+++ 28. The FOURTH Devastating Argument: +++

Jesus in His Human Nature Died on a Crossthe Very

Same Thing Has Happened to His Ecclesial Body (Part 1)


When someone dies, his or her body is inanimate.


This person does not ‘wake up’, and people normally bury the corpse.


Our Creator became a Human Being. This in itself is astounding. Knowing Who God is, then who of us --- before He made plain He would do so --- could have dared to think (or even speculate!) that Our Maker would also allow Himself to be murdered?


How can God ‘die’ at the hands of weak little human beings? How could He permit Himself, Almighty & Supreme, to endure our foolish disdain & cruelty?


Why would He let us despise, overpower & slaughter Him?


The notion is confounding. Only centuries & millennia of Christianity, whether of the true ‘version’ (read: Roman Catholicism) or false kinds (read: Eastern Schismaticism or Protestant Heresy, etc.), has made it seem ‘routine’ and ‘palatable’. Granted, various pagan stories or ‘mystery religions’ have toyed with the idea of one of their ‘gods’ experiencing ‘death’… but the real & everlasting Uncreated Creator?


Why would the Ground of Being clothe Himself in ‘creaturehood’ --- our human lowliness, the physical ‘shadow’ or image of His Divinity --- and further humiliate Himself by consenting to perish from our wicked violence? What’s the point?


Most of us don’t contemplate this. Not really. Not from God’s Perspective.


As an adult, imagine becoming a tiny helpless baby for several decades.


As a human, imagine becoming an ant… one that’s stepped on.


Why would you give up strength to become weak?


How can Life Himself ‘lose’ His Life?


That’s the riddle, the conundrum.


God continually surprises infinitesimal creatures, the ones made to look like Him. His Imagination is far greater than ours. His Courage outstrips our valor, His Purpose constantly exceeding our ability & willingness to fathom or suspect. What His Determination from All of Infinite Eternity dares, we dare not determine.


Unless, of course, we dare to truly WANT HIS ETERNAL TRUTH.


+++ 29. The FOURTH Devastating Argument: +++

Jesus in His Human Nature Died on a Crossthe Very

Same Thing Has Happened to His Ecclesial Body (Part 2)


This Eternal Truth, this Word Become Flesh, is the Author of Truth.


What He declares to exist, what He, by the Spirit of His Divine Mouth, speaks into existence is what is real and hence what is true. If it does not exist --- if He does not will it to be real --- then it is not true. Our Creator from All Eternity has no ‘mouth’, no ‘body’, it is thus a Parable we tell. He speaks not through waves of sound in a thing we call ‘air’, but by ‘waves of thought’ in the Spirit of His Infinite & Divine Intellect. Yet it is no charade or fantasy, this thing we call ‘reality’. He makes out of nothing, ex nihilo. Notwithstanding, what He creates is indeed something re vera. That is to say, ‘tis truly something that is real. And this created reality is not a ‘part’ of the Uncreated Creator; that is pantheism and a lie of the devil. But it is real, apart from His Realness, though dependent always, in its created realness, upon His Uncreated Realness. Without a Maker’s Will that we exist, we could not exist; that is theism and the truth.


Having made us in His Image, Our Creator gave us MINDS & WILLS.


To wit, most of us have adequate intelligence to both know we exist and to ask the question of why we exist. What is our purpose? The world could not have come into existence by ‘accident’, nor are ‘random mutations’ and ‘natural selection’ over untold ‘billions of years’ enough to rationally explain, with mathematical probability, that life, intelligent consciousness & cosmological or biological order could come into being by mere ‘chance’. I.e., some form of Darwinistic ‘evolution’ or ‘evo devo’ is not enough, ever, to explain any order at all in our world. If ‘chance’ with ‘rules’, then the ‘rules’, which randomly popped into existence for no reason at all, have no further reason to ‘consistently’ stick around or apply ‘equally’ to all, and there is thus no reason to assume, naively, that such ‘rules’ along with ‘chance’ make any ‘order’ ever…




Too, most of us have adequately free wills to both choose what we think, say & do, while, at the same time, resolve to think, say & do what is good, as opposed to what is evil. How has Our Creator spoken, and what is it He tells us is good to think, say & do? Our choices have consequences, both in this world as physical human beings, and in the life to come after death. Why should we consciously choose to think, say & do evil, and what makes us fantasize that we can pretend to know the difference between good and evil without seeking for Our Maker’s Purpose in making us, and that there is no punishment for being evil or no reward for being good? He’s God --- not us.


End of sentence.


The fact that most of us have adequate intelligence & free will is UNDENIABLE PROOF God intends us to use our intelligence to seek His Purpose for our existence and to use our will to choose what is good (His Purpose for us whole & entire) rather than to choose what is evil (His Purpose for us either partially unknown & disbelieved or else fully unknown & disbelieved). Or else why give us intelligence & will to begin with?




If you know the Creator exists and that He is Omniscient (All-Knowing) as well as Omnipotent (All-Powerful), making everything out of nothing sheerly for His Own Good Pleasure --- because He wants to do so and not because He ‘needs’ us --- then, it follows logically, He wanted to make us for a reason. And, being all-knowing and all-powerful, that our adequately intelligent minds and adequately free wills must, then, play an essential role in our ability to freely & intelligently fulfill this Divine Purpose.




+++ 30. The FOURTH Devastating Argument: +++

Jesus in His Human Nature Died on a Crossthe Very

Same Thing Has Happened to His Ecclesial Body (Part 3)


And this is merely basic logic… simple reasoning and common sense.


Any adequately intelligent human being with free will can figure this out if he or she wants to, and, with God’s guaranteed assistance (ask, seek & knock, see Matthew 7:6-29 & Luke 11:1-13 for Gospel proof of this divinely-guaranteed religious principle), be sure to GET THE RIGHT ANSWER (read: Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire), FIND A FULL ANSWER (read: understand Roman Catholicism Completely & Correctly) and HAVE GOD’S DOOR OPENED (read: enter Heaven Forevermore as a Good & Baptized Roman Catholic after death). To think otherwise is willful stupidity.


You might as well walk around with eyes closed and pretend you can see.


That’s what your mind is --- the eyes of your conscious intelligence.


That’s what your will is --- opening or closing these eyes.


It’s your choice:


Blindness or sight? Intelligence or stupidity? Truth or falsehood?


The Second Person of the Triune Deity, the Eternally-Begotten Son of God, became the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, in the Womb of His Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, for this Purpose. To open our eyes, help us understand, and tell us the truth about existence. As Jesus replied to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, regarding His Monarchy:


“‘My kingdom is not of this world [right now, I don’t claim a kingdom on this earth]. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would certainly strive that I should not be delivered to the Jews [were I claiming a kingdom right now on this earth, I’d have my disciples fight their fellow Jews to keep Me from falling into your hands, Pontius --- recall Jesus forbidding Peter to defend Him with his sword to prevent His arrest]: but now my kingdom is not from hence [until I return in what is the future for you, poor Pontius, I lay no claim to direct kingship over this earth, and my disciples are not yet numerous enough or strong enough to establish Catholic realms on earth… for Me presently, being King means those who are good Catholics, obeying My Doctrines].’ Pilate therefore said to him [Jesus]: ‘Art thou a king then? [So You really are a King?]’ Jesus answered: ‘Thou sayest that I am a king. [You yourself have said it, Pontius. It’s true what you say… I really am a King.] For this was I born, and for this came I into the world [This is why I, God, have become a Man, this is why I am in a very real, visible & human form upon this earth that you can look upon, and see, and hear]; that I should give testimony to the TRUTH. [I’m here on earth as a human being to tell everyone what it is that they must believe is the TRUTH in order to be able to fulfill My Purpose for their lives, obeying Me as the Divine Monarch above all other creaturely monarchs or leaders.] EVERY ONE THAT IS OF THE TRUTH, HEARETH MY VOICE [If you belong to God, Who is the AUTHOR OF TRUTH, then you’ll LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY, EVERYTHING I TEACH, and recognize Me as God in spite of My Human Nature, and you’ll believe ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I TEACH & COMMAND, PROPERLY & FULLY IN ITS ORIGINAL & CORRECT SENSE, learning how to be virtuous & baptized Roman Catholics, whole & entire, in My Ecclesial Body, the Singular Means of Salvation.]’” (John 18:36-37 DRC)


To which Pontius replied wearily, like a skeptical Modern:


“What is truth?” (John 18:38b DRC)


As we remarked above, in Chapter 29, truth is what is real. And it is God Who makes something real out of nothing. Ergo, God is the Author of Truth. And, the truth is, we are made in God’s Image, to look like Him and be like Him --- yet always in obedience to Him, as real & good Roman Catholics. Deity apart from Him is a lie. Since we are created to be like Him, then, like Him, we can envision both good and evil.


Sadly, unlike him, most of us choose evil… at least some of the time.


This includes telling lies, especially about what is religiously true.


He made us real, out of nothing. Therefore, we are real. He also made us intelligent with wills, able to choose between good & evil. Therefore, we oftentimes choose to believe in lies, particularly lies that are religious. The lie itself is real --- it really exists --- and the fact that we tell the lie is itself real we really told it. Yet what the lie says is unreal. Because it’s not true, not wholly, even if partly true. Nonetheless, God did not tell falsehoods, and He does not ‘make’ us to tell these lies. Hence, God is not a liar.


We are. The devil is, too. Jesus came to free us from those religious lies.


This is why people hate Him, hating His Roman Catholic Truth.


Because, like their spiritual father, satan, they love lies.


