+++ 135. Paradise Lost? +++


Yet in a fallen (sinful) world, Paradise has been lost.


And despite the opportunities Our Merciful Creator gives us to love Him as we ought (read: become true & good Roman Catholics), thereby receiving a real hope for regaining Paradise (read: save our souls by staying true & good  Roman Catholics)… most of us, most of the time, fail the True God & His True Religion, giving in, instead, to our spiritual & carnal whims for sin, and ultimately to some form of false religion.


The Persians in many ways followed Cyrus the Great’s good example of Old Testament Catholicity. For instance, whether or not most Persians --- or the rest of the inhabitants of the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire --- rejected Sumero-Akkadian-derived paganism, at least some of them certainly did. The proof? Well, dear soul, are you familiar with the Magi or ‘Wise Men’ in Matthew’s Gospel who came to worship Jesus? We read:


“When Jesus therefore was born in Bethlehem of Juda [a small town just a few miles from God’s Chosen City of Jerusalem, the name of which, in Hebrew, literally means ‘house of bread’], in the days of king Herod, behold [you see], there came WISE MEN FROM THE EAST to Jerusalem, saying, ‘Where is he that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his STAR in the east, and are come to adore him [worship Him as Almighty God from All of Eternity].” (Matthew 2:1-2 DRC)


The word ‘magi’ (or its singular form, ‘magus’), by the way, simply comes from Old Persian via Greek via Latin, and means originally, apparently, ‘to be able’. That is to say, inferentially, when you are a ‘capable’ person, then you are learned or priestly, and able to know & do what others cannot know or do. It does not automatically imply ‘sorcery’ or other hellish & occultic-derived practices. Much like the term ‘wizard’ --- which is from Middle English and at first meant someone ‘wise’ and therefore ‘learned’ or ‘skilled’ --- only later became associated with, and besmirched by, the notion of a diabolical sorcery. Of course, in contemporary times in our part of a big world, the ‘magician’ is usually thought of as a stage magician’ and not someone sorcerous, a person who entertains us with clever tricks & theatricality, with nary a demonic spell, paranormal manipulation, or supernatural & pharmacological enchantments involved.


The point?


These Magi or “wise men” were highly learned persons. (Matthew 2:1c DRC) That they journeyed very far looking for “he that is born king of the Jews” and were “come to adore him” is proof that they were surely not pagans but practitioners of the Old Testament Religion, which is God’s Religion before Christ. (Matthew 2:2a, c DRC)


How so?


Well, think about it. A small remnant of people from the Israelite’s Southern Kingdom was brought to the Province of Babylon by the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian emperor of that time, Nebuchadnezzar II. Not all of the remnant were good Old Covenant Catholics, or as good as they should have been, yet many of them were spectacular practitioners of God’s One True Religion during the Old Testament period --- witness St. Daniel and his three holy companions, Sidrach, Misach & Abdenago, who were willing to be martyrs.


As the Book of Daniel tells us, St. Daniel became the second most powerful man in this Empire and remained highly influential all the way through to the Medo-Persian epoch of leadership. His brave & miraculous testimony, as well as the brave & miraculous deeds of his three comrades, were, in and of themselves, enough to convert many non-Jewish inhabitants there from the falsehoods of Sumero-Akkadian-derived paganism. In all likelihood, other outstanding members of this remnant were probably influential, too.




That some of the citizens of the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire became members of God’s Old Testament Church, eschewed paganism and false gods, and gained from this remnant not only the sacred books that we know today as the first part of the Bible in the Old Testament, but, as well, almost certainly obtained --- and retained --- the writings of many prophets during that time… such as Isaias [Isaiah], Jeremias [Jeremiah], Ezechiel, or Daniel himself, and part, if not all, of the minor prophets, or precious Psalms written by King St. David and other Holy-Ghost-inspired writers. In this way, they knew of the Promise of the One True God to send the world His Only Begotten Son, the Messias [Messiah], via His Old Covenant Catholic Church, composed mostly of ethnic Jews.


Hence why the Magi would come to Jerusalem in Judea looking for Him.


Yet how did they know the precise time for the God-Man, Jesus Christ, to arrive? Because they were also learned in the celestial zodiac and ancient astrology.


“For we have seen his star in the east…” said they. (Matthew 2:2a DRC) Mind you, we are not talking about the silly version of ‘astrology’ so common today in our part of the world. We’re talking about real astrology, a term which simply means, in the original Greek, the study of the stars’.


In this real and God-given version of the knowledge of the stars, there is no silliness about the stars ‘controlling’ our destiny, rendering human beings into mere puppets or helpless pawns of fate. No --- we’re talking about God putting stars in the heavens for a reason, to be signs”. (Genesis 1:14d DRC) The Omniscient Creator knows everything, including both the future and the past. Neither is murky or unseeable to Him, any more than the present is for us. Indeed, being All-Knowing and hence far more proficient than we are (who don’t always even know very much about our present), we can say, honestly, how He knows both future & past far better than we as individuals are able to know our fleeting present. As such, God can (and did!) place celestial bodies in the heavens for a purpose, setting them into motion with the particular & singular, or regular & periodic, arrangement for which He made them… to correlate, so to speak, with a very distant future to come (in relation to evanescent humanity, bound as we are, individually & collectively, by the dimension of an inexorable passage of time).


Which means?


That if you have the wisdom to understand what these celestial bodies and their motions through the heavens are a sign of… you consequently can know or anticipate, to a certain extent --- either ahead of time or, at least, as the time occurs --- what God through them is indicating will happen. To wit, watching the heavens and interpreting the “signs” of our times correctly, you can, if given the knowledge & graces, recognize when certain things are bound to happen, or, leastwise, recognize that a certain thing or event is happening right now, just as God foretold, He knowing it from All of Eternity.


This is what the Magi did.


These “wise men” came from the East. East of Judea in Palestine is the Mesopotamian Valley, wherein was centered the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire, and they were, at a bare minimum, from this imperial region surely, and, very likely, from the area of Persia itself, strictly speaking. A tradition seems to indicate that the three “wise men” were from three distinct ethnicities, yet in a large empire --- and even greater reaches incorporated in the soon to dawn Greek Empire, which we’ll discuss in just a little bit --- it’s not at all too much to surmise that three such distinct ethnicities, nevertheless, knew of each other (due to each being Old Covenant Catholics) and may have communicated in some way (since the Greek Empire provided an easier continuity across vast distances). In any case, they had the messianic prophecies from the Old Testament of Sacred Scripture and, utilizing this in combination with their profound knowledge of the zodiac & ancient astrology, they travelled far to reach God’s Birthplace. A very perilous desert lying between Mesopotamia in the east and Judea in the west, they most likely followed the ‘Fertile Crescent’, arcing northward from the Mesopotamian Valley in a curve which then arcs southward through Syria and, thence, due south into the land inherited by the progeny of Ss. Abraham, Isaac & Jacob… until lost because of false religion and grievous iniquity.


Funny how, from the Middle of the Earth, we keep losing our direction, isn’t it?


+++ 136. Wandering Stars? +++


A tiny little book in the Bible, a letter in the first century AD to Catholics from one of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles warning against schismatic or heretical leaders, tells us:


“But these men blaspheme whatever things they know not: and what things soever they naturally know [whatever they can know simply by carefully observing the visible world around them, or the Natural Law upon their hearts], like dumb beasts [animals without an ability to rationally think or communicate to the extent that human beings of sound mind can], in these they are corrupted [they understand wrongly, believing or acting sinfully]. Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Cain [they copy the bad example of Adam’s wicked & unbelieving firstborn son, who purposely murdered his brother, Abel, for believing & obeying all that God through His Pope & King of that earliest of times, St. Adam, commanded them to do, refer to Genesis 4:1-8 for details]: and after the error of Balaam [the stubborn pagan priest who, despite God having used him to prophesy correctly about the Old Testament Church and their Messias (Messiah) to come, nevertheless died trying to fight and destroy the Semitic Israelites, along with others of the wicked Hamitic Chanaanite tribes, see Numbers 22-24 & Josue (Joshua) 13:22] they have for reward poured out themselves [i.e., they strive doggedly for the wickedness that they do out of greed & covetousness for the pleasurable things of this earth], and have perished in the contradiction [rebellious schism] of Core [a ‘levite’, or ‘deacon’, during the Old Covenant, who dared to revolt against, and insult, Ss. Moses & Aaron --- and thus God Himself since these two men were who God plainly chose at this point in time to lead His Church --- Core and his fellow rebels literally plunging, along with their families & possessions, into hell as a punishment for their hideous religious schism or else burning to death in God’s Fiery Wrath as some of them audaciously, and disobediently, offered incense at the Tabernacle as if God had bequeathed upon them a priestly right to do so… review Numbers 16 for the sad particulars of refusing to profess & obey God’s True Religion whole & entire]. These are spots in their banquets, feasting together without fear, feeding themselves [in a narrow sense this refers to schismatics illegally offering the Holy Eucharist to God at His Holy Mass, while in the broad sense it impugns any heretics who both illegally & invalidly pretend to worship the One True God as He has commanded in His Utterly Singular Religion of Roman Catholicism, outside of which True Religion no one can ever truly please Him or wholly placate Him], clouds without water [in other words, even if they practice the Sacrament of Baptism correctly, this sacramental water does them no good in the end if they persist in their schism or heresy as adults with intelligent minds], which are carried about by winds [the latest trends, biases or powers of humanity], trees of the autumn, unfruitful, twice dead, plucked up by the roots [that is to say, they can do no good works in Christ since they don’t belong to Christ, having rejected His Catholic Dogmas or His Catholic Leaders, and dead twice in the sense that, in this horrible condition, they will die both physically & spiritually, in spite of a valid water baptism], raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own confusion [need I point out the brazenly apocalyptic imagery here, the peoples of this earth, like the ubiquitous waters of the sea, covering at least two thirds of our world with the confusion of false religion, and today, during the Great Apostasy, with a Self-Deifying Neo-Paganism in conjunction with a New World Order that is in complete defiance of God & His Roman Catholicism?]; WANDERING STARS, to whom the storm of darkness is reserved forever [in Greek, the term ‘planetes’ is where we get the English word ‘planet’, and means one who wanders --- since the planets, despite looking like other stars in the sky to the naked eye, ‘wander’, as it were, over the months in relation to the fixed-in-position stars that stay stable in relation to one another for years and centuries --- the term ‘planetes’ in turn derived from the Greek ‘planan’, which means ‘to lead astray’, which means these religious rebels against God’s Church wind up in hell forever]. (Jude 1:10-13 DRC)


Whew! Quite a humdinger, isn’t it?


As I converted from my childhood Evangelic Protestant heresy, this was one of many, many, many things in my Protestant-translated bible that jumped out at me, clearly not upholding the Protestant religion I had been taught. And which, when a person examines it intelligently & logically & fully & from all sides, obviously upholds Catholicism since, historically speaking, nobody was ‘protestant’ in the fullest sense of that title prior to the Rebellion of Martin Luther that historians like to officially date from 31 October 1517, when he is said to have nailed his ‘95 theses’ to the doors of the Wittenberg Castle Church (called ‘All Saints’, which is really significant when you consider that Herr Luther is claimed to have done this on All Hallow’s Eve, to wit, the present ‘Halloween’, signaling his growing disbelief the very night --- and, by extension, the day --- before Catholics honor Our Creator by honoring all those who are His forever in Heaven.)


The reader can study historical evidence against Protestantism in the book, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (‘no Salvation outside the Church’), as found in the Books & Articles section to your left, or alphabetically listed in the Quiklinks to your right. Peruse Chapters 15-33 especially, very carefully. You will see how, in the words of Christians who lived in the first five centuries after Christ, there was no such thing as so-called ‘protestants’; real Christians were Roman Catholic and naught else, and all actual followers of Jesus submit to the rightful rule of a legitimately-elected & publicly orthodox Roman Bishop, a Pope, who is God’s Authority on earth --- period.


What St. Jude describes in the passage quoted above starkly warns against religious rebels like what Martin Luther and his fellow Protestants became, and starkly cautions Catholics against following men who look like leaders because of an official capacity in the Singular Catholic Body of Jesus Christ, but who, BECAUSE OF NOTORIOUS & PERTINACIOUS SCHISM OR HERESY, reveal themselves as the false Catholics and false Christians that they actually are, hence losing both their Roman Catholicity and their Hierarchal Authority via automatic excommunication, which, since ancient days, has always been set up in canon law to operate automatically, even without any official declaration from some higher authority in the Church. (Meaning, by the way, concerning actual popes, that a real Catholic in no way pretends to ‘depose’ such a man from his high office, as if such a lower-ranking Catholic has the ‘power’ to do so. Rather, real Catholics simply recognize as an indisputable fact --- due to a man, who happens to be pope, by his words & deeds notoriously & pertinaciously denying simple, plain & infallible dogmas that any person of sound mind can know are infallibly true in order to be Catholic in the first place --- that this Vicar of Christ, having free will, has freely selected rebellion and thus fallen from Roman Catholicity, becoming automatically excommunicated through the undeviating teaching and supreme authority of Christ’s Singular Body, the Roman Catholic Church Herself, via Jesus’ Divine Authority, removing such a rebel from his membership in, and hence also his leadership over, Christ’s Catholic Body, thereby also removing the danger of such Spiritual Cancer.) Readers who are more curious, or skeptical, about this canonic principle, can study Automatic Excommunications (‘Latae Sententiae’), a relatively short writing gleaned from Chapters 6 to 14 of a longer article, Should You Go to a CMRI Mass or Take Part in the Worship of Other Traditionalists? Both can be found in the Books & Articles section to your left, as well as in the Quiklinks section, alphabetically ordered, to your right.


St. Jude says a little more, though. He adds, quite soberingly:


“Now of these [rebellious leaders in the Church] Enoch also, the seventh from Adam [St. Enoch lived before the Great Flood and was taken by God into Paradise without dying… oh, and notice that divine number, “seventh”?], prophesied, saying: ‘Behold [look], the Lord cometh [comes, i.e., arrives] with thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to reprove all the ungodly for all the works of their ungodliness [that is, their sin & unbelief], whereby they have done [acted] ungodly, and of all the hard things [nasty & false allegations] which ungodly sinners have spoken against God.’ These [types of folk] are murmurers [whiners], full of complaints, walking according to their own desires [doing & believing whatever it is they want to think is ‘right’, regardless of the truth], and their mouth speaketh [speaks] proud things, admiring persons for gain’s sake [flattering people merely to get what they want… and not because it’s true]. But you, my dearly beloved, be mindful [carefully recall & carefully follow] of the words [teachings] which have been spoken before [already] by the apostles [the very first bishops] of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who told you, that in the last time [the end of earth as we know it] there should come MOCKERS [arrogant rebels who ridicule the One True Religion], walking according to their own desires in ungodlinesses [they are fearless, sinning as much as they want]. These are they, who SEPARATE THEMSELVES [abandon membership in God’s Catholic Church via schism or heresy], sensual men [loving the fleshly comforts & pleasures of this world way more than they love God & His Roman Catholic Religion], having not the Spirit [the Third Person of the Trinity doesn’t dwell in them, either because they’re not truly Catholic (being unbelievers & followers of false religion) or are utterly bad Catholics (being wicked & content in their mortal sin)]. But you, my beloved, building yourselves upon your most holy FAITH [keeping Roman Catholicism whole & entire, know all of its dogmas better & better, and learning how to obey the Lord’s Commandments through Her better & better], praying in the Holy Ghost [pray in the state of grace, which is the most efficacious], keep yourselves in the love of God [stay truly Catholic whole & entire, which is how we love God as human beings], waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto life everlasting [trust God, as merciful Catholics to those around you, that He, in turn, will show you mercy, He permitting you, despite all of your many terrible sins, to enter Heaven forgiven]. And some indeed reprove, being judged [rebuke & admonish some of the wicked people or bad Catholics with whom you interact]: but others save, pulling them out of the fire [with certain other people, whether Catholic or not, be infinitely patient, till you, by the power of God, either convert them to Catholicism and real hope of salvation, or else convince them to become good Catholics and thereby secure their hope of salvation]. And on others have mercy, in fear, hating also the spotted garment which is carnal [with yet other human beings, be extremely merciful & forgiving, notwithstanding, be afraid lest the wickedness they indulge winds up tempting you to sin in a similar way, you, instead, hating & loathing this corrupt flesh of our earthly bodies that leads us astray into iniquity so effortlessly, threatening to damn us eternally]. (Jude 1:14-23 DRC)


Now do you see, my precious soul? Does understanding dawn like a spiritual sunrise? The stakes are high; the odds tremendous; and failure is unthinkably horrifying.


Will we be saintly & stable Roman Catholic Stars in Heaven Forevermore:


Or will we wander like planetary demon gods in darkness eternally?


As God via our beloved St. Daniel assures good Catholics:


“But they that are learned [know Catholicism whole & entire] shall shine as the brightness of the firmament [the heavens above]: and they that instruct many to justice [teach lots of people to become Roman Catholic], AS STARS FOR ALL ETERNITY.” (Daniel 12:3 DRC)


+++ 137. Exit, Stage Left? +++


So what is the sixth head of terrestrial imperial centrality?


Where does Number Six lie on this immense, deadly & cruel Oceanic Beast?


In relation to the Middle of the Earth… where lay Our Heavenly Paradisewhere does the Maw of Hell and the Maelstrom of Religious Rebellion move, where do we look next?


We’ve already touched upon this sixth head twice. Our first reference was in Chapter 96 of this book, Helplessly Ignorant, giving us the starting point in figuring out what Jesus is telling us through His Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, in the bizarre-sounding parable of the ‘Oceanic Beast’ as found within the last book of Sacred Scripture, the Apocalypse. Our second reference was a little bit ago (well, okay, quite a bit ago if you’re not a scholar and find ‘long’ writings difficult or boring…) in Chapter 126, fleetingly mentioning what ‘officially’ ended the Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire.


Which is?


The Greco-Roman Empire.


The center of the world’s stage is in the East of Middle Earth. Most of the world’s imperial centralities have rotated in or around this eastern centrality. Yet occasionally, the imperially central action sneaks ‘off stage’, as it were. The excitement transpires just out of the audience’s main sight, off to the side --- but still in relation, connected to, the divinely-imposed terrestrially-spherical centrality of the eastern Mediterranean.


Like a theatre play, so to speak, everything revolves around the stage under the proscenium arch, riveting the audience’s attention, normally, to where the forefront actors, movement or spotlight focus that attention. Once in awhile, though, something important happens --- on purpose --- ‘off stage’, or ‘to the side’. The audience’s attention is moved to this new ‘center of action’. Unless, of course, they’ve fallen asleep. In which case, the audience dozes while the drama or comedy or tragedy continues. All these contingencies have occurred in the last several thousand of years.


It happened near the start, after the Flood, with Nemrod & Atlantis.


Suddenly, unexpectedly, the action went west.


Out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Nevertheless, the drama or comedy or tragedy still centered around the main stage, under the world’s proscenium arch, in the East of Middle Earth, as mighty Atlantis strove, in imitation of their rebellious patriarch, Nemrod [Nimrod] / Neptune / Poseidon, to accomplish the global domination they so craved, fighting an enormous war in the European spotlight, near to our former Paradise, and nearly achieving their audacious goal. Until, shockingly routed by the Athenians, they retreated to their Atlantic stronghold, nursing their wounds, then sank, precipitously, into the abyss.


End of story?


Certainly not.


But before we get to the ‘end of the tale’ that we are living through right now, as I write and as you read, we have another ‘migration’ off-stage, so to speak in theatrical terms, prior to the very end of the play. Yet always, still, in relation to the main stage.


The audience’s attention (if they’re awake), is directed westward.


From the east of the Mediterranean (Middle Earth), we’re focused to the west. Not as far west as to go to the Atlantic Ocean --- yet --- like we did with Atlantis for a little. But a bit west (and a tad north) with Greece, or Macedonia, to be specific, for a moment.


Then a bit more west, and not a tad north, with Rome in Italy.


Ergo the hyphenated terminology again.


Because the Greeks and Romans are very closely connected, ultimately. And, gazing downward upon the earth, with north at top, they are to the ‘left’ of Middle Earth’s east.


And their imperially central world empire --- Number Six --- directs the audience’s attention (once more, if they’re awake and paying attention at this point in the story) a little off-stage from the East in Middle Earth, although still firmly ensconced within the audience’s main stage view, under the global proscenium arch. The Sea Monster of the Apocalypse stages Act Six of the Play in the West. Not much west, but a little.


Which is why, dear soul, the chapter’s title theatrically directs us to:


Prepare to exit, stage left, both during and at the end of Act Six.


+++ 138. Nothing Left to Conquer? +++

(Boo Hoo)


The Greeks were a numerous and far spread people by the first millennium BC.


Per Sacred Scripture, they would seem to be descendants of Cethim [Kittim]. (E.g., see 1 Machabees [Maccabees] 1:1, where the Bible clearly references a Greek leader as coming from the “land of Cethim.” See also 1 Paralipomenon [Chronicles] 1:7, where Sacred Scripture plainly calls “Cethim” one of the “sons of Javan”, who, in turn, Genesis 10:2 calls one of the “sons of Japheth”. Ergo, Cethim is the son of Javan, the grandson of Japheth, and the great-grandson of Noe [Noah]. Ergo, it would seem Greeks are mostly, if not wholly, Japhetic. (DRC)) ‘Cethim’ at first referred to Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, per historians & archeologists, but later included nearby areas (probably because Greek people spread widely as they grew), especially the countless Greek islands.


The upshot?


Linguists uniformly agree that the languages of Greek are a branch of Indo-European. Careful Catholic scholars can then note that this essentially clinches the deal --- that is, that Greeks are essentially descendants of Japheth, Noe’s second of three sons. As ever, things get complicated over centuries upon centuries, with migration & intermingling. Notwithstanding, it’s logical to conclude most Greeks are mostly Japhetic.


As a result, the arrival of Greek supremacy and imperial centrality continues the curious Japhetic role which Japheth’s offspring assumed at the end of an Assyro-Chaldeo-Persian Empire, (the Medo-Persians being Japhetic, you’ll remember), an ascendancy that lasted, centered around the Mesopotamian Valley, from roughly the middle of the 6th century BC, until 330 BC, when a Macedonian (and hence Greek) ruler, the fabulous (and fabulously ‘lucky’) Alexander the Great, toppled and consumed them into his own growing realm. To wit, the Greek Empire, which, for reasons we’ll examine later, definitely flows together with the Romans into a Greco-Roman Empire’.


Yet who was Alexander the Great?


It’s amazing how much we can know about him. Naturally, a lot of this is because he and his domain are not as ancient as Babel & Atlantis, or etc. It’s also because we have a lot more written sources regarding his life & conquests. And it’s because we moderns don’t feel nervous hearing about his legacy since, in the end, Rome consumed his vast realm, nothing catastrophic or destructive occurring to them like Babel & Atlantis, the both of which remind us God can punish us horribly for iniquity… including while fragile humans are still alive (*gasp!*) in the flesh, subject to earthly afflictions.


In any case, young Alexander didn’t look like he’d build an empire.


Initially he was just the son of a Macedonian king, one of many, many, many kingdoms or ‘city states’ of the Greeks from that long ago period, particularly in the wake of the fall or decline of their so-called ‘Mycenaean’ civilization in the latter 2nd millennium BC and a consequent ‘Greek Dark Ages’, wherein they are said to have forgotten their previous ‘Linear B’ script (the written form of their language, or languages, of that time, which was taken, per scholars, from the earlier ‘Linear A’ syllabic script that the Minoans employed on the island of Crete). They re-emerged after the threat of a ‘Sea People’ receded (which causes one to wonder if these mysterious seafaring people were --- oh, I don’t know --- perhaps the Phoenicians at their ascendancy as the fourth head of the Oceanic Beast…?), the Greeks’ later means of writing an adaption of a phonetically-based Phoenician alphabet, disseminated everywhere these wealthy traders would dare venture. Nonetheless, an ancient tale says, Alexander gave his parents portentous dreams.


For instance, his mother, Olympias, dreamt that a thunder bolt struck her womb, causing fire to spread into the distance. Likewise, his father dreamed he sealed his wife’s womb with the image of a lion (monarchs of old sealed their official letters or documents with molten wax which, before it solidified, they impressed with a graven ‘symbol’… such as a signet ring or other device that vouched for the communication’s authenticity, and hence it’s regal authority). Whatever the significance --- and modern scholars axiomatically doubt them, of course --- apart from these soporific reveries, you never would have thought he’d become a legendary conqueror. Alexander’s father, Phillip, it is true, undertook campaigns to subdue threats to his Macedonian kingdom, or expand his borders somewhat modestly --- but truly massive conquest on a continental scale?


No. This was unique to Alexander the Great.


He even feuded with his father, being only half ‘Macedonian’ since his mother, Olympias, was Epirote (still Greek overall, but not a Macedonian woman), and his father, Phillip, falling in love with yet another wife who was Macedonian, then produced an heir that most citizens assumed would be the next king of Macedonia. But, as so-called ‘fate’ would have it, an assassin murdered Alexander’s father, the assassin then dying as he fled, the nobles of Macedonia declaring Alexander, on the spot, as their next king & general of their army. And all at the tender age of 20 years old. What next for the unlooked for ruler of much of Europe, Africa & Asia, north India included?


Why… get rid of enemies and any potential rivals, naturally.


Having done this, and secured the extent of the kingdom he inherited (many of the Macedonian vassals used King Phillip’s death as an excuse to revolt), Alexander then turned to the slowly yet surely declining Assyro-Chaldean-Persian Empire --- which, it having tussled many a time with several Greek city states on its northwest border over the centuries (and having, it seems, appointed rather autocratic leaders over uppity Greeks), was much detested by these resentful Greeks --- and proceeded, a mere five years after ascension to the Macedonian throne, in 336 BC, to decimate the Persians. Not with disdain, though. According to historians, both ancient & modern, Alexander greatly admired the efficiency & probity of the mighty Persians and their realm. He even planned, before untimely death, to make Babylon capitol of his new empire.


Ah, but there is so much to do when you’re a conqueror on a roll!


After subduing Syria and the Levant, including Egypt --- which, they say, viewed him as a liberator --- he took Mesopotamia and Persia properly so called (claiming that the last emperor of the Persians, Darius the Third, had proclaimed Alexander his successor), then continued into India, taking over part of the north of this ‘subcontinent’. Finally, having subdued the Indus Valley and a huge kingdom of the time, and passing into eastern India where modern day Bengal now exists, near to the fabled Ganges River, Alexander the Great’s army had had enough. They had learned they faced at least two more major kingdoms with appropriately massive military forces, and, exhausted from some eleven years of nonstop battle --- missing their homes, wives and families --- they simply refused to go any further. Alexander, understandably disappointed --- as would be any poor world-class vanquisher who has gone for over a decade with nary a defeat and dreams of ruling the entire earth --- gave in to their demands, particularly after a much-respected general, Coenus (whose name in Greek, ‘Koinos’, literally means ‘common’, fitting for he who, in pleading with Alexander, persuaded the latter to have some compassion upon his common soldiers), convinced the sovereign it really was magnanimous, the wisest & kindest thing he could do for them.


Our dear Alexander, with some more adventures (and quite a few men lost on a very difficult desert route he decided to travel on his way back to Persia to retrieve the vast treasure he’d won from them, not to mention pay respects at the tomb of Cyrus the Great, a man he very much admired… oh, and one more mutiny of his army, which wound up misinterpreting his orders and were miffed at Alexander’s penchant for adopting the customs & dress of once powerful Persians), wound up back in Babylon, preparing for more invasions, first of Arabia and afterward Europe. Unfortunately, he got sick. This malady worsened, and, by 10 or 11 June of 323 BC, he departed from earthly life.


A mere 32 years old. Never defeated in war; cut low by disease.


There’s a story --- most likely apocryphal --- that, prior to dying, Alexander was heartbroken, weeping and exclaiming, “There are no more worlds to conquer!” If in any way accurate, it may have come from the Greek biographer, Plutarch, who states in a moral essay, On the Tranquility of the Mind, how young Alexander wept hearing Anaxarchus, a learned philosopher, opine that there exists an ‘infinity of worlds’.


“What’s wrong with you?” asked Alexander’s puzzled friends. Per Plutarch, our world-class-leader-to-be responded, “Is it not worthy of tears that, when the number of worlds is infinite, we have not yet become lords of a single one?”


Again, contemporary scholars don’t want to think ancients knew the earth. It’s not in their self-interest to believe that Mediterranean peoples of old might have known the true scope and true extent of our terrestrial globe. And maybe Alexander didn’t know; maybe he didn’t even say what Plutarch claims he said. Then again, maybe he did. And maybe it’s we moderns who are narrow-minded & ignorant. Not without culpability, though. We, too, have been on a nonstop wave of conquering & subjugation. Our foes have cowered before us, worshipping our unparalleled strength, wealth & knowledge.


After all, we’re “Gods”, you know, ready to storm the heavens. (Genesis 3:5c DRC) What mighty deeds await us, what untold fate, occupying an ‘infinite’ frontier!


Yet will we, before death, weep like Alexander?


His Greek name meant ‘defending men’.


Who will defend us, whether from outside threats or from our own selves? When the great can die young, what hope have we, the tiny & little? This world seems so valuable, so precious… but what does it all mean when our most prized dreams come crashing down upon us, at our last breath, the earth slipping from our feeble grasp?


+++ 139. What Does It All Mean? +++


As a classic outfit from the golden era of hip hop once rapped, “Three, that’s the magic number.” Whilst, in between the front and center of the main rap, every so often a quirkily altered voice would query, “What does it all mean?”


What, indeed?


(Here we take a slight pause to issue a warning. I will occasionally refer to artistic productions --- like films or books or music, etc. --- in this book, Helplessly Ignorant, or other books & articles that I have written. Please do not ever take these references as a sanction of these things as harmless or holy. Usually they are not. Especially during modern times, when artistic works are immodest, sinful & Godless. I merely refer to them for the sake of illustration, just as early Church fathers of old, having been converted from paganism, might refer to something pagan in order to instruct.)


Earthly-minded human beings think it all boils down to things of an earthly value. Oh, sure… some of us talk a good talk. We pay lip service to a conscious existence hereafter. I mean, for all our Darwinist bravado, who really wants to think one’s individual death is the end? Our actions speak louder than words --- and that includes me, too, since I’m a bad Catholic (truly Catholic, but not a very good one). Ergo, anyone who is not truly Catholic, yet not willing to bluster emptily about how personal ‘oblivion’ at death doesn’t bother him or her in the least, must, of a necessity… acknowledging he or she continues to exist beyond earthly death… pretend that what he or she wants to do here & now on earth is either imperative, or else inconsequential, to a neverending life to come.


Mind you, ‘earthly value’ can be more than ‘material things’.


Yes, most human beings most of the time revolve their lives around physicality. Our physical bodies… and their carnal appetites… are what most of us feed. Nevertheless, humanity amounts to more than just physicality. Wherefore, you can run into people who, composed of flesh like all of us, place great importance on things of the mind or soul. We can lust for knowledge, or covet ‘experiences’ of a purportedly ‘spiritual’ nature. It doesn’t really matter. It still comes down to what we want in this mortal life.


Yet does our desire comport with what we’re made to do?


Then our desire is ‘heavenly’.


Or does our desire conflict, in some way, with our purpose for existing?


Then our desire is ‘earthly’.


It’s that simple. So, my dear reader… what do you want?


If it’s only earthly, then you run the risk of ‘coveting’ in the sinful sense. But if it’s heavenly, then your ‘coveting’ is pure & holy. What, then, shall we covet? Our Maker gave us intelligent minds and voluntary wills. What are we to do with them? What must we know (intelligent mind) and what must we choose (voluntary will)? What’s the significance of our existence? Why the form we have, why the world we live in?


What does it all mean?


Do you recall us pointing out that the number ‘seven’, more than any other number, symbolizes God? It’s the ‘supernatural’ or ‘divine’ number. Do you also recall us saying that the number ‘six’, more than any other number, symbolizes Man? It’s the ‘natural’ or ‘human’ number. Six is one less than seven, signifying that we’re made in His Image. Accordingly, that we’re a little less than Him; reflection rather than essence.


God, though, is a Unique Being. He not only exists uncreated from all of eternity, He exists, too, as Three Persons in One Being. To wit, the Trinity. This puzzles & mystifies human beings. Not loving God as we ought to love Him, we may find it ‘unbelievable’, perchance ‘ridiculous’. After all, don’t we --- in our temporal & mortal existence --- normally experience things as one person in one body? To be sure. Unless ‘possessed’… or, as psychologists suppose, ‘schizophrenic’… or, as hardcore Darwinists imagine, two or more ‘selves’ under the guise of a single ‘self’… then, yes, it’s a rule of thumb:


We must have exactly one person per every one body.


Any more than that and it gets crowded, spiritually speaking. ‘Spiritually’ since volume & place are different for souls. Ah, but God doesn’t essentially have a ‘body’, does He?


In Eternal Essence because He is an Eternal Spirit.


He is the Uncreated Creator. Material physicality is a created thing. Hence, when Almighty God became a Man (Jesus Christ), He clothed His Self-Eternal Spirit, as it were, with both a visible body and invisible soul. This Supernatural Incarnation is what Catholics call the Hypostatic Union. God’s Divine Nature joined with a Human Nature. His Divinity took on Humanity. Creator & Creation fused into the God-Man. Lucifer wants us to view this fusion upside down. The fallen angel (who is a liar) wants us thinking we pantheistically ‘evolve’ from humanity into divinity. That is to say, everything is ‘god --- ‘realize it’, thereby achieving god consciousness’.


This is the Lie of the Serpent in the Garden.


The heretical French Jesuit, Teilhard de Chardin, dared teach it in the mid-20th century. The apostate Jesuit, Antipope Francis, now dares to ‘rehabilitate’ Chardin and his heresy, which ‘spiritualizes’ the fantasy of Darwinistic evolution, telling us the point of material ‘evolution’ is not just chance, but an ‘Omega Point’, wherein we become the ‘pinnacle’ of evolution, consciously controlling it and our destiny, thereby becoming ‘gods’ and merging with everything, enlightened beings attaining to christ consciousness’.


When I awoke one morning in February of 2016 with the full outline of this book, Helplessly Ignorant, suddenly in my mind, I did not yet know of a prominent scholar living near Jerusalem, Israel (and who is a professor at the Hebrew University in this same City of David), who had just published a major work not then translated or made available for English-speaking audiences. The scholar is Yuval Noah Harari, who already had made a big intellectual splash with his previous publication in 2011, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. This tome enchanted Darwinists, describing human history --- the ‘sapiens’ or ‘wise ones’ of the title, the name scientists bestow upon the human ‘species’ (viz., ‘homo sapiens’, which is Latin nomenclature for ‘wise man’) --- in terms of waxing human intelligence (a mental ability enabling us to ‘imagine’ into existence what would not otherwise ever influence anything, whether a thing ‘imagined’ at first is real or not), together with increasing human cooperation, resulting in domination of the entire world. In 2015 he published its sequel, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. This was released in the US in February 2017. It also has made a global intellectual splash. Beloved soul, do you know what the Latin term ‘homo deus’ means?


‘Homo’ is Latin for ‘man’ or ‘human’. ‘Deus’ means ‘god’. That’s right.


Yuval Noah Harari touts a ‘Man-God’. He touts an existence wherein ‘Humanism’ is the dominant religion & paradigm, wherein Humanity worships itself, wherein we as human beings do whatever we wish, whatever we may deem the ‘right’ thing to do, wherein, mere creatures although we are, we reach out and grasp immortality.


To be fair to Mr. Harari, who is an intelligent scholar, he does say that he’s not trying to ‘cheerlead’ for the idea. He calls it a ‘prophecy’ --- in the sense of human prediction that --- barring changes in our present conditions or changes in human intent --- he expects us, collectively, to strive to ‘evolve’ into ‘homo deus’. He carefully says he does not predict we’ll be successful, or that everything happens by AD 2100, etc. He’s only trying to get us to think carefully about where we’re headed before we arrive, so as to better manage our destiny. But he also does not at all chastise humanity for this implicit goal, as if ‘evil’. Indeed, he seems positively eager for the prospect, if only as an intellectual.


In any case, notice the two words, ‘God’ & ‘Man’, in Harari’s title are inverted.


In Catholicism, it is God-Man --- God always coming first.


In Modernism, it is Man-God --- Humanity first, with God second.


This is no fluke. Whether fully conscious or not, human beings want to rule.


Our Creator & His Roman Catholic Church stand in the way of this goal.


Catholicism says, God rules. We rule with God if we obey Him.”


This annoys covetous human beings… indeed, it infuriates them. Modern humanity has no intention of giving up their ‘power’. We rule the roost. We are Gods and we want to rule creation… or, er… the entire infinite multiverse quantum bubble froth, if you will.


Now take the next step. Recognize the following truth --- that each Person of the True God being Wholly God (there are Three Persons in One God, you’ll recollect), we therefore can say, numerically speaking, that God is a triple seven. That is:




Humanity wants Godhood, but on its own terms (Lucifer the One leading us All in this overweening and impossibly gargantuan endeavor, you’ll remember). We can say, numerically speaking, then, that ‘Homo Deus’ strives to be a triple six. I.e.:




The Number of a Man. (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:18) The Omen of Apocalypse, the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. The Beast roars, turning the waters of the Ocean turbulent with his strength & wrath. The Earth quivers & shakes, tremors troubling the continents and tsunamis of thought pounding the seashores.


Are you starting to see what it all means?


+++ 140. Six Hundred Sixty-Six? +++


“And he [the beast which comes up out of the earth, who, being like a human being, works on behalf of the beast that comes up out of the ocean, see Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:1] shall make all [everyone on earth], both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen [employees, servants or slaves], to have a character [a symbol or sign] on their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but [unless] he that hath [has] the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast [let him comprehend what this mysterious & hidden number or name signifies]. For it is the NUMBER OF A MAN: and the number of him is SIX HUNDRED SIXTY SIX.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:16-18 DRC)


This passage of Sacred Scripture has puzzled people for centuries.


Even today, in the midst of the Great Apostasy --- when almost no one on earth is left who is truly Roman Catholic and traditional religion is being suppressed left and right everywhere, but especially in our part of the world --- people still remember this curious number, associating it with the Apocalypse and something evil. Where does this obsession of ours come from? Why does it stay with us… even today?


It’s not like most people know or understand the Bible.


I grew up as a conservative Evangelic Protestant (EP). These kinds of EPs love to astound you with their quotations of Sacred Scripture and act like everything they believe is found in the Bible, ‘proven’ by Scripture. I can tell you for a fact, having been raised by them, that this is a load of crock. The vast majority of EPs never read their bibles. Their ‘proof texts’ are a sham, proving nothing specific about their religion. A huge majority of EPs merely hear certain verses repeated again and again, being told these passages ‘prove’ their EP beliefs to be ‘true’… and that’s it. They know nothing more than that, and what they think they ‘know’ is a mirage or façade, a massive misinterpretation of what Sacred Scripture actually says & means.


(Again, ancient Christians were Roman Catholic. Go here to see it is so.)


So if most people today, particularly in our part of the world, know nothing about the Bible, maybe even scorning it as the ‘naïve superstitions’ of ancient tribal humans… then whence comes this bizarre obsession with the number, 666? Why do so many people in our part of the earth still remember it and associate it with something terrible and very wicked, when they never read the Bible, don’t comprehend Sacred Scripture, and adamantly refuse to take anything else in it seriously?


What’s going on here?


Once more --- the Law of Natural Reason, written upon our hearts.


Our very dreams remind us, every time we lay our head upon the pillow and our intelligence drifts into slumber… our guardian angel is there, whispering into our ears, and a demon, too, assigned to waylay us, curdling our souls… and, yet, for all his lies, truth still seeps through, our guardian using both veracity unstained and the liar’s falsehoods (always mixed with some truth) to sound the alarm in our skulls… the conviction that we’re here on earth, in flesh, for a reason… an imperative purpose having nothing to do with only increasing creaturely wealth and comfort, or for mere earthly knowledge and technological advancement, or for fame, prestige and power.


Now, I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about 666.


But I will point out a few things it’s time to realize.


The most typical approach to this curious number, if someone claims to have the “wisdom” to interpret it, is to say it’s isopsephic. That is to say, it is a name where each letter has a numeric value, which, when added up, sums to 666 and is thus the “number of the beast.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:18a, c DRC) The most common interpretation of this nature put forth by biblical commentators --- and whether Catholic or not --- is the wicked Roman emperor, Nero Caesar. He was apparently ingenious yet dangerously unbalanced, called himself the sun god (Apollo), and, assert many, in burning central Rome for the purpose of rebuilding it according to his plans, blamed ancient Catholics and thereby launched the first major wave of bloody persecution against Christianity. And, whilst some of these types of interpreters refrain from saying Nero was the ‘Antichrist’, they still insist the Antichrist’s name will add up to 666.


Could this be true?


Yes and no.


