The Octave

Millennial Hypothesis,

Wherein, With the Blessed Virgin

 Mary’s Aid, We Strive to See Via

Our Creator’s Everlastingly

Timeless Eyes




“So the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the furniture of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made: and he rested on the seventh day… And he blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. (Genesis 2:1-3 DRC)


“Who shall ascend into the mountain of the Lord: or who shall stand in his holy place? …Who will grant me that I might know and find him, and come even to his throne? …Thy throne is prepared from of old: thou art everlasting… The Lord hath prepared his throne in heaven: and his kingdom shall rule over all… And thy wisdom with thee, which knows thy works… Send her out of thy holy heaven, and from the throne of thy majesty, that she may be with me, and may labour with me, that I may know what is acceptable with thee… I dwelt in the highest places, and my throne is in a pillar of a cloud… And above the firmament that was over their heads, was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of the sapphire stone, and upon the likeness of the throne, was a likeness as of the appearance of a man above upon it.” (Psalm 23:3, Job 23:3, Psalm 92:2 & 102:19, Wisdom 9:9a-b & 10, Ecclesiasticus 24:7 & Ezechiel 1:26 DRC)


“And Mary said: ‘My soul doth magnify the Lord. And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid; for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed… And his mercy is from generation unto generations, to them that fear him… He hath put down the mighty from their seat, and hath exalted the humble.’” (Luke 1:46-48, 50 & 52 DRC)


“But of this one thing be not ignorant, my beloved, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (2 Peter 3:8 DRC)




+++ 1. From Out of Eternity, Time +++

(No Time for Eternity Without the Triune God’s

Divinely Harmonic Word Made Flesh)


A few clever philosophers tell us the ultimate question is, “Why does anything exist?”


Or, put another way, “Why in the world is there something instead of nothing?”


(And what exactly is ‘nothing’, by the way? Ever tried to ponder this…?)


Meanwhile, a wise theologian asks the truly ultimate question:


“Why is there SOMEONE --- rather than NO ONE?”


No wise Catholic theologian… or wise Catholic saint… tries to answer this profound conundrum directly. And even if a particularly blessed Roman Catholic saint could, from the abstract visions of tremendous ecstasies, attempt to give, to one who asks, a direct & unveiled  rejoinder… would you or I be able to understand it? Both our human minds & human intelligence are limited. Sometimes, in the here below, there are no mere human thoughts or minds able to plumb the heights above. Sometimes, here below, anyone’s intelligent but circumscribed words utterly fail to convey --- could humans even potentially fathom --- an understanding of the things about which we speak.


And what if the ‘thing’ of which we speak is simply not totally of this world?


Like the proverbial blind men in India, encountering an elephant for the first time, yet unable to look at it with seeing & working eyes, they use their hands to feel it. But such a creature is large, and each blind man feels the part of the elephant he is nearest. And each blind man leaps to conclusions about the nature, shape & function of this creature that are mostly wildly astray of the true nature, shape & function of an elephant. Explaining this creature, therefore, is difficult if not impossible void of the eyes & words to do so; how much more if a ‘thing’ is not of this world, a ‘something’ we normally don’t see?


Then begins a series of words, signifying nothing, pretending to ‘explain’ that which transcends our ordinary existence, about which small human minds, mired in the very ordinary things of ordinary lives (read: visible, earthly & mortal), cannot comprehend; and, were we to comprehend an extraordinary existence, at least a few human minds able to peer into these extraordinary things of extraordinary lives (read: invisible, celestial & immortal), cannot communicate in the menagerie of an ordinary existence and ordinary thinking. Neither our present corporeal reality nor our earthly languages nor our minds’ limited experience and limited imaginations, grounded in correct thinking, are able to fathom this beyond-everyday-reality ‘thing’. As a magnificent angel responded to St. Samson’s father, he seeking to honor this heavenly denizen and his amazing but anticipated prophecy, were it truly fulfilled in the sight of their earthly eyes:


“Why askest thou my name, which is wonderful?” (Judges 13:18b-c DRC)


In other words, my true name, and its meaning, is extraordinarily marvelous, lovely, beyond your comprehension, and impossible, given your present life & intelligence, to wholly appreciate. Simply worship the True God in His True Religion, thankful for His Merciful Salvation, and honor myself, as His holy messenger, with whatever name in your language suffices to signify me and my task. That is all that is necessary for now.


Because God’s Word --- Queen Mary’s Son, Jesus Christ --- is beyond words. We must take by Faith --- the Roman Catholic Faith! --- the words rightly expressing His One True Religion, some of which is easily comprehended, some of which is more difficult to comprehend, and some of which we wait to fully comprehend in the hereafter.


And a parable, or seeming ‘paradox’, may be all we have in order to understand.


That is to say, ‘paradoxical’ statements often express more, and better, that which we strive to understand, than sheer, bare, naked earthly words all alone, bereft of the timeless Mind of God, or the minds & comprehension He grants His celestial creatures, angels.


Eternity is an astonishing thing. When people bother to think about it, it appears they presume eternity to be ‘neverending time’. Fair enough. For little mortal creatures made in the Image of God, thinking of it as endless time might be all that most of us are able to conceive. Yet did Our Maker have a ‘beginning’? Will He come to an ‘end’? Is causality part & parcel of God’s Being? That is to say, is He subject to one moment after another, to cause & effect, stretching both ways into an infinity of past & future? Is there a ‘present moment’ in which He exists, fleeting, ephemeral and evanescent?


Perhaps it would surprise many to know this is not strictly accurate.


Adequate, at a bare minimum, as a real Catholic to be orthodox, that is.


For, trapped in time, it’s all most of us, childlike of mind, can manage to see.


Whilst, beyond this bare minimum, words begin to fail us. For eternity is, more accurately speaking, timelessness. Or, if you will, all time all at once. So to speak. For again, mere words begin to fail us. Time is not a thing to which the Eternally Triune God is subject. It does not exist ‘apart’ from Him; it is a thing created by Him. Our Creator is ‘first’, as it were, time only existing at His Will for the benefit of His creatures to exist, especially those made in His Image. But what is ‘time’? How on earth to explain it?


Were a real Catholic to think this a ‘thing’ not worthy of ruminating upon, then they probably are not aware of St. Augustine of Hippo’s Confessions. In this autobiography he devotes an entire chapter to contemplating the nature of time. Oh, and did we mention the seemingly ‘paradoxical’? Indeed we did. It is extremely paradoxical, in a way, to be creatures subject to time who take the time to ponder the nature of time --- a time, strangely enough, we use whilst probing, and so as to probe, an elusive ‘time’.


Augustine is one of the greatest doctors of the Catholic Church. It would be foolish to dismiss his thoughts. One may be truly Catholic, and a good one at that, never needing to delve into time’s nature… nonetheless, not worthwhile to ponder? He certainly believed it worthwhile. Another man, too, inspired by the Holy Ghost, touched upon time. Jesus’ beloved disciple, St. John the Evangelist. He wrote a Gospel starting with these words:


“In the beginning was the Word [Jesus], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him [Jesus]: and without him was made nothing that was made.” (John 1:1-3 DRC. Emphases & annotations added in this or any other scriptural quotation in this little booklet.)


Incidentally, the fact that “…without him was made nothing that was made…” is proof positive that the Person of Jesus is Eternally God. For how could a mere creature, who is made, make everything that was made --- including himself prior to existing? Plainly, this is impossible! It’s the Spirit of Truth telling us through John that this Word, Jesus Christ, is the Maker. Nobody starts out not made, then makes himself, along with everything else. Therefore, why true Roman Catholics must believe the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary’s Son to be eternally divine, with no beginning or end. God is Three Persons in One Being, the Father eternally begetting the Son, the Holy Ghost eternally proceeding from both these Everlasting Persons. And, while co-equal and co-eternal, the Father chose His Everlastingly Begotten Son, the Word, to speak into existence all that God made.


Except… God is an Eternally Uncreated Spirit, isn’t He? He hence had no ‘mouth’ to begin with, so as to ‘speak’ into existence everything in the beginning. Did He? How are we then to comprehend this parable? Who will unlock the meaning of this ‘paradox’?


The Spirit of Truth, that’s Who. The Holy Ghost, the Divine Spouse of Mary.


And She is the Throne of Wisdom. How so? Because the beginning of wisdom is the “…fear of the Lord…” (E.g., Psalm 110:10 & Proverbs 1:7 DRC.) The Immaculate Mary fears the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church more than any other creature. Ergo why She is God’s Throne, the Throne of Wisdom, and why we go through Her to Him.


It is the Only Way to approach God’s Throne and perceive Him Face-to-face.


Jesus the Eternal Word exists apart from time, He making creation along with the enigmatic thing we call ‘time’. He spoke from His Divine Thought, setting up patterns and undulations after sovereignly willing into existence the ‘stuff’ of creation ex nihilo, out of nothing. (And again, what is ‘nothing’? Is it simply the absence of ‘something’? Yet having a mind to brood over the ‘nature’ of nothing, are we not missing the true ‘essence’ of nothing? To wit, it’s not just the lack of matter & energy. It is the lack, necessarily, of the ‘things’ we call space & time. This is ‘real’ nothing and, like an asymptote nearing infinity only to jump instantly to the opposite infinity --- or the mystifying ‘limit’ of calculus --- we can come near to ‘nothing’ without actually ‘touching’ it, our minds tracing out its ‘shape’ by the ‘area’ around it that we contemplate… as it were.) These patterns & undulations are the crucial link.


The link to what? To the Hypostatic Union, of the Creator & His Creation.


For what is a ‘word’, what is ‘speech’? Waves of ‘sound’ through the very air.


What, then, is God’s Word? Air is a created thing. It could NOT have existed ‘prior’ to creation. Ergo, how did God ‘speak’? What is the ‘word’ He said? Why would God the Holy Ghost divinely inspire St. John the Beloved to call God the Son the ‘Word’? Comprehending? The ‘patterns’ and ‘undulations’ of God’s Thought are what transmogrified (so to speak…), ‘after’ an initial creation, at least some of His primordially created ‘stuff’ into post-mordially formed ‘stuff’.


And the first ‘thing’ post-mordially formed? Why, light.


Which is a wave and undulates. And Queen Mary, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God Almighty --- like the Star of the Sea which She is, the Spirit of God moving over the deep, contemplating its waters (Genesis 1:1-3) --- bore in Her Immaculate Womb the Christ, Who is the True Light of This World. (John 1:4, 5, 9, 8:12, 9:5, 12:36 & 46)


“For in him were all things created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or dominations, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him and in him. And he is before all, and by him all things consist.” (Colossians 1:16-17 DRC)


The quote above is the Spirit of Truth communicating through St. Paul the Apostle.


Flabbergasting? Yes, if you even only barely grasp what he is saying to us.


We must never veer into pantheism; yet God is immanent in creation.


Immanent --- NOT imminent. There is a crucial difference!


And Christ’s Human Nature is That in Which All That Exists is to “consist.”


God is Perfectly Harmonic, despite being Perfectly Simple as a Catholic theologian would say. Likewise His Son’s Mother, Queen Mary, Who He made to be as perfectly harmonic as creature can be. Similarly the Eternally Divine Father’s & Her Son, Their Eternally Divine Christ, He Who is Perfectly Harmonic, as well, in both His Divinity & Humanity, He in turn creating everything that exists to be perfectly harmonic, too, in the beginning. This harmony distorted by the rebellion of angels & humans, His Mother, a Blessed & Immaculate Virgin, is the beginning of His New Creation, He making this New Creation available to anyone willing to be a good Roman Catholic.


One excellent way to describe time, then, amongst many other ways?


It is His Gift to us, allowing us to work out our salvation with fear & trembling. It is cause & effect, a thing not possible without time’s passage and an ability to fear God. Remember…? Such is the beginning of wisdom. Such is the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lord’s Throne of Wisdom. Her Little Lamb, the Word, creates time and gives us time, permitting us a chance to fear Him, too, perfectly harmonizing with Him, Her and the New Creation to come. Time to strive for eternity and enter eternity rightly, pleasing Almighty God by cooperating with His Graces, via His Mother, in real Catholicity.


It’s a chance to learn to sing & chant the Canticle of Canticles consummately.


Which Canticle echoes throughout the Cosmos, if you’ve the ears to hear.


A Carol that will be Perfectly Harmonic in the New Heaven & Earth.


