Beware of

Richard Ibranyi & His Group,

‘Mary’s Little Remnant’


I have literally just finished writing a careful (and hopefully fair & charitable) admonishment regarding the Dimond brothers. It is therefore fitting that I turn to admonishment of a man named Mr. Richard Ibranyi. How so? Because he was in the Dimonds’ ‘monastery’ in the northeastern part of the United States for 2 or 3 years, the two respective parties then splitting from one another --- literally, a schism --- over the issue of so-called ‘sedevacantism’. Sedevacantism is better termed ‘interregnumism’, about which you may learn here. Put pithily, it simply means the One True Church is enduring the long foretold Great Apostasy, and that part of God’s Punishment of our iniquities involves the Roman Diocese being between true & legitimate bishops for a surprisingly long time (from a typical human perspective), together with a terrifically hideous confusion causing nearly all, whether claiming Catholicity or not, to believe post-Vatican II antipopes are ‘popes’ (when, in fact, they’re not even truly Catholic). Dear Mr. Ibranyi was quicker in realizing this fact than the Dimonds. Sadly, both Dimonds & Ibranyi are quite stubborn, outspoken and quick to cross swords.


How do I know this? Because I knew Mr. Ibranyi personally, befriending him for a number of years, and I have studied the Dimonds’ website or their other public materials adequately enough to realize they are of a similar temperament to Richard Ibranyi. This really isn’t surprising. Almost no one is truly Catholic right now… this being one of God’s just scourges for our sins… and, if you do become truly Catholic, or at least greatly resemble something like real Catholicity, then it takes a strong-willed soul. Defying the Modernist teachings of an entire world is not easy for most of us. Consequently, those who do, tend to be rather bullheaded and ready to fight.


And that includes myself. I do not exempt myself from this tendency.


Yet how did Mr. Ibranyi & I become acquainted? And why do I dare to ‘remotely’ admonish him, not to mention that I do so ‘remotely’ and not, first, privately to him, communicating with him personally --- especially since I knew him personally --- prior to going ‘public’? And how is this related to our ‘split’, we essentially ending in a schism?


I don’t want to get overly detailed. Not least because I don’t wish to needlessly detract from another’s reputation or character. On the other hand, if the reader is to understand… and the reader really is Roman Catholic… then you require enough details in order to see what happened and why I now dare to publicly (as obscure as I am…) admonish him, including, leastwise tangentially, his small band of followers. Comprehending?


I am truly Catholic. But I don’t pretend to be a saint or an ecclesial leader.


I’m just trying to be a good Catholic and say what is needed to be heard.


I want to be fair & charitable --- including any I admonish. Even him.


So what happened? When I converted to Roman Catholicism out of nowhere, in the middle of gigantic Los Angeles during the Great Apostasy, I had a puzzling mystery to figure out. Why weren’t purported ‘catholics’ behaving & talking like real Catholics? I was baffled at the start. It was early Church writers (ancient by our standards, coming as far back as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th centuries after Christ) and Sacred Scripture (funnily enough, a Protestant translation called the ‘NIV’ to begin with…) that drove me into an unexpected religious journey, initially. I then naturally tried to incorporate myself at a nearby ‘catholic church’ in Los Angeles, where I lived, known as Holy Family parish. (The symbolism is deliciously delightful now, in retrospect, the Holy Family being a redolent augur of everything I have gone through since then, or come to realize.) Problem was, they kept doing & saying things that defied Catholicism. The ‘pope’, additionally, at the time --- John Paul II --- kept doing & saying things defying real Roman Catholicism. How do I know? Because real Catholicism teaches infallibly. An irreformable infallibility that precludes, logically, changing or ‘tweaking’ the meaning of infallible teachings that then, irrefutably, deny or oppose what all real Catholics, up until then, have known, universally, the teachings to mean. Get it? You can use the very same words as real Catholics employ; but if those words mean something different, then you are not actually Roman Catholic, professing the same Faith Whole & Entire. So what’s going on? That’s what I had to figure out. It took me a year and a half. Conclusion?


These people are not really Catholic. Not even the most ‘conservative’ of them.


Shocking? Yes. For those supposedly ‘catholic’ and not fathoming apostasy.


It took me another 2½ years to fully see John Paul II wasn’t truly Catholic.


That’s 4 years total. No ‘overnight’ whim. I took a long cautious while.


The point? I then removed myself from religious association with such obviously & blatantly non-Catholic (indeed, anti-Catholic!) people. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still socialized with many of them, being polite & nice. Being a real Catholic doesn’t mean you automatically become ‘militant’ and ‘jerkish’. Yet I did comprehend that they were not what they claimed to be. Again, why? Because they plainly contradicted what most ancient Catholics of all, during the first millennium, plainly believed, meant & upheld. Plainly! Doesn’t take a genius. Just simple, obvious & sensible reasoning. What then? Figuring out why the ‘pope’ wasn’t acting or talking like a real pope. Mind you, it’s totally possible for a real pope to be a bad pope. That’s not what I’m talking about. Contrarily, why is John Paul publicly opposing Catholicity at times --- and nobody bothers blinking an eyeball, reacting as if he’s said and done something appalling? What’s going on? That’s what led me to the truth & factuality of interregnumism .


