+++ 43. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 1)


Oddly, for the past 160 years, Catholics have treated the Modernist creation myth --- Darwinistic macroevolution or ‘evo devo’ that we’ve talked about in some length within Chapters 38 & 39 --- with a great deal of… how shall we say it? Well, understatement.


Or rather, we should say, some skepticism & outcry came from Catholics during the late 1800s… but not a whole lot. Turn-of-the-20th-century Catholics were even more subdued, with their intellectuals positively starting to drool over Darwinistic thought, and, by the middle of the 1900s, there was almost a mad rush as Catholic people crowded onto the mutation express. Granted, the popes were cautious, pointing out how Catholics must profess the literal existence of Ss. Adam & Eve (after all, how could the Church’s infallible teaching of Original Sin transpire if our first parents never sinned as a consequence of having never actually existed…?), still, no one seemed ‘overly’ enthusiastic about immunizing Roman Catholic minds since the mid-1800s.


Meanwhile, as Catholic youngsters began to enroll at non-Catholic colleges & universities in droves (or else attended ‘catholic’ schools of higher education that, increasingly, weren’t upholding Catholic dogma), there came to be less and less of a difference between ‘catholic’ people and non-Catholic people in America. E.g., I was never raised Catholic. I grew up in what the United States calls the ‘Pacific Northwest’. At high school several of my friends were ‘catholic’ --- but you could hardly tell, given most of their peers’ behavior at school or parties on weekends! --- and, while these dear ‘catholic’ friends of mine were generally better behaved and more studious or serious, I can remember attending a post-graduation homecoming party at the house of one of my friend’s parents. The mother, to her credit, tried to meekly uphold Church teaching during a discussion about religious topics (not that she was truly Catholic, I realize in retrospect, but at least she tried). Unfortunately, the one who was the object of celebration, her own daughter, a smart young lady training at the still ostensibly ‘catholic’ Gonzaga University some 400 miles away, kept politely shooting her down. “Uh, that’s not really true, mom,” she’d point out repeatedly. “It’s not?” her puzzled mother would ask, doubtful, knowing her daughter was now far better educated than she had ever been. “No, mom, the Church doesn’t teach that anymore,” or, “Well, the Church never actually taught that, ever,” her daughter would state over and over in various ways. “It doesn’t?” the quietly flummoxed mother would respond, repeatedly, in still other ways. I thought everything amusing then, although I was respectful to her as my elder. With hindsight as a real Roman Catholic today, it’s an indictment of brobdingnagian proportions, something I got to witness in person with my very own eyes --- the final collapse of Catholicity in the West.


And by ‘West’, I don’t just mean the western United States. I mean all of Western Civilization. The vast majority of Catholic families either stopped being Catholic in the decades before I was born, or else ceased to be Catholic during my lifetime. I witnessed the last shards being cleared away. Catholicism for them was already a family, ethnic or private thing; the last few convictions of infallible truth ceased to be ‘infallible’ for them while I began my life. Which is why, presently, supposedly ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ Novus Ordoists (CNOs or TNOs) can insist they believe a lot of what the Church teaches, whilst, at the same time, call people ‘catholic’ they know very well don’t believe much of anything that Catholicism teaches, presumably simply because these people are baptized and have called themselves ‘catholic’ all their lives, despite not professing or acting like actual Catholics. I mean, ‘ignorance’ and ‘sincerity’ can save just about anybody, right? And we’re never to ‘judge’ in the external forum, correct? Only a leader in the ‘church’ with jurisdiction can excommunicate, right? Only God knows their hearts, correct? The CNO & TNO (Conservative Novus Ordoist & Traditional Novus Ordoist) mostly agree that every one of these claims is ‘true’ for sure. (Please see Helplessly Ignorant for the evidence that the Church has never taught ‘salvation-through-ignorance-and-sincerity’, and Automatic Excommunications for the proof in canon law that the Catholic Church does indeed excommunicate people without need of a ‘formal declaration’ from any authority with jurisdiction over this person.) This is why their ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ credentials are meaningless in the end. They’re hollow inside.


A hollowness that could not have occurred without moral & Darwinian dry rot.


Priests, theologians and other Catholic intellectuals were already imbibing at the evolutionary fount during the early 1900s. Other Catholics followed suit in greater numbers after World War II. With both non-Catholic and ‘catholic’ colleges teaching evo-devo by the 1970s, for the most part an ostensible Catholic had no way to retain ‘catholicity’ with the rug pulled out from under one’s feet. Why continue believing Catholicism was infallibly true when contemporary scientists had ‘proved’ neo-Darwinian synthesis theory to be the ‘truth’ instead? There’s no need for God. Nonetheless, if He does exist, He obviously doesn’t supervise things closely.


Ergo, why go on believing in a pointless religion? Or think it’s infallible?


Aside from cultural heritage or aesthetic preference, why the charade?


And, if ‘catholic’, why not expect teaching & practice to change?


A fallible ‘church’ has no right to tell you otherwise, right?


So with Vatican II & Novus Ordoism, why stand firm?


We should clearly align ourselves with the Modern world & times!


And, truly, clergy & laity were already aligning morally (or, um… immorally).


The Church’s opposition to Communism appeared to collapse, too, with the Vatican II Pseudo-Council and post-Vatican II popes & antipopes. So, with a highly communized globe (nations not formally ‘communist’ or ‘socialist’ being, notwithstanding, influenced by the prevailing trends… consider, for instance, what President Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ plan during the Great Depression of the 1930s, or President Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ programs of the welfare-minded 1960s, amounted to), why go on looking toward any traditional religion, especially Catholicism, for leadership? Aside from ‘social justice’ and cheerleading for the New World Order, what has post-Vatican II ‘catholicity’ to offer? We should ‘engage’ with the world, striving for a more ‘just’, fair & modern humanity. Priesthood, monasticism and ‘missions’ are passé. We no longer want to bother about ‘saving’ poor pagans, or anyone’s immortal soul. Proselytism is nasty; priests, bishops & etc. answer to us; and monks or nuns are simply ‘social workers’.


We need heaven on earth now. A Heaven ‘only for good Catholics’ is ridiculous!


It is imperative we wind up being on the correct side of evolutionary progress.


Of course, CNOs & TNOs can’t fully get on board with this kind of change.


Yet they can’t fight the rising tide, either. They’re like religious zombies.


And the wave of spiritual virus inside them has too much sway over them.


+++ 44. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 2)


A veneer of ‘orthodoxy’ was kept in place with both Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Church it spawned, to be slowly forgotten, gradually changed & eventually discarded as the decades slip by. An ‘orthodoxy’ that wasn’t real, whatever adequacy or not of certain terminology or formulations. This is because Vatican II itself had very real heresies in its documents, notorious & pertinacious in the external forum for anyone with eyes to see. These plain heresies make NO terminology & formulations at least suspect. Despite orthodox interpretations by many CNOs or TNOs much of the time, the Vatican II heresies dissolve like acid. There is no ‘middle ground’ when sands keep shifting.


TNOs who believe in a very lengthy papal ‘inter regnum’ are the most solid. This is because they are the least poisoned by all these baleful influences. Sadly, they are still poisoned with salvation heresy at a minimum, denying ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ to mean what it has always meant in its original, ancient, correct & narrow sense. This alone keeps them from adequately grasping all the evil God has permitted to happen.


This is why the New World Order’s New Aeon of the Sun has the upper hand.


There is almost no one left who can systematically & powerfully resist them.


Most of all, we have no real pope with spiritual authority to powerfully restrain satan.


In 1903 Pope Leo XIII passed from this world. Pope Pius X succeeded him, and, after a brief but intense fight against Modernism in the Church, he, as well, passed from this life in 1914. Pope Benedict XV (XV, not XVI!) then took the helm of the Catholic Church. He immediately had to contend with World War I. Near the end of this terrible conflict, Heaven chose to send the Blessed Virgin Mary to earth again, in visible form to three children, this time at Fatima in poor tiny Portugal, tyrannized by the Freemasons.


Their names were Lucia, Francisco & Jacinta. And, while not saints as of then (to the extent we can tell), they were certainly far better catechized & pious Catholic children than were Melanie & Maximin at the time of Our Lady of La Salette. With an angel’s help a year earlier in 1916 and the Virgin Mary’s encouragement during six total apparitions, these children became wonderful and fervent Roman Catholics.


Our Lady of Fatima appeared in 1917, the year Russia threw a revolution.


That’s right. Just 25 days after the last Apparition of Fatima on 13 October 1917, the nation of Russia revolted and became the first country in modern times to be Communist. This ‘October Revolution’ --- called that because Russians still used an ‘Old Style’ Julian Calendar, in contrast to the corrected Gregorian Calendar of the West --- overthrew their longstanding monarchy and instituted Communism’s ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ in the following years, with Vladimir Lenin as their first new leader. It is impossible, as Roman Catholics, to believe this was sheer chance. Our Lady of Fatima expressly connected Her visit to the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.


But more on that in just a bit. By the way, revolution day was November 7th.


Our Lady’s first visit to the children was on Sunday, 13 May 1917. For Catholics, this was significant in and of itself, Sunday long traditionally associated with Her Son, Jesus, the God-Man, just as Saturday has long linked to Her. (The connection is simple: Sunday the first day of Creation, starting with God making the world, hence Her Son, God in the Flesh, honored first of all with the creational day of first visit. And She, God’s Mother, is honored next of all for being His Immaculate Mother.) The date’s significant, too. In the universal liturgy of the Church (whether sanctoral or not), May 13 is a very historically premiere moment of the year… before the Feasts of the Immaculate Conception or the Glorious Assumption were established in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary… to laud Mary as God’s Supreme Saint of All in the Church. Or, we ought to say, it’s the date Boniface IV chose, in AD 610, as Supreme Pontiff of Christ’s Catholic Church then, pagans having, the vast majority of them, converted to Catholicism, to dedicate a former pagan temple --- the massive Pantheon, which honored all possible pagan deities, just in case the pagans neglected to honor pagan gods elsewhere in the year, incurring deistic displeasure --- to be a place of Catholic worship, honoring instead the Blessed Virgin Mary and All the Martyrs, the martyrs paving the way for this triumph by their blood. Regardless of a universality then (or perhaps not, the liturgical calendar developing across the centuries in what is an acceptable understanding of the term in ecclesial matters, i.e., to ‘develop’, as opposed to the Modernist use of the term to wantonly promote the idea of infallible doctrine ‘changing’ to mean something it never meant before modern times) Pope St. Gregory VII then took Pope Boniface IV’s decision, transferring it’s commemoration to November 1st (the Feast of All Hallows Day), following the decision of Pope Gregory IV to fix All Saint’s Day on November 1 universally as of AD 835. In this way we see the gradual shaping of the universal liturgical calendar over the millennia. This is, within limits, good & acceptable.


The point is, the Pantheon and the honoring of the Virgin Mary as greatest of all Heaven’s saints, transpired on May 13. Honoring all the ancient martyrs as well, the symbolism is exquisite. A real & thoughtful Catholic cannot possibly imagine Heaven is capricious about these matters --- that Heaven would choose this date out of nowhere, by sheer chance. Hence, the selection of May 13 as Her First Apparition out of six total of Our Lady of Fatima is significant, very significant. It is as much as to say, “I, Queen of Highest Heaven, certified My Son’s Victory over the City of Rome in the year AD 610, with the transformation of a former pagan temple, the Pantheon [Greek for ‘all gods’], from being a temple for all false gods, into the Panangelon [Greek for ‘all angels’]. That is to say, it is now for the veneration of All God’s Children in Heaven. As My Son said, and St. Paul His servant, the inhabitants of Heaven are like the angels, neither male nor female in the same sense as they are on this earth, which maleness & femaleness here below is for the procreation of God’s Image; and so these heavenly denizens never give in fleshly marriage or take in fleshly marriage. (Matthew 22:29-30, Mark 12:24-25, Luke 20:34-36 & Galatians 3:26-29) With My Holy Martyrs & Myself honored this way, later extended to all the saints whether martyred or not in the sense of their lives sacrificed during bloody persecution, My Regal Victory was memorialized and declared secure. Likewise, during the horrible rebellion you endure today, nearing the turn of the third millennium, I will, despite hellish opposition, eventually turn everything into a New Triumph for the Church, My Son’s Body of Roman Catholicism. No luciferian opposition is a match for Me. Persevere, and you will see the victory.”


This is what Mary said to any on earth who have ears to hear.


+++ 45. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 3)


Our Creator usually has Catholics suffer for their testing & purification.


Poor Lucia, Francisco & Jacinta (the young seers of Our Lady of Fatima) certainly suffered mightily for this privilege. Little Francisco and tiny Jacinta later died painfully, the former at home and the latter at a distant hospital all alone, both at the hands of the global plague of influenza spread worldwide in the aftermath of World War I offering up everything they underwent for the appeasement of God’s Just Wrath and the succoring of poor Catholic souls languishing in Purgatory. Lucia, as well, who lived a much longer life, suffered terribly. Her mother was particularly cruel at first, accusing her of lying about the Apparition, and punishing her severely in order to get Lucia to admit it was false. A thing Lucia never did, staunchly yet respectfully insisting upon the truth --- that they’d seen a Beautiful Lady who asked them to come meet Her under a holm oak tree in the often sere but pastoral countryside, every 13th of the month. Many people frequently associate the number 13 with misfortune & calamity. There is some truth to this, though we cannot condone superstition. To wit, say, building a hotel or tower and omitting thirteenth floors, or refusing to buy a ticket for an auditorium seat that is number 13. These silly practices are what we mean by ‘superstition’. Still, there is truth (read: Catholic Truth!) to the idea of 13 connected to what is ominous or foreboding.


For instance --- to use but one illustration --- Jesus Christ, the Second Person of Our Creator’s Divine & Eternal Trinity, had His ‘Last Supper’ (for Catholics, the first Holy Mass) on the eve of Good Friday, the day of His Passion & Crucifixion (the Gospel of St. John portrays it as Thursday evening, which, for the Jews, meant Friday since their days began with sundown, roughly six hours before the day beginning at midnight for we non-Jews following ancient Roman custom… ergo why John was correct to portray it, when non-Jews became the Church majority, as Thursday). At this Eucharistic Paschal Supper, He gathered His Twelve Apostles, for a total of thirteen in number. Yet one of them, the ‘thirteenth’, as it were… Judas Iscariot… was a traitor, selling Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The result was the aforementioned Passion & Crucifixion. This may be where some ‘christianized’ cultures get the Friday-the-13th superstition, since Friday is the moment He died on the Cross, and, for Jews, it was a Passover full moon, being, calendrically, the 14th day of the first lunar month of the religious year, Nisan. Signifying? That it is likely Judas made his deal to betray Jesus on Nisan 13. Accordingly, while a tad muddled, it could be the origin of Friday-the-13th.


Yet whether likely or not, we are not superstitious. But we are allegorical. This is because, spiritually speaking, God Himself is allegorical. We need only peruse Sacred Scripture to see how allegorical God gets, or the early Church fathers, to see how they delighted in finding allegory in the Bible. No real & wise Catholic should be afraid of, or shun, religious allegory when it plainly & logically upholds Catholicity or comes straight from the pens of the Church fathers. Consequently, the number 13 is portentous. It is a number of suffering, so to speak, symbolizing trial & tribulation. In any case, that Our Lady of Fatima chose to visit the children on the thirteenth day of May in 1917, telling them She would visit them upon the thirteenth day of every month following, until Her last & final visit in October of 1917… is fascinating. In doing so, She told any of Her children (read: Roman Catholics!) who would listen, that this visit of Hers portended trial & tribulation for God’s One True Church of Catholicism, Her Son’s Singular Body, and for the world as a whole, which was in the midst of World War I. It is also fascinating that Her Apparitions numbered six, so closely linked to humanity and the Apocalyptic Beast. Moreover, to get mathematical, that 13 is the sixth prime number, and, too, a Fibonacci number sixth in sequence from the starting point of zero or one.


And why would this curiosity be notable? Is it a kind of ‘covert’ superstition?


Not at all. I am not recommending superstitious practices due to this number. But Almighty God chose to form our creation in a certain way, and, of all things in visible creation linked to Our Maker, mathematics is the one that is most ‘purely connected’ to Him, in a very real sense. Thus, all creation is a parable or allegory. One simply requires the skills to ‘peruse it’. Mathematically, 13 and 6 reveal to us a signal: this was Heaven’s way of foreshadowing the Betrayal & Crucifixion of the Ecclesial Body of the Son of Man, which Body is His One & Only Roman Catholic Church, at the hands of impious, modernist human beings, who would reject, profane & assault Our Maker’s Singular Means of Salvation, thereby bringing upon modern humanity the Great Apostasy.


The Crucifixion is like the ‘13’ of tribulation, the ultimate trial, pain & price paid. Because humanity, whose number is 6 more than any other number (like the integer of the Beast in Sacred Scripture’s Apocalypse, which represents humanity as a whole in an irrational & bestial Rebellion against God), the Great Apostasy is like the ‘6’ of mutiny & revolution, the ultimate revolt, as it were, against God. If you minus 6 from 13, what do you get? Correct --- 7. More than any other numeral, 7 is the number of Our Creator, of God. No human being escapes death. Every one of us will die. And we will, each of us, either die with God or against Him. There’s no in-between. With Him, as mere 6s, we’ve a chance to become like Him, with Him, and fulfill our destiny of being Him, forever, in the Beatific Visioninasmuch as any mere creature could ‘be’ God. Whereas, without him, as mere 6s, we will never achieve sevenhood. We grasp, decimally clutching & scratching, like intelligent yet foolish animals, untamed, ludicrously thinking ourselves able to bear the weight of divinity without Him. Meanwhile, 7 became 6 --- Jesus Christ --- and paved the way for us to Heaven, we climbing the Ladder of St. Jacob, His One & Only Roman Catholic Religion, merged baptismally with His Body, the Catholic Church, which is how we may ascend. Viz., seven became six so that six may become seven, via thirteen, evading hell forever.


