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So You’re Saying Everyone Should Be United About the Truth?


A lot of things aren’t important to know and not everyone needs to know something even if it is important for some people to know. But if something is truly important for everybody to know, then everyone can know the truth about it since it is real.


Something that is real is something that anyone can see, just as long as they look where they need to look and take the time to think it through carefully.


God’s Purpose for human existence is truly important to know. He gave us minds & wills for this very reason and the truth about His Purpose for us is thus something that all human beings should be united upon.


So if most people nowadays don’t know --- or refuse to do what they need to do even if they do know --- then it’s because they don’t care. They want something else more than they want to know the truth about why we exist.


They’d rather follow their whims than look for God’s Purpose. Their hearts are like ice toward His Truth.


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