+++ 135. Paradise Lost? +++


Yet in a fallen (sinful) world, Paradise has been lost.


And despite the opportunities Our Merciful Creator gives us to love Him as we ought (read: become true & good Roman Catholics), thereby receiving a real hope for regaining Paradise (read: save our souls by staying true & good  Roman Catholics)… most of us, most of the time, fail the True God & His True Religion, giving in, instead, to our spiritual & carnal whims for sin, and ultimately to some form of false religion.


The Persians in many ways followed Cyrus the Great’s good example of Old Testament Catholicity. For instance, whether or not most Persians --- or the rest of the inhabitants of the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire --- rejected Sumero-Akkadian-derived paganism, at least some of them certainly did. The proof? Well, dear soul, are you familiar with the Magi or ‘Wise Men’ in Matthew’s Gospel who came to worship Jesus? We read:


“When Jesus therefore was born in Bethlehem of Juda [a small town just a few miles from God’s Chosen City of Jerusalem, the name of which, in Hebrew, literally means ‘house of bread’], in the days of king Herod, behold [you see], there came WISE MEN FROM THE EAST to Jerusalem, saying, ‘Where is he that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his STAR in the east, and are come to adore him [worship Him as Almighty God from All of Eternity].” (Matthew 2:1-2 DRC)


The word ‘magi’ (or its singular form, ‘magus’), by the way, simply comes from Old Persian via Greek via Latin, and means originally, apparently, ‘to be able’. That is to say, inferentially, when you are a ‘capable’ person, then you are learned or priestly, and able to know & do what others cannot know or do. It does not automatically imply ‘sorcery’ or other hellish & occultic-derived practices. Much like the term ‘wizard’ --- which is from Middle English and at first meant someone ‘wise’ and therefore ‘learned’ or ‘skilled’ --- only later became associated with, and besmirched by, the notion of a diabolical sorcery. Of course, in contemporary times in our part of a big world, the ‘magician’ is usually thought of as a stage magician’ and not someone sorcerous, a person who entertains us with clever tricks & theatricality, with nary a demonic spell, paranormal manipulation, or supernatural & pharmacological enchantments involved.


The point?


These Magi or “wise men” were highly learned persons. (Matthew 2:1c DRC) That they journeyed very far looking for “he that is born king of the Jews” and were “come to adore him” is proof that they were surely not pagans but practitioners of the Old Testament Religion, which is God’s Religion before Christ. (Matthew 2:2a, c DRC)


How so?


Well, think about it. A small remnant of people from the Israelite’s Southern Kingdom was brought to the Province of Babylon by the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian emperor of that time, Nebuchadnezzar II. Not all of the remnant were good Old Covenant Catholics, or as good as they should have been, yet many of them were spectacular practitioners of God’s One True Religion during the Old Testament period --- witness St. Daniel and his three holy companions, Sidrach, Misach & Abdenago, who were willing to be martyrs.


As the Book of Daniel tells us, St. Daniel became the second most powerful man in this Empire and remained highly influential all the way through to the Medo-Persian epoch of leadership. His brave & miraculous testimony, as well as the brave & miraculous deeds of his three comrades, were, in and of themselves, enough to convert many non-Jewish inhabitants there from the falsehoods of Sumero-Akkadian-derived paganism. In all likelihood, other outstanding members of this remnant were probably influential, too.




That some of the citizens of the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire became members of God’s Old Testament Church, eschewed paganism and false gods, and gained from this remnant not only the sacred books that we know today as the first part of the Bible in the Old Testament, but, as well, almost certainly obtained --- and retained --- the writings of many prophets during that time… such as Isaias [Isaiah], Jeremias [Jeremiah], Ezechiel, or Daniel himself, and part, if not all, of the minor prophets, or precious Psalms written by King St. David and other Holy-Ghost-inspired writers. In this way, they knew of the Promise of the One True God to send the world His Only Begotten Son, the Messias [Messiah], via His Old Covenant Catholic Church, composed mostly of ethnic Jews.


Hence why the Magi would come to Jerusalem in Judea looking for Him.


Yet how did they know the precise time for the God-Man, Jesus Christ, to arrive? Because they were also learned in the celestial zodiac and ancient astrology.


“For we have seen his star in the east…” said they. (Matthew 2:2a DRC) Mind you, we are not talking about the silly version of ‘astrology’ so common today in our part of the world. We’re talking about real astrology, a term which simply means, in the original Greek, the study of the stars’.


In this real and God-given version of the knowledge of the stars, there is no silliness about the stars ‘controlling’ our destiny, rendering human beings into mere puppets or helpless pawns of fate. No --- we’re talking about God putting stars in the heavens for a reason, to be signs”. (Genesis 1:14d DRC) The Omniscient Creator knows everything, including both the future and the past. Neither is murky or unseeable to Him, any more than the present is for us. Indeed, being All-Knowing and hence far more proficient than we are (who don’t always even know very much about our present), we can say, honestly, how He knows both future & past far better than we as individuals are able to know our fleeting present. As such, God can (and did!) place celestial bodies in the heavens for a purpose, setting them into motion with the particular & singular, or regular & periodic, arrangement for which He made them… to correlate, so to speak, with a very distant future to come (in relation to evanescent humanity, bound as we are, individually & collectively, by the dimension of an inexorable passage of time).


Which means?


That if you have the wisdom to understand what these celestial bodies and their motions through the heavens are a sign of… you consequently can know or anticipate, to a certain extent --- either ahead of time or, at least, as the time occurs --- what God through them is indicating will happen. To wit, watching the heavens and interpreting the “signs” of our times correctly, you can, if given the knowledge & graces, recognize when certain things are bound to happen, or, leastwise, recognize that a certain thing or event is happening right now, just as God foretold, He knowing it from All of Eternity.


This is what the Magi did.


These “wise men” came from the East. East of Judea in Palestine is the Mesopotamian Valley, wherein was centered the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire, and they were, at a bare minimum, from this imperial region surely, and, very likely, from the area of Persia itself, strictly speaking. A tradition seems to indicate that the three “wise men” were from three distinct ethnicities, yet in a large empire --- and even greater reaches incorporated in the soon to dawn Greek Empire, which we’ll discuss in just a little bit --- it’s not at all too much to surmise that three such distinct ethnicities, nevertheless, knew of each other (due to each being Old Covenant Catholics) and may have communicated in some way (since the Greek Empire provided an easier continuity across vast distances). In any case, they had the messianic prophecies from the Old Testament of Sacred Scripture and, utilizing this in combination with their profound knowledge of the zodiac & ancient astrology, they travelled far to reach God’s Birthplace. A very perilous desert lying between Mesopotamia in the east and Judea in the west, they most likely followed the ‘Fertile Crescent’, arcing northward from the Mesopotamian Valley in a curve which then arcs southward through Syria and, thence, due south into the land inherited by the progeny of Ss. Abraham, Isaac & Jacob… until lost because of false religion and grievous iniquity.


Funny how, from the Middle of the Earth, we keep losing our direction, isn’t it?


+++ 136. Wandering Stars? +++


A tiny little book in the Bible, a letter in the first century AD to Catholics from one of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles warning against schismatic or heretical leaders, tells us:


“But these men blaspheme whatever things they know not: and what things soever they naturally know [whatever they can know simply by carefully observing the visible world around them, or the Natural Law upon their hearts], like dumb beasts [animals without an ability to rationally think or communicate to the extent that human beings of sound mind can], in these they are corrupted [they understand wrongly, believing or acting sinfully]. Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Cain [they copy the bad example of Adam’s wicked & unbelieving firstborn son, who purposely murdered his brother, Abel, for believing & obeying all that God through His Pope & King of that earliest of times, St. Adam, commanded them to do, refer to Genesis 4:1-8 for details]: and after the error of Balaam [the stubborn pagan priest who, despite God having used him to prophesy correctly about the Old Testament Church and their Messias (Messiah) to come, nevertheless died trying to fight and destroy the Semitic Israelites, along with others of the wicked Hamitic Chanaanite tribes, see Numbers 22-24 & Josue (Joshua) 13:22] they have for reward poured out themselves [i.e., they strive doggedly for the wickedness that they do out of greed & covetousness for the pleasurable things of this earth], and have perished in the contradiction [rebellious schism] of Core [a ‘levite’, or‘deacon’, during the Old Covenant, who dared to revolt against, and insult, Ss. Moses & Aaron --- and thus God Himself since these two men were who God plainly chose at this point in time to lead His Church --- Core and his fellow rebels literally plunging, along with their families & possessions, into hell as a punishment for their hideous religious schism or else burning to death in God’s Fiery Wrath as some of them audaciously, and disobediently, offered incense at the Tabernacle as if God had bequeathed upon them a priestly right to do so… review Numbers 16 for the sad particulars of refusing to profess & obey God’s True Religion whole & entire]. These are spots in their banquets, feasting together without fear, feeding themselves [in a narrow sense this refers to schismatics illegally offering the Holy Eucharist to God at His Holy Mass, while in the broad sense it impugns any heretics who both illegally & invalidly pretend to worship the One True God as He has commanded in His Utterly Singular Religion of Roman Catholicism, outside of which True Religion no one can ever truly please Him or wholly placate Him], clouds without water [in other words, even if they practice the Sacrament of Baptism correctly, this sacramental water does them no good in the end if they persist in their schism or heresy as adults with intelligent minds], which are carried about by winds [the latest trends, biases or powers of humanity], trees of the autumn, unfruitful, twice dead, plucked up by the roots [that is to say, they can do no good works in Christ since they don’t belong to Christ, having rejected His Catholic Dogmas or His Catholic Leaders, and dead twice in the sense that, in this horrible condition, they will die both physically & spiritually, in spite of a valid water baptism], raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own confusion [need I point out the brazenly apocalyptic imagery here, the peoples of this earth, like the ubiquitous waters of the sea, covering at least two thirds of our world with the confusion of false religion, and today, during the Great Apostasy, with a Self-Deifying Neo-Paganism in conjunction with a New World Order that is in complete defiance of God & His Roman Catholicism?]; WANDERING STARS, to whom the storm of darkness is reserved forever [in Greek, the term ‘planetes’ is where we get the English word ‘planet’, and means one who wanders --- since the planets, despite looking like other stars in the sky to the naked eye, ‘wander’, as it were, over the months in relation to the fixed-in-position stars that stay stable in relation to one another for years and centuries --- the term ‘planetes’ in turn derived from the Greek ‘planan’, which means ‘to lead astray’, which means these religious rebels against God’s Church wind up in hell forever]. (Jude 1:10-13 DRC)


Whew! Quite a humdinger, isn’t it?


As I converted from my childhood Evangelic Protestant heresy, this was one of many, many, many things in my Protestant-translated bible that jumped out at me, clearly not upholding the Protestant religion I had been taught. And which, when a person examines it intelligently & logically & fully & from all sides, obviously upholds Catholicism since, historically speaking, nobody was ‘protestant’ in the fullest sense of that title prior to the Rebellion of Martin Luther that historians like to officially date from 31 October 1517, when he is said to have nailed his ‘95 theses’ to the doors of the Wittenberg Castle Church (called ‘All Saints’, which is really significant when you consider that Herr Luther is claimed to have done this on All Hallow’s Eve, to wit, the present ‘Halloween’, signaling his growing disbelief the very night --- and, by extension, the day --- before Catholics honor Our Creator by honoring all those who are His forever in Heaven.)


The reader can study historical evidence against Protestantism in the book, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (‘no Salvation outside the Church’), as found in the Books & Articles section to your left, or alphabetically listed in the Quiklinks to your right. Peruse Chapters 15-33 especially, very carefully. You will see how, in the words of Christians who lived in the first five centuries after Christ, there was no such thing as so-called ‘protestants’; real Christians were Roman Catholic and naught else, and all actual followers of Jesus submit to the rightful rule of a legitimately-elected & publicly orthodox Roman Bishop, a Pope, who is God’s Authority on earth --- period.


What St. Jude describes in the passage quoted above starkly warns against religious rebels like what Martin Luther and his fellow Protestants became, and starkly cautions Catholics against following men who look like leaders because of an official capacity in the Singular Catholic Body of Jesus Christ, but who, BECAUSE OF NOTORIOUS & PERTINACIOUS SCHISM OR HERESY, reveal themselves as the false Catholics and false Christians that they actually are, hence losing both their Roman Catholicity and their Hierarchal Authority via automatic excommunication, which, since ancient days, has always been set up in canon law to operate automatically, even without any official declaration from some higher authority in the Church. (Meaning, by the way, concerning actual popes, that a real Catholic in no way pretends to ‘depose’ such a man from his high office, as if such a lower-ranking Catholic has the ‘power’ to do so. Rather, real Catholics simply recognize as an indisputable fact --- due to a man, who happens to be pope, by his words & deeds notoriously & pertinaciously denying simple, plain & infallible dogmas that any person of sound mind can know are infallibly true in order to be Catholic in the first place --- that this Vicar of Christ, having free will, has freely selected rebellion and thus fallen from Roman Catholicity, becoming automatically excommunicated through the undeviating teaching and supreme authority of Christ’s Singular Body, the Roman Catholic Church Herself, via Jesus’ Divine Authority, removing such a rebel from his membership in, and hence also his leadership over, Christ’s Catholic Body, thereby also removing the danger of such Spiritual Cancer.) Readers who are more curious, or skeptical, about this canonic principle, can study Automatic Excommunications (‘Latae Sententiae’), a relatively short writing gleaned from Chapters 6 to 14 of a longer article, Should You Go to a CMRI Mass or Take Part in the Worship of Other Traditionalists? Both can be found in the Books & Articles section to your left, as well as in the Quiklinks section, alphabetically ordered, to your right.


