Regarding ‘Scripture Alone’, ‘Faith Alone’ &

the So-Called ‘Crimes’ of the Catholic Church




For a month someone sent me anonymous emails meant to support the heresy of ‘faith alone’ and crucify the Catholic Religion for so-called ‘crimes’ against purported ‘christians’, Jews & others who opposed the Roman Church. The first two emails were merely a listing of passages from the Bible that mention the importance of ‘faith’ without also mentioning the need for ‘works’ & ‘obedience’. The last email was a tallying of many ‘atrocities’ purportedly committed by Roman Catholics against the adherents of opposing religions. In either case, the arguments are easily rebutted. It was simply a matter of finding time to write a refutation, which also involved adding two new questions & answers to the already very long entry, Roman Catholic Church, in the Q&A section of the website. It was, in fact, a recent lengthy addition to the end of this entry concerning the so-called ‘crimes’ of the Catholic Church that led to the anonymous author’s third email attack. Apparently, the defense I had made there of Catholics in general and Catholicism in specific against such charges incensed the person. It was then this person’s bounden duty to ‘shame’ me with a tally of alleged atrocities. Impossible to answer? Not really. The person clearly had either not read carefully & understood fully what I said in the addition already posted, or else purposely ignored what I said, regardless. Whichever, the letter below repels these attacks without difficulty. I present the text of the refutation nearly unchanged; the titles of four chapters for convenience, a date at the beginning, several sentences to clarify the egregious & satanic error of ‘faith alone’, and a few typos or formattings tweaked are the only things added.


+ + +   1. ‘Scripture Alone’ Skewered   + + +


8 October 2008


My Dear ‘B’emet’ or ‘Joy Given’ ---


Thank you for looking at The Epistemologic Works website. I presume you are one & the same person since your three emails of which I am aware thus far emanate from the same address. However, even if you are two separate people, this single email should respond to both of you sufficiently.


I apologize for taking a long while to respond. As I note in the Contact & Donations webpage, I have been blessed with a large family and have many responsibilities caring for them, not to mention my religious duties & efforts to evangelize men for the Catholic Faith. Ergo, my hands are very full. Nevertheless, wherever it is truly needful, I try to answer requests & rebut attacks.


But let us get to the pith of things. Your first two emails were essentially a quote of twenty-three biblical passages that you think proves your manmade tradition of ‘faith alone’. Which in turn also means that you must claim ‘scripture alone’ as the basis for your beliefs since ‘faith alone’ adherents almost always do so claiming it’s because the Bible tells them so --- not to mention your highlighted biblical quotes to the near total exclusion of any other comments in your first two emails. Yet this then raises two problems:


One, the Bible nowhere says that it’s to be ‘scripture alone’ upon which a man is to base his religious beliefs.


And, two, the Bible nowhere says that it’s to be ‘faith alone’ by which a man is to save his soul.


As to the first, think about it. If ‘scripture alone’ is to be a man’s authority for his spiritual or religious beliefs, then how is it he can believe in the spiritual & religious belief of ‘scripture alone’ when, in fact, Scripture nowhere says to believe this?


Does this not strike you as inconsistent? Because your belief of ‘scripture alone’ is not based on ‘scripture alone, is it? As a matter of fact, it’s not based on anything that the Bible explicitly says at all! Therefore, my dear soul, you contradict your claimed belief in ‘scripture alone’ by believing in something --- namely, ‘scripture alone --- that is not and cannot ever be found said in the Bible. So how is it you can justify believing in ‘scripture alone’ when belief in ‘scripture alone’ isn’t found anywhere explicitly taught in the Bible?


Furthermore, even if the Bible did anywhere explicitly say to believe in the teaching of ‘scripture alone’ --- and it doesn’t! --- what fool would believe a book just because the book says it is so? Obviously, people only trust what a book says to the extent that they trust the author of the book to be honest & knowledgeable. Which is why a conservative Protestant like yourself would say that you believe what the Bible says since God is the One Who wrote it, albeit through mere men. Yet how do you know that God wrote it? Does every passage of the Bible declare that it’s God Who is speaking or writing this? No, they do not. Most of the passages, taken at face value, don’t say anything at all about God writing them, and, in fact, read as if written by someone else entirely. Furthermore, tons of things in the Bible would never look like ‘divinely-inspired’ Scripture --- as if they came from God --- unless people grew up being taught they’re a part of the Bible in the first place (for instance, the endless genealogies of 1 Chronicles, the voluptuous words of the Song of Solomon, the sometimes rather grotesque stories found in Judges). Or does the Bible anywhere in its many words list the names of all the books that belong in its collection? No, it does not. Yet without an exact list of books to be found in the divinely-inspired words of the Bible, then how are you to know for sure that God intends such-and-such books to be included in the Bible’s collection? I mean, you say the Bible is supposed to be the final word for what everybody believes, right? So how can you justify believing that the particular collection of books which are in your bibles truly belongs in your bibles when the Bible doesn’t tell you exactly what’s supposed to be in it? And even if it did tell you, how would you know that the name of a particular book is the same thing, precisely speaking, as the particular words that compose a particular book that you think goes by this name in your Protestant version of the Bible?


