John the Evangelist, the disciple who sat next to the Lord at the Last Supper, continues Jesus’ strategy: tell the truth, but keep most of it hidden under metaphor.


After all, we don’t want to cast our pearls before the swine, do we?


Yet Jesus also said, in the Gospels, to shout from the rooftops what I tell you in secret.


It’s time to climb onto a roof and talk publicly. The Great Apostasy is here.


What are the Oceanic Beast’s seven heads? We’ve gone through five.


What’s the sixth head? The Greco-Roman Empire.


Yet in explaining this sixth head of the apocalyptic Sea Monster, we take another detour. We grapple with that perpetually entrancing number --- the Number of Humanity and the Number of the Beast --- six hundred sixty-six. Or, to put it more numerically, 666. What is this?


In doing so, we get allegorical, symbolic & geometric.




Because Our Creator is All-Knowing (Omniscient) & All-Powerful (Omnipotent). He doesn’t do anything by ‘chance’. And He made us in His Image… to look like Him. As a result, all of creation is a ‘parable’, telling us --- if we have the ‘ears’ to hear --- what He’s saying.


And what would that be?


That’s what these latest ten chapters get into. We’ve already dived into a lot of it. But 666? What’s so special about this number? And 6 and 7? Are they special, too? What is it with 12 and 144? And etc. God is allegorical; Sacred Scripture is allegorical; we get allegorical, too. Because it’s time to start to understand. It’s time to talk publicly from the rooftops.


And since 6 is the Number of Humanity (666 having an even deeper meaning that evades comprehension by most human beings, at least till now), then it’s very appropriate that we take this detour as we discuss the sixth head of the Oceanic Beast. God has a plan for everything. He never takes away our free will… notwithstanding, omniscience & omnipotence give Him the ‘upper hand’, so to speak. We act freely, often evilly, but He wins in the end every time.


It’s not going to be any different today, despite having consigned Him to the trash.


No flippancy meant there; it’s simply being honest. Modern human beings are the epitome of pride. We act like our own ‘Gods’ and we’re not going to let something like the real God get in the way of our ‘divine’ goals. If His Singular Religion, Roman Catholicism, gets in the way… well, then, away with Catholicism! And so it is. Nobody’s Catholic anymore.


Not really. Not truly. Not in the sense of intelligently believing all infallible dogmas.


God can’t be ‘wrong’, and He didn’t make us in His Image for no reason. Ergo, He gives us intelligent minds for a purpose. And He gave us His One & Only True Religion of Roman Catholicism for a purpose. To wit, to tell us what we’re meant to be and do.


Hard to believe? Then you want to be ‘God’ and you make up your own religion.


Yet birds of a feather flock together. Hence, modern people are similar.


This includes their modern ‘religion’ --- Modernism.


We could make super-impressive-sounding descriptions of this Religion of Modernism. Nevertheless, we’ll make it simple. Want to know what modernist religion is? Want to know what you most likely believe in, and even if you haven’t taken time or intelligence to think about it, acting more on ‘instinct’ and ‘modern custom’ than intelligent thought? Don’t you worry… we’ll do the leg work for you. Take Roman Catholicism, and then reverse it.


That’s right. You read correctly. It’s that simple. The goal is the goal.


In other words, most modern people don’t realize it.


Why should they? It’s not like they think a lot.


And if they do think, it’s not like they want to know the truth.


Ah, but truth exists whether you want to know it or not. And the truth is there, regardless. And it gets you in the end, no matter what. Because we all die. Then comes reckoning. What did you do with your life? And why? Did you think your intelligence was there for nothing?


The point is, take the Religion of Catholicism and flip flop it.


What do you get? The Religion of Modernism!


Not all at once. Not everybody altogether to the same degree. But, given enough time, affirmative. Pretty much everyone --- however blind to what they’re doing --- gets to the finish line, the logical conclusion even without logic. And Modernism in a nutshell is precisely opposite to Catholicism. So where are we headed? Where have we arrived?


Right… more and more the opposite of Catholicism.


This is why we detour into these things.


God knew what we would do from all of eternity. It’s no surprise to Him. And it doesn’t have to be a total surprise to us, either. He’s told us, in parable, what we’re living through right now. You just have to have ears to hear (an intelligent mind with good will to grasp it).


666 and 144? Esoteric & strange, I know. But give it a shot. Read a little bit and think.


And once you get through it, in the new Part Six of Helplessly Ignorant, Chapters 135 to 144, we’ll get back to the sixth head of the Oceanic Beast. I promise. And onto the seventh head. Seem too strange for you? Well, then, my poor & precious reader, you haven’t ever really perused the Bible, have you? Or delved into the early Church fathers. And so forth. It’s scriptural, traditional & orthodox. Just not what most of us think about most of the time. Inexplicable, though? No. You just haven’t thought about it. Or figured it out yet.


I’m helping you along. So don’t panic, don’t curse & don’t be stubborn.


Oh, and Our Lady of Guadalupe? She appeared to the simple & devout Amerindian Catholic convert, Juan Diego. Pious & God-fearing, he adopted the Religion of his Spanish Rulers --- those who freed him and his Amerindian fellows from the snake-god-worshipping and cannibalistic-human-sacrificing (not to mention tyrannical) Aztecs. The miracle that then transpired, with miraculous roses during December and a miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary upon his cactus fiber cloak or ‘pancho’ (the ‘tilma’) is proof that his testimony was true. The Queen of Highest Heaven and Mother of God really did appear to him, and She really did have a message for him, and for his unconverted Amerindian comrades (who then converted en masse upon seeing the miraculous image), and for us as well.


A pope didn’t formally declare Her the Patroness of the Americas for nothing, you know. God’s Catholic Church may have lost up to half of Europe to the Protestant Rebellion, yet He balanced it out, seemingly, with the miraculous conversion of millions of Amerindians to His Roman Catholic Body. That’s why so-called ‘hispanics’ of the Americas are so devoted to Her even until now, during the Great Apostasy. The upshot? What are we to draw from all this?


Everyone thinks (if they’re even aware) that the cherubic ‘child’ or ‘angel’ She stands upon in the miraculous image of Juan Diego’s tilma is a ‘heavenly angel’. And a ‘child’ because medieval Catholic artists knew that, in portraying sinless angels, children are the most heavenly --- that is, free from sin --- that human beings can be. Hence why they loved to portray angels as ‘babes’. Because they’re representing normally invisible celestial creatures visibly in visible art on earth! Sacred Scripture calls Lucifer a ‘babe’ in innocence when God first created him (trust me, or else read the Old Testament for your own self and see that what I’m saying is true). Consequently, that angelic ‘babe’ supposedly ‘holding up’ Queen Mary in the miraculous image is no true ‘angel’… it’s Lucifer himself, the head fallen angel, being crushed by Her Heel.


The proof? Easy. Look at his wings. Are they green, white & red? Okay. So why?


Long ago Central Amerindians in what is now known as modern day Mexico knew why and what it meant.


Because their wise & powerful snake god --- Quetzalcoatl, the ‘feathered’ or ‘flying’ serpent --- bore those very same colors of green, white & red, also. As does the modern flag of Mexico, used since 1821. Chance? No intelligent & honest person can think that. When Amerindians saw Juan Diego’s tilma with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe upon it in 1531, everybody knew exactly what it meant. It meant She was stronger & wiser than their snake god.


This is why they converted en masse. They were glad to be rid of their oppressors, the cannibalistic, human-sacrificing Aztecs, but not glad enough to adopt the Religion of their saviors, the conquering Spanish, to whom they had freely given fealty, prior to their liberation. It took this miracle. And, once done, they knew what they had to do. God’s Mother was their Mother now, and Her Son their Celestial Savior. It took this to convince them.


And, oh yes, the day? That is to say, December 12th?