St. Jude says a little more, though. He adds, quite soberingly:


“Now of these [rebellious leaders in the Church] Enoch also, the seventh from Adam [St. Enoch lived before the Great Flood and was taken by God into Paradise without dying… oh, and notice that divine number, “seventh”?], prophesied, saying: ‘Behold [look], the Lord cometh [comes, i.e., arrives] with thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to reprove all the ungodly for all the works of their ungodliness [that is, their sin & unbelief], whereby they have done [acted] ungodly, and of all the hard things [nasty & false allegations] which ungodly sinners have spoken against God.’ These [types of folk] are murmurers [whiners], full of complaints, walking according to their own desires [doing & believing whatever it is they want to think is ‘right’, regardless of the truth], and their mouth speaketh [speaks] proud things, admiring persons for gain’s sake [flattering people merely to get what they want… and not because it’s true]. But you, my dearly beloved, be mindful [carefully recall & carefully follow] of the words [teachings] which have been spoken before [already] by the apostles [the very first bishops] of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who told you, that in the last time [the end of earth as we know it] there should come MOCKERS [arrogant rebels who ridicule the One True Religion], walking according to their own desires in ungodlinesses [they are fearless, sinning as much as they want]. These are they, who SEPARATE THEMSELVES [abandon membership in God’s Catholic Church via schism or heresy], sensual men [loving the fleshly comforts & pleasures of this world way more than they love God & His Roman Catholic Religion], having not the Spirit [the Third Person of the Trinity doesn’t dwell in them, either because they’re not truly Catholic (being unbelievers & followers of false religion) or are utterly bad Catholics (being wicked & content in their mortal sin)]. But you, my beloved, building yourselves upon your most holy FAITH [keeping Roman Catholicism whole & entire, know all of its dogmas better & better, and learning how to obey the Lord’s Commandments through Her better & better], praying in the Holy Ghost [pray in the state of grace, which is the most efficacious], keep yourselves in the love of God [stay truly Catholic whole & entire, which is how we love God as human beings], waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto life everlasting [trust God, as merciful Catholics to those around you, that He, in turn, will show you mercy, He permitting you, despite all of your many terrible sins, to enter Heaven forgiven]. And some indeed reprove, being judged [rebuke & admonish some of the wicked people or bad Catholics with whom you interact]: but others save, pulling them out of the fire [with certain other people, whether Catholic or not, be infinitely patient, till you, by the power of God, either convert them to Catholicism and real hope of salvation, or else convince them to become good Catholics and thereby secure their hope of salvation]. And on others have mercy, in fear, hating also the spotted garment which is carnal [with yet other human beings, be extremely merciful & forgiving, notwithstanding, be afraid lest the wickedness they indulge winds up tempting you to sin in a similar way, you, instead, hating & loathing this corrupt flesh of our earthly bodies that leads us astray into iniquity so effortlessly, threatening to damn us eternally]. (Jude 1:14-23 DRC)


Now do you see, my precious soul? Does understanding dawn like a spiritual sunrise? The stakes are high; the odds tremendous; and failure is unthinkably horrifying.


Will we be saintly & stable Roman Catholic Stars in Heaven Forevermore:


Or will we wander like planetary demon gods in darkness eternally?


As God via our beloved St. Daniel assures good Catholics:


“But they that are learned [know Catholicism whole & entire] shall shine as the brightness of the firmament [the heavens above]: and they that instruct many to justice [teach lots of people to become Roman Catholic], AS STARS FOR ALL ETERNITY.” (Daniel 12:3 DRC)


+++ 137. Exit, Stage Left? +++


So what is the sixth head of terrestrial imperial centrality?


Where does Number Six lie on this immense, deadly & cruel Oceanic Beast?


In relation to the Middle of the Earth… where lay Our Heavenly Paradisewhere does the Maw of Hell and the Maelstrom of Religious Rebellion move, where do we look next?


We’ve already touched upon this sixth head twice. Our first reference was in Chapter 96 of this book, Helplessly Ignorant, giving us the starting point in figuring out what Jesus is telling us through His Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, in the bizarre-sounding parable of the ‘Oceanic Beast’ as found within the last book of Sacred Scripture, the Apocalypse. Our second reference was a little bit ago (well, okay, quite a bit ago if you’re not a scholar and find ‘long’ writings difficult or boring…) in Chapter 126, fleetingly mentioning what ‘officially’ ended the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire.


Which is?


The Greco-Roman Empire.


The center of the world’s stage is in the East of Middle Earth. Most of the world’s imperial centralities have rotated in or around this eastern centrality. Yet occasionally, the imperially central action sneaks ‘off stage’, as it were. The excitement transpires just out of the audience’s main sight, off to the side --- but still in relation, connected to, the divinely-imposed terrestrially-spherical centrality of the eastern Mediterranean.


Like a theatre play, so to speak, everything revolves around the stage under the proscenium arch, riveting the audience’s attention, normally, to where the forefront actors, movement or spotlight focus that attention. Once in awhile, though, something important happens --- on purpose --- ‘off stage’, or ‘to the side’. The audience’s attention is moved to this new ‘center of action’. Unless, of course, they’ve fallen asleep. In which case, the audience dozes while the drama or comedy or tragedy continues. All these contingencies have occurred in the last several thousand of years.


It happened near the start, after the Flood, with Nemrod & Atlantis.


Suddenly, unexpectedly, the action went west.


Out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Nevertheless, the drama or comedy or tragedy still centered around the main stage, under the world’s proscenium arch, in the East of Middle Earth, as mighty Atlantis strove, in imitation of their rebellious partriarch, Nemrod [Nimord] / Neptune / Poseidon, to accomplish the global domination they so craved, fighting an enormous war in the European spotlight, near to our former Paradise, and nearly achieving their audacious goal. Until, shockingly routed by the Athenians, they retreated to their Atlantic stronghold, nursing their wounds, then sank, precipitously, into the abyss.


End of story?


Certainly not.


But before we get to the ‘end of the tale’ that we are living through right now, as I write and as you read, we have another ‘migration’ off-stage, so to speak in theatrical terms, prior to the very end of the play. Yet always, still, in relation to the main stage.


The audience’s attention (if they’re awake), is directed westward.


From the east of the Mediterranean (Middle Earth), we’re focused to the west. Not as far west as to go to the Atlantic Ocean --- yet --- like we did with Atlantis for a little. But a bit west (and a tad north) with Greece, or Macedonia, to be specific, for a moment.


Then a bit more west, and not a tad north, with Rome in Italy.


Ergo the hyphenated terminology again.


Because the Greeks and Romans are very closely connected, ultimately. And, gazing downward upon the earth, with north at top, they are to the ‘left’ of Middle Earth’s east.


And their imperially central world empire --- Number Six --- directs the audience’s attention (once more, if they’re awake and paying attention at this point in the story) a little off-stage from the East in Middle Earth, although still firmly ensconced within the audience’s main stage view, under the global proscenium arch. The Sea Monster of the Apocalypse stages Act Six of the Play in the West. Not much west, but a little.


Which is why, dear soul, the chapter’s title theatrically directs us to:


Prepare to exit, stage left, both during and at the end of Act Six.


+++ 138. Nothing Left to Conquer? +++

(Boo Hoo)


The Greeks were a numerous and far spread people by the first millennium BC.


Per Sacred Scripture, they would seem to be descendants of Cethim [Kittim]. (E.g., see 1 Machabees [Maccabees] 1:1, where the Bible clearly references a Greek leader as coming from the “land of Cethim.” See also 1 Paralipomenon [Chronicles] 1:7, where Sacred Scripture plainly calls “Cethim” one of the “sons of Javan”, who, in turn, Genesis 10:2 calls one of the “sons of Japheth”. Ergo, Cethim is the son of Javan, the grandson of Japheth, and the great-grandson of Noe [Noah]. Ergo, it would seem Greeks are mostly, if not wholly, Japhetic. (DRC)) ‘Cethim’ at first referred to Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, per historians & archeologists, but later included nearby areas (probably because Greek people spread widely as they grew), especially the countless Greek islands.


The upshot?


Linguists uniformly agree that the languages of Greek are a branch of Indo-European. Careful Catholic scholars can then note that this essentially clinches the deal --- that is, that Greeks are essentially descendants of Japheth, Noe’s second of three sons. As ever, things get complicated over centuries upon centuries, with migration & intermingling. Notwithstanding, it’s logical to conclude most Greeks are mostly Japhetic.


As a result, the arrival of Greek supremacy and imperial centrality continues the curious Japhetic role which Japheth’s offspring assumed at the end of an Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire, (the Medo-Persians being Japhetic, you’ll remember), an ascendancy that lasted, centered around the Mesopotamian Valley, from roughly the middle of the 6th century BC, until 330 BC, when a Macedonian (and hence Greek) ruler, the fabulous (and fabulously ‘lucky’) Alexander the Great, toppled and consumed them into his own growing realm. To wit, the Greek Empire, which, for reasons we’ll examine later, definitely flows together with the Romans into a Greco-Roman Empire’.


Yet who was Alexander the Great?


It’s amazing how much we can know about him. Naturally, a lot of this is because he and his domain are not as ancient as Babel & Atlantis, or etc. It’s also because we have a lot more written sources regarding his life & conquests. And it’s because we moderns don’t feel nervous hearing about his legacy since, in the end, Rome consumed his vast realm, nothing catastrophic or destructive occurring to them like Babel & Atlantis, the both of which remind us God can punish us horribly for iniquity… including while fragile humans are still alive (*gasp!*) in the flesh, subject to earthly afflictions.


In any case, young Alexander didn’t look like he’d build an empire.


Initially he was just the son of a Macedonian king, one of many, many, many kingdoms or ‘city states’ of the Greeks from that long ago period, particularly in the wake of the fall or decline of their so-called ‘Mycenaean’ civilization in the latter 2nd millennium BC and a consequent ‘Greek Dark Ages’, wherein they are said to have forgotten their previous ‘Linear B’ script (the written form of their language, or languages, of that time, which was taken, per scholars, from the earlier ‘Linear A’ syllabic script that the Minoans employed on the island of Crete). They re-emerged after the threat of a ‘Sea People’ receded (which causes one to wonder if these mysterious seafaring people were --- oh, I don’t know --- perhaps the Phoenicians at their ascendancy as the fourth head of the Oceanic Beast…?), the Greeks’ later means of writing an adaption of a phonetically-based Phoenician alphabet, disseminated everywhere these wealthy traders would dare venture. Nonetheless, an ancient tale says, Alexander gave his parents portentous dreams.


For instance, his mother, Olympias, dreamt that a thunder bolt struck her womb, causing fire to spread into the distance. Likewise, his father dreamed he sealed his wife’s womb with the image of a lion (monarchs of old sealed their official letters or documents with molten wax which, before it solidified, they impressed with a graven ‘symbol’… such as a signet ring or other device that vouched for the communication’s authenticity, and hence it’s regal authority). Whatever the significance --- and modern scholars axiomatically doubt them, of course --- apart from these soporific reveries, you never would have thought he’d become a legendary conqueror. Alexander’s father, Phillip, it is true, undertook campaigns to subdue threats to his Macedonian kingdom, or expand his borders somewhat modestly --- but truly massive conquest on a continental scale?


No. This was unique to Alexander the Great.


He even feuded with his father, being only half ‘Macedonian’ since his mother, Olympias, was Epirote (still Greek overall, but not a Macedonian woman), and his father, Phillip, falling in love with yet another wife who was Macedonian, then produced an heir that most citizens assumed would be the next king of Macedonia. But, as so-called ‘fate’ would have it, an assassin murdered Alexander’s father, the assassin then dying as he fled, the nobles of Macedonia declaring Alexander, on the spot, as their next king & general of their army. And all at the tender age of 20 years old. What next for the unlooked for ruler of much of Europe, Africa & Asia, north India included?


Why… get rid of enemies and any potential rivals, naturally.


Having done this, and secured the extent of the kingdom he inherited (many of the Macedonian vassals used King Phillip’s death as an excuse to revolt), Alexander then turned to the slowly yet surely declining Assyro-Chaldean-Persian Empire --- which, it having tussled many a time with several Greek city states on its northwest border over the centuries (and having, it seems, appointed rather autocratic leaders over uppity Greeks), was much detested by these resentful Greeks --- and proceeded, a mere five years after ascension to the Macedonian throne, in 336 BC, to decimate the Persians. Not with disdain, though. According to historians, both ancient & modern, Alexander greatly admired the efficiency & probity of the mighty Persians and their realm. He even planned, before untimely death, to make Babylon capitol of his new empire.


Ah, but there is so much to do when you’re a conqueror on a roll!


After subduing Syria and the Levant, including Egypt --- which, they say, viewed him as a liberator --- he took Mesopotamia and Persia properly so called (claiming that the last emperor of the Persians, Darius the Third, had proclaimed Alexander his successor), then continued into India, taking over part of the north of this ‘subcontinent’. Finally, having subdued the Indus Valley and a huge kingdom of the time, and passing into eastern India where modern day Bengal now exists, near to the fabled Ganges River, Alexander the Great’s army had had enough. They had learned they faced at least two more major kingdoms with appropriately massive military forces, and, exhausted from some eleven years of nonstop battle --- missing their homes, wives and families --- they simply refused to go any further. Alexander, understandably disappointed --- as would be any poor world-class vanquisher who has gone for over a decade with nary a defeat and dreams of ruling the entire earth --- gave in to their demands, particularly after a much-respected general, Coenus (whose name in Greek, ‘Koinos’, literally means ‘common’, fitting for he who, in pleading with Alexander, persuaded the latter to have some compassion upon his common soldiers), convinced the sovereign it really was magnanimous, the wisest & kindest thing he could do for them.


Our dear Alexander, with some more adventures (and quite a few men lost on a very difficult desert route he decided to travel on his way back to Persia to retrieve the vast treasure he’d won from them, not to mention pay respects at the tomb of Cyrus the Great, a man he very much admired… oh, and one more mutiny of his army, which wound up misinterpreting his orders and were miffed at Alexander’s penchant for adopting the customs & dress of once powerful Persians), wound up back in Babylon, preparing for more invasions, first of Arabia and afterward Europe. Unfortunately, he got sick. This malady worsened, and, by 10 or 11 June of 323 BC, he departed from earthly life.


A mere 32 years old. Never defeated in war; cut low by disease.


There’s a story --- most likely apocryphal --- that, prior to dying, Alexander was heartbroken, weeping and exclaiming, “There are no more worlds to conquer!” If in any way accurate, it may have come from the Greek biographer, Plutarch, who states in a moral essay, On the Tranquility of the Mind, how young Alexander wept hearing Anaxarchus, a learned philosopher, opine that there exists an ‘infinity of worlds’.


“What’s wrong with you?” asked Alexander’s puzzled friends. Per Plutarch, our world-class-leader-to-be responded, “Is it not worthy of tears that, when the number of worlds is infinite, we have not yet become lords of a single one?”


Again, contemporary scholars don’t want to think ancients knew the earth. It’s not in their self-interest to believe that Mediterranean peoples of old might have known the true scope and true extent of our terrestrial globe. And maybe Alexander didn’t know; maybe he didn’t even say what Plutarch claims he said. Then again, maybe he did. And maybe it’s we moderns who are narrow-minded & ignorant. Not without culpability, though. We, too, have been on a nonstop wave of conquering & subjugation. Our foes have cowered before us, worshipping our unparalleled strength, wealth & knowledge.


