Precisely What Is Going

on in the Skies During Our

Modern Era and the Great

Apostasy, and How Real

& Wise Catholics

Can Respond





“And they asked him, saying, ‘Master, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign when they shall begin to come to pass?’ Who said: ‘…And there shall be great earthquakes in divers places, and pestilences, and famines, and terrors from heaven; and there shall be great signs For these are the days of vengeance, that all things may be fulfilled, that are written… And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea and of the waves; men withering away for fear, and expectation of what shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall be moved…’” (Luke 21:7-8a, 11, 22 & 25-26 DRC (Douay Rheims Challoner). All emphases & annotations added in this or other scriptural quotations.)










+++ 1. What Is Ufology? +++


Ufology is a word coined by the late 1950s, based on the new term ‘UFO’.


And what is the acronym, UFO? Unidentified Flying Object.


That’s all. Nothing beyond what it says is inferred. All of the ‘mythology’ connected to this name is mostly irrelevant (not totally… but mostly). Some intelligent researchers of this topic, ufology, have preferred the term ‘UAP’ for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’. It really doesn’t matter. We’re talking about the same thing. Something in the air or skies or space that seems to be flying or hovering or otherwise maneuvering, and, in addition to this, we don’t seem to know what it is. It could be something natural, but which someone, who saw it, isn’t able to recognize it for what it is. Or it could be something formed by human beings, which we don’t recognize and, maybe, whoever made it doesn’t want anyone else knowing what it is. Or it could be something unnatural or supernatural.


The key things are these: we can’t identify it; and it is associated with the skies.


So is every single UFO natural and, theoretically at least, possible to identify?


That’s the million dollar question. Lots of scientists and other smart people have automatically dismissed the UFO phenomenon as the result of ignorant people who mistake ‘Venus’, ‘swamp gas’ or ‘high altitude balloons’ for alien things. This, by the way, is laughable. Yes, there are some people who have seen Venus or ‘swamp gas’ or an aircraft during the night and mistaken them for something very odd or ‘spooky’. But, no, in actuality, the observers are just as often highly trained persons, like military jet pilots, airline pilots, or police officers, or etc., who know very well that what they’re seeing is unidentifiable, and who are usually a type of person who stays calm under pressure.


So can all UFO reports be explained away as ‘ignorance’ of natural, known things?


Only the truly ignorant, or truly belligerent, can swallow this as a sure ‘explanation’.


And again, yes, many ‘UFOs’ are simply unrecognized natural phenomena. How many? No one really knows. But let’s pick a round, general & conservative number for the sake of hypothetical discussion. Let’s say 90% of reported UFOs are ‘identifiable’ after all with some grit & luck, observers merely ignorant, frightened or overly imaginative.


Then what?


Why, you would still have 10% that are truly unexplained. And did you know, precious reader, that thousands upon thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year, decades on end? Mind you, these are simply the ones reported. Lots of people never report them for fear of ridicule --- especially if the observers are well known, powerful, or highly respected people. The mockery tends to hurt such a person’s career & reputation.


The point is, if you have, say, fifty thousand UFOs reported in a year (just pulling a hypothetical number out of thin air --- no pun intended --- yet a number that is easily in the ballpark and thus useful), then you also easily have at least 5000 reports that are truly unidentifiable and hence mysterious or provocative. The US government first treated UFOs with surprising seriousness in the wake of World War II. By the end of the 1960s, though, they got very tight-lipped & dismissive. The media & most scientists followed suit, sneering at reports and treating every observer as a ‘stupid rube’ or a ‘con artist’.


Curiously, by the turn of the 21st century, many other nations’ governments became astonishingly frank about UFOs, gathering data and releasing it publicly without bias or agenda --- for instance, the nation of Belgium. Just last December, in 2017, US leaders themselves very quietly yet astoundingly changed their approach slightly, admitting, tacitly, that the UFO phenomenon is real, as well as releasing video of two military aircraft chasing & encountering a truly unidentifiable aerial object that defies both perfunctory explanation and present human technological or engineering skills.


For humans on earth, that is. Leastwise, as is acknowledged publicly.


Which therefore tells the intelligent & inquisitive person that this phenomenon is significant, that it’s worth taking seriously, and that we should not dismiss it lightly, pretending that it’s explained away or the result of mere ignorance or imagination. In short, that something is going on in our skies, and that this something is either beyond human ability or else, if the result of human abilities, being kept secret & murky. Whichever, the intelligent & inquisitive person is understandably intrigued.


But why should this matter to someone who is a true Roman Catholic?


Because, although a convincing argument can be made that the ‘UFO’ phenomenon stretches back for millennia, its present form is only widespread since the end of the Second World War, and has become so pervasive (e.g., polls show well more than one half of Americans believe it’s real and presume our government is hiding information) the world over for decades on end that it has had unparalleled influence on humanity during the Great Apostasy. Or, put differently, whether or not you claim to have seen a ‘UFO’ --- and regardless of whether or not you want to believe in it --- the phenomenon has had tremendous effects upon the contemporary human race. Effects that are not just physical… but have changed lots of people in religious & philosophical ways.


Thus, even if it’s a ‘myth’… it’s myth with very real & global consequences.


Does that make it seem more than a little bit important? Of course it does.


Consider. The typical educated person doesn’t believe in the ‘13 hex’.


Yet how many tall buildings don’t call the 13th floor the 13th floor?


Even imaginary ideas can have entirely real world consequences.


+++ 2. The Reality of Reality +++

(Or, the ‘Invisible’ Is Not ‘Unreal’)


Notwithstanding, while the UFO phenomenon has undoubtedly caused human imagination to run wild, it is also undoubtedly --- for the one who is intelligent and studies it seriously --- a real phenomenon with concrete repercussions. In other words, whatever the exact nature of this phenomenon, it interacts with, and influences, our material world in a solidly material way. Period. It’s just that it’s not quite canny.


To wit, it is strange, it is unworldly, and it can even behave in a bizarre fashion.


People who believe in this phenomenon but aren’t real Catholics, and hence shaped greatly by Modernist teachings (in this case, read: Darwinistic evolutionary theory), routinely assume UFOs to be ‘extraterrestrials’ in amazing ‘spacecrafts’ that, for some reason, find earth & earthlings to be fascinating, and, whilst not willing to interact with humanity too openly, for fear of ‘contaminating’ our planetary culture or ‘evolutionary development’, may, possibly, be seeking to ‘help’ us not destroy ourselves, or mature into an ‘interstellar species’ that can join the ‘galactic federation’ sagely waiting to welcome us as a part of a ‘universal authority’ or ‘consciousness’ engaged in the exploration of the cosmos and the betterment of all sentient beings successfully ‘evolving’ into a mighty technological race or a ‘higher plane of existence’.


Believable? For the Darwinist… um, maybe. For real Catholics, though?


The tooth fairy is more likely to materialize and say ‘hello!’ to you.


Mind you, the phenomenon is real; proffered explanation, bogus.


Neither Darwinism itself nor hard UFO data supports this myth. Most evolutionary scientists appear to dismiss the UFO phenomenon because of this (along with the weighty fact that, up until recently, our government ignored the phenomenon publicly or treated it with thinly veiled ridicule), knowing quite well how their beloved Einsteinian physics seems to rule out easy trips to the stars (and despite science fiction transgressing this restriction regularly…). Ergo, how could ETs be visiting earth in gigantic numbers for decades when this would require travel for centuries and interstellar craft of huge power with a mind-bogglingly difficult technology? For them, SETI is far more sensible (i.e., the ‘Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence’, which hopes to find ET radio signals).


Meanwhile, a few serious, reputable & brave researchers have come to realize, after examining this phenomenon and its observers with a careful & unprejudiced eye for years, how UFOs --- most of the ones that are truly unidentifiable, that is --- flagrantly break what we moderns believe the ‘rules’ of physics to be. The UFO objects, whatever they are, appear to be intelligently controlled. They also routinely perform high speed maneuvers that would crush & kill a physical occupant. Unless, of course, there is a ‘bubble’ of artificial physics, as it were, surrounding, or generated by, these objects, thereby protecting the occupants. Some have pursued this line of reasoning, howsoever slender the evidence. Others, however, have gotten ‘extravagant’. I.e., by run-of-the-mill academic standards. What if, say they, the occupants of these objects are not completely ‘physical’? What if they are ‘transdimensional’ or ‘paradimensional’? Well, that’s very nifty, says the perplexed or skeptical reader… but what does it mean? Pretty much like it sounds. Viz., “We don’t know what these things are. But they can’t possibly be anything like what we call ‘natural’ or made by human beings. They flout natural rules, physically speaking, and don’t behave in ways that are believable. They are bizarre, demonstrating high strangeness’.” And, strangely enough, this hits close to the mark. For, oddly, although Modernist scientists have tried for centuries to erase anything ‘supernatural’ from the realm of scholarly study, the supernatural just keeps on stubbornly refusing to disappear. In fact, it continues to reappear in other ways, taking on new terminology or new jargon to cover up the annoying fact that it was supposed to go away, and remain banished forever, as the ‘ludicrous medieval superstition’ it was supposed to be.


‘Transdimensional’ or ‘paradimensional’ --- and so forth --- are proof of this.


They’re simply multisyllabic words, that sound vaguely ‘scientific’, to describe everything that earlier & non-Modernist scholars would have called the ‘supernatural’. Which is deliciously funny for the wise Catholic scholar. Because for centuries now the typical post-Endarkenment (read: ‘Enlightenment’) party line for Modernist scientists has been, “If I can’t see it or quantify it, then I can’t study it. If it interferes with nature every so often unexpectedly, then it is forbidden. That is not the nature I can accept, study or care to explain. Hence, God, angels, demons and anything I deem ‘religious’ is totally off-limits. It is ‘beyond’ the scope of science and thus pure malarkey or superstition.”


Except… this is a purely metaphysical judgment not truly based on actual facts.


Isn’t it? Indeed it is. A priori define parameters so as to forbid what you hate.


Because since when is the ‘invisible’ automatically equivalent to ‘unreal’?


Logically speaking, that is ridiculous. It is an unwarranted assumption.


What’s more, scientists have increasingly studied ‘invisible’ things.


And ‘quantification’? Irrelevant. Sure, it’s fun to quantify. Scientists love to do that.


Especially researchers writing a clinical & lingo-larded paper. Yet ‘proof’ of ‘reality’? Human beings have regularly accepted the reality & existence of stars in the heavens or ‘deep space’ for millennia on end --- including our modern scientists --- and long before any real ability to ‘quantify’ them in terms of electromagnetic emission or absorption, or as percentages of certain elements or compounds, and etc., etc. Or how about atomic & subatomic ‘particles’? You can never see them with your very own eyes. Do scientists axiomatically dismiss them as ‘unreal’? Many did, at first, in the 1800s. How are you supposed to ‘quantify’ the directly unseeable? And yet we figured it out, eventually.


So. Invisible? Get real. Unquantifiable? Not once fathomed and you can count.


+++ 3. Studying an Occasionally & Unpredictably +++

Visible… Yet Rather Bizarre… Ufological Phenomenon


And so we get down to brass tacks. How do you study the ‘bizarre’? How to observe what is only occasionally & unpredictably visible? How are you supposed to take this seriously, let alone make sense of it? The same way recent scientists doggedly sought evidence for the ‘Higgs boson’ (a.k.a. the ‘god particle’), and say this explains ‘mass’.


Accordingly, you think ruthlessly hard, considering all options; you tinker ruthlessly hard, coming up with increasingly clever equipment; and you work ruthlessly hard, in this way increasing the odds that you’ll eventually find something worth discovering. Tough? Yes, ruthlessly so. Worth it? If you think knowing something true is truly worthwhile. Hopeless? Only if you don’t ever try hard enough. Then, yes, it is indisputably hopeless since you never even try. And if you do try really hard?


No guarantee you’ll find anything. Just blood, sweat & tears. Maybe an ulcer.


Oh, and perhaps lots of frustration. Enough to pull your hair out or go bald.


Additionally, we must deal with the ‘high strangeness’ of elusive UFOs.


They are bizarre, and bizarre things tend to happen to the observers.


This makes pursuit of the subject dangerous, humanly speaking.


Prudent to study the phenomenon? I, personally, would think hard before casting my intellectual dice on the table. Could come up as ‘snake eyes’. And this, too, has been entangled with the phenomenon. That is, the few brave researchers seriously pursuing this subject have noted the ‘contagion effect’. To wit, someone observes UFOs in some way. Frequently, very strange & bizarre things occur in connection with, or as result of, this unexpected observation. Then, when this observer interacts with other people, the people themselves --- some of them, at a minimum --- then start experiencing UFO phenomena. It’s like a ‘disease’ that can spread from person to person. But only particular people seem susceptible. Curious, eh? You can see the allure.


Well, if you’re inquisitive and not too freaked out by the bizarre.


So how to go about grappling with such an odd phenomenon?


Very, very carefully. Mayhap it’s better to leave it alone altogether. In any case, just don’t be like the arrogant & close-minded Modernist scientists who sweep everything under the rug in their bid to ‘explain away’ or ignore what they don’t want to deal with. That may keep them ‘safe’ from the potential bizarreness of a UFO phenomenon. Yet it doesn’t make them smarter or better informed about UFOs. Wiser, in my opinion, to be ill-informed whilst humble about one’s lack of knowledge, than well informed but weirdly afflicted in ways that are spooky, frightening and, very possibly, deadly.


Deadly, you say? Yes. It may be exciting to see something in the sky that’s unidentifiable. It’s a whole other thing when the phenomenon morphs into so-called ‘close encounters of the third kind’, or, even, a ‘close encounter of the fourth kind’. The former is beyond dispute. Every year unidentified objects are seen in the skies by all sorts of people all over the world. Regardless of the US government tacitly admitting it or not, overwhelming evidence & testimony of a consistent and rock solid nature since the late 1940s puts this part of the phenomenon beyond debate. Self-styled ‘debunkers’ have simply been willfully blind & biased on this account (or, perchance, betoken to high ranking people in our government that want knowledge of this phenomenon awry or suppressed… some powerful clues turned up over the years suggest this strongly). Ufological sightings of this type make officials scared since, in admitting it openly, they’re as well admitting how the mightiest country on earth today cannot control its airspace. This tends to make both leaders & citizens nervous. What if it’s a long time enemy who now has the technology to violate our boundaries and threaten our safety? Whereas eyewitness encounters with the purported occupants of the UFOs --- or now legendary ‘abductions’ --- ratchet up the scale of the unknown to precarious heights.


Think about it. If you don’t prejudicially discard the claims of a few courageous, or inadvertently notorious, persons who insist they’ve met UFO occupants or even been ‘abducted’ by said occupants… well, then, who on earth has the ability to carry off such things? And what on earth is their agenda? Once more, doesn’t matter if it turns out to be false. Just the simple fact that more & more people have been claiming to interact with a UFO occupant, or get ‘abducted’ by such occupants, is --- in and of itself --- significant. Add to this the fact that more & more people are believing these claims --- and in spite of, perhaps, not themselves claiming to experience such a thing --- and you’ve got a major ‘paradigm shift’ of seismic proportions. What do ‘true believers’ become?


Right. ‘Proselytizers’ or ‘missionaries’ for a new set of beliefs or worldview.


Get it? This is why the phenomenon is important whether or not it’s ‘real’.


Yet how do you go about studying a bizarre topic? Where to begin?


Easy. Stop ‘stigmatizing’ the observers. Treat them seriously and with respect. Sure, doing this could encourage a lot of ‘nut jobs’. That’s not pertinent. There’s always the person off the deep end no matter what the context or topic. It’s part of human life in a fallen world (as Catholics would put it). In the meantime, this phenomenon is massive, UFOs are global, and, after more than seventy years in the public eye, it is obviously unlikely to go away any time soon. It would be wonderful, from a Catholic perspective, for smart Catholic scholars or clergy to investigate the phenomenon intelligently. Sadly, this is the Great Apostasy and that’s not going to happen right away, mayhap never. So we take the next best option --- get our scientists to act like scientists and methodically study the phenomenon. Stop the stupid ‘stigmatizing’ of serious UFO research. Let the data be what it may. Only let the facts come out and speak for themselves. To some degree false? Fine. Let’s prove it. To some degree true? Likewise. Let’s find out.


This would mean rigorous observation, using our best technology, and an equally rigorous examination & recording of every purported observer’s testimony. Again --- permit the chips to fall where they may. Don’t go at it with preconceived notions and, if bearing certain opinions or suspicions to start with, don’t let these ideas get in the way of hard facts. One way or another, the project would be utterly fascinating. And revealing.


At any rate, ideally, this is what ‘science’ is supposed to do in the first place. Study phenomena with rational minds, gathering data, and, where possible, devise hypotheses. With this proviso: that the hypotheses be testable. Which in turn means that the tests be thorough & fair, with the actual possibility that the particular hypothesis in question could be proven to be false. Solely then is data useful and knowledge furthered.


Ah, but this is unlikely to happen any time soon. And real Catholics are few, let alone Catholic scholars. Hence, if someone like me is oddly intrigued by this phenomenon and willing to investigate seriously what reliable data is out there in the public & documented domain, then what is the very next best thing that we can do? Is there anything Catholics can know about UFOs with moral certainty, or, leastwise, with a prudent certainty?


And does our Infallible Religion give us any clues to go on? That, with the most careful & logical scrutiny, could give us a compass, so to speak, about how to evaluate this weird subject? So that, whatever occurs during these strange times in a strange world, we are neither carried away to one extreme or another, adhering strictly to dogma & facts?


Fortunately, yes. It is a bizarre phenomenon, and a perilous topic to investigate.


But, then, we’ve a Great, Big, All-Knowing Triune Catholic God, don’t we?


Who made everything out of nothing, for very precise & special purposes.


For Him, a UFO phenomenon is neither mysterious, nor unidentifiable.


+++ 4. The Invisible Realm (and How It +++

Sometimes Manifests Itself in the Visible World)


There really is an ‘invisible realm’. And, if truly Roman Catholic, then this is not ‘disputable’. Angels & demons are real, and both angels & demons have an interest in human beings and the ‘visible realm’ that we humans see all around us, and, usually, act like it’s the ‘only thing’ that is real. In other words, visible & material = real. Invisible & non-material? Not so much --- although contemporary science is, oddly enough, blurring this line as it probes into the nanoscopic (read: super, super, super small, hence a ‘thing’ we can’t see directly with our own eyes), or highly distant (read: super, super, super far or fast, a celestial thing we can’t see directly with our own eyes), or force-related (read: super, super, super non-material, like gravity or neutrinos or gluons, etc., and therefore, leastwise in part, somewhat non-material things we can’t see directly with our own eyes). The upshot? Where does this leave present day scientists, not to mention the educated?


Believing in things that are invisible. What once may have looked supernatural’.


Or, at least, ‘paranormal’ or ‘preternatural’ if not seeming a bit ‘supernatural’.


Whichever… today’s science can’t seem to get rid of an ‘invisible realm’.


So, whether or not a contemporary scientist wants to believe in angels or demons --- which, almost all of them being ‘evolutionarily’ Darwinist, means almost all of them don’t believe in angels or demons since Darwinism isn’t willing to admit any possibility of such ‘non-material’ entities, or, at a bare minimum, won’t dare to admit that they do in public --- the ‘invisible realm’ always, somehow, sneaks in through the back door. That is to say, we simply call it by another name, something more ‘sciency-sounding’. Not that I’m claiming these invisible things, that scientists believe in, are, all of them, something ‘supernatural’. Simply that it’s strange & funny that they’ll believe in them in spite of invisibility, but… angels or demons? No, sir. You have gone ‘beyond the pale’!


A bit hypocritical? Kind of a ‘double standard’? You might say that. Maybe.


But what am I getting at? Where is all of this leading? How is it relevant?


