Beware of the Dimond Brothers


It has been quite some time since I’ve added anything new to the Admonishments subsection of The Epistemologic Works, and, honestly, I have avoided additional admonishments because I dread them. That is to say, it is not ‘fun’ for me to do this. I derive no satisfaction from it. I don’t ‘hate’ persons that I feel convicted to admonish, and one must be exceedingly careful in doing so publicly. To top it off, I’ve never pretended to have ecclesial ‘authority’ or ‘jurisdiction’ over such people. Why, then, do I do so?


Because this is the Great Apostasy, with no functioning Hierarchy as Our Creator punishes a wicked world and people who were supposed to be Catholic, putting His Divine Son’s Church Body ‘in the tomb’, so to speak, just as this Eternally Divine Son, Jesus Christ, was Himself in the Tomb after His Crucifixion upon the Cross. Hence, we cannot depend on licit shepherds --- Roman Catholic Clergy --- to deal with these matters in the meantime. And, since God has permitted me thus far, however small & unknown, to publicly uphold Roman Catholicism Whole & Entire in a way that practically anyone in the world may see & read, then, too, I have an occasional responsibility to warn my fellow Catholics of people dangerously heretical, schismatic, apostate, or otherwise openly & seriously sinful. Difficult territory? Indeed. I take no pleasure in it.


It is further complicated in the matter of the Dimond brothers. How so?


I’ve never met them personally. I also thought & prayed long and hard about how to admonish them properly. Up till now, what few souls I have felt compelled to admonish, I have been able to both contact personally and, much of the time, had known personally. This is not the case with the Dimond brothers. Yet I have known people who have been associated with them personally, I have examined their website quite a few times, and their tactics are very familiar to me. They are Catholic fundamentalists. Please follow the link just given if you don’t know what CFs are or their characteristics.


I once admonished someone from afar, having never personally met him.


The catch is, is it my individual responsibility to do so in every case with a person I’ve never met or known in person? And the answer is, no, not necessarily. If they are public in some sense, claiming to defend, explain or uphold some aspect of the Catholic Faith, then, as people who have chosen to do so, a Roman Catholic can justifiably admonish ‘remotely’ at a distance, as it were. This is what I’m doing here regarding the Dimonds. It’s plain from many years of observation how they would respond (read: badly, with a spleen & venom that is pretty vicious). Nor has Heaven given me any sense that I must attempt to do so, in spite of such probable viciousness. I therefore simply warn you.


As far as I can tell, the Dimond brothers and their ‘monastery’ have gotten a lot of things right about the Catholic Religion and the current state of the world we’re in. I would not unfairly accuse them of being totally wrong. Nonetheless, they are definitely mistaken about a few things, and these few are definitely deadly to a person’s soul. But first:


Who are the Dimond brothers? They hail from the northeastern United States. To my knowledge, they were not raised Catholic; either that, or they were Novus Ordoist (what someone is during the Great Apostasy calling himself ‘catholic’, but actually not, falling for the damnable lies & deeds of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council). They apparently called themselves Catholic after conversion in the late 1980s or early 1990s. They joined with a gentleman who had opposed the post-Vatican II ‘church’ for some time, he being the one, it seems, who began their ‘monastery’. When he passed away, this is when the Dimonds became the leaders of said monastery, which they have entitled the ‘Most Holy Family Monastery’ (if not called that before). With the arising of the internet and a global cloud, along with at least a few others joining them and living at their monastery, not to mention a sizeable donation or inheritance giving them much time & freedom, they began to have extensive reach in their efforts to tell others of their convictions. One of those in their circle of followers for awhile, incidentally, was a Mr. Richard Ibranyi, about whom anybody can read here since I’ve had to admonish him remotely, too. Mr. Michael Lipscombe is another gentleman who associated with them, although, as far as I can ascertain, not as long as Mr. Ibranyi was linked to them. You may read Mr. Lipscombe’s admonishment here. I have personally met, and was friendly with, both these persons. Much of my insight about the Dimonds derives from them and their testimony.


I wish to be fair, however. The Dimond brothers website, videos, literature & whatnot is huge, more material than I have the time to fully read, watch & digest. Much of what they say is true & good, perhaps the majority of it. I don’t claim to know for sure. Yet I cannot spend enormous time doing so because the things they get wrong are grave. Being CFs, zealously studying their materials will ultimately do one of two things. Either, one, the reader will wind up believing & following them in the matters they get terribly wrong, becoming CFs just like them. Or else, two, you will eventually be scathed by them or their followers, having the audacity to courteously disagree with or debate them.


Whichever the case, much harm is done to the person imbibing their materials.


And where do they go gravely wrong? What are their terrible mistakes?


Without pretending to be aware of every major mistake they may make, I can, with certainty, speak of four problems that are more than enough to cause the real & wise Catholic to be wary of them. (By the way, if the one reading this admonishment can demonstrate to me that I’m mistaken about their mistakes, or that they’ve changed their positions for the better, please politely inform me. I don’t want to slander anyone, neither do I wish to unjustly detract in regard to anyone’s reputation, howsoever public they be.) Shall we examine each of them briefly, one by one, my precious & beloved reader?