What is truth? The Epistemologic Works answers this perilous question.


We refuse to leave Pilate’s query unmet. Nor do we shrink from answering the supposedly ‘clever’ questions of a skeptical Modernist world --- or the supposedly ‘unquestionable’ assertions of a New World Order --- and even if they never dare ask these questions, or question modern assertions, or care to know the answers. The truth is there, regardless. Read the home page of this website, at least the very upper part. Read Straight & Simple (to your left in the navigation panel), focusing on the first subsection of questions & answers, explained in very simple, easy-to-understand responses. Or, do you say you don’t believe Roman Catholicism has existed from the start with Jesus & His Apostles, being exactly what they taught? Then examine Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus in the Books & Articles section, especially Chapters 1 to 33, which is Part One of the book. It proves, from the writings of earliest Christians or historians, only one or two or three or four or five centuries after Christ, that they were all of them neither any more nor any less than Roman Catholic whole & entire. Don’t like ‘no Salvation outside the Church’, want to think it’s ‘impossible’ to know which religion or philosophy is fully true, God leaving us ‘powerlessly’ and ‘feebly’ ignorant, blameless for our religious falsehoods or failure, as people of sound intelligence, to seek God and become Catholic? Think we somehow stumble our way into Heaven in the practice of any religion at all when we die, which includes so-called ‘agnosticism’ or ‘atheism’, since they dare to teach us obviously religious things… like ‘I can’t know if God exists’, or ‘God can’t possibly exist’? Desperately want to believe, even if calling yourself ‘catholic’, that God permits everybody into Heaven with the new ‘sacraments’ of ‘ignorance’ & ‘sincerity’?


Then take a look at Helplessly Ignorant in the Books & Articles section.


It demolishes these cloying arguments, opening your mental eyes.


The truth is there, dear soul… you only have to want to see.


+++ 31. The FOURTH Devastating Argument: +++

Jesus in His Human Nature Died on a Crossthe Very

Same Thing Has Happened to His Ecclesial Body (Part 4)


Jesus said something stunning & ‘offensive’ to His Own People, the Israelites.


Their religious leaders, the Pharisees, did not --- most of them --- like Jesus. They therefore continually sought opportunities to trap Him with situations where He would look bad in the people’s sight, allowing them to smash their own Messias into the ground. That is, discredit Him and get rid of Him. In this case, as Jesus taught upon the premises of the Temple, these leaders dragged a woman caught in adultery before Him. One wonders, what happened to the adulterous man? After all, it takes two to tango. No matter. They had the adulterous woman and that was enough. What would Jesus do?


Sacred Tradition tells us she was none other than St. Mary Magdalene.


As she lay there on the ground, a rich & wicked woman prior to her conversion, finally forced to pay the piper for her terrible sins… what would Jesus do? To forgive sin is only something God has authority to do in the ultimate eternal sense, unless He delegates this astonishing authority to others (which is precisely what He’s done for certain men of the New Covenant era, meaning Roman Catholic priests!).Being priests or levites during the Old Testament era without this divinely delegated authority in the strict & ultimate sense, and hating Jesus with a passion, they despised the fact that Jesus publicly dared to forgive penitent & believing people their sins, thereby revealing, quite clearly to everyone, that He was therefore daring to act like God in the Flesh on earth. Would, perchance, this Nazarene teacher do the same here in the Temple that very day, in front of a crowd? Obviously, they hoped so. Then they could rally the public against their Christ.


How did Jesus deal with these bad Pharisees’ latest ploy?


He leaned over and began writing in the dust at His feet. The Holy Ghost in Sacred Scripture never reveals what He wrote. A shrewd Catholic, though, can guess accurately. We’re told that, as Jesus wrote, the crowd of leaders who had dragged Mary Magdalene before Him in disgrace slowly slipped away, one by one, beginning with the oldest and on down to the youngest. We’re also told, in the midst of His writing in the dust, that they, insistent, demanded He answer their original question, which was, “…Moses in the law commanded us to stone such a one [a person caught in adultery ought to be executed for this wicked crime]. But what sayest thou? [But what have You to say about this, Jesus of Nazareth? Are You for or against Moses and the Law that God gave us through him when it comes to adulterers caught in their sin?]” Think about it. From their point of view, if Jesus says yes, then they pounce on Him and say, “Then why do you dare to forgive sins, defying God’s Mosaic Law?” Whereas, if Jesus effectively says no, by forgiving Mary Magdalene her crimes, then they pounce on Him and accuse Jesus of acting like He’s God, when, to everyone around Him, He looks like He’s merely human just like all of us. How does Jesus handle this dastardly yet clever plan? He replies, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8:5, 7c-d DRC)


So what do you think Christ the God-Man was writing on the ground?


What could make them slip away, one by one, failing in their ploy to trap Him?


Right --- all the sins of adultery, fornication or impurity for which her accusers themselves were guilty. And they were supposed to be good Old Testament Catholics, priests & levites, orthodox Pharisees rightly leading the Old Covenant Church and thus upholding right morality in public! They were quite willing to execute judgment on other sinners; they themselves kept their horrible sins hidden away (so they thought…) and had no mercy for those they eagerly condemned for the identical sins they had committed in private, behind closed doors! Jesus wrote on the ground so as to be discreet, but wrote names, cohorts & times in order to make certain they knew that He knew every single impure iniquity each of them was guilty of. God Incarnate? Absolutely. They had no excuse not to know He was God. This was simply another one of His Proofs, showing His Divine Omniscience by revealing their own crimes of the flesh, with just enough details that they could only wince with shame & horror, slinking away fearfully.


Which is why, after they’re gone, He asks Mary Magdalene one question:


“Woman, where are they that accused thee [you]? Hath [has] no man condemned thee?” To which she responds with dawning surprise, amazement & overwhelming gratitude, “No man, Lord.” And Jesus says, with an act of His Divine & Merciful Authority, “Neither will I condemn thee. Go, and now sin no more.” (John 8:10b-11 DRC)


There it was. He forgave her for her sins, demonstrating again He was God on earth, capable of doing so. Yet is this all that He did? Modernists or Novus Ordoists love to fixate on a purported ‘mercy’, ignoring anything about judgment & commandments. A fixation that ignores, as well, what Jesus told Mary Magdalene as He refrained from condemnation for the moment: “Go, and now sin no more.” How’s that again?


“Go, and now SIN NO MORE.” (John 8:11e DRC)


Quite different from Antipope Francis’ version of ‘mercy’, isn’t it? In his mind --- a thinking that he’s revealed quite clearly over the decades, both before he became the latest antipope and afterward, too, having pretended to sit on the Throne of St. Peter for five years as of March 2018 --- crimes of adultery or homosexuality or other impurities of our corrupt flesh are so ‘overlookable’ to the point of being, really, nothing important at all. Who cares about the Sixth Commandment or the Sacrament of Matrimony? We are way too uptight about these things, people! Catholics of old were too severe! We’re all changing and modernized. The ‘catholic church’ needs to get with the times as well. Conservative types must stop being ‘pharisaical’. Stop being so ‘judgmental’! Sure, transgressions are ‘bad’. I’m not denying that sin is sin. But it’s not that bad. This refusing to let people in sins of impurity receive the ‘eucharist’ is very cruel. You’re making them feel left out and unloved! Mellow out, people. We’re more ‘enlightened’ now… if someone’s trying his or her ‘best’, then we must not be objective, based on the facts vividly established in the external forum, and make a stubborn sinner feel bad by refusing to give them the ‘help’ of the ‘eucharist’ or other religious aids. Medieval Catholics thought that way. We’re smarter now. The old policy no longer works. Suddenly, after millennia, we’ve finally realized how stupid that was!


Don’t resist the ‘holy spirit’! He’s leading in ‘new’ directions now.


We ‘catholics’ have finally figured out how to be ‘merciful’.


The old ‘severity’ is cruel & unmerciful!


And yet it’s not.


If a sin leads to hell, then right judgment is priceless. Realizing the sad truth, and admitting our hideous guilt, is both humble of us (the sinners) and merciful of God (that He would give us any chance at all to be penitent and escape the damnable consequences of our mortal sins). Real Catholics may be horrible sinners. I certainly am! But real Catholics are also honest. We don’t pretend our hideous sins aren’t hideous.




Which is why real Catholics confess their mortal sins. Again & again as needed. Catholics do penance for their mortal sins, too, making satisfaction for their crimes against God. A real Catholic can be a terribly bad, sinful Catholic. Once more, I certainly am! All the same, real Catholics profess Catholicity whole & entire, perpetually accusing themselves of their sins, seeking to die a good death.


Which is why real Catholics, however sinful, try to be merciful & good.


If merciful to others, then God will be more merciful to us at our judgments. And, however pathetically at times, real Catholics keep trying to be better Catholics. As Jesus said, instructing our first pope, St. Peter, about forgiving, in response to Peter’s query regarding how many times he should forgive his fellow Catholic for sins against him, “Jesus saith [says] to him [Peter]: ‘I say not to thee [you], till seven times [up to the seventh sin, then altogether stop forgiving your fellow Catholic, which is what Peter suggested, thinking himself very magnanimous to go as far as seven times]; but till SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN TIMES.’” (Matthew 18:22 DRC)


Now, Jesus’ point was not to forgive your fellow Catholics up until the four hundred ninetieth time, then stop forgiving them altogether. No. This is a tiny little parable and hyperbole. That is to say, Jesus is telling us to not ever stop forgiving while you’re on this earth. No matter how many times fellow Catholics sin against you, keep on forgiving them every single time they ask, and always forgive injury regardless till you die!