It’d be nice if smart scientists rigorously studied the ufological phenomenon. Then, perhaps, we’d get lots more data and have a better chance at figuring it out. I’m not holding my breath, though. Possibly it’ll happen some day; yet I won’t count on that. Consequently, real Catholics can only use the data that we do have and, combined with Catholic theology or insights, perchance we can come up with a viable hypothesis. Or, shockingly, even the correct explanation? If not totally thorough or totally correct, notwithstanding, on the right track? Hmmm. Way better than nothing, right?


Yes, indeed. And here’s where it gets interesting. At least for me.


Because what hard & reliable data we have is, nevertheless, sufficient to run with, coming up with a viable hypothesis. And, if learned in Catholic theology or insights, sufficient enough to say, “Yes, this does appear to dovetail with both the phenomenon’s data and what our Singular Church teaches us to believe or allows us to surmise.” Thus why I dare to talk about this subject and offer an explanation I think is probably the accurate one, getting closest to the truth about the subject that we can right now. Meanwhile, it might help real & wise Catholics know how to respond. Why?


This phenomenon is often bizarre. It’s also worldwide. Too, it’s been going on for the greater part of the last century --- in the sense that it’s openly known about and thought about in a far bigger & different way than previous centuries. It seems to coincide neatly with the Great Apostasy breaking out into the open around the middle of the AD 1900s. Plus, were that not enough, it appears to be shaping a ton of people’s religious ideas.


So why not figure out an explanation for it that real Roman Catholics can accept?


This phenomenon might make itself manifest in even more astounding ways in the nearly-here future. Yet whether it does or not, it would be prudent for real Catholics… however few we are during the Great Apostasy… to know how to respond intelligently. I.e., we’re not ‘blown away’ into fear & stupidity, and we don’t get fooled into thinking certain claims about ufology are correct or can comfortably mix with real Catholicity. Which brings us back to the point above. That there really is an ‘invisible realm’. For Catholics, then, it behooves us to examine any explanation that might include this.


I mean, are non-Catholic & Darwinistic researchers going to do this for us?


Not on your life. Unless they convert to a real Catholicism, we’re merely going to get data from them, at best, not an explanation that is both factual and Roman Catholic. Real Catholics, if they take ufology seriously, are going to be willing to consider the ‘invisible realm’. We only have to study the data available today to be able to decide if it actually could involve this invisible realm. A realm that truly can interact with our very visible world. Which brings us to angelology & demonology. For the Roman Catholic Church teaches, or permits us to believe, many things about angels & demons. One of these things is that angels & demons are allowed, sometimes, to act visibly in our sight.


Intrigued? You ought to be if you’re a real Catholic. This is right up our alley.


For instance, refer to Chapter 13 of Judges, a book in the Old Testament in Sacred Scripture. Here we find an angel visibly appearing more than once to the parents of the remarkable Samson, telling them that he was to be a Nazarite from his birth (a monk-like person taking various vows that he or she must fulfill during the Old Covenant period). In leaving them for the final time, the angel consented to the husband’s humble request that he be permitted to honor the angel, should his prophecy come true. The angel instructed him to make a holocaust --- burnt offering --- to the One True God, then proceeded to ascend into the heavens in the flames of the offering. Truly, there are lots of instances regarding visible appearance of angels on earth; this is simply one of the most unique, peculiar & extraordinary. The point is, this angel visibly interacted with our world.


Or how about purgatorial souls? I refrain from giving exacting references since this is never meant to be a long & thorough book (you, dear reader, do the research yourself if you doubt what I recount), but in a famous, detailed & almost scholarly book concerning Purgatory, written by a priest, we learn of some purgatorial souls being permitted to take on visible & material form in order to interact with our world, performing virtuous deeds which enables them to pay their purgatorial debt. In one such historical case, a purgatorial soul is identified as such by a Catholic person still alive in this material world. In asking how the purgatorial soul can appear on earth visibly, this now otherworldly person says, fascinatingly, that he can fashion a physical type of body from the very air itself. You see? Taken seriously, it means invisible entities can interact with a material world.


Or what about the Coeur d’Alene Indians? They converted to Roman Catholicism. An early 20th century chief of theirs wrote a book preserving the history of his people and how they wound up miraculously converting to the One True Religion, even before the ‘blackrobes’ arrived (i.e., intrepid Jesuit priests). He happens to mention an enthralling case of one of the Coeur d’Alene Indians, during the 1800s after their conversion, killing himself. Viz., committing suicide and thus murdering himself, which is a mortal sin that no real Catholic can blithely dismiss since it is highly unlikely that God will be merciful to such a self-murderer, giving him enough remaining life & consciousness to make an act of perfect contrition, or to get a priest to his side in time to confess & be absolved. Hence why good Catholics almost always must presume a suicidal soul to be in hell, never daring to pray for them, as if it’s likely he or she is only in the temporary part called Purgatory. The Coeur d’Alene Indian chief notes that this suicidal soul began appearing, soon afterward, as a ghost, frightening many of his people. They, in turn, informed the Jesuit priest stationed there, the priest asking them to report to him any further hauntings immediately. They obeyed and, one night, this priest rushed to the apparition, sprinkling holy water and making the Sign of the Cross, he additionally commanding the damned soul to go back to where he belonged, and stay there.


What then occurred? Why, this damned soul wasted no time, as if scared spitless, in fleeing from the priest and diving into the ground so as to return to hell. Interestingly, remarks the chief, it dived into the ground right where a sawdust pile lay, the results of the Coeur d’Alene Indians’ lumber mill. And what then transpired? Eerily, for at least a few seconds, a strange, uncanny blue glow lingered at the very spot the damned entered, this glow dissipating slowly. Again, the invisible interacting with the material, visibly.


It’s a curious thing, but if you know something about nuclear physics, then you know about Cherenkov radiation. “Say what?” retorts the everyday joe reader. Don’t you fret. Nobody expects you to know about, let alone understand, this esoteric thing. Howsoever, for the nuclear physicist or highly educated person, this is routine stuff. First off, what or who is ‘Cherenkov’? Oh, he’s the nuclear physicist, in Communist Soviet Russia, who is credited, in 1934, for first figuring out the phenomenon called by his name, ‘Cherenkov radiation’. And what is this radiation? A strange yet beautiful glow in nuclear reactors. Which means? Well, e.g., the university I studied at had a ‘small’ experimental atomic reactor. In fact, for two years, I happened to live within a thousand feet of this nuclear reactor in a student lodge. I also had the privilege of enjoying a relaxed guided tour in this atomic reactor, seeing for myself, with my own eyes, less than one hundred feet away, the aforementioned Cherenkov radiation. (Don’t you worry… the reactor was wholly lead-lined and I was in no danger of lethal irradiation.) But the point? This Cherenkov radiation is a beautiful yet eerie blue glow. How did our esteemed Mr. Cherenkov explain this strange thing? Oh, he thought logically, the speed of light measures only ¾ of its speed in a ‘vacuum’ when it’s going through water. Which happens to be what most atomic reactors, till now, have been immersed within. So, rationally speaking, what occurs when atoms split and neutrons, or other ‘particles’, speed through the water at faster-than-light speeds within the reactor water? Why… amazingly enough… it’s like a sonic boom. Viz., a ‘luminous boom’. Yes. A ‘light shockwave’. Just like supersonic airplanes going supersonic, which causes a sonic shockwave, so, too, do ‘superluminous’ particles, going ‘superluminous’, result in ‘luminous shockwaves’. Accordingly, the light waves pile up in the medium, and, incapable of moving faster, they form a ‘luminous boom’. Mr. Cherenkov said it amounted to a supersonic effect in terms of ‘light waves’. And… guess what? It, honestly, looks like he was right. Cherenkov radiation is fissile particles moving excessively ‘fast’ in water, resulting in an eerie yet beautiful atomic ‘blue glow’.


The connection? It doesn’t take too much imagination to hypothesize, given our knowledge about Cherenkov radiation --- and the well attested memory of the Coeur d’Alene ghost of the suicidal soul --- that the damned soul dived into the earth at ‘faster-than-light’ velocity compared to the speed of light in the medium gone through on earth. So anything moving faster --- like a disembodied soul that is damned and belongs in hell --- is, if capable of it, able to ‘outrun’ light in our visible world and so form, as a result, the so-called ‘Cherenkov radiation’. Or, to be more precise, light is just electromagnetic radiation. The part we call ‘visible’ is a tiny little spectrum of frequencies. And if the occultists are correct (not ‘occultists’, necessarily, in the sorcerous sense, which is evil, but certainly ‘occultist’ in the sense of knowing something about what is normally hidden to most people… ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ being the meaning of the word ‘occult’), then God has made our creation with ‘planes’ or ‘levels’ of existence. Or, put differently, angels, demons or souls can either ‘ascend up’ or ‘descend down’ these ‘levels of existence’. There’s actually lots of circumstantial evidence for this being true, apart from the occultist literature. And, presumably, as one ‘ascends’, the visible spectrum, or seeable part, of electromagnetic radiation, rises in frequency accordingly. Likewise, presumably, as one ‘descends’, the visible spectrum, or seeable part, of electromagnetic radiation, lowers in frequency accordingly. Got that? Good. Now use intelligent imagination. If, from the point of view of a damned soul or hellish demon, they exist not just ‘lower’ in the sense of being down deep in the earth, at its fiery heart, but also ‘lower’ in the sense of ‘lower’ or ‘heavier’ plane of existence, then what we call ‘solid matter’ might appear ‘fluidic’ to them… sort of like water does to us in our everyday existence as human beings of flesh & blood. So what happens if this soul or demon outstrips the ‘speed of light’ or ‘velocity of electromagnetic radiation’ in this denser medium? One can safely assume the speed or velocity is significantly lower due to the density of the medium (to wit, what we call solid & opaque matter…). Hence, if the soul or a demon can go well faster than this speed when needed, what might occur? Right… something similar, in principle, to strange Cherenkov radiation and a luminous boom or electromagnetic shockwave’. And, possibly, in our everyday world, an eerie yet beautiful blue glow… Proven? Not at all. Likely? Depends on your prejudices. What do I think? Probably the correct explanation. If not? Come up with your own logical explanation. I stress, though, that explanations be logical and based on facts. Not bias. So you’ll forgive me if I’m a tad skeptical. This is the best --- and only --- explanation I’ve been able to come up with thus far. Further speculation is that… speculation. Whereas this explanation has a benefit --- that it sticks to the facts and offers an explanation that is truly believable, and factual, given what we think we know right now. Beyond this, we’re in uncharted territory; if substantiated with hard data & experimentation, okay. If not, then my explanation is merited, unchallenged & worth pondering. Got a better one? Then let’s hear it.


But if not, then I offer the explanation above as fully in compliance with Catholic teaching (to wit, doesn’t defy anything Roman Catholicism infallibly or otherwise instructs us, and might even support it) and fully in synch with the available facts (takes the testimony & facts seriously, as well as noting striking similarity with an established phenomenon, Cherenkov radiation). In any case, it’s yet a third example of an invisible realm interacting with our visible & material world in a visible, material way. Which means… that ‘invisible’ is not the same as ‘unreal’, and the invisible is not at all somehow always ‘restricted’ from interacting with our everyday world in a real, adequately material & thus potentially visible way. Period.


+++ 5. How Does This Relate to the Seen? +++


Either you want to know what is real or you don’t.


Either you believe in ufological phenomenon or you don’t.


Facts? Either you take them seriously or you brazenly ignore them.


Call yourself Catholic? Then you either face these facts or you don’t.


Reality? Either you take facts seriously and try to incorporate them into truly Roman Catholic paradigms… or you don’t. Ignorance? Well, okay, that’s possible. Yet, sooner or later, you’re going to have to face reality if God let’s reality manifest itself as this stark reality regardless of your prejudices & assumptions. What do I dare to suggest? Why, you know, just face reality. If real, and if Roman Catholicism is infallibly true, then... guess what? The teachings of the Roman Catholic Church will harmonize with the facts.


End of sentence.


There’s nothing to be afraid of. We don’t have to cling to prejudices. Merely face indisputable facts and logically incorporate them into the framework of the Church’s infallible dogma. Simple, right? Yes, in principle. In reality? No, because various of the Church’s members respond with assumptions --- supposedly based on Roman Catholic teachings ---- that then appear to conflict with Church teaching or firmly attested facts. Problem? Only if you insist on treating fallible opinions as if they’re ‘infallible’. Put these fallible assertions to the side, and you’ve got a clear field. To wit, there’s not anything at all that truly conflicts with what is factually known. God’s Catholicism, rightly understood, is never, ever, in real conflict with solid & logical facts. Period. Unbelievable? Only for those determined to believe whatever they want to believe. Catholic? For real? And determined to be wise? And take reality at face value? Magnificent! Don’t be an ostrich, take your head out of the sand, and look.


Don’t have the talent or skill? Or really scary? Then humbly pray.


If truly Catholic, humbly ask Heaven to help you. Be smart.


Don’t go in deeper than you can swim, lest you drown.


But be humble, ask for Jesus & Mary’s help, and you’ll find a way to get through. Fortunately, Catholics can help each other. There’s not many of us left right now, during the Great Apostasy, and our Shepherds have abandoned us, from parish priest, to bishop with diocesan jurisdiction, to pope with universal jurisdiction and supreme authority. Nonetheless, as my earthly name’s sake notes in Sacred Scripture, every Catholic member of Christ’s Singularly Catholic Church Body has been given graces, or, exactingly speaking, unique gifts or “operations” from the Holy Ghost. (DRC)


Please see 2 Corinthians 12:4-14 if you’re uninformed or don’t believe me.


So, where one particular Catholic member may lack, another member may possess abundance. And we’re not just talking about earthly wealth, although that can be very important when a Catholic is starving whilst another Catholic, nearby, sits well fed in utmost luxury, oblivious or uncaring about his or her fellow Catholic’s poverty. No, we’re talking about spiritual gifts, too. The point? If you, as a real Catholic, lack in abilities to comprehend these admittedly odd & bizarre things, then, sometimes, it’s God’s Intent to help you via the assistance of a fellow Catholic who is able to do so. Guess what? That’s what I’m trying to do here. Assist where other Catholics are incapable of figuring out what is useful to know. Odd or bizarre? Sure. But the indisputable reality that we face during the Great Apostasy? Absolutely.


So, in my opinion, important to help out. Eternal life or death, though?


Not necessarily. That’s why I’ve spent years concentrating upon other subjects, which really are of eternal fatefulness, before turning to a more arcane topic like this. Yet not important? That’s going too far. If you study the facts, then the ufological phenomenon is definitely having a huge & dramatic effect on lots & lots of people all over the world today. Effects that are not conducive to Catholicism --- or ‘neutral’ to the Church. Contrarily, effects that are opposed to Saving Truth, if not positively diabolic.


Do you comprehend? If your soul is safely & truly Roman Catholic, not bothered or interested by this phenomenon, then fine. You’ve no moral obligation to read this or try to understand. Or perhaps the Spirit of Truth & Wisdom has already enabled you to know everything you need to know about this subject without my help. Perhaps you understand better than I! But I doubt it. I rarely ever find anyone very knowledgeable about ufology, and, where knowledgeable to some degree, never grounded in Catholicity since they’re not truly Catholic… and, more likely, are outright anti-Catholic. Hence this book.


We as real Catholics live in a world where strange things can appear in the skies.


This has been going on for millennia. Yet there’s been a dramatic uptick lately.


Right after World War II, this phenomenon took on new proportions.


It has shaped our contemporary culture, attitudes & beliefs.


I’m here to help, dear soul, to take what we see --- what factual observation or useful testimony about the ufological phenomenon is available, sorting it out from the silly or distracting stuff --- and combine it with what we as real & wise Roman Catholics can then logically conclude, or at least rationally speculate. But always, always!, staying securely within the boundaries of Roman Catholicity Whole & Entire.


Are you ready for the joyride? Buckle your religious seatbelts.


We are about to go down the proverbial rabbit hole... deep.


Welcome to wonderland, Alice! But don’t take the pill.


+++ 6. Desert Legends, Wooded Nights, Sun +++

Drenched Days & Urban Ramblings (Part 1)


It can be tricky ‘tying up’ complex & major phenomena into neat little bags. The explanations, unavoidably, can get either a bit simplistic or else a bit overwhelming. We’re going to try real hard to thread the needle here and strike the middle, just like Goldilocks. So first, when & how did the ufology phenomenon begin in its present form, the one that’s so influenced modern people the world over? You could refer to the strange ‘foo fighters’ that some World War II fighter plane pilots reported seeing shadowing their moves like weird ‘lights’ that were --- almost, it seemed --- intelligently controlled (and which, funnily enough, ended up being the name of a famous rock band in the 1990s & ’00s…), but this really didn’t have a truly national or international impact then. No, accurately speaking, you’ve got to look at the years right after World War II. That’s when, without doubt, you started running into nationally & internationally reported events, of a ufological nature, that were, as well, downright puzzling & bizarre.


Technically, this leads us to Mr. Kenneth Arnold. Born in Minnesota, raised in Montana, university-educated in his native Minnesota, and finally settling down in Boise, Idaho, he founded Great Western Fire Control Supply, a profitable business, in Boise in 1940. Dear Mr. Arnold loved to fly, and his business required him to travel extensively all over what Americans call the ‘Pacific Northwest’ (a slippery term, but mostly thought of as Idaho, Oregon, the State of Washington, and the Province of British Columbia in Canada). He was an excellent pilot, having logged over 9000 hours of flight, half of which involved Search & Rescue Mercy Flyer missions (trying to locate lost persons or downed craft). Conducting business in Chehalis, Washington, on 24 June 1947, he was flying himself in a small yet hardy CallAir A-2 aircraft to Yakima, Washington. He diverted briefly toward Mt. Rainier, to his north, upon hearing of a crashed C-46 US Marine Corps transport. Not seeing anything, he resumed his eastward trek toward Yakima. This is where it got odd.


Right before 3 PM, cruising at 9200 feet altitude, he spotted a brilliant, flashing light, similar to sunlight off of a mirror. This was very close to Mt. Rainier and the tiny mining town of Mineral. Scanning the skies for aircraft that might be dangerously close, he could see nothing except for a DC-4 behind him to his left, roughly 15 miles distant. About half a minute later, Mr. Arnold witnessed a series of bright flashes 20 to 25 miles away, north of Mt. Rainier. Supposing they might be reflections from the windows inside of his craft, he removed his glasses, rocked his plane from side to side, and even rolled down the left side window. None of this caused the flashes to go away. It seemed to be a real event taking place far outside his plane. Understandably curious, he examined the northern skies closely, noting what apparently amounted to nine flying objects, in a kind of ‘echelon’ formation, spread out some five miles, and going 3 times faster than any acknowledged manned aircraft of the time… meaning, supersonic. The reason we confidently cite these facts is because Mr. Arnold was smart, matter of fact, and, deductively using simple but effective rules of thumb --- not to mention huge & enormous flying experience --- able to logically figure out many parameters.


Nor was he the only one that fateful day. Several other witnesses came forward over following days or weeks, corroborating much of what Kenneth Arnold first reported. And, were that not enough, this began a veritable ‘flap’ or ‘wave’ of UFO sightings in this region, something that has been characteristic of the phenomenon ever since. That is to say, every year, various regions of the earth have ‘flaps’ or ‘waves’ of countless UFO reports. One of the most impressive regarding Mr. Arnold’s UFOs, and this particular wave or flap, is that, ten days later on 4 July 1947, a United Airlines crew over Idaho headed toward Seattle also witnessed five to nine flying objects, shaped & moving similarly to the aerial objects that Kenneth Arnold described. And this was?