This is what took me places undreamt, wife in tow and burgeoning family, to face an astonishingly harsh reality… that we’re in the long foretold Great Apostasy, wherein Christ’s Ecclesial Body undergoes precisely what Her Master, Jesus the God-Man, underwent on earth at the Hill of the Skull upon the Cross --- brutal Crucifixion & Entombment. Disciples scattered, seemingly defeated, satan ‘winning’ the day.


I did not dare to presume the following out of nowhere. Nevertheless, for a couple of years, without proof to the contrary, I had to wonder: am I the only real Roman Catholic on earth right now? You may have no idea how lonely that feels. Yes, miraculously, my wife converted, too. (I converted and literally thought, at the time of this fateful decision, that she might divorce because of this.) She assures me she would never have divorced me, and I believe her. But it was a real fear that I had to face at the time… do I choose God & His One True Religion, or wife & family here on earth? Enormous quandary!


A dear friend at the time, Ron Kramig (who I also, sadly, must admonish, about which you may read here), and his mother, went through this awful tribulation with me. He, too, converted not so very long after me, his mother following his footsteps. (My wife wanted to convert before then, in fairness to her, but, super cautious, I made sure she devoured & grasped the Roman Catechism before she did so, receiving the Sacrament of Baptism.) After two years of this unique situation, I made an astounding discovery on the still fairly new internet. There was someone out there who believed in Roman Catholicism just like us! This was in very early 2003. The person I discovered? Mr. Richard Ibranyi. Yes, he had a website and was broadcasting his convictions to the world. What astounded me was, one, that he was the first person, other than myself, that I found to both uphold Salvation Dogma in its ancient, narrow & correct sense (‘no Salvation outside the Church’, with no ifs, ands or buts, or any qualifications) and acknowledge that the antipopes after Vatican II were not in any way actually popes, being not in any way actually Roman Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled. And, two, that he seemed to be humble enough to correct himself publicly when he realized that he had been wrong.


This intrigued me to no end, whilst natural caution made me hesitate as I studied.


Studied his already large website, searching very, very carefully to make sure.


Sure that he really was what he appeared to be, and that I wasn’t suckered in.


Ah, scrumptious irony. For all my caution, still suckered in. In what way? Poor Ron Kramig’s mother could not wait for me to make up my mind. After nearly a year and a half, she impulsively telephoned Mr. Ibranyi and established communication. What did I do in response? Mmmm… fateful decisions. I decided, mistakenly, that this was, perhaps, the Will of God being expressed. Maybe I was taking too long. Maybe I was too cautious. Maybe this was His Way of showing me that it was time. Time to make contact. Time to establish relations with what I had hardly dared to hope, up until then at the beginning of the 21st century, was possible --- that real & genuine Roman Catholics, in the wake of an execrable Vatican II Pseudo-Council embracing the Religion of Modernism, could truly exist apart from myself, my friend, his mother, and my (catechumenal) wife, as well as my children who, while still very young, were already properly & validly baptized.


For a year and a half after this, I had experienced mostly pleasant relations with Mr. Richard Ibranyi and his cohorts in southern New Mexico. They seemed very genuine, seemed very knowledgeable, and seemed mostly charitable & kind. Too, he went to the length of flying to where I was in Oregon, at the time, visiting my family for a few days and literally baptizing my wife, as she was well prepared & excellently catechized. Then came another fateful decision. I’d already begun, in the fervor of my heart, to write things in explanation & defense of the One True Religion of Roman Catholicism. Seeing how it was with Richard’s website… large & impressive… I thought, “What better thing to do than join my family in Catholic charity with his small community of Catholics, working unitedly with him to explain & defend the Catholic Faith during the Great Apostasy?” You see, he’d already graciously posted one of my long writings, the first part of the book, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus , and this was beyond exciting for me, satisfying a holy craving in my heart to do something urgent on behalf of God’s Faith. What’s more, Mr. Ibranyi’s militancy mostly impressed me at that point. Yes, I was a bit wary, seeing how brash & scathing he could be toward others, yet my excitement overcame an innate wariness, in addition to how humble he appeared to be when publicly admitting he had been mistaken about something religious. That’s what drew me in and fooled me.