The symbolism is delicious (12th month, 12th day).


The very day we uploaded the last ten chapters of Helplessly Ignorant, bringing us to Chapter 144 (144 is the square of 12, i.e., 12 times 12 equals 144). And in that last chapter thus far, Chapter 144, we explain the symbolism of 144, especially 144,000 in the Apocalypse.


Yet is there a deeper symbolism? I mean, Heaven does nothing by chance, right? Not if you’re thinking clearly and know God at all. Christ & His Mother chose December 12 in 1531 for a reason --- because it was the winter solstice then. The Gregorian Calendar was not adopted within Catholic countries until 1582 by papal decree (and… um… Catholics were the first people to come up with this necessary improvement to our solar calendar, by the way). Adoption of the new calendar came about because the earlier solar calendar, the Julian, compounded a small error of about 11 minutes each year (viz., every Julian year added approximately 11 excess minutes to each year, making the solar calendar year out of whack with the real year by about 3 days every 4 centuries), which starts to add up to some serious time after a millennium or so. This meant all Catholic countries had to jump from October 5 to October 15 on their solar calendars in 1582 in order to get the calendar back in synchronization with the real year, not letting Easter (which is supposed to be near the beginning of spring) slide into winter, then autumn, and then summer, etc., as the centuries go by. Confusing?


Yes, if you’re not familiar with these things.


If you’ve got your thinking cap on, it is time you realize:


“Oh. Oh my goodness. In 1531, nearly fifty-one years before the solar calendar was corrected (people back then all over the world still using the not-quite-as-accurate Julian Calendar), the Blessed Virgin Mary actually appeared to the saintly Juan Diego on December 21st (the date most common for the winter solstice, along with December 22), according to the Gregorian Calendar, projecting it backward before 1582, due to a less accurate Julian calendar accumulatively lagging somewhat over nine days behind the seasons. Mon Dieu!”


Which means?


Yes, Mary actually appeared to Juan on December 21 in 1531, upon the winter solstice. Or, to put it differently, She appeared to him at the very beginning of winter, on the shortest day of the year with the longest night. Symbolism? Absolutely. The Protestant Rebellion had just occurred and Modernism, speaking historically, was just gaining steam. The world was entering into full scale rebellion against God, rejecting His Singular Catholic Religion.


Therefore, the longest night of humanity, religiously speaking, was just beginning.


Mary came to reassure Her children, Roman Catholics, that She would care for them, and to add to Her Roman Catholic brood by miraculously converting Central & South Amerindians to Her Son’s Catholic Church. That promise continues until this day. The night is no longer quite as long, but, then, winter doesn’t get coldest until January & February, does it? And never is it coldest until right before dawn. Spring is just around the corner, the day almost ready to begin… yet it’s very, very, very cold right now, spiritually speaking. Catholics are freezing, all alone, trying to stave off religious frostbite, our shepherds having abandoned us, and --- despite all this --- we go on, not losing hope, because the Blessed Virgin Mary is with us. Our Heavenly Mother has not forgotten us. She wraps us up in Her Mantle, embraces us so closely to Her Immaculate Heart, and comforts us. In a cold, anti-Catholic world, She very tenderly chants Her Son’s Everlasting Canticle to us, and tells us to be patient.


After all, She will crush the serpent’s head.


And spring will come, and dawn.


The days are getting longer.


Hang on, my dear soul.


The Son also rises.


  Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 2017 (10-11-17)


Posted eleven more chapters of the book, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section. We now go all the way to Chapter 134 in Part Five.


What was the fifth head of the Oceanic Beast in the Apocalypse?


The Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire, centered in Babylonia.


Our tender reader will forgive the ‘complicated-sounding’ hyphenated name. In being precise, ‘complications’ can arise. The point is, despite three seemingly ‘different’ set of leaders ruling over this massive Mesopotamian realm (the Neo-Assyrians, the Chaldeans or ‘Neo-Babylonians’, and the Persians or ‘Medo-Persians’), they were each of them founded on the ancient Sumero-Akkadian foundations of paganism & culture leftover from Nemrod’s Rebellion and the Semitic Akkadian’s adaptation of Nemrod’s religious revolt, whilst impressing their Semitic language, customs & cultures on top of this Sumerian paganism. The fifth imperial head of the Apocalyptic ‘Sea Monster’ both preserved Nemrod’s paganism and sought to resurrect it… all centered in ancient Babylonia, of course.


The catch is, the True God kept charitably interfering, seeking to bring these peoples back to their senses by returning to His True Religion. The fourth head of the Beast nearly did so, the Phoenicians; would any of the closely related ethnicities of the fifth head in the Empire of Babylon do so? Almost, several times.


These people were caught in the middle.


In the Middle of the Earth (where God planned the ‘middle’ of our earth’s spherical surface to be, from the beginning), in the middle of, practically, where the Garden of Paradise was, in the middle of Nemrod’s ancient post-Deluge Rebellion and the ‘rebirth’ of paganism so soon after the Great Flood cleansed our world of religious filth & immorality, and in the middle of Our Creator’s spiritual crosshairs, He, the Almighty Maker, either converting to His Singular Religion or else punishing & destroying the contumacious rebel.


Likewise humanity today.


We’re all caught in the middle of Nemrod’s Rebellion during the Great Apostasy, no matter where in the world we live. And we’re all caught in the spiritual crosshairs of Our Creator, He offering us either conversion to His Singularly Saving Religion of Roman Catholicism, or else ultimate punishment & destruction for our willful, repeated & unrelenting obscenities.


Technically, I completed the posting of this latest section of Helplessly Ignorant on the twelfth of October. However, I had everything prepared and was in the midst of updating on 11 October 2017. This, along with the incredible symbolism of the date, is why I’m saying, essentially, it’s October 11th that this post was made.


The significance?


The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Motherhood has been celebrated by true Catholics in various places at various times in the year throughout Catholicism’s two millennia history. Although, to be sure, it’s usually (till recent centuries) been more associated with yuletide and the turn of the new year on the solar calendar. For a variety of reasons, by 1914, the Catholic Nation of Portugul established the Feast of the Maternity on October 11.


That’s right. Just three years before Our Lady of Fatima appeared to three poor shepherd children in central Portugal and a mere three years & two days before Heaven astonished the earth with the unparalleled Miracle of the Sun on 13 October 1917, Portugal --- that unique kingdom so preciously devoted to the Mother of God --- officially began this feast today.


In 1931, to honor the 1500th anniversary of the glorious Council of Ephesus in AD 431, where Holy Mother Church solemnly, infallibly & explicitly affirmed the Blessed Virgin Mary as the ‘God-bearer’, Pope Pius XI authoritatively established this same Feast of Her Maternity on the universal calendar of the Roman Catholic Church in order to remind all Catholics everywhere on earth of Her Divinely-Bestowed Prerogative. The privilege of Her being the most highly honored of God’s creatures anywhere, anywhen, by being His Specially Chosen Vessel, the Mother of His Son… and despite Her being a mere creature, a mere human being.


A Son, incidentally, Who is God from All of Eternity.


Do you see the symbolism, my dear soul?


She Who Crushes the Serpent’s Head, Who vanquishes all false religions (read: all non-Roman-Catholic religions), Who is the Mother of the Second Person of the Divinity and thus Mother of God Almighty Himself, is honored in the very country She chooses to appear, warning us of the terrible calamities to occur --- not least of which is the loss of Catholicity all over the earth and the brief yet real triumph of the Religion of Modernism and the Great Apostasy --- only three years later, after Portugal had honored Her by establishing this Maternal Feast.