Timeless, timeful? The twain shall meet in their Sacred Hearts. In the Eternal Now, wherein the Star of the Sea, Our Lady, like a Celestial Nexus allows Divine & Human ‘place’ to meet, to unite, to merge into One. Yet there is only one One, the Divine One. How are little creatures, made in His Image, to become ‘one’ with Him, the One? The Hypostatic Union. Which the One sovereignly chose to give us through His ‘One’, an Immaculately-Conceived Mary, without whom there would be no one at all… i.e., achieving Eternity with God. Causality is necessary to all this. Without causality, Creation would be irrational. And that wouldn’t make sense, would it? No, most emphatically not. Nunc stans, as theologians would say in Latin. ‘Now standing’, in English. Viz., it is the ‘now’ that’s remaining… or ‘standing’… in the passage of time, and not time that’s already ‘passed’ or ‘passing by’, therefore no longer ‘standing’. All the same, time’s passage, while in a certain sense  ‘illusory’, is nevertheless meaningless void of causality. To wit, it wouldn’t make ‘sense’. Hence why creatures such as us need causality and the existence of a ‘thing’ we call ‘time’. Nestled in the Bosom of Eternity.


Yes. That’s right. From out of Eternity, time --- so to speak. Time to seek for Eternity.


And find it before it’s too late. Lest we all, every single one of us… run out of time.


Were that possible. It is, you know. It’s a funny thing about Eternity. Understood as timelessness, and that time is placed ‘within’ Eternity, you realize how there is no truly ‘endlessness’ of time. There is no limit to ‘time’ in Eternity, God can choose to make as much time as He will. Notwithstanding, time always comes to an end. It runs out. And finding one’s way out of this menagerie, as God’s Image, is our responsibility. Nay, a privilege. Only angels & humans can grasp it; and only humans the chance to do it.


In the here below, Our Creator has made us like Him in reference to a gargantuan creation. Inasmuch as a mere creature made in His Image can be like Him, we are. In time, we can become like Him through His One & Only Roman Catholic Body… i.e., as much as a little creature can ‘be’ like Him. With causality. For the sake of salvation. To escape time, living with Him, Unmade Maker, in a Perfect & Harmonious Beatitude.


+++ 2. Gazing Upon the Sum of Temporal Creation +++

(Eternity a Vast Peak We Must Climb, a Celestial Summit

Mary… From Which We May Ever Survey All That Exists)


Throughout the prophetic works of the divinely-inspired Old Testament of Sacred Scripture, the assiduous reader continually runs into the theme of ‘God’s Mountain’. Whatever in the world is this ‘Mountain’? Can it be taken literally? Or only figuratively? Or both? I’m here to tell you that it is both. Taken too literally, it can get ridiculous. Or… taken too figuratively, it can get empty. To the point of nothingness. To signify anything, we must remain sensible and cling to something. That is to say, rather, to Someone.


And not just anyone. The One. Singular, Catholic, Triune & Uncreated Being.


(By the way, should the peruser of this booklet or article not know how often the Old Testament references ‘the Mountain of God’ or ‘the Mountain of the Lord’, etc., etc., etc., given several variations of what amounts to the same thing; please see, out of the dozens upon dozens possible, Psalm 67:16, Ezechiel 28:14, Isaias 2:3, Micheas 4:2, Psalm 47:2, Psalm 23:3, Zacharias 8:3, Psalm 98:9, Sophonias 3:11, Joel 3:17, Deuteronomy 33:19, and so forth and so on. And, yes, we are aware many of these verses can be taken in a literal sense. Again, it is NOT necessarily either / or. It can be both / and. Period.)


This One is the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Faith. He is simultaneously a Trinity-in-Unity & Unity-in-Trinity because He is One of an Uncreated Divinity of Substance & Being whilst as well --- at the same ‘time’ --- Three of an Uncreated Divinity of Entities & Persons. Said poorly? True, our minds & words fail us. Potentially distortable? True, unlearned & unwise people can easily misconstrue this theological dogma. However, understood correctly: perfectly and unassailably and indisputably the Saving Truth.


How so?


God’s One True Church is an Infallible Teacher through His Spirit & Power.


That’s how.


Except, once more, Our Maker is an Uncreated Spirit, eh? So this ‘Mountain’ of His cannot ‘be’ Him, whereas it may ‘symbolize’ Him. And this Mountain, wherever it is, while emblemized in a mountain, or mountains, here in the visible creation, pointing to ‘where’ He Is, and how we get there in order to be with Him, cannot be simply literal, a visible mountain dominating throughout the vast creation. It is an ‘invisible’ Mountain, both figuratively & spiritually, the means by which we comprehend both Him and how we attain to Him, the climbing of which is the Ascent of Ascents, a Singular Roman Catholic Summit from which, in the state of grace, we may gaze upon everything.


And we do mean everything. Childlike, we may surmise that it is to recline in Our Heavenly Mother’s Arms, far higher than a mere child may hope to stand otherwise. Or, spouselike, we may opine that it is to rest in the bower of Our Heavenly Husband, central in the heights, He a Supreme Emperor with Whom, as Highest Empress, we may survey a domain vast beyond mortal comprehension. Or, parentlike, we may design it is to take part in the procreation of neverending children, our very blessed thoughts themselves, Spirit-enquickened, fruitful past measure, pleasing Our Heavenly Offspring, Unmade Maker, He delighting in enabling us to share in His Abundant Propensity, He Who “…humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross.” Indeed, He “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men, and in habit found as a man.” (Philippians 2:8, 6-7 DRC) Wherefore the Holy Ghost via St. Paul the Apostle continues: “For which cause God also hath [has] exalted him, and hath given him a name which is above all names: that in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth [hell]: and that every tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:9-11 DRC) Which, as a result, is why Our Lord Jesus Christ says, expounding, “But you not so [you are not to act like the great of this fallen world, arrogantly lording it over everyone else]: but he that is the greater among you, let him become as the younger; and he that is the leader, as he that serveth [serves]. For which is greater, he that sitteth at table [sits at the table, like a lord or lady] or he that serveth [he or she who serves the food & wishes of the lord or lady]? Is it not he that sitteth at table? But I am in the midst of you, as he that serveth [I, Jesus Christ, Eternal God & Lord, act like a servant to you, mere creatures made in My Image, which Image I have taken upon Myself]: and you are they who have continued with me in my temptations [you have persevered with Me, overcoming with Me]: and I dispose to you, as my Father hath disposed to me, a kingdom [just as My Heavenly Father has bestowed a kingdom or cosmic empire upon Me, to rule, so do I, your King & Emperor, bestow upon you a kingdom or cosmic empire to rule along with Me]; that you may eat and drink at my table, in my kingdom: and may sit upon thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel [simultaneously, the twelve original portions of fallen humanity, and those twelve symbolic parts of His Roman Church in a New Creation].” (Luke 22:26-30 DRC)


Beginning to see why Jesus constantly referred to Himself as the ‘Son of Man’?


(In the Gospels. For instance, look at Matthew 9:6, Mark 13:26 & Luke 18:31.)


There is no higher throne than the highest. To wit, upon creation’s summit.


This creational peak is the Mountain of God. It is Mary Herself, Immaculate.


She is the Mountain of God; the City of God; the Throne of God and His Throne of Wisdom; the Gate of God and His Gate to Heaven; the Ladder of God and His Jacobian Spiral Staircase; the Ark of God and His Temple’s Ark of the New Covenant in the Holy of Holies; the Tree of God and His Tree of Life in the Garden of Paradise, bearing His Eternally Begotten Son, clothing Him with Her Sacred Flesh, the Fruit of Life, the Medicine of Immortality and Eucharistic Lamb, upon Whom may we sup!


A small yet clever man once dared to decree, ‘It is all relative,’ losing himself --- and humanity --- in the process. For relativity is how things fit together, in part or overall, in relation to themselves. It tells you nothing about which way is which, or where to go and where you are. It enthrones you as ‘God’, free to determine what that way is, anywhere or anywhen you wish, as if able to do so, thereby losing your way along the way. And, in all cases, no one is truly ‘free’ apart from the real God of the Catholic Church. For, while I and you are given free will, we are only free when we freely choose to obey the Triune God of this same Roman Catholic Church. “But be ye [all of you] doers of the word [Catholic Religion Whole & Undefiled], and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves… But he that hath [has] looked into the perfect law of LIBERTY, and hath continued therein, not becoming a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work; this man [human being who is Catholic] shall be blessed in his deed.” (James 1:22, 25 DRC)


Climbing the Mountain of God, then, involves not forgetting the Law of Liberty.


Only then are you free to make progress; only then may you truly surmount.


Yet what may you see as you climb higher, summit after summit? For this Sacred Mountain, cosmically immense as it is, is like any mountain we may find upon this earth. Even the “high mountain apart” (Matthew 17:1 DRC), upon which Christ’s Apostles, Ss. Peter, James & John, witnessed Him transfigured --- which long tradition informs us is Mt. Thabor --- is, whilst remarkably semi-hemispherical, composed of spots along its sides whence the person climbing may halt and view the surroundings. For most such mountains, they have ridges and lesser summits, places where the climber may pause, surveying the environment, and taking stock of his or her progress, gazing upon the mighty peak of peaks itself, calculating how much further to go and his strength.


Will he or she make it? Has he the strength? Or needful assistance to surmount?


Or will he or she fail upon the way, dying? Or plummet from heady heights?


These are questions to be reckoned with in successful mountaineering.


Those who are wise do not fail to take these things into account.


But first, which way is up? A seemingly simple determination. We assure you, it’s not. With the presence of so-called gravity, we see ‘up’ by the way we feel ‘weight’ --- the sense of a ‘force’ keeping us pressed ‘downward’. Even this everyday sense of ‘down’ appears simple only because we get used to it as a baby or toddler, and learn to grapple with it in a capable or athletic way during our adolescent or teenage years. In the past 6 decades, astronauts, cosmonauts or taichonauts (Chinese astronauts) have found ‘up’ or ‘down’ in the environment of ‘microgravity’ or ‘weightlessness’, while orbiting the earth, as a consequence of ‘mental orientation’. In other words, floating around with little or no feeling of weight, a human being ‘chooses’ which way to view as ‘up’… and that’s up.


Strange? When you’re used to life on earth, treading upon solid & static ground, yes.


Otherwise? Not really. Thinking about it, you realize ‘up’ or ‘down’, etc., requires ‘orientation’. Accordingly, a frame of reference. Gravity provides this reference. (A thing without which, shaped as our minds are by gravity, we then substitute our minds’ choice for our human minds being led to choose what gravity ‘tells’ us is the obvious choice…) And what is ‘gravity’? No one truly knows --- leastwise, not that is easily known. It’s a label for something that is taken for granted, unpondered (except for, maybe, physicists). At any rate, whilst now quite predictable for the trained scientist, within reason --- we are able to measure or control motion with astute equations --- or, if experienced, able to behave in ways that manipulate our motion, or the motion of an object, in manners everydayish or to the point of extraordinary (think, prodigies or great athletes…); honestly, we just know how to deal with gravity, NOT actually say how it works.


Yet does microgravity or weightlessness make position & direction meaningless?


Not at all. We simply need a frame of reference. For earth orbit, it is earth itself. From various other celestial places & motions, it can be something else out of convenience. For example, landing on earth’s moon would naturally necessitate shifting reference frame to the moon. Or, if sailing outward to Mars, reference along the way would conveniently be to the sun, around which Mars revolves, then to Mars, once inserted in Martian orbit or placed upon its surface. You fathom? This is for the sake of practicality & convenience.


Ah, but if we’re talking about the entire cosmos? How do we find our way out there?


That is to say, sailing through the universe... climbing the Mountain of God in This Creation… how do we know where we are, and how do we find our way to Heaven? Only then, standing upon whatever height on this celestial peak that we have achieved, whatever ridge or lesser summit that we have attained, can make sense of what we see, surveying all that is below and within our little human sight. It’s not just our physical sight, though, is it? We speak of the spiritual, too. Of our God-given intelligence. In human minds, with adequate intelligence, we can sail the seas of all the universe. It requires only our desire & resolve, at least a bit of knowledge, and divine graces. Unencumbered, we may then scale the heights of this peak in our very thoughts.


That guardian angel of ours --- may he be praised! --- will gladly assist us. Because it’s where we’re meant to be, if climbing with a right intent, which intent is Roman Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled. Then, and only then, will our ascent be acceptable to God.


So what is the correct & needful frame of reference to achieve this cosmic ascent?


How do we find Heaven, from earth, following in Jesus & Mary’s footsteps?