Here is where we have to carefully separate myth from reality… however bizarre-sounding, thinks the reader, this reported reality is. Decades of cultural saturation have impressed certain notions & images upon people’s minds about this subject, the reality of the phenomenon further muddied by Spielbergian or Hollywood movies about UFOs (for instance, Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a huge hit in 1977 with George Lucas’ initial installment of Star Wars) and ‘extraterrestrials’ or ‘ETs’. These myths only faintly or rarely represent the true nature of the ufological phenomenon.


E.g., UFOs were early on often called ‘flying saucers’ or ‘flying discs’. However old-fashioned the terms may sound nowadays, the half-mythical shape itself perpetuates. We typically assume --- whether a person ‘believes in’ UFOs or not --- that they’re shaped in disc or saucer fashion. This is only partly true, and the part that is sometimes true is still mangled badly. When Kenneth Arnold landed at Yakima’s airport on June 24th, 1947, immediately he reported to everyone what he had seen. Then, flying on to an air show within eastern Oregon at Pendleton, he was surprised to find that people there already knew of his sightings, someone from Yakima having telephoned ahead about it. As a result, we’ve tons of testimony concerning Mr. Arnold’s own testimony at the time, whether on the day itself or in weeks, months & years following. Nor did he ever contradict himself in some serious way, or retract. Although he did complain, understandably I think, of the constant nuisance of media & social attention.


Clearly, we’re not dealing with a ‘certified nut’ or ‘publicity hound’ here.


He was an educated & highly respected businessman and expert aviator.


So what did he really see? The ‘saucer’ or ‘disc’ appellation apparently came from Kenneth Arnold describing them as ‘skipping’ like saucers on water. To wit, unlike Hollywood films, UFOs don’t normally, or always, glide or float in stately or predictable ways. They are, if anything, often very erratic in movement, seem to defy our ideas about physics, and can nearly come off as ‘capricious’ or ‘capering’. In reality, Mr. Arnold said the nine objects he saw were ‘convex’, although one, at least, was ‘crescent shaped’. He, as well as other witnesses of these same UFOs on the same day in the same area, told of them flipping around erratically (hence the capricious yet brilliant flashes, they seeming to reflect the sunlight on a clear blue, early summer day), turning on edge so as to be so ‘thin’ --- at a distance, leastwise --- that they could almost disappear for a moment, and that, in maneuvering around Mt. Rainier, as well as other lesser nearby peaks, hills or valleys, they ‘weaved’ like the tale of a Chinese kite, turned abruptly at ludicrous Gs (assuming occupants inside the objects feel these ‘G forces’ of high speed turns), routinely flying vertically ‘edge on’ like aerial acrobats or fun-loving daredevils.


Not the mythic UFOs pretty much everyone in the US is told about today, eh?


What’s more, both military & media took Kenneth Arnold, and other witnesses of that day’s UFOs or others during the flap or wave of sightings that followed, with remarkable seriousness. There was little or no goofy spinning of the reports, as if, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, “You know we really can’t take this seriously. But it sure is fun to report, like a sweet dose of cotton candy, and --- hey --- public fruitcakes making nutty claims are always a hoot!” Back then, in spite of the seeming novelty of such reports, and our respected Mr. Arnold being such a matter-of-fact reporter and down-to-earth man, authorities treated him, and most other sightings during this flap, with a surprising earnestness. Of course it helped that Mr. Arnold was intelligent. Not a ‘yahoo’. Nevertheless, the US Military investigated dutifully, not pretending disinterest.


The wave of UFO sightings spread to other parts of the United States, too. We’ll get to one of those events, at a minimum, in just a few moments. It created, though, a national awareness of UFOs in mere months. And, in retrospect, it’s simply not going away.


It’s global now. Almost everyone on earth now knows about so-called ‘UFOs’.


Oh, and Mr. Arnold did admit… the UFOs he saw made him feel “eerie”.


+++ 7. Desert Legends, Wooded Nights, Sun +++

Drenched Days & Urban Ramblings (Part 2)


It’s almost an American birthright nowadays. You can’t be born in the United States, raised in the United States, or live for long in the United States, without running into this strange & bizarre event. Mythologized since the 1980s --- and even though it reportedly occurred in 1947, the same year Kenneth Arnold’s sightings broke open the ufological phenomenon in its present day form --- it is part of the national… and even global… consciousness. You don’t even have to believe in it. It’s that legendary or mythic.


But to what do I refer? What mythic event in 1947? Just one word --- Roswell.


Unless you’re completely cut off from everyday people & culture, then you know what I’m talking about. Or, at least, you think you know. That’s part of the mythology… one thinking he or she knows something about this purported event when, in reality, most of us are fairly clueless or off-course. Once stories become mythic, well, the facts be, um, uh… condemned to a place far below at the center of the earth that nobody nowadays likes to believe in anymore. And yet the saying persists. Strange, huh? Indeed.


Arguably, though, Roswell is stranger. Leastwise, in a certain bizarre way.


And, curiously, the Roswell event took place before Arnold’s UFOs.


Slightly. 14 June 1947 or thereabouts, if one witness is correct.


Why the positioning of this ufological event after Kenneth Arnold, then? Because, whether back then or later on, the Roswell event didn’t come out into public until weeks later, and, in the national & international consciousness, not until decades later. Whereas Mr. Arnold’s sightings were immediately known & broadcast everywhere. You see? Arnold’s event was quickly known. Roswell unfolded slowly. Very slowly.


In what was known about it, i.e. Or what people thought they knew.


Nevertheless, the two events nearly neatly coincided. How so?


About 30 miles northwest of Roswell on the Foster Ranch --- a high plains area in the southeastern corner of the State of New Mexico, being in Lincoln County (albeit, the City of Roswell is ‘seat’ or center of local government in the adjoining Chaves County) --- Mr. William Brazel, a foreman working on the ranch or ‘homestead’ (one must remember this is a very huge, empty & sparsely populated part of the United States, not for the faint of heart or lovers of urbanity), saw clusters of debris at roughly 33° 58.1′ N latitude and 105° 14.6′ W longitude. It is per him that this occurred on June 14th, 1947, and not that any other significant event happened in conjunction with this finding. Accordingly, that whatever caused the debris might have transpired earlier on this day, but might have been something that took place a day, or even days, earlier. Realize how altitudinous (about a mile), semi-arid (barely 13 inches of precipitation per year), near the start of summer (hence plenty of direct sun, although it can be a bit warm & humid at times), and, in general, unpopulated (not much to bother or disturb anything, apart from livestock or wildlife) the area is. This results in at least a little uncertainty as to when the debris first appeared. Mr. Brazel, known as ‘Mac’ to locals, gave little attention to it then --- perhaps because he’d seen debris from fallen weather balloons in the vicinity before, and, out in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t seem so ‘urgent’ to pick up ‘trash’ --- but, he said, he and his wife, son & daughter came to the spot on 4 July 1947 to gather the material up. The very next day, July 5th, Mac heard stories about ‘flying discs’ or ‘flying saucers’. Unsurprising since the media had been reporting Kenneth Arnold’s strange sighting, along with other people’s accounts in the ufological flap that followed, all over the United States. This made him wonder if the debris had anything to do with that. Eventually, by July 7, he whispered confidentially to Sheriff Wilcox how he may, possibly, have found something of the sort. Again, realize Lincoln County in New Mexico (where the debris fell) covers 4831 square miles, which is the seventh largest county in America, and, in the late 1940s, had hardly around 8000 human beings total. Plus, no smartphones or other easy & instant communication. This is why the thing played out as it did, so slowly, and why the account above is, thus far, completely plausible. It was out of the ordinary but, apparently, not immediately urgent.


No instant social media, middle of nowhere, different way of life, etc.?


Then you can understand how this could happen just as stated above.


The sheriff called Roswell Army Air Field (later Walker Air Force Base, closed yet located then 5 miles south of the City of Roswell… which is why the name of Roswell became so connected to this mythic incident), speaking to a Major Jesse Marcel. This army major, and a seemingly unidentified ‘man in plainclothes’ with him, then went to the location on that same day, Monday, 7 July 1947, to gather more debris (implying, too, how Mac and his family did not get everything picked up on July 4th). So far, so good… mostly. Yet this is where it gets weird. Because the public information officer for the Roswell Army Air Field, a 1st Lt. Walter Haut, received odd orders, prior to noon of Tuesday, July 8th, from the base’s commanding officer, Col. William Blanchard, to release to the press an announcement the U.S. Army Air Forces had recovered one crashed ‘flying disc’. Per the best source I can find, the press release, officially & formally sent out on the afternoon of 8 July 1947, reads as follows:


“The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff's office of Chaves County. The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. Not having phone facilities, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff's office, who in turn notified Maj. Jesse A. Marcel of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office. Action was immediately taken and the disc was picked up at the rancher’s home. It was inspected at the Roswell Army Air Field and subsequently loaned by Major Marcel to higher headquarters.”


In any case, whether or not the just-quoted press release is perfectly accurate (though smart persons seem to think wired.com a reputable news & commentary source for all that is techie & geeky), it is inarguable that the Roswell Daily Record newspaper, not to mention the Associated Press (one of the world’s largest respectable & mainstream news organizations, headquartered in New York City and dispensing news around the globe), various radio stations, etc., broadcast this shocking story widely that the U.S. Army had gotten a ‘crashed flying saucer’ into its hands. Seriously! Study this in reputable sources or archives. For a few brief hours, at a bare minimum, a part of American government --- the military! --- freely announced this to nation & world.


The catch? Hardly had the press release been released, when a higher ranking commander, Gen. Roger M. Ramey, of the Eighth Air Force based in Fort Worth, Texas, contradicted the first official announcement with the much-less-exciting explanation that it was merely a ‘crashed weather balloon’. Again, mainstream media throughout the USA --- probably even far more widely than before --- reported how this jawdropping ‘flying disc’ or ‘flying saucer’ was really just a balloon. Ergo, regardless of how many people were aware of the first release at first (that is to say, prior to the contradiction), they certainly became aware of the first release via denial of the first release in a second statement, with a press gathering, the very next day, Wednesday, 9 July 1947.


End of story? Not quite. Americans then were much more trusting of their leaders. So, despite flabbergasting first release and subsequent contradictory statement on its heels (including a nation wide mood of intense interest in ‘flying saucers’ in the wake of Mr. Arnold’s sightings & resultant ufological wave), pretty much everyone believed the second explanation and the matter was soon forgotten. Well, except for one thing.


Decades later, Maj. Marcel, who later rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, having transferred & moved to the Pentagon, met Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist who worked 14 years for such companies as General Electric, General Motors, Westinghouse, McDonnell Douglas and so forth (so… really intelligent & well-educated guy). Mr. Friedman, however, had a passionate interest in ufology, and, having the ample means to do so, decided to research the ufological phenomenon in a scholarly way for the rest of his life (still alive as of 27 December 2018, as a matter of fact). And, waiting in a Baton Rouge television station to be interviewed, he happened to hear that Col. Marcel lived near in retirement. This made him curious. He therefore visited the colonel and queried him carefully. What occurred next is legendary amongst serious ufologists.


Our dear Col. Jesse Marcel insisted that the first press release was the truth.


+++ 8. Desert Legends, Wooded Nights, Sun +++

Drenched Days & Urban Ramblings (Part 3)


Col. Marcel was only 71 then, yet, when near death, human beings tend to be honest. Dying in 1986, having received an honorable hardship discharge to care for his ailing mother in Louisiana, he, notwithstanding, had received excellent reviews from superiors whilst serving in the military. This is important to know since UFO ‘debunkers’ tended to attack & slander his reputation after his late life assertions became public. It is also useful knowing that his son, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., who served in the US Navy and later trained in otorhinolaryngology to be an expert surgeon (the multisyllabic word refers to the ear, nose & throat, as well as anything to do with them in the head & neck), dying in 2013, not only corroborated his father’s assertions concerning the Roswell Incident, having physically seen & handled the debris when his father, Marcel, Sr., showed them to him while a young boy, but publicly urged US leaders to be more open about ufology.


This is why, along with many other eyewitness accounts --- including testimony of persons knowing such eyewitnesses, or speaking to the eyewitnesses --- the long ago incident exploded into the national… and then international… consciousness, refusing stubbornly to go away. We do not pretend that all claims regarding Roswell are to be swallowed whole. Yet we also do not pretend the US government has been totally forthcoming. Whatever truly transpired, both ‘believers’ & leaders make myth.


This is the murk that has to be pierced. Nor is it easy staying level headed.


Yet once Pandora’s box was opened, with American citizens now distrusting their government more & more, and first television, then movies, then the cloud or web disseminating the tale, US military leaders could not fail to react. They make-believed ‘settling’ the uncertainty about the ufological phenomenon in 1969 with the closing of Project Blue Book and the so-called ‘Condon Report’ that had come out the year prior, claiming there was nothing ‘anomalous’ about purported UFOs. From then on, said they, the US Military had no more interest in the subject, and was not the least bit concerned about unidentified aerial phenomena in US air space. We learned for sure that this was untrue last December of 2017, our military very quietly acknowledging that they were indeed still concerned about the ufological phenomenon, and did indeed consider it ‘anomalous’. Or, rather, many parts of our nation’s military did. Their exact stance remains clouded. Nonetheless, the story was broken by the New York Times, they indisputably being both the nation’s and world’s preeminent arbiter of the news.


So that part of the debunkers’ eager attack is now shattered. Yes --- it’s real.


They can no longer totally fall back on former US government claims about it. Additionally, our mainstream media can no longer totally ignore or mock the topic, including people who are obviously intelligent & serious, but telling them things that they, personally, and supposedly, find ‘difficult’ to believe or examine carefully.


But what is this it’? This is where the Roswell Incident turns rather bizarre.


After more than one US Congressional inquiry, the federal government’s General Accounting Office directed the US Secretary of the Air Force to conduct an ‘official’ inquiry into the event near Roswell, and the US Military’s role in it. From 1994 to 1997, the incident’s 50th anniversary, the American government then said that the whole thing was simply Project Mogul, a highly classified but brief endeavor at the start of the long ‘Cold War’ between the United States and Soviet Russia. These were special balloons, lofted to very high altitudes with microphones, in order to monitor the Soviets’ bid to make nuclear bombs. Atomic explosions make noise, and a refractive, atmospheric ‘sound channel’ high above could tip us off as to Soviet progress… or lack thereof.


Believable? Sort of. Wasn’t wholly improbable. The media certainly lapped it up.


But comporting with the testimony of many firsthand or secondhand witnesses?


Ah, therein lay the problem. Project Mogul was brief yet real. But Roswell?


The true skeptic couldn’t help noticing the holes in the explanation. One had to be extremely biased against the ufological phenomenon (like the hardcore ‘debunker’), agent of disinformation (yes, our government does do that, it’s documented…), or very ignorant of the subject and not at all interested in it. Then, and only then, can you totally buy into the US Military’s latest explanation of the event, trying to make the thing go away and disappear from public sight. Yet the ‘true believers’? Yes, admittedly, they haven’t made it easy for the serious ufological researcher. Their claims, theories & whatnot make the false skeptic feel justified in believing the military implicitly.


Yet think about it. In perpetrating the ‘Project Mogul’ explanation 50 years later, the American Military was then tacitly admitting that they had been lying to Americans & the world for half a century. Doesn’t matter that they cite ‘classification’ for the purpose of ‘national security’ --- which ‘national security classification’ is then over with, Project Mogul now ‘declassified’. I’m fully aware leaders have to keep some things secret for justifiable reasons once in awhile. The point remains… what makes any intelligent person think that now, for sure, the explanation is trueand not simply another ‘classified’ matter being kept secret under guise of another ‘cover story’?


Do you get it? When a liar ‘admits’ he or she lied, how is ‘implicit’ trust from this moment onward instantaneously earned, the new claim ‘certainly’ true? In giving us the ‘true’ explanation by 1997, they have then just openly acknowledged that they lied to us in 1947! Don’t know about you, but whether justified or not, it’s going to take a whole lot of openness & transparency before my automatic trust in their truthfulness is restored. It’s especially going to take some doing when the thing starts with, first, shocking news, next followed by an almost immediate contradiction. Not to mention witnesses of the event failing to jive with what the liar now says is the truth, the liar passing off these people, essentially, as ‘confused’ long after the event. Mightn’t we have a fuller exchange?


Ah, but what are these strange things told by firsthand or secondhand witnesses?


We’ve already encountered the initial oddity --- that the US Military got hold of a crashed flying disc not too far from Roswell, New Mexico, in the middle of nowhere. Col. Jesse Marcel, Marcel’s military trained & expert surgeon son, the aforementioned public relations officer, 1st Lt. Walter Haut, and several others of varying military rank involved in some way at the time with the incident, as well as non-military people in everyday life related to the event in New Mexico, have attested to this, quite plainly contradicting the claim of the debris being merely that of some sort of balloon, be it Project Mogul or what-have-you. Many of these witnesses have persisted in saying, additionally, they themselves saw smallish humanoid bodies associated with this unfortunate ‘flying saucer’, or else, told by someone in a position of authority, or intimately related to the event, that weirdly small & humanoid bodies were gotten somehow from the wreckage of the ‘crashed flying disc’. Moreover, Jesse Marcel, Jr., maintained till the day he died, recently, how the debris he saw as a boy was strangely thin & flexible metal covered with ‘hieroglyphic’ type characters. And a French ufology legend & scientist, Jacques Vallée, even more recently asserted, publicly, that he has had some of this metallic debris tested chemically, with isotopes found not matching metals or ores of terrestrial origin. Further, were that not enough, it is well attested that this debris was shipped to Wright-Patterson in Ohio, the site of what is one of the USA’s largest air bases, and location of the Air Force’s Institute of Technology (which, while still affiliated with the Army, nevertheless, had many laboratories by the end of World War II) as well as a huge hospital. We could go on and on. E.g., 1st Lt. Walter Haut, writer of the first press release, made up a legal affidavit in 2002, not to be opened or made public until after his death, which occurred in 2005. In it he goes into very frank detail about the event, adding details not heard or only suspected previously, such as the assertion that what William Brazel first saw was a smaller debris field separated several miles from the final crash site of the ‘flying disc’. Not that every claim is to be accepted blithely. Yet sealed & signed legal affidavit only to be made public after your own death? It’s difficult to see what a former military officer of our nation gained by doing this, apart from keeping a promise to the base commander to keep quiet till he was deceased, and to avoid trouble with our government in revealing facts that they don’t want known. There is some explaining to do, which the US Military neglects. And if they think it justified hiding more classified ‘secrets’ after 7 decades if not details as revealed in Walter Haut’s after-his-death affidavit confession, what on earth could they be?


It’s very hard to make everything add up, to say the least. ‘Alien bodies’? No. Notwithstanding, recollect how, from a Catholic perspective, the invisible realm is capable of interacting with our material world visibly, if God permits. Hence, fully beyond plausibility, however bizarre-sounding? Not actually. Sacred Scripture speaks quite clearly of giants once existing upon the earth, even up till King St. David’s time, and these giants were obviously the result of some sort of interaction with the invisible, something one encounters, too, in a thorough study of demonology. So completely out of the question? Again, not actually. It’s within the pale of possibility, in spite of what most of us think of as ‘bizarre’. And, if supposedly no truth to this aspect of the Roswell event, why would so many people associated with the incident in some way separately support this contention? A ‘disinformation campaign’, perchance? To what end, though? Why would Col. Jesse Marcel --- and his esteemed son with him, near or till their deaths --- directly contradict the later version of the incident almost immediately put forth by a superior officer over Marcel, Sr., Gen. Roger M. Ramey? Either one or the other is revealing something of the truth about this incident, or else neither of them is.