Do you understand?


Your whole notion of ‘scripture alone’ as your sole, primary or ultimate religious authority is a house of cards. Knock out just one of them, or jiggle the table a little too much, and they all come tumbling down like a spiritual Humpty Dumpty who sits upon the many-splintered wall of Protestantism. I’ve already easily knocked out four of them without hardly trying; there are lots more ready to topple at the slightest touch! And all of your false religion’s men cannot put them back together again… because this is simple good sense we’re talking here. Nothing complicated or subtle. My poor dear soul, we cannot reasonably or honestly evade the facts:


You only have the bible that you have and believe it to come from God because the first Protestants --- who were Roman Catholic before they became Protestant --- got its many books & their various texts from the hands of Roman Catholics in the 16th century, which is when Protestantism began at the rebellion of the priest & monk, Martin Luther.


But, of course, like him you reject the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. Consequently, you must now accept each of these individual books & their texts as belonging in your bible solely because of a manmade tradition. After all, the Bible itself --- not even your own versions of it --- does not anywhere authoritatively list, as a part of its sacred text, all of the names of the books that belong in it. Hence, if not found in the text of the Bible itself, then you must depend on a belief that’s been passed down from generation to generation amongst yourselves since the 1500s… a tradition of men. This belief from Protestant tradition, not the Bible, is what tells you the books that belong in your Protestant-translated bibles, including the texts of all of those individual books!


Yet enough said about this for now. You may find more on the topic in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works. Specifically, Chapters 35 & 36 of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, Chapters 8a & 9g of The Dogma of Baptism Upheld (Chapter 9g is especially worth looking at, demolishing, as it does, the Calvinistic notion of the Bible being ‘self-evidently inspired’ by God), and Chapter 1 of The World Offended.


+ + +   2. ‘Faith Alone’ Annihilated   + + +


As to the second problem --- that the Bible nowhere says that it’s to be ‘faith alone’ by which a man saves his soul --- Question #213 from the Roman Catholic Church entry in the Questions & Answers (Q&A) section of The Epistemologic Works sums it up pretty nicely:


   Isn’t this working for your salvation & hence unbiblical?   (213)


This is a common complaint of Protestant heretics, especially nowadays of those Protestants who are best termed ‘conservative Evangelic’. It results from a lazy desire not to have to actually obey what God commands --- and from a cowardly desire not to have to face the consequences for your disobedience. It also results from ignorance. Evangelic Protestants try to justify their laziness & cowardice by misinterpreting the Bible. They handily ignore those verses that plainly say how one must actually obey God to inherit Heaven and pay for lack of obedience by suffering in Hell, focusing instead solely on verses that don’t happen to mention the consequences for disobedience. These latter verses they then twist in their minds to mean the necessity of ‘faith alone’ to the exclusion of works (what in Latin is known as ‘sola fide’), and even though the Bible nowhere at all in any of its verses explicitly says that a man is saved by or justified through faith alone. Indeed, in spite of the Bible saying exactly the opposite!


“Do you see that by works a man is justified; and not by faith only?” (James 2:24 DRC, emphases added)


This is the Catholic translation of the Douay Rheims Challoner. The words are even a little clearer --- and ironically so --- in a classic Protestant translation (the King James Version) that renders the question as a statement instead:


“Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.” (James 2:24 KJV, emphases added)


A much more contemporary & hugely popular Protestant translation (the New International Version) puts the words and their obvious significance even more bluntly for modern minds to see:


“You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.” (James 2:24 NIV, emphases added)


