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To write me via the Internet, send all correspondence to


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To write me via the Post Office, send all correspondence to Paul Doughton at 5327 N. Oak St., Spokane, WA 99205.


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To call me, please write to me first via either the Internet or the Post Office, explaining your wishes, and --- provided nothing obstructs --- I will be glad to make myself available to you on the telephone.


·       Please note:


Being Catholic and having a large family, I have many other obligations and cannot guarantee that I will always be able to return correspondence. Nevertheless, given that a particular correspondent appears to be of good will, I will do everything I can to respond in a timely fashion. Should the letter or email be of the nature of an attack against the Catholic Faith, then I may choose to respond at some future time --- preserving the writer’s anonymity if at all possible, of course --- in a posted article or book. Or I may point the writer to a webpage already posted at The Epistemologic Works that addresses his grievance. Meanwhile, for those looking to convert to Roman Catholicism, if I haven’t yet been able to post on the website all that is necessary to do so, or if you are contacting me to say that you’ve already done so and want to establish communion with me, then I will make these communications the highest priority.




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At the present time I cannot accept donations via the Internet. I know that it is extremely convenient, however, I cannot justify the monthly cost of electronic payment through a business-type account, and I cannot yet trust an alternative like PayPal. People use the latter option everywhere nowadays without any problems, I realize. All the same, and regardless of how small the percentage of users who have difficulties, the reports of those who do have a problem with PayPal are still so horrific as to make it not worth the risk.


·       Postal Mail


Apart from being able to meet me face-to-face, this is the only option presently available. Check or money order is probably safer since the mail passes through many hands in between you and me. Please make out all donations to the name of Paul Doughton and send them to 5327 N. Oak St., Spokane, WA 99205. I cannot yet return a receipt to you for tax purposes or say that a gift is tax deductible, but will consider doing so in the future should it become feasible. Thank you so very much for your kindness!


·       Please note:


Up to the minimum necessary, I use the majority of donations in any given year to support my family. This is because typical employment in this life takes an enormous amount of time, time already much occupied with performing my religious duties and overseeing the souls under my care. Thus, any gift that lets me free up days from earthly employment and use that time instead for the heavenly task of explaining, defending & propagating the Roman Catholic Faith is a huge help since writing what I write takes much study, prayer & careful thought. In short, explaining the Catholic Faith is my job; I am a full-time apologist for the Catholic Church. And while true I don’t have ‘official approval’ for this task, it’s also true that there is no licit bishop anywhere with jurisdiction from whom I --- or anyone --- could receive official approval nowadays during the Great Apostasy. Nevertheless, the Catholic Faith must still be defended & explained, something every Roman Catholic is called upon to do from time to time, regardless of a lack of ‘official approval’. Thus, whatever the amount given to me --- whether five dollars, five thousand dollars or five million dollars --- makes this job more possible. Above and beyond what it takes to support my family, I use the money to further publish the Roman Catholic Gospel throughout the world, to re-establish the visible structure of the Catholic Church on earth, to care for my fellow Catholics, to assist my neighbors and even my enemies that are in need, and whatever else Heaven might make clear to me is worth getting done.


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