Pope Pius XI, by the way, in spite of doing this good thing he did in placing the Feast of Her Maternity on the universal calendar, failed, like his successor, Pius XII, to obey Her Command to solemnly consecrate the nation of Russia --- and Russia by name alone, publicly, together with all the Catholic bishops of the world on the very same day at the same moment --- thereby leading to the plight we find ourselves in today… apostasy & total rebellion, the errors of Russia now spread throughout the earth, almost no one remaining alive who is truly Catholic, and antipopes --- men pretending to be Catholic & Bishops of Rome who are not --- prancing along with the whole world cheering for the lies they perpetrate, like pied pipers, believing that they, the Vicars of Antichrist & Lucifer, ‘represent’ the God to Whom Mary gave birth.


They do not.


Until humanity gets that figured out --- especially the part of humanity that calls itself ‘catholic’ while not actually being so --- then the Modernists and the Antipopes are going to sail on, spreading lies & falsehoods about religion that continue to poison & damn souls.


Again, the symbolism, particularly of the feast of October 11th this year, 2017?


2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the Six Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima.


In May (the month of Mary, you’ll recall) She first appeared.


May 13th, 1917, to be exact. She then appeared on the 13th of each succeeding month until October 13th, 1917. The only exception is August 13th, 1917, since the Freemasonic leaders of Portugal at that time, oppressing good Catholics, had locked up the three small children in a nearby jail, trying to get them to renounce what they had seen and heard. They would not comply. Per observers in Fatima, Our Lady manifested Herself partially on August 13th, regardless. Meanwhile, on August 19th, 1917, She appeared to the children in prison.


2017 is also the first time, in 99 years, that a full solar eclipse has occurred and traversed the entire width of the United States of America from west to east. In 1918, when the last such eclipse transpired, on 8 June 1918, just months before the four year long World War I concluded --- and which the US joined in fighting the last two years of that horrible & bloody war --- Our Lady of Fatima’s first prophecy, that World War I would end soon, but not right away, came true. The ‘War to End All Wars’ (as people naively called it then, prior to World War II) only came to a full and official end on 11 November 1918. One cannot help wondering, if Catholic... is the full solar eclipse that the United States experienced, from west to east across the entire continent, on 21 August 2017... and which I had the privilege to witness in the Ochoco National Forest... a harbinger of the opposite, of a horrible global war about to begin in another few months, combined with great natural catastrophes & hideous plagues in years to come, etc.?


Only time will tell, since I’m not a prophet.


But one wonders.


The very next day of this year, 2017 --- August 22 --- was also both the Octave of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary bodily into Heaven, and the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the same Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary.


And, were that not enough, if one pays attention to the ancient Zodiac and its Twelve Constellations, one notes that each zodiacal constellation, since most ancient of times, thousands of years ago, start and end at exact dates of the solar calendar. For instance, the Zodiac Sign of Leo (the Lion), begins on July 23rd and concludes on August 22nd… the very day of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart and a single day after the moon (which represents Mary and the feminine) eclipsed the sun (which represents Jesus and the masculine). Any good Catholic who, as well, knows Sacred Scripture, knows that Mary’s Son, Jesus, is the Light of This World, just as the material sun in the sky is the material light of this earth. He or she knows, too, how the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse, tells of a Sign in Heaven, a Celestial Woman, clothed with the sun, standing upon the moon, and twelve stars upon Her Head. It doesn’t take too much imagination to realize that God through St. John the Beloved Disciple was speaking about Mary, telling us that the Glory of Her Divine Son, Jesus, envelopes Her (just as the glory of the sun enveloped the moon on that spectacular display of 21 August 2017), and that a feminine moon represents Her Queenly Rule over this earth, Her Heel eventually crushing the Serpent’s Head, and that the Crown of Twelve Stars upon Her Head are the Twelve Signs of the Ancient Zodiac, symbolizing Her God-Given Queenship of All of Heaven.


Incidentally, one of the names of Her Son, Jesus, is the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Juda’, a lion symbolizing kingship over his kingdom. Hence the significance of the Sign of Leo (the Lion), representing Jesus, and the fact that the 2017 eclipse happened at the very end of His Zodiacal Sign. And the significance, too, that two days later (one day after the Feast of Her Immaculate Heart), begins the Sign of Virgo (the Virgin), which zodiacal sign obviously represents the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mother of God.


Which brings us, then, to the last observation of immense significance.


That the Sign of Virgo (the Virgin) concludes on September 23rd.


As several astute astronomical buffs have noted for the last year or two, Jupiter (the king planet) entered into the Constellation of Virgo (the Virgin) as of 16 November 2016, not quite one year ago. Several other important planets & stars also congregated in the Sign of Virgo during this period. On 23 September 2017, Jupiter zodiacally ‘exited’ the Sign of Virgo. It is plain to the Catholic person that this symbolizes Jesus being in Mary’s Womb (the time Jupiter was in Virgo was just over 9 months) and then being born. October 11th, therefore? The perfect complement, completing the symbolism, celebrating and honoring Mary for being, truly, the Mother of God Almighty Himself. And just as Her giving birth to Him way back then, on December 25th, in 1 BC, began the New Testament Church, outside of which there is absolutely no salvation, of a singular Roman Catholicism, so, also, celebrating and honoring Mary for crushing the Serpent’s Head via Her Son’s Sacrifice upon the Cross, bringing the Great Apostasy to an end that we have endured now for over fifty years, and resurrecting’, as it were, His Body, the Roman Catholic Church, in a way totally unexpected and unforeseen by most of the people of this world, so lost in false religion and horrible sin that we are. After all, we must pay the piper. We can only enjoy his diabolic music and prancing for so long.


All of this, as well, just two days before October 13th.


To wit, the one hundredth anniversary of the Sixth & Final Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, marked by the unprecedented and celestial Miracle of the Sun, on 13 October 1917, in a land called Portugal, once Catholic and, at that point, terribly tyrannized by violently anti-Catholic people who wanted the destruction of the Catholic Church and the eradication of the Catholic Religion from the face of this earth… but who, instead, will have to admit their defeat.


She wins in the end, you know. Her Heel crushes satan’s head.


Most Sacred & Suffering Heart of King Jesus, have mercy on us. Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Queen Mary, pray for us. That we who are Catholic might stay Catholic and attain to Heaven; that those who are not Catholic might become Catholic, stay truly converted, and attain to Heaven; and that those who are not Catholic and refuse to become Catholic, remaining enemies of God’s One & Only True Religion, might be crushed along with their father, the devil, under Her Foot, and acknowledge both He & She as the Heavenly Monarchs they are, if only under endlessly painful duress, their proud & modernist heads brought low, forced to admit, finally, the Saving Truth in the End.


Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Ad Jesum per Mariam.


¡Viva Cristo Rey!


  Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, 2017 (9-12-17)


Uploaded seven more chapters to the tome, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section. This takes us to Chapter 123 in Part Five.


Why do contemporary scholars and modern people reactionarily doubt much of what we can know --- or at least reasonably suspect --- about ancient history & ancient civilizations?


Because we’ve got big huge heads puffed with pride and must think ourselves the greatest.


We also don’t like the thought of our ‘greatest’ of civilizations disappearing into the murk of history, forgotten and disparaged like so many others prior to us. Oh, and that fear of ours that disaster & destruction await us… that bothers us, too. A fear not assuaged by the example of certain mighty civilizations that have disappeared or been destroyed long ago.


And, like the Phoenicians (which is the central fourth of seven ‘heads’ of an oceanic ‘beast’), we have a crucial choice to make. Which is more important:


A visible earth & material wealth or an invisible heaven & spiritual riches?


Thus far we’ve chosen very badly.


Hence our fear.


Four days ago, on September 8th, was the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, God’s Mother since She is the Woman God chose to give birth to His Divine Son, Jesus. And do mothers give birth to mere bodies? No, a mother gives birth to a human being, growing the body of a real person in her womb. Likewise Mary. And the Person She gave birth to is God Almighty from All of Eternity. Today, then, is the fourth day in the octave of this magnificent Queen’s Nativity. She is 2032 years old, plus four days.