In short, Protestants confuse the eternal debt of mortal sin with the temporal debt of both mortal (serious) & venial (less serious) sins. The eternal debt of mortal sins (including the mortal sin called ‘Original Sin’, into which all men, except for Jesus & His Mother, are conceived) can never be paid by a mere man on earth. It takes Jesus Christ’s Infinitely Worthy Sacrifice upon the Cross to do this. However, both mortal & venial sins have a temporal debt (an obligation to pay that will not take an eternity to do so) to pay as well. This much lesser yet still often substantial debt men can indeed pay in God’s Sight during the course of time. For souls sent to Hell forever, they will pay this temporal debt along with their eternal debt. For souls entering Heaven, the temporal debt --- if any --- must be paid in that part of Hell which is temporary, called ‘Purgatory’. Nevertheless, because of this confusion about what a man can or cannot pay --- and because Jesus does not pay the eternal debt of a man’s sins just by this man having ‘faith’ in Him, which includes His Teachings & Commandments, but also requires obedience to Him and to His Teachings & Commandments --- then Protestants blunder horribly into presuming their ‘salvation’ imaginarily out of thin air whilst condemning Jesus’ Catholic Teaching & Commandment in this matter of Heavenly Salvation as ‘diabolic’, ‘manmade’ & ‘impossible’. When, in fact, it is the other way around... when it is they who have believed something utterly diabolic, manmade & impossible about going to Heaven!


Yet you may learn more in the Q&A section entitled Faith & Works, not to mention the Q&A section for Purgatory. You may also read the book entitled The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down.


In the meantime, ponder the words of St. Paul the Apostle, who declares:


“Wherefore, my dearly beloved, (as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence), with fear and trembling work out your salvation.” (Philippians 2:12 DRC, emphases added)


Clearly he links Salvation both to obedience & works, driving home the connection by warning us to do so with “fear and trembling”. Now you tell me… what’s the point of trembling fearfully while working out your Salvation if it is only God doing everything ‘through you’ or ‘for you’, thus making your reception of Salvation a sure thing?


What’s there to be afraid of regarding that, what is there to fear & tremble about in such a situation?


No, the Saving Truth is otherwise. Salvation is not just by ‘faith’. It is obedience, too --- right works. It is both faith and works that a man needs to save his soul, the God-given Faith & Commandments of the Roman Catholic Church.


As a result, my poor soul, you can now see how astray you are in citing twenty-three passages from the Bible regarding the subject of ‘faith’. Not one of these quotes, despite coming from a Protestant-translated bible, says anything about it being ‘faith alone that saves a man. Nor does any part of Sacred Scripture anywhere, period, say anything explicit about it being ‘faith alone that saves someone. Whereas, to the contrary, at least one verse in the Bible plainly says the opposite! Specifically, James 2:24. So where do you get off thinking that your quote of twenty-three passages supports your manmade tradition of ‘faith alone’?


There is only one way that a Protestant can think himself able to get away with this, and the strategy (whether consciously thought out or not) goes something like this:


“I already know that it’s ‘faith alone’ that saves a man. Hence, I don’t need the Bible to say the word ‘alone’ anywhere in its verses in connection with the term ‘faith’. I already know I’m right; I can’t be wrong. Therefore, all of those passages in Scripture where it talks about ‘faith’ without mentioning a need for ‘works’ or ‘obedience’ are obviously proof that I’m right --- as if any is needed, since I’m infallible & can’t be wrong about this issue! But other born again believers like myself might need to see it since they may not yet realize that they’re infallible, also, and can never be wrong about the teaching of ‘faith alone’… that is, of course, provided they think like me on this topic. What’s more, those really obnoxious, stuck-up papists, who worship Mary and idolize a piece of bread, need to pay attention to these passages, too. Then they’d know all their talk about the need for ‘obedience’ and ‘works’ is a bunch of garbage!”


The problem is, this kind of thinking not only presumes infallibility for itself (the impossibility of being wrong, something Protestants tacitly claim for themselves while never admitting that it’s something a pope can have, too, by God’s Power) but ignores all of those verses in the Bible that do mention the necessity of ‘obedience’ and ‘works’ for saving one’s soul. Indeed, some of which even mention the necessity of both faith and works for the salvation of a man’s immortal soul! So how is it conservative Protestants always focus on the former (verses that mention the need of faith without also mentioning the necessity of works) while always ignoring or explaining away the latter (verses that mention the need for works, or that mention the necessity of both faith & works together)?


Infallibility, of course. However much Protestants may hate the idea of a pope being infallible when it comes to matters of Faith or Morals --- and despite most of them not realizing it or being unwilling to honestly acknowledge it even if they do realize it --- there is no way in the world for them to get away with zeroing in on verses that mention faith without also mentioning works, unless they assume themselves to be infallible. As in, “I couldn’t possibly be wrong about interpreting my bible since I already know that it’s ‘faith alone’ that saves me or anyone who just believes in Jesus.”


This is how a conservative Protestant such as yourself, my dear ‘B’emet’ or ‘Joy Given’, can get away with, in your own mind, supposing that a series of quotes from twenty-three biblical passages could somehow ‘prove’ your manmade tradition of ‘faith alone’ while ignoring all of those parts of the Bible that obviously uphold the necessity of good works & obedience, as well, in order to please God and enter into Heaven. It’s also how you expect to convince me to abandon God’s Infallible Catholic Church to return to the rebellion (for I was a lifelong Protestant ’ere converting to Catholicism) of your diabolically-inspired & very fallible religion of an imaginary salvation.