This is further prefigured inasmuch as, during the THIRD apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, upon 13 July 1917, the Mother of God gave the three children a petrifying vision of hell at the heart of the earth. Per Lucia, had this vision went for more than the briefest second, watching the damned souls of human beings tormented in an eternal prison, they would have died immediately from horror & grief. For just as Christ descended into the heart of the earth until the THIRD & ultimate day --- so as to make possible redemption for those human souls who are not yet Catholic; or, if Catholic, not presently in the state of grace; as well as to relieve Catholic souls who died in the state of grace but are now suffering in Purgatory (the temporary part of hell where these Catholic souls, dying in the state of grace, are made perfect) --- so, too, His Ecclesial Body now dies on the Cross, cleansing the Church of impenitent members and their damnable trespasses, opening the way for a new Pentecost and final phase of human beings’ conversion, allowing them to become Catholic before it is too late, and assisting poor souls in Purgatory with merciful Roman Catholic prayers… till the THIRD day arrives.


+++ 46. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 4)


Nor does the story of three end there. For in the Apparitions of Fatima we unveil a plethora of threes. Three children were witnesses of these Celestial Visitations. Ever wonder why? Probably not. Nevertheless, a lack of curiosity --- or failure of imagination upon our part --- does not ‘prove’ the symbolism is missing. Heaven wove three into the event even if we are ignorant or dismissive. Humanity is tripartite in many ways. The Catholic Church is tripartite (Militant, Suffering & Triumphant) and the messages imparted to the children in the wake of the hellish vision are tripartite, too.


Which leads one to ask, “So what is the tripartite Message of Fatima?


Few people ever wonder about this. Indeed, few people know much about Fatima nowadays! Oddly enough, Our Lady of Fatima has always been upon my mind. I was never raised Catholic, so I have no purely earthly or mundane explanation for this. All I can tell you, beloved reader, is that, despite having no idea what Fatima was about or any of its details when I was young, I somehow knew, deep down inside, that it was crucial. All alone, poisoned against the One True Faith of Roman Catholicism, howsobeit, I somehow knew Fatima was divinely & intimately entwined with our eternal fate.


Strange? I suppose. Inexplicable? Maybe. Impossible? God will be the judge.


In any case, immediately after showing the Fatima children the appalling vision of hell on 13 July 1917, Our Lady of Fatima then revealed three crucial ‘secrets’ as well. What we are about to read constitutes the initial part of EXHIBIT NO. 15. Here is the first:


“YOU HAVE SEEN HELL, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world DEVOTION TO MY IMMACULATE HEART. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.


In this simple statement is laid bare a pair of very simple truths. One, that hell actually exists. This is not a popular opinion amongst modern people, to say the least. Yet it is a truth that the Catholic Church infallibly upholds and which, as members of the Church have gone further & further into apostasy (thereby losing their Catholicity), they have denied. Some have been blatant, denying hell altogether. Some are a bit more subtle, pretending Christ saves ‘everyone’ from hell, whether or not they die professing the Catholic Faith whole & entire. (This is the heresy of ‘universalism’, by the way, which both Antipopes John Paul II & Francis have publically espoused, something that is no shock if you fathom our zeitgeist.) Others are yet more subtle, saying hell is only a non-physical ‘state of being’ (whatever, exactly, that means!), devoid of real fire and literal pain of the senses. These falsehoods are each of them damnable --- as in, God’s Church has explicitly condemned them, and you will languish in the real torment of hell forever, having denied its reality in any way, shape or form. Two, that God’s intent in this place & time… the situation of a world in apostasy, including people who are supposed to be His, calling themselves ‘roman catholic’… is to combat His enemy, Lucifer, with the devil’s premiere object of hatred. And this recipient of satan’s hatred is…? The creature who is what Lucifer was supposed to be --- the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, the Light Bearer. And, while God never intended Lucifer to bear the Second Person of the Almighty, notwithstanding, this is precisely what He has intended Mary to be… the Bearer of Light of God Himself. Whereby it is also God’s Will, as made known to us via the Apparitions of Fatima, that He has determined, both logically & additionally, that it is through Devotion to Her Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart that He will accomplish an even greater salvation during our times, when hellacious anti-Catholic evil is completely rampant and brazenly defiant toward the Law of Natural Reason. A resurrection of His One True Church and salvation of otherwise lost souls that is, humanly speaking, so improbable (presume the unbelieving…) and so Roman Catholic that nobody can intelligently deny that such a thing is God’s Supernatural Miracle.


Notice, too, the conditional statement upon which we closed the quote above. The Beautiful Lady, God’s Mother, said much else that we will examine soon; nonetheless, She prefaced it with, If what I say to you is done…” Not ‘surely’, or ‘for certain’, but, If…” And these “many souls” will indeed “be saved” …yet only IF what She says is accomplished. A sobering thought! And, while we’ve not quoted it yet, She made a promise. Which is? That the war Europe endured then (indeed, the whole world!) eventually would end (as World War I did 16 months later), but coupled with a somber warning. Fatima’s children (Lucia, Francisco & Jacinta) publicly shared the assurance of the conflict’s coming end not too far from then. Viz., at this point in time --- 1917 --- the ‘War to End All Wars’ would cease in the not-too-distant future (this was the case, as you may recall, by 11 November 1918). All the same, this assurance came with still another warning. Because EXHIBIT NO. 15 has an additional & second sobering statement, making it plain Our Heavenly Mother had more for Catholics to hear.


“The war is going to end [this is where Our Lady assures the children, and all who acknowledge their testimony, that World War I would come to an end, neither soon nor too long from then], but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the reign of Pius XI [this was the second prophecy Our Lady gave to the children, no one then knowing that the very next pope, after the then presently ruling Benedict XV, would be Pius XI and begin his reign in 1922, five years from that point in time, 1917]. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes [vile immorality and rabidly anti-Catholic hatred], by means of war, famine and PERSECUTIONS OF THE CHURCH AND THE HOLY FATHER.”


What was this second & worse conflict on the dark horizon?


World War II. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.


The ‘War to End All Wars’ (World War I) did nothing of the sort, and its noble appearing, yet ultimately pathetic, attempt at global peace for the New World Order --- the League of Nations --- failed miserably, especially when the increasingly dominating United States of America, whose former president, Woodrow Wilson, played a huge role in putting it together, bailed on it. The chaotic & crushing aftermath of World War I left Europe adrift under the baleful influence of various kinds of communists, socialists & nationalists (one of the latter, a Serbian foe of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, sadly igniting World War I with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in the Balkan Peninsula…). Ironically, newly arisen fascists, such as Mussolini & Hitler, aped Communistic amoral brutality --- ‘the end justifies the means’ --- whilst detesting Socialistic propaganda & aims (particularly ‘Il Duce’ Mussolini, who once eagerly promoted Socialism, but became disenchanted and, with Italian ‘national socialism’, inspired Hitler with his version of ‘Nationalsozialismus’, to wit, the German ‘Nazis’).


The night illumined by an unknown light”, incidentally, was 25 January 1938, when, per astronomers, an ‘aurora borealis’ of unprecedented size, color & intensity was visible all over Europe, even to the astonishingly lower northern latitudes of north Africa. It may indeed have been solely or primarily what our scientists now call an ‘aurora borealis’… although this is immaterial for a wise Catholic since, in knowing that God controls all things, natural or supernatural, then applying the label of a ‘natural phenomenon’ to events of this kind in no way makes it less amazing, striking or never a sign utilized by God to communicate something important to little human beings on the earth. In reality, however, it is not at all ‘proven’ --- simply by applying a multisyllabic label to a thing --- that you either truly & fully understand, or have really explained (away) that thing… in this case, something we have lately called an ‘aurora’. Yet whether it was ‘merely’ an aurora or not, it was so spectacular and alarming that people thought the far distant mountains were on fire. The colors were nothing short of flabbergasting, turning rubescent, as if the entire sky were bathed in blood. Getting the picture?


Historians generally agree that World War II officially began with Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg attack against Poland on 1 September 1939. In actuality, many actions led to inarguably open conflict, not least of which was the ‘Munich crisis’ of September 1938, which led to increasing German occupation & rule of what had become known as the nation of Czechoslovakia, the Nazis calling it their ‘Sudetenland’, in March of 1939. Wherever one draws the line between ‘peace’ and ‘war’ back then, this ‘night of an unknown light’ was an augury of unrivalled symbolism. The celestial illumination transpired as winter reached its deepest freeze, and the earthly invasion as an early culmination to the summers of a northern Europe was about to take place. God’s heavenly charity grew cold; human malice hot, famine & corpses in its wake.


World War II finished --- the militarily violent part, leastwise --- Soviet Russia everywhere pressed its advantage in eastern Europe, establishing the Soviet bloc countries, Communist China arising by 1949 and exerting influence in east Asia in a similar fashion. Many, many Catholics died under the hardline Communist regimes, with some scholars estimating there were more martyrs during the 20th century than martyrs of the first three centuries combined. In open form, Communism at its height ruled one half of humanity (today it is still a third of the world’s population, the other thirds heavily communized or socialized). Communists also nearly won dominant control in Italy, via elections. Do you think the Holy Father (the Pope) suffered? With wavering theologians, priests, bishops & laity plaguing the Church and political manipulation both inside & outside of Catholicism, is it dubious? Only a very saintly pope might surmount.


Tragically, not to be. Twilight came, and a secret draped in shadows. You see, Our Lady of Fatima said a few other things in the second part of Her Message, which we quote here as a continuation of EXHIBIT NO. 15 in this controversial book, Inter Regnum:


“To prevent this [the aforementioned punishment of the world, with war, famine & persecution against the Church], I will come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the first Saturdays of the month. If My requests are granted, RUSSIA WILL BE CONVERTED, and there will be peace. If not, she [Russia] will SPREAD HER ERRORS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father [Pope] will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.”


This is where it gets extremely ‘controversial’, making the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima practically as disputed & despised as the ‘controversial’ Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette. Intriguingly, both Apparitions --- and their Messages --- aroused fierce opposition, condemnation, irrationality, misrepresentation and outright lies.


What’s going on? Why the abhorrence of these supernatural things?


Like we noted before, when this kind of reaction occurs, it generally indicates one of two possibilities. Either, one, the thing disputed & controverted is extremely deadly & evil; or else, two, the thing disputed & controverted is extremely helpful & salutary. Yet highest ecclesial authority (the Papacy and those of the Hierarchy entrusted with investigating Fatima thoroughly) upheld both Apparitions as worthy of belief & veneration. For instance, Pope Pius XI gave ‘unofficial’ approval of Fatima as early as 1929, when, receiving an audience of the Portuguese Seminary --- Portugal the nation where the Apparitions of Fatima transpired, you’ll recall --- he gave the seminarians images of Fatima on January 9th. That same year, in an ad limina visit of the Portuguese bishop from Portalegre, who did not like Fatima, Pius XI chided him for his reticence, pointing out that, in the wake of Our Lady of Fatima, the young men studying for the priesthood in his diocese had increased sixfold. And, officially speaking, the bishop from Leiria, José Alves Correida da Silva, having completed his 13 year inquiry into Fatima as of 1930, October 13th, gave his highest episcopal approval of Fatimabut only after having submitted the dossier to Pius XI, who encouraged him to publish his approbation with confidence. What’s more, the very next pope, Pius XII, granted a canonical coronation for the image of Our Lady of Fatima enshrined at the Chapel of the Apparitions of Fatima on 13 May 1946, which amounts to him saying, with papal authority, that he not merely tolerated this devotion --- he enthusiastically encouraged it for all Catholics globally. Similarly, this same pope, Pius XII, on 11 November 1954, authorized, with public fanfare, the raising of the Sanctuary of Fatima, built at the site of the Apparitions in veneration of Our Lady of Fatima, to the status of a Minor Basilica in his papal brief, Lucer superna, the title of a ‘basilica’ being a way for a pope to say, “This sanctuary merits a very special standing in the sight of every Roman Catholic in every place throughout the world.” We could go on; this is sufficient. The upshot? Christ’s Representatives made it perfectly clear we can trust in Fatima… period.


So what’s the problem? Again, in a nutshell --- Fatima’s Message.


+++ 47. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 5)


True, it’s also mindless & luciferian hatred against the supernatural & miracles. The powers-that-be, especially as the New World Order (read: those who are against the Old World Order of Roman Catholicism and Catholic nations) spreads its tentacles into more & more of our human lives, most certainly do not want people believing in miracles & the supernatural, since this leads in the direction opposite of that toward which they desire to go --- meaning, toward disbelief in and disobedience to God’s Religion.


Notwithstanding, this part of the Fatima Message is where it gets poignant. For what country did the Virgin Mary mention specifically? Right, RUSSIA. And what did She say She would come for later on to request? Correct, the consecration of Russia --- and Russia alone! --- TO HER IMMACULATE HEART. Why is this important? For one thing, obviously, Russia was about to become the first Communist government on earth ever. This happened not quite four months after the children’s vision of hell on 13 July 1917, a mere 25 days after Her final appearance to them on October 13th of that same year. And what was Her Promise to them if this was done? The conversion of Russia. Conversion to what? Protestant Heresy or Islam or Hinduism, etc., etc.? Of course not. No real Catholic can suppose the Mother of God would promise… let alone intend… a nation, that is mired in Eastern Schismaticism (what we today call Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’), to then convert to yet another false religion. Conversion for a real Catholic… particularly the Queen of Heaven! can only mean conversion to Her Divine Son’s Singular Church of Roman Catholicism. End of sentence. This would be an event so dumbfounding that it would leave the world in awe, stunned into admitting that the Roman Catholic Faith is Christ’s Singular Means of Salvation, and that God’s Mother --- Immaculate Mary --- administers Her Son’s Graces for this Singular Salvation. Again, end of sentence. The consequences, though, if this request for Consecration of Russia is not fulfilled? Ah… then Russia will spread its grievous errors (read: atheistic Communism and all that is connected to the Luciferian Religion of Modernism) around the world, causing evil, conflict and persecutions against Rome’s Infallible Truth everywhere on earth.


Which is precisely what has occurred to the human race for the past century.


The ‘good’ would be martyred as well, She warned. To wit, actual Roman Catholics would either die or else suffer terribly for the True Faith. The pope, too, would suffer greatly, with various nations ‘annihilated’. That is to say, not necessarily destroyed with ‘natural catastrophes’. But no longer existing as separate or sovereign people, free to rule themselves as they see fit. Which, additionally, is also precisely what has occurred during the past century. (E.g., think of the Soviet bloc countries, or Mongolia or Tibet, or nations still struggling to hang on to Catholicity, yet, ultimately, unable to preserve their ancient identity, like Spain or Ireland, and so forth and so on) All of these things have happened for a single reason: because Modernists detest Roman Catholicism and an Old World Order, yearning for anti-Catholicism and a New World Order. An Order which is revolutionary, willing to use subterfuge & violence in their bid to succeed.


Bringing us to the third part of Fatima’s tripartite Message. For in further examining EXHIBIT NO. 15, we find a prophecy and an unfinished sentence that Lucia, last of the three children, mysteriously truncates in her record of Our Lady’s precious words.


“In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she [Russia] will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world… IN PORTUGAL, THE DOGMA OF THE FAITH WILL ALWAYS BE PRESERVED etc. [sic]”


Leading us to ask, “What is this dogma of the Faith that will always be preserved within Portugal (and why in the world is it to be preserved in Portugal, very plainly implying that in most of the world, if not the whole of earth!, THIS DOGMA WILL BE LOST?!?); and when is the end’, wherein the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph’, a true & good Bishop of Rome finally obeying Her Regal Will in regards to the Consecration of Russia --- and Russia alone! --- to the Celestial Essence of Her Sword-Pierced Soul, thereby CONVERTING THEM TO CATHOLICISM?”


No one has been looking for the answers. This is because no one has even thought to ask the right questions. We’ve shuffled along like old, decrepit men pretending to be young, acting as if debauched memory is the same as one’s present reality, and as if the fantasy of carnal existence will never melt like a dream, the dying man gasping & waking, a pillar of pain scorching his dry soul like summer fire on the prairie, finding himself wandering in a hall of mirrors, everywhere staring at his burning reflection… the existence he thought was so priceless… and each face he sees is uglier and more monstrous and more demonic than the last. Is he a human being anymore? Is our humanity human any longer? Or has the Apocalyptic Beast sank its teeth into our bleeding flesh, leaving a mark like an eternal scar, empty eyes forever imagining a banquet we’ll never taste, having devoured our own flesh in an orgy of appetite, becoming a living nothingness, wailing in rage, starving, immortal & ravenous.


But if, dear reader, you don’t want to be an immortal beast, either happily… or else in trepidation… receiving the luciferian character upon your mind and upon your will, then stop, take a deep breath, and consider the repercussions. The Message that Fatima’s Lady spoke to little Jacinta, Francisco & Lucia --- and as recorded by the latter for us today as she obeyed her superiors, virtuous nun that she was --- was told to us for a reason. A reason that our intelligence is indeed able to grasp if only we ask, seek & knock.


Who will join me at the Celestial Door? God is looking for eager acolytes.


