+++ Coda: the Dénouement +++


We know where the center of our earth is.


Do you recall? We are not speaking of three dimensional centrality. Rather, God’s Divinely Chosen ‘two dimensionality’. That is to say, where He pre-determined, from eternity, the ‘center’ of our spherical earth’s two dimensional surface to be. Like a map maker placing 0° latitude & longitude And this is where? If you’ve perused Helplessly Ignorant carefully, or have an excellent memory, then you know the answer. It is the Mediterranean. To the east of this sea basin, whence rises the sun. In Jerusalem, to be exact. At the Hill of St. Adam’s Skull --- i.e., Golgotha or Calvary --- to be perfectly precise. Here God planted Tree of Life & Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil; here Lucifer appeared carnate as a Serpent; here first Eve, then her husband Adam, our foreparents, disobeyed Our Creator, opening their formerly innocent moral eyes, consequently enslaving both their wills and the wills of their progeny to come.


Apart from Jesus & Mary, that is, the sinless Second Adam & Second Eve.


I hesitated to write this, biding my time thoughtfully and prayerfully.


Yet every sizeable composition of words often has a dénouement, tying everything together. And every sizeable composition of notes often has a coda, recapitulating the theme till leaving a listener, hopefully, satisfied that both it and he or she are complete. Worthwhile to proffer something here? And, if so, opportune that it be proffered? This entails what I had to decide. The average person hasn’t fondness or a taste for allegory. More allegory, then? One last visual parable, like pearls put forth on a golden platter? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No eyes? Nothing seen. No taste? Pearls lost, splattered in the mud & filth of souls who couldn’t care less for what is precious.


On the other hand, fake pearls masquerading as the real thing? Beyond sad.


All the same, one wistfully hopes recipients aren’t prone to wallow.


That said, we risk the pearlesque coda & dénouement.


If the lengthy sketch regarding the seven heads of the Apocalyptic Oceanic Beast is accurate --- at least in great part, with but a few tweaks needed --- then we’ve a pattern put into place by God on earth. Not that He is directly responsible for everything these bestial heads do or say. To the contrary, that He foreknows their existence and all that they’ll ever do or say, He then deciding, as God Almighty, what He’ll permit, or not permit, and how He’ll work it all for good in the end, despite our wicked intent.


So what is the pattern? Nemrod begins with Babel to the east of the Garden of Paradise. Given that my theory is correct, His lingual tribe moves off to Atlantis in the West after the Tower of Babel fiasco (and while I can’t absolutely prove it, I’ve never found a better explanation for all the otherwise unexplained facts & phenomena that exist in & around the Atlantic Basin), there to sink into the abyss, unforgiven for their dogged rebellion. Then comes Egypt in the South and the Hittites in the North, to either side of center. Finally comes the time of the center, with the Phoenicians and its fourth head. Next commences a Neo-Assyrian / Chaldean / Persian Empire in the East, preparing for Messianic Prophecy. Then the Greco-Romans as sixth head, conversion and Our Creator’s Mercy unforeseen & undeserved. Lastly, the Anglo-Americans and brobdingnagian hubris unseen since Poseidon and his divine aspirations.


Seventh head; seventh dream; seventh pursuit; seventh doom of divine delusions.


If you were a giant laying upon the earth, with head cradled in Mesopotamia, feet resting in the Mediterranean just south of Italia, arms outstretched, you gaze up into the sky. Let us say you are Catholic and make the Sign of the Cross. You start with your forehead, the right arm tracing vertically to your upper abdomen. Then to your left shoulder and over to your right shoulder. This traces the pattern of bestial heads, with Neptune’s Atlantis west & below your feet, sank in the depths. Then, like Christ, your head cries out, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” and you whisper, “It is consummated.” Along with, “Father, into Your hands I commend my spirit.” Then the soldier pierces your agonized heart, spilling water & blood. Drops of that blood enter his cataract eyes, bestowing sight upon the half-blind. He falls to his knees in amazement, from then onward a Catholic and dying a hermit monk far from Calvary. Then, deep from the hellish pit, arises the Oceanic Beast, Your Ecclesial Body laid supine in a Sepulcher.


Allegory? Indeed, yes. The last 5000 years of human life foretold & foretended.


Crucifixion, death, redemption, healing, worship, redemption… and rebellion.


Seventh monstrous head roars, shaking the world. From out of the depths he rises, doomed to fall back into the burning pit after a short time of boasting & arrogance. A Crucifixion of Christ all over again. Yet Jesus arose and Catholicism reigned supreme, evangelizing the whole world for His Roman Catholic Faith, outside of which not one human being can hope to find Celestial Safety. The heavens grow dark; earth frozen, harsh. But dawn’s rose glows on horizon, augur of a new resurrection nearly here.


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