The Great Apostasy


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Until I have enough time& enough strength to do so properly, this section for now merely contains links to other pages on the website that are helpful in understanding both the nature of the Great Apostasy and a real Catholic’s necessary reaction to it. In other words, what a Catholic needs to know & what he needs to do, as a result of living during the times we do. Later I intend to offer a more thorough explanation of our perilous era.



Found in the Books & Article (B&A) section of The Epistemologic Works, this average size book is the best explanation yet that we’ve made explaining our present quandary of the Great Apostasy. It addresses the crux of the matter for most people calling themselves Catholic --- would God ever leave the world without popes, or confused about who’s the pope, for a very ‘long’ time by human standards? Isn’t there some sort of ‘limit’ to how long St. Peter’s Throne can go between real & legitimate Vicars of Christ? And the answer… surprisingly, for them… is, “No, there’s not.” Neither God nor His Singularly Saving Roman Catholic Church has ever given Catholics a ‘guaranteed’ minimum amount of time between popes, and the gaps or ‘inter regnums’ in the past have sometimes been extraordinarily lengthy, not to mention the confusion, occasionally, over who is really the pope. As well, we examine many warnings Heaven bequeathed on us, foretelling the very thing we endure --- if anyone has been paying attention.



Located in the Books & Articles (B&A) section of The Epistemologic Works, this link will tell you not only what the Great Apostasy is, in a way that a person of sound mind and reasonable determination can comprehend, but also what anyone must do --- who is really Catholic --- to make absolutely certain his or her soul is saved, and despite the terrible danger we face today when almost no one, in all the world, is left who is truly Catholic. When, indeed, even our wayward or cowardly shepherds --- increasingly bad priests, bishops and popes --- have abandoned us, turning in idolatry to the false religion of our wicked era, Modernism.



Familiar with ‘baptism of desire’ (BOD) vs. ‘water only’ (WO)? If truly Catholic --- or at least thinking that you are, and of a more ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ nature --- then, certainly, yes, you have. If not understanding at all, wish to begin to comprehend? Or, if understanding some (or, maybe, thinking that you understand…), want to make sure that you really comprehend, or that you comprehend correctly? Very wise of you; you are to be commended. The primary point… while neither BOD nor WO has ever, both infallibly & explicitly, been properly affirmed or condemned… BOD, pushed beyond it’s orthodox version & interpretation over the centuries, became the means of the modern version of salvation heresy (‘salvation via invincible ignorance & sincerity’), which denies the timeless, eternal & infallible dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’, as accurately understood in its original, ancient, strict, narrow, correct, divine & unchanging sense. That is to say, the outlier of so-called ‘implicit’ BOD… shoved beyond an orthodox interpretation that is presently acceptable, void of infallible & explicit papal ruling otherwise… transmogrified into a vehicle, academically & theologically speaking, to ‘induct’ modern salvation heresy into the realm of an ‘acceptable orthodoxy’, as it were. Which is complete blather. Infallible is infallible. You CANNOT change the intrinsic & unchanging meaning or the veritable & rudimentary formulation of infallible dogma WITHOUT then mangling & twisting the TRUTH of that divine & ecclesial utterance. This is how, despite ‘baptism of desire’, in its orthodox version thus far, is not to held as ‘responsible’ for the devastation of the Great Apostasy revolving around Modernist salvation heresy. But it’s indisputably the DOORWAY. It’s the way that salvation heretics, pretending to be Roman Catholic, managed to insinuate themselves into the Catholic Hierarchy, academia, cloisters, parishes & laity. Which allowed the Great Apostasy to come out into the open with the Advent of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council in the midst of the AD 1960s. Intrigued? Wish to fathom fully? Or have ‘problems’ with some or all of what we’re saying? Then put your money where your mouth is. Be humble, be patient, be curious, and look carefully BEFORE you dare to say you ‘thoroughly’ understand, or that you understand ‘enough’. That’s not being a good Catholic; that’s being foolish, imprudent, rash, arrogant, impulsive & diabolical. In brief, Luciferian.



Formerly located in the Straight & Simple (S&S) section of The Epistemologic Works, this link will tell you exactly what the Apostasy is, in a way very easy to understand, and where you may find the only possibility --- no exceptions existing --- of saving your immortal soul.



A short story literally in two pages if printed out in typical font, it’s a ‘silent dialogue’ in that only one character speaks at length with the other character merely implied, and quiet. Like happening to hear but a part of a conversation --- or debate --- one falls into the plot midway through the action. What is said, and what do you hear? Read it to find out. Incredibly brief, the words of the speaking character are what count for now. We have no visible spiritual shepherds during the Great Apostasy and, hence, are left to our own Catholic devices as we face wolves demonically trying to devour our souls. We can be under no illusions… it’s tough, we’re religiously starving (inasmuch as most, though not all, of the sacraments are taken away from us), yet our Almighty & Compassionate Creator, the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church, is merciful. He knows our frailty, and, with humility in our hearts, bravely accusing ourselves of our many, many transgressions, let our stance and resolve be epitomized by the words of the speaker. Let Satan, who seeks our damnation, hear these words, witness our resolve, and then plummet like an unwieldy dragon, his venomous head crushed under Mary’s powerful heel.



An excerpt from the article listed above as second from the top of this section… with a few modifications and an endnote added to tie up loose ends… this simple explanation makes it plain, with infallible backing from Our One & Only Saving Religion, the Catholic Church, what it is we must do, when, as true Catholics, we face the possibility of death while in the state of mortal sin and no lawful shepherd (i.e., priest who is really Catholic) to whom we may turn within easy reach. Are we doomed, bereft of eternal hope? No, for then we would lose a theological virtue (the others being Faith & Charity), without which we cannot be saved. And yet Our God is not willing that anyone should perish --- how much more so someone who is His, having been baptized validly in the sacramental water, professing His Singular Faith whole & entire? No, the Creator has not abandoned us, even when He punishes the world for terrible sins, cursing humanity with a total loss of the True Religion, laying His Ecclesial Body in the Tomb. This Church Body of His does not, and cannot, rot away. The shepherds’ thrones sit empty for awhile… but not forever. In the meantime, we have recourse, and whether or not we live to see His Church revived. Read this to find the theological virtue of Hope restored --- and don’t give up!



Located in the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section of The Epistemologic Works, here you will discover more details about the Apostasy, and how a real Roman Catholic must avoid, at all costs, religious association with those who only pretend to be ‘catholic’ or ‘christian’.


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