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Ronald Kramig & Lois Doyle


Now comes the most painful of three admonishments just recently posted. As ever, I purposefully put the Admonishments subsection a bit out of the way. Not so far out of the way that it can’t be found by someone looking at the website, who’s determined to find it. Nevertheless, enough out of the way that my conscience is clean of being accused of any vindictive ‘slander’ or ‘detraction’ of the individuals I warn against --- as if I’m trying to get ‘revenge’ on them. I’m not. I’m only saying, “Look, these people go by the name of ‘catholic’… or once did… yet they’ve said or done such-and-such. Which is schismatic, heretical or apostate, or just plain openly, publicly & horribly wicked. They’ve harmed others. Be careful. Don’t let them harm you.” Or would the everyday person, who’s conscientious, learn about a murderer’s murders and say nothing? As if he or she possesses no obligation to warn others about the danger of this murderer?


No? Ah, well then. You know why we’ve an Admonishment subsection.


All three are connected, but this is the most painful. Very, very painful.


Why? Well, how are they connected? We can’t blame the Dimond brothers for everything, all the harm from these three sets of people styling themselves ‘catholic’. Nonetheless, as far as I can tell, the Dimonds, during the Great Apostasy, pioneered or influenced enough people religiously so as to be the primary source for a lot of Catholic fundamentalist (CF) nonsense. One of these persons is Mr. Richard Ibranyi and his band of followers. For awhile, I associated with him personally. Please read his admonishment to find out how & why. Eventually, though, I had to break from him --- his behavior was too evil, too cruel & too askew to put up with… or cooperate with, as if it was ‘right’. In doing so, before I sadly had to break from him, Mr. Ron Kramig & Mrs. Lois Doyle had become involved with Mr. Ibranyi & his group along with me. How did this happen?


I was not raised Catholic. I was born in an Evangelic Protestant (EP) family, which is heretical. That is to say, EPs call themselves ‘christian’ or ‘born again’ or ‘followers of jesus’, howsoever, their claims are bogus. I know, because I dared to read my bible (one of their own translations, the NIV, what’s more!) and read ancient writings of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th centuries (and so forth, the early Church fathers, essentially) to see what they had to say for themselves when it comes to Christianity. I.e., was Christianity then, per them, what EPs or other Protestants say it is now, during the last five centuries? Or have EPs & Protestants, etc., made up their ‘christian’ religion out of nowhere, based on what they want to believe is ‘true’… and regardless of what is really true? You can read what I found out, all of the ancient & biblical evidence, in Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus . Proof was plain, though. Nothing in good & ancient Christian writings of the first millennium upholds anything distinctly Protestant, Evangelic, ‘born again’, ‘follower of jesus’ or what-have-you. Period, end of sentence, and case closed. To the contrary, where the ancient first millennium Christian writers speak of it, what they believed, professed & upheld was distinctly & inarguably Roman Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled.


Again --- period, end of sentence & case closed. Don’t believe it? Your choice.


The hard evidence, however, is easily found in Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.


Want to believe in a fantasy or know the reality? Again… your choice.


I’d urge you to choose well, my beloved reader. Eternity’s at stake.


In any case, the proof from earliest & real Christians --- that they were nothing but Roman Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled --- is plain & irrefutable for he or she actually daring to look, think & admit truth. This is what converted me to Catholicism. I was taught to hate & disdain Roman Catholicism. I had to overcome my prejudices and become what both EPs and modern education had told me was a very ‘bad’ thing to be.


Mr. Ron Kramig & Mrs. Lois Doyle, his mother, came along with me on this ride.


Yet how did they & I meet? What brought us together and why did they convert?


My parents were not Catholic. They were EP (Evangelic Protestant, if you don’t remember…). They, together with other people, taught me to despise Catholicism. Notwithstanding, my parents had ‘wanted’ more children (as if it’s merely a ‘choice’). Unfortunately, after my miraculous birth --- yes, miraculous, my mother’s doctor telling her she would never be able to have children before I was born --- my father and mother wound up being able to bear only one more child after me, my sister. I thus had one sibling and that’s it. It never really ‘bothered’ me at the time. Then I met Ron.


