+++ 43. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 1)


Oddly, for the past 160 years, Catholics have treated the Modernist creation myth --- Darwinistic macroevolution or ‘evo devo’ that we’ve talked about in some length within Chapters 38 & 39 --- with a great deal of… how shall we say it? Well, understatement.


Or rather, we should say, some skepticism & outcry came from Catholics during the late 1800s… but not a whole lot. Turn-of-the-20th-century Catholics were even more subdued, with their intellectuals positively starting to drool over Darwinistic thought, and, by the middle of the 1900s, there was almost a mad rush as Catholic people crowded onto the mutation express. Granted, the popes were cautious, pointing out how Catholics must profess the literal existence of Ss. Adam & Eve (after all, how could the Church’s infallible teaching of Original Sin transpire if our first parents never sinned as a consequence of having never actually existed…?), still, no one seemed ‘overly’ enthusiastic about immunizing Roman Catholic minds since the mid-1800s.


Meanwhile, as Catholic youngsters began to enroll at non-Catholic colleges & universities in droves (or else attended ‘catholic’ schools of higher education that, increasingly, weren’t upholding Catholic dogma), there came to be less and less of a difference between ‘catholic’ people and non-Catholic people in America. E.g., I was never raised Catholic. I grew up in what the United States calls the ‘Pacific Northwest’. At high school several of my friends were ‘catholic’ --- but you could hardly tell, given most of their peers’ behavior at school or parties on weekends! --- and, while these dear ‘catholic’ friends of mine were generally better behaved and more studious or serious, I can remember attending a post-graduation homecoming party at the house of one of my friend’s parents. The mother, to her credit, tried to meekly uphold Church teaching during a discussion about religious topics (not that she was truly Catholic, I realize in retrospect, but at least she tried). Unfortunately, the one who was the object of celebration, her own daughter, a smart young lady training at the still ostensibly ‘catholic’ Gonzaga University some 400 miles away, kept politely shooting her down. “Uh, that’s not really true, mom,” she’d point out repeatedly. “It’s not?” her puzzled mother would ask, doubtful, knowing her daughter was now far better educated than she had ever been. “No, mom, the Church doesn’t teach that anymore,” or, “Well, the Church never actually taught that, ever,” her daughter would state over and over in various ways. “It doesn’t?” the quietly flummoxed mother would respond, repeatedly, in still other ways. I thought everything amusing then, although I was respectful to her as my elder. With hindsight as a real Roman Catholic today, it’s an indictment of brobdingnagian proportions, something I got to witness in person with my very own eyes --- the final collapse of Catholicity in the West.


And by ‘West’, I don’t just mean the western United States. I mean all of Western Civilization. The vast majority of Catholic families either stopped being Catholic in the decades before I was born, or else ceased to be Catholic during my lifetime. I witnessed the last shards being cleared away. Catholicism for them was already a family, ethnic or private thing; the last few convictions of infallible truth ceased to be ‘infallible’ for them while I began my life. Which is why, presently, supposedly ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ Novus Ordoists (CNOs or TNOs) can insist they believe a lot of what the Church teaches, whilst, at the same time, call people ‘catholic’ they know very well don’t believe much of anything that Catholicism teaches, presumably simply because these people are baptized and have called themselves ‘catholic’ all their lives, despite not professing or acting like actual Catholics. I mean, ‘ignorance’ and ‘sincerity’ can save just about anybody, right? And we’re never to ‘judge’ in the external forum, correct? Only a leader in the ‘church’ with jurisdiction can excommunicate, right? Only God knows their hearts, correct? The CNO & TNO (Conservative Novus Ordoist & Traditional Novus Ordoist) mostly agree that every one of these claims is ‘true’ for sure. (Please see Helplessly Ignorant for the evidence that the Church has never taught ‘salvation-through-ignorance-and-sincerity’, and Automatic Excommunications for the proof in canon law that the Catholic Church does indeed excommunicate people without need of a ‘formal declaration’ from any authority with jurisdiction over this person.) This is why their ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ credentials are meaningless in the end. They’re hollow inside.


A hollowness that could not have occurred without moral & Darwinian dry rot.


Priests, theologians and other Catholic intellectuals were already imbibing at the evolutionary fount during the early 1900s. Other Catholics followed suit in greater numbers after World War II. With both non-Catholic and ‘catholic’ colleges teaching evo-devo by the 1970s, for the most part an ostensible Catholic had no way to retain ‘catholicity’ with the rug pulled out from under one’s feet. Why continue believing Catholicism was infallibly true when contemporary scientists had ‘proved’ neo-Darwinian synthesis theory to be the ‘truth’ instead? There’s no need for God. Nonetheless, if He does exist, He obviously doesn’t supervise things closely.


Ergo, why go on believing in a pointless religion? Or think it’s infallible?


Aside from cultural heritage or aesthetic preference, why the charade?


And, if ‘catholic’, why not expect teaching & practice to change?


A fallible ‘church’ has no right to tell you otherwise, right?


So with Vatican II & Novus Ordoism, why stand firm?


We should clearly align ourselves with the Modern world & times!


And, truly, clergy & laity were already aligning morally (or, um… immorally).


The Church’s opposition to Communism appeared to collapse, too, with the Vatican II Pseudo-Council and post-Vatican II popes & antipopes. So, with a highly communized globe (nations not formally ‘communist’ or ‘socialist’ being, notwithstanding, influenced by the prevailing trends… consider, for instance, what President Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ plan during the Great Depression of the 1930s, or President Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ programs of the welfare-minded 1960s, amounted to), why go on looking toward any traditional religion, especially Catholicism, for leadership? Aside from ‘social justice’ and cheerleading for the New World Order, what has post-Vatican II ‘catholicity’ to offer? We should ‘engage’ with the world, striving for a more ‘just’, fair & modern humanity. Priesthood, monasticism and ‘missions’ are passé. We no longer want to bother about ‘saving’ poor pagans, or anyone’s immortal soul. Proselytism is nasty; priests, bishops & etc. answer to us; and monks or nuns are simply ‘social workers’.