Sister Lucia’s superiors did not command her to record the 3rd Secret until 1943. She suffered a malicious illness, nearly dying, and her diocesan bishop, His Excellency da Silva (who was mortally afraid of knowing its content, fearing the responsibility & terror it might inflict upon him), finally gave her a solemn order, the very thing Lucia had long been waiting for, not daring to write such a momentous thing without highest authority backing her up. It then took another several months, as Heaven allowed the devil to supernaturally hinder her. Do you understand, dear soul? This is something hell’s Luciferian Dragon very badly did NOT want Lucia writing down so that fellow Christians of the Singular Roman Faith might LEARN Our Lady’s Purpose.


Intrigued? You ought to be. If not, then you’re mired in a religious stupor.


It took an Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Sr. Lucia’s infirmary on 2 January 1944, dispelling all diabolic opposition and doubts or concerns in the seer’s mind, for the Third of Fatima’s Tripartite Message to be written down by her hand. Luckily, the testimony of Bp. Venancio --- who was the auxiliary bishop of José Alves Correida da Silva, long time Archbishop of Leiria, Portugal (in which diocese the tiny town of Fatima lay), seized the opportunity to examine this secret inasmuch as he could before it departed from the care of Abp. da Silva (as remarked above, Abp. da Silva was mortally afraid to know details of Fatima’s Third Secret, leaving it unopened --- and even though he had a permission, nay, perhaps the heavenly responsibility! --- to open it and publish it publically at the proper time). Meaning, Bp. Venancio did not dare to unseal the Secret, which he had never received authorization to see, but, after languishing unopened in the diocesan archives till 1957, the Vatican then ordering it to be transferred to Rome, our most intrepid bishop briefly held Lucia’s Secret, kept as it was in a small envelope and securely sealed inside an even larger envelope, in front of a bright light, carefully observing that it was on a small & single sheet of paper, from 20 to 25 lines long.


In other words, this earthshaking Message was very short and very succinct. Which automatically rules out, then, any claimed ‘revelations’ of the Third Secret of Fatima that are too lengthy or too wordy. What could this extremely brief Message possibly tell us?


One important clue is Sr. Lucia’s explicit instructions to Abp. da Silva. She, in turn, received these instructions from Heaven, of course. Upon learning that His Eminence would not read the secret himself, Lucia gained from the Archbishop his promise that he would have the Third Secret opened and revealed to the world either at her death, or else in 1960, whichever came first. Why in 1960? A very powerful man in the Vatican at the time, Cd. Ottaviani, personally asked Sister Lucia, in 1955, why Our Lady’s Message was not to be revealed to the Roman Catholic Church prior to 1960. This is part of EXHIBIT NO. 15, too, and to him she in 1955 replied:


“…because it will SEEM CLEARER.”


She also added:


“…because the Blessed Virgin WISHES IT SO.”


Getting this, my tender reader? Something about the Fatima Message would be easier to comprehend by 1960. And it was Heaven’s Express Will that the Third Secret be publicly revealed to the full Catholic Church all over the world by this exact & critical date.


Yet are you troubled & beset, or skeptical & reluctant? Why should we put such trust in Lucia’s words, you might protest, as if she is inerrantly prophetic, a veritable Mouthpiece of God and Herald of Our Lady? This may seem a reasonable concern, although it bears noting how it appears to fly in the face of highest authority in the Church, who gave solemn approval to devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, and, as a result, why approve Apparitions for no other purpose than to ‘honor’ God’s Mother… and when, in fact, Heaven plainly & inarguably sent Her for a Purpose greater than mere ‘honor’? To wit, when it was plainly & inarguably God’s Will that She deliver us a Message that was, it is obvious, intended --- ultimately --- for everyone in the Church to know, to believe, to esteem, and to obey, thereby fulfilling the supreme & true Purpose of Fatima?


Yet we are forgetting something. What might that something be?


That God Himself chose to seal the truth & importance of Our Lady of Fatima with, indisputably, the Greatest Miracle performed on earth since Apostolic Times. Namely, the Great Miracle of the Sun on 13 October 1917 in Fatima, Portugal. At that moment, on Saturday, October 13th, and at the end of Our Lady’s discourse with the three tiny Fatima children, including our redoubtable Lucia, She then kept Her Regal Promise, made three months earlier on July 13th, that She would confirm Her Words and the Tripartite Fatima Secret, with a mighty wonder that would convince everyone in the Church that what the young seers reported was true. The day of October 13 had been wet and soggy with a steady rain. Estimates of the crowd gathered vary from 50,000 to 100,000. Hence the usual citation of some 70,000 observers at the site on that astounding day, a conservative average. The crowd included unbelieving journalists and skeptical atheists, who had only come to insult & mock the gullible Catholics (as they thought…) for their stupidity. At the celestially ordained moment, the obscured sun, which shone gradually brighter as inclement weather changed for the nicer, then suddenly began to erratically shift & plummet across the sky, in what the poetic Portuguese call the ‘Dance of the Sun’. Observers reported a dreadful fear upon almost everybody, a feeling the world was coming to an end, and the sun dropping lower & lower to the surface of the earth… until, without warning, the solar disc returned to its place, steady & reliable. During its erratic plunge, people in the crowd also reported that it put forth incredibly beautiful rainbow colors, as if rotating, and that, unnoticed by them at the time till later, after the Dance ended, their sodden clothes and persons were inexplicably dry, as if the rain was a mirage. Too, something like ‘white iridescent flower petals’ dropped like a shower, vanishing as they touched the ground. Almost no one left the event blithe or a cynic.


Heaven does not perform miracles for no reason --- especially a sign & prodigy this fantastic. As Our Lord’s Beloved Disciple said, concerning His Miracles while on earth in Palestine, “Many other signs [miracles or wonders] also did Jesus in the sight of his disciples, which are not written in this book. BUT THESE ARE WRITTEN, THAT YOU MAY BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST [that is to say, Messias or Messiah, meaning ‘the Anointed One’, accordingly, ‘the One Who God Has Specially Chosen for a Unique, Crucial & Imperative Purpose’], the Son of God: AND THAT BELIEVING, YOU MAY HAVE LIFE IN HIS NAME.” (John 20:30-31 DRC)


Understand now why Heaven does miracles? It’s not to amuse or entertain.


It’s a big, giant sign to say, “This is important. Take it seriously.”


Fatima’s Message, Lucia’s testimony, IS THAT URGENT.


Nor is Fatima long ago and faded away. Are you familiar with the six degrees of separation theory, my dear soul? Clever people have opined, somewhat convincingly, against all expectations, that, in spite of the world’s tremendously huge population of some seven-and-a-half billion people, that nobody in the world is further removed from personal acquaintance with somebody on earth than by six people, counting inclusively. Viz., take one person randomly, and then take another random human being, and… despite it seeming unlikely to the extreme, you can find another four human beings who know each other personally, linking the two first mentioned persons via these four other individuals. In short, not a single human being is further distant from personally knowing, or being connected to, another human being, than by five human beings --- you know someone personally, someone that you know personally then personally knows someone else, and then, continuing on like this, you can connect through personal acquaintance with each individual on earth via another five persons --- counted fully, six degrees of separation.


Whether absolutely & thoroughly accurate or not, it does have some merit.


Such as? Well, consider my own case. Did I see the Fatima Miracle?


No, I didn’t. Aside from my Catholicity, then, why believe in it?


Because lots of people did see it, with their very own eyes.


For instance, I have a Catholic friend near to where I live. He’s around 60 years of age as I write and is of Portuguese heritage. He in turn had an elderly Portuguese relative, who he personally knew, who had witnessed the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima in Portugal. Correct… I am personally separated by only two degrees from eyewitness testimony regarding the Greatest Miracle on earth since Apostolic Times. Our Lady of Fatima appeared, after all, in AD 1917. Not 2367 BC, or AD 331, or AD 1007, but AD 1917. Hardly one hundred years ago as I write and you, in all likelihood, read these words.


Period, end of sentence and… case of the Miracle of the Sun summarily closed.


You have free will, of course, dear reader. If resolutely determined due to prejudice and despite all this indubitable, massive testimony to the contrary, and without having witnessed the event with your own eyes, either confirming or disconfirming it, then, out of the thin air, with no personal eyewitness evidence of your own… yes, you can choose to disbelieve, dearest one, yet you are irrational. You are not an omniscient (all-knowing) or an infallible (never-wrong) creature, and, should you choose to believe in the religious philosophies of Naturalism or Materialism (viz., nature or matter are all that exist, there is no ‘supernatural’), then you are --- however smart otherwise --- an idiot. I beg your pardon for insulting you, but the epithet is both true & necessary, requiring me, in complete honesty, to point it out. I could no more intelligently ‘play along’ with neighbors pretending their house is not on fire and that they’re in no danger. Disregarding imminent, agonizing, fiery death… is this not tragic idiocy?


One may not be able to ‘force’ them out of their burning home --- yet must one say nothing so as not to ‘hurt’ their feelings, is not one justified in calling a spade a spade, cannot candid truth be the most compassionate & sensible thing in this extreme (and extremely deadly!) situation? To imagine otherwise truly is the idiocy of an idiot.


Remember ‘solipsism’? And ‘logic’? Ah, then. We can fathom the fathomable.


Miracles are NOT ‘unfathomable’; we thus need say no more about STUPIDITY.


The gist? Heaven has more than authenticated Our Lady of Fatima. The Blessed Virgin Mary has more than upheld the truth & reliability of Sister Lucia’s long-lived testimony to what she and her young cohorts saw & heard. God Almighty Himself has more than verified that any good, real & intelligently-informed Roman Catholic should take the Fatima Message with an utmost seriousness, strive mightily to comprehend it, not carelessly, lazily or proudly dismissing the findings of pious Fatima scholars.


In a word, the Third Secret of the tripartite Fatima Message is crucial to our era, overwhelmingly critical to the salvation of immortal souls during the Great Apostasy when the vast majority of human beings are headed to an everlasting hell, and devastatingly pertinent to the anti-Catholic antipopes that we endure.


Yet what is the Message, its apocalyptic & bestial import?


+++ 48. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 6)


The key lies in the mysteriously truncated sentence that we quoted near the start of Chapter 47 in this book, Inter Regnum. Do you recall? “In Portugal, THE DOGMA OF THE FAITH will ALWAYS BE PRESERVED etc. [sic]” So what is this dogma of the Faith?” And why will it always be preserved in “Portugal”, an irrelevant assurance from Lucia’s pen, to say the least… unless, of course… this “dogma” WILL NOT BE PRESERVED ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD? Too, Lucia adds the intriguing expression, etc.” A term the educated often use for convenience, derived from an abbreviated Latin phrase ‘et cetera’ (Lucia was no longer an unschooled girl from agrarian Fatima, having received a superb education both before and after she commenced a nun’s life). So what does “ETC.” refer to? And why the rather mysteriously cryptic term? What did Our Lady SAY, summed up in ETC.”?


Serious scholars of Fatima, who are pious & logical, unanimously agree:


“…the dogmapreserved…” and an etc.” are indeed the THIRD SECRET.


You see, the Archbishop of Leiria, His Excellency da Silva, four times commanded Lucia, during the 1930s & ’40s, to write down an account of what she and Francisco & Jacinta saw and did, concerning all of the words & events of the Apparitions of Fatima, including the visits from an angel that the children experienced in 1916, in preparation for the Six Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1917. In the first three accounts Lucia gave many details, some of it paralleling what she had already reported. In the fourth account, however, she curiously added the details above. This then led the Hierarchy to be aware enough of the 3rd Secret to thus request its full contents.


As remarked above, this was accomplished in 1944, against hellish opposition. Archbishop da Silva being afraid of what the Third Secret contained (a fear with which we may sympathize, whatever his faults in the matter, since the 2nd Secret foretold the horrendous World War II with its horrifying consequences…), he let the Message sit unopened until the Vatican ordered it --- and other documents related to Fatima ---transferred to Rome in 1957. An unfortunate decision, for with Sr. Lucia managing to gain Abp. da Silva’s promise that he would open the Third Secret and reveal it to the world either when Lucia died or by 1960 at latest --- whichever came first --- it then sealed the fate of Fatima’s Message for some time. Ironically, da Silva himself, in foreseeing his imminent demise, ordered the Message transferred to the Bishop of Lisbon, Portugal’s Patriarch, should da Silva die prior to Lucia’s death or 1960.


In the meantime, as devotion to Our Lady of Fatima spread throughout the Catholic Church and knowledge of the 3rd Secret also spread, the Hierarchy assuring Catholics how the Blessed Virgin Mary had instructed Sr. Lucia that it should be revealed to the world by 1960, there was growing excitement as the date neared. What did the Secret contain? What would it say? And then a strange thing happened. Pius XII (who was popularly known as ‘the Pope of Fatima’ due to his very great devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, not to mention the fact that he was consecrated as a bishop on 13 May 1917, the day of the 1st Apparition of Fatima in Portugal, at the hands of Pope Benedict XV, who ruled the Church in 1917, the year of Fatima) died in 1958 and, against expectations, rotund and ‘jovial’ John XXIII replaced him on 28 October 1958. 11 ballots at the conclave had been unable to make a majority for any candidate and, from a ‘conservative’ point of view, John XXIII was seen as a ‘compromise’ pope and brief ‘caretaker’ of the Papacy at the age of 76. This is why he stunned the world when, on 25 January 1959, he announced he was going to convene an ecumenical council --- shocking his Vatican Curia, who had no warning this was going to occur (this was unusual in that, normally, a pope gives the Curia plenty of time to prepare for such a massive & grave event) --- and, later, when asked why he was doing so, he apparently replied, with theatricality literally throwing open a nearby window, “I want to throw open the windows of the Church so that we can see out and the people can see in.” He also, in his inaugural speech as the world’s Catholic bishops convened at Rome in St. Peter’s Basilica, on 11 October 1962, said, amongst many things, “In the daily exercise of Our pastoral office, it sometimes happens that We hear certain opinions which disturb usThey [the ones whose opinions disturb John XXIII] can see nothing but calamity and disaster in the present state of the world. They say over and over that this modern age of ours, in comparison with past ages, is definitely deteriorating WE FEEL THAT WE MUST DISAGREE WITH THESE PROPHETS OF DOOM, WHO ARE ALWAYS FORECASTING WORSE DISASTERS, AS THOUGH THE END OF THE WORLD WERE AT HAND. Present indications are that the human family is on the threshold of A NEW ERA And our duty is not just to guard this treasure [the infallible dogmas & commandments of the Roman Catholic Church], as though it were some museum-piece and we the curators [the shepherds & defenders of these invaluable things!], but… dedicate ourselves to the WORK that needs to be done in this MODERN AGE OF OURS The Church has always opposed these errors [damnable heresies that people constantly come up with], and often condemned them with the utmost severity. Today, however, Christ’s Bride [the Singular Roman Catholic Church] prefers the balm of mercy to the arm of severity. She believes that, present needs [what modern people like & prefer] are best served by explaining more fully the purport of her doctrines, rather than by publishing condemnations… It is more and more widely understood that PERSONAL DIGNITY and TRUE SELF-REALIZATION are of VITAL IMPORTANCE and WORTH EVERY EFFORT TO ACHIEVE.”


Notice, precious reader, how there is nothing about salvation of souls? Granted, in his speech John XXIII once says the word “save” and twice says the word “salvation”. All the same, he never once makes it clear that there is, most literally, ‘no Salvation outside the Church’, and that this infallible dogma is the raison d’être [‘reason for’ the Catholic Church ‘to exist’] of Jesus’ Ecclesial Body, beyond any other purpose we may invoke… and yet the Church’s Hierarchy has always upheld one’s eternal salvation as the cardinal purpose of God’s Singularly Roman Catholic Church. Notice, too, how John XXIII dares to disrespect --- without actually naming them --- his own predecessors on the Throne of St. Peter, particularly Pius IX, Leo XIII & Pius X, who very much, as we have seen, saw that the world was getting worse & worse, threatening humanity with, first, a Deluge of Heresy & Immorality, and, secondly, a Flood of God’s Utterly Just Wrath toward those who never bother to seek His Singular Religion, or who, being raised ‘catholic’, have almost no interest in saving their immortal souls with either the ordinary means of Christ’s Sacraments, or else extraordinary ones like the Apparitions of Fatima.


Mind you, I don’t dare to call Pope John XXIII a notorious & pertinacious heretic, consequently automatically excommunicated and no longer truly the pope. As far as I’m able to tell, he never went that far in public, or in private, in a way that is based on the morally certain testimony of human beings who knew & served him. But I definitely suspect him of ‘occult’ (that is, ‘hidden’) heresy, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all, looking toward the not-too-distant future, if a wise & legitimate pope had him investigated thoroughly and condemned & deposed as an Enemy of Christ.


After all, Pope Formosus’ corpse was exhumed and the pope of the time vehemently condemned him (perhaps overly dramatic and not done wisely or rightly… but done it was, six years after his death, in AD 897), and Pope Honorius I, who died in AD 638, suffered condemnation at the 3rd Council of Constantinople in 680, confirmed by his successor, Pope Leo II (although, to be fair, they condemned him for ‘negligence’ regarding the Monothelite Heresy, and not that he himself espoused it).


How difficult is it to believe that a future holy pope might do something similar when it comes to Popes John XXIII & Paul VI, who, the two of them, began, plotted & deployed the wicked Pseudo-Council of Vatican II upon Catholics and the whole earth, Paul VI additionally losing both his Catholicity and his Papacy for publicly promulgating documents, that notoriously & pertinaciously teach heresy, on 8 December 1965?