Yes, it’s possible God is telling us that some particular human being will be the ‘Antichrist’ par excellence, and this person’s name or title has letters of numeric value which, when added up, sum to 666. I can’t discount this possibility; it could be true.


Yet, no, it’s not necessarily correct, or --- even if correct --- the sole interpretation permitted. Remember… Sacred Scripture can have two or more layers of meaning. It’s conceivable that the above interpretation is true while, at the same time, the Creator also intends to tell us one or two or three or more other things about antichrist as well. There is no vast unanimity amongst the early Church fathers concerning this subject, nor has Holy Mother Church decreed with explicit & solemn infallibility upon the topic.


Meanwhile, it’s amazing how people overlook a simple fact:


It’s a number.


Ergo, would it not be wise to consider the likelihood that it has something to do with mathematics, geometry and the meaning of numbers overall? Of all considerations having to do with God --- apart from what the One True Religion infallibly teaches us and the Law of Natural Reason instructs us --- would it not make sense, in comprehending Scripture when it gets numerical, to think in terms of mathematics, too?


So what’s significant, mathematically or geometrically, about 666?


It’s a triangular number.


And what’s a triangular number?


An equilateral triangle (the most perfect triangle of all, as any thinker can attest) is a triangle with all three sides and angles equal. And if you take certain objects (say, for instance, round dots) and arrange them, evenly spaced, into the shape of an equilateral triangle, you can make larger and larger equilateral triangles out of more and more of these round dots. Nonetheless, only certain numbers of dots will work.


And what are these numbers? A sequence emerges:


1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120, 136, 153, 171, 190, 210, 231, 253, 276, 300, 325, 351, 378, 406, 435, 465, 496, 528, 561, 595, 630, 666, and etc., the 36th in the iteration, without end. (Fair warning: mathematicians today love to put ‘zero’ at the beginning of this sequence. Yet think about it --- how can ‘zero’ dots, which is a whole absence of anything, therefore nothing --- make any shape at all, let alone the precise shape of a triangle?) Notice the 666? Naturally (pun intended). And what figure geometrically represents a supernatural Triune God more than any other?


You could proffer the circle (eternality) or the square (perfection).


But a triangle is absolutely exquisite.


Especially the equilateral one.


Three Persons in One God.


Each Person equally Divine, yet distinctly Personal. Like an equilateral triangle, so perfectly balanced with three distinct sides & angles, whilst being a single geometric entity, perfectly emblematic of the Eternally Self-Existent Triune Deity.


My dear soul, we’ll get into the divine symbolism of seven.


Yet knowing six symbolizes humanity, do you see?


666, a ‘Human Trinity’.


We’re made to look like Him and be with Him. When we refuse to do as we ought (read: be good Catholics), we still cannot escape our divine image. We still strive to be like Gods. We’re one less than seven, yet determined to be Him… but without Him.


Curious, too --- isn’t it? --- that so-called ‘scientists’ have discovered, in the past two centuries, that human beings, physically speaking, could not exist without the fabulous atom we now call carbon’. This fantastic element, of which humans are composed & literally is the backbone of our cells --- all the way down to our carbon-based genetic code, DNA --- is fascinating for another reason, too, something we moderns never knew till, by the end of the 1800s, chemists devised the Periodic Table. Then, in the 1900s, we found out what makes the Periodic Table periodic, and thus why an element’s atom is that particular element and not something else. To wit, the number of protons it has.


This is called the ‘atomic number’ of an element.


And what’s the atomic number of carbon?


Why… six.


Indeed, with subatomic physics, we now understand that the most common form or ‘isotope’ of carbon on earth is Carbon 12. This carbon atom has six protons (positively charged) and six neutrons (neutral, with no electric charge, but adding weight to atoms… thus the name of this carbon, 6 protons plus 6 neutrons equaling 12). Furthermore, to balance out the six positive charges in the nucleus, six negatively charged electrons ‘orbit’ the nucleus (so to speak) and make the elemental carbon atom whole.


Hm. What do you know? 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.


Six hundred sixty-six (666)… as it were.


+++ 141. A Matter of Division? +++


The symbolism gets even more fundamental.


With the advent of quantum mechanics in the past century, scientists now know that carbon --- so extremely combinable with all kinds of other atoms and so essential & unique to human flesh (indeed, to pretty much all life on earth!) --- in forming what we call ‘covalent’ bonds (say, e.g., with hydrogen), will easily share four of its six electrons, the resulting ‘electron cloud’ (contemporary physicists call it ‘sp3 hybridization’), being foundational in organic chemistry, carbon taking on a peculiarly tetrahedral shape.


And what is a tetrahedron?


A four-sided solid, each side consisting of an equilateral triangle. Sort of like an Egyptian pyramid, except that a tetrahedron has four sides instead of five, and the ‘bottom’ side is a triangle, not a square. In geometry, it is the simplest of the so-called ‘Platonic solids’.


So, the triangle, so basic to our existence and so perfect in symbolizing a Triune Deity, is all through us and all around us, everywhere in the portion of the visible & physical world we live in, just as this Trinitarian God purposed in creating the earth.


But the symbolism also gets more transcendent.


For if you read the Apocalypse thoroughly & carefully, you’ll note how God, via His Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, often talks in terms of thirds’. To wit:


“And the first angel sounded the trumpet [blew the trumpet], and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast on the earth, and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 8:7 DRC)




 “And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third of the sun was smitten [blighted or darkened], and the third part of the moon [ditto previous annotation], and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened, and the day did not shine for a third part of it, and the night in like manner [in the same way as the day].” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 8:12 DRC)


As well:


“And by these plagues was slain [killed] the third part of men [a third of the human population dies because of these catastrophes that are divine punishment for our sins], by the fire and by the smoke and by the brimstone [burning sulfur], which issued [came] out of their mouths.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 9:18 DRC)


A few chapters later in the Apocalypse, though, we are told an interesting thing. Because the devil and his demons were formerly angels in heaven, right? Nevertheless, they became wicked --- rebellious --- and so lose their place in the heavens.


“And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold [look] a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns: and on his head seven diadems [crowns]: and his tail drew the THIRD PART OF THE STARS IN HEAVEN, and cast them to the earth… And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels [both leaders fought each other with angelic armies]: and they prevailed not [the devil and his demons could not win], neither was their place found any more in heaven [they could no longer live in the heavens above, losing their celestial home]. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan [the former, ‘devil’, signifies ‘accuser’ or ‘slanderer’, the latter, ‘satan’, means ‘enemy’ or ‘adversary’], who seduceth [seduces, i.e., lures into sins] the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels [angels who became demons, following him] were thrown down with him.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 12:3-4b, 7-9 DRC)


You’ll note how the “great red dragon” has “seven heads and ten horns” just as the Oceanic Monster we first read about in this tome, Helplessly Ignorant, in Chapter 79, quoting from Apocalypse 12:17-13:10, when we began talking about, and explaining, the significance of this parable of the Oceanic Beast in our modern era of the Great Apostasy, simultaneously further explaining the massive role that the Law of Natural Reason plays in our human lives. I.e., the very same symbolism goes for the Oceanic Beast, as does its animating luciferian spirit, the Great Red Dragon with its Seven Heads & Ten Horns. A Sea Monster first spoken of by John the Evangelist a mere half chapter later, in Sacred Scripture, we finding an identical symbolism of Seven Heads & Ten Horns for both.


This is not chance.


John the Evangelist is smart, the Holy Ghost omnisciently smart. Consequently, the parallelism of the Dragon’s Seven Heads & Ten Horns with the Sea Monster’s Seven Heads & Ten Horns is plainly meant on purpose here in the Bible, showing, too, everyone who reads these passages that the two seemingly ‘different’ things --- gargantuan Dragon and hideous Beast --- are but one and the same thing.


The Great Red Dragon merely animates Lucifer’s Unholy Beast.


Just as the Holy Ghost animates Christ’s Holy Body.


I therefore can say quite confidently:


The parallel is perfect.


And on purpose.


Yet the thirds?


Consider, my precious soul, what the fraction of a third amounts to in decimal terms. That is to say, using the Base 10 Number System… counting by tens instead of twos (binary), threes (trinary), fours (quaternary), fives (quinary), eights (octal), twelves (duodecimal), sixteens (hexadecimal), twenties (vigesimal), sixties (sexagesimal), or countless other systems (pun intended) human beings have practiced, or that we could come up with to use, so as to count and do calculations… decimal is, arguably, the most popular way of counting & calculating all through human history (though, granted, there have been many other ways, also, as made clear in the list above…). For a simple reason, too --- because almost every human being in the world has had ten fingers. At any rate, it’s pretty much inarguable that decimal --- counting by tens, the Base 10 System --- dominates the earth today. This is because clever Arabic numerical symbols, in conjunction with European power & supremacy, have spread everywhere via our education, science, industry, banking… even films, music, social media, etc., etc.


The point? Well, what is one third in decimal? Divide 1 by 3. The answer?


Correct… 0.333333333333333333333333333333333, ad infinitum.


In mathematics in the US, the final 3 typically has a long line right over it (called a ‘vinculum’), to indicate this decimal digit goes on and on, indefinitely. Unfortunately, neither the fonts I have nor the HTML available to me grant me this option. I hence beg readers to either visualize it on their own, or else look it up to see what I mean. Yet why does this occur in decimal, neverending digital fractions to the right of a decimal point?


Because certain fractions or ratios simply cannot divide evenly into orders of ten.


3 into 10, 30 into 100, or 300 into 1000 are a few examples of this.


The import? Well, aside from the fact that 33 is an imperative number to higher ranking Freemasons (e.g., witness their openly-acknowledged ‘degrees’ or ranks that a member may attain to, peaking at this curious digit with the ‘33rd degree’) and knowledgeable people practicing Kabbalism (for instance, the mystical ‘Tree of Sephiroth’, which, in adding its elements, 32, to the whole of it’s own self, 1, brings us to the grand total of 33), and etc. --- the repeating decimal of one third, with its endless & inexhaustible parade of threes, so perfectly evoked by the fascinating repdigit (a portmanteau for repeating digit) of the number 33 --- it is, too, the mirror complement (complement, not compliment!) to its repeating decimal ally, 0.666666666666666666666666666666666, ad infinitum.


For what do 0.333333, ad infinitum, and 0.666666, ad infinitum, add up to?


Right, my beloved reader. It is elementary… they add up to ONE.


Getting poignant? It ought to be, if you’re paying attention.


In telling us the Devil took one third of the Angels in Heaven with him into rebellion, St. John’s Apocalypse is thus telling us that two thirds of the Angels in Heaven remained loyal & steadfast to the One Trinity of Catholicism. In other words, how exactly 0.6666666, ad infinitum, of His angels stayed true to Him, the Three-in-One.


666… except, this time, on the other side of the apocalyptic equation.


There’s so much more to fathom… just persevere, my dear soul.


In the meantime, do you see how it is a matter of division?


Taking One & Three --- which, apart from Seven, are the numbers extraordinaire associated with, more than any other, an Everlasting Godhead --- we arrive at THIRDS. ‘One third’ () is linked to THREES (333…), while ‘two thirds’ () is linked to SIXES (666…). The Number of Angelic Humanity, and the Number of Bestial Carnality.


Our corrupt flesh at war with fickle souls, we are divided without God.


+++ 142. Celestial Seven? +++

(The Trinitarian Family of God in Heaven)


Yet Who is God?


Now it’s time to delve into the symbolism of Seven.


Why is this number… 7… more than any other associated with Our Creator? What’s the importance, what’s the meaning? Is it something that goes back to God Himself, or is it ‘projected onto Him’, as it were, by we His little creatures, mere human beings? I can assure you, beloved soul, that we are not ‘projecting’ this onto Him. The Divinity of Seven, so to speak, comes from the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church.


In some ways, mathematics and geometry are as close as you can come, as a mere creature, to ‘understanding’ and ‘fathoming’ God. I say ‘in some ways’, because, as great saints will tell you, the only real way to understand & fathom God --- as much as human beings can --- is through the Beatific Vision. Which, barring this option (that we’ll not have until Heaven, provided we die as good Catholics), the next best thing is an ecstatic vision. Nevertheless, an ecstatic, contemplative vision is still never able to be equal to the Beatific Vision, and, if that were not enough, when you study mystical theology carefully (meaning rigorous, systematized and truly Roman Catholic theological teaching about real Catholic mysticism… not the silly New Age stuff that passes for ‘mysticism’ nowadays), you find numerous ‘grades’ or ‘levels’ of ecstatic vision.


To wit, not all visions are the same. Some are better than others.


Notwithstanding, barring both Beatific Vision and ecstatic, contemplative visions of whatever level --- or complete & thorough theological investigation of them, apart from experiencing them your own self as a true Catholic --- then mathematics and geometry are remarkably insightful, given that we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. As always, God speaks in parables. Ergo, mathematics & geometry are His parables in earthly form (without the more pure spirituality of contemplation), although, to be fully honest, meditation upon mathematics & geometry as a real Catholic can almost, it seems, approach to the level of spiritual contemplation & ecstatic vision. The key is, do we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear? Has God given us the graces to understand? And, in understanding, will we then rightly appreciate what we’ve been given? Or, ‘bored’ and distracted by earthly things, will we like swine trample on heavenly pearls?


I trust the reader is not inclined toward wallowing in the mud.


Spiritually speaking, of course.


If not, then listen up:


From All of Eternity, timeless and unbound by any creational ‘dimension’, Our Self-Existent Creator foresaw & foreknew everything that He would make out of nothing in forming our cosmos, and everything that past, present & future hold, including all of the deeds of those creatures that He endows with some degree of rationality of mind and freedom of will. The Maker knew what we would think, say & do apart from anyone existing; that’s the intrinsic nature of omniscience (all-knowingness) and, however ‘impossible’ or ‘strange’ we may want to think it, it’s part of being God. Having then given many creatures an adequate fullness of rational mind & free will (such as celestial angels, human beings or etc.) --- and placing signs (symbols, miracles, prophecy, special revelation and so forth) throughout creation, especially in the heavens (what we’d call ‘outer space’) for our knowledge and as an indisputable proof of His Triune Divinity, Omniscience & Omnipotence, not to mention His charity for all of us, particularly humanity, which bears His Image --- He also makes us capable of, and receiving opportunity to peer into and begin to comprehend, at the right time, His Will. Numerically speaking, SEVEN is one of His Signs & Symbols.


What does it say?


First of all, it’s a prime number. It’s the fourth prime in sequence from 1 (mathematicians, incidentally, always exclude the number one from ‘primality’ as, allowing 1 to be considered a ‘prime’, it then causes many mathematical difficulties). Prime numbers are very unique (as is God), divisible only by 1 and the prime number itself. It therefore, like a circle (which has one side or no sides, depending on how you look at it), symbolizes unbrokenness & eternality. That seven is the fourth in the sequence of primes, like a square (which has four sides), symbolizes order & perfection. All the same, like a triangle (which has three sides), Seven symbolizes Trinity & Unity. You probably say, but how is seven like a triangle when three and seven are distinct?


Because the Uncreated Creator can exist just fine, all by Himself, without anyone or anything else He doesn’t need more to be happy & complete. He is Self-Sufficient, Self-Existent & Self-Eternal. He is THREE-PERSONS-IN-ONE-GOD, never lonely; He is His OWN TRINITARIAN FAMILY. He alone exists unmade. All else that exists only exists since He freely chooses of His Own Will, no need compelling Him, to make & love it. In doing so, by the way, the Maker makes everything out of nothing (‘ex nihilo’).


‘Ex nihilo’ (‘out of nothing’ in Latin) is critical since it puts creatures in our place. We’re not a ‘part’ of God’s ‘substance’; we’re made by God ‘out of nothing’. This is essential to  distinguish pantheist from theist. As the special creatures we are, called human beings… we’re not actually Him; we’re made to look like Him. It’s this very special resemblance, in our created form, that is crucial. It’s why He made us, and why 7 is so precious & peculiar. In examining everyday natural life, we find how God has used sevens --- or octaves’, if you will. Meaning you start at a foundational frequency, and, in doubling that frequency, pass through seven more ‘notes’ prior to arriving at the same ‘note’ but double in frequency. God did it this way. For instance, electromagnetism, which is only frequencies of perpendicular electric & magnetic waves propagating through ‘space’, the wavelengths ranging from micro-minute to macro-gigantic. The visible spectrum, whilst tricky to get scientists to agree overall where visibility begins and ends, nonetheless, it’s fair to say that human beings, as a collective group, can perceive from the wavelength of about 380nm to roughly 760nm. (The uninitiated must realize ‘nm’ means ‘nanometer’, i.e., literally, one billionth of a meter or not quite 400 hundred millionths of an inch.) 760 is clearly the double of 380 --- 380 times 2 equals 760, an octave in terms of waves. This octave nature of electromagnetism in general, and the visible spectrum in specific, goes on further, some of us noting (the famous Isaac Newton, for example) how there’s an octave of octaves in visible light that we see as ‘colors’… seven 7s, as it were.


This natural phenomenon of sevens or ‘octaves’ is elsewhere, too.


The aforementioned, or implied, octaves of ‘notes’, which is found in music and described in ‘music theory’, is directly observable --- via our ears and minds --- in the diatonic (or ‘seven note’) scale of ancient origin, and in the chromatic (or ‘twelve note’) scale of more recent (at least, to our knowledge…) centuries, which, whilst expanding one’s musical palette to the more ‘colorful’ (hence ‘chromatic’…) selection of twelve notes, nevertheless still incorporates --- and is built around --- the venerable diatonic, seven note scale that God (again, literally!) has built into our very world… and into human ears & minds in our ability to see it, enjoying arrangements of seven notes.


Or how about the atom?


Scientists learned by the turn of the 20th century, in constructing the Periodic Table of the Elements, how it appears to be arranged in octaves’, certain properties recurring and thus repeating ‘periodically’ as one ascends up the chemical scale of (at first, in the minds of 19th century scientists) weight, then, later (in the minds of better informed 20th century scientists), ascending up the subatomic scale of protons, which is, as we’ve observed, what our physicists or chemists of contemporary times call the atomic number of elemental atoms, determining their properties and making them what they are. The electrons around the nuclei (composed of protons & neutrons) in these atoms are amazingly octave in nature… hence the ‘octave’ nature of the Periodic Table. Furthermore, chemists routinely refer to octets in outer electron shell behavior, elemental atoms, as it were, made to ‘need’ to achieve an ‘octave’ of electrons in this outer cloud of electrons; an octave, again, being the completion’, so to speak, of an atom in this world of ours, everything trying to count up to seven’, as it were, and, reaching the seventh, ‘complete’ it by going one more step to the resonant & octave ‘note that represents a whole octave. For instance, all of the elements at the far right of chemists’ Periodic Table --- the so-called Noble Gases --- are ‘noble’ because they won’t combine with anything else (leastwise, not under normal circumstances… though the latest clever scientists can increase atmospheric pressure & heat to ludicrous levels, thereby ‘forcing’ these uniquely noble atoms to merge briefly under unnatural conditions). The noble atoms are complete’, like God in a sense, with an octave of outer electrons.


They neither ‘need’ nor ‘crave’ anything more. Thus their ‘nobility’.


We find seven in the week as well. A seven day week correlates with nothing, astronomically speaking, unlike months & years. Granted, ethnicities have used other divisions of time when it comes to counting the days… yet where did the seven day week come from in the first place? It inarguably now dominates throughout the world, due to European power, influence & supremacy again. But where did Europe get it from? Catholics of old used the seven day week, as did ancient Romans, so that’s where. However, where’d it originate before them? Remember… it’s not astronomical!


The honest & careful Roman Catholic scholar can only conclude a single thing:


It had to have come from St. Noe with his survival of the Great Flood, and, in all likelihood, it must have, in turn, come all the way back from the time of Ss. Adam & Eve. After all, does not St. Moses, inspired by the Holy Ghost, describe God making heaven & earth --- and all that we may find in them --- in the period of seven days? (Genesis 1:1-2:5) Absolutely. Hence, God Himself wove a seven day week into our human existence, governing our lives accordingly in the beginning and, ironically, shaping our daily existence even till today, in the midst of the Great Apostasy.


And seven exists elsewhere as well, amidst the unseen & supernatural.


For example, Hindus and other people of eastern philosophy will often insist that a human being has seven ‘chakras’, whirls of soulish power ascending from the base of our spines to the crowns of our heads, the central & ‘heart’ chakra being the very middle, or fourth, of the series. Now, I don’t expect anyone --- least of all a real & good Catholic --- to have to believe in this teaching. Nevertheless, I do point out a simple fact. Viz., it doesn’t matter, in the end, whether you want to believe in something or not. It’s either true or it’s false. And false religion (because that’s what Hinduism is, as Catholicism infallibly tells us) is false not because everything in it is false, but because it mixes veracity with falsehood, some of these falsehoods, at least, being damnable. The outcome? I personally believe the chakra teaching is correct. It’s just like God to make us so, with seven imperative points along our animating soul within the human body, all the more driving home, symbolically, that we are made both to look like Him and be with Him, forever and ever, amen. Just don’t believe in the damnable falsehoods of these philosophies, such as Hinduism. I would guess the chakra teaching was preserved by Noe’s progeny in that part of the earth, probably originating with God & Adam in the Garden of Paradise, till mixed with damnable religious ideas in the East. At any rate, it does not contradict any dogma of God’s One True Religion of Roman Catholicism. To the contrary, not only does seven chakras illustrate the ubiquity & symbolism of the number seven in our creation, but plenty of circumstantial evidence is now available, backing it up, though not accepted by the academic mainstream… yet. But if, indeed, chakras are real, it would seem God has built number seven into our very beings.


Why? Because we’re meant to be with Him forever. End of sentence.


This is the profound symbolism of seven. There is a central four in seven things, symbolizing the Hypostatic Union of Jesus’ Divine & Human Natures, of God joining with our humanity. This is the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Christ, the Holy Eucharist and Holy Baptism, indeed, of all SEVEN SACRAMENTS the Triune God has given us in Catholicism (notice that seven again in the Seven Sacraments!!!). The first three of seven (numbers one, two & three) represent God’s Trinity, 3-Persons-in-1-God. The second three of seven (numbers five, six & seven) signify a human ‘trinity’, of body, soul & spirit; of past, present & future; of Church Militant, Suffering & Triumphant. We look like Him, and this includes the trinitarian aspect. Subject to Him in Catholicism, we can join that human ‘trinity’ to His Divine Trinity in Eternal Marriage, via Christ & His Church. Rebelling against Him by remaining outside Catholicism --- or by being really bad Catholics and dying that way, unforgiven --- we then join with Satan’s Behemoth, the Hellish Leviathan, the Oceanic Beast and die everlastingly.


Rationality or irrationality, Heaven or hell. It’s our choice. We can be six married to seven, or we can be triple six in rebellion for eternity. If married to God through His Singular Catholic Church, we join with HIS TRIPLE SEVEN. Our triple six nature submits to His Triple Seven Nature --- human with divine --- and, via His Hypostatic Union, in His Roman Catholic Body, in a Beatific Vision, we merge in the central fourth: the Hearts of Jesus & Mary beating as One, SACRED & IMMACULATE.


+++ 143. Terrestrial Six? +++

(The Holy Family of Nazareth on Earth)


Do you see, then, precious reader, the triangular nature of seven?


The first three of seven, representing the Triune God, symbolizes a triangle, since triangles have three sides and the equilateral is most perfect, signifying the THREE PERSONS IN ONE GOD. This is the greatest & singular DIVINE EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE which dwells always manifest in Highest Heaven whilst, notwithstanding, omnipresent (everywhere present throughout Creation). The second three of seven (after the central fourth), signifying a human ‘trinity’, symbolizes a triangle, as well, which, if we go to Jesus through His Ever-Virgin Mother, Mary, imitating and striving for Her Immaculate Beauty, then makes us, in the Singularly Saving Church Body of Jesus Christ, like an equilateral triangle, too, perfectly balanced in our ‘triune’ humanity. Or, to put it most poetically, the purpose of our human ‘trinity’ is to be like THE ‘TRINITY’ OF THE MOST PRECIOUS HOLY FAMILY in Nazareth of Galilee in Palestine (their home apart from their sojourn in modern day Cairo, Egypt --- the ancient temple center of Amun-re ‘sun god’ worship in ‘Sun City’, or, in Greek, ‘Heliopolis’ --- where they escaped Herod’s murderous wrath for some 6 years). Jesus, Mary & Joseph… the greatest HUMAN EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE ever to live upon the earth.


Where these two triangles meet --- the fourth of seven --- is the pulsing heavenly yet human heart. Like a spiritual DIAMOND, truly, 2 tetrahedrons --- from the intellectual perspective of the geometry of solids (that is, objects in three dimensions which are of a special & distinct shape) --- can merge into the united shape of a ‘triangular bipyramid’ which, when ‘rectified’, becomes what’s known as an ‘octahedron’, or, in other parlance, a rectified tetrahedron’, as geometrists say. We note how any diamond, in fully perfect form, is, geometrically, an ‘octahedron’. The octahedron, when described tetrahedrally, is also known as a tetratetrahedron’. That is to say, literally, a ‘four-four-hedron’. And, put differently, a jewel with eight equilateral triangle faces. Octaves, anyone? Oh, and for good measure, an octahedron is the dual polyhedron of a cube, which symbolizes absolute symmetry and, with right angles, perfection (as well as 6 sides!). (On top of which, we may add, is the curious fact that an octahedron lies at the core of any two ‘compounded tetrahedra’ --- accordingly, 2 tetrahedrons of the same size can intersect perfectly, in precisely opposite orientation to each other, merging together at their cores in three dimensions to a maximum point of volume, thereby forming an octahedron at the center and the 6-pointed ‘Star of David’ or ‘Seal of Solomon’ being formed as well, when viewed from just-the-right perspective, to see a two-dimensional design of 2 equilateral triangles intersecting --- known in Latin as the STELLA OCTANGULA since 8 tetrahedrons spangle its octahedral core. Yet more octaves, anyone?) Six is made complete in Seven, forming an OCTAVE OF TRIANGLES. Too, do you recall that diamonds are made of carbon? The element which, atomically speaking, pervades our bodies and the earth with its tetrahedral versatility, bears the atomic number of six. The embodiment of humanity’s number, six, making an octave (eight) of equilateral triangle sides, the numbers 6 & 8 surrounding the number seven on each side, in addition to it being as two pyramids merged into one. Divine & human symbolism, signifying the complete consummation of God & Man joined eternally. Moreover, how supremely Heavenly it is, in talking about a perfectly united & uniformly beating Heart, to call a nexus of divinity & humanity, where Maker meets His Made, a bedazzling DIAMOND!


Crystalline, adamantine, celestine and, in beauty, wholly pristine… O Beloved Heart!


Two Hearts, in fact, as we stated above in Chapter 142. By striving as good Catholics through Our Heavenly Queen, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God, Mary, to be an immaculate equilateral triangle, we may join in Her Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart to the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Her Eternally Divine Son, Jesus Christ, making us One with God in His Roman Catholic Body forever, the Hypostatic Union being how it is possible, for mere human beings conceived in the damnation of Original Sin, to enter Heaven.


This is coming near now to the Heart of the Mystery of the Roman Catholic Faith.


It’s why we see the Number of Divinity, so to speak, pervade Sacred Scripture.


For instance, concerning divine creation:


“And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made: and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done. And he blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because in it he had rested [ceased from creating & forming, God in no way at all ‘weak’ or ‘tired’ from this ‘labor’, the reader must understand] from all his work which God created and made.” (Genesis 2:2-3 DRC)


As well, regarding the Pasch, or ‘Passover’, foreshadowing Jesus, the Lamb of God:


Seven days shall you eat unleavened bread [flat bread not risen or ‘fluffy’ due to a lack of yeast]: in the first day there shall be no leaven [yeast] in your houses: whosoever shall eat any thing leavened [produced by yeast, such as risen bread or fermented wine, etc.], from the first until the seventh day, that soul shall perish [be damned forever in hell] out of Israel [the Old Testament Catholic Church]… Seven days there shall not be found any leaven in your houses: he that shall eat leavened bread [bread risen or ‘fluffy’ because of sufficient fermentation of yeast], his soul shall perish out of the assembly [i.e., ‘church’, the meaning of the term in modern English which was used to translate the Latin word that, via the original Greek word, ‘ecclesia’, means ‘assembly’; viz., all those called & assembled, by proper initiation --- water baptism during the New Testament epoch --- and profession of religion, which is a full & adequate catechism into every infallible Roman Catholic dogma since Jesus Christ & His Twelve Apostles were on earth] of Israel, whether he be a stranger [foreigner, to wit, not Jewish or religiously married within the Old Covenant as ‘Jews’] or born in the land.” (Exodus 12:15 & 19 DRC)


And one of the pieces of ‘furniture’ in the Old Testament Tabernacle (or Temple):


“He made also the candlestick of beaten work [hammered out and shaped] of the finest gold. From the shaft whereof its branches, its cups, and bowls, and lilies came out [this candlestick had a central column with multiple branches on two opposite sides, each shaped into the likeness of lilies along with the cups or ‘bowls’ at the tops with wicks]: six on the two sides: three branches on one side, and three on the other [ergo, seven in total, including the central column with its cup & bowl; additionally, dear soul, do you see how this seven-branched candlestick explicitly mentions and directly demonstrates the symbolism of six, of threes on either side of a central one, of man-one-with-God?]… He made also [the “He” being a man named Beseleel, who St. Moses chose to oversee the construction of the Tabernacle (or a tent-like ‘pavilion’ Temple, to be very precise), at this point in time, at the behest of Our Uncreated Creator… see Exodus 35:30-33 & 37:1, e.g.] the SEVEN lamps with their snuffers, and the vessels where the snuffings were to be put out, of the purest gold [that is to say, this SEVEN-branched candle or ‘lamp’ had SEVEN ‘bowls’ total for all of these branches, and, occasionally needing flames ‘snuffed out’, in addition required “snuffers” to do so]. The candlestick with all the vessels thereof [all its parts, including snuffers & bowls] weighed a talent of gold. [Beloved soul, we cannot resist pointing out how a Hebrew talent, derived from the Babylonian talent, was 67 pounds weight. Some claim it was as little as 66 pounds, however, the point is that a talent of weight is almost precisely --- if not absolutely precisely --- 66 pounds. To wit, 66.6666666 (ad infinitum) pounds. Apocalyptic numbers and coincidences, anybody? If that weren’t enough, the only other places in Sacred Scripture, apart from Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:18, where the astonishingly strange number of 666 is explicitly referenced (and apart from the fleeting mention of the descendants of Adonicam in 1 Esdras (Ezra) 2:13 who returned with the staunch remnant of Israelites from Babylon to Jerusalem), is in the books of 3 Kings (1 Kings) 10:14 & 2 Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles) 9:13, both of which tell us about how much gold King Solomon received each year in his ventures with the Phoenician leader, Hiram. Yes, that’s right --- 666 talents of gold exactly, every year, during the wise Solomon’s spectacular reign, the height of Old Testament Church political power! It is the covetousness of the wealth & pleasures of this earth that drags human beings, diabolically, into hell, perpetually beautiful & untarnished gold being for us, simultaneously, emblematic of God & His Eternal Abode as well as humanity’s terrestrial & temporal obsessions. Very odd, eh?] (Exodus 37:17-18, 23-24 DRC)


Or how about something more ‘ethereal’, spiritual & metaphorical, about God?


Wisdom hath [has] built herself a house, she hath hewn her out [cut for herself from rock] SEVEN pillars… She hath sent her maids to invite to the tower [where Lady Wisdom allegorically lives], and to the walls of the city [which city, by the way, is allegorical, too, referring to the City of God and His New Jerusalem, as spoken about elsewhere in Scripture]: ‘Whosoever is a little one [like a child in his or her heart, and thus humble], let him come to me.’ And to the unwise she said: ‘Come, eat my bread, and drink the wine which I have mingled for you. Forsake childishness [lack of humble littleness and meek childlikeness already spoken of!], and live, and walk by the ways of prudence. [We must note how Catholics routinely refer to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus’ Mother, as the ‘Seat of Wisdom’. Hence, what is the bread and wine spoken of here, which She implores fools to consume, thereby becoming wise? Right… the Holy Eucharist, what Roman Catholics teach is the literal Body & Blood of Jesus Himself, Who is God. Starting to see a link to Divinity, despite it appearing ‘allegorically feminine’?]” (Proverbs 9:1, 3-6 DRC)


Even more revealingly, we read about the design of God & His Temple:


“And the windows thereof [the windows in God’s Temple], and the porch [the main entrance], and the gravings according to the measure of the gate that looked to the east [the engravings upon all of these in relation to the size of the gate in this main entrance], and they went up to it by SEVEN steps, and a porch [an entrance area preceded a door, which itself was reached by this SEVEN-stepped stairway]… [God via His prophet then describes the southern entrance instead of the Temple.] …And there were SEVEN steps to go up to it… [Turning to the inside of God’s Temple, He reveals many of the precise measurements of integral parts of His Holy Tabernacle.] …And he brought me into the temple, and he measured the fronts six cubits broad on this side, and six cubits on that side, the breadth [width] of the tabernacle [that is to say, the area where sacrifices are made --- the Holies --- has an entry between the sides, the 2 sides together adding to 12 cubits total, the same number as the atomic weight of the primary isotope of carbon out of which we’re crucially made… and we also note, in bifurcating it into 6 & 6, we have yet again humanity’s number, not to mention how 6 times 6 is 36, 36 the number of the iteration in the sequence of many triangular numbers that gives us the very peculiar Triangular Number of 666 later in Sacred Scripture]. And the breadth of the gate was ten cubits [decimality, anyone?]: and the sides of the gate five cubits on this side, and five cubits on that side [the two halves of this gate inside the Temple, dividing off the Holies from the less sacred part of the Temple, are five cubits each, naturally… which, we cannot again resist noting, put together in the Bible as a pair of numbers leads to the very simple observation that 5 squared --- 5 times 5 --- equals 25, the smallest number in existence that, along with 9 & 16 --- the sum of which, 9 plus 16 equals 25 --- are the lengths of a right triangle, viz., 3, 4 & 5, that, when each is squared --- self-multiplied --- equal the unique square numbers of 9,16 & 25, 25 being 5’s square, 5 the distance of the longest side of this right triangle --- called the hypotenuse --- and this exact type of right triangle being the smallest possible without getting any lengths of the sides that are less than whole integers]: and he [i.e., the Angel of the Lord, who was showing the Temple to his prophet] measured the length thereof forty cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits. Then going inward he measured the front of the gate [a barrier between the Holies and Holy of Holies, protecting both illegal intruders and God’s Undefiled Presence from the penalty of violating His Innermost Divine Sanctum, where resides the Ark of the Covenant, His Magnificent Throne] two cubits: and the gate SIX cubits, and the breadth of the gate SEVEN cubits.” (Ezechiel 40:22, 26, 41:1-3 DRC)


Do you see, beloved reader? Seven resides in God’s Temple, and, at the very heart of His Temple, the Holy of Holies, God places the measurements of SIX & SEVEN for the gate between the two, moving from the Holies, through this GATE OF SIX & SEVEN, into the center, where both divine & human hearts, the two together, may beat in perfect unison. Yet we go on, citing one final example of the ‘supernaturality’ of seven:


“John to the SEVEN churches which are in Asia [this is John the Evangelist’s salutations to the seven dioceses that his master, Jesus Christ, has chosen to have messages sent from Him to these seven parts of His Ecclesial Body in Asia Minor, i.e., the modern nation of Turkey] ‘Grace be unto you and peace from him that is, and that was, and that is to come [God’s Uncreated Eternality], and from the SEVEN spirits which are before his throne.’… Unto the angel [the man appointed bishop over this territory in the Catholic Church] of the church of Ephesus write: ‘These things saith [says] he, who holdeth [holds] the SEVEN stars in his right hand, who walketh [walks] in the midst of the SEVEN golden candlesticks [recall the candlestick from St. Ezekiel’s prophecy and God’s painstaking measurement of His Temple, not to mention that the single sacred candlestick is now sevenfold].’ ...And to the angel of the church of Sardis [another Asia Minor diocese], write: ‘These things saith he, that hath [has] the SEVEN spirits of God, and the SEVEN stars: “I know thy [your] works, that thou hast [you have] the name of being alive [the reputation of being religiously alive]: and thou art dead [yet you are spiritually dead]”’… And from the throne proceeded lightnings, and voices, and thunders; and there were SEVEN lamps burning before the throne, which are the SEVEN spirits of God And I saw: and behold in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the ancients [priests], a Lamb standing as it were slain [Jesus Christ, the Eternal & Perpetually Divine Sacrifice for sins], having SEVEN horns and SEVEN eyes: which are the SEVEN Spirits of God, sent forth into all the earth And when the SEVEN thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying to me: ‘Seal up [keep them secret] the things which the SEVEN thunders have spoken; and write them not [don’t record anything here].’” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 1:4, 2:1, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6 & 10:4 DRC)


Beginning to see clearly, dear soul? Seven is obviously ‘divine’!


This is only a paucity of everything Sacred Scripture asserts, involving seven. Nonetheless, we trust it’s enough to give the good-willed reader a nigh-well moral certainty it’s true how God --- and the Holy Things of His Roman Catholic Body --- is connected to His One True Religion, the Singular Catholic Faith of Eternal Rome, and to the Number Seven. And why… why would this be? Because it sublimely signifies, better than any other number, what the Self-Eternal Divinity is, and how Our Maker chooses to form us and His Creation, for His Glory. And we His Six, made to look like Him, Seven, yet a little less. (And notice God tells John not to record what the “seven thunders” say? Whilst, simultaneously, He inspires John to record that it’s forbidden to record it!)


Getting it? Do you see Seven is linked to God, to the Heavenly & Supernatural?


Yet what about six? What about this number? Is it truly linked to humanity?


Indubitably. But we’ve run out of time to explain this. I’ve gone on terribly long about these mathematical & geometrical matters, writing a chapter much longer than I normally make my chapters in long books, in deference to the poor-deer-caught-in-the-headlights peruser who has bravely (or mayhap hopelessly…) taken up the task of reading such a treatise. It matters not. If God has willed this book to be, then He’s also willed this chapter to be way longer than a usual chapter. Notwithstanding, I have to stop somewhere. And it’s pretty plain how God has linked six to humanity:


“And he [the beast which comes up out of the earth, who, being like a human being, works on behalf of the beast that comes up out of the ocean, see Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:1] shall make all [everyone on earth], both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen [employees, servants or slaves], to have a character [a symbol or sign] on their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but [unless] he that hath [has] the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast [let him comprehend what this mysterious & hidden number or name signifies]. For it is the NUMBER OF A MAN: and the number of him is SIX HUNDRED SIXTY SIX.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:16-18 DRC)


Incidentally, when it says “the number of a man”, we need not too much concern ourselves with the indefinite article (the a in “the number of a man”). Latin is not naturally concerned with either indefinite (e.g., ‘a’) or definite (e.g., ‘the’) articles, the Douay Rheims translators, for various reasons, opting to put an ‘a’ in this verse as they rendered it into English. That is to say, they probably thought --- around the turn of the AD 1600s, when they published their English renditions of the New & Old Testaments, respectively, like their theological contemporaries in the Catholic Church --- that this passage spoke about a particular (and thus ‘definite’ and singular) human being, one whose name or title numerically sums up to, or equates with, six hundred sixty-six. However, strictly speaking, this is speculative on the part of the translators; it is absolutely not demanded by the Latin grammar itself. Which is why we say --- no disrespect at all meant toward these learned translators --- that, without an explicit, solemn & infallible definition regarding this exact passage from Holy Mother Church upholding their choice of translation when it comes to the indefinite article of “a”, then no individual member of God’s Singular Roman Catholic Church Body, with proper learning, orthodoxy & humility, is then either dogmatically or morally bound to interpreting the passage from Latin with the indefinite article of an “a” in it.




In other words, it is completely & grammatically fair to take the passage here as saying, “For it is the number of man [all humanity collectively]…” as opposed to, “For it is the number of a man [a single particular human being]…” as the Douay Rheims translators chose to render it from St. Jerome’s authoritative translation of Sacred Scripture (a pope commanding him to do so around the turn of the 5th century), called the Latin Vulgate. Incidentally, any real and well-instructed Catholic knows Jerome’s Vulgate to be the biblical gold standard, something the Council of Trent clearly & infallibly assures us.


But we defer to the poor, downtrodden reader. As said before, God could mean, here in the Apocalypse, that a particular man will be the ‘Antichrist’ par excellence; nonetheless, it’s possible that He meant something else, too, or without meaning any particular man is to be the ‘Antichrist’ (though I wouldn’t nonchalantly bet on this, it often being safer to follow even a few early Church fathers when confronted with something disputable).


Again, though, the fathers have no universal teaching regarding this passage.


Nor has the Church solemnly & infallibly defined an interpretation.