We need heaven on earth now. A Heaven ‘only for good Catholics’ is ridiculous!


It is imperative we wind up being on the correct side of evolutionary progress.


Of course, CNOs & TNOs can’t fully get on board with this kind of change.


Yet they can’t fight the rising tide, either. They’re like religious zombies.


And the wave of spiritual virus inside them has too much sway over them.


+++ 44. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 2)


A veneer of ‘orthodoxy’ was kept in place with both Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Church it spawned, to be slowly forgotten, gradually changed & eventually discarded as the decades slip by. An ‘orthodoxy’ that wasn’t real, whatever adequacy or not of certain terminology or formulations. This is because Vatican II itself had very real heresies in its documents, notorious & pertinacious in the external forum for anyone with eyes to see. These plain heresies make NO terminology & formulations at least suspect. Despite orthodox interpretations by many CNOs or TNOs much of the time, the Vatican II heresies dissolve like acid. There is no ‘middle ground’ when sands keep shifting.


TNOs who believe in a very lengthy papal ‘inter regnum’ are the most solid. This is because they are the least poisoned by all these baleful influences. Sadly, they are still poisoned with salvation heresy at a minimum, denying ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ to mean what it has always meant in its original, ancient, correct & narrow sense. This alone keeps them from adequately grasping all the evil God has permitted to happen.


This is why the New World Order’s New Aeon of the Sun has the upper hand.


There is almost no one left who can systematically & powerfully resist them.


Most of all, we have no real pope with spiritual authority to powerfully restrain satan.


In 1903 Pope Leo XIII passed from this world. Pope Pius X succeeded him, and, after a brief but intense fight against Modernism in the Church, he, as well, passed from this life in 1914. Pope Benedict XV (XV, not XVI!) then took the helm of the Catholic Church. He immediately had to contend with World War I. Near the end of this terrible conflict, Heaven chose to send the Blessed Virgin Mary to earth again, in visible form to three children, this time at Fatima in poor tiny Portugal, tyrannized by the Freemasons.


Their names were Lucia, Francisco & Jacinta. And, while not saints as of then (to the extent we can tell), they were certainly far better catechized & pious Catholic children than were Melanie & Maximin at the time of Our Lady of La Salette. With an angel’s help a year earlier in 1916 and the Virgin Mary’s encouragement during six total apparitions, these children became wonderful and fervent Roman Catholics.


Our Lady of Fatima appeared in 1917, the year Russia threw a revolution.


That’s right. Just 25 days after the last Apparition of Fatima on 13 October 1917, the nation of Russia revolted and became the first country in modern times to be Communist. This ‘October Revolution’ --- called that because Russians still used an ‘Old Style’ Julian Calendar, in contrast to the corrected Gregorian Calendar of the West --- overthrew their longstanding monarchy and instituted Communism’s ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ in the following years, with Vladimir Lenin as their first new leader. It is impossible, as Roman Catholics, to believe this was sheer chance. Our Lady of Fatima expressly connected Her visit to the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.


But more on that in just a bit. By the way, revolution day was November 7th.


Our Lady’s first visit to the children was on Sunday, 13 May 1917. For Catholics, this was significant in and of itself, Sunday long traditionally associated with Her Son, Jesus, the God-Man, just as Saturday has long linked to Her. (The connection is simple: Sunday the first day of Creation, starting with God making the world, hence Her Son, God in the Flesh, honored first of all with the creational day of first visit. And She, God’s Mother, is honored next of all for being His Immaculate Mother.) The date’s significant, too. In the universal liturgy of the Church (whether sanctoral or not), May 13 is a very historically premiere moment of the year… before the Feasts of the Immaculate Conception or the Glorious Assumption were established in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary… to laud Mary as God’s Supreme Saint of All in the Church. Or, we ought to say, it’s the date Boniface IV chose, in AD 610, as Supreme Pontiff of Christ’s Catholic Church then, pagans having, the vast majority of them, converted to Catholicism, to dedicate a former pagan temple --- the massive Pantheon, which honored all possible pagan deities, just in case the pagans neglected to honor pagan gods elsewhere in the year, incurring deistic displeasure --- to be a place of Catholic worship, honoring instead the Blessed Virgin Mary and All the Martyrs, the martyrs paving the way for this triumph by their blood. Regardless of a universality then (or perhaps not, the liturgical calendar developing across the centuries in what is an acceptable understanding of the term in ecclesial matters, i.e., to ‘develop’, as opposed to the Modernist use of the term to wantonly promote the idea of infallible doctrine ‘changing’ to mean something it never meant before modern times) Pope St. Gregory VII then took Pope Boniface IV’s decision, transferring it’s commemoration to November 1st (the Feast of All Hallows Day), following the decision of Pope Gregory IV to fix All Saint’s Day on November 1 universally as of AD 835. In this way we see the gradual shaping of the universal liturgical calendar over the millennia. This is, within limits, good & acceptable.