The answer is in the sentence previous. We start with earth. Earth is the frame of reference for All of Creation. With this qualification: that we must free ourselves of the Modernist dogmas soiling everyone’s thinking in our present time, the era of the Great Apostasy. We have dethroned earth and pretended it is ‘nowhere special’, as well as pretending that we have ‘proven that this is so’. When, in reality, we have NOT.


The earth really is the Center of God’s Creation, and recent data proves it.


Have trouble with that? Then please read Geocentricity: The Structure of the Cosmos as Deduced From a Scholarly & Catholic Paradigm; & How Supposed‘Evidence’ for an Ultimately Frameless… or ‘Acentric’… Universe Fails Utterly to ‘Prove’ a Centerless Existence, But Ups Geo-Centrality . As I’m sometimes fond of saying, I don’t have to continually re-invent the wheel. This long article, or small booklet (depending upon which way you look at it), is plenty sufficient to demonstrate to the honest & intelligent person that scientific & technological findings of the last 140+ years clearly reveals this truth, and that our supposed ‘evidence’ to the contrary is simply data spun in only one direction, without considering, logically & justly, other very rational interpretations.


End of sentence. Geocentricity is in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works, to your left. It’s also in the Quiklinks to your right. Between all four hyperlinks now given to you, my beloved soul, you’ve small or no excuse not to pursue it. Merely arrogance or hatred would predispose you to reject it without examining it, and I have done absolutely everything I can, short of being an apostle or prophet, to prove it.


The ball’s in your court. I politely suggest you pick that ball up and dribble.


Assuming you grasp the sports reference to basketball (no pun intended).


But shall we continue? For the reader ready to do so, wanting truth.


Knowing our tiny yet precious earth to have been placed by God at the very center of creation, we now know which way is up. It’s simple. Anywhere outward from earth is ‘up’. In absolute terms. I.e., from an absolute --- not relative! --- frame of reference. So, going up? Then head outward from the earth. Most of us unable to do so in the body at the moment, or ever during our brief human lives, nonetheless, we may still do so via minds, hearts, prayer & contemplation. Except for one ‘thing’. Up may be anywhere outward from earth… but that still leaves a lot of directions, spherically speaking.


In which of those directions lies the heaven of heavens --- that is, Heaven?


Leastwise, the Gate of Heaven, its portal and stunning entrance?


As Geocentricity also indicates, it is very likely in the northern celestial hemisphere, speaking in terms of the absolute frame of reference provided by a divinely-appointed central earth. Nor, apart from the southern-most reaches of earth’s globe, is this northern region unviewable by most of the world’s human inhabitants. Yet what is this proposed portal to Heaven Proper, where resides Our Uncreated Creator visibly manifest? The Pleiades. In the Constellation of Taurus, one of Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, to the northwest of Orion, or upper right, as seen from earth in the northern hemisphere.


If then this truly is the Gate of Heaven, consequently the highest summit of God’s Celestial Mountain to be found in this direction from a central & spherical earth, we necessarily must climb and view the cosmos from this vantage point in the heavens. Metaphorically speaking, of course. For this Mountain, whilst allegorical, is, too, indubitably real, simultaneously. Indeed, ’tis a peak transcending time & space. Nonetheless, we speak now of traveling in the mind, beyond minutes & miles.


Correct, dear soul. Climbing this summit surmounts these two ‘things’.


Neither duration nor distance hinder us in the heights.


Yet while real --- understood accurately --- the allegory of the Mountain of God is intrinsically of the soul and the mind. And, whereas our souls are caged, as it were, in physical bodies for the time being, our minds are not so. To wit, physically imprisoned. Mentally jailed? Only if ignorant & deluded, only if lacking curiosity or holy intent. Then yes. Yes, sadly, an adequately intelligent human mind is very much trapped. Feel like an escape artist? Intellectually, that is? Want to burst free from the bonds of a caged mind? Striving for the heavenly graces to sally forth, catch a glimpse of above & all around?


Then be Roman Catholic; have curiosity with holy intent; and ask, seek & knock.


As Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ remarked, Virginal Mary’s Son:


“Give not that which is holy to dogs [don’t even attempt to tell human beings, who are contemptuous or utterly uncaring, about the most valuable things of the Roman Catholic Religion]; neither cast ye [all of you] your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you [they rip you to pieces]. Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you. For EVERY ONE that asketh [asks], RECEIVETH [receives]: and he that seeketh [seeks], FINDETH [finds]: and to him that knocketh [knocks], IT SHALL BE OPENED. Or what man is there among you, of whom if his son shall ask [for] bread, will he reach him [give to him] a stone? Or if he shall ask [from] him a fish, will he reach him a serpent? If you then being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children: how much more will your Father who is in heaven, give good things to them that ask him?” (Matthew 7:6-10 DRC)


The key is, is this a good thing to ask of Our Heavenly Father & Celestial Mother?


And I gently respond, “Yes. I do dare say it is. It’s to be our Home some day.”


Yet how does this Divine Summit, and climbing it, amount to transcendence of time & space? Recollect. Our Uncreated Creator created the dualistic dimensions of temporality & spatiality. He is not subject to them. And He made them for us, His creatures, for men and women formed in His Image, in order to permit us to work out our salvation with a holy fear & trembling, for those who are Roman Catholic Whole & Entire. The upshot, then? As one ascends the Mountain of God --- if only in the grace-empowered mind --- one increasingly espies, with a higher ‘altitude’, not just more of everywhere, but more and more of everywhen. Everywhere, everywhen? What mean these charming words? High enough upon the Celestial Peak, we may see a greater part of God’s Creation, further in space & distance. Likewise, the vantage of heavenly height allows us to perceive further in time & duration, whether past or future. It is all laid out.


Not that God, Our Creator, permits such a thing willy nilly. There can be things He simply will not allow us to know, or, if known, allow us to tell. For instance, the great St. Paul the Apostle, caught up to the “third heaven”, hearing “secret words, which it is not granted man to utter.” Or an equally great St. John the Beloved Disciple & Evangelist, who, seeing visions in Heaven, heard the “seven thunders” uttering “their voices,” and, “about to write… heard a voice from heaven saying to me: ‘Seal up the things which the seven thunders have spoken; and write them not.’” (2 Corinthians 12:2-4 & Apocalypse 10:4 DRC) The point? God permitted both men to hear things that He did not, notwithstanding, allow them to communicate to us in Sacred Scripture!


Yet why? Why would this be? There could be several reasons, of which we will not pretend to be wise enough wholly or thoroughly. But we will note a single thing, that, suspect I, is the first & fundamental reason, from which other reasons may branch out and divinely apply. For God is timeless, eh? He surely is, not subject, in His Eternality, to the ‘things’ He has created for us, little creatures, like ‘space’ and ‘time’… and not just a gross ‘matter’ or shimmering ‘energy’. Being omniscient as well, He knowing all things everywhere and all things everywhen, past, present & future, nothing is hid from Him, including our future deeds & destiny. Nonetheless, we’ve free will, no? Forsooth, we certainly do. Both are Infallible Dogmas of His One & Only Roman Catholic Faith. Consider, then --- how may we exercise this ‘free will’ when we know too much of unrealized events? Knowing our everlasting destiny, how may we choose, these incredibly perilous choices the very thing that results in our neverending fate? Comprehend? For humans, future knowledge is a multi-edged blade.


Free will in us must be real; yet Divine Omniscience is real, too.


The gist for humanity, made in His Singular Divine Image? We may know of the non-eternality of the things we call ‘space’ and ‘time’, knowing, also, should God permit, the extent, topography & boundaries, to some degree, of what lies in the spatial or temporal distance in any direction. Our Creator may not permit every one of us, or any of us, to know everything about the lay of the distant & enduring terrain around His Mountain. Nor may He permit some of us, or any of us, to tell of what He allows us to see from Divine Summit’s creational vantage points. But this does not mean it is not real.


Hopefully, there is no barking or oinking from the much-put-upon reader. We’ve not the audacity to note these things merely because we wish to, or because we want obsequious veneration. And the hope for lack of doggishness or piggishness is not for me; verily, it is precisely what I deserve! Rather, it is for the sake of the poor reader. For you, dear soul. Regardless of whether Heaven deigns for you to know such things at this point, apocalyptic events would seem to require it to be told. In other words:


“Behold [you see] I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye [all of you, my disciples, real Roman Catholics Whole, Entire & Undefiled] therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves… And you shall be hated by all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall persevere unto the end, he shall be savedThe disciple is not above the master, nor the servant above his lord. It is enough for the disciple that he be as [like] his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the goodman of the house [master of the house, that is, Our Lord Jesus the Divine Head of His Ecclesial Body] Beelzebub, how much more them of his household [to wit, real Roman Catholics, especially during the Great Apostasy]? Therefore fear them not. For nothing is covered that shall not be revealed: nor hid, that shall not be known. That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light [publicly, in whatever fashion Our Lord & Lady have chosen for you to use]: AND THAT WHICH YOU HEAR IN THE EAR [one’s Catholicism enriched], PREACH YE UPON THE HOUSETOPS.” (Matthew 10:16, 22 & 24-27 DRC)


Beelzebub, incidentally, is a Philistine pagan deity known as ‘the lord of the flies’. Church teachers --- like the early Church fathers --- have consistently interpreted the name, as used by Jesus, to refer to the devil. Yes, you have it. Calling Christ ‘Beelzebub’ is equivalent to calling good ‘evil’ and evil ‘good’. It is the ultimate sin & lie. Sometimes the good Roman Catholic must be prudent during evil times and remain mostly silent. And not everyone is called to speak. But sometimes we must shout from housetops. A global cloud is one big housetop. Wherein now dwell the worshippers of Beelzebub.


We are a terrestrial family, yet riven in two. As in the days of St. Noe just prior to the Great Flood, when most human beings were hideously wicked, so, too, is humanity now, being the “Children of Belial…” (Deuteronomy 13:13 DRC, e.g.) In a very dark house.


+++ 3. Paradise, Paradox, Parables & Seven Spirits +++

(The Invisible Visible Via the Visible; a Sun-Draped Queen

Upon Selene Wreathed in Stars; and Quicksilver

Wings of Light)


Fortunately, this ultimate sin & lie of calling good ‘evil’ can be forgiven.


But, of course, an adequately intelligent human being must want to be forgiven. And actually ask God to be forgiven for having committed this sin. That Jesus Christ began His Singularly Roman Catholic Church Whole & Undefiled… outside of which there is never salvation… is the sin’s crux, denying this, and the sin is compounded when a rebel slanders Christ with being ‘evil’ and calling the Original Heretic, Schismatic & Apostate, Lucifer, ‘good’, if only symbolically and not ‘literally’. (Satanists, those who worship the devil, are often what is better to call ‘satanists lite’: they deny Lucifer’s real existence and claim the ‘idea’ of the devil is just a symbol which, in honoring & recognizing it, is hence upping humanity’s ‘freedom’ from the Catholic Faith, self-styled ‘christian’ religions, or even any traditional religion of traditional morality whatsoever.) Any such person is able to repent of this lie, in whatever form, and still become truly Catholic before it is too late, saving his or her soul at death. Unfortunately, there is also a sin which is unforgivable. Which is? Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Third Person of God, the Spirit of Truth:


“Therefore I say to you: every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, BUT THE BLASPHEMY OF THE SPIRIT SHALL NOT BE FORGIVEN. And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: BUT HE THAT SHALL SPEAK AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST, IT SHALL NOT BE FORGIVEN HIM, neither in this world, nor in the world to come. Either make the tree good and its fruit good: or make the tree evil, and its fruit evil. For by the fruit the tree is known.” (Matthew 12:31-33 DRC)


Every human being will die. Since the Original Sin of Ss. Adam & Eve, this has been a Spiritual Rule of Thumb; there have been but few exceptions (for instance, Ss. Henoch & Elias, refer to Genesis 5:18-24 & 4 Kings 2:1, 11 & 16-18, as well as 1 Machabees 2:58).


At any rate, note truth --- a person, people, spirit or spirits is known by their fruit…”


And when you or I or another dies, our fruit --- the thoughts, words & deeds we do --- will go before us: in the eyes of this world, likely; in the eyes of the world to come, there is no doubt. The Law of Natural Reason utters truth within our hearts, leading us to know why we exist, or at least to find out why we exist. And the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost Almighty, convicts our hearts, letting us know where we fail to observe the Natural Law, failing to save our souls in the Singular Catholic Body & Faith of Jesus Christ, or, seeing the undeniably Infallible Truth of Catholicism, failing to acknowledge it or profess it. In failing to do the latter… to seek or acknowledge the Singularly True & Saving Religion of Roman Catholicism… we blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, willfully & hellishly denying what He imprints upon our hearts, minds & consciences. Dying in this evil condition means we run out of time to ever do penance, renouncing our sin. It is, therefore, why this nefarious sin is unforgivable, and why it is forever mortal.