This is what God does with Catholics on earth. For as long as we’re alive, for every single sin we commit, whilst accusing ourselves penitently and trying to make amends (satisfaction), showing that we’re sincere and resolved, again and again, not to sin another time, then, notwithstanding that we do sin again, God forgives repeatedly, provided we are penitent, and He patiently gives us time to be good till we die.


Most of the Pharisees were bad. They sinned, they weren’t sorry, and they had little or no mercy on other fellow Catholics of the Old Testament who had sinned. Many other Old Covenant Catholics were similarly blind. They either hated their Christ (like most of the Pharisees) or else liked Him only because He gave them free food and healed their sick, etc. These latter members were easily turned against Christ when it got crucial (pun intended). Against these bad & arrogant people, especially leaders, Jesus said:


“‘I know that you are the children of Abraham: but you seek to kill me, because my word [the Catholic Religion whole & entire] hath no place in you [you refuse to obey God and become Roman Catholic, precisely what I, your Messias, God in the Flesh, am teaching you]…’ They answered [the Pharisees that were bad], and said to him: ‘Abraham is our father [indeed, yes, we are descendants of Abraham, and that alone makes us ‘good’ and loved by God].’ Jesus saith [says] to them: If you be the children of Abraham, do the works of Abraham [be good like Abraham and please God by doing so]. But now you seek to kill me, a man who have [has] spoken the truth to you [Roman Catholicism, whole & entire], which I have heard of God [which I, Eternally-Begotten Son of the Triune God, have, in my Sacred Human Nature, gotten from this same One True God]. This Abraham did not [unlike you, Abraham actually listened to and obeyed God, including everything in God’s One True Religion]. You do the works of your father.’ They said therefore to him [this majority of Pharisees who were bad said to Jesus]:We are not born of fornication [we are neither literal earthly bastards nor adherents to false religion]: we have one Father, even God [we believe in, teach and belong to the Maker].’ Jesus therefore said to them: ‘If God were your Father, you would indeed love me… Why do you not know my speech? [Why can’t you comprehend My teaching, and why don’t you choose to believe in what I teach you?] BECAUSE YOU CANNOT HEAR MY WORD [because you hate the saving truth and obstinately refuse to believe in My Covenant of the New, foretold by Jeremias (Jeremiah) the Prophet during the Old Testament in Jeremias 31:31-32, which New Covenant of God is solely Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire].’” (John 8:37, 39-42c, 43 DRC)


And this is where Jesus gets really ‘offensive’, driving the truth home:


“YOU ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth [satan would not obey Our Maker and would not be Roman Catholic --- meaning the truth God made real from All of Eternity, which has been knowable as ‘Roman Catholic’ from the first century, with Christ & His Apostles and since St. Peter established his Throne in Rome of Italy --- such that, from that point onward very near the beginning, the devil repeatedly tells nothing but religious lies, defying God’s Roman Catholic Truth]; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh [speaks] a lie, he speaketh of his own: FOR HE IS A LIAR, AND THE FATHER THEREOF [when satan communicates, he always tells lies about the Roman Catholic Religion since the devil is the first heretic, schismatic & apostate, resolutely refusing to obey or profess or get out of the way of God’s Saving Truth of Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire].” (John 8:44 DRC)


+++ 32. The FOURTH Devastating Argument: +++

Jesus in His Human Nature Died on a Crossthe Very

Same Thing Has Happened to His Ecclesial Body (Part 5)


My goodness. Did you comprehend what you just read above, dear reader?


This is God Himself, Our Lord & Savior (if truly Catholic…), being ‘harsh’ in His Speech to others. He tells them the truth, they don’t want to believe it, they don’t like Him, and they’re determined to murder Him --- all the more so after this speech.


It wasn’t very flattering to them, was it?


Oh, I know, people who consider themselves ‘catholic’, but are on the ‘conservative’ side, love to quote St. Frances de Sales (who was famous for writing apologetic works and re-converting newly arisen Protestant heretics back to the One True Faith of Roman Catholicism), where he said something to the effect of, ‘It’s easier to catch flies with honey than it is with vinegar.’ In other words, try to be nice, soft spoken, and don’t lambaste with glee and fury and fiery rhetoric! All well & good. I agree.


But sometimes so-called ‘harshness’ is indeed called for.


Jesus told us not to worry what to say when hauled before mighty leaders or some powerful judge because of one’s Catholicity, assuring us the Holy Ghost would provide us with everything needed to be said at that moment. Have you read some of the words of these martyrs right before they’re tortured & murdered, my beloved soul? Sometimes things they said even in the midst of heinous torture, defying these pagans? They’re saints, undeniably. They died bravely for the One True Singularly Saving Faith. Everything they spoke was also undeniably guided by the Holy Ghost.


And sometimes they were exceedingly candid, to the point, and ‘harsh’.


The wicked, stubborn & increasingly fulminating judge or emperor or what-have-you, despite witnessing increasingly incredible miracles that the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church does on behalf of these intrepid martyrs, only infuriates them the more, causing them to get yet more cruel & more desperate in their attempts to break the martyr’s courage, instead of making them step back, take a deep breath and say:


“Hm. Maybe there’s something to this Catholicity. Maybe my pagan gods --- or my own fantastically incredible & godlike self --- aren’t so incredible or powerful. These martyrs and their Christ seem to be able to do things that are jawdropping and miraculous, regardless of all my efforts to stop them & break them. Maybe I should convert.”


Unfortunately, that prudent thought didn’t often occur to them.


They were luciferian, arrogant & doggedly evil.


The majority of Pharisees who were bad were the same. To wit, luciferian, arrogant & doggedly evil. Jesus Christ was not the Messias [Messiah] they expected & wanted (they were expecting a mere man, but great prophet, who would be born great & powerful --- like them --- and would restore the earthly glory & splendor of Solomon’s Kingdom at it’s height, they then sharing in the fame, luxury and power of this New Age). They adamantly hated Jesus & His Humility, His Poverty & His Catholic Teaching.


And so they murdered Him. On the Cross. Torturously. Mocking Him.


God from All of Eternity, in the Flesh, truly died and was buried.


Jesus’ disciples were crushed beyond belief, stunned & afraid. Everything they had yearned for, everything they had believed, everything they had followed Christ for, had now seemed to come collapsing to the ground, like the World Trade Center towers in New York City, into ruin, devastation & abject horror. What hope was left?


They thought He was the Christ. Now He was ‘defeated’, in the tomb & dead.


Did you know, precious soul, an ancient tradition foretells the same for His Church?


A learned Benedictine monk of recent times, who was a liturgical & historical expert, assures us of this fact. He, in turn, references a much earlier source for this fact. Who? The marvelous saint, bishop, doctor & early Church father, St. Augustine of Hippo, that’s who. He preserves this Sacred Tradition for us in one of his many, many, many writings. Augustine was once thought to be the greatest Doctor (Teacher) of the Church, until the amazing St. Thomas of Aquinas surpassed him in most Catholics’ minds by the 1500s. Some of us (myself included), still think he’s the greatest, with St. Thomas second. Absolutely no disrespect meant toward the Angelic Doctor (Thomas); merely an estimation, permitted by the Church since She’s never infallibly ruled on this.


And really, do Catholics want to quibble over who is the greatest?


Both are marvelous and Church Doctors. Isn’t that enough?


But what did Augustine preserve for us in the AD 400s?


Why, we have at last come to EXHIBIT NO. 11.


Let us now read our highly educated Benedictine monk’s historical account:


“From the day of Pentecost, when her birth took place [i.e., the birth of the Catholic Church], the Church down the ages, has reproduced [read: recapitulated, imitated, or followed the pattern] the whole life of Christ whose mystical Body she is [viz., the Body Ecclesial --- the Roman Catholic Church --- is the ‘mystical’ Body of Christ, inasmuch as it is the Holy Ghost Who is the ‘animating soul’ of this Catholic Church & Christ’s Body, the collective human members of Jesus’ Ecclesiality, who have received the Sacrament of Baptism, and --- if of sound mind --- have been catechized & taught, professing, freely of their own will, the Roman Catholic Dogmas, whole & entire, that Christ & His Apostles have given us from the beginning of the New Testament era in the first century AD]. Our Lord, in His earliest infancy, was the object of persecution and had to flee into Egypt during the massacre of the Holy Innocents [the babies under two years of age around Bethlehem and in the area of the tribe of Benjamin who died at the hands of King Herod’s soldiers, who feared Jesus lest He, Jesus, the King of the Jews, supplant Herodian dynastic ambitions, ruining Herod’s plans to rule Judea indefinitely via his descendants], and in the same way the Church, in the first years of her life underwent the most violent persecutions, being often obliged [forced] to hide in the catacombs [caves hewed out of limestone underlying Rome] or in the desert [in the wilderness outside inhabited areas]. Again, as a growing boy, Jesus lived in retirement at Nazareth [meaning, out of the public eye with a quiet life… not that he didn’t work or lead a regular human existence, at least in part, for an adolescent Jew of that time] where he passed the greater part of His life, in recollection and prayer. Similarly the Church from the time of [Emperor] Constantine [who ruled the Roman Empire in the first half of the fourth century AD], enjoyed an era of peace. On all sides rose cathedrals and abbeys, resounding with the praises of God. Bishops, abbots, priests and religious [monks or nuns] checked the assault of heresy by diligent study and untiring zeal [in other words, life will always have it’s challenges & conflicts, but growing human beings with time to learn & think can intelligently face these things and overcome them]. Once more, Christ the Divine Missionary, sent by the Father to the far off regions of this earth, began His public ministry [service of teaching Roman Catholicism] when He was thirty years old. The Church from the sixteenth century has had TO RESIST THE ATTACK OF THE NEO-PAGANISM, by spreading the Gospel [read: Roman Catholicism whole & entire] in the newly discovered parts of the globe, while she gives birth unceasingly, to new forces and boundless legions of apostles and missionaries, who proclaim the good news [what the word ‘gospel’ means, namely, ‘good news’] throughout the whole world. Finally, as our Lord finished His life by the sacrifice of Calvary [the small hill where Jesus died, crucified, just outside the walls of ancient Jerusalem], soon to be followed by the triumph of His resurrection, so [likewise in the same way] the Church at the end of time, WILL SEEM TO BE CONQUERED LIKE HER DIVINE HEAD [read: Jesus Christ the God-Man, founder of His Roman Catholic Body] upon the cross, while yet it is she [the Roman Catholic Church] to whom the victory will belong. ‘The Body of Christ which is the Church,’ says St. Augustine, ‘like the human body, was at first young, BUT AT THE END OF THE WORLD WILL HAVE AN APPEARANCE OF DECLINE.’” (The Saint Andrew Daily Missal: With Vespers for Sundays and Feasts and Kyriale by Dom Gaspar Lefebvre, O.S.B. of the Abbey of St. André. This edition originally published in 1945 in classic Latin-English format by The E.H. Lohmann Co. in St. Paul, MN. Later re-published in similar format in 1999 by St. Bonaventure Publications in Great Falls, MT. Original publication carries the ‘imprimi potest’ of Joannes Delacroix, O.S.B., Prior, as of 18 October 1945, with official ‘imprimatur’ of Joseph van der Meersch, Vicar General, on 22 October 1945, who, it is obvious, were in western Europe since this is where these Benedictines worked. Quote from Page 740 of the St. Bonaventure printing, with quote from Augustine of Hippo therein from ‘Explanations of Psalm XXVI’. All emphasis & annotations added.)