So we merely give a second biblical example about six:


“And he [God] said: Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth [moves] upon the earth.’ And God created man to his own image [to look just like Him]: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them. And God blessed them, saying: ‘Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls [birds] of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.’ And God said: ‘Behold [look] I have given you every herb [plant] bearing seed upon the earth, and all trees that have in themselves seed of their own kind [capability to reproduce themselves], to be your meat [food, not necessarily flesh]: and to all beasts of the earth, and to every fowl [bird] of the air, and to all that move upon the earth, and wherein there is life, that they may have to feed upon [eat from them].’ And it was so done. And God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good. And the evening and morning were the SIXTH day.” (Genesis 1:24-31 DRC)


And there you have it, in both first & last books of the Bible. Six inarguably connects to humanity, since God Himself made human beings on the SIXTH day of creation.


+++ 144. Twelve 12s, Super Hyper-Cubically? +++

(1000 Infinitesimal Anti-Picassoan Orders of Magnitude

--- or, How Not to Remain Grossly ‘Pablo’ Modern)


The word ‘modern’ can mean a lot of things, depending on whether it refers to our history, art, music, architecture, religion, philosophy or what-have-you. The meaning is further obscured by the fact, too, that, as early as the late 1800s, at least a few thinkers were touting so-called ‘post-modernism’. Though, really, we cannot seriously say, in hindsight, that a ‘post-modernism’ had any real or lasting significance until the mid-twentieth century, at a bare minimum. Yet what do we mean in saying ‘modern’?


How can we talk about post-modern without first defining modern’? Ergo:


‘Modern’ in its narrow & strict sense (as derived from ancient Latin) means ‘just now’ or ‘recent’ or ‘contemporary’. This, by the way, is a pretty useless sense. Why? Because we are fleeting, and time always marches on. Ergo, it cannot properly be a name of any era, since, in meaning simply the ‘present moment’, it becomes irrelevant as time goes by. And even if people don’t realize this --- and it seems they don’t --- ‘modern’ is then whatever one’s latest contemporary people think ‘modern’ means, regardless of the former sense and whether or not people grasp their previous generation’s use of the word. Accordingly, every new generation will have a different idea of what ‘modern’ amounts to. This makes ‘modern’ an incredibly malleable & shape-shifting term. The careful scholar thus notes how limited it is. And yet the word endures in daily use as a frequent synonym for that which is ‘contemporary’ or ‘recent’ or ‘the very latest thing’.


‘Modern’ in its broad & general (and therefore more useful) sense means ‘a huge rejection of everything standard in our lives before the middle of the 2nd millennium, wherein our part of the world (centered in Europe, originally) questions & jettisons the majority of what people of European descent, or under their influence, used to believe, finding new (and usually contrary) ways of doing things, with new fashions and new styles and new ideas that often shocked & repelled people of a more ‘conservative’ outlook as our constant ‘reinvention’ of human life --- and its ‘values’, ‘convictions’ or ‘philosophies’ --- flies in the face of what once dominated our civilization’s thinking’. This is a rather rough definition, admittedly, but accurate and fair. Assuming you’re paying attention to this book, Helplessly Ignorant, up till now, then it ought not to surprise you. It’s a common theme. And our part of the world, dominated by Europe while centered in Western Civilization, has indeed changed dramatically, profoundly & fundamentally since the 1500s. So much so that most of us cannot really see or recall or comprehend completely the difference between our ancestors back then and us, their descendants, right now at the beginning of the 21st century. Hence this long book.


I’m trying to get us to understand --- certainly any real & intelligent Catholic, yet even those who are not yet Catholic but are at least traditionally religious and against, or wary of, Modernism and the New World Order --- how serious & tragic the change has been. Resultantly, I’m also trying to get us to discard our modernized views & behavior, returning to the Infallible Truth that a Catholic Europe once championed.


Pretty hopeless? Yes it is, humanly speaking, to be quite blunt. Since when does a nobody like me shape global humanity? I labor under no illusions… I’m a zero.


Strangely, however, God occasionally chooses to use zeroes. If that’s me, then be aware. I take no credit for anything good that comes out of this effort. I’m a nobody. Indeed, less than nobody since I’m a sinner, I’m stupid, and I’m a very bad Catholic. So what can somebody like me do? God’s letting me write, okay. He’s letting me post my words online, in the cloud, with a global forum (but quickly outdated format). So what? Speaking with brutal honesty, what in the world does this amount to? Not much. Candidly speaking, very little. My efforts are lilliputian & feeble. If I fail, good! Whatever my merits --- or blatant lack thereof --- I deserve ridicule. Still, if I’m successful, good! To God be all of the glory. I’m just a tiny frail tool in His Hands.


At best. Perhaps that’s why my name is ‘Paul’. ‘Paul’ means ‘small’. As in, ‘tiny, pathetic’ or ‘worthy of derision’. After all, nobody likes ‘losers’… do they?


So if I win, only in the end, eternally speaking, I still look like I’m losing, don’t I? --- terrestrially speaking, in a world which is corrupt, temporal & evanescent. Don’t I? It’s what I deserve, isn’t it? Wherever judged wrongly, don’t I still deserve vindictiveness in the bigger sense, suffering for what I really deserve, for the sins I’ve truly committed, in spite of the judgment of other human beings against me, estimations that may be wrong, biased & unjust, hating me mindlessly for the wrong reasons? This is Catholic all the way, a truism that brave Roman Catholic souls (with whom I cannot be grouped, the groveling coward that am!) suffer horribly at the hands of wicked Catholics or non-Catholics, this being God’s way of testing elect souls --- those He loves --- purifying them, humbling them, disciplining them, and, by difficult trial, revealing how much they love Him by subjecting them to the same pains & tribulations that He Himself endured as Jesus Christ. The God-Man, spotless & pure, patiently put up with our cruelty & ridicule.


And if He --- the Eternal God --- suffered this… how much more ought we? Why on earth should real Catholics escape brutal persecution or injustice? Why should we, His followers, be treated any different when God Himself suffered our wickedness?


He didn’t deserve it, yet He faced our wicked cruelty unflinching.


Whereas we, so very sinful, deserve it fully.


So why should we escape it?


Why be an exception?


We’re not and we can’t; it’s God’s ultimate test of us by fire.


Not everyone is named ‘Paul’. Yet every Catholic must be small & humble. How ridiculous, then, that I --- given this name --- am the opposite! Small of body, yet how large my pride! How loathe I am to suffer! How cowardly I am when people despise me, ignore me, belittle me, or, when I get sick or injured, bemoan my weakness. I desperately seek to evade these burdens instead of embracing them like Jesus tenderly embraced His Cross of Crucifixion. Like Simon of Cyrene --- who the Romans forced to carry Jesus’ Cross for a short distance --- I do so reluctantly. What a short life I live compared to eternity! Notwithstanding, I grouse, grumble & wax irritable the entire way. Not an example of Christ-like patience, eh? Rotten, lazy & contemptible, n’est-ce pas?


There are other Pauls, too. I’m not the only one. Nor do all humans have the same name… yet Paul has been a popular moniker for nearly two thousand years, since the great apostle, St. Paul, received this title as a nickname, presumably from God Himself. You’ll recollect from the Acts of the Apostles in Sacred Scripture that Paul used to be named Saul, was of the tribe of Benjamin (the smallest of the twelve tribes, by the way, and descended from the youngest and hence smallest of St. Jacob’s twelve sons), was a ‘Hebrew of Hebrews’ (meaning, allegorically, that he as a Jew was incredibly fervent for Old Testament Religion, being an orthodox Catholic of the Old Covenant and therefore a member of the group of anti-Hellenic Jews called the ‘Pharisees’), and, in hindsight, was obviously the greatest missioner of Catholicism that the world has ever yet seen. That is to say, after his confrontation with Christ on the road to Damascus, a supernatural light stopping him dead in his tracks (he was going there to imprison and punish Christians, hating their adherence to Jesus of Nazareth as the Jews’ God-given Messias [Messiah]) and blinding him for three days, he then became the very thing he had hated, a staunch Christian and thus a solid Roman Catholic, since Christianity & Catholicism are one single thing, all other versions of so-called ‘christianity’ being nothing of the sort.


Or, to put it differently, when all kinds of people call themselves ‘christianwithout adhering to Jesus’ Roman Catholic Teachings whole & entire, authentic Catholics can then logically conclude, with infallible certainty, that these poor misled people… and no matter how ‘sincere’… are most definitely NOT upholding Catholicism whole & entire. Consequently, they are most definitely NOT what they claim to be. To wit, they follow a manmade fantasy that they call ‘jesus’ & ‘christianity’. They believe in things Jesus did not teach, and they refuse to believe things Jesus did indeed teach. Their version of ‘christianity’ is WRONG, everlastingly dead wrong --- a false religion --- a heresy masquerading as ‘true’ while in damnable opposition to Jesus’ real & fully true teachings, all of His Infallible Dogmas known as ROMAN CATHOLICISM.


Again, go here to see IRONCLAD HISTORICAL PROOF of what I say.


I have not made this up, and truth is not the majority opinion of an election or a popularity contest. I was raised to despise the Religion of Rome; I was not ‘born’ Catholic, I did not instinctively ‘love’ what Her Church taught. So why did I abandon ‘born again’ Evangelic Protestantism, along with a ‘spirit filled’ Charismaticism --- and lose all my friends, as well as most of my family, in doing so --- when all my prejudices were against it and my worldly comforts would be lost? I was also raised a modernist, shaped by public schools and university to deprecate anything truly Catholic. I lost any big career and hope of fame, power & wealth in becoming Catholic. What on earth would cause a man to do this? A very careful, very thorough and HONEST study of history and the writings of the most ancient of Christians. What real people had to say for themselves in long ago centuries, a mere one or two or three or four or five centuries after Christ, in their own personal words, showed me --- inarguably! --- how Christianity was exactly what Roman Catholicism says. Nothing unique to the beliefs of Protestants, Evangelics, Charismatics, ‘born againers’, ‘followers of jesus’, or what-have-you, is upheld by real Christians all the way back then, in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th centuries. End of sentence. Whereas --- indisputably! --- everything such ancient & real Christians say, when it comes to teachings that are completely unique to Roman Catholicism, is spot-on, flawlessly agreeing with the Roman Catholic Church in every single way. Period.


St. Paul the Apostle, my earthly name’s sake, upheld this Catholic Faith.


He, who once persecuted Catholics and thought it pleased God to murder them --- who referred to himself as “one born out of due time [that is, born late, as if ‘too long’ in the womb of his mother]” (1 Corinthians 15:8b DRC) --- was just like me. I, too, abhorred the Jesus of True Christianity, which is Roman Catholicism, and thought it only fitting that this ‘horrible’ Church should die and disappear. I was wrong, just like him. And, just like Paul the Apostle, at the age of 33, God suddenly appeared to me, out of the blue, in the middle of the giant metropolis of Los Angeles (called this, by the way, in honor of a great Catholic saint, Francis of Assisi, and the chapel he rebuilt at God’s behest, that became the center of his religious order, the Franciscans, saving Catholic Europe), challenging my prejudices and my ignorance, making me to see Saving Truth.


St. Francis of Assisi played a role in this as well. In retrospect, I now see through my whole life a chain of events & symbols that the Blessed Virgin Mary, via Francis, placed in my existence, slowly but surely preparing me for the shocking & unexpected spiritual conversion that eventually came. I love both of these wonderful saints very dearly.


In addition to this, like St. Paul I was born late… that is to say, he did not get to see Christ while Jesus was still on earth, before He was crucified, buried, resurrected and ascended into Heaven. Jesus revealed Himself to the Apostle Paul in a very miraculous way, on the road to Damascus. Then later, in the desert of Arabia, catechized him in the Catholic Faith for which he was to suffer so much, even to the point of death in Rome. (See Galatians 1:17 for the precise verse where St. Paul mentions he traveled into the Arabian Desert after he was converted on the road to Damascus, afterward returning to Damascus to complete his training and prepare for his mission, which was confirmed by the first pope, St. Peter, in Jerusalem. Peruse all of Chapter 1 of Galatians for St. Paul’s personal account of these events.) Likewise myself. I entered the world a few hours after Aldous Huxley, C. S. Lewis & John F. Kennedy exited this earth, right before the Great Apostasy erupted out into the open, our Roman Catholic shepherds --- the pope, his bishops and their priests --- abandoning us for the heresy they so loved. I did not anticipate becoming Catholic. And, when Catholic, I found myself alone.


In the desert, like St. Paul, with only Christ to teach me.


Now, I am in no way good or great like the Apostle Paul. I am a miserable sinner, a coward, and not worthy of this title, ‘Catholic’. I’ve taken it to myself, given to me by Christ, His Mother, St. Francis, St. Paul, my guardian angel, and many others in Heaven. I cannot in any way equal them; I can only grovel upon the ground. The dirt from which I am made is what I deserve to eat. But I am truly Catholic and, while not utterly alone (there are a few other real Catholics that my family & I have gradually discovered through the years), we are without shepherds, all of us suffering God’s Wrath.


It is good, then, that I am Paul, and small, and nobody. It’s what God chooses. Indeed, every true Roman Catholic today must be small, alone & nobody. It’s our destiny.


There was another Paul, though, that I will mention. Unlike St. Paul the Apostle and myself, however, he was born Catholic, baptized as a baby in the country of Spain, when that poor nation --- while ravaged and attacked, the Church’s enemies striving mightily to destroy Catholics & Catholicism --- nevertheless was still Catholic enough to do so. (Of course, it is today, as I write, no longer Catholic, there being no truly Catholic nations remaining on earth for awhile, until God’s Wrath is spent.) Unfortunately, he became utterly the opposite to the Apostle Paul and myself. He became an atheist, saturated in modernism, hating with a passion everything his Roman Catholic nation used to uphold. Yearning to destroy Catholicity and tyrannized by his passions, he fornicated repeatedly throughout his life, not even bothering to ‘marry’ most of these women. His work and his adulteries were still appalling to many people at the time, howsoever de-Catholicized the nation of Spain and other European countries were becoming. He suffered little for his audacity, though, living and working in cities or places that tolerated his iniquity.


And, oh yes, he is… arguably and possibly… the most renowned artist of the 20th century. Ah, but to whom do we refer? What ‘small’ human being is this?


¡Ay, Dios Mío! Señor Pablo Picasso. Ever heard of him?


If educated, or a lover of art, then… doubtlessly!… most certainly you have. I knew a little bit about him as a teenager. Later, in my twenties, I toured one of several museums dedicated to his work, carefully & slowly, trying to fathom his mind. It was the Musée Picasso (Picasso Museum) in Paris, France, and --- while not an exhaustive or singular collection --- it has, it would seem, the world’s biggest and most diverse portfolio of his many different artistic works. Along with some of my temporary American associates in Paris (one of whom lived up to, in spades, the very embarrassing stereotype of an ‘ugly’ American, she being rich, idle & spoiled), we toured the site. They were unimpressed, essentially bored kids not knowing what they wanted to do with their dissolute lives. This did not daunt me. I may not have known then, any better than they, what I should spend my life pursuing & doing, but I did know --- in contrast to them --- that I wanted to see, to understand, who he was and why smart people thought Pablo so important. So, odd little scholar that I was, doggedly & weirdly entranced by my ancient European heritage, trying to comprehend the distant past and where I came from… a hard goal, hobbled as I was… modernized, and not fathoming what a formerly Catholic Europe was, or what it meant to me, up-to-date and anti-Catholic American I was, strangely attracted to --- simultaneously repulsed by, as well --- the venerable Catholicity of old Europe.


I was a young man, trying to see what was just beyond my mind & vision… way back then, before I could make heads or tails of it. A hopeless case? At the time, yes. Prior to becoming Catholic --- surely, without doubt. But in the long run? Not so fast. God & Humanity are amazing. Puzzles can be assembled faster than we think. Way fast.


And with angels helping, and the Holy Ghost? Well, quicker than you’d think.


Señor Picasso didn’t have this same deficit (not quite) as we do today in our richer Europeanized section of the world, the vast majority of us now non-Catholic (indeed, anti-Catholic, a great many of us!). The Hierarchy of the Church was still functioning (albeit badly at the turn of the 1900s), and the Catholic heritage of Spain still there, making it a tad less possible for them, right then, to be completely blind. Yet are individual humans merely a mind? Is sentient intelligence all we amount to?


Of course not. In addition to minds, all human beings have living hearts.


The question then becomes, “Is a human’s heart good or bad?”


That is to say, do we have good will or bad will? Do we want what’s right or what’s wrong? Do we want to know --- and believe in --- the truth, or a lie? Do we want to find out WHO Our Maker is, and WHAT He made us for, or do we want to devise any fantasy we like, believing whatever modern myth makes our curdled hearts ‘satisfied’?


Thus why people raised Roman Catholic oftentimes turn into BAD Catholics. Their hearts are rotten, in spite of Catholicity, his or her will wickedly ANTI-Catholic.


Such was poor Pablo. (‘Pablo’, by the way, is Spanish for ‘Paul’, in case the reader doesn’t already know this fact.) Mr. Picasso did not want to believe in the Catholicism he inherited; or, if still believing for a while, did not want to obey God’s Roman Catholic commandments. He preferred his own way, and the way of the modern. Anything Catholic, in terms of medieval Europe, was either repugnant or irrelevant to him.


Or, should we say: irrelevant, except as a framework against which to rebel.


Funny how human beings so frequently define themselves by what they hate, fight against, imagine to be ‘tyranny’, and so forth --- rather than troubling to be truly ‘original’ by coming up with something that stands on its own, isn’t it?


Indeed. Real independence is not what most people think it is.


Not that Señor Picasso wasn’t brilliant. He was incredibly talented & intelligent. (Remember, though, my dear soul, that talking about Pablo Picasso, and complimenting him, is NOT the same as saying that his work is safe and moral for Catholics to enjoy; to the contrary, BEWARE of his art since it is routinely immodest, immoral & misleading. I say what I say about him to be charitable & realistic… not to approve of everything Picasso said, did or accomplished. He was a sinful man and apostatized from his childhood Catholicity.) But, like so many human beings --- and especially our modernized people --- his brilliance evinced itself in how he reacted against his intellectual & cultural inheritance, which was fully Catholic, European & Western (accordingly, built upon our Catholic, European & Western Civilization since Jesus).




Pablo Picasso, ‘small’ human being he was, dared to defy the ‘big’ Natural Law that every one of us, who is of adequate intelligence, has divinely written upon our hearts. Maybe not as extravagantly as we do today, right now, but he both paved the way and exemplified Modernism more than, practically, anyone else during the last century-and-a-half. He is, as it were, the ‘figurehead’ of Modernism. Not because he absolutely agreed with everything we take for granted, right now, in 2017. Au contraire, because he surpassed his era and, his art dominating the thought of intellectuals (as well as the peripheral awareness of non-intellectuals), nobody could afford to ignore him. You, possibly, could hate him, detest him or mock him… but you couldn’t pretend that his work was not pertinent. Love him or hate him, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. Truly, in tons of people hating or mocking him, his gargantuan influence was proven. Consequently, Mr. Picasso, in rebelling against Western Civilization & its heritage, became a symbol, visually speaking, of what Modernism is, of who Moderns are. Rebellion against the Law of Natural Reason epitomizes our epoch. Catholicism epitomizing the Law of Natural Reason, being God’s One True Religion, it is thus plausible to say that Picasso is, perhaps, the preeminent ICON of apocalyptic times.


And whether or not you admire him, understand him, or try to emulate him.


In any case, he’s like a mountain you cannot avoid.


Similarly the Mountain of Modernism.


You may be ignorant. You may be a clueless child, total idiot or irrational life form. Incomprehension, blindness and lack of rational thought is immaterial, ultimately. The mountain is there; it simply dominates the territory. If you live near it, or travel through the local vicinity, then you must reckon with this gigantic mound of rock. Regardless of ignorance, stupidity or blindness, you will --- if nearby --- be effected by this huge peak.


Our ‘small’ Picasso is not literally the singular ‘mountain’ of modern times. He’s just the most visible epitome of a modernist summit. He’s like a pyramidal capstone, shining golden in the sun. Or, to drive it home more allegorically, we may put it this way:


Pablo is, by lack of any wholly equal competitor, a near-perfect Effigy of Modernism, the statuesque figurine on top of the New World Order’s resurrected Tower of Babel, the quintessence of modern thought & modern behavior, the ‘new man’ of communism.


Every religion has its liturgy, no matter how hidden from most people’s sight.


The Religion of Modernism is no exception, no different in the long run.


‘Little’ Picasso, whilst not really ‘communist’ intellectually speaking (many of his contemporaries ridiculed him for his shallowness in understanding, intellectually, what Communism truly is), was, nonetheless, communist at heart. Just like almost all of us today. To some extent or another, we are all, as an aggregate human race, in fact ‘communized’ in our way of life, way of thinking, way of government, and etc. Irrespective of what it is that we imagine we know or believe, we have all of us, collectively, become --- without even realizing it --- ‘socialist’ in our daily outlook.


Curious --- no? --- that Communism’ cognately echoes the term Communion’.


Communion… the Most Holy Eucharist… is at the Heart of Catholicity.


Chance, then, that Communism clearly evokes this religious word?


Not at all. Not if your brain is in gear and mental ears not deaf.


You see, Lucifer has been busy building an Anti-Church.


In place of a Body of Christ’, he makes a Beast of Satan’. In place of the Light of Catholicity, he constructs the Darkness of Anti-Catholicity. Instead of paintings, statues, music and other kinds of art that lift our minds & hearts to Heaven, his minions --- even if only unconsciously --- have made paintings, statues, music, films and etc., etc., that keep our earthly minds, trapped in earthly bodies, fixated on the things of this earth. Modernist art, education, government and so on, are the liturgy of this new religion. Religion that teaches us, dogmatically, as if it could never be wrong, that there is no religious dogma apart from, “Do whatever you want. No one can tell you otherwise.”


I.e., aside from the bizarre contradiction in this Dogma of Modernism that adds:


“Unless, of course, you dare to want the Infallible Truth of Catholicism. That is absolutely forbidden. You must NOT want that. To believe your immortal soul is in danger and that you cannot save this immortal soul outside of the Catholic Church is a very inappropriate thing to believe. How ridiculous! It is intolerant & offensive. We will never tolerate that. We do not care if our unwillingness to tolerate such a hideous belief offends you. Only our standard of ‘intolerance’ or ‘offensiveness’ matters, you stupid little peon. We rule; you don’t. That’s all that matters. Might makes right. So stop it! Stop trying to be truly Catholic. And remember… always do whatever you want --- provided that you DON’T stupidly & perversely want to be a TRUE Catholic!”


Sound insane and hypocritical, my beloved soul?


Welcome to the Modern World.




We human beings alive today have now seen the Beastand it is us. We are the Oceanic Sea Monster of the Apocalypse; we people today, the human race on earth right now, are the New World Order and the New Human Being so long coveted by Kabbalistic rulers, Freemasonic leaders & Communist propagators; we modern human beings are the long foretold Antichrist and the powerful global means by which we bring upon this earth a Second Advent of Lucifer; we, Modern Humanity, are both a new Tower of Babel, as well as symbolically (yet also literally in our visible material reality!) building the unprecedented Modern Tower of Babel into the Heavens, becoming ‘Man-Gods’, erecting a proud edifice or idol unto own ourselves, mighty HOMO DEUS’.


We have seen the enemy and it is us. We are satanically possessed.


And the Mark of the Beast is already upon us. We cannot escape it, cannot efface it, cannot get rid of it, unless we become truly Roman Catholic and believe, and obey, all that God’s Singularly Roman Catholic Religion infallibly teaches & commands us, whole & entire, with absolutely no exceptions to this wholeness & entirety of all infallible Roman Catholic dogmas ever, lest we lose & damn our immortal souls eternally.




But what is the MARK OF THE BEAST? (See Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:16-17, 14:9-11, 16:2, 19:20 & 20:4. The reader must realize that major Protestant bibles refer to it as a ‘mark’. The Catholic Douay Rheims calls it a ‘character’. However, both words mean the same thing --- to wit, some sort of ‘symbol’ linked to a ‘satanic beast’.)


For millennia, speculation has been rife over this question. In the last half century, following the Vatican II Pseudo-Council and the Great Apostasy coming out into the open all over the world, Evangelic Protestants have fallen in love with the idea that it’s some kind of tiny ‘computer chip’ or ‘bar code’ put onto, or into, our bodies, as a sign that we’re part of the apocalyptic ‘sea monster’… which, they imagine, howsoever vaguely or inconsistently, to be a tyrannical, anti-democratic, anti-American, anti-freedom-loving, evil global government or power that enslaves everybody.


Now, I can’t say for sure that there’s nothing to this idea --- and even though I’m plainly not Evangelic Protestant anymore, and, while patriotic toward my country (the USA), not enthusiastic about our American government (including the ‘founding fathers’, who were mostly, if not all of them, Freemasonic and Deists) or the liberal modernism that is being shoved down our throats nowadays. So, yes, to be perfectly honest, maybe the Bible, in talking about a ‘mark’ or ‘character’, means --- at least partly --- that a tiny chip or a visible code is put onto, or into, our bodies. Yet I will make a simple observation:


We don’t need hi-tech human microchip implants (very small integrated circuits on RFID… or ‘radio frequency identification’… transponders) or ‘bar codes’ (which now seems rather ridiculous, uninformed & ‘retro’ to educated people as of today) to satisfy the prophecy of the last book in Sacred Scripture, John the Evangelist’s Apocalypse, when it comes to the Mark of the Beast. We already have a satanic mark upon us.


It’s called ORIGINAL SIN.


And, as I make carefully & logically clear from both Sacred Scripture and the Infallible Magisterium of the Catholic Church in a short book, Mary Exalted, on this website, The Epistemologic Works, whatever Original Sin is, spiritually speaking, it is, necessarily, also something that has literally changed us physically. When Ss. Adam & Eve committed the first sin of human beings in the Garden of Paradise, they not only lost access to Heaven and Eternal Life, they also gave over SUPREME RULE of the earth TO THE DEVIL (making him the “prince of the power of this air”, as God inerrantly inspired St. Paul to call him in Ephesians 2:2 DRC). This Supreme Rule includes us, humanity itself. We are physically conceived in Original Sin, every one of us (apart from Jesus & Mary, of course, as Christ’s Catholic Church infallibly teaches us), and, until we get the Sacrament of Baptism and (if adequately intelligent) Profession of Faith (the Roman Catholic Faith whole & entire), not one of us can escape the everlastingly damning consequences of our Original Sin or have a complete chance, with grace & wisdom helping us, to fight our corrupt flesh, stop sinning, and so save our souls.


In other words, if nothing else, the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is at least this Original Sin physically engraved, as it were, in our very flesh, corrupting us. Even to the point of it being genetically coded into the chromosomes of the cells in our human bodies, we bear the ‘mark’ of Lucifer --- the Spiritual Prince & Ruler of This Fallen Earth --- in our very own selves, physically, and therefore visibly (if only under an electron microscope, or through the means of technical analysis in a laboratory, identifying where our fallen nature, in the flesh, is twined into our cellular structure & genetic code). Why, then, scripturally, are we told that this luciferian ‘mark’ is borne upon the foreheads, so to speak, or right hands, of those not belonging to Jesus Christ, who instead are Satan’s? Because it is a parable that is being told here in these passages of the Apocalypse, and, via the three that specifically mention the forehead or right hand, it is telling us through metaphor how this ‘mark’ is revealed in a visible way. Viz., what does the forehead represent? The part of a human being that is conscious & intelligent, making wise (hopefully!) decisions. And what does the right hand symbolize? Most humans are dextrorsally inclined (right handed). And it is our hands by which we do most of the things that we human beings accomplish, for good or for bad. Indeed, in the language common to traditional religion --- certainly in Catholicism --- it is the right hand that symbolizes goodness & virtue. Hence, to have a ‘mark’ that is of the Devil upon the forehead or right hand symbolizes that a human being does not want to believe in Christ’s One True Religion of Catholicism, that he or she does not choose to do everything God commands us in His Singularly Saving Roman Catholic Faith.


Such wicked people typically never wash themselves clean in the Sacrament of Baptism, neither, if adequately intelligent, do they keep themselves spiritually clean by professing & obeying the Religion of Roman Catholicism. They believe what is false, and they do what is wicked, when it comes to religion & philosophy. They were conceived into the Devil’s Earthly Empire with Original Sin, and they have never broken that servitude, spiritually speaking. Physically speaking, Satan’s Mark is branded into their flesh, remaining ‘unerased’, since they refuse to seek, or acknowledge, the Catholic Faith, refusing as well to obey Christ’s Catholic Body, starting with joining this Body in Catholic Baptism, and performing the religious & moral duties of God’s People. Consequently, they remain the servants of the Ancient Dragon & Serpent.


Like little Picassos (the surname ‘Picasso’ derives from ‘magpie’, and implies a person who ‘gossips’, telling lies or unflattering things about others --- which, by the way, we do not intend as describing all persons named ‘Picasso’), they’re infinitesimal. Meaning, not nothing, but… made by Our Creator out of nothing… almost ‘nothing’. In fact, the only reason we aren’t ‘nothing’ (ontological ‘nothingness’ set aside for a moment), is that God makes us look like Him, in His Image, which is what makes us truly important. For all his brilliance & talent, little Pablo Picasso would have been nothing all by himself, even from a human perspective. It took lots of other people recognizing him as something ‘big’ to ‘make’ him into something big, so to speak. Likewise modern humanity. We’re infinitesimal ‘nothings’ all by ourselves. But let us act together, collectively, in sync… and we become, from a human perspective, something really big & impressive.


So big & impressive, it’s called an apocalyptic OCEANIC BEAST.


We defy God, calling ourselves ‘God’, imitating the Devil. We do whatever we want (as long as it’s not annoyingly Catholic!), and we believe whatever religion we please (the one that flatters us as if we’re ‘Gods’, especially). We lie about God, becoming little Picassoan magpie gossips, unable & unwilling to tell the truth --- or say anything flattering --- about the True God & His One True Religion. This is Antichrist.


Twelve is a unique number. It’s the first integer with so many factors, or smaller whole integers that can evenly divide into it, such as 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6, in the sequence of numbers that are whole. One thousand is also a curious number. In God’s Sight, one thousand symbolizes completeness, whilst twelve represents humanness doubled. Wherefore, reading near to where the Apocalypse talks about a ‘Mark of the Beast’, we see:


“And I beheld [saw], and lo [look] a lamb stood upon Mount Sion [the tall mountain on which the earthly City of Jerusalem stands, particularly the Temple, here symbolizing the Highest Heaven, from where God reigns over All of Creation], and with him an hundred forty-four thousand [144,000], having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads [this can mean many things, but, at a bare minimum, it means a person called, and truly being, Roman Catholic whole & entire in one’s religious convictions]… And they sung as it were a new canticle [song], before the throne [of God]… and no man could say [sing or chant] the canticle, but [except for] those hundred forty-four thousand, who were purchased from the earth [paid for by Jesus’ Blood on the Cross and made through receiving the Roman Catholic Sacrament of Baptism and a Catholic Profession of Faith]… These follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth [to wherever the Lamb --- Jesus --- goes]… And in their mouth there was found no lie [falsehood, that is, false teachings or wrong morality of any non-Catholic religion!]; for they are without spot [sin] before the throne of God.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 14:1, 3a-b, e-g, 4c & 5 DRC)


Now, many good Catholics have said this is talking about the special martyrs who die opposing the Antichrist near to the end of our world as we know it, who then receive a special reward from God. They may be entirely correct; I’m not going to say they’re not. Nevertheless, the meaning of Sacred Scripture here is not necessarily limited to just this one interpretation. The very precise number of 144,000 is a huge clue that this is so. How often do complicated & messy persecutions wind up producing an exact even number of thousands in total? Odds are, very rarely. Furthermore, how likely is it that God selects this peculiar number, randomly? This is a parable for he or she who has ears to hear.


144 is the square of 12 (12 times 12 equals 144). In English, rather archaically, it’s called a ‘gross’. Not ‘gross’ as in, “Ew! That’s disgusting!” Rather, a number medieval English speakers found convenient in talking about how many things there were when counting a large amount. Twelve signifying our humanness doubled (6 the number of humanity, 12 symbolizes God veiling Himself in our lowly Humanity, joining to us via Christ hypostatically), 12 squared makes a square, or cube if extended 3-dimensionally, like the perfectly cubical New Jerusalem being the Church in Apocalypse 21:1-26, or the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple in 2 Paralipomenon [2 Chronicles] 3:8 cubical, too, or ‘3-dimensionally square’, as it were. Squares & cubes symbolize perfection in this case, our perfection as humans submitted to the God-Man, Jesus Christ, in His Roman Catholic Body. We must be anti-Picassos, stop being grossly modern antichrists, and become a Perfect Gross (144) in God to an order of magnitude a thousand times over, little infinitesimals finally made complete in His Vast Infinity. It’s strange & esoteric, but if you study higher dimensions geometrically, you can make multi-dimensional cubes, or ‘hypercubes’. In nine dimensions (like a novena) you get a hypercube with 144 seven-dimensional (that divine number…) ‘faces’ hypercubes. The GOD-MAN, anyone?


+++ 145. Total Sell Out? +++

(Can’t Buy Me Love… or Food)


“And he shall make all [everyone], both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen [people who are free and people who are slaves], to have a character [mark] in their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might [nobody may be able to] buy or sell, but [except for] he that hath [has] the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 13:16-17 DRC)


We’ve discussed the apocalyptic ‘mark’ or ‘character’ prior to this.


I point out, logically, that, while I can’t rule out the possibility of some sort of ‘technological’ fulfillment of this prophecy --- human beings all over the world, in subjection to this ‘beast’, putting some sort of ‘visible symbol’ or extremely low watt ‘electronic signal’ upon those who submit to the beast, ‘worshipping’ it --- I also note, rationally, from a Catholic theological perspective, how we don’t need to invoke ‘technology’ or ‘visible symbols’ to already fulfill this description physically.


We already have the Mark of Lucifer upon us with Original Sin. He already ‘rules’ us, having taken supremacy over this fallen world with King St. Adam and Queen St. Eve choosing to rebel against God & His Catholic Religion, partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, thereby becoming ‘like God’ in that they could, after eating the fruit, distinguish between good & evil… yet without God’s Perfection any longer, immune to temptation… indeed, now often yearning to fall into sin.


Yet, were that not enough, if we are going to interpret it technologically, too, well then:


Think about it. What nifty little technical tool has recently enchanted all of us, becoming what is not only an overwhelmingly irresistible piece of tech for almost everybody on the earth, but, truly, something most of us think we couldn’t possibly live satisfying, normal, pleasant & fulfilling lives without it? The juices in your (perhaps) slightly underutilized brain starting to flow? Putting two & two together --- which, by the way, equal four?


Just in case you didn’t know the answer. Or remember.


Oh, yes… but the nifty little tool?


Correct! The smartphone.


Formerly known as the ‘cell phone’ (still very occasionally called that, but very distinctly retro), invented just before the beginning of the 21st century, it took Mr. Jobs and a rather fruity company with the curious (you know I’m not kidding…) ‘apple’ logo to popularize it beyond belief, making it seem indispensable as well, by 2008. It is now ubiquitous. Even in the third world countries. Asian makers of smartphones dominate globally, overall, nowadays. But Apple is still filthy rich, and filthy powerful.


The point?


Not only are smartphones ubiquitous (everyone has one) and ‘indispensable’ (nobody wants to give them up), they are taking on the functions of money, purchasing & selling. In other words, there’s an app for that. Who goes to the bank anymore? Fewer & fewer of us. Who still pulls out the credit card, debit card or cash to pay? Okay, more of us than he or she willing (or needing) to go to an actual, physical, brick-and-mortar bank, yet lovely little apps are making this unnecessary, too. It’s quicker, easier & more fun to use your smartphone. You can even scan the barcodes as you go. You win; the store wins (less employees needed to pay to do what you’re now doing for yourself, probably more rapidly, especially as you get it down pat); everybody wins. Except for…


Well, don’t want to get cynical. But --- oh, you know, the ‘power’ thing.


As in, “He or she who has the power, rules.”


Yes, that power thing.




In 2018 (as I write this part of Helplessly Ignorant), what have we seen? The gigantic Google, whose motto is ‘Do no evil’, did some pretty hideous evil --- particularly by our Modernist standards --- and has gotten into some hot water with political leaders in the United States. Facebook, too, another Silicon Valley titan. And Twitter, to a certain extent, amongst other social media moguls. Why? More than one reason exists, but, concerning those who call themselves politically ‘conservative’, the data is rock solid, evidence damning, that these companies, since Mr. Donald Trump’s election in 2016 as the next US President (who I’m not a big fan of, identifying with no political party, but is positively loathed by liberal Modernists and, I’m happy to say, beat Ms. Hilary Rodham-Clinton, whose character & stances I strongly dislike), have purposely been re-routing cloud traffic from politically conservative sites to more ‘appropriately progressive’ sources of news & views, or mysteriously blocking conservative sites altogether.


Mere chance?


No intelligent & shrewd person can believe this. What’s more, it’s also publicly documented fact that these companies --- as well as the mainstream media --- are increasingly relying upon the notoriously liberal Modernist ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ (SPLC) for its list of ‘hate groups’ to disown, disavow, refuse to link to or host, etc., and, generally, suppress & trash talk them (if you must say anything about them at all, so nauseating, pustulant & foul are they, per the most fervent of ‘progressives’). A fanatically Modernist SPLC has been adding ‘conservative’ groups to its ‘hate groups’ list… and not just the ‘white supremacist’ type groups like before, labeled the ‘ultra’ right or ‘far’ right. No, now even run-of-the-mill ‘conservatives’, fully mainstream a decade or less ago. In short, they’ve used the SPLC and other references as excuses, obviously & purposely trying to slant the upcoming 2018 & 2020 elections against Trump & his increasingly Trumpified Republican Party. Rather cheap & slimy?


In a supposed ‘democracy’ like the United States of America, absolutely.


Going to cause a fervent ‘progressive’ to lose sleep, though?


Probably not. Like Communists, the ends always justifies the means.


So-called ‘conservatives’, however, are very much up in arms. Who will win? Too close to call, at this point. Could go either way, from a human perspective. And, again, I cannot ‘identify’ with any political party since no political party fully represents me. I prefer, as a Roman Catholic, to evaluate individual issues based on facts, logic & Catholicity. Wholly & mindlessly adhering to a political party seems to me to be irrational.


Nevertheless, I don’t like someone like the SPLC labeling self-styled ‘conservatives’ as ‘hate groups’… and shutting them down, suppressed… just because the SPLC, and other liberal Modernists styling themselves as ‘progressives’, don’t like them. This is known as ‘dirty politics’. Really dirty. Such liberal Modernists might want to wash their hands thoroughly before sitting down to partake at the American government’s dinner table.


Yet the real point is this:


A few big tech companies control the world’s social media & data. A few gargantuan companies control the world’s contemporary gadgets & food supply. Most of us in the most modernized part of the earth depend on these things intrinsically. We would not be able to function, live or face life without them. Even the less modernized part of the earth is, nonetheless, more and more heavily dependent upon them. Now, you do some head scratching and use your God-given brain (*gasp*) to think logically & cleverly.


Smartphones now dominate the globe. Everything is interconnected via one, single, mammoth, worldwide cloud (even interplanetary, as bright scientists send out more probes & orbiters, learning to use long range lasers to provide high bandwidth data transmission across ‘space’). We’ve already seen some of these massively rich & powerful companies willing to use their wealth & clout to shut down & suppress those they don’t like. Do liberal Modernists like real Roman Catholicism or those of traditional religion & morality? No, they do not. If wealthy enough, and powerful enough, to shut them down and suppress them, do you think that they would refrain? Do you think sensitive & tender consciences would forbid them from being so nasty?


Oh my poor, poor, poor reader. So charmingly naïve & innocent.


Don’t you know the timeless slogan, “Might makes right”?


To wit, “I’m too strong to stop. Get outa my way!!!”


The Luciferian & Apocalyptic ‘mark’ or ‘character’ is every human individual’s Sin of Origin. This ‘character’ is spiritual, yet also physical & genetic. It can only be effaced by the ‘mark’ of sacramental baptism into the Roman Catholic Body of God Himself, Jesus Christ. Being truly & fully Catholic, Her Infallible Dogmas absolutely unchanged and undefiled in any baptized person’s adequately intelligent mind, do you realize how powerful people could persecute us for staying Catholic and acting Catholic?


Or, for that matter, staying traditional and acting traditional enough?


Right… they shut us down, making it impossible for us to buy & sell, just like the Apocalypse, in Sacred Scripture, foretells. After all, we’re utterly dependent on the terrestrial economy they’ve put in place. Our smartphones, distribution, stores, cloud, basic or nifty products & whatever else is so typically 21st century in the modern world, are in the hands of, really, a very few people. These people are rich & powerful. If liberal Modernist, then why would they like us? And why would they accommodate us?


Why not shut us down and make us knuckle under… if they can?