Please see Helplessly Ignorant in the Books & Articles section and For Those Who Consider Themselves Catholic in the First Things First section for hard proof, logic & documentation for these grave charges against Vatican II and Paul VI. The 16 documents of Vatican II contain many explicit problems in the external forum, but, like the Arian Heresy of old (which stole up to 90% of the Church’s membership from its Ark at the height of its power during the fourth century, both leaders & laity) denied Our Lord’s Incarnation as God from All of Eternity, so, too, does the Modernist Heresy of new (which has stolen essentially all of the Church’s membership from its Ark after an execrable Vatican II, both leaders & laity) deny Our Lord’s Ecclesiation as God’s Singularly Roman Catholic Church since the Holy Ghost’s Descent at Pentecost. Whichever, both heresies strike at an Infallible Dogma that is crucial to Christ’s Heavenly Catholic Body’s Mission, thereby amounting to a diabolic apostasy.


This denial of the absolute & visible necessity of Christ’s Ecclesial Body to our everlasting salvation --- ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its original, ancient, strict, correct & unchanging sense --- is the Central Heresy of the Great Apostasy. It is the Lie of ‘salvation-through-ignorance-and-sincerity’. Again, you may find all the hard proof and relentless documentation needed (if skeptical) in, for instance, the Helplessly Ignorant book. In short, howsoever, Vatican II briefly yet explicitly taught Salvation Heresy thrice in their documents, Lumen gentium, Paragraphs 14 & 16, and Ad gentes, Paragraph 7. Like a threefold denial of Christ all over again, St. Peter’s Successor at that time, Paul VI, denied Jesus Christ & His Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Undefiled, and the world’s assembled bishops, as far as I can tell, blinked not an eye. Accordingly, while a tiny few bishops voted against some of the 16 documents of Vatican II here or there, or, at least, refused to vote one way or another… none of them, insofar as I can determine, voted against any of these sixteen documents because of notorious & pertinacious heresy, least of all because of Salvation Heresy. Vatican II was commandeered early on by liberal northern Europe bishops centered around the Rhineland, and they depended heavily on many conciliar ‘periti’ or ‘experts’. The dominant expert there, as every scholar of Vatican II acknowledges, was the Jesuit, Fr. Karl Rahner. He had made himself famous (or should we say infamous…?) in the decade or so prior to Vatican II, touting his theological theory of the ‘anonymous Christian’. This is just another way of saying ‘salvation-via-ignorance-and-sincerity’. His influence was why Lumen gentium and Ad gentes openly taught this heresy. It’s why, as well, Lumen gentium infuriated many for daring to say, in Paragraph 8, that Jesus Christ’s Church subsists in the Catholic Church,” in contradiction to His Church being precisely identical with the Catholic Church, or consubstantial with the Catholic Church.


You savvy? This is “the dogma of the Faith” denied. It’s why we’re astray.


And why did Our Lady of Fatima tell Sister Lucia that, “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc.”? Because, with the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary and the Miracle of the Sun came a renewal of fervency in the hearts of most Portuguese. The hierarchy, too, the bishops of Portugal, took the lead in consecrating their land to Queen Mary’s Immaculate Heart, publicly & unitedly. Per Lucia, this act of devotion spared Portugal miraculously from the scourge of World War II, a fact that is totally inarguable. Historically speaking, Portugal came through this awful conflagration wonderfully unscathed. And, to this day, despite Modernism making horrific leaps everywhere in Portugal since the 1970s --- especially the 21st century --- it is inarguable, too, that, while southern Portugal (the most urbanized) is essentially Novus Ordoist in the worst sense (meaning, not really Catholic, but hanging onto a few shards of dogma), the northern part of Portugal, which is poorer and more agrarian, still sees fervent devotion, that, while I can’t prove yet has some people who are even now truly Catholic… I’ve little doubt that there are at least a few there who remember & believe in the ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ dogma as it’s always been taught & understood.


Yet what does the “etc.” mean? Serious & pious Fatima scholars agree:


It was Lucia’s way of hinting there’s a 3rd Secret of Fatima to come, without revealing the every detail of its contents before the right time. And all the serious & pious Fatima scholars agree, the short & succinct Message must refer to Universal Apostasy, even to ascending all the way to the top of the Church’s Hierarchy. Recollect, the first two of Fatima’s Secrets had already foretold God’s physical chastisement upon humanity, the sins of Catholics being particularly offensive since they had every reason to be better. Ergo, why should the 3rd Secret be more of the same? What people don’t realize --- including those who are supposed to be Catholic --- is that the worst punishment Almighty God can inflict on us is NOT war, famine or disease. These are morally just afflictions when we deserve them, but they at least give people a chance to come to their senses, be Catholic, be penitent, and die in the state of grace. So what’s even worse than that kind of punishment? Right. Taking away celestial graces so that people --- even the ones purportedly ‘catholic’ --- are no longer willing to comprehend, care about, or find Roman Catholicism Whole & Undefiled. Amongst theologians, this is known as the Amos Curse. (See Amos 8:11-14 in the Old Testament of the Bible.) Consequently, Fatima’s Third Secret is not primarily, if at all, about more war, more famine, and diseases galore. It is about almost all, if not all, Catholics losing the True Religion Undefiled, including monks, nuns, priests, bishops and… yes… even popes. The undeniably tragic thing we have been witnessing since the end of Vatican II.


So why 1960? Why would Our Lady tell Lucia that’s the time to release it?


Because Pope John XXIII had just announced, to the shock of everyone, that he was invoking a council. Remember, in January of 1959, just months after his election? Thus, if the Third Secret warned about Global Apostasy and the holding of a bad council, with apostasy coming from the very top… well, then, how likely do you think that it was any of the proponents of this unexpected council wanted the Fatima Message published all over the world? It would put a terrible kink in their plans. It would also reveal them to be the enemies of the True Faith they were, indicting themselves in the process. Do you get it? As one cardinal back then remarked (and I paraphrase roughly), “If the Message was good, then it would have been released. Therefore, the Message must be bad.” Exactly. And so 1960 came, the Catholic world holding its collective breath… and nothing. A terse statement from the Vatican, hardly noticeable, stated the Secret would not be published, and, in all likelihood, never see the light of day ever, period. And no explanation forthcoming as to why this should be. Just a terse announcement.


This had to have come from John XXIII himself. Everything indicates that, while Pius XII had the 3rd Secret available to him in the Vatican by 1957, he never took the chance to examine it, apparently afraid --- like the archbishop of Leiria --- to see what it said. It’s possible, as well, to be fair to Pius XII, that he was too old and too weak to accomplish the task. In any case, John XXIII’s personal secretary in the Vatican, Msgr. Capovilla, has publicly testified that John XXIII did indeed read the secret, in August of 1959. Per him, upon digesting the contents adequately with the help of a translator (Lucia wrote in Portuguese, of course), John said that he preferred to leave to others the appraisal of the text. Too, per Msgr. Capovilla, John XXIII remarked that, “This does not concern the years of my pontificate.” And yet it did indeed, irrefutably, concern his pontificate.


We’ve incontestable proof from the testimony of Sister Lucia.


+++ 49. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 7)


You see, poor soul, while at a nunnery in Tuy, Spain, just north of Portugal (Lucia was a Carmelite nun, recall?) Our Lord & Lady appeared to her in a chapel in 1929. Per Them, it was time for her to make a request of the utmost importance to the Holy Father (i.e., Rome’s bishop, the pope). While mostly unknown to her fellow nuns, keeping humble anonymity, her confessor priest and the nunnery’s abbess were well aware that she was the last remaining seer of Fatima. They did their best to support Sister Lucia in any way they could, treating her revelations with great gravity. Hence, we know for a fact Lucia’s request, in obedience to Jesus & Mary, was made known to Pius XI. Namely, that he was respectfully told it was time to officially consecrate the nation of Russia, just as Our Lady of Fatima had said to the three children all the way back at Her 3rd Apparition on 13 July 1917 --- when they were shown the awful vision of damned souls in hell --- and that he was to command all the Catholic bishops throughout the world, on a single day at the same time, publicly, to do so. Moreover, how it was to be Russia by name alone, given over to Her Immaculate Heart. In doing so, the Celestial Queen assured them, Her Son through Her would miraculously convert all of Russia back to the One True Religion, Roman Catholicism, en masse. (One must remember that, a millennium or so ago, the Russian people were Roman Catholic --- not Eastern Schismatics like today --- and, in any case, even during Communist tyranny, most Russians have been validly baptized in water as infants, thereby putting them under the spiritual jurisdiction of Christ’s Roman Catholic Church, as both ancient practice & canon law tell us, regardless of them neither knowing nor admitting this.) Heaven’s King & Queen reaffirmed their pledge to spare the world another hideous war, and to stave off earthly famine and persecution of the Church, along with a ‘time of peace’ granted to the world as a result. Yet did Pope Pius XI obey?


He did not. He was ensconced in ‘ostpolitik’ (‘east politics’), trying diplomatically to establish relations with the newly Communist Russia, and, in this way, stop them from slaughtering Catholics there and tearing down churches or desecrating holy things. To no avail. For 11 years, at least, he tried this tack. Unfortunately, revolutionaries are, well… for lack of a better term… revolutionary. It is all or nothing for them. They don’t want ‘compromise’ --- they want total victory or nothing at all. They are fighting for keeps, and willing to go down in flames, dying if necessary. Diplomacy is merely a tool, a means to get what you want without having to fight. If treachery & lies are part of accomplishing this, well, then, so be it. The New World Order is that important.


Too late Pius XI learned this lesson, finally condemning Communism in blistering language in 1937. (See his papal encyclical, Divini redemptoris, published on March 19 that very year, for proof of this. In it he calls “bolshevistic and atheistic Communism… a system full of errors and sophisms.” He warns that it “subverts the social order, because it means the destruction of its foundations…” In a shrewd observation that infuriates people today since it is the very thing that has become the new ‘normal’, especially in our most modernized part of earth, Pius XI asserts, “Communism is particularly characterized by the rejection of any link that binds woman to the family and the home, and her emancipation is proclaimed as a basic principle. She is withdrawn from the family and the care of her children, to be thrust instead into public life and collective production [read: making money by working outside the home] under the same conditions as man. The care of home and children then devolves upon the collectivity [read: modern society as a whole, as ruled by a Modernist government]. Finally, the right of education is denied to parents, for it is conceived as the exclusive prerogative of the community [read: those who lead the Modernist society], in whose name and by whose mandate alone parents may exercise this right.” This, by the way, is why modern nations have introduced compulsory public education & schools everywhere around the world in the last one hundred sixty years. Pope Pius XI also observes, “In a word, the Communists claim to inaugurate a NEW era and a NEW civilization which is the result of blind evolutionary forces culminating in a humanity WITHOUT God.” One may find these quotes in the encyclical in Paragraphs 14, 11 & 12, respectively.) Notwithstanding, despite all the wonderful, stirring, militant and very true words in Divini redemptoris, Pius XI still refused to consecrate the nation of Russia & her people to the Immaculate Heart. Perhaps he thought it would be just too ‘infuriating’ to the Communists, causing persecution run amuck. On the other hand… he’s already pretty severe above.


So what’s the problem? It’s hard not to suspect evil machinations in the Vatican.


Higher hopes came with Pope Pius XII, the ‘Pope of Fatima’. And, to be honest, he did consecrate the earth to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, publicly, in 1942. Yet he didn’t tell his bishops to join him in this act, at the same time on the same day, and, while Lucia said it was pleasing to Our Lord & Lady, causing World War II to end sooner, she also bluntly reminded anyone who would listen that this was still NOT what the King & Queen of Highest Heaven had commanded. They still awaited consecration of poor Russia.


Which leads us to give the reader another portion of EXHIBIT NO. 15. For in a letter of 29 August 1931, Sr. Lucia reported Our Lord’s sobering words to her diocesan bishop.


“Make it known to My ministers [priests, bishops & pope] that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution [doing what I, Jesus, have told you to do] of My request [to obey and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart], THAT THEY WILL FOLLOW HIM INTO MISFORTUNE.”


Phew! Did you get that, beloved reader? A simple, blunt & scary warning:


“…given they follow the example of the KING OF FRANCE in delaying the execution of My request… THEY WILL FOLLOW HIM INTO MISFORTUNE.”


Do you know what happened to the Kings of France, my dearest & beloved reader?


The Apostle of Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in France, via her confessor priest in 1689, sent a respectful but frank message to the King of France that Our Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, wanted him to officially & publicly consecrate his Catholic nation, France, to the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus. The Monarch at that time failed to do so. Some of his successors made half-hearted stabs toward obedience to this request in the decades that followed. None of them really obeyed, though. Meanwhile, the royal family fell into dissipation & ignominy.


Rebellious & dangerous Freemasons were spreading throughout France, Protestants had nearly overcome the nation during the 1500s & 1600s (the ‘Huguenots’), only just barely repelled by a combination of saints reconverting some of them & military battles killing, exiling or containing the others, and the Endarkenment [Enlightenment] took obstinate root amongst French intellectuals and many of the powerful nobility during the 1700s. This, together with economic misery, government folly in certain policies of taxation, etc., waning grain harvests, an endless parade of pamphlets mocking ‘old order’ leaders of the ‘ancien regime’ (read: Catholic royalty & orthodox bishops or priests) and upping the latest political or philosophical modernist thinking (pamphlets were sort of the ‘social media’ of the day, spreading ideas, memes & ‘fake news’), the French people --- specially in the more urbanized areas, like Paris --- were ripe for Revolution. The Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789 began the violence in earnest (I’d the eerie spectacle of a nigh well empty Paris on Sunday, 15 July 1989, flying in and bicycling through the City of Lights on wide, barren & beautiful boulevards exactly 2 centuries and 1 day after the murderous event, Parisians exhausted in the wake of nonstop celebration, holidays & Sabbath quietude, my self neither yet Catholic nor yet wholly aware of how the French Revolution began), and, guess what? 100 years after Our Lord’s Request via the saintly Visitation nun, Margaret Mary Alacoque, that the King of France publicly, formally and officially consecrate his nation to the Sacred & Suffering Heart of Jesus Christ, the king and his poor regal family, faced with a crowd of 7000 women angry at having too little bread to feed their families, armed with cannon or smaller weapons, and blaming king and officials for their plight, as well as demanding that he be in Paris (instead of the Palace of Versailles, barely some five miles from the center of Paris…), under the ‘protection’ of the National Guards were forcibly taken to the Parisian palace of Tuileries, where, noted King Louis XVI, he & family were mere prisoners.


Chance? I think not. God can choose whatever time He sees fit, but, in this case, He granted the French Monarchy a century to obey His Will. Later, in 1791, attempting to escape their gilded cage, the royal family was captured, put in a far gloomier prison in the so-called ‘Temple’ of Paris (formerly owned & used by the Knights Templar, hence the name). Louis XVI was guillotined on 21 January 1793; his wife, Marie Antoinette, on August 1st of that same year; Louis’ sister, Madame Élisabeth in 1794; his little son, Louis XVII, died of tuberculosis in the Temple prison in 1795; only his daughter, Princess Marie-Thérèse, surviving to be released in December of 1795, and, later marrying, with a return to France when briefly safe, nevertheless died exiled and childless in Vienna, Austria, in 1851, the end of the hapless king’s direct lineage.


Now, are you putting the pieces together, dear reader? Think hard. Be brave.


Christ through Lucia, via her bishop, warns the Pope & Hierarchy that “…given they follow the example of the KING OF FRANCE in delaying the execution of My request… THEY WILL FOLLOW HIM INTO MISFORTUNE.” And, prithee, whatever might this sad “MISFORTUNE” of the French king have been? Why, forsooth, the loss of his head and the end of his direct dynastic lineage! No?


This is simple, scholarly & publicly available history, precious soul. We can read about St. Margaret Mary’s plea to His Highness that it was Our Lord’s Will to consecrate the nation of France to His Sacred Heart in 1689. Similarly, we can read about Sr. Lucia’s plea to His Holiness that it was Our Lord’s Will to consecrate the nation of Russia to Queen Mary’s Immaculate Heart in 1929. And, by 1931, well after Pope Pius XI had plenty of time to acquiesce to Our Lord & Lady’s Will in this matter, we can read poor Lucia’s letter to Bp. da Silva, giving Jesus’ warning to the pope & his bishops that, given they imitate the French Monarchy, then their fate will be identical, following King Louis XVI into “misfortune.” And again, what misfortune was this? The LOSS of his regal throne, the LOSS of his regal life, and the bitter END of his direct regal lineage.


Does it not dawn on you? If the popes REFUSE to obey Jesus & Mary, they, too, will LOSE their Spiritually Regal Throne, LOSE their Spiritually Regal Souls, and see the bitter END of their direct Spiritually Regal Lineage, St. Peter’s Chair resting quiet BETWEEN legitimate Roman bishops, we then seeing Spiritual Frauds --- ANTIPOPES! --- perpetrating neo-pagan religious REVOLUTION.


Just like the kings of France and the French Revolution in 1789, on into the 1790s. Incidentally, how long has it been since a truly Catholic & French king has sat upon the throne of France in the meanwhile? Quite a long time, eh? Something happened that, prior to its reality, was thought ‘impossible’. That God would let it occur. That the formerly Catholic people of France would be worthy of this terrible punishment.


Period. But do you doubt, having trouble believing the facts, however logical?


Ah… let us look further at those bothersome facts, dispelling the blindness.