Because there is NEVER salvation OUTSIDE Christ’s Catholicism.


Don’t believe this? Yet call yourself ‘roman catholic’?


Then read the tome, Helplessly Ignorant .


Again, we needn’t re-invent the wheel. The proof & logic are there. The proof & logic has been there for nearly a year now, uploaded in fullness, and no human of intelligence that is adequate, with time in this life to seek, is with excuse in the matter. God intends humanity to search for the Purpose of Our Existence, and we are made in His Image. Ignorance is no excuse, and, having intelligence & time, it is never ‘invincible’.


The ironclad logic, with evidence galore, is in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works to your left, or in the Quiklinks to the right. Read intelligently!


Meanwhile, please realize. If you don’t wish to be forgiven of your mortal sins --- the worst of which is to refuse to seek properly for Our Purpose of Our Existence, to become Roman Catholic Whole & Entire once the Spirit of Truth enables you to discover the One True Religion; or, if truly Catholic already, refusing to remain Catholic or refusing to try to be a good Catholic, dying in the state of grace --- then it is useless to think you can climb the Mountain of God. Whether metaphorically now, with a little assistance, or literally in the hereafter, your immortal soul scaling the uranic heights, it is useless, ultimately, without a real humility & sorrow for one’s many, many terrible sins.


Refusal to be a real Roman Catholic, or to die in grace as such, is damnation.


I thus bid a beloved reader to climb with me… I helping you, if of any help, and you helping me where you may… as such. Truly Roman Catholic, and truly trying to be a good Roman Catholic. Any attempt to climb St. Jacob’s Ladder will fail otherwise.


But how to climb an ‘invisible’, oftentimes allegorical, ‘mountain’ thru one’s mind?


With help from the visible around us, and the assistance of invisible graces from Jesus Christ, via His Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, and with the succor of a guardian angel, encouraging to use the aforesaid, corresponding with Precious Gems from Heaven. Once more, ask, seek & knock. Having done so, or received from Jesus unexpectedly, we fear Him in all sincerity, knowing that only He can place our immortal souls in the Pit of Hell forever. This “…fear of the Lord…” is the beginning of wisdom. (Psalm 110:10 & Proverbs 1:7 DRC again, e.g.) And what well-instructed & real Catholic does not know, we reiterate, how the Triune God’s Magnificent & Immaculate Throne of Wisdom is none other than His Chosen Mother, the Star of the Sea Herself, Our Lady & Queen?


She is Wisdom Personified, without Whom we cannot hope to scale starry heights. She was assumed body & soul from Jerusalem after Her Miraculous Death & Revival (a thing She had no ‘need’ to suffer, being given this Gift at Her Humble & Holy Request, piously longing to imitate Her Son as much as Our Maker would allow Her to do so) into Heaven Above. Consequently, the trail has already been blazed by Her Immaculate Feet. Jacob’s Ladder erected, Her Golden Spiral Stairway, we Her Roman Catholic children retrace Our Mother’s Footsteps, climbing this Heavenly Double Helix. With One Divinely Human Rail Her Son, Jesus, and the Other Immaculately Human Rail She Herself --- Most Perfect Beginning of Our Uncreated Creator’s New Creation. In Her is the Word Made Flesh rooted, Her Son, Christ the God-Man; with Her the Second Person of the Eternal Divinity deigned to clothe Himself in His Own Image; through Her He has donned His Sacred Humanity; by Her Immaculacy He crushes a Serpent’s Head.


And She did assume both body & soul, did She not? That others might follow.


Every Rung an Empyrean Signpost; each Rung a Dogmatic & Moral Victory.


Or, should we say --- each Rung a further Step in Wisdom, seeing farther.


Or, put yet another way --- Her Rosary shining ever brighter within us.


As the Beloved Disciple observed, the Spirit of Truth inspiring him:


“And the light shineth [shines] in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it [understand, overcome, able to successfully strategize or defeat it].” (John 1:5 DRC)


For every Mystery of the Rosary --- of which there are fifteen, NOT the imaginary ‘twenty’ of Novus Ordoists! --- is a Spiritual Empyrean Rung upon this Jacobian-Marian Ladder: every Rosarian Mystery corresponds to a Physical Empyrean Rung, to the Ancient Celestial Spheres or ‘heavens’ above, till Highest Heaven attained.


Again… the Mountain of God. The Peak of Creation, its highest & crucial point.


With earth His Footstool, earth’s moon Her Podium, Her Womb His Throne, Her Head wreathed in zodiacal & stellar radiance, His Eternal Ground of Being-in-Three-Persons Her Triple Tiara Crown. This is the Summit the real Roman Catholic seeks. This is the Kingdom of Heaven that is within, if truly Catholic: and without when All Is Catholic.


(See Luke 17:21 DRC for proof of Jesus declaring Heaven’s Kingdom “within…”)


A ‘within-ness’ not to be confused with pantheism, immanentism or self-idolatry.


A kingdom is ruled by a king. Ergo, any subject of the kingdom is subject to this king. Only the king ultimately rules. Citizens of the king’s kingdom rule only inasmuch as they obey this king and carry out his orders or responsibilities. This includes the One & Only Roman Catholic Kingdom of Heaven. It begins within us when we take solemn vows with the holy intent to obey Christ the King, and His Mother the Queen, wherever & whenever such vows require duty. They the Regal Rulers, we their loyal lieges!


No, the ‘within-ness’ is simply a true Catholic learning to be a good Catholic, despite lack of Catholicity or lack of right morality around us. When enough real Catholics do this, the Kingdom of Heaven --- Roman Catholic Christendom! --- becomes fully visible upon this earth, all around us. This necessarily, and eventually, means Roman Catholic nations with Roman Catholic laws, culture, tradition, art and whatnot. Whereas the so-called ‘catholic’ leaders of the Great Apostasy are like the wicked Pharisees of old:


“He that is the greatest among you shall be your servant [from Heaven’s Point of View, the least in authority & power upon this earth, as real Roman Catholics, are the greatest in the Roman Catholic Kingdom of Heaven --- hence, if in authority & power in Catholic nations or ecclesial Hierarchy, then truly believe yourself, and, howsoever much you can, act like it is so!, that you are nevertheless the least and like a servant to everyone else in Roman Catholic Christendom or Church]. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled: and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. But woe to you scribes and Pharisees [you learned & authoritative leaders of My Church, who think yourselves the ‘greatest’ because of your learning & authority], hypocrites; because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men, for you yourselves do not enter in; and those that are going in [for those true Catholics that are striving to be good Roman Catholics], you suffer not to enter [you do your best to stop them from being good Catholics, lest they thereby successfully attain to the Reward of Eternal Life!]… Woe to you blind guides [you wicked leaders of My Church, pretending to care about Me and the immortal souls of real Catholics, those who belong to Me], that say, ‘Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but he that shall swear by the gold of the temple, is a debtor [only a solemn vow founded upon a thing of earthly value matters to Heaven Above].’ Ye [all of you] foolish and blind [leaders]; for whether is greater [for which is greater?], the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth [sanctifies] the gold? ‘And whosoever shall swear by the altar, it is nothing [this is what you foolish & wicked leaders think, claim & act like]; but whosoever shall swear by the gift that is upon it, is a debtor.’ Ye blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that sanctifieth the gift? He therefore that sweareth [swears] by the altar, sweareth by it, and by all things that are upon it [the real Roman Catholic person who makes a solemn vow based upon the heavenly & spiritual things of the Faith of Roman Catholicism is the vow that matters in God’s Holy Sight, starting with one’s solemn vow of the Sacrament of Baptism!]… Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you make clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but within you are full of rapine and uncleanness [you pretend with ‘pious’ talk & ‘pious’ behavior to be the ‘best’ of Catholics while, in reality, your hidden souls are iniquitous, pernicious & diabolic, filled with the Seven Deadly Sins]. Thou blind Pharisee [you spiritually unseeing leader!], first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean. Woe to you scribes [highly educated Catholics, like scholars & theologians] and Pharisees [outwardly orthodox leaders of Christ’s Ecclesial Body of Roman Catholicism], hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres [you are similar to beautiful & spotless-looking tombs] WHICH OUTWARDLY APPEAR TO MEN BEAUTIFUL, BUT WITHIN ARE FULL OF DEAD MEN’S BONES, AND OF ALL FILTHINESS [the tombly beauty & spotlessness is a ruse, the inside of these graves full of lifeless bones and rotting, putrid & stinking corpses]. So you also outwardly indeed appear to men just; but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; that build the sepulchres of the prophets, and adorn the monuments of the just [you fund & build fine-looking shrines in honor of saints & angels, these Holy Denizens of Heaven], and say: ‘If we had been in the days of our Fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.’ Wherefore you are witnesses AGAINST yourselves, THAT YOU ARE THE SONS OF THEM THAT KILLED THE PROPHETS [you’re no better than your wicked ancestors, hating those who are God’s Messengers, those who uphold His Roman Catholic Truth Whole, Entire & Undefiled]. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers [reap the full punishment of your diabolic forbears in the everlasting damnation to come]. You serpents [you children of your father, the devil, that Ancient, Original & Great Serpent, in spite of an appearance of ‘holiness’ and ‘catholicity’], generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell? Therefore behold I send to you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them you will put to death and crucify [some you’ll murder, as if ‘criminals’], and some you will scourge in your synagogues, and persecute from city to city [others you’ll hurt and ‘punish’, in this way trying to scare them, so as to make them stop telling you the uncomfortable truth of your sins]: THAT UPON YOU MAY COME ALL THE JUST BLOOD THAT HATH BEEN SHED UPON THE EARTH, from the blood of Abel the just, even unto the blood of Zacharias the son of Barachias, whom you killed between the temple and the altar [I, Almighty Triune God of the Catholic Church, resolve to permit you to do your worst so that I am justified to the fullest in punishing you completely in the world to come].” (Matthew 23:11-13, 16-20, 25-35 DRC)


Hmm. One of the ‘hard sayings’ of Jesus, isn’t it? Not very popular.


Well, for the wicked, that is. For the real Roman Catholic, though?


Who is determined to find truth, face truth, and live the truth?


Worth its weight in gold. For Antipope Francis, however?


(The present fraud pretending to be ‘pope’, if you don’t know.)


Yes, anyone following his antics --- who claims to be Catholic --- knows about his penchant for regularly excoriating those he labels ‘pharisees’. When, in fact, he and his cohorts are the worst Pharisees of all. Indeed, not just Pharisees… Sadducees! For, while Pharisees were, the vast majority of them, bad Catholics of the Old Testament, they were, nonetheless, orthodox. Whereas the Sadducees were like today’s Novus Ordoists, talking like they’re ‘catholic’, when, truth be told, they were not. They openly held and taught many heresies, indulging rank immorality, being ‘Hellenized’ (read: had adopted the worst of Greek thought & fashions), just as the Novus Ordoists of today’s Great Apostasy, the world over, have aped our era’s Modernism, talking & acting as them. Whichever, prior to Vatican II, both acted like they ruled God’s Church. In Pharisees’ cases, truly but badly as evil got worse; in Sadducees’ cases, nothing but a sheer fraud.


To wit, whether LNO (Liberal Novus Ordoist), CNO (Conservative Novus Ordoist) or TNO (Traditional Novus Ordoist), the Novus Ordoist of the Great Apostasy has loved the Religion of Modernism more than they love God’s Catholic Religion Whole & Entire, in this way notoriously & pertinaciously denying at least one of Catholicism’s dogmas. For LNOs, this can amount to untold numbers of dogmas denied in the external forum. For CNOs, who can superficially appear to be ‘catholic’ due to those by whom they are surrounded, being so bad, it is fewer dogmas denied. Whilst, for TNOs, it can go surprisingly either way: they can be as bad as CNOs or better than CNOs.


This is because they seem to love many traditions of the One True Church.


