Was Benedict XV an Antipope?


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·       Part One of Was Benedict XV an Antipope? (Chapters 1-18)


1. Introduction (A few things that need to be understood at the beginning.)

2. A Good Judge Must Hear All Sides of a Case (It is unjust to condemn a man without listening to his defense completely.)

3. The Primary Evidence Against Benedict XV (His accusers make him out to be someone who thinks everyone is saved whether or not a person is Roman Catholic.)

4. Interpretive Hinges (What it all comes down to when someone claims to ‘prove’ that Benedict is a heretic.)

5. Two Sides of One Coin (Even St. Paul can be charged with salvation heresy if a Catholic doesn’t know from which side of the salvation coin Paul is approaching in certain verses.)

6. How to Hang a Pope With His Own Words (Questionable words are not the same as heretical words.)

7. Universally Speaking (God wants all men to enter Heaven even though not all men will.)

8. St. Athanasius, Pray for Us! (Athanasius’ words in Benedict’s mouth prove the latter publicly eschewed salvation heresy.)

9. Slipping Down the Proverbial Slope (The danger of pretending to read a man’s heart without real proof.)

10. One Strike and You’re Out (Even one serious matter of heresy doesn’t a heretic formally make.)

11. Time to Repent (And if notorious & pertinacious, he still must have a chance to repudiate his crime.)

12. The Difference Between Now & Then (There is no comparison between Pope Benedict XV & the Vatican 2 antipopes.)

13. St. Athanasius Redux (You can’t toss out Benedict’s Athanasian quote by claiming it doesn’t count.)

14. The War to ‘End’ All Wars (The hideous horror of World War I and its impact on Benedict XV.)

15. Who Is My Brother? (A Catholic must love others like his brother regardless of whether they’re Catholic.)

16. Peace & Obedience (What God requires of Catholics toward their country & its leaders.)

17. Acts of Corporeal Mercy (Striving for peace between nations is an act of earthly mercy.)

18. The Truly Universal (Catholic!) Church (The Catholic Church embraces converts from all peoples, the Blood of Jesus Christ literally cleansing everybody within its membership.)


·       Part Two of Was Benedict XV an Antipope? (Chapters 19-36)


19. Can It Be Orthodox? (Benedict’s words can be orthodox and don’t have to be understood as heresy.)

20. When Everyone Was Catholic --- Naïve Trust (How recent Catholics could seem so careless about who they called ‘christian’ or ‘brother’ by our much more strict & suspicious standards today.)

21. “…who will have all men to be saved…” (It’s not wrong to want everybody to be saved.)

22. Revived (Benedict wanted revival of Catholicism, not that non-Catholics can enter Heaven unconverted.)

23. An Absurd Accusation (Prejudice drives accuser to ludicrous lengths in attacking Benedict XV.)

24. Followed by a Massive Misinterpretation (And causes him to mangle what Benedict intended, too.)

25. A Many Splintered Word (The many different meanings of the word ‘christian’ in recent times.)

26. Christian Etymology (And how this variation in the meaning of ‘christian’ came to be.)

27. Who Is My Brother? (Part 2) (Proof that heretics & other worldlings can be a Catholic’s ‘brother’.)

28. Another Massive Misinterpretation (Benedict XV did not encourage European rulers to reject the True Religion.)

29. The Hallmark of a Just Judge (Investigate carefully, don’t assume & give every benefit of the doubt.)

30. From God Comes All Good Things (Benedict acknowledged how a country’s fate is in God’s Hands.)

31. Praying & Laboring for the Welfare of Nations (Catholics have always desired & worked for the earthly good of their nations, even if these nations aren’t Catholic.)

32. Temporal Peace vs. Lasting Peace (What Pius X chastised isn’t necessarily what Benedict XV embraced.)

33. Humility in Judgment (We oughtn’t to pretend to know what we don’t know when judging someone.)

34. A Very Public Private Revelation (It’s not right to discount a ‘private revelation’ just because it’s private.)

35. The Wonder of Fatima (Why Fatima is such powerful circumstantial evidence against the idea of Benedict XV being an antipope.)

36. Conclusion (Tying things up & a charitable wish.)


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