Yet enough said here about this. I have written at great length concerning the lie of ‘faith alone’ in the book entitled The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down. Please study carefully Part One of the tome as found in the Books & Articles section, especially Chapters 1j to 1t. Pay particularly close attention to Chapters 1s & 1t to see how all Protestant heretics do ignorantly --- and even willfully --- misinterpret St. Paul’s attacks upon ‘the law’ and ‘works’ to mean that obedience to God’s Commandments is useless for receiving Salvation... and when, in fact, the Bible’s words make it plain that Paul was talking about the ceremonial rites & animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant Law, not the New Covenant Law or all Law, and that the importance of works for the reception of Salvation thus comes in organic sequence after Grace & Faith, not before them. To wit, that God first freely gives a man grace to convert him to the Catholic Religion, so that, secondly, the good-willed man freely responds with faith in God’s Catholic Religion, and, both consequently & lastly, then does good works as a free-willed yet necessary result of this Catholic Religion. In short, a man receives Salvation by God’s Grace through Right Faith and in Good Works! See also Chapter 9k in Part Three of the tome, which having, together with Chapters 9i & 9j, shown that Jews cannot be the ‘chosen people’ of God simply because they are Jewish (which is so-called ‘racism’ in reverse, when you think about it), drives home again the correct interpretation and plain meaning of the Bible’s words in the New Testament regarding ‘the law’ & ‘works’.


+ + +   3. So-Called ‘Crimes’ of Catholicism Refuted   + + +


We turn, then, to the last of your three emails of which I am aware thus far. In this third letter you rack up nineteen accusations against Roman Catholics “of murder and hate and destruction” toward so-called “Christians and Jews etc.” [Email of 25 September 2008 from Joy Given, Paragraph 1] And for this I must thank you. Because whether or not the Grace of the Triune Catholic God operates within your soul to convert you anytime soon to His Singular Church of Rome, or whether or not you exhibit enough good will to see through the biases that enslave your heart & darken your mind, it made me realize how I need to address in the Roman Catholic Church entry of Q&A the unofficial rampages & riots of bad Catholics so as to close off a loophole that Protestants like yourself try to exploit in justifying their opposition to the Saving Truth of God’s Catholic Faith.


Actually, I had already addressed the subject at least partly in passing (“By [‘crimes’] you mean that Roman Catholics put men to death during the Inquisition for being heretics & enemies against the Catholic Church, as well as that many of them were tortured to produce confessions to such crimes, and that members of the Church of Rome killed Muslims during the Crusades when reconquering the Holy Land of Palestine, as well as that some of them pillaged cities along the way there.” --- Question #312, Paragraph 2, emphasis added). I, also, before knowing about your email of September 25th, added a slight addition prior to September 30th to another portion of the entry to better describe the situation found in Spain at the end of the Middle Ages (“…an enormous amount of Jews lived in Spain during the latter half of the Middle Ages. They were, for the most part, wealthy, powerful & rabidly anti-Catholic. And, like today, the majority of them hence loathed & ridiculed the Catholic Church and any government that upheld Her Teachings. Wherever possible, they opposed Her. Often this opposition took the form of initiating or fomenting heresies, as well as plotting coups against various monarchs. Yet their opposition to Catholics grew even worse. Because in the wake of the Black Plague of the 14th century, when many foolish people wrongly blamed the Jews for causing the widespread deaths that resulted from the epidemic --- which in turn led to several bloody riots against them that popes & other bishops repeatedly condemned as grievously unjust --- and later in the 15th century, when Queen Isabella enacted the desperate measure of ousting such belligerent Jews from her part of Spain (the rest of the peninsula also doing the same to some extent or another in the general time period), many of them decided to ‘convert’ in order to stay put. Most of these Jewish converts (known as conversos) were fakes. I.e., they received baptism & conformed outwardly to Catholicism only to keep the wealth or homes that they would otherwise have lost. Privately they still practiced the false religion of a Talmudic Judaism. What’s more, many of the fake converts became agent provocateurs, working within the Roman Catholic Church --- frequently as priests & bishops --- to pervert Her doctrines and to corrupt the behaviour of Her members.” --- Question #355, Paragraph 7, emphases added re plots, plague & resulting riots).