Do you grasp what you have just read, my dear & beloved reader?


Do you see clearly & honestly, with mental eyes wide open?


If truly Roman Catholic, then we know, with Divine & Ecclesial Certainty, how Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth --- Eternally Begotten Son of the Father, and therefore wholly God from All of Eternity, as well as wholly Man from the moment of His Conception in His Mother’s Immaculate Womb --- permitted Himself, in the Sacred Flesh gained from this same Mother, the Ever-Virgin Immaculate Mary, to be arrested, put on trial like a ‘criminal’, condemned, beaten, flogged, mocked, forced to carry the means of His Own Death (the Holy Cross), crucified, laid bloody & supine, yet bent, in the arms of His Mother, and, finally, entombed, lifeless, in the Holy Sepulchre for three days (i.e., across three days, amounting to forty hours total per the saints). Inanimate. Emptied. No sign of life. And no one revives of his own will & power, does he?


Death is the End.


We can argue about ‘when’ death of the body actually & finally occurs. Stopping of the heart? (This used to be the common understanding, till contemporary medical knowledge, techniques, drugs & technology have made it seem a little naïve…) Cessation of brain activity? (This is more commonly thought nowadays, but still challenged, doubted or questioned.) Cellular decay beyond normal possibility of resumption of functioning? (Inarguable, one would think, at this point. Then again, there’s the example of St. Lazarus’ revival in the Gospels. But he didn’t do it on his own, did he…?)


The point is, everyone except Mary thought this was the end of Jesus.


All hope was gone in the hearts of His many disciples.


Nobody belonging to Him thought it possible.


And yet it happened; God really permitted it.




When someone dies, what occurs? The heart stops and the brain no longer operates. Cellular corruption can be debated, but --- as real Roman Catholics --- we know Jesus’ Body did not decay. He was incorruptible in the Tomb. Yet His Heart & His Brain ceased to function, didn’t they? Heart did not pump, brain did not lead.


Now you put it together, beloved reader. We have an ancient tradition.


It is little known today, but vouched for since ancient times till this very hour.


The Roman Catholic Church, which is the Singular Body of Jesus Christ, follows in outline the Life of Her Divine Founder, the God-Man. Just as He was young and fled for sanctuary in Egypt, persecuted, so, too, His Church was young and Her members often fled for their lives, persecuted. Just as He grew into Manhood, stronger and of more ability, so, too, His Church, after most persecution ended, grew into Womanhood, stretching Her Wings and spreading everywhere, overcoming all difficulties with Her increasing maturity. Just as He taught Roman Catholicism alone, throughout the cities and villages of all Palestine during His Ministry, so, too, has His Church taught Roman Catholicism alone, throughout the cities and villages of all the world, everywhere, during Her Global Ministry. And, just as He suffered His Passion & His Crucifixion, laid dead in the Tomb for a time, so, too, has His Church suffered Her Passion & Her Crucifixion, laid dead in the Tomb for a time, with the apostasy of almost all Catholics globally.


Inconceivable? No more than was God becoming a Man, and put to death.


This is the Great Apostasy, people. It is here, now. It is no ‘myth’.


Modernists have tortured & crucified Roman Catholicism.


God’s Singular Church is now in Her Tomb, inanimate.


This means, in plain language, hardly anyone is left anywhere in the world who is actually Roman Catholic (His Body is inanimate and hidden in the Tomb). And Her Hierarchy, the priests, bishops & pope of God’s Singular Church, have, all of them, just like the Apostles of old at Jesus’ Arrest, fled… and many of them, like Judas Iscariot, have proved traitorous, selling out the True Religion for thirty pieces of silver.


How quickly that silver has tarnished.


Without a functioning Hierarchy, however, for the time being --- not even a real pope, for how can the whole Body be dead with a functioning Brain still alive? --- what do we get?


Right. No pumping of the Heart & Its Blood (most of the Sacraments taken away for awhile…) and no leading of the Brain & Its Thoughts (all the clergy have abandoned their posts, no longer teaching & upholding the dogmas & commandments of the Roman Catholic Church Whole & Entire…) We are bereft & forlorn. We are clinging by a thread, the Sword of Damocles hanging over the world’s collective head.


It is HOLY SATURDAY, my precious souls. The earth is frozen.


It is very dark, we are cold & stumbling, and we await:


The Dawn of Easter… just around the corner.


+++ 33. The FIFTH Devastating Argument: +++

Heaven Warned Us in the 1800s of an Empty Papal

Throne & Horrible Confusion re the True Faith (Part 1)


Thirty-three is a curious number.


A few people know it’s important to high-ranking Freemasons.


Perhaps a very few people understand the mathematical, geometrical & symbolic significance of this fascinating number. (If inquisitive, the reader can study Helplessly Ignorant. Specifically, Part Six as thus far posted; Chapter 141 in particular. I’ve not yet made a grand explanation of the implications of 33. Nonetheless, this will give you a few insights & clues.) There is, though, one obvious religious aspect for Roman Catholics.


And that is? It’s the age to which Jesus had attained when He died & resurrected.


Both Sacred Scripture --- if you reason through the evidence from the Gospels --- and Sacred Tradition assure us of this fact. Indeed, if you get really exact in your calculations, He lived bodily upon the earth outside His Mother’s Womb for 33 years, 3 months & 42 days (40 days, if one subtracts the two almost full days He was dead in the Tomb… which, by the way, is why I separate the 42 days, since Our Lord died exactly at the moment of 33 years & 3 months… notice the 333?). And, of course, He was in the Sepulchre for over how many days? Right, 3. Symbolism through & through, but, unfortunately, no time for commentary on these holy things right now.


3, 33, 333 & 3333, etc., have other peculiarities as well, too many to mention.


For instance, a typical human spine has 33 vertebrae altogether (this includes each individual coccyx bone). Or, in the math of triangles, trigonometry, the sine of the fascinating angle, 19.47122 degrees (the precise decimal can go on indefinitely…), is, exactly, 0.333333333333333333333333333333333, ad infinitum (somewhat similarly, the decimal threes go on for infinity). The endless threes is interesting --- decimally, spot on for the fraction, --- however, the bewildered (and curious enough) reader may ask, “What’s the significance of the angle, 19.47122 degrees?” Oh, nothing much. Just the precise spherical coordinates of a circumscribed tetrahedron. And… a tetrahedron? Equilateral triangles arranged as a pyramid, except with no square base in classic Egyptian style (the foundation is an equilateral triangle just like its visible faces), meaning, four sides total instead of five. 4 triangles, 4 threes: 3333, as it were.


When it comes to 33 lots of threes, eh?


The point?


Why did God make our world so that a three saturated tetrahedron… simplest of the three-dimensional Platonic solids, known to ancient Greeks… with one of its four vertices anchored at the pole of a sphere (ball or globe), would then, with the lower three of four vertices, touch below the equator at 19.47122 degrees, a triangular (three!) angle?


And how is it the sine of this angle is 0.3333333, etc., i.e., (one third)?


We could go on but, again --- there’s way too much to explain.


It all seems to revolve around three & thirds, though.


In the Base Ten System (counting by tens), that is.


But we’ll note a couple of other religious aspects:


St. David, the Messianic King, Prophet & Ancestor of the Old Testament in Sacred Scripture, very specifically chose and conquered the Jebusite mountain city, Salem, just over seven years into his forty year reign. He then made it his capitol and ruled there for (you guessed it) 33 years. His son and successor king, Solomon, built the Temple of the Old Covenant in this same place, what became known as Jerusalem. (Which Temple is, intriguingly, a foundational motif in the instruction of the 33-loving Freemasons.) And, as any real & properly formed Roman Catholic can tell you, the City of Jerusalem in Palestine is where God’s Christ was crucified… and all at the age of 33 years.