In the middle of Los Angeles, where I lived for nearly a decade, having moved there to work after graduating from university, in the midst of millions upon millions of people, Mr. Kramig and I met ‘accidentally’, attending the same 10,000+ member EP church. In an outing of a large group of young adults into the San Gabriel Mountains (which tower over the LA metropolitan area to the east, the peaks themselves named for St. Gabriel the Archangel by the Spanish who ruled this region centuries ago), we first met & conversed, finding ourselves talking for hours on end about all kinds of subjects. Both he & I had the same kind of minds & interests, something extremely odd if you’re like me and have had to navigate a world full of human beings that don’t seem to understand you, or what you care about. That day when Ron & I connected, conversing for some 6 or 8 hours straight, cemented a deep friendship that I have rarely ever experienced with anyone else. He was like the brother I’d never had… and never knew that I ‘missed’ until I met him. Truly!


By the way, I beg your pardon if this is too ‘emotional’ for you. It’s simply who I am.


I love rationality, I love thinking, I love facts, and I love truth. All the same, I also feel deeply about what & who I care about. Part of truth is one’s emotions. So this account is not a ‘just-the-facts-ma’am’ type of report. I’m giving you, the reader, the facts. But part of the factualness is this deep friendship. This is why it hurts so much. This is why it’s a sheer agony. Suffering religious separation from Mr. Kramig was like a knife in the soul, an utmost grief & distress. Nor was it ‘simply’ religious separation. Ron turned angry & vengeful, refusing to talk things out with civility, charity & intelligence. He literally separated himself off from me both religiously & socially, refusing any contact.


So what happened? How did my earthly & spiritual brother come to this?


I’ll never know the full story, in all likelihood, until he decides to talk to me again --- assuming this ever transpires. I’m left putting pieces of the puzzle together, making the shrewdest guesses I can, based on what facts I know. So, FIRST fact. Mr. Ron Kramig had a brutal father. This is why his mother divorced that man, escaping the violence and brutality. Indeed, when Mrs. Lois Doyle, Ron’s mother, became truly Catholic along with us, she made a very brave & difficult --- but right --- decision, separating from her second ‘husband’ in order to obey the Church’s Infallible Teaching that ‘re-marriage’ is a mortal sin when the first spouse is still alive. It still amazes me to this day that she did so. That shows she cared about the Saving Truth, enough to face life without a ‘husband’ in her life to love or care for her. The damage, though, was done. Ron hurt badly due to his brutal, then absent, father. And, while a gigantic man (some 6 feet & 3 inches or so), Ronald had a tender heart. This tenderness of heart is partly what drew us together. However, I’m only 5 feet & 8½ inches tall, being very compact, greatly shaped by my Celtic ancestry. Ron apparently took after his extensively Germanic ancestry. In spite of this titanic difference in sizes (he wasn’t obese or anything like that, yet his gargantuan frame made him easily 220 lbs at a minimum at any given time), Heaven has blessed me with robust health and tons of physical strength. Despite being only 150 lbs or less, when Ron & I would embrace warmly, with modest masculine charity, he & I would laugh as I literally lifted him off the ground some 4 or 6 inches. The point is, I’m way smaller than he. A little older, but not much. Nonetheless, for various reasons, as years went by, he viewed me more & more like someone ‘over him’ in authority. I suppose it’s because God had me pioneer our conversions to the Catholic Faith, he looking up to me and my intensive study. I view psychology with caution, it being a modernistic, ‘soft science’, as opposed to the ‘harder sciences’ of, say, physics or chemistry. Still… there can be lots of truth in psychology or its academic compadre, sociology, or etc., etc. One of these truths is that, yes, human beings can grow up with big chips upon their shoulders against certain people that remind them of a father or mother that wounded them horribly. This dynamic, I am convinced, was at play in the complicated situation as many years went by. If not, then Mr. Ronald Kramig himself has to be the one to adequately explain his behavior.


But, then, he won’t talk to me, eh? He’s frozen me out of his life. I’m left deducing.