Meaning, they really, really, really like the timeless Catholic Mass. As a result, if they call the antipopes ‘popes’, then they either pursue the antipapal motu proprio of 2007, a ‘ruling’ permitting them to enjoy the rubrics of this Mass (called the ‘extraordinary form’ since it is supposed to be fairly ‘exceptional’ in contrast to the so-called ‘ordinary form’ of the Novus Ordo Mass in full use since 1970 in the wake of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council) according to the somewhat mangled form current as of 1962, or else they perpetrate the ploy of SSPX and say they are in full ‘union’ with the post-Vatican II antipopes, when, in actuality, they are not. Granted, the last two decades have seen the SSPX achieve some sort of ‘quasi-canonical’ status in the eyes of knowledgeable NOs, notwithstanding, they don’t truly ‘obey’ the antipopes in the fullest sense at all, and they are not wholly ‘authorized’ like the FSSP are. Although they do, apparently --- most, if not all of them --- employ the somewhat mangled 1962 version of the Catholic Mass.


And, whilst not claiming to be thorough (that would take too long in this article), there are other TNOs, such as the SSPV (who broke from the aforementioned SSPX in 1983), viewing purported ‘sedevacantism’ as a distinct yet unresolved possibility (i.e., they are willing to consider the possibility that St. Peter’s Throne is temporarily empty, although they aren’t doctrinaire about it, necessarily), or the CMRI (who are doctrinaire regarding ‘sedevacantism’, albeit not officially connected to the FSSP, SSPX or SSPV in any way, having begun in 1967 and publicly rejected Vatican II and the antipopes by the 1970s.)


Confused? Don’t feel bad. It’s the nature of the times --- the long foretold Apostasy.


Simply realize one very, very, very sad fact: these TNOs, of whatever stripe, are still Novus Ordoist. Accordingly, NOs. This is because, however ‘traditional’ they are in so many ways, they are like all other NOs… whether LNO or CNO… in that they hold to a form of Salvation Heresy. That is to say, they most certainly DO NOT BELIEVE in ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its original, ancient, narrow, unchanging & correct sense --- a simple & infallible dogma of the Roman Catholic Church since the first century --- without constant qualification and needless complexities. In other words, just like every other NO, they are determined to find ‘loopholes’ to this simple & infallible teaching, TNOs merely differing over how ‘cautious’ or ‘strict’ they are about these ‘loopholes’. Meanwhile, they are utterly clueless, or purposefully rebellious, refusing to admit they could be wrong about ‘no Salvation outside the Church’, oblivious to the fact they are nigh well identical to ‘catholics’ of the 1920s, ’30s ’40s & ’50s, who most, if not every one of them, held a seemingly ‘conservative’ form of Salvation Heresy that had entered essentially every seminary in the world by the late 1800s, and, for example, in our own America, at least, was taught in the ‘Baltimore Catechism’ during the 1880s, with an increasing brazenness on into the 1920s and beyond. This is how apostasy spread.


It’s also why self-styled ‘catholics’ think it a ‘dogma’ of the Church.


Because they presume, out of nowhere, catechisms are ‘infallible’.


When, in fact, a catechism is only as good as the priest or theologian who writes it, the bishop or ecclesial authority who imprimaturs or nihil obstats it, and must, in any case, never dare to deny what has been taught before as infallible, or put forth as ‘infallible’ what has not yet ever been formally defined or condemned by a true pope. Period. This is what has got these people into trouble. This is why, if CNO or TNO, and determined to follow the Vatican II Pseudo-Council or the post-Vatican II antipopes, they are shocked at what Antipope Francis is daring to say & do. Because the pretense is starting to wear quite thin. Yet even if ‘sedevacantist’ like the CMRI, they are still powerless to remain ‘faithful’ due to their tenaciously clinging to a now ‘old-fashioned’ & ‘conservative’ form of Salvation Heresy, proudly unwilling to admit a very simple & plain truth:


The truth that God has permitted this, and inflicts it upon us, because of our arrogant, lazy & rebellious attitudes toward Him & His Singular Religion. Because they, and their leaders, as the centuries went by, had become worse & worse Catholics until, finally, they have had real Catholicity ripped from their hearts & minds with the Amos Curse --- refer to Amos 8:11-14 if the reader is unfamiliar with this Divine Precept --- Our Creator no longer willing, for a time, to generously bestow graces to help us be wholly Catholic. Such Catholics first became New Testament Pharisees… blind to their rank hypocrisy, hubris & presumption… then evolved into New Testament Sadducees… even more blind to their ludicrousness, arrogance & errant assumptions, both unwilling & even unable to examine the matter with eager rationality, thereby unable to see Saving Truth clearly.


They and their leaders are the very thing so ‘harshly’ and frankly condemned in the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ: “…whited sepulchres WHICH OUTWARDLY APPEAR TO MEN BEAUTIFUL, BUT WITHIN ARE FULL OF DEAD MEN’S BONES, AND OF ALL FILTHINESS.” (Matthew 23:27b-e DRC)


Yet if the poor & beloved reader is full of doubts --- or filled with rage & anger at everything we’ve dared to say whilst, at the same time, somehow making it this far in perusing the article --- please go to Baptismal Confusion for proof that catechisms have never yet been acts of the Church’s or a Pope’s Infallibility (specifically, Chapters 83-89, which is Part 4 of Baptismal Confusion). Or go to Helplessly Ignorant , if the dear soul is unaware of the very hard proof of what God’s One & Only Roman Catholic Church has taught with both infallibility & simplicity concerning His Singular Means of Salvation, no ifs, ands or buts, with no purported ‘loopholes’ or a ‘development’ (read: change to something that contradicts what all real Catholics knew it to mean before, since Jesus’ time on earth with His Apostles). Or examine Inter Regnum for overwhelming proof Christ’s Singular Catholic Church has experienced unexpectedly long gaps between popes, or surprisingly enormous & widespread confusion about who is really pope, including an explanation for how & why God allowed the Great Apostasy to be.


Which leads us to Paradise. The lovely Garden of Paradise, to be exact.


Yes, this is where humanity started. It is where Our Maker planted us. It is where a Serpentine Lucifer was permitted to test us. And it is where an Immaculate Mary was envisioned from All of Eternity in God’s Fathomlessly Infinite Mind, She appearing, in ‘wooded guise’ as a Tree of Life, Her Fruit --- the Everlastingly Divine Son of God, the Immortally Living Medicine of Immortality as the Corporeal Son of Man, and the Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Humankind & Created Cosmos --- the means by which we propel our Way to Heaven, the Viaticum, or Celestial Food for the Journey to Our Heavenly Home Above, up the Summit of Creation and into Highest Heaven.


It is here we find the Seven Spirits of God. As Sacred Scripture remarks:


“John to the seven churches [dioceses] which are in Asia [Minor, modern day Turkey]. Grace be unto you and peace from him that is, and that was, and that is to come [i.e., the Eternally Timeless Creator of All], and from the SEVEN SPIRITS which are before his throne… And to the angel [viz., ‘messenger’, commonly interpreted as being the bishops of these dioceses, although it could also be the angel assigned to guard over the diocese] of the church [diocese] of Sardis [one of the seven dioceses in Asia Minor, to whom He, Jesus, chose to have His disciple, St. John the Evangelist, compose a short letter], write: ‘These things saith [says] he that hath [has] the SEVEN SPIRITS of God, and the seven stars: I know thy [your] works, that thou hast [you have] the name [reputation] of being alive: and thou art [are] dead…’ And from the throne [God’s Throne in Highest Heaven] proceeded lightnings, and voices, and thunders; and there were seven lamps burning before the throne, which are the SEVEN SPIRITS of God… And I saw: and behold [look] in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures [who are, as it would appear, really perpetually in His Presence], and in the midst of the ancients [heavenly priests, as the ancient Greek signifies], a Lamb [Jesus Christ, Everlastingly Begotten of the Father and Eternally Divine] standing as it were slain [having been sacrificed, but not dead forever, while still bearing His Beautiful Scars of Crucifixion], having seven horns and seven eyes: which are the SEVEN SPIRITS of God, sent forth into all the earth.” (Apocalypse 1:4, 3:1, 4:5 & 5:6 DRC)


What is the gist? Why have we bothered examining this passage here, right now?


Because this is where we get heptatonic. And before a reader didactically says:


“Heptatonic is a made-up word! You can’t go around making up words!”


Please listen up --- uh, yes we can. Scholars & writers do it all the time.


Why? Because oftentimes there is no other word, yet invented, that will do the job. And sometimes, as is frequently the case, a wordsmith, artist or other human being will prefer a new word to the old one. This, too, is wholly acceptable. We humans do it all the time. Whichever, I am fully aware ‘heptaton’ is a ‘new’ word. Leastwise, that I’ve known. If someone created it prior to myself, I’ve not yet found this out. Thus, ‘new’ word it is.


And what does it mean? ‘Hepta’ is from the Greek term, επτά. It means ‘seven’. As a word, ‘hepta-’ is generally thought of as a ‘prefix’ in the English language. And ‘ton’ or ‘tonic’ is from a Latin term ‘tonus’, which in turn is from the Greek term τόνος. It means ‘tone’, or ‘vocal note’ or ‘musical pitch’. It originally, in ancient Greek, denoted a kind of ‘stretching’, since a type of extremely antique guitar --- the lyre --- was commonly played during times of old in Greek lands, stretched strings used for these lyres also used, in the hands of clever Greek philosophers (like Pythagoras) for studying the nature of sounds, notes, chords, harmony, and the latter’s geometric relations. Thus, ‘heptatonic’, or its base-derived word, ‘heptaton’, means ‘seven noted’ or ‘seven notes’. It necessarily implies the diatonic or chromatic musical scales since the first, the diatonic, is the musical scale that has dominated our present civilization, founded upon a scale of ascendant pitches that are seven in number, the chromatic as well founded upon a diatonic scale, with five other pitches --- semitones --- added in. That is to say… chromatic & diatonic scales rest upon 7 ascending notes that sound good together, coming in the correct ascendant order, and, when reaching the ‘eighth’ note, there resonates an ‘octave’ note that harmonizes perfectly with the 1st of 7 notes. Viz., musically speaking, one can go in octaves, either up or down the musical scale. Whichever, resonance… perfect harmonizing… occurs. Yet ever in ‘sevens’.


Heptaton, then, is a diatonic reference to this scale, harmony & resonance.


Yet again, why? Why this fixation with SEVEN? Because God, Our Creator, has purposefully made it this way. As we remark in passing in the long book, Helplessly Ignorant --- particularly in Part 6 of the book, Chapters 142 to 144 --- He has, as it were, weaved the number and geometry of seven into our very creation. It is His Number, so to speak, and the quotation from Sacred Scripture just above, from the book Catholics call the Apocalypse, is proof positive of this. SEVEN SPIRITS? No intelligent person, of an adequate learning and real Catholicity, can pretend this is not true. As Chapter 143 of the book, Helplessly Ignorant, additionally points out, there is plenty of evidence from a close observation of nature, and our present science, that seven literally is woven into human existence. This cannot be ‘chance’, and, if both truly Catholic and truly curious, we cannot help wondering, “Wherefore? How is it God made our cosmos this way?”


Here is where ‘paradox’ may help us to understand better than ‘plain’ speech.


Or, if in the presence of the piggish, protect one’s pearls from being swined.


Let us simply note --- in either ascending or descending the diatonic scale, the harmonious octave pitches resonating perfectly in either direction, we discover a signpost, as it were, in realizing our direction. To wit, a frame of reference. For while earth is cosmos’ center, and the Pleiades may indeed be the Portal of Heaven, and God’s Mountain’s Supreme Summit, where resides His Highest Throne, an Ever-Virgin Blessed Mary Immaculate, Her Star more altitudinous & pulchritudinous than any other in the Sea of Visible or Invisible Existence, upon Whose Womb the Triune God of a Singular Body of Roman Catholicism sits in Imperial Rule, as one climbs this perilous but perfect peak: how might we know, with certitude, that we actually rise… and in the right direction?


Correct. Via the perfectly resonant ‘rise’ or ‘fall’ in harmonious octave pitches.


It is spiritual melody & harmony that shall guide us, showing right direction.


All grounded in God’s Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled.


Which Catholicism has precisely SEVEN Holy Sacraments.


Just in case the reader finds this hard to ‘believe’.