Because the Novus Ordo Vatican on 26 June 2000, to the surprise of everyone, unexpectedly & suddenly, decided to ‘release’ the 3rd Secret publicly. Or, should we say, Antipope John Paul II decided to do this. It was painfully obvious, to the careful observer of Vatican politics, that both CNO Cardinal Ratzinger (later to be Antipope Benedict XVI --- XVI, not XV!) and LNO Cardinal Sodano were caught off guard and very discomfited. Ratzinger, by the way, was head of the ‘Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith’ under John Paul II, formerly known as the ‘Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith’ just after Vatican II yet before 1985, originally established under a real pope in 1542 under the title ‘Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman & Universal Inquisition’ to guard against a spreading, pestilent Protestant heresy, later to become ‘Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office’ or simply the ‘Holy Office’. Ratzinger was supposedly responsible for ‘defending’ the Catholic Religion Whole & Undefiled (a joke, since both Vatican II taught heresy and post-Vatican Novus Ordo leaders routinely ignore heresy taught by ‘catholic’ leaders or teachers, or merely slap them on the wrist with no real penalty that’s grave…) But his reputation as such then changed, from the liberal German theological ‘periti’ or ‘expert’ that he was as a priest at Vatican II, into the newly minted ‘conservative’ that the media purported him to be under an equally ‘conservative’ John Paul II, and later as the practically ‘traditional’ Antipope Benedict XVI, till, in rather mysterious circumstances, he ‘abdicated’ and became a ‘pope emeritus’ along with Antipope Francis, our presently reigning fraud. In the meantime, Cardinal Sodano, Secretary of State (sort of the head of ‘foreign relations’ or ‘diplomacy’ in the more recent Vatican), was flamingly liberal, as have been all Secretaries of State in the aftermath of the pseudo-council. Both these men --- the most powerful apart from antipopes --- were plainly displeased with John Paul II’s decision and bent over backward, with stunning awkwardness, to explain away Our Lady of Fatima.


The problem, aside from a comical awkwardness? The ‘secret’ was a fake.


Or, to be really precise, ’twas true prophecybut NOT the 3rd Secret.


This is not TNO ‘conspiracy theorizing’. Even middle-of-the-road CNO journalists (at least at this point in their lives they may be fairly considered as CNOs --- Conservative Novus Ordoist) have investigated the matter and reached the same conclusion. E.g., two famous Italian journalists, Dr. Antonio Socci & Dr. Solideo Paolini, have become staunch defenders of the ‘Vatican-release-is-not-the-Third-Secret’ thesis. Antonio Socci candidly admits he at first thought the claim an inane traditional fantasy or rumor. However, to his credit, he is enough of an honest journalist that he steadfastly & intelligently examined the evidence from all angles & sources, finding holes & contradictions. Unable to get adequate access to the Vatican officials that he had always been able to speak with before, due to his titanic reputation in Italy, he and Solideo Paolini eventually tried to approach the Vatican’s Secretary of State of the time at a televised public event on 21 September 2007, at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome. The official, LNO Cardinal Bertone, who had always been happy to speak with such prestigious Italian journalists before, had essentially ‘frozen them out’ ever since they expressed doubts regarding the public narrative that Vatican bigwigs had been parroting since 2000, i.e., that the Secret was released. Standing near the entrance of the Aula Magna (the ‘large auditorium’ of the college), they vainly attempted to ask Bertone about their concerns, the latter darting toward a side entrance in his desperation to avoid them. Then, to add injury to insult (yes, you read correctly… it is purposely inverted), a phalanx of Vatican bodyguards descended on the pair of eminent journalists, shoving them physically, taking a cell phone, bruising a hand, and firmly escorting them off site as if perilous ‘criminals’.


Why the strong arm tactics? What exactly is the Novus Ordo Vatican so afraid of?


The same thing the Vatican was afraid of in 1960, refusing to release the Third Secret of Fatima to begin with. To wit, revealing that Our Lady warned of Universal Apostasy in the Catholic Church, going all the way to the top, and that a bad council would usher this misfortune in, including the misfortune to befall the Church’s popes, given they would not obey Her Son’s wishes that they & their bishops together consecrate Russia to the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Heart. And, as a result, that St. Peter’s Throne sits empty awhile, with non-Catholic antipopes posing in their stead, deceiving the world.


So what did the Novus Ordo Vatican release on 26 June 2000 in its place?


The Vision that accompanied the Third Secret. Both scholarly TNO investigators and scholarly CNO investigators (such as the aforementioned Italian journalists, Dr. Antonio Socci & Dr. Solideo Paolini) have demonstrated, through historical records and detailed testimony of those involved at the time, that Sister Lucia gave a notebook, along with her letter that contained the Third Secret, to her bishop back in 1944. These two things --- the letter & notebook --- then made their way to the Vatican in 1957. Both Bp. Venancio and Msgr. Capovilla, John XXIII’s secretary, amongst others, clearly testify that the letter of the Third Secret was no more than 25 lines long. Whereas the text released on 26 June 2000, together with a photocopy of Lucia’s handwritten account, is 62 lines long & four pages, instead of the also well-testified fact that the Third Secret is contained on a single page! Many other details don’t add up, either. This is what I was referring to when I said Dr. Socci found ‘holes & contradictions’ in his journalistic investigation. These are the kinds of things that started changing his mind (he went into the journalistic sleuthing thinking he’d ‘disprove’ the traditionalist theories as ‘fantasies’ and ‘nonsensical notions’). Why would John Paul II do this, the antipope at this point in time?


Because the demand for Fatima’s 3rd Secret would not go away. One TNO organization in particular has led the crusade for decades, politely yet tenaciously. (You must realize they still think the antipopes are ‘popes’… although they’re getting really disgusted with the present one, Antipope Francis! So, who knows? They might finally comprehend, not too long from now, that he’s a fake.) God can use anyone --- even non-Catholics, who, we real Catholics must hope & pray, will become truly Catholic very soon --- and He through them has literally kept millions aware that this Secret has never been released, that it is supremely important, and that Russia was never consecrated properly as Our Lord & Lady asked. Even a handful of CNO bishops… even a CNO cardinal or two!... and numerous CNO or TNO priests were siding with them, besieging Rome and the labyrinthine Vatican with constant requests, and saturating Italian TV with word of the tragedy and their efforts to undo it. Again, God can use anyone --- including people who aren’t fully or truly Catholic. The dedicated persistence of these people partly paid off… John Paul II decided to gamble on a risky but brilliant ruse. Release the Vision as if it were the Secret, and, despite CNO Cd. Ratzinger & LNO Cd. Sodano’s misgivings, together with their hugely desperate effort to attach extensive ‘commentary’ with the authentic text for the Vision, explain it away and so pass off Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun as something ‘past’ and ‘no longer relevant’, Whose Message (as they would have it) was the laughably trite (in comparison with the real Message) ‘do penance and pray the Rosary a lot’ and… essentially that’s it. That’s why God did a Solar Miracle.


+++ 50. The SEVENTH Devastating Argument: +++

In Fatima Celestial Omens; 3 Secrets, the 3rd Never Yet

Told; & a Solar Miracle for a New Age of the Son (Part 8)


Yet what did the text of the Vision say? And is it relevant to us? You better believe it… it’s amazing how great gifts can come from the hands of those who are your enemies! Apparently, Sr. Lucia wrote the text of this Vision on 3 January 1944 at her religious convent of the time in Tuy, Spain, which region, again, is just north of Portugal. We continue with EXHIBIT NO. 15, by the way, in examining this. Wherefore, in so quoting the whole thing, we as well carefully point out the most pertinent part:


“I [Lucia] write in obedience to you, my God, who command me to do so through his Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and through your Most Holy Mother and mine. After the two parts which I have already explained [i.e., the first two parts of the Tripartite Fatima Message], at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire [this cannot help but remind the scripturally astute reader of the angel set by God in most ancient times to guard the entrance to the Garden of Paradise after Adam & Eve had been expelled due to Original Sin, see Genesis 3:24]; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand [that is to say, Her Mercy as a Heavenly Mother had thus far succeeded in delaying God’s Wrath being carried out through this Angel of Vengeance]: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!’. And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father[namely, the Pope, who, although other members of Church or Hierarchy may sometimes dress in white, it is normally the Pope --- in recent times, leastwise --- who is most associated in Catholics’ minds with a priestly attire of pure white]. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross HE [THE POPE] WAS KILLED BY A GROUP OF SOLDIERS WHO FIRED BULLETS AND ARROWS AT HIM, AND IN THE SAME WAY THERE DIED ONE AFTER ANOTHER THE OTHER BISHOPS, PRIESTS, MEN AND WOMEN RELIGIOUS, AND VARIOUS LAY PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT RANKS AND POSITIONS. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium [a basin or vessel containing holy water, which may be sprinkled or ‘aspersed’ upon others, hence the Latin name of ‘aspersorium’] in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs [those genuine Catholics who die for the sake of the One True Religion of Roman Catholicism Whole & Undefiled, which death we may sometimes call ‘metaphorical’ because everything the martyr suffered was so painful, horrible & atrocious as to be like ‘death’, even without the shedding of blood unto real corporeal death --- in any case, blood is not only almost totally composed of water, but every martyr’s blood becomes like ‘holy water’ in the hands of these Angels, who asperse it upon the martyrs’ souls in order to cleanse them of all their sins… which is why Roman Catholicism has always taught that God forgives martyrs of their sins without purgation, the ultimate price of their lives for His Catholic Religion being the completely satisfactory  purgation made before entering Eternity] and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.”


Note how Lucia saw the Pope ascending a mountain with other bishops, priests, monks & nuns, at the top of which is a Cross? And what is a Cross used for? Right. Crucifixion. How did Jesus die? Correct. The God-Man --- Self-Eternal Author of Life --- chose agonizing crucifixion as His Means of Divine Atonement for our terrible, terrible iniquities. And what happens to the Pope and all of these bishops, priests, monks, nuns and even various lay people (members of the Catholic Church who are not in the clergy or religious life) as they reach the top of the mountain, the Pope, at least, also reaching and falling to his knees at the foot of the Cross? Yes. They die. How so? By soldiers shooting them to death. And who are soldiers? Those who fight a war. Why would soldiers slaughter clergy & laity, including the Pope? Because they hate Catholicity. Resultantly, these soldiers must be enemies of Roman Catholicism & Her Church.


Following this so far? Good. Now remain brave, stay logical, and finish the task.


CNOs or TNOs who recognize that the Novus Ordo Vatican pulled a fast one and managed, for the most part, to foist this Vision text on the world as if it were the long awaited text of the Third Secret of Fatima, invariably assume --- out of thin air --- that this slaughter of the Pope (they don’t often remember to mention the other clergy, laity & religious dying, too, but never forget to focus on the Pope) is something Our Lady warns will happen in what is now our not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, a Novus Ordo Vatican worked overtime, with CNO Cd. Ratzinger & LNO Cd. Sodano’s lengthy theological ‘commentary’ on the Vision text, to try to convince everybody (who paid attention, that is) that this slaughter of the Pope was already over with & done, having been ‘fulfilled’ in the unsuccessful assassination attempt on the life of Antipope John Paul II in 1981, which just happened to occur on… yes, I am not making this up… May 13th. Now, you can get ‘conspiratorial’ and choose to believe that this was a really dangerous yet super clever way to prepare for a time, soon to come, when John Paul II would pretend to release Fatima’s 3rd Secret and, at the same moment, allow his two Novus Ordo cardinals, commenting on the purported text of the ‘secret’, to pass off the assassination as ‘fulfillment’ of this slaughtering of the Pope in the text of the Vision.


But think about it. As tons of CNOs & TNOs have already sensibly pointed out, Sr. Lucia’s Vision text shows the Pope MURDERED, period. Not ‘nearly killed’ or ‘partly injured but he survives’, or etc., etc. No, MURDERED, end of sentence. Oh, and what about the other bishops, priests, monks, nuns & laity who die, too? What about them? How was the unsuccessful attempt on John Paul’s life in 1981 in any way at all a ‘fulfillment’ of this Vision in that regard? The assassin only attacked the antipope. We could go on endlessly, yet facts are vivid. Ratzinger & Sodano’s ‘explanations’ of this Vision are illogical at best, and just plain silly at worst. The biggest thing they had going for them, frankly, was the fact it happened May 13th. Beyond that, there’s NO correlation between the Vision and what happened to John Paul II in 1981. Lucia doesn’t even note May 13 or any date in specific about when the horror occurs. That’s why it’s tempting, conspiratorially speaking, to hypothesize it was a set up the whole time. Possible? Certainly. Likely? No. Why wait so long to capitalize on it if it were rigged?


So what is the best understanding of the Vision, presuming the text is real?


Remember --- God is allegorical. His Creation is one giant allegory. Jesus, too, God Incarnate, told parables constantly during His three year ministry to His public, the Jews. “All these things Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes [vast crowds who gathered to Him everywhere He went in Palestine]: and without parables he did not speak to them.” (Matthew 13:34 DRC) Sacred Scripture tells us why He did this. “That it might be fulfilled [that] which was spoken by the prophet, saying: ‘I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden from the foundation of the world. [Psalm 77:2]’” (Matthew 13:35 DRC) Indeed, a bit earlier His disciples had asked Christ straight out why He taught the crowds in parables, without variation. Jesus explained, “Because to you [my true disciples, the ones who honestly believe in and accurately comprehend My Roman Catholic Faith Whole & Entire] it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven: but to them [the majority of the crowds] it is not given… Therefore do I speak to them in parables: because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not, NEITHER DO THEY UNDERSTAND. And the prophecy of Isaias [Isaiah] is fulfilled in them, who saith [says]:By hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand: and seeing you shall see, and shall not perceive. For the heart of this people is grown gross [really wicked & disgusting], and with their ears they have been dull of hearing [they desperately don’t want to comprehend God’s Saving Truth, in spite of having it adequately taught to them], and their eyes they have shut [they obstinately & purposely refuse to know God’s Saving Truth since it repulses them so much, and because, doing this, they can then pretend to have ‘not known’ when He judges them]: lest at any time they should SEE with their eyes, and HEAR with their ears, and [as a result] UNDERSTAND WITH THEIR HEART, and be converted [become true & good Catholics], and I should heal them [forgive them for all their horrific sins, causing them to seek for My Infallible Truth and love it, in this way saving their immortal souls for all eternity in the end].’” (Matthew 13:11b-c, 13-15 DRC)


Now do you understand, my precious reader? Our Lady of Fatima gave to Sr. Lucia a Vision. This allegorical Vision went along with, and corresponded to, the Third Secret of the Tripartite Message of Fatima. The Novus Ordo Vatican, in daringly releasing it to con people into thinking it was the Third Secret, has given those ‘with ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’ yet another key to unlocking the still hidden Message of Fatima when it comes to the Third Secret. And the correct understanding of this allegorical Vision would be?


The half ruined city is the City of God, the Roman Catholic Church, visibly outside of which no one can hope to be saved. It is half in ruins because Modernists had already so infiltrated and undermined God’s One True Religion on earth that half of all the Church’s membership --- whether the clergy or laity --- had already stopped believing in His Faith of Roman Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled, especially in Europe, the Center of Catholicity (but also in other parts of the more modernized and more Catholicized parts of the world, such as the United States) that this City of True Religion is falling into ruin. The mountain is Heaven, to where true Catholics with good will go, climbing painful step by step the Ladder of St. Jacob, working out our salvation with fear & trembling. Yet the Cross? That is death, the ultimate price all of us pay for the Original Sin of Ss. Adam & Eve. For Catholics, it is how we die that matters most of all, determining, more than anything else, our eternal fate. We die to ourselves, crucified with Christ, to save immortal souls. It also represents the Crucifixion of His Body, the Roman Catholic Church, which has occurred with the Great Apostasy that broke out into the open at Vatican II, that most foul & perverted pseudo-council, bringing the Revolution of the Modernist into the hearts & minds of everyone ostensibly in Christ’s Catholic Body, poisoning the Eternal City, Rome, with the infamy of a seeming and apparent ‘defeat’. The soldiers are all worldlings who hate God’s Singular Roman Catholic Religion with mindless fury, but especially those who are specially dedicated to destroying His Saving Truth, such as Communists, Freemasons, Talmudic & Zionist Jews, and all human beings passionately devoted to the false & anti-Catholic teachings of the Religion of Modernism. Their murder of the Pope and his bishops, priests, monks, nuns & various laity is Vatican II’s successful coup, bringing the Modernist Revolution into what had hitherto appeared to be the untouchable Holy Sanctuary of God, Roman Catholicism Whole & Undefiled.


In a word, the Church appears to ‘fail’ --- just as Jesus did when He died upon the Holy Cross --- Eternal Rome appears to lose the Catholic Faith Whole & Undefiled (the laying of Her Body in the Tomb, just as Her Lord Jesus’ Body was laid in the Tomb for the 40 hours over the course of 3 separate days), and St. Peter’s Throne sits empty for a time, awaiting God’s Wrath to be exhausted, as He punishes both those who ought to have been Roman Catholic and those who ought to have become Roman Catholic, both incapable of finding His Saving Truth as He withdraws His Copious Graces, all Modernists (which is pretty much all of humanity today!) then left with hearts overwhelmed with evil inclinations, unwilling to humbly seek His Truth.


“But oh!” says the perplexed reader or antagonistic skeptic, calling his or herself ‘catholic’ in spite of, mayhap (and sadly…), not being the real thing, “Aren’t you forgetting Vatican I? This infallible council told us, in Session IV held on 18 July 1870, in the infallible canon finishing Chapter 2 of this same Session, ‘…that Blessed Peter has a perpetual line of successors…’ How, might I ask, is such an infallible assurance of a ‘perpetual line of successors’ maintained when, as you claim, Peter’s Throne has now been sitting empty for over half of a century since Vatican II in the 1960s? Hmm?”


Easy as pie, my poor, dear, beloved, baffled & precious soul. Think about it.