SECOND fact. After two years of blessed friendship with Mr. Kramig, he lost his job and nearly became homeless. This shamed him greatly. He distanced himself from me, not wanting me to see him so upset & worried, or wanting to feel compelled, constantly, to ask me for financial assistance. He’d been the best man at my wedding at a Pasadena mansion, and, like so many newlyweds, my wife & I struggled our first few years with having enough money, especially in an expensive city like Los Angeles. God always provided for us, all the same, when Ron did get desperate enough to ask me for help, invariably he’d ask for just $20, just enough to get by. Awkwardly, knowing he was embarrassed, I’d try to politely ask him if he needed more. And sometimes, if I am recalling correctly, he might have dared to ask for more. Yet he’d never tell me what he was facing, financially, in real detail. I’d thus never know for sure how bad off he was or not at the time. And, having both a wife and then a first son to care for, I’d not know how much I should give him, in charity, as both an earthly & spiritual brother. What if I give him more than he really needs, leaving my family unprovided for? On the other hand, if seriously in need, then, thought I, I should give him whatever I can, trusting in Jesus & Mary to take care of us. He was too embarrassed to tell me these details, in spite of our beloved friendship, and I was too timid to press him, sensing acutely his sense of deep shame. I therefore erred on the cautious side. This makes me feel terrible now. I think I’ve failed him, being too parsimonious. And, I suspect, this at least partly caused him resentment against me, thinking me cheap & uncaring for him. Speculative? Yes. Yet wholly plausible. And without poor Ron to say otherwise, it’s all I’ve got. In the meantime, it’s what I suspect, and I feel badly, as though I have failed him.


THIRD fact. Once Mr. Kramig received training and was hired by a powerful communications company in southern California, things became more normal again. Visits became more common, and he, sorely afflicted before, stocked away much of his income in preparation for another hard time, if ever it should come. In any case, it at first seemed like things would go back to normal. We had some fun times together. E.g., he so very kindly toured me through a massive communications building in Los Angeles, being one of the hubs or ‘nerve centers’ of the growing internet & cloud back then. Both he & I are technology geeks, so we both geeked together over the cool stuff he had access to & could show me. For instance (and for those geeky like us…), I can remember us staring, enthralled, at the colossal fiber optic cable snaking into the communications center, that provided millions of people in the LA metro area with phone & internet access to the rest of the world. What a lot of fun! Yet I could also sense an incipient bitterness in him at me that seemed to wrestle with his very real brotherly love for me. It wasn’t out in the open at the moment, but it was there just under the surface. Then I took my growing family away to Oregon, I myself going through financially hard times in the wake of the economy going into recession with the dotcom bust, and he, still in LA, talking via telephone to me every so often. He even visited once or twice, coming up north. The conversations, though, got self-conscious & uncomfortable. I’d feel like I was talking ‘too much’ and would halt, telling him I wanted to know what he was doing, or how he felt, or what he thought. This would bring responses of, essentially, “Nothing important.” Then… pause. After a few years of this, while still caring for each other tremendously, it put a strain on our relations. It was mostly me talking, him listening, and I could rarely get him to share anything beyond certain shared interests. His feelings, though? Or anything of vast personal importance? No. Nothing. Just silence. But no schism.


Yet. Notwithstanding, it was like he was asserting his ‘independence’.


Sort of. If true, I don’t even claim that he did so consciously.


It just made for a crack in the ice, waiting for rupture.


FOURTH fact. With my family & I moving to New Mexico for a short time to be together with Mr. Richard Ibranyi and his followers, Mr. Kramig and his mother, Mrs. Doyle, visited for several days over Easter, celebrating with us and everyone. It was nice. It almost felt as if something had healed, like he & I were back to old times, total brothers in the earthly & spiritual sense. Then came the cruel & nasty behavior of Mr. Ibranyi and his devotees toward, first, my wife, then next, secondly, toward me as I dared to defend her. You can read about this in my admonishment of Richard Ibranyi here. Smartphones hadn’t quite yet hit the mainstream, and, out in the middle of nowhere in lovely Colorado, not too far from little Durango, living & working on an orchard owned by a loyal devotee of Mr. Ibranyi (interesting tidbit: the beautiful sky & cloud image at the very top of The Epistemologic Works site --- what I call the ‘banner’ --- is from a picture we took while there, thousands of feet high in southwestern Colorado, on a gorgeous summer day), I barely managed to get my hands on a phone to call Ron. He was uncharacteristically careful in how he worded things, but was, at least, kind-sounding. Calling him once more, not too long afterward, he was cold & cruel. He acted as if he wasn’t supposed to talk to me (obviously ‘orders’ from Mr. Ibranyi, telling everyone to shun us), and acted like we ‘deserved’ what we were getting… when, in fact, we had only accusations in a lengthy letter sent to us from New Mexico, with no warning, out of the blue, unable to fathom what ‘proof’ Richard had for his allegations, and never having given either my wife or I any chance to testify to what we knew, giving us no chance at all to defend ourselves. As if this is what the One True Church expects of Her members! To wit, secretive ‘investigations’ behind people’s backs, with the accused never allowed opportunity to contribute their own testimony or defend themselves from attack.


