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Isn’t Truth Relative, Don’t We All Have Our Own Truth?


Truth is what is real. Something is either real, or it’s not.


If by ‘relative’ you mean circumstances differ, then you’re right. It could be raining in Pennsylvania while at the same time totally dry in California.


And if by ‘own truth’ you mean someone’s experience or opinion, then that’s right, too. One person might know how to build houses while another is an accountant, or one person might think fruitcake tastes awful while someone else loves it.


Yet most people mean truth isn’t real. They make ‘truth’ into a nonsense word.


They do this because if they admit that truth is real and that everyone can know it, then nobody has an excuse for not finding God’s Purpose for our existence. Everybody with a mind & will can discover it, everybody can see the facts and should be able to agree about it!


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