(Please see older What’s New? posts for proof of how we can know Her exact age. You’ll find it in the entry made on 8 September 2011. It really isn’t ‘impossible’ to know Her precise age.)


Today Catholics honor Her for the Wondrous Name God inspired Her parents to give Her.


What is its meaning?


Most people, who claim to know, will insist it’s from the Hebrew for ‘bitterness’, citing the name ‘Miriam’ as evidence (she was the sister of St. Moses and a prophetess, to boot). If, indeed, there is any truth to this claim, then, of course, certainly the Blessed Virgin Mary knew the bitterness of seeing Her Only Son die in front of Her eyes, and held His lifeless, bloody body in Her holy & pure arms.


Notwithstanding, the early Church fathers insist that Her Name means ‘Lady’ (as in a Sovereign Queen, just as a king may be called a ‘lord’), and St. Jerome most definitely taught that Her Name means also ‘Star of the Sea’. There is symbolism through and through in this, as is always the case when it comes to the Holy, Infallible & Only Saving Religion of Catholicism. God foreknows everything from eternity in His Omniscience.


So what is the symbolism here?


Our Lady & Star of the Sea is the counterpart of what Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, once was. The ‘bearer of light’ who is now a false ‘angel of light’, he fell into darkness via his pride and his rebellion. Mary, ever humble and always obedient, has taken his place. She bears the Light now, the Light of Her Divine Son. She is the Star that arises out of the sea of humanity, and, like the luminous ether, undulating with waves of light, She undulates with the Glory & Light of God Himself, She being the One He speaks into existence when He says, “Be light made,” and plants the Light of This World in Her Womb, His Spirit hovering over the formless deep, the pure, holy & untainted water out of which Her Son emerged, and which, applied to us in the Sacrament of Baptism --- and united to a Profession of the Roman Faith whole & entire --- permits human beings, conceived in sin, to hypostatically join with Our Creator, sharing in His Divinity. But on His terms (which are Roman Catholic!), not ours.


May this Lady crush the Serpent’s head and bring his Modernist Tower crashing to the ground, dividing our enemies… all those who refuse to admit the Saving Truth… and raise us up in Her Mantle, sheltering us and cradling us… and even if we must give up our lives in martyrdom for Our Holy Religion. Wallowing in humility, let us imitate Her, let us ask Her to supply what is sadly deficient in us, making us worthy of that for which we can never be worthy on our own, worthless sinners that we are.


Let us whisper Her Name with reverence, imploring Her prayers.


Let all true Catholics be but the sole of Her Foot.


The Foot that brings victory out of defeat.


Starting last November, in 2016, Jupiter (the king) entered the zodiacal constellation of Virgo (the virgin), and he exits on 23 September 2017. This upon the heels of the first continent wide total eclipse of the United States in 99 years and during the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s appearance to the three shepherd children in Portugal, which culminated with the miraculous (and apocalyptic) ‘Dance of the Sun’ upon 13 October 1917, witnessed by over 70,000 people, many who were not believers and were mockers of the Catholic Faith.


What does God have in mind?


I don’t claim to know with prophetic precision.


I do know, though, that we are living through the Apocalypse, and that the end of our Apostasy is at hand. Our sins cry out to Heaven for vengeance, and punishment is not far. Other civilizations have fallen into ruin for their sins, and ours will not escape its fate. I do not pretend to fathom exactly how God will act, or what will be our entire fate. I know only that God is about to visit us, and that it is better to be Catholic, be in the state of grace, be humble, and to be more concerned about being prepared spiritually than worrying about the crumbling of a nation’s infrastructure, economic demise, or bloody warfare.


The worst punishment has already occurred --- the loss of the Catholic Faith from highest to lowest, leaving only a very few in this world who are obscure and hidden, but truly Catholic. No Salvation outside this Church… that is what no one wants to believe, even those who still insist on calling themselves ‘catholic’. The Ecclesial Body of Jesus Christ is lying dead in the tomb of this world, a modernist temple erected in its stead. Now that Tower of Babel is tottering, destined to fall, and the Body of Christ about to rise again.


This I know. And I tell you, let us all be prepared.


  Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Ss. Timothy, Hippolytus & Symphorian, Martyrs, as Well as the Octave of the Assumption of the Same Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God, 2017 (8-22-17)


Posted another ten chapters to the book, Helplessly Ignorant, in the Books & Articles section. This brings it to Chapter 116 in Part Five.


Continuing with the fourth head of the Apocalyptic ‘Sea Monster’, we describe the nature of the Semitic Phoenician Empire (or ‘Confederacy’, if you will, since this Empire had no dominatingly central or direct rule of command), the Chanaanite Curse, and how this infection spread to the patrimonial descendants of St. Noe, not to mention how God determines imperial centrality, as it were, of the human race from His Perspective.


Along the way we grab a peek at Jerusalem and it’s heavenly symbolism.


We are over half the way through AD 2017.


The edifice of Modernism is fracturing --- yet it may take years and even decades before the entire skyscraping tower of self-deifying human hubris is crashed to the ground. During that period of time, it is entirely possible (yet I am not claiming to be prophetic in the strict sense, simply cautious in the broad sense) we will see brutal persecution before it’s all over. Or, perhaps, not. But even prominent ‘conservative’ political voices in America are talking recently like a ‘second civil war’ is more than just plausible… it’s already taking place.


That is to say, such ‘conservatives’ (relatively speaking, in comparison to the increasingly liberal modernist spirit of our times) are no longer able to hide their heads in the sand, pretending the United States, and modernized nations the world over, are bastions of ‘freedom’, protecting their citizens from coercion when it comes to religion or morality. Indeed, the US and other modern nations not only fail today to protect such ‘freedoms’ --- rather, they are becoming the very tyrants we imagined ourselves ‘free’ from, oppressing and browbeating everyone who dares to defy them, refusing to kowtow to a new global religion which opposes the Law of Natural Reason written upon our hearts and all that is of God.


Whither Catholicism?


It may seem dark & hopeless.


Notwithstanding, taking the long view (from humanity’s short perspective), Our Creator never relinquishes control. He foreknew our era, gives us His Protection so long as we endeavor to obey all of His Commandments, and promises us that His Mother --- the Immaculate Queen that He chose to bear His Son --- will crush the Serpent’s Head.


Understanding the Apocalypse enables us to grasp this Divine Plan.


Yesterday I had the privilege to see the first total solar eclipse to traverse the whole of America, from west to east, since June of 1918. I took my family to a remote location a mile high in the Ochoco National Forest, next to a lovely little mountain lake, and witnessed what many an astronomer has called unforgettable no matter how often they experience it, and which no camera can ever properly record or visual medium adequately replay.


So-called ‘totality’ during this eclipse occurred on 21 August 2017 in the morning.


For at least two minutes I and the small crowd gathered there in the middle of nowhere watched as a spectacular corona shone forth, like the ‘crown’ that it is, around the disk of the moon, an eerie yet beautiful darkness enveloping our small part of the earth. I can only presume that this corona --- easily 2 or 3 times bigger than the apparent diameter of our natural satellite --- is a result of a delayed ‘solar maximum’ after the unusually deep ‘solar minimum’ reached circa 2009. Or, perchance not. All I can say is that the corona I saw was much bigger than I expected it to be, and that the ecliptic darkness, while striking, was less than I anticipated, so bright was the halo of glory surrounding the lunar orb.


The significance?


Apart from being the first total solar eclipse to cross our nation from west to east for 99 years, it took place during the 100th anniversary of the six apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, who appeared to three humble shepherd children in the troubled but still staunchly Catholic country of Portugal from May 13 to October 13 in 1917. This same year saw the first Communist government in the world with Russia’s bloodthirsty ‘October Revolution’ (November, according to the Gregorian calendar), the monumental Balfour Declaration in Great Britain, and the promulgation of a ‘new’ and systematized Canon Law for the Roman Catholic Church that became officially binding the following year on Pentecost, May of 1918.