It’s simple logic. And the Egyptian-looking hieroglyphs noted by Marcel, Jr., on the metallic debris? Once more, bizarre. That is, provided you don’t know something about ancient history, and the origin of the Egyptians. As St. Stephen the Protomartyr remarks to his fellow Jews, before they killed him, their great lawgiver St. Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, having been raised in Pharaoh’s palace. (Acts of the Apostles 7:22 DRC. Read all of Chapters 6 & 7 for the fuller context.) What’s more, that the ‘showdown’ between the True God of Roman Catholicism and His servants, Moses & Aaron, vs. the pagan sun god, Amun-re and his servants, the then reigning Pharaoh, along with the Heliopolitan priests, demonstrates how powerful this Empire was at its height. A power Freemasons of the last few centuries have coveted, and that of great Babylon, as we make vivid in the long book, Helplessly Ignorant. The USA the first Freemasonically formed nation on earth, and the most powerful empire of the past century, is it really ‘inconceivable’ that there could be, during the Great Apostasy, Egyptian links to us now, in ways that are not quite ‘canny’? Again, actually not.


I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and I’ve no wish to believe all claims.


But if I had to guess based on what I think I know and I think possible --- as a real Catholic --- I’d opine the following. One, for whatever reasons, perhaps sorcerous & demonic, the ufological phenomenon produces a ‘flying disc’ that ‘crashes’ in the high plains of New Mexico, in the middle of nowhere. When one also knows of Amerindian tales of sorcery associated with this region of the United States --- positively demonic --- the idea gets even slightly more thinkable, howsobeit strange and still not explained unto the fullest. Someone in the US Army believes it a great coup to tell the public about how their military has gotten hold of one of these odd craft, something quite believable in the earliest days of the present form of this phenomenon and media spreading excitement regarding ‘flying saucers’ all over the nation. Or, at least, this deflects attention away from yet stranger things, taking Walter Haut’s after death affidavit at face value. Yet higher authorities then press on Gen. Ramey, from nearby Texas (relatively speaking, given the gigantic size of this state…), right away to cover up the incident more fully, utterly contradicting the original press release and concocting the original ‘weather balloon’ story, later changed, in the 1990s, to ‘Project Mogul balloon’. Material debris, mayhap strange corpses, are spirited to Ohio for careful analysis. In subsequent decades, secrecy compromised and ‘true believers’ --- as opposed to levelheaded researchers, what few there are --- build mythology around hard yet admittedly weird facts, calling them ‘aliens’ with a ‘live one’ at Area 51, etc. Our government might even purposely plant ‘disinformation’ through them, to muddy the trail and throw off serious researchers.


Speculatory? Indeed. Yet don’t forget a fact about Mac. Remember him? Yes, Mr. William Brazel, who started this whole shindig inadvertently. He’d seen the debris of fallen weather balloons on the high plains a couple of other times. And Project Mogul was really just a gussied up, giant ‘weather balloon’ to carry microphones even higher. So how could he sucker himself into thinking he might have found debris from a ‘flying disc’ when he hears about it in the news? He’s seen balloons. Most people are intelligent enough to recognize such things. Out in the middle of nowhere doesn’t make you into a complete rube. Believe me. I know. I’ve been out in the middle of nowhere a few times. Thus, if Mac’s first spotting of the debris is from at least a short distance, he assuming it’s just another fallen weather balloon, it makes sense that he wouldn’t make it a big priority to pick up right away. Then, later, with his family, picking some of it up, he begins to realize the oddities, despite not knowing what to make of it. Hearing the national news of ‘flying saucers’, he wonders and quietly tells it to the sheriff.


Thus starting a ball rolling that grows mythic in size, splendor & strangeness.


Oh, and the ‘bodies’? We’ll get to that. A body is like the soul’s interface.


And where lies the body, there gather scavenging eagles, circling.


+++ 9. Desert Legends, Wooded Nights, Sun +++

Drenched Days & Urban Ramblings (Part 4)


Which brings us to Mr. Whitley Strieber. Possibly the most famous, longstanding & intelligent of persons linked to the ufological phenomenon (although there’ve been a lot of excellent candidates for this distinction over 71 years…), we leap by nearly 4 decades, albeit still seeming ‘long ago’ to the youngest of people today. Right, the turn of the mid-1980s. Born like so many others in the wake of World War II, nigh to its end, of a ‘baby boom’ generation, unlike others, he was the heir of an old & distinguished San Antonio, Texas, family of Germanic extraction (more Germans than you’d think have moved into Texas in the last two centuries, prior to World War II, and even a little after this oh-so-famous conflict) and Catholic heritage, albeit, like his peers, he quickly lost his Roman Catholicity as he matured into a young man. Talented, ambitious, creative, after a college career and short stint at the London School of Film Technique, he moved to the little isle of Manhattan, New York City --- ever heard of it? --- seeking to be a writer. This meant working in advertising for a few years, till, able to support themselves with the help of his late spouse, Anne Strieber, he threw himself wholly into the life of a novelist, hitting gold with a first attempt, the horror-oriented yet rather ‘scientific’ novel, The Wolfen, in 1978. After several more novels of horror, he turned to ‘speculative’ fiction and, finally, 1987’s Communion --- massively controversial and massively popular at the same time --- which elliptically & beguilingly told of his very real & personal lifelong experiences with what he calls ‘the visitors’, refusing to absolutely subscribe to the ‘they’re-ETs-from-another-planet’ scenario typical of the Darwinistic ‘true believer’, whilst everybody else would recognize it as typically ufological. Well, leastwise, if knowing ufology, you would.


But it was the book’s odd title and frighteningly ‘otherworldly’ face on the cover that, arguably, made it so beguiling. That and some very real and fantastically preternatural experiences in many newbie would-be readers. I can recall, strangely, discovering his book in a nicely laid out bookstore in the UK, marking it off on my mental checklist of things to examine later when I returned to the States via Paris, France (being a college student myself and bicycling, every pound of weight I carried from Europe risked upping extra baggage costs on the airline staggeringly). As I finished my trip by bicycling down the Eastern Seaboard a second time to finish in Florida, surveying the North Carolinian pine forest at the Atlantic’s edge in the wake of a Category 5 Hurricane Hugo (though Category 4 as it hit the southeastern US, with 160 mph sustained winds) I’d seen as undamaged a couple of years ago, finding unbelievable devastation & still stunned human faces as I did so, devouring this and two other tomes at the same time.


It was a weird experience itself, to say the least. What a way to read a book.


In spite of gigantic loss to his self --- his career & reputation --- Mr. Strieber doggedly stuck to his claims. He also formed a national and even international correspondence of readers that later transformed into the base of his website by the turn of the 21st century. All of them either shared Strieber’s experiences, or else were intensely curious about the ‘visitor’ phenomenon and what seemingly rational & creative light he had to shed upon a mostly marginal yet burgeoning --- up until then, having been stigmatized by US leaders & media --- ufological phenomenon. It was, and still is, the most intensely harrowing ‘UFO’ account I’ve ever studied… and that’s saying a lot. I do not recommend it, not unless your Catholic Faith is whole & pure and you read it for the right purposes. Perchance it now appears ‘tame’ by later, more modernized & horrific, standards.


Taken at face value, it is the true tale of a ‘close encounter of the fourth kind’.


(Indeed, the full title is Communion: A True Story, lest anyone think it a novel.)


Yes, so-called ‘abduction’. He was going to name it Body Terror, since these things usually happen during the night and are unbelievably terrorizing to the uninitiated. His body would be paralyzed, unable to move or scream as strange entities appeared, did or said things to him that were practically incomprehensible, enigmatic & nightmarish. It’s only that the aforementioned ‘visitors’ dug in their colloquial heels, per him, and would not compromise, insisting that he entitle it Communion. And while he recounted further experiences with them in this or other books to come, both visible and invisible, in the center of crowded New York City itself, the first book dealt primarily with what Mr. Strieber went through in a relatively short period of time, away from most people, attempting to relax, spend time with his wife & son, or quietly write, in his small, picturesque cabin in the deep woods, in the deep night, in upstate New York.


Do you know the meaning of ‘communion’, my dear reader?


Then you know the significance. Mr. Strieber was only remotely ‘catholicized’ at this point of his life despite a Catholic heritage, but Communion has to do with a Body. Yet not to just your own individual & physical human body alone. To whose ‘body’ were his highly strange, and highly terrifying, ‘visitors’ referring? Surely not Roman Catholicism. Oh, surely not. Even I knew that then, not having reached my time of conversion to God’s Singular Means of Salvation. So whose ‘body’ and to what ‘communion’?


Where the sharp eyed eagles circle, there lies the body. Jesus’ Own Words.


+++ 10. Desert Legends, Wooded Nights, Sun +++

Drenched Days & Urban Ramblings (Part 5)


It’s a tough phenomenon to figure out, real or not. But it’s real to some extent.


In the meantime, if not a ufological ‘abductee’ yourself, while able to plumb his testimony to a certain significant degree, it seems to me that Mr. Strieber’s writings concerning this subject are the most objective yet personal, earnest & smart testimony available. He’s Modernist, granted, hence not Catholic or particularly ‘friendly’ toward Catholicism Whole & Entire, notwithstanding, he’s a gold mine of insight & facts. He, too, has often grown angry or sad lately we’re ‘destroying’ earth or too ready for war.


But he had a gargantuan effect in ufology in the first ten to fifteen years after his original confession, and a smaller yet devoted following in the past fifteen to twenty years. He’s also, wittingly or not, helped shape contemporary people’s religious thinking & beliefs.


Because the ufological phenomenon is almost like a ‘gateway’ between dreams and reality… or, should we say, between the invisible and the visible. It is therefore often hidden yet, simultaneously, sometimes visible & material in some sense. Too bizarre & strange for some people? Examine your own dreams. Become Catholic or stay Catholic, plumbing the One True Church’s theology and the lives of the Catholic saints. When saints can levitate, bilocate, move mountains, work miracles and etc., etc., then what, prithee, is the impossibility of the other side --- the one against Catholicism --- doing somewhat similarly, if Our Creator permits? And if in the Great Apostasy, with the serpent, Lucifer, gaining the ‘upper hand’ for a time, then how is it ‘unthinkable’?


For we read the Holy Ghost inspired words of St. Paul the Apostle in Scripture:


“Wherein in time past you walked according to the course of this world [sinners & outright rebels toward Our Creator], according to the PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THIS AIR [the devil, Lucifer, a normally invisible fallen angel, nevertheless, wherever Jesus Christ, through His Ecclesial Body, the Catholic Church, has not bound him, then leaves him mostly free, to what degree God allows, to draw immortal but non-Catholic souls into hell], of the spirit that now worketh [works] on the children of unbelief [every unbaptized & unprofessing human alive, ergo not Catholic, ergo satan’s spiritual ‘children’ to do with as he pleases where Our Maker deigns to permit]” (Ephesians 2:2 DRC)


What see we here? A key, as it were, to unraveling a ufological phenomenon.


Not Mr. Strieber’s proffered ‘key’, the name of a book he wrote later on.


Incidentally, the reference at the end of the last chapter about the eagles and Jesus’ Words? (Paraphrased a bit, while containing the same meaning recorded in Sacred Scripture.) Matthew 24:28 and Luke 17:37. These are Gospel passages par excellence, the first answering His disciples’ questions regarding the ‘consummation of the world’, the latter warning of His disciples wanting to see Him but unable to do so, telling us, thus, who are truly Catholic Whole & Entire, in parable, of His Ecclesial Body’s Crucifixion, just as He would suffer Crucifixion shortly after those instructions.


To wit, the Great Apostasy and loss of Roman Catholicity the world over.


Eagles fly and can mean two things --- unfallen angels or fallen angels.


Satan, that is, Lucifer, the leader of the fallen, what may we suspect?


Correct. As Prince of the Power of the Air, he can still ‘fly’ to a limited extent. His celestial ‘air space’ is more restricted, so to speak. What, then, is Jesus telling Roman Catholics in ‘parable code’, as it were, so that, when the time comes, His last disciples might know what to look for? Right. Demonic powers flocking & swarming as the devil deceives the entire earth, including those who were supposed to be Catholic. Gathered for what? To celebrate their brief liberty to work maximum evil throughout the world as their Foe, the Roman Catholic Ecclesial Body of Christ lies in the Tomb, just like Her Lord & Savior lay in His for a time. Lucifer the ‘light bearer’ and ‘angel of light’ then erects a ‘false church’ under the name & terminology of ‘catholicism’ whilst speaking his serpentine religious lies via antichrist vicars’, the post-Vatican II antipopes.


So to whose body and what communion do these ‘visitors’ refer? Why so imperative to have Whitley Strieber call his initial book about them --- A True Story --- Communion? I’ve read enough of his ufological books to know that, whereas he was broadminded & respectful concerning lots of opinions or ideas (granted, he has become a little strident, cynical & blunt as things get worse from his perspective…), that tolerance was out the window when some dared to suggest his ‘visitors’ are demonic. In his mind, the title Communion was about how much they love him and love humans, being linked to humankind for centuries & millennia. So much they nearly scare him to death. Oh, indeed, he does note how his visitors are not perfectly monolithic, he consequently admitting at one point in earlier years of ufological notoriety, at a bare minimum, how some of these visitors seem less nice than others. Nonetheless, he adamantly asserted that there is an intense ‘love’ of them for him, especially the one pictured on the cover of his first book, Communion, with huge, slanting, predatorial, perfectly black eyes, vestigial mouth & nostrils (really small & tiny compared to humans), neonate head (way out of proportion, bigger compared to the body) and tannish, leathery skin. In the early ’00s, this trust seemed more dubious, he admitting parts of the visitor experience are very ‘dark’, and, later on, even conceding that some of the visitors appear to be the embodiment of evil, hating humanity with a ruthless & violent passion.


He even openly wonders, has he been deceived? Are they demons?


This reminds the careful reader of his books of one of his countless & harrowing encounters, he being taken from sleep in the middle of the night… as is so typically the case in ‘abductions’ or ‘close encounters of the fourth kind’… to what is apparently the inside of their peculiar ‘vehicles’, and he, frightened & angry, tells them, essentially, “You don’t have the right to do this to me!” Whereupon one of them replies calmly, matter-of-factly and even authoritatively, to the effect of, “We do have the right.”


I’ve found similar assertions in at least one or two other ‘abductee’ accounts.


And --- guess what? They’re right. They do have the right. It is permitted.


When you’re a part of their ‘communion’, their ‘body’, it IS their right.


They do as they wish with their human, like a predator with its prey.


+++ 11. Desert Legends, Wooded Nights, Sun +++

Drenched Days & Urban Ramblings (Part 6)


This demonic aspect of the ufological phenomenon is no fluke. You run into it everywhere. Dare to examine it as it is, and not as you wish it to be? Then you’re going to have to face the evil, satanic & dark part of it, too. Darwinistic scientists who dare to investigate it honestly, are not going to find their ‘they’re-just-extraterrestrials-from-another-planet-light-years-away’ theory upheld. Neither are the Darwinistic ‘true believers’, since these ‘aliens’ are not just here to ‘save us from ourselves’.


And asserting this is not the same as claiming we understand ‘everything’ about the phenomenon by noting this demonological aspect. There are other bizarre things with ufology that can defy easy explanation if true & real. For instance, the UFO occupants’ apparent obsession with ‘collecting’ semen or unborn babes from men & women. That is, per innumerable claimants to the title of ufological ‘abductee’. They so crushed, helpless & humiliated that they often call it rape, their highly strange captors either oblivious or insensitive toward their victims. Regardless of whether you or I want to think it real, these poor souls plainly react as if it’s real; either that or they are some truly stunning Oscar-worthy actors. The ufological entities almost always speak ‘telepathically’, no movement of vestigial ‘mouth’ visible. Sometimes they’ll put, without asking for a captive’s permission, ideas, stories, images & sensations or feelings into the prey’s consciousness, be it telepathically purely or via some ‘solid’ object, such as a rod. Ufological experiences typically involve involuntary paralysis of their bodies for particular lengths of time. They will float without visible support to where these mysterious entities wish. Many female ‘abductees’ report bearing the ‘children’ purposely planted within their wombs, only to have these ‘children’ then taken, frequently against their wills and maternal instincts, from them, at the will solely of such inscrutable --- and unforthcoming about why --- beings. They seem caperish, tricksy & ‘zen-like’ at times. Inexplicable knocks at night on very high walls, at doors, people’s lives ‘toyed with’, as it were, whilst, some of them will claim, as if these beings are trying to ‘teach’ them something, some cosmic morality tale or personal lesson. It’s ‘poltergeistic’ at times, common household objects or personal possessions of the ufological experiencer suddenly missing, suddenly popping off a shelf, suddenly reappearing where he or she knows with conviction it was not last left, ufological experiencers suddenly hearing  a cavalcade of weird, unfathomable, unexpected or frightening noises, usually or often in the evening... but not always. Things that go ‘bump’ in the night, indeed. And to what end? All of this for what purpose?


A real & determined Catholic researcher can come up with some shrewd guesses or leads. We do not, however, pretend to know all the answers or be right about everything. All the same, high strangeness, the paranormal and the downright puzzlingly bizarre or terrifying is a hallmark of this phenomenon. If ultimately or mostly demonic, what is Lucifer’s strategy? How is this helping him to achieve it? What’s his game?


And again we return to the demonological aspects of the ufological phenomenon. Aforementioned French scientist, Jacques Vallée, as well as some other determined & smart researchers, have cobbled together far more than enough data to show how these ‘abductions’ --- frequently with forgotten and ‘missing time’ that cannot be logically or factually accounted for, by the experiencer, linked with terror, horror & invasion --- are happening overwhelmingly during the night. In fact, most often of all, by far, at times involving the curious hours of 3 AM to 5 AM. The parallel to demonology is stark. In studying the behavior of demons over millennia, expert priests & exorcists have seen demons demonstrate greatest power & influence over their victims at this point in the night. Why? Per they, it’s the precise opposite time of the day to when Jesus was crucified upon the Cross. Hence Our Lord allowing this sobering parable.


Defy Me and My Roman Catholic Religion utterly, and this can result.


You have sold yourself to the demons. You are children of satan. I will permit him to play with you, like a black cat does a whimpering mouse, all to your ruin & ultimate damnation if you will not listen or back down, admitting the truth. Yet Christ & His Church are not without compassion. Turn, even now, and you may be saved. Notwithstanding, only… ONLY!in His Singular Ecclesial Body.


Which no one nowadays, oddly enough, is willing to believe in.


Oh, they’ll believe in ‘ETs’ crossing light years to hiddenly observe human beings on earth for years, decades, centuries and even millennia. They’ll believe in beings that are ‘interdimensional’, ‘paradimensional’ or ‘transdimensional’ easily enough. That’s no big deal. But demons? That are toying with them like a cat, trying to damn their souls and having the freedom to do so like this when everyone on earth forgets & rejects God’s Roman Catholicism, His Singular & Charitable Means for Our Salvation?


No, sir! That is beyond belief! Only loonies or freaks believe this!!!!!


Strange, I’d say. Highly strange. Is there a chip on their shoulders?


It would seem so. Why? Ah, now there is something… why?


+++ 12. Peaceful Ocean, Usually +++


Before we get to answering this, let us examine another thing more closely.


Namely, has the ufological phenomenon truly stuck around as long as we claim?


And the simplest response is what we’ve remarked on in passing, already. Yes, our government’s quiet admission, barely a year ago, that they have indeed been studying UFOs after they said the matter was closed and no longer important to them --- long, long after, nearly half a century, when the Condon Report officially closed the subject in 1969, along with the official demise of the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book --- was false. The US federal government itself, leaders of our military!, admitted, that, yes, they’re actually quite interested and, maybe, rather concerned. And they released a video from a US Navy jet fighter, from the DOD, showing this jet intercepting a UFO not too awfully far off the coast of San Diego in southern California, as evidence of that concern, reported dutifully as the ‘truth’ when heralded by the ‘newspaper of record’, without whose backing there simply is no ‘certainty’ regarding public events unless she --- the Gray Lady, the New York Times --- says it’s true. This the US government did, in conjunction with unique grayness of the lady, the globally respected New York Times, making it beyond any ‘doubt’ that this was officially & certainly the ‘truth’. Yet why do I apostrophe my ‘truths’? Do I dare doubt the verisimilitude of a very esteemed New York Times?


