Inter Regnum


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·       Part One of Inter Regnum (Chapters 1-12)


What this book demonstrates, and why it is absolutely imperative. (Chapters 1-2)

The first devastating argument stated. Our very first pope, St. Peter the Magnificient, denied Christ in his fear, apostatizing & losing his office. It’s in the Bible. Jesus re-instated Peter --- that’s also recorded --- but what’s to ‘stop’ God from not re-instating an apostate pope? (Chapters 3-7)

The second devastating argument stated. Canon Law has always provided for ‘automatic excommunications’. There is no exception for authority, including popes. Ergo, if a pope is notoriously & pertinaciously heretical, then he is no longer a Catholic or a Pope. (Chapters 9-12)


·       Part Two of Inter Regnum (Chapters 13-27)


The third devastating argument stated. Less than 2 centuries before Christ, the Great Apostasy had a ‘dry run’ rehearsal. God permitted an Old Testament pope murdered, antipopes to fool most, and the papal throne to be empty for 17 years. So why not the same thing now? (Chapters 13-19)

The third devastating argument stated further. It is inarguable Church History that God has allowed papal interregnums of surprising length many times during 260+ popes, the longest being 2 to 4 years prior till now. Total pre-1960s interregnums easily exceed 4 decades. (Chapters 20-27)


·       Part Three of Inter Regnum (Chapters 28-34)


The fourth devastating argument stated. Our Self-Eternal God became a mere human being. He then permitted Himself to be crucified like a criminal, His Human Body laid dead in the Tomb. So how is it He’d ‘never’ permit the same to occur to His Ecclesial Body? (Chapters 28-32)

The fifth devastating argument stated. Our Lady of La Salette clearly foretold, through Her messenger, Melanie Calvat, published in 1879 with episcopal approval, the very thing we endure --- no popes for awhile, with anti-Catholic antipopes in the meantime (Chapters 33-34)


·       Part Four of Inter Regnum (Chapters 35-42)


The sixth devastating argument stated. A necessary detour into Infallible Truth, Solipism & Darwinism. Without Infallible Truth, human ignorance is nigh well invincible. Or, put differently, only Infallible Truth can give us a frame of reference in a World of Ignorance. (Chapters 35-39)

The sixth devastating argument stated further. Following Pope Pius IX’s lead, Leo XIII ordered the ‘Leonine Prayers’ globally, with short & long exorcism prayers a little later. The latter clearly foreboded our plight --- Rome bereft of a pope, imposters misleading the sheep. (Chapters 39-42)


·       Part Five of Inter Regnum (Chapters 43-50 & Afterword)


The seventh devastating argument stated. Few people try to understand Our Lady of Fatima, despite the astounding Miracle of the Sun in 1917. Her Message via Sr. Lucia was stark. Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart or else Russia spreads hellish errors throughout the world. The popes did not obey Christ, lost St. Peter’s Throne for a time, and apostasy tyrannizes us. (Chapter 43-50)

Some more crucial details regarding Fatima related, a bibliography for those who are scholarly or skeptical, and a brief yet pithy explanation of how we get a real pope back and destroy Lucifer’s Great Apostasy with Jesus & Mary’s Celestial Help. (Chapters 1-3 of the Afterward)


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