I did have at least two warnings, though. Around the time he visited us in Oregon, he suddenly --- and unexpectedly --- harshly berated me for not having my family & myself consecrated yet to the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, according to the way of St. Louis de Montfort. I was taken aback, but thought, “Oh, perchance he’s right. Maybe this is a divinely-ordained test of my humility.” And so we consecrated ourselves. (A thing I never would regret. I was merely being cautious, as I told him, not thinking myself prepared adequately yet, or holy enough yet.) Then, in 2006, taking my family on our first huge transcontinental journey by minivan across the United States, we visited Mr. Ibranyi and his small group of devoted followers in New Mexico. It was actually a very pleasant encounter, coinciding with Easter. However, later, coming back home from the eastern United States and visiting some of his devotees in northern New Mexico, he once more, out of nowhere, brashly & harshly assaulted my family for what he thought of as a grievous fault… and despite me having implored them, a few weeks before, face to face, to please charitably admonish for any faults they saw in us, reminding them of how we had converted out of nowhere, with no heritage of Catholicity, in the Great Apostasy.


Well, he certainly did admonish us. Yet charitably? No, not at all. It was very cruel.


This is where I should have seen straight. This was the sign of an unstable person.


Unfortunately, my dreams of living & working with them impeded me. I fatefully & doggedly, despite my wife’s poor pleas, sealed my decision to move to New Mexico, giving notice to my employer of resignation at a certain date in 2007. Yet more foolishly, I asked the Ibranyi group to help me out in finding a home for our family there in T or C, New Mexico, so as to save myself the expense & time of having to drive or fly there and find a home myself, for us, immediately. This then put us almost completely in their power. At first, from April of 2007 to June of that year, it was mostly good. For me, leastwise. My dear wife struggled. My heart breaks for this cross she bore. Tying everything up in Oregon alone, though, and leisurely returning to my family, we traversed into southwestern Colorado to camp on one of Ibranyi’s loyal followers’ property, helping them with a small orchard that summer, so as to earn some money. Near the end of some three weeks there, Richard Ibranyi once more chose to blast us again out of nowhere, harshly & cruelly. Specifically, and again, my poor wife. They really did not like her, and they chided me also for being ‘too soft’ on my family. (Which, to be fair, some of their criticisms may have borne merit --- remember, I was never raised Catholic and had to reinvent the wheel of Roman Catholic fathering.) The family we had been staying with upon their orchard, after a little tenderness, became suddenly silent & cold toward us. Mr. Ibranyi would not let me speak with him directly, via a telephone (which was difficult to obtain just before smartphones in the middle of nowhere…). I could not hear full reasons for his charges, hear any proof, or even defend ourselves.


We were trapped. It was an excruciating 2 or 3 days. My wife & I talked deeply.


I finally recognized --- this man is not truly just, charitable or reasonable.


For merely daring to defend my wife, or to ask to talk to him directly…


Wham! I was guilty, too, per him. Without him getting my input first.


This was beyond the pale. He demanded that my wife live as if imprisoned, ‘penitentially’ for her purported ‘misdeeds’. He would not, not!, for the life of him, simply allow me to talk to him personally, learning what the claimed ‘evidence’ was against my wife for her terrible ‘crime’, per them, and instantly accused me of being ‘guilty’ of protecting a grievous ‘sinner’ merely because I dared to defend my spouse against the horrific accusation made against her… and in spite of them never, during a self-styled ‘investigation’ of the accusation, ever bothering to get my testimony in this matter. Fair & impartial? True Catholic charity, and according to the laws of the Church? I think not. My wife & I were faced with a choice. I either acquiesce to their demands, and, in doing so, have my wife, against her deepest conscience, tell a mortal lie about herself by publicly admitting that their accusation was ‘true’. Or, I politely tell them, “Enough!” And, in doing so, have not enough money to take my family to safety.


We chose the latter. Better to trust in the Hands of God than the hands of men.


God, after all, is merciful & charitable. Not always, I’m afraid, Mr. Ibranyi.


Having issued a courteous yet firm decision to Richard, their tone suddenly changed. Suddenly he and another member would drive some 200 to 300 miles to speak to me in person. Too late for us, though. I had already learned what kind of people they were. Persons who would investigate & accuse you behind your backs, leaving you no opportunity at all to defend yourselves, deigning to sentence, punish & bully.


On a wing and a prayer we escaped this hideous situation. I got my old job back even; then promptly got laid off during the Great Recession. Miraculously, though, for seven months, the Triune God of the Catholic Church, along with His Heavenly Mother, took tender care of us and I had seven amazing months to be a fulltime apologist for the One True Religion, starting this website, The Epistemologic Works, so as to explain and defend Catholicism in the face of an apostate world. Worthy? Only time will tell.


Meanwhile, the facts are the facts. Heaven has allowed all of this to happen.


Yet aside from Mr. Ibranyi’s terrible & uncharitable behavior toward us, what are his serious problems? I know him too well to be able to list everything. And even were I to list everything I know, his website & other materials are way too much --- and not nearly justifiable enough for me to scour from one end to the other --- in order to be completely thorough. But I don’t need utter thoroughness. All I need is some truly dangerous things.