Nevertheless, the subject needed a more in-depth airing. You may go to the Roman Catholic Church entry in the Q&A section to review my latest additions, which amount to new queries & responses for Questions #357 & 358, as well as to slight changes to what are now Questions #359 & 360 and which presently end the webpage. However, I put the same thing here at the end of this rebuttal to make certain you cannot excusably overlook a real Catholic’s intelligent refutation of your recent attack against God’s Roman Church:


   But what about the bloodthirsty pogroms against the Jews, Protestants & etc., etc.? Surely the Catholic Church is guilty of their violent deaths, is She not?   (357)


By ‘bloodthirsty pogroms’ I take you to mean ‘mob riots’ or ‘vigilante justice’. That is to say, behaviour that is unguided by official Church Authority and sometimes even opposed to Her Authority, wherein angry passions are indulged or rash judgments made. To which a good & thoughtful Catholic responds:


No pope ever made it formal Church policy to indiscriminately murder, beat or otherwise abuse Jews, heretics & etc., etc.


We repeat:


The popes have never, ever, at all, not one single bit, made it formal Church policy to indiscriminately murder, beat or otherwise abuse Talmudic Jews, publicly avowed heretics and other natural enemies of the Catholic Faith.


End of sentence.


Mind you, we’re not talking about just executions & punishments. We have already grappled with this, exposing modern prejudices against Catholicism for what they are, and showing how there is an obvious difference between unjust murder & an entirely just execution or between unjust abuse & a thoroughly just punishment. A distinction that modern people exercise, not hesitating to kill, or approve of the killing, of someone they believe deserves to die, and not refraining from torture, or approval of torture, of someone they think needs to suffer. It is pure hypocrisy to condemn Roman Catholics for doing what they themselves have no qualms about doing, or condoning, when it suits their own modern objectives & their own modern standards. Consequently, my dear reader, don’t dare to rack up supposed ‘tallies’ of how many died in this place or on that date at the hands of Catholics during the Middle Ages, including in such ‘tallies’ persons that were properly investigated & justly sentenced for a terrible crime against God’s Religion, or who had war properly declared against them & were justly attacked for a grievous offense against God’s People.


No, what I am addressing right now is the possibility of unjust killings & unjust abuses committed by persons who call themselves Catholic. And what I am drawing your attention to is the fact that unjust killings & unjust punishments were never encouraged or approved by any pope at any time, anywhere. Period!


Ergo, if & when members of the Catholic Church rioted against Jews, Protestants and so forth --- without justifiable charges drawn up or a rational investigation carried out, and the accused not allowed to properly defend himself before wise & impartial judges --- then such Catholics did so as bad Roman Catholics and not in obedience to orders from on high or as a result of some sort of ecclesial policy. Likewise, if & when members of the Catholic Church attacked Jews, Protestants and so forth during military operations --- without just cause or adequate warning, and the victims of the attacks being not only soldiers but also women, children, elders & invalids who ought to have been spared --- then such Catholics did so as bad Roman Catholics and not in obedience to orders from on high or as a result of some sort of ecclesial policy.


In short, these bad Catholics acted as ambassadors of their own angry passions or rash judgments, and not as emissaries of the Roman Catholic Church and Her Teachings & Commandments.


I did not deal with this earlier because Catholics are one in government, the indisputable visible head of this Catholic government being a pope, who is the representative of Christ on earth. Hence, the real issue is what the head authoritatively proclaims & commands. Catholics who act in concert with this head’s authoritative proclamations & commands are doing what the Church directs; Catholics who act apart from this head’s authoritative proclamations & commands, or even in opposition to his rightful proclamations & commands, are acting on their own and not as an extension of the Church. Their bad behaviour calumniates the Church in the sight of Her enemies --- it does not represent Her. To borrow an example from a few questions back, it’s as if the parts of our bodies had minds of their own. Then suppose that your own hand began to pummel a stranger, offended at something he did. Nevertheless, you yourself, in your mind, have neither directed nor willed the hand to do such a thing. Indeed, you even inveigh against it, ordering him to stop! Does your hand represent you, accurately reflecting your mind & will? Of course not. Unfortunately, being a part of your body, people who don’t like you will use the bad behaviour of your hand to calumniate you. Your enemies will rejoice, and slander your reputation with glee.


Such is the case with those who hate the Catholic Church.


The point is, everything I have said up until now regarding so-called ‘crimes’ of the Church deals with what the Church officially did, which is why I have focused exclusively on the Inquisition & Crusades, with only a short excursion into the matter of the Conquest of the New World. Riots & rampages are unofficial, being something the Church never sanctioned, never ordered, often condemned and frequently punished. Ergo, the Church cannot be held responsible for what She would not sanction, did not order, often condemned & frequently punished. They are, truly, something the Church could never countenance, the very nature of riots & rampages being a thing of disorder, confusion, chaos, mania, irrationality & mindless impulse. Whereas the hallmark of Catholicism is the rule of order, understanding, organization, self-control, reason, deductive logic & careful thought. To use the words ‘riot’ or ‘rampage’ in conjunction with Catholicism is almost an oxymoron.