Ah, yet the heart of good will is not troubled by any of this. Our minds & souls are already primed, so to speak, to resonate harmoniously with the Saving Truth. Truths beyond what is absolutely, and basically, necessary to save one’s immortal soul, will never pose a serious problem. A difficult problem, maybe, as in ‘difficult to figure out’. Remember, though? Ask, seek & knock. We are asking to climb the Mountain of God. We seek to climb in the right direction, the one leading up, and entering the Portal of Heaven. And we knock at this Portal, with Unfailing Hope as a real Catholic, that it, without doubt, shall be opened to us. Humble of heart, of course. Stealing satan’s diabolically loud thunder, accusing our own selves more loudly & zealously than Luciferian angel ever could, truly thinking ourselves the worst sinners on earth. Accordingly, the least worthy to enter this Celestial Portal. Yet knowing keenly, desperately, how it is God’s Will that we enter, and, if any, the humble of heart. Catholicly humble of heart. Void of which we shall never find blessed entrance. Forsooth, our humility, and His Mercy, is what guarantees our eternal security.


Built upon a Rock, the Infallible Truth of a Real & Authentic Roman Catholicism.


This Visible Foundation enables us to see a lovely Queen, draped in Solar Robes, Her Invisible Figure & Beauty poised upon a Lunar Sphere, the First Heaven. Twelve Stars, the Zodiac (yet really, the Entire Cosmos…) wreathe Her Monarchic Head. From shaded cynthiac feet glowing in the ancient evening, to firmamental waist circled with a kronian ring during our times, to coronal garland --- like a Sacramental Rosary --- adorning Her Light-Woven Hair, flashing like lightning on a Day of Perfect Blue Skies & Clouds.


Lightning, did we say? Yes, for in the power exchanged betwixt sky & ground, or the ground & sky, or sky & sky (i.e., cloud & cloud), there are the waves of light emanating from it, brightening our surroundings like the sun on earth. Literally… on earth. Which, we observe, per the Apocalypse, will happen. For God Himself shall be the Temple of His New Jerusalem, a gargantuan and transparent Cube of Gold, the Lamb Its Shade.


(Please see Apocalypse 21 for ironclad evidence of this audacious-sounding claim.)


That is, there will be no more sun when this occurs, the Glory of God Our Light. In reality, this is correct. With the Manifest Presence of the Triune God Almighty upon earth in the New Heaven & Earth… the New Creation… we will need no ‘sun’ to light this unstained & incorrupt world of ours. The meek shall inherit it (read: good Catholics in the state of grace) and God Himself, with His Chosen Mother and Their Divine Son, an Eternally Begotten Christ, along with Her Divine Spouse, the Eternally Proceeding Spirit, will live manifest with and among us upon earth, providing all of the light we could need. The Glory of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost will not harm us; it will not be ‘too much’ for us, kill us in its intensity or purity, burn us in its effulgence.


And how fast is light? Very, very fast. One thinks of the ‘lightnings’ exchanged between ‘living creatures’ in Ezechiel 1:13-14, who, indeed, moved like ‘flashes of lightning’. Yet how fast light? In our part of creational existence, our scientists cleverly measuring it, say they, 186,282 miles per second. Yes, that’s really fast. Much faster than anything else in our ordinary lives of ordinary physical life in a fallen, corrupt world. So fast it is unseen.


So to speak. Obviously, visible light is visible to human eyes. And we mean… motion.


Yes, you’ve got it. We can’t ‘see’ it move. It’s that fast. Visible --- but invisible.


So to speak. We can see that it exists. It’s visible. We just can’t see it move. Light’s motion is ‘invisible’. It’s that fast. Too fast for our present eyes, in this present & fallen creation, to see it move. Yet how fast CAN something move in this creation of ours…?


Ahhhh. A very good question, if you’re curious. The standard answer nowadays, ever since Einsteinian physics became ‘dogma’ in the ‘hallowed’ halls of academia, is, “No faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.” They say. Read Geocentricity if you do not comprehend why I dare to politely disagree with them. We are quite well acquainted with Einsteinian physics (I am a nerd or geek when it comes to these things…), so I do not say it lightly (no pun intended). That is, in daring to disagree with them. I know why they are believing what they believe about Einstein’s 2 ‘Theories of Relativity’ (the ‘Special’ and the ‘General’) --- I once believed in them myself as a young student --- and I know now, very well why I dare to disagree with these 2 Einsteinian theories regarding motion. It’s simply that this very artificial ‘speed limit’ of theirs, the velocity of light in a supposed ‘vacuum’, is irrational. It is, bluntly, needless apart from their frantic ‘need’ to explain ‘why’ light won’t behave properly like the wave it is proven to be, adjusting luminal velocity according to motion of the luminous wave in its luminal wave medium. Comprehend? Again, please study Geocentricity in order to understand better.


Put briefly, contemporary scientists presume earth to be in perpetual motion.


Ergo, we should be able to technically detect discrepant motion via medium.


And we didn’t. And we haven’t. Hence Einsteinian physics. That’s right…


Einsteinian relativism pretends to ‘save the day’ for an earth in ‘motion’.


But actually not. We have done no such thing --- conveniently or prejudicially or ignorantly discarding other perfectly logical explanations which do NOT invoke a ‘moving’ earth --- and, to add salt to self-inflicted injury, later astronomical, physics-oriented & cosmological data clearly points toward (for the intelligent, logical, unbiased, learned & courageous mind) the FACT of an unmoving earth at the center of everything. Oh, but where are we going with this? How does this have anything to do with Our God’s Mammoth Celestial Mountain, whether approached literally or figuratively? Well, do you recall ‘quicksilver wings of light’ in the sub-heading of this 3rd chapter that you’re taking a close look at (we hope!)? Yes. And what is ‘quicksilver’? A somewhat old-fashioned name for the substance, and atomic element, we call ‘mercury’. People denominated it ‘quicksilver’ in Elizabethan or earlier times of the English language because mercury, known since ancient times, is the ONLY metal that is a liquid at room temperature. It also looks ‘silvery’, as I’m sure the acute reader has already guessed. Ancient Romans and Greeks named it ‘water silver’ since it appears silvery and, as a liquid, behaves like WATER. Of old, it is the only metal whose name coincides with the name of the planet of Mercury, which, in turn, is the name of a pagan god, Mercury (or Hermes for Greeks). No one seems to know for sure whence his Latin title derives. It may be related to the Roman term for merchantry. The Greek ‘Hermes’ may come from this pagan god’s connection to boundaries. In any case, Mercury --- or whatever the particular ethnic pagan moniker for this ‘god’ --- is associated with trade. (Probably because of a need, keeping good records, for more-than-adequate communication, thus language, and proper boundaries between what it is necessary to distinguish between. Which, if considered carefully, is what words & language do in communicating successfully, distinguishing in words and their meanings in order to communicate correctly.) In statuary, Mercury appears with winged shoes or winged hat, denoting swiftness, operating as the official ‘emissary’ or ‘messenger’ of the other pagan deities.


The point? A study of Genesis in Sacred Scripture reveals that God began our cosmological existence, our creation, in ‘water’. Geocentricity goes into detail, speculating intelligently about what this ‘water’ may be, or symbolize. At any rate, certainly this primordial water intimately links to the formation of light. Or, as we of a modern epoch entitle it --- relying upon our discovery that light is a wave which puts both electricity & magnetism together, the two ‘things’ propagating in exquisite harmony at an additional 3rd dimensional right angle to the electricity and magnetism, which travel links them together at… right angles (suggesting a cubical nature to light, since a cube is three dimensionally ‘square’, with a medley of ‘triads’ of right angles in 3 dimensions) --- it is ‘electromagnetism’ (EM, for short), visible light merely a tiny spectrum of frequencies electromagnetically radiating, this tiny portion of EM what we originally called ‘light’. Howsoever, light is, as well, ‘circular’, since it ‘waves’ sinusoidally, sine & cosine ‘waves’ being functions of a circle. And, were that not enough, light is ‘triangular’. Namely, right angle triangles, in a branch of mathematics entitled ‘trigonometry’, derived from ancient knowledge preserved by the aforesaid Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, describe and allow analysis of trigonometric circular functions --- accordingly, there is a triangular nature to light. Square, circle & triangle?


Greek philosophers taught the 3 shapes as FOUNDATIONAL to physicality.


Moreover, if way faster than light speed travel is possible… the way God made everything… then consider. There must be an ‘upper limit’ to how fast Our Maker permits a creature or created to move. But should the upper limit be equal to the vast extent & boundaries of His Creation, then, if moving as fast as one can, then, in a very real sense, you’d be ‘everywhere’ at once, wouldn’t you? You surely would. Only God is truly omnipresent --- that is, present everywhere in creation ‘simultaneously’. But if we’re in His Image --- and we are --- hence, as mere creatures, how could we be ‘omnipresent’ without actually being God? Right. We travel at maximum speed, in this way present everywhere it’s possible to be present in God’s Creation. It is a ‘godness’ without us pretending to be God. It’s ultimate celestial ‘trade’, supernal communication. Truly, God’s Peak is a Glory of Glories. Father of Lights, whence all light. (James 1:17)


Of course, this needs to be paired with an astonishingly quick & whole awareness of everything around you. And if ‘everywhere at once’ --- as it were --- then that’s a lot to become quickly & wholly aware of. Our minds, our intelligence, would have to increase amazingly in capacity, too. Yet is this ‘beyond’ God’s Ability to endow us with? Plainly, not. With what do you suppose the Seraphim are endowed? (They are the highest ‘choir’ of the angels and closest to the Triune Creator Himself.) And Who endowed them? He, God. Naturally. Or, rather, supernaturally. The thing to realize is that the abilities with which creatures may be adorned are far, far, far beyond what we take for granted now. Existence as we know, here now, as physical creatures, is not then the limit assumed ‘sacrosanct’ or beyond which it is ‘impossible’. Nonsense! That is our limited --- incredibly limited! --- thinking. Or, as the case may be, lack of thinking.


The upshot? If God gives a mere creature the ability to travel so fast that the distance traveled is equal to the vast distance of creation itself, and to do so in a time so small, so infinitesimal, that it would seem ‘instant’ to us in our present limited capacity, allied with an intelligence capable of seeing, comprehending and fully being ‘present’, as it were, at every point in creational existence, whether visible or invisible… clearly, this startling ability would appear to us, mere creatures, as ‘omnipresence’. Not really. But almost. You would be everywhere. And totally aware… your boundaries creation itself.


If this is not part of being near, or at, the Peak of God’s Mountain… what is?


You see, in the arcane but endlessly fascinating theory of physics called ‘quantum mechanics’ --- which dominates physics until this day over a hundred years later and is irreconcilable, as of yet, with that other dominant theory of physics, Einstein’s Relativity --- there is a smallest unit of space (distance) and time (duration). These are bestowed by the name of ‘Planck’, a Max Ernst Planck (not to be confused with Ernst Mach), hence honoring the turn-of-the-20th-century German physicist who, mostly inadvertently, still played an enormous role in discovering the incredibly successful Theory of Quantum Mechanics in discovering, and proving, the quantization of energy. In other words, a scientist today will tell you that there is a smallest unit of space possible (tinier than which it is NOT possible to be) and a smallest unit of time possible (ditto the prior parenthetical statement). All of which is very interesting to a nerd, but means…?


That if God allows it, then, were a creature able to travel --- in the smallest amount of time possible, the Planck time --- the maximum distance of His Creation which He has made (to wit, there is NO BIGGER DISTANCE IN EXISTENCE), then, as it were, we would have, as mere creatures, a kind of ‘omnipresence’, being really present at & in all places, at which it is possible to be present, in creational existence. (True, a doctrinaire quantum physicist will argue that Planck time is not an absolutely smallest unit of time possible… simply that no smaller amount of time is ‘significant’. Being a Catholic scholar, this assertion does not daunt me. I advise contravening the ‘incontravenable’. Planck time did NOT arise helter skelter. It arose naturally out of firm investigation & induction of a scientific nature. It comports perfectly with Catholic Theology when taken to this super nanoscopic level of natural existence. Consequently, it is factual & logical to think, bar evidence otherwise, that this is God’s tiniest unit of time.) This, combined with adequate awareness of all these places at once --- so to speak --- is a ‘godness’ without pretending to be God. It is Roman Catholicism fulfilled in the orthodox sense. Albeit, this gives rise to all types of other questions. (E.g., what is the passage of time? Is it a succession of Planck time units only? Yet what of our conscious perception of time’s passage? Does this figure into the equation? And etc.) No matter for now. Simply be smart and acknowledge… yes, this would be one way to put the full attainment of a Beatific Vision at the Summit of Creation within the Embrace of Our Lord & Lady.


Not the only way, necessarily. But one beautiful & exquisite way of putting it.


Recollect title & subtitle of this chapter? Quicksilver Wings of Light, indeed.


