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This is for those who won’t read something longer or more complicated. Want it short? Like it easy? Then this is for you. There’s no particular place you have to begin, but I’m arranging them in the way that makes most sense. So if you want to read them all --- and don’t know where to start --- then go to the first and read them one at a time until you reach the end. No link is longer than a few brief paragraphs and I stay away from fancy words or big sentences that might scare some people off. Dig in and enjoy!


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Understanding Truth:


·       What Is Truth?

·       Lies Are Real & Exist… Doesn’t Your Definition of Truth Make Them True?

·       So a Lie Is Totally False?

·       By Your Way of Thinking, Doesn’t the Existence of a Lie Make the Creator into a Liar?

·       Why Did God Make People Free to Lie?

·       Why Does Truth Matter?

·       Why Are There Bad Things in the World That Can Kill Us?

·       Are Knowledge & Freedom Evil?

·       So What’s the Right Thing to Do With My Knowledge & Freedom?

·       And What Is Truly Important to Know?

·       Why Do We Have to Look for the Truth --- Can’t We Just Know Without Looking?

·       Can’t We Just Know the Truth by Following Our Hearts?

·       Isn’t Truth Relative, Don’t We All Have Our Own Truth?

·       So You’re Saying Everyone Should Be United About the Truth?

·       What Happens If I Don’t Know the Truth?

·       Aren’t Heaven & Hell a Fantasy?

·       Where Do I Find the Truth About God’s Purpose for Our Existence?


Understanding Church:


·       What Is Church?

·       Where Do You Get the Idea That the Church Is God’s Body?

·       But God Can’t Have a Body, Can He?

·       So What Does God’s Church Have to Do With Anything?

·       Are You Saying We Can’t Be Saved Without the Church?

·       Where Does the Bible Say You Can’t Be Saved Without the Church?

·       Why Do We Have to Go to a Church for the Truth When Jesus Is the Truth?

·       Isn’t a Church Just a Building?

·       So If God Calls Us & We Get Together Then We’re in His Church?

·       Alright, Then What Makes Me a Part of God’s Church?

·       Are You Telling Me Baptism of Water Saves Me?

·       Isn’t It Silly to Think Water Can Wash Away Sins & Join You to God’s Body?

·       Where Does the Bible Say Baptism Takes Away Our Sins?

·       And Where Does the Bible Say Baptism Joins Us to God’s Church?

·       How Can One Body Be Made Up of Separate Persons?

·       Where Does the Bible Say the Members of God’s Church Are One Flesh?

·       So the Church Is Also Jesus’ Wife?

·       I’m Blown Away --- How Can Jesus & His Church Be One Flesh?

·       But Isn’t the Church Just a Bunch of Dead Ritual, People Trying on Their Own to Reach God?

·       How Can Ritual Save a Person’s Soul?

·       Where Do You Get the Idea That There’s a Heavenly Ritual?

·       Aren’t You Making Heaven Sound Religious, Like a Temple & Everything?

·       Can Any Church Be a Part of God’s Body?

·       So Which Church Is God’s Church?


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