Mr. Ron Kramig & Mrs. Lois Doyle, his mother, clearly bought into this tactic.


And turned on us like savage animals. Or, rather, like ice cold automatons, years of friendship & trust tossed to the side like it meant nothing. Swallowing whole, it seems, the allegations of the Ibranyi team without giving us the benefit of the doubt, or hearing our side of things and helping us figure out what had happened --- of why Ibranyi & his devotees thought what they thought about us, conducting a secret ‘investigation’, when, to our faces, they’d all been mostly kind & friendly, with very little criticism or friendly pieces of advice. It was stunning. Miraculously ensconced back in Oregon, I tried once more communicating with Ron. My wife tried communicating with his mother, Lois. It was useless. If I remember correctly, Lois was a little more charitable toward my wife, but still wary, fairly distant, and unforthcoming. Ron, in turn, was nasty, testy, he still acting like we ‘deserved’ what we got, and, when I asked him what was wrong, what we’d done to so antagonize him, merely replying to the effect of, “Don’t play stupid. You’re guilty and you know what you’ve done wrong.” When, in fact, I did not. It stupefied us. They really appeared to think we knew what we’d done ‘wrong’. It, shockingly, having never occurred to them that we were honestly blindsided, we completely clueless as to why they suddenly believed horrid things about us.


Not that my family & I were, or are, perfect. But that, normally, reasonable persons permit other human beings… especially friends & fellow Roman Catholics!... every chance in the world to know what’s going on, give them every just possibility to correct wrongs if indeed guilty of some fault or sin, and grant them every opportunity to defend themselves with testimony & evidence that might exonerate them, proving innocence. The treatment was positively demonic, and I, to this day, without better facts to find comprehension, must conclude that Heaven allowed this to happen for our sanctity. Accordingly, that Heaven chastises, tests & humiliates those whom they love, in permitting others to treat you with brutality --- and whether or not you’re guilty.


For, even if wrongly & ridiculously accused, no one is perfect to start with.


Every true Roman Catholic must endure testing & refinement of the soul.


Hence, even if Ibranyi, Kramig, Doyle & etc.’s attacks were baseless --- and I really cannot know for certain when none of them will talk with me --- then, nevertheless, we surely deserve such cruelty for the sins of which we actually are guilty. And, at any rate, were we guiltless of all sins, Our Creator still chooses terrible sufferings for His spiritual children, in order that they might win greater reward in Heaven forever. Not that I think us that holy… far from it! I myself am a hideous sinner. But that’s how things work.


And Ron & Lois? What happened to them after this debacle? A couple of years later, thereabouts, they themselves were brutally blasted by Mr. Ibranyi & his devotees, they themselves undergoing exactly what we endured. I then thought, foolishly, that this might cause Mr. Kramig to be more receptive toward my overtures, at least enough to converse, telling me what he had held against me, and giving me a chance to comprehend, and, if guilty of some wrong against him, making it right. Or, if guiltless, allowing him to see this for a fact and patch things up with me, coming back into religious communion. Ludicrous supposition! Diabolically, his response was terse, impolite & damning. Vividly, he warned against me ever trying to communicate with him again.