To speed far faster-than-light throughout creation, like the Messenger of God (the Singularly True & Triune God of the Roman Catholic Faith & Body!), is, as it were, fulfillment of the pagan fantasy of Mercury, the ‘messenger of the gods’. But in reality. And Queen Mary is the first. Lucifer, the ‘light bearer’, fell into sin, apostasy & rebellion. She, the Ultimate Light Bearer (Christ the Light of This World in Her Immaculately Holy Womb!), rises assumed into purity, orthodoxy & obedience. All because She is ‘humbler than thou’. Because that’s what makes you truly holy. That’s what makes you a saint.


And, whilst we’ve not dared to try to fully explain it, a creaturely ‘omnipresence’ is applicable to both spatiality and temporality. That is to say, and as we remarked before, the further up the Mountain of God one climbs, one’s view, as a real Catholic attempting to please Our Unmade Maker, is expanded dramatically. We see more of everywhere & everywhen. The latter aspect is what we’ve not dared to explain wholly. It does not, it seems, appear to be time yet (no pun intended). And for the one who sees the view, enough time is not a problem. Time runs out. But a pure heart always has time.


Let us now take time for ‘paradoxical’ parable. It’s time; and time well spent.


Nor will you ‘run out of time’ doing so. If it’s your time, then, you’ve time.


It entails song or chant. Yes, music. And in music, timing is paramount.


+++ Epilogue: Parables & ‘Paradoxes’ Par Plein-Air +++

(From Out of Eternal Now into the Evanescent Moment; for

Anyone Who Has Ears to Hear and Heart to Reverberate)


In the beginning, before before, and before time, was the Singer.


And the Chanter was with God, and the Singer & Chanter was Our Creator.


This Same Mind was in the beginning, before before, with the Eternal Mind of God.


Everything --- apart from Him --- was made by Him; and, without this Unmade Maker --- Him --- was made NOTHING that was made, which exists, and is, which is of our world.


The Foundation of All Being made heaven & earth, all that is visible & invisible --- all the while nothing ever is, nor can be, ‘invisible’ to Him --- and the Spirit of this Timeless Singer moved over the waters at the beginning, these waters without form & void, being empty of anything except something, and dark was the abyss of everything, His Motion the only thing in all of existence, apart from Himself, that signified anything at all.


And He spoke… He thought, He willed, He summoned… and light became light.


“Be light made,” say we about He, uttering, and something took form: it shone.


Only half of All He Made To Exist was bright; the other half was in darkness.


It is not spoken of, but He had made every thing to circle, He moving over it as it spun. And so there was an evening (darkness), and a morning (lightness), and the two He made separate. But though everything began in darkness, we would never know the dark is dark except for light. Evening is first, Morning is second. But Morning is Forever, and forever it shall reign. And the light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness could never, and will never, be able to comprehend, understand, fathom, overcome or conquer Blessed Light.


Darkness is destined to be subject to Brightness, in being, in truth, and in virtue.


This was the First Day. Before before, ’twas dayless. Yet then came Sunday.


And even though there was yet no sun. For the True Son, the Light of This World, His Father the Father of Lights, dwelling in Light Inaccessible, the Spirit of Light proceeding from Both; This Son, say I, the Word, by His Word shone forth brighter than any sun will or ever shall, He by His Eternal Mind, clothed with Incorruptible Flesh the moment He spoke light into existence, His Very Body the embodiment of light, woven together of strands composed of pure brightness, the Holy Threads of His Mother still to be.


For we have seen His Glory, the Glory --- as it were --- of the Only Begotten of the Father, and Only Begotten of His Created Yet Virginal Mother, the Immaculate of All Immaculacies, even more full of grace & truth than His Mother, the Throne of Wisdom. For She is Brightness of Eternal Light, and the Unspotted Mirror of God’s Majesty, and the Image of His Goodness, Full of His Grace & Truth. And being but one, a creature, nevertheless, She can do All Things by His Power & Will; and remaining in Herself Unchanged, Pure & Immaculate, She renews All Things, undoing St. Eve’s Sin. Forsooth, through nations She conveys Herself into holy souls, and She is friends, wherewithal, with all the friends of God and with His prophets. For the Almighty is friends with no one, loves no one, apart from those who live with Her, Enthronement of Wisdom Herself. She is more beautiful than the sun (Her Son outshining that sun!), and above all the orders of the stars (She the Star of the Sea and Highest of All of God’s Celestial Creatures!), and, compared with light itself, She is First & Foremost.


For after this arrives night… yet no evil can overcome Her, Sagacity’s Seat.


Apart from Her, who can know the Mind of God? Or His Counsels? Unless She generously, and like a mother, assists us, who can know the Will of God? For the thoughts of mortal human beings are filled with fear --- and frightening --- and our counsels are uncertain. For our corruptible & contemptible bodies are a heavy weight upon our souls, and our earthly cages of flesh press down tyrannically upon our minds, which muse and meditate upon many things. And barely can we guess correctly about the things upon this earth, and with what incredible labor do we strive to figure out what it is that is right in front of us! But the things in Heaven… which of us can figure them out?


Yet She, Wisdom, was with Him at all times; with the Word and from the instant that is between the beginning and before before; and She was with Him as He formed all things, and was delighted every day; playing in front of Him all the time, playing in the world He has created; and Her Constant Delight was to be with us, God’s Image forever and ever.


And I woke in the night, the witching hour, when unclean spirits run afoot, working the evil of the dark, and dark thoughts run through their foul minds continually and through the minds of those they possess. Yet She was with me, too, and enfolded me safely within Her Arms, and upon the Throne of Her Son, with brightness shining in the dark, blinding to an earthly eye whilst illuminating All of Creation. Then I looked within, espying without, and I saw. There was a Mighty Mountain, too huge and too tall to climb.


Nevertheless, I found myself at the bottom of this Mountain, in a deep valley.


I walked, struggling foot & hand, clambering up the precipitous heights.


As I did, a wind blew through my mind. Ideas, images and movements.


Like a hurricane of knowing, one’s perception slicing the atmosphere like a hypersonic jet, or a behemoth rocket launching into the heavens, escaping from the comforting but perilous clutches of the earth. Hardly could one look here, than one was there. Hardly one could see there, than one was here. And everything in-between, as well as into the vast of the beyond, to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Not realizing how or when, I had gone to the top of the least of ridges upon this Mountain, the Summit of Summits towering over me to a height almost too far, and too high, for me to see or guess or estimate.


Below me a vastness, a circle circling, with dales and hills and woods and cities.


I glanced at one place, and instantly I was there, just like a flash of lightning.


I glanced at another, the same. And while there, I could see & ponder.


Meanwhile, the hurricane blew. A gale rushed through my mind, and it seemed as if a voice spoke from time to time. And yet there was no time, simply moments in succession. The glances I chose myself, barely knowing where to look; the wind and the voice came of their own, unbidden, as they would. The two in tandem have left me a man stunned.


I stood in the Midst of Paradise, seeing Two Trees. The one was a lovely but deadly green, sinuous, and almost intoxicating. A woman stood there, our first mother, listening to a shimmering entity tell her of the delights of its fruit, a deliciousness neither carnal nor entirely physical, his appeal wholly to her mind, and to her heart. She was the epitome of innocence & understanding at the same time. I could have spoken to her, struggling to comprehend what she meant, and, at the same time, ashamed to be in her presence, in spite of the clothes covering my flesh. The shimmering entity, like a serpent, had no shame, and his understanding seemed to be greater than the woman’s. His appeal was not to her intellect, but via her intellect. His target, like the aim of an archer, was to her heart & will. I saw her hesitate; I saw her waver; and I saw evil planted in her soul. Mother of the living became mother of all the walking dead. At this moment, I could watch her no more. I was ashamed to see her, shamed; and ashamed of my own self.


Then I stood in another valley of the circle. I saw another of our fathers, the comfort of this world, huddled inside gargantuan ship, the vessel shuddering & shaking frightfully. He looked around him, weeping inconsolably. For all his efforts, this. Not that he was in any way at all afraid to die; he hoped to die in atonement for his sins (and ours). But Our Creator had not chosen him for such a mission. The rest of his family cowered in abject fear, thinking the ship to fall to pieces at any moment, their formerly solid world akilter and askew. Limbs akimbo, clinging for bare life, yet bereft of hope, they wept & wailed. The most brave of them was his wife, and his eldest son, who, while afraid, looked to him for assurance, trusting his words with implicit loyalty. The animals were asleep, hushed.


Then a small step in this circle, and I saw millions in a huge, wide valley. This was a valley both beneath the Mighty Mountain and upon this tiny earth. A giant of a man, an unparalleled leader, spoke to many, in small groups or, increasingly, in massive crowds. His voice seemed able to project greater than any thespian upon a stage I have heard. And his words were proud & defiant. At first more pleasant-sounding, i.e., comely, till strident & bold as years slipped by. I also saw, in secret, how demons had shaped him, meeting with him during the night as he slept, then when awake, and, finally, how he pursued sorcery unabashed, learning many things and discovering many powers better left untouched by most of us. He did not hesitate to use this bewitchment.


This giant of a man, easily thirty feet tall, had the audacity to defy both Noe & Sem to their faces, he only, in failing to do greater evil, in his audacity & hatred, not murdering them upon the spot. On one such occasion, a very powerful angel prevented him, which merely enraged this giant man and did not daunt him, rather, determined him the more to defy their teachings and their commandments, doing as he wished. Most other people, however, were under his will. Either out of awe & admiration, or fear & intimidation, they followed. To prevent any flood from any longer threatening human annihilation, said he, we are going to build a structure too high for the waters to reach, and too cavernously wide, impervious to water, for any to die. In truth, this was a lie. Demonically, in his secret sorceries --- to which he allowed but a few that, either, he himself selected, or which the demons themselves instructed him to elevate --- he planned a heathen pyramidion, as it were, a ‘temple’ upon tower’s top, unimaginably far above.


This temple was both spiritual & physical. That is to say, it invoked spiritual power sorcerously, and, simultaneously, employed an esoteric learning that is mostly outside of our knowledge today --- notwithstanding modern wonders --- but perilous and potent. In a word, whilst corporeal, this ‘temple’ funneled powers entwined with our visible realm, nonetheless stretching past the visible and into the invisible, trying to bind the two.


In brief, he sought to bring heaven to earth again, but without Heaven’s Consent.


Our Maker’s Three Persons, consulting… as it were… in the here-and-now despite Self-Existing Timelessly in the before before, noted how Their Image’s bearers were so much like Themselves that, bereft of any limits, would not fail in accomplishing anything to which they put their minds, wills & bodies. These Three therefore took action within creation ‘before’ it was too late, confounding our designs, and confusing our minds.


At the same time, a hurricane, storm & whirlwind of unrivalled strength arose against rebels’ tower (the skyscraping endeavor now reaching miles into the heights, at a bare minimum some 15,000 feet or just over 4800 meters over the foundation). The rebels in awe, running and hiding, watched with mute trepidation, or screamed in terror. The tower ‘impregnable’, thought so ‘invincible’, wrestled, so to speak, with this gargantuan storm, lightning striking its already formidable top, the gigantic man appearing to fight against atmospheric threat with lightnings striking forth from either himself or something with him. Then began the tremors below. Cracks appeared in the leviathan structure, giant himself fleeing to the earth --- or, rather, flying in some fashion, half natural and half supernatural --- until, both he & his fellow rebels a long distance from the tower, it toppled near the top and fractured, nigh well simultaneously, at various places along uranically-boastful length, the entire colossal thing taking minutes on end to do so. A silent crowd, regardless of terror, watched it in utter horror & fascination, as veritable mountains of bituminous & baked brick came thundering down, the crashes themselves, one by one, sending out tremors of brute force, in turn causing other edifices to collapse.


None were left unmoved, in their souls, apart from the giant man. Mysteriously, no one died. But as the hours slipped by, and the storm dissipated and the dust settled, millions of people found themselves, frustratingly to start, unable to communicate with others. Or, should we say, more and more they encountered other human beings, amidst the mingling & awestruck crowd, who did not make sense when they spoke. It was as if they ‘babbled’ in the ears of these listeners. Humanity’s single language had been divided. Over days & weeks, even months, the separate lingual groups assembled amongst themselves, giant man no longer able to speak to, or convince, the others to follow his indomitable will. Everyone eventually colonized across the earth, just as Our Creator had instructed.


Each lingual group chose their patriarch to lead them, apart from the man of gigantic stature, who assumed leadership of his own lingual group in defiance of any patrimonial authority. He was unbowed in the face of crushing defeat. He vowed revenge. And he resolved to triumph over the division of languages, however slowly, building again.