The point is, the Pantheon and the honoring of the Virgin Mary as greatest of all Heaven’s saints, transpired on May 13. Honoring all the ancient martyrs as well, the symbolism is exquisite. A real & thoughtful Catholic cannot possibly imagine Heaven is capricious about these matters --- that Heaven would choose this date out of nowhere, by sheer chance. Hence, the selection of May 13 as Her First Apparition out of six total of Our Lady of Fatima is significant, very significant. It is as much as to say, “I, Queen of Highest Heaven, certified My Son’s Victory over the City of Rome in the year AD 610, with the transformation of a former pagan temple, the Pantheon [Greek for ‘all gods’], from being a temple for all false gods, into the Panangelon [Greek for ‘all angels’]. That is to say, it is now for the veneration of All God’s Children in Heaven. As My Son said, and St. Paul His servant, the inhabitants of Heaven are like the angels, neither male nor female in the same sense as they are on this earth, which maleness & femaleness here below is for the procreation of God’s Image; and so these heavenly denizens never give in fleshly marriage or take in fleshly marriage. (Matthew 22:29-30, Mark 12:24-25, Luke 20:34-36 & Galatians 3:26-29) With My Holy Martyrs & Myself honored this way, later extended to all the saints whether martyred or not in the sense of their lives sacrificed during bloody persecution, My Regal Victory was memorialized and declared secure. Likewise, during the horrible rebellion you endure today, nearing the turn of the third millennium, I will, despite hellish opposition, eventually turn everything into a New Triumph for the Church, My Son’s Body of Roman Catholicism. No luciferian opposition is a match for Me. Persevere, and you will see the victory.”


This is what Mary said to any on earth who have ears to hear.


+++ 45. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 3)


Our Creator usually has Catholics suffer for their testing & purification.


Poor Lucia, Francisco & Jacinta (the young seers of Our Lady of Fatima) certainly suffered mightily for this privilege. Little Francisco and tiny Jacinta later died painfully, the former at home and the latter at a distant hospital all alone, both at the hands of the global plague of influenza spread worldwide in the aftermath of World War I offering up everything they underwent for the appeasement of God’s Just Wrath and the succoring of poor Catholic souls languishing in Purgatory. Lucia, as well, who lived a much longer life, suffered terribly. Her mother was particularly cruel at first, accusing her of lying about the Apparition, and punishing her severely in order to get Lucia to admit it was false. A thing Lucia never did, staunchly yet respectfully insisting upon the truth --- that they’d seen a Beautiful Lady who asked them to come meet Her under a holm oak tree in the often sere but pastoral countryside, every 13th of the month. Many people frequently associate the number 13 with misfortune & calamity. There is some truth to this, though we cannot condone superstition. To wit, say, building a hotel or tower and omitting thirteenth floors, or refusing to buy a ticket for an auditorium seat that is number 13. These silly practices are what we mean by ‘superstition’. Still, there is truth (read: Catholic Truth!) to the idea of 13 connected to what is ominous or foreboding.


For instance --- to use but one illustration --- Jesus Christ, the Second Person of Our Creator’s Divine & Eternal Trinity, had His ‘Last Supper’ (for Catholics, the first Holy Mass) on the eve of Good Friday, the day of His Passion & Crucifixion (the Gospel of St. John portrays it as Thursday evening, which, for the Jews, meant Friday since their days began with sundown, roughly six hours before the day beginning at midnight for we non-Jews following ancient Roman custom… ergo why John was correct to portray it, when non-Jews became the Church majority, as Thursday). At this Eucharistic Paschal Supper, He gathered His Twelve Apostles, for a total of thirteen in number. Yet one of them, the ‘thirteenth’, as it were… Judas Iscariot… was a traitor, selling Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The result was the aforementioned Passion & Crucifixion. This may be where some ‘christianized’ cultures get the Friday-the-13th superstition, since Friday is the moment He died on the Cross, and, for Jews, it was a Passover full moon, being, calendrically, the 14th day of the first lunar month of the religious year, Nisan. Signifying? That it is likely Judas made his deal to betray Jesus on Nisan 13. Accordingly, while a tad muddled, it could be the origin of Friday-the-13th.


Yet whether likely or not, we are not superstitious. But we are allegorical. This is because, spiritually speaking, God Himself is allegorical. We need only peruse Sacred Scripture to see how allegorical God gets, or the early Church fathers, to see how they delighted in finding allegory in the Bible. No real & wise Catholic should be afraid of, or shun, religious allegory when it plainly & logically upholds Catholicity or comes straight from the pens of the Church fathers. Consequently, the number 13 is portentous. It is a number of suffering, so to speak, symbolizing trial & tribulation. In any case, that Our Lady of Fatima chose to visit the children on the thirteenth day of May in 1917, telling them She would visit them upon the thirteenth day of every month following, until Her last & final visit in October of 1917… is fascinating. In doing so, She told any of Her children (read: Roman Catholics!) who would listen, that this visit of Hers portended trial & tribulation for God’s One True Church of Catholicism, Her Son’s Singular Body, and for the world as a whole, which was in the midst of World War I. It is also fascinating that Her Apparitions numbered six, so closely linked to humanity and the Apocalyptic Beast. Moreover, to get mathematical, that 13 is the sixth prime number, and, too a Fibonacci number sixth in sequence from the starting point of zero or one.


And why would this curiosity be notable? Is it a kind of ‘covert’ superstition?


Not at all. I am not recommending superstitious practices due to this number. But Almighty God chose to form our creation in a certain way, and, of all things in visible creation linked to Our Maker, mathematics is the one that is most ‘purely connected’ to Him, in a very real sense. Thus, all creation is a parable or allegory. One simply requires the skills to ‘peruse it’. Mathematically, 13 and 6 reveal to us a signal: this was Heaven’s way of foreshadowing the Betrayal & Crucifixion of the Ecclesial Body of the Son of Man, which Body is His One & Only Roman Catholic Church, at the hands of impious, modernist human beings, who would reject, profane & assault Our Maker’s Singular Means of Salvation, thereby bringing upon modern humanity the Great Apostasy.