Howsoever, to be fair, please believe me --- Richard Ibranyi is sincere. Less and less accurate & right, but earnest. I know him too well to be mistaken about this part of his character. Unfortunately, he’s like a loose cannon. Zealous for what he claims is true, but lacking adequate wisdom, patience or understanding in enough things. He is surrounded by ‘yes’ people, mostly too in awe of him to dare to disagree with him, and he too often shoots before he thinks. To attack is his constant modus operandi. He had a lot of good things to say at first, and there is still lots of true stuff on his website or other materials. Which is exactly what makes him more difficult to figure out, for those who are truly Catholic and crave guidance, and more deadly in the end for any who follow blindly. Whilst this doesn’t begin to count up the number of mostly innocent folks he’s hurt.


Because he attracts other militant people like himself to himself, or overawes those unable to sort out the good stuff from the bad stuff. In my case, it was the astonishment I’d felt as seeing someone else, out of the blue, in the middle of the Great Apostasy, put two truths together that no one else seemed to realize --- that there really is ‘no Salvation outside the Church’, no ifs, ands or buts, and that the ‘popes’ are antipopes, not actually Roman Catholic Whole & Entire after a Vatican II Pseudo-Council, thus automatically excommunicating themselves, if really & publicly Catholic to begin with. This, plus a willingness to admit when he was mistaken, and overwhelmingly good stuff he had posted at the beginning, which I amazingly found, is what drew me in originally.


So what shall I say? What’s worthwhile, and sufficient, to warn other people?


The behavior & incidents described above should be like a large scarlet flag.


Yet let us go a little farther. Not just to ‘pick on’ Richard, but to help others.


In what way? Lest you either fall for his grievous errors, or he scathes you.


(And believe me, it is a painful ordeal. He can be very cruel, nasty & unjust.)


First, Mr. Richard Ibranyi does not see those, who align with him in some way, as ‘individual’ Catholics. That is, you, as a Catholic, are not merely ‘aligned with’ him in every infallible dogma of the One True Church, whole & entire. No, he considers you a part of his group, which he calls ‘Mary’s Little Remnant’. I thought this poetic originally. Hence, it didn’t worry me to begin. How naïve I was. You see, Mr. Ibranyi, along with a longtime follower of his, Mr. Will Norris, publicly claims both that he and Will are what Sacred Scripture in its last book, Apocalypse, calls the Two Witnesses’. God gives these two persons extraordinary power to testify to, and punish, an apostate earth near the end of the world as we know it, right before Christ returns. Where the early Church fathers spoke of it, the invariable opinion was that they were Ss. Elias & Henoch [Enoch].


In other words, since Sacred Scripture clearly tells us how these two men did not die normally… they were taken up into Paradise above without dying… then it was often opined by the early Church father how, in all likelihood, they would be the two strange men appearing near the end of old earth, miraculously preaching the Catholic Faith and punishing rebellious, anti-Catholic human beings in jawdropping ways, till, nearing the conclusion of their mission, a Luciferian humanity would be allowed to martyr them. Celebrating globally for three days (counting inclusively, the Catholic scholar logically assumes…), the apostate earth is then shocked & astonished to see the Two Witnesses resurrect physically in front of their eyes, being assumed bodily into Heaven. Which is, obviously, symbolic of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, and their final act of self-sacrifice.


This is what Mr. Ibranyi started daring to claim for himself as I became acquainted with him in the mid-’00s, and, after the unpleasant experience at their hands, my family barely able to survive by Jesus & Mary’s Mercy in the wake of this fiasco, Richard then started publicly claiming on behalf of his adherent, Mr. Will Norris, as the second of the pair of apocalyptic witnesses, Will publicly affirming his agreement with Mr. Ibranyi about the matter (although, as far as I can tell, Mr. Norris hesitated for awhile, taking some time before daring to claim it himself). How did this affect me prior to leaving, though?


I privately thought it odd, while there, that Richard would so publicly & confidently proclaim such a thing, despite displaying no great & irrefutable prophecies or miracles, backing up his claim inarguably as a Catholic. Notwithstanding, I demurred, supposing, perhaps, that this was yet another test of my humility & virtue, and that, in any case, the inexorable passage of time would reveal the truth eventually. Anyhow, hadn’t Richard several times publicly admitted some mistaken assertion that he had held? If mistaken about this, supposed I, then, too, he’d humbly admit it and move on, a better man.


Again, in retrospect, quite naïve of me. I had overlooked and was blind to this:


That, while Mr. Ibranyi did not say so plainly & openly, he surely DID, nonetheless, demonstrate, by his public action around ‘Mary’s Little Remnant’, that he viewed us as monastic or semi-monastic, that he was, inarguably, the ‘ABBOT’ and thus in authority over us (he being one of the Two Witnesses, recall), and that, as a result, what he decreed was NOT to be disagreed with in a significant way --- especially if you’re just a newbie to his group --- and that he could DETERMINE OUR FATES as he saw fit, being above & beyond any ecclesiastical law. Indeed, often IGNORANT of Church Law.