After all, we’re “Gods”, you know, ready to storm the heavens. (Genesis 3:5c DRC) What mighty deeds await us, what untold fate, occupying an ‘infinite’ frontier!


Yet will we, before death, weep like Alexander?


His Greek name meant ‘defending men’.


Who will defend us, whether from outside threats or from our own selves? When the great can die young, what hope have we, the tiny & little? This world seems so valuable, so precious… but what does it all mean when our most prized dreams come crashing down upon us, at our last breath, the earth slipping from our feeble grasp?


+++ 139. What Does It All Mean? +++


As a classic outfit from the golden era of hip hop once rapped, “Three, that’s the magic number.” Whilst, in between the front and center of the main rap, every so often a quirkily altered voice would query, “What does it all mean?”


What, indeed?


(Here we take a slight pause to issue a warning. I will occasionally refer to artistic productions --- like films or books or music, etc. --- in this book, Helplessly Ignorant, or other books & articles that I have written. Please do not ever take these references as a sanction of these things as harmless or holy. Usually they are not. Especially during modern times, when artistic works are immodest, sinful & Godless. I merely refer to them for the sake of illustration, just as early Church fathers of old, having been converted from paganism, might refer to something pagan in order to instruct.)


Earthly-minded human beings think it all boils down to things of an earthly value. Oh, sure… some of us talk a good talk. We pay lip service to a conscious existence hereafter. I mean, for all our Darwinist bravado, who really wants to think one’s individual death is the end? Our actions speak louder than words --- and that includes me, too, since I’m a bad Catholic (truly Catholic, but not a very good one). Ergo, anyone who is not truly Catholic, yet not willing to bluster emptily about how personal ‘oblivion’ at death doesn’t bother him or her in the least, must, of a necessity… acknowledging he or she continues to exist beyond earthly death… pretend that what he or she wants to do here & now on earth is either imperative, or else inconsequential, to a neverending life to come.


Mind you, ‘earthly value’ can be more than ‘material things’.


Yes, most human beings most of the time revolve their lives around physicality. Our physical bodies… and their carnal appetites… are what most of us feed. Nevertheless, humanity amounts to more than just physicality. Wherefore, you can run into people who, composed of flesh like all of us, place great importance on things of the mind or soul. We can lust for knowledge, or covet ‘experiences’ of a purportedly ‘spiritual’ nature. It doesn’t really matter. It still comes down to what we want in this mortal life.


Yet does our desire comport with what we’re made to do?


Then our desire is ‘heavenly’.


Or does our desire conflict, in some way, with our purpose for existing?


Then our desire is ‘earthly’.


It’s that simple. So, my dear reader… what do you want?


If it’s only earthly, then you run the risk of ‘coveting’ in the sinful sense. But if it’s heavenly, then your ‘coveting’ is pure & holy. What, then, shall we covet? Our Maker gave us intelligent minds and voluntary wills. What are we to do with them? What must we know (intelligent mind) and what must we choose (voluntary will)? What’s the significance of our existence? Why the form we have, why the world we live in?


What does it all mean?


Do you recall us pointing out that the number ‘seven’, more than any other number, symbolizes God? It’s the ‘supernatural’ or ‘divine’ number. Do you also recall us saying that the number ‘six’, more than any other number, symbolizes Man? It’s the ‘natural’ or ‘human’ number. Six is one less than seven, signifying that we’re made in His Image. Accordingly, that we’re a little less than Him; reflection rather than essence.


God, though, is a Unique Being. He not only exists uncreated from all of eternity, He exists, too, as Three Persons in One Being. To wit, the Trinity. This puzzles & mystifies human beings. Not loving God as we ought to love Him, we may find it ‘unbelievable’, perchance ‘ridiculous’. After all, don’t we --- in our temporal & mortal existence --- normally experience things as one person in one body? To be sure. Unless ‘possessed’… or, as psychologists suppose, ‘schizophrenic’… or, as hardcore Darwinists imagine, two or more ‘selves’ under the guise of a single ‘self’… then, yes, it’s a rule of thumb:


We must have exactly one person per every one body.


Any more than that and it gets crowded, spiritually speaking. ‘Spiritually’ since volume & place are different for souls. Ah, but God doesn’t essentially have a ‘body’, does He?


In Eternal Essence because He is an Eternal Spirit.


He is the Uncreated Creator. Material physicality is a created thing. Hence, when Almighty God became a Man (Jesus Christ), He clothed His Self-Eternal Spirit, as it were, with both a visible body and invisible soul. This Supernatural Incarnation is what Catholics call the Hypostatic Union. God’s Divine Nature joined with a Human Nature. His Divinity took on Humanity. Creator & Creation fused into the God-Man. Lucifer wants us to view this fusion upside down. The fallen angel (who is a liar) wants us thinking we pantheistically ‘evolve’ from humanity into divinity. That is to say, everything is ‘god --- ‘realize it’, thereby achieving god consciousness’.


This is the Lie of the Serpent in the Garden.


The heretical French Jesuit, Teilhard de Chardin, dared teach it in the mid-20th century. The apostate Jesuit, Antipope Francis, now dares to ‘rehabilitate’ Chardin and his heresy, which ‘spiritualizes’ the fantasy of Darwinistic evolution, telling us the point of material ‘evolution’ is not just chance, but an ‘Omega Point’, wherein we become the ‘pinnacle’ of evolution, consciously controlling it and our destiny, thereby becoming ‘gods’ and merging with everything, enlightened beings attaining to christ consciousness’.


When I awoke one morning in February of 2016 with the full outline of this book, Helplessly Ignorant, suddenly in my mind, I did not yet know of a prominent scholar living near Jerusalem, Israel (and who is a professor at the Hebrew University in this same City of David), who had just published a major work not then translated or made available for English-speaking audiences. The scholar is Yuval Noah Harari, who already had made a big intellectual splash with his previous publication in 2011, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. This tome enchanted Darwinists, describing human history --- the ‘sapiens’ or ‘wise ones’ of the title, the name scientists bestow upon the human ‘species’ (viz., ‘homo sapiens’, which is Latin nomenclature for ‘wise man’) --- in terms of waxing human intelligence (a mental ability enabling us to ‘imagine’ into existence what would not otherwise ever influence anything, whether a thing ‘imagined’ at first is real or not), together with increasing human cooperation, resulting in domination of the entire world. In 2015 he published its sequel, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. This was released in the US in February 2017. It also has made a global intellectual splash. Beloved soul, do you know what the Latin term ‘homo deus’ means?


‘Homo’ is Latin for ‘man’ or ‘human’. ‘Deus’ means ‘god’. That’s right.


Yuval Noah Harari touts a ‘Man-God’. He touts an existence wherein ‘Humanism’ is the dominant religion & paradigm, wherein Humanity worships itself, wherein we as human beings do whatever we wish, whatever we may deem the ‘right’ thing to do, wherein, mere creatures although we are, we reach out and grasp immortality.


To be fair to Mr. Harari, who is an intelligent scholar, he does say that he’s not trying to ‘cheerlead’ for the idea. He calls it a ‘prophecy’ --- in the sense of human prediction that --- barring changes in our present conditions or changes in human intent --- he expects us, collectively, to strive to ‘evolve’ into ‘homo deus’. He carefully says he does not predict we’ll be successful, or that everything happens by AD 2100, etc. He’s only trying to get us to think carefully about where we’re headed before we arrive, so as to better manage our destiny. But he also does not at all chastise humanity for this implicit goal, as if ‘evil’. Indeed, he seems positively eager for the prospect, if only as an intellectual.


In any case, notice the two words, ‘God’ & ‘Man’, in Harari’s title are inverted.


In Catholicism, it is God-Man --- God always coming first.


In Modernism, it is Man-God --- Humanity first, with God second.


This is no fluke. Whether fully conscious or not, human beings want to rule.


Our Creator & His Roman Catholic Church stand in the way of this goal.


Catholicism says, God rules. We rule with God if we obey Him.”


This annoys covetous human beings… indeed, it infuriates them. Modern humanity has no intention of giving up their ‘power’. We rule the roost. We are Gods and we want to rule creation… or, er… the entire infinite multiverse quantum bubble froth, if you will.


Now take the next step. Recognize the following truth --- that each Person of the True God being Wholly God (there are Three Persons in One God, you’ll recollect), we therefore can say, numerically speaking, that God is a triple seven. That is:




Humanity wants Godhood, but on its own terms (Lucifer the One leading us All in this overweening and impossibly gargantuan endeavor, you’ll remember). We can say, numerically speaking, then, that ‘Homo Deus’ strives to be a triple six. I.e.:




The Number of a Man. (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:18) The Omen of Apocalypse, the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. The Beast roars, turning the waters of the Ocean turbulent with his strength & wrath. The Earth quivers & shakes, tremors troubling the continents and tsunamis of thought pounding the seashores.


Are you starting to see what it all means?


+++ 140. Six Hundred Sixty-Six? +++


“And he [the beast which comes up out of the earth, who, being like a human being, works on behalf of the beast that comes up out of the ocean, see Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:1] shall make all [everyone on earth], both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen [employees, servants or slaves], to have a character [a symbol or sign] on their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but [unless] he that hath [has] the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast [let him comprehend what this mysterious & hidden number or name signifies]. For it is the NUMBER OF A MAN: and the number of him is SIX HUNDRED SIXTY SIX.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:16-18 DRC)


This passage of Sacred Scripture has puzzled people for centuries.


Even today, in the midst of the Great Apostasy --- when almost no one on earth is left who is truly Roman Catholic and traditional religion is being suppressed left and right everywhere, but especially in our part of the world --- people still remember this curious number, associating it with the Apocalypse and something evil. Where does this obsession of ours come from? Why does it stay with us… even today?


It’s not like most people know or understand the Bible.


I grew up as a conservative Evangelic Protestant (EP). These kinds of EPs love to astound you with their quotations of Sacred Scripture and act like everything they believe is found in the Bible, ‘proven’ by Scripture. I can tell you for a fact, having been raised by them, that this is a load of crock. The vast majority of EPs never read their bibles. Their ‘proof texts’ are a sham, proving nothing specific about their religion. A huge majority of EPs merely hear certain verses repeated again and again, being told these passages ‘prove’ their EP beliefs to be ‘true’… and that’s it. They know nothing more than that, and what they think they ‘know’ is a mirage or façade, a massive misinterpretation of what Sacred Scripture actually says & means.


(Again, ancient Christians were Roman Catholic. Go here to see it is so.)


So if most people today, particularly in our part of the world, know nothing about the Bible, maybe even scorning it as the ‘naïve superstitions’ of ancient tribal humans… then whence comes this bizarre obsession with the number, 666? Why do so many people in our part of the earth still remember it and associate it with something terrible and very wicked, when they never read the Bible, don’t comprehend Sacred Scripture, and adamantly refuse to take anything else in it seriously?


What’s going on here?


Once more --- the Law of Natural Reason, written upon our hearts.


Our very dreams remind us, every time we lay our head upon the pillow and our intelligence drifts into slumber… our guardian angel is there, whispering into our ears, and a demon, too, assigned to waylay us, curdling our souls… and, yet, for all his lies, truth still seeps through, our guardian using both veracity unstained and the liar’s falsehoods (always mixed with some truth) to sound the alarm in our skulls… the conviction that we’re here on earth, in flesh, for a reason… an imperative purpose having nothing to do with only increasing creaturely wealth and comfort, or for mere earthly knowledge and technological advancement, or for fame, prestige and power.


Now, I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about 666.


But I will point out a few things it’s time to realize.


The most typical approach to this curious number, if someone claims to have the “wisdom” to interpret it, is to say it’s isopsephic. That is to say, it is a name where each letter has a numeric value, which, when added up, sums to 666 and is thus the “number of the beast.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:18a, c DRC) The most common interpretation of this nature put forth by biblical commentators --- and whether Catholic or not --- is the wicked Roman emperor, Nero Caesar. He was apparently ingenious yet dangerously unbalanced, called himself the sun god (Apollo), and, assert many, in burning central Rome for the purpose of rebuilding it according to his plans, blamed ancient Catholics and thereby launched the first major wave of bloody persecution against Christianity. And, whilst some of these types of interpreters refrain from saying Nero was the ‘Antichrist’, they still insist the Antichrist’s name will add up to 666.


Could this be true?


Yes and no.


Yes, it’s possible God is telling us that some particular human being will be the ‘Antichrist’ par excellence, and this person’s name or title has letters of numeric value which, when added up, sum to 666. I can’t discount this possibility; it could be true.


Yet, no, it’s not necessarily correct, or --- even if correct --- the sole interpretation permitted. Remember… Sacred Scripture can have two or more layers of meaning. It’s conceivable that the above interpretation is true while, at the same time, the Creator also intends to tell us one or two or three or more other things about antichrist as well. There is no vast unanimity amongst the early Church fathers concerning this subject, nor has Holy Mother Church decreed with explicit & solemn infallibility upon the topic.


Meanwhile, it’s amazing how people overlook a simple fact:


It’s a number.


Ergo, would it not be wise to consider the likelihood that it has something to do with mathematics, geometry and the meaning of numbers overall? Of all considerations having to do with God --- apart from what the One True Religion infallibly teaches us and the Law of Natural Reason instructs us --- would it not make sense, in comprehending Scripture when it gets numerical, to think in terms of mathematics, too?


So what’s significant, mathematically or geometrically, about 666?


It’s a triangular number.


And what’s a triangular number?


An equilateral triangle (the most perfect triangle of all, as any thinker can attest) is a triangle with all three sides and angles equal. And if you take certain objects (say, for instance, round dots) and arrange them, evenly spaced, into the shape of an equilateral triangle, you can make larger and larger equilateral triangles out of more and more of these round dots. Nonetheless, only certain numbers of dots will work.


And what are these numbers? A sequence emerges:


1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120, 136, 153, 171, 190, 210, 231, 253, 276, 300, 325, 351, 378, 406, 435, 465, 496, 528, 561, 595, 630, 666, and etc., the 36th in the iteration, without end. (Fair warning: mathematicians today love to put ‘zero’ at the beginning of this sequence. Yet think about it --- how can ‘zero’ dots, which is a whole absence of anything, therefore nothing --- make any shape at all, let alone the precise shape of a triangle?) Notice the 666? Naturally (pun intended). And what figure geometrically represents a supernatural Triune God more than any other?


You could proffer the circle (eternality) or the square (perfection).


But a triangle is absolutely exquisite.


Especially the equilateral one.


Three Persons in One God.