No, not necessarily. But motives? Uh hm. I.e., that they’re ‘unquestionable’.


In reality, you may question them every so often. And even have justification.


Notwithstanding, it’s quite inarguable, and fascinating, that the US Military made essentially no more fuss over the matter… past being certain that the ‘Gray Lady’ was reporting on this matter, as indisputably put forth by the US Military, along with a video from a US Navy jet fighter plane encountering one such incident, in 2004, released under their authority as ‘authentic’… thus, why, apparently, the New York Times now takes it a tad more seriously, reporting the US government’s admission dutifully. Presumably. We simply point out that the members of our government, who finally made this astonishing yet quiet move, certainly know to whom they need to report and to whom they do not. (Hint: the rest of mainstream media is irrelevant, except as an arm of the Gray Lady.) This is how powerful the most powerful center of mainstream media is in our world, smart US leaders knowing this quite well. Which raises the prospect of so-called ‘disinformation’. Could the New York Times have been used as such in the past?


Never you fret. For now, at least, they’ve spilled the beans. It’s in the Gray Lady.


Yes, American citizen and the rest of the world, we’ve been interested all along. We just didn’t like admitting it, since this did not suit our purposes at the time. Now we, whether sincerely or not, admit the truth, and, the truth is, a ufological phenomenon is very true.


We, the most powerful empire on earth today as of yet, now admit that this is true.


Okay, okay. Now move along. Move along, folks. Nothing more to see here.


And so it has been. Major ‘disclosure’, so long coveted by serious ufology researchers, accomplished, the US government spilling the beans --- but as they so wish, according to their private agenda, they once again holding most of the cards. This then hints of one of two things, broadly speaking, being true as a rational result: either, one, our leaders have little or no control over the ufological phenomenon and are scared but finally, if barely, admitting it after seven decades; or else, two, our leaders have some degree of control or understanding of the phenomenon, perhaps with complicity, and are finally, just barely, admitting it after seven decades. Oh, but have they hinted of the latter possibility?


Not directly. In the former option, they at least hinted indirectly of their true position. Whilst the latter? No, nothing in words either directly or indirectly. Yet after seventy plus years of the ufological phenomenon and they just admitting, implicitly, that they’ve been lying to us all along, logically inferable. Absolutely. The time of implicit trust of our government is over. Long over. Our government routinely lies and we know it.


Therefore, complicit with them if we implicitly trust in our leaders, knowing better?


I think so. Part of this small book’s purpose is waking you up a little better, if not fully awake already. Thus, if we mayn’t any longer implicitly trust, may we, as an alternative, implicitly infer? Yes, just as long as we do not illogically assume, out of nowhere, that inference is, logically speaking, JUST THE SAME as infallible dogma, or deduction.


Infallible dogma, understood rightly, is ALWAYS CORRECT, no matter what. Logical deduction, correctly premised, is always correct, provided --- and this is sometimes a big provision! --- the aforesaid premises are correct and one’s logical reasoning is ironclad, being utterly ‘valid’ in the parlance of logicians. But logical inference? Oh, not to be dismissed easily by the wise person. Yet always or ironclad? No. Because now we necessarily must first consider context. Interpreted correctly? Ergo, right premises?


It’s guesswork as much as it is solid certainty. But if correct guesses? Bingo!


So now let’s prove it. With interpretation upheld & premises certain. If actually so.


And ergo back to the December 2017 disclosure. On 16 December 2017, the New York Times lobbed a bombshell into the waters. The major news media outlet of the world, in the richest city & nation on earth, put a major story in their copious pages, stunning well educated & powerful persons in the United States (if both educated & powerful, then you tend to read the New York Times voraciously, trust me) with the fact that, yes, once more your leaders have been lying to you or hiding from you, just out of your sight. They have been studying UFOs and are, apparently, concerned with this phenomenon, in spite of protests to the contrary, or quietly ignoring things in public, for the record. Now they quietly admit the truth instead. At least as much truth as they’re willing to admit.


The outcome? With several articles in the New York Times (two on December 16th and one on December 18th, to be exact), the national version of Fox News (thought of as very ‘conservative’ by ‘progressives’, but the most watched TV broadcast of the news all over the nation by far in the last decade or so) then broadcast a brief interview with their man, Tucker Carlson (much hated by aforementioned ‘progressives’, and persecuted now, but, for the most part, a huge part of today’s mainstream news media with occasionally & surprisingly astute assessments of what’s right or wrong with America in these times), wherein an obviously very-nervous-to-be-on-TV-with-millions-of-viewers suddenly, without much warning, fighter jet pilot, Com. David Fravor, answered Mr. Carlson’s sincere & serious questions. It only lasted barely four minutes, if that, but, amazingly… went out of its way to be non-mocking and get Fravor’s honest input.


After all, he’s seen something strange & inexplicable. So let’s hear about it.


The usual UFO news fare for the last 50 years? As if anything. No, sir. Not at all.


It was stunning. And his fighter jet video --- the one released by the US Military in conjunction with their official admission --- was played throughout the whole interview in the background… or, rather, off to the side. Per him, a native New Englander it seems, via various media outlets, he was ‘pretty weirded out’ by the encounter, would like to ‘fly one’ (referring to the physics-defying object in the video), and felt like it was ‘out of this world’. The US Military, it seems, would rather release once to a single media voice; no such restriction was placed, though, on a retired US Navy jet pilot. Or else why would they permit him to speak so freely? Loony or a rube? Again, he’s a US Navy jet pilot.


You’ve at least got to give him credit for intelligence, training & years of service.


Granted, he was clearly discombobulated from appearing suddenly before millions. Yet untrustworthy or totally confused? No, simply confronted with a phenomenon that isn’t witnessed, normally, in each of our lives, all of the time. And where did this occur? Why, off shore of San Diego, California, some 100 miles west out in the Pacific Ocean. Per the DOD this unidentified flying object was detected on radar several times in the two weeks prior to this video, during 2004, each time suddenly appearing at an 80,000 foot altitude, then plummeting to 20,000 feet, whereupon it disappeared from radar, which eventually is why the USS Princeton, in a later yet identical radar event, asked two US Navy jet fighters to intercept & investigate. Arriving at the last known radar point, they saw nothing at first. This is where it gets even more strange, though. Com. Fravor spotted a hovering object, roughly 50 feet under the sea, roiling the waters, that, as it ascended, apparently played a game of chicken with the naval jet, moving in a circular fashion, constantly, in response to the pilot’s maneuvers, Com. Fravor hence cutting straight across to this weird & rotating object. Which is when, says he, it shot up into the brilliantly clear blue sky instantly, in less than two seconds vanishing from sight.


Oh… and did we mention the ‘impossible’ physics and ludicrous Gs of UFOs?


Yes, shooting up that fast on a clear day with at least 10 miles visibility means multitudinous orders of accelerations, enough to put a human pilot into ‘blackout’ or ‘redout’ zone of unconsciousness, or, more to the point, instantly crush him into a mass of flesh & blood. Yet this is consistent with lots of ufological reports. Only, this time, it happens to be two US Navy fighter jet pilots. Cool under pressure? I would hope so, this being a matter of our nation’s potential military defense under conditions of war. I would also trust that they are highly trained & vetted, flying multimillion dollar vehicles, as well as the aforementioned conditions of potential war. But, of course, straight forward… or simple? Never. Later journalistic sleuths, curious about the video’s heritage, saw that DOD vouching for the video only said ‘by’ and not ‘courtesy of’ the DOD. A major imbroglio? No. Yet just enough to make people suspicious. What’s more, further investigation showed the video to have been ‘leaked’, it seems, as early as 2007.


Enough to ‘disprove’ the event? No, because the DOD vouched for it.


Or, leastwise, came as close as it could to doing so without really fully doing so…


Confusing? Welcome to the world of ufology. It’s a staple of the field. The US DOD (Department of Defense) discloses something that they know of UFOs (but not fully…) while remaining aloof & noncommittal. The only thing we can say with certainty is that, yes, the US government did really admit to carrying out a protracted program of ‘study’ of the phenomenon, which, they say, started in 2007 (the program, that is), under the title of Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), funded at $22 million per year. Notwithstanding, disbanded they insist by 2012, a claim other leaders contest, the latter insisting it continues today under another name or ‘in the black’, i.e., funded with anonymity without anyone in our government having to admit it exists. For instance, a Mr. Luis Elizondo, who, the DOD confirms, worked for them, but they act mum about his precise designation or responsibilities. Mr. Elizondo, though, confidently asserts he headed the program, and, appearing somewhat petulant, says he resigned in October 2017, not approving of the lack of progress or sincerity in the study. He also, with a complete unabashedness, insists on the objects’ (more than what we see in a single released video) ‘non-nationality’ (read: not something identifiable as something of terrestrial or totally physical origin). End of story? Naturally not. The AATIP was engendered by the efforts of three powerful US Senators --- Harry Reid of Nevada, Alaska’s late Ted Stevens and Hawaii’s late Daniel Inouye, Sen. Reid to this day doggedly saying he is ‘not ashamed’ of pursuing the matter, desiring clarity.


Don’t we all. Mmmm… that is, regarding something kept in the black.


It might help to remember 86% of Nevada is run by the feds.


And the location of the fabled Area 51. Which, while I’m not going to claim it has an ‘alien’ in residence there (real & wise Catholics cannot buy into ‘extraterrestrials’ since we know human beings are made in the Image of God and placed in the physical creation for our present temporal residence, being the ‘Crown of Creation’, as medieval Catholics would say and others innately know, God having no need for any countless other equally intelligent creatures or ‘chance evolution’ of these material beings), is definitely a center for US Military experimental vehicles, not to mention untold number of forces, as well as bombing ranges for practice or honing of technique, etc., etc. How do I know? Any geek inquisitive enough could know decades ago, if only for the fact that the US did not hide Area 51’s existence in the 1950s, even if it hadn’t gained the now popular title of ‘Area 51’. Plus, our leaders increasingly put Area 51 --- and, really, a huge surrounding area --- off limits with the passing years to mere civvies. And, with the 21st century, they finally tacitly admitted both its existence and semi-unofficial designation as ‘Area 51’. All the same, there’s personal reasons, too. I met in person the lunar module pilot for NASA’s 1971 Apollo 15 moon landing, a Mr. James Irwin. I’ve also got his biography, signed personally to me in name. And, no, he never ‘reneged’ on his moon flight, admitting NASA ‘faked it’. NASA hasn’t been totally forthcoming, and a ‘moon hoax’ plays strangely into a campaign for ‘disinformation’ about these landings, but nobody in NASA’s cadre of 24 men has ever denied going to the moon in person, nor has the stubborn critic ever been able to argue intelligently the facts or physics (mainly, it revolves around hoax aficionados making allegations that sound ‘plausible’ to an everyday person, while never bothering to examine the rebuttals carefully, indeed, probably not even knowing where to go for such rebuttals, so far apart are the two separate worlds they inhabit…). And in the late 1950s Mr. Irwin worked on the SR-71 Blackbird. Oddly enough, he was frequently at Lockheed’s legendary ‘Skunk Works’, working incessantly to get the Mach 3 reconnaissance jet airborne. The development proceeding, he then himself flew out of what’s become known as Area 51 to get the Blackbird kinks eliminated in the early 1960s (known then as YF-12). Back then the astronauts usually came from a pool of military test pilots, renowned for coolness, unflappableness & objectivity. I bicycled by this Skunk Works facility in Burbank, residing in Los Angeles for several years. Torn down secretively and removed to the Mojave Desert in Palmdale, California, it drove home to me how hidden away these things are --- enough to put high opaque fences around the tearing down operation. Nevertheless, it delighted me that he & I had another tenuous connection. It was, furthermore, natural for me to be very curious about Area 51. But I’m a geek, not inclined to take stupid chances with my life. I therefore studied it closely, knowing ‘camouflage dudes’ guarded the giant perimeter of restricted land, authorized to use lethal force on anyone foolish enough to cross it without permission. I thus chose the nearest point possible, almost directly east of Area 51, that was legal, some 20 miles distant on top of a mountain ridge. Then I took up vigil with huge binoculars. At all worthwhile? I got lucky on the night of Wednesday, 9 May 2007. A massive sound interrupted my evening around midnight, with a dark, gigantic, signaling & floating aircraft, just over the northern peaks, as innumerable screaming vehicles flew over my mountainous perch without lights for an hour toward the east and, maybe, turning north, one of them luckily blocking a star as I gazed, the endless noise nevertheless ‘proof’ of what was happening. Where did they go? For what purpose? I’ve no idea. Yet, plainly, the place is a premiere spot for military testing and, it would seem, huge military aerospace forces. The upshot when it comes to Area 51 and the US Military?


This has led to untold numbers of ‘UFO sightings’ near to Area 51. Likely?


I don’t know. It could be simply experimental military craft --- I’d bet that 90%, at a minimum, probably are --- but the ufological phenomenon is bizarre and, perhaps, it’s never fully explained as this. And, again, the ‘ET’ rumored to be at Area 51? It’s just a guess, yet if anything to it apart from people’s imaginations, I suspect it’s at least partly the disinformation of military intelligence using a UFO phenomenon as cover for what really goes on, helping to obscure usable intelligence that falls into the hands of other nations through the more pedestrian channels of gossip & media. But if ‘true’ to some degree, then, I must surmise, demonological. Out of the question? Not really. As I’ve remarked before, especially in Helplessly Ignorant, the United States was founded & guided by the Freemasons, who, at their highest levels, are straight out enemies of Catholicism and hence practitioners of paganism, sorcery and the diabolic.


So, ‘out of the question’ that this be possible? Not demonologically.


Yet provable regarding Area 51? Not that I can tell. Consequently my caution.


Oh, and how did I fare? I mean, in all likelihood the multiple dark screaming vehicles I listened to streaking over my head, on the ridge, were simply a very large stealthy strike force kept at or near Area 51, launching nearly due east from twinned runways --- hence colossal, lighter-than-air, signaling craft hovering silently over the northern ridge at my back for high visibility, with lights in my binocs on said craft easily 50 feet each in size, if not 80, providing the repeating sequence from (my) left to right as a code for ‘all clear, proceed’, if not also a mark point for diversion somewhat to the north just beyond these tall northern peaks towering 200 or 300 feet over me. After watching the guaranteed-to-thrill-a-geek-an-hour show (or, rather, mostly listening just over my head in the dark), early next morning I watched a more conventional fighter jet fly daredevil style, along the eastern perimeter of prohibited land, barely outside the parameter, through hills, turning its belly to me as it turned back south slightly only 200 feet from my eyes.


Chance, maybe. A fighter jock getting air time, flying cocky for the fun of it. Couldn’t help wondering, however, “Snapping a pic of the guy in the black car --- yes, black, I’m somewhat nerdy about all this --- to check me out a little more? Hi, I’m a Chinese spy!” But totally legal barely beyond the eastern perimeter. Still, can’t have the Russians or Chinese getting valuable intel. The giant aircraft the night before might have taken infrared of me, yet visible light could get my automobile plate. Or maybe it’s just a military fighter jock having fun doing what he loves best… flying crazy. Maybe.


The point is, with the nearest major public road to Area 51 officially named, by the State of Nevada, the ‘UFO Highway’, and military secrets kept in titanic proportions smack in the middle of its arid & mountainous high plains, is it any wonder that a powerful US senator from Nevada, Mr. Harry Reid, with his pull, and the assistance of 2 more US senators, Mr. Ted Stevens of Alaska and Mr. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, got AATIP established? Sen. Reid managed to get his friend & donor, Mr. Robert Bigelow, the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and having a small ‘inflatable test module’ docked currently at the orbiting ISS in conjunction with NASA (he dreams of orbital hotels, gargantuan Bigelow modules providing the living space, etc.) --- and makes no bones, publicly, about being fascinated with ufology --- to head the project, conducting intense research into military witnesses, sightings & incidents. Mr. Bigelow has frankly criticized the US for its treatment of the topic, noting how the governments of other nations are so notably open & transparent now about UFOs, like Belgium, Chile, China, Russia, or etc.


Again, the upshot? Skullduggery still surrounds this topic, with both the mainstream media & scientists still tending to be dismissive of it in the United States. However, the dam has cracked. Officially speaking. I would guess the government wants to control the waters beginning to pour through. They want to spin this subject in the way they see fit. Whether from concern over military security (perhaps many leaders) or objectives that are more nefarious (perchance some of them, leastwise), etc., they are determined to retain control over the information known to, and attitudes adopted by, the elite in America toward ufology. Resulting in their otherwise pretty inscrutable behavior.


Meanwhile, the American public is on its own course. If you move in the ‘right’ circles, ufology is quite ‘mainstream’. Probably not to you, my dear reader, I’m guessing. Yet for everyone else? A third, maybe, are already, or almost so to some degree, ‘true believers’. Whilst another third, or thereabouts, is fairly hardcore ‘debunker’. The remaining third plies the middle road, convinced their government lies and UFOs are ‘real’, but not always knowing what the truth is. Thus of them passionate for The X Files.


Truly, the ufological phenomenon is real. And the truth is indeed ‘out there’.


One more thing that we can know, though. Note that the UFO featured in the DOD’s admission of AATIP, back on 16 December 2017, came up out of the Pacific Ocean? This is a feature of the ufological phenomenon rarely mentioned or recognized, even by the serious & smart researcher into ufology. As a very smart & Cambridge-educated man --- yet controversial, due to his bucking of both typical ufological paradigms and typical paradigms of fellow scientists --- pointed out, most of the earth is covered with water. This man’s name was Ivan T. Sanderson, a kind of ‘Indiana Jones’ of biologists in his youth. Are UFO sightings limited, somehow, to land merely? As a matter of fact, they’re not. Whether through lack of water sightings, as it were (and most of earth’s humans are land lubbers, not living out on, or in, the ocean or other waters), or a lack of imagination or careful thought in categorizing sightings, Mr. Sanderson demonstrated that probably at least half of the ufological phenomenon occurs over, or in, or somehow in conjunction with, the earth’s waters. Especially the world’s vast oceans, including the Pacific.


Thought of as a ‘placid’ or ‘peaceful’ sea when first braved by European explorers --- therefore its name, the Pacific, meaning ‘peaceful’ --- in reality it can, like other oceanic waters, host terrible storms & maelstroms. As I’m sure the biologist, Mr. Sanderson, well knew, he in turn inspired by the example of another paradigm smasher, Charles Fort, who was famous in the early 20th century for studying ‘Fortean’ or ‘anomalous’ phenomena. UFOs are certainly anomalous, aren’t they? In our everyday lives, think we. Rather disturbing when it dares to upend our everyday thinking & doings, though. Eh?


Then watch out. No more peaceful ocean. The tempest shall rage!


But one last thing, making sure we fully address the point made at the beginning of this chapter. To wit, has the ufological phenomenon essentially continued without abating for the last seven decades in its present form? Well, just before the big US DOD ‘disclosure’ (if that’s what it was…) happened in December 2017, shocking lots of smart people who didn’t think they had to take UFOs seriously, a couple from Syracuse, New York, one of them with a military background, published a book in April of 2017 called the U.F.O. Sightings Desk Reference. Cheryl Costa & Linda Miller Costa bravely & laboriously crunched data for 2001 to 2015 in America, as gathered by two respected organizations, MUFON & NUFORC, into 371 pages of charts & graphs that would warm the heart of any real scientist. And what were their intriguing findings unleashed upon the world?