Were the hundreds of bishops involved at Vatican I --- or the Vatican Council, as I prefer to call it, not accepting Vatican II as a true Catholic Council since it dared to notoriously & pertinaciously teach heresy, particularly ‘salvation-via-ignorance-and-sincerity’ --- uneducated or stupid? I seriously doubt it. Since the 1500s, especially, a priest must be highly trained. This keeps clergy from being uneducated, and tends to weed out the stupid. Granted, a bishop could still be a bad bishop… yet the hundreds of bishops involved at the Vatican Council were not idiots. Many of them were experts, some historical authorities when it comes to the millennial chronology of the Church. Remember Chapters 13 to 27 of this book, Inter Regnum, where we went into comprehensive detail about the astonishingly long gaps God has allowed between papacies, not to mention the shocking confusion He has permitted as well regarding, precisely, who is really the pope? Well, then, do you think the highly educated bishops participating at the Vatican Council under Pope Pius IX from 1869 to 1870 were unaware of these papal idiosyncrasies? Do you think the most expert of them --- those most highly trained in the long history and endless details of the Church, especially Her Papacy --- were strangely uninformed or oblivious to the fact of astonishingly long papal gaps, or surprising confusion, from time to time, about who’s really the pope? If not, then how, possibly, can you, my dear soul, think… without truly thinking about it rationally… that these same bishops then meant, when, with Pope Pius IX’s official & infallible approval, that “…a perpetual line of successors…” must mean there are never any long gaps, or never surprising confusion? How could they mean that when God has plainly --- and inarguably! --- permitted some astonishingly long gaps and hideous confusion?


Eh? Clearly, you haven’t thought this through very well or else you’re dishonest.


A “…PERPETUAL line of successors…” to Peter MUST mean that there will ALWAYS be ANOTHER pope, until Christ returns. Period. And NOT that ‘there will never be any gaps’ or that ‘the gaps will never exceed such-and-such amount of time’. Again, period. To think otherwise is to NOT think. Either that, or to think WRONGLY. Or, if proudly wicked, yet rational & knowledgeable, to think MENDACIOUSLY, telling lies of a brazenly self-serving & uncharitable nature. What would make you be so EVIL?


I’d prefer to think, precious reader, that you’re not that wicked. Am I right?


Oh, I surely hope so. The world is filled with enough evil & chaos already.


Yet in dispensing with the ‘Vatican I argument’, we have just dispensed with the cleverest argument of them all. That is to say, if you call yourself ‘catholic’, and are a TNO or CNO --- but not what most call ‘sedevacantist’ (and what I prefer to call, as I noted earlier, ‘interregnumist’, due to its more thorough description of the situation, not to mention their biased twisting of ‘sedevacantism’ into what they think makes it a ‘bad’ or ‘stupid’ position) --- then, while such people indulge a few other arguments… this is their ‘biggest’ or ‘baddest’ one. It really can look, on the surface without truly thinking about it, like it’s ‘reasonable’, ‘straight forward’, ‘unanswerable’ --- ‘the final word’. Without humility, knowledge & logic, the Vatican Council can seem to uphold the ‘sedevacantism-is-impossible’ stance. Seeing that it is not so, dear soul, how is it anybody is to suppose that the other, far lesser, arguments could hold weight?


They can’t. The exposé above shows a flaw at each of their arguments’ cores.


Which brings us back to the Vision. Assuming it’s real --- and all the evidence indicates that it is --- then, once more, we’ve excellent reason to believe Our Lady of Fatima was foretelling an extraordinarily long & confusing papal interregnum. Maybe a pope will wind up murdered at the hands of soldiers. I’m not going to pretend I’m infallible. It could happen. Yet that seems unlikely, given the allegorical nature of the Vision. It wasn’t just a pope. It was lots of bishops, priests, monks, nuns & laity, as well. And, whilst I can’t pretend to know, either, that Rome won’t be savagely half-destroyed, I really do doubt it. It has too many important churches, shrines, records and so forth to think God would allow that extent of damage to His Eternal City on earth. Mind you, I am not claiming God would never allow Rome to be attacked or damaged to some more moderate degree. Nor am I excluding the possibility that, before the very end as revealed in the Apocalypse, Rome, along with the rest of the world, might suffer devastating ruin. I simply bring the subject back to basics. Like much of Sacred Scripture, like Prophecy, like Jesus in the Gospels, like Creation itself, God speaks in Parables to us. Why is it Fatima would be dramatically different? A parable means a story telling us one thing whilst meaning something much more important and hidden from those without wise comprehension of the story’s purpose. A pope and his bishops, priests, monks, nuns & most of his flock --- the laity --- murdered on the mountain’s top, in a half-ruined city, near a roughly hewn cross, is an allegory for the souls of Catholics getting murdered heretically, falling for the devil’s lies. The pope trembling means he sees how awful Catholics’ spiritual state has become, how everyone --- including his own! --- seem opposed to him, unwilling or unable to help him shoulder his terrible burden. For Catholics who remain steadfast in the Faith Whole & Undefiled up to the last, in respectful defiance of a wicked world, wicked prelates and a wicked council, it demonstrates how Heaven tenderly receives these Catholic souls’ sacrifice, it demonstrates these poor souls are at least ‘dry’ martyrs, religiously tortured. (Incidentally, his prayer for the corpses is charitable hope they died Catholic.)


Once all these Catholics are murdered --- Our Lady through Lucia very carefully remarking that it is “various” laity that die with their clergy, subtly yet obviously implying how, perhaps, at a bare minimum, a very few evade this spiritual massacre, remaining steadfast Roman Catholics Whole & Undefiled --- it is the breaking out of the Great Apostasy into the open, all over the world, with the devil and his demons now nigh well totally unrestrained, able to make progress in evil & abominations with unparalleled speed & success. This is because the murder of these Catholics represents the loss of real Catholicism in everyone still alive on earth. Which is exactly what we’ve seen. Because there are hardly any souls left on earth who are Catholic, we are spiritually starving in a religious famine… and, most grievous of all, there are no truly Catholic monks or nuns averting God’s Wrath for us, no truly Catholic bishops or priests defending & saving Catholic souls, or converting non-Catholic souls to Catholicism and their sole hope, heavenly speaking, for salvation, and there is no pope upon Peter’s Throne, by his Princely Authority opposing & restraining Lucifer. Instead, we have antipopes & Modernism galore, with anti-Catholicism and anti-Christ run amuck, deluding humanity as a whole, ushering in the sorcerous New Aeon of the Sun, which is the Ancient Dragon, Lucifer, masquerading as an Angel of Light, inverting good & evil.


As said previously, all pious Fatima scholars agree the Vision is a real Fatima text. It merely isn’t the text of the Third Secret. It plainly doesn’t follow logically after the words Sr. Lucia gives us in her Fourth Memoir, saying, “In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc. [sic]” The Secret was on a single small sheet of paper, no more than 25 lines long. The Vision was obviously recorded in her notebook, and is distinct from the Secret, being on four pages and 62 lines long! Notwithstanding, just as Lucia’s sad warning to the Pope & His Hierarchy in AD 1931, via her diocesan bishop, subtly yet clearly implies the end of the present papal lineage and the Throne of St. Peter suffering an interregnum between real & legitimate popes, so, additionally, does the text of this Vision subtly yet clearly imply how the Pope & His Church would suffer spiritual massacre, he losing his religious throne, pretty much all Roman Catholics losing salvation of their immortal souls due to a most rank apostasy, and the state of the Catholic Church, even then, perilous & ruinous, as sin & heresy were rampant.


And all because a couple of 20th century popes wouldn’t do two simple things:


Command their bishops all over the world, on a single day and at a single time, to publicly consecrate the nation of Russia --- and Russia by name alone! --- to Our Lord’s Mother’s Immaculate, Virginal & Sorrowful Heart, making it indisputable that when, in response, the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church pours out such graces upon Russian people that they convert to the One True Religion en masse with amazing alacrity, returning to their ancient religious roots, the entire world will gasp with amazement, tremble with fear, and convert to Roman Catholicism as well, God’s Almighty Will & Power so plain & inarguable that it will be impossible for any intelligent human being to doubt, for one second, that Roman Catholicism alone constitutes His Singular Body, and that He delights in honoring His Mother, Mary. Additionally, these 20th century popes refused, too, to command Roman Catholics everywhere to practice the simple but mighty Devotion of the 1st Five Saturdays.


That’s it. That’s all it amounted to. How hard is that? Why the disobedience?


In the meantime, despite the invaluable testimony of the text of this Vision, its release evoked puzzlement, amusement & ridicule. Look at the text of the Vision --- put forth by the Novus Ordo Vatican as if it were the text of the Secret --- if you don’t grasp why. Say I again, look at it! What is so disturbing about it that the Vatican would refuse to release it back in 1960 as Our Lady instructed Sr. Lucia was to be done, and which all Catholics everywhere were given to understand, by the Hierarchy of the Church itself, was what indeed was going to be done? What’s so shocking or scandalizing about the text they presented in AD 2000, that they would not, or ‘could not’, release this very same text forty years prior to 2000? If it’s only about a pope being ‘assassinated’… well, that genuinely is sad & disturbing… but worth ‘suppressing’? After all, you do recall, returning to Chapter 24 in Inter Regnum, that bad Catholics murdered their pope, Benedict VI in August of 974, right? And this is part of general & public Catholic history! So how could a supposedly predicted ‘assassination’ of a future pope be so ‘scandalous’ or ‘shocking’ to Roman Catholics that it would merit suppression of the prediction for 40 years and then, 19 years after the prediction has been, it is purported, fulfilled with John Paul II’s attempted yet unsuccessful assassination in May of 1981, the Vatican decides it’s now ‘okay’ to release the ‘secret’ in June of 2000? Huh? This patently ludicrous unfolding of events roused the Portuguese to indignation, citizens protesting loudly against the Vatican for keeping the text hidden from them, the Portuguese, wherein Our Lady of Fatima had chosen to appear in 1917.


And so we close with some further words of Sister Lucia in 1936. She was writing to Father Gonçalves regarding the appearance of Our Lord & Lady to her in the chapel at the convent in Tuy, Spain, in 1929, where They told Lucia it was time for her to make known to the Holy Father their request that he, and all his bishops in the Church, on a single day at a single time, publicly & officially, consecrate the Russian nation to the Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Mary. Of course, Pope Pius XI did not cooperate. Lucia then described Our Lord as ‘complaining’ about the pope’s refusal. This is EXHIBIT NO. 15, as well, the last part. And Jesus Christ had said to her:


“They did not want to heed My request. Like the KING OF FRANCE they will repent and do so, BUT IT WILL BE LATE. Russia will already have SPREAD HER ERRORS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, causing WARS AND PERSECUTIONS of the Church.”


Question --- has a King of France yet returned to the Throne of France since 1789? No. As a matter of fact, King Louis XVI lost his head to the guillotine in 1793. Moreover, in 1789 he became a virtual ‘prisoner’ at the Tuileries Palace, and had no absolute authority, being a so-called ‘constitutional monarch’, subject to the will of the ‘National Assembly’ (a kind of French Parliament of the time), and not free to do as he saw fit, like a truly sovereign king. Nor did later briefly ruling ‘kings’ of France during the 1800s see circumstances change. They were ‘revolutionized’ with at least partial Modern philosophy, being ‘constitutional monarchs’, and of limited powers.


They were also over with by 1870. France has been a ‘republic’ since then.


So how is it Our Lord said in 1931, “Like the King of France they will repent and do so…”? No real King of France --- an absolute monarch, with authority based on Divine Providence --- has ruled France since 1789. The revolutionaries murdered him in 1793. Later French ‘kings’ were more like American Presidents, subject to a Constitution, deriving their ‘authority’ from the ‘people’, and subject to Congress & Courts. Reasonably speaking, we must assume Jesus to be talking about the future.


Only then, in a hence far unknown time to come, will French Kings rule once more. Solely at that unknown time to come, will it be possible for real French Kings to finally repent of their forefathers’ mistakes, beg God’s forgiveness, be truly & virtuously Roman Catholic, and, finally, obey what Christ told them to do all the way back in 1689. To wit, consecrate the nation of France, publicly & officially, to Christ’s Sacred Heart.


Likewise the Papacy. Russia really has “…already… spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.” Similarly, there has been no real & legitimate Bishop of Rome (Pope) since 1965, at the close of Vatican II, the Modernist Pseudo-Council. The Throne of St. Peter has sat empty between popes since then.


This is why Jesus said to Lucia that “…it will be late.” Namely, a real pope will some day, finally, consecrate the nation of Russia, along with all the Roman Catholic bishops of the world, to the Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart of Queen Mary, Jesus’ Mother, But it won’t be right now. And it won’t be for a long while. A long, long, long while.


It will be in the future. Maybe not too long from today… but not right away.


The popes lost their first chance by the middle of the twentieth century.


All the sin & confusion since then has been because of this.


It’s why we’re in the Great Apostasy and CNOs ask:


“Is the pope Catholic? I’m not so sure anymore.”


It’s not even a ‘funny’ joke like it used to be.


Because Antipope Francis is that horrible.


Time is running out, dear soul. The devil knows this, too. Maybe there was a ‘one hundred year deal’ or maybe there wasn’t. Doesn’t matter. God gave over Catholics and the world to terrible punishment --- the Amos Curse and loss of the True Faith Whole, Entire & Undefiled everywhere on earth --- and Lucifer has had free reign since then.


That free reign is petering in (pun intended). The Real Reign of a Real Peter is about to return. It may take a few more decades. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s sooner than we think. Whichever, the scent of change is in the air. A new spirit is arising. Catholic Prophecy harbors a prediction of a ‘Second Pentecost’. Pentecost this year was just a few days previous as I write. Perhaps it’s a harbinger of what’s to come. The Novus Ordoists positively wax poetic about the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’. That spirit was diabolic. Let Catholics --- real Catholics who aren’t afraid or ashamed of the Church of Rome’s infallible truth, especially ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its ancient, original, correct, strict & unchanging sense --- revel in the Spirit of Truth, Holy Truth!, with equally poetic luster. Let there be a continuation of the 19th century Vatican Council, mayhap, or a new Lateran Council --- Lateran VI --- or Super One Man Papal Council, wherein a single holy & wise Bishop of Rome infallibly & explicitly affirms or forbids every loophole still in existence, doctrinally speaking, making it impossible for satan, ever again, to spread his feathered, reptilian wings over earth, looming darkness.


You have seen the evidence, precious soul. And the logic, beloved reader.


Now go, and sin no more. Who is left to condemn you? Do penance.


The Kingdom of Heaven is near, even within your very heart.


From there, Christ the King vanquishes the entire earth.


Cor Jesu, miserére nobis! Cor Maria, ora pro nobis!


Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Ad Jesum per Mariam.


Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!


Ecce Agnus Dei. Vero… veritas vincit. Amen.




+++ 1. Last Remarks to Drive It Home (Part 1) +++


There is so much more we could say about Our Lady of Fatima and Vatican II.


For instance, regarding ‘the dogma of the Faith’ that is disbelieved & lost all over the world during the Great Apostasy in the wake of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, we have LNO (Liberal Novus Ordoist) Fr. Karl Rahner himself commenting on the truly massive & shocking change made at Vatican II with nobody at all --- not even TNOs (Traditional Novus Ordoists) --- batting an eyelash, as if it were a dreadful, scandalous & destructive abomination. Remember him? A German theologian who was in ‘hot water’ with the Vatican authorities until John XXIII unexpectedly appointed him to be one of the countless ‘periti(‘experts’) at Vatican II in November of 1962. The scholars are practically unanimous in agreeing Rahner dominated Vatican II theologically.


This is why, as we have said, as a result of more than any other theological influence, both Lumen gentium and Ad gentes (two of the pseudo-council’s sixteen documents) briefly yet explicitly (and thus notoriously & pertinaciously!) taught the deceit of ‘salvation-through-ignorance-and-sincerity’, what Rahner called his theory of the ‘anonymous Christian’. You might ask (if not accepting of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its original, ancient, strict, correct & unchanging sense), “Well, then, why didn’t any bishops at Vatican II balk if this was a gravely sinful falsehood?” Simple… because the modern form of Salvation Heresy (it’s all about the poor people who are ‘invincibly ignorant’) had already been worming its way into theological theory & seminary training for five centuries. It reached ‘critical mass’ in the 1700s, that is, simultaneous to the Endarkenment [Enlightenment]. Proof of this is easy to see. For example, study the public writings of the popes of the first half of the 1800s They were again & again reminding their fellow bishops of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ and warning against the spread of the false teaching that non-Catholics could be ‘saved’. Rahner merely took this false doctrine, came up with his own personal theological ‘justification’ for it, and, all of the bishops there at Vatican II already basically in agreement, awed by his reputation… then, voilà! It’s now an ‘official’ teaching.


