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How Can It Be Possible to Know Jesus Is God Forever?


The same way God exists uncreated and made everything out of nothing.


This same God can make us ‘look’ like Him and talk to us, teaching us what we need to know.


If ants were intelligent enough, how would you talk to ants and teach them something? Right, you’d speak their language or become one of them to talk to them face-to-face. God made us more important than ants, but it’s the same thing when you get right down to it.


Every so often, Our Creator chooses someone to speak to us for Him, so that this person can tell us what He wants us to know. Such people, called ‘prophets’ or ‘apostles’, then prove that they’re divinely chosen by not contradicting what earlier true prophets or apostles said, and either telling us about something in the future that comes true or else doing something that is truly a miracle or sometimes both.


Even more amazing, Our Creator chose to become one of us --- Jesus Christ. And they all teach us the exact same thing. Prophets, Apostles & Jesus Himself tell us that He’s been God forever, not to mention all of the unmatched miracles Jesus did to prove that He’s God!


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