Why, the good citizens of the USA are seeing UFOs everywhere! Literally.


For instance, the ufological phenomenon has more than tripled in sightings since 2001. July, by the way, is the busiest month of the year for sightings, most likely because, I’d guess, this is the most seasonable time of the year when lots of us are going to tend to be outside in the evening. But that’s just a guess. There were ufological ‘flaps’ or ‘waves’ in Texas, peaking in 2008, and in New Mexico, peaking in 2015. Oh, and Manhattan, New York City, where our dear Mr. Whitley Strieber lived & worked when he came to fame with his ufological book, Communion, in the late 1980s, has had the second highest level of sightings in the State of New York since the start of the 21st century. There were 11,868 sightings total reported in the US in 2015. And that’s just those reported.


We could go on and on, tediously. The reality of ufology is solid & indisputable.


The data speaks. Loudly. We are awash in a tsunami of ufological sightings.


+++ 13. Our Lady of Fatima +++


Yet now for something a little bit more refreshing. Ufology is like wading in muddy waters. Or, mayhap, a bit of a cesspool (alright, a lot like a cesspool sometimes… which is how I feel about sorcery & demonology, too). One feels begrimed & befouled. You need to wipe your feet after a while, scrub your hands real well and get freshened up.


And, um, yes, eliminate a horrid stench from one’s celestially cleansed nostrils.


No offence meant to those poor souls involved in this phenomenon, just how I unavoidably feel about it. I’m curious, that’s true. But can only stand so much filth. Here’s where the Catholic Church can help us in a surprising way. Because somewhat prior to the ufological phenomenon gaining extensive national & international notoriety, Apparitions of Our Lady visited near the tiny rural hamlet of Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. And while I’ll not pretend it was ‘ufological’ in the customary sense --- it does bear a striking resemblance to the subject of UFOs. The French computer scientist, Jacques Vallée, remarked on the similarity, too. Albeit he, a very smart but typical Modernist, wants it investigated as such, as if Holy Mother Church had no expertise or authority in the matter. How so? Well, consider. After Six Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary total, the holy, lovely & heavenly Regality of Our Lady of Fatima made good on Her Promise to Her Small Earthly Messengers of what would become a Solar Miracle.


The Miracle of the Sun. Flabbergasting proof of what three youngsters said.


I don’t wish to ‘belittle’ Fatima by equating it simplistically with ufology. Fatima transcends the ufological phenomenon as much as Mt. Everest surpasses Appalachian mountains in height and grandeur. The Appalachians are amazing. One should not snub them as ‘tiny’ or requiring no skills to navigate and survive within them as a hiker. Still, they cannot compare to the perilous beauty of the Himalayans. Like the heavens above, we may see and strive for them. Yet on their terms… not ours. Violate this empyrean tenet and you will die eternally, plunging into the fiery depths of hell below. The stupendous heights above are FOR the fleet of foot --- NOT drunken trespassers.


But during the Solar Miracle something astoundingly peculiar and, perchance, unprecedented --- leastwise, during our turbulent post-Deluge times, and despite whatever equally unique things might have transpired before God’s Mighty Flood punished earth’s violently bloodthirsty & impurely perverted denizens for the vilest of iniquities --- transpired. As 70,000 souls watched, the solar disc began to spin & plunge unexpectedly toward the earth, even erratically. Rainbow colors were cast everywhere, on every face & figure. Something like delicate white flower petals fell gently to the ground, melting into nothingness upon contact. And every single person, having been sodden & drenched from the continual autumn rain, found themselves, afterward, inexplicably & suddenly dry, as if never wet to begin with, the sun having at last emerged as morning went by, shining clearly after the solar ‘dance’. Observers of the unparalleled prodigy insisted it felt as if the world were coming to an end, cowering & crying out. No one witnessing it left unperturbed, as if untouchable & nonchalant. Freemasons, atheists, scoffers and other Modernists were compelled to admit the truth of the event, many converting --- or reconverting --- to the Roman Catholic Religion Whole & Entire.


Do you see the parallels? A spinning, plunging, erratic disk. Strange phenomena associated with this terrifying yet entrancing event. A sense of global, nay cosmic!, impending doom, as if this thing has to do with humanity and repercussions beyond normal human ability or willingness to engage. (This, by the way, is very common to ufological encounters, the event or ‘occupants’ imparting messages of imminent evil & doom if human beings do not change their errant ways.) Getting it? I cannot prove it or pretend to know for certain, but I am personally convinced, knowing that Our Lady of Fatima was meant for our times of the Great Apostasy, that this is no fluke. Heaven’s final warning was given at Fatima, Portugal, and humanity, not even highest Church leaders, heeded the messages. God knew our rebellion from All of Eternity; He then placed ufological portents into the events of the Apparitions of Our Lady, Christ’s Glorious Mother & Queen of Highest Heaven. Fatima both foretends & mocks a ufological phenomenon to come in their near future, just thirty years upon the prophetically dire heels of God’s Mother’s last attempt to wake us up now.


Determined to slumber spiritually, indulging much-loved religious fantasies?


Especially nowadays, during the Great Apostasy, aping the Spirit of Antichrist?


Then welcome to nightmares made real, dear soul. The invisible becomes visible.


And one such consequence is demons permitted to materialize as terrors & scourges.


And we mean real nightmares. Not simply disasters or catastrophes, whether caused humanly or naturally. I mean solid, unavoidable, demonic, bloodcurdling nightmares. Ghouls feeding on us, helpless during the night, monstrosities --- the more abominable because they somehow look like us, yet twisted in some uncanny & disturbing way, and, we know, somehow connected to us and claiming we belong to them, we knowing it to be undeniably true, however frightening, exhilarating & deeply unsettling this truth --- they freely unrestrained to torment us, toy with us, trial us, perform deeds in conjunction with we their prey that are, at least at first, utterly unthinkable or unfathomable. Unless you’re familiar with demons, demonology, and their ghastly but clever strategies as Our Maker allows, for His Own Good Plan, to punish the perpetually wicked, mercifully convert those convertible, and assess, temper & refine His elect, real & good Catholics.


This is the Great Apostasy and Our Lord’s Days of Vengeance.


Our Lady of Fatima plainly announced this fact to those who were listening, and to anyone with ears to hear, eyes to see and minds to comprehend with hearts of good will. In doing so, She foreseeing what was to come in consequence of our stubborn rebellion, is it any wonder that Her Apparitions at Fatima in Portugal, and particularly the Great Miracle of the Sun, would both anticipate a ufological phenomenon to come and, if capable of seeing & believing it, divinely ridicule the devices of the devil?


The Prince of the Power of the Air, left free to torment & experiment with, as it were, hapless humans within his cruel grasp --- aiming for eerie goals not readily foreseeable, understandable or even credible to people rather limited in their minds & knowledge --- then pursues his final play, having as free a field of action as ever he’ll have before the end of the world as we know it. What exactly does it entail? We’ll probe the mystery briefly prior to the close of this short book. For now we drive home this point:


A ufological phenomenon is neither mysterious nor unidentifiable to God.


And one of Fatima’s aims was to mock & foretell satan’s final strategy. Part of that strategy was the difficult-to-identify and mysterious-to-most-of-us, present day ufology. Yet, while we’ve made it clear the ufological phenomenon is disturbingly demonological, we’ve also purposefully not restricted ourselves, as real Roman Catholics, to merely this aspect or interpretation. Perhaps ufology is overwhelmingly demonic… personally, it’s what I definitely think, based on all the accounts & data I’ve examined. Nevertheless, given the example of Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun, we can’t just adhere to this assumption mindlessly, can we? Not if we’re honest & logical.


All the same, however honest & logical, it’s not equivalent to saying ufology is all angelology or even half-and-half. It seems obvious to me that the Solar Miracle was angelic, at God’s Behest. Notwithstanding, most ufological events --- if fair to describe them this way --- are not obviously angelic and are overwhelmingly of the appearance of the demonic. We’ll look at some more evidence for this latter assertion in a moment. The point remains. Our Lord & Lady gave real Catholics a final warning and final assistance with the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. They were given for a reason. As both warning & aid. The Great Apostasy was imminent, going to the top. Restraints removed, strange & wicked things would transpire. Part of this is today’s ufology.


Prophetic intimation? In my opinion, yes. Oh, yes. Divine mockery?


Indeed it is. Because Our Creator does have a sense of humor.


And His Children, Catholics, may laugh with their Father.


True Romans need not fear; we may mock the mocker.


+++ 14. The Smell of Sulfur +++


Yet is ufology really overwhelmingly demonological? I don’t have the luxury of unlimited time in this short book to be thorough, exhaustive & exacting. I’m trying to reach real Catholics (or at least those becoming truly Catholic), inform people who have little or no interest & knowledge in the ufological phenomenon, and do so without risking the poor reader being totally overwhelmed, bored, freaked or frightened. I’ve got to keep things relatively short, relatively simplistic, and relatively sketchy. That’s the goal… anything more than this is not worth my time or likely to attract avid readers.


But the relatively simplified whilst adequate evidence for the diabolic?


We’ve already noted the propensity for ufological objects to ‘defy physics’ --- leastwise, what we think we know of visibly ‘material’ or invisible ‘force’ physics --- causing some honest, smart, non-Catholic & otherwise baffled researchers to call presumed ‘occupants’ of these unidentifiable ‘crafts’ by such terms as ‘interdimensional’, ‘transdimensional’, ‘paradimensional’ or what-you-will. Put whatever semantic label you want on it. It’s immaterial (pun intended). This is just the supernatural or preternatural by any other name. To wit, something or someone not restricted to the visible & material, able to transcend or manipulate the everyday physical world in ways that amaze you & I.


Savvy? This is further compounded by a propensity of ‘close encounters of the fourth kind’, or the like, to transpire at night in the dark. Especially during the trysting hours of 3 AM to 5 AM. And to be associated with terror, invasion, helplessness, rape, paralysis, telepathy, manipulation, bodily harm, sometimes (albeit rarely thus far) death, and so forth. The point is, this is not a ‘nice’ phenomenon. It is unpleasant and unwanted, in spite of many experiencers appearing oddly attached to their spooky tormentors.


And the strange insistence of Mr. Strieber’s unnerving ‘visitors’ that his opening ufological book be named Communion, with an uncanny creature on its cover with predatorial & perfectly black eyes? Which creatures, in one of countless preternatural events that readers of the book encountered, even appeared… in rather clumsy disguise… as mere ‘patrons’ of a crowded bookstore in Manhattan, saying aloud in the hearing of an alarmed human witness as they appeared to ‘thumb’ through Strieber’s new Communion tome, as if checking it out (who himself related this incident to Mr. Strieber and others), “He got that wrong.” To that effect, although I paraphrase roughly. The witness, oddly drawn to them while, at the same time, afraid, then had them stare straight at him with enormous venom, they plainly the weird ‘visitors’ as on Communion’s cover, shocking him deeply and causing him to back away. Why did they do this? Again, serious Roman Catholic thinkers can make shrewd guesses. The imperative thing to notice is how they are real --- i.e., physically & visibly so --- and, simultaneously, obviously not human, whilst appearing when & where they see fit. Oh, and they can scare your socks off.


These observations alone make the phenomenon highly suspect for Catholics.


Yet we’ll delve a little deeper. The rabbit hole is a veritable abyss, so be careful.


Another famous ufological event, occurring over years under the watchful eye of a famous, meticulous & learned researcher, Mr. Raymond E. Fowler, is devastating. He approached ufology at first, as did so many early serious researchers during the 1950s & ’60s, as if probably evidence of advanced extraterrestrials reconnoitering the earth. Later, like other more honest and insightful thinkers, he realized the entities that are, apparently, behind this otherworldly manifestation, are ‘interdimensional’ and somehow ‘tied’ to our humanity inextricably for millennia. In fact, he eventually, and a bit controversially, saw a direct link between the entities manifesting themselves through a very famous woman, Mrs. Betty Andreasson Luca, and ancient ‘watchers’ referenced in the original Hebrew constituting the text of the Old Testament in Sacred Scripture and connected somehow with Babylon. Intrigued? As would be any insatiably curious person. Mrs. Andreasson, who observers invariably describe as a ‘christian’ --- and I do not doubt her ‘sincerity’, though anyone familiar with The Epistemologic Works knows Catholicism teaches we human beings of adequate intelligence are never ‘saved’ merely via ‘sincerity’ --- like untold other ‘abductees’, revealed a lifetime of interactions with the ufological beings throughout her history. The details were laboriously gleaned primarily through dreary ‘hypnotic recall’… itself a perilous undertaking. Perilous because, from a theological point of view, wise Catholics know that the hypnotized is submitting his or her self to unconscious dominance, preternaturally, by the hypnotizer; and perilous, too, because, theologically speaking, the hypnotized is much more susceptible to demonic influence, not least because of a hypnotizer his or her self (though, curiously, it almost always is men, as opposed to women, who are practitioners of the mysterious art of hypnosis) widely open to demonic influence as well, if not Catholic (and a wise Catholic will hesitate cautiously prior to seriously considering using this arcane art!). Were this insufficient, long experience with hypnotic recall over the decades has shown that, regardless of how careful & professional the hypnotizer --- and however useful the recollection gained --- so-called ‘false memories’ can bedevil the peculiar process.


The upshot? Data gained in this way can be dubious without substantiating proof correlating with it elsewhere. Notwithstanding, it cannot be doubted that testimony arrived at in hypnosis is often worthwhile. Something is being recalled, and every assiduous guide, questioning the hypnotized carefully without suggestive queries, frequently unveils events or details of a fascinating or tremendous implication.


So what did Mr. Fowler and other colleagues learn from Mrs. Andreasson?


And this is where it turns incredibly bizarre. A ‘religious’ woman, her ufological experiences are drenched with spiritual imagery, doctrines and vaguely yet inarguably New Agey trappings. Which, again, is widely typical of ufology when it goes beyond a curious but relatively tame sighting of a ufological ‘vehicle’ in the sky or etc. Ufology never keeps to the boundaries of ‘Darwinistic science’ and supposed ‘extraterrestrials’ --- it always, always! --- veers into the religious, philosophical and even starkly apocalyptic or messianic messages. And Mrs. Andreasson’s accounts are far too extensive now to relate here. We simply note one mesmerizing fact. Under hypnotic recall in one long session, wherein the ufological entities appeared to either completely or partly take ‘possession’ of her, answering the questioners in her voice but in their words, the investigators asked them, essentially, “Where do you come from?” The answer?


“We come from a heavier space.”  The words are paraphrased yet accurate. Comprehending the import, though? We discussed in Chapter 4 of this book how occultists believe our creation to be constructed with ‘levels’ or ‘planes’ of existence. Too, we remarked how much circumstantial evidence backs this idea up, and does not, most emphatically, in any way at all defy or deny what the Holy Roman Catholic Faith teaches us infallibly. To the contrary, it comports quite well with what Infallible Tenets uphold, and explains a lot of things when it comes to the existence, abilities & activities of departed souls, demons & angels. And, if true, the admission that Mrs. Andreasson’s ufological entities hail from a ‘heavier’ space is very telling. ‘Space’ is a more modern concept, purporting to describe the surroundings we creatures inhabit at a most basic level or fundamental of understandings. I trust the poor reader is not wholly baffled. Simply realize this --- if creatures from a heavier space, then, if a description that correctly identifies their origins, they are creatures from BELOW. That is, HELL.


Or how about Mr. Whitley Strieber again? He has written several books about his experiences with the ‘visitors’ after Communion in 1987 across the decades. In one, Strieber tells of being taken by these visitors into their ‘craft’. He remarks how it was distinctly his impression, perchance telepathically, that this ‘craft’ was merely one of them, the visitors, in a different form… as if a living creature that functioned like a ‘transport’ or ‘vehicle’ for something material, but which could cross ‘dimensions’ easily, thereby explaining the ‘physics defying’ nature of these ‘things’, or equally ‘acrobatic’ and ‘capricious’ behavior of their movements. He also, in this book or elsewhere, relates being shown the visitors’ ‘bodies’ --- the now classic motif of purportedly ‘alien’ beings in some sort of material form, set aside for future use, inanimate until inhabited, presumably, by their immaterial essences. Per Strieber, palpable ‘pride’ emanated from them as they displayed the neonate forms for his admiration. Nor can I neglect to mention another of his passing remarks. That, in interacting with them once, unexpectedly in the middle of the night as ever, he impulsively smelled the arm of one of the visitors. And what did he detect?


The delightful aroma of roses? The oil or sweat of living skin? Hormones?


Try sulfur. Yes. I’m not kidding. Betraying no alarm, he said sulfur’.


Need we point out the scriptural description of hell as ‘sulfurous’? Burning sulfur, precisely speaking. ‘Brimstone’ in the archaic Elizabethan English. Ever linked with volcanoes, these eruptive mountains channeling the contents of an inner earth onto the surface, it was no ‘unbelievable thing’ for ancient human beings to know that hell is a place of horrific fire & torment, burning sulfur or brimstone one of its primary fuels.


Lastly, not wanting to sicken, bore or frighten a delicate Catholic soul, we note the disturbing claim of ‘hybrids’. ‘Close encounters of the fourth kind’ or ‘abduction’ are positively rife with odd, bizarre, alarming, disgusting & horrifying claims of women in this phenomenon being given babes in their wombs, later removed, and then shown the progeny by the ufological entities as if ‘proud parents’ parading their offspring. Askew, half human and half ‘alien’. In demonology, it is routine knowledge that demons will interact with deluded & entrapped human beings as ‘incubus’ or ‘succubus’. That is to say, they have intimate relations with these tragic creatures made in God’s Image. It’s debatable as to whether the demons only manipulate the intimate material of our life, depositing it with other victims and raising ‘demonic offspring’, as it were, from such abominable encounters, or whether they are permitted, in some situations, to construct genetically & materially, an entirely ‘new’ or ‘different’ form of life that is, however, founded or merged in some way with human life. Whichever, the giants of old stand towering over our human history, proof that God has allowed such things to occur. Hybrids, then? Abominations born of interaction between human victims and the ‘extraterrestrials’ of the ufological phenomenon? No. Merely age old demonic stratagems, continued anew for a New Aeon of the Sun, our Great Apostasy.


The ultimate goal? I don’t pretend to know everything. And it’s sickening.


Therefore, what I know or think I know, I leave silent. But it’s demonic.


Brimstone pervades this subject. Have you a nose? Then use it.


And try not to choke on the hellish & sulfurous fumes.


+++ 15. Of Men & Monsters +++


Obviously, I’m aiming this short book toward those who are truly Catholic. This is the Great Apostasy, so hardly anyone on earth is left who is the real thing. Most going by the name of ‘catholic’ are nothing of the sort --- and even though they may be ‘conservative’ enough, or ‘traditional’ enough, to look like they’re ‘catholic’ in the eyes of anyone not adequately knowledgeable to know the difference. (Read: realize that true Catholicism rests on an entirety of infallible dogmas, rightly understood & professed, that is a full package… meaning, deny just one of these infallible dogmas in its perpetually right sense, and you’ve no true claim to being Catholic Whole & Entire, period.) Not that others aren’t welcome to peruse this little treatise. Simply that, given its subject and unique approach, I don’t expect anybody else to totally get it or be able to agree. I mean… it’s unlikely real Catholics, as few as we are, will know about this small explanation, care enough to read it, actually comprehend it, and agree. Right?


Right. So how much more unlikely that the rest of the world knows or cares?


Fortunately, I long ago decided my aim was not for fame, respect or riches.


That takes a big load off of my back. I’m just writing because I must. It’s what I’m designed to do. However poorly, it’s my lot in life. And if robbed of the opportunity? That’s okay. It’ll hurt, I’ll be disappointed, but don’t I deserve to suffer for my many, many, many sins? Isn’t the point of Catholicity, and saving one’s soul, to die on Our Lord’s Cross, suffering with Him like the Good Thief to His Right? It certainly is. Wherefore, I merely do what I can, what I think I must, and the rest is up to Him.