Now, Mr. Kramig is a clever fellow. He knows how to keep a low profile and, ergo, whatever clever knowledge I may have, someone like Ron can, with enough effort, keep himself basically ‘unfindable’ on the internet or in the cloud. Not totally, but essentially. I could therefore find only the littlest of clues here & there about him in the years since the schism. Not that I was trying to ‘spy’ on him. I just wanted normally public information, typically available about most of us, so as to know how he was doing or where he was. He was my best friend in the world for years, remember? Naturally, I was concerned. Long story short, what I was able to piece together was that he apparently associated with other Catholic fundamentalists (CFs) after his dalliance & schism with Mr. Ibranyi, going CF over the ‘water only’ theological position regarding the Sacrament of Baptism. You may go here for more information about this conflict & confusion. Mr. Richard Ibranyi, incidentally, was not CF over ‘water only’ when I was with him. Consequently, it looks like Ron ‘rebelled’, as it were, against both Richard & I when he adopted this position. To wit, it looks like he saw both of us as ‘fathers’, so to speak, his cruel & abandoning earthly father still looming over his maimed soul like a cyclonic storm. Years later, my eldest son (who is a coding geek like me, although better trained than I am now) & I attempted again to find Ron & Lois, all evidence pointing toward a city in Arizona.


My son, on my behalf (thinking it, perhaps, likelier that they’d speak to him than I, almost a decade later, he being a young boy then when the imbroglio occurred), tried calling the telephone number we had, the clues pointing to this as being their residence. Nobody answered --- that is to say, in the usual way. The telephone call was answered, indeed, in the strict sense. But no one spoke. Upshot? We’ve every reason thus far to suppose that Mr. Kramig was living there, perhaps caring for his ailing mother, Mrs. Doyle, nonetheless, tragically, we’ve also good reason to suspect that Mrs. Doyle is deceased, or at least near death. If so, we are heartbroken. We have no good reason thinking she regained Catholicity, and, mayhap, she --- along with her loyal son, aforementioned Mr. Ron Kramig --- has lost all shards of Roman Catholicity.


Whether or not Lois Doyle is dead, it seems for certain Ron Kramig is alive.


Will a miracle take place and he make social or religious rapprochement?


I’ve nothing but prayers at this point. That, and spiritual sacrifices.


If anyone reading this has reliable information about Mr. Ron Kramig & Mrs. Lois Doyle, please inform me. If they wish privacy, I don’t want to invade their privacy. But it would be nice to know a few things about formerly dear & close friends. Are they alive? Have they lost all pieces of Catholicity? Or have they returned to full, non-schismatic, non-heretical & non-apostate Roman Catholicity? And, if the latter, can they ever be persuaded, in some way, to reconcile with us? At least talking with us civilly? For, remember, if truly Catholic whilst bearing heinous grudges, then mortally sinful.


In the meantime, please beware of these two persons, if Lois is still alive.


And if deceased, may no real Catholic pray for her immortal soul.


For if dead as a schismatic, then certainly in hell forever.


One only offends God by praying for such people.


The gist? One should beware for these reasons:


One, at a bare minimum, they could do the same thing to other real Roman Catholics as they have done to us. This should at least make real Catholics extremely wary of them.


Two, if still professing Catholicity, they very well could be ‘water only’ (WO) CFs (Catholic fundamentalists) about the Sacrament of Baptism. This invariably causes the mortally wicked crime of schism against other real Catholics who hold the ‘baptism of desire’ (BOD) stance, theologically speaking in an orthodox sense, or who, upholding WO, wisely acknowledge the orthodox BOD opinion as permissible for us hence far.


Three, if not professing Roman Catholicity in any way at all anymore, then, as perpetually ongoing Catholic tradition demands, we must be leery of unnecessary interaction with such religious traitors. Not cruelty! That is not what I would urge. Contrarily, wariness. Without being needlessly savage or nasty, it should be made perfectly clear to such betrayers of the One True Religion how their awful decision inevitably causes repercussions, even here on earth. One such consequence is wise Catholics knowing enough to minimize interaction with such traitors. This is what Creator & Church have required of real Catholics since most ancient of times.


Such is as the situation stands. I am still heartbroken. I offer it to Heaven.


Jesus & Mary know how iniquitous I am! I deserve far worse in pain.


But, oh, the horror of such betrayal. How evil earthly life can be.


May Ron, if not Lois, be Catholic & charitable, saving his soul.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Ad Jesum per Mariam. Vero. Amen!


+ + +


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