   You do, nevertheless, admit that such riots & rampaging occurred?   (358)


As far as I can tell thus far in my historical studies, riots, rampages & other unjustified attacks by members of the Catholic Church against Talmudic Jews, publicly avowed heretics, or so forth, did occur. Notwithstanding, the same proviso about inflated numbers of ‘murders’ and ‘tortures’ applies here, too. That is to say, modern people --- despising Catholicism with a blind passion --- will believe any figures presented, regardless of the source making the claim or the actual documentation that exists, just so long as the numbers are satisfyingly high & hence properly shocking to any ‘right-thinking’ person nowadays. Enemies of the Roman Catholic Church have already condemned Her in their own minds prior to seeing hard evidence or hearing solid testimony. They are especially not interested in listening to Roman Catholics defend Her reputation against such charges. As a result, factual accuracy of statistics is not uppermost in the minds of these enemies; any old numbers will do just so long as they can pass for looking ‘official’ and thereby appear to justify the enemy’s animosity against the Church.


But let us not quibble over statistics, numbers & figures. Let us take at face value even the most shocking of claims that foes of Catholicism might dare to promulgate, acting as if they are infallible little ‘popes’ that could never be wrong in their beliefs or judgments against the Church of Rome. What then?


My dear reader, this still doesn’t change anything. Consider:


The Church never sanctions fornication or adultery. She certainly doesn’t order Her members to fornicate or adulterate, and She frequently condemns those who do and has even punished them! And yet… members of the Catholic Church have often fornicated. Is, then, the Church Herself to be accused of teaching & abetting fornication or adultery? Is She to be held officially responsible for the sinful behaviour of Her bad members? Obviously not. The very fact that people despise Catholicism for refusing to permit Her members to divorce is proof of this, if any is needed.


Likewise the allegations of riots, rampages & other unjustified attacks. Riots & rampages are reprehensible precisely because they are mindless & hence at least potentially unjust. The Catholic Church can never, ever, sanction such behaviour on the part of Her members. While She may sympathize with an aggrieved Catholic, She cannot ever fail to sanction & uphold what God gave nearly every one of us rational minds to accomplish:


To seek out the facts carefully, weigh them justly, and draw the correct conclusions about things.


Riots are, by their very nature, the antithesis of this. Rampages are, as well, by their very nature, antithetical to this goal. Therefore, riots & rampages --- for whatever reason --- are against the Commandments of God & His Roman Catholic Church.


Yet let us not lose sight of a very important thing. To wit, that the enemies of the Catholic Church are really not interested in the riots, rampages or other unjustified attacks that Her bad members have sometimes perpetrated against others. No, what really, truly & actually offends them is merely that the Church of Rome has the audacity to oppose anyone who dares to oppose Her --- and does so because She is infallibly right when it comes to dogmatic truths & moral commandments.




Consequently, such enemies don’t stop at allegations of ‘riots’ and ‘rampages’. They throw in the whole kit & caboodle, holding Catholics as ‘guilty’ of any time that they have had the nerve to execute or punish traitorous members or dangerous foes, including the aforesaid examples of the Crusades, and especially of the Inquisition, that I have already amply explained --- and despite me having already demonstrated them to be entirely justified and almost completely just in how they were carried out!


Which leads one to wonder… do such enemies ever truly listen to a Catholic, think the things through that he said, or bother to address the actual points that are important with rebuttals that are pertinent to the original actual points which were given by the Catholic? Or do they just talk past a Catholic, never truly grappling with what he said, neither stopping to think carefully about what it means nor daring to draw the correct conclusions, based on the good sense & simple facts that were presented?


My dear soul, you have a God-given mind. Use it wisely, and don’t be ruled by your mindless passions against the Roman Catholic Church. Follow the good sense & clear facts wherever they might lead, even if it means admitting that Catholicism is (and here you are permitted to gasp if the thought seems too horrible to face) at least sometimes, upon occasion, however hard it is for you to fathom --- and however much you might want to think it astonishingly rare --- absolutely right.


