Protestant Protests Rebutted


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·       Part One of Protestant Protests Rebutted (Chapters 1-21)


1. Introduction (Why I wrote this book.)

2. What Good Is a Bible That Is Misunderstood?  (The ‘bible alone’ is a useless rule if you can’t understand the Bible.)

3. A Protestant’s ‘Infallible’ Condemnation (‘Born again christians’ pretend to be little popes who can ‘infallibly’ condemn the Roman Catholic Church for daring to teach the world infallibly.)

4. Faith in the ‘Aloneness’ of Faith (Pretending that the word ‘alone’ is in the Bible right next to ‘faith’.)

5. Jesus Shatters the ‘No Need to Obey’ Stance (Jesus really does uphold the need for obedience to save one’s soul.)

6. Jesus Christ Kept Tradition (Contrary to what ‘born again’ folks think, Christ abided by tradition on earth.)

7. Proof of Too Much Is Proof of Nothing (Scripture ‘proving’ itself is a lark that can ‘prove’ that anything is scripture.)

8. Working Really Hard to Avoid Works (The plain meaning of Philippians 2:12 is that works are part of being saved.)

9. The Myth of Changing Catholic Teaching (New definitions & new terms are not the same as new teaching.)

10. Imaginary Christians (Evangelics don’t know who is ‘christian’, granting the name to anyone except Catholics.)

11. The World Truly Does Hate Real Catholics (Yes, the Bible really does say the world hates Jesus’ followers.)

12. Big Delusion, Mixed Up Identities (Why ‘born again christians’ began to be looked down upon at about the same time everyone started liking & accepting purported ‘catholics’.)

13. What Does God Say Is a Crime? (So-called ‘crimes’ of the Church are not what God calls crimes.)

14. Two Leos & Two Modern Religious Dogmas (In accusing the Church, two different Leos are confused, and two closely allied Modern Religious Dogmas are silently invoked to excoriate Catholics.)

15. Talmudic Jews vs. Roman Catholics (Catholics don’t fight Jews because they’re Jews, but because they’re Talmudic.)

16. In Defense of Life! (Medieval Catholic nations did what they did to save immortal souls.)

17. First Read What I Have Said (Don’t attack me without knowing what I’ve actually said.)

18. Different Kinds of Heretics (Not all heretics are the same, requiring differing approaches at times.)

19. Mistaking Justice for Hatred (Leaders upholding God’s Commands is not ‘hatred’ of those they punish.)

20. Let’s Get the Facts Straight (My opponent doesn’t know why I oppose him, or how I defend myself.)

21. Free to Be Wrong & Unopposed? (Free will doesn’t mean that you can get away with everything.)


·       Part Two of Protestant Protests Rebutted (Chapters 22-40)


22. Catholic Dogmas Never Change (Again, new definitions & new terms are not the same as new teaching.)

23. The Ruse of ‘Jesus Never Said That’ (Just because the Bible doesn’t say something explicitly in a modern way doesn’t mean that it isn’t true or important.)

24. Trampling the Word of God (‘Born again christians’ disrespect the Word of God, not knowing what it is.)

25. I Choose to Bear the Yoke of Christ (Catholicism is the “perfect law of liberty”, which is the easy yoke of Jesus.)

26. In Defense of Life! (Part 2) (Modern Religious Dogmas cause the world to condemn Catholicism.)

27. What Is Real Love? (Why Catholics, who love their families, must sometimes oppose them.)

28. Why My Parents & I Fought (They hate Catholicism so badly that they can’t stand me being Catholic.)

29. Truth & Falsehood Are at War (Hostilities are inescapable when Eternal Truth is at stake.)

30. Mary, Infallibility & Knowing the Truth (Marian veneration easily defended, plus how it is the Catholic Church is infallible and I can be so confident about what I say.)

31. ‘New’ Doctrine Notion Refuted (Disproving the ‘new teaching’ idea by way of some Marian dogmas.)

32. The Only Reason I Converted (Good simple sense, ancient Christian documents & my bible are what did it.)

33. A Short Deter into the Jesuits (Brief defense of the Jesuits, and what happened to them later on.)

34. Your Real Problem With Infallibility (Protestants think they’re infallible… it’s Catholic infallibility they don’t like.)

35. Standing Up to ‘Born Again’ Biblical Bullies (Evangelics constantly overlook what the Bible really says.)

36. Is It Really Just the Bible All by Itself? (Protestants do lots of stuff that isn’t mentioned in the Bible.)

37. Read Mary Exalted (If you’re going to attack the Virgin Mary, then read the website’s home page!)

38. Hung Up on the Tine of a ‘Till’ (The words ‘till’ or ‘until’ can’t disprove Mary’s Perpetual Virginity.)

39. Does Being ‘1st’ Always Mean There’s a 2nd? (Nor can the word ‘firstborn’ disprove Her Perpetual Virginity either.)

40. Conclusion (Summing everything up, and a plea for your conversion to the Catholic Faith.)


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