The Crucifixion is like the ‘13’ of tribulation, the ultimate trial, pain & price paid. Because humanity, whose number is 6 more than any other number (like the integer of the Beast in Sacred Scripture’s Apocalypse, which represents humanity as a whole in an irrational & bestial Rebellion against God), the Great Apostasy is like the ‘6’ of mutiny & revolution, the ultimate revolt, as it were, against God. If you minus 6 from 13, what do you get? Correct --- 7. More than any other numeral, 7 is the number of Our Creator, of God. No human being escapes death. Every one of us will die. And we will, each of us, either die with God or against Him. There’s no in-between. With Him, as mere 6s, we’ve a chance to become like Him, with Him, and fulfill our destiny of being Him, forever, in the Beatific Visioninasmuch as any mere creature could ‘be’ God. Whereas, without him, as mere 6s, we will never achieve sevenhood. We grasp, decimally clutching & scratching, like intelligent yet foolish animals, untamed, ludicrously thinking ourselves able to bear the weight of divinity without Him. Meanwhile, 7 became 6 --- Jesus Christ --- and paved the way for us to Heaven, we climbing the Ladder of St. Jacob, His One & Only Roman Catholic Religion, merged baptismally with His Body, the Catholic Church, which is how we may ascend. Viz., seven became six so that six may become seven, via thirteen, evading hell forever.


This is further prefigured inasmuch as, during the THIRD apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, upon 13 July 1917, the Mother of God gave the three children a petrifying vision of hell at the heart of the earth. Per Lucia, had this vision went for more than the briefest second, watching the damned souls of human beings tormented in an eternal prison, they would have died immediately from horror & grief. For just as Christ descended into the heart of the earth until the THIRD & ultimate day --- so as to make possible redemption for those human souls who are not yet Catholic; or, if Catholic, not presently in the state of grace; as well as to relieve Catholic souls who died in the state of grace but are now suffering in Purgatory (the temporary part of hell where these Catholic souls, dying in the state of grace, are made perfect) --- so, too, His Ecclesial Body now dies on the Cross, cleansing the Church of impenitent members and their damnable trespasses, opening the way for a new Pentecost and final phase of human beings’ conversion, allowing them to become Catholic before it is too late, and assisting poor souls in Purgatory with merciful Roman Catholic prayers… till the THIRD day arrives.


+++ 46. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 4)


Nor does the story of three end there. For in the Apparitions of Fatima we unveil a plethora of threes. Three children were witnesses of these Celestial Visitations. Ever wonder why? Probably not. Nevertheless, a lack of curiosity --- or failure of imagination upon our part --- does not ‘prove’ the symbolism is missing. Heaven wove three into the event even if we are ignorant or dismissive. Humanity is tripartite in many ways. The Catholic Church is tripartite (Militant, Suffering & Triumphant) and the messages imparted to the children in the wake of the hellish vision are tripartite, too.


Which leads one to ask, “So what is the tripartite Message of Fatima?


Few people ever wonder about this. Indeed, few people know much about Fatima nowadays! Oddly enough, Our Lady of Fatima has always been upon my mind. I was never raised Catholic, so I have no purely earthly or mundane explanation for this. All I can tell you, beloved reader, is that, despite having no idea what Fatima was about or any of its details when I was young, I somehow knew, deep down inside, that it was crucial. All alone, poisoned against the One True Faith of Roman Catholicism, howsobeit, I somehow knew Fatima was divinely & intimately entwined with our eternal fate.


Strange? I suppose. Inexplicable? Maybe. Impossible? God will be the judge.


In any case, immediately after showing the Fatima children the appalling vision of hell on 13 July 1917, Our Lady of Fatima then revealed three crucial ‘secrets’ as well. What we are about to read constitutes the initial part of EXHIBIT NO. 15. Here is the first:


“YOU HAVE SEEN HELL, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world DEVOTION TO MY IMMACULATE HEART. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.


In this simple statement is laid bare a pair of very simple truths. One, that hell actually exists. This is not a popular opinion amongst modern people, to say the least. Yet it is a truth that the Catholic Church infallibly upholds and which, as members of the Church have gone further & further into apostasy (thereby losing their Catholicity), they have denied. Some have been blatant, denying hell altogether. Some are a bit more subtle, pretending Christ saves ‘everyone’ from hell, whether or not they die professing the Catholic Faith whole & entire. (This is the heresy of ‘universalism’, by the way, which both Antipopes John Paul II & Francis have publically espoused, something that is no shock if you fathom our zeitgeist.) Others are yet more subtle, saying hell is only a non-physical ‘state of being’ (whatever, exactly, that means!), devoid of real fire and literal pain of the senses. These falsehoods are each of them damnable --- as in, God’s Church has explicitly condemned them, and you will languish in the real torment of hell forever, having denied its reality in any way, shape or form. Two, that God’s intent in this place & time… the situation of a world in apostasy, including people who are supposed to be His, calling themselves ‘roman catholic’… is to combat His enemy, Lucifer, with the devil’s premiere object of hatred. And this recipient of satan’s hatred is…? The creature who is what Lucifer was supposed to be --- the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, the Light Bearer. And, while God never intended Lucifer to bear the Second Person of the Almighty, notwithstanding, this is precisely what He has intended Mary to be… the Bearer of Light of God Himself. Whereby it is also God’s Will, as made known to us via the Apparitions of Fatima, that He has determined, both logically & additionally, that it is through Devotion to Her Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart that He will accomplish an even greater salvation during our times, when hellacious anti-Catholic evil is completely rampant and brazenly defiant toward the Law of Natural Reason. A resurrection of His One True Church and salvation of otherwise lost souls that is, humanly speaking, so improbable (presume the unbelieving…) and so Roman Catholic that nobody can intelligently deny that such a thing is God’s Supernatural Miracle.