They’ve already been making moves in that direction. If they can get away with it --- why not? We just need to become a little more interconnected, a little more indoctrinated, a little more dependent, a little more cowed & suppliant, and then… ta da! How many of us grow our own food, sufficient for year to year? How many of us own our own places outright, without debt owed to a usurious bank or ‘financing company’? And did you know that all banks & financing companies in the world are dominated by just a few usurious banks, rich & powerful, at the very top? So what makes you think this is ‘unthinkable’? Given the chance, without real opposition, it’s entirely possible.


Money makes the world go ’round. Faster and faster. Feeling dizzy?


And if not 6 subject to 7, then earth’s economy is everything.


+++ 146. Total Sell Out? (Can’t Buy +++

Me Divine Love, Either… or Celestial Food)


Ah, true. Traditionalist diehards could turn to bartering.


Such a non-money-based economy could get a few folk along for awhile, if not too brutally & militaristically squashed or imprisoned. A few of us could learn to live off the land, growing, harvesting, catching or herding our own food. Perchance a few could learn to make their own things again --- albeit they’d have to give up much, if not most, of the snazzy production techniques and flashy technical flourishes we take for granted today.


And, mayhap, this kind of liberal Modernist hardball won’t take place yet in our most modernized section of the world. If I grasp Catholic prophecy properly (especially Our Lady of Fatima), we might escape seriously brutal & militaristic tactics until after Heaven grants us a brief ‘period of peace’ upon putting the Great Apostasy to an end, converting what remains of the earth’s population to a real Roman Catholicism. Mayhap. I’m no prophet, so I don’t predict one way or another. I simply note possibilities.


We can, howsoever, know this with an ironclad certainty:


Jesus the God-Man through His Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, in the Apocalypse, warns us quite bluntly how those who take the ‘mark’ or ‘character’ of the Sea Monster will NOT be loved by Our Creator or be a guest at His Eternal & Celestial Banquet Table, dining on the Eucharist Flesh & Blood of the Lamb of God forever & ever, world without end, amen. Period, end of sentence, and case closed.


This is vivid in Sacred Scripture. It is not arguable or debatable.


The Apocalypse tells us that taking this ‘mark’ or ‘character’ is equivalent to total rebellion against God. It is the exact opposite of, and in contradiction to, the Body of Christ, which is Roman Catholic and none other. That is to say, you are either a member of the Body of Christ or the Beast of Satan. One is rational, the other irrational. One is obedient to Our Maker, the other apostate & rebellious against Him.


As Jesus said:


“He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth [the person who doesn’t gather and work with me, instead opposes my goal and ruins what I do].” (Matthew 12:30 & Luke 11:23 DRC)


Which is why, then, the third of three angels declares from the heavens to the earth:


“If any man [human being] shall adore the beast [worship the ‘oceanic monster’, i.e., modern humanity self-deifying itself and individual human beings thinking themselves above all other creatures & entity, even Our Creator, being Neo-Pagans, anti-Catholic and thus themselves the Antichrist] and his image, AND RECEIVE HIS CHARACTER IN HIS FOREHEAD [rejecting anything God’s Catholicism infallibly teaches is urgent & true, ergo, necessary to know & believe], OR IN HIS HAND [disobeying anything God’s Catholicism infallibly teaches is urgent & right, ergo, necessary to do & obey]; HE ALSO SHALL DRINK OF THE WINE OF THE WRATH OF GOD, which is mingled with pure wine in the cup of his wrath, AND SHALL BE TORMENTED WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE [that is, burning sulfur, what the Elizabethan word ‘brimstone’ means] in the sight of the holy angels, and in the sight of the Lamb [Jesus, the true God-Man]. And the smoke of their torments shall ascend up for ever and ever: neither have they rest day or night, who have adored the beast, and his image [to wit, anything that represents this self-deifying Neo-Paganism of our Modernist Humanity, whether customs, symbols, words, organizations, governments, works of art, or of whatever nature it takes upon itself, etc.], and whoever receiveth [receives] THE CHARACTER OF HIS NAME.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 14:9c-11 DRC)


To be in and for the Body of Christ (Roman Catholicism) is rational. To be in and for the Beast of Satan (Anti-Roman-Catholicism) is irrational. The Roman Catholic Religion is infallibly true as a whole because it is the Singular Body of Jesus Christ, which is the Pillar & Ground of the Saving Truth since it is the Body of the Author of Truth. (1 Timothy 3:14-15) The Anti-Roman-Catholic Religion --- the Religion of Modernism --- is invariably false as a whole because it is the Singular Beast of Satanic Lucifer, which is the Sea & Quicksand of the Damning Lie since it is the Beast of the Author of Lies. (John 8:44) It is rational to believe in and adhere to the Saving Truth; it is irrational to believe in and adhere to the Damning Lie. The former is human, made in the Image of God, whilst the latter is bestial, twisted & deformed in the Image of Anti-God.


Don’t be fooled, though. Every non-Catholic religion is false.


Therefore, every false religion is anti-Catholic.


It’s simply that the Religion of Modernism --- in it’s entirety, fully complete & successfully taking over the world --- is the epitome of Anti-Catholicity and hence Antichrist, the Spirit of Luciferian Rebellion made wholly visible in this tragic world. Such is what real Roman Catholics --- or those who become so --- face today.


If we refuse to bow to the Apocalyptic Beast and worship it (read: buy into self-deifying Neo-Paganism, following slavishly every single change to human life, involving infallible dogma or commandment, that our powers-that-be think necessary to change, in stark contradistinction to what we once thought true & right), embracing an awful Luciferian Character & Mark, then we will pay for it (no pun intended). Pay for it by not having the privilege anymore of buying or selling… something most of us take for granted. So much for granted that we probably can’t fully comprehend what an enormous impact this would have on our lives, humanly speaking. Can’t go to the local grocery store? Or any market, super or otherwise, to buy something needed? Can’t use your smartphone, tablet or iPad, laptop, or what-you-will, to purchase something via the cloud, at Amazon, New Egg, or etc., etc.? Can’t sell your used car? Well, that’s annoying. But when you make a living selling automobiles? Or jewelry? Or produce? Or paintings? Or e-books? Clothing? Security systems? Apps and code or programming? Pumps and toiletry? Houses? Furniture? Rosaries? Kitchen appliances? Pizza? Electrical repairs? Ideas?


Getting the point? If you can’t buy anything, then you can’t live easily.


And if you can’t sell anything, then you can’t survive nowadays.


You can’t even ‘sell’ yourself, as an employee or contractor!


So how are you going to survive? Physically, I mean?


This is an Oceanic Beast punishing you for defying it, especially for being Catholic.


Doesn’t matter that you are a nobody and no real threat; simply the fact that you exist, and that you’re Catholic, following & worshipping the true Christ, is enough. Enough to make satan go into a tailspin, flipping out with demonic outrage, and inspiring in his spiritual offspring --- Modernist Neo-Pagan Humanity --- total hatred of you. Even traditionally religious people can earn this hatred, despite not being Catholic.


Enough hatred that everyone thinks, “Naturally. You should be punished.”


In other words, if you’re going to continue believing, espousing & doing Roman Catholic things, then, plainly, you should suffer for doing so! Suffer horribly until either, one, you back down, playing along with everybody else, religiously speaking, and talk & act like any good beastie-lover should. Or, two, suffer horribly until you starve to death, freeze to death, heat to death, wander to death, thirst to death, or somehow, in some way, unable to obtain what you need to survive physically on this earth, just simply die and get out of their way, which is the way of their giant, little, self-deifying, ‘I-can-do-whatever-I-please’ beastie. And, again, what’s to stop such people from doing so to you?


If the relevant Modernist government has you blacklisted as one of ‘them’, then it is facile for it to pass on this information to usurious banks, all the way to the top, who can then pass it via the cloud anywhere in the world you should roam, even if you can get in past certain borders or checkpoints. Having done this, they can freeze your accounts, rendering all of your money, in whatever currency, useless. The United States’ IRS already routinely does this to US citizens who don’t resolve their dispute with the aforesaid IRS to the IRS’ satisfaction. Boom! Your money & life is paralyzed.


They can also pass this information to giant tech & social media companies, or other mammoth international corporations. Wham! You’re blacklisted on their accounts, and, with data spread instantly & easily via a connected world, any smaller, yet still more than compliant, companies can follow suit. They won’t deal with you despite your account not being frozen; or, if the giant tech companies act on their own --- particularly with backing from a powerful government --- then they can shut down your smartphone’s ability to be like your mobile bank & money transaction tool, rendering you, once more, paralyzed.


Oh, and you do recall that your smartphone can be tracked anywhere you go?


Yes, ostensibly, you can ‘turn off’ this tracking. But think about it. With all of the ‘security breaches’ in the last several years, horrifying people with how vulnerable their personal data is to anyone with the skills to hack into supposedly ‘private accounts’ (and with it generally known, amongst more wonky tech geeks, that our US government, and other wealthy & powerful governments, almost certainly have at least some tech people at their behest, leaving ‘backdoors open’ in the code that they write to operate these smartphones or other tech devices in the world of the ‘Internet of Everything’, thus leaving everyone of us vulnerable to operatives of these governments gaining access to what is supposed to be, purportedly, ‘private’), then how reliable do you think this option to ‘turn off’ the smartphone tracking is (or, for that matter, tracking of your latest model hi- tech car…)? Right. You probably can’t turn it off if the powers-that-be want it kept on. The idea that you can ‘turn it off’ is merely a comforting myth. Maybe most of the time you really are turning it off. As long as it doesn’t matter to the powers-that-be, what’s the problem for them? But in a pinch… ah, that’s different. If you’re on the run, or trying to disappear, as long as you’ve got that smartphone and they’ve got that backdoor in the code, then turning it off is useless. You’re still perfectly visible to them almost anywhere on earth. But let’s say you take out the battery, ditch the phone, or etc.


What then?


You’re familiar with Google Earth, correct? And you’ve seen how amazingly accurate their satellite images of the surface of our globe are, right? You can actually identify an individual human being on a clear day from one of these high flying satellite’s images. So take the next step. Realize that, while impressive, this is nothing compared to what highly classified and readily available satellites & their lenses are capable of. Due to restriction of information, we can only guess at how powerful these better satellites are. However, savvy tech & military geeks can make shrewd guesses --- based on the information we have, then extrapolating accordingly --- that such satellites have, at a bare minimum, easily some ten times the resolution of Google Earth or other commercial images. And this is merely the most cautious estimate (some would say ‘ridiculously cautious’). It’s more likely the best satellites have a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand times the resolution of Google Earth. Oh, but you say, what about clouds & weather? Doesn’t this afford some privacy? Some, but not enough all the time. Satellites can view things at other wavelengths & frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. In infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV), etc., you can penetrate clouds, darkness or etc. with better success… rendering these coverings less helpful. Mind you, I’m not saying IR & UV surveillance makes such people ‘all seeing’ and thus ‘all knowing’ or ‘all powerful’. Just that it makes it that much harder for a Roman Catholic being persecuted nowadays to go ‘off grid’.


You could still do it. It just takes one tough cookie. Or plenty of miracles.


Or both.


And, in any case, consider what certain state governments in America have done lately to a county clerk, some florists, some bakers, and, possibly, to professional photographers or videographers. Since the Obergefell v. Hodges decision in 2015, the United States Supreme Court has now forced all states (including the majority, at that time, who very much did not want marriage ‘redefined’, many of them having passed explicit laws --- in some situations, referendums that the voters of the state passed with a majority! --- to stop a few from forcing the many to call a man & man or a woman & woman legally ‘married’) to redefine marriage as a legal coupling and joining between same sexes. Realize, too, that ‘gays’ didn’t have to do this to get ‘equal rights’. A few states were already giving same sex couples everything a married man & woman can have, legally, and this solution could have been applied anywhere, in any state. Didn’t matter. Because this wasn’t an issue of ‘equal rights’ for homosexuals, transgenders, or etc., etc. No, this was, first & foremost, a matter of making everybody else kowtow to their moral stance. Hence, they wanted US citizens to be forced to call all same sex couples ‘married’. Granted, the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) recently exonerated an Evangelic Protestant (EP) baker in Colorado from being fined & persecuted by his local government for ever-so-politely refusing to make an artisan wedding cake for a couple of homosexuals wanting his services for their ‘wedding’, yet this victory, while welcome for persons of traditional religion, was still only partial. There are still loopholes open that partisans of ‘identity politics’ can exploit and make life miserable for traditional folk. Perchance the next SCOTUS justice about to be nominated will help close off these loopholes, and better guarantee the minority of Americans who remain traditionally religious (such as the aforementioned conservative EPs, or real Roman Catholics, conservative Mormons or Muslims, and so forth) an actual freedom of religion (accordingly, a ‘religious liberty’ the US explicitly upholds in our Constitution).


As opposed to the new ‘rights’ regularly found by the SCOTUS over the last eight decades in the US Constitution that are never explicitly stated in that document, and which any educated person, who’s taken time to read the US Constitution and study the matter historically, knows very well how the writers of these passages so long ago never consciously intended, or, leastwise, never straight out said so in the words they used in its composition. Again, perhaps the latest SCOTUS justices will finally uphold an explicitly stated and long upheld (albeit, not perfectly…) ‘religious liberty’ for those of us being sued, persecuted and otherwise berated for staying loyal to our religious teachings.


Perhaps. We’ll see. In the meantime, understanding the threat at hand?


It’s called a Beast for a reason. It’s not nice, and it’s not rational.


It is predatorial, territorial & deadly. It hunts and it kills.


Maybe smartphones and the cloud are a correct ‘tech’ interpretation of St. John’s Apocalypse in the passages quoted above, and maybe not. But it sure looks like they could be. Indeed, who could have foreseen this a mere thirty years ago? Hardly anyone. Whatever the outcome, we’ve already seen a county clerk in Kentucky put in jail because she refused (due to her religious convictions & conscience) to issue ‘marriage’ licenses to same sex couples with her name on the license (a thing she couldn’t imagine happening the year before, when elected, hence unfair to say she ‘took an oath’ to uphold the law), Colorado legally torment a skilled baker, and the State of Washington do the same to a diminutive older lady florist in the few years since 2015 and Obergefell. This is not a fantasy; it is the reality. You can’t buy or sell much in prison. As a baker or florist very courteously refusing to serve an openly homosexual ‘wedding’, being fined thousands of dollars by your local government, or paying tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in order to defend yourself (not to mention the fact that liberal Modernists stigmatize you and your business on social media, causing your sales to dip precipitously unless the traditional religion people band together and come to your rescue, patronizing your business or contributing to your cause) definitely puts a damper on your ability to purchase or sell something. Whichever, apocalyptic prophecy is being fulfilled.


In front of our very eyes, right now, in this very time and place and situation.


And why would a Roman Catholic person courteously defy the Beast?


Why would a Catholic politely decline from aping the Modernists?


Because the Triune God of the Catholic Church very clearly said:


“If any man [human being] shall adore the beast [worship the ‘oceanic monster’, i.e., modern humanity self-deifying itself and individual human beings thinking themselves above all other creatures & entity, even Our Creator, being Neo-Pagans, anti-Catholic and thus themselves the Antichrist] and his image, AND RECEIVE HIS CHARACTER IN HIS FOREHEAD [rejecting anything God’s Catholicism infallibly teaches is urgent & true, ergo, necessary to know & believe], OR IN HIS HAND [disobeying anything God’s Catholicism infallibly teaches is urgent & right, ergo, necessary to do & obey]; HE ALSO SHALL DRINK OF THE WINE OF THE WRATH OF GOD, which is mingled with pure wine in the cup of his wrath, AND SHALL BE TORMENTED WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE [that is, burning sulfur, what the Elizabethan word ‘brimstone’ means] in the sight of the holy angels, and in the sight of the Lamb [Jesus, the true God-Man]. And the smoke of their torments shall ascend up for ever and ever: neither have they rest day or night, who have adored the beast, and his image, and whoever receiveth [receives] THE CHARACTER OF HIS NAME.” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 14:9c-11 DRC)


That’s why. We don’t want to burn in hell eternally. We want to see God Face-to-face. We want to be with Him forever and ever, world without end, amen. We want to partake of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, neverending, the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ, the God-Man, our only food. Our Celestial Food & Heavenly Bread, Our Immortal Life.


+++ 147. Is It All Greek to You? +++


Perhaps you understand everything we’ve explained in the past seven chapters.


I hope you do. Yet even if some of it is ‘too much’, or terribly confusing, let’s get back to our roots. I.e., for those of us who are of European descent. Howsoever, since this entity we’re about to discuss further has had repercussions all over the earth and upon each & every single people in the world --- then I’d say, if only allegorically, it’s everybody’s roots, ultimately. That is to say, Western Civilization has influenced all of humanity.


And heading toward the West, in relation to where the center of action was before, celestially speaking, looking down upon our lovely earth with Our Creator’s Omniscient Perspective, it is Western Civilization that we’re talking about here. The beginnings and foundations of it, at least. And do you remember which people we’re talking about?


Correct --- the Greeks. Japhetic and, under Alexander, world class conquerors.


Yes, those particular Greeks.


Remember, the Center of the World, from Heaven’s Point of View, is the Mediterranean. Specifically, the eastern Mediterranean. Really specifically, Palestine and the surrounding environs. Speaking with absolute & definite precision, Jerusalem and the Hill of the Skull where, long ago, were the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil and the Tree of Life at the Center of the Garden of Paradise, and where, with the first man’s cranium buried under Him (St. Adam, our forefather who led all human beings, except for Jesus & Mary, into the Curse of Original Sin, into which we are all conceived, apart from Jesus & Mary), Christ hung upon the Cross, dying, shedding His Most Precious Blood, so as to make Atonement for our eternally damning sins, and even those that are only temporal.


The Second Adam (Jesus Christ) undoing the awful mistake of the First Adam.


In relation to this point on the earth, our spherical surface’s center from a divine perspective, the Greeks (the Macedonian Greeks, to be exact) lay west of that center. Hence why, both literally & metaphorically, we speak of the central action over human history moving west and of the beginnings of Western Civilization. True, the Greek Empire, at its height, spread far into the East. And, later on, the West came to be frequently defined as west of Rome in Italy. Notwithstanding, our point remains.


This is where Western Civilization started coming together, quite visibly.


For good and for bad. Nevertheless, let’s first deal with the bad.


+++ 148. The Greeks: Worst Civilization Ever? (Part 1) +++


And, so I don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel, I’m going to quote myself.


Namely, from a recently completed book, Inter Regnum, parts of Chapters 14 to 18, where I talk about the far-reaching effects of a then dominating Greek culture, customs and way of life. For when a young Alexander the Great passed from this life at the age of 32 (we sketched his life & career in Chapter 138 of this tome itself, Helplessly Ignorant, recall?), the empire he quickly built continued, although in a different form and not entirely centralized. No matter. Civilizations can have very profound effects simply because they’re influential and spread their ways widely, including to other races.


Such were the Macedonian Greeks and their far flung realm.


Yet the most relevant facts? Let’s start cracking.


The members of the Old Covenant Church apostatized a lot (read: Old Testament Catholics, prior to Christ & His Roman Catholic Body… often called by theologians & early Church Fathers the ‘synagogue’). And these rebellions always involved wayward clergy to some extent or another. Not long before the Messias [Messiah, i.e., the Christ] came, it went to the very top. That’s right. The Old Testament Papacy itself went into satanic freefall (read: the Throne of St. Moses lost a pope --- or ‘high priest’ --- for awhile, phony ‘popes’ pretending to sit on this throne in the meantime). You see, Israelites & their earthly kingdom… split first into two separate kingdoms as a just punishment for the syncretistic heresy of their formerly wise king, Solomon, and the religious atrocities of his citizens, too… eventually fell, the northern realm to the Assyrians, and the southern realm, around a century later, to the Chaldeans.


Upon being restored by God’s instrument, a Persian ruler, Cyrus the Great, these same Israelites (and whatever ethnicities joined the True Religion of Old, joining themselves to God’s Chosen People as well) then did modestly fine for a time. But, then, unable to resist the lure of the world around them --- or fear of its dangers --- they slipped into apostasy again. This time the cause was the Greek Empire and its Hellenic ways.


Such as?


Oh, the usual. You know --- legal brothels, naked athletics, the two sexes bathing & swimming together without any clothing in public pools, murder of unborn babes, brazen homosexuality, idolatrous or intellectually ‘skeptical’ philosophers and places of higher education willing to teach anything & everything as if all ideas, theories & speculations were tolerable or even, mayhap, ‘true’… that is, apart from God’s Singular Religion. Tolerance’ disappeared there. I mean, religion that was not pagan? Humbug!


And etc. Hm. Kind of sounds like the Great Apostasy, doesn’t it?


Except it’s even worse --- way so --- today.


Ah, but back to the bad old days.


We’re beginning to outline the formation of the Greco-Roman Empire. It’s normally described as two distinct empires, however, for reasons I’ll make clear in future uploads of the remainder of this book, it is best understood, from Heaven’s point of view, as a spiritually vital, albeit seemingly civilly fragmented territory (at times…), which is ultimately one single continuous entity. Not in intricate organization under a vast hierarchy which ruled for its whole existence, never experiencing complexity.


No. Rather that, in existing for centuries on end, it perpetuated a new whilst --- simultaneously --- ancient heritage, civilization, culture, languages & way of life. This imperial entity changed & evolved much over time. We are not entertaining the fiction that the Greco-Roman Empire was ‘static’. Nor are we entertaining the equally silly fantasy that empires are always centralized and governed in totally obvious ways. Enormous empires are, at heart, what enough people believe in, enough together, enough of the time and in enough places, to make them powerful & real.


And hence authoritative, essentially continuous and highly influential, shaping individuals’ lives within its realm and impacting others elsewhere. The point?


The bad part of Hellenic Greek culture was lots of paganism & immorality.


And how did it spread? And was the spread tyrannic or only tempting?


We give an example of what is, admittedly, one of the worst Hellenic episodes.


After Alexander the Great ended his nonstop spree of conquering, he died. Too young to have taken thought about who was to succeed him as the next ‘emperor’ (or whatever you want to call the ‘supreme leader’ of a vast realm). His generals therefore scuffled over who would rule. Brutal wars followed for several decades. Eventually, three concurrent dynasties triumphed (although two more Greekish ‘kingdoms’ or ‘realms’ perpetuated distant in the East for awhile), providing adequate linkage & continuity to a mammoth region so as to be able to call it, in retrospect, a true imperial entity; and also, in hindsight, the very real & formational foundation of a later Roman-headed rule.


It is the Seleucid Dynasty of the Greek Empire we will look at closely yet briefly here, illustrating the extent to which the bad part of Greek culture --- that is, its evil --- went.


This dynasty & region of the empire dominated, to varying degrees at various times, the areas of central Anatolia (ancient Asia Minor, present day Turkey), Persia (mostly Iran), the Levant (Syria & Palestine, etc.), Mesopotamia (basically today’s Iraq, with Kuwait, and parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan or Turkmenistan often thrown in, etc., etc.). Like all Greek imperial dynasties of the epoch, they were Hellenistic. Hellenic culture is the civilizing ‘glue’ that bound them together more as single entity than divided units, secondary only to the common blood of Greek colonists in numerous regions.


Indeed, this Hellenic culture & thought is a forerunner of Modernist behavior.


Nonetheless --- and despite materialistic (in the philosophic sense of ‘matter is all there is’) or ‘agnostic’ tendencies amongst many of their intellectuals, who, some of them, got a bit daringly dismissive of ancient Greek religion & deities --- they were pagans. Ergo, combined with a haughty assessment of themselves as the epitome of civilization and superior culture, they tended to look down on their more ‘barbaric’ vassals. This fantastical hubris came to a head with the self-deifying Antiochus Epiphanes.


Literally… his self-chosen name in Greek meant god manifest’.


Technically the fourth in the Seleucid Dynasty to bear the name of ‘Antiochus’, his detractors ridiculed him with the play-on-word title of ‘Epimanes’ (‘Epimanes’ rhymes with ‘Epiphanes’ in Greek and means ‘the mad one’). I would wager, though, that the one who is paying attention can guess Antiochus Epiphanes’ attitude toward other non-Greek, non-Hellenic religions & cultures. Yes, that’s correct --- he was extremely derogatory.


Not unlike Modernists toward traditional religion, especially Roman Catholicism.


Accordingly, Antiochus Epiphanes took it upon himself to ‘enlighten’ these unenlightened ‘Cretans’ that he conquered or already ruled over. He wanted his Greek gods acknowledged as the proper gods to be worshipped (at the very least, alongside their own but lesser pagan gods), and he wanted he himself recognized as the superb ‘god’ he thought himself to be and, consequently, treated & worshipped as such.


Is that so bad? Yes, if you’re Catholic.


That’s what the Old Testament Catholics ran into around the middle of the 2nd century BC. Already, prior to this, widespread Hellenic culture had infiltrated into the hearts & minds of many members of the One True Religion of the Old Covenant, before Christ arrived on earth. At a bare minimum, it tempted them into horrible sin of a ghastly mortal nature, and made them into bad Catholics. At worst, particularly as years & decades of Hellenic influence corroded their daily lives and communities like acid, it made them become heretical or apostate ‘catholics’. To wit, not Catholics at all, period.


This is what the Jews (and any persons of other ethnicity joined to them as fellow members of the Old Testament Church or ‘Synagogue’) of Palestine faced. The richer & much more powerful of these Jews --- even amongst the priestly caste --- embraced these Hellenic philosophies, fashions & customs with a passion. Their wealth & power in turn caused other, lesser Jews, or ethnically non-Jewish members, of the One True Religion of the Old Covenant, to follow suit. The result? As said above… increasing sin, heresy & apostasy. People supposed to be Catholic, even priests & levites!, were becoming diabolic rebels against the One True Religion and against the One True God.


They were only too happy and too eager to be well-off and avant-garde.


Sound familiar?


Yep, pretty much like Roman Catholics of the past three centuries. Such Catholics just couldn’t get enough Modernist wealth of Capitalism, Modernist technological gadgetry, Modernist scholarly Darwinism, Modernist philosophical Endarkenment [Enlightenment] or Communism, Modernist political ‘democracies’ or ‘republics’ (the more socialist, the better!), Modernist cultural immorality, fashionable Modernist immodesty, and etc.


+++ 149. The Greeks: Worst Civilization Ever? (Part 2) +++


The Jews of Palestine then suffered a very fatal blow --- our dear Antiochus Epiphanes decided to murder good Old Testament Catholics. I.e., if they wouldn’t fall in line and worship Greek gods and regard him as ‘god manifest’, honoring him accordingly as ‘indisputably divine’ like he claimed to be, his will to be obeyed in everything. Resultantly, what was a purported Catholic of the Old Testament variety to do?


For those already no longer actually Catholic, the answer was obvious:


Worship those Greek gods! And flatter Antiochus profusely as ‘divine’.


For bad & cowardly Catholics, the answer was rather painful:


Oh, okay, must ‘worship’ those Greek ‘gods’, or else wind up tortured hideously and eventually dead. Oh, and… right… flatter this Greek leader as really, really, really something. ‘Divine’ even. My, my, my, my, oh my. Why does this happen to me?


For good & brave Catholics, the answer was confusing:


Get tortured & die? Flee to the hills & survive? Or fight the evil militarily?


All options were tried in assorted combinations, at certain times. And prudent Catholics cannot deign to judge in these situations, normally. Until you face it, you can’t really know for sure what God calls Catholics to do, and each option can be legitimate.


Students of Sacred Scripture & Church History know what happened. Very few Catholics a century-and-a-half before Christ remained steadfast & true. Some of these few died for the True Faith. Others fled to save their lives, while remaining true to God’s Catholicity. But a certain group of priests, a tight knit family, roused them to fight militarily.


It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t short, and lots of treachery was involved.


“But after the death of Seleucus [Seleucus IV Philopator, who was ruler of the Seleucid Dynasty right before the aforementioned self-deifying Antiochus IV Epiphanes], when Antiochus [IV Epiphanes], who was called the Illustrious, had taken possession of the kingdom [the Seleucid Dynasty of the Greek Empire], Jason the brother of Onias [the latter still rightfully, and therefore both valid & legally, the ‘high priest’ or pope of the Old Testament Church at that point in time, the wicked & hellenized Jason having bought & usurped the Old Covenant Papacy, becoming an antipope and thus deceiving, bribing or cowing most into accepting him as if he were a real ‘pope’] ambitiously sought the high priesthood: and [he] went to the king [Antiochus Epiphanes], promising him three hundred and sixty talents of silver [read: boatload of money, enough to make your head spin], and out of other revenues fourscore [eighty] talents. Besides this he promised also a hundred and fifty more, if he might have license [official permission] to set him up a place for exercise [a ‘gymnasium’, where, back then, all ‘right-thinking’ Greeks or Hellenized people played sports in the nude] and a place for youth, and to entitle them, that were at Jerusalem, Antiochians [read: special devotees of the ‘god king’ Antiochus and practically, if not fully, Seleucid Greek citizens]. Which, when the king [Antiochus Epiphanes] had granted, and he [Jason, the brother of Pope Onias] had gotten the rule into his hands, forthwith [immediately] he began to bring over his countrymen to the fashion of the heathens [he began proselytizing Palestinian Jews to become avid fans & practitioners of Hellenic art, culture, philosophy, clothing, paganism, immorality, and etc., etc.]. And abolishing those things, which had been decreed of special favour by the kings [former rulers] in behalf of the Jews [to wit, outlawing everything that had favored real & good Catholicity prior to this]… he disannulled [ditto previous note] the lawful ordinances of the citizens [Jews of Palestine], and brought in fashions that were perverse [immoral and anti-Catholic]. For he had the boldness to set up, under the very castle [palace fortress, the center of Palestinian Jewish government], a place of exercise [a place to play sports naked, you’ll recall], and to put all the choicest youths in brothel houses [where plenty of whores are always available to satisfy their lechery]. Now this was NOT the beginning, but an INCREASE, and progress of heathenish and foreign manners [Antipope Jason didn’t start this evil trend toward anti-Catholic and immoral Hellenic ways, but greatly accelerated and supported the Hellenic tendencies that had already been spreading steadily for the last century or two], through the abominable and unheard of wickedness of Jason, THAT IMPIOUS WRETCH AND NO PRIEST.” (2 Machabees [Maccabees] 4:7-11b, e-13 DRC)


Getting the picture of this long ago and very wicked time, my beloved soul?


The disturbing parallel with our own era today is stark & sobering.


And, while it’s not fashionable (or ‘appropriate’) to say so, one particularly repellant aspect of Hellenic culture --- at its worst --- was pederasty. To wit, a grown man having sexual relations with a boy. This vice did not happen overnight, nor was it practiced by everyone in Hellenic times. Notwithstanding, it spread and became accepted over the centuries. Indeed, it was practically romanticized, some learned Greeks treating it as though it were ‘noble’, something ‘natural’ and a ‘good’ part of a boy’s maturation.


Indeed, homosexuality as a whole became Hellenically indulged & approved.


Again, not fashionable or ‘appropriate’ to say so (at least, as things have become nowadays, as the Great Apostasy reaches its peak and ‘gay culture’ nearly ‘enshrined’), but this is what St. Paul the Apostle referred to in his New Testament letter to the Diocese of Corinth (a major ancient Greek city, see 1 Corinthians 6:10), speaking of vile sins for which a human being, unforgiven, will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In Elizabethan English, it is translated as “the effeminate” (DRC), despite homosexual men or women not all, each and every one of them, acting equally in an off-kilter ‘feminine’ manner.


After the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York City’s Greenwich Village ignited the contemporary ‘gay rights’ movement, an organization calling itself NAMBLA arose (‘North American Man/Boy Love Association’), campaigning for the tolerance & legalization of pederasty. Unfortunately for them, most US parents reacted with abhorrence, and, thought of primarily --- if not solely --- as ‘child abuse’ (in contrast to something intrinsically unnatural to human nature and hence abominable), homosexuals themselves, out of desperation, disdained pederasts publicly, knowing instinctively that it would ruin their chances to get tolerance & legalization of homosexuality in America. A conquest now almost complete. Ergo, man/boy ‘love’ is slowly raising its head again. Intellectuals, whilst cautious in 2018, are slowly ‘de-stigmatizing’ pederasty.


The point? There is nothing new under the sun, not even darkness itself.


Perhaps ‘greek’ to you… but if not Catholic, you’ll learn the language.


Oh, and Antiochus? How did our dear ‘god manifest’ fare long ago?


“And the man that thought a little before he could reach to the stars of heaven, no man could endure to carry, for [because of] the intolerable stench. And by this means, being brought from his great pride, he began to come to the knowledge of himself [started to realize just how wicked & weak he really was], being admonished by the scourge of God, his pains increasing every moment. And when he himself could not abide his own stench, he spoke thus: ‘It is just to be subject to God [the reader must realize that Antiochus here finally means the One True Creator God and not any of the innumerable and lesser ‘gods’ of the pagans], AND THAT A MORTAL MAN SHOULD NOT EQUAL HIMSELF TO GOD.’ Then this wicked man prayed to the Lord [the wise reader must realize here that the divinely-inspired writer intends us to understand how Antiochus finally acknowledged the Catholic God to be the True God, against Whom he had grievously sinned by attacking His Singular Church of Old], of whom [from Whom] he was not like [likely] to obtain mercy.” (2 Machabees [Maccabees] 9:10-13 DRC)


I don’t wish to be cruel or unnecessarily harsh. Yet this is precisely where we’re headed today. Human beings… especially in our most modernized part of the world… are doing all four of the horrid sins which, Roman Catholicism teaches us, ‘cry out to Heaven for vengeance’. While not pretending to be a ‘prophet’ in the strict sense, I can therefore state, with moral certainty, that Divine Vengeance will come. It’s already here.


The first global punishment was two gargantuan ‘world wars’ over the past century.


The second global punishment: all Roman Catholicity lost in the last half century.


The third global punishment is yet to be; but almost upon us, about to arrive.


Will we, like Antiochus Epiphanes, admit the Saving Truth in the end?


Or will we --- if Truthful --- obtain mercy from Our Maker?


+++ 150. The Greeks: Best Civilization Ever? (Part 1) +++


Ah, but not everything is bad regarding Hellenic culture. The Greeks and their mighty heirs, the Romans, came up with some pretty amazing things. Even good things. Such as? Well, we don’t have time to list it all --- and neither you nor I have the time or curiosity to become experts in ancient Greco-Roman civilization --- but we’ll mention a few.


First off, Plato! Arguably, the greatest philosopher we know. Though… whether out of intellectual pride or desire to make a splash… modern scholars will regularly disparage him for the past several centuries. No matter, like our dear Pablo Picasso mentioned in Chapter 144, in lots of people hating on him, his greatness is both affirmed & assured. Perhaps you don’t understand him; perhaps you don’t care; perhaps you genuinely disagree. Whatever, his thinking & writings rule. Plato influences us today.


This is because, literally, Plato’s philosophy has shaped every serious thinker in our part of the world (even if only through reacting against him!) since his time (some 2300 years ago) and because, since the domination of earth by European nations, religion & culture over the last half millennium, pieces & shards of his philosophy have thence become dominant everywhere on the globe, to some extent or another.


Truly, lots of Greek philosophers & their philosophies influence us.


Or, at least, have anteceded us. That is to say, every generation likes to think ‘we invented the world’ without bothering to think about it. And by ‘world’, I don’t just mean things around us and outside of us --- I mean the ideas & values that shape us on the inside of us, all through us. We think we’re the first to come up with everything… questions or doubts about this supposed ‘fact’ never arise, trapped as we are in our ignorance when, in reality, lots of people, civilizations, cultures & fashions have beaten us to the punch. They thought & did it well before the latest version of ‘us’.


Yes, there were many different ‘schools of thought’ amongst the Greeks (and later Romans) over nearly 1500 years (say, from, roughly, the early 1st millennium BC to the mid-1st millennium AD). For example, Socrates instructed Plato, and Aristotle learned from Plato. Aristotle is often considered the second greatest Greek philosopher, whilst Socrates’ life and brave death at the hands of his own people (not to mention his manner of teaching, the ‘Socratic method’ of asking clever but innocent-sounding questions in order to stir the listener into drawing the correct logical conclusions) make him an academic icon based on that alone. Countless others exist --- Pythagoras, Gorgias, Antisthenes, Hegesias of Cyrene, Xenocrates, Strato of Lampsacus, Timon, Metrodorus, Chrysippus, Seneca the Younger, Apollonius of Tyana, Porphyry, the names go on and on. We’ve probably lost memory or knowledge of many of them, but it’s amazing how much still exists. As said above, it’s part of the foundation of Western Civilization.


For instance, as any well-informed Catholic knows --- certainly any real Roman Catholic theologian --- St. Augustine of Hippo laid the basis of Catholic Theology (in the large & fully developed sense) by grounding Theology in the framework of Platonic thought. This is why Plato was such an overriding influence on Western Civilization… since he was an overriding influence upon the primary religion of that Civilization, Roman Catholicism. Yes, rebels splintered the huge portions of peoples in the True Religion into various schismatic, heretical & damnable versions of ‘christianity’; yet even then, Plato’s influence went on, only slowly abated. It’s hard to change a civilization overnight.


Not that Platonism (if that much stretched and sometimes abused term is understood correctly) is the sole foundation, or sole source of, Augustine’s theological framework. Nevertheless, it is crucial. Why? Because Plato is, perhaps, one of the best examples of human beings using the Divine Gift of the Law of Natural Reason and, bereft of a full Catholicity (whether of the pre-Christ or post-Christ kind), reasoning intelligently & rightly to conclude accurately what we can know about Our Creator, His Purpose, Humanity’s Destiny, and how we should live our lives between the two. To wit, between God putting His Purpose into motion with the creation of humanity in this world, and the fulfillment of His Purpose through us, resulting in Humanity’s Destiny, which, as so many individuals, will result in as many different outcomes. With this proviso… ultimately, that we will each of us enjoy Heaven or endure hell forever.


Whither Plato, then?


It’s curious --- and probably not well known outside rather arcane theological circles --- but, being truly Catholic and extending good will toward another as far as we can without violating Catholic orthodoxy, it is plausible & acceptable to speculate that Plato could be in Heaven. Why? Because he was ‘Catholic’? Not in the strict sense. Ah, yet you say, I thought you’ve been hammering ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ into your readers’ collective head during this entire book, Helplessly Ignorant. True, nonetheless, I’ve distinguished carefully between New Testament (or ‘Covenant’) times & Old Testament (ditto previous parenthetical note) times. After the Day of Pentecost, it is an indisputable dogma that Jesus Christ requires all adequately intelligent human beings to have the knowledge of His One & Only Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Entire, He via the Paraclete (Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit) guaranteeing that we will find it… if we search. Prior to Christ on Earth and the Day of Pentecost, there is no such infallibly-ascertained demand. That is to say, if a human being followed the Law of Natural Reason upon his or her heart, seeking to do good and shunning evil, then, avoiding mortal sin and dying with perfect contrition in his or her heart, Our Maker can consider such a human being as just, and place them inside hell for a time until the arrival of the Messias in the Heart of our Earth, wherein He preaches to just souls therein. (See 1 Peter 3:18-20 for clear proof Christ preached to souls in hell. Yet He would not preach to the damned, as they’ve utterly lost any hope of salvation. And he would not preach for no purpose; ergo, preaching was instruction, that they might know His Catholic Faith completely.) Meaning? If a man before Christ shunned mortal crimes against Our Creator’s Commandments --- including the first 3 of 10, which entail not worshipping the ‘divinities’ of the pagans --- and, knowing everything his or her mind is capable of knowing about God, short of special revelation and the Catholic Religion during the epochs prior to Jesus Christ and the Day of Pentecost, and worshipping this One True God accordingly, in line with his or her ability to know, then, upon dying, God can consider such a person ‘just’ and, in the descent of Christ into hell, this person can receive catechism into the Roman Catholic Faith Whole & Entire. In other words, Catholics dying in the state of grace might just find our beloved Plato in Heaven.


Likely? I don’t know. Possible? Yes, unless the Catholic Church rules it out.


In any case, Plato’s philosophy is a part of the foundation of systematized Catholic Theology (albeit, St. Thomas Aquinas, without disparaging St. Augustine of Hippo’s work, far from it!, metaphorically ‘baptized’ the philosophy of Plato’s student, Aristotle, and used it as part of the framework of his Scholastic Theology), and, via these two saints & doctors, as well as many other saints, theologians & scholars or leaders of the Catholic Church or Catholic Realms, Plato became an unmatched formation upon the edifice of Western Civilization. And Plato was Greek. Thus our present day Greek origins.


Oh, I know. Not popular to say right now. Modernism does not approve.


Unless it’s pagan & immoral. Then it’s fantastic… and wonderful!


Yet the Truth is very broad-shouldered. It won’t topple easily.


(‘Plato’ is from ‘platon’, Greek for ‘broad’ or ‘wide’.)


And, if trammeled, it springs back up quite quickly.


+++ 151. The Greeks: Best Civilization Ever? (Part 2) +++


Yet Greek influence on Western Civilization extends beyond philosophy. I merely began with philosophy (and its queen --- theology --- particularly the True Theology of the True Religion, Roman Catholicism) because of its absolutely rudimentary ground upon which all else rises and takes form. Beyond the ground is the edifice and all that this entails.