Second, while undeniably sincere & zealous for what he conceives as the ‘catholic religion’ (I apostrophe the phrase because, whilst he was truly Catholic at first and said some necessary & good things to start with, he has definitely deviated into rank schism of late, if not outright heresy), he, like the Dimond brothers with whom he was associated in the 1990s, being one of their ‘monks’, was incipiently Catholic fundamentalist (CF), and more & more so as the years have gone by. You may follow the link just given to find a relatively short & pithy description of CFs. The heart of their problem is arrogance allied with ignorance and a lack of patience to hear someone politely & intelligently explain to them where they’ve gone astray, or are mistaken. Allied with this propensity is a massive willingness to ‘blast into smithereens’ anyone who has the audacity to disagree with them and regardless of how courteously, charitably & intelligently or factually so. Or, to put it differently, they attack you cruelly with utmost spleen & venom. This Mr. Ibranyi has done zealously for years. I witnessed it from afar; I witnessed it up close several times; and I’ve witnessed it from afar again in the past decade. So what did I think of it then?


It made me uncomfortable sometimes, but it also was appealing, in a way, seeing someone who, surprisingly, was right about so many things at the time that no one else could seem to get figured out correctly. It was militant, and that can be attractive when you’re sick at heart of seeing lies & evil get their way for decades on end in the wake of the damnable Vatican II Pseudo-Council. I also thought, “What if he really is a prophet chosen by God to champion the Saving Truth?” Couldn’t be sure then, yet I couldn’t simply rule it out automatically. Ergo, I simultaneously tolerated it whilst a wee bit uncomfortable, too. Confusing? Welcome to the world we inhabit. Especially in the greatest apostasy ever known to humankind, apart from, barely, pre-Flood times.


Of course, after his heinous treatment of my wife, myself, and my family, my view necessarily changed. I didn’t instantly cleanse myself of all this bellicose rhetoric (some of my earliest writings on The Epistemologic Works can seem a bit overly strident --- I’d certainly phrase them at least a little differently now…), but I was never him. I simply am not fond of ‘blasting’ anyone or giving them no chance to speak up for themselves, nicely & intelligently, with civility. On the other hand, real Catholics are, occasionally, required to mince no words. Read some of the martyrs’ words, as they’re threatened and tortured, if you don’t believe me. I therefore try to strike a balance. This has never been Richard’s inclination. He loves to blast & savage, and doesn’t appear to be ‘moderating’ over long years. Having gotten to know him from 2003 to 2007, talking with him privately, asking him many questions about his early history, I can speculate intelligently about this. He’s from the Northeastern Corridor of the United States, having grown up in Newark, New Jersey. This is a brash part of the country, even by today’s belligerent & coarse ways. Similar to Pr. Trump, who is very blunt, Americans in this part of our land tend to be profane, exceedingly to the point, hyperbolic, crude & very talkative in their routine lives. It’s just who they are. Newark is also very rough and very poor, historically. Consequently, Mr. Ibranyi grew up with a kind of ‘street fighter’ mentality. One absolutely must out-hustle… as it were… everyone else in order to survive.


Not that Richard isn’t intelligent. He is. But he’s Northeastern Corridor and a hard scrapping, urban, out-hustle-everyone-else, street fighting, endowed-with-a-sense-of-great-purpose gentleman. In a word, a crusading soldier. Under proper training and a decent ecclesiastical authority, he could be a marvelous asset to the Church. And loyal devotees, as few as they are, apparently, serve him assiduously, a tremendous asset for him and his side. For them, his bellicose blasts are simply proof of how evil everyone else is who is at the receiving end of his verbal bombshells, and of how brave & truly chosen by God he must be so as to be willing & able to dare to talk that way. And, if that’s not enough, a lot of what he says --- even today --- is correct. He has points.


Right about everything? No. Increasingly wrong lately? Yes. Very confusing?


To say the least. Particularly for hungry souls or real Catholics looking for answers.


The belligerent attacks, though, are over the top. Too often, they are simply cruel & uncalled for. Mostly, they defy what good Church teaching & practice require of real Catholics, whether of some authority & jurisdiction, or merely lowly laypersons.


This is another reason to be extremely wary of Richard Ibranyi & his followers.


Third, he makes up ‘heresies’ out of nowhere. The most obvious is his by now very routine charge of ‘theophilosophy’. And what is this? Per him, as far as I’ve been able to comprehend --- and trying my best to be fair to him and his position --- it’s inducting that which we may call ‘philosophy’ into the practice of Catholic theology. Really, though, it must be understood that his conception of ‘philosophy’ is rather tainted… and limited. In his mind, as far as I’m able to ascertain, philosophy is nothing but ‘pagan’, period. Too, he’s rather surly and filled with animosity against those who are academics. On the one hand, to be fair to him, I do sympathize. Modernist scholars can be haughty, wicked, ill-willed & massively insane all at the same time. This is a symptom of living during the Great Apostasy, with demonic influence, lies & evil everywhere, unchecked. Hence, whilst the highly educated scholar can be very intelligent, this intelligence is warped, twisted, bent & misshaped toward the worst of all iniquity and anti-Catholicity.