Each Person equally Divine, yet distinctly Personal. Like an equilateral triangle, so perfectly balanced with three distinct sides & angles, whilst being a single geometric entity, perfectly emblematic of the Eternally Self-Existent Triune Deity.


My dear soul, we’ll get into the divine symbolism of seven.


Yet knowing six symbolizes humanity, do you see?


666, a ‘Human Trinity’.


We’re made to look like Him and be with Him. When we refuse to do as we ought (read: be good Catholics), we still cannot escape our divine image. We still strive to be like Gods. We’re one less than seven, yet determined to be Him… but without Him.


Curious, too --- isn’t it? --- that so-called ‘scientists’ have discovered, in the past two centuries, that human beings, physically speaking, could not exist without the fabulous atom we now call carbon’. This fantastic element, of which humans are composed & literally is the backbone of our cells --- all the way down to our carbon-based genetic code, DNA --- is fascinating for another reason, too, something we moderns never knew till, by the end of the 1800s, chemists devised the Periodic Table. Then, in the 1900s, we found out what makes the Periodic Table periodic, and thus why an element’s atom is that particular element and not something else. To wit, the number of protons it has.


This is called the ‘atomic number’ of an element.


And what’s the atomic number of carbon?


Why… six.


Indeed, with subatomic physics, we now understand that the most common form or ‘isotope’ of carbon on earth is Carbon 12. This carbon atom has six protons (positively charged) and six neutrons (neutral, with no electric charge, but adding weight to atoms… thus the name of this carbon, 6 protons plus 6 neutrons equaling 12). Furthermore, to balance out the six positive charges in the nucleus, six negatively charged electrons ‘orbit’ the nucleus (so to speak) and make the elemental carbon atom whole.


Hm. What do you know? 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.


Six hundred sixty-six (666)… as it were.


+++ 141. A Matter of Division? +++


The symbolism gets even more fundamental.


With the advent of quantum mechanics in the past century, scientists now know that carbon --- so extremely combinable with all kinds of other atoms and so essential & unique to human flesh (indeed, to pretty much all life on earth!) --- in forming what we call ‘covalent’ bonds (say, e.g., with hydrogen), will easily share four of its six electrons, the resulting ‘electron cloud’ (contemporary physicists call it ‘sp3 hybridization’), being foundational in organic chemistry, carbon taking on a peculiarly tetrahedral shape.


And what is a tetrahedron?


A four-sided solid, each side consisting of an equilateral triangle. Sort of like an Egyptian pyramid, except that a tetrahedron has four sides instead of five, and the ‘bottom’ side is a triangle, not a square. In geometry, it is the simplest of the so-called ‘Platonic solids’.


So, the triangle, so basic to our existence and so perfect in symbolizing a Triune Deity, is all through us and all around us, everywhere in the portion of the visible & physical world we live in, just as this Trinitarian God purposed in creating the earth.


But the symbolism also gets more transcendent.


For if you read the Apocalypse thoroughly & carefully, you’ll note how God, via His Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, often talks in terms of thirds’. To wit:


“And the first angel sounded the trumpet [blew the trumpet], and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast on the earth, and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 8:7 DRC)




 “And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third of the sun was smitten [blighted or darkened], and the third part of the moon [ditto previous annotation], and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened, and the day did not shine for a third part of it, and the night in like manner [in the same way as the day].” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 8:12 DRC)


As well:


“And by these plagues was slain [killed] the third part of men [a third of the human population dies because of these catastrophes that are divine punishment for our sins], by the fire and by the smoke and by the brimstone [burning sulfur], which issued [came] out of their mouths.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 9:18 DRC)


A few chapters later in the Apocalypse, though, we are told an interesting thing. Because the devil and his demons were formerly angels in heaven, right? Nevertheless, they became wicked --- rebellious --- and so lose their place in the heavens.


“And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold [look] a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns: and on his head seven diadems [crowns]: and his tail drew the THIRD PART OF THE STARS IN HEAVEN, and cast them to the earth… And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels [both leaders fought each other with angelic armies]: and they prevailed not [the devil and his demons could not win], neither was their place found any more in heaven [they could no longer live in the heavens above, losing their celestial home]. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan [the former, ‘devil’, signifies ‘accuser’ or ‘slanderer’, the latter, ‘satan’, means ‘enemy’ or ‘adversary’], who seduceth [seduces, i.e., lures into sins] the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels [angels who became demons, following him] were thrown down with him.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 12:3-4b, 7-9 DRC)


You’ll note how the “great red dragon” has “seven heads and ten horns” just as the Oceanic Monster we first read about in this tome, Helplessly Ignorant, in Chapter 79, quoting from Apocalypse 12:17-13:10, when we began talking about, and explaining, the significance of this parable of the Oceanic Beast in our modern era of the Great Apostasy, simultaneously further explaining the massive role that the Law of Natural Reason plays in our human lives. I.e., the very same symbolism goes for the Oceanic Beast, as does its animating luciferian spirit, the Great Red Dragon with its Seven Heads & Ten Horns. A Sea Monster first spoken of by John the Evangelist a mere half chapter later, in Sacred Scripture, we finding an identical symbolism of Seven Heads & Ten Horns for both.


This is not chance.


John the Evangelist is smart, the Holy Ghost omnisciently smart. Consequently, the parallelism of the Dragon’s Seven Heads & Ten Horns with the Sea Monster’s Seven Heads & Ten Horns is plainly meant on purpose here in the Bible, showing, too, everyone who reads these passages that the two seemingly ‘different’ things --- gargantuan Dragon and hideous Beast --- are but one and the same thing.


The Great Red Dragon merely animates Lucifer’s Unholy Beast.


Just as the Holy Ghost animates Christ’s Holy Body.


I therefore can say quite confidently:


The parallel is perfect.


And on purpose.


Yet the thirds?


Consider, my precious soul, what the fraction of a third amounts to in decimal terms. That is to say, using the Base 10 Number System… counting by tens instead of twos (binary), threes (trinary), fours (quaternary), fives (quinary), eights (octal), twelves (duodecimal), sixteens (hexademical), twenties (vigesimal), sixties (sexagesimal), or countless other systems (pun intended) human beings have practiced, or that we could come up with to use, so as to count and do calculations… decimal is, arguably, the most popular way of counting & calculating all through human history (though, granted, there have been many other ways, also, as made clear in the list above…). For a simple reason, too --- because almost every human being in the world has had ten fingers. At any rate, it’s pretty much inarguable that decimal --- counting by tens, the Base 10 System --- dominates the earth today. This is because clever Arabic numerical symbols, in conjunction with European power & supremacy, have spread everywhere via our education, science, industry, banking… even films, music, social media, etc., etc.


The point? Well, what is one third in decimal? Divide 1 by 3. The answer?


Correct… 0.333333333333333333333333333333333, ad infinitum.


In mathematics in the US, the final 3 typically has a long line right over it (called a ‘vinculum’), to indicate this decimal digit goes on and on, indefinitely. Unfortunately, neither the fonts I have nor the HTML available to me grant me this option. I hence beg readers to either visualize it on their own, or else look it up to see what I mean. Yet why does this occur in decimal, neverending digital fractions to the right of a decimal point?


Because certain fractions or ratios simply cannot divide evenly into orders of ten.


3 into 10, 30 into 100, or 300 into 1000 are a few examples of this.


The import? Well, aside from the fact that 33 is an imperative number to higher ranking Freemasons (e.g., witness their openly-acknowledged ‘degrees’ or ranks that a member may attain to, peaking at this curious digit with the ‘33rd degree’) and knowledgeable people practicing Kabbalism (for instance, the mystical ‘Tree of Sephiroth’, which, in adding its elements, 32, to the whole of it’s own self, 1, brings us to the grand total of 33), and etc. --- the repeating decimal of one third, with its endless & inexhaustible parade of threes, so perfectly evoked by the fascinating repdigit (a portmanteau for repeating digit) of the number 33 --- it is, too, the mirror complement (complement, not compliment!) to its repeating decimal ally, 0.666666666666666666666666666666666, ad infinitum.


For what do 0.333333, ad infinitum, and 0.666666, ad infinitum, add up to?


Right, my beloved reader. It is elementary… they add up to ONE.


Getting poignant? It ought to be, if you’re paying attention.


In telling us the Devil took one third of the Angels in Heaven with him into rebellion, St. John’s Apocalypse is thus telling us that two thirds of the Angels in Heaven remained loyal & steadfast to the One Trinity of Catholicism. In other words, how exactly 0.6666666, ad infinitum, of His angels stayed true to Him, the Three-in-One.


666… except, this time, on the other side of the apocalyptic equation.


There’s so much more to fathom… just persevere, my dear soul.


In the meantime, do you see how it is a matter of division?


Taking One & Three --- which, apart from Seven, are the numbers extraordinaire associated with, more than any other, an Everlasting Godhead --- we arrive at THIRDS. ‘One third’ () is linked to THREES (333…), while ‘two thirds’ () is linked to SIXES (666…). The Number of Angelic Humanity, and the Number of Bestial Carnality.


Our corrupt flesh at war with fickle souls, we are divided without God.


+++ 142. Celestial Seven? +++

(The Trinitarian Family of God in Heaven)


Yet Who is God?


Now it’s time to delve into the symbolism of Seven.


Why is this number… 7… more than any other associated with Our Creator? What’s the importance, what’s the meaning? Is it something that goes back to God Himself, or is it ‘projected onto Him’, as it were, by we His little creatures, mere human beings? I can assure you, beloved soul, that we are not ‘projecting’ this onto Him. The Divinity of Seven, so to speak, comes from the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church.


In some ways, mathematics and geometry are as close as you can come, as a mere creature, to ‘understanding’ and ‘fathoming’ God. I say ‘in some ways’, because, as great saints will tell you, the only real way to understand & fathom God --- as much as human beings can --- is through the Beatific Vision. Which, barring this option (that we’ll not have until Heaven, provided we die as good Catholics), the next best thing is an ecstatic vision. Nevertheless, an ecstatic, contemplative vision is still never able to be equal to the Beatific Vision, and, if that were not enough, when you study mystical theology carefully (meaning rigorous, systematized and truly Roman Catholic theological teaching about real Catholic mysticism… not the silly New Age stuff that passes for ‘mysticism’ nowadays), you find numerous ‘grades’ or ‘levels’ of ecstatic vision.


To wit, not all visions are the same. Some are better than others.


Notwithstanding, barring both Beatific Vision and ecstatic, contemplative visions of whatever level --- or complete & thorough theological investigation of them, apart from experiencing them your own self as a true Catholic --- then mathematics and geometry are remarkably insightful, given that we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. As always, God speaks in parables. Ergo, mathematics & geometry are His parables in earthly form (without the more pure spirituality of contemplation), although, to be fully honest, meditation upon mathematics & geometry as a real Catholic can almost, it seems, approach to the level of spiritual contemplation & ecstatic vision. The key is, do we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear? Has God given us the graces to understand? And, in understanding, will we then rightly appreciate what we’ve been given? Or, ‘bored’ and distracted by earthly things, will we like swine trample on heavenly pearls?


I trust the reader is not inclined toward wallowing in the mud.


Spiritually speaking, of course.


If not, then listen up:


From All of Eternity, timeless and unbound by any creational ‘dimension’, Our Self-Existent Creator foresaw & foreknew everything that He would make out of nothing in forming our cosmos, and everything that past, present & future hold, including all of the deeds of those creatures that He endows with some degree of rationality of mind and freedom of will. The Maker knew what we would think, say & do apart from anyone existing; that’s the intrinsic nature of omniscience (all-knowingness) and, however ‘impossible’ or ‘strange’ we may want to think it, it’s part of being God. Having then given many creatures an adequate fullness of rational mind & free will (such as celestial angels, human beings or etc.) --- and placing signs (symbols, miracles, prophecy, special revelation and so forth) throughout creation, especially in the heavens (what we’d call ‘outer space’) for our knowledge and as an indisputable proof of His Triune Divinity, Omniscience & Omnipotence, not to mention His charity for all of us, particularly humanity, which bears His Image --- He also makes us capable of, and receiving opportunity to peer into and begin to comprehend, at the right time, His Will. Numerically speaking, SEVEN is one of His Signs & Symbols.


What does it say?


First of all, it’s a prime number. It’s the fourth prime in sequence from 1 (mathematicians, incidentally, always exclude the number one from ‘primality’ as, allowing 1 to be considered a ‘prime’, it then causes many mathematical difficulties). Prime numbers are very unique (as is God), divisible only by 1 and the prime number itself. It therefore, like a circle (which has one side or no sides, depending on how you look at it), symbolizes unbrokenness & eternality. That seven is the fourth in the sequence of primes, like a square (which has four sides), symbolizes order & perfection. All the same, like a triangle (which has three sides), Seven symbolizes Trinity & Unity. You probably say, but how is seven like a triangle when three and seven are distinct?


Because the Uncreated Creator can exist just fine, all by Himself, without anyone or anything else He doesn’t need more to be happy & complete. He is Self-Sufficient, Self-Existent & Self-Eternal. He is THREE-PERSONS-IN-ONE-GOD, never lonely; He is His OWN TRINITARIAN FAMILY. He alone exists unmade. All else that exists only exists since He freely chooses of His Own Will, no need compelling Him, to make & love it. In doing so, by the way, the Maker makes everything out of nothing (‘ex nihilo’).


‘Ex nihilo’ (‘out of nothing’ in Latin) is critical since it puts creatures in our place. We’re not a ‘part’ of God’s ‘substance’; we’re made by God ‘out of nothing’. This is essential to  distinguish pantheist from theist. As the special creatures we are, called human beings… we’re not actually Him; we’re made to look like Him. It’s this very special resemblance, in our created form, that is crucial. It’s why He made us, and why 7 is so precious & peculiar. In examining everyday natural life, we find how God has used sevens --- or octaves’, if you will. Meaning you start at a foundational frequency, and, in doubling that frequency, pass through seven more ‘notes’ prior to arriving at the same ‘note’ but double in frequency. God did it this way. For instance, electromagnetism, which is only frequencies of perpendicular electric & magnetic waves propagating through ‘space’, the wavelengths ranging from micro-minute to macro-gigantic. The visible spectrum, whilst tricky to get scientists to agree overall where visibility begins and ends, nonetheless, it’s fair to say that human beings, as a collective group, can perceive from the wavelength of about 380nm to roughly 760nm. (The uninitiated must realize ‘nm’ means ‘nanometer’, i.e., literally, one billionth of a meter or not quite 400 hundred millionths of an inch.) 760 is clearly the double of 380 --- 380 times 2 equals 760, an octave in terms of waves. This octave nature of electromagnetism in general, and the visible spectrum in specific, goes on further, some of us noting (the famous Isaac Newton, for example) how there’s an octave of octaves in visible light that we see as ‘colors’… seven 7s, as it were.


