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Why Do I Have to Understand the Incarnation & Believe in It?


Because everyone since Adam & Eve, except for Jesus & Mary, is born with Original Sin.


This Sin is mortal, making us horribly disgusting & unholy, fit only for hell forever. Our Creator is All Holy and cannot mix or live forever with the horribly unholy. The Incarnation is God loving us so much, showing us mercy that we don’t deserve (since most of us go on to willfully sin against, and disobey, Him with abandon)… and all so that we can be in Heaven with Him neverendingly… for an Eternity.


“And no man hath [no human being ever has] ascended into heaven, but [except for] he that descended from heaven, the Son of man who is in heaven [Jesus Christ, God’s Anointed One, Who is fully God from All of Eternity and fully Man from His Conception in Ever-Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Womb].” (John 3:13 DRC)


So most of us human beings have never ‘descended from’ Heaven, have we? No, not if we’re sane & honest. So how are we ever going to ‘ascend into’ Heaven someday, left to ourselves, weak, limited & sinful?


Right --- God Himself, the Second Person, the Everlastingly Begotten Son of the Father, takes on a Sacred Humanity, becoming one of us little human beings (what Catholics call the Hypostatic Union’), and tells us everything we need to know, believe & profess in order to be in good enough agreement with, and in good enough obedience to, His Holy Mind. Then, and only then, can He make us perfectly holy through the Sacrament of Baptism and, if we die as good Catholics (we call this ‘dying in the state of grace’), then He can take us up into Heaven as part of His Body, the Roman Catholic Church. So if we don’t care to find out, or think it’s not worth believing in, the Incarnation… then why in the world should God think it worthwhile to have lazy or rebellious people like us with Him in Heaven Forever, as if we’re on His Side and perfectly holy like Him, worthy of being at His Side forever & ever, world without end, amen?


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