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Is Jesus the Only Christ?




He’s merely the Most Important Christ by far, ever, period.


For instance, the ‘Buddha’ of ‘Buddhism’ is most often translated into English as the ‘Enlightened’ or ‘Awakened’ One. However, at least once in awhile, educated people have said ‘Buddha’ can mean the ‘Anointed One’. What’s more, at least some ancient Buddhists have said the Buddha was ceremonially ‘anointed’ prior to his ‘birth’ as a mere man, and --- were that not enough --- some say the Buddha prophesied about the Jesus Christ to come some five hundred years later.


Or look at King St. David in the Bible. St. Samuel the Prophet anointed him to be the next King of Israel after their first (and bad) king, Saul. And David is the human & legal ancestor of Jesus Christ!


Buddha may have taught some very good things… but don’t be Buddhist. St. David was certainly important in God’s Sight, which is why Jesus Christ is King Above All Kings. But there’s one more thing that Jesus has, which is why God ‘anointed’ Him and gave Him to us little yet unique human beings.


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