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  The Feast of St. Didacus, 2010 (11-13-10)



Added another article, The Infallible Magisterium Has Not Yet Ruled Out the Possibility of So-Called ‘Baptism of Desire’ for Catechumens, in the Books & Articles (B&A) section. The next step in my battle against what I call ‘catholic fundamentalism’, it is an excerpt from a letter I sent earlier this year to a former Catholic brother of mine who has now entered into schism against me over, amongst other things, the very issue mentioned in the title of this latest article. Confused, dear reader, about this subject? Not sure if it’s permissible for Catholics to hold the opinion that catechumens can die ‘accidentally’ and still, potentially, enter into Heaven without water baptism? Or, maybe, you are a Catholic fundamentalist but aren’t so arrogant as to pretend to be ‘infallible’ in your interpretation of the words of the Magisterium and hence are willing to read the simple good sense and solid evidence of what I have said against your schismatic stance? Then dig in! The matter is, truly, a grave sin against charity and leads to Hell if you’re proudly stubborn about it.


Meanwhile, I’m continuing my renovation of the website by slowly changing over the standard text font of old posts to 14.


  The Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Saviour, 2010 (11-9-10)


Added the article, The Hideous Schism of Catholic Fundamentalism, in the Books & Articles (B&A) section. A condensation of the principles for judging accusations of heresy as found in the Was Benedict XV an Antipope? book --- but without the intricacy & details (or length) --- it addresses the new allegations launched against Leo XIII by those who touted similar accusations against Benedict XV last year. It also describes the erroneous mentality of what I call ‘catholic fundamentalism’, which inevitably manifests itself as the most grievous (and almost always mortal) sin of schism.


Also revamped the website’s design. Not radically so, yet added another vertical bar to the frames, which I entitle the ‘quicklinks’ bar. In it surfers of the web may now find direct links to the most recent posts, as well as links to highlighted pages. Too, I decided to change the font size on the homepage. I started out with large font due to my concern that older folks might get discouraged trying to read smaller characters (which is a big concern when your website is almost all text and you are genuinely concerned about the eternal welfare of all of your readers!). However, I’m convinced that now even older readers are so used to browsing the web --- and their software so very capable --- that they can easily enlarge their browser’s view without me having to cater to their particular need. Hence, I shrunk the font from 16 to 14 on all standard text. I intend to do this with other pages, too, but it’ll take several weeks to gradually complete the task.


Finally, a word about the feast day and the length of time it’s taken for an update to the site. Part of the delay is because I’m very busy with other things. Another part of the delay is, it seems to me, that the Devil is working harder to oppose my efforts (which is why, if you’re truly Catholic, I covet your prayers on my behalf). And part of the delay is simply that I’ve bided my time before posting things that might offend some people who are supposed to be Catholic. At any rate, this is why it’s been exactly 280 days (40 weeks precisely) since my last update on 2 February 2010. This happens to be the period of gestation for a baby in the womb. Let us pray, then, that this latest spiritual & intellectual newborn grows strong and pious, bearing much fruit on the website!


But about the feast day itself? Ah, the Basilica of St. Saviour is the ancient name of what is now known as the Basilica of St. John Lateran. St. John because one of the side chapels of this huge sanctuary in olden times was dedicated to St. John the Baptist (not St. John the Evangelist, as some mistakenly think) and Lateran because the family in long ago Roman Empire times that used to own the property was surnamed the Laterani. The sanctuary itself, though, since the early fourth century when it was first built, has been the cathedral church of the Roman Diocese --- and, ergo, the cathedral sanctuary of all Catholics throughout the world. From the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then, to the dedication of the Cathedral of the Entire World, wherever Catholics may be found. There has been a constantly strong connection between Mary & Peter. Ancient graffiti found under the altar in St. Peter’s Basilica confirms this. Moreover, on the Day of Pentecost an early Church father tells us that the tongues of fire from the Holy Ghost first appeared upon Mary’s head, and then upon Peter’s, prior to resting upon the heads of all of the other disciples gathered there in the upper room in Jerusalem. There is a gestation, then, from purification to dedication, from the presentation of the Christ Child in the Temple of the Old Law to the consecration of the leading Temple on earth during the New Law, wherein may soon be found His Holy Presence again, I pray, along with that of His Ever-Blessed Virgin Mother!


  The Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 2010 (2-2-10)


Twenty-four new very short webpages added to the Straight & Simple (S&S) section. All of these together create a new category called Understanding Church. This is in addition to the category of seventeen webpages already posted in S&S, called Understanding Truth (which has been changed slightly from the title of Concerning Truth that it bore earlier).


Don’t think God has a Church --- and one Church alone --- or don’t know as much about God’s Church as you should? Then take a look at these pages. No page in S&S is more than five very brief paragraphs (except for the title page, which lists all of the other pages), and most of the paragraphs are only one or two sentences at most. This is Eternal Salvation we’re talking about, my dear reader… you can’t afford to be wrong about the One & Only Church that God started. So take a look!


Today is the Feast of the Virgin Mary’s Purification. Under the Law of the Old Testament Church, a new mother could not enter the women’s court of the Temple in Jerusalem until the 39th day after her son’s birth (the 79th day if it was a girl). Counting as the Jews of the Old Covenant counted, this was the 40th or 80th day by their reckoning (since they counted inclusively, including the day that the event happened on). Hence, February 2nd is the 40th day from December 25th, when Jesus was born, counting inclusively by including the day of December 25th (counting exclusively by excluding the day of December 25, there are only 39 days after December 25th). On this 40th or 80th day, the new mother entered the women’s court of the Temple and received ablution (baptism) from the hands of the priest. This ritually cleansed her from the uncleanness of childbirth. Part of the Curse on Humankind for the Sin of Adam & Eve was that women would suffer terrible pains during childbirth. It also is obvious, to anyone who has ever witnessed the birth of a baby, that it is bloody & messy. None of this would have been the case had Adam & Eve not sinned. It is the bloodiness, though, that makes it unclean. However precious a miracle it is otherwise --- and it is a precious miracle --- it is a miracle mired in uncleanness due to our sin.


The Blessed Virgin Mary did not have any uncleanness to be washed away by Old Testament baptism. This is because She was conceived immaculately in Her mother’s womb, not having any sin passed on to Her, and kept Herself unsullied from sin for the rest of Her life. This is why God chose Her to bear His Son, Jesus. Jesus, being God and perfect, needed a mother unstained by sin to bear Him Who has no sin --- not to mention that, since She gave Him His Flesh, She could not have done so without giving Him sinful flesh if She Herself was born in sin. If you don’t understand this very well --- or are extremely skeptical --- then please go to the Home Page of The Epistemologic Works and scroll down past the picture of Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe until you reach the Mary Exalted article. Read this article entirely, especially the latter part where it goes into some detail of commentary on a passage from the Apocalypse (what Protestants call ‘Revelation’). It will enlighten you greatly.


So why did Mary enter the Temple to be purified?


Because She was perfectly obedient to God. Just as Her Son, Jesus, did not need to be baptized by St. John the Baptist (the reader will remember John’s protestations against baptizing Jesus, saying that, instead, Jesus should baptize him!), so Mary had no uncleanness to ceremonially wash away after Jesus’ birth. Jesus was conceived in Her Womb miraculously, and Jesus came out of Her Womb miraculously, too! There was no bloodiness or mess. His birth was miraculous & clean, leaving Her a perpetual virgin. And just as Jesus gave us the example that we should be baptized, entering His Body, the Church, so, also, did Mary give us the example that we should be baptized, being washed clean from our sins. This is what happens in a baptism of water that is correctly bestowed during the New Testament, giving a person a fresh start by being born again --- truly, a new birth in life!


Incidentally, the Purification of Mary is known as well as the Presentation of Jesus since, in going to the Temple to be ritually purified, She presented Jesus to the priest at the Temple in Jerusalem, who in turn gave ablution (baptism, which was prefigured in the Old Testament Church) to Jesus, too.


Finally, yesterday was the Feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch. His veneration has been much neglected by Catholics during the last one thousand years. And yet he was one of the greatest of saints from the first two centuries A.D. (he died martyred in AD 109 in Rome). He also is the biggest reason I converted to the Catholic Church (I was raised an Evangelic Protestant, what others call a Protestant Evangelical). I started reading what the earliest Christians wrote --- and which we still have available to us till this day, translated by Protestant scholars! --- and discovered, to my shock, that they were thoroughly Catholic and not one single bit Protestant in their teaching or practices. Ignatius of Antioch was particularly powerful evidence. He knew the Apostles Peter, John & Paul personally, wrote a letter to the Virgin Mary (and got a response), and was bishop of the very church (Antioch) in which the Apostle Paul started his life as a new Christian and over which the Apostle Peter was the very first bishop (before later moving on to Rome in Italy). And his seven existing letters literally drip with Catholic teaching and Catholic practice from every single page! One example out of dozens upon dozens that I could give you:


“Continue to gather together, each and every one of you, collectively and individually by name, in grace, in faith and one Jesus Christ… in order that you may obey the bishop and the priests with an undisturbed mind, breaking one bread, which is the medicine of immortality, the antidote we take in order not to die but to live forever in Jesus Christ.” (St. Ignatius of Antioch’s Letter to the Ephesians 20:2b-c, e-g, emphasis added)


In one fell swoop he upholds both obedience to the leaders of the Catholic Church (bishop & priests) and teaches the Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist (what Protestants often call ‘communion’) as the means of living forever with Jesus Christ, being the “medicine of immortality”!


Too, a mere week ago (January 26th) was the Feast of St. Polycarp of Smyrna, another marvelous saint of old whose writings played a heavy role in my conversion to the Catholic Faith. He also knew the Apostles Peter, John & Paul personally, and the Blessed Virgin Mary as well! One example out of many that he said:


“For it is good to be cut off from the sinful desires in the world, because every “fleshly desire wages war against the soul” (1 Peter 2:11), and “neither fornicators nor the effeminate nor homosexuals will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10), nor those who do perverse things. Therefore one must keep away from all these things and be obedient to the priests and deacons as you would to God and Christ.” (St. Polycarp of Smyrna’s Letter to the Philippians 5:3c-h, emphasis added)


In one swift thrust he smashes the lie that ‘faith alone’ saves a man while good works are worthless for salvation, and upholds, as well, obedience to the leaders of the Catholic Church (priests & deacons)!


Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God Almighty, and Ss. Ignatius of Antioch & Polycarp of Smyrna, pray for us!


  The Feast of the Nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2009 (12-25-09)


Three new letters added to the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section.


The first, A Little Bit More About Me, the Salvation Dogma Defended Very Explicitly, and Why Sedevacantism Must Explain Our Crisis, is a continuation of an earlier letter, A Little About Myself, Why I Designed the Website as I Did, and How Sedevacantism Explains the Quandary We’re in Today, posted a few months ago. Have doubts about sedevacantism, or mock it mindlessly without bothering to study the thesis seriously? Then these two epistles are for you, especially the latest one, which by hard evidence & powerful logic shows that sedevacantism is not merely plausible but, indeed, the only thing that fits the facts.


The second, The Myth of Overpopulation & the Wickedness of Birth Control, addresses a very hot topic nowadays. Practically everyone in the western part of the world, at least, has rejected children as a gift & necessity of marriage between man & woman. Hence, the person who dares to reject so-called ‘birth control’ is persona non grata if he dares to bring this up. Meanwhile, lots of people today try to morally justify their very immoral behaviour by pretending that they are ‘saving’ the earth by doing so. I.e., by rejecting children in marriage --- whether totally or limited to one or two kids --- they imagine that the earth is a better place, being too ‘crowded’ or ‘overwhelmed’ by the numbers of human beings living presently. Bought into this notion, my dear soul? Then this epistle is for you. It’s very brief and to the point… perfect for the reader who refuses to stomach more.