This natural phenomenon of sevens or ‘octaves’ is elsewhere, too.


The aforementioned, or implied, octaves of ‘notes’, which is found in music and described in ‘music theory’, is directly observable --- via our ears and minds --- in the diatonic (or ‘seven note’) scale of ancient origin, and in the chromatic (or ‘twelve note’) scale of more recent (at least, to our knowledge…) centuries, which, whilst expanding one’s musical palette to the more ‘colorful’ (hence ‘chromatic’…) selection of twelve notes, nevertheless still incorporates --- and is built around --- the venerable diatonic, seven note scale that God (again, literally!) has built into our very world… and into human ears & minds in our ability to see it, enjoying arrangements of seven notes.


Or how about the atom?


Scientists learned by the turn of the 20th century, in constructing the Periodic Table of the Elements, how it appears to be arranged in octaves’, certain properties recurring and thus repeating ‘periodically’ as one ascends up the chemical scale of (at first, in the minds of 19th century scientists) weight, then, later (in the minds of better informed 20th century scientists), ascending up the subatomic scale of protons, which is, as we’ve observed, what our physicists or chemists of contemporary times call the atomic number of elemental atoms, determining their properties and making them what they are. The electrons around the nuclei (composed of protons & neutrons) in these atoms are amazingly octave in nature… hence the ‘octave’ nature of the Periodic Table. Furthermore, chemists routinely refer to octets in outer electron shell behavior, elemental atoms, as it were, made to ‘need’ to achieve an ‘octave’ of electrons in this outer cloud of electrons; an octave, again, being the completion’, so to speak, of an atom in this world of ours, everything trying to count up to seven’, as it were, and, reaching the seventh, ‘complete’ it by going one more step to the resonant & octave ‘note that represents a whole octave. For instance, all of the elements at the far right of chemists’ Periodic Table --- the so-called Noble Gases --- are ‘noble’ because they won’t combine with anything else (leastwise, not under normal circumstances… though the latest clever scientists can increase atmospheric pressure & heat to ludicrous levels, thereby ‘forcing’ these uniquely noble atoms to merge briefly under unnatural conditions). The noble atoms are complete’, like God in a sense, with an octave of outer electrons.


They neither ‘need’ nor ‘crave’ anything more. Thus their ‘nobility’.


We find seven in the week as well. A seven day week correlates with nothing, astronomically speaking, unlike months & years. Granted, ethnicities have used other divisions of time when it comes to counting the days… yet where did the seven day week come from in the first place? It inarguably now dominates throughout the world, due to European power, influence & supremacy again. But where did Europe get it from? Catholics of old used the seven day week, as did ancient Romans, so that’s where. However, where’d it originate before them? Remember… it’s not astronomical!


The honest & careful Roman Catholic scholar can only conclude a single thing:


It had to have come from St. Noe with his survival of the Great Flood, and, in all likelihood, it must have, in turn, come all the way back from the time of Ss. Adam & Eve. After all, does not St. Moses, inspired by the Holy Ghost, describe God making heaven & earth --- and all that we may find in them --- in the period of seven days? (Genesis 1:1-2:5) Absolutely. Hence, God Himself wove a seven day week into our human existence, governing our lives accordingly in the beginning and, ironically, shaping our daily existence even till today, in the midst of the Great Apostasy.


And seven exists elsewhere as well, amidst the unseen & supernatural.


For example, Hindus and other people of eastern philosophy will often insist that a human being has seven ‘chakras’, whirls of soulish power ascending from the base of our spines to the crowns of our heads, the central & ‘heart’ chakra being the very middle, or fourth, of the series. Now, I don’t expect anyone --- least of all a real & good Catholic --- to have to believe in this teaching. Nevertheless, I do point out a simple fact. Viz., it doesn’t matter, in the end, whether you want to believe in something or not. It’s either true or it’s false. And false religion (because that’s what Hinduism is, as Catholicism infallibly tells us) is false not because everything in it is false, but because it mixes veracity with falsehood, some of these falsehoods, at least, being damnable. The outcome? I personally believe the chakra teaching is correct. It’s just like God to make us so, with seven imperative points along our animating soul within the human body, all the more driving home, symbolically, that we are made both to look like Him and be with Him, forever and ever, amen. Just don’t believe in the damnable falsehoods of these philosophies, such as Hinduism. I would guess the chakra teaching was preserved by Noe’s progeny in that part of the earth, probably originating with God & Adam in the Garden of Paradise, till mixed with damnable religious ideas in the East. At any rate, it does not contradict any dogma of God’s One True Religion of Roman Catholicism. To the contrary, not only does seven chakras illustrate the ubiquity & symbolism of the number seven in our creation, but plenty of circumstantial evidence is now available, backing it up, though not accepted by the academic mainstream… yet. But if, indeed, chakras are real, it would seem God has built number seven into our very beings.


Why? Because we’re meant to be with Him forever. End of sentence.


This is the profound symbolism of seven. There is a central four in seven things, symbolizing the Hypostatic Union of Jesus’ Divine & Human Natures, of God joining with our humanity. This is the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Christ, the Holy Eucharist and Holy Baptism, indeed, of all SEVEN SACRAMENTS the Triune God has given us in Catholicism (notice that seven again in the Seven Sacraments!!!). The first three of seven (numbers one, two & three) represent God’s Trinity, 3-Persons-in-1-God. The second three of seven (numbers five, six & seven) signify a human ‘trinity’, of body, soul & spirit; of past, present & future; of Church Militant, Suffering & Triumphant. We look like Him, and this includes the trinitarian aspect. Subject to Him in Catholicism, we can join that human ‘trinity’ to His Divine Trinity in Eternal Marriage, via Christ & His Church. Rebelling against Him by remaining outside Catholicism --- or by being really bad Catholics and dying that way, unforgiven --- we then join with Satan’s Behemoth, the Hellish Leviathan, the Oceanic Beast and die everlastingly.


Rationality or irrationality, Heaven or hell. It’s our choice. We can be six married to seven, or we can be triple six in rebellion for eternity. If married to God through His Singular Catholic Church, we join with HIS TRIPLE SEVEN. Our triple six nature submits to His Triple Seven Nature --- human with divine --- and, via His Hypostatic Union, in His Roman Catholic Body, in a Beatific Vision, we merge in the central fourth: the Hearts of Jesus & Mary beating as One, SACRED & IMMACULATE.


+++ 143. Terrestrial Six? +++

(The Holy Family of Nazareth on Earth)


Do you see, then, precious reader, the triangular nature of seven?


The first three of seven, representing the Triune God, symbolizes a triangle, since triangles have three sides and the equilateral is most perfect, signifying the THREE PERSONS IN ONE GOD. This is the greatest & singular DIVINE EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE which dwells always manifest in Highest Heaven whilst, notwithstanding, omnipresent (everywhere present throughout Creation). The second three of seven (after the central fourth), signifying a human ‘trinity’, symbolizes a triangle, as well, which, if we go to Jesus through His Ever-Virgin Mother, Mary, imitating and striving for Her Immaculate Beauty, then makes us, in the Singularly Saving Church Body of Jesus Christ, like an equilateral triangle, too, perfectly balanced in our ‘triune’ humanity. Or, to put it most poetically, the purpose of our human ‘trinity’ is to be like THE ‘TRINITY’ OF THE MOST PRECIOUS HOLY FAMILY in Nazareth of Galilee in Palestine (their home apart from their sojourn in modern day Cairo, Egypt --- the ancient temple center of Amun-re ‘sun god’ worship in ‘Sun City’, or, in Greek, ‘Heliopolis’ --- where they escaped Herod’s murderous wrath for some 6 years). Jesus, Mary & Joseph… the greatest HUMAN EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE ever to live upon the earth.


Where these two triangles meet --- the fourth of seven --- is the pulsing heavenly yet human heart. Like a spiritual DIAMOND, truly, 2 tetrahedrons --- from the intellectual perspective of the geometry of solids (that is, objects in three dimensions which are of a special & distinct shape) --- can merge into the united shape of a ‘triangular bipyramid’ which, when ‘rectified’, becomes what’s known as an ‘octahedron’, or, in other parlance, a rectified tetrahedron’, as geometrists say. We note how any diamond, in fully perfect form, is, geometrically, an ‘octahedron’. The octahedron, when described tetrahedrally, is also known as a tetratetrahedron’. That is to say, literally, a ‘four-four-hedron’. And, put differently, a jewel with eight equilateral triangle faces. Octaves, anyone? Oh, and for good measure, an octahedron is the dual polyhedron of a cube, which symbolizes absolute symmetry and, with right angles, perfection (as well as 6 sides!). (On top of which, we may add, is the curious fact that an octahedron lies at the core of any two ‘compounded tetrahedra’ --- accordingly, 2 tetrahedrons of the same size can intersect perfectly, in precisely opposite orientation to each other, merging together at their cores in three dimensions to a maximum point of volume, thereby forming an octahedron at the center and the 6-pointed ‘Star of David’ or ‘Seal of Solomon’ being formed as well, when viewed from just-the-right perspective, to see a two-dimensional design of 2 equilateral triangles intersecting --- known in Latin as the STELLA OCTANGULA since 8 tetrahedrons spangle its octahedral core. Yet more octaves, anyone?) Six is made complete in Seven, forming an OCTAVE OF TRIANGLES. Too, do you recall that diamonds are made of carbon? The element which, atomically speaking, pervades our bodies and the earth with its tetrahedral versatility, bears the atomic number of six. The embodiment of humanity’s number, six, making an octave (eight) of equilateral triangle sides, the numbers 6 & 8 surrounding the number seven on each side, in addition to it being as two pyramids merged into one. Divine & human symbolism, signifying the complete consummation of God & Man joined eternally. Moreover, how supremely Heavenly it is, in talking about a perfectly united & uniformly beating Heart, to call a nexus of divinity & humanity, where Maker meets His Made, a bedazzling DIAMOND!


Crystalline, adamantine, celestine and, in beauty, wholly pristine… O Beloved Heart!


Two Hearts, in fact, as we stated above in Chapter 142. By striving as good Catholics through Our Heavenly Queen, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God, Mary, to be an immaculate equilateral triangle, we may join in Her Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart to the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Her Eternally Divine Son, Jesus Christ, making us One with God in His Roman Catholic Body forever, the Hypostatic Union being how it is possible, for mere human beings conceived in the damnation of Original Sin, to enter Heaven.


This is coming near now to the Heart of the Mystery of the Roman Catholic Faith.


It’s why we see the Number of Divinity, so to speak, pervade Sacred Scripture.


For instance, concerning divine creation:


“And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made: and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done. And he blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because in it he had rested [ceased from creating & forming, God in no way at all ‘weak’ or ‘tired’ from this ‘labor’, the reader must understand] from all his work which God created and made.” (Genesis 2:2-3 DRC)


As well, regarding the Pasch, or ‘Passover’, foreshadowing Jesus, the Lamb of God:


Seven days shall you eat unleavened bread [flat bread not risen or ‘fluffy’ due to a lack of yeast]: in the first day there shall be no leaven [yeast] in your houses: whosoever shall eat any thing leavened [produced by yeast, such as risen bread or fermented wine, etc.], from the first until the seventh day, that soul shall perish [be damned forever in hell] out of Israel [the Old Testament Catholic Church]… Seven days there shall not be found any leaven in your houses: he that shall eat leavened bread [bread risen or ‘fluffy’ because of sufficient fermentation of yeast], his soul shall perish out of the assembly [i.e., ‘church’, the meaning of the term in modern English which was used to translate the Latin word that, via the original Greek word, ‘ecclesia’, means ‘assembly’; viz., all those called & assembled, by proper initiation --- water baptism during the New Testament epoch --- and profession of religion, which is a full & adequate catechism into every infallible Roman Catholic dogma since Jesus Christ & His Twelve Apostles were on earth] of Israel, whether he be a stranger [foreigner, to wit, not Jewish or religiously married within the Old Covenant as ‘Jews’] or born in the land.” (Exodus 12:15 & 19 DRC)


And one of the pieces of ‘furniture’ in the Old Testament Tabernacle (or Temple):


“He made also the candlestick of beaten work [hammered out and shaped] of the finest gold. From the shaft whereof its branches, its cups, and bowls, and lilies came out [this candlestick had a central column with multiple branches on two opposite sides, each shaped into the likeness of lilies along with the cups or ‘bowls’ at the tops with wicks]: six on the two sides: three branches on one side, and three on the other [ergo, seven in total, including the central column with its cup & bowl; additionally, dear soul, do you see how this seven-branched candlestick explicitly mentions and directly demonstrates the symbolism of six, of threes on either side of a central one, of man-one-with-God?]… He made also [the “He” being a man named Beseleel, who St. Moses chose to oversee the construction of the Tabernacle (or a tent-like ‘pavilion’ Temple, to be very precise), at this point in time, at the behest of Our Uncreated Creator… see Exodus 35:30-33 & 37:1, e.g.] the SEVEN lamps with their snuffers, and the vessels where the snuffings were to be put out, of the purest gold [that is to say, this SEVEN-branched candle or ‘lamp’ had SEVEN ‘bowls’ total for all of these branches, and, occasionally needing flames ‘snuffed out’, in addition required “snuffers” to do so]. The candlestick with all the vessels thereof [all its parts, including snuffers & bowls] weighed a talent of gold. [Beloved soul, we cannot resist pointing out how a Hebrew talent, derived from the Babylonian talent, was 67 pounds weight. Some claim it was as little as 66 pounds, however, the point is that a talent of weight is almost precisely --- if not absolutely precisely --- 66 pounds. To wit, 66.6666666 (ad infinitum) pounds. Apocalyptic numbers and coincidences, anybody? If that weren’t enough, the only other places in Sacred Scripture, apart from Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:18, where the astonishingly strange number of 666 is explicitly referenced (and apart from the fleeting mention of the descendants of Adonicam in 1 Esdras (Ezra) 2:13 who returned with the staunch remnant of Israelites from Babylon to Jerusalem), is in the books of 3 Kings (1 Kings) 10:14 & 2 Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles) 9:13, both of which tell us about how much gold King Solomon received each year in his ventures with the Phoenician leader, Hiram. Yes, that’s right --- 666 talents of gold exactly, every year, during the wise Solomon’s spectacular reign, the height of Old Testament Church political power! It is the covetousness of the wealth & pleasures of this earth that drags human beings, diabolically, into hell, perpetually beautiful & untarnished gold being for us, simultaneously, emblematic of God & His Eternal Abode as well as humanity’s terrestrial & temporal obsessions. Very odd, eh?] (Exodus 37:17-18, 23-24 DRC)


Or how about something more ‘ethereal’, spiritual & metaphorical, about God?


