How to Get a Pope During

the Great Apostasy


The Simple (and Very Short)

Facts & Logic to Have a Truly Catholic

& Legitimate Pope Again (Hint: God Must

Help, But We Could Do a Few Things…)







This very, very short article is an excerpt from most of Chapter 3 of the Afterword in the book, Inter Regnum. Inter Regnum marshals both facts & logic from Church History, Sacred Scripture, Canon Law & Infallible Dogma to show the unfactual & illogical assumption of most people calling themselves ‘catholic’ --- but who don’t actually hold God’s Singular Roman Catholic Faith Whole, Entire & Undefiled, and have very badly wanted to believe that the antipopes since Vatican II are ‘popes’ --- leaving their stance devastated & demolished. If afflicted by this nonsense, then read the book. Although, if absolutely hating the infallible dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its ancient, original, strict, correct & unchanging sense, then it’ll do you more good to read Helplessly Ignorant. In any case, after demolishing the fantasy that God never has, or never would, permit gaps between legitimate popes on St. Peter’s Throne, and even occasionally shocking confusion about who is really the pope, we then tackled a simple question --- so how do real Catholics (notwithstanding how few we are right now during the Great Apostasy!) get a Pope back?


Read on, precious soul, to find the answer.



+++ How to Get Out of This Mess +++



How do we get out of this mess? How do real Roman Catholics --- still holding, or beginning to hold, all of the Church’s Infallible & Precious Dogmas Whole, Entire & Undefiled, in defiance of a now almost completely Modernist world, including those persisting in calling themselves, strangely, ‘catholic’, even when they’re plainly not anything like what Catholics once & always were! --- do anything of worth to try resolving this hideous delusion? We’ve already fixed ourselves… if Catholic.


What about the rest of the world? The answer is twofold, broadly speaking.


First, humanly speaking, if enough people slowly yet surely --- and with a moral certainty! --- actually become true Roman Catholics, then, it’s conceivable, we could gradually get into contact with each other and establish friendly relations. This can be difficult. If not knowing what I mean, then you probably cannot believe how hard it is, oftentimes, finding anyone who is truly Catholic, let alone be sure they are what they insist they are, or who don’t go Catholic fundamentalist on you and start acting odd, belligerent & unhinged. Nonetheless, God could give us enough opportunities, astonishing loads of grace, and allow us to find & befriend each other.


If so, then what? At a certain point, if peaceable & charitable… as well as thinking enough alike each other, with good sense & hard facts making our resolutions correct… then we could, plausibly, discuss how to return a real pope to St. Peter’s Throne. I know, it sounds ‘unbelievable’ right now, but it is thinkable. The catch is this:


Most people don’t realize (including those who are supposed to be real Catholics) that only a Bishop of Rome can be a real & legitimate pope. I can’t count the number of so-called ‘popes’ elected by traditionalists in the past 45 years, purporting to be what they’re not. This is for one simple reason --- they’re not in Rome. They don’t belong to Rome. And, if that weren’t enough, most, if not all of them, aren’t truly Catholic. Hence, ‘electing’ someone as a ‘pope’ under these conditions accomplishes nothing.


End of sentence. The real solution?


Real Catholics have to live in the Roman Diocese again. Maybe there are some real Catholics in Rome right now… but I doubt it. At the very least, I’ve no proof and no good reason to think that there are. But if enough real Catholics proliferated, got into contact with each other, had peaceable & friendly relations, thinking enough alike, then… ah, well, that’s a different situation. If already living in Rome, fabulous. If not, then real Catholics would have to emigrate to Rome and live there permanently. Not so likely, think you? Maybe not. But, then again, no one thought, three years ago, that Pr. Trump would get elected, that Poland & Hungary would defy the ickily Modernist European Union, a third of France would support the conservative Marine le Pen (including her even more conservative niece, who held an elected office!), or that the Italians, so long dominated by socialistic leaders, would lately produce defiant people who are rejecting the unlimited immigration of Muslims who obviously hate Europe, European culture, and anything smacking of Christianity. So… unlikely that real Catholics could someday soon emigrate to Rome, Italy? Maybe not so unlikely.


Then, once there, and if in peaceful union & agreement, under the most ancient of ecclesiastical canon law, such real Catholics could, then, seriously & lawfully consider electing a new Bishop of Rome. Yet what about valid consecration as a bishop, you ask? A very good question. As far as I can tell, TNOs (Traditional Novus Ordoists), for the most part, have kept a proper form & matter when it comes to the Sacrament of Holy Orders. They’re not Catholic, true, denying, at a bare minimum, the infallible dogma of no Salvation outside the Church in its most ancient, original, strict, infallible & correct sense. (By the way, Novus Ordoists at the Vatican have toyed with the form & matter of their NO ‘sacraments’, leaving most, if not all, invalid, and --- even if not invalid --- seriously doubtful. Which, by canon law, means you can’t rely on them, even if, all the same, they just ‘happened’ to be valid. Doubt destroys legal confidence in them.) Now, imagine. I know it’s hard, I know it seems ‘impossible’. But what if a miracle occurred? What if one of those TNO bishops --- who had been, without doubt, validly consecrated, abjured his heresy and professed Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled? What then? Why, this would change everything. Just like Rome decided, in ancient times, that the Eastern Schismatics had, nevertheless, kept their form & matter in the case of Holy Orders, making it possible for a schismatic bishop to abjure heresy & schism, and, permission from Rome forthcoming, could then have lawful jurisdiction over any Catholics in his diocese, so, too, could such a TNO bishop, converted to real Catholicism, either be elected, or else consecrate a man elected, as pope.


This is the human side. Now to the Heavenly Side of Things.


Catholic Prophecy has predicted a Second Pentecost’. One saintly religious even predicted that Ss. Peter & Paul themselves would come down from Heaven in visible form, laying their hands upon the man God chooses to be the next pope, and thus making it inarguable, for every Catholic witnessing this, that this was indeed the next Bishop of Rome. And, if not consecrated, Ss. Peter & Paul could easily supply that deficiency in a visible form, giving him the Sacrament of Holy Orders right then and there.


Case closed.


In either situation, plainly, God would have to act in a supernatural way. For instance, what about diehard skeptics? Perhaps they’re truly Catholic. But they just can’t bring themselves to believe, or at least trust, that the new Bishop of Rome really is he who Almighty God has determined to be the Pope. What then? Easy. God does some flabbergasting miracles. This usually brings the debate to a quick close.


I don’t mean to sound flippant, dear reader. But this is no stumper.


God started Roman Catholicism in Jerusalem, miraculously.


He can do so again in Rome, just as miraculously.


It’s not a real problem. It’s only up to Him.


Let us wait on the Lord, and pray.


And beseech His Mother.




+ + +


Pilate’s query met:



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