Beware of Fr. Eugene Heidt, Who Was

a Heretic Against the Catholic Religion




Fr. Eugene Heidt was a diocesan priest associated with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). He lived and worked in Oregon. After Vatican II, he became disenchanted with all of the changes and perversions of doctrine that occurred amongst Catholics. He even bravely opposed his bishop, who was implementing the Novus Ordo Mass in the 1970s, knowing that to oppose your superiors is required when what your superior commands you to do is a sin. This resulted in him being persecuted. He no longer had any specific duty in the diocese, and his income was halted. He became a persona non grata.


He apparently lived a poverty-stricken life from then on. When I met him he was disheveled & threadbare. His home was practically a shack. However, he performed masses for the SSPX until his health prevented him. Sadly, both he and the SSPX were like a freeze frame of Catholicism in the United States during the 1940s and ‘50s. And while things looked outwardly good, with schools and parishes and processions and confraternities --- and etc. --- flourishing, the orthodoxy of Catholics was rotting from the inside. After all… does one think that the revolution erupting upon the heels of the Vatican Council in the 1960s appeared out of nowhere? Long was it gestating everywhere in the hearts & minds of Catholics for over a hundred years prior!


To wit, Fr. Heidt was raised to believe, like all American Catholics of the early 20th century, that people could die in the practice of a false religion and still end up in Heaven, due to ‘invincible ignorance’, an ‘invisible connection’ to the Church, some kind of ‘implicit desire’ for Baptism and a ‘sincere effort’ to obey the commandments of God by following the ‘dictates of your conscience’. This is the Salvation Heresy. It lets someone pretend to be Catholic and say he believes in the infallible dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ whilst, in reality, he actually thinks there is Salvation for a person who is not inside the Religion of the Catholic Faith. Ignorance becomes a ‘sacrament’ equivalent to Baptism and human ‘sincerity’ a substitute for divine grace. And the Profession of the Catholic Faith whole & entire? It is discarded completely as an inconsequential thing!


It is this denial of the Salvation Dogma that prepared the way for Vatican II and the eruption of the Great Apostasy out into the open in the 1960s. (You may read what the Catholic Church has said infallibly about this matter here. You may also look at the Great Apostasy section as found in the navigation frame to the left of this page.) Every other evil of our times revolves around it. Hence, no matter how courageous was Fr. Heidt in standing up to many of the evils in the wake of Vatican II, he was ultimately no better off than the rest of those claiming to be ‘catholic’ during these times --- he was only pretending to be Catholic, having denied the common dogma of ‘no Salvation outside the Catholic Church’. This I recognized and this I felt compelled to address several years later after meeting Fr. Heidt face-to-face. I did not yet know the proper rules for admonishing a fellow human being, but my caution in the matter and natural respect for the priesthood (even if the priest in question was not licit because of his heresy against a common dogma of the Church) wound up causing me to do the right thing in the end.


It was, though, very difficult if not impossible to see him again in person. I therefore sent him a letter. I can only hope that he realized his damnable state of soul before he died (he was in a home for invalids the last year or two of his life) but I have no evidence for this. If someone does know for an eyewitness fact that he abjured his heresy prior to death, then please let me know! Otherwise, I must logically & reasonably conclude, as a moral certainty, that he suffers the fire of everlasting hell. Yet whether in Hell or Heaven, I publicly post the letter by which I respectfully admonished him here on earth as a testimony to others who are still alive:


First, so that others do not follow him to hell by being salvation heretics. And, secondly, so that real Catholics do not pray for him or to him, thinking that he could be in purgatory or heaven, when all of the publicly known evidence demands that we acknowledge him to be a denizen of the diabolic pit.


The text of this admonishing letter follows the trio of crosses just below. Nothing has been changed except for a few edits to correct typos and keep certain information anonymous.


+ + +


12 September 2006


Dear Fr. Eugene Heidt,


My name is Paul Doughton and you probably do not remember me. About five years ago I drove out to your residence near Silverton, next to the chapel, to talk with you during the week. It was unannounced, so you were surprised to see me. We did not converse long. I was investigating the Mass you provided for those who refuse to participate in the services of a Novus Ordo parish. You advised me to take my family to the SSPX-run chapel in Veneta instead.


However, you made a disturbing comment at the time. I mildly denigrated Vatican II and its proponents in passing, to which you replied with something like the following: “We can’t judge them.” I didn’t respond, not wanting to start an argument. Nevertheless, my conscience has plagued me ever since. Moreover, you are near death, having suffered a stroke and growing steadily weaker with each season that goes by. I therefore speak plainly now while you are still able to hear me.


