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How Am I Supposed to Believe Jesus Is God?


It’s really not that hard. But it does take help from God. Catholics call this ‘grace’.


With grace, you need to have ‘faith’ --- believing in everything Jesus teaches us to believe & do in His Roman Catholic Body, neither more nor less. Obeying what He & His Church teach us to believe & do is what Catholics call ‘works’. That is to say, being a good Catholic means you obey and do good works in Christ, which is how you “…work out your salvation… with fear and trembling…” (Philippians 2:12 DRC)


God created everything that exists out of nothing. This is something we little humans call a ‘miracle’ --- have any trouble believing in the existence of God or that He made everything, including us? If so, then you’ve got an even bigger problem on your hands (explaining how anything at all just happens to ‘exist’!) --- I mean, after all, you can’t be silly and expect serious people to think we magically ‘popped into existence’ without explaining very carefully & fully, from beginning to end, how this happened without a Maker to make us… everything had to have started somehow, didn’t it?


We may not be able to fully explain & understand God. Yet He’s the Only Thing that makes sense out of anything. If an Eternal Creator didn’t make us, then we’re left with very silly ‘make believe’ ideas about existence, pretending we know enough about everything that exists to ‘explain’ how we’re all here.


So let’s get serious. A real God can become a Man. It’s no harder for Him than making everything that exists out of nothing.


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