And remember, as I said before in the response to Question #329, your real problem with the Inquisition & Crusades, or any other official acts of the Catholic Church, is not that the things themselves are somehow so very intrinsically ‘wrong’ or ‘evil’ or ‘irrational’. They are not. Given that there truly is no Salvation outside the Catholic Church, then, as a rational consequence, these things & their accompanying deeds truly are both right & reasonable. Just as right & reasonable, for example, as most Americans thought it was for the United States to militarily conquer Afghanistan in the wake of the 9-11 disaster. Or just as right & reasonable as you would think it to be to stop a thief from robbing his victims at gunpoint, taking their very last dollar and leaving them stranded, high-and-dry, in the middle of nowhere. Such enemies must be opposed, and such criminals must be punished, wherever the ability & authority to do so exists --- end of story.


It is exactly the same for the Catholic Church, particularly in nations that are wholly & truly Catholic, in striving with the enemies & criminals arrayed against Her. The principle is identical.


   So what’s the bottom line to all of this?   (359)


The bottom line is that most people don’t like the Catholic Church, which is the Body of Jesus Christ. Faced with the good sense, historical documentation & biblical proof for Her Dogmas --- or even with the merest hint of such evidence --- these people then fall back upon easy-to-make, popularly-believed slander in order to justify themselves in not taking God’s Roman Catholic Body seriously. Like soldiers fearful of losing too much on the ground during hand-to-hand combat, they call in air support to commence saturation bombing of their enemy. This air support --- this saturation bombing --- is the allegations concerning the Inquisition & Crusades, as well as to a lesser extent the accusations made about the Conquest of the New World, or about riots & rampages that the Church never officially sanctioned and instead openly condemned. After all, who in his right mind wants to have anything to do with a Church that did such ‘terrible things’… and which will surely do them again if everybody converts to Her and truly Catholic nations exist once more?


This is what non-Catholics hate, and this is what they fear.


   Is there anything else to add?   (360)


Let it be understood:


The accusations regarding the Inquisition & Crusades, as well as anything else typical of people during modern times to believe against the Roman Catholic Church, are irrelevant, my dear reader. Because even if every one of them was right (and they’re not!), this changes not by a single bit all of the rock hard evidence and ironclad sense for the Catholic Church & Her Infallible Teachings. Books like Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and The Dogma of Baptism Upheld or articles like Catholic Ritual Defended and The World Offended make this utterly clear. Too, this Q&A section has given plenty of excellent reasons to take the Catholic Faith seriously. Notwithstanding, allegations about the Inquisition & Crusades, as well as about things like riots & rampages, blind a lot of people nowadays. I have therefore, in the meantime, given you enough simple points to refute the slander so that you may, presuming your intentions are good, focus on what really matters --- the Saving Truth of Jesus’ Infallible Catholic Body.


My dear soul, this is enough for now. As time permits and Heaven wills, I shall engage the attacks of enemies against the Roman Catholic Church at great length & with detailed documentation in future books & articles or entries in the Q&A section. The simple good sense of the above, though, is plenty enough for a truly good-willed man to see how the allegations against the Catholic Church are reasonably refuted. It takes no stretch of the imagination to recognize this. It merely requires a man to put aside his prejudices, think through the points carefully, and humbly admit to what is obvious:


That the foes of the Catholic Church do not arrive at their accusations because of a thorough & fair investigation of the testimony from both sides involved in the conflict, but because of an innate & unjust animosity acquired toward Roman Catholicism that predisposes them to believe whatever allegations are lobbed against the Roman Church without them bothering to investigate for themselves the actual sense & evidence --- or lack thereof --- for the allegations, and which thus also causes them to unfairly ignore or irrationally discount the intelligent rebuttals of real Roman Catholics against these attacks, these enemies consequently failing to pertinently answer the actual points of importance raised by Catholics in opposition to their attacks.


End of sentence.


+ + +   4. Where God’s Truth Resides   + + +


As a result, my poor dear soul, I will not trouble to directly address any further attacks from you on these issues --- ‘scripture alone’, ‘faith alone’ & supposed ‘crimes’ of the Catholic Church --- unless you respond with pertinent answers to the actual points of importance raised by me in this rebuttal of your three emails. Please take what I have said seriously on behalf of the Catholic Faith. Should you have problems understanding what I have explained, then say so. I won’t mock you for not comprehending something, particularly when I see proof of good will in you otherwise. Whereas I will occasionally mock, out of a sense of outraged piety, the stubborn animosity & willful blindness of a person who refuses to use his God-given mind rightly despite having had many chances to do so. I will also sometimes get tough with those who are vicious against Catholicism with smug stupidity --- the tough talk smashing their stupidity and hence an attempt to pierce their smugness so that they have an opportunity to take Catholicism seriously (something they’ll almost certainly have no chance of doing if left unchallenged).