Wisdom hath [has] built herself a house, she hath hewn her out [cut for herself from rock] SEVEN pillars… She hath sent her maids to invite to the tower [where Lady Wisdom allegorically lives], and to the walls of the city [which city, by the way, is allegorical, too, referring to the City of God and His New Jerusalem, as spoken about elsewhere in Scripture]: ‘Whosoever is a little one [like a child in his or her heart, and thus humble], let him come to me.’ And to the unwise she said: ‘Come, eat my bread, and drink the wine which I have mingled for you. Forsake childishness [lack of humble littleness and meek childlikeness already spoken of!], and live, and walk by the ways of prudence. [We must note how Catholics routinely refer to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus’ Mother, as the ‘Seat of Wisdom’. Hence, what is the bread and wine spoken of here, which She implores fools to consume, thereby becoming wise? Right… the Holy Eucharist, what Roman Catholics teach is the literal Body & Blood of Jesus Himself, Who is God. Starting to see a link to Divinity, despite it appearing ‘allegorically feminine’?]” (Proverbs 9:1, 3-6 DRC)


Even more revealingly, we read about the design of God & His Temple:


“And the windows thereof [the windows in God’s Temple], and the porch [the main entrance], and the gravings according to the measure of the gate that looked to the east [the engravings upon all of these in relation to the size of the gate in this main entrance], and they went up to it by SEVEN steps, and a porch [an entrance area preceded a door, which itself was reached by this SEVEN-stepped stairway]… [God via His prophet then describes the southern entrance instead of the Temple.] …And there were SEVEN steps to go up to it… [Turning to the inside of God’s Temple, He reveals many of the precise measurements of integral parts of His Holy Tabernacle.] …And he brought me into the temple, and he measured the fronts six cubits broad on this side, and six cubits on that side, the breadth [width] of the tabernacle [that is to say, the area where sacrifices are made --- the Holies --- has an entry between the sides, the 2 sides together adding to 12 cubits total, the same number as the atomic weight of the primary isotope of carbon out of which we’re crucially made… and we also note,, in bifurcating it into 6 & 6, we have yet again humanity’s number, not to mention how 6 times 6 is 36, 36 the number of the iteration in the sequence of many triangular numbers that gives us the very peculiar Triangular Number of 666 later in Sacred Scripture]. And the breadth of the gate was ten cubits [decimality, anyone?]: and the sides of the gate five cubits on this side, and five cubits on that side [the two halves of this gate inside the Temple, dividing off the Holies from the less sacred part of the Temple, are five cubits each, naturally… which, we cannot again resist noting, put together in the Bible as a pair of numbers leads to the very simple observation that 5 squared --- 5 times 5 --- equals 25, the smallest number in existence that, along with 9 & 16 --- the sum of which, 9 plus 16 equals 25 --- are the lengths of a right triangle, viz., 3, 4 & 5, that, when each is squared --- self-multiplied --- equal the unique square numbers of 9,16 & 25, 25 being 5’s square, 5 the distance of the longest side of this right triangle --- called the hypotenuse --- and this exact type of right triangle being the smallest possible without getting any lengths of the sides that are less than whole integers]: and he [i.e., the Angel of the Lord, who was showing the Temple to his prophet] measured the length thereof forty cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits. Then going inward he measured the front of the gate [a barrier between the Holies and Holy of Holies, protecting both illegal intruders and God’s Undefiled Presence from the penalty of violating His Innermost Divine Sanctum, where resides the Ark of the Covenant, His Magnificent Throne] two cubits: and the gate SIX cubits, and the breadth of the gate SEVEN cubits.” (Ezechial 40:22, 26, 41:1-3 DRC)


Do you see, beloved reader? Seven resides in God’s Temple, and, at the very heart of His Temple, the Holy of Holies, God places the measurements of SIX & SEVEN for the gate between the two, moving from the Holies, through this GATE OF SIX & SEVEN, into the center, where both divine & human hearts, the two together, may beat in perfect unison. Yet we go on, citing one final example of the ‘supernaturality’ of seven:


“John to the SEVEN churches which are in Asia [this is John the Evangelist’s salutations to the seven dioceses that his master, Jesus Christ, has chosen to have messages sent from Him to these seven parts of His Ecclesial Body in Asia Minor, i.e., the modern nation of Turkey] ‘Grace be unto you and peace from him that is, and that was, and that is to come [God’s Uncreated Eternality], and from the SEVEN spirits which are before his throne.’… Unto the angel [the man appointed bishop over this territory in the Catholic Church] of the church of Ephesus write: ‘These things saith [says] he, who holdeth [holds] the SEVEN stars in his right hand, who walketh [walks] in the midst of the SEVEN golden candlesticks [recall the candlestick from St. Ezekiel’s prophecy and God’s painstaking measurement of His Temple, not to mention that the single sacred candlestick is now sevenfold].’ ...And to the angel of the church of Sardis [another Asia Minor diocese], write: ‘These things saith he, that hath [has] the SEVEN spirits of God, and the SEVEN stars: “I know thy [your] works, that thou hast [you have] the name of being alive [the reputation of being religiously alive]: and thou art dead [yet you are spiritually dead]”’… And from the throne proceeded lightnings, and voices, and thunders; and there were SEVEN lamps burning before the throne, which are the SEVEN spirits of God And I saw: and behold in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the ancients [priests], a Lamb standing as it were slain [Jesus Christ, the Eternal & Perpetually Divine Sacrifice for sins], having SEVEN horns and SEVEN eyes: which are the SEVEN Spirits of God, sent forth into all the earth And when the SEVEN thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying to me: ‘Seal up [keep them secret] the things which the SEVEN thunders have spoken; and write them not [don’t record anything here].’” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 1:4, 2:1, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6 & 10:4 DRC)


Beginning to see clearly, dear soul? Seven is obviously ‘divine’!


This is only a paucity of everything Sacred Scripture asserts, involving seven. Nonetheless, we trust it’s enough to give the good-willed reader a nigh-well moral certainty it’s true how God --- and the Holy Things of His Roman Catholic Body --- is connected to His One True Religion, the Singular Catholic Faith of Eternal Rome, and to the Number Seven. And why… why would this be? Because it sublimely signifies, better than any other number, what the Self-Eternal Divinity is, and how Our Maker chooses to form us and His Creation, for His Glory. And we His Six, made to look like Him, Seven, yet a little less. (And notice God tells John not to record what the “seven thunders” say? Whilst, simultaneously, He inspires John to record that it’s forbidden to record it!)


Getting it? Do you see Seven is linked to God, to the Heavenly & Supernatural?


Yet what about six? What about this number? Is it truly linked to humanity?


Indubitably. But we’ve run out of time to explain this. I’ve gone on terribly long about these mathematical & geometrical matters, writing a chapter much longer than I normally make my chapters in long books, in deference to the poor-deer-caught-in-the-headlights peruser who has bravely (or mayhap hopelessly…) taken up the task of reading such a treatise. It matters not. If God has willed this book to be, then He’s also willed this chapter to be way longer than a usual chapter. Notwithstanding, I have to stop somewhere. And it’s pretty plain how God has linked six to humanity:


“And he [the beast which comes up out of the earth, who, being like a human being, works on behalf of the beast that comes up out of the ocean, see Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:1] shall make all [everyone on earth], both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen [employees, servants or slaves], to have a character [a symbol or sign] on their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but [unless] he that hath [has] the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast [let him comprehend what this mysterious & hidden number or name signifies]. For it is the NUMBER OF A MAN: and the number of him is SIX HUNDRED SIXTY SIX.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:16-18 DRC)


Incidentally, when it says “the number of a man”, we need not too much concern ourselves with the indefinite article (the a in “the number of a man”). Latin is not naturally concerned with either indefinite (e.g., ‘a’) or definite (e.g., ‘the’) articles, the Douay Rheims translators, for various reasons, opting to put an ‘a’ in this verse as they rendered it into English. That is to say, they probably thought --- around the turn of the AD 1600s, when they published their English renditions of the New & Old Testaments, respectively, like their theological contemporaries in the Catholic Church --- that this passage spoke about a particular (and thus ‘definite’ and singular) human being, one whose name or title numerically sums up to, or equates with, six hundred sixty-six. However, strictly speaking, this is speculative on the part of the translators; it is absolutely not demanded by the Latin grammar itself. Which is why we say --- no disrespect at all meant toward these learned translators --- that, without an explicit, solemn & infallible definition regarding this exact passage from Holy Mother Church upholding their choice of translation when it comes to the indefinite article of “a”, then no individual member of God’s Singular Roman Catholic Church Body, with proper learning, orthodoxy & humility, is then either dogmatically or morally bound to interpreting the passage from Latin with the indefinite article of an “a” in it.




In other words, it is completely & grammatically fair to take the passage here as saying, “For it is the number of man [all humanity collectively]…” as opposed to, “For it is the number of a man [a single particular human being]…” as the Douay Rheims translators chose to render it from St. Jerome’s authoritative translation of Sacred Scripture (a pope commanding him to do so around the turn of the 5th century), called the Latin Vulgate. Incidentally, any real and well-instructed Catholic knows Jerome’s Vulgate to be the biblical gold standard, something the Council of Trent clearly & infallibly assures us.


But we defer to the poor, downtrodden reader. As said before, God could mean, here in the Apocalypse, that a particular man will be the ‘Antichrist’ par excellence; nonetheless, it’s possible that He meant something else, too, or without meaning any particular man is to be the ‘Antichrist’ (though I wouldn’t nonchalantly bet on this, it often being safer to follow even a few early Church fathers when confronted with something disputable).


Again, though, the fathers have no universal teaching regarding this passage.


Nor has the Church solemnly & infallibly defined an interpretation.


So we merely give a second biblical example about six:


“And he [God] said: Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth [moves] upon the earth.’ And God created man to his own image [to look just like Him]: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them. And God blessed them, saying: ‘Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls [birds] of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.’ And God said: ‘Behold [look] I have given you every herb [plant] bearing seed upon the earth, and all trees that have in themselves seed of their own kind [capability to reproduce themselves], to be your meat [food, not necessarily flesh]: and to all beasts of the earth, and to every fowl [bird] of the air, and to all that move upon the earth, and wherein there is life, that they may have to feed upon [eat from them].’ And it was so done. And God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good. And the evening and morning were the SIXTH day.” (Genesis 1:24-31 DRC)


And there you have it, in both first & last books of the Bible. Six inarguably connects to humanity, since God Himself made human beings on the SIXTH day of creation.


+++ 144. Twelve 12s, Super Hyper-Cubically? +++

(1000 Infinitesimal Anti-Picassoan Orders of Magnitude

--- or, How Not to Remain Grossly ‘Pablo’ Modern)


The word ‘modern’ can mean a lot of things, depending on whether it refers to our history, art, music, architecture, religion, philosophy or what-have-you. The meaning is further obscured by the fact, too, that, as early as the late 1800s, at least a few thinkers were touting so-called ‘post-modernism’. Though, really, we cannot seriously say, in hindsight, that a ‘post-modernism’ had any real or lasting significance until the mid-twentieth century, at a bare minimum. Yet what do we mean in saying ‘modern’?


How can we talk about post-modern without first defining modern’? Ergo:


‘Modern’ in its narrow & strict sense (as derived from ancient Latin) means ‘just now’ or ‘recent’ or ‘contemporary’. This, by the way, is a pretty useless sense. Why? Because we are fleeting, and time always marches on. Ergo, it cannot properly be the name any era, since, in meaning simply the ‘present moment’, it becomes irrelevant as time goes by. And even if people don’t realize this --- and it seems they don’t --- ‘modern’ is then whatever one’s latest contemporary people think ‘modern’ means, regardless of the former sense and whether or not people grasp their previous generation’s use of the word. Accordingly, every new generation will have a different idea of what ‘modern’ amounts to. This makes ‘modern’ an incredibly malleable & shape-shifting term. The careful scholar thus notes how limited it is. And yet the word endures in daily use as a frequent synonym for that which is ‘contemporary’ or ‘recent’ or ‘the very latest thing’.


‘Modern’ in its broad & general (and therefore more useful) sense means ‘a huge rejection of everything standard in our lives before the middle of the 2nd millennium, wherein our part of the world (centered in Europe, originally) questions & jettisons the majority of what people of European descent, or under their influence, used to believe, finding new (and usually contrary) ways of doing things, with new fashions and new styles and new ideas that often shocked & repelled people of a more ‘conservative’ outlook as our constant ‘reinvention’ of human life --- and its ‘values’, ‘convictions’ or ‘philosophies’ --- flies in the face of what once dominated our civilization’s thinking’. This is a rather rough definition, admittedly, but accurate and fair. Assuming you’re paying attention to this book, Helplessly Ignorant, up till now, then it ought not to surprise you. It’s a common theme. And our part of the world, dominated by Europe while centered in Western Civilization, has indeed changed dramatically, profoundly & fundamentally since the 1500s. So much so that most of us cannot really see or recall or comprehend completely the difference between our ancestors back then and us, their descendants, right now at the beginning of the 21st century. Hence this long book.


I’m trying to get us to understand --- certainly any real & intelligent Catholic, yet even those who are not yet Catholic but are at least traditionally religious and against, or wary of, Modernism and the New World Order --- how serious & tragic the change has been. Resultantly, I’m also trying to get us to discard our modernized views & behavior, returning to the Infallible Truth that a Catholic Europe once championed.


Pretty hopeless? Yes it is, humanly speaking, to be quite blunt. Since when does a nobody like me shape global humanity? I labor under no illusions… I’m a zero.


Strangely, however, God occasionally chooses to use zeroes. If that’s me, then be aware. I take no credit for anything good that comes out of this effort. I’m a nobody. Indeed, less than nobody since I’m a sinner, I’m stupid, and I’m a very bad Catholic. So what can somebody like me do? God’s letting me write, okay. He’s letting me post my words online, in the cloud, with a global forum (but quickly outdated format). So what? Speaking with brutal honesty, what in the world does this amount to? Not much. Candidly speaking, very little. My efforts are lilliputian & feeble. If I fail, good! Whatever my merits --- or blatant lack thereof --- I deserve ridicule. Still, if I’m successful, good! To God be all of the glory. I’m just a tiny frail tool in His Hands.