Our Lady of Fatima clearly invoked the Apocalypse, the final book of the Bible, where Beloved St. John the Evangelist speaks of a celestial woman clothed with the sun, standing upon the moon, and crowned by twelve stars. As a few of traditional sentiment have noted, claiming the name of Catholic, the sun and moon and various planets or stars have congregated in the zodiacal sign of Virgo (the ‘Virgin’) since November of 2016. The monarchic Jupiter has thus been in the ‘womb’ of the Virgin and will ‘exit’ in a kind of heavenly ‘birth’ in September, less than a month from now. The symbolism is palpable.


As that brilliant corona visibly encircled the moon, I could not help seeing God’s Hand in it all, purposely displaying for the whole wide world how He delights in honoring His Son’s Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. She stands upon the moon and the moon is Her metaphor, reflecting the light of the sun exactly as She reflects Her Son’s Divine Light. Eclipsing this effulgence, His Glory radiates around Her, adorning Her in regal attire. Another of Mary’s empyrean symbols, beautiful Venus, appeared in the darkened sky, beckoning as one of the rewards for loyal Catholics (Apocalypse 2:28 & 22:16), doubling, additionally, as a symbol of Her Son, God Almighty from all of eternity, Who took on Her Immaculate Flesh as His Own Flesh, incarnated as a humble babe on this earth. Making the appearance of Jupiter on the opposite side of the moon during the eclipse equally symbolic, He being the King of Kings and Creator of all things in heaven or on earth, and using Her Flesh to make atonement on the Cross for the sins of an unbelieving world… and all so we human beings may join with His Body via the Sacrament of Baptism and a Profession of His Singular Faith, Roman Catholicism, outside of which no one can hope to be saved or enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


This eclipse transpired on the sixth day of the Octave of the Assumption.


It also was a mere day prior to the Feast of Her Immaculate Heart.


And, were that not enough, right near the end of the month’s time assigned, since ancient times on a solar calendar, for the zodiacal sign of Leo (the Lion, symbolizing Queen Mary’s Son, Jesus Christ, as the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, King above all other kings), and literally right before the zodiacal sign of Virgo begins (the Virgin, as aforementioned, symbolizing the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, the God Man, to His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary). Leo begins July 23rd and finishes on August 22nd, whilst Virgo begins August 23rd and ends on September 23rd.


Perceiving the allegory?


Time will tell what God has in Mind.


I simply note the signs and point to Catholic Prophecy.


As well, I have striven to show anyone, who will pay attention, that it is the Great Apostasy we are enduring. What’s more, that only God’s New Testament Ark --- His One Holy Roman Catholic Church --- can preserve us from the Great Deluge of God’s Wrath upon a rebellious earth, just as only His Old Testament Ark --- the vessel of Noe wherein but he and his wife, plus his three sons and their wives --- saved eight souls by means of a visible, redemptive, buoyant wood.


Again, perceiving the allegory?


Ponder hard.


  Feast of St. Anacletus, Pope & Martyr, and 100th Anniversary of the 3rd of 6 Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, 2017 (7-13-17)


Uploaded the first section of Part Five of the tome, Helplessly Ignorant, which amounts to seven chapters and continues the interpretation of the ‘beast out of the sea’ in Sacred Scripture’s closing book, the Apocalypse, as well as furthers the sixth of seven devastating logical arguments against the most dominant contemporary heresy of ‘salvation-in-the-state-of-invincible-ignorance-and-sincerity’ for people of sound minds.


By the end of Part Four, we’d already described the initial two ‘heads’ of this oceanic beast. With the beginning of Part Five, we grapple with the third ‘head’ and explain in some detail the primary means of determining the correct understanding of what these ‘heads’ must represent from Heaven’s point of view and God’s timeless omniscience.


Incidentally, whilst either having the outline of a book or article given to me, so to speak, or else working it out in modest detail prior to writing it, the actual composing can be very organic and more like ‘exploration’ than a mere ‘mechanics’ or ‘engineering’. As such, I’d originally thought Helplessly Ignorant would amount to five parts total. Now I realize it’ll consist of six parts. This is as symbolic as the apocalyptic ‘monster’ we’re fathoming.


That is to say, six is the number of man & rebellion.


Ergo why it’s appropriate that it have six parts.


Likewise the book started previous to this, Baptismal Confusion.


Dealing with the many erroneous ideas lots of persons have about the Sacrament of Baptism --- the means Our Creator has granted us in order to be joined to His Church Body and thus to He Himself --- and how this confusion has been the doorway to the Great Apostasy that we now endure, it is appropriate it has seven parts.


To wit, the number of God & Heaven is seven.


Helplessly Ignorant and Baptismal Confusion are the first two of three ‘major’ books in the past few years. Major because they’re long and complex, not to mention concerned with subjects so crucial to our present era. The third ‘major’ book, for which I now have the outline and, Almighty God willing, shall post before this year is out, is Inter Regnum.


And what is it about?


So-called ‘sedevacantism’.


This is simply a word derived from ‘sede vacante’, Latin for ‘the seat is empty’.


People who consider themselves Catholic nowadays (and whether they really are or not, failing to hold God’s Singular Religion whole & entire by howsoever a ‘little bit’, rejecting even one of His Church’s simple & infallible dogmas), who are of a more ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ bent, often know Catholicism uses this phrase to describe the ‘seat’, or ‘throne’, of St. Peter in-between two popes. I.e., when one pope dies and another pope is not yet elected.


In the blindness of the Great Apostasy, such persons act as if the Church dissolves completely were St. Peter’s Throne to be empty at all… and even though Peter’s Throne is empty each & every single time a pope dies (or, very rarely, abdicates, etc.) and before a new pope can be elected! In times long gone by, it took a few months, normally, to elect a new pope. Sometimes, when cardinals wrangled endlessly, it took one or two years! Even in recent centuries it has taken at least weeks.


Does the Church then totally disappear when St. Peter’s Throne is empty?


Of course not. The ‘inter regnums’ now total 40 or more years.


That is, till Vatican II during the 1960s. So what’s the real hang up?


Such people act, without being rational, as if there’s an unspecified but ‘magical’ amount of time beyond which, they assume, the Throne cannot sit vacant. They also assume, just as irrationally and also contradictorily, that the Throne is never empty. How can this be?


Because they are driven by prejudice and don’t bother to think about it.


The Church obviously doesn’t fall to pieces utterly just because there’s no pope.


On the other hand, plainly, it’s best to elect a new pope quickly.


The question is, how long does God allow it to take?


Such people are ignorant in this matter. It is indisputable during the past millennium that God, in one instance, let Peter’s Throne sit empty for two-and-a-half years. During the first millennium (though modern scholars doubt it today), the vacancy went up to around four years. What is the maximum possible time of vacancy, then?


There is no real answer for this yet.


God has not said, and the Church has never explicitly ruled.


As a result, it’s completely up to Our Creator… and we mere human beings shouldn’t draw an arbitrary line out of thin air.


This is the Great Apostasy, the “operation of error” foretold long ago.


(See 2 Thessalonians 2:10 DRC in Sacred Scripture for St. Paul’s Holy-Ghost-inspired words regarding this future time (in relation to him) that we’re living through right now in our own epoch of the Great Apostasy.)


Consequently, just as God allowed His Divinely Begotten Son to die upon the Cross and to lie dead in the Tomb for three days, so, too, can He choose to let His Son’s Ecclesial Body perish upon a Modernist Cross and lay in the Tomb as ‘dead’ for a time determined by Him, the Hierarchy apparently gone, leaving their thrones empty --- including St. Peter’s Throne --- according to Our Creator’s Will, in punishment for our multitudinous sins, the greatest of which is stubborn, blind rejection of His One True Catholic Religion whole & entire.