The third, The Term ‘Co-Redemptress’ for the Blessed Virgin Mary Is Neither Heretical Nor Scandalous to the Catholic Faith, tackles the rather strange & obtuse idea of late that this title is forbidden by the infallible teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. Some even dare to say that the title is ‘disrespectful’ toward God’s Mother! Confused by this stance, dear reader? Or adamantly convinced that the claim is true? Imitate the Blessed Virgin by showing humility and studying this epistle. In it you will find ironclad reasoning, grounded in the teachings of the Church, for why ‘Co-Redemptress’ is more than just permissible --- it’s practically demanded by the reality of what God happily gave Her!


Too, I have added one more page to the series of webpages recently posted to the Straight & Simple (S&S) section concerning the topic of Truth. These very easy & brief pages now total 17 instead of 16 as before. Haven’t seen them yet? Then glance at them now in S&S. Pick & choose, or go straight through all seventeen in a few minutes.


Lots of other little tweaks added here and there. Some are typos corrected, others are webmaster’s notes directing readers to other pages related to what they’ve been reading in a certain place. Still others are updates to the Home Page, linking to new posts.


O Light of the World and Creator of All That Exists! You dwell in light inexpressible, clothing Yourself with the stuff of this creation in order to enable men to perceive that which is unperceivable. When it wears out, You shall change it like we change garments. But You, O King above all other kings and Leader above all other leaders, are always the same from all of Eternity, being infinite, needing nothing, and full of Grace & Truth. How can we see You and live? Yet You draped Yourself in our humanity, the veil of human flesh hiding that which would destroy us in order that we might live and see You Face-to-face in Highest Heaven forevermore some day! Make us clean & light, burn us of all the dross & opacity that weighs us down in the things of this corrupt earth, fallen by our father’s sin. The Second Adam You are, the Son of God as well as Son of Mary, yet never, like the First, departing from his Father’s House. O Self-Subsisting God! May we subsist in You by our baptisms, never to leave Your Side or Your Embrace.


O Holy Infant of Prague, we adore Thee and worship Thee in Thy humble manger.


  The Feast of the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 2009 (12-18-09)


Revamped the Straight & Simple (S&S) section. The one short article posted to it previously, Betrayed, I have put in The Great Apostasy section since it deals with this very subject. Sixteen new webpages are now in S&S, linked horizontally in sequence. They address the subject of Truth, a series of single questions answered very briefly one after another. Other categories of questions will be forthcoming.


Don’t have the time, patience, ability or interest to read longer & more complex writings, my dear soul? Then the S&S section is for you. Dig in and enjoy!


Various other little things tweaked & corrected here and there. For instance, the hyperlinks in the Creeds pages now change color to white when the websurfer’s cursor hovers over them --- something the other webpages already do, but somehow got missed when the creeds were first posted.


Originally celebrated by Catholics in Spain during the middle of the first millennium, the Feast of the Expectation later spread to the rest of the Church in the centuries following. Inspired by the Feast of the Annunciation which occurs every March 25th, the children of the Blessed Virgin, Her Son’s members of His Roman Catholic Body, venerate their Heavenly Mother by recollecting Her holy sentiments & eager anticipation as She approached Jesus’ Birth on December 25th.


O Virgin Most Holy, how Your Soul must have thrilled at the thought of the Greatest Event that Creation had ever known. That God Almighty would clothe Himself in Human Flesh --- Your Flesh, the Flesh given by You to Him within Your Sacred Womb! --- and live amongst men and accomplish their Redemption.


  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, 2009 (12-8-09)


New posts in the Prayers & Devotions section of the website, opening a subsection called Prayers of Contrition & Penance. One is entitled An Act of Contrition, the other A Thorough Contritional Prayer.


Consider yourself Catholic, dear reader? Yet don’t take confession of sin seriously? Then you need to look at these entries. Consider yourself Catholic and yet do take confession of sin seriously, but don’t quite know what to do when a lawful & truly Catholic priest is nowhere to be found? Then you also need to take a long look at these entries. The Great Apostasy makes things harder, nevertheless, it’s not impossible. Meanwhile, if you don’t examine your conscience carefully, confess your sins meticulously and practice penance assiduously, then you won’t go to Heaven and no matter how Catholic you are! Being Catholic only gives one a Hope for Salvation; whereas being a good Catholic is what gives you a reasonable Hope for this Salvation. Don’t neglect confession & penance or practice them horribly and expect to escape Hell!


The Beloved Queen of Highest Heaven, the Perpetually Virginal Mary, was conceived immaculate upon this day without any stain of sin. No one except Jesus, Her Divine Son, shares a similar distinction. And it is because Jesus, as God, had to be conceived without sin that Mary Herself, mere creature though She was, had to be conceived immaculately by the prevenient grace of the Almighty Creator prior to Jesus’ Conception.


Call yourself Catholic but don’t understand this? Then take a look at the first half of the article, Mary Exalted, already long posted on the Home Page of The Epistemologic Works. Just scroll down past the introductory stuff and the picture of the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and start reading. Pay especially close attention to the latter portion where it goes into the scriptural passage from the twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse (or ‘Revelation’ to those who are not Catholic).


Call yourself Christian, a bible believer, a follower of Jesus --- or whatever --- and yet don’t want to believe all of this Catholic teaching about Christ’s Mother? Then do the same thing… read Mary Exalted carefully & thoroughly, setting aside your prejudices in the meantime. I designed it just for you, my dear soul, and you can benefit from it by not pretending to be infallibly right about your ‘spiritual beliefs’ or never-wrong when interpreting your bible. And if you have trouble understanding it, then go to the Contact & Donations section and find out how to reach me. I’d be glad to help you.


O Root of Jesse conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!


  The Feast of St. Wenceslaus, Duke & Martyr, 2009 (9-28-09)


Glorious upholder of the True Faith of Roman Catholicism against the murderous wickedness of his own mother & brother, pray for us! St. Wenceslaus is the ‘Good King Wenceslaus’ of the still-famous Christmas carol sung even by Protestant heretics on rare occasion, although no one remembers its lyrics without a songbook to refer to. In the five verses of these lyrics are told the tale of how charitable this man was. Despite being the Duke of Bohemia (or king, as later terminology would put it) and wealthy leader of a powerful Catholic land, he himself went about in the deep wintry cold to bring firewood & food to those of his subjects who were poor, freezing and without proper cheer during the festive days of Christmastide. Specifically, the song is set on December 26th, which is the Feast of St. Stephen, the first martyr for the Catholic Religion as recorded for us to read in the Book of Acts in Sacred Scripture (Christmastide lasts from December 25th to January 6th, which is the Feast of the Epiphany --- hence the ‘twelve days of Christmas’).


Have added two letters to the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section of The Epistemologic Works website.


The first, Catholics Are Forbidden to Worship With Those Who Are Not Catholic… and This is Where the Catholic Church Has Said So!, in eight pages shows, from the authoritative statements of the Roman Catholic Church, how no member of the Church is permitted to join in the religious ceremonies or prayers of those who belong to a false religion. Even if the persons concerned call themselves ‘catholic’ and look very Catholic, having 99% of the dogmas of the Catholic Religion correct, it matters not. Anyone who is openly obstinate in denying a holy & infallible dogma of the Church is a heretic, being outside the Church, and thus not Catholic! This is a matter of eternal salvation, so please, I beg you, dear soul, to read this webpage if you have ever thought otherwise. The Triune God of the Catholic Church is a jealous God, and grievously offended when His children mingle religiously with the children of the Devil, those who are outside the Catholic Church.


The second, What Makes People So Self-Righteous About the Metric System?, is a letter I wrote recently to a science-oriented website, commenting on the curious intolerance of metric supporters toward those who prefer a different measuring system. Never thought this was important or worth pondering, my dear reader? Then take a look at this very brief letter. It’s only one page and shows that the metric system --- far from being simply an innocent paragon of measurement ‘efficiency’ --- is in reality one facet of the modern crusade for internationalism. Not that metric is intrinsically evil, but that its originators were not necessarily behind it for mere efficiency’s sake, and the fruit that it bears in its present-day proponents --- arrogance & intolerance --- is proof of something lurking behind the scenes, like telltale smoke which warns of a fire. Check it out!


Too, I have made several tweaks to parts of the website, most notably to the home page. Scrolling down from the top, you now find that I have made a compact statement about the nature & source of truth, laden with scriptural references, and all pointing to the infallible fact that God is the Origin of All Truth, Jesus is His Revelation of This Truth, and that Jesus’ Body, the Catholic Church, is the Pillar & Foundation of This Same Truth. In short, I have stated succinctly the essence of epistemology in the grandest sense --- and the purpose of this website. Then, scrolling down from there, you will now see many direct links to various webpages on this site, aimed at either those who call themselves Christian, or those who consider themselves Catholic.


Finally, I have added a chunk to the A Note to the Reader for the Was Benedict XV an Antipope? book, and a Webmaster’s Note at the end of Chapter 12 of the book. Why?


Because I fear that too many people who go by the name of Catholic --- and may even really be so --- are oblivious to the danger of despising those who are God’s chosen men to rule over His people. Such persons are so used to denying the purported papacies of the last five antipopes (John XXIII to Benedict XVI) that they are callous & hardened to the possibility of rashly denying the true & legitimate papacies of other men who came right before the antipopes in Rome during recent times (i.e., during the last century or two). And the situation is not helped by the fact that such men, while truly popes, were very probably rather rotten popes, and hence not very wise or very holy in all of their words & actions.


The bottom line is this, though:


It doesn’t matter if a man is a bad pope. He’s still the pope. And it doesn’t matter if he ruled some time ago. You still need to acknowledge him as such if you’re going to call yourself Catholic. Nor does it matter if they did nothing significant… say, they only ruled for a few days and then died. He was still the pope. And a pope is God’s man, period. To carelessly, rashly, or stubbornly & obstinately deny such a man’s papacy is, therefore, the same as to deny Jesus Christ on earth. If you haven’t the ability or will to investigate the matter properly & carefully, then stick with caution. Follow previous Catholics’ lead and accept such men as popes. Whereas if you do have the ability to investigate the matter properly & carefully, yet refuse to ponder thoroughly or patiently all sides in the argument, and you then rashly & stubbornly join with previous deniers to slander such men as antipopes, then you are schismatic and placing yourself outside God’s Catholic Church, failing to acknowledge one of Her succession of visible heads. Your ‘sincerity’ in the topic is irrelevant. Lots of sincere people go to Hell. What’s more, such ‘sincerity’ is too often a ruse, being but a guise for impatience & pride, not wanting to admit that you could be wrong or not wanting to take the time to find out if you truly are right, with all of your ducks in a row.


For the record, then, this is what I added to the A Note to the Reader:


Which leads me to very clearly warn those who consider themselves Catholic:


Wrongly accusing a man of being an antipope is a grievous evil, an act of schism against the Catholic Church.


We repeat:


Calling a pope an antipope is a horrendous evil in God’s Sight, being an act of schism against the Vicar of Christ on earth and thus also an act of rebellion, disobedience & schism against Jesus Christ Himself, not to mention against His One & Only Roman Catholic Body, too.


Case closed.


Therefore, my dear reader, you had better get your facts straight and make the right decision when it comes to submitting to men who occupy the Throne of St. Peter. It is far too easy nowadays during the Great Apostasy, when no man occupies the Throne of St. Peter, for those who consider themselves Catholic --- but who won’t acquiesce to Vatican II or submit to the men who lead the false Novus Ordo Church erected in its wake --- to split at the drop of a hat. These persons, called ‘sedevacantists’, have already taken the gigantic step of rightly recognizing as antipopes the men everybody else thinks are ‘popes’. The shock of such a thing has worn off for them. As a result, it doesn’t seem like such a dreadful leap to conclude that some of the Roman Bishops of the last century or two, who ruled before the recent antipopes of the past half century, are also ‘antipopes’.