All the same, does this mean that there is nothing good or useful in scholarship?


Or ‘philosophy’, if this much misunderstood word is fathomed correctly?


Of course not. No humble, learned or wise Catholic could think so.


This is where Mr. Richard Ibranyi --- and his adherents --- go so wrong when it comes to their accusation of a made-up-out-of-nowhere ‘heresy’ of ‘theophilosophy’. Mind you, we’re not pretending it’s black or white. He does have some points. Which makes it yet more confusing for the poor soul who reads or listens to his diatribes, not having a real ability to sort out the true from the false. Indeed, his writings & words are voluminous now, far too numerous & complex for even the well-trained Catholic to sort through. ’Twould take a truly gargantuan effort now, for several real Catholic scholars, over untold numbers of years, to really & fairly sort out the good from the bad. I haven’t strength & time to spare for this effort. All I can say is, “Beware.” It’s perilous.


Because ‘philosophy’ just means ‘love of wisdom’ in ancient Greek. And, since humankind has the Law of Natural Reason divinely written upon our hearts, then paganistic human beings, with enough intelligence, time & effort, can come up with plenty of good stuff, too, in the area of philosophy. Albeit, being pagan or otherwise blinded toward real Catholicity, then you’re almost certainly going to run into lots of mistaken or evil stuff as well. That’s the catch. Earliest Catholics were often converts from rank paganism and anti-Catholicity. Resultantly, if highly trained & learned, then they would have this pre-Catholic learning & philosophy. Quite naturally, they would frequently use it in their writings or ponderings, trying to sort out the good from the bad… with varying degrees of success. A learned convert to real Roman Catholicity faces a similar challenge today. You can’t just make-believe that you don’t know what you do truly know. But you also can’t willy nilly take what you know, from long education or thought, as surely ‘good’ or ‘true’ without examining it carefully, seeing if it’s decent, worthwhile to fit into the framework of Roman Catholicism & Her Infallible Dogmas. Savvy? Someone like Mr. Ibranyi --- and other CFs like him --- don’t get this. What’s more, they haven’t the wisdom, patience, learning or charity to evaluate philosophy in perfect fairness. They’ve got a great big chip on their shoulders, limited understanding, and a prejudice against anything that they don’t already accept as Catholic and correct. Consequently, like loose cannons, they go around blasting, with guns blazing, at any notion or person who they don’t like… and whether or not it’s accurate & fair. Or, alternatively put, they don’t care who they slander, who they misrepresent, or who they’ve hurt & brutalized unjustly. They are mental, verbal & social savages.


Not stupid, mind you. Not necessarily. Just uncivilized, barbaric savages.


And so Richard Ibranyi has, of late, condemned pretty much all (if not all) of the scholastic theologians, a whole lot of the early Church fathers, and all for sake of ‘protecting’ his so-called ‘catholicity’ against the threat of ‘theophilosophy’, a made up term and made up ‘heresy’. He may sometimes, or at least once in awhile, have a half way good point. Maybe. Yet this is why his version of the ‘roman catholic church’ is totally denuded of around half, maybe, of the saints, doctors, fathers & theologians. Because he accuses them of the ‘heresy’ of ‘theophilosophy’ and thinks they are then automatically excommunicated, if Catholic to begin with. For instance, St. Thomas Aquinas. Or St. Albert the Great. St. Bonaventure, too. Or St. Jerome (yes, the man responsible for giving us the Latin Vulgate translation of Sacred Scripture, what the Council of Trent infallibly assures us is our biblical gold standard). Or, turning to Ligouri, dearest St. Alphonsus. He has blasted doctors & saints left and right.


Understanding the peril? The deadly evil that he indulges? I hope so.


Which brings us to, fourth, his version of interregnumism. Remember that? You may read about the evidence for it here. It’s shocking to most people, who can’t imagine that God would punish His Own for being relentlessly, wantonly & carelessly bad for untold centuries --- and even though he did the very exact thing in the Old Testament, having the Chaldeans come in and take over Jerusalem and all Palestine with a gigantic army, after a horrific siege, and, killing most people, then carting off most of the rest to Babylon. Plus, pulling down the protective walls of Jerusalem, plundering the Holy Temple, as well as defiling it with their pagan presence, and burning or destroying what was left. Any true doubt, after this ancient example, that God would be willing to do similarly to His Own nowadays? Not a chance. Especially when you know that the Great Apostasy, which we endure now, has been long foretold --- and long in the making --- for centuries upon end. In other words, the Vatican II Pseudo-Council didn’t happen all of sudden, on a whim. A fable made for children! Satan’s tools… God’s enemies… had been perverting, attacking & undermining Catholics, Christendom & Catholicity for a long, long, long time. There’s been several lines of assault. One ultimate aim, however, has been the Papacy. Catholics, or those thinking they’re ‘catholic’, presume, pridefully, that a pope is ‘unassailable’ --- and that God would ‘never’ allow His Papacy to be punished for being wicked. Plainly, they’ve not read the Machabees [Maccabees], either, where Our Lord permitted a pope not only to be murdered, but antipopes set up in his stead for some 17 years. Again, go here to read Inter Regnum and find all of the ‘shocking’ evidence for what God clearly has allowed His Own to undergo, in both Old & New Covenant times, in punishment well deserved for our sins. The reality, whether historic or prophetic, is truly sobering.