This wicked resolution continuing for thousands of years, descendants of his will.


And again like lightning I found myself in another nearby valley of the circle of our cosmos. There was a Cross, a Tree, on a hill, precisely in the same spot as that other Tree in the Center of Paradise so long ago, as humans reckon time. That is to say, the Tree that our first mother ate from, and afterward her husband our first father, had a ‘companion’ Tree, the Fruit of which, lest our foreparents ate of it, the Unmade Maker banished us from the Garden of Paradise. The Tree like a Cross stood in the exact same spot as this Ancient Tree, the one which God would not permit us to touch, especially after we had touched, and ate from, the deathly fruit of the Luciferian Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil. A skull, too, lay under this Tree like a Cross, the holy relic of our first father. God’s Second Adam, God the Son Himself in the Flesh, hung on this Cross in Sheer Agony. Yet an Agony more of His Sacred Heart than of His Sacred Flesh, His Precious Heart broken through a Living Charity Unbound, His Mother alone, in front of Him, able to divine it.


And He cried with a Voice far, far, far louder than possible for a Man Crucified:




It was the Diatonic & Chromatic Symphony of Creation, a Mournful Movement.


This cry reverberated throughout creation, there being no place, and no time, it was impossible to hear, for those who have ears to hear. I myself heard but an echo of this cry, and my ears bled with a mourning incapable of fathoming unless you are Our Maker Himself, and, for the first ‘time’, out of an Eternity of Trinity, bereft of Your Heavenly Family, both Your Everlastingly Unbegotten Father & Your Everlastingly Proceeding Spirit having ‘abandoned’ You, Their Perpetual Presence now gone for an ‘instant’. Every angel wept, every just soul stood amazed, at This Ultimate Sacrifice Eternal.


As it were, but ‘made’ real and ‘present’ at that instant and upon that hill, forever…


As He breathed His last breath, the universe was shaken. Earth quaked, cosmos trembled. The Ancient Serpent, in his pride and in spite of his great intellect, had never foresaw that in ultimate victory lay coiled his ultimate defeat. Like a snake swallowing its tail, he was forced to swallow his own pride, ‘nothingness’, so to speak, made to eat itself. Always hungry, never satiated. Always starving, never oblivion. A ‘living’ death, indeed.


Then a larger step in the circle of existence, a very large man --- although no literal or physical giant like the unparalleled rebel after a global flood --- appeared, who, while of huge stature, was greater of heart than body. God chose him, in some special, still not yet totally manifest way, to build the foundations of something that would be more powerful than most of us can understand. It was an empire, named for an earlier empire, as if this new empire were the old made present again. For a time, this revived empire thrived, despite some of his progeny or successors being unworthy of their authority. In time, saintly man’s revived empire became known as ‘holy’. While not as holy as it should behave, I saw, seeing his God-given fervor, and unquestioned obedience to God’s messianic vicar, a portending beyond the several millennia.


Regardless of this blessed man’s revived empire ‘falling’… like the God-Man Himself ‘falling’ with the Crucifixion into the Sepulchre… there would be a ‘resurrection’. One of his more worthy offspring, in our future, would attain to his greatness of heart, and, with Our Lord & Lady’s Direction & Assistance, astonishing the world, make right all that is wrong, prior to very end of this world as we know it. Together with another very holy man, who indeed was a true messianic vicar, they would bring a short peace.


Peace between God & Humanity; and peace between human & human.


Then comes the final end, when Old Heaven & Earth begin to fail.


How fast is the fastest when God enables? I stood still, yet ran rapidly. In one instant --- how brief that instant --- I was here, yet everywhere. Feet flew like the wings of eagles… all the while legs erect in place, unmoved. Lofted higher than imaginable (while higher it was, all the same, possible to rise), I saw the circle circling. Like a circle within a circle, a seemingly endless motions within motions. I saw all the cosmos in formation, spinning in obeisance to God’s Footstool, His Constant Vigilance keeping us safe, both from without and from within. And a Lady, Her Head Crowned with the Cosmos. Yet a cosmos dying.


The world is spinning down like a top. Outside the inside, where everything is dark, circles another circle, unformed. Like a scale in almost perfect balance, the one steadies the other. Yet while the inner spins in one direction, west, the outer spins in the opposite direction, east. The two are in near equilibrium, the outer’s ‘weight’ balancing inner’s ‘weight’. But inner is now shifted off-balance, as it were, ‘wobbling’. And the outer’s spinning in opposite direction, given it’s ‘weight’ and distance, not to mention the velocity it spins against the inner, is causing our cosmic top to wobble ‘down’.


There is a time, I could see, when the cosmic clock will reach an alarm.


When this celestial alarm goes off, so to speak, a new time will begin.


Between now and then is a time few suspect. Even the wise are ‘in the dark’.


To no dishonor for them. God’s ‘time’ is His Own. And the times are His to dispense. Long distant in time, by our way of reckoning, He began time. This was the very instant ‘after’ the before before. Cradled within Eternity --- as we must say it, having no better words or better understanding --- is creation, including space & time. There is no time from God’s Perspective; there is no lack of time, either. For Him, there is all time and never time. As the Rock said, the Spirit of Truth guiding his mind, “…of this… be not ignorant… that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” And the days with which Our Creator took to form Creation are both literal, in one sense, and figurative, in another sense. Accordingly, God needs no ‘time’ so as to make or form anything. He can, if He wishes, make something ‘instantly’. If, then, He chose taking ‘time’ to do so, is it for His Sake, as if He ‘needed’ time to do so? But if this is never so, then for who’s sake did He take time to create & form? It is for our sake, Almighty God’s Sacred & Holy Image, which Image He both formed & restored, sacrificially, by taking upon Himself His Own Image. What of the ‘days’, then?


They are truly days, in the nearly, if not precisely, 24-hour per day sense.


This is for our sake, also, giving us the understanding of Holy Liturgy.


I.e., a time for everything, the sacred particularly, in a Holy Cycle.


And the SEVEN SPIRITS mentioned repeatedly in the Apocalypse?


It is His ‘Number’, as it were. By His Choice, Seven signifies Savior. It signifies He Himself, we ourselves crafted in His Holy Image, and He Himself again as the One Who delivers us from an ultimate & neverending Death in the Pool of Fire, from which a Word deigns to snatch us, making us a ‘part’ of Himself, via His Mother, the Immaculate Star. Two Families, One Trinitarian & Heavenly, the Other Trinitarian & Terrestrial, are Everlastingly United in Divine & Human Consummation, Married Forever.


This is the Mystery at the Heart of the Roman Catholic Faith, put simply.


More words than presently available we’d need to put it more adequately & aptly.


The Seven Days of Creation are His Salvation writ large, in Holy Writ, for those who’ve eyes to see, to see. A long & hallowed tradition tells us God began Creation upon the 25th of March, as do other long & hallowed traditions tell us God conceived Himself in Virgin Womb on the same day of the solar calendar, March 25, He again hallowing this day thru Death Upon the Cross on that identical date, March 25th. Hence, March 25 of that distant past first day of Creation, when light shone, was Sunday, March 25. Ergo, March 31st, Saturday, the day upon which He ‘rested’ well pleased, blessing it and sanctifying it, belongs in a special way to His Chosen Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary.


Just as March 25th, Sunday, belongs in a special way to He Himself, Jesus.


But I saw, as the circles circled and motions within motions were moving, the SEVENTH, and the EIGHTH. For a thousand years is but as a day unto the Lord. Eighth day, then? The eighth millennium of our existence in this Old Creation upon Corrupted Earth? God chose to hallow His Mother in our sight, raising Her even higher than before. Good, real & wise Roman Catholics have always esteemed Her more highly than all other of God’s creatures, She receiving hyperdulia in distinction to the dulia of a saint, angel, virgin or martyr other than Her, God Alone receiving the latria that He alone may receive from we His creatures, including the Greatest of These, His Holy Mother.


(And if you divide 8000 years by the number 12, you get the number, 666 years…)


The Roman Martyrology gives us a chronology of just over 7200 years as we write.


The Seventh ‘Day’, then, has just passed. The Eighth is upon us this very moment.


During the Seventh, Lucifer was cast into Bottomless Pit, Apocalypse implies.


(This is to be taken both literally & figuratively, it not here time to explicate.)


Yet if distance in a created creation is fixed to a greatest distance, how so?


Viz., ‘bottomless’ means ‘without bound’. Boundless. How so in our creation?


I saw the outer circle spinning. It was not formed as was the inner circle. It is vast ‘abyss’, or “deep;” just as Sacred Scripture in Genesis 1:2b tells us. (DRC) That is, mammoth “deep” is dark, void & empty --- formless --- just as Sacred Scripture, too, informs us. (Genesis 1:2) There is no light there. It is the Exterior Darkness mentioned within the Gospels by the Son of God in Person, amongst us (Matthew 8:12, 22:13 & 25:30), as well as the place, so to speak, where hell is thrown into the Pool of Fire. (Apocalypse 19:20, 20:9, 14-15 & 21:8) This is the ‘Second Death.’ (Ibid., 21:8) Bottomless Pit? (Apocalypse 9:1-2, 11, 17:8, 20:1 & 3) It is but one and the same.


How so? Consider, O my soul. The outer circle is formless & dark. It spins about the innermost circle, nearly, yet not quite, in perfect equilibrium with the inner, lightful & formed circle. Anyone cast into this outer circle… the Exterior Darkness… is in perpetual freefall, as it were, around the cosmos. Neverendingly. Always falling, never striking the ‘bottom’. Consequently, ‘bottomless’. It is a circle, which is boundless, ‘neverending’, metaphorically, in that one can fall around & around in it without reaching an ‘end’.


During the Seventh Day, allegorically & millennially speaking, Lucifer was there.


To wit, the Bottomless Pit, as his replacement & rival, the True Light Bearer, Mary Immaculate & Ever-Virginal, gave Our Maker, and us, the made in His Image, a ‘day of rest’, as it were, wherein God blessed & sanctified our earth with the Roman Catholic Faith, everywhere in the world any soul, of any tribe, would receive Him & Her.


The Eighth Day, then? In which we now live, via ephemeral & fleeting time?


It is the Octave Millennium, whence the ‘Octave Millennial Hypothesis’.


We do not claim to be a prophet or apostle. Nor priest, bishop or pope.


It is hypothetical at the moment, a shrewd supposition, nothing more.


And if more, would God permit you or I to say? It may not be time.


It is, however, if correct, the time in which Mary’s Lamb returns. As Judge this time; never again the Savior. And a millennial ‘day’, through which we’ve already passed a relative two centuries, does this mean that Christ’s Return is still many, many centuries away? Not at all. No man knows the day or hour. (Matthew 24:36, 25:13 & Mark 13:32) All the same, the signs are rife, the sins crying out for vengeance almost at peak volume. Christ’s Return is sooner rather than later, even by little human standards. I dare not say when; I dare not pretend to know when I do not know. I only warn. Be prepared as if it were today or tonight. Death strikes at any instant; likewise, in the darkest middle of a ‘night’, when most are asleep, is Mary’s Lamb’s Second Advent. Be prepared!!!!!!!


But I saw another thing, hovering over God’s Mountain, so to speak, surveying All of Creation, which is too brobdingnagian for a tiny human mind to take in all at once, the ‘time’ so fleeting & evanescent. After Christ’s Return, there is a lot of work to do, His disciples, true Roman Catholics having met Him in the state of grace, taking up the celestial thrones with which He endows them (having been lost by fallen angels).


It is not time yet to speak of this work in detail. Nor should you dare to think it, supposedly, as a ‘second chance’, an excuse for disbelief or to sin wantonly the more! Simply know, for now, it is a vast undertaking --- a cleansing, as it were --- till the final “fire” spoken of by the Apostle St. Rock (2 Peter 3:5-13 DRC) Then shall all form have been ‘broken down’, all evil erased, and, reformed (literally, re-formed… formed again!), without spot or stain, and the New Heaven & New Earth --- the New Creation --- have wholly arrived. Within which, only real, good & state-of-grace Roman Catholics will exist, the rest of humanity & angelity, void of grace, forever in a cold Pool of Fire.


A Bottomless Pit, falling endlessly in darkness, coveting with desire unsated.


We may burn for evil & darkness; or we may burn for good & brightness.


Let us, as persevering Roman Catholics, burn for the Sacred Hearts.


For Christ Jesus & Immaculate Mary. For wisdom to perceive.


The Latter wreathed in all stars, Brightest Star of the Sea.




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