First, they go CF (Catholic fundamentalist) over the issue of water baptism. You may peruse this topic comprehensively at The Epistemologic Works in Baptismal Confusion . In short, there is an orthodox --- thus far --- opinion concerning the Sacrament of Baptism called ‘baptism of desire’ (BOD). This theological opinion, which has swayed a majority of Catholics since the mid-2nd millennium until the Great Apostasy just recently, is that catechumens (those studying to be true Catholics) who die ‘accidentally’ prior to water baptism, may, with perfect contrition, enter Heaven since God very charitably grants exceptions in such cases. This BOD stance, taught scholastic theologians, somehow mysteriously connects to the Sacrament of Baptism via the catechumen’s ‘desire’ or resolution, religiously, to receive the sacramental water. Thus, it is not, understood rightly, another baptism, but another way to partake in one Sacrament of Baptism. Whereas the opinion of ‘water only’ (WO) says catechumens, dying void of water baptism, are ‘surely’ in hell. Per the WO stance, God never permits a good-willed catechumen to die without the sacramental water bestowed on him or her. Upshot? Strangely enough, both sides use the Council of Trent to defend their position. Now, obviously, an infallible council cannot teach two opposing views simultaneously. In reality, Trent never explicitly defined either of these theological opinions. This isn’t important to people like the Dimond brothers. They wrongly & maliciously accuse everybody holding the orthodox version of BOD --- or at least allowing for it to be, possibly, infallibly defined & upheld someday --- of ‘heresy’. Period. There is no reasonable discussion with them over this. They will not listen; they simply attack; moreover, their rebuttals are often not-to-the-point. Indeed, inasmuch as I can tell, irrational adherence to the WO stance as if it’s been ‘infallibly & explicitly taught’ originates with them. They are apparently the first, during the Great Apostasy, to propagate this notion. Which then means, whether or not they ever were Catholic, nonetheless, they can influence real Catholics to mistakenly believe in this notion, resulting in damnably schismatic behavior toward other real Catholics. Which is mortally sinful. Comprehend? This is why this position is gravely mistaken.


Second, the Dimond brothers and their followers go CF over the issue of the Coredemptress. For many centuries, the Catholic Church has not only tolerated this wonderful title for the Blessed Virgin Mary, but has even encouraged it. Per them and their followers, this is making God’s Mother ‘equal’ to Her Son, Jesus Christ, they then accusing you of ‘heresy’ for daring to honor Her with this title. It does not matter how hard you try to explain to such people that calling Queen Mary the Coredemptress, or Comediatrix, or etc., etc., is not intended to say --- nor does it ‘have to mean’ --- that Mary is ‘equal’ to Her Divine Son. It matters not to them or their followers. They will savage a real Catholic for using the terms or defending the terms. Again, as far as I can tell, the Dimonds are the origin of this weird notion. Yet the weirdness is not the crucial point. The fact that they can influence real Catholics to go damnably schismatic about this subject is the crux. It is mortally sinful. And thus why it is gravely mistaken. Readers, by the way, may go here to see that these titles are utterly orthodox.


Third, the Dimonds & Co. are seriously awry about what clergy a real Catholic may lawfully receive the sacraments from. (This means, dear reader, real Roman Catholics are, and always have been since most ancient of times, forbidden to seek the Sacraments from any clergy who are notoriously & pertinaciously heretical, schismatic or apostate.) It seems they don’t think there’s any ‘priest’ to whom they may licitly go at this point in time. This moderates their mistake, yet, to the best of my knowledge, leaves them still in the position of misinterpreting the Catholic Church’s actual rules for the situation we’re in today with the Great Apostasy. While never instantly & certainly causing a real Catholic to be heretical for believing their position, it can, nevertheless, lead to mortal sin when a real Catholic never correctly figures out what the standard is that the Church holds Catholics to in such situations. Wherefore, this, too, is why their position is gravely mistaken. Real Catholics who desperately need correct guidance on this topic may go here initially, and then here here, afterward, to fully comprehend where such poor souls go astray about the True Church’s critical religious avoidance of non-Catholic clergy.


Leading us to a fourth problem displayed by the Dimond brothers or their adherents. Simply put, they do not understand when & how a real Catholic is to admonish others. That is to say, even when they’re correct about something religious --- for instance, they appear to uphold ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ accurately --- notwithstanding, they admonish when it’s not truly necessary to admonish a person, and, though it might be time to admonish someone, they are needlessly cruel in doing so. This, also, can lead Roman Catholics into mortal sin. And therefore why, again, it is gravely mistaken. Incidentally, I do not claim to be ‘perfect’ in this matter. I do, though, insist there is prudent protocol in admonishing others, regardless of any faults I may bear. At any rate… please go here to see what not to do in admonishing. It might help to study carefully here, and here as well, for yet more guidance about admonishments.


Hopefully, this is enough to see why a real Catholic, or someone becoming truly Catholic, should be wary of the Dimond brothers, their monastery, or their followers. Please pray for them. At the very least, they are schismatic and hence not Catholic. An actual Roman Catholic should ask King Jesus & Queen Mary to grant them the graces to perceive their grave mistakes, repudiate them, and to be really Roman Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled --- and to be the best possible Catholics they could ever be.


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