But really no surprise. After all, bishops in the United States had been promoting ‘salvation-via-ignorance-and-sincerity’ in Baltimore Catechism No. 3 since the 1920s (this particular catechism had a profound effect on the generations of the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s & ’50s in America, prior to Vatican II during the 1960s, after which the catechisms made in its aftermath became even more loose, liberal & egregious about how someone saves his or her soul), albeit, the Baltimore Catechism published first in 1885 as well promoted the Salvation Heresy, but in a more ‘conservative’ form. Yet the evidence found in Baltimore Catechism No. 3? Just look in the section called ‘Lesson Eleven’, which is about the Church, and examine the answers to Questions 509 to 512. It is blatantly there, teaching you that human beings can belong to the Catholic Church ‘invisibly’, without actually & visibly believing & professing Roman Catholicity. Various other catechisms throughout the world were teaching people similarly. (Although, beware. The publishing history of the Baltimore Catechism is very complicated, and in another one, going by the same title, it’s in ‘Lesson Twelve’, Questions 167 to 168. In this particular one, being later than the original one from the 1920s, it gets more obstinate & manifest regarding its Salvation Heresy, adding a section immediately following upon Question 169, called ‘Important Truths About the Marks and Attributes of the Church’. In Paragraph 4 of this section, it goes further --- as was usual by the 1940s & ’50s, dispensing with any reference to a real baptism of water as needed, theologically implying that an ‘implicit baptism of desire’ applies to such ‘good willed’ persons --- like, e.g., a ‘sincere’ Hindu who dies as a Hindu either not knowing of, or rejecting with ‘cultural bias’ if knowing about, the One True Religion of Catholicism. They even reference Pope Pius XII’s encyclical, Mystici corporis, as if it ‘inarguably’ upholds their false & damnable teaching. This is the version of Baltimore Catechism No. 3 TNOs like the ‘CMRI’ outfit employ, at least during my brief dalliance with them. The CMRI subscribes to ‘interregnumism’ but, sadly, like every TNO --- which is why I call them TNOs --- fall upon the sword of Salvation Heresy, no matter how ‘conservative’ their form of the heresy may be. The point is, in a Baltimore Catechism bearing the moniker ‘No. 3’, or such, look in the ‘Church’ section. You’re sure to find it; the Salvation Heresy is there if you search long enough and hard enough. And it is invariable… it’s always justified because someone is ‘inculpably ignorant’.)


This is why Karl Rahner and his fellow ‘experts’ could dare to openly craft the documents of Lumen gentium and Ad gentes to uphold ‘salvation-in-the-state-of-a-sincere-and-invincible-ignorance’ with absolutely no backlash or repercussions --- not even from the most ‘conservative’ of these bishops. Rahner noted this surprising change. In a short book published in 1967, right after Vatican II ended in 1965, The Christian of the Future, he observes, with an astonishing frankness and great scholarly knowledge:


“For Christendom [Roman Catholic nations] in earlier times the Church was the plank of salvation in the shipwreck of the world, the small barque [tiny boat] on which alone men are saved, the small band of those who are saved by the miracle of grace from the massa damnata [huge bulk of humanity that are damned, the learned scholar, Rahner, putting it in Latin, of course], and the extra ecclesiam nulla salus [that is to say, ‘no salvation outside the church’, in Latin again] WAS UNDERSTOOD IN A VERY EXCLUSIVE AND PESSIMISTIC SENSE And when he [a future ‘christian’, meaning a ‘Novus Ordoist’ and hence no true Catholic!] studies the history of this Council [read: Vatican II Pseudo-Council] which we are living through [Rahner composed some of this book during Vatican II and some of it after the Pseudo-Council, but, in any case, the outcome of Vatican II was immediate, destructive and, as it were, the shocking effects seemed to ‘go on’ for several years after its formal close on December 8, 1965], he will be astonished that this statement was made at the Council quietly and spontaneously without opposition, without surprise, without anyone’s appearing to notice just what was being said [Rahner does NOT here directly refer to the change in how these so-called ‘roman catholic’ bishops were interpreting ‘no Salvation outside the Church’, though, logically, within the context of his overall words, he is INARGUABLY indirectly speaking about reinterpretation of the Salvation Dogma to mean ‘anyone may enter Heaven’, including any perfectly intelligent human being who dies NOT believing in ROMAN CATHOLICISM Whole, Entire & Undefiled]… This Christian of the future [the Novus Ordoist] --- encouraged by this statement of Vatican II in the Constitution of the Church [Lumen gentium] and really authorized by it, in fact OFFICIALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME --- knows that the morning light on the mountains is the beginning of the day in the valley, not the light of day above condemning the darkness beneath [Rahner here poetically professes the ‘Universalism’ heresy… i.e., no human is ever condemned to an eternal hell, everybody --- even non-Catholics! --- gets salvation]. (Karl Rahner’s The Christian of the Future, in Chapter 5, entitled “The Teaching of Vatican II on the Church and the Future Reality of Christian Life”, drawn from the section “The Church Is the Sacrament of the World’s Salvation”, in turn found in Paragraphs 3, 2 & 5, respectively. All emphasis & annotation added.)


Do you see? This is how Vatican II gave us the Great Apostasy.


Or, for instance, consider a little known fact about Antipope John Paul II. In Polish, originally, his name is Karol Jósef Wojtyla. He was ordained in 1946, and consecrated in 1958, becoming auxiliary bishop --- and later archbishop --- of Kraków, Poland. He thus participated in the Vatican II Pseudo-Council as one of its ‘fathers’ (a bishop who votes on the documents or decrees or etc.). What is not well known is that he was a primary architect --- someone who helped write & compose --- of two of the most upsetting & controversial Vatican II documents, Dignitatis humanae (Decree on Religious Freedom) and Gaudium et spes (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World). Hence, far from being a ‘conservative’, he was, like the man he put in charge of the Vatican’s so-called ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’, Joseph Ratzinger (and who also was part of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, participating as an ‘expert’ priest, but who never voted on the sixteen documents of Vatican II themselves), egregiously Modernist, someone who, a century ago, would have been thought scandalously liberal.


The first, Dignitatis humanae, is abominable because… whilst not blatantly touting Salvation Heresy… it nevertheless kowtows to the Modernist ‘dogma’ that all human beings (even in wholly Catholic nations!) should have the ‘liberty’ to believe & practice whatever religion he or she chooses. Why? Because our human ‘dignity’ demands it (the title itself means ‘human dignity’). It matters not that it is rationally impossible for every single religion to be entirely true, ergo, only one of earth’s many religions can, at best, really be fully true. Even wholly Catholic nations must now permit (even encourage!) their citizens to believe & practice false religions, an idea the One True Church of Catholicism has never taught or allowed, period. Mind you, Our Lord’s Singular Religion of Roman Catholicism has never taught or allowed forced ‘conversion’. Adequately intelligent people forced to be ‘catholic’ is no real conversion at all. Notwithstanding, every good & wholly Catholic nation makes & enforces laws restraining non-Catholics from practicing their false religions openly, or from proselytizing others. Why? Because Catholics are so ‘cruel’? May God forbid! Contrarily, because Catholics are to be loving, and, in a country where Roman Catholicism rules, it would be supremely cruel to help souls wind up in hell.


Thus, if the Church alone saves souls, restrain false & damning religions!


The second, Gaudium et spes --- which in Latin means ‘joy and hope’, by the way --- is abominable because it tries to make ‘peace’ with the modern world (read: a world in love with the Religion of Modernism, hence innately & intrinsically opposed to the Religion of Catholicism) by ‘embracing’ Modernist beliefs or practices instead of defying them. The result? A ‘church’ that then mimics the world rather than converting the world to the Singularly Saving Faith of Roman Catholicism! This Vatican II document, along with Lumen gentium, are the two ‘biggies’ of Vatican II’s 16 total ‘statements’ that were ‘reorienting’ self-styled ‘catholics’ from seeking to save immortal human souls via conversion to the Church, toward supporting Modernist people in building a new civilization wherein people are more comfortable, well-to-do and free’. Missions therefore transforms into promoting social justice’, respect for personal dignity’ (causing proselytism to the Catholic Church to become a ‘nasty’ and ‘repugnant’ objective), and assisting with self-realization’ (read: ‘free to do whatever makes individual human persons the happiest & content he or she can be in this life’). ‘Humanism’ is now the goal, under the guise of it being ‘christian’, which is, accordingly, a way to say, “Humanity is central; we seek ‘heaven’ on earth.”


Thus, it’s now bad to say the Church alone saves, or oppose false religion!


And these are simply two of sixteen documents total Vatican II produced, that an individual known as Karol Woytyla played a major role in writing when he was the archbishop of Kraków, Poland (an openly Communist nation at the time, incidentally), and who later became Antipope John Paul II in 1978, the world’s media delighting in portraying him as such a ‘conservative pope’, who was, indeed, perilously ‘undoing’ Vatican II’s ‘wonderful & enlightened achievements’ and ‘too much focusing on’ annoying things like ‘tradition’ and ‘authority’. Which was a complete crock. He engineered key ‘reorientations’ at the Pseudo-Council, never once denounced it, continually praised & supported it until the end of his life in 2005, and constantly parroting the Novus Ordo ‘party line’ that the Vatican II Pseudo-Council was the beginning of a ‘springtime of renewal’ for the new ‘church’ of Novus Ordoism. Conservative? Not really. He only adjusted tone & pace in order to reassure the ‘conservatives’ or ‘traditionalists’ that nothing was amiss, that the ‘church’ was indestructible and ‘unchanging’, remaining --- supposedly --- whole & entire in ‘catholicity’. The subterfuge was a resounding success, John Paul II a veritable ‘superstar’ amongst CNOs, they strangely blind to all his glaringly public anti-Catholicity. As if being 80% Catholic is ‘good enough’, making you a ‘pope’.


Oh, but are you skeptical regarding John Paul II’s anti-Catholicity? Assuming it’s something you actually care about (but just haven’t figured it out yet, totally), then examine Helplessly Ignorant carefully in the Books & Articles section, with an utter thoroughness. Yes, it’s long. I’m sorry about that. Yet if you care for the truth, especially God’s Saving Truth, then it’s well worth the effort. In it we comprehensively affirm ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its ancient, original, strict, correct & unchanging sense with ironclad logic and massive testimony from the Catholic Church Herself, with our dear John Paul II’s apostate denial of the Salvation Dogma and what Missions is for particularly demonstrated in Part 3 of this book, constituting Chapters 49 to 69.


You might want to read it. You’re not infallible, and (gasp!) it may be right.


Yet how does this connect to Our Lady of Fatima and the Third Secret?


Recollect ‘the dogma of the Faith’ preserved in Portugal with a mysterious ‘etc.’ No doubt exists for a cautious & pious Fatima scholar --- this was Lucia’s way of hinting about the 3rd Secret without fully & explicitly revealing it before it was time, as per the Blessed Virgin Mary’s wishes and the very practical reason that it would be far easier to understand in 1960. An unanticipated worldwide council suddenly announced by an elderly ‘caretaker’ pope, John XXIII, the year before in 1959, is the obvious link. Moreover, John XXIII was surprisingly --- even shockingly! --- disrespectful to his predecessors in his opening speech at Vatican II in 1962, twitting ‘end-of-the-world’ or ‘apocalyptic’ type Catholics on the nose for their being such ‘gloomy Guses’, thinking the world is getting more & more evil, and more & more anti-Catholic. And, when it comes to heresy, which false teaching (contradicting millennial old and unchanging interpretation by the Infallible Roman Catholic Church…) did his odd new pseudo-council, Vatican II, wind up officially, notoriously & pertinaciously peddling three different times in two different documents with formal promulgation of it by his successor, Paul VI? Yes. The heresy of ‘salvation-via-ignorance-and-sincerity’. Comprehending, my dear soul? Furthermore, the pope & his bishops, daring to notoriously & pertinaciously deny Christ three times over like St. Peter again, consequently suffered automatic excommunication, as Canon Law requires.


Getting the connection now? We may not know the exact wording of the one page Message of Fatima in its Third Secret, or its every detail, but we can know with moral certainty --- with all of the testimony & facts available to us, combined with rational & logical deduction --- its essential content & meaning. To wit, that a very bad council was about to occur, that in this bad council heresy would be clearly & undeniably taught as if it were ‘official’ and ‘true’, and that, as a result, global apostasy would break out openly, from inside the Church Herself, from the top of the Church’s Hierarchy, and that, as a further result, the thrones of the Hierarchy would sit empty for a time, between rulers, their spiritual & religious jurisdiction ripped from them as punishment for their evil, God’s Mighty Wrath inflicting upon the world the Amos Curse and loss of Roman Catholicity everywhere on earth, till, His Wrath exhausted, His Mercy returns, He miraculously restoring what was lost, with a Second Pentecost and the Body of Catholicism, His One True Church of Rome, resurrected for the world to see.


+++ 2. Last Remarks to Drive It Home (Part 2) +++


Two notes before we move on and conclude this relatively short Afterword.


The aforementioned Joseph Ratzinger (a liberal German theologian priest who, as the Cologne bishop’s personal ‘peritus’ or ‘expert’, took part in Vatican II as an observer who, nonetheless, had a role in shaping its outcome), later to be the CNO Cd. Ratzinger under Antipope John Paul II in the Novus Ordo Vatican Curia, operated as the head of the ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’. While doing this, several speeches & articles of his were put together and, in 1987, published in English under the title, Principles of Catholic Theology: Building Stones for a Fundamental Theology. I don’t possess this book, but have excellent & reliable sources concerning its text (read: these aren’t crackpot ‘fake news’ sources, being scholarly & reputable) --- and, anyhow, it’s publication & contents were reported upon by Novus Ordo journalists all around the world --- but in an earlier French version of this book, printed in 1982, you can see precisely what I’m about to remark upon in Pages 426 to 427. What did the CNO Cardinal say? He commented on Vatican II and, in speaking about Gaudium et spes (look at the paragraphs above if you don’t recall what this gigantic --- literally, in terms of the writings of councils over the centuries --- and major Vatican II document was about), very frankly called it “…a kind of countersyllabus…” Remember what that means? Speaking of the original Syllabus, that is. Right. In AD 1864, Pope Pius IX issued his Syllabus of Errors, drawing fury & condemnation from all over the world. We talked about it near the end of Chapter 34 of this book, Inter Regnum. We noted, too, how its release coincided, curiously, with the very year identified by Melanie (one of two seers involved in the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette in 1846, you’ll recollect) as when, per the Blessed Virgin, She predicted that Lucifer & his legions would be loosed from hell in a unique & hideous way around 1864, causing an ‘end’ to the Roman Catholic Religion little by little, even in priests, monks & nuns. Pius IX’s Syllabus infuriated Modernists globally because it blatantly condemned and blatantly defied their most cherished teachings in the Religion of Modernism, which is the false religion that dominates humanity today. Ergo, why would Ratzinger describe Gaudium et spes as a ‘counter’ Syllabus? Most people styling themselves as ‘catholic’ nowadays don’t want to believe it, but Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors was an act of Papal Infallibility. And whatever is infallible, is, by definition, thus irreformable & unchangeable since it can’t possibly be mistaken, preserved by the Holy Ghost from explicitly & undeniably teaching error. So how is it Ratzinger called Gaudium & other Vatican II documents a ‘countersyllabus’? Was he trying to say Vatican II or Gaudium et spes were terrible crimes, filled with erroneous ideas? No, because he happily participated in Vatican II as an ‘expert’, has continually lauded & praised the Pseudo-Council for decades to come, having never once repudiated Vatican II both publicly and formally, and, were that not enough, as the ‘pope emeritus’ along with Antipope Francis during the last five years (it is 2018 as I write), hasn’t made a single serious effort or message to oppose Francis ever, period.


So what was his point? The conclusion is plain. We must face the facts.


Antipope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger’s official title since being an antipope from 2005 to 2013, when he abdicated) was calling Pope Pius IX’s 1864 Syllabus of Errors wrong. Oh, I know, he couched it as a ‘balance’ to the Syllabus of Errors and not an outright ‘clash’. Yet this is diplomatic Novus Ordo talk. He wants us to think there is not contradiction, that it’s just a matter of semantics, how we choose to ‘word’ something. But he’s not stupid. He is incredibly highly educated and a very smart man. Are we stupid? Dear reader, I hope not. I’m going to optimistically presume, for the sake of charity, that you’re not, as well as assuming --- again, for that sake of charity --- that you have, minimally at least, some good will. Therefore, we must face facts. Ratzinger can ‘interpret’ & ‘spin’ the words all he wants… yet the truth is still the truth.


He was calling Pope Pius IX’s Syllabus wrong, hence very necessary to change or correct. Call it whatever you want. Say Gaudium et spes ‘tweaked’ it a little (a lot, actually…). Say Gaudium ‘updated’ the language, or made it ‘understandable’ to modernized people. Say whatever you want. You’re free to do so, right? Surely. Howsoever, don’t expect me to buy into your theory. Infallible definitions or condemnations are irreformable & unchangeable, comprehended rightly. In the meantime, Gaudium et spes most certainly did NOT simply help people to comprehend Pius IX’s Syllabus ‘rightly’ or ‘better’. To the contrary, it contradicted & defied Pius’ Syllabus, rejecting his rejection of the modern world and its Religion of Modernism, thereby welcoming a modern world and its Religion of Modernism with open arms. What’s more, this astounding change occurred barely 100 years after the Syllabus. Suddenly, what in 1864 was infallibly wrong was, strangely, alright by 1965. Revolution? I think so. 1789 had finally transpired inside of God’s Church.


From inside of St. Peter’s Basilica at Rome in Italy within the Vatican.


Have the revolutionaries won? Seems so. The Body is in the Tomb.


Leading us back to Sister Lucia, one of three precious little seers at Fatima of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. This was Heaven’s way of giving Catholics an ultimate warning, one last chance. And almost no one listened. God’s Wrath struck. Wayward shepherds were smitten with diabolic disorientation, positively drooling delightedly over every religious lie or abomination imaginable… but every lie or abomination revolving around one central & dominant theme, stark denial of ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ in its ancient, original, strict, correct & unchangeable sense. I can’t yet prove, to my own satisfaction that what I’m about to share is absolutely true. Yet I also cannot avoid seeing that, if true, it is actually becoming true as I write and you read Inter Regnum. Which makes it a whole lot easier to say, if only privately to my own self, “Really does look like it’s probably true.” But to what do I refer?