For instance, geometry & mathematics.


In all likelihood, and without meaning to slight the ingenious Greeks, they did not devise or invent everything about geometry & mathematics themselves. Plenty of evidence leads us back to the Babylonians & Egyptians, etc. Viz., much of what famous Greek thinkers, that we remember today, knew, was, in turn, gained from the more ancient knowledge already cultivated by these earlier civilizations --- both of which we’ve exposited lengthily, in earlier chapters of the sixth devastating point against an ‘invincible ignorance’, along with supposed ‘sincerity’, being able to ‘save’ anybody.


Anybody with adequately intelligent minds, that is.


And, while we’ve not gone into detail about it, there is a lot of proof that Greeks positively fawned over the Babylonians & Egyptians, who they knew, at least in very ancient times (read: earlier two thirds of the 1st millennium BC) had greater knowledge and greater expertise in tons of things, including geometry & mathematics. This is not always popular to believe in contemporary academia, but it’s also very plausible and clearly indicated by several ancient accounts. Yet however it may be, we gladly give Greeks due credit. At a bare minimum, they preserved more ancient knowledge. Probabilistically by far, they furthered this knowledge with logic & insights.


A very simple & obvious example is the aforesaid Pythagoras, who, it is documented, had a big influence on the formation & thinking of Plato. Pythagoras knew a whole lot about geometry & numbers, and the fabled ‘Pythagorean theorem’ doesn’t bear his name for nothing. He may not have ‘discovered’ it, but certainly preserved it, popularized it, and applied it in his copious mathematical & geometrical research. The fundamental understanding that the sum of the square of the two shorter sides of a right triangle invariably equals the square of the longest side of a right triangle is vital. I.e.:


a² + b² = c²


Where ‘a’ represents the length of one shorter side of the right triangle, ‘b’ is the length of the other shorter side of this same right triangle, and ‘c’ the length of the triangle’s longest side, or ‘hypotenuse’. How is it God formed the cosmos this way?


In any case, without the Pythagorean formula, modern architecture and skyscraping structures or towers would not be possible. To make large buildings adequately square (a common requirement in modern times for everyday buildings, despite the unique shapes & styles popular for rich, special or artistic buildings), the Pythagorean theorem is also imperative. In navigation, doing so efficiently (read: shortest distance with minimum power expended) depends upon this theorem. To survey land properly and make accurate maps, or find the height of a distant mountain without actually having to climb it or use extraordinary means (and before GPS made this kind of measurement ‘easy’), this ubiquitous theorem is or was indispensable, intrinsic to trigonometry.


Even CGI --- computer generated imagery --- depends on it.


Anything that uses Cartesian coordinates does.


So, big impact? You bet.


Leading us to the aforementioned architecture. The Modernist, Post-Modernist, Deconstructivist, New Urbanist, and etc., etc., styles of the past century or so have dominated our part of the world --- indeed, the globe itself --- yet, prior to this utter reimagination of building, Endarkenment [Enlightenment] thinkers and American & French Revolutionaries, simultaneous to archeological rediscovery of ancient Italian cities such as Herculaneum & Pompeii, had spread Neo-Classicism… literally, the ‘classic’ style of Greco-Roman buildings, especially when it came to public or government structures, like courts, libraries, museums, parliaments or such.


Even during the 21st century, this ancient architectural influence goes on. And howsomuch ever the philosophical & religious symbolism behind this tendency, there’s also a simple (and innocent) reason, too. Which is? Forsooth, because the style is classic, beautiful, durable & practical. What student of architecture, with any eye for beauty, has not marveled at the fluted Corinthian column, emblematic of a human form, and as all ancient Greco-Roman columns, evincing a perceived symmetry with the 6 to 1 ratio? Likewise the pediment & tympanum. One’s architectural bigotry can be blatant, nevertheless, unprejudiced, the pediment’s obtuse triangle or ‘golden gnomonic’ configuration is massive, preponderant, eminent, transcendent & authoritative. Accordingly, the perfect thing to invoke the powerful, beauteous & sublime.


Yet we turn to a couple of other things. Such as?


Well, love it or hate it (and… most of us are taught to unquestioningly love it, no skepticism permitted!), but the ancient Greeks did inspire modern democracy, that ‘delicious form of government’ wherein the people are told they ‘rule’ --- and have ‘inalienable’ rights. (And if you buy that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.) Seriously, I’m not trying to be totally unfair. In all forms of government there is something of ‘democracy’ (for instance, a College of Cardinals elects a new Pope, this being a limited form of ‘democracy’ by doing so). It’s simply a question of, Who gets to vote?” And further a pertinent question of, “Are these voters truly qualified to vote?”


In other words, have they the learning, patience, wisdom & prudence to choose?


In any case, we can’t say with justification or certainty that the Greeks ‘invented’ democracy, not in the most basic sense. Notwithstanding, we can say that they took ‘democracy’ into a more developed form that, despite differences with us presently, has greatly shaped, guided & inspired us, the Moderns, in the last one to three centuries. Ergo, yet another way in which they’ve laid the foundation of Western Civilization.


Curiously, in spite of their reputation amongst academics for ‘pioneering’ democracy, they arguably had more kings & strong rulers than many republics or ‘democracies’, and, referring to the important Greek philosopher, Plato, once more, it was a contention of his that the best form of government would have a ‘philosopher king’. To wit, a spartan man dedicating his life to lead in a way that is both wise & prudent, seeking the best possible good for everyone, without he, the king, lusting for power, wealth, fame or hedonism.


Many thoughtful people today might agree that Plato’s ‘shocking’ idea has merit.


But the other example? It may seem ‘little’, howsoever, it’s not. Meaning?




Yes, the Greeks have bestowed a lot of their language upon us.


Why such a big deal? Well, have you ever bestowed lots of words in your own language upon anyone, let alone a huge amount of people for centuries on end? Think about it. It’s a cliché now… nonetheless, the pen really can be mightier than the sword. How so? Easy. Because ‘words’ --- and, by extension, ‘writing’ of those words --- are merely symbols of sounds or marks to represent ‘ideas’. And ideas, when made widely known, believed in, and acted upon by enough people, have tremendous and (sometimes) dramatic repercussions for the world at large. Sound like a big deal?


Um hmm. It’s a big deal. You shape people’s thoughts.


How have the ancient Greeks given us words?


Ancient Greek is the liturgical language of the eastern part of the Roman Catholic Church. (Eastern Schismatics --- who broke from the unity of the True Church and refused to admit or obey a legitimate Roman Bishop’s Divinely Granted Supreme Authority --- often still use ancient Greek in their liturgies, too, which are simply liturgical rituals descended from the True Church in Her eastern areas of old.) Therefore, learned scholars in Europe routinely learned ancient Greek along with Catholicism’s ancient Latin. Then, as Europe entered modern times (historically speaking, meaning from around AD 1500 on), and a so-called ‘science’ became developed (formerly called ‘natural philosophy’ since it dealt with knowledge & wisdom about ‘nature’), these learned scholars, or ‘scientists’, continued to be trained in… or, at least, retain some understanding of… the ancient languages of Latin & Greek, and even though they were, increasingly, no longer Roman Catholic. Ergo, for the past 5 to 10 centuries, especially in English (the new world language of our times), scholars and scientists have coined words from Latin & Greek, or named things or ideas in our academic science based on these ancient tongues of Latin & Greek. That’s how.


Such as?


Oh, for example, ‘orthodoxy’. This is from the ancient Greek ‘orthodoxos’, which, in turn, comes from the separate Greek words ‘orthos’ & ‘doxa’. ‘Orthos’ means ‘straight’ and ‘doxas’ means ‘belief’ (contemporary scholars typically render it as ‘opinion’, which is technically correct, but misses the point slightly --- we’re talking about what is most certainly infallibly true, and not just what a person’s ‘opinion’ is and hence likely an unimportant thing to be mistaken about, compared to an Eternally Saving Truth). Consequently, ‘orthodoxy’ amounts to ‘straight belief’. I.e., belief in an absolute straightness or truth, as opposed to the bent or false and thus damnable.


Pretty important idea, eh? You may not want to believe in it. Doesn’t matter. If the infallible truth and crucial to eternal salvation, then --- obviously! --- the concept is immeasurably imperative. And all expressed symbolically via sounds or marks.


That we just happened to get from the ancient Greeks. Yet other examples?


Oh, try, in the matter of religion, ‘priest’ or ‘bishop’. Or, in the area of food, ‘butter’ or ‘olive’. (Look up the etymology --- how words change through the centuries, sometimes over different languages, or where they come from and how they’re derived --- of these words if you don’t believe me. I dare you!) Or, in scholarly, scientific or literary topics (‘topic’ itself a Greek-derived term!), ‘physics’, ‘iambic’, ‘encyclopedia’, ‘telescope’, ‘bacteria’, ‘parable’, ‘fantasy’, ‘paper’, ‘desk’, ‘hypothesis’, ‘lexicon’, ‘genetics’, ‘genome’, ‘euthanasia’, ‘hoi polloi’ and ‘eureka’ (the latter two straight from the antiquities of everyday Greeks from some two thousand years ago!). I could go on.


But I think you’ve got it. Hellenic Greeks are a colossal force in our modern lives.


It may be all Greek to you; nevertheless, a huge part of it is a huge part of all of us.


+++ 152. A Golden Triangle? +++

(The Political Part)


So Alexander the Great went on a barely decade-plus conquering spree during the 4th century BC, and --- suddenly --- a new empire on earth existed. Remember this? From Chapter 138 of Helplessly Ignorant? Yes, this is how the Greco-Roman Empire started. True, his father, Phillip, succeeded to a great degree in first establishing a federation of Greek states called the ‘League of Corinth’. This federation’s constituent states agreed never to attack one another, unless to suppress a revolution against it, and Phillip II (Alexander’s father’s full monarchic name) became its first ‘hegemon’ or ‘leader’ (another Greek-derived word there, with English ‘hegemony’!). He then started assaulting a waning Persian realm when he was unexpectedly assassinated.


Unexpectedly as well, Alexander was then made the very next Macedonian king.


After Alexander’s untimely death in Babylon at the still very young age of 32, having carved out a massive Hellenistic Macedonian Greek dominion flung far across Eurasia, his generals fought for decades before falling into a fairly stable equilibrium of territories remaining both Hellenist in culture and under Greek rule. Yes, various smaller Hellenistic or Hellenized territories perpetuated for a time, either aligned with the bigger & main ones, or else waning into oblivion or swallowed up completely by the others.


Notwithstanding, the Greek Empire was an empire not because it was central in rule at the time, but because eventually a fairly stable peace prevailed amongst these various territories, with much trade & intercourse, and because shared Hellenic culture made them think of themselves overall as more together & in common than ‘separate & distinct’. Too, Greeks were inveterate ‘colonizers’, scattering their descendants throughout the Mediterranean Basin and beyond (as a mere two examples out of tons of others we could cite, consider the Carthaginian Kingdom in northern Africa and the city of Naples in southern Italy --- ‘Naples’ being the Italianized version, via English, of ‘Neopolis’, the Greek for ‘New City’). Their shared blood, thoroughly exceptional language (a very complex, expressive and --- I kid you not --- literally musical tongue), along with a reputation, garnered from their superlative Alexander’s almost unbelievably huge exploits in such a brief life, as indomitable conquerors, made theirs an empire.


Yet what were the largest & primary territories into which Alexander’s empire settled?


It was tripartite. Where Macedonia originally existed prior to the conquering spree, the Macedonian territory held forth. To the south & east, the Seleucid territory stood, from which our dear Antiochus IV Epiphanes (little ‘god manifest’) hailed. And further south, the Ptolemaic territory subsisted. This tripartiteness, by the way, I do not believe to be meaningless or ‘chance’. Nothing is outside the Triune God’s knowledge or power, including what we call the ‘future’ or minute factors beyond human ken.


Have you not read in Sacred Scripture where it says:


“Lots are cast into the lap, but they are disposed of by the Lord.” (Proverbs 16:33 DRC)


This is why Old Testament Catholics determined so many things by casting lots. (Read the Bible, especially the Old Testament, if you don’t believe me.) Because they knew that while the casting of lots --- roughly equivalent to us ‘rolling dice’ today in our part of the world, something thought to be utterly random and thus beyond the ability of anyone to predict --- notwithstanding, God, Who knows all things, knows even the ‘random’ throwing of lots or rolling of dice, and can even control supposedly ‘random’ outcomes. Therefore, casting lots achieved two things. One, no one can fight over the results, since any results are absolutely unbiased toward one side or another because of randomness. And, two, anyhow, it can reveal the undeniable Will of God since He knows what is completely ‘random’ aforehand, and can choose to control the result as He will.


Comprehending? This is why I find it hard to believe it was ‘chance’. Yes, we as individuals can get overly enthusiastic and find patterns in various things that we choose to think… mayhap without realizing it… are not purely the result of ‘randomness’. Think carefully. In saying and knowing, infallibly, how God is Omniscient --- foreknowing all things from eternity, even the tiniest wiggle of an insect’s wing or subatomic probability cloud in the quantum electron orbits of an atom --- is not the same as saying He always chooses to intervene divinely in every such thing. He can, if He wishes. But He doesn’t have to. He can determine the ‘random’ via His Omniscience by either intervening or else refusing to intervene. And, in refusing to intervene to determine what is ‘chance’, He can be accomplishing some Divine Purpose via His Omniscience… or simply be letting everything play itself out, according to the laws of nature He’s put in place.


Do you see, then, the difficulty in determining patterns that are significant?


You can go off-rail, like a conspiracy theorist. Or you can be a brilliant logical deductionist, perceiving and explicating what is hidden to others, yet there for any to see once it’s pointed out and explained. Hence my caution. If a reader, despite a real Roman Catholicity, doesn’t agree with me about this, fine. That’s perfectly alright, and we’re Catholics together in reality in spite of our disagreement over this. On the other hand, such speculatory logical inference is also perfectly acceptable. I can speculate with logicalness, and, as long as I remain true to a real Catholicity, it’s okay. Although, warning: speculate like this recklessly & arrogantly, and you can look foolish.


Really, really, really, really foolish. So be careful. And humble.


In any case, I know for a moral certainty that the Roman Empire ruled when, in explaining to a perplexed St. John the Evangelist the symbolism of the bizarre seven-headed Oceanic Beast, an angel told him the sixth head was in place right then & there. (Review Chapter 96 in Helplessly Ignorant and Apocalypse 17:7-15 if you don’t recollect what I’m talking about.) Too, I have excellent historical & logical reasons for grouping the Greeks with the Romans and interpreting this ‘sixth head’ as the Greco-Roman Empire. Read on in order to see what I mean, shortly. Ergo, if the Greco-Romans represent the sixth head of the Oceanic Beast, then it is indeed difficult for me to presume, out of thin air, that Our Creator would not determine certain patterns to demonstrate themselves on earth, in relation to the terrestrial center of the earth’s spherical surface, as decided by Him, and this Sea Monster’s heads over history.


To wit, there’s going to be patterns to espy for he or she who has eyes to see.


Or, put differently, we can read the visual parable He’s put in place.


The parable, then? What is visually & historically said?


That the Greeks were one mammoth realm under Alexander the Great’s nonstop conquering spree, howsoever briefly, represents the Unicity of God, that He is One Being and of One Uncreated Substance. Remember, this is the sixth head and six is the number of humanity, made to look like God whilst being a little less than Him. That the Greeks then became a tripartite mammoth realm under three concurrent dynasties for a couple centuries, represents the Trinity of God, that He is Three Persons and of a tripartite character Himself, Father, Son & Holy Ghost. This tripartite nature of Greek rule continued till, conquered or subsumed by the Romans, become Greco-Roman.


And here we see the Hypostatic Union told in parable. What were two separate things before --- the Greeks and the Romans --- became one thing under Roman rule. Just as what were two separate things before --- Humanity & Divinity --- became one thing under Divine Rule. For, as the Athanasian Creed infallibly assures us, Jesus Christ became One not by taking the Godhead into His Manhood, but by uniting His Humanness with His Divineness, taking it into His Godhood as One Person.


Likewise the Greeks & Romans. How so?


It is a complex tale how the Greeks became subsumed into Roman rule, and historians argue continually over the details, nuances & ramifications. We are not going to enter this fray. It does not further my objective, and the poor reader will only suffer. What is not at dispute is the fact that, by the beginning of the third century BC, the Roman Republic’s expansion throughout the Italian Peninsula brought several Greek colony cities under Rome’s control. The Pyrrhic War resulted, but Rome essentially prevailed, and this conflict enhanced its reputation as an international military power to be feared.


This continued with the Punic Wars over Sicily & North Africa (Carthaginians, an outcrop of Greek colonization you’ll recall, albeit their legendary queen was ‘expelled’ from Phoenician territory, per ancient memory). Yet how did Rome come to dominate over the areas east of Italy, places ruled by the tripartite Greek dynasties? The Ptolemaic dynasty began to weaken around the turn of the second century BC, causing the other two dynasties --- Macedonian & Seleucid --- to salivate over what they could carve from its territories. This threat, apparently, caused many smaller Greek entities to seek for Roman protection… and consequently gradually begin Rome’s involvement there.


Meanwhile, the Macedonian dynasty also began suffering problems, including defeat in war at the hands of stronger & stronger Romans. The Seleucid dynasty, waxing powerful & proud, expanded, nearly taking over the extent of territory that their superb Alexander had originally dominated. This in turn made more & more Greeks beseech Rome for assistance, this Roman-led alliance defeating the Seleucids decisively. Many details we’ve skipped over, for the sake of our beloved reader, but the upshot is this:


By the end of the 100s BC (the second century), Rome had subdued the Macedonian territory, much of the Seleucid territory, and the Carthaginian territory of North Africa. Only the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt remained mostly intact, weakened yet going on. Rome apparently saw these maneuvers as both necessary for their survival and as a means to bring peace to the east, riven as it was by endless Greek factional wars, including the bid by the Seleucids to take over everything. And, by the 30s BC, a Ptolemaic Egypt entered Rome’s growing realm, too (involving the much fabled Cleopatra & Mark Antony). Rome had still a ways to grow ’ere reaching most flabbergasting extent in territory, but the Greeks had melded with Rome.


Their golden political ‘triangle’ of Macedonian, Seleucid & Ptolemaic dynasties gradually softened like wax and melted into the burgeoning Roman hegemony, neither disappearing altogether nor taking over completely in another way. They mixed with the Romans and were citizens, many if not most of them, influencing the Roman Empire in ways that they probably could not imagine at the time. But which we, moderns, can comfortably study from a distance in the quietude of our homes, offices, libraries or classrooms. With this proviso --- that what we study has immense repercussions.


The ‘golden triangle’ established by the Greeks continues today, right now.


For good, and for bad. Good when melded with Heaven. Bad otherwise.


Yet golden this fascinating terrestrial & celestial triangle is.


+++ 153. A Golden Triangle? +++

(The Celestial Part --- Or, How We Climb

to Heaven Via the Marian Psaltery)


And here is where we shift a little again, becoming esoteric yet poignant.


For, in studying the Greco-Roman Empire very carefully, considering all kinds of implications, including those thought hidden & occult (what the word ‘occult’ means, that is, ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’), we find some very strange & astonishing things. We’ve tackled the mystery of threes & thirds, as it were, designed into our existence, prior within this book, Helplessly Ignorant. Especially Chapters 141 to 143, where we investigated threes & thirds expressed in decimality, and Our Almighty Maker’s Trinitarian Nature, and the ‘trinitarian nature’ of the Holy Family in Nazareth. Remarkably, this mystery extends when we ponder assiduously what those knowledgeable ancient Greeks & Romans called a ‘golden ratio’.


And what is the ‘golden ratio’, called as well the ‘golden mean’ or ‘phi’ (ϕ)?


It is the ratio (relation between, or fraction of, two things) of a line segment divided at just the right point, such that, if we compare the length of the larger divided line segment in relation to the length of the whole line segment, this precisely equals a similar relation of the length of the smaller divided line segment to the length of the larger divided line segment. There is only one such point of division on a line segment --- of any line segment! --- that will work. And it seems God built this ratio into our cosmos.


Literally. Even mainstream contemporary scientists are beginning to more & more acknowledge this fact, in spite of not believing in (most of them, probably, being good little Darwinian evolutionists…) a Creator. For instance, it’s now widely admitted that plant leaf arrangement on the stem --- ‘phyllotaxis’ in botany, another Greek-derived word --- is sometimes spiral, which in turn is based on Fibonacci numbers. Physical models made to imitate and help explain this propensity led, e.g., to comparison to spherical packing (packing of ball-type objects of a similar size in the most highly efficient way), which then lead to a dodecahedral (12 faced Platonic solid shape) tessellation with pentaprismic (5 sided prism shape) faces. Such models reveal, interestingly, Fibonacci and phi aspects. For example, we remark that anything pentagonal (5 sided) automatically & unavoidably entails the ‘golden ratio’. Consequently, God has built the golden ratio into many plants on earth.


Or how about some spiral galaxies far out in ‘space’, i.e., the heavens?


Yes, just about anything truly spiral --- such as some celestial galaxies, every nautilus shell, the Bighorn sheep’s spiraling horns, swirling hurricanes, the whorl of a cauliflower head, etc., etc. --- can exhibit a logarithmic spiral that is linked to the Fibonacci numbers (starting with 1, and adding 1, you get 2; then you add the last two numbers, that is, 2 & 1, to get 3; again add the last two numbers, this time 3 & 2, to get 5; and keep repeating this process ad infinitum or until bored or tired; the further you carry it, the closer you get to the ‘golden ratio’) and hence to the golden ratio or mean. Following me so far?


It can even be found in our human bodies. For instance, our DNA. For what is DNA? Crick & Watson --- a British & American pair of scientists in the United Kingdom at the time, along with other important researchers during the 1950s --- proved it to be a double helix. And what is a double helix? A spiraling cord, double in nature, thus much like a spiral staircase with the two rails of the case representing the two cords that are the backbone of DNA. In its most basic configuration it evinces the golden ratio.


Even the shape of a typical & average human body, with one hand stretched upward vertically above the head, demonstrates the golden ratio, in the proportions of the parts of our bodies, with surprising accuracy. Suspecting Our Maker meant this ratio to abound?




Yet let us pause for a moment, allowing the perhaps agitated reader to relent from such esoteric considerations, and focus again for a bit on history. Were the Greeks really the foundation of a ‘Greco-Roman Empire’… or is that just my ‘pet theory’ and not truly correct or to be taken seriously? Well, let’s quote from Horace, a great Roman lyric autobiographer, poet & writer. He lived in the first century BC, just as the Roman Republic changed into a Roman Empire, and as the Greeks had been subsumed completely into Roman rule. What did this learned, ancient, eminent man say?


“Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artes intulit agresti Latio.”


Which, when translated from the Latin, becomes in English:


“Conquered Greece took captive her savage conqueror [viz., Greece conquered Rome despite being politically & militarily overcome by the Romans] and brought her arts into rustic Latium [the Greeks enlightened & civilized Latium, i.e., the ‘savage’ Roman Empire].” (Horace’s Epistles, Book 2, Letter 1, Lines 156-7, emphases & annotations added.)


Horace’s point?


Smart Romans knew very well that Greeks exceeded them in many ways. The Greeks possessed greater art & philosophy, better skills at mathematics & science, and their language --- so complex & expressive during ancient times --- was far better for describing things in an academic or artistic way. Romans knew this.


And freely admitted it!


Yes, Romans excelled at making huge structures, winning military battles, crafting supremely well-organized bodies of laws, and administration. We’re not dissing the Romans in making this point. We’re simply noting how the Romans themselves… leastwise, the most intelligent & educated ones… admitted the obvious:


That they learned a whole lot from the Greeks, and benefited from it.


Eminent Roman generals practically idealized the Greeks’ Alexander the Great and strove to emulate him. Rich or noble Roman families often hired, or had as ‘slaves’, a Greek tutor in order to make sure their sons had the best education possible. True, Latin was the reigning language of the mighty imperial Roman realm, but Greek ranked right alongside it --- right next to it --- as the second ‘lingua franca’ of the Roman Empire, leaders & educated Romans very, very often knowing it intimately and using it commonly. Romans studied and copied amazing Greek architecture & statuary.


We could go on and on. The point is made. Greeks melded with Romans.


This is why I say they are the foundation of the Greco-Roman Empire, and that this Empire is best understood as Greco-Roman and not only two ‘separate’ empires that just happened to exist in succession, one right after the other, both ruling substantially over the same territory at their respective heights of rule & power. They are one.


Not merely two and totally distinct from each other.


To top it off, you may recall how we established the Japhetic nature of the Greeks. That is to say, that the Greeks are primarily, if not solely, descended from St. Noe’s second of three sons, Japheth. Granted, there is evidence of some intermixing with others. As the book of 1 Machabees [Maccabees] in Sacred Scripture shows, in Chapter 12, the beleaguered Jews, in suffering at the hands of tyrannically pagan Seleucid Greeks, not only sent letters to a burgeoning Rome to make a league with them, thereby incurring their help in staving off the oppressive Seleucids (and began, too, the entrance of a gradually growing influence & rule by Romans of Palestine, what they called ‘Judea’), they also sent letters to the renowned Spartans (a city-state realm in Greece, fabled for their austere way of life, and practically peerless amongst military fighters), so as to ‘renew’, they said, their ancient friendship. To wit, their ancient accord and amity between Jews & Spartans. And how did this accord & amity come about?


Sacred Scripture is plain --- and infallibly upheld as inerrant by the Church:


Both Jews & Spartans descended from St. Abraham, their common ancestor. Accordingly, if you read Genesis very closely, you note that Abraham long outlived his dear wife, St. Sara, and had other wives after her (not to mention her Egyptian servant, Agar [Hagar], who Sara pressed upon him in her desperation to have a child and before having had St. Isaac, the son God had promised them for years, Agar bearing Abraham a son, Ismael [Ishmael], the ancestor of the Arabs). One of these wives bore the son who became the patriarchal ancestor of the Spartans, who eventually migrated to southern Greece and became established there, making quite a reputation for themselves before eventually falling into the pagan immorality of all their surrounding neighbors. Ergo, Greeks inherited at least some Semitic blood in their ethnicity via the Spartans.


Intriguing, eh? As history often is. Rejected or unknown today, natch. Since when has a contemporary Modernist scholar bothered to know about, or dared to believe in, what Sacred Scripture or ancient memory (read: tradition) tells us? Hardly ever. But this explains quite niftily the unique culture of Sparta in contrast to the rest of Greece; leastwise, till they, after centuries, succumbed to the paganism of everyone else.


But back to the Romans. Whatever their precise origin --- and acknowledging, too, that they had to have intermingled much with Greeks over the centuries --- their language is obviously Indo-European. Meaning, both ancient Latin and ancient Greek descend from a common mother tongue, even more ancient, that modern scholars have partially been able to reconstruct and call ‘Indo-European’. Therefore, it is almost a foregone certainty that Romans are also a Japhetic people, descended from the second son of St. Noe [Noah]. Continuing then, the curious Japhetic rule of the last heads of the Oceanic Beast, as perceived from Heaven’s point of view in relation to earth’s surface’s center.


Indeed, if my identification of the seven heads of the Apocalyptic Beast is correct, then God has determined to divide seven into thirds, allotting each son of St. Noe and their descendants a time in the sun, as a ‘central head’ of everything on earth. And what’s seven divided by three? A non-integer or fractional number --- two & one third. Understanding? For what is 2 times 3? Right. 7. See how it works?


God apparently let Cham’s descendants sit upon the terrestrially & imperially central throne for two & one third heads. (Atlantis, Egypt and the first third of Hittite rule.) Then, Sem’s descendants sit upon this terrestrially & imperially central throne for the next two & one third heads. (The last two thirds of Hittite rule, Phoenicia, and first two thirds of Babylonian rule… recollect that the Neo-Assyrians & Chaldeans were Semitic while Persians were Japhetic, but with everything in this fifth head empire revolving around Babylon. Oh, and if the clever & astute reader wonders why I dare to call the last two thirds of Hittite rule Semitic, despite it constituting but one Semitic tribe --- the Hittites or ‘Hethites’ --- this is because the empire seems to have begun with just Hamitic rule ’ere Hittites subsuming them, which then led to a longer, in the imperial sense, time of Semitic rule. Ergo, roughly speaking, the Hittites take up the last two thirds. Yet more, they likely intermingled with the Hamitic precursors, making it much more complicated and hence a ‘lengthier’, as it were, Semitic headship. This is partly why I consider the third head of the beast, what I have surmised is the Hittite Empire, to be the most uncertain of these surmisals thus far, subject to future revision or correction, should further evidence & logic arise to necessitate this.) Last, Japheth’s descendants sit upon the same terrestrially & imperially central throne for the final two & one third heads. (The last third of Babylonian rule, Rome and… well, we don’t want to give away the seventh & last head yet. Although, if piercingly clever or well educated, you may have guessed already its identity.)


If correct, every Noachian filial ethnicity gets an equal time on the throne.


Thirds again, eh? And directly linked to seven, God’s special number.


Ah, but recollect how a triangle most wonderfully evokes His Trinity? Without pretending to have excruciatingly exact measurements, notwithstanding, today’s technology allows a person to make surprisingly easy yet fairly accurate measurement regarding various positions on earth. Meaning? Well, given a Greco-Roman Empire, where are the capitols of this realm over the millennia (yes, millennia, since it truly endured, in one form or another, for almost 1800 years… which, if you’re paying attention, is nigh well precisely ¼ of 7200 years, the length of time, per a Roman Martyrology, that Our Creator has had us exist since the Garden of Paradise)?


Think it through. The Greek Empire began with Alexander the Great’s spree of conquering in the latter half of the 300s BC. His father ruled the Macedonian Kingdom. The original capitol of Macedonia was Aigai, but became Pella just a little ways away from Aigai by the time Alexander held forth. He intended to move the capitol of his newly acquired empire to Babylon; however, he died before accomplishing his plan. Resultantly, we may say that Pella was, in a very real sense, the capitol of this vast territory and, despite splintering --- to a degree --- into the Macedonian, Seleucid & Ptolemaic territories, Pella remained the capitol of Macedonia. Then the Latins took command, the capitol of the empire becoming Rome in Italy. Finally, after Emperor Constantine built his second Roman capitol in Byzantium, renaming it Constantinople (from the Greek for ‘City of Constantine’, now modern day Istanbul in Turkey), this is where the final capitol of the Greco-Roman Empire wound up being after its western territory was sacked and overrun by tribes migrating from the east of Eurasia (to wit, Vandals, Goths, Huns, etc.). Realms never fall wholly neatly & exactly, yet it’s fair pinning the fall of Roman imperial power in the West to AD 476. Meanwhile, the Byzantine Empire, with utter continuity, not only survived but grew in power till approximately AD 600, then declined for many centuries after this, an isolated Constantinople eventually toppling to Muslim rule in AD 1453. The upshot?


Curiously, these three capitols are very nearly the same northern latitude. However, if one draws lines between this trio of capitols to form an extremely obtuse triangle, measuring the distance of each side, we find a mesmerizing fact --- the ratio of the second longest side of this triangle to the longest side is within, very nearly, five thousandths of the golden ratio. That is to say, the distance of Rome to Constantinople is about 854 miles, and the distance of Rome to Pella is roughly 526 miles. Dividing the Rome-Pella distance into the Rome-Constantinople distance, you get to within, very well nigh, that incredibly close five thousandths or so of the golden ratio. Which is? The algebraic formula of this ratio is (1 + √5) / 2 (although there are several ways you can derive it, the algebraic just one way), equaling 1.618. Granted, this is an ‘irrational number’ --- the digits to the right of the decimal point endlessly unrepeated, similar to the amazing ‘pi’ (π) --- so we are not limited to 1.618. Yet a zero follows the 8 in 1.618, and the thousandths place is thereby plenty accurate for our present needs when speaking of ‘phi’ (ϕ). Thus, striking within five thousandths of ‘phi’ or the ‘golden ratio’… 1.618… is literally remarkable. And what is even more remarkable is that we can include the capitol of the Holy Roman Empire in our measurements (Aachen, where Charlemagne established his rule with approval of a Supreme Papacy, albeit, admittedly, we do not have absolute continuity here since it began well after the Roman Empire in the west fell --- nevertheless, the Papacy provides a very real kind of ‘spiritual continuity’ by having approved a very fervent Roman Catholic, Charlemagne, as the head of an ‘imperial’ realm purposely resurrecting the memory of a Christianized Roman Empire in the West. Incidentally, we are well aware that Aachen was not perpetually the ‘imperial seat’ of the Holy Roman Empire; this is immaterial since Charlemagne was starkly unique and fervent in the Faith, as well as defender of the Papacy, Aachen his ‘seat’  for some two centuries). This makes a less obtuse triangle from Aachen to Rome to Constantinople and back to Aachen (which is next to southeastern Netherlands, but in today’s Germany). Then, bisecting the triangle into 2 right triangles (a right triangle has one squarish vertex of 90°), the sine ratio of the western right triangle is practically spot-on to ϕ. Due to lack of expertise spent on refining this bisecting, we dare not pretend more specificity than is certain. Howsobeit, we dare not, either, pretend it ‘meaningless’. So how spot-on? Take the opposite side of this western triangle length (eastern side from Rome to squarish 90° vertex intersection point) of some 422.93 miles and divide it by the hypotenuse length (southern side of western right triangle, from Aachen to Rome), approximately, of 684.55 miles. The outcome of this unique but significant-looking quotient? Why, it is 0.61782.


Which, rounded very slightly, is 0.618, another way to express ϕ. Viz., you’ll find mathematicians usually expressing the golden ratio as 1.618, all the same, it is often expressed merely as the ‘decimal fraction’ without the otherwise de rigueur ‘one’ or ‘1’ to the left of the ‘618’ decimal fraction. And, in any case, flip the ratio around (divide 422.93 into 684.55 instead) and you get the same thing practically. That is, 1.618. Yes, phi is that flexible, invertible & amazing. Or, to put the matter a little bit differently:


If 0.61782, then less than two ten thousandths from a 0.618 golden ratio of ϕ.


Close enough that imperfect measurement may explain tiny divergence.


Golden ratio? Yes, very much so, spiritually speaking. Golden, indeed.


Oh, I know, the skeptic can say, “Hey, if you search hard enough, you can find this golden ratio anywhere you look, measure & compare. People see whatever they want to see; you’re sure to ‘discover’ what you’re already ‘determined’ to find.” And there is some truth to this assertion. But only to a point, invoking simple logic. How so?


Choose any three points on the earth’s surface at random. And I mean at random. No preconceived agenda. With or without the ‘1’ in ‘1.618’, and measuring carefully enough to get at least four reliable decimal digits, you have then ten thousand different decimal ratios that you could potentially come up with. What are the odds, statistically, that you are going to get to within less than one tenth of one percent to the golden ratio of 618 thousandths? Taking the randomly generated triangle, or bisecting said triangle into paired right triangles, what probability does any individual have of getting this ridiculously close to the golden mean of ϕ? Right, you don’t have much chance.


Simple logic tells you that this is highly unlikely; you’re probably going to have to go through lots of randomly generated triangles before you’re going to get lucky enough to be within such a tiny proximity of the golden ratio. Savvy? It’s not ‘irrefutable logical deduction’ or ‘hard proof’ all by itself… but it’s also foolish to dismiss out of hand.


The gist?


No one ‘must’ believe it significant just because I think it so, least of all a real Catholic. Notwithstanding, knowing that God has indeed chosen a certain spot on the surface of the earth to be its ‘center’, from a celestial point of view, and that, temporally, He determines human destiny in relation to this ‘center’ (the eastern Mediterranean, in Jerusalem, at the Hill of St. Adam’s Skull), then how difficult is it to guess that the various heads of the Oceanic Beast are likely to reveal ‘geometric parables’ if you’ve the eyes to see?


To wit, the understanding of mind and heavenly graces to perceive it?


Plainly, it is NOT inconceivable. The ratio really CAN be there.


And on purpose, from a Celestial & Eternal Point of View.


‘Hard proof’? No. Distinct possibility? Absolutely.


Which is where we wend our way back to pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza, to be precise. Remember this? Yes. Way back in Chapter 99 of Helplessly Ignorant we spoke about the Great Pyramid as we discussed the Egyptian Empire as the second head of the Apocalyptic Sea Monster. And what did we discover? That an ancient Jewish historian, Josephus --- who lived in the first century AD and, say some, became Roman Catholic --- records for us an even more ancient tradition (that is to say, it was ancient tradition even during his ancient time, let alone to us moderns…) that St. Adam, during his millennial long life, prophesied the Great Deluge to come and had his virtuous descendants build two ‘pillars’, one of brick and one of stone, in order to preserve knowledge despite catastrophic punishment. And, insisted Josephus, the stone ‘pillar’ could still be examined, as he wrote, in fabled Egypt. Leading one to a simple supposition:


That this ‘pillar’ of stone is none other than the Great Pyramid. For while Egypt is the host of innumerable pyramids, not a one of them can compare to the Great Pyramid. Not merely in size, but in its incredible mathematic & geometric design, incorporating basic constants like π (pi), ϕ (phi) & e (the natural logarithm). In short, that this pyramid is, undeniably, the work of genius. Yet how does it incorporate the golden ratio, ϕ?


Recall the Pythagorean theorem? Correct --- a² + b² = c². This applies to right triangles, and right triangles solely. That is, one of the three angles of the triangle must be squarish and thus 90°. But what if you make the hypotenuse of this hypothetical right triangle the longer version of ϕ (1.618…), the golden ratio, in relation to the bottom side of this same hypothetical right triangle that is a unit length of 1? This would then make the remaining side of the triangle the length of √ϕ (i.e., the pyramid’s height is √ϕ, or 1.272…). And do you, beloved soul, realize that an exceptional property of ϕ, the golden ratio, is when you square it (multiply it by itself… viz., ϕ times ϕ = ϕ²), it is the single number in the world which will then become itself plus one. I.e., ϕ² = ϕ + 1 (or put another way, 1.618…² = 1.618… + 1 = 2.618…). Incredible? Surely. Where are we going with this, though? The Great Pyramid in its original gleaming white casing stone, brilliant in the Egyptian sun, is, when viewed in perfect profile, a two dimensional outline of a pair of such ϕ right triangles, back to back, just as we have explained above. Hence, the two shorter sides squared and summed equal the longer side squared, which is ϕ², which is ϕ + 1, 2.618… ad infinitum (this being an endlessly unrepeating or ‘irrational’ number). It means, also, the area of but one of the faces is ϕ. And, were that not enough, measuring the area of all four of the Great Pyramid’s faces --- adding them together --- you’ll find it’s indubitably the golden ratio in relation to the area of the Pyramid’s base. Hence, while we merely demonstrate but ϕ, this can be no chance. Plainly, its design is purposeful & genius.


Mind you, though, in saying that the hypotenuse (longest side) of the right triangle is ϕ, it is a statement of proportion --- and not a singular & rigidly unvarying number of length. To wit, whatever the length of this hypotenuse in some form of measuring units (be it Egyptian cubits, British feet, or Metric meters, or what-have-you), it is the ratio of the hypotenuse’s length in relation to the length of the shortest side that is crucial and never the exact length of the hypotenuse itself. The hypotenuse could be 1 meter, 2 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters or 75.6722 meters. It doesn’t matter. As long as the triangle’s shortest side is a length that makes the hypotenuse 1.618 times as long, compared to the shortest side, then you’ve got a Golden Ratio Right Triangle.


Period. You comprehend? It’s ratios & fractions of lengths we’re talking here.


The lengths themselves can be anything… as long as they make the ratio, ϕ.


Why is this important? Why is our cosmos filled with ϕ, and why Giza?


As in Heaven, so on earth. A simple, sublime, ancient adage.


The Giza pyramids themselves (a trio of pyramids, including the Great One) are, as it were (and as Egyptologists are slowly yet surely increasingly willing to admit), a mirror image of the ‘belt stars’ of Orion in the heavens, that ‘mighty hunter’ seen from northern hemispheric regions on earth. Hence, what is the golden ratio, ϕ, telling us in the Great Pyramid at Giza? What heavenly parable are we reading and trying to decipher? The allegory is facile, my dear soul --- once one’s mind is set upon understanding it, and Heaven willing to help us comprehend it. As in Heaven, so on earth. God exists. The Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church is real and He --- all Three Persons of an equally Divine Nature --- is Our Creator. And He made us in His Image. We repeat:




We are to Him like the shorter length to the greater length in the Golden Ratio.


This, then, is why… if indeed you’re willing, like me, to see deep significance in ϕ symmetry in the relation of the various capitols of the long lasting Greco-Roman Empire, the ‘Hand of God’, so to speak, at work in either purposely permitting or else purposely engendering their positions in relation one to another… the golden mean, ϕ, appears geometrically & trigonometrically in the two different sets of capitols considered.