This is why I prefer the term ‘inter regnum’, Latin for ‘between reigns’.


God plainly allows for an empty throne between popes.


The question is, how long can it take?


It’s wholly up to God how long the time between papal reigns might be.


And if under the Amos Curse, the “operation of error” when almost everyone --- including purported ‘catholics’ who aren’t really what they say they are since they don’t profess the Catholic Faith whole & entire --- is wandering astray, then how can we have the audacity to pretend we know how long God might let the ignorance and confusion go on? It’s His Decision, not ours.


This is why I prefer the Latin phrase ‘inter regnum’. Truly, we’re between papal reigns. The purported ‘popes’ we’ve had since Vatican II are antipopes, being non-Catholic. They cannot occupy Peter’s Throne since they visibly defy God’s Religion, having been automatically excommunicated under Canon Law, if ever visibly Catholic to begin with.


It is our fate & punishment, our just desserts for many terrible sins.


It is therefore appropriate this book have five parts.


Just as Jesus suffered five wounds, so, also, His Church Body five wounds.


Which is why I expect, right now, the third ‘major’ book, to make up five parts. Five parts for five wounds. Two to His feet, two to His hands, one to His side where the spear pierced. All of the arguments, though, will amount to seven --- paralleling the seven arguments in the presently uploading book, Helplessly Ignorant.


Five parts, though, to mirror five wounds.


The date today, however?


St. Anacletus was our third pope.


He rose to the occasion, as his Greek-derived name implies, in the 1st century. Friend of the Apostles, he ruled for some ten years. Like all the ancient popes, he died a martyr --- the ultimate test of a real Catholic’s Faith. Are you willing to die for it, precious soul?


You’re going to have to be, if that’s what God requires.


Only a real Catholic has Hope of Salvation.


All intelligent souls dying as non-Catholics wind up in hell.


One hundred years ago today, the three children of Our Lady of Fatima were given a brief yet appalling glimpse of hell at the very heart of our earth. What they saw, per Sister Lucy (a Carmelite nun as she attained to adulthood), was terrifying. Per her, had the vision gone a second longer, they’d have died from fright & horror. It is for this reason Our Lady of Fatima appeared… to help lost souls become Catholic, and, once Roman Catholic, persevere in grace till, and especially at, death, so as to be eternally secure in God’s Singularly Roman Catholic Body.


The upshot?


Let us imitate Pope St. Anacletus, bravely dying a martyr, and the children of Fatima, two of whom --- Jacinta and Francisco --- died in terrible suffering, all alone. Meanwhile, Sister Lucia, the longest lived of the three seers, suffered her own cross in living much longer, but, in her suffering, watching two popes (prior to the Vatican Pseudo-Council of the 1960s) disobey Christ’s command to consecrate Russia (and Russia alone, by name, commanding his fellow bishops throughout the world to do so along with him at the same time) to Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, lest horrific punishment come upon the earth for our sins. The greatest curse of all is the curse of non-Catholicity, God withholding His gratuitous graces and, as a repercussion, nations altogether losing the True Religion of Catholicism, wandering into apostasy & rebellion & grotesque sin of the worst kinds, eagerly embracing the Religion of Modernism unto everlasting death.








No, because God has never officially & explicitly limited the time between popes. And the ‘perpetual succession’ infallibly defined at the Vatican Council of 1869 to 1870, never meant, nor could it ever logically mean, that there is no gap of any time at all between legitimate popes. It clearly & logically meant only that there would always be another pope to come until Jesus’ Return, without that Council ever defining, period, how long an ‘inter regnum’ could last.


There will be seven devastating arguments in the Inter Regnum book, proving that the misnomeredsedevacantism’ is not only possible, but, indeed, the sole logical explanation for what’s going on today during the Great Apostasy. Christ died and was laid in the Tomb. Likewise, His Church Body ‘dies’, as it were, near the end, laid in the Tomb.


It’s God’s Church, not ours.


We’re merely members of it, if truly Catholic.


Read the latest installment to Helplessly Ignorant to better understand.


Peruse Inter Regnum, too, to better comprehend, when it’s posted.


Our epoch is dark & confusing, as well as shocking.


Nonetheless, it is not wholly unprecedented.


Nor can we pretend it’s impossible.


It’s not. It’s real and it’s here.


If really Catholic, we must obey, we must persevere, and we must be humiliated by looking, superficially, as if we ‘disobey’ the Church’s Authority. Whereas, in reality, we obey the authority of God’s Holy Roman Church by refusing to obey, and spurn, those who are not truly & visibly Catholic and thus not truly & visibly in authority over God’s Roman Catholic Church.


But who, in their fraud, pretend to be ‘catholic’… and pretend to ‘lead’.


This is Our Cross, this our punishment & reality.


If truly Catholic, persevere.


If not truly Catholic, get real, convert, and persevere.


In either situation, heed the warning and do what we must to save our immortal souls:


Be a real Roman Catholic, defying --- with tenacious humility --- an entire arrogant world hell bent on rebellion against Our Creator, the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church, His One & Only Body, and, hence, His One & Only Means of Salvation for any human being on earth since the time of Christ.


End of sentence.


Jesus Christ’s Ecclesial Body will resurrect in the not-too-distant future.


We can be a part of this resurrection if truly Catholic, persevering.


May Jesus’ Sacred & Suffering Heart keep us steadfast daily.


May Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart uplift us.


May God’s Will be done in everything, amen.


  Feast of the Holy Apostles Ss. Peter & Paul, 2017 (6-29-17)


Posted a very brief short story called The Fruit.


For various reasons I have put it in The Great Apostasy section, which you can find in the Navigation panel to your left. You can also easily link to it in the Quiklinks panel to your right. All webpage titles change to a cloud-like white as you hover over it.


What is the point of this short story?


We are in the midst of the long foretold Great Apostasy.


Furthermore, this website, by its very nature, tends to focus on the purely logical and scholarly presentation of the truth that is necessary to save our immortal souls. That is to say, I dare to say that I am Catholic (however unworthy I am of the name) and that, reading what I have written carefully, with intelligent thought and without predisposed bias, that you can discover how to be Catholic, and, once Catholic (or Catholic for the first time), what it is you must think, say or do to save your soul.


Which is?


To look like Our Creator, and to be what it is He formed human beings --- the creature made in His Image --- to accomplish for His Singular Purpose, pleasing Him completely, and thus enter Heaven after bodily death in this transitory terrestrial existence, and so unite with Him in absolute & intimate happiness forever and forever, like husband and wife head over heels in love, world without end, amen.


Yet what is this story about?


It is a ‘silent dialogue’ because only one character speaks.


That is to say, the other character is implied… but with no dialogue recorded.


What’s more, if printed out in hard copy in a standard font, a mere two pages would suffice.


But the main title?


Read the story to find out.


All I will say right here is that the title is at the heart of the Catholic Faith.




Then read the story.


Put in terms of human probability, most Roman Catholics will never be great saints on this earth. And without ecclesial shepherds --- truly Catholic priests and bishops and, yes, even a true & legitimate Roman Catholic pope sitting upon the Throne of St. Peter in Rome --- then, literally, we are, temporarily, as real Roman Catholics… few as we are during the Great Apostasy and the hideous global rebellion that we’re enduring… sheep without a shepherd.


What are we to do?


What must we do, poor & frightened sheep, to please God?


How do we, in such terrible times --- unmatched since the worldwide rebellion right before the Great Flood, when only Noah and his three sons and their wives entered the Singular Ark --- make sure to save our souls by remaining Catholic, without denying the True Religion or wandering astray with no one on earth to protect and guide us, and so guarantee our eternal safety & happiness?