It’s surprising, too, how several saints of the Catholic Church have died at this age of 33 apparently more than what sheer statistics & probability would predict, though I can’t claim to have yet studied the matter rigorously enough to know for sure. E.g., the stupendous young woman, Catherine of Siena, who suffered untold pain & misery in this life, both physical and --- despite ‘extraordinary personal charm’, per contemporaries in her circle of disciples --- spiritual, she suffering continual persecution from her fellow Catholics and even at the hands of her fellow Dominicans, she being one of their tertiaries. Amongst many marvels, she received the stigmata (wounds identical to Christ’s, although, in St. Catherine’s case, at her humble plea, God rendered them invisible so that she might not be honored yet more highly or lose the humiliation of her persecutors) and entered into correspondence with countless leaders in Italy, whether of civil or ecclesial rank, they, in turn, beseeching her advice & prayers. She practically single-handedly convinced the seventh Avignon pope to return his residence to Rome, where St. Peter’s Successors belong, in 1377. Then, like Christ during His three year public ministry, she witnessed the Great Schism of the West break out hardly a year afterward, on the heels of her great triumph, she doggedly defending he who was the legitimate pope, and, with God’s consent, like a cross, permitted to bear the weight, spiritually speaking, of the Papacy upon her shoulders, and, after a mysterious & unspeakable physical agony of 3 months (she exulting in the pain!), died…


Whilst two parts of her body, at least, remained incorruptible.


Yet there is one more religious aspect of 33 we’ll mention.


On 16 June 1846, the College of Cardinals elected Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti as the next pope, upon the death of Gregory XVI on 1 June 1846, barely over two weeks earlier. Cd. Mastai-Ferretti then took the name of Pope Pius IX after accepting. Elevated by a group of cardinals eager to show friendliness toward the political reforms sweeping through Europe, Pius IX was at first thought of as a ‘liberal’ pope. In the Papal Estates of mid-Italy, Pius IX freed men in prison arrested for political agitation or violence, put in place several reforms that allowed for greater involvement of non-clerical citizens in governing --- especially inasmuch as the Vatican Curia had a great deal of civil power increasingly resented by increasingly modernized Italian thinkers (remember, the pope was a civil authority in the Papal Estates, too, not just the Bishop of Rome) --- and, in a nod toward the advance of ‘science’ or ‘technology’ everywhere in that part of the world in the 19th century, Pius IX even made a point of, for instance, building the first railroad and operating trains in that part of Italy. So why is he considered so ‘conservative’?


Part of it is the aforementioned modernizing of our part of the world.


Today, what was thought to be ‘progressive’ or ‘forward thinking’ back then, is nigh well quaint or backward by our contemporary standards. This is the curse of ‘progress’. No matter how much we move ‘forward’, hindsight always makes you look ‘stupid’.


And part of it is our increasing wickedness and anti-Catholicity.


Consequently, regardless of how ‘loose’ and ‘easy’ Pius IX may have appeared to his contemporaries, in contrast to his more ‘strict’ or ‘reactionary’ forebears, he can’t help but look so very, very, very ‘traditional’ or ‘hideous’ to people nowadays.


But part of it is Pope Pius IX’s unfortunate experience.


You see, not even two years after he was elected… and in the immediate wake of his freeing of those political prisoners… the revolutionaries struck all over western Europe in the first half of 1848, attempting to topple ancient governments. In fact, people then often referred to 1848 as the ‘Year of Revolution’ because of the profound impact on their lives, and the fear it instilled in leaders as the spectre of France’s 1789 Revolution threatened to flood Europe with bold rebels, modern ideas & bloody carnage.


This included the Papal Estates. Pius IX barely escaped with his life.


Upon his return less than a year later, he was a chastened man. The enemies of God’s Catholic Church were not ‘reasonable’ persons satisfied with compromises or charitable peace offerings here-and-there. They were revolutionaries and it was all-or-nothing. Any claim of theirs otherwise was mostly pretence, to gain what they could at the moment. Modernist revolutionaries are simply not shackled by old-fashioned morality. It’s elementary --- the end justifies the means. All’s fair in love and war…


Or cruel, violent & bloody modern revolutions driven by fanatical men.


Pope Pius IX kept hold of the millennial old Papal Estates for another couple of decades. Eventually, however, an offspring of Italian Freemasons (the ‘Carbonari’), morphing into yet another militant group of the time & locale, unified the peninsula of Italy and overran the Papal Estates. Pius IX protested vainly; they would not listen. He & his successors until 1929 became ‘prisoners’ of the Vatican. (You’ll soon learn why when you read Salette’s Message, Our Lady instructing Pius not to leave Rome again after 1859 --- you’ll recollect that he fled when the revolutionaries invaded Rome in 1848 --- the reason, then, that he stayed put in spite of them taking over Rome in 1870.)


Pius IX died on 7 February 1878. He is the second longest ruling pope in history. (St. Peter holds first place, having reigned as the Vicar of Christ for, per my calculations, 33 years. That number again, eh?) Pius reigned for just shy of 32 years total. Indeed, if one counts inclusively instead of exclusively (that is to say, instead of counting up all full years total, you count all years covered, even if the first & last years are partial), beginning with the first year of Pius’ papacy, 1846, and ending with 1878 when he shuffled off this mortal coil, you get the number of 33 years, regardless. Because 1846 to 1878 is obviously 32 (to wit, 1878 minus 1846 equals 32), but, then, including both first & last years as if they were full years (despite them being only partial during Pius’ rule), you get 33 (to wit, counting 1846 as the first year, then adding each year successively all the way through to 1878, including that last year additionally in the count as well, the summation is 33). This, e.g., is how we reckon Christ as dead in the Tomb for 3 days. Actually, by our way of thinking, it was the last part of Friday, all of Saturday, and Sunday’s first part --- 3 days inclusively, not exclusively. Yet back to Pius.


A mere 3 months & 3 days after Pius IX’s election (yes… that number again!), on a fateful 19 September 1846, Heaven sent the Mother of God --- the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary --- to two young Catholic children on a high & lonely, yet beautiful, mountain. As Catholics, we can know this with moral certainty because, before Pope Pius IX ended his illustrious yet troubled reign, Pius and his Vatican Curia officially ruled, with supreme authority, that this Apparition of Our Lady was truly worthy of belief, and that no authority anywhere else in the Church, under the Papacy, could rule otherwise.


This Heavenly Apparition is known as Our Lady of La Salette, and it has proven to be a most upsetting, controversial, highly attacked & savaged Apparition of God’s Mother, with only Our Lady of Fatima in the 20th century to rival it. Why? First of all, the children, whilst apparently honest about the event from the very start… and not wavering in their testimony over the years & decades… were not very impressive Catholics. And not just because they were dirt poor and uneducated. Catholics in that part of southern France were very, very, very bad Catholics, and one of the complaints & warnings of Heaven’s Queen was that they were constantly breaking the 2nd & 3rd Commandments, blaspheming continually and not attending Mass (or, if occasionally going on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation, going only for entertainment, out of boredom, to ridicule and mock). Ergo, said She, great punishment was about to come upon that area, famine & disease, with even small children dying pitifully. This prophecy was borne out. Fortunately, La Salette’s seers lived, but were initially ill-taught & impious.


Why, asked many, would God choose these two unpleasant youngsters?


Why would Mary make them Her messengers, warning the Church?


France was also rabidly anti-Catholic. The Revolution had transpired in 1789, remember? It ended an ancient Catholic Monarchy. A series of anti-Catholic tumults followed for the next century and a half until, since World War II, France has basically been stable and grown rich under Modernist leaders. True, the ruler right then, in 1846, Louis Philippe, was ostensibly Catholic and ‘friendly’ toward the Church, but he was untrustworthy and Freemasonic men had a strong hand in the government. They very definitely did not like French people believing in miracles or turning to God. They wanted Catholicity dead & buried. They thus strove to suppress this Apparition.


Finally, Our Lady imparted to the two youngsters ‘secrets’, one for the boy, Maximin, and a much longer one for the girl, Melanie. These secrets (read: something to be kept private, reserved only for the proper time or proper people) were written down a few years later and sent to the pope, Pius IX. A very devout & intelligent English bishop investigated them and the Apparition very carefully even while it was being officially approved by the Vatican. The book he wrote is available till this day and confirms much of what later came out in public. Pius himself never chose to release the secrets during his reign, but, it seems, never forbade either Melanie or Maximin to release them at some point in the future before they died. We can safely assume that, if Queen Mary would make them Her messengers, She would also safeguard that the secrets would not be released publicly until the right time, and that, in any case, such a stunning event --- accompanied by celestial messages --- would never be forgotten by the seers and was never a ‘fluke’ or ‘casual visit’, with no greater religious goal. It is as well indisputable, based on the aforementioned cleric’s meticulous research (Archbishop Ullathorne) just a few years after the event, that these children persistently upheld their accounts without change, always cautiously and accurately relating what they saw & heard… and in spite of them being, in other ways at the time, children neither very agreeable to more cultured persons or particularly pious prior to the Apparition, nor particularly saintly or reverent when not speaking about the Apparition. Later, it is testified fact that Maximin became a decent Catholic and remained a good Catholic the rest of his life. His fellow messenger, Melanie, became a nun, and, although much attacked in many ways, there were many Catholics who knew her and thought her remarkably holy. Meanwhile, it’s intriguing, that, the year after Pius IX passed from this life, with a bishop’s approval, Melanie published her secret for the whole Roman Catholic Church to peruse.