If the larger pair of triangular sides of the Greco-Roman Empire’s nearly linear set of capitols is very close, but not quite, the golden ratio, then what does this signify? It is the 6th  head of an Oceanic Beast, utterly sold out to traditional paganism prior to conversion to God’s One True Religion. Does it not make sense, then, as humanity --- exemplified numerically in six, and having rebelled in the Garden of Paradise with Original Sin --- deformed itself with subservience to the First Rebel, Lucifer, that Ancient Dragon, the sixth head’s first set of terrestrial capitols is also ‘deformed’, as it were, slightly, from golden ratio perfection? Even more so when we examine the shorter sides in relation, which, whilst still coming near to ϕ, falls yet further astray from the precise mean.


Then, having converted to God’s One & Only Roman Catholicism, does it not make sense that, symbolically… much like the Golden Ratio Perfection of the Great Pyramid in the right triangles incorporated into its pyramidal symmetry… the trigonometric western right triangle made via bisecting the later three capitol triangularity, incorporating the capitol of the Holy Roman Empire founded on Roman Catholicity, would, in its sine (ratio of opposite side length to hypotenusal length) become nearly, or perfectly, a Golden Mean Uniqueness? Symbolizing how God has corrected our deformity? Wherefore, ‘six’ once again has hope of joining with, and becoming, ‘seven’. Nevertheless, only in submission & obedience to Him in Roman Catholicity.


Getting it?


This submission & obedience includes, above all, honoring His Mother.


Yes --- the Blessed Virgin Mary. We must love Her most after God.


She is Immaculate; She the Golden Mean Personified; ϕ in Flesh.


She is God’s Great Pyramid and the means to Heaven’s Gate.


We only gain Her Son, God Himself, Jesus, through Her.


It’s Her Flesh that He took upon Himself, after all. It’s that Same Flesh & Same Blood that He shed upon the Cross. It’s the Same Flesh & Same Blood a real Roman Catholic in the state of grace rightly dines upon at Holy Mass, the Eucharistic Host placed upon his or her tongue as he or she kneels at the altar, receiving from the priest’s consecrational hands. That Heavenly Supper, Celestial Lamb, is Hers… for Mary had a Little Lamb.


Who just happened to be the Word Incarnate, Truth Itself, the Uncreated Creator.


Chapter 153 is no happenstance, just as Mary’s Lamb is no accident.


After Jesus resurrected but before He ascended, we read:


“After this [after Christ had physically & visibly revealed Himself twice to His Eleven Apostles --- the twelfth having been Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him and murdered his own self in despair], Jesus shewed [showed] himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias [Sea of Galilee, in eastern Palestine, along the Jordan River]. And he shewed himself after this manner [in this way]. There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas, who is called Didymus, and Nathanael, who was of Cana of Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee [James the Greater and his brother, John the Evangelist], and two others of his disciples. Simon Peter saith [says] to them: ‘I go a fishing [I will go fish, since we don’t know when Jesus will next appear].’ They say to him: ‘We also come with thee [you].’ And they went forth, and entered into the ship: and that night they caught nothing. But when the morning was come, Jesus stood on the shore: yet the disciples knew not that it was Jesus. [They didn’t recognize Him from such a long distance.] Jesus therefore said to them: ‘Children, have you any meat? [Have you caught anything at all yet to eat?]’ They answered him: ‘No.’ He saith to them: ‘Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and you shall find [plenty of fish].’ They cast therefore; and now they were not able to draw it, for the multitude of fishes [they couldn’t even pull the net in due to the huge amount of fish]. That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved [St. John the Beloved Disciple, the Evangelist], said to Peter: ‘It is the Lord.’ Simon Peter, when he heard that it was the Lord, girt his coat about him, (for he was naked) [not immodestly naked like modern people today, simply that he had taken off his outer clothing because of the hard work], and cast himself into the sea [so as to swim to the shore and see Jesus Face-to-face sooner]. But the other disciples came in the ship (for they were not far from the land, but as it were two hundred cubits [i.e., between 290 and 350 feet]), dragging the net with fishes. As soon then as they came to land, they saw hot coals lying, and a fish laid thereon, and bread. Jesus saith to them: ‘Bring hither [to here] of the fishes which you have now caught.’ Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land, full of great fishes [very big fishes], ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THREE [altogether in sum total]. And although there were so many, the net was not broken.” (John 21:1-11 DRC)


It is customary for good Roman Catholics to pray the Rosary daily. We do this to venerate & honor God’s Mother, the first half of the Hail Mary straight from the Bible itself, being the words of St. Gabriel the Archangel & St. Elizabeth, Mary’s relative, to Her blended together, as inspired inerrantly by the Holy Ghost, written by St. Luke’s hand in his Gospel. The latter half of the Hail Mary comes from long, holy tradition, approved with Highest Authority by Christ’s Representative on Earth, a real pope. Usually, though, we pray the Rosary in thirds (yes, that number again!). There are mysteries to contemplate as we pray, fifteen of them, each composed of an Our Father, ten Hail Marys, and a Glory Be at the end of each mystery (plus the Fatima Prayer, if the Catholic is wise & pious). But before we pray any mysteries, we say the Apostle’s Creed, an Our Father, three Hail Marys (um hmm, that number yet again!), and a Glory Be. The point? Catholic monks & nuns, and good priests, pray the Divine Office daily. This is Psalms completely --- all 150 chapters, plus some other prayers --- per week, week to week, all year, year after year, until one dies, in the state of grace (we pray!).


If prayed in the customary thirds… five joyful mysteries on Mondays, Thursdays & Sundays during Advent, Christmas & Epiphany, five sorrowful mysteries on Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays during Septuagesima & Lent, and, lastly, five glorious mysteries on Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays during Easter & Pentecost up till Advent again… Catholics pray 53 Hail Marys altogether in their daily Rosary. Yet if prayed fully, in imitation of the Divine Office and its 150 Psalms every week, then Catholics pray altogether a total of 153 Hail Marys. Yes, the very same amount of fish caught miraculously, as revealed to us in the Gospel of St. John the Evangelist.


Mere chance? No wise Catholic can think so. This number is special.


Do you recall us pointing out in Chapter 140 of this book, Helplessly Ignorant, that the number of 666 --- the Number of Humanity and the Number of the Oceanic Beast --- is a ‘triangular number’? The 36th in iteration, what’s more, 36 being 6² (6 squared, that is, 6 times 6). A lot of sixes, eh? A triangular number, by the way, if you need reminding, is some sort of regular shape --- such as round black dots --- put together symmetrically, forming the shape of an equilateral triangle (a triangle with all sides & vertices fully equal & perfect). Only certain distinct numbers of these shapes or objects succeed. Accordingly, 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120, 136, 153, 171, 190, 210, 231, 253, 276, 300, 325, 351, 378, 406, 435, 465, 496, 528, 561, 595, 630, 666… and so forth and so on. Notice the 153? Naturally. That’s why we highlighted it. It is seventeenth in iteration. 53 is, incidentally, the 17th in sequence of prime numbers --- the number of Hail Marys Roman Catholics usually pray in the customary & daily ‘third’ of a Rosary. (And, yes, I am aware mathematicians normally call 53 the ‘16th’ in sequence since they discount the number 1 and start with 2… whereas I’m including 1 since it is, indubitably, divisible only by 1 and itself, like any prime number, the number 1 simply fulfilling both criteria in & of itself! Notwithstanding, 16 has implications, too --- being the square of 4, 4 the number of perfection, thus 16 a ‘perfection of perfections’.) And, furthermore, note that there are 15 mysteries completely, 15 the fifth iteration of triangular numbers. And, oh, the 10 Hail Marys for each mystery? The fourth in triangular number iterations --- 10 Hail Marys times 15 mysteries equaling the 150 Scriptural Psalms, which Catholics pray to imitate the Divine Office, also called a Davidic ‘Psaltery’. Psaltery, because it is 150 Psalms being chanted or prayed. The upshot? This is why a knowledgeable Catholic often calls the Rosary the ‘Marian Psaltery’. Because it imitates the Divine Office, substituting simpler yet just-as-piously-intended Hail Marys for each chapter, or chant, of the 150 Psalms. Yet why a ‘Rosary’? It’s meant to evoke a ‘chaplet’ or ‘crown’ of flowers woven together for a queen’s regal head… in this case, the Queen of Highest Heaven, God’s Mother. A rose clearly greatest & most beautiful of all flowers, in scent and in appearance, a Catholic figuratively weaves a ‘Crown of Roses’ for Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary praying neverendingly Her Marian Psaltery. Finally, note three types of mysteries?


Specifically, the Joyful, the Sorrowful, and the Glorious? Indeed, yes.


3 is 2nd in iteration of the triangular numbers. Which signifies?


That Our Creator, Who is One Being (the 1st iteration of triangular numbers!), is, nevertheless, Three Persons (Father, Son & Holy Ghost) from All of Eternity, the Second of Whom (the Son) became a Man in His Mother’s Immaculate Womb, in this way joining Two Natures & Two Wills in One Person, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This belief, this understanding, this truth, a real Roman Catholic professes every Rosary prayed, daily, for his or her entire life on earth, until one’s dying breath.


Oh, and one other thing about fifteen. A decent Douay Rheims Challoner bible (the version of choice for any prudent & real Roman Catholic whose language is English) reveals that Psalm 119 to Psalm 133 are ‘gradual canticles’. That is to say, as Sacred Tradition teaches us, the priests in Jerusalem during the Old Testament would chant gradually these 15 Psalms as they ascended the steps at the entrance of the Temple. Accordingly, one gradual Psalm per each step… fifteen altogether. And a Sacred Tradition also tells us that Mary, when given to God at this Temple as a toddler (veritably, but three years old…), without tears, ascended these same 15 steps, unfalteringly & eagerly, to live in Almighty God’s Celestial House on earth.


This is the Ladder of Jacob, a Heavenly Staircase. By it we come to God.


The Marian Psaltery, the Rosary, is a real Catholic’s surety of grace.


To be a part of Her Son, Jesus, and die in the state of grace.


It’s why the last half of the Hail Mary is thus:




She is Our Celestial Ladder to Her Son in Heaven, Her Rosary & Psaltery its rungs.


No good son denies his mother anything. Nor He, She. He delights to please Her.


With Her Prayers for us, and our prayers to Her, we’ve a Sure Way to Heaven.


She is a Golden Triangle here on earth, and a Golden Triangle in Heaven.


The Marian Psaltery, the Rosary, links the two together, Mother & Son.


It is how the sixth head of an Oceanic Beast was converted & saved. They found this Golden Triangle when they weren’t looking, by God’s Mercy. And became perfected in this most beautiful & simplest of symmetries --- no longer deformed in Original Sin and False Religion or Hideous Immorality. ‘Six’ submitted to ‘Seven’, obeying Him and, in being like Him, joining to Him via Her, the Greatest Golden Ratio Right Triangle ever, Immaculate & Sinless. Her Son Jesus the Golden Pyramidion or Capstone, She the Exquisite Symmetry of the Great Pyramid, encapsulating all perfections in His Everlastingly Sacred Body, the Roman Catholic Church & Her Holy Flesh.


Queen of Highest Heaven, indeed. Virgin of Virgins, Star of the Sea.


In Her & Her Son we wax rational, no longer an Oceanic Beast.


Lucifer falls from Heaven. We walk a spiraling stair to There.


With a Rosary in our hands, or around our humble necks.


It’s not easy dying on a Cross with Christ, unsaintly.


But worth it, for All of Eternity. To be golden ϕ.


Finally… what we were always meant to be.


Like ϕ². 1.618 --- plus ONE. Complete.


+++ 154. Decimality? +++

(Or, How a Mere Base Ten May Rise Above Its

Baseness, Grasping the Truly Sublime, Act 1)


Now, we’ve grappled with decimality (pun intended) before in this book.


How humanity may be signified as ‘six’ in relation to Divinity’s ‘Seven’, while, at the same time, humanity is also indubitably ‘decimal’. That is, based on ‘ten’. For a straight forward reason, too: because we have ten fingers. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious to count in tens. Yes, other cultures, ethnicities & civilizations have had other ways to count; nonetheless, Base Ten --- counting in tens --- seems to have been most popular.


And, inarguably, our modern world is now dominated by Base Ten Metric.


There is nothing wrong with this. It’s never ‘intrinsically sinful’, as wise Catholics put it, to count by tens. It can be natural, easier & sensible. All the same, our ten fingers on our flesh & blood hands can do good things, and do bad things. The same hands that grasp for a sum of money in order to give it to someone in need (preferably as anonymous, preserving one’s reward in Heaven as a Catholic dying in the state of grace), can be exactly the same hands that grasp a gun to shoot someone dead in cold blood. True, killing for the sake of a just war on the side of right is one thing. Killing to gain iniquitous goals, venomous greed & diabolic revenge is murder. And wrong.


Do you fathom? Our remarkable decimality can be virtuous or wicked.


Virtuous when doing good, especially as a real Roman Catholic.


Wicked when doing what is evil, whether Catholic or not.


(But how much more evil when doing it as a Catholic!)


This is part of the mystery of ten, of taming its evil.


E.g., in a passage we’ve seen before (Chapter 95 of Helplessly Ignorant), we read:


“And the angel said to me: ‘Why dost thou wonder? [Why are you so confused without hope of understanding these strange, symbolic things?] I will tell thee [you] the mystery of the woman [the harlot or prostitute, not to be mixed up with the Holy Woman spoken of in Apocalypse 12], and of the BEAST which carrieth [carries] her, which hath [has] the seven heads and TEN HORNS. The beast, which thou sawest [which you saw], was [at one time in the past], and [now at this time as I speak] is not [no longer exists as it did formerly], and shall come up [again] OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, and go [return] into DESTRUCTION [hell]… And the TEN HORNS which thou sawest, are TEN KINGS [very powerful nations], who have not yet received a kingdom [don’t rule the world right now as we speak, my beloved John, yet will exist and be very powerful in your future], but shall receive power as kings ONE HOUR AFTER THE BEAST [shortly after the beast arises, seizing power over all the earth once again, these realms will exist and be mighty]. These [very powerful nations] have ONE DESIGN [a single purpose & single goal]: and their strength and power THEY SHALL DELIVER TO THE BEAST [they will use all their earthly power & authority on behalf of the beast, to make this savage entity even stronger & more ‘invincible’]. These [earthly powers] SHALL FIGHT WITH THE LAMB [Mary’s Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, meaning His Roman Catholic Body and thus good Catholics], and the LAMB SHALL OVERCOME THEM, because he is LORD OF LORDS, and KING OF KINGS, and they that are with him are called, and elect, and faithful.’ And he said to me: ‘The WATERS which thou sawest, where the harlot sitteth [where this diabolic harlot or prostitute sits as on a throne, ruling over them all], ARE PEOPLES, AND NATIONS, AND TONGUES [all of humanity with all of its ethnicities, realms & languages, all over the entire earth].’” (Apocalypse 17:7-8c, 12-15 DRC)


Getting it? This is truly apocalyptic, truly global, and truly evil. And it is apocalypse now as I write and as you read… not ‘airy fairy’ far in the future still, or ‘hypothetical’ and dubious as to how to interpret it. That is to say, without pretending to understand it all --- everything! --- we now have plenty to go on, starting to put it together. That is, beginning to comprehend. Our Lord God Almighty spoke these things to us for a reason and not uselessly, put in Sacred Scripture, an inscrutable puzzle.


And, as always, it’s a parable, for those who have ears to hear.


The message?


You could get really ancient, remembering the antediluvian [‘antediluvian’ means, in Catholic terms, alluding to Genesis, ‘oldest of times before the Great Flood’] patriarchs, who were the rightful Popes & Kings of the world until God washed the earth clean with the Global Deluge. For how many antediluvian patriarchs were there? Right… TEN. To wit (and using Catholic Douay Rheims Challoner spelling, the ‘DRC’ for short), Adam, Seth, Henos, Cainan, Malaleel, Jared, Henoch, Methusale, Lamech & Noe. (See, in the Bible, Genesis 5:1-31 & Luke 3:36d-38, for evidence of this decimality of our earliest patriarchs.) By the way, St. Henoch [Enoch], is one of two human beings Our Maker took away from the earth before he died. (See Genesis 5:21-24 for proof of this. The prophet, St. Elias, is the other, see 4 Kings [2 Kings] 2:1-11 for testimony. If a real Catholic, review as well Ecclesiasticus 44:16 & 48:1-10 for further demonstration. Protestants call this book ‘apocryphal’, not wanting to think it’s scriptural. While Catholics call it ‘deuterocanonical’, knowing full well it’s Sacred Scripture.) The outcome? I doubt it’s ‘chance’ we find decimality in our most ancient of roots.


Or you could get less ancient --- yet still really, really old --- recalling centuries immediately following upon the Great Flood. Yes, that’s correct, the Babel / Atlantis Empire, which we surmise to be the first head of the Oceanic Beast of the Apocalypse. Remember? We spoke of this first terrestrial ‘Sea Monster’ head in Chapters 94 & 96-98 of Helplessly Ignorant. We also first broached the ‘mystery of ten’, as revealed in a very cryptic Apocalypse, in Chapters 79 & 95 of the same. And in Chapter 97 of Helplessly Ignorant, I note in passing how Greco-Roman ‘mythology’ (meaning, modern folks presume it mostly, if not totally, ‘imaginary’, but that a careful scholar who doesn’t dismiss out of hand everything from ancient tradition as ‘utter nonsense’, knowing frequently there’s grains of truth in these ‘mythologies’) tells us that Poseidon (the ‘divinity’ who Greco-Roman pagans revered as ‘god of the sea’, the Romans calling him Neptune, and which, I suspect, is really just the pagan ‘deification’ of an ancient warrior hero of old, Nemrod [Nimrod], as St. Augustine of Hippo… saint, father & doctor of Roman Catholicism… teaches us was what ancient pagans did in crafting their innumerable ‘gods’) took as one of his wives, Cleito, siring five sets of twins. Twins mean two children at one time. What’s five times two? Um hm. TEN. Yes, decimality again. To be precise, this information regarding Poseidon seems to have come from our dear Plato; on the other hand, more research might show other references elsewhere. The upshot? Per Plato, Poseidon / Neptune / Nemrod put the eldest of the first set of twins, Atlas --- and hence the name of ancient Atlantis --- as head monarch, dividing it into tenths and, together with Atlas, setting each son over one of these tenths. Sadly, a massively proud & wicked Atlantis went down, literally, into ruin. Just as sadly, Darwinistic scientists refuse to believe this, citing ‘plate tectonic theory’. Notwithstanding, will their pride & sin result in a similar fate?


Or we can get contemporary. We haven’t met the final head of the Oceanic Beast yet. Seventh & last, we soon will. Indeed, it’s all around us, right now, as I write. We will, though, mention something ‘hidden’ while, at the same time, completely obvious. That is, it’s ‘hidden’ in plain sight. You just have to want to look, know what it is you’re actually looking at, and then connect the dots, recognizing it as what Christ via John, Beloved Disciple, in the Apocalypse is talking about. Accordingly, what are these “ten horns” on the bizarre seven-headed ‘Sea Monster’…? (Apocalypse 13:1, 17:7 DRC) Oceanic Beast is strange enough. That it has ‘seven heads’ is even stranger. But ‘ten horns’? If you have seven heads, wouldn’t one horn per head or two horns per head make more sense? Then you’d get a weird ‘Sea Monster’ with seven heads and either seven or fourteen horns total. But TEN horns? That’s really bizarre! If you’re trying to be ‘realistic’.


Ah, but we’re notor are you? This is a parable. Say again?


Christ via John is telling us a PARABLE.


For he or she who has eyes to see.


So, if you’ve got your eyes open, your brain in gear, you’re living in modern times, the epoch of the Great Apostasy, you’re truly Catholic (one of very few right now…) and you’re attempting to connect the dots, with Heaven’s graces to help you, having the wisdom to understand --- then what’s this all about? What are the TEN ‘horns’?


+++ 155. Decimality? +++

(Or, How a Mere Base Ten May Rise Above Its

Baseness, Grasping the Truly Sublime, Act 2)


We’ve already learned in the chapters just above, from the Apocalypse, that this nasty Oceanic Beast will try to make life difficult for true followers of Christ (read: those who are actually Roman Catholic)… and anyone of traditional religion, clinging to the Law of Natural Reason… by making it ‘impossible’ (or at least rather difficult…) to buy and sell without some sort of ‘mark’ or ‘character’ signifying the Oceanic Beast. We’ve as well discussed this at length. Review recent previous chapters if you’re having trouble comprehending this. Otherwise, stay calm, be logical, and absorb the following:


What makes the world go ’round? A fallen world, that is.


Right! MONEY. It’s what we use to buy & sell.


Now, today’s world is Capitalist. Yes, we’re Communist, too, or, leastwise, all of us ‘communized’ to some extent or other, but the ‘clash’ between Capitalist & Communist was just a ‘side show’, a distraction for the ‘little people’, whilst the New World Order aficionados go step by step, building their new ‘Tower of Babel’, disseminating the Religion of Modernism globally (especially via compulsory public education and whatever form of ‘media’ dominates at the moment), and ushering in a New Aeon of the Sun. Freemasons and other occultists of the 1800s knew, astrologically speaking, that the year AD 1881 was supremely significant to them, heralding this Aeon’s arrival. Eccentric & legendary Freemason, Mr. Albert Pike, who lived from 1809 to 1891, e.g., was keen about this sort of thing. ‘Aeon’ is from Greek --- hence the unique spelling --- and originally meant ‘life’, ‘vital force’, ‘being’, ‘generation’ or ‘period of time’. In American English we typically spell it as ‘eon’, which has come to mean, in most people’s minds today, simply a ‘period of time’ or ‘epoch’, although usually a long amount of time. For the occultist, it means something much more important. It means something huge & earthshaking, a change in the world --- the cosmos! --- that goes right down to the core of everything. It’s not hard, as a real Catholic, to smell sulfur in this. To wit, that it’s really just satan masquerading as “an angel of light.” (1 Corinthians 11:14 DRC) A false light as bright & dazzling as the sun. Ergo, New Aeon of the Sun.


The point is that Lucifer wins when he gets human beings of corrupt flesh fixated upon, and inextricably attached to, the things of this earth. Pleasure & fear drive us. A Catholic --- the real kind and not Novus Ordoist, the post-Vatican II type that still call themselves ‘catholic’, but aren’t truly what they claim to be, whether of the liberal, conservative or traditional variety, having jettisoned one or more of Roman Catholicism’s Infallible Dogmas in its original, correct & unchanging sense --- in striving to save his or her immortal soul, battles these pleasures & fears unceasingly until he or she dies, firm in never allowing them to be inordinate or unnatural. The saintly Catholic surmounts them entirely, which is why he or she is saintly. For those who are not Catholic, or Catholics striving but not yet saintly, these pleasures & fears --- fixation upon and inextricable attachment to (as it were) the things of earth --- are what blind us and hinder us…


Which is why MONEY makes the world go ’round. It’s mammon.” (Luke 16:13)


That is to say, riches or worldly attachment. For what do we desire in this world? It’s pleasures. What do we fear in this world? Suffering and death. So what do most of us struggle for most of our lives, particularly in the part of the earth most modernized or most inundated with wealth? Correct. We strive to get wealth and its pleasures, and, correspondingly, strive to avoid suffering and death. It obsesses us. It’s our ‘god’.


The New World Order powers-that-be know this. Such persons know our corrupt & human natures very well. By such things they lead us where they want us to go, like a donkey following a carrot dangled in front of its eyes, or an ox prodded to pull the plow with sharp goads poking at its hinder quarters & rear legs. This is why they have made the earth Capitalist in the past five centuries. You can get really intellectual and say multisyllabic words and lengthy dissertations to describe what Capitalism is, but, penetrating the academic murk, let us sum it up (no pun intended) pithily:


Capitalism is money lent at interest and money made by fiat.


Or, to put it another way, modern governments declare something to be money with no real intrinsic value (it’s not backed up by something real & truly valuable, like gold or silver, etc., etc.) and modern bankers lend our money --- it’s not theirs to begin with, recollect? (albeit, yes, modern governments & corresponding central national banks can, with fiat power, deposit newly made-up-out-nothing money as they see fit nowadays…), since first we must deposit money that belongs to us in their banks --- at interest (they give your money, and other fiat money, to other people, demanding that such people borrowing it then give it all back by a certain time plus additional money with it on top of the original amount lent). Do you savvy? It’s a giant game of global proportions. Oh, to be sure, you can be insanely wealthy in this modern world. But if you can make money out of nothing and lend it at interest, who really rules the earth? Right. Big bankers.


This is not ‘conspiracy theory’. This is our reality. Study economics, dear soul.


The biggest international bankers are at the top of the global roost.


And powerful modern governments happily cater to them.


Maybe most modern leaders want to cater to the wealthy & powerful international bankers. Yet even if some of them don’t want to, it doesn’t much matter. They ‘have to’. That is, if they want to survive. A wealthy & powerful international banker simply says ‘no more loans’, or raises interest rates way too high, or so forth and so on, and entire national economies begin to collapse, along with the government that ‘rules’ this particular nation. Getting it? Money makes the world go ’round.


Feel a little dizzy? Ahhhh, you’ll find your feet after awhile.


So, TEN horns? The parable here? Well, did you know economists nowadays talk of ‘G10 currencies’? Oh, I know, the poor average reader is going, “A G10 what…?” First, what’s a ‘currency’? That’s just semantics for ‘money’. Specifically, the type of money used in some nation or group of nations that share a common currency. The USA uses ‘dollars’ --- still the most powerful & desirable currency in the world as of this moment in time. The EU, or ‘European Union’, uses ‘euros’, also a very strong & desirable type of money or ‘currency’ today. We could go on, but there are TEN currencies that are most powerful & desirable in the world at the present moment. They are the money employed by the USA, the EU, the UK (United Kingdom, which, whilst a part of the EU up till recently, kept its venerable ‘pound sterling’ regardless), Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway & Sweden. These ten currencies are most ‘traded’ around the world markets, being least likely to lose their ‘value’ in a shocking fashion. Hence their desirability to those who trade currencies for a ‘living’, or need to morph their wealth from one currency into another, preserving one’s riches. True, there are bankers who will add Denmark, their ‘krones’ being fairly desirable & stable, too. (Apparently, this why Danish krones are the ‘eleventh’, since, we’ll learn later in this book, how the ‘ten kings’ --- richest & most modern nations, apart from the ‘Great City’ and its global empire --- turn upon the head of the Oceanic Beast and help to destroy it.) However, ‘G10’ (from ‘Group of Ten’, apparently) is a concept amongst bankers & economists that has been around since circa ’60s (when the Great Apostasy broke out into the open, incidentally, with the closing of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council in 1965), having derived, it seems, from the ten powerful nations who agreed in 1962 to give the United Nation’s IMF (International Monetary Fund) more funds with which they could lend around the world, ostensibly to help poorer nations, but essentially controlling them inasmuch as these poorer nations were at their mercy and subject to their demands.


Getting the idea? See how it works? The ‘G10 currencies’ today are not strictly identical to those ten nations in 1962 that agreed to give the IMF the extra funds. Nevertheless, the concept is what matters. He or she who has the wealth is he or she who has the power. G10 currency nations are the governments who really do make our world go ’round. Which is why, then, Jesus via St. John the Evangelist in the Apocalypse says:


“And the TEN HORNS which thou sawest [saw], are TEN KINGS [very powerful nations], who have not yet received a kingdom [don’t rule the world right now as we speak, my beloved John, yet will exist and be very powerful in your future], but shall receive power as kings ONE HOUR AFTER THE BEAST [shortly after the beast arises, seizing power over all the earth once again, these realms will exist and be mighty]. These [very powerful nations] have ONE DESIGN [a single purpose & single goal]: and their strength and power THEY SHALL DELIVER TO THE BEAST [they will use all their earthly power & authority on behalf of the beast, to make this savage entity even more ‘invincible’].” (Apocalypse 17:12-13 DRC)


This is precisely what we’ve seen in the past five decades, my beloved soul. These powerful currency nations are, indeed, the most modern in a modernized world. They additionally are, indeed, most eager to make the rest of the world even more modern. I.e., make everybody else reject the Law of Natural Reason, join the gargantuan project of the Religion of Modernism and the New World Order to build a new ‘Tower of Babel’ and a ‘New Aeon of the Sun’, self-deifying humanity, as if we are our own ‘god’, controlling ‘evolution’ and thus ‘evolving’ into ‘Homo Deus’, the ‘Man-God’, all of us moderns, ‘gods’ that we are, then doing whatever they want us to do and decree it to be the new ‘right thing to do’, in total opposition to the Law of Natural Reason. They loath real Roman Catholicism and everything smacking of the traditionally religious. In fine:


They are diabolically possessed, hellbent on grasping ‘godhood’, and savagely bestial when it comes to anyone who dares to defy them… even those who are most meek and merely humbly & courteously demur, not wanting to start a ‘fight’ with anyone.


It doesn’t matter. Either you bow to worship, or else you ‘lose’.


Because they can make money out of nothing, and they can lend at interest.


And the whole wide world --- all of earth --- is now theirs, in the palms of their hands. They dare to invade the heavens (‘space’), sending people, and especially probes, to the moon and other planets. They dream of ‘colonizing’ Mars and spreading humanity as far as we can conceive, throughout the universe. They boast of eventually creating ‘artificial intelligence’, of ‘transferring our consciousness’ to a neverending technological android or ‘engineering’ our flesh genetically to be ‘immortal’. Perhaps, say they --- the most daring & farseeing of their intellectuals or techies --- we’ll manipulate a quantum multiverse ‘bubble froth’, calling forth new worlds of our own. And maybe, the speculation goes (howbeit, this is still pretty ‘out there’ for most of them…), we transcendently master time, create our own selves in the past, proving humans, pantheistically & paradoxically speaking, our own ‘makers’, our own ‘gods’… overcoming all time & space, like Greco-Roman heroes & gods of old, dining on ambrosia, with ethereal blood of ichor, all golden & fragrant forever… boundless.


An enticing dream, eh? One may see its allure. Way more pleasant than crucifixion.


But all Capitalist mingled with Communism. For the New World Order, like Karl Marx himself decreed, are ‘dialectical materialists’. There is no supernatural. Only the natural, with we, the New Humanity, determined to make it unnatural. There is thesis verses its antithesis, then synthesis --- a third way made out of two ‘opposing’ forces. We see it realized in Communist China. At first, back in 1949 when they went Communist, on through the ’50s, ’60s, and into the ’70s, they were simply good little Communists.


Oh, but, suddenly, our anti-Communist US leader, Pr. Nixon (before he resigned from office in disgrace in 1974), shockingly visited China and made nice-nice with them. And, since then, China suddenly embraced Capitalism with a vigor, becoming a world factory till now, as it has waxed wealthy, it shifts to a different kind of economy, now second most powerful nation on the earth in some ways. Russia, too, with its ‘fall’ of Communism in the early 1990s, embraced Capitalism, creating Russian oligarchs. Although, mysteriously, their longtime leader, Vladimir Putin, has gotten churlish, sounding & acting like the old-style hardline Communist he was before the ‘fall’, as years go by and Russia flexes its military muscles, scaring everyone in Europe again. And the thing with Pr. Trump? What is that? True? False? ‘Fake news’? Who in the world knows? All we know is that Trump & Putin seem to respect each other a lot.


The point is that Capitalism & Communism are just two sides of the same coin from a New World Order perspective. Both bind the earth together into one giant whole, with humanity no longer subservient to an Old World Order based on the Law of Natural Reason or (may Lucifer and the Oceanic Beast and Modern Humanity forbid!) Catholicism. I jest, of course, but with gravity. This is our reality today.


This is the Great Apostasy. As in the days of St. Noe, so today.


Human beings have ten fingers. With them, like the antediluvian patriarchs --- ten in number --- we could try to follow the One True God in His One True Religion to grasp for immortality His Way, the Roman Catholic Way, whole, entire & undefiled. Or, like the hideous first head of the Oceanic Beast --- like Babel & Atlantis, with ten sons and ten provinces ruled over by power-hungry, God-defying offspring of a so-called ‘god’ who I surmise is the fabled Poseidon / Neptune / Nemrod --- we can grasp for deity Lucifer’s way, the way of the rebel, apostate, heretic, schismatic & total modern.


Decimality for truth & good, or decimality for lie & evil… virtue or sin.


Which will it be? I am afraid, given true prophecy, it’s the latter.


But the former will triumph in the end. It’s true prophecy.


Because no one can out-god God; He alone is the One.


+++ 156. Whither Six? +++


I assume the well educated person knows something about the history of the Greco-Roman Empire. I assume as well that most people today, however well educated, are Modernist to some degree or another. As a result, what they’re taught and what they’ll believe about this Empire’s history is muddled, either avoiding or twisting the truth as concerning its later history. For a very simple reason, too. Because since when has a Modernist wanted to believe in Catholicism? And yet the history of this Empire inescapably involves conversion to the Infallible Truth of Catholicism.


This is not ‘popular’. Modernism inherently opposes Catholicism.


Or, put another way, Modernist people very much believe religious things. It’s just that these religious things very much oppose what Roman Catholicism dares to teach is true. Ergo, the two different religions will clash. Ergo, too, it is not in the interest of most Modernist people to learn about, or believe in, the Catholic part of Greco-Roman imperial history. If true, then they’ve got a problem… don’t they? Namely:


So why don’t you become Catholic? Don’t you see the blatant miracles?


And so the cycle of culpable ignorance & outright denial begins.


Delightfully (for a real Catholic), we’ve evidence of Catholicism spreading all over the Empire while Rome ruled, from the very first century AD, from highest to lowest. It’s in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Roman Martyrology, various accounts of the lives of the saints --- particularly those who were martyrs, or near-martyrs, before Christianity (read: Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled) was ‘legalized’ under Emperor Constantine, and so forth. Almost everyone in the Empire immediately heard about… and, therefore, knew at least a little something about, whether correct or not… God’s Roman Catholicism, this supposedly ‘new’ religion that worshipped Jesus Christ. Crucified persons being, always, horrible criminals, and crucifixion a shockingly shameful thing --- not the ‘romanticized’ idea it’s become in the wake of these millennially old events --- then most Romans thought Christianity absurd.


Not to mention Romans’ attachment to pagan demon gods. Oh, and that tendency, for, leastwise, some of the Roman emperors to ‘deify’ themselves, expecting all denizens of the Empire to comply, including Catholics. A good Catholic’s refusal to do so --- despite being wonderful & obedient subjects of the Greco-Roman Empire otherwise --- made them automatically ‘suspect’. Of what? Why, treason and disobedience.


So, problematic? You bet. For Christians, it meant occasional & horrific persecution. Whilst for pagans, it meant Christianity constantly spreading like a ‘plague’, seemingly unstoppable, in spite of all their best efforts to stifle it. And, naturally, the astonishing miracles the Triune God of the Catholic Church sometimes did on behalf of His holy martyrs not only routinely incensed the magistrate, tribune, governor, emperor or what-have-you overseeing the martyr’s punishment, it additionally caused cruel persecutions to backfire on the specific pagan Roman official involved, he helplessly raging as more and more pagan occupants of the Empire very sensibly converted to Roman Catholicism in response to these jawdropping miracles. There are too many by far to name; you, my beloved soul, are going to have to do some perusing and research on your own to discover what I’m talking about. Only beware --- all Modernist or modernized summations will either ignore, doubt or outright mock the many miracles.


Again, it’s not in their interest to admit the truth about Catholicism.


(Although, tip: peruse the Roman Martyrology or Blessed JacobusGolden Readings of the Saints --- more commonly, and misleadingly, called his Golden Legend of the Saints, the word ‘legend’ nowadays implying ‘myth’, ‘distortion’, or ‘falsehood’, despite ‘legend’ merely coming straight from Latin legere’, meaning ‘to read’… ergo why it’s better translating Jacobus’ learned & scholarly work as Golden Readings of the Saints.)


But we’ll jump to a climactic moment. The conversion of the Emperor Constantine himself. He had a Catholic mother, and a pagan father. (Someone in ancient times claims his father was a ‘secret’ Christian and only ‘pretended’ to be pagan, yet this is dubious, as well as implying he denied Christ to do so, something no decent & brave Catholic would ever do!) The paganism of his father apparently won out in influencing young Constantine, at first. Later, his father, Constantius Chlorus apparently abandoned St. Helena, his first wife and the pious mother of Constantine. Nevertheless, the Roman Catholicism of his mother had to have had a huge impact on his young life. Certainly, Constantine remained attached to her despite his father forsaking her. Moreover, many scholars estimate the Empire was, at a bare minimum, one third Christian by the turn of the fourth century, when our imperial hero arrived on the world stage. Some estimate as much as one half of the population was Roman Catholic at this point in time! However it may be, a tenth, final & bloodiest persecution of Christians then commenced. Either the Catholics or the pagans would win. All the pagan leaders fought with their typical strategies (threats, ridicule, bribery, barbaric torments & murder). Loyal Roman Catholics responded with their tools (honesty, bravery, suffering & sacrifice).


Who do you think won? Hint… it wasn’t the powerful & threatening.


Oh, by the way, per the Blessed Jacobus mentioned above --- who wrote The Golden Readings of the Saints, possibly the most popular book after the Bible for a time near the close of a medieval & Catholic Europe --- there was actually one emperor, before intrepid Constantine, who became Catholic. Unfortunately, the Empire wasn’t quite ready for this, and, one of his most daring & successful generals, Decius, coveting Roman imperial rule, chose to revolt, capturing & murdering this first of Catholic emperors, doing the same to his poor son a little later on, who was also Catholic and would have become the next emperor after his father… had he survived. Yet another indicator of how influential Catholicism had waxed by the middle of the third century after Jesus Christ.


(The emperor’s name was Philip, his son bearing the same name, and other ancient sources tell us the same thing about them. To wit, that they were Catholic. However, modern scholars, naturally, throw cold water on the idea and think it nonsense.)


Yet how did Constantine wind up emperor and legalizing Catholicism?


Emperor Diocletian, who ruled the Greco-Roman Empire from AD 284 to 305, succeeded to the imperial throne after the death of Emperor Carus. In order to better stabilize the realm --- which had been through much upheaval and several crises --- he decided to appoint his fellow military officer, Maximian, as ‘co-emperor’. A while later, Diocletian further delegated authority to Galerius & Constantius, making them ‘junior co-emperors’, so to speak. This then made the Empire into a ‘tetrarchy’ or ‘rule of four’ (yet another Greek-derived term!). Too, it demonstrates again how great empires are not ever & constantly ‘centralized’ or always dominated by just one mighty & ‘absolute’ leader. Then what happened? The Constantius named above as a ‘junior co-emperor’ was Constantine’s father. This was the entrance point of the latter eventually ruling.


Diocletian desperately tried to stamp out Catholicism with the tenth & final brutal persecution that we remarked upon above. Sadly, for him, his tetrarchy was flawed, everyone not quite trusting their other tetrarch peers, and Galerius was ‘semi-barbarian’ from the others’ point of view. Diocletian resigned in AD 305, followed quickly by his first ‘co-emperor’, Maximian, although at least one ancient source asserts that savage Galerius ‘forced’ a sick & weakened Diocletian to do so, thereby implying, also, that Maximian might have felt a similar pressure to do likewise, bullied by Galerius. Whichever, Constantius dying, his troops unanimously followed Constantine.


The tyrant & profligate son of Maximian, Maxentius, taking his father’s place, savage Galerius defied both Constantine & Maxentius, declaring his nephews, Maximinus Daia & Severus, successors of Maximian & Constantius, respectively. This then set the Empire up for civil war, chaotic horrors afflicting many different imperial peoples of all kinds, although especially the already much brutalized Catholics (who had been suffering horribly from Diocletian prior to this, you’ll remember). Maxentius rebelled against Galerius, Severus failing in subduing him (Severus’ army essentially defected to the defiant Maxentius). Meanwhile, the savage Galerius continued Diocletian’s hideous persecution of Christians in the portion of the Empire that he had directly under his control, elevating a man named Licinius to imperial power along the way. He, i.e., Licinius, remained in some position of power until AD 324, cooperating with the ultimately preeminent Constantine to an extent, nonetheless his enemy till defeat.


Interestingly, the Roman Tetrarchy emphasized paganistically its parallels with the twinned dynasties of the gods Jupiter & Hercules. Prior to his conversion to Catholicism, Constantine evinced his reputation with the pagan god of war, ‘Mars’ (known as ‘Ares’ in Greek). When the civil wars of the Tetrarchy went starkly earnest in AD 310, Constantine shifted his reputation, speaking, in terms of paganism, as ‘Sol Invictus(a title for Apollo, the sun god, meaning ‘Unconquered Sun’ in Latin). It’s difficult, as a Catholic scholar, not to see God-ordained symbolism in this shift. Constantine certainly excelled at his winning of wars, and, in eventually conquering the whole Greco-Roman Empire as solitary leader, then legalizing & supporting Catholicism. Is thus not God’s Son, the Unsullied Light of the World, emblemized by the light Constantine the Great spread everywhere with his conversion to this Son’s One True Religion of Catholicism, His Light then spread along, too, with herculean efforts of a now converted ‘Sol Invictus’?