Notice, too, the conditional statement upon which we closed the quote above. The Beautiful Lady, God’s Mother, said much else that we will examine soon; nonetheless, She prefaced it with, If what I say to you is done…” Not ‘surely’, or ‘for certain’, but, If…” And these “many souls” will indeed “be saved” …yet only IF what She says is accomplished. A sobering thought! And, while we’ve not quoted it yet, She made a promise. Which is? That the war Europe endured then (indeed, the whole world!) eventually would end (as World War I did 16 months later), but coupled with a somber warning. Fatima’s children (Lucia, Francisco & Jacinta) publicly shared the assurance of the conflict’s coming end not too far from then. Viz., at this point in time --- 1917 --- the ‘War to End All Wars’ would cease in the not-too-distant future (this was the case, as you may recall, by 11 November 1918). All the same, this assurance came with still another warning. Because EXHIBIT NO. 15 has an additional & second sobering statement, making it plain Our Heavenly Mother had more for Catholics to hear.


“The war is going to end [this is where Our Lady assures the children, and all who acknowledge their testimony, that World War I would come to an end, neither soon nor too long from then], but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the reign of Pius XI [this was the second prophecy Our Lady gave to the children, no one then knowing that the very next pope, after the then presently ruling Benedict XV, would be Pius XI and begin his reign in 1922, five years from that point in time, 1917]. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes [vile immorality and rabidly anti-Catholic hatred], by means of war, famine and PERSECUTIONS OF THE CHURCH AND THE HOLY FATHER.”


What was this second & worse conflict on the dark horizon?


World War II. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.


The ‘War to End All Wars’ (World War I) did nothing of the sort, and its noble appearing, yet ultimately pathetic, attempt at global peace for the New World Order --- the League of Nations --- failed miserably, especially when the increasingly dominating United States of America, whose former president, Woodrow Wilson, played a huge role in putting it together, bailed on it. The chaotic & crushing aftermath of World War I left Europe adrift under the baleful influence of various kinds of communists, socialists & nationalists (one of the latter, a Serbian foe of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, sadly igniting World War I with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in the Balkan Peninsula…). Ironically, newly arisen fascists, such as Mussolini & Hitler, aped Communistic amoral brutality --- ‘the end justifies the means’ --- whilst detesting Socialistic propaganda & aims (particularly ‘Il Duce’ Mussolini, who once eagerly promoted Socialism, but became disenchanted and, with Italian ‘national socialism’, inspired Hitler with his version of ‘Nationalsozialismus’, to wit, the German ‘Nazis’).


The night illumined by an unknown light”, incidentally, was 25 January 1938, when, per astronomers, an ‘aurora borealis’ of unprecedented size, color & intensity was visible all over Europe, even to the astonishingly lower northern latitudes of north Africa. It may indeed have been solely or primarily what our scientists now call an ‘aurora borealis’… although this is immaterial for a wise Catholic since, in knowing that God controls all things, natural or supernatural, then applying the label of a ‘natural phenomenon’ to events of this kind in no way makes it less amazing, striking or never a sign utilized by God to communicate something important to little human beings on the earth. In reality, however, it is not at all ‘proven’ --- simply by applying a multisyllabic label to a thing --- that you either truly & fully understand, or have really explained (away) that thing… in this case, something we have lately called an ‘aurora’. Yet whether it was ‘merely’ an aurora or not, it was so spectacular and alarming that people thought the far distant mountains were on fire. The colors were nothing short of flabbergasting, turning rubescent, as if the entire sky were bathed in blood. Getting the picture?


Historians generally agree that World War II officially began with Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg attack against Poland on 1 September 1939. In actuality, many actions led to inarguably open conflict, not least of which was the ‘Munich crisis’ of September 1938, which led to increasing German occupation & rule of what had become known as the nation of Czechoslovakia, the Nazis calling it their ‘Sudetenland’, in March of 1939. Wherever one draws the line between ‘peace’ and ‘war’ back then, this ‘night of an unknown light’ was an augury of unrivalled symbolism. The celestial illumination transpired as winter reached its deepest freeze, and the earthly invasion as an early culmination to the summers of a northern Europe was about to take place. God’s heavenly charity grew cold; human malice hot, famine & corpses in its wake.


World War II finished --- the militarily violent part, leastwise --- Soviet Russia everywhere pressed its advantage in eastern Europe, establishing the Soviet bloc countries, Communist China arising by 1949 and exerting influence in east Asia in a similar fashion. Many, many Catholics died under the hardline Communist regimes, with some scholars estimating there were more martyrs during the 20th century than martyrs of the first three centuries combined. In open form, Communism at its height ruled one half of humanity (today it is still a third of the world’s population, the other thirds heavily communized or socialized). Communists also nearly won dominant control in Italy, via elections. Do you think the Holy Father (the Pope) suffered? With wavering theologians, priests, bishops & laity plaguing the Church and political manipulation both inside & outside of Catholicism, is it dubious? Only a very saintly pope might surmount.


Tragically, not to be. Twilight came, and a secret draped in shadows.


+++ 47. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 5)


You see, Our Lady of Fatima said a few other things in the second part of Her Message, which we quote here as a continuation of EXHIBIT NO. 15 in this book, Inter Regnum:


“To prevent this [the aforementioned punishment of the world, with war, famine & persecution against the Church], I will come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the first Saturdays of the month. If My requests are granted, RUSSIA WILL BE CONVERTED, and there will be peace. If not, she [Russia] will SPREAD HER ERRORS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father [Pope] will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.”