At best. Perhaps that’s why my name is ‘Paul’. ‘Paul’ means ‘small’. As in, ‘tiny, pathetic’ or ‘worthy of derision’. After all, nobody likes ‘losers’… do they?


So if I win, only in the end, eternally speaking, I still look like I’m losing, don’t I? --- terrestrially speaking, in a world which is corrupt, temporal & evanescent. Don’t I? It’s what I deserve, isn’t it? Wherever judged wrongly, don’t I still deserve vindictiveness in the bigger sense, suffering for what I really deserve, for the sins I’ve truly committed, in spite of the judgment of other human beings against me, estimations that may be wrong, biased & unjust, hating me mindlessly for the wrong reasons? This is Catholic all the way, a truism that brave Roman Catholic souls (with whom I cannot be grouped, the groveling coward that am!) suffer horribly at the hands of wicked Catholics or non-Catholics, this being God’s way of testing elect souls --- those He loves --- purifying them, humbling them, disciplining them, and, by difficult trial, revealing how much they love Him by subjecting them to the same pains & tribulations that He Himself endured as Jesus Christ. The God-Man, spotless & pure, patiently put up with our cruelty & ridicule.


And if He --- the Eternal God --- suffered this… how much more ought we? Why on earth should real Catholics escape brutal persecution or injustice? Why should we, His followers, be treated any different when God Himself suffered our wickedness?


He didn’t deserve it, yet He faced our wicked cruelty unflinching.


Whereas we, so very sinful, deserve it fully.


So why should we escape it?


Why be an exception?


We’re not and we can’t; it’s God’s ultimate test of us by fire.


Not everyone is named ‘Paul’. Yet every Catholic must be small & humble. How ridiculous, then, that I --- given this name --- am the opposite! Small of body, yet how large my pride! How loathe I am to suffer! How cowardly I am when people despise me, ignore me, belittle me, or, when I get sick or injured, bemoan my weakness. I desperately seek to evade these burdens instead of embracing them like Jesus tenderly embraced His Cross of Crucifixion. Like Simon of Cyrene --- who the Romans forced to carry Jesus’ Cross for a short distance --- I do so reluctantly. What a short life I live compared to eternity! Notwithstanding, I grouse, grumble & wax irritable the entire way. Not an example of Christ-like patience, eh? Rotten, lazy & contemptible, n’est-ce pas?


There are other Pauls, too. I’m not the only one. Nor do all humans have the same name… yet Paul has been a popular moniker for nearly two thousand years, since the great apostle, St. Paul, received this title as a nickname, presumably from God Himself. You’ll recollect from the Acts of the Apostles in Sacred Scripture that Paul used to be named Saul, was of the tribe of Benjamin (the smallest of the twelve tribes, by the way, and descended from the youngest and hence smallest of St. Jacob’s twelve sons), was a ‘Hebrew of Hebrews’ (meaning, allegorically, that he as a Jew was incredibly fervent for Old Testament Religion, being an orthodox Catholic of the Old Covenant and therefore a member of the group of anti-Hellenic Jews called the ‘Pharisees’), and, in hindsight, was obviously the greatest missioner of Catholicism that the world has ever yet seen. That is to say, after his confrontation with Christ on the road to Damascus, a supernatural light stopping him dead in his tracks (he was going there to imprison and punish Christians, hating their adherence to Jesus of Nazareth as the Jews’ God-given Messias [Messiah]) and blinding him for three days, he then became the very thing he had hated, a staunch Christian and thus a solid Roman Catholic, since Christianity & Catholicism are one single thing, all other versions of so-called ‘christianity’ being nothing of the sort.


Or, to put it differently, when all kinds of people call themselves ‘christianwithout adhering to Jesus’ Roman Catholic Teachings whole & entire, authentic Catholics can then logically conclude, with infallible certainty, that these poor misled people… and no matter how ‘sincere’… are most definitely NOT upholding Catholicism whole & entire. Consequently, they are most definitely NOT what they claim to be. To wit, they follow a manmade fantasy that they call ‘jesus’ & ‘christianity’. They believe in things Jesus did not teach, and they refuse to believe things Jesus did indeed teach. Their version of ‘christianity’ is WRONG, everlastingly dead wrong --- a false religion --- a heresy masquerading as ‘true’ while in damnable opposition to Jesus’ real & fully true teachings, all of His Infallible Dogmas known as ROMAN CATHOLICISM.


Again, go here to see IRONCLAD HISTORICAL PROOF of what I say.


I have not made this up, and truth is not the majority opinion of an election or a popularity contest. I was raised to despise the Religion of Rome; I was not ‘born’ Catholic, I did not instinctively ‘love’ what Her Church taught. So why did I abandon ‘born again’ Evangelic Protestantism, along with a ‘spirit filled’ Charismaticism --- and lose all my friends, as well as most of my family, in doing so --- when all my prejudices were against it and my worldly comforts would be lost? I was also raised a modernist, shaped by public schools and university to deprecate anything truly Catholic. I lost any big career and hope of fame, power & wealth in becoming Catholic. What on earth would cause a man to do this? A very careful, very thorough and HONEST study of history and the writings of the most ancient of Christians. What real people had to say for themselves in long ago centuries, a mere one or two or three or four or five centuries after Christ, in their own personal words, showed me --- inarguably! --- how Christianity was exactly what Roman Catholicism says. Nothing unique to the beliefs of Protestants, Evangelics, Charismatics, ‘born againers’, ‘followers of jesus’, or what-have-you, is upheld by real Christians all the way back then, in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th centuries. End of sentence. Whereas --- indisputably! --- everything such ancient & real Christians say, when it comes to teachings that are completely unique to Roman Catholicism, is spot-on, flawlessly agreeing with the Roman Catholic Church in every single way. Period.


St. Paul the Apostle, my earthly name’s sake, upheld this Catholic Faith.


He, who once persecuted Catholics and thought it pleased God to murder them --- who referred to himself as “one born out of due time [that is, born late, as if ‘too long’ in the womb of his mother]” (1 Corinthians 15:8b DRC) --- was just like me. I, too, abhorred the Jesus of True Christianity, which is Roman Catholicism, and thought it only fitting that this ‘horrible’ Church should die and disappear. I was wrong, just like him. And, just like Paul the Apostle, at the age of 33, God suddenly appeared to me, out of the blue, in the middle of the giant metropolis of Los Angeles (called this, by the way, in honor of a great Catholic saint, Francis of Assisi, and the chapel he rebuilt at God’s behest, that became the center of his religious order, the Franciscans, saving Catholic Europe), challenging my prejudices and my ignorance, making me to see Saving Truth.


St. Francis of Assisi played a role in this as well. In retrospect, I now see through my whole life a chain of events & symbols that the Blessed Virgin Mary, via Francis, placed in my existence, slowly but surely preparing me for the shocking & unexpected spiritual conversion that eventually came. I love both of these wonderful saints very dearly.


In addition to this, like St. Paul I was born late… that is to say, he did not get to see Christ while Jesus was still on earth, before He was crucified, buried, resurrected and ascended into Heaven. Jesus revealed Himself to the Apostle Paul in a very miraculous way, on the road to Damascus. Then later, in the desert of Arabia, catechized him in the Catholic Faith for which he was to suffer so much, even to the point of death in Rome. (See Galatians 1:17 for the precise verse where St. Paul mentions he traveled into the Arabian Desert after he was converted on the road to Damascus, afterward returning to Damascus to complete his training and prepare for his mission, which was confirmed by the first pope, St. Peter, in Jerusalem. Peruse all of Chapter 1 of Galatians for St. Paul’s personal account of these events.) Likewise myself. I entered the world a few hours after Aldous Huxley, C. S. Lewis & John F. Kennedy exited this earth, right before the Great Apostasy erupted out into the open, our Roman Catholic shepherds --- the pope, his bishops and their priests --- abandoning us for the heresy they so loved. I did not anticipate becoming Catholic. And, when Catholic, I found myself alone.


In the desert, like St. Paul, with only Christ to teach me.


Now, I am in no way good or great like the Apostle Paul. I am a miserable sinner, a coward, and not worthy of this title, ‘Catholic’. I’ve taken it to myself, given to me by Christ, His Mother, St. Francis, St. Paul, my guardian angel, and many others in Heaven. I cannot in any way equal them; I can only grovel upon the ground. The dirt from which I am made is what I deserve to eat. But I am truly Catholic and, while not utterly alone (there are a few other real Catholics that my family & I have gradually discovered through the years), we are without shepherds, all of us suffering God’s Wrath.


It is good, then, that I am Paul, and small, and nobody. It’s what God chooses. Indeed, every true Roman Catholic today must be small, alone & nobody. It’s our destiny.


There was another Paul, though, that I will mention. Unlike St. Paul the Apostle and myself, however, he was born Catholic, baptized as a baby in the country of Spain, when that poor nation --- while ravaged and attacked, the Church’s enemies striving mightily to destroy Catholics & Catholicism --- nevertheless was still Catholic enough to do so. (Of course, it is today, as I write, no longer Catholic, there being no truly Catholic nations remaining on earth for awhile, until God’s Wrath is spent.) Unfortunately, he became utterly the opposite to the Apostle Paul and myself. He became an atheist, saturated in modernism, hating with a passion everything his Roman Catholic nation used to uphold. Yearning to destroy Catholicity and tyrannized by his passions, he fornicated repeatedly throughout his life, not even bothering to ‘marry’ most of these women. His work and his adulteries were still appalling to many people at the time, howsoever de-Catholicized the nation of Spain and other European countries were becoming. He suffered little for his audacity, though, living and working in cities or places that tolerated his iniquity.


And, oh yes, he is… arguably and possibly… the most renowned artist of the 20th century. Ah, but to whom do we refer? What ‘small’ human being is this?


¡Ay, Dios Mío! Señor Pablo Picasso. Ever heard of him?


If educated, or a lover of art, then… doubtlessly!… most certainly you have. I knew a little bit about him as a teenager. Later, in my twenties, I toured one of several museums dedicated to his work, carefully & slowly, trying to fathom his mind. It was the Musée Picasso (Picasso Museum) in Paris, France, and --- while not an exhaustive or singular collection --- it has, it would seem, the world’s biggest and most diverse portfolio of his many different artistic works. Along with some of my temporary American associates in Paris (one of whom lived up to, in spades, the very embarrassing stereotype of an ‘ugly’ American, she being rich, idle & spoiled), we toured the site. They were unimpressed, essentially bored kids not knowing what they wanted to do with their dissolute lives. This did not daunt me. I may not have known then, any better than they, what I should spend my life pursuing & doing, but I did know --- in contrast to them --- that I wanted to see, to understand, who he was and why smart people thought Pablo so important. So, odd little scholar that I was, doggedly & weirdly entranced by my ancient European heritage, trying to comprehend the distant past and where I came from… a hard goal, hobbled as I was… modernized, and not fathoming what a formerly Catholic Europe was, or what it meant to me, up-to-date and anti-Catholic American I was, strangely attracted to --- simultaneously repulsed by, as well --- the venerable Catholicity of old Europe.


I was a young man, trying to see what was just beyond my mind & vision… way back then, before I could make heads or tails of it. A hopeless case? At the time, yes. Prior to becoming Catholic --- surely, without doubt. But in the long run? Not so fast. God & Humanity are amazing. Puzzles can be assembled faster than we think. Way fast.


And with angels helping, and the Holy Ghost? Well, quicker than you’d think.


Señor Picasso didn’t have this same deficit (not quite) as we do today in our richer Europeanized section of the world, the vast majority of us now non-Catholic (indeed, anti-Catholic, a great many of us!). The Hierarchy of the Church was still functioning (albeit badly at the turn of the 1900s), and the Catholic heritage of Spain still there, making it a tad less possible for them, right then, to be completely blind. Yet are individual humans merely a mind? Is sentient intelligence all we amount to?


Of course not. In addition to minds, all human beings have living hearts.


The question then becomes, “Is a human’s heart good or bad?”


That is to say, do we have good will or bad will? Do we want what’s right or what’s wrong? Do we want to know --- and believe in --- the truth, or a lie? Do we want to find out WHO Our Maker is, and WHAT He made us for, or do we want to devise any fantasy we like, believing whatever modern myth makes our curdled hearts ‘satisfied’?


Thus why people raised Roman Catholic oftentimes turn into BAD Catholics. Their hearts are rotten, in spite of Catholicity, his or her will wickedly ANTI-Catholic.


Such was poor Pablo. (‘Pablo’, by the way, is Spanish for ‘Paul’, in case the reader doesn’t already know this fact.) Mr. Picasso did not want to believe in the Catholicism he inherited; or, if still believing for a while, did not want to obey God’s Roman Catholic commandments. He preferred his own way, and the way of the modern. Anything Catholic, in terms of medieval Europe, was either repugnant or irrelevant to him.


Or, should we say: irrelevant, except as a framework against which to rebel.


Funny how human beings so frequently define themselves by what they hate, fight against, imagine to be ‘tyranny’, and so forth --- rather than troubling to be truly ‘original’ by coming up with something that stands on its own, isn’t it?


Indeed. Real independence is not what most people think it is.


Not that Señor Picasso wasn’t brilliant. He was incredibly talented & intelligent. (Remember, though, my dear soul, that talking about Pablo Picasso, and complimenting him, is NOT the same as saying that his work is safe and moral for Catholics to enjoy; to the contrary, BEWARE of his art since it is routinely immodest, immoral & misleading. I say what I say about him to be charitable & realistic… not to approve of everything Picasso said, did or accomplished. He was a sinful man and apostatized from his childhood Catholicity.) But, like so many human beings --- and especially our modernized people --- his brilliance evinced itself in how he reacted against his intellectual & cultural inheritance, which was fully Catholic, European & Western (accordingly, built upon our Catholic, European & Western Civilization since Jesus).




Pablo Picasso, ‘small’ human being he was, dared to defy the ‘big’ Natural Law that every one of us, who is of adequate intelligence, has divinely written upon our hearts. Maybe not as extravagantly as we do today, right now, but he both paved the way and exemplified Modernism more than, practically, anyone else during the last century-and-a-half. He is, as it were, the ‘figurehead’ of Modernism. Not because he absolutely agreed with everything we take for granted, right now, in 2017. Au contraire, because he surpassed his era and, his art dominating the thought of intellectuals (as well as the peripheral awareness of non-intellectuals), nobody could afford to ignore him. You, possibly, could hate him, detest him or mock him… but you couldn’t pretend that his work was not pertinent. Love him or hate him, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. Truly, in tons of people hating or mocking him, his gargantuan influence was proven. Consequently, Mr. Picasso, in rebelling against Western Civilization & its heritage, became a symbol, visually speaking, of what Modernism is, of who Moderns are. Rebellion against the Law of Natural Reason epitomizes our epoch. Catholicism epitomizing the Law of Natural Reason, being God’s One True Religion, it is thus plausible to say that Picasso is, perhaps, the preeminent ICON of apocalyptic times.