That is one of the dangers of our present situation.


And I admonish you, dear reader:


Don’t be a fool. Don’t take a big huge leap before you take a very careful look.


And if you’re not able to look carefully --- being limited in mind, strength, time, resources or patience --- or are unwilling to do so, not having the interest, then be smart and play it safe.


I repeat:


Be smart and play it safe.


Nobody dared to impugn Benedict XV for formal heresy during the 1910s or 1920s when he ruled. Nor did any Catholic dare to impugn him during the 80+ years that have followed since then. It is only in the last year or two or so (depending on what sedevacantists we’re examining) that this charge has been brought forward publicly and that men have had the audacity to believe it.


All Catholics previous to now have accepted him as a pope and have never doubted his legitimacy.


Consequently, my dear soul, it is safe to accept him as such --- a legitimate pope --- in the meantime. Were this reasonable assumption to prove wrong in the long run, God will not hold the honest & simple Catholic soul responsible for mortal sin. Whereas, if you are arrogant & impatient --- as well as foolhardy & self-righteous --- then God very much will hold you responsible for a grievously mortal sin of rebellion, disobedience & schism against both Himself and His Roman Catholic Body by assuming wrongly that a real pope is a fake pope.


Because to dare to touch God’s man is to dare to touch God Himself.


St. Peter was God’s chosen man to lead His Church. And every legitimate successor to St. Peter is also God’s chosen man to lead His Church. It matters not if this successor is a bad pope, or a careless pope. God will judge the bad pope most severely for his badness. Whereas God will judge severely, too, the badness of a Catholic who refuses to obey such a pope in everything except sin, where such a pope has a right to command. And the beginning of a right to command lies in one’s legitimacy to command.


Ergo, when Catholics refuse to acknowledge a legitimate pope’s legitimacy, they are as well refusing to recognize his right to command, becoming disobedient rebels. For even if such a man never did anything significant as a pope, simply their refusal to acknowledge his God-given right to command is disobedience in-and-of-itself. But since it is not just a mere man that they disrespect --- a legitimate pope being the representative of Our Creator on earth and the visible head of His Body, the Catholic Church --- then they, by refusing to call a man ‘pope’, who really is a pope, also disrespect God Almighty, flouting His Authority.


This is dead wrong, and it is why being foolish & headstrong about this subject is mortally perilous. It is why I have troubled to lose sleep, exhaust my strength and invite the vicious ire of others upon myself in order to defend the Supreme Throne of St. Peter & his rightful successors by composing this book. Heaven willing, I shall write an article that sums everything up, and ties together what has already been said in Was Benedict XV an Antipope?


Until then, my dear reader, “Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.” (Matthew 10:16b DRC) To be “wise as serpents” takes patience & time. It is why Was Benedict XV an Antipope? seems so complicated & long to most people. Yet if you have not the ability or interest to be “wise as serpents” regarding Benedict XV, then at least be “simple as doves.” Which is why I’ve said to just take it on trust, following the lead of every Catholic for the past 95 years, that Benedict XV was a legitimate pope.


In any case, you have been fairly warned.


As St. Paul said to the stubborn Jews, who refused to believe in Jesus Christ as their Messias, “Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean: from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles.” (Acts 18:6c-d DRC)


For if men who consider themselves Catholic but refuse to acknowledge the rightfulness of Benedict XV’s papacy, also refusing to read --- or, rather, to read carefully & thoroughly --- what I have written to defend his reputation for public orthodoxy, then, like my name’s sake, I say to them:


“Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean: from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles.”


That is to say, I have acquitted myself of my responsibility in God’s Sight. Henceforth I shall bother only with those who are humbler and earnestly desire to know the truth, irregardless of what their prejudices may be to start with. Such men will dare to look, and examine the evidence, cautiously sifting for the truth. They are who I aim for.


And the addition to the end of Chapter 12 is as follows:


[Webmaster’s Note: If the reader who considers himself Catholic is here satisfied that Benedict XV has been adequately defended for the time being against the attacks of those who accuse him of being a formal heretic and thus an antipope, then you may stop here. Everything beyond this point in Was Benedict XV an Antipope? might seem needlessly repetitive, or at least tediously long. Nevertheless, if the reader still has doubts --- or is openly disbelieving that the legitimacy of his papacy has been successfully defended --- then you are duty bound in God’s Sight to read further until the end of this book. This is especially true if you have been exposed to the various slanders that his accusers have lobbed against him, oftentimes in a ridiculously illogical fashion. Because in the remainder of this book we address many of the later ‘proofs’ that the accusers dredged up against him from his various documents, imagining that these things are sufficient to indict him. And you, my very dear reader, are not all-knowing or never-wrong. Therefore, to avoid the snare of ignorance or mistakenness upon your part, you must look at all of the evidence & reasoning carefully (not to mention thoroughly!) found within this book in order to make a just judgment. Anything less than this kind of caution & thoroughness is arrogant & stupid, as well as impatient & foolhardy. You will risk damnation of your soul if you insist on being this way. I beg you to not commit this mortal folly.]


  The Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary and the Fifth Day within the Octave of the Feast of Her Most Wonderful Nativity, 2009 (9-12-09)


How magnificent this day, the day Catholics honor the most beautiful & sweetest Name of Mary, greatest of all names apart from that of Her Divine Son, Jesus! ‘Star of the Sea’ it means, says St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a great lover of the Church’s Heavenly Mother & Queen. And ‘Lady’ or ‘Sovereign’ it signifies, too, adds St. Peter Chrysologus, another of Her affectionate children. And today is also the anniversary of some very important victories of good Catholics over their enemies. For in 1213 Simon de Montfort defeated --- against odds of 40-to-1 --- an army of Albigensian heretics in Muret, France, thereby saving France for another few centuries from the poisonous lies of the Enemy of Mankind, the Devil. And in 1683, 470 years later, an army of Polish Catholics came to the rescue of Catholics in Vienna, Austria, surrounded by 300,000 Muslim infidels who threatened to overcome it and, from thence, to take over all of Europe for the false religion of Islam.


Mighty is the regal hand of Our Lady & Sovereign, how strong Her Tower of Davidic Strength! Praised be Her Precious Name forever, greatest of all God’s creatures, She who takes the place in Heaven of that angelic traitor, Lucifer. Truly She is the ‘bearer of light’, for Her Son, Who abode in Her Womb, is the Light!


Two new letters posted in the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section of the website.


The first, The Catholic Church Is The Only Way to Save Your Soul, No Exceptions Admitted --- and Here’s the Infallible Proof!, is the text of a small email sent to someone who styles himself ‘catholic’ while denying the infallible truth of ‘no Salvation outside the Catholic Church’. Think you’re Catholic, dear reader? Yet refuse to believe that you can’t save your soul without being Catholic? Then read this to find out what the Catholic Church has infallibly declared about Salvation… and act now in order to save your immortal soul from the fires of a perpetual Hell!


The second, A Little About Myself, Why I Designed the Website as I Did, and How Sedevacantism Explains the Quandary We’re in Today, is the text of an email sent to someone who was very enthusiastic about finding The Epistemologic Works during a seemingly inconsequential search engine hunt for something else entirely. I took the opportunity to tell a little about myself (returning the favor of this friendly person, who shared several personal details), say why the website has almost no pictures, and explain how it is sedevacantism is the necessary solution nowadays for the religious crisis we’re in as Roman Catholics. This last topic, while by no means exhaustively broached --- the letter is quite short --- is particularly crucial to comprehend if you’re going to be a true Catholic during the crisis of the Great Apostasy that we face.


Finally, I made numerous tweaks to various webpages and corrected a few typos here & there.


O Mary, Sovereign Queen of Highest Heaven, pray for us!


  The Feasts of Ss. Hippolytus & Cassian, Martyrs, and St. Radegonde, Queen of France, 2009 (8-13-09)


New letter in the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section. Called Regarding Religious Association with Heretics, Marital Relations, Geocentrism, & Etc., the title can only barely hint at everything it covers. Not that it’s very long --- if it were, then I would have put it in the Books & Articles (B&A) section --- but it addressed observations and a series of eighteen questions that a visitor to the website sent me a few months ago. He remarked that while I had several things correct, dogmatically speaking, there were some things he couldn’t discover without specifically asking what my position may be regarding them.


So, dear reader, if you’re curious to know some of my stands on things that I might not yet have spoken about on The Epistemologic Works, then review this posting. Or if you’re anxious to know everything you may need to know in order to be assured of eternal life while staying away from every lie of the Devil, then please, by all means, look at this latest posting very carefully. As I always say, you just might learn something!


Finally, I added a small yet significant addendum to my Note to the Reader in Part 1 of the recent Was Benedict XV an Antipope? book in the B&A section. For the record, this is the addition:


Meanwhile, there are some --- both those who agree with me about Benedict XV and those who do not --- who say my defense of Benedict XV is too long. I could have said the same thing in fewer words, say they.


This is partly true and partly false.


Yes, it is true I could have chosen to say things with a lot fewer words. However, no, it is not true that it would be the same thing. In other words, what I have chosen to say is truly necessary to say in order to say everything that I deem is necessary to know so as to be able to judge Benedict XV rightly & properly. If I did not say everything I say in Benedict’s defense, then those who dare to stand in judgment of Benedict XV would not have EVERYTHING THAT THEY NEED TO KNOW so as to be able to judge Benedict intelligently, accurately & justly.




What it really boils down to is this question:


“How thorough are you going to be?”


And when I see something that is important enough & complicated enough to demand a great deal of thoroughness, then I will make it a book --- which is why I call this defense of Benedict XV a ‘book’ and why I’ve put it in the Books & Articles (B&A) section of the website. Perhaps the poor souls who first received this lengthy defense out of the blue via email felt unfairly put upon; I can certainly sympathize with them. And perhaps the brave souls who later read this lengthy defense wonder why it can’t be said a lot simpler & shorter; I sympathize with them, too. But the accusation & defense of Benedict XV is a matter of justice, and every man who dares to stand in judgment of him has stepped into a court of law whether he realizes it or not. And courts of law are not places guaranteed to need brevity & simplicity above all other things. A judge in court deciding a matter of justice must be prepared to hear everything patiently and ponder everything carefully.


If you’re not willing or able to do this, then you have no business standing in judgment of Benedict XV.


End of sentence.


  The Feast of Ss. Cyriacus, Largus & Smaragdus, 2009 (8-8-09)


New article in the Books & Article (B&A) section called Concerning Abjuration, Invincible Ignorance, Children & the Use of Reason.


Confused about the role of so-called ‘invincible ignorance’ --- if any --- in the salvation of a soul? Ever wonder who --- if anyone --- really is invincibly ignorant? Not certain what the ‘age of reason’ is or why it is relevant to the question of a baptized child’s membership in the Catholic Body of Jesus Christ? Never heard about the Catholic Church’s requirement for baptized children raised in heresy who are fourteen or older to ‘abjure’ before they enter the Catholic Church? Yet aren’t you curious why those under the age of fourteen aren’t required to ‘abjure’, and even though they may be above the ‘age of reason’? Dear reader, don’t be baffled; there is good reason (no pun intended) for the Roman Church’s actions. Read this article to comprehend the relation between youth, ability to reason, ignorance & denunciation of one’s religious errors in order to enter the membership of God’s Church, which is the Exclusively Singular Way to have hope of saving an immortal soul… and regardless of how young or old a person may be!


Curiously enough, the article references a document issued by the Sacred Congregation in the Vatican of Rome under the auspices of Pius the 10th, Quam singulari, which happens to be rather significant (as well as authoritative) in understanding this matter. This papal document is dated 8 August 1910, precisely 99 years ago to the day prior to my posting of this article.