This is where it gets extremely ‘controversial’, making the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima practically as disputed & despised as the ‘controversial’ Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette. Intriguingly, both Apparitions --- and their Messages --- aroused fierce opposition, condemnation, irrationality, misrepresentation and outright lies.


What’s going on? Why the abhorrence of these supernatural things?


Like we noted before, when this kind of reaction occurs, it generally indicates one of two possibilities. Either, one, the thing disputed & controverted is extremely deadly & evil; or else, two, the thing disputed & controverted is extremely helpful & salutary. Yet highest ecclesial authority (the Papacy and those of the Hierarchy entrusted with investigating Fatima thoroughly) upheld both Apparitions as worthy of belief & veneration. For instance, Pope Pius XI gave ‘unofficial’ approval of Fatima as early as 1929, when, receiving an audience of the Portuguese Seminary --- Portugal the nation where the Apparitions of Fatima transpired, you’ll recall --- he gave the seminarians images of Fatima on January 9th. That same year, in an ad limina visit of the Portuguese bishop from Portalegre, who did not like Fatima, Pius XI chided him for his reticence, pointing out that, in the wake of Our Lady of Fatima, the young men studying for the priesthood in his diocese had increased sixfold. And, officially speaking, the bishop from Leiria, José Alves Correida da Silva, having completed his 13 year inquiry into Fatima as of 1930, October 13th, gave his highest episcopal approval of Fatimabut only after having submitted the dossier to Pius XI, who encouraged him to publish his approbation with confidence. What’s more, the very next pope, Pius XII, granted a canonical coronation for the image of Our Lady of Fatima enshrined at the Chapel of the Apparitions of Fatima on 13 May 1946, which amounts to him saying, with papal authority, that he not merely tolerated this devotion --- he enthusiastically encouraged it for all Catholics globally. Similarly, this same pope, Pius XII, on 11 November 1954, authorized, with public fanfare, the raising of the Sanctuary of Fatima, built at the site of the Apparitions in veneration of Our Lady of Fatima, to the status of a Minor Basilica in his papal brief, Lucer superna, the title of a ‘basilica’ being a way for a pope to say, “This sanctuary merits a very special standing in the sight of every Roman Catholic in every place throughout the world.” We could go on; this is sufficient. The upshot? Christ’s Representatives made it perfectly clear we can trust in Fatima… period.


So what’s the problem? Again, in a nutshell --- Fatima’s Message.


True, it’s also mindless & luciferian hatred against the supernatural & miracles. The powers-that-be, especially as the New World Order (read: those who are against the Old World Order of Roman Catholicism and Catholic nations) spreads its tentacles into more & more of our human lives, most certainly do not want people believing in miracles & the supernatural, since this leads in the direction opposite of that toward which they desire to go --- meaning, toward disbelief in and disobedience to God’s Religion.


Notwithstanding, this part of the Fatima Message is where it gets poignant. For what country did the Virgin Mary mention specifically? Right, RUSSIA. And what did She say She would come for later on to request? Correct, the consecration of Russia --- and Russia alone! --- TO HER IMMACULATE HEART. Why is this important? For one thing, obviously, Russia was about to become the first Communist government on earth ever. This happened not quite five months after the children’s vision of hell on 13 July 1917, a mere 25 days after Her final appearance to them on October 13th of that same year. And what was Her Promise to them if this was done? The conversion of Russia. Conversion to what? Protestant Heresy or Islam or Hinduism, etc., etc.? Of course not. No real Catholic can suppose the Mother of God would promise… let alone intend… a nation, that is mired in Eastern Schismaticism (what we today call Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’), to then convert to yet another false religion. Conversion for a real Catholic… particularly the Queen of Heaven! can only mean conversion to Her Divine Son’s Singular Church of Roman Catholicism. End of sentence. This would be an event so dumbfounding that it would leave the world  in awe, stunned into admitting that the Roman Catholic Faith is Christ’s Singular Means of Salvation, and that God’s Mother --- Immaculate Mary --- administers Her Son’s Graces for this Singular Salvation. Again, end of sentence. The consequences, though, if this request for Consecration of Russia is not fulfilled? Ah… then Russia will spread its grievous errors (read: atheistic Communism and all that is connected to the Luciferian Religion of Modernism) around the world, causing evil, conflict and persecutions against Rome’s Infallible Truth everywhere on earth.


Which is precisely what has occurred to the human race for the past century.


The ‘good’ would be martyred as well, She warned. To wit, actual Roman Catholics would either die or else suffer terribly for the True Faith. The pope, too, would suffer greatly, with various nations ‘annihilated’. That is to say, not necessarily destroyed with ‘natural catastrophes’. But no longer existing as separate or sovereign people, free to rule themselves as they see fit. Which, additionally, is also precisely what has occurred during the past century. (E.g., think of the Soviet bloc countries, or Mongolia or Tibet, or nations still struggling to hang on to Catholicity, yet, ultimately, unable to preserve their ancient identity, like Spain or Ireland, and so forth and so on) All of these things have happened for a single reason: because Modernists detest Roman Catholicism and an Old World Order, yearning for anti-Catholicism and a New World Order. An Order which is revolutionary, willing to use subterfuge & violence in their bid to succeed.


Bringing us to the third part of Fatima’s tripartite Message. For in further examining EXHIBIT NO. 15, we find a prophecy and an unfinished sentence that Lucia, last of the three children, mysteriously truncates in her record of Our Lady’s precious words.


