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It’s Mind Boggling… How Could God Become One of Us?


I agree. It is mind boggling. I like it, though… boggling my mind, that is.


Scientists love boggling their minds with new discoveries. Sports fans love boggling their minds with the incredible victories of their favorite team or athlete. Real & good Catholics love boggling their minds thinking about the really, really, really amazing truth that He became one of us, the Incarnation.


Like we said before, this shows how much He loves us and how special we are.


Special, because He made us ‘look’ like Him. Then, after we foul everything up with our sin & disobedience, He makes us even more special by becoming one of us. And just so He could teach us Face-to-face about Himself, tell us how we are to religiously believe & act, and to die for us, at our own evil hands, on the Cross, so that at least some of us will become Roman Catholic and save our souls.


This is mind boggling. But not impossible. He made everything out of nothing, remember?


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