I have also corrected several more typos in the book posted last week, Was Benedict XV an Antipope?


  The Feasts of St. Peter in Chains, the Seven Holy Machabee Martyrs & Ss. Faith, Hope & Charity, 2009 (8-1-09)


New book in two parts in the Books & Article (B&A) section. Entitled Was Benedict XV an Antipope?, it is the result of a long email sent to many people who have either, one, accused Benedict XV of being an antipope, or else, two, been the recipients of these accusers’ attempts to convince them that Benedict XV was an antipope.


Yet is this allegation credible? At first glance, on the surface of things, it can seem to be. Especially for those who are sedevacantists and already long used to the idea that men everyone accepts as ‘popes’ are really just fakes… not to mention not even Catholic. At second glance, going much deeper, the charge is revealed to be very much lacking in both hard evidence & solid logic. Moreover, that there is plenty of weighty proof on behalf of his public orthodoxy. Don’t want to think so? Then read this book!


Meanwhile, even for those not attracted to the notion that Benedict XV was an antipope due to manifest heresy, it is nevertheless worthwhile studying in order to see how to judge charges of heresy correctly and what constitutes heresy that is both notorious & pertinacious, and thus manifest & formal. And whether or not Benedict was a good pope, how appropriate that the book should be finished yestreday on the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola (he was a great & loyal servant, as well as defender, of the Holy Papacy) and posted today, the Feast of St. Peter in Chains (commemorating St. Peter’s relics from his imprisonment by King Herod, in addition to his later imprisonment by Emperor Nero). St. Peter’s Throne lies in chains today due to the Great Apostasy and almost total blindness of men toward the Saving Faith of Catholicism & what makes a man validly elected to the Papal Office. May this book and its website go at least a little ways in undoing the captivity… and may the Blessed Ever-Virgin Queen of Highest Heaven bring an end to our suffocating darkness as soon as possible. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!


  The Feasts of Pentecost Sunday, Our Lady Queen of Highest Heaven, Mary the Mediatrix of All Her Son’s Graces & St. Angela de Merici, 2009 (5-31-09)


After two-and-a-half weeks, I have finally added the next installment of The English Catechism of 1583. This is Chapter 3 of the catechism, and it is even longer (at some 41 pages in regular print layout of font 16) than the first two chapters together (at some 33 pages). The complexity of the archaic words, phrasing & grammar took a great deal of time making sure it was translated correctly and that it could be understood by the average reader who exerts himself at least a little bit. Which was actually a pleasure on my part since I love etymology (the study of a word’s origin, history & evolution across the centuries and through various languages) --- I’m afraid it wasn’t much of a penance for me in this regard --- but was also quite frustrating in not being able to get the means to someone’s potential salvation up quickly… which was a penance! Not to mention that I have left a couple of emails languishing in my correspondence, for which I have not been able to spare the time to respond to for the last month lest I cause the catechism’s text to delay even longer.


At any rate, this chapter of the catechism deals with the Ten Commandments, as well as the Commandments of the Church and good counsel concerning the bodily senses. It is filled with practical wisdom & necessary knowledge about how to obey God. Want to know if you’re on the Narrow Path to Salvation, my dear & precious soul? Then study this catechism carefully --- and examine this chapter very, very, very minutely. Two more chapters remain to be posted, along with some appendices.


I have also corrected a handful of typos hidden in the text previously posted and added a few sentences to the Webmaster’s Note at the beginning of the catechism, in addition to adding another webmaster’s note deeper in the text where the catechism’s teaching of the Hail Mary Prayer needed to be explained in light of later centuries of practice in the Catholic Church. Too, I have activated the hyperlink for the Catechisms subsection in the Profession & Abjurations section, which is where The English Catechism of 1583 is located on the website.


And on a similar note, I have fixed a couple of typos in the text for the two parts of the Protestant Protests Rebutted book posted last month in the Books & Articles section of The Epistemologic Works.


What a glorious day for the Church! Today, Pentecost Sunday --- the second most important feast of the Church’s liturgical year --- is the remembrance & celebration of the Holy Ghost descending from Heaven upon the 120 disciples gathered in the Cenacle in Jerusalem upon the Day of Pentecost, the day of the year during the Old Covenant marking the giving of the Law by God to St. Moses the Prophet. O Dear Lord Jesus & Lady Mary, please grant us another pentecost at this perilous & dark moment of the Church’s history! So badly do we need a fresh influx of the Spirit’s graces, renewing our Unchanging Faith and conquering Catholicism’s malevolent foes For just as Christ lay in the tomb dead for three days, so, also, has His Ecclesial Body, the Catholic Church, lay practically ‘dead’ in the tomb of this earth for the better part of three figurative days, while men of good will mourn for the pathetic state of our world, lost in its sins of unbelief & immorality. But it is, as well, the Feast of Our Lady the Queen of Highest Heaven & Mary the Mediatrix of All Her Son’s Graces! And so good Catholics turn to Her in prayer, begging the Mother of God to intercede for us, shortening, by Her pleas, the terrible trials & punishments we must undergo for our sins of old. Because She who, by a refusal to cooperate with the Will of God, could have delayed Christ’s entrance into this world, does, therefore, by Her constant cooperation with the Will of God, gain for us the wonderful opportunity to go through Her to Her Son and so obtain for us our requests & the assistances we need all the more swiftly for our asking. And, lastly, it is a day of glad memory of St. Angela de Merici, this marvelous servant of her spiritual father, St. Francis of Assisi, a virgin all her life and the earnest protector of the souls of young girls & virgins throughout the world via her religious order, the Ursulines. O Blessed & Divine Holy Spirit, tarry no longer and succor us in our celestial famine! O Blessed & Ever-Virgin Mary, like a good mother help us, Thy children, in our moment of greatest danger! O blessed & virginal Angela de Merici, like a charitable sister aid us, your earthly siblings in Christ’s Catholic Body, just as you aided the souls of precious young girls who would have lacked the elements of the True & Only Saving Faith otherwise!


Pray for us!


  The Feasts of Our Lady of Fatima, the Queen of Highest Heaven, St. Robert Bellarmine & Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 2009 (5-13-09)


I have activated the thirteenth --- and for now, at least --- last link in the navigation bar! Entitled ‘What Must I Do To Be Saved?’, this section contains links to other documents on the website that show a man exactly what God has said he must believe & do in order to save his immortal soul. Most importantly, this section connects to a document newly uploaded to the Profession & Abjuration (P&A) section in the Catechisms subsection. Specifically, I have translated, formatted & uploaded the first two chapters of an English catechism first published in 1567, based on an edition that was printed in 1583. Hence, the title of the document: The English Catechism of 1583.


A Protestant critic of this site accused me a few months ago of not having this last navigation link activated because I do not know how to save a man’s soul. However, both he & I know this was a facetious remark, mere words empty of truth while calculated to do injury. Plenty of other pages in the website openly indicate, if only in broad outline, what a man must do to enter Heaven. No, I left this navigation link as the last to be activated for three reasons. One, salvation is precious and I must not post something that is less than clear & thorough. Two, I am extremely busy and cannot yet marshal the time & effort necessary to compose a properly clear & thorough webpage intended just for this topic. And, three, it took careful searching & evaluation --- not to mention extensive translation & formatting --- to find something appropriate that could stand in the brink in the meantime. Namely, an archaic catechism from over four hundred years ago, untainted by the doctrinal errors & ambiguous mush of later times closer to the spiritual darkness & confusion of the Great Apostasy.


Note for the moment, again, how I have only posted the first two chapters of The English Catechism of 1583. I still have to translate the archaic words, inverted grammar & lengthy sentences of the final three chapters. Nonetheless, be it the Will of the Triune Catholic God, then, with the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary’s assistance, I shall have these last chapters done & uploaded within the next week or two.


Note, too, that I have also put links in the What Must I Do To Be Saved? section to the four great creeds of the Catholic Church as already contained in the Creeds category of the P&A section. Never meant to be completely comprehensive documents, they are, all the same, authoritative & pithy statements of the Church’s dogmatic teaching. Understood rightly, they are crucial & infallible resources for knowing the Roman Catholic Faith.


Finally, and on a nostalgic note, this is the anniversary of the first webpage uploaded to The Epistemologic Works website in 2008. May is the month of Mary, and May 13th is, as you may have realized from the bulleted line above, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Who appeared to three shepherd children in Portugal in 1917, heralding the horrendous evil of the establishment of the world’s first ever Communist government (in Russia, of course) and the outbreak of open apostasy against the Catholic Church. It is She to Whom I dedicate this site, and --- although I focus on the homepage on Queen Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe (an apparition of the Blessed Virgin to a poor Indian peasant in Mexico in 1531, which silently foreshadowed the Rebellion of Protestantism & Atheism throughout the earth) --- Our Lady of Fatima was like a last promise of Heaven to Faithful Catholics that this dark night of Apostasy would not last forever. It would engulf the world, dragging countless men’s souls into the abyss of Hell, but the Light of Saving Truth on the earth would not be extinguished completely… God’s Catholic Testimony would remain, however ignored or persecuted.


This website is at least one example of this promise made good. To Jesus through Mary, for the Greater Glory of God Almighty! And remember, dear souls: there is absolutely no Hope of Salvation outside of membership in the Roman Catholic Church, which is Jesus Christ’s Body. You may not want to believe this, but if I --- a Protestant heretic raised to despise the teachings of the Catholic Church, and a worldly & wicked man before my conversion --- could be brought to accept this necessary, reasonable & easily proven truth by the miraculous power of God, then there is no guarantee that He won’t do the same for you. So look out! Your familiar life may just get upended for the better.


·       Low Sunday & the Feast of Ss. Elphege & Leo IX, 2009 (4-19-2009)


New book in the Books & Article section of the website entitled Protestant Protests Rebutted. Roughly 94 pages long when printed out at font 12 in Times New Roman, it is posted as two parts. Written for an anonymous reader who sent me five long emails late last year, it covers a wide range of criticisms concerning the Catholic Church, refuting them soundly. Together with Catholic Ritual Defended, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down, it forms a quartet of writings that explain, defend & propagate Roman Catholicism by way of combatting the more ‘conservative’ variations of false religion posed by Protestantism. Before adding any similar types of writings in this repertoire, I shall now have to turn my attention to a book that is aimed at those who consider themselves Catholics, as well as a long-promised addition to the Questions & Answers section on Salvation.


Incidentally, some readers of The Epistemologic Works may wonder what takes me so long sometimes to post new compositions, especially larger ones. The answer is at least partly obvious. Aside from the study, prayer & time writing required for each one --- which, the lengthier the item, the longer the time needed, of course --- I also have to govern & provide for a large family. This is time consuming, and a human being only has so many hours and so much strength in a day to give. At this date, I can muster around 20 hours per week for the task of composition, occasionally 30 when I skimp on sleep. Certain things are not quite as obvious, however. For instance, when writing about a particularly complex or obscure subject, it can take hours upon hours just to tie up one little handful of paragraphs in order to make sure that a topic is, first, comprehended by me rightly, and, second, that the topic will be comprehended by my reader correctly. This doesn’t happen all the time; but even a few times during one composition is enough to add weeks to the work. Another big consumption of time is local & global edits. The longer the text, the more small areas to edit there are. And, conversely, the longer the text, the more there is to do when making the global (or continuity) edit, which goes through everything as uninterrupted as possible in order to make certain that everything flows & adheres logically. E.g., at 94 pages long, it took about eight hours uninterrupted (which is an ideal that is never truly attained, since there are always interruptions along the way) to do a complete continuity edit to Protestant Protests Rebutted when it was nearly finished. Then comes the formatting of the composition to the website’s style & motifs, not to mention conversion into HTML, the computer language used to post something to the Internet.