“In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she [Russia] will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world… IN PORTUGAL, THE DOGMA OF THE FAITH WILL ALWAYS BE PRESERVED; etc. [sic]”


Leading us to ask, “What is this dogma of the Faith that will always be preserved within Portugal (and why in the world is it to be preserved in Portugal, very plainly implying that in most of the world, if not the whole of earth!, THIS DOGMA WILL BE LOST?!?); and when is the end’, wherein the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph’, a true & good Bishop of Rome finally obeying Her Regal Will in regards to the Consecration of Russia --- and Russia alone! --- to the Celestial Essence of Her Sword-Pierced Soul, thereby CONVERTING THEM TO CATHOLICISM?”


No one has been looking for the answers. This is because no one has even thought to ask the right questions. We’ve shuffled along like old, decrepit men pretending to be young, acting as if debauched memory is the same as one’s present reality, and as if the fantasy of carnal existence will never melt like a dream, the dying man gasping & waking, a pillar of pain scorching his dry soul like summer fire on the prairie, finding himself wandering in a hall of mirrors, everywhere staring at his burning reflection… the existence he thought was so priceless… and each face he sees is uglier and more monstrous and more demonic than the last. Is he a human being anymore? Is our humanity human any longer? Or has the Apocalyptic Beast sank its teeth into our bleeding flesh, leaving a mark like an eternal scar, empty eyes forever imagining a banquet we’ll never taste, having devoured our own flesh in an orgy of appetite, becoming a living nothingness, wailing in rage, starving, immortal & ravenous.


But if, dear reader, you don’t want to be an immortal beast, either happily… or else in trepidation… receiving the luciferian character upon your mind and upon your will, then stop, take a deep breath, and consider the repercussions. The Message that Fatima’s Lady spoke to little Jacinta, Francisco & Lucia --- and as recorded by the latter for us today as she obeyed her superiors, virtuous nun that she was --- was told to us for a reason. A reason that our intelligence is indeed able to grasp if only we ask, seek & knock.


Who will join me at the Celestial Door? God is looking for eager acolytes.


+++ 48. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 6)


Sister Lucia’s superiors did not command her to record the 3rd Secret until 1943. She suffered a malicious illness, nearly dying, and her diocesan bishop, His Excellency da Silva (who was mortally afraid of knowing its content, fearing the responsibility & terror it might inflict upon him), finally gave her a solemn order, the very thing Lucia had long been waiting for, not daring to write such a momentous thing without highest authority backing her up. It then took another several months, as Heaven allowed the devil to supernaturally hinder her. Do you understand, dear soul? This is something hell’s Luciferian Dragon very badly did NOT want Lucia writing down so that fellow Christians of the Singular Roman Faith might LEARN Our Lady’s Purpose.


Intrigued? You ought to be. If not, then you’re mired in a religious stupor.


It took an Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Sr. Lucia’s infirmary on 2 January 1944, dispelling all diabolic opposition and doubts or concerns in the seer’s mind, for the Third of Fatima’s Tripartite Message to be written down by her hand. Luckily, the testimony of Bp. Venancio --- who was the auxiliary bishop of José Alves Correida da Silva, long time Archbishop of Leiria, Portugal (in which diocese the tiny town of Fatima lay), seized the opportunity to examine this secret inasmuch as he could before it departed from the care of Abp. da Silva (as remarked above, Abp. da Silva was mortally afraid to know details of Fatima’s Third Secret, leaving it unopened --- and even though he had a permission, nay, perhaps the heavenly responsibility! --- to open it and publish it publically at the proper time). Meaning, Bp. Venancio did not dare to unseal the Secret, which he had never received authorization to see, but, after languishing unopened in the diocesan archives till 1957, the Vatican then ordering it to be transferred to Rome, our most intrepid bishop briefly held Lucia’s Secret, kept as it was in a small envelope and securely sealed inside an even larger envelope, in front of a bright light, carefully observing that it was on a small & single sheet of paper, from 20 to 25 lines long.


In other words, this earthshaking Message was very short and very succinct. Which automatically rules out, then, any claimed ‘revelations’ of the Third Secret of Fatima that are too lengthy or too wordy. What could this extremely brief Message possibly tell us?


One important clue is Sr. Lucia’s explicit instructions to Abp. da Silva. She, in turn, received these instructions from Heaven, of course. Upon learning that His Eminence would not read the secret himself, Lucia gained from the Archbishop his promise that he would have the Third Secret opened and revealed to the world either at her death, or else in 1960, whichever came first. Why in 1960? A very powerful man in the Vatican at the time, Cd. Ottaviani, personally asked Sister Lucia, in 1955, why Our Lady’s Message was not to be revealed to the Roman Catholic Church prior to 1960. She replied:


“…because it will SEEM CLEARER.”


She also added:


“…because the Blessed Virgin WISHES IT SO.”


Getting this, my tender reader? Something about the Fatima Message would be easier to comprehend by 1960. And it was Heaven’s Express Will that the Third Secret be publicly revealed to the full Catholic Church all over the world by this exact & critical date.


Yet are you troubled & beset, or skeptical & reluctant? Why should we put such trust in Lucia’s words, you might protest, as if she is inerrantly prophetic, a veritable Mouthpiece of God and Herald of Our Lady? This may seem a reasonable concern, although it bears noting how it appears to fly in the face of highest authority in the Church, who gave solemn approval to devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, and, as a result, why approve Apparitions for no other purpose than to ‘honor’ God’s Mother… and when, in fact, Heaven plainly & inarguably sent Her for a Purpose greater than mere ‘honor’? To wit, when it was plainly & inarguably God’s Will that She deliver us a Message that was, it is obvious, intended --- ultimately --- for everyone in the Church to know, to believe, to esteem, and to obey, thereby fulfilling the supreme & true Purpose of Fatima?