I’ve already addressed this in practical, scholarly terms.


Now I tackle it by a different approach:


Artistic, poetic & allegorical.




Because I wanted to. Sometimes the starkness of academic prose, all by itself, is not enough. Sometimes our souls, formed for the appreciation of beauty and something transcendent, simply isn’t enough. We hunger without most of the sacraments available (except for the mysteries of Baptism and Matrimony), spiritually starving --- or, rather, fasting --- and antiseptic prose, however true, isn’t quite enough. We hunger for something more, something almost ineffable, and this story, insufficient though it is, is a pathetic attempt… barely… to meet that gnawing need, that insatiable, ravenous longing for something bigger & supremely transcendent. Pathetic, did I say? Yes, truly, more than you might realize. Pathetic in spades.


Yet hopeless?




The Fruit (A Silent Dialogue in Two Pages), is a feeble stab at that incessantly gnawing hunger at the heart our emaciated souls.


It is, I trust, the prayer & sentiment of every real Catholic left on earth.


We seek, we stumble, we plod like pilgrims toward celestial hope.


Victorian in style, like Dickens or Doyle, the text is noble.


Antiquated, maybe, but civilized in a savage era.


May real Catholics loft it in heart, if not in words.


May it be the prayer, plea & profession of our hearts.


Today is the day we as Catholics honor the founding bishops of the Diocese of Rome.


We as humans, Catholic though we are, cannot accomplish the resurrection of God’s Ecclesial Body (His One & Only Roman Catholic Church) solely on our own. It will take a concerted effort between us --- seemingly fragmented and separated by distance as we are --- and the Sovereign Will of God Almighty, working through us or in spite of us, just as He did in the face of overwhelming physical odds, like another Day of Pentecost, pouring out His Spirit upon the few faithful, revivifying the Hierarchy and give us wise leadership, leading us into green pastures and protecting our souls, thereby allowing us to accomplish more than we could imagine possible, left to our meager devices, striving against a wicked & impudent world.


Think this impossible?


Humanly speaking, it is indeed.


Divinely speaking… no, it is not. God can and will give us what we need.


We must simply wait upon the Lord, doing all that we can, standing steadfast in the teachings we have received, deviating neither to the left nor the right. We don’t want to be Catholic fundamentalists (may God forbid!), notwithstanding, with humility and perseverance, opposing all that is modernistic and against the law of natural reason and therefore diabolically calculated to destroy our souls in the pit of hell forevermore, may we resist this anti-Catholic spirit and hideous rebellion, working out our salvation with fear & trembling.


That is our duty. Therein lies our hope of salvation. Such is our way of escape.


Not in human cleverness; not in brute force; but by the Spirit of God.


So read the story --- it’s not that long.


If only a psychological boost, it’s worth a brief perusal.


And, who knows? It just might help you to get through this hideous time.


Triune Catholic God Almighty, help us to persevere & overcome!


All you saints & angels of the Divinity, His spiritual children, help us in our spiritual need! Do not let the devil gain the upper hand. Do not let him win everything during this terrible era. Don’t permit the elect to fall and never rise again. Don’t let him overcome us. Help us, we plead, and, religiously famished though we are, devoid of most of the Sacraments of Your Singular Church, let us await with holy resignation, kissing our crosses and making our way through a spiritual Jerusalem, ready to die and be crucified in our sins --- however guiltless we may be for the sins of which they accuse us --- knowing we deserve all that we suffer, punished, and even though we may be unfairly impugned, hated for our goodness, for our unfailing testimony to the Divine Truth of His One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic Church, murdered and tortured in the end… and even though we may die, hated for Our Lord, suffering rejected and despised for the Testimony of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Roman Catholic and none other… perfectly clean, winning great reward, outside of which no man or woman can hope to be saved. It is time and the time is now. We witness the beginning of the end. The final battle between fallen angel and immaculate virgin is happening this very moment. There is no doubt remaining for the human being who has eyes to see and ears to hear. There is no confusion remaining for he or she who has a mind to fathom and a conscience to distinguish between true & false, right & wrong.


It is time.


May Jesus’ Sacred & Suffering Heart bestow upon us the graces to see.


May Mary’s Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart grant you the heart to persevere.


She will crush the Serpent’s Head; we are but the sole of Her immaculate foot, helping with our very life’s blood to crush his dragonic skull.


We may die in this endeavor. Certainly we die, bloodlessly, in our hearts.


We give up all our hopes & dreams to follow the Truth That Saves.


For who can covet the world while saving his or her soul?


That isn’t the deal, that is not what God promises us.


Like St. Bernadette of Our Lady of Lourdes, we die.


Painfully, and shorn of all our terrestrial dreams.


That’s the deal, that’s what we suffer under.


So read the story and take hope… it’s the truth.


Painful, yes, but guaranteed to bring us into Heaven.


An eternal happiness making every tribulation on earth worthwhile.


Don’t give up. We have no option to fall into despair. We are closer to our salvation than ever before…


Ad Jesum per Mariam. Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!


  Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 2017 (6-24-17)


Uploaded another and bigger passage of the first section of the seventh & last part of the book, Baptismal Confusion. You may link to it here. You can also go to it in the Books & Articles section of this website to the left, or in the Quiklinks to your right.


You’ll recall I posted in April the first of four devastating arguments against the mistaken notion that the 1917 Code of Canon Law, with one often cited canon as supposed ‘proof’ of BOD (as well as a second canon sometimes cited, too, yet not often), somehow makes the theological opinion of ‘baptism of desire’ (BOD) magically ‘infallible’… or, at least, beyond reasonable dispute.


This is nonsense, and the chapters now online make it clear.


The first three of four devastating arguments against ‘BOD-is-in-canon-law-so-you-have-to-believe-in-it’ display the total absurdity of any body (i.e., collection) of canon law --- at least in the past few centuries --- being correctly thought an act of ‘papal infallibility’.


Ergo, if not an act of papal infallibility, you can be a true & good Catholic whilst respectfully & intelligently disagreeing with the purported ‘wisdom’, ‘compassion’ and ‘rightness’ of these two canons. As long as you stay true to what the Catholic Church has explicitly & infallibly taught, then, provided you have excellent & orthodox reasons for doing so, you can indeed humbly, respectfully & intelligently disagree with the theological opinion expressed in them.


And why would this be, again?


By definition, the 1917 Code of Canon Law is most certainly NOT an act of infallible papal definition or condemnation (pun most indubitably intended!). Wherefore, the 1917 Code, as an irrefutable logical consequence, is an act of papal authority and NOT papal infallibility.


Yet don’t we always have to obey?


Good Catholics obey any legitimate authority with jurisdiction when the authority is plainly commanding rightly. Notwithstanding, when this legitimate authority commands wrongly, or doesn’t have jurisdiction, or the thing commanded is dubious, you may, with respect, intelligently demur. Forsooth, if plainly in the wrong, you are obligated to demur!


This is merely the distinction between rational obedience & blind obedience.


Yes, a simple-minded or uneducated Catholic can sometimes inculpably obey a legitimate authority with jurisdiction commanding wrongly or dubiously, or an authority without jurisdiction trying to command him or her, even if the command is good & wise.


Notwithstanding, once the simple-minded or uneducated Catholic is informed, this excuse flies out the window. And an earnest, humble Catholic does not go around automatically condemning someone more intelligent or more trained than he, without first grappling cautiously & meticulously with what the more intelligent or more trained Catholic is saying. Acting otherwise is foolish at best and wicked at worst!


Consequently, dear reader, you are confronted with both the opportunity and --- if adequately intelligent --- the moral obligation to read this book, Baptismal Confusion, carefully & thoroughly. Blithely refusing to do so or skimming here-and-there doesn’t cut it.