Truly. But how on earth did this rather sudden & unlooked for conversion transpire?


As Constantine dispatched with his nasty or unhinged ‘co-emperors’ one by one, he turned his sights on the capitol of the Greco-Roman Empire at this time, Rome. Making his way south down Italy, methodically beating armies outnumbering his army greatly, he came to the capitol and found Maxentius had destroyed all bridges across the Tiber River, the fluvial course running north of the main part of the ancient city... except for one. Our hero prepared to center his attack at this spot --- the ‘Ponte Milvio, or Milvian Bridge’, which Maxentius thought would hem Constantine whilst still having what is, relatively speaking, an ‘easy’ way for his defending army to cross the river should he decide to. Constantine’s foe --- the aforementioned Maxentius, Maximian’s son --- then oddly and curiously decided to come out in the open to meet Constantine & his army in battle, being an unusual strategy, given that it made much more sense for Maxentius to just ‘hole up’ behind the strong city walls, enduring a long siege (and which he had done successfully already, twice, with other recent enemies & battles at Rome…). Why this strange tactic? Mayhap the reader is skeptical of supernatural influence. Accordingly, the Triune God of His Singular Roman Catholic Church encouraging & ensuring this odd tack. No matter. Determined to be ‘materialist’ (philosophically speaking) and ‘logical’ (supposedly), skeptical perusers of this book can correctly note how Maxentius had begun his part of the rule of a Roman Empire upon the solar calendar date of October 28. Hence, he may have considered it ‘propitious’ to engage Constantine in battle on this precise date. Also, per ancient sources, Maxentius consulted the oracular (read: prophetic) Syballine Books kept in a temple at Rome, finding a prophecy in them that said on October 28 an enemy of the Romans would perish. If true, then, it would seem, Maxentius never considered that he himself was the ‘enemy of the Romans’ who would perish, our remarkable Constantine, consequently, the ‘savior’, as it were, of the Greco-Roman Empire.


Excellent. Nevertheless, what exactly occurred? Just before the battle, I mean?


While slight discrepancies may seem to exist, good historical (and Catholic!) sources unanimously tell us --- Constantine had a vision, and his troops, it would also seem, saw this vision, too. For example, the wonderfully detailed historian, Eusebius of Caesarea in Palestine, who wrote an invaluable account of Roman Catholicism during its first three centuries (and who knew Emperor Constantine personally, insisting he got his account from the Emperor himself), tells us how Constantine looked up into the sky at the sun, and, as he gazed, saw a cross of light and the Greek words, Εν Τούτω Νίκα, together with it. Rendered strictly, the Greek means “in this conquer”. Put into the more familiar Latin, In hoc signo vinces, the message becomes, “In (or ‘by’ or ‘through’) this sign [you shall] conquer”. We’re also told that Constantine had a dream during the night, instructing him to inscribe the heavenly sign on the shields of his soldiers. Per our scholarly Eusebius, this meant the classic ‘Chi-Rho’ symbol --- Χρ --- albeit, the symbolic ‘chi’ (the ‘X’-looking part of the symbol) is normally centered on the lower stem of the ‘rho’ (the ‘p’-looking part of the symbol), just beneath the upper roundish part of the ‘rho’. ‘Chi-Rho’, by the way, is Greek --- yes, that Greek connection to everything the Romans do! --- and stands for ‘Christ’, being the first two letters of His Title (which means Anointed’, you’ll recall) in Greek. Incidentally, Constantine’s mother, dear St. Helena, was Greek as well. Um hm. A half Greek man sat upon the Imperial Throne.


Still doubt the thesis that the Greeks are the foundation of this Empire? And that, doubtlessly, it is a Greco-Roman Empire… and not simply a ‘Roman’ Empire all by its lonesome self? If so, and not too stubborn, then please read the chapters above again very carefully. I have really striven hard to make this point clear, rational & unassailable.


In any case, Maxentius foolishly decided to meet our formidable Constantine in battle at the Milvian Bridge over the Tiber River on October 28, AD 312. As a matter of fact, he officially began the skirmish by marching his soldiers over the Milvian Bridge and arranging them in battle array, ready to engage Constantine as soon as possible. Constantine did not hesitate. He broke Maxentius’ cavalry line, driving his foe’s ‘invincible’ troops toward the river, a great deal of them --- including Maxentius, retreating hastily on his horse --- drowning in the water, Maxentius due to his own desperately fleeing soldiers accidentally shoving both him & his horse into the Tiber. Constantine marched into the City of Rome the very next day, unopposed, with crowds cheering his arrival. In short order… refusing to offer the customary sacrifice to the pagan god, Jupiter, for his fantastic victory, he legalized Christianity, halting the bloodthirsty persecution, and appeared at the door of the Bishop of Rome, the diminutively sized Pope Miltiades, perhaps giving him the shock of his life as Constantine, Rome’s new imperial ruler, begged him to make him Catholic.


Some claim that Emperor Constantine waited until his deathbed, much later in life, to receive baptism. My research makes this appear dubious, and even slanderous. Yes, it’s true, many people during the first few centuries of Christianity waited until just before death to be baptized sacramentally in the revivifying water. For many, if not most, this was wicked, they merely wanting to sin with abandon and then, right before death --- supposedly --- just barely make it into Heaven with baptism on their deathbed, free miraculously from mortal sin’s hellish grip, dying prior to sinning mortally again. Actually, this is self-deceiving. Baptized this way, your intention after baptism is nonetheless mortally sinful and, even if a valid baptism, you’re going to hellfire, regardless. For a few, though, this may have been sincere, they really and truly attempting to avoid hell by delaying water baptism in a bid to not sin after the sacramental waters have been applied. An awful gamble, though. Perilous.


I am firmly convinced that Emperor Constantine was not such a man.


And certainly his conversion, along with legalization & support of the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic Church, continued & accelerated conversion of Roman people to God’s Singular Religion & Hope of Salvation. The last diehard pagan holdouts, in Italia, were converted by St. Benedict and others by the sixth century. And, in AD 610, St. Boniface IV, the pope of that time, officially dedicated the Pantheon --- pagan temple to all the gods --- making it into a Roman Catholic Sanctuary, honoring the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary and All Martyrs. This act, on May 13, made the Church’s Victory… and Emperor Constantine’s, in a sense… complete. Lucifer lost; Christ won. Our Maker gave every head of the Oceanic Beast chances to come back to their senses, obeying Him and doing penance. The sixth head was unique in that the Greco-Roman Empire not only was given a chance and did indeed convert with penance, but did so unlike any other thus far, becoming the center of a worldwide mission of conversion, eventually making the entire earth Roman Catholic, to some extent or another, and in spite of occasionally serious misfortunes or horrific opposition & punishment, generally crushing satan’s reptilian head and bringing his kingdom to a frustrating… from his point of view, that is… halt and humiliating reversal, with a loss of earthly power, for many, many, many centuries.


Whither six? Toward Seven, the correct way overall. Climbing St. Jacob’s Ladder.


Until, the whole world evangelized for Catholicism, pride had grown heavy.


The problem is, the higher you climb, that much further you can fall.


We’re reaching deepest depth, terminal velocity & impact now.


It’s called the Great Apostasy. It’s a Celestial Principle:


To whom much is given, that much more is required.


+++ 157. How Did Harmonic Sixth Lose Its Harmony? +++

(God’s Just Intonation Vs. Satan’s Syntonic Comma, Part 1)


Do not be silly, or fooled --- or prejudiced. We do not pretend here.


I.e., I am under no misconceptions that the Greco-Roman Empire became Catholic and… boom!... everything & everyone all of the time was perfect, and a perfect angel. This is a real story, real history, we’re talking about here. Not fantasy. Becoming Roman Catholic and receiving the Sacrament of Baptism does not make everybody who does so, just like that, magically, into a perfect saint. It merely gives you the Infallible Truth Whole & Entire (as if that were a ‘merely’!), and the Sole Means to Save Your Soul. Toward invaluable, infallible & priceless salvation lies an abyss of temptation in the way. Accordingly, you’ve gotta work hard to fight the good fight, religiously speaking. Salvation is not a cinch; satan does not meekly melt away. Temptations will arise: perfection of Catholicity and one’s soul is never achieved without a spiritual war. Honestly and in reality, with no fairy tales, most Catholics can be very wicked.


Embarrassingly & shamefully so. Enough to make you cringe.


We must battle spiritually against our own bodies, an evil world & demons.


For if you want the truth, then truth it is. Most real Catholics, most of the time, are wicked. That’s the truth. Some real Catholics, some of the time, are most hideously & flabbergastingly wicked. The point, then, is not to stupidly think that we’re pretending this is not so. To say that the Greco-Roman Empire became totally & thoroughly the Roman Catholic Jewel they were meant to be, from all of eternity, is to say that He, Almighty Creator, took the upper hand. He always could have --- He simply didn’t choose to do so until it was the right time. And it’s God who determines this time. Comprehend? We don’t command God. He commands us. I can beseech & pray. Howsoever, it’s up to Him to decide when, and how, He acts. And, being the utter Omniscient Being that He is, then He, outside of all time and space or any created dimension, from All of Eternity, within His Divine Thoughts & Intellect, has… as it were… ‘known’ (the past tense of ‘known’ here is not really accurate since we’re talking about an Uncreated Being Who created time and is outside of time --- so what can we possibly mean by saying He knew ‘before’ time began?) when & what He’s going to accomplish in our human history and human thoughts, words or actions.


Period --- yet back to more nitty gritty details regarding the Greco-Roman Empire.


So Rome officially began converting to the Catholic Faith with Emperor Constantine’s ‘legalization’ of Christianity near the beginning of the AD 300s (I put the ‘legalization’ in apostrophic quotes as if it were truly ‘illegal’ to be Catholic just because the Empire didn’t like Christianity and had made it officially ‘illegal’… as if they had ‘authority’ to defy the command of the One True Triune God of His One True Roman Catholic Church that everyone become Catholic!). The quality of catechumens immediately went down --- those studying, presumably in earnest, to become members of God’s Church, eventually, via the Sacrament of Baptism --- per Catholics of that time. (After all… now you aren’t risking reputation, job, wealth, life & limb simply to be what God tells you to be… and now, as a good Catholic then observed, many ‘converts’ were using a conversion to Roman Catholicity in order to climb the earthly ladder of riches, power, prestige & advancement in the imperial government, or etc.) Which is probably why God let Catholicism experience its worst affliction prior to our own Great Apostasy, the malevolent Arian Heresy, which up to 90% of the bishops then, and at least half the Church’s membership, embraced. God punishes & disciplines those He loves, recall? (Hebrews 12:5-6) Although, let us not forget, how Rome was already converting to the Catholic Faith in droves, from top to bottom, well before Constantine ‘legalized’ the True Religion, even as early as the first century AD, as many of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles were still alive, spreading Catholicism like a mellifluous rose everywhere they traveled, the Holy Ghost directing their steps. By the end of the fifth century, this conversion was essentially complete. Yes, the west half of the Greco-Roman Empire fell to invading barbarian hordes by AD 476 (a few decades prior to this, in a sense, since the last few emperors of the west were but ‘puppets’ of these barbarians’ kings or leaders). Yet the Papacy endured unscathed, and, in time --- although many if not most of these barbarians first dallied with Arianism --- these invading barbarians settled down, became civilized, and converted to the Roman Catholic Church. Hence why, in AD 610, the pope then dedicated the formerly pagan & massive architectural structure, the Pantheon, to the Roman Catholic Faith, to the Blessed Virgin Mary & All Her Holy Martyrs, making it into a church, a sanctuary of the One True Religion. Meanwhile, the eastern half of the Greco-Roman Empire (where the lovely language of Greek dominated, by the way), was reaching its apotheosis at the same time, becoming as large & powerful as it would ever be. Historians usually call it the ‘Byzantine Empire’, but it is really & truly a perfect & unbroken continuation of the Greco-Roman Empire, one that did not finally & utterly crash to the ground, defeated, until Constantinople, its capitol, fell to the Muslims in 1453. Pretty impressive, eh? Think about it… this Greco-Roman Empire existed less than, literally, six centuries ago. Humbled and whittled down, true --- but the identical realm, in continuity, as existed 1700 years ago, when Constantine the Great assumed the imperial throne, the son of a saintly Greek mother, Helena, stunning everybody with the ‘legalization’ of a once much persecuted & despised Roman Catholicism. My. How things can change. For great good, and for great bad. Over time, that is.


Yes, indeed, conversion of all Europe took longer. Why, up to the start of the second millennium, a few pagan tribal holdouts persevered in northern & eastern Europe. So conversion of Europe to its now hereditary Roman Catholicism was not an ‘overnight’ affair. Doesn’t matter. The main thesis is still the main thesis --- and stands. To wit, a Roman Catholic Church, despite many obstacles & misfortunes, steadily expanded, evangelizing the world, completing Europe’s Catholicization some 800 years ago. Moreover, there is lots of circumstantial evidence to suggest that Catholicism was spreading elsewhere, too, even in the Americas, during the first millennium. Well known? Absolutely not. Accepted by mainstream Modernist academia nowadays? Certainly not. Yet possibly true? In my opinion, indubitable. How could an Almighty Creator not give distant peoples all over the earth an opportunity to embrace the Faith He commands everyone to be --- there being ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its ancient, original, narrow & unchanging sense --- if He would not send missioners to these far away people as far back as then? It’s merely that they either didn’t deign to convert, offered the chance; or else, most, many or some of them converting at the time, disdained remaining Catholic, and, relatively quickly, converted back to paganism. A big fascinating hint of this, for example, is the encounter of the Spaniards with pagan Aztecs during the early 1500s. A huge reason why Montezuma hesitated to instantly attack them and instead treated them in a friendly fashion (albeit, playing a ‘double agent’ role doing so…), not right away heeding his snake god priests’ advice that they were a very deadly ‘threat’ needing to be destroyed lest the snake gods punish & abandon the Aztecs, was because the Aztecs still remembered an ancient prophecy that white-skinned men with beards had appeared to their ancestors long ago, teaching a new way to live, and that these white-skinned men with beards would return in the future which a Spanish Cortés & his dauntless men fulfilled to the tee, prophetically speaking, with their unexpected arrival on the shores of what is today’s Mexico in AD 1519.


Yet whether or not you, dearest reader, wish to believe this, we go on.


With or without the Greco-Roman Empire at its height of power & territory, the Catholicism it cradled in the first few centuries of real Christianity (read: the Roman Catholic Church!) spread continually, the Papacy & Church continually endeavoring to fulfill their Lord’s Command that they should proselytize the entire earth. Popular to say nowadays? That is to say, ‘proselytize’? No way. The Religion of Modernism and New World Order authorities condemn ‘proselytism’ with a vengeance, turning it into the ‘dirty’ word people think it is today, as if proselytizing for the True Religion means Catholics ‘force’ others to become ‘catholic’. Or, leastwise, are somehow being very ‘disrespectful’ to someone by trying to convince them to be Catholic. When, in reality, the Catholic Church forbids forced conversions! Forced conversions --- the term ‘forced’ comprehended correctly --- aren’t even real conversions. This is because any human with adequate intelligence & free will must both intelligently & freely choose to enter Our Maker’s Singular Church of Roman Catholicism. Hence, yet another proof of how Vatican II, that incredibly wicked & false Pseudo-Council, betrayed the Church and turned against God’s Catholicism, talking as if the ‘dignity’ of human beings made it now ‘bad’ to proselytize people for the Religion of Rome. As if earlier Catholics, for centuries on end, had been ‘idiots’ to think otherwise. And then, suddenly, ‘catholics’ of the 20th century finally, millennia later, got it right, realizing how stupidly & horribly ‘wrong’ Catholics had been, trying to proselytize the entire world for Roman Catholicism. When, in fact, proselytism --- comprehended correctly --- is an act of supreme love, the Church granting everyone everywhere the opportunity to save their priceless immortal souls.


For have you not read in the Gospels what Christ ordered His Church to do?


“And he [Jesus] said to them: ‘Go ye [all of you] into the WHOLE WORLD, and PREACH THE GOSPEL [Roman Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled!] to EVERY CREATURE. He that believeth [believes] and is baptized, SHALL BE SAVED: but he that believeth not [refuses to believe in Jesus’ Roman Catholic Faith Whole & Entire, or refuses to seek for it] SHALL BE CONDEMNED.’” (Mark 16:15-16 DRC)


And we see as well the God-Man, Jesus Christ, authoritatively telling us:


“And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: ‘All power is given to me in heaven and in [on] earth. Going therefore, TEACH ye [every one of you, especially the leaders of My Ecclesial Body] ALL NATIONS; BAPTIZING them in the name of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY GHOST. Teaching them to observe [believe & obey the Roman Religion Whole, Entire & Undefiled!] ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER I have COMMANDED YOU: and behold [look] I am with you all days [always everywhere], even to the consummation of the world [until this old & corrupt world ends, I the Christ then returning to rule directly and do away with anything corrupt & evil, remaking creation into something new & perfect].’” (Matthew 28:18-20 DRC)


+++ 158. How Did Harmonic Sixth Lose Its Harmony? +++

(God’s Just Intonation Vs. Satan’s Syntonic Comma, Part 2)


Getting the idea? Proselytism is NOT ‘bad’; it is COMMANDED.


Roman Catholicism that does not seek to evangelize the whole world and convert everyone to the One True Religion of Jesus Christ is an oxymorona contradiction in terms. In the meantime, Modernists --- people today who believe in the teachings of the Religion of Modernism --- prove themselves to be hypocrites. For what they claim is ‘bad’ or ‘horrible’ for real Catholics to do (proselytize!), they themselves brazenly & shamelessly have done all over the world in the past few centuries (i.e., proselytize!), trying to make the entire earth into converts to, and adherents of, their Religion of Modernism, worshipping the Oceanic Beast in their New World Order Church.


It’s not a matter of so-called ‘discrimination’. Rather, it’s a question of, Who gets to discriminate?” ‘Discriminate’ only means ‘make a distinction between two or more different things’. Modernists have made this into a ‘dirty’ word, too. When again, in reality, the real point is, “Do Modernists get to discriminate, or do Catholics get to discriminate?” Everybody makes a distinction between things, determining what is correct and what is erroneous, what is true and what is false, what is right… and, unavoidably, what is wrong. So does Modernism and a New World Order get to pontificate to us the rules of true & false or right & wrong, or does Catholicism, necessarily involving an Old World Order, get to pontificate to us about these overwhelmingly important things, the rules of true & false or right & wrong?


Getting it now, dear soul? That’s the real question and the real battle going on.


When you study the Apocalypse carefully, we note how, in explaining to Christ’s Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, the meaning of the mystery of this beast, which includes understanding the parable being told under the guise of the Oceanic Monster, the angel [that is, ‘messenger’, the derivation from Greek of the word, in English, of ‘angel’] states to him the following intriguing & crucial detail:


“And the beast which was [used to be], and [now] is not: the same also is THE EIGHTH, and is of [belongs to] THE SEVEN, and goeth [goes] into destruction [hell forever].” (Apocalypse [Revelation] 17:11)


Curious? You ought to be. Particularly if you’re truly Roman Catholic and living right now during our times, the Era of the Great Apostasy. And there are two obvious things to remark upon immediately, helping someone… such as you, my beloved reader… to see & hear & understand the Parable being told to us through Jesus’ Beloved Disciple.


The Oceanic Beast is mentioned constantly in the last book of Sacred Scripture, the Apocalypse. We’ve also seen that this bizarre entity has ‘seven heads’. We’ve noted that seven is the Number of God par excellence, thereby signifying that this ‘beast’ defies the True God and tries to become Him --- yet without Him and against Him. This is plainly luciferian, the satanic animating ‘soul’ of this strange ‘Sea Monster’. It is simply the world of humanity deceived & seduced, rejecting God’s Roman Catholicism with irrationality & hatred, modern human beings ‘self deifying’ themselves.


Yet “the eighth”? What does that mean? How do we comprehend it?


Religiously & humanly, it means this ‘beast’ first appeared prior to the Great Flood, which cleansed the earth of its filth, ‘baptizing’ humanity as it were, leaving eight souls still alive upon the Ark of Salvation --- St. Noe’s amazing Ship of Safety --- in order to repopulate the world. Viz., humanity before the Great Deluge became wanton, pagan, rebellious & satanic. Only a tiny remnant survived God’s Wrath & Punishment. This punishment destroyed the ‘beast’ of self-deifying humanity at that point in time. Whereas, spiritually & supernaturally, it means this ‘beast’ is the Great Dragon, Rebellious Lucifer, it’s animating ‘soul’, what makes it mobile & deadly.


Ergo, the ‘seven heads’ of this Oceanic Beast are the succeeding Empires since the Deluge, that Lucifer has striven to raise up in defiance of God & His Christ, always in reference to the terrestrial ‘center’ of our spherical earth’s surface, the Maw of Hell, as it were, moving in relation to this terrestrial ‘center’, and how God allows Lucifer and his rebellion to play out in time, across human history. The pre-Deluge apostasy was truly global and hideous. Therefore, while the successive ‘heads’ of the Oceanic Beast are horrific, also, to some degree or another, they are not, any of them, until the seventh, globally apostate and equally hideous. That is to say, the seventh & last ‘head’ of the Oceanic Beast is the Luciferian Sea Monster… humanity as a whole all over the earth… again becoming as totally & completely wicked everywhere in the world as they can be; or, at least, as totally & completely wicked as God will permit them to be so as to carry out His Plan as He has conceived it from All of Eternity, foreseeing our destiny and resolved to carry out His Purpose without compromising our free wills.


Hence “the eighth” being the same and belonging to “the seven”.


It is the same Lucifer & Dragon, it is the same self-deifying humanity all over the terrestrial globe, once again --- just like we did before the Flood, rejecting God & His True Religion utterly, as well as the Law of Natural Reason that He has placed upon our hearts --- defying Our Uncreated Creator and committing Apostasy on a worldwide scale. It is, so to speak, the inversion of a holy octave. It is an unholy octave, the last struggle of pure evil, falsehood & apostasy to triumph, to steal the Throne of Almighty God.


Yet a now converted ‘sixth head’, the Greco-Roman Empire, stood in the way. As the Christ died upon the Cross, humiliated, proud Lucifer lost. Lost his supreme power over the earth. Lost his stranglehold upon humanity. Instead of constantly having the upper hand, he now was on the retreat. Everywhere on earth, for centuries, his kingdom of diabolicism was forced to scrap & grapple, losing ground and footage globally. He, “prince of the power of this air,” (Ephesians 2:2 DRC) was, embarrassingly & uncharacteristically, no longer so sure of his grip on unredeemed humanity.


Thus, whilst still powerful & deadly --- and absolutely resolved to fight until the bitter end --- he was forced to contend with a new reality. The Greco-Roman Empire, converted to Roman Catholicism, had to go. He must destroy it before it destroyed him & his goal completely. The ‘sixth head’ must now give way to the ‘seventh head’. And this final struggle would be for keeps… either he wins utterly, or his Foe wins utterly. It’s all or nothing. Jesus Christ, the God-Man, whipped him on the Cross. In death, in ‘defeat’, Christ gave humanity the upper hand over the Dragon. His Ecclesial Body, Roman Catholicism, begun in Jerusalem in the Cenacle on Pentecost Sunday, now enables humanity to fight Lucifer massively on a huge scale. This New Testament and New Covenant that God made with us --- with those human beings freely willing to join with His Singular Church via Right Profession & Right Baptism --- allowed us to become a ‘harmonic sixth’ instead of the dissonant & rebellious ‘sixth’ that we were before He accomplished His Act of Redemption upon the Cross. We could work with God, to become His wholly, instead of fighting against Him, to be ‘God’ on our own.


Following the Law of Natural Reason well during the New Testament always leads to Roman Catholicism. In the Roman Catholic Church, fighting to be good Catholics, we can become what a musicologist could term the ‘harmonic sixth’. The Number of Man, made a little less than the angels and in Our Creator’s Image, can be in harmony with God rather than in rebellion against Him. Apparently, musicologists more typically call ‘harmonic sixth’ a ‘neutral sixth’. Without wishing to befuddle or bore the poor reader, who I’ve already risked doing so with a lot of ‘arcane’ matters (as most of us probably see it, not being interested in or comprehending these ‘esoteric’ things…), I shall not go into excruciating detail. We do remark, though, how there are three different ‘neutral sixths’ in musical theory. One is ‘equal tempered’ (avoiding the ‘syntonic comma’ plaguing certain musical scales that get complex, ambitious or expansive), and the second is the ‘undecimal neutral six’ (undecimal, since it seems, ‘irrational’ numbers creep in when describing this particular ‘neutral six’; i.e., the numbers past the decimal point in the fraction enumerating this musical interval go perpetually on when expressed as a decimal --- Base Ten --- fraction). Last we find what we call the ‘tridecimal neutral sixth’ (‘tridecimal’ since, it seems, the numbers in decimal --- Base Ten, again --- past the decimal point describing this musical interval as a fraction are only ‘three’ total, hence ‘rational’, not repeating forever and ever, ad infinitum). It is the ‘tridecimal neutral sixth’, or ‘harmonic sixth’, we examine briefly, noting symbolism.


(Fair warning to the beloved soul. Being afflicted with ‘New Agers’, religiously, following upon the close of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council in the mid-1960s, which continues to this day, whether in the form of ‘hippies’ or ‘neo-hippies’ or not, you can encounter a lot of mixed up people with silly & superstitious notions rooted in the ancient practices of astrology or the occult, etc. Once more I say that I cannot condone such silly superstitions or contemporary & false forms of ‘astrology’ that teach as if the stars can ‘control’ human destiny or vitiate a human being’s free will, and so forth. Nor is the occult to be swallowed whole --- even if you do dare to investigate it --- as if any particular occultist could never be mistaken about certain ‘hidden’ knowledge. Not to mention that these occult-loving persons routinely poison ‘hidden’ knowledge with sorcerous, demonic & false religious ideas. Thus, there are musical theorists and musicians, understandably fascinated by the connections between harmonics, mathematics, geometry or physics, nevertheless repulsed by the sheer New Agey-ness indulged by such people, who often love to teach things that, even if true, tend to elicit sneering or cold-shouldering reactions from these musical theorists or musicians. My pardon to them. I’m not trying to be ‘New Agey’; I only note how God makes us.)


This ‘tridecimal neutral sixth’ or ‘harmonic sixth’ is represented by the fraction, 13/8. That is, if you divide the number 8 into the number 13, you get a resulting Base Ten ratio of 1.625. This is very close to the Golden Ratio or Mean of Phi (ϕ). Remember, though, it is the ratio between audio frequencies that we’re talking about here --- called a ‘musical interval’ --- and not exact frequencies or numbers. The 13/8 fraction above is merely a convenient fraction, in the Base Ten or ‘decimal’ counting system, to represent this musical interval, called the ‘tridecimal neutral sixth’. Decimality, of course, evokes humanity in the sense that God made us to be able to grasp… and whether the things we grasp for & do are sinful or virtuous. ‘Tri’ or ‘three’ evokes symbolically the Trinitarian Nature of God Himself, Our Creator, as well as His Image, human beings, who are very ‘trinitarian’ in nature, too (for instance, body, soul & spirit; the fact we live from past through the present and into the future; or the tripartite nature of His Roman Catholic Church, which we’re supposed to join, which is composed, right now, of the Church Suffering, Militant & Triumphant; and etc., etc.; not forgetting that the Holy Family subsisted of three members, Father, Mother & Son, being the template for any real terrestrial family of human beings and our guide, as Catholics, to joining forever with the Heavenly Family of God Above, eternally Face-to-face with Him in Celestial Marriage via the Hypostatic Union of the God-Man, Jesus, Eternally Begotten of the Father). It would seem God has made music based upon the Fibonacci Series or Golden Mean. Many musical theorists or musicians do not know this, or are not willing to admit it, nonetheless, it appears to me to be true. But first, what is a ‘sixth’ in terms of music? It means, in scales that use seven notes or twelve notes and so on (called the ‘diatonic’ & ‘chromatic’, respectively, arguably the foundation of music in Western Civilization in modern times…), there are six ‘notes’ or ‘pitches of a certain frequency’ between the couple of notes used simultaneously to make the harmonic ‘interval’ being played, counting inclusively, the ‘starting’ or ‘fundamental’ note included as a part of it all. (Understand… this is referring to six notes that are NOT necessarily ‘whole steps’ between notes. I.e., there can be ‘semitones’ between some of these notes --- two, exactingly speaking, of them --- in a diatonic scale, the chromatic built on this.)


+++ 159. How Did Harmonic Sixth Lose Its Harmony? +++

(God’s Just Intonation Vs. Satan’s Syntonic Comma, Part 3)


Following that so far? Good. A wee bit confused? Don’t feel bad. Just slog on.


In Base Ten decimal terms, the ratio of frequencies in the various kinds of ‘sixth intervals’ we can make in a variety of chromatic-like scales (‘chromatic’ because it has so many more notes than other scales used in music, therefore more ‘colorful’, what the term ‘chromatic’ means, and, again, derived from Greek!) always come near to ϕ, the Golden Ratio. That is to say, somewhere around 1.6, on up to, perhaps, 1.69 or 1.714. You’ll recollect that the Golden Ratio, whilst ‘irrational’ (going on, on and on, with neverending unrepeated numbers after the decimal point), can, with fairness, be represented as 1.618. To wit, further accuracy is usually not necessary.


Now, in music, there are an infinite amount of ‘harmonics’ or ‘intervals’ that can be devised or found. Pythagoras, that ancient Greek philosopher, studied musical tones with mathematical rigor, discovering, curiously, how Our Maker had made both nature itself and our minds to appreciate certain intervals or harmonics, which can be expressed as nifty ‘ratios’ or ‘fractions’ of integers. This is what I mean by saying that music, mathematics, geometry & physics are connected. All of them deal with ratios.


Strange or odd? Only if you’ve not thought about it before, deeply.


Significant? Undoubtedly, if you’ve the eyes to see, fathoming.


The point? As I said, music and its intervals appear to be linked, ultimately, to ϕ, the Golden Ratio, which in turn can be elicited from, and is ensconced within, the Fibonacci Series (see Chapter 153 above again, if you don’t remember what we’re talking about). A Fibonacci Series, if carried to infinity, converges on the precise Golden Ratio of 1.618 --- although, we repeat, the precise ratio is irrational and goes on forever without repeating. (No pun intended… well, not much.) There is too much to explain and I’ve probably completely lost an average reader. Just realize --- the Fibonacci Series can be seen, mathematically, in terms of pairs of ratios. Indeed, as an ascending path of pairs of neverending ratios. The further it goes, on and on and on, it converges upon ϕ.


End of sentence. Now apply it to music theory and musical intervals.


All of the integer ratio intervals are found in the Fibonacci Series, either directly or indirectly. Notwithstanding, as you follow the Fibonacci Series, converging on Phi (ϕ), the Golden Ratio or Mean, then, expressed decimally, you get closer and closer to 1.618 (albeit, carried out further and further in the unrepeating series of numbers to the right of the decimal point). Got it? This ratio of Phi can be seen as the ideal sixth interval. Thus, ‘harmonic sixth’. Remember how the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary is the perfect ideal of Almighty God’s Holy Image on earth? Remember how Phi is built into our universe, indeed, into our very bodies? It is also built into music and anything based upon frequencies. And it all converges upon the ideal, perfect & harmonic sixth.


Symbolism? I think so. We are six. God is Seven. We’re His Image. Mary is His Immaculate Image. We are to be like God. Our Lady is perfectly like God. This is Roman Catholicism through & through. Ad Jesum per Mariam. To Jesus through Mary. Gold is a perfect substance, in that it will not corrupt, combine or lessen from its innate perfection. Likewise God. Likewise us, if we enter Catholicism and strive to die as good Catholics. Doing so, and if needing further perfection, God mercifully cleanses us in Purgatory. Resultantly, we become the Golden Mean in body & soul. We look like Christ, like Immaculate Mary, in every way possible. We are ϕ. We are 6 harmonically perfect.


God gave this shot at Golden Ratio perfection to the Greco-Roman Empire, and, through them, to the whole wide world, everywhere Western Civilization went, especially when it came to the ‘Era of Discovery’ in the wake of Mr. Christopher Columbus. Europeans, rediscovering the full extent of the earth, then spread their ways globally. This includes Roman Catholicism. And if not Roman Catholic, some heretical or schismatic form of God’s Singular Catholicism, under the guise of ‘christianity’, nonetheless preserving, extensively, portions of our European Catholicism & Civilization. Oh, but recollect Lucifer’s vile hatred of the Catholicized ‘sixth head’ of the Oceanic Beast?


Yes, in the meantime, he had been working to pervert 6 from perfection.


Ergo, while his satanic kingdom underwent retreat all over the earth, simultaneously, Catholicized Europe --- derived from a converted Greco-Roman Empire --- underwent systematic attacks from a furious Lucifer. These attacks often caused terrible evil & sin. But by the 1300s, his efforts began to bear significant fruit. Recall this? Yes, the Remort [Renaissance]. And, politically speaking, as the Byzantine Empire --- the Greco-Roman Empire’s eastern half, in unbroken continuity --- sank slowly into decay & schism, the Creator raised up saintly Charlemagne who, in conjunction with a grateful Papacy, proceeded to officially sanction him as the head of a ‘revival’ of the Greco-Roman Empire, called the ‘Holy Roman Empire’. Not utterly unbroken continuity in the strictest of senses, all the same, with the unbroken continuity of the Papacy & Its Approval, the next thing to it. This Holy Roman Empire waxed greater & stronger, reaching highest extent in the 12th & 13th centuries… right before the Remort took root in the 1300s.


Mere ‘coincidence’? I can’t think so. Catholics were being bad, giving into satan’s innumerable temptations & incitings, God eventually having to act, disciplining and scourging His Own, giving them repeated chances to return to their senses in penance, reforming their increasingly wicked ways so as to appease His Just Wrath and gain His Mercy & Favor once more. This tug-of-war went back & forth for centuries. Much of Europe entered the Protestant Rebellion. Gradually Europeans fell in love with a very sirenic Heliocentrism, ‘removing’ earth from the center of creation in the fantasy of modernizing minds, rejecting God by rejecting His placing of His Image at the center. More of Europe embraced the beguiling yet diabolic ‘Enlightenment’ (Endarkenment!) by the 1700s. Then came Darwinism & Communism. And the ‘sixth head’ crashed into ruin, in spite of its ancient conversion and spread of the True Faith throughout the earth, Lucifer’s ‘seventh head’ of the Oceanic Beast ready to take its place, as it has done, and is now, as we speak. Catholics became worse and worse and worse. Eventually, most of them lost their Catholicity altogether. They became enchanted with the American and French Revolutions, rejecting Pius IX’s rejection of the Religion of Modernism. Enchantment made ‘official’ with Vatican II and Revolution at St. Peter’s.


St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome, that is. Where the evil Vatican II Pseudo-Council took place, three times denying Christ by three times affirming salvation heresy. Like Apostle Peter I of old, Apostle Paul VI of new bowed at the altar of man & satan, worshipping the reprehensible. As did all the apostles & bishops, fleeing their posts.


Incidentally, the Holy Roman Empire did not officially end until 1806, barely two centuries from our time now, as I write, in AD 2018. Thus, in a real sense --- and despite the final collapse of the Byzantine Empire with the fall of Constantinople (the city known as Istanbul in Turkey today) in AD 1453 --- the Greco-Roman Empire endured until the nineteenth century. Being a concatenation of many different kingdoms, duchies, leaders, peoples and what-have-you, its rule involved a lot of different persons & dynasties over a millennium. This includes the Spanish, and there is an undeniable link between the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish Empire that arose in the 1500s with its exploration of, and expansion into, the Americas. To top it off, the Habsburg Monarchy was closely intertwined with the Holy Roman Empire, especially in the 1500s & 1600s, when Austrian politics made their capitol, most of this time, Vienna. The link? Vienna authoritatively ruled the Holy Roman Empire as capitol from 1497 to 1663.


Oh, and when did the Catholic Habsburg Monarchy finally lose its power? Why, when, as the rulers of a relatively brief Austro-Hungarian Kingdom, this realm dissolved at the close of World War I in AD 1918. Literally. As World War I officially ended on the 11th of November in 1918, so, too, did the last ruling Habsburg monarch leave his remaining realm free to determine their form of government from thence forward (though he very carefully did not abdicate, leaving himself available --- or his descendants --- to return, monarchically, to power and serve their people in Europe again in the future, with an absolute officialness of action). Hence, in a remote sense, the mighty Greco-Roman Empire’s last gasp was not until a mere one century ago… making every bit of this incredibly relevant & incredibly recent to we real Catholics today, 100 years later.


And, yes, notice that this neatly coincided, within a year, to Our Lady of Fatima?


Who appeared 6 times to 3 children in 1917, the last appearance on 13 October 1917, Blessed Virgin Mary clearly linking Her Visit to the end of the then ongoing ‘Great War’ of World War I, the sudden ascent of Communism for the first time ever as a government in Russia as the ‘Soviet Union’ (She linked Her Visit with consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, Our Lord & Lady via Sr. Lucia warning that, if not obeyed, Russia would spread her ‘errors’ through the world, with dire consequences for humanity). Indubitably, the number six again. A ‘sixth head’, converted, and Six Apparitions.


Once more, the point? To be golden ϕ, six must imitate Christ the God-Man, we conquering ‘in this sign’, the Chi-Rho and the Cross of Light, like mighty Constantine the Great. Converted from false religion, approaching Jesus through Mary, the Golden Ratio personified, Immaculate, we must beat ourselves into submission, our unruly & corrupt flesh, resist a world filled with innumerable temptations to sin, do constant penance, appeasing God’s Just Wrath for our crimes against His Holy Religion, Catholicism, rendering service to Him in our good works in Christ, offered through Mary, thus achieving what seems to be the ‘impossible’ --- perfection and Heavenly Life.


God intends us to be the perfect harmonic sixth’. He intended the converted Greco-Roman Empire to be the perfect ‘harmonic sixth’, in spite of knowing, from all eternity, how it would eventually fail, depending on its own strength and worldly strategies. God provides both it and us with His means of ‘just intonation’. This is a musical term, an attempt by modern musicians to make the chromatic scale work, ‘evening out’ the accumulating dissonances as certain fractional notes or frequencies get further in frequency distance from perfect ascent of the particular chromatic scale used.


The result? A ‘comma’. It’s called many names, ‘syntonic’ just one of them. It’s the difference in fractional ratio of frequencies as notes in the chromatic scale get further & further ‘off’ from a perfect harmony. The difference is equal to the ratio of 81/80. This is equivalent, in decimal, to 1.0125. It’s ‘barely’ off from the true tone or ‘one’. But enough to hear, and sound ‘out of tune’, dissonant. Metaphorically speaking, Lucifer wants us to become ‘out of tune’. His syntonic comma is the incremental steps we take, as Catholic, to deviate from the perfect harmonic sixth. Slowly but surely, as Catholics, we deviate more & more, becoming less & less perfectly harmonic, resonating with Our Creator. God’s ‘Just Intonation’, so to speak, allows us to, in Roman Catholicism, ‘temper’ ourselves, making ourselves resonant harmonically with Him, imitating Him.


But always --- always! --- through His Mother, Our Celestial Queen.


The ‘sixth head’ eventually fell. Six always falls on its own.


Seeking our way, void of God, we will always fail.


God gives us Roman Catholicism, His Singular Religion, to attain to Heaven --- the Height of Heights, ruling with Him in perfect resonance and harmony and obedience to Him --- to justify ourselves through His Sacrifice as Christ upon the Cross… that lovely Symbol of Light… and, through His Immaculate Mother, ϕ personified, we become a perfect harmonic sixth, subsumed into Seven, the Χρ (Chi-Rho), God in the Flesh.


Our ‘tone’ harmonizes and resonates perfectly, like ϕ, like Mary, with Him.


We are justified --- and really & truly, not ‘fictionally’ --- and we live.


Forever, with Him, and with Her. 2 threes meeting at 4, 6 made 7.


The Octave Complete. Justly intoned. No syntonic comma.


This is the Song of Songs in Heaven sung forevermore.


+++ 160. Westward, Ho? +++


A lot of stuff to cover. And we don’t have time to write or read a history book. Nevertheless, I trust that the precious soul, who is perusing this, either knows enough about history to know that what I’ve said about the Greco-Roman Empire (and all of its repercussions) is correct, or else realizes what I’m saying is based on real historical facts and not imaginary fiction. In any case, we’ve one more bestial head to deal with. The seventh. Yet first a quick question --- where to draw a line for the end of the sixth?


To wit, when did the Greco-Roman Empire, in whatever form, lose supremacy? Yes, it’s true, a few chapters back, I spoke of the Greco-Roman Empire enduring for about 1800 years. This is ¼ of 7200 years, the span of humanity’s existence according to the Martyrology, with Constantinople finally falling in AD 1453. The gist?