As we make plain in the long book, Helplessly Ignorant, the whole course of our temporal human history is the Body of Christ vs. the Beast of Satan. The former will triumph because Our Creator cannot be overcome. Nevertheless, He permits the latter temporary & apparent ‘victory’ in order to test the few who are Faithful to Him (read: become truly Roman Catholic, stay truly Roman Catholic, and die as such whole & entire, in courteous defiance of a whole world, hell & one’s own body against us), additionally allowing the adamantly rebellious to fill up their sins to the fullest in anticipation of then being justified, to the utmost, in punishing them completely.


Understand? Ah, well then, you’ve come further than most of earth’s people.


Congratulations. And I mean that sincerely. I am not being rude or sarcastic.


I welcome anyone who dares to become truly Roman Catholic, strives to wholly comprehend what’s going on right now during the Great Apostasy, and then acts accordingly --- in cooperation with a merciful Heaven --- to attain maximum odds, overall, that he or she will die in the state of grace as truly Roman Catholic, thereby saving one’s immortal soul for an Eternity of Bliss. What, though, is the goal of the opposite side, the one we label as the ‘Beast of Satan’? This is, when carried to the ultimate conclusion, the precise contradiction of everything Catholicism is. To wit, whatever God’s Singular Religion of Catholicism infallibly teaches, the luciferian ‘church’ --- or ‘false church’ masquerading as ‘catholicism --- eventually, and inescapably, teaches & upholds the opposite. With this proviso… that, at first, nefariously going for the jugular, Lucifer charades as an ‘angel of light’.


And to what does this amount? How does darkness look like ‘light’?


By using familiar terminology that sounds safe & reassuring whilst changing the meanings of the words, and which, under the guise of achieving some supposedly ‘virtuous’ goal, notwithstanding, in reality, winds up undermining the true goal and purpose of God’s Singularly Saving Church of Roman Catholicism. In this way, he deceives even the elect --- those who are raised Catholic to begin with --- and, in parading ostensible goals and terminology that sound ‘good’ to the worldly, with, purportedly, everything being about ‘love’ of one’s neighbor, in this way Lucifer appropriates the second greatest commandment (love of one’s neighbor, examine Matthew 22:39) like a ‘noble standard’ and exalts a thing good, in and of itself, simultaneously ignoring & denying the first & greatest commandment Christ’s Catholicism infallibly teaches us (love of God above all other things, examine scripturally Matthew 22:36-38), in this way doing evil while looking ‘good’.


And what is ‘love of God’ above all things, with whole heart, soul & mind?


Jesus Himself tells us in the Gospels. For we read, if bothering to care:


“He that hath [has] my commandments, and keepeth [keeps, i.e., obeys] them; he it is that loveth [loves] me [this is the human being who really & truly loves me --- he or she who actually cares enough to find out what I have taught & commanded, and actually tries to obey what I have taught & commanded, fully, which is Catholicism Whole & Entire].” John 14:21a-c DRC)


As well, Jesus Christ the Eternal God-Man tells everyone on earth clearly:


“All power is given to me in heaven and in [on & beneath] earth. Going therefore, teach ye [all of you] all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE [OBEY!!!!!!!] ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER I HAVE COMMANDED YOU: and behold [you see] I am with you all days [every single day this old world exists, until the end when I return], even to the consummation of the world [when I return as the Divine Judge & Ruler and it is the end of the world as you have heretofore known it].” (Matthew 28:18c-20 DRC)


Very good. Have you got that? This is how satan appears like an ‘angel of light’.


There are many ploys that he has engaged over the centuries since Jesus first came to earth as a Merciful Savior, establishing His Ecclesial Body, which is Roman Catholic & none other, outside of which no one can be saved, no ifs, ands or buts --- end of sentence. One of these ploys, though, as the Great Apostasy erupted out into the open, rebellion in Christ’s Church going to the very top with the hideous & reprehensible Vatican II, this rebellion --- and consequent automatic excommunication & abdication of the Church’s episcopal thrones, including that of the Bishop of Rome, the Papacy --- then allowing Lucifer practically unrestrained freedom to work maximum evil & deception, is the ufological phenomenon. Why? Because he’s the Prince of the Power of the Air.


Remember Ephesians 2:2 in Sacred Scripture, which we saw in Chapter 10?


Right. That’s what we’re talking about. The Powers of Heaven are moved.


“And they asked him, saying, ‘Master, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign when they shall begin to come to pass?’ Who [Christ] said: ‘…And there shall be great earthquakes in divers places, and pestilences, and famines, and TERRORS FROM HEAVEN; and THERE SHALL BE GREAT SIGNS For these are the DAYS OF VENGEANCE, that all things may be fulfilled, that are written… And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea and of the waves; men withering away for fear, and expectation of WHAT SHALL COME UPON THE WHOLE WORLD. For the POWERS OF HEAVEN SHALL BE MOVED; and then they shall see the Son of man [Jesus Christ the God-Man] coming in a cloud, with great power and majesty…’ And he spoke to them in a similitude [parable, i.e., a story with a purpose & meaning beyond what it superficially appears to say]. ‘See the fig tree, and all the trees: when they now shoot forth their fruit [start to bloom in spring], you know that summer is nigh; so you also, when you shall see these things come to pass, know that the kingdom of God is at hand [know certainly that I, Christ, am about to return to earth and assert my Divinely Royal Authority over the entire world and all of humankind].’” (Luke 21:7-8a, 11, 22, 25-27 & 29-31 DRC)


Getting the picture? This is what we’re living through right now.


Not many people know --- even those who are serious researchers in ufology, although this is slowly changing as the truth gradually dawns upon their darkened minds --- how the ufological phenomenon is closely related to the so-called ‘near death experience’ (NDE) and ‘out of body experience’ (OBE). The former has gained notoriety since around the 1970s, the latter since around the 1980s. That is to say, they were pretty obscure, known only by occultists or sorcerous persons, up until the ’70s & ’80s.


Why? Because the Great Apostasy fully erupted with Vatican II ending in 1965.


There was then no more restraint left upon Lucifer; he and his minions, the demons & damned, were left free to work utmost delusion & evil upon an apostate world. It helped, too, that medical science & technology has increased hugely the numbers of humans that would have died formerly, in earlier times, without our medicines, techniques & amazing tools able to revive someone from otherwise certain death. This has had the effect of, so to speak, ‘blurring’ the line between life & death. Not in actuality. But it looks that way. In reality, theologically speaking, death is when God summarily & irrevocably decrees sentence upon a particular soul for eternity. What has this allowed satan to do? I.e., unrestrained by God’s Catholic Church, which is in a Modernist Tomb for awhile, simultaneously aided by today’s medical technology, what then has occurred?


More and more modern people are revived from what would have been thought of as ‘death’, they then reporting astounding experiences of seeing a ‘light’ at the end of some sort of ‘tunnel’, this ‘light’ being warm, wonderful, peaceful and ‘nonjudgmental’. Sound familiar? Yes, many, if not most, of our contemporary people have heard about this odd phenomenon, whether or not they ‘believe in it’. Yet many, many, many modern people do believe in it. And it ‘confirms’ precisely what they want to believe to begin with. Accordingly, that life continues beyond death, and that there is no real hell or devil.


Curiously, very few people know --- not even most of those scholars who research the NDE phenomenon --- that a very tiny minority of persons revived from ‘death’ report the opposite. That is to say, hellish and massively disturbing experiences. Why is this? Partly because no one wants to believe in an eternal hell anymore. But also because, I suspect, hellish NDE experiences are so upsetting that the experiencer promptly forgets it upon reviving, the terrifying memory fading from his or her mind as the ‘real’ world of our human physicality once again dominates his or her awareness after medical revival. Whatever the exact explanation, the point is this: satan acts like an ‘angel of light’.


Hard to believe? As a real Catholic, that is? Then you haven’t thought it through.


God is punishing us with the Great Apostasy and loss of Roman Catholicity. He no longer is willing to help most of us to find the Saving Truth. Therefore, most human beings belong to Lucifer. And God, in punishing us with the “operation of error” (see Sacred Scripture, 2 Thessalonians 2:10 DRC, specifically), then permits satan to play with his spiritual progeny, deceiving them with the greatest of religious delusions, pretending to them that death is nothing to fear, neither hell nor damnation real. Pernicious? Indeed. What we deserve? Sadly, yes. Precisely what we deserve.


Ufological encounters of the ‘fourth kind’ often involve the experiencer seeing dead relatives. Mr. Whitley Strieber himself was told by his ‘visitors’ that human beings are ‘surrounded by their dead’. Seeing a little more clearly? This is not Darwinistic or ETs. This is paranormal, supernatural & diabolic. What’s more, the ufological phenomenon routinely involves OBEs. That is, out-of-body experiences. As do NDEs, as well. One’s soul seems to take flight, exiting the physical body, and --- while not dead in the wholly theological sense --- the physical body is inanimate as the conscious soul roams around, seeing one’s ‘dead’ body on the operating table if an NDE, or, in UFO events, meeting ufological entities and one’s departed relatives. The latter ought not to surprise smart Catholics. For what are most people after they die, especially today, during the Great Apostasy? Correct. They are damned in hell everlastingly, having died non-Catholic. Either that or in the state of mortal sin unforgiven, even if Catholic. And what are the damned? Correct again. Like the demons, just as saints in Heaven are like the angels. Comprehending? So, if unrestrained to work evil & delusions, what might you hence imagine is Lucifer’s strategy in doing such things? That’s right. Reassure his deluded spiritual children that they are perfectly fine as they are, ignoring, rejecting & hating Catholicism with a passion. For even if merely ignoring, hatred is the motivation.


This is why UFO ‘believers’ embrace the ideas that they’re ‘extraterrestrials’ or ‘interdimensional’ entities while, at the same time, react with horror & scorn if somebody dares to suggest that these beings are hellish, diabolic & demonic.


It’s not in their self-interest, think they, to believe such a thing. The supernatural ‘communion’ to which they belong is luciferian, delusional & difficult to break. Tragically deceived soul in a body that they are, satan’s ‘body’ is seductive.


The human body, as noted some chapters back, is the interface of the soul.


Our human bodies enable our immaterial & invisible souls to interact with, and live within, a material & visible world for a time until we die. Likewise Christ’s Ecclesial Body, the Roman Catholic Church. It enables all human beings who are joined to His Ecclesial Body to ‘interface’, as it were, with the Triune Catholic God Himself, Our Uncreated Creator, which is the Ultimate Reality. Lucifer mimics God. In place of Christ’s Body, he erects a false ‘church’, his Beast of Satan, which, like an animal, doesn’t possess the rationality of a normal human being. Ergo the irrationality of Lucifer’s Beast. For while some animals can be remarkably intelligent & clever compared to other animals, none of them can compare to adequately intelligent individuals of the human race. We are in God’s Image, and we are special.


So what does the clever yet irrational Beast of Satan accomplish?


It enables us to ‘interface’, so to speak, with an ‘angel of light’.


And that’s what’s happening when human beings, who are not Roman Catholic and belong to the Beast of Satan during the Great Apostasy, are experiencing UFOs, NDEs, OBEs… we could go on and on with impressive-sounding acronyms that really amount to just one thing. Lucifer’s way to draw the multitude of humanity, during rebellion of global nature with no restraint, into his false church, the Satanic Beast, and, working ‘wonders’ and ‘miracles’, confirm them in evil & delusion. The signs in the skies accomplish two things. For satan’s spiritual children, it deceives them, whilst, in conjunction with this deception, torments them as they deserve. For real Roman Catholics, it warns us, telling us the consummation of the world is nigh well here, simultaneously testing those of us who have our eyes open, learning how to discern. Know the difference between a rose and a thistle, between wheat and weed? Good. Journey yet further in the midst of these strange & stupefying times. Jesus today bequeaths upon His disciples, Roman Catholics, the greatest gift, test, chance & tribulation since the time of St. Noe [Noah] and the Great Flood. We will either annihilate ourselves in the deepest pit of hell, failing our contest, or else achieve stupendous success, the Reward in Heaven for persevering beyond the wildest imaginations. The Divine Body to which real Roman Catholics belong is the neverendingly & eternally sacrificed Lamb of God. Behold the Man!


For ‘Lamb’ is an allegory of His Meekness & Mildness. He is the Son of Man.


And He is the Son of Man because He is the Son of Mary Immaculate, the Virgin.


We have fragile physical bodies for a reason. Will we be men or monsters? Will we capitulate to bestial irrationality and satanic delusion or despair, or will we as human beings surmount the Great Dragon’s obstacles & threats, achieving real & everlasting humanity, the Humanity of the God-Man, Jesus Christ, in His Singularly Saving Faith, Whole & Entire, of Roman Catholicism? Our humanity is special because Our Creator purposefully made us in His Image. Will we attain to that Image, perfectly? Or will we, mired in sin & despair, cease to try, raising our hands and surrendering to the enemy? Only be forewarned. If you surrender to Lucifer, joining his ‘communion’, your fate cannot ever be pleasant, and the suffering you think you avoid for a short time upon earth, will, if not here & now upon the earth as a black cat toys with you like a tiny mouse, be endlessly painful, beyond our present ability to know, in hell forever.


Man or monster. Humanity or bestiality. The choice is yours, the times stark.


And the Signs of the Times are all around us, if you’ve the eyes to see.


Wake up, my dearest soul. Just a little while and it will be over.


And our Supernatural Marriage will be consummated.


Because that’s what Communion is all about.




This is supposed to be a short book, not meant to overwhelm, confuse or frighten a reader. The likeliest peruser being, I would guess, someone who is truly Catholic or becoming truly Catholic --- yet not knowledgeable in this arcane subject --- I’ve tried bending over backwards to describe, simply (not exhaustively or comprehensively…!), what a real Roman Catholic can know about a bizarre phenomenon in a way that jives with Our Infallible Church. Nevertheless, as in any massive & complex phenomenon, there remain tons of things that can be observed, remarked upon or otherwise noted.


And so we throw this hodge podge addendum into the mix for the curious reader.


If you’ve read enough to satisfy your curiosity, or enough to feel as if you know what’s useful to know about the ufological phenomenon from a Catholic perspective, then please don’t feel obligated to read further. That’s why I’ve left these things for the addendum.


Still curious, though? Want to explore the rabbit hole a little more? Well, okay then.


‘Close encounters of the fourth kind’, what many people refer to as the ‘abduction’ experience, is still rather controversial amongst the majority of people as of this instant. That is to say, while you’ve got a surprisingly large minority of human beings familiar with it, either because they claim to have experienced it themselves or else because they’re oddly fascinated with these mysterious & bizarre incidents, it’s unnerving, bemusing & baffling to most people. Hence, they reactionarily mock or ignore it.


This really doesn’t matter. As in, whether or not you want to think ‘abductions’ are authentic in some way, the sheer fact that lots of people report them as true and that numerous people believe in them (and even though they might not themselves claim that they’re ‘abductees’) is, all by itself, fascinating and important. Fascinating, because why would lots of people come to believe that they’re ‘abducted’? And important, because it’s what people believe in which shapes their convictions, ideas, behavior & lives here in this physical existence. So… real? That ultimately doesn’t matter. Not in the short run. Real or not, it’s having tremendous effects on the human race, right now, all over the world.




Unfortunately for the typical ‘skeptical’ person, one aspect of ‘close encounters of the fourth kind’ has become a bit more visible & material in the last twenty years or so. To what do we refer? ‘Implants’. And what are they? Ufological abductees often claim the ufological entities ‘implanted’ some sort of small device in their bodies, usually, if not always, in their heads. Along with strange scoops of human tissue missing from their bodies and other weird things, it’s part & parcel of the ufological phenomenon. Is it believable? This is where it gets interesting. It’s intriguing enough that lots of folks would claim this is happening to them. But hard proof? How strange is that?


Yes, some abductees have been examined by scientists, researchers or medical professionals. I don’t yet have the data to tell you exactly how many or the results of every study. And daring to study this sort of thing is still rather frowned upon by the academic & medical establishments. Ergo, you’ve got to be bold enough to buck the general mainstream of your peers or do the research on the sly (read: normally keep it under wraps, not usually attempting to report on it in the standard scientific or medical journals). However, we point out a simple fact. Even if only one ‘abductee’ were to be studied carefully and an inarguably visible & material ‘implant’ found in his or her body, that alone, all by itself, is stunning. Who would be capable of doing such a thing? Oh, and what is their agenda? Is it good, or is it evil? And is this common, or very rare?


Delicious irony of ironies, I have found at least two reputable reports & studies of ‘implants’. In the one case, the abductee was actually operated on, the gentleman who conducted the surgery actually finding a small implant within the person’s head. Per this gentleman, the object literally seemed able to move slightly, as if it were ‘avoiding’ being removed. And the object itself? Per the report, it does not appear to be of any technology of which we are capable today. Notwithstanding, it’s also plainly not an original part of the abductee’s body. Too, other abductees often have tiny scars near to where they say ufological entities implanted these objects. What are they? And what is their purpose? Those are really good questions. Meanwhile, abductions start to look real & material.


In the other case, Mr. Whitley Strieber, of Communion fame, said he was given an ‘implant’ during one of his many, many encounters with the ‘visitors’. He then had himself medically scanned & imaged, the implant confirmed as being in his left ear, indubitably not a natural & original part of his body. What then? Did he have it taken out? Mr. Strieber did not. To this day it is an (apparently) functioning part of him. Why didn’t he have it removed? Strieber’s relations with the visitors has been uneven. After the aforesaid troublesome period of the early to mid-00s, wherein he dared to question their motives and admit that they could be evil, he has, at this point in his life, made a kind of ‘peace’ with them. Per him, the visitors are as varied as human beings are. Human individuals can be both bad & good to some degree. Likewise the visitors.


Per Mr. Strieber, that is. In any case, he kept the implant since it ‘helps’ him.


In what way? As far as I can tell, he doesn’t claim to understand completely. But he’s convinced that the implant is important and that it somehow assists him in his relations with the ufological phenomenon and in his work to comprehend & explain ufology, as well as encourage people to make what he considers to be wise choices regarding the earth’s environment, saving ourselves from destruction, and ushering humanity --- leastwise, a part of humanity --- into a new & higher dimension of consciousness.


The point is, implants are real. Perhaps not all claims of having an ‘implant’. Nonetheless, even one single implant proved to be real… and not identifiable of a certainty as something manufactured and done by human beings… makes the ‘close encounter of a fourth kind’ seem to merge with the visible & material world. Yes, it seems, not only ufological sightings are real, but ufological encounters are real. The upshot? It’s tempting to speculate that these implants are something done by human beings. Technology kept hidden, elements of our earth’s governments performing implants for some secret purpose, perchance pernicious, and an odd campaign of ‘disinformation’ to make it look like it’s part of the ufological phenomenon.


Maybe. Or perhaps it really is something implanted during abductions.


The ufological experiencers surely appear to think so. But why?


The smart Catholic scholar can come up with some shrewd guesses, as ever. Again, whatever I know or think I know about this, I’m going to stay mostly silent for now. However, I will observe that the ‘mark of the beast’, if visible & material in some way, might be associated with this aspect of the ufological phenomenon. I discuss the Oceanic Beast at some length in the Helplessly Ignorant book. I point out that the ‘character’ or ‘mark’ of this Beast need not be visible & material for human beings to have it. It is comprehendible in an entirely spiritual way, as a Catholic religious parable. Yet if materially visible in some way, too, these ufological ‘implants’ might be a link.


To wit, it’s like Lucifer’s hellish imitation of the ‘sacrament of confirmation’.