And whether or not you admire him, understand him, or try to emulate him.


In any case, he’s like a mountain you cannot avoid.


Similarly the Mountain of Modernism.


You may be ignorant. You may be a clueless child, total idiot or irrational life form. Incomprehension, blindness and lack of rational thought is immaterial, ultimately. The mountain is there; it simply dominates the territory. If you live near it, or travel through the local vicinity, then you must reckon with this gigantic mound of rock. Regardless of ignorance, stupidity or blindness, you will --- if nearby --- be effected by this huge peak.


Our ‘small’ Picasso is not literally the singular ‘mountain’ of modern times. He’s just the most visible epitome of a modernist summit. He’s like a pyramidal capstone, shining golden in the sun. Or, to drive it home more allegorically, we may put it this way:


Pablo is, by lack of any wholly equal competitor, a near-perfect Effigy of Modernism, the statuesque figurine on top of the New World Order’s resurrected Tower of Babel, the quintessence of modern thought & modern behavior, the ‘new man’ of communism.


Every religion has its liturgy, no matter how hidden from most people’s sight.


The Religion of Modernism is no exception, no different in the long run.


‘Little’ Picasso, whilst not really ‘communist’ intellectually speaking (many of his contemporaries ridiculed him for his shallowness in understanding, intellectually, what Communism truly is), was, nonetheless, communist at heart. Just like almost all of us today. To some extent or another, we are all, as an aggregate human race, in fact ‘communized’ in our way of life, way of thinking, way of government, and etc. Irrespective of what it is that we imagine we know or believe, we have all of us, collectively, become --- without even realizing it --- ‘socialist’ in our daily outlook.


Curious --- no? --- that Communism’ cognately echoes the term Communion’.


Communion… the Most Holy Eucharist… is at the Heart of Catholicity.


Chance, then, that Communism clearly evokes this religious word?


Not at all. Not if your brain is in gear and mental ears not deaf.


You see, Lucifer has been busy building an Anti-Church.


In place of a Body of Christ’, he makes a Beast of Satan’. In place of the Light of Catholicity, he constructs the Darkness of Anti-Catholicity. Instead of paintings, statues, music and other kinds of art that lift our minds & hearts to Heaven, his minions --- even if only unconsciously --- have made paintings, statues, music, films and etc., etc., that keep our earthly minds, trapped in earthly bodies, fixated on the things of this earth. Modernist art, education, government and so on, are the liturgy of this new religion. Religion that teaches us, dogmatically, as if it could never be wrong, that there is no religious dogma apart from, “Do whatever you want. No one can tell you otherwise.”


I.e., aside from the bizarre contradiction in this Dogma of Modernism that adds:


“Unless, of course, you dare to want the Infallible Truth of Catholicism. That is absolutely forbidden. You must NOT want that. To believe your immortal soul is in danger and that you cannot save this immortal soul outside of the Catholic Church is a very inappropriate thing to believe. How ridiculous! It is intolerant & offensive. We will never tolerate that. We do not care if our unwillingness to tolerate such a hideous belief offends you. Only our standard of ‘intolerance’ or ‘offensiveness’ matters, you stupid little peon. We rule; you don’t. That’s all that matters. Might makes right. So stop it! Stop trying to be truly Catholic. And remember… always do whatever you want --- provided that you DON’T stupidly & perversely want to be a TRUE Catholic!”


Sound insane and hypocritical, my beloved soul?


Welcome to the Modern World.




We human beings alive today have now seen the Beastand it is us. We are the Oceanic Sea Monster of the Apocalypse; we people today, the human race on earth right now, are the New World Order and the New Human Being so long coveted by Kabbalistic rulers, Freemasonic leaders & Communist propagators; we modern human beings are the long foretold Antichrist and the powerful global means by which we bring upon this earth a Second Advent of Lucifer; we, Modern Humanity, are both a new Tower of Babel, as well as symbolically (yet also literally in our visible material reality!) building the unprecedented Modern Tower of Babel into the Heavens, becoming ‘Man-Gods’, erecting a proud edifice or idol unto own ourselves, mighty HOMO DEUS’.


We have seen the enemy and it is us. We are satanically possessed.


And the Mark of the Beast is already upon us. We cannot escape it, cannot efface it, cannot get rid of it, unless we become truly Roman Catholic and believe, and obey, all that God’s Singularly Roman Catholic Religion infallibly teaches & commands us, whole & entire, with absolutely no exceptions to this wholeness & entirety of all infallible Roman Catholic dogmas ever, lest we lose & damn our immortal souls eternally.




But what is the MARK OF THE BEAST? (See Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:16-17, 14:9-11, 16:2, 19:20 & 20:4. The reader must realize that major Protestant bibles refer to it as a ‘mark’. The Catholic Douay Rheims calls it a ‘character’. However, both words mean the same thing --- to wit, some sort of ‘symbol’ linked to a ‘satanic beast’.)


For millennia, speculation has been rife over this question. In the last half century, following the Vatican II Pseudo-Council and the Great Apostasy coming out into the open all over the world, Evangelic Protestants have fallen in love with the idea that it’s some kind of tiny ‘computer chip’ or ‘bar code’ put onto, or into, our bodies, as a sign that we’re part of the apocalyptic ‘sea monster’… which, they imagine, howsoever vaguely or inconsistently, to be a tyrannical, anti-democratic, anti-American, anti-freedom-loving, evil global government or power that enslaves everybody.


Now, I can’t say for sure that there’s nothing to this idea --- and even though I’m plainly not Evangelic Protestant anymore, and, while patriotic toward my country (the USA), not enthusiastic about our American government (including the ‘founding fathers’, who were mostly, if not all of them, Freemasonic and Deists) or the liberal modernism that is being shoved down our throats nowadays. So, yes, to be perfectly honest, maybe the Bible, in talking about a ‘mark’ or ‘character’, means --- at least partly --- that a tiny chip or a visible code is put onto, or into, our bodies. Yet I will make a simple observation:


We don’t need hi-tech human microchip implants (very small integrated circuits on RFID… or ‘radio frequency identification’… transponders) or ‘bar codes’ (which now seems rather ridiculous, uninformed & ‘retro’ to educated people as of today) to satisfy the prophecy of the last book in Sacred Scripture, John the Evangelist’s Apocalypse, when it comes to the Mark of the Beast. We already have a satanic mark upon us.


It’s called ORIGINAL SIN.


And, as I make carefully & logically clear from both Sacred Scripture and the Infallible Magisterium of the Catholic Church in a short book, Mary Exalted, on this website, The Epistemologic Works, whatever Original Sin is, spiritually speaking, it is, necessarily, also something that has literally changed us physically. When Ss. Adam & Eve committed the first sin of human beings in the Garden of Paradise, they not only lost access to Heaven and Eternal Life, they also gave over SUPREME RULE of the earth TO THE DEVIL (making him the “prince of the power of this air”, as God inerrantly inspired St. Paul to call him in Ephesians 2:2 DRC). This Supreme Rule includes us, humanity itself. We are physically conceived in Original Sin, every one of us (apart from Jesus & Mary, of course, as Christ’s Catholic Church infallibly teaches us), and, until we get the Sacrament of Baptism and (if adequately intelligent) Profession of Faith (the Roman Catholic Faith whole & entire), not one of us can escape the everlastingly damning consequences of our Original Sin or have a complete chance, with grace & wisdom helping us, to fight our corrupt flesh, stop sinning, and so save our souls.


In other words, if nothing else, the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is at least this Original Sin physically engraved, as it were, in our very flesh, corrupting us. Even to the point of it being genetically coded into the chromosomes of the cells in our human bodies, we bear the ‘mark’ of Lucifer --- the Spiritual Prince & Ruler of This Fallen Earth --- in our very own selves, physically, and therefore visibly (if only under an electron microscope, or through the means of technical analysis in a laboratory, identifying where our fallen nature, in the flesh, is twined into our cellular structure & genetic code). Why, then, scripturally, are we told that this luciferian ‘mark’ is borne upon the foreheads, so to speak, or right hands, of those not belonging to Jesus Christ, who instead are Satan’s? Because it is a parable that is being told here in these passages of the Apocalypse, and, via the three that specifically mention the forehead or right hand, it is telling us through metaphor how this ‘mark’ is revealed in a visible way. Viz., what does the forehead represent? The part of a human being that is conscious & intelligent, making wise (hopefully!) decisions. And what does the right hand symbolize? Most humans are dextrorsally inclined (right handed). And it is our hands by which we do most of the things that we human beings accomplish, for good or for bad. Indeed, in the language common to traditional religion --- certainly in Catholicism --- it is the right hand that symbolizes goodness & virtue. Hence, to have a ‘mark’ that is of the Devil upon the forehead or right hand symbolizes that a human being does not want to believe in Christ’s One True Religion of Catholicism, that he or she does not choose to do everything God commands us in His Singularly Saving Roman Catholic Faith.


Such wicked people typically never wash themselves clean in the Sacrament of Baptism, neither, if adequately intelligent, do they keep themselves spiritually clean by professing & obeying the Religion of Roman Catholicism. They believe what is false, and they do what is wicked, when it comes to religion & philosophy. They were conceived into the Devil’s Earthly Empire with Original Sin, and they have never broken that servitude, spiritually speaking. Physically speaking, Satan’s Mark is branded into their flesh, remaining ‘unerased’, since they refuse to seek, or acknowledge, the Catholic Faith, refusing as well to obey Christ’s Catholic Body, starting with joining this Body in Catholic Baptism, and performing the religious & moral duties of God’s People. Consequently, they remain the servants of the Ancient Dragon & Serpent.


Like little Picassos (the surname ‘Picasso’ derives from ‘magpie’, and implies a person who ‘gossips’, telling lies or unflattering things about others --- which, by the way, we do not intend as describing all persons named ‘Picasso’), they’re infinitesimal. Meaning, not nothing, but… made by Our Creator out of nothing… almost ‘nothing’. In fact, the only reason we aren’t ‘nothing’ (ontological ‘nothingness’ set aside for a moment), is that God makes us look like Him, in His Image, which is what makes us truly important. For all his brilliance & talent, little Pablo Picasso would have been nothing all by himself, even from a human perspective. It took lots of other people recognizing him as something ‘big’ to ‘make’ him into something big, so to speak. Likewise modern humanity. We’re infinitesimal ‘nothings’ all by ourselves. But let us act together, collectively, in sync… and we become, from a human perspective, something really big & impressive.


So big & impressive, it’s called an apocalyptic OCEANIC BEAST.


We defy God, calling ourselves ‘God’, imitating the Devil. We do whatever we want (as long as it’s not annoyingly Catholic!), and we believe whatever religion we please (the one that flatters us as if we’re ‘Gods’, especially). We lie about God, becoming little Picassoan magpie gossips, unable & unwilling to tell the truth --- or say anything flattering --- about the True God & His One True Religion. This is Antichrist.


Twelve is a unique number. It’s the first integer with so many factors, or smaller whole integers that can evenly divide into it, such as 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6, in the sequence of numbers that are whole. One thousand is also a curious number. In God’s Sight, one thousand symbolizes completeness, whilst twelve represents humanness doubled. Wherefore, reading near to where the Apocalypse talks about a ‘Mark of the Beast’, we see:


“And I beheld [saw], and lo [look] a lamb stood upon Mount Sion [the tall mountain on which the earthly City of Jerusalem stands, particularly the Temple, here symbolizing the Highest Heaven, from where God reigns over All of Creation], and with him an hundred forty-four thousand [144,000], having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads [this can mean many things, but, at a bare minimum, it means a person called, and truly being, Roman Catholic whole & entire in one’s religious convictions]… And they sung as it were a new canticle [song], before the throne [of God]… and no man could say [sing or chant] the canticle, but [except for] those hundred forty-four thousand, who were purchased from the earth [paid for by Jesus’ Blood on the Cross and made through receiving the Roman Catholic Sacrament of Baptism and a Catholic Profession of Faith]… These follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth [to wherever the Lamb --- Jesus --- goes]… And in their mouth there was found no lie [falsehood, that is, false teachings or wrong morality of any non-Catholic religion!]; for they are without spot [sin] before the throne of God.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 14:1, 3a-b, e-g, 4c & 5 DRC)


Now, many good Catholics have said this is talking about the special martyrs who die opposing the Antichrist near to the end of our world as we know it, who then receive a special reward from God. They may be entirely correct; I’m not going to say they’re not. Nevertheless, the meaning of Sacred Scripture here is not necessarily limited to just this one interpretation. The very precise number of 144,000 is a huge clue that this is so. How often do complicated & messy persecutions wind up producing an exact even number of thousands in total? Odds are, very rarely. Furthermore, how likely is it that God selects this peculiar number, randomly? This is a parable for he or she who has ears to hear.


144 is the square of 12 (12 times 12 equals 144). In English, rather archaically, it’s called a ‘gross’. Not ‘gross’ as in, “Ew! That’s disgusting!” Rather, a number medieval English speakers found convenient in talking about how many things there were when counting a large amount. Twelve signifying our humanness doubled (6 the number of humanity, 12 symbolizes God veiling Himself in our lowly Humanity, joining to us via Christ hypostatically), 12 squared makes a square, or cube if extended 3-dimensionally, like the perfectly cubical New Jerusalem being the Church in Apocalypse 21:1-26, or the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple in 2 Paralipomenon [2 Chronicles] 3:8 cubical, too, or ‘3-dimensionally square’, as it were. Squares & cubes symbolize perfection in this case, our perfection as humans submitted to the God-Man, Jesus Christ, in His Roman Catholic Body. We must be anti-Picassos, stop being grossly modern antichrists, and become a Perfect Gross (144) in God to an order of magnitude a thousand times over, little infinitesimals finally made complete in His Vast Infinity. It’s strange & esoteric, but if you study higher dimensions geometrically, you can make multi-dimensional cubes, or ‘hypercubes’. In nine dimensions (like a novena) you get a hypercube with 144 seven-dimensional (that divine number…) ‘faces’ hypercubes. The GOD-MAN, anyone?


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