Anyhow, this can give you a bit of an idea of the hard labour that is involved in writing for the Faith. It is truly a job.


Finally, I made a few tweaks to the website. I corrected a potentially misleading sentence in the synoptic description of a letter in the L&A section that had worried a fellow Catholic. I added a small header to the home page alerting readers to the existence of the Mary Exalted article further down the home page when you scroll down, as well as reconfigured the introductory words to this article at that point. I added a small header to the navigation bar letting people know when the last update to the website occurred. Which is enough for now… but more is bound to arrive in the not-too-distant future!


·       The Feast of St. John Bosco, 2009 (1-31-09)


There is an addition to the middle of the article regarding the Our Father prayer in the Prayers & Devotions (P&D) section of the website. Haven’t read it yet? Then read it now. If you aren’t Catholic but seriously interested in converting, then I guarantee you that you’ve probably never considered most of the stuff that you’ll learn there. And if you’re truly Catholic, I’m still willing to bet that you probably haven’t yet fathomed half of the things that it reveals. The bottom line is this: Jesus didn’t teach His disciples to pray the Our Father on a whim. It wasn’t just something he cooked up on the spur of the moment off the top of His head. But if not, then why did He teach them to pray the words that He spoke? What is their significance? And how can this prayer be relevant to our world today?


The addition brings home the answer to the last question in a big way.  Communion is at the basis of everything. And it’s either communion with the Triune God of the Catholic Church or else communion with the Ancient Serpent & Enemy of Mankind, the Devil, in the end --- there is no middle ground.


Meanwhile, let us praise great saints! John Bosco served young people like no other saint had, especially during these troubled modern times. Living in the 1800s at the beginning of the so-called ‘industrial revolution’, he befriended, took in, cared for & converted thousands upon thousands of orphaned, worldly & godless young boys wandering the streets of ugly, modern cities or leading dissolute lives. Founding a religious order, the Salesians, they eventually did the same for young girls, too. May his prayers from Heaven obtain from God for this world --- now even darker of spirit than it was during his lifetime while on earth --- the graces to convert still millions more to the Catholic Faith! And may real Catholics be enabled, somehow, to serve their corporeal necessities as well as their dire spiritual needs.


And, on a final note, St. John Bosco was a great admirer of an earlier saint, Frances de Sales, who is the patron of Catholic writers & apologists. Indeed, his religious order, the Salesians, was named in honor of Frances de Sales. Not to mention that John Bosco himself was a prolific writer of Catholic pamphlets & books. May he, then, in addition to St. Frances de Sales, assist this website, The Epistemologic Works, and all who support it, in the explaining, defending & propagating of the Roman Catholic Religion during these, the darkest of days, in the Great Apostasy of almost all men from God’s Only Saving Faith of Roman Catholicism. St. John Bosco, pray for us!


·       The Feast of the Nativity of Christ, 2008 (12-25-08)


To all real Catholics who may read these words, I wish you a blessed & holy Christmas! It is 2007 years since Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, His Mother (He exited Her Womb on December 25th, A.D. 1), it then being at that time --- as the Roman Martyrology informs us --- precisely 5199 years since the creation of heaven & earth and the formation of Ss. Adam & Eve, exactly 2957 years since the Great Flood of St. Noe, 2015 years since the birth of St. Abraham, 1510 years since the exodus of St. Moses & the Israelites from Egypt, and 1032 years since the anointing of St. David as the King of the Jews, whose Kingdom his divine descendant, Jesus, established forever & ever, world without end, to the Greater Glory of the Triune Catholic God and the exaltation of Queen Mary, His Handmaid!


I have now activated the twelfth link in the navigation frame for the section entitled Straight & Simple (S&S). Don’t have the time, energy, interest or ability to deal with writings that are longer or more complicated? Want it short? Like it simple & sweet? Then this area is for you. If Heaven will let me, I will eventually put these writings on a website of their own called --- what else? --- Straight-n-Simple. In the meantime, look through this collection as it grows. There’s no particular order that you have to read them in, but, at this point, I’m putting them together in the way that makes the most sense. That is to say, if you want to read them all --- and don’t know where to start --- then begin with the first and read them one at a time, down through the list, until you reach the end. No article is longer than five pages (if it were printed out in a normal, typical font size). Every article is split into very short chapters, and I do my best to stay away from fancy words or big sentences that might scare some people off or bore them. Dig in and enjoy!


And what is the first S&S article about? Big stuff. It’s called Betrayed! (The Real Global Disaster Is Spiritual). The world economy, international pollution, global warming, nuclear terrorism, asteroids hitting the earth, war between nations… living in modern times can be frightening! To top it off, who trusts their leaders anymore? They all seem to be in it for the power or wealth --- or something even worse, but hidden & unspoken. What’s a person to do? Well, I can’t say soothing things that will put your mind to rest. Because, like it or not, things are bad. But I can let you in on a little secret… the real disaster that hangs over our heads and threatens the entire earth is not a collapsing economy, pollution, global warming, terrorists, asteroids, war, or so on and so on. Some of these things may truly threaten us. Yet the only reason that they do is because, in the first place, the real global disaster is spiritual --- not physical! In other words, the only reason we have to deal with these other things is because, to start with, we aren’t friends with God. We’re His enemies! And practically the whole world is this way. Don’t believe it? Then read the article to find out how wrong you are, my dear reader… how dead wrong. You might not like finding this out. But at least you’ll know from now on what you have to do to stay alive!


Moreover, seeing as how this first S&S article deals with the Great Apostasy, I have put a link directly to it in The Great Apostasy section of the website as part of a growing collection of writings that will deal with this subject until I have time to craft special articles & writings specifically for this category in a very orderly way.


·       The Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal & St. Virgilius, 2008 (11-27-08)


I have added a tenth letter to the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section, entitled Regarding the Bible, Infallibility & the Church. It shows how practically all men, whether they realize it or not, and whether they wish to admit it or not even if they do realize it, at least tacitly claim to exercise infallibility, while only the Catholic Church actually comes right out and says it, boldly & plainly. Moreover, whereas the Catholic Church actually has rational grounds for demonstrating Her God-Given Infallibility --- She being the Ecclesial Body of Jesus Christ on earth --- no other men or religion have any real & reasonable grounds for believing the same thing about themselves. Indeed, they have very excellent reasons for concluding the contrary! Moreover, this combination of two epistles shows how infallibility is the only thing that can assure a man of having what he absolutely needs in order to do what he must to save his immortal soul. Nothing less can grant this certainty, the practice of religions (and let us remember that even so-called ‘atheism’ & ‘agnosticism’ are religious dogmas!) without such infallibility being the function of mere passions or prejudices that are, necessarily speaking, sheer crapshoots from the perspective of the one practicing them.


I have also fixed a very small typo in the Regarding Myself & Conversion to the Catholic Church (for my Maternal Family) letter in L&A.


In addition, I have tweaked the wording in Question #344 of Roman Catholic Church in the Q&A area. A fellow Catholic was scandalized that I had spoken of Pr. Abraham Lincoln in a way that might be interpreted as laudatory. I can say with vehemence that no such interpretation was intended by me to be drawn by my readers from the former wording of the long answer to this question. Yet rather than risk the offense of my brother, I have happily changed the words to something that is not only impossible to interpret as such, but does indeed preach the very opposite! Let it be understood, then --- both Mr. Lincoln & all U.S. Presidents thus far have been either Freemasons or else, at a bare minimum, men who embrace Masonic thought & principles. Ergo, they are automatically enemies of the Roman Catholic Church. And while we as real Catholics must pray for our nation’s leaders --- including those who are our foes --- we do not pretend them to be otherwise. We instead identify them as such, and, provided that they are still in power, beg Heaven that they might govern wisely; and, provided that they are still alive, implore Heaven that they might be given the graces needed to convert their souls to the Catholic Faith & Only Hope of Eternal Salvation.


Finally, I have updated the Contact & Donations (C&D) section to reflect our new postal address.


Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, pray for us! And obtain for the people of the Jews the aid of Thy patiently merciful Son to convert their stubborn, hard & blinded hearts to the New Covenant of Our Lord which they rejected in the days of His First Advent. Just as Thou gained for the blasphemous Jew, Alphonse Ratisbonne, in 1842 in Rome the graces to convert him wholeheartedly & most astonishingly in a widely public fashion to the Roman Catholic Religion, so, too, I beg, may many of the blasphemous Jews of today convert as well in a widely public fashion, wholeheartedly & most astonishingly, to the Church of Catholic Rome, Thy Divine Son’s Sovereignly Ordained Religion.


·       The Feast of St. Edward the Confessor, King of England, and the 91st Anniversary of the Dancing of the Sun at the Final Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal to the Shepherd Children, 2008 (10-13-08)


Have added a ninth letter to the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) section. Called Regarding the Great Apostasy & Not Putting the Mass Before the Faith, it explains in brief what a real Catholic must know & what such a person must do in the face of our present perilous era when almost no one holds the True Religion whole & entire, and when there are no --- or almost no --- lawful priests available to whom one may turn to receive the Sacraments. Responding to an anonymous writer who inquired as to what parish I belonged, together with a long introductory note it gives an adumbrative but quick overview of what someone needs to know who is determined to be Catholic at the consummation of our world.


In light of this posting, I have also, finally, activated the link for The Great Apostasy section of The Epistemologic Works website in the navigation frame to the left. Eventually I hope to have a thorough explanation available there for those of good will who wish to know why we are enduring the evil days we suffer and how an eventual solution to these awful times might be found, not to mention what real Catholics must do in order to please the Triune God of the Catholic Church during His Punishment of bad members for their betrayal of the most precious thing in the world --- the sacred means for saving our immortal souls. For now it only contains a link to the newly posted letter, Regarding the Great Apostasy & Not Putting the Mass Before the Faith, in the L&A section.


Lastly, I have tweaked a few things in the other recently posted letter in L&A, Regarding ‘Scripture Alone’, ‘Faith Alone’ & the So-Called ‘Crimes’ of the Catholic Church, not to mention a slight typo repaired in Part One of The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down in the Books & Articles area.


·       The Feast of St. Bridget of Sweden, 2008 (10-8-08)


There’s a new letter in the Letters & Admonishments section of the website today called Regarding ‘Scripture Alone’, ‘Faith Alone’ & the So-Called ‘Crimes’ of the Catholic Church. Think only the Bible can tell everyone what it is they’re supposed to believe when it comes to religion? Think just ‘faith’ all by itself is what saves a man’s soul? Think the Roman Catholic Church is guilty of all kinds of hideous ‘crimes’ against non-Catholics in centuries past? Then think again, my dear soul. These positions are rebutted soundly here.


Too, I have added two new questions & answers to the already very long entry entitled Roman Catholic Church in the Q&A section, and which I had just updated with a lengthy addition two weeks ago. Why the latest addition? Because the anonymous writer of a series of emails assailed, in the most recent email, the defense I had made of Catholicism against the so-very-typical modern accusations of horrible ‘crimes’ by the Catholic Church against non-Catholics. Exploiting certain riots & rampages that bad Catholics had committed rashly & unjustly against non-Catholics, the writer used these events, together with other common complaints made against the Inquisition & Crusades --- and which I had already sensibly rebutted in the addition made two weeks ago --- to assail Catholicism as indefensible. Do your prejudices automatically incline you to agree? Then stop cruising on auto-pilot, my dear reader, and employ the God-given instrument of your mind to examine, with the same skepticism you unquestioningly reserve for Catholicism, the biases to which you cling! If you haven’t read the Roman Catholic Church entry at all, then read it now. And if you haven’t read the addition of two weeks previous, then start at Question #307 and read until the new ending of Question #360. Or, having read the latest addition recently, then check out the two new questions of #357 & #358, along with the slightly reworked questions of #359 & #360. Bad Catholics invited the Wrath of God against the members of His Catholic Church, and bad Catholics encourage the slander of enemies against this Church. Nevertheless, all of the bad Catholics in the world can’t excuse foes of Catholicism for denying the simple good sense presented here… and can never make all of the solid reasoning & rock hard evidence for Catholic Teaching just up & disappear!