Part of his false church, the Religion of Modernism, New Aeon of the Sun?


Why, then, you belong to him and this could be his ‘confirmation’ of you.


Maybe. As always, the ufological phenomenon is bizarre & strange by our way of everyday thinking. In the meantime, not everyone is subject to it. For instance --- me. Never raised Catholic, brought up as an Evangelic Protestant and put through the public schools and a major university, I was a Modernist through-and-through in many ways. I was the epitome of human beings during the Great Apostasy. Except for one thing. I’ve no explanation for it, but, for some reason, Our Creator chose me. Not in the sense of “I’m somebody very special” type of chosenness. No. Rather, “Why me? I’m nobody. I’m less than nobody since I don’t deserve to be chosen to become Catholic.” That’s ‘chosenness’ in the sense that I’m using the word. The result? Whilst Protestant and Modernist, strange events and strange ideas (by our standards today) kept me from wholly & completely belonging to this world and the Great Apostasy. E.g., I can remember being out in the woods in the middle of the night, hiking & pondering, profoundly musing over the kind of world we live in, with ‘UFOs’ and etc.


Part of the ufological phenomenon is a strange ‘telepathic’ connection which occasionally manifests itself between visible ufological object and the observer. Ambulating through the woods that night, I expressed the wish in my mind to see something ufological. Looking up into the clear night sky, I did, for a few seconds. Incidentally, I’m an astronomy buff, space enthusiast and airplane lover (my father piloted a small plane in my youth, I having fond memories of flying with him when a small 4 or 5 year old boy). I’ve also experienced enough exciting things to be able to remain calm under pressure. Thus, I know for a fact there is no simple or obvious or ‘natural’ explanation for what I saw, howsoever briefly. It was anomalous and odd. Additionally, I’ve always had the God-given ability to know, for a fact, since early childhood, that Our Creator exists and Jesus Christ is real. I didn’t understand Our Redeemer properly as an Evangelic heretic, having no hope of salvation then, but, inexplicably, I never had to overcome the problem of ‘disbelief’. I only needed to discover the Saving Truth of Roman Catholicism and --- bam! --- problem solved. Entangled in this predisposition was the fact that I naturally and routinely ‘speak’ conversationally with invisible beings around me. Not sorcerously. Goodness, no! Furthermore, I never demand or expect any response. I just know, somehow, that somebody hears me and understands and cares. And so I will often talk to them.


Once in awhile, though, someone will respond. I love rational thinking and have both studied, plumbed & came near enough to experience what insanity is --- without being insane. Again, Heaven has protected me. Madness is real, it afflicts people. Somehow, though, Our Lady protected me and has allowed me to keep my rationality intact. I therefore know with utter surety what comes out of my mind… and what doesn’t. Someone invisibly responding to me, then, was clear & vivid to me. I can tell the difference easily. And what had I asked in my mind? I wondered if ‘Sasquatch’ mysteriously linked to the ufological phenomenon. Amerindians have reported Sasquatchian sightings for centuries. Americans for the past two centuries have occasionally reported such creatures as well. Popularly known as ‘Bigfoot’, it’s exceedingly similar to ufology in that it is visible & material whilst uncanny.


That is to say, no so-called ‘cryptozoologist’ has been able to find bones or other irrefutable ‘proof’ of such creatures existing in the wild, hidden & unknown. They unexpectedly appear out of nowhere and unexpectedly disappear into nowhere. What could they be? A highly trained psychologist once encountered a Sasquatch in Oregon while hiking in the Siskiyou Forest in the southwestern part of that state around 15 years ago. He had never believed in Sasquatch and was not looking for such a strange creature. Notwithstanding, and in spite of the risk to his professional reputation, he stoutly, calmly and eloquently recounted the incident to local media, maintaining that it was indeed real. So what are they? Per the invisible someone, “They are the servants of the UFOs.”


Believable? Make of it what you will. I only report what I know. And, no, the ‘voice’ wasn’t ‘audible’. Only once in my life, for sure, have I detected an audible yet invisible voice. But the response makes sense to me, given what I think I know about ufology and years upon years of study & reflection. Sasquatch is not quite ‘natural’. And yet it’s real. Not something we can control or predict --- at least, not now, or not that we know of. Purpose of this creature? Again, what I know or what I think I know, I’ll stay silent. Nevertheless, the smart Catholic scholar can come up with some shrewd hypotheses.


Yet note the strange ‘telepathic’ link betwixt ufological object and observer. Just as ufological experiences can operate like a spiritual ‘contagion’, certain people susceptible, it seems, to being ‘infected’, so, too, do certain people seem to have the ability to interact in some way, ‘telepathically’, with the ufological phenomenon. Why? Or how? In terms of the preternatural or supernatural, this is not surprising… and even though we mayn’t know quite how it works. No matter. As real Catholics we can know that a kind of ‘telepathy’ is part of the preternatural or supernatural. And manifests in this life.


Bringing us to guardian angels. It is not infallibly defined, but it is proximate to dogma. Accordingly, the One True Church encourages Her members to believe that everyone --- and not just those who are Roman Catholic --- has a guardian angel. Catholic saints have frequently seen them and conversed with them. Could they have anything to do with the ufological phenomenon? It doesn’t look that way to me. Not directly. Perhaps indirectly they will protect their charges from being spiritually poisoned or harmed by that which reveals itself to be demonological. Beyond that, I’ve not yet found any testimony that links guardian angels directly to visible & material manifestations of ufology.


All the same, guardian angels do sometimes reveal themselves visibly & materially. I cannot ‘prove’ it, but I have at least one instance in my earthly life where, personally, I am convinced I saw my guardian angel with my very own eyes. And even though I was not yet Catholic. Going through the gigantic & busy JFK International Airport late in the evening once, half of the facility was shut down, and not operating, as remodeling was in process. This caused chaos & pandemonium. I should have been able to get processed in less than two hours. Instead, it took six hours. At midnight, on a bicycle, where in the world is a poor college student going to find a safe place to stay in New York City?


But first I had to find my luggage, which included my bicycle box, with disassembled bicycle inside said box. The luggage area was cavernous, hundreds of people roaming it, and thousands of pieces of luggage lying around everywhere haphazardly. I nearly wept, thinking, “It’s going to take countless hours to find all my luggage!” Out of the blue, as I despaired, a young lady dressed smartly & modestly in a flight attendant uniform came straight up to me. Mind you, there are hundreds of people milling about and several thousands of pieces of stacked baggage everywhere over thousands of square feet. Intelligently speaking, hordes of people needed help. So… why in the world me?


Why would she zero in on me at that moment? And from where did she come?


I’ve no idea. She simply asked me, very politely, “Can I help you, sir?”


I explained my dilemma. She said, “Just a moment,” walking away.


Less than a minute later she came back and said, “Follow me.”


And led me to my luggage in less than twenty seconds.


Then she disappeared. I don’t know where she went.


Guardian angel? I think so. I certainly felt guarded.


The point? People who belong to Lucifer severely restrict their guardian angels by their horrible choices. This is why the ufological phenomenon can afflict them so badly. I can’t understand why Heaven would protect me, of all people. But I am so thankful they did. I owe the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary so much, and Her Divine Son, too. If chosen to be Roman Catholic, or already Roman Catholic, that guardian angel is invaluable.


If truly Catholic, please thank him every single day for his service to you.


If not Catholic, please ask him to help you to see the Infallible Truth.


And ufology? It’s fascinating. It’s also demonological. It’s a ruse.


A spiritual & religious ruse. Not everyone’s a trained analyst.


But if Catholic, we’re soldiers. And fighting a huge battle.


It behooves us to know our enemy --- he’s vulnerable.




It has been just over seven months since I posted this short book, Ufology, completing it for the time being. Why a short afterword now? Because I had to pray about it, thinking it over in the back of my mind, and I have been very, very, very busy this Summer of 2019. Yet the thought has refused to go away all this time, and I am convinced it’s worth saying. Nevertheless, most people have little taste or concern for parable.


Worth casting pearls into the mental mire in which most souls grovel?


You see, as said elsewhere, Our Creator --- the Triune God of the Roman Catholic Church --- makes everything existing (apart from Himself, Who is Self-Eternal) out of nothing, patterned & designed as it is for a reason. No matter how small or remote, by our limited way of thinking, it is as nothing (pun intended) to Him. Nothing is too small, all is noted by Him, in Divine Omniscience, all-knowing & foreknowing; nothing too remote, all governed by Him, in Divine Omnipotence, all-prevailing & foreboding (in the sense of boding from All Eternity ‘before’ it ever comes to pass in the course of the dimension of time); consequently, without violating the free will of a creature that is truly free to act, Our Creator cannot not determine all, and comprehend all, from our beginning. This necessarily includes signs… structures… patterned into the fabric of existence everywhere one looks --- if one has the eye to see, and a mind to know.


This entails His creatures, especially those that are angelic.


Even fallen angels, what Catholicism denominates ‘demons’, cannot escape this supernatural image & predilection. They, too, both fulfill, freely inasmuch as they keep freedom of will, what He, the Maker, has divinely envisioned & determined, as well as a capacity or inextricable tendency for the same which they cannot evade, they themselves tracing signs or building structures in our existence that both form & fulfill parable. The link to ufology, then, or, as contemporary mythology would have it, so-called ‘UFOs’?


Without claiming to know everything there is to know about ufological parables, there are indeed certain patterns & juxtapositions which jump out at the one who is paying attention, able to perceive the form and understand the significance. For instance:


As Ufology makes clear --- and serious ufologists generally agree --- the ufological phenomenon in its present form broke out into the public consciousness with Mr. Ken Arnold’s mysterious ‘flying discs’ in 1947. It has continued nonstop since then.. and despite there being a lot of human beings clueless about this phenomenon, either having never seen it for themselves or else dismissive of it as ‘ridiculous’ or ‘impossible’, or the assertions of mere ‘charlatans’. Granted, as we remarked in passing, ufological events are evidenced since ancient times. They are not simply a strange aspect of our own times. All the same, it has taken on new characteristics and unprecedented scales during the Great Apostasy. This is no lark. It is no weird coincidence. So what says the UFO parable?


Do you remember the date upon which Mr. Arnold espied the silvery flying discs?


And do you, if a real Roman Catholic, recall Lucifer’s purpose for our Apostasy?


Right, Lucifer’s endgame is to introduce the False Church and an Antichrist.


We go into this in quite some detail in the long book, Helplessly Ignorant.


And, while there may still be one human being, possessed perfectly by the devil, personifying the Antichrist more than any other member of the human race… as we make clear in Helplessly Ignorant, there is at least one thing sure at this point in time, if nothing else: that we ourselves, collectively, modern humanity, are the Antichrist. We are the Oceanic Beast of St. John’s Apocalypse. We need only look in the mirror at our own selves and see this savage, satanic, sneering, selfish & sorcerous sarcastical serpent, putatively herbaceous, yet now hellbent on gnawing flesh, including one’s own self.


In other words, we modern humanity, rabidly anti-Catholic, are the Antichrist.


The unveiling of this totally anti-Catholicized humanity, with global & Oceanic Bestial proportions, was about to be introduced, out into the open for everyone to see & marvel at, at the Vatican II Pseudo-Council in the 1960s… and Lucifer knew this. He’s not God; he’s not omniscient; but he is intelligent; and he is prescient. He knew his time had come. He knew it was almost the moment to be so powerful upon the earth that he could dare to reveal himself in the open, and that nothing would occur of any significance to oppose him. And so it was. Vatican II transpired with an entire world, including those persons supposed to be Catholic, nearly utterly blind to its evil, lies & hellish machinations.


This was the False Church, this was the Antichrist, fully unveiled.


It has only become more blatant, and more evil, as things go on.


The unveiling, though, was by 1965 at the opportune moment. (Vatican II officially closed upon 8 December 1965, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception --- anyone really think this date pure chance? --- with Paul VI notoriously & pertinaciously revealing himself, in promulgating the Pseudo-Council’s 16 horrid documents, to be non-Catholic… forsooth, anti-Catholic!… and thus an antipope.)


Now, before Christ --- the only real Christ, the Roman Catholic Jesus Christ --- arrived on earth for the first time, who preceded him? Correct, the Precursor, known to Catholics as St. John the Baptist. And what is his feast day? There are actually two. One for his day of physical birth, and one for his day of spiritual birth (martyrdom). We speak of physical birth. Right… June 24th. This is the day, some 9 months after his conception in his mother’s womb, St. Elizabeth, the Blessed Virgin Mary’s cousin, that he arrived. Preparing the way for His Lord, King & Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Likewise, Lucifer. He must have his precursor. Symbolically, this meant a display on earth that, for those with eyes to see, would carry great portent. The United Nations had just been established, that mascot for the New World Order powers-that-be which seems so very inept, wasteful & useless, yet is actually quite efficacious for what it really aims for --- complete eradication of Roman Catholic teaching regarding the family & sexuality. The United States was now firmly upon the throne of the 7th Head of a Luciferian Oceanic Beast (see Helplessly Ignorant to better understand, especially Helplessly Ignorant Parts 4, 5 & 6 for better comprehension of what we’re talking about…) as leader of the globe-spanning Anglo-American Empire and richest and mightiest nation on earth, with both Popes Pius XI & XII ultimately refusing to heed Fatima’s Heavenly Queen’s instructions for them, together with all Catholic bishops in the world upon a single day at a single hour, to consecrate Russia by name, alone, to Her Most Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart, thereby converting that poor country to Catholicism, miraculously & swiftly. Thus also, as a result, halting the spread of Communism, and Communism’s hideous anti-Catholic errors, everywhere around the world (one must remember that, officially, openly self-described Communist nations were about to oceanically crest in the 1950s & 1960s, controlling roughly half the earth).


Are you getting the picture? This was Lucifer’s propitious moment.


The first Communist nation on earth, Soviet Russia, was indeed spreading its hellish errors all over the world, including in nations not ‘officially’ Communist, but Socialist or some other label less oppressive-sounding & nicer-looking than a hardline, bloodthirsty, totalitarian Communism… as well as the fact that, despite no appropriation of ‘labels’, pretty much the rest of the world’s countries --- including the United States --- went Socialist or Communist to some degree without calling it by those monikers. Again, consider what Pr. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ amounted to in the 1930s, or Pr. Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ meant for our government and American society in the 1960s. A bent propagating itself to this day, in 2019, with at least half of our annual US federal budget of some 4 trillion+ dollars given over to ‘social programs spending’. What’s more, Soviet Russia was the first nation on earth in modern times to introduce an oh-so-very- clinical ‘abortion’ (read: murder of unborn babes) as legal within its boundaries, and also pioneered the so-called ‘emancipation’ of wives & mothers from the home and the care of their children, to work instead outside the home with men --- and just like men --- amidst tons of other things. Russia spreading her errors all around the globe? Truly, indeed.


This is what we mean when we say Lucifer knew his moment was about to arrive.


June 24, 1947, then? And the nine silvery ‘flying discs’ seen by Mr. Arnold?


Satan is the “prince of the power of this air,” as Sacred Scripture informs us under the Holy Ghost guided hand of St. Paul the Apostle and upheld by God’s Infallible Roman Catholic Church, His Singular & Visible Means of Salvation… (Ephesians 2:2 DRC) Hence, the devil very well can display something in the earth’s atmosphere which is striking & perceivable. This is what he did during 1947 upon the Feast Day of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Announcing, for those with ears to hear, that his Antichrist was arriving, and his ‘Precursor’ was preparing the way for this evil rule. The ufological phenomenon then continuing till this day, becoming stranger & stranger as the years slip by, the demons like spiritual shepherds of their ‘flocks’ guiding them into greater & greater evil, until time to gather them into a hellish & everlasting fold. Yet 9? Why nine ‘flying discs’ or ‘UFOs’ or what-you-may nickname them, back in 1947?


How many ‘choirs’ of angels are there? Correct, nine. Yet demons are fallen.


Fallen angels, that is. But no longer the creatures they were made to be?


No, they still are what they are. Just fallen, and corrupted with evil.


The Catholic Church does not infallibly define or condemn it, therefore it is an allowable… and, in my opinion, perfectly likely & logical… theological opinion that these fallen angels came from every single one of these nine ‘choirs’ or ‘species’ of angelic beings. “Even the highest?” you might say. Well, think about it. What was Lucifer before he fell into sin & rebellion if not a Seraph, the highest angelic rank? Wasn’t he the greatest of all angels prior to his falling into corruption? Plainly. Catholicism’s Sacred Scripture is quite clear about this point.


His very name, as derived from Greek, Lucifer --- ‘light bearer’ --- even implies it. That he, the greatest of God’s creatures until our Uncreated Creator made the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, was assigned the task of overseeing the first thing God formed in Our Creation, light itself. So, who do you think one of those ‘flying discs’ represented?


Right. Whether or not the theory that UFO ‘crafts’ are ‘demons-made-visible’ is completely accurate, they are certainly visible, material & real to some extent in this physical world of ours, and it is certainly true that there must be a reason for their often astonishing appearances in our world before the befuddled eyes of those human beings who witness them. I would wager that the lead ‘disc’ weaving in and around the peaks, valleys & ridges of the Cascade Mountains, as centered upon Mt. Rainier in western Washington in the United States, was Lucifer himself, or at least represented him. A ‘state’, one of 50, 7² if counting inclusively, an octave of octaves, named for the United States’ first president, the eminently highranking Freemason, Mr. George Washington. Chance? I think not. Similarly, each of the other eight ‘discs’ symbolized a ‘species’, accordingly, of fallen angel. All on display, widely publicized, for eyes to see.


To what end? For what purpose? Why would God permit this eerie event?


As a sign that hell’s denizens have not only been unleashed utterly upon an apostate earth, but that they are about to achieve their apotheosis and crowning power, ushering in the Antichrist they have so long coveted upon the world, along with his False Church. It is a New World Order, with a New Man and everything Communized, the globe’s inhabitants’ partaking of the New Aeon of the Sun’s ‘communion’ of a hideously diabolical ‘flesh’ & ‘bread’ --- hell’s everlastingly unsatisfying ‘nourishment’.


This was the Great Apostasy about to erupt into the open, blatantly.


Just when everyone is too blind to see anymore.


That’s how evil happens… in the dark.


Our world’s rebellion is nearing its termination. It would not surprise me if God, in Fatima-like fashion, unleashes His Own Sign of Nine upon the earth, this time an emblem of holy angels to come upon this world, to cleanse  and to redeem for a final time. Meant to be prophetic? Not strictly. I am no prophet. Simply Catholic. But a shrewd guess?


Maybe. Time will tell. I merely note the signs of the times during which we live.


And nine? Why this number? What is its import, what does it say or mean?


Nine is one less than ten, one of the numbers of humanity. For those who die as good Roman Catholics Whole, Entire & Undefiled, the angels will be a bit less than us in the heavens, in awe of what God has wrought through us, and His Great Redemption. 9 is also the square of 3. To wit, 3² = 9. Squares in God’s Scheme always symbolizing a perfection, it is His Three Divine Persons ‘multiplied’ throughout His Creation, so to speak, that is the allegory here. That is to say, all His holy angels and holy images --- human beings who die as real & good Roman Catholics --- bear His Image with an absolute perfection. Ergo, the nine choirs of angels. Ergo why good Catholics will frequently pray novenas --- nine days of repeating the same prayers & petitions --- seeking to obtain something holy, necessary & useful, to our Catholic life here in terrestrial testing, or to our Catholic life to come in celestial celebration. Nine.


Lucifer always imitates, always prevaricates. This includes emblematic nine.


The real thing, though, I wager, is soon to come. God’s Nine, announcing:


Prepare all for the return of the King Above All Other Kings.


Mary’s Son, She the Mother of God Almighty.


She the Crusher of Satan’s Head.


In hoc signo vinces!


+ + +


Pilate’s query met:




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