Per one account, near the end of Lucia’s life, a man of high authority (CNO Cd. Carlo Caffarra) communicated with her via letter during his role as the head of John Paul II’s ‘Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage & Family’ (the addition of John Paul’s name to this Vatican organization’s official title was not added, as far as I can tell, until after he had died in 2005). This transpired, apparently, during the early 1980s when he was setting up the institute, and he wrote to ask for her prayers in regards to his work. She replied at some length, per him, and included these much repeated words lately (i.e., repeated by CNOs & TNOs who are alert enough to realize their importance):


“…the DECISIVE BATTLE between the Lord and the kingdom of satan will be ABOUT MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILYanyone who works for the sanctity of MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY will always be fought and opposed in every way, because it is THE DECISIVE ISSUE.”


(Testimony of CNO Cd. Caffarra to the online news source of ‘Aleteia’ --- which is, it would seem, a play on the Greek word for ‘truth’, usually transliterated into English as ‘alítheia’ --- a self-described ‘christian’ group, but whose reporting is, to my knowledge, both professional & impeccable. Indeed… if not, why would a high ranking Novus Ordo official agree to speak on the record with them? The interview is dated 17 January 2017, and, as of 26 May 2018, is posted at https://aleteia.org/2017/01/17/fatima-visionary-to-cardinal-final-battle-between-god-and-satan-will-be-over-marriage-and-family/.)


Any wonder, then, why, since the beginning of the 21st century, we have a most unrelenting press for the ‘redefinition’ of marriage, why there was a ‘sexual revolution’ by the close of the 1960s and why ‘abortion’ was made ‘legal’ in the United States in 1973 as well as all around almost all the other parts of the world, including, it would seem, just now, in the formerly staunchly Roman Catholic nation of Ireland? Is it a wonder that Communist Soviet Russia was the first nation in the world to do so?


We could go on, but I think you’ve got the idea. Our Lady of Fatima and Her Third Secret is still very relevant. And why, by 1960, was Her Message not openly released like it was supposed to be, and why, in the wake of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council --- when every heresy & immorality in the world is tolerated with utmost patience, or the evil perpetrators merely ‘slapped on the hand’, when the Novus Ordo Vatican no longer forbids ‘catholics’ to read or watch anything at all… no matter how offensive and immoral… and monks & nuns now permitted all kinds of freedoms or privileges undreamt of in former times --- is Sr. Lucia, in her convent in Europe, in total contradistinction to all else, quarantined and forbidden to talk about Fatima?


What’s the deal? Is everything permissible except Catholicity & Sr. Lucia?


Pretty sure you know the answer. If honest, you know what’s going on.


I cannot resist one final note. Ever wonder why the Novus Ordo Vatican, in 2000, determined June 26 as the date to pretend to reveal the 3rd Secret of Fatima? In reality, John Paul II must have forced that decision, particularly since the next two men most powerful in the Vatican at the time --- CNO Cd. Ratzinger & LNO Cd. Sodano --- were fairly dead set against releasing anything at all, and simply wanted to continue ignoring it out of existence. We’ll give you a clue. What’s so special on the traditional and universal sanctoral cycle for this date? Correct. It’s the Feast of Ss. John & Paul. A coincidence? I find it extremely difficult to think so. Karol Woytyla (Antipope John Paul II) was also a highly educated and very smart man. He chose the date to evoke his antipapal moniker (Feast of John & PaulJohn Paul II… get it?), and to further symbolize his brilliant, although risky, maneuver, of promoting the Great Apostasy and an apparent ‘defeat’ of Lucifer’s Enemy, Roman Catholicism. For do you know what occurred to John & Paul in 362? Christianity (read: Roman Catholicism) had been legal in the Roman Empire since the reign of Emperor Constantine. Julian the Apostate, Emperor of Rome at that time, was from the Constantinian dynasty and baptized & raised as Roman Catholic. Unfortunately, he developed a strong affection for paganism and then, as imperial sovereign from 361 to 363, tried, vainly, to stamp out Catholicism and reestablish paganism as the official religion of the Empire. He failed miserably. Too, wanting friendship with John & Paul, he invited them to become a part of his inner circle of familiars. They, holy & virtuous Catholics, were appalled, refusing. Giving them ten days, hoping they’d change their minds, they instead divested themselves of their enormous wealth, bestowing them as alms to the poor. They then died bravely. Comparing them, in the Catholic Church’s liturgy, to the two ‘olive trees’ and ‘candlesticks’ of the Apocalypse, their relics are in Rome, upon Mt. Coelius.


Yes, one of the Seven Hills of Ancient Rome, named for the heavens. More often described as the Caelian Hill, the meaning is the same. And John Paul II’s symbolism, when you realize he was an antipope and a conscious enemy of the One True Church, is quite plain. He was an apostate, just like Emperor Julian, having been baptized & raised as Roman Catholic, but he freely & wantonly chose to apostatize. He knows that he & cohorts within the Vatican have been ushering in the Great Apostasy. He knows this is the time foretold by the Apocalypse, and that the Ecclesial Body of Christ is in the Tomb… he knew these things! Thus the symbolism. He has martyred the Church. Fatima’s Message threaten to undo what he & cohorts have done. He is defiantly determined to bury Fatima along with the Church. Hence the day and meaning. Additionally, the celestial hill evokes Modernism’s attempt to storm Heaven.


Oh, and his antipapal name? He derived it from his very brief predecessor.


Who, we kid you not, took the antipapal title of John Paul and, 33 days later --- amazingly enough, yes, that number again! --- was found suddenly & unexpectedly lifeless in his apartment, in his bed. A professional journalist investigated the whole matter and concluded, much to the chagrin of the Novus Ordo Vatican, that it was murder. But how hard to think is that… that there are murderers in the Vatican? ….when, we already know, like Lucifer, they’ve murdered the Body of Christ.


Again, we could go on, but this is enough to show everything is relevant.


Yet, perchance, a scholarly or skeptical reader is concerned about a lack of proper citations in many of the quotes dealing with Our Lady of Fatima. I apologize. This is a long book by most people’s standards (though rather short by my own standards…), and, while I realize, humanly speaking, very few people are ever going to read it, what is said is crucial, something any real Catholic should know and something that anyone, who is becoming Catholic, needs to find out. Otherwise, how will anything change? And such citations are many, often lengthy, frequently impenetrable to the average person, and merely make the dauntingly ‘long’ book all that more long-looking & daunting.


Hence why I’ve avoided citations half the time for Part 5 and Fatima.


I offer instead, a proper bibliography for the scholarly or skeptical reader. Meaning, you’re not going to find every single exact page reference for the quotations, but these will show you sources from which I’ve drawn, and their legitimacy, authenticity & scholarly reliability, etc. Savvy? In other words --- you do the leg work. If you’re a scholarly person (or just really, really determined to be skeptical), then get off your hinder quarters, show some initiative, act like you care about the truth, and do the investigation for yourself. You’d have to do the very same thing even if I gave the excruciatingly precise references. I’m just going to give less excruciatingly precise references and then let you, the reader, go at it. If I can do it, then so can you. And Almighty God has not told me, personally, that I’ve got to do all the legwork for everyone. So I feel perfectly content about this. If you’ve doubts, then search.


End of sentence. The bibliography, though? Peruse on, my precious soul:


The most scholarly & extensive work by far, up till this moment, is Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité’s truly massive, gargantuan and academic work, The Whole Truth About Fatima. His investigation, interviews, studies & writing literally took decades. I have no idea if it’s still in print, but I’m confident you could find it and purchase it via the cloud. If I could stumble upon it by accident in a large used book store in gigantic Los Angeles, even before I had became Catholic, then I’m pretty sure you, beloved reader, can find it somewhere if you’re determined. Obviously, Frère Michel is French (his former Abbot apparently led much respectful opposition to Paul VI in the wake of Vatican II, tirelessly pointing out the many, many, many horrible problems with this insidious pseudo-council, even confronting Paul VI in person at one point, much to Paul’s discomfort…) and, as far as I can tell, the English translation has never been available in another format except in paperback. It’s long, easily more than 2000 pages. (Makes my writings seem a little less intimidating, eh?) But, I assure you, well worth reading every single sentence, if you’re curious & attempting to figure out what, exactly, happened during & after Fatima, and why century-old Apparitions still matter to this very day. It is in 3 volumes. The Whole Truth About Fatima: Science and the Facts; The Whole Truth About Fatima: the Secret and the Church; and The Whole Truth About Fatima: the Third Secret. The entire work was printed by Immaculate Heart Publications in Buffalo, NY, USA, 14205, 452 Kraft Rd., and in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, L2A 4M7. The first volume was originally printed in French in Europe in 1983; it’s English translation appeared in 1989, technically printed by the International Fatima Rosary Crusade’s publishing branch, in conjunction with, it would seem, the aforesaid Immaculate Heart Publications, under contract with Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, the author. John Collorafi was the English translator. All printing & translation information remains the same for the second volume, which was originally published in French in Europe in 1984, whilst in English in 1989. Ditto for the third volume, which was originally published in French in Europe in 1985, and in English in 1990. All volumes contain vast, intricate & apparently endless citations, numbering in the thousands. Believe me --- the work is indeed scholarly. Overwhelmingly, most of Sister Lucia’s quotes, from Chapters 43 to 50 above, are from these works.


Other works used are less massive and, mayhap, less academic, but still practically bursting with scholarly citations, at least in the hundreds. Frère François de Marie des Anges wrote Fatima: Tragedy and Triumph, presumably as a follow up to Frère Michel’s The Whole Truth About Fatima, being sort of like its ‘fourth’ volume. Immaculate Heart Publications also printed this book (please see paragraph above for details), the French version originally published in Europe in 1991, and the English in 1994. I assume the English translation is by the same man, John Collorafi, but, inexplicably, his name (nor any translator’s name…) is not mentioned in the copy I have. Another book upon which I have depended is The Devil’s Final Battle, by TNO Priest, Fr. Paul Kramer. The book is in a much more direct, quick & ‘popular’ style of writing, nevertheless, believe me, the author is highly trained, having B.Ph,, M.Div. & S.T.L. degrees at Canadian institutes. It is also chock full of citations in the hundreds, at least. The little known publisher was The Missionary Association in Terryville, CT, 06786, in 2002. Their editorial staff, it appears, helped in writing the book, perhaps in fact-checking, typo-catching & citation-proofing. The version I have is an ‘advanced reading copy --- uncorrected proof’, sent to me unexpectedly (but blessedly) to allow me to comment on the text for them. I’ve also relied on Fr. Ralph M. Wiltgen, S.V.D. and his masterful eyewitness account of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, The Rhine Flows into the Tiber, considered one of the greatest written histories of Vatican II in existence by many academics. Gail Higgins, O.F.M. Cap., gave the nihil obstat and Terence J. Cooke, D.D., V.G. the imprimatur on 15 December 1966. Hawthorne Books in New York City originally published this book in 1967, and, later, under proper copyright laws, TAN Books & Publishers, Inc., from Rockford, IL, 61105, P.O. Box 424, printed it again in the year of 1983. Finally, I’ve relied, too, on the Vatican itself. Namely, the Vatican website. It’s URL is quite straightforward --- www.vatican.va. In it you can find all of the Vatican II documentation, as well as the Vision text posing as the ‘3rd Secret’, etc. Oh, yet, potentially, the scholarly or skeptical reader is curious about the Dr. Antonio Socci and Dr. Solideo Paolini incident, wherein LNO Cd. Bertone flat out refused to answer, at a public event with a questions & answers session provided to the general media, the simple question of two of the most respected journalists in Italy, regarding Fatima? American media almost never reports on these things, though it was big news in the Italian media. Refer to the following URLs, for instance: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/two-italian-journalists-assaulted-by-vatican-bodyguards-at-bertone-event-534388601.html, which is a legitimate news service based in Canada; or even the venerable Wikipedia on the Three Secrets of Fatima, that mentions Socci & Paolini’s bizarre experience at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Secrets_of_F%C3%A1tima. Both were available via the cloud or online as of 28 May 2018 at these addresses.


Hopefully, this gives you excellent grounds from which to go on.


+++ 3. How Do We Get Out of This Mess? +++


This last & final chapter is surprisingly simple.


How do we get out of this mess? How do real Roman Catholics --- still holding, or beginning to hold, all of the Church’s Infallible & Precious Dogmas Whole, Entire & Undefiled, in defiance of a now almost completely Modernist world, including those persisting in calling themselves, strangely, ‘catholic’, even when they’re plainly not anything like what Catholics once & always were! --- do anything of worth to try resolving this hideous delusion? We’ve already fixed ourselves… if Catholic.


What about the rest of the world? The answer is twofold, broadly speaking.


First, humanly speaking, if enough people slowly yet surely --- and with a moral certainty! --- actually become true Roman Catholics, then, it’s conceivable, we could gradually get into contact with each other and establish friendly relations. This can be difficult. If not knowing what I mean, then you probably cannot believe how hard it is, oftentimes, finding anyone who is truly Catholic, let alone be sure they are what they insist they are, or who don’t go Catholic fundamentalist on you and start acting odd, belligerent & unhinged. Nonetheless, God could give us enough opportunities, astonishing loads of grace, and allow us to find & befriend each other.


If so, then what? At a certain point, if peaceable & charitable… as well as thinking enough alike each other, with good sense & hard facts making our resolutions correct… then we could, plausibly, discuss how to return a real pope to St. Peter’s Throne. I know, it sounds ‘unbelievable’ right now, but it is thinkable. The catch is this:


Most people don’t realize (including those who are supposed to be real Catholics) that only a Bishop of Rome can be a real & legitimate pope. I can’t count the number of so-called ‘popes’ elected by traditionalists in the past 45 years, purporting to be what they’re not. This is for one simple reason --- they’re not in Rome. They don’t belong to Rome. And, if that weren’t enough, most, if not all of them, aren’t truly Catholic. Hence, ‘electing’ someone as a ‘pope’ under these conditions accomplishes nothing.


End of sentence. The real solution?


Real Catholics have to live in the Roman Diocese again. Maybe there are some real Catholics in Rome right now… but I doubt it. At the very least, I’ve no proof and no good reason to think that there are. But if enough real Catholics proliferated, got into contact with each other, had peaceable & friendly relations, thinking enough alike, then… ah, well, that’s a different situation. If already living in Rome, fabulous. If not, then real Catholics would have to emigrate to Rome and live there permanently. Not so likely, think you? Maybe not. But, then again, no one thought, three years ago, that Pr. Trump would get elected, that Poland & Hungary would defy the ickily Modernist European Union, a third of France would support the conservative Marine le Pen (including her even more conservative niece, who held an elected office!), or that the Italians, so long dominated by socialistic leaders, would lately produce defiant people who are rejecting the unlimited immigration of Muslims who obviously hate Europe, European culture, and anything smacking of Christianity. So… unlikely that real Catholics could someday soon emigrate to Rome, Italy? Maybe not so unlikely.


Then, once there, and if in peaceful union & agreement, under the most ancient of ecclesiastical canon law, such real Catholics could, then, seriously & lawfully consider electing a new Bishop of Rome. Yet what about valid consecration as a bishop, you ask? A very good question. As far as I can tell, TNOs (Traditional Novus Ordoists), for the most part, have kept a proper form & matter when it comes to the Sacrament of Holy Orders. They’re not Catholic, true, denying, at a bare minimum, the infallible dogma of no Salvation outside the Church in its most ancient, original, strict, infallible & correct sense. (By the way, Novus Ordoists at the Vatican have toyed with the form & matter of their NO ‘sacraments’, leaving most, if not all, invalid, and --- even if not invalid --- seriously doubtful. Which, by canon law, means you can’t rely on them, even if, all the same, they just ‘happened’ to valid. Doubt destroys legal confidence in them.) Now, imagine. I know it’s hard, I know it seems ‘impossible’. But what if a miracle occurred? What if one of those TNO bishops --- who had been, without doubt, validly consecrated, abjured his heresy and professed Catholicism Whole, Entire & Undefiled? What then? Why, this would change everything. Just like Rome decided, in ancient times, that the Eastern Schismatics had, nevertheless, kept their form & matter in the case of Holy Orders, making it possible for a schismatic bishop to abjure heresy & schism, and, permission from Rome forthcoming, could then have lawful jurisdiction over any Catholics in his diocese, so, too, could such a TNO bishop, converted to real Catholicism, either be elected, or else consecrate a man elected, as pope.


This is the human side. Now to the Heavenly Side of Things.


Catholic Prophecy has predicted a Second Pentecost’. One saintly religious even predicted that Ss. Peter & Paul themselves would come down from Heaven in visible form, laying their hands upon the man God chooses to be the next pope, and thus making it inarguable, for every Catholic witnessing this, that this was indeed the next Bishop of Rome. And, if not consecrated, Ss. Peter & Paul could easily supply that deficiency in a visible form, giving him the Sacrament of Holy Orders right then and there.


Case closed.


In either situation, plainly, God would have to act in a supernatural way. For instance, what about diehard skeptics? Perhaps they’re truly Catholic. But they just can’t bring themselves to believe, or at least trust, that the new Bishop of Rome really is he who Almighty God has determined to be the Pope. What then? Easy. God does some flabbergasting miracles. This usually brings the debate to a quick close.


I don’t mean to sound flippant, dear reader. But this is no stumper.


God started Roman Catholicism in Jerusalem, miraculously.


He can do so again in Rome, just as miraculously.


It’s not a real problem. It’s only up to Him.


Let us wait on the Lord, and pray.


And beseech His Mother.




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