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Isn’t the Trinity Kind of Unbelievable?


Oh, I don’t know. What if I were to tell you that I think you’re kind of ‘unbelievable’?


Don’t mean to insult you or make a pointless joke. Just pointing out the obvious… how can anybody know certain things about you unless you tell them first? For instance, how am I supposed to know you went to Africa thirty years ago, well before I ever knew you, unless you tell me that you did?


Okay, now think about God. We have a beginning and He exists without a beginning.


So how can we know certain things about Him unless He first tells us about Himself?


You may want to think the Trinity is ‘unbelievable’. Yet we’re talking about the Uncreated Creator here, Who is way beyond our everyday mortal, physical & limited existence. So when the Maker, through His Prophets, Apostles & He Himself, tells us He’s Three Persons in One God… what’s so ‘unbelievable’?


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