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So What’s So Special About Jesus Christ?


He’s God from All of Eternity.


Our Uncreated Creator is Three Persons in One God.


Jesus Christ is the Son, the Second Person of this ‘Trinity’ of Divine Persons. He is Everlastingly Begotten (comes from) the First Person, the Father. And the Third Person, the Holy Ghost, Everlastingly Proceeds from (comes out of) both the Father and the Son.


Confused or skeptical? Just be humble and believe that it’s true. One more thing, though.


God the Father chose to have His Eternally Divine Son become a mere human being, a man, in the Immaculate (Sinless & Perfect) Womb of His Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. Real Roman Catholics call this the Incarnation and it’s why Our Maker selected Him to be the ‘Anointed One’.


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