·       The Feast of Our Lady of Ransom & the Fourth Day within the Octave of the Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, 2008 (9-24-08)


Posted a huge addition to the Roman Catholic Church entry in the Questions & Answers section of the website, amounting to an increase of three-fifths in its length. Why have I done this? Very simple. Because one of the biggest tactics of the Church’s enemies nowadays is to slander Her members with charges of ‘cruelty’, ‘murder’ & other ‘hideous crimes’ during the Inquisition and the Crusades, as well as, it is often alleged, during the Conquest of the New World.


Yet what have the Church’s members to say for themselves against these charges?


I haven’t time right now to address all of these accusations in meticulous detail, citing overwhelming documentary evidence & marshalling solid logic in defense of every single conceivable angle that an anti-Catholic foe might try to exploit against them. Nonetheless, I’ve done the next best thing in the meantime --- use a large dose of simple good sense, together with a smattering of general historical facts that are either commonly acknowledged by people today or else easily verified with a little scholarly research, to show that the Inquisition & Crusades were not only not filled with such ‘crimes’, but were instead absolutely necessary & almost completely just in dealing with the horrible challenges that they faced.


Sound hard to believe?


Then, my dear reader, please get off your duff, stop thinking that you already know it all concerning the Catholic Church and that you couldn’t possibly be wrong about Her in your judgment, and so read for yourself what the new addition has to say! If you haven’t perused the Roman Catholic Church entry a single bit, then examine the entire thing carefully & thoroughly. And if you’ve previously looked at it, then pick up at Question #307 and read it through assiduously until the new ending at Question #358. As I’m occasionally fond of saying elsewhere in the website... you just might actually learn something if you only bother to take a close look!


Dearest Lady, Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary & Queen of Highest Heaven, today is the day Roman Catholics honor you as Our Lady of Ransom. When, in centuries past, poor Catholics were enslaved by militant Muslims as the latter conquered various Catholic lands or fought battles against the Catholic armies that dared to defy them, you raised up other good Catholics, even saints, to free them from their cruel masters by paying them ransom for their lives... sometimes, indeed, offering their own lives in exchange for the lives of those freed! In such a charitable way were the souls of these poor slaves saved from the threat of apostasy, of caving in due to the fear of losing their lives or suffering grievously were they to remain staunchly Catholic in the face of their captors. Some, too, were at risk of losing hope, thinking that the Triune Catholic God had entirely abandoned them by allowing them to become oppressed, wondering if it was not ‘better’ to forsake Him rather than continuing to believe in He Who had let them come to such a desperate situation.


Beloved Queen, the whole world is now enslaved by the lies of the Great Apostasy, by those who speak such religious lies and believe such religious lies! Countless numbers of Thy Catholic children have left the Bosom of Holy Mother Church, Thy Son’s Body, to embrace the false religions of heretics, schismatics, infidels, pagans & Talmudic Jews. Everywhere the True Faith has been wiped from the face of the earth, and True Charity --- Divine Love --- grows cold in the hearts of those few who have remained, or who have become Faithful, to the Catholic Religion. Have mercy on our souls! Have mercy upon destitute sinners lost in the deception of spiritual blindness! Our Dear Lady of Ransom, do Thou please ransom our immortal souls from the horrors that assault us, from the Evil One & Father of Lies who seeks to destroy all of us with him in Hell forevermore!


O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.


·       The Feast of St. Raymond Nonnatus, 2008 (8-31-08)


Posted another letter (or, rather, a combination of two sequential letters) in the Letters & Admonishments section called Exhorting a Former Co-Worker. Do you imagine that evidence or logic is all you really need, that if the Catholic Faith could come up with solid facts & rock hard reasoning then you could easily convert? Then think again. This website already has tons of solid facts & rock hard reasoning on behalf of Roman Catholicism for those who are merely willing to take the time to look! To the contrary, most people refuse to convert in spite of the unassailable evidence & ironclad logic. And it is the ‘little things’ which very often prove to be so seemingly difficult & even insurmountable obstacles to conversion for many persons here on earth --- and this although such things are as nothing in the Light of Eternity. Read this entry, my dear soul, for the gentle yet fateful warning it contains... and don’t you, please, refrain from saving your immortal soul simply because you can’t stand the thought of what you might have to lose on earth in order to accomplish it!


Too, I have continued updating webpages with a new standard note at the bottom which directs people who have stumbled on them from a search engine or other website. As well, I have added a couple of paragraphs and tweaked a few words & a typo in the recent entry regarding the Our Father in the Prayers & Devotions section.


·       The Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist & St. Sabina, 2008 (8-29-08)


Added another prayer to the Prayers & Devotions section, the Our Father prayer, with both suitable & extensive commentary & explanation. As always, the words of the prayer are given in Latin as well as English. However, this prayer may be said in two slightly different ways, the eucharistic mode and the customary mode. Read the commentary & explanation to find out why!


Also have been updating various webpages to direct those who have stumbled upon The Epistemologic Works from a search engine or other website. Since this website is done with frames --- and I am not clever enough yet to construct automatic frames for those who do not start out at the home page --- then the new note at the bottom of the pages tells such persons to type in the site's address in their URL bar to view other pages on the site. I will continue this updating till all webpages are up to par.


·       The Feast of St. Praxedes, 2008 (7-21-08)


Added an afterword to the letter, Regarding Preaching & the Catholic Faith, in the Letters & Admonishments section. My wife’s relative had responded irrationally toward this letter, not even sensibly addressing what she had said or trying to come to grips with the very simple & reasonable points that were made. In short, he was not of good will toward the Catholic Faith. All the same, we continue to pray for his immensely valuable immortal soul, that he might be granted the graces from God through Queen Mary’s Immaculate Hands to convert before it is too late. Because it is just such persons as these --- blind, rebellious & irrational --- for whom Jesus died, His Blood able to overcome their ungratefulness and to cleanse their sins, provided they but consent to Him to do so by believing & obeying all that He teaches & commands via His Singular Catholic Religion!


Dearest Saintly Virgin, Praxedes, thou died of a broken heart seeing the slaughter of good & brave Catholics all around thee during the times of the awful persecutions against the True Religion of Catholicism by a still thoroughly pagan Roman Empire. A martyr, too, wert thou, although thou did not shed thy blood! You visited the poor Catholics in prison, treated their wounds, comforted their spirits, and built up their hearts with fortitude against the diabolic hatred arrayed against them. Do thou, O Blessed Praxedes, do the same for us who live as bearers of the Name of Jesus & His Holy Catholic Body during these our times, even worse than then, since the True Faith is almost nowhere to be found anywhere upon the Earth! (Luke 18:8) St. Praxedes, pray for us, that we might love our enemies regardless, and even though we must oppose them! O Blessed Mother of God, Queen Mary the Ever-Virgin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!


·       The Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 2008 (7-16-08)


Finished tidying up the Letters & Admonishments section by adding the website identification & copyright information at the end of each webpage in that category. Also tweaked little things here-and-there on the website. For instance, I underlined the info in the What’s New category (see below for the Feast of Ss. Cyr & Julitta, 6-16-2008) and on the Home Page right before the first half of the Mary Exalted article regarding the different colors for hyperlinks. To wit, I make hyperlinks that are not yet used a light sea blue, used hyperlinks a dark navy blue, while any active hyperlinks light up as white when the cursor or pointer hovers over it. Did this to make sure no one could mistakenly think that hyperlinks are not underlined on my website --- and hence miss them for what they are --- just because I use underlining & other rich text extensively elsewhere in my writings. Too, tweaked a sentence or two in Roman Catholic Church in the Questions & Answers (Q&A) category, did the same in The World Offended in the Books & Articles (B&A) section, as well as in the Letters & Admonishments (L&A) introduction with paragraph-long synopses underneath the hyperlink to each entry.


Meanwhile, I am working hard to finish up another lengthy posting for the Q&A section called Salvation, as mentioned in the recent short letter posted to L&A called Regarding Myself & Conversion to the Catholic Church (for my Maternal Family). Additionally, I am preparing to increase by several pages the lengthy posting already in Q&A called Roman Catholic Church. These extra pages will deal with the ‘horrible crimes’ typically laid at the feet of the Catholic Church by just about everybody in the last couple of hundred years concerning the Inquisition & the Crusades. Other much lengthier postings will come, Heaven permitting, upon these topics (entitled, of course, Inquisition and Crusades), but these pages, when posted, will do fine in the meantime, not letting people who irrationally hate the Church of Rome get away with their unjust accusations scot-free and showing people of good will how there is nothing to obstruct them from reasonably converting to Her Precious Sanctuary.


Today Jesus’ Catholic Body honors His Glorious Mother under the name of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Long ago, during the Old Covenant Church, the marvelous prophet, St. Elias (called ‘Elijah’ by Protestants), established a monastery of prophets on Mt. Carmel in northwestern Palestine next to the Mediterranean Sea. One old recollection says that he was given a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary several centuries before She was born. In any case, these Carmelite monks continued to exist until the time of Jesus, whereupon, directed by St. John the Baptist, they became Christ’s disciples and joined the newly founded Roman Catholic Church, His Body on Earth. They then persevered in existence for another thousand years, eventually spreading from the Middle East to the west of Europe. Then, early in the second millennium, a Carmelite monk named St. Simon Stock was privileged with a vision of Queen Mary under this same name, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Who gave him the promise of the Brown Scapular, a very widespread & powerful devotion of Roman Catholics in more recent times. This was, in many ways, the harbinger of Her more & more numerous appearances to Catholics in latter centuries, She both strengthening & preparing them for the battle of the Great Apostasy in which we live, and showing Herself to be the specially chosen means by which Her Divine Son, Jesus Christ, chooses to operate in dispensing His graces to men during these perilous times --- times neither seen nor matched for wickedness & rebellion since the era of St. Noe (called ‘Noah’ by Protestants) right before the punishment of the Great Flood.


O Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Queen of Highest Heaven, bestow upon us Thy Children the graces experienced by that wonderful man of the Triune Catholic God, St. Elias, who stood in opposition to his own apostate people despite the mockery heaped upon him & the threats breathed against his life. St. Simon Stock, pray for us! Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, protect us… for we look to Thee & Thy assistance as given to us through the sacramental of the Brown Scapular, cherished symbol of holiness and the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic & Apostolic Faith of Eternal Rome!


·       The Feast of St. Marietta Goretti, 2008 (7-9-08)


Tweaked the answer to Question #213 in the Roman Catholic Church entry in the Questions & Answers section of the website. Ended up doing this because, in correcting a slight error in The World Offended article in the Books & Articles category (I had listed Question #214 instead of Question #213 as being the relevant thing to see in regard to the ‘faith alone’ fantasy of Protestantism), I found several things more worth saying, adding about 35% to the answer’s length. Should you have never even glanced at the Roman Catholic Church in Q&A, then take an opportunity to do so --- it’ll definitely challenge your preconceptions & turn your worldview on its head!