Typically, though, when God punishes like this, it is unto the third or fourth generation. Not indefinitely, or perpetually. I.e., He eventually exhausts His Wrath and His Mercy, at this time, returns. A generation defined as anywhere between 20 and 30 years, then what, prithee, does this amount to? Right, anywhere from 60 to 80 years (3 x 20 = 60 and 4 x 20 = 80), or 90 to 120 years at the very most (3 x 30 = 90 and 4 x 30 = 120, natch). The ‘Babylonian Exile’ of the apostate Israelites, for instance, was a little less than about 70 years. Yet why 3 to 4 generations? Because by then, the 3rd or 4th generation, the people so hideously offensive to God --- the ultimately wicked & apostate generation --- is dead, and, if a very few of them not dead, then having suffered a long & horrible penance, sorry for, and humbly admitting, their grotesque iniquities. Meanwhile, the 3rd or 4th generation has had plenty of time, at least some of them, to figure out what happened, figure out just why it happened (because our forefathers were so extraordinarily wicked, hard hearted & totally clueless), and, coming to their collective (or adequately numerous) senses, at this point, realizing they need to throw themselves in abject humility upon their knees, begging for God’s Forgiveness & Mercy. That’s where we’re at right now, during the Great Apostasy. Seeing how abominable Antipope Francis is openly becoming, more, slowly ever more, persons… styling themselves as ‘catholic’… are slowly, like snails, ever so slowly realizing just how bad things really are and just how bad Our Creator is willing to let them get, until we finally get things right. Vatican II ended in 1965. Have we yet reached the limits of God’s Wrath? Not quite. We’re in the transition phase. At fifty-four years altogether now (almost), we can expect, probably, another 16 years --- perchance 20 or 30 or 40 (beyond this I find it dubious, in spite of our horrific sin, the thirty year generational estimate merely being an outside, most extreme boundary & most definitely not what I guess to be most likely) of God’s Wrath. Then the horrible Great Apostasy finished, we enter the utmost final phase of human history, if I grasp prophecy correctly, and God acts as all of the evidence leads me to conclude. Oh, incidentally, the 3 to 4 generation principle? Straight from Sacred Scripture.


You might want to read it sometime. It’s amazing what you can find out.


Whereas Mr. Richard Ibranyi, purported ‘witness of the apocalypse’ which he claims Christ has made him, now also claims --- since 2013, apparently, and some 6 years after our personal acquaintance broke off rather suddenly --- that God has allowed St. Peter’s Throne to sit empty since AD 1130. You read correctly. Per him, Our Lord has been punishing us for nearly 800 years unbroken. That’s some 30 to 40 generations.


Conservatively estimated, to be as fair as possible to poor Mr. Ibranyi.


And why, why has Richard gone to this extent at this point in time?


Well, there are several reasons, as far as I can tell. But it’s painful trolling through his materials (not to mention dangerous…), and I haven’t time to spare to do so regularly & thoroughly. Plus, while there may be extra information on his videos or etc., I’ve never preferred watching videos or listening to podcasts (although I do like some podcasts), since they tend to bore me, and always have since I was a teenager. It’s little known, nevertheless, psychologists have shown, in controlled experiments, that people who receive their news through video or TV are less well informed than those who get knowledge of the news via reading reputable & smart digital or print sources.


Surprised? You oughtn’t to be. Reading requires more thought.


Hence, reading --- if it’s well written --- is most informative.


Most of the time. Not always. It’s not totally cut-and-dried.


So don’t be a prig or Catholic fundamentalist about it.


In any case, Mr. Ibranyi’s non-reading materials may shed more light on his various fateful decisions. Notwithstanding, his written sources are more than enough to reveal what his thinking has been. Antipope Anacletus II began his false rule in AD 1130, he pretty much fooling the entire membership of the Roman Catholic Church at the time. Only the miraculous & dogged efforts of Ss. Bernard of Clairvaux & Norbert slowly disabused Catholics of their terribly mistaken notions about Anacletus, the debacle ending after some 10 years of massive confusion & confrontation. Yes, that is, ‘shockingly’, what God let Catholics fall into, that far back in history.


Very instructive. Unfortunately, Mr. Richard Ibranyi took it and, along with his made-up-out-of-nowhere ‘heresy’ --- aforesaid ‘theophilosophy’, plus, perchance, some other CF ideas, too --- then concluded, horribly awry, that God never returned a rightful Roman Bishop to St. Peter’s Throne, He instead permitting His Church to be without a real & legitimate shepherd --- a true pope --- FOR NEARLY 8 CENTURIES STRAIGHT.


