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Wait… How Can Mary Be the ‘Mother of God’?


Alright, you say, so Jesus’ Church is Jesus’ Body --- His Own Flesh --- His Heavenly Wife.


Yet how can little Mary, the mother of His human flesh, be the ‘Mother of God’? Aren’t you Catholics making her out to be ‘God’? Don’t be ridiculous… the Uncreated Creator doesn’t have a ‘Mother’!


And we Roman Catholics say, “Actually, yes. Yes He does.” Because Our Creator decided to --- and an Almighty God can do whatever He wants, right?


Indeed… God Himself chose Mary and made Her the Blessed Ever-Virgin, Immaculate & Holy. Jesus Himself chose to become a tiny little babe in Her Precious Womb. This is how Jesus the God-Man chose to do this, Incarnation within the Holy Womb of a ‘little’ human being, a ‘mere’ woman.


And as we said before, a woman is the mother of a person, and NOT just the mother of a body. So when real Catholics call Mary the Mother of God, we are NOT saying that She ‘created’ the Creator or ‘made’ the Maker. We’re just saying She really is the Mother of a PERSON Who really is Almighty God from Eternity --- God Himself chose to make it this way, making little but glorious Mary His Mother.


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