In 1879, which is 33 years from the date of the Apparition.


Is there something special about this number?


+++ 34. The FIFTH Devastating Argument: +++

Heaven Warned Us in the 1800s of an Empty Papal

Throne & Horrible Confusion re the True Faith (Part 2)


Indeed there is.


France, when Roman Catholic, was known as the ‘heart’ of the Church. Part of this symbolism comes from the French people’s very ancient adherence to the True Religion, a transformation made pretty much complete with the miraculous conversion of Clovis I near the middle of the first millennium, who was their unifying king after dissolution of the Roman Empire in the West, the prayers & exhortations of his wonderful Catholic wife, St. Clotilde, achieving this unlikely & unexpected turn of events. France then became a staunch defender of Catholicism and the Papacy, not to mention a huge proponent of Catholic missions & crusades. Naturally, they were not perfect. Bad French kings sometimes caused problems or interfered with the Church’s privileges or teachings. Notwithstanding, French loyalty to the One True Religion was, overall, outstanding. A celestial phial delivered into the hands of St. Remigius (Remy) became the ancient & traditional means of anointing all future Catholic French kings (the Revolutionaries of 1789 purposely destroyed this holy relic, though a good Catholic preserved much of its heavenly oil). To top it off, it is in France… even as their loyalty to Catholicism waned… that God established devotion to Christ’s Sacred Heart, through St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in the 1600s, and from France this holy devotion spread all over the earth.


This beating heart of French Catholicity was fatally stabbed with the Revolution of 1789. The Crucifixion of the Catholic Church began in earnest, so to speak, with the despotic & cruel Revolutionaries, nailing Christ’s Ecclesial Body to a Global Cross at the hands of Modernist Zealots. Margaret Mary, the saint mentioned above, obeyed Jesus’ order, telling the King of France, in 1689, Christ wanted him to officially order France consecrated to His Heart. The king demurred. 100 years later, his throne fell.


Chance? I think not. The devil wanted Christ’s Catholic Body dead.


What better place to begin than with Her Ecclesial Heart?


And, oh, it may just be one of those weird coincidences. But do you know what the international direct-dial phone call code is for the nation of France in modern times? Yes. It is… +33. Strange? Certainly. Sheer chance? Maybe. Yet the symbolism is exquisite. I mean, Jesus died at the age of 33. His Ecclesial Heart, the Catholic Realm of France, dies, as it were, crucified at the hands of Modernist Revolutionaries after the Judas Iscariot of French monarchs refuses to heed Our Lord’s command, via a saint (whose moniker is often said to be the ‘Apostle of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus’), and then, exactly 100 years later, his throne falls and dynasty ends, the primary royal family of France mostly --- if not totally --- murdered by the Revolutionaries. Too, recollect what the Revolutionaries did to the Heaven-sent phial of oil, used since Remigius’ life in the middle of the first millennium to anoint new French kings? Correct… they smashed it to bits, only some of the celestial chrism saved.


Getting the symbolism? Understand why Mary appeared at La Salette?


The Crucifixion of Her Son’s Ecclesial Body began with France.


Worse was to come as She appeared 57 years after 1789. The two seers, Her young messengers --- Maximin & Melanie --- reported that She was dressed like a priestess (which ought not to shock the intelligent Catholic… recall how Christ said that there is neither male nor female in Heaven, meaning that the Queen of Heaven can now function as a priestess without violating Her Son’s Law) and sat upon a large stone, Her Face in Her Hands, weeping. She was disconsolate, saying Her Son’s Arm of Judgment was heavy upon Her Self, struggling to keep Him from punishing severely as Catholics, including the entire world (which was still obstinately not Catholic!), committed transgressions of such horror that He could no longer refrain from striking.


She begged them, and all Catholics, to do strenuous penance.


And she gave them ‘secrets’, to keep till time to reveal. When She told Maximin his secret, Melanie reported that she could see Our Lady’s Mouth move, whilst hearing no words. Likewise, when She told Melanie her secret, Maximin asserted that he could see Her Lips move, while hearing no words spoken. The ‘secrets’ were truly secret, inasmuch as the children themselves, in being given the secrets, knew not the other’s message. Yet were such ‘secrets’ meant to be secret forever? If so, then why tell them to begin with? Granted, Church leaders eventually convinced the children that they should impart messages of such  importance to Christ’s Vicar, the Bishop of Rome.


As a result, they privately wrote them down in March of 1851. Per the careful investigation of their contemporary, Archbishop Ullathorne, we know for a morally certain fact that Melanie’s secret involved infallibility and the antichrist’. We also know, through logical implication, that a particular cautious remark of the young Melanie, upon completing her task, reveals that her secret involves the Papacy.


And here we come to a rather ‘controversial’ side of the secrets.


For while Melanie published her secret in November of 1879, twenty-one months following Pope Pius IX’s death, with the approval & imprimatur of the Right Reverend Msr. Salvatore Luigi Zola, bishop of the Diocese of Lecce, near Naples in Italy, the secret revealed was amazingly attacked, insulted & reviled. Now, my dear soul, when this kind of reaction occurs, it generally means one of two things. Either, one, the thing reviled is truly evil, worthy of attack. Or else, two, the thing reviled is truly good, hated by satan and his human minions, who are non-Catholics or bad Catholics. I have found nothing about Melanie that is worthy of reviling; and Our Lady of La Salette has the highest approval of the Church. Therefore, it seems clear to me this hatred is satanic.


Critics claimed (out of thin air) that Melanie could not accurately recall what the Heavenly Lady imparted to her, over three decades later. This is ludicrous. Anyone old enough to think back 30 or 40 or 50 years knows very well that certain events are literally unforgettable --- that you will never lose an accurate memory of them unless dementia strikes. I know of no evidence that Melanie had dementia in 1879, and I have worked with elderly people for decades of my life. I can assure you… even when afflicted by dementia, indelible memories are still indelible. It takes a lot of dementia to erase indelible events or words. Plainly, Melanie’s heavenly message is accurate.


Critics also claimed (out of thin air) that Melanie had been too influenced with ‘apocalyptic’ literature. I turn the sword back upon them. I claim (maybe out of thin air, or maybe not…) that they were too influenced with ‘anti-apocalyptic’ literature. The point? Anybody can lob accusations at anybody else without actual substantiation. Accusations of this sort are meaningless without hard facts & solid logic. Whether Melanie had read ‘apocalyptic’ literature or not since the Apparition, her account of Mary’s message to her stands on its own. Either the Apparition is real, or it is not. The Church has ruled with highest authority that Our Lady of La Salette is worthy of belief --- and that nobody in or out of the Church can tell us otherwise. Furthermore, Archbishop Ullathorne’s assiduous study of the Apparition and its seers at the time of the event (to wit, in the first few years following its occurrence) proves beyond a doubt how the messengers (Maximin & Melanie) were absolutely unwavering in their gravity & carefulness when it came to reporting the event with astonishing precision.




But, then, the critics have claimed (later on) that the Vatican in the early 1900s ‘suppressed’ Melanie’s publication of her secret, putting it upon the Index of Forbidden Books. If Novus Ordoist, while of a ‘conservative nature’, this is a bizarre point. After all, did not the Vatican around the time of Vatican II in the 1960s abolish the Index? What, then, is there to worry about if you believe they had the right to abolish it, the publication of Melanie’s secret thereby released from any sanction? Although it’s not as if most Novus Ordoists would even care if a book or other work of art or communication was ‘forbidden’ by the Novus Ordo Vatican. What do they care? Nobody can tell them one way or another. On the other hand, if not Novus Ordoist and truly Catholic (or, at least, a TNO --- that is, Traditional Novus Ordoist who doesn’t like Vatican II or the silliness going on in the wake of its evil & confusion), then this fact can trouble the conscience. Allow me, therefore, to put your conscience at ease. Consider:


No law or ruling can apply to absolutely every single situation. Consequently, a wise Catholic must know the purpose of the legislator (the one with authority & jurisdiction to make laws or rules for certain Catholics in the Church) in order to be able to determine factually if a particular situation is covered by that law or ruling… or not. For instance, perhaps the legislator is wicked or careless. Should a bad law or bad rule by this evil person be followed, citing ‘obedience’ as your justification to do so? Obviously not. Notwithstanding, despite a law or rule that is good, that law or rule ceases to be justifiable when the outcome is bad and goes against the legislator’s intent.


This theological or canonic principle is called ‘epikeia’ (i.e., ‘equity’).


St. Thomas Aquinas teaches it in the Summa Theologica.


It is no ‘slippery slope’ or ‘lame excuse’.


The upshot?


Maybe the Vatican had good reason to suppress Melanie’s published secret in 1915. Maybe it was giving bad Catholics an ‘excuse’ to be rebellious & bad, and good clerics in the Vatican wanted that ‘excuse’ to be taken away. Or maybe bad clerics in the Vatican hated this secret with a passion, knowing that knowledge of it thwarted their efforts. I really don’t claim to know. I do know one thing, though. And that would be?


That anti-Catholic ‘popes’ now hold sway, and a falsecatholicism’ exists.


These two things --- antipopes and a false church --- are part of the Great Apostasy. Deceiving the entire world, they bring souls into damnation, keep most humans souls on the path to damnation, and seek to annihilate whatever Catholicity remains upon the earth, no matter how small and tiny and powerless and insignificant it is.