Getting it? And that’s not everything, even. Other repercussions follow.


For example, because he’s concluded this… that there’s been no real pope for almost eight hundred years… then anyone who has acknowledged the supposed ‘antipopes’, that he claims God has permitted to fool everyone for 800 years, is, ipso facto, in ‘apostasy’. Um hm. You’ve got it. Dare to say Innocent III in the 1200s was a pope? Then, per Mr. Ibranyi, you’re a heretic, schismatic or apostate and certainly not Catholic for doing so. Have the audacity to honor Pius V as a pope in the 1500s? The same. He will blast & scathe you as non-Catholic for doing so. Or Leo XIII in the 1800s? Likewise.


This includes saints & doctors.


St. Teresa of Avila? Not a saint, or a doctor, per him. St. Robert Bellarmine? Similarly. And on and on. Thousands upon thousands of saints, with tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of supernatural miracles to back them up are, per Richard, ‘tools of the devil’, and Our Creator has permitted Lucifer to work astonishing miracles through such tools, centuries upon centuries upon centuries on end, deceiving the world without respite, in confusion unparalleled since… well… never. The Great Apostasy that someone like I assert, at least, is indeed paralleled by the days of St. Noe [Noah], as Jesus tells us in Gospel revelation within Sacred Scripture, not to mention innumerable prophetic apparitions, saints, tradition and etc., etc. Richard’s version of events, though?


Both unparalleled and unforetold. He is the first, prophetically or presently.


But, then, he’s the ‘apocalyptic witness’, eh? As he would have it.


And even without any globally jawdropping miracles.


I’d say he’s on thin ice. Really, really, really thin.


By the way, while it’s been some years since I’ve interacted with Mr. Ibranyi in person, from viewing processional pics on his site, it seems he’s kept a similar style & demeanor. This is for the cautious reader to be able to identify him and be wary --- not to attack him or mock him. He sports very severely cut & short hair on his head, with a large, flowing, patriarchal beard. He must be around 60 years old now, but, as far as I can see, he still continues to maintain his strong & capable physique. He’s tall. If friendly toward you, Newark accent & talkativeness are his immediate characteristics. If belligerent, he utilizes name-calling & put-downs, even to the point of crudeness. Incidentally, he & his family discovered, to their surprise when he was younger, that they are of Jewish descent. (Destroying all the more the Modernist myth that most people styling themselves as any kind of ‘catholic’ --- and whether really so or not --- are ‘anti-Semitic’. I never thought his Jewishness a ‘problem’, nor did anyone under his leadership, who are not Jewish.) He is certainly intelligent… and fairly well-informed about many ecclesiastical matters after, literally, decades of study. However, he is no scholar. He’s like a technician or a specialist: really good at some things, not so much with nuance or the big picture.


At any rate, you see the peril. You perceive the threat. You understand, I trust, the astonishing confusion, deception, schism and (potentially, leastwise) the true heresy his position now represents and leads into. For Mr. Richard Ibranyi and his fervent followers to obstinately deny real ecclesial authority and jurisdiction, however many centuries ago particular popes or bishops reigned, when, with adequate intelligence, you could (and ought to!) know better, amounts to a vile & reprehensible schism. The other side of heresy; both are damnable. If adequately intelligent, this is NOT ever ‘excusable’.


See the danger? Mr. Richard Ibranyi is a pied piper, leading souls to hell forever.


This is why I warn, this is why I admonish, and this is why I digitally publish.


But why not personal communication to him first, given former relations?


Initially, after saving my family, I wanted to watch carefully & closely.


Then seeing he was only getting worse, I prayed & pondered.


And frankly, this admonishment is extremely unpleasant.


I really don’t take pleasure in it. It’s not fun.


But I realized, given enough time & evidence, how he would respond. The same approach he always takes --- blast away, savagely. He’s a public figure, by his own free will choice. I am therefore not obligated to personally communicate with him again. And, without heavenly guidance to the contrary, my conscience is utterly free to choose this course of action. If he reads it, fine. I devoutly hope, pray & ask for his salvation! May Heaven pour graces into his heart & mind, converting him back to real Catholicism. Howsoever, if he doesn’t, then you, at a bare minimum, dear & beloved soul, have received intelligent & factual warning about him, knowing the peril. And I tell you:


Beware Richard Ibranyi & ‘Mary’s Little Remnant’, his fervent adherents.


They are not truly Roman Catholic anymore, and they are perilous.


But if you’ve any hard facts to the contrary, please tell me.


Courteously, of course, and with civilized intelligence.


And pray for him & they, that they be Catholic again.


Otherwise, the facts are quite clear. He’s Bad News.


Luciferianly so… furthering the Great Apostasy.


+ + +


Pilate’s query met:



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