The point is, you have no reason to get offended at me if your real aim is to know the truth. If I sound incredibly confident about things, it’s simply because I’ve bothered doing what most people never bothering doing: thoroughly & fairly investigate all sides. Conservative Protestant? Already been there and was one at one time, knowing all of the arguments against Catholicism. Macroevolutionary Darwinist? Yes, I once held to a form of Darwinism, have studied their arguments minutely & counted many smart Darwinists as my friends in past years. Self-denying, nirvana-seeking Buddhist? Embraced many tenets of Siddhartha Gautama’s enlightenment in former days, admired some of his followers, examined their sacred writings closely, and concluded that I would gladly become Buddhist were it not for Jesus Christ forbidding me to do so. And so forth & so on, etc., etc.


But now I am Catholic, and have been so for over eleven years. And I am Catholic for one reason & one reason alone --- because it is the only way to save my soul. And I am sure of this because of one thing & one thing solely --- because God’s Church is the Pillar & Foundation of the Truth. (1 Timothy 3:15) All other philosophies & religions, however smart, clever, appealing & persuasive they may seem in many ways, are but mixtures of lies with truth… they are not its foundation. And God, to be a God Who actually made men in His Image and actually wants them with Him in Blessed Union forever, must then provide a way for men to know with absolute certainty, no possibility of error feasible, what that way is in all of its necessary details & all of its necessary implications.




Protestantism, or ‘born again christianity’ if you like, is not and cannot ever be this Pillar & Foundation of the Truth. It is malleable, ever-splintering, and constantly changing its teachings over the decades & throughout the earth wherever people adopt it. While, to the contrary, real Catholicism is totally solid & utterly unchanging, being doctrinally the same thing from day one with Jesus & His Apostles until this very century, all other forms of self-styled ‘christianity’ being nothing but aberrations from this unchanging Catholicism and in obvious opposition to it. There can be no in-between. Either Catholicism is Christianity, case closed, or else God doesn’t care what people believe and there is no tangible reality beyond our material world that truly exists or really matters. Protestantism provides no way for its adherents to have infallible certainty. The Bible is no solution since different Protestants interpret their bibles differently, even regarding crucial issues of salvation, and always have from their beginning in the 1500s. Ergo, Protestantism and the ‘bible alone’ is not the way to do it.


My dear soul, your fanciful name of ‘B’emet’ is meant to be a play on the ancient Hebrew term for ‘truth’. Likewise, ‘Joy Given’ is meant to signify the happiness you possess by supposing ‘faith alone’ to save your soul. Notwithstanding, I have shown you how your ‘truth’ is a lie and your ‘joy’ a sham. I do not say this to hurt you. I have no desire to offend you. But if you pretend yourself to be ‘infallible’ --- and even though you won’t dare to claim this straight out --- then, of course, my words, however charitably intended, certainly will hurt you, or, at a minimum, will certainly offend you. This is unavoidable. I have to tell you the truth about how you may save your soul… for real. But as Jesus said to the first bishops (Acts 1:15-26) of His Body (Colossians 1:18, 24), the Roman Catholic Church:


“If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you. If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said to you: the servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also. But all these things they will do to you for my name’s sake: because they know not him that sent me.” (John 15:18-21 DRC)


Dear soul, my testimony to you in this email, and on my website, is your opportunity to know Jesus for real. You can truly know the truth and really be set free from your sins if you simply take His Catholic Testimony seriously, obeying His Commandments. It is not impossible, as you would like to pretend. Jesus commanded His disciples to be perfect (Matthew 5:48) and St. Paul the Apostle assures them that it is always possible to refrain from sin. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Ergo, by the Triune Catholic God’s Grace, it is both achievable & commanded that men should be perfectly holy just like the perfectly holy God, in Whose Image they are made. He is the Source of All Truth, and His Infallible Mouth on earth is the Roman Catholic Church, the Pillar & Foundation of This Truth. (1 Timothy 3:15) This is why the motto of The Epistemologic Works is “The truth about truth perceived, insomuch as we perceive the origin of that truth.” And why, at the bottom of every webpage on this website, you will find the slogan of “Pilate’s query met:”


For what was Pilate’s query?


He asked, “What is truth?” (John 18:38 DRC)


Jesus is the Saving Truth (John 14:6) and His Church is the Embodiment of this Saving Truth (Colossians 1:18, 24), being its very Foundation. (1 Timothy 3:15) Neither your ‘born again christianity’ nor any other false religion or worldly philosophy --- including the atheistic science of modern times --- can rival this. My precious & beloved soul, may Queen Mary, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God and Vanquisher of All Heresies & False Religions, bestow upon you the graces of Her Divine Son, King Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that you may recognize & acknowledge this God-Ordained Necessity. With the love of Christ’s Cross for your immortal being,


                                                                                                -Paul Doughton


+ + +


Pilate’s query met:



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