Yet we are forgetting something. Why might that something be?


That God Himself chose to seal the truth & importance of Our Lady of Fatima with, indisputably, the Greatest Miracle performed on earth since Apostolic Times. Namely, the Great Miracle of the Sun on 13 October 1917 in Fatima, Portugal. At that moment, on Saturday, October 13th, and at the end of Our Lady’s discourse with the three tiny Fatima children, including our redoubtable Lucia, She then kept Her Regal Promise, made three months earlier on July 13th, that She would confirm Her Words and the Tripartite Fatima Secret, with a mighty wonder that would convince everyone in the Church that what the young seers reported was true. The day of October 13 had been wet and soggy with a steady rain. Estimates of the crowd gathered vary from 50,000 to 100,000. Hence the usual citation of some 70,000 observers at the site on that astounding day, a conservative average. The crowd included unbelieving journalists and skeptical atheists, who had only come to insult & mock the gullible Catholics (as they thought…) for their stupidity. At the celestially ordained moment, the obscured sun, which shone gradually brighter as inclement weather changed for the nicer, then suddenly began to erratically shift & plummet across the sky, in what the poetic Portuguese call the ‘Dance of the Sun’. Observers reported a dreadful fear upon almost everybody, a feeling the world was coming to an end, and the sun dropping lower & lower to the surface of the earth… until, without warning, the solar disc returned to its place, steady & reliable. During its erratic plunge, people in the crowd also reported that it put forth incredibly beautiful rainbow colors, as if rotating, and that, unnoticed by them at the time till later, after the Dance ended, their sodden clothes and persons were inexplicably dry, as if the rain was a mirage. Too, something like ‘white iridescent flower petals’ dropped like a shower, vanishing as they touched the ground. Almost no one left the event blithe or a cynic.


Heaven does not perform miracles for no reason --- especially a sign & prodigy this fantastic. As Our Lord’s Beloved Disciple said, concerning His Miracles while on earth in Palestine, “Many other signs [miracles or wonders] also did Jesus in the sight of his disciples, which are not written in this book. BUT THESE ARE WRITTEN, THAT YOU MAY BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST [that is to say, Messias or Messiah, meaning ‘the Anointed One’, accordingly, ‘the One Who God Has Specially Chosen for a Unique, Crucial & Imperative Purpose’], the Son of God: AND THAT BELIEVING, YOU MAY HAVE LIFE IN HIS NAME.” (John 20:30-31 DRC)


Understand now why Heaven does miracles? It’s not to amuse or entertain.


It’s a big, giant sign to say, “This is important. Take it seriously.”


Fatima’s Message, Lucia’s testimony, IS THAT URGENT.


Nor is Fatima long ago and faded away. Are you familiar with the six degrees of separation theory, my dear soul? Clever people have opined, somewhat convincingly, against all expectations, that, in spite of the world’s tremendously huge population of some seven-and-a-half billion people, that nobody in the world is further removed from personal acquaintance with somebody on earth than by six people. Viz., take one person randomly, and then take another random human being, and… despite it seeming unlikely to the extreme, you can find another five human beings who know each other personally, linking the two first mentioned persons via these five other individuals. In short, not a single human being is further distant from personally knowing, or being connected to, another human being, than by five human beings --- you know someone personally, someone that you know personally then personally knows someone else, and then, continuing on like this, you can connect through personal acquaintance with each individual on earth via another five human beings --- six degrees of separation.


Whether absolutely & thoroughly accurate or not, it does have some merit.


Such as? Well, consider my own case. Did I see the Fatima Miracle?


No, I didn’t. Aside from my Catholicity, then, why believe in it?


Because lots of people did see it, with their very own eyes.


For instance, I have a Catholic friend near to where I live. He’s around 60 years of age as I write and is of Portuguese heritage. He in turn had an elderly Portuguese relative, who he personally knew, who had witnessed the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima in Portugal. Correct… I am personally separated by only two degrees from eyewitness testimony regarding the Greatest Miracle on earth since Apostolic Times. Our Lady of Fatima appeared, after all, in AD 1917. Not 2367 BC, or AD 331, or AD 1007, but AD 1917. Hardly one hundred years ago as I write and you, in all likelihood, read these words.


Period, end of sentence and… case of the Miracle of the Sun summarily closed.


You can choose to disbelieve, dear reader, yet you are irrational. You are not an omniscient (all-knowing) or an infallible (never-wrong), and, should you choose to believe in the religious philosophies of Naturalism or Materialism (i.e., nature or matter are all that exist, there is no ‘supernatural’), then you are --- however smart otherwise --- an idiot. I beg your pardon for insulting you, but the epithet is both true & necessary.


Remember solipsism? And logic? Ah, then. I need say no more about stupidity.


The gist? Heaven has more than authenticated Our Lady of Fatima. The Blessed Virgin Mary has more than upheld the truth & reliability of Sister Lucia’s long-lived testimony to what she and her young cohorts saw & heard. God Almighty Himself has more than verified that any good, real & intelligently-informed Roman Catholic should take the Fatima Message with an utmost seriousness, strive mightily to comprehend it, not carelessly, lazily or proudly dismissing the findings of pious Fatima scholars.


In a word, the Third Secret of the tripartite Fatima Message is crucial to our era, overwhelmingly critical to the salvation of immortal souls during the Great Apostasy when the vast majority of human beings are headed to an everlasting hell, and devastatingly pertinent to the anti-Catholic antipopes that we endure.


Yet what is the Message, its apocalyptic & bestial import?


+ + +


Part One of Inter Regnum (Chapters 1-12)


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Part Four of Inter Regnum (Chapters 35-42)


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