You will face judgment, and Our Creator will not let you off the hook just because you don’t have the patience, humility or curiosity to investigate. The present confusion over the Sacrament of Baptism is that important, the Great Apostasy we are going through that dangerous & hideous.


This is your chance to make sure you’re Catholic, make sure you stay a true Catholic, and make sure you die a good Catholic, in the state of grace. There is no other way to save your soul.


What’s the most recent addition to the book about, though?


We investigate the other two arguments against the supposed ‘infallibility’ of canon law, as well as ancient & authoritative testimony from the 1st millennium and find out, to our surprise (if you haven’t learned about these things already), that ancient Catholics never, never, never allowed ‘accidentally dead’ and unbaptized catechumens to be buried in the hallowed ground of a Roman Catholic cemetery.




Don’t want to believe it?


No matter. The evidence is there.


You just have to be humble enough to look.


In addition to the ancient testimony, I’ve cited not one, not two, or even three highly respected theological experts of the past century-and-a-half, but, indeed, FOUR EMINENT PRIESTLY THEOLOGIANS & SCHOLARS, each of whom makes it clear the 1917 Code of Canon Law dared to innovate and allow… as a general rule for the first time ever in the Church’s long history… the corpses of unbaptized souls to be buried in the consecrated parts of Catholic cemeteries.


Again, don’t want to believe it?


Then read the latest post.


What’s online now for Part 7 of Baptismal Confusion is conclusive.


The evidence is stark, the logic impeccable, and the academic sources unimpeachable.


All you’ve got to do is look and think. Is that so hard?


Not if you care about the truth.


Today is the Feast of St. John the Baptist’s Nativity.


I can’t think of a better day to upload this post.


St. John’s baptism wasn’t a sacrament.


It didn’t confer the Holy Ghost.


But he did prepare the way.


Behold the Lamb of God!


The world began in water (creation); it was cleansed in water (flood); we begin in water (procreation); and we are cleansed in water (baptism). It behooves us to get the confusion over the Sacrament of Baptism cleared up. I’m not a pope, I don’t pretend to define infallibly. I merely point out the obvious:


That the Great Apostasy won’t go away until we get this confusion cleared up, and, if you are careless and arrogant about the Sacrament of Baptism, refusing to acknowledge the facts, then you not only help continue the confusion and our apostasy, but ensure that your eternal fate culminates in hell… at least temporarily (purgatory) and, much more likely, permanently (eternal damnation). Please look at the Lamb, heed his herald, John the Baptist, and think everything through carefully with me. If it’s truth you want, then that’s not too much to ask.


  Easter Monday and the Feast of St. Anicetus, 2017 (4-17-17)


Posted the very first part of the seventh & last part of the book, Baptismal Confusion.


I’ve long wanted to finish and upload the rest of Baptismal Confusion, but got sidetracked by the latest book, Helplessly Ignorant. (You’ll remember I woke up one morning having the scriptural quotes and the whole outline of the latter book in my mind, having a sense that it was timely and imperative to write it and get it online.) But why only the very first part of the former?


I had written much of this very first part well over a year ago.


Then a person close to me happened to mention that someone he knew had, despite reserving judgment for some time, come down on the side of BOD (‘baptism of desire’). And why was this? Because, said he, this someone had been told that BOD is ‘proven’ by the Church’s Code of Canon Law. The very thing that I had, some two years ago, already addressed (but not posted yet) and knew --- from long and careful research --- is not very good ‘proof’ of BOD at all.


In fact, it’s pretty much the worst evidence.


And, indeed… (surprisingly for those who have not studied or gotten truly familiar with all of the facts about these things)… astonishingly powerful evidence, in the final analysis, for the completely opposite side --- the position of WO (‘water only’) that BOD lovers hate so much.


Now, I haven’t had time to finish up the four devastating points against the BOD enthusiast’s ‘it’s-in-canon-law’ argument, showing, clearly and irrefutably, how it actually turns against them and winds up revealing the totally opposite thing… that BOD is brought into stark questionableness when you examine the history of canon law and baptism from the 1st millennium till our present time.


But I have uploaded, in a mere six chapters (five, really, if you discount the first of the six, which simply segues from the earlier majority of the book into the final and last part), the initial devastating point against the BOD argument of ‘it’s-in-the-1917-Code-of-Canon-Law’.


That it most certainly is not, and cannot be, an act of papal infallibility.


Don’t believe it?


Then read a mere 5 or 6 chapters and PROVE IT TO ME.


I mean, what have you got to lose, dear soul? You’re utterly confident, right?


Then surely, tender reader, if you’re so smart and so confident, then you’ll see right through my logical reasoning and thoroughly referenced & cited evidence. Which means, in turn, if you have any charity and compassion, that you’ll be able to assist me and let me know where, precisely, I’m wrong, and that Church’s Canon Law is always & wholly ‘infallible’.


That is, after all, what a good and helpful Catholic would do.


It’s what Christ did for us, and what His Vicar did, too. I.e., aside from today being Easter Monday (literally, the Monday right after Easter Sunday when Jesus resurrected), April 17 is the feast day of St. Anicetus on the universal sanctoral calendar. He was Bishop of Rome, and hence Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, during the middle of the 2nd century. Per the Martyrology and other ancient accounts, he fought with various strands of Gnosticism, a virulent heresy afflicting true Christians (read: Catholics) from the 1st to the 3rd centuries.


A Syrian by birth, his name is from the Greek Aniketos and means ‘unconquered’.


Let real Roman Catholics today, during the Great Apostasy, imitate both his name and his example, rejecting the Modernist Heresy which tyrannizes the world right now and has infected people who still call themselves ‘catholic’ since the Vatican II Pseudo-Council of the turbulent 1960s, being, in reality, Novus Ordoists (from the Latin Novus Ordo for ‘new order’). Novus Ordoists have apostatized from the Catholic Faith, no longer believing in it whole & entire.


Even the more ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ of them are guilty of this crime, God punishing such people --- who still call themselves by His Name --- by sending an ‘operation of error’ and a consequent blindness toward what the ancient dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ has always meant, with no ifs, ands or buts. To wit, that there is no exception to this rule for the person of sound & intelligent mind, with a so-called ‘invincible ignorance’ not ever meaning what they have claimed, and, therefore, no purportedly ‘invisible’ connection to Christ’s Catholic Body via an ‘implicit desire’ for water baptism with no real Catholic Faith.


It’s coming down to the wire, beloved soul.


It’s time to make up your mind.


Do you want the Truth?


Or do you want a Lie?


Look very carefully.


And choose wisely.


It’s extremely difficult nowadays to think correctly… but still not impossible.


Not if you ask, seek & knock. Not if you humbly implore the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the graces and wisdom of the Holy Ghost to see straight. We are commanded to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect, and this perfection includes being perfect in each of His Holy Religion’s infallible dogmas.


It should have been clear to us with the confusion and lies of the heinous Vatican II.


Can you not see with Antipope Francis being blatantly anti-Catholic?


This is the final battle between the Serpent and the Woman.


Don’t sell yourself short for sake of safety & prestige.


Doesn’t a human soul outweigh the world?


Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Ad Jesum per Mariam.


May Truth reign.


  Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent and 9th Anniversary of The Epistemologic Works, 2017 (3-31-17)


Uploaded most of the rest of the 4th part (albeit, not everything yet) of the latest book, Helplessly Ignorant, on this website, The Epistemologic Works.


Here we explain further how the world got into the Great Apostasy, and what the seemingly fantastic or bizarre parts of the Apocalypse (the last book of the Bible, what Protestants call ‘Revelation’ or, more often --- and incorrectly --- ‘Revelations’ in the plural) mean. I.e., precisely what are we to make of a Beast out of the Sea with seven heads & ten crowns?




Then take a look, read carefully, and think intelligently.


If ever there was a time when we can understand these things far better than before, that time is now.


+ + +


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