As always, history is messy. From a human perspective, that is. Hence, it’s never easy drawing hard & fast lines regarding when a mighty realm begins or ends, or when it’s the biggest or most powerful it’s ever going to be, or when it’s passed its point of pinnacle strength & influence. Even learned scholars can endlessly argue about it.


And, remember, we’re talking about terrestrial centrality. Lots of kingdoms, lots of empires, can exist all over the earth at the same time. I haven’t said what I’ve said about the ‘heads’ of the Oceanic Beast while pretending these ‘heads’ are the only powers to rule during their time upon the earth. I’ve only identified them to show their relevance from Heaven’s point of view, and that the key to identifying them --- from Heaven’s perspective --- is their relation to our earth’s surface’s central position. That is, Mediterranean, in the east, in Jerusalem, at the Hill of St. Adam’s Skull.


The place known as Calvary, and where God placed earthly Paradise.


Where the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil (Lucifer, the bearer of light) was at Paradise’s middle, and where the Tree of Life (Mary, the Bearer of Light) was, too, at this precise middle of the Garden of Paradise. And where, of course, the Light Himself, Jesus Christ the God-Man, gave up His Life in order to gain Eternal Life for those who join with His Body sacramentally in baptism, professing His Mind (Roman Catholic) Whole, Entire & Undefiled. Thereby gaining God’s Fruit, Mary’s Little Lamb, the Medicine of Immortality, outside of which there is absolutely no salvation.


Greco-Roman supremacy… in whatever form (recollect that it started out as a ‘Greek Empire’ that soon became ‘tripartite’, then was subsumed into a ‘Roman Empire’ which underwent many events & transmogrifications, falling in the west whilst continuing in the east as the ‘Byzantine Empire’, the Papacy, meanwhile, sanctioning a ‘revival’ of a west imperial rule with the ‘Holy Roman Empire’, and so forth and so on)… was embattled terribly by the AD 1300s. Notwithstanding, it’s fair postulating that its supremacy did indeed endure with the so-called ‘Spanish Empire’. (Please recall that there is a very authentic link of Catholic Spain with the Holy Roman Empire, and that Spain was, indeed, a global power from the 1500s through to the 1700s, despite its loss of a European dominance by the beginning of the 1700s, the connection being Spain’s monarch, Carlos [Charles] I. This man briefly ruled the Holy Roman Empire under the title of Karl [Charles] V, uniting, for a little bit, the more Germanic Holy Roman Empire with the Empire that Spain was beginning to build, both in the Americas and elsewhere throughout the world.) Consequently, we may safely state, approximately, how this supremacy was finished circa AD 1800. The infamous --- from a Roman Catholic perspective --- naval battle of ‘Trafalgar’ off the coast of Spain, wherein a very Napoleonic France allied with Catholic Spain to beat the growing power of a Protestantized Great Britain, not only hurt Napoleon’s ambitions, but essentially confirmed the waning power of Spain, its global realm falling to pieces. Upshot?


Studious persons can quibble over what constitutes an ‘empire’. I am fully aware there isn’t direct & utter ‘continuity’ between ancient Greece & Rome of old and the later Holy Roman Empire or Spanish Empire of ‘new’ (whilst ‘old’ to us now in the 21st century…). That’s not the point. The point is that these later entities really did continue --- in a very real sense --- both the religion (Roman Catholic) and culture (Western Civilization) of what I’m calling the Greco-Roman Empire. Again, empires, in the final analysis, are what enough people, enough of the time, believe in, so as to make them powerful, influential and, in essence, continual. Capitols can shift. Leaders will change. The ethnicities making up the empire can morph dramatically. That’s not the point. The imperative thing to recognize is what binds them together. And that binding glue, a cohesive cement, is indubitably Roman Catholicism & Western Civilization. When viewed thusly, imperial hegemony truly does persist with the more Germanic ‘Holy Roman Empire’ and the unquestionably Spanish --- yet mingled more & more with countless other ethnicities as its reach extended around the whole earth --- Empire.


Once more, the upshot? In this sense, the powerful Greco-Roman Empire endured, roughly, from the mid-fourth century BC until the turn of the nineteenth century AD. This is a span of time of about 2150 years. That’s right… more than two millennia. Returning to the chronology provided us (if a real Catholic and willing to take it seriously) by the Roman Martyrology, as given us on the date of Christmas, we, resultantly, may calculate a rule that is 43 144ths of humanity’s existence.


Or, put another way, its reign is the fraction, 43/144, of 7200 years.


And while we’re not make-believing our history has been exactly 7200 years (it’s actually a tad longer at this point in time), it’s close enough to use as a touchstone, as it were. In the meantime, 43 divided by 144 is a peculiar ratio. 43 is a prime number (the fifteenth, to be precise, if we buck contemporary mathematicians and include 1 as the first of the prime number sequence) and we’ve already encountered the unique ‘144’ (extremely factorial, if by ‘factorial’ we mean so many different whole numbers are divisible into it, as well as profoundly allegoric and the square of twelve, 12²). Additionally, we may note 43 is barely beyond 42, which is 7 times 6, numbers extraordinaire of God & Man. Fulfilled, as it were, with fifteenth’s fulfillment. Significant? Maybe. I just find it curious. Maybe you do, too. Maybe.


But did you note who trounced the French & Spanish fleet?


At Trafalgar, that is, just off the coast of mighty Spain?


Right, the British. Who were Protestants. Therefore --- especially at that time, the glaringly blatant expression of bias toward Catholicism still pretty common in merry ol’ England --- haters of the Roman Catholic Church. Oh, and eager Freemasons. Not that every person in Great Britain was Freemason. They’re usually, up until recently, very picky about who they allow to join them, and even more picky about who they will permit to ascend into the higher degrees, beyond the first three. Nevertheless, the monarchy of Britain had made their peace with them, being eager acolytes. And, arguably, by the 1800s, Great Britain had become, by far, the land with the most Freemasons as a proportion of the population (meaning, a minority, howsoever, overwhelmingly the biggest minority of any nation of the time) and, as scholarly journalistic research shows, Masons in many positions of leadership in the UK, domination that continued, at least, through to the close of the 20th century. So, troublesome to contemplate? For a real, good & wise Roman Catholic… yes.


And yet, I tell you, this is the source of the Oceanic Beast’s seventh head.


Like Atlantis long ago, first of the Sea Monster’s tyrants, we go west.


Not quite as west as Atlantis. But further west as the tale unfolds.


Humanity collectively turns its back upon the East… defiant.


Whence comes the Dawn, where blazes the Light we hate.


+++ 161. Revolution or Evolution? +++


Now, it’s true France staged a revolution. In AD 1789. Hence, France is extremely important to New World Order ambitions --- and a powerful, wealthy, modern nation, to boot. (They’re an eager part of the EU, or European Union, you might know, thus their currency the euro, one of the ten most valuable & dependable currencies in the world today, zealously proselytizing --- and tyrannizing --- the rest of the earth into their beloved Religion of Modernism.) But, really, the main purpose of France throwing a revolution was to stab a dagger into the ‘heart’ of Christendom, i.e., Roman Catholicity. That accomplished… they being very stable, rich & modernist since the end of the 2nd World War… the New World Order powers-that-be (or NWO, for short) have then concentrated primary power & leadership in two Modernist nations that, it’s plain, beguilingly perform as an NWO’s pied piper on earth, enriching any they wish.


These two siren-like ‘twinned’ nations with serpentine ambitions?


Why, our venerable Great Britain and beaconish America.


Now before anyone says, “What?!? The United States staged its own revolution, breaking free from Great Britain!”, take a deep breath and listen. (A brief pause, as we wait for this type of reader to do so.) Yes, I know the USA had an American Revolution. Remember, I mentioned it at some length many chapters ago --- if you’re not just blithely skimming & dipping here-and-there through this long book, Helplessly Ignorant. I know that this is historical fact. And I’m not ‘over conspiracy theorizing’. I’ve no reason to think most Americans, and most British, at the time, were not utterly earnest in their respective positions, the British (or ‘Tories’) seeing ragtag American revolutionaries as rebels, while revolutionary Americans (or ‘Patriots’) saw potent Britain as an evil tyrant. Academically speaking, you’ve no argument with me. History is one of my passions. However, I’m also Roman Catholic. And insatiably curious, putting no parameters upon my exploration apart from what the One True Church Infallibly Teaches & Commands. As a result, I also know that Freemasons are one of the primary enemies of this same Church. Our popes have said so. Repeatedly. Too, there is enough documentation, publicly available to anyone with the tenacity & intelligence to research, to show, indisputably, how both high-ranking & low-ranking (but mostly the high-ranking…) Masons played a massive role in post-Catholic Britain and the formation of the United States of America. Ergo, how hard is it to surmise that the NWO powers-that-be saw things very differently? To wit, that they not only didn’t care that the United States rebelled and ‘broke away’ from Great Britain, but that it might even have been the primary plan all along? Granted, rather speculatory. But plausible & probable.


Yet the proof in the pudding? The historical reality that supports the idea?


Very simple. A century-and-a-half-later the United Kingdom & United States were becoming best buds. The hatchet had been laid to rest. And not just laid to rest --- we were positively arm in arm… as years went by into the war-torn 20th century… bound together in a vast project of remaking the world into our preferred image. This unity is particularly evident from World War II on. Leaders on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean wax poetic about our ‘shared goals’ or ‘special relationship and partnership’, the so very, very ‘extraordinary bond’ we share in our heritage, language, goals, investments & trade, etc. Fantastical coincidence? A freak occurrence of history? I hardly think so. Our leaders --- especially those rulers so eager, globally speaking, to erect a New World Order --- see Great Britain & America as indispensable players in this grand scheme. The two are ringleaders for a terrestrial circus show. There is an ‘axis’, as it were, betwixt us.


This extends beyond the fact that, in most of the eastern US, at first mostly British individuals settled, the front runners in forming a new nation. Or that we share a tongue in common, the English language, whatever other ethnicities have emigrated to the US, becoming part of the ‘melting pot’ of America. This axis rests on at least five things:


One, Freemasons dominated Great Britain, particularly in positions of high leadership, simultaneous to Freemasons taking a leading role in erecting the American government, making us the first Freemasonic nation on earth. That is, Freemasonic right from the get- go, Masons continuing to play a massive role in our evolution & formation as a nation over the past two-and-a-half centuries. This is not ‘conspiracy theory’; it is hard fact.


Two, English is the world language of our times. Doesn’t matter that minor things distinguish American English from British English, or that they have a different accent from us. I had no real problem understanding an English person when in Great Britain, and no English person had any real problem understanding me, speaking our shared language --- English --- but with them hearing it from me in my American accent. Furthermore, as said, this English language is now learned & spoken as a world language, everywhere on earth. That grants both of us unprecedented influence. Esperanto was a United Nations experiment; English has actually triumphed. Accordingly, the UK & US shape the entire globe by this huge advantage.


Three, it is no fiction to say that the United State’s New York City and the United Kingdom’s London are the financial axis of the earth. Mind you, we don’t mean to disparage many other rich & impressive cities or nations. Singapore & Tokyo are insanely rich; Beijing is now getting ludicrously wealthy; Paris & Frankfurt also impressively bejeweled with affluency. (By the way, we don’t mean to insult a hemispherically southern country or large city. Lots of countries there --- which necessarily includes Central America, although, technically, it’s north of earth’s equatorial regions --- are amazing & many growing richer, whether it’s Africa, Australia, or South America. It’s simply economic fact. The wealth of the earth concentrates, during the last few centuries, in the north, only lately spreading southward.) All very awe-inducing to the worldly minded. Doesn’t change a foundationally colossal thing --- New York & London are earth’s financial axis. Economically, there is vast & relatively balanced trade between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Wealth-wise, New York City has 3 trillion dollars of the world’s riches, the greatest of any earthly city; London, in turn, has 2.7 trillion dollars of the earth’s money, the second greatest of any of the world’s cities (these are current as of 22 February 2018). Meanwhile, the Global Financial Centres Index or GFCI (London based, incidentally), to which economists & merchants refer as authoritative for over a decade, on 12 September 2018 ranked New York City as the top financial center in the world, with an indices rating of 788, and London the second top financial center on the earth, with a rating of 786. The two cities have dominated this index since it began in 2007, and anyone smart about global finance knows it’s been true for decades.


Four, Great Britain built a worldwide empire during the 1800s. By the close of the Second World War, this empire had shifted to the United States. American Empire? Or British Empire? No. Anglo-American Empire. Our aims & goals have been too shared, too held in common, to separate the two completely. The transition was pretty smooth, our respective countries most amicable & friendly, Great Britain not seeming to mind much at all as it receded a bit and America took center stage. This is because, in the NWO’s thinking, no one nation is ultimately important; what is crucial is that the terrestrial globe overall be united under one power, regardless of this power being completely visible, partly hidden, or fully opaque (not to get too complex for you, nevertheless, this power is all three simultaneously). The New World Order is the ultimately critical thing, money --- the ability to make it by fiat & lend that money usuriously --- the engine that drives the earth to the NWO’s goal, along with slow, gradual, steady reshaping of people’s beliefs, morals & logic (or lack of any logic whenever it suits their purpose…). Ergo, the power of, and all ties between, these preeminent nations --- and their financial axis --- is what matters. That the US revolutionary war against the UK occurred is, in the long run, irrelevant. We consequently repeat… these two are truly one, an Anglo-American Empire.


And, five, when Lord Vice Admiral Nelson, with his smaller yet substantial British fleet, along with then pretty novel strategy, defeated a significantly larger combined fleet of the French & Spanish just off the coast of Spain near the Cape of Trafalgar in 1805, a British navy became the world’s premiere military power. England ruled the seas. This cleared the way for them to build their empire, a realm stretching all around the world. (As the saying then went, “The sun never sets upon the British Empire.” The Spanish Empire prior to then also said a similar thing, yet the UK got bigger.) By the end of World War I, their military strength was waning and America’s waxing. With World War II finished, the transition was complete. The United States was now earth’s premiere military power. At first ‘merely’ naval (not to mention its army, as well…), it next became aviational as the USA built the mightiest Air Force ever seen, including its missiles and the ‘space program’, and satellites to go with it (whether the satellites are ‘commercial’ or, much more secretively, ‘military’). There may be tiny political squabbles, perchance several personality snits, in the past century as the UK & US, or their rulers, have interacted. These are side shows, however sincere the squabbles or snits might be. The crucial (indeed, lasting) thing is that we’re bound inextricably in our wealth (meaning, huge international bankers or financiers), fairly much identical in our international goals, share tons of cultural & linguistic commonalities, and have the both of us sculpted & united the world in formerly unimaginable ways, with the strength to enforce our will when anyone challenges us in a manner the New World Order considers ‘dangerous’. True, the US doesn’t technically ‘rule’ huge swathes of the earth apart from her own large country and a few other small territories. That doesn’t matter. Do you recollect some relatively recent invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq? When the US wishes to act militarily, we certainly do --- and nobody can stop us. Do you realize the USA alone daringly flaunts its nose at an increasingly mighty China, routinely sailing US Navy vessels through the South Sea that China claims as its own, militarizing it? Or how, getting more metaphorical, our movies, music and other entertainment have been influential & popular everywhere on earth, including nations hostile to us? This, naturally, isn’t ‘military power’ strictly speaking; but any smart military leader recognizes that ‘psychological victory’ is half the battle, leading to success.


Revolution? Yes, from an NWO point of view. They have overturned the ‘Old World Order’ and erected their own. But the ‘rebellion’ of the United States against the United Kingdom nearly 2½ centuries ago? Yes, technically a ‘revolution’. In reality, though, an EVOLUTION. A thing done because it would permit the NWO to test & perfect new techniques and new ideas, whilst turning this remarkable nation into the world’s new great power, if that wound up being feasible. And it did wind up being such. Hence America’s supremacy. Yet a supremacy shared with the British, the two of us just immensely useful pawns on the chessboard of the globe. Pawns which, in chess parlance… were ‘queened’… working together for a single side & player:


A New World Order & its fabulous International Bankers, New Aeon of the Sun.


It’s been a very slow & gradual evolution in a certain sense. Centuries long, and centuries in the making, that is to say. But in another imperative sense, amazingly & shockingly quick, turning all of humanity and the earth upside down. Especially now.


Now, here, at the end of the world as we know it.


Mighty & titanic Homo Deus, where art thou?


Here. This very instant. An Oceanic Beast.


The seventh and an eighth. How so?


Because Vatican II happened.


+++ 162. Evolution or Revolution? +++


You see, when Jesus Christ --- God from All of Eternity, Everlastingly Begotten of the Father, and Son of Man as Son of Mary from His Divine Conception in Her Immaculate Womb, as well as the Legal Heir of a Neverending Throne as King of Kings through St. Joseph and his royal ancestor, King St. David --- sacrificed Himself upon the Cross, by God’s Plan, the Mystery of the One True Faith of Roman Catholicism, he broke the uncontested power with which Lucifer, the Great Dragon, had ruled this world in Original Sin due to King & Pope St. Adam’s grave rebellion, instigated by his unsuspecting wife, Queen St. Eve, deceived by the Serpent’s subtlety.


Whereas before our father, Adam, had handed dominion of the world over to him in grievous lack of caution and outright revolt, this luciferian dominion was shattered with an ultimate Act of Humility & Charity, Our Creator’s Offering of Himself in order to redeem… and reconcile with… His Own Image, deformed though it was, iniquitous humanity, making us ‘born again’ in the Sacrament of Baptism, and now capable, incorporated into Our Lord’s Sacred Body, the Roman Catholic Church, of fully overcoming our adversary & accuser, a Fallen Angel, with Right Faith & Works. Comprehend? Prior to this gift, we had NO HOPE. With HIS PROMISE to our Patriarchical Ancestor in True Religion, St. Abraham, we gain hope of a destiny CULMINATING IN HEAVEN. But only with Our Maker’s Incarnate Word.


Now a word means something and says something. Otherwise, what is a word for? You’re speaking gibberish. Does God’s Word mean gibberish? Or do wicked human beings change the meaning, say something contradicting His Communication, thereby incurring His Wrath and our destruction? Recollect, we’re born into Original Sin. We belong to Lucifer, the former light bearer, who transforms himself into an ‘angel of light’, unless --- and until --- we’re freed through the Incarnate Word. Which then requires us, with our divinely bestowed intelligent minds, to listen to this Word, understand it correctly & wholly, and act in obedience accordingly.


¿Comprende? There is no other way. Anything else is a lie.


Yet the Serpent is a liar. A really clever & tricky one.


This is the poison of a snake, the fire of a dragon.


Like getting burned? Prefer venomous death?


That makes you either an idiot, a simpleton, or a stubborn rebel. Perhaps something of all three. Please pardon me for talking so bluntly, dear soul. The times & situation demand it. I’ve only got one shot. Similar to waking up a sleeping person in a burning house. Pleasant speech & courteous forbearance tend to be ridiculous in this case.


If you can’t get the victim to wake up, or understand, he or she is dead.


Of course, even when you clearly warn someone, trying to save his or her life, this individual can refuse to listen, or not actually understand, or --- comprehending well --- notwithstanding, contumaciously fight God and deny what He says through His Word. To wit, His One & Only Saving Catholic Religion, Whole & Entire & Undefiled. After all, didn’t most or all Egyptian converts to Catholicism (possibly other ethnicities, too, with Egypt being a mighty empire at this point, potentially having many different ethnicities gathered into its great realm) during the Old Testament end up being stubborn & bad, refusing to believe or obey in spite of seeing God’s Wonders in Egypt, including His Presence manifest upon Mount Horeb, fiery, perilous & unquenchable?


They certainly did. Study the Bible for clear proof. E.g., Exodus 12:38, where it says a “mixed multitude” left Egypt in the Exodus of the Israelites, escaping their enslavement under the Pharaoh’s rule and oppression of the Egyptians against them. Serious biblical scholars have generally agreed --- that is to say, those who, whether Catholic or not, at least treat scriptural testimony with some respect, not axiomatically disbelieving and doubting everything it says --- “mixed multitude” reveals how a small yet significant minority of the people exiting Egypt were Egyptians, or other ethnicities in Egypt, impressed with the astonishing miracles that the True God did in humbling Egypt. Wherefore, they joined the Israelites, circumcised into the Old Covenant Church. Unfortunately, most if not all of these circumcised Egyptians or ethnicities, in confronting the hardships of the desert, began murmuring & complained. This disobedient spirit spread to the ethnic Israelites, too. See Numbers 11:4 for the unpleasantly damning evidence of this infectious & plague-like rebellious spirit.


Many human beings cease their unbelief when confronted with obvious miracles upholding the Roman Catholic Faith. At least a few, though, see His miracles with personal eyewitness… and still don’t want to obey. It’s like the demons in hell. St. James, in his New Testament letter in Sacred Scripture, notes how these fallen angels know very well the Triune God of Roman Catholicism exists (James 2:18-20). However, knowing this, do they then obey what He commands? They most surely do not. They’ve already made their fateful decision; and this decision does not comport with God’s Manifest Instructions. That is, in spite of knowing that the Truth is the Truth, they are still determined to disobey, doing whatever they want in defiance of Our Creator & His Manifest Will… which includes lying about what God Infallibly Testifies to in His Singular Religion of Roman Catholicism & the Roman Catholic Body of Jesus.


So what makes us, mere human beings, any different? Granted, we’re given time in earthly life to seek & obey what God commands --- yet is this a guarantee that we’ll submit & obey? No, it’s not. It’s a comforting fiction when you don’t see with your personal eyes or senses what God occasionally miraculously does in this life, but, perceiving as an eyewitness the wonders He does, does it make any difference?


Too often not. This is where the rubber meets the road. As Jesus said:


Because thou hast [you have] seen me, Thomas [Didymus, ‘the twin’], thou hast believed [you have believed the truth to be true]: blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed [whoever believes correct testimony about me, despite not seeing it with his or her own eyes & senses, trusting in God’s Church].” (John 20:29b-e DRC)


It is the duty of every ROMAN CATHOLIC pope, bishop & priest to, without fail, KEEP & TELL this Testimony constantly, WHOLE, ENTIRE & UNDEFILED.


Did they loyally fulfill this duty at Vatican II, from 1962 to 1965? No, they did not.


They adapted (read: changed the ancient & original meaning of) Our Maker’s infallible teachings, in His Singularly Saving Church --- the Singular Ecclesial Body of Christ --- to the fallible & false teachings of the Religion of Modernism. They were afraid of, or lusted after, the new & defiant beliefs of modern human beings, pretending to justify themselves as if they were only ‘rewording these teachings in another yet identical approach’ which would cease to offend the ‘delicate, oh-so-very-enlightened & excessively tender sensibilities’ of such easily offended modern human beings. Resultantly, key players at Vatican II only pretended to uphold the Truth.


But did they? No, they did not. Perchance self-styled ‘catholics’ encountering this Pseudo-Council during the 1960s, and on into the ’70s & ’80s, really thought they were maintaining the Catholic Religion Whole & Entire with Vatican II. Such people claimed, with apparent sincerity, that the documents of Vatican II, interpreted rightly, did not defy or contradict the constant & unchangeable Deposit of Faith. This is immaterial. They may have been ‘sincere’, nevertheless, they were ‘sincerely deluded’, either not reading the documents carefully, or else hellishly blind to what the documents really said. Yet the evidence? Easy. What have been the ‘fruits’ of this Pseudo-Council? Right. Ever increasing heresy, apostasy & rebellion. Did not Our Lord warn us:


“By their fruits you shall know them [what results from what they have said or done is proof of what they really have accomplished or intended]. Do men [humans] gather [i.e., harvest] grapes of thorns [from thorns] or figs of thistles [from thistles]? … Wherefore [which is why] by their fruits you shall know them [by means of what they say & do, this results in evil & anti-Catholicity; it becomes blatant & obvious what the purpose actually was all along during a time of ambiguity & error].” (Matthew 7:20 DRC)


This is what Vatican II did. This is what Pope Paul VI… that ‘VI’ or ‘Six’ being the Number of Man, interesting, isn’t it?... did in officially & publicly promulgating the 16 damnable documents of the novel Vatican II, thereby revealing himself --- notoriously & pertinaciously --- to be the heretic, apostate & rebel he already was, secretly, prior to his coming out into the open with this act of promulgating damnable documents under the guise of ‘catholicity’ that has been ‘reworded’ or has undergone ‘aggiornamento’ (the Italian for ‘updating’, a commonly heard expression amongst the men who were the primary ‘movers & shakers’ of this Pseudo-Council). And once Paul VI revealed notoriously & pertinaciously his apostasy, he, along with the Vatican II bishops, automatically suffered excommunication, as required by Church’s Canon Law.


(Incidentally, go here for the irrefutable proof of this necessary ecclesial rule.)


Yes, you read that right. Automatic excommunication in Canon Law makes no ‘exceptions’ for high ranking prelates, including the top man, a pope. Excommunications of this sort are automatic, period. It’s already set up to go in Canon Law, God’s Catholic Church Herself, which is the Singular Body of Christ, having His Authority, from the Divine Jesus, to automatically excommunicate anyone --- even a pope! --- if he or she reveals his or her self, in a notorious & pertinacious way, publicly as an incontestable fact, in the ‘external forum’ as theologians say, to openly & repeatedly defy, deny or change but a single iota of the Roman Catholic Church’s Infallible & Unchanging Dogmas. Again --- end of sentence. Paul VI lost his Catholicity and his Papacy.


Most, if not all, members of the Catholic Church had lost their Catholicity.


This is how serious the situation was by the 20th century, religiously.


God gave every human being 1900 years to cooperate & convert.


Catholics themselves became sinful, negligent & rebellious.


Repeated warnings or chastisements fell on mostly deaf ears.


And with Vatican II, and Paul VI’s horrible crime of failing to uphold God’s Roman Catholicity at a crucial moment in our human history, the Maker let the second of three blows strike us --- the loss of Roman Catholicism throughout the world, human hearts & minds without Our Creator’s Gratuitous Graces and thus blind to their misfortune. Nay, not merely blind, but ravenously hungry for every religious falsehood we can devise & devour, including our self-deification. That is, “I myself am God. I can believe & do whatever I want. I can make & form whatever I wish. I made & make myself. Flabbergasting, isn’t it? Praise be to Me! All hail Homo Deus!”


In striking us with the Amos Curse, God allowed Peter’s Throne to be empty. We experience inter regnum’, Latin for between reigns’. (By the way, examine the book Inter Regnum for proof that this is no fantasy. God has and can permit long papal ‘inter regnums’, and He both has and can permit astounding confusion, for a time, regarding exactly who is the pope at a particular time in Church history. Case closed.) We also experience total assault from hell, with no Supreme Shepherd to protect us. This is precisely what St. Paul prophesies, inspired by the Holy Ghost, where he says:


“And we beseech you, brethren [my fellow Catholics], by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our gathering together unto him [Christ’s Second Advent, i.e., His Return to earth in the future]: that you be not easily moved from your sense [your rational and correct understanding of the One True Religion], nor be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word [speech], nor by epistle [letter], as [if] sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand [as if Jesus is going to return right away, here in the 1st century AD as I write to you]. Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposeth [opposes], and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth [sits, pretending to be ‘enthroned’] in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God [teaches that both he & we, fellow human beings, are pantheistically our own God’, there being no reason to continue believing in the true Triune God of His Roman Catholic Church, taught & comprehended correctly, without change, perpetually]. Remember you not [don’t you recall?], that when I was yet [still] with you, I told you [about] these things? And now you know what withholdeth [withholds, that is, restrains], that he [the man of sin, and son of perdition or ‘offspring of hell’] may be revealed in his time [at the time in human history that God chooses to allow this misfortune to happen]. For the mystery of iniquity already worketh [works, i.e., operates and tries to bring about this evil time]; only that he who now holdeth [holds, that is to say, keeps it from happening], do hold, until he be taken out of the way [in other words, God allows St. Peter’s Throne to be between true popes, for a ‘long’ time, as human beings see it, the Power of the Papacy hence not restraining Lucifer from doing the hideous evil he wants to do]. And then that wicked one shall be revealed [modern apostate humanity, emblemized precisely through anti-Catholic antipopes fooling everyone into thinking they’re actually ‘popes’ and all is well in the Novus Ordo Church --- which is simply the Religion of Modernism dressed up with ‘catholic-sounding terminology --- pretending to be the same ‘roman catholic church’] whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth; and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming, him [i.e., Lucifer and his ‘New Aeon of the Sun’, masquerading as ‘Angel of Light’], whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders [supernatural miracles and ‘stunning’ accomplishments --- such as modern technology --- deceiving most of the people of this wicked world into believing that a fully Modernized earth is obviously & inarguably the ‘right thing’ to believe in], and in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish [go to hell forever since they’re not Catholic and rebel against Our Creator]; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved [they hate Catholicism and refuse to obey God, saving their souls in His One & Only Roman Catholic Church]. Therefore God shall send them the OPERATION OF ERROR, TO BELIEVE LYING [Jesus withdraws gratuitous graces, leaving humanity ensconced in religious falsehoods & horrid sins, which results in everyone more & more calling what is sinful good’, and what is good bad’]: that ALL MAY BE JUDGED [condemned to hell forever] WHO HAVE NOT BELIEVED THE TRUTH [God’s Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled], BUT HAVE CONSENTED TO INIQUITY [viz., everyone who, during our modern times, absolutely, resolutely & vehemently rejects His Singular Catholic Religion, instead fantasizing that hideous sins or false beliefs are ‘okay’, ‘good’, ‘permissible’, etc.].” (2 Thessalonians 2:1-11 DRC)


Get it? This is not ‘evolution’, it is REVOLUTION. Apostasy & bold rebellion. ‘Aggiornamento’ --- the ‘updating’ of Roman Catholicism with Vatican II --- was nothing except a French Revolution, religiously speaking; a ‘counter syllabus’ in opposition to Pope Pius IX’s much hated Syllabus of Errors, which infuriated international Modernist leaders in AD 1864 for daring to defy their efforts.


With Vatican II, a satanic Modernism appeared to take over the Church.


Not really. But it looked that way. It deceives earth’s foolish people.


This is how we’re in the mess we’re in --- the whole wide world.


Because God’s Papacy & His Church are laid in a Tomb.


Which then lets Lucifer have a brief ‘free for all’.


All over the globe, unrestrained… get it?


Wake up. It is Apocalypse NOW.


+++ 163. A Beast Out of the Earth? +++

(Lucifer’s False Prophet, Who Has Two Horns Like

a ‘Lamb’… But Talks Like a Dragon, Part 1)


Now we’ll get back to talking some more about Lucifer’s Oceanic Beast’s ‘seventh head’, which I’ve dared to say --- plainly --- is the ‘Anglo-American Empire’. And despite this involving my own country of residence & birth thus far, the much fabled United States. It may seem like I’m ‘hating’ on my land of birth. I’m not; I’m patriotic. But ‘patriotism’ doesn’t mean you mindlessly love & approve of everything your leaders do. It just means you love your land, your people and your land & people’s welfare, that you seek what is best for them, and not the worst. Therefore, my Roman Catholicism requires me to tell the truth… that our government is not the best. In fact, that it can propagate, do & accomplish some pretty evil things, both from a Roman Catholic perspective and from a Modernist perspective. (Modernists are not ‘monolithic’ or ‘lockstep’, each & every one. They all just hate Catholicism to some degree.)


But while the Anglo-American Empire is the seventh head, I’m morally certain, promoting a ‘New World Order’ all over the earth, it’s still simply one of many actors upon the global stage, working for this New World Order. Another actor under the global proscenium arch --- or, if avant garde, the global ‘theatre in the round’, if you will --- is, in many ways, even more disturbing and more atrocious. Indeed, it is the most wicked player of all, and that includes the ones ‘behind the scenes’, the powers-that-be who prefer, many of them, to stay out of public sight, or else cultivate a public image of primarily routine ‘do gooder’, or, leastwise, as a ‘do-not-eviler’, as it were.


Yet who is this wicked, satanic, hellish & shockingly evil actor…?


The Apocalyptic ‘Terrestrial Beast’. For we may read at length:


“And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten diadems [crowns], and upon his heads names of blasphemy [we’ve already met this monstrous entity --- the Oceanic Beast --- and been discussing it at much length, however, we use this to preface and put into context the next one we’ll meet]… And the dragon [Lucifer, greatest of the fallen angels and Roman Catholicism’s most dangerous enemy] gave him his own strength, and great power… And all the earth [global!] was in admiration after the beast [amazed & awed at this Modernist thing or phenomenon]. And they adored the dragon [came to regard Lucifer as if he’s ‘good’], which gave power to the beast: and they adored the beast [came to worship Modernist humanity as if we are our own ‘God’]… And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things [really impressive & profound-sounding stuff], and blasphemies [outright mockery of Roman Catholicism, the Triune Catholic God, and anything to do with the One True Religion]… And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven [proof of the previous bracketed commentary]. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them [gain control of the whole world and to seal this victory with the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, which brought the Religion of Modernism into the hallowed halls of the Church --- as it were --- under the guise of still being ‘roman catholicism’]. And power was given him over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and nation [global!]. And all that dwell upon the earth adored him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, which was slain from the beginning of the world [Christ’s Eternal Sacrifice, that, while it has occurred in the temporal world of earth in the first century, transcends all time]. If any man have an ear, let him hear [if you care about God’s Saving Truth, Catholicism, then listen up & strive to understand!]… AND I SAW ANOTHER BEAST COMING UP OUT OF THE EARTH, AND HE HAD TWO HORNS, LIKE A LAMB, AND HE SPOKE LIKE A DRAGON. And he executed all the power of the former beast in his sight; and he caused the earth, and them that dwell therein, to adore the first beast And he did great signs, so that he made also fire to come down from heaven unto the earth in the sight of men. And he seduced them that dwell on the earth, for the signs, which were given him to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make the image of the beastAnd it was given him to give life to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak; and should cause, that whosoever will not adore [as if ‘God’] the image of the beast, should be slain.” (Apocalypse 13:1, 2e-f, 3c-4c, 5a, 6-9, 11-12c, 13-14d, 15 DRC)


Whew! Did you get all that? Lots of stuff. Lots of parable. What does it mean?


+++ 164. A Beast Out of the Earth? +++

(Lucifer’s False Prophet, Who Has Two Horns Like

a ‘Lamb’… But Talks Like a Dragon, Part 2)


As I’ve said before, if ever there was a time to comprehend, that time is here & now. Jesus Christ did not have His Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist, write this last series of Divine Parables for nothing, to sit in Sacred Scripture for centuries on end, never but never, oh, but never!, to be wholly, properly or adequately understood.


So let us dig in, dining upon a celestially prepared meal of sacred wisdom.


But all of it hidden, from despisers of truth, under the veil of allegory.


First off, notice that the Terrestrial Beast (“beast coming up out of the earth”) is like a representative of, or instrument or mouthpiece on behalf of, the Oceanic Beast (“beast coming up out of the sea”). These are parables, and we’ve already established how an Oceanic Beast is merely symbolism for all of humanity becoming irrational, not only defying God’s True Religion of Catholicism, but even the Law of Natural Reason divinely inscribed upon every human being’s heart who is adequately intelligent.


They are ‘beasts’ because animals are not as intelligent or rational as humans.


And to call an animal a ‘beast’ is to clearly imply bestial predatorialism.


In other words, this creature is deadly. Really, really, really deadly.


Deadly, because it defies God’s Church, Rationality & Salvation.


Now, some Modernists may be extremely smart… yet irrational, nonetheless. Simply possessing intelligence is no guarantee of using that intelligence rationally. As a matter of fact, the Modernist --- even the smartest of them, very likely smarter than you or I --- can be a master at using his or her intelligence to hide his or her bestial irrationality, thereby pretending to be perfectly ‘reasonable’ in holding to one’s Modernist ‘dogmas’ (read: things you don’t dare to oppose, let alone question or doubt…) This is precisely the situation with the Terrestrial Beast. It is a highly intelligent human being, or, rather, sequence of human beings linked together in one single project (erecting a modern ‘Tower of Babel’, the New Aeon of the Sun and New World Order). And since the Modernist project is diametrically opposed to the Catholic project, then who, may we suppose, is absolutely ‘ideal’ for this role… from a New World Order powers-that-be perspective? Correct, my highly intelligent reader (or, I hope, adequately intelligent enough, and determined enough with good will, to fathom this parable). A ‘pope’.


Yes, you read accurately. Someone who is either a failing Bishop of Rome, either not sagacious enough or brave enough or holy enough to face the threat to God’s Church & Papacy that he must defend & extend; or a rebellious Roman Bishop, not truly Catholic in his mind and heart while keeping this foul reality hidden away (‘occult’ is the theological term and meaning of the word ‘occult’, i.e., ‘hidden’) from the eyes of the world, or, at least, from his flock, those who are members of Christ’s Catholic Body; or else a fake ‘Bishop of Rome’, not truly Catholic, and openly so, notoriously & pertinaciously!, notwithstanding, tricking the world & ‘catholics’ (sometimes even those few today actually Catholic…) into believing that he is really the ‘pope’ and God’s man.


Which is exactly what we’ve seen happen over the last many centuries.


We’ve had a great deal of failing popes, men who are Catholic… yet not holy, brave or sagacious enough to do what they should have done in order to face & destroy the threat breathing down the neck of Christ’s Church & Christendom (read: truly Roman Catholic nations). We’ve also probably had, at a bare minimum, a few rebellious popes, covering their lack of real Catholicity with a veil of orthodox words & actions… yet still doing harm to God’s Catholic Body, regardless of whether or not he’s trying to. And, yes, unfortunately, since Vatican II, we’ve had fake & phony ‘popes’, men playing on wickedness & ignorance so as to fool others into thinking them ‘popes’.


Find this too hard to believe? Then review Chapters 25 to 40.


In this book, Helplessly Ignorant. The evidence is there.


Of what ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ has always meant, understood in its perpetually unchanging, ancient, original, infallible & narrow sense. Review, too, Chapters 16 to 21, for evidence of Vatican II’s denial of this infallible Salvation Dogma in its unchanging & proper sense. Not to mention, for good measure, review Chapters 49 to 69, for evidence that the supposedly ‘conservative’ and ‘great & saintly’ John Paul II not only happily took part in the apostate Vatican II Pseudo-Council, praising it unto the heavens constantly (thereby notoriously & pertinaciously revealing his grievous apostasy right then & there), but also plainly continued to tout his most execrable salvation heresy in, for instance (and I mention only two examples… yet there’s a cornucopia I could cite!), at least one of his innumerable antipapal documents (Redemptoris missio, which we looked at in Chapters 49 to 69), as well as his exceedingly popular --- with CNOs --- Catechism of the Catholic Church’.


Again, the evidence is there for he or she who has the eyes to see… period.


But, then, you first have to WANT TO OPEN those mental eyes to see.


Up to the challenge? Or feeling kind of nauseous, angry or fearful?


I am indeed sorry. I don’t mean to sicken, offend or terrify you.


That’s not my goal. I just want truth. And to tell it straight.


What is it that YOU WANT, my precious & beloved soul?


+++ 165. A Beast Out of the Earth? +++

(Lucifer’s False Prophet, Who Has Two Horns Like

a ‘Lamb’… But Talks Like a Dragon, Part 3)


If the truth, then realize --- the lengthy annotated quote from the Apocalypse above, in Chapter 163, vividly tells us that this Terrestrial Beast has “two horns, like a lamb…” So what do Catholics call Jesus? Right, the Lamb of God. Incidentally, the ‘two horns’ are symbolic of His Two Natures --- Divine & Human --- joined together hypostatically. Now, St. John the Evangelist mentions the Lamb of God many times within the Apocalypse. This time, though, the “lamb” is clearly not Jesus!


How so? Because this “lamb” speaks like a dragon.” And, in the Apocalypse, what’s this “dragon”? Correct. Lucifer, satan himself, the old devil & ancient serpent. Question: would Jesus Christ speak like a dragon? Of course not! How could Our Creator have anything in common with His arrogantly diabolic foe, who is a pathological liar?


God is the AUTHOR OF TRUTH, not a liar like the rebellious devil!


Consequently, what “lamb” is this? Think hard. Jesus hasn’t returned to earth; He’s with His Father in Heaven. So who represents Christ on earth while He’s in Heaven? Correct again, my dear soul. A real & legitimate Bishop of Rome, the pope. Do you see? A true pope is like Christ more than any other Catholic in that he represents Jesus --- more in authority & duties than any other Catholic member ever could. Therefore, given that this particular “lamb” speaks “like a dragon...” well, what on earth is it referring to? Right, it means a FALSE ‘pope’. An antipope. From out of corrupt earth. Indeed:


A series of antipopes, who, in the wake of spiritual blindness, lead us astray.


That is to say, they’re not just antipopes because they’re not legitimately elected, although Catholic despite this problem. Rather, they’re antipopes because they are diabolically opposed to Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled, and are purposely trying to lead everyone astray, like a dragon, against Christ…


Grasping this? It’s a prophecy hiding in plain sight for centuries