·       The Feast of Ss. Cyril & Methodius, 2008 (7-7-08)


Posted a new letter in the Letters & Admonishments section called Regarding Myself & Conversion to the Catholic Church (for my Maternal Family). For over a decade my extended family on my mother’s side has been aware of my conversion to the Catholic Church. Nevertheless --- and including my parents, who would visit routinely at first & then began attacking Catholicism with regularity every few months until a final showdown in 2007 (which you may learn about in my book, The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down) --- not a one of them ever bothered to ask even a single question about why I did so. And this despite the fact that they disdain the Catholic Faith & had taught me to do the same since earliest childhood! You’d think they’d be at least a little bit curious to know my reasons for leaving their ‘born again christianity’ in opposition not only to their own bias, but in contradiction to the prejudices of the rest of the world, too. Occasionally through my wife (who took longer to convert than I and hence for awhile was viewed by them as someone they could ‘talk some sense to’) or through my parents (who in savaging the Catholic Faith via emails to me would make such disparaging remarks as follows) I would glean that they thought of my conversion as just one of my latest ‘phases’ or ‘weird ideas’ (I’d always been the ‘oddball’ in the clan). Yet, of course, the facts proved them wrong. That is to say, the evidence of history, scripture & reason itself upheld me. And, after eleven years, my own behaviour was beyond reproach. To wit, a decade is more than enough time for me to have ‘come to my senses’ or ‘go on to the next phase’ if passing fancy & foolish dream was all that it amounted to… I thus issued a very simple challenge: take my conversion seriously. Excuses are no longer viable, nor were they ever. Investigate ‘The Epistemologic Works’ website, see for yourself how there is more than enough justification to save one’s soul by becoming a real Roman Catholic!


·       The Feast of St. Irenaeus and the Vigil of Ss. Peter & Paul, 2008 (6-28-08)


Set up pages for titles alone in both the Letters & Admonishments and the Books & Articles sections. That is to say, when the web surfer goes to these sections, he sees a list of all hyperlinked titles along with summaries of the individual contents of each one. However, every reader now has the option, at the top of this page, to go to a webpage with the titles alone listed, sans summary descriptions.


What a wonderful day! St. Irenaeus was a disciple of St. Polycarp, who in turn was a disciple of St. John the Apostle, the Beloved Disciple of Jesus Christ and composer of the Gospel bearing his name. During his time, heretics arose en masse all over the place. Writing a meticulous, five-book study of these rebels, known as Gnostics, he refuted them ably, relying on his eyewitness religious education from the hands of Polycarp, who in turn had relied on his own eyewitness spiritual education from the Apostle John. To wit, how could these heretics & rebels, newly arisen in the 2nd century, know better what Jesus actually taught & actually commanded, than the Apostles themselves, who had known Jesus personally? And Irenaeus was only one man removed in personal contact with the Beloved Disciple himself. Hence the flabbergasting significance of his blatant obeisance toward the Church of Rome in book number three of his writing, called Against Heresies. With this one Church, says he, must needs all churches agree, since in Her is preserved the Apostolic Teaching for all true Christians everywhere. And who, says Irenaeus, leads a church? The bishop. Therefore, since the Roman Church rules all other churches, then who, alone of all men, must rule these other churches --- and consequently all true Christians everywhere? The Bishop of the Roman Church, naturally! A Church founded, notes he (as well as many other early Christian writers) by Ss. Peter & Paul themselves. Whose feast day in the Catholic Church is tomorrow, the vigil (or watching) for this feast being today. A day which, this year, is a Saturday, which specially belongs to Queen Mary, the Mother of God Almighty. Which in turn means that the feast tomorrow is on the Day of Her Son, a Sunday.


O Glorious Virgin Mary, most marvelous of all God’s Creatures! Thou who sum up and complete the Week of the Old Creation, Thy Son, Jesus, beginning the Week of the New Creation! All praise, honor, lauding & veneration be Thine, O White Lily of Blessed Purity & Vermilion Rose of Holy Sacrifice! And through Thee, may Thy Divine Offspring, Our Heavenly Lord & Crucified Saviour, be worshipped & adored forever, world without end, amen.


·       The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, 2008 (6-27-08)


Added a new article to the Books & Articles section entitled The World Offended. Begun as a response to a second, longer letter sent to me by the same person to whom I wrote the Regarding ‘The Epistemologic Works’ Website, Truth, Hell & the Catholic Faith email that’s posted in the Letters & Admonishments section, it addresses my relative’s primary concern --- why must we as Catholics “shut out” the rest of the family? Why do we make a point of telling people they’re going to Hell if they don’t become Catholic? Don’t we know this comes off as ‘cult-like’ & ‘arrogant’? Don’t we think we’d make a lot more converts by focusing on aspects of Catholicism other than exclusion from the Hope of Heaven via a lack of conversion to the Roman Catholic Faith? Along the way I also describe where those calling themselves Christian or born again go wrong, what the Bible is for, the reason Catholics ‘preach’, how come they tend to stick to themselves, and refute an anti-Catholic conspiracy theory (albeit very briefly). In addition, I explain the religious tyranny that almost all people nowadays slave under, all the while they pretend it to be a ‘freedom’. Do you hate Catholics, my dear reader? Do you consider them ‘weird’, ‘arrogant’ & ‘rude’, the way they seem to talk different, act different & think different from everyone else? Then this might be the article for you. If you want to know how a real Catholic can be certain there’s no Salvation outside of membership in the Catholic Church, then read Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus in the Books & Articles category. However, if you want to know why, given that a real Catholic believes this Dogma of Salvation to be true, such a real Catholic behaves the way he does, then read The World Offended. It will open your eyes to a new way of seeing things… indeed, to the only sensible way a man can see things, knowing that Roman Catholicism is true!


Too, I tweaked the Official Policy for Public Use of the Writings Posted on ‘The Epistemologic Works’ Website webpage slightly to include reference to the need for copyright information to be in every publishing or distribution made of the writings on this website, even those that are but partial publishings, as well as adjusted minor wordings in other sentences. This tiny article can be accessed by hyperlink at the end of all recent postings and via postings that I am slowly updating to include the link.


·       The Feast of St. John the Baptist, 2008 (6-24-08)


Added a new letter in the Letters & Admonishments section called Re Preaching & the Catholic Faith. Are you of the opinion, my dear reader, that ‘preaching’ is a no-no nowadays, being impolite & politically incorrect? Do you think real Catholics are ‘intolerant’ & ‘narrow-minded’ merely for daring to tell someone that there is no Salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church? Then this short little letter is for you. The modern dogma of ‘no preaching or proselytizing’ is itself revealed to be intolerant & narrow-minded against the Roman Catholic Faith!


Also, replaced the small For Those Who Call Themselves Christian or Born Again article in the First Things First section with an even smaller article. After reflection, I realized that the older version did not address the most pertinent concern (and bias) of such folks with enough alacrity & directness. That is to say, their attention would waver and my point be lost if I didn’t get it made quicker and challenge them to read further to see if what I dare to say is the actual truth --- that real Catholicism truly is the only way that God has designed for men to save their souls, that Catholicism actually is Christianity… and that nothing else can even rival it. I may decide to use the old text later as separate article in the Books & Article section. Until then, take a glance at what the new text has to say!


·       The Feast of Ss. Cyr & Julitta, 2008 (6-16-08)


Opened up the Prayers & Devotions section with the modest addition of Foundational Prayers of the Catholic Faith, in which may be found a link to the words of the Sign of the Cross along with suitable commentary & explanation. Many more prayers will be added, the Triune Catholic God willing, in coming months & years, not to mention the area for devotions developed & fleshed out.


Too, added a small preface to the Home Page right before the first half of the Mary Exalted article. This preface warns new visitors how hard to comprehend Mary Exalted may be for those who neither consider themselves Catholic nor call themselves Christian or born again. In which case, they may want to focus their attention elsewhere at first; for instance, in the Questions & Answers category, where writings won’t usually require familiarity with a topic before launching into an exposition upon it.


Finally, I also mention in the little preface newly placed on the Home Page that I make unexplored hyperlinks a light blue color, almost sea green, whereas hyperlinks already explored are a blue that is darker than my typical font color. I do this to avoid confusion since many of my writings employ rich text with extensive underlining. But if there should be any doubt, simply hover your cursor over the suspected link and --- if actually a hyperlink --- it will turn white, just like the color of this font.


·       The Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, Wonderworker & Hammer of Heretics, 2008 (6-13-08)


Finally added a short article intended for readers of this website who may call themselves Christian or born again. Entitled --- what else? --- For Those Who Call Themselves Christian or Born Again, it joins the For Those Who Consider Themselves Catholic article already posted. One more brief article of this nature will be forthcoming for those who may practice some other form of religion or who lay claim to no religion at all. Each of these is located in the First Things First section, and each can also be accessed through links placed on the home page prior to the Mary Exalted article, the initial half of which has been ensconced there since the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima in order to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary & highlight Her Heavenly Prerogatives for visitors to this site via a thorough exposition of various passages from the Bible.


Also added a small letter in the Letters & Admonishments section called Regarding ‘The Epistemologic Works’ Website, Truth, Hell & the Catholic Faith, which responds to a pleasant email someone sent to me recently after having looked at The Epistemologic Works.


Lastly, have added a tiny webpage explaining my policy for public use of writings found on this website. Links to it can be found at the end of the new letter posted in the Letters & Admonishment category, as well as at the end of the Letters & Admonishments links page itself. Further links will be established throughout the website on pages previously posted as soon as I can make time to do so.


·       The Feast of St. Francis Caracciolo, 2008 (6-4-08)


Updated version of For Those Who Consider Themselves Catholic placed in the First Things First section. No major renovations in the initial half of the article, simply minor changes of a grammatical or stylistic nature, or a few added sentences to clarify certain points & illustrations. However, in the latter half of the article I added a longer section to grapple with the need of a formal abjuration for those adults who, in rightly professing Catholicism, nevertheless inadvertently associate religiously for a time with those that are not truly Catholic. Presuming guiltlessness on such a person’s part, the urgency for formal abjuration in this instance is that such a Catholic must avoid any appearance of heresy or causing confusion & scandal amongst both Catholics and non-Catholics. That is to say, by formally abjuring, the Catholic involved in such a situation is only saying what he already thinks & believes, and is doing so to show non-Catholics who is really Catholic and to show real Catholics that he is really Catholic. His concern, then, is for the souls of others even if his own soul was safe all along.


·       The Feast of St. Clotilde, 2008 (6-3-08)


Posted both English & Latin versions of the fourth of the Roman Catholic Church’s four major creeds in the Creeds area of the Profession & Abjuration section --- the Tridentine Creed.


During the A.D. 1500s many Catholics in the northern European countries rebelled against the Papacy and started a new religion which came to be known as ‘Protestantism’. Still calling themselves ‘christian’ (and still pretending to be ‘catholic’, too, at first), their spiritual lies & obstinate arrogance compelled the popes to convoke the Council of Trent in order to combat their heresies, the latter then invoking the Supernatural Power of the Holy Ghost as given to them to protect God’s True Church from solemnly teaching error. The popes also wished to cleanse members of Roman Catholicism from various immoralities that had crept into their lives, these long-entrenched sins forming the rotten soil from which the putridity of Protestantism had germinated in the first place. It should come as no surprise, therefore --- and worldly or heretical readers will know exactly what I’m talking about --- that Trent is the most hated, most vilified & most excoriated of all the Church’s twenty general councils. Likewise, its Creed, which contains the ancient Creed of Nicea, and to which was added a couple of clauses deriving from the Vatican Council of the nineteenth century. Originally intended for priests & bishops so that they might be properly formed to guard their flocks from religious falsehood, its tour-de-force presentation is still the most thorough infallible creed we have thus far of many, if not most, of the common dogmas that must be believed & professed to have Hope of Salvation. Think you’re truly Catholic, my dear soul? Then try this Creed out for size. Find out how narrow the Door into Heaven really is!


·       The Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen & Mediatrix of All Graces, and of St. Angela de Merici, 2008 (5-31-2008)


Posted both English & Latin versions of the third of the Catholic Church’s four major creeds (and which people of modern times hate with a passion since it indicts them for their indifference toward religion under the guise of a so-called ‘tolerance’ for any beliefs no matter how false & blasphemous) in the Creeds area of the Profession & Abjuration section --- the Athanasian Creed.