Modernists will not be satisfied apart from uttermost victory.


Ergo, even if a legitimate & virtuous ruling at the time in 1915, this ruling cannot be binding upon Catholics today, howsoever few we are. The paucity of Catholics today are in no danger of being ‘rebellious’ or ‘bad’ toward valid & legitimate clergy. Roman Catholic shepherds have abandoned us, leaving us prey to spiritual wolves. It is, therefore, against the Truth to insist that this prohibition applies today.


The purpose of the TRUE Church is to SAVE immortal souls.


That salvation is impossible when following false ‘clergy’ who are not actually Roman Catholic. The situation today is dire, the Great Apostasy nearly cresting, and real Roman Catholics need guidance in dealing with this crisis. It is thus justifiable to look at the secret of Melanie, published with a bishop’s imprimatur, to see if what the Celestial Queen told her is something valuable to us today, helping us to save our souls.


And guess what? It is valuable. At least half of it has already come true.


That is not chance, and an honest person must admit a sad fact:


Melanie was right. We are now in the Great Apostasy.


My beloved soul, if you are both able and willing to admit this reality --- or, at a bare minimum, to seriously entertain the possibility --- then what we are about to examine is not merely a ‘curiosity’… it was one of Heaven’s final ways of warning any Catholic good enough, or afraid enough, to care. And while the Apparition seems long ago, presently speaking, Queen Mary’s message is still relevant. At the very least, investigating it, as a real & devout Roman Catholic, is deeply reassuring:


That Jesus Christ is in control and His Mother watching over us.


The Great Apostasy is hideous. The evil we face is enormous. Nevertheless, Our Almighty Creator is not ‘blindsided’ or ‘impotent’. He foreknew from All of Eternity how our rebellion would unfold, and He determined from All of Eternity to permit our horrendous blasphemy --- even more horrendous than humanity’s wickedness right before the Great Flood --- in order to demonstrate His Justice & Mercy.


Justice, inasmuch as He punishes the wicked tremendously.


And Mercy, inasmuch as He saves any who are humble.


It is to the humble that Her message was directed.


Consequently, we will quote parts of Melanie’s lengthy secret that the beautiful but lachrymose Lady of La Salette imparted to her and thus arrive at EXHIBIT NO. 12:


“…Melanie, what I am about to tell you now will not always be a secret. You may make it public in 1858. [This statement from Melanie, who in turn quoted the Blessed Virgin Mary Herself, plainly reveals to us how Melanie was in no way at all prevented by Heaven from revealing her secret publicly --- apart from a possible request or command of the pope, Pius IX, that she not reveal her secret while he was alive. Whilst tangential, we may infer from the timing of her publication of the secret the year after Pius’ death that she was probably deferring to Pius IX, perhaps tacitly if not a wish that he stated openly to her in some communication.] The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their wicked lives, by their irreverence and their impiety in the celebration of the holy mysteries, by their love of money, their love of honors and pleasures, the priests have become cesspools of impurity. Yes, the priests are asking vengeance, and vengeance is HANGING OVER THEIR HEADS The sins of those dedicated to God [to wit, the Roman Catholic clergy, the Hierarchy] cry out towards Heaven and call for vengeance, AND NOW VENGEANCE IS AT THEIR DOOR, for there is no one left to beg mercy and forgiveness for the people. [If the men in the Vatican --- clergy --- were all basically good who issued the order to suppress Melanie’s published secret, then this right here seems surely to be the reason they did so, since such blunt & unflattering language conceivably, though unintentionally, of course, could lead bad laity to be rebellious & disrespectful toward their Roman Catholic leaders. Notwithstanding, if these men in the Vatican were themselves the wicked clergy warned about in Melanie’s secret, then is it a surprise or shocking that they would want this warning suppressed? It may have made their evil goal harder to reach as the contents of her secret reached more and more Catholic persons, at least a few of them willing to do something about it!]… God will strike in an unprecedented way. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! [As we have shown already in the previous chapters of this book, Inter Regnum, it is not fully unprecedented that St. Peter’s Throne sit empty for a very long time, with large gaps between legitimate popes, or that there be extraordinary & widespread confusion over who is truly the pope. Rather, it is the concurrence of precedented, baleful events that is ‘unprecedented’ in today’s era, such terrible things coming together at length all at once. Moreover, it is unprecedented, literally, during the Roman Catholic Church of New Testament times, that Global Apostasy should occur throughout the earth, the Hierarchy Itself eventually failing, altogether, to oppose the central heresy of our time, which is salvation-through-ignorance-and-sincerity’. Again, please see Helplessly Ignorant if you are unaware of or skeptical & obstinate about the true, original, ancient & narrow meaning of the Roman Catholic Church’s Infallible Salvation Dogma. Ergo, whilst God punishing humanity without precedence could mean several other things as well, it is the Amos Curse initially that is meant. Viz., that He removes graces, leaving almost everyone --- including men in the Ecclesial Hierarchy --- blind to the One & Only Saving Religion of Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire. Please see Amos 8:11-14 for prophetic proof of God threatening His Adherents with the curse of losing knowledge of His One True Religion and embracing various damnable heresies instead.]… The chiefs, the leaders of the people of God [read: Roman Catholic Hierarchy] have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has bedimmed their intelligence. They have become wandering stars which the old devil will drag along with his tail to make them perish. [Mind you, “…bedimmed their intelligence…” does not necessarily mean that clergy recently have had ‘low IQs’ or ‘cognitive disabilities’. It simply means they’re oddly blind, prejudiced & unwilling or unable to think clearly about certain dogmas, or heresies afflicting our era. Proof of this is stark --- look at their bizarre defense of the salvation heresy or an equally strange tendency to twist understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism. Please realize my reference for Melanie’s message accidentally misspells “wandering” as “wondering”, “wandering stars” referring to Sacred Scripture in Jude 1:13, where Christ’s Apostle chides heretical or schismatic Catholic clergy quite scathingly.]… May the curate of my Son, Pope Pius IX never leave Rome again after 1859; may he, however, be steadfast and noble, may he fight with the weapons of faith and love… Italy will be punished for her ambition in wanting to shake off the yoke of the Lord of Lords… Several [that is, priests & religious orders mentioned in the sentence previous] will ABANDON THE FAITH [read: Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Entire], and A GREAT NUMBER OF PRIESTS AND MEMBERS OF RELIGIOUS ORDERS WILL BREAK AWAY FROM THE TRUE RELIGION; AMONG THESE PEOPLE THERE WILL EVEN BE BISHOPS. [No truly Catholic person, with intelligence & awareness, can deny the truth of this --- at the time (1879) --- outrageous prediction. Priests, monks & nuns left their orders and broke their sacred vows in droves in the flotsam-&-jetsam-riddled wake of Vatican II during the 1960s, ’70s & ’80s; blatantly heretical & anti-Catholic theologians or colleges tolerated with unbelievable lack of concern or action during the same period and beyond till this very day; and men who are supposed to be ‘catholic’ bishops have indeed said & done the most appalling things toward Catholic teaching, something so brazen lately, under Antipope Francis, that even persons who are not truly Catholic, but are conservative enough that they retain lots of Catholicity (that is to say, they have many ‘elements’ of Catholicism and best called ‘CNOs’ (Conservative Novus Ordoists), are so incensed that they are beginning to speak out harshly against Francis & his cohorts, angry that these men would dare to let impenitent adulterers, homosexuals and others receive their Novus Ordoeucharist’, or that they would talk & act like homosexual unions are ‘good’, hell a ‘myth’ or the damned not actually damned, being ‘blipped out of existence’, or that God is not Catholic, etc., etc.] May the Pope guard against the performers of miracles. For the time has come when the most astonishing wonders will take place on the earth and in the air. [This has occurred without most people even recognizing it for what it is. Namely, certain persons have put themselves forth as religious ‘leaders’ or ‘prophets’, and --- although many of them are pure charlatans --- there have been some that are indubitably performing astonishing miracles and indubitably through the supernatural power of demons. Likewise, the so-called ‘UFO’ phenomenon is undoubtedly real --- not all reports are correct, but serious researchers have for the past 70 years proven that UFOs really exist --- and the federal US government has finally, in just the past few months, officially yet quietly admitted as much. The point is, “astonishing wonders” that take place in earth’s atmosphere or the heavens above is obviously what the UFO phenomenon amounts to. If you’re not a Darwinist and actually investigate the evidence, thinking logically, purported ‘extraterrestrials’ are certainly not the explanation of this phenomenon.] In the year 1864, Lucifer [the devil or satan, his name before he went into rebellion against God, meaning ‘light bearer’] together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell; THEY WILL PUT AN END TO FAITH [again, read: God’s Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Entire] little by little, even in those dedicated to God [i.e., priests, monks & nuns]. They will blind them in such a way, that, unless they are blessed with a special grace, these people will take on the spirit of these angels of hell: several religious institutions will LOSE ALL FAITH [Roman Catholicism!] and will lose many souls. [Once more, any truly Catholic individual, with intelligence & knowledge, knows very well how this prophecy is fulfilled… it is not possible for the well-informed person to intelligently & honestly dispute this undeniable and already-accomplished fact. Period.] The Vicar of my Son [the pope] will suffer a great deal [Pope Pius IX certainly did!], because for a while the Church will yield to large persecution [this has been fulfilled fully already, if only in bloody & murderous houndings throughout the world under hard line Communist regimes], a time of darkness and the Church will witness a frightful crisis. The TRUE FAITH to the Lord [Catholic!] having been forgotten, each individual will want to be on his own and be superior to people of the same identity [fulfilled with ‘democracy’ and radical ‘individualism’, which dominates thinking today], they will abolish civil rights as well as ecclesiastical [loss of ‘religious liberty’ in the face of a self-styled ‘transgenderism’ or ‘non-binary sexuality’ that cruelly tyrannizes citizens of ‘traditional religion’ with lawsuits, prison & fines, anyone…?]; all order and all justice would be trampled underfoot and only homicides, hate, jealousy, lies and dissension would be seen without love for country or family [terrorist attacks, school shootings, public massacres, brutal civil wars without any civilized restraint, and etc., etc., anybody?]… All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to ABOLISH AND DO AWAY WITH EVERY RELIGIOUS PRINCIPLE, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds [is there any intelligent & informed person of a traditional nature who really doesn’t think this has been happening, especially since the turn of the 21st century?]… Before this comes to pass [calamites and wars mentioned in the sentence previous], there will be a kind of false peace in the world. People will think of nothing but amusement. The wicked will give themselves over to all kinds of sin. [Without pretending to be utterly certain, this suggests to a historically-educated person the post World War 2 period, which has seen unparalleled prosperity over much of the earth, especially the most modernized of countries in our part of the globe. In any case, can anybody in our part of the world not intelligently acknowledge how this prosperity also coincides with the rise of a veritable obsession with endless amusement & sin? Think film, social media, video games, popular music, casinos, pornography and on and on.] ROME WILL LOSE THE FAITH [Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire!] AND BECOME THE SEAT [throne] OF THE ANTICHRIST.” (Secrets of La Salette, as published by The 101 Foundation in Asbury, NJ, circa 1994, and derived directly, via translation, from the brochure Melanie Calvat --- the female seer of Our Lady of La Salette and Roman Catholic nun for decades later in her life --- had printed in Lecce, Italy in 1879. Quotations found on Pages 10-16. All emphasis & annotations added.)


