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How Can Someone ‘Belong’ to Jesus’ Body?


It’s called the ‘Mystical’ Body of Christ, which is solely the very visible Catholic Church.


Members of This Body, This Church, aren’t connected physically & directly in the ordinary sense. Howsoever, we are physically linked, mystically, by means of the Holy Ghost, which is the Soul of This Mystical Body. And the ‘mark’ of water baptism may be invisible to us, but it’s real & visible to God.


It shows all Heaven who on earth belongs to Him. The Sacrament of Baptism, Real & Valid, links us continually to His Body until we die (if in the state of grace, then forever after we die, too). And Profession of Faith, Whole & Entire, links us continually to His Mind until we die (if in the state of grace, then forever after we die as well).


Starting to get it? We can’t usually see these things straight out with our everyday eyes on earth. Yet we can see them with the eyes of our mind, knowing it’s true because of a Whole & Rational Catholic Faith.


And don’t be put off by the word ‘mystical’. It’s not New Agey or goofy. It just means something that we can’t completely understand here in this life, normally, but which we can understand enough, together with a rational (not blind!) Roman Catholic Faith, to know it is perfectly, solidly & doubtlessly true --- indeed, that human beings really can be part of His Body and thus become His Wife.


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