·       The Feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Joan of Arc, St. Felix I & St. Ferdinand III, 2008 (5-30-08)


Posted both English & Latin versions of the second of the Catholic Church’s four major creeds in the Creeds area of the Profession & Abjuration section --- the Nicene Creed.


·       The Feast of St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi, 2008 (5-29-08)


Have the Professions & Abjuration section up & running… albeit barely. Ah, well, good things start humbly, just as a new plant in the garden begins so small as to be barely discernible, and so frail as to be thought impossible to survive for even the fewest of days. That is to say, the section now holds but one item --- the Apostle’s Creed in both English & Latin --- with many other future links noted on the opening page, so as to give the peruser of this site a clear idea of what lies in store for him further down the road. To the Triune Catholic God, Who created all things out of nothing, be the Glory, Power & Dominion, world without end, amen! To the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Queen of Highest Heaven & Mother of the Second Person of God, be the greatest of honor, praise & veneration amongst all of God’s Saints, forever & ever! My God & My All… O Littlest of the Little, St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us who pray to thee and seek to imitate thy Godly example. May the Cross in this life be our only possession; may we embrace it as it embraced the Eternal Sacrifice of Jesus, Our Lord & Saviour, Whose wounds thou bore. Amen.


·       The Feast of St. Augustine of Canterbury, 2008 (5-28-08)


Activated link in the navigational frame to the First Things First section, adding a short article intended for those readers of this website who may consider themselves to be Catholic. Future short articles will be forthcoming for those who may call themselves Christian or born again, and for those who may practice some other form of religion or who lay claim to no religion at all.


·       The Feasts of St. Philip Neri & St. Eleutherius, 2008 (5-26-08)


Last third (Part Three) of The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down posted in the Books & Articles section.


I also put up two more admonishments in the Letters & Admonishments section. The first, for the late Fr. Eugene Heidt, was in response to his heresy of ‘nonjudgmentalism’ toward those who are supposed to be leaders in the Catholic Church, although I also had to take him to task for not professing all of the dogmas of the Church like he’s supposed to do if he was going to be truly Catholic --- and a priest, at that! The second, directed toward a couple named Stan & Joan Heidt, who consider themselves ‘catholic’, calls for them to renounce their heresies & take seriously what I had told them some time ago in person, face to face. Sadly, they, like so many other people today, believe merely what they want to believe… and never lift a finger to investigate the matter further, to see if what they prefer is actually the truth. In this way do such people bring down upon themselves the Wrath of God when they die. For if they care so little for what God has created & designed us to accomplish, particularly when it comes to His Religion --- which is how we become united to Him in perfect intimacy of being --- then how is it they expect God to love them when they appear before Him on their day of reckoning? How can He, when they have not loved Him by seeking out His Will & His Purpose for their lives, caring enough to obey?


·       The Feasts of St. Gregory VII, St. Urban I & St. Madeleine Sophie Brat, 2008 (5-25-08)


Second third (Part Two) of The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down posted in the Books & Articles section.


·       The Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians, 2008 (5-24-08)


Posted first third (Part One) of The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down in the Books & Articles section. Are you of the opinion that Baptism of Water is merely symbolic, a ‘nice thing’ that Jesus said people should do if they’re going to follow Him, but certainly in no way intrinsically necessary for Salvation? Do you consider anything more than ‘just believing’ in Jesus useless for saving a man’s soul? Are you inclined to call Catholicism a ‘dead religion’ and love to mock Catholics for trying to ‘work’ their way into Heaven? Do you despise veneration of Mary & the saints, while at the same time you spare no effort to constantly honor the Jews as God’s ‘chosen people’? Or are you, perhaps, a student of holy scripture, studying it in the ancient languages of Hebrew & Greek, picking apart what you like to think doesn’t belong there --- having only been added or changed long afterward, say you --- whilst treating the decisions of modern scholars about the earliest biblical manuscripts as if they’re infallible papal decrees from on high? Then this book is for you. Find out that, yes, the Bible really does say Baptism is necessary to save one’s soul; that, yes, good works rooted in Christ really are necessary above & beyond mere ‘faith in Jesus’ to be allowed to enter Heaven. See how neither the Law of God nor the Law of Christ is disparaged by St. Paul the Apostle, but that what he opposes in Romans, Galatians & etc., ridiculing works & law, is the works & law of the animal sacrifices & their accompanying rituals in the Old Covenant Church of the Jews which has been superseded by the Divine Sacrifice & its accompanying rituals in the New Covenant Church of the Catholics. Don’t want to believe it? Then stop pretending to be all-knowing & never-wrong.  Knuckle down to read the book for yourself… humbly, carefully & thoroughly. You might learn something!


·       The Feast of St. John Baptist di Rossi, 2008 (5-23-08)


Posted the second fifth of the first two-fifths of the book, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (‘Outside the Church, no Salvation’), that is ready for publishing in the Books & Articles section. Learn how God has given the Catholic Church, as His Son’s Body, the exclusive ability to save souls, and how this can be known for certain. Discover that Christians during the first few centuries after Jesus were --- shock of shocks --- Catholic, and did indeed have popes who both spoke infallibly and ruled supremely over their fellows just like popes have done in the most recent of times. Find the argument of Protestants for the ‘bible alone’ as their spiritual authority decimated, and their animosity toward religious tradition laid waste. In short, read this book humbly, carefully & thoroughly and never again find yourself able, with any believable pretense of honesty, to say that the Church of Roman Catholicism isn’t the sole religion that Jesus Christ started, endowed with everything She needed right from the beginning. Don’t think it’s true? Then study the book for yourself to see if Catholics boast idly!


·       The Feasts of Corpus Christi & St. Rita of Cascia, 2008 (5-22-08)


Sweeping explanation of the aim of The Epistemologic Works website --- or ‘mission statement’, as the popular lingo goes nowadays --- added in An Introduction To This Site section, with navigational link activated. Want to know, without getting into great depth, what this site’s all about? Then peruse the webpage there.


Letters & Admonishments section inaugurated, with first item posted being an admonishment of the conservative Novus Ordo priest, Nicholas Gruner. Famed for publicizing the Message of Our Lady of Fatima, I used to support him occasionally in his apostolate. However, as the years went by and I became more & more Catholic, I began to realize that he wasn’t really Catholic despite saying a lot of the things that real Catholics might say. In short, he might talk the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk --- and the talk doesn’t even add up right when you get right down to it and truly examine his words closely! Yet why am I so brazen as to denounce him publicly? Isn’t this cruel or ‘uncatholic’ of me? Not at all. Real Catholics, to be real Catholics, must know who is truly Catholic. Otherwise, what’s the point of anyone saying that he’s Catholic? It’s a meaningless word and achieves nothing. Consequently, real Catholics must denounce those who are not truly Catholic, exposing them for what they are… phonies. This is actually an act of kindness. For, in denouncing the fake, the phony is given a chance to repent and become a real Catholic. Likewise, other fakes are given a chance to repent, too. And, finally, real Catholics are protected from falling for the lies & mistakes of those who are not truly Catholic, thereby saving them from damning their immortal souls.


Questions & Answers section opened up, with the first subject tackled being the Roman Catholic Church. Want to get a good overview of what the Catholic Church is all about? Then investigate this webpage. It’s long but broken up into more than one hundred queries & responses --- so it ought to be easily digestible. Think the Church has nothing relevant to offer the world today? Then think again. Better yet, put your brain into gear and ponder the answers carefully. It’s guaranteed to surprise you and knock your worldview out of kilter. Or, at the very least, to shake your prejudices up pretty good. Also posted a Preface for the Questions & Answers section; that is to say, a kind of prep for the section, letting people know what the area is for, how it’s constructed, and what future plans hold for it.


Finally, added the first part of a long book, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, to the Books & Articles section. Think it’s ridiculous to say there’s no Salvation outside the Catholic Church? Nevertheless, do you, at the same time, claim to respect the Bible? And do you consider yourself a reasonably intelligent person? Then read this book to find out how mistaken you are about the Religion of Rome --- how very, very, very, very mistaken. Using the simple verses of Sacred Scripture (from a popular Protestant translation, what’s more!), the publicly available documents of ancient history and the clear thought of good, plain, straightforward sense, discover that earliest Christians were neither nothing more nor nothing less than Roman Catholic. After all, why else should anyone convert? If not to save one’s soul --- if not because Catholicism is what Jesus started --- then it’s just a matter of stylistic preference, isn’t it? And isn’t the ‘style’ of our era totally against the ‘tradition’ of the Catholic Faith? Why, then, should anyone care? This is how I used to think. I didn’t want to be Catholic, and I was raised to despise Catholicism as ignorant, hidebound, blind, unbiblical, full of ‘dead works’, foolish & even diabolic. There was no way on earth I was going to convert. Except for one thing… I found out I was wrong. The facts were against me. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to figure this out. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (‘Outside the Church, no Salvation’) is the distillation of that trail blazing effort, making the work of conversion much easier for you. The first two-fifths of the book are ready to publish, and the first fifth, which constitutes Part One, is already posted. Parts Two & Three will arrive soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow. There’s plenty of good reading, so take a look!


·       Whit Saturday, and the Feast of St. Paschal Baylon, 2008 (5-17-08)


Books & Articles page added with first article posted, Catholic Ritual Defended. The prejudice of both Protestants and other people during our era is against anything to do with ‘organized’ or ‘institutional’ religion, causing them to be bored by or hate rituals, liturgy, repetition & formality in worship. This article demolishes those prejudices, showing how the Bible not only doesn’t condemn Roman Catholic ritual or liturgy, but that Catholicism is the very thing practiced eternally in Heaven by God Himself… and thus why He created human beings, who are made in His Image, to practice it on earth, too!


Also added a Contact & Donations page. Do you have something you wish to say to me? Do you wish to donate in order to further this work and see souls gathered into the Catholic Church, where they might have real hope of entering Heaven by dying in the state of grace? Then use the navigational bar at the left to make your way there.


·       Whit Wednesday, and the Feast of St. Boniface, 2008 (5-14-08)


What’s New page added with link to it in the navigational frame activated. Home page link also activated.


·       Whit Tuesday, and the Feasts of Our Lady of Fatima, the Queen of Highest Heaven, & St. Robert Bellarmine, 2008 (5-13-08)


Home page uploaded. Initial items include the top emblem frame with The Epistemologic Works logo, the left navigational frame with all eventual links to the website’s various sections listed, and the bottom main frame with the first half of the long article, Mary Exalted, posted in praise of God’s Greatest Creature, along with a picture of her as Our Lady of Guadalupe.


The thing which conservative Protestants despise by far --- and which people of this world in general view with at least disdainful amusement --- is Catholic veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This article shows how neither the Bible nor good sense ever condemns the honor given by Roman Catholics to God’s Mother, rather portraying it as reasonable and even demanded by the Creator that we do so. Think you know all of the reasons you shouldn’t honor Queen Mary like Catholics do? Then study this article and find your excuses both fully anticipated & thoroughly annihilated by simple logic and the inerrant testimony of God’s Holy Scripture.


·       The Feast of St. Athanasius, 2008 (5-2-08)


First half of the long article, Mary Exalted, finished. Aside from minor typo & flow edits, sole remaining obstacles to launch of the website’s home page are now technical.


·       The Feast of the Annunciation of St. Gabriel the Archangel to the Blessed Virgin Mary concerning the Conception of Her Divine Son, 2008 (3-31-08)


The Epistemologic Works website is officially established with the purchase of a domain name and the selection of a host for the site. Multiple articles, books & etc., are in preparation for posting on the Internet; however, most of my effort is now dedicated to writing Mary Exalted for the home page.


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