Fr. Heidt, I do tell you, and anyone who will hear me, that we can indeed judge Vatican II and its proponents. Our Creator enables all people, except for the feeble-minded, to know, reason and distinguish. He also gives all men, even those of bad will, the means to discover, see and acknowledge His Dogmas --- including the 1st Commandment, which forbids the worship of false gods and the practice of false religions. He has given us His Roman Catholic Church for this very purpose and charged Her to go into the whole world to make disciples. Ergo, no one of adequate mind is excusable. Nearly every one of us, provided we actually bother to seek His Church and listen to Her Infallible Teachings, can discern between true and false, good and bad, saint and sinner. Nor does lack of official jurisdiction permit one to duck responsibility; an inferior must reprimand his superior when the latter publicly commits, tolerates or orders a mortal sin.


The proof of this is your own life. For I have read about your career. You very rightly and bravely stood up to your superiors during the aftermath of Vatican II and the onslaught of the Novus Ordo rites, doing as the Church tells us both in the text of Sacred Scripture and in the writings of the Angelic Doctor, amongst other places. You knew the truth, reasoned accurately and distinguished correctly, concluding that, in this instance, to obey was to be complicit in grave sin. As a result, you sacrificed earthly security that you might pursue heavenly safety. In short, you made a spiritual judgment.


I commend you for this. And I adjure you --- don’t rest easy now. Having travelled thus far, here at the end of a difficult life, take the last few steps. Realize that we live during the Great Apostasy foretold through St. Paul to the Thessalonian Catholics. Realize, too, that the Apostasy did not arise overnight. It was long in the brewing. Well before Vatican II, so-called ‘catholics’ --- in name only, having left the purity of Catholic Dogma to befriend the world around them and run after temporal rewards --- were professing many things not compatible with the Saving Truth. Moreover, that their fellow Catholics didn’t denounce them for their religious adultery, thereby causing the former --- who lost the Faith by allowing heresy in their midst without opposition --- to become phonies as well. This includes you, my dear sir, especially since you are a priest and responsible for upholding the purity of Catholic Teaching. Ergo, to save your soul you must obey the practice of the Church and Her canon law, abjuring your errors.... and implore others within your care to do the same.


Yet perhaps you are skeptical. Because you grew up in an era when, outwardly at least, the Church’s membership appeared uniform and strong. Nonetheless, your own eyewitness reveals the inner reality. For were not priests, bishops, monks, nuns and theologians of bad character, perverse opinion and dangerous innovation permitted to go by the name of Catholic without excommunication all the way back in the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s & ’50s? Were they not tolerated or overlooked? And were not laymen watching evil movies, reading evil books, aping evil fashions and copying the self-styled ‘birth control’ of their non-Catholic neighbors in the same period of time? Have you never spoken to your brother’s wife, X, about her stint at the convent during the 1950s? Her experience alone demonstrates that the brouhaha of the ’60s, ’70s & ’80s did not come out of nowhere! It was long in the gestation. Nor are today’s horrors going to disappear simply by hoping them to. Men at the behest of demons sewed these wicked plants, and men at the behest of angels shall have to uproot them, denouncing the religious lies that their forefathers tolerated or embraced, many of them as long ago as the 18th & 19th centuries --- and denouncing sinners explicitly by name, too, in order to call them to an appropriate penance and to warn others against imitating their damnable example.


This is why I write you. I am calling you to penance before it is too late. For, while you exhibited bravery and fidelity to some part of Catholic Truth in standing up to the hideous deceptions that washed over the world in the wake of Vatican II, you have --- like most American Catholics who grew up during the first half of the 20th century --- embraced religious heresies. It is these heresies that ushered in the Great Apostasy.


I’ve sent you four writings regarding these heresies. I apologize for their length and for sending them to you out of the blue, unsolicited. All the same, I must right a wrong and your soul is about to face judgment. Thus, I haven’t time to waste on social etiquette. Nor have you, I warrant, a lack of time to look them over carefully. You are, if my information suffices, strong enough to examine them properly without being so strong that you can do many other things, also, and hence claim you haven’t enough time left to study them unto a complete understanding. I therefore beg of you --- don’t pretend you’re a little pope incapable of making a mistake when it comes to pontificating about Faith & Morals. You, like anyone else who lays claim to the title of Catholic --- including Popes --- must depend on the infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Church through Her Papacy to know what men must believe, profess and obey in order to save their souls. The writings in your hands are thoroughly grounded in the inerrant mind of the Catholic Church via the words of Her Popes, Scripture, Tradition, Doctors & Saints, simultaneously refuting the errors that first precipitated and now dominate our times, the era of the Great Apostasy....


I pray you have the humility to investigate these things thoroughly. Because most purported ‘catholics’ some sixty to eighty years ago did not know the Church’s mind in such matters. Likewise SSPX, with whom you affiliate, they being like a freeze-frame of that lost period and repeating its heresies, too. I adjure you, Fr. Heidt, to publicly abjure the heresies of the SSPX and your youth, calling on your associates to do similarly. You may… [contact me] …for assistance in doing so. Praying and sacrificing for the conversion of your soul,


                                                                   -Paul Doughton


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