We could go on, but Melanie’s secret --- with commentary --- is long.


The questions to ask yourself, my precious reader are these:


Are you paying close attention? And do you get it?


This was published in 1879, people. 1879!


The Bishop of Lecce, Italy, gave it his official imprimatur. This seer, Melanie Calvat, was a Roman Catholic in good standing all her life. The Apparition she saw & heard, Our Lady of La Salette, Pope Pius IX formally approved public devotion & prayers to, on 19 September 1851… which approval came after he had read the secrets. His successor, Pope Leo XIII, on 21 August 1879, added his supreme approval with a Canonical Coronation formally granted to Our Lady’s Image at La Salette’s Basilica.


Get it now? There is NO decent & logical reason to obstinately ignore Our Lady of La Salette. There is NO just & cogent reason to maliciously attack Melanie’s honesty, sanity or memory. To do so is a lack of awareness & imprudent AT BEST; it is slanderous, vicious & reveals one’s bias AT WORST. Fairness, logic & facts most thoroughly vindicate MELANIE’S SECRET FROM THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY.


End of sentences.


In 1879, when Melanie printed this secret 33 years after the Apparition on the 19th of September, 1846, most real & good Roman Catholics could hardly believe possible what the secret revealed or predicted. The simple fact alone that, as I write, 139 years after it was first openly & widely published, at least half of what it says has proven true, demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt the secret is to be taken seriously.




Now you do some leg work, dear reader.


Think rationally and without prejudice. We’ve already put in helpful commentary alongside the translation of the message that Melanie had printed in 1879. Now note the words with which I’ve chosen to finish the quote (albeit, Melanie wrote more of the secret past the point of those words):


Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.”


We repeat:


Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.”


Put two and two together. Make that God-given intelligence work for you.


If Rome LOSES THE FAITH (Roman Catholic and none other, of course!) and simultaneously becomes the throne OF THE ANTICHRIST (and if ‘anti-Christ’, then, too, consequently ‘anti-Catholic’ & ‘anti-Peter’!), then does this not logically require us to realize that Heaven, through the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, via Melanie Calvat, is, hence, telling us no legitimate pope rules for awhile, with an antipope instead?


I mean, think about it.


If Rome loses the faith, then nobody in the Diocese of Rome is Roman Catholic. Yet popes, to be popes, must be Roman Catholic. Even if the Bishop of Rome is living in a far away place for a long time (like, for instance, the seven successive popes residing in Avignon, France, for 67 years straight), he must also be, in order to be a real Roman Bishop, a canonically legal member of the Diocese of Rome. As a result, losing Catholicity in Rome means not even a legitimate pope ruling Rome.


Accordingly, ‘inter regnum’, Peter’s Throne empty, a big gap between popes.


Meanwhile, if Rome becomes the throne of the Antichrist, then who else but a man pretending to be a ‘pope’ --- whilst in reality he is not Catholic, ergo, really an antipope --- could the Antichrist be, if the term ‘anti-Christ’ is not merely symbolic of rebellious & anti-Catholic Modernist Humanity as a whole, but the epitome, additionally, of apostate rebellion in the person of a single human being, or series of persons?


Getting it?


A real Pope represents Christ on earth. In Rome, Italy. Do you grasp that?


Thus, the Antichrist enthroned in Rome is anti-Catholic antipopes.


Savvy? If not, then think it through until you do, dear soul.


Hate the idea? Then be honest. You don’t like the truth.


Oh, and the significance of the year, AD 1864, remarked upon in Melanie’s secret as when, exactly, hell would vomit forth Lucifer and most of his demons upon the earth to lead humanity into terrible sin? There are three pertinent things I have found so far.


First, after at least two prior attempts, an official ecclesial inquiry to the Holy Office of the Vatican finally gained an affirmative response. Viz., for the first time ever in all of the Roman Catholic Church’s history, from the highest point of power, with a pope’s delegated authority, the Vatican gave approval for a dying Catholic --- with no legal Catholic priest available as death draws near --- to turn to non-Catholic priests for Extreme Unction. This may mean nothing to you, my dear reader, but for any real Catholic of sound intelligence with his or her head screwed on straight, this is a solemn breach in the divinely-erected religious wall between real Catholics and non-Catholics. Canon Law had always forbidden this sacrilege (which pretends there’s religious union between two people who are not both Roman Catholic), similar to the ancient sanction against unbaptized catechumens, who die ‘accidentally’, from being buried in the hallowed ground of a consecrated Catholic cemetery. It thereby emblemizes an evil enshrined at the top, of Lucifer gaining a claw of spiritual power, as it were, in Rome.


Second, we know for a morally certain fact that Pope Pius IX read the children’s secrets. We also know, from the testimony of a personal eyewitness, that Melanie’s secret was of great import to him, moving him deeply and causing him to evince sorrow for the future. Is it any surprise, then, that he would choose, in 1864 --- the very year spoken of in the secret of Melanie as when Lucifer & hell would be unleashed upon earth in a uniquely horrifying way --- to release what is, arguably, his most controversial document ever, papally speaking? We refer to the Syllabus of Errors. In it, drawing from his official papal utterances up until then, he systematically listed dozens of statements in positive, and, lumping them together, condemned them all each & every one… as against the Roman Catholic Faith. The uproar from the world was staggering. Editors, writers and newspapers all over earth, in the modernized region of the globe, both loudly & soundly condemned his condemnations with unbridled passion. Ask yourself --- why would any of them care? If not Roman Catholic, then why should they even take Pius seriously? It’s as if a wound were touched, or a bandage ripped off. The howl was deafening. Why this document, why this pope, why this point in time? The answer is simple. The Modernist Religion was poised to take the upper hand, and this pope pierced them to the heart, refuting Modernist principles in relatively short, pithy & succinct style. In short, he issued a war cry to the world, protecting his flock, defying the legions of hell.


And third, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, had developed the principles of what later became known as Communism’. Both of them German atheists, their political theory or ‘philosophy’ of Communism was endued with disbelief in a Maker --- particularly One Who is Roman Catholic --- right from the get-go. By the 1840s, their Modernist Creed was gaining notoriety… at almost exactly the same time as Our Lady of La Salette decided to appear to two tiny & unknown children in southern France… though not tremendously far from where Karl Marx had begun to lay the foundations of the next Modernist Revolution in the Rhine Valley, prior to relocating to London, England, via Paris, France, first (where Marx met Engels), then via Brussels, Belgium, with other spots along the way, when the Prussian government grew belligerent toward Karl’s flouting of ancient forms of authority and traditional religion. In 1864 --- that fateful year --- Marx joined his scholarly efforts with a more politically leaning International Workingmen’s Association (IWA), which was founded in London. This group was also known as the First International’ of Communism. From this and Karl Marx, spring all forms of Communism (sometimes called ‘Marxism’ or ‘Marxist-Leninism’, and includes the ‘softer’ types usually termed ‘Socialism’… although, granted, a kind of ‘Socialism’ preceded the formal establishment of Communism in the mid-1800s). Without it, Communism in Soviet Russia would not likely have happened and, with no power centered in Russia, atheistic & anti-Catholic Communist doctrine could never have plagued the earth as it does to this day. A third of the world’s population is openly Communist, at least another third Socialist, and the rest heavily ‘communized’. Catholicism has always opposed Communism as intrinsically evil. (And… notice, bizarrely, how an Unholy Communism echoes the Holy Communion of a Roman Catholic Church’s Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist? Natch.) Understand now?


This, I surmise thus far, is the Unholy Triad of Events significant to AD 1864.


It seems ‘so long ago’… yet everything resonates just as pertinently today.


And it’s why Pius fought so hard to define Papal Infallibility by 1870.


+ + +


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