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You’re Saying Mary Is the Key to Understanding the Incarnation Correctly?


Right you are, my very clever reader. Without Mary, Jesus’ Incarnation is pointless.


True, God could have just miraculously appeared as a human being on earth without going through the ‘bother’ of being conceived in a woman’s womb, being born as an infant, and growing up as a child into an adult man. That’s possible, God could have done that. But He didn’t, did He?


Ever wonder why? I’m guessing you haven’t. Would you like to know?


It was an act of humility. The Greatest Being in Existence, Uncreated, became a little babe and a tiny human being just like us. And all to tell us, Face-to-face, what He made us to do with ourselves, how to live with Him for All of Eternity as His Heavenly Wife, forever & ever, amen.


Queen Mary is the LINK between God & Humanity.


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