The Hail Mary



Please note:


The Hail Mary, similar to other foundational prayers of the Catholic Church, comes from the era of Christ & His Apostles. Indeed, it comes from the Holy Ghost Himself. For as Sacred Scripture informs us in St. Luke’s Gospel, the archangel, St. Gabriel, appeared to the Immaculate Mary and told Her, “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee [you]: blessed art thou [are you] among women.” (1:28c-e DRC, all annotations added in this or other scriptural quotes) Later, when the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary visited Her cousin, St. Elizabeth --- the mother of Christ’s Herald, St. John the Baptist, and inspired & led by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, just as St. Gabriel had been --- exclaimed upon their joyful meeting, “Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy [your] womb.” (Luke 1:42b-c DRC)These words, straight from Jesus’ Roman Catholic Body’s divinely-bestowed Bible, are the first part of the Hail Mary. Clearly, real Roman Catholics have sensibly, and logically, placed the holy name of ‘Mary’ immediately after St. Gabriel’s gospel-attested “Hail”. For a very simple reason… because it’s to Mary that he spoke, obviously, and because any good Catholic wants to make it indisputable of Whom he or she speaks --- and to Whom he or she speaks --- when reciting this prayer. And, clearly, real Roman Catholics have sensibly, and logically, placed the Holy Name of God Himself, ‘Jesus’, immediately after St. Elizabeth’s gospel-attested “womb”. For a very simple reason, too… because it’s about Jesus that she spoke, obviously, Eternally Begotten Son inhabiting Mary’s Pure & Inviolate Womb at that simultaneous moment. Ergo, any good Catholic wants to make it fully indisputable of Whom he or she speaks --- and to Whom, through Mary, Catholics speak --- when reciting this prayer. Clearly! End of sentences.


Now, it has been routine and de rigueur for at least the last one hundred years amongst supposedly ‘educated’ people to disbelieve this --- that the Holy Ghost Himself via the testimony of Ss. Gabriel & Elizabeth began the process of giving to Christ’s Singular Catholic Church the prayer of the Hail Mary --- yet it is true nonetheless. Indeed, when you ponder it, someone had to have given us the beginning words of this prayer. Everything has an origin, and the words to widely known & recognized prayers are no exception. So why couldn’t it have been Ss. Gabriel & Elizabeth who started the origin of it? Why must our modern scholars insist that someone else did so? Those who reject Gabriel & Elizabeth as the source of the start of the Hail Mary invariably rest their case on imaginary or circumstantial evidence. That is to say, upon so-called ‘evidence’ which does not actually exist, or is purely happenstance and thus depends upon one’s biases to interpret it according to what one wants it to mean… and not evidence that is ironclad, there being only one rational way to interpret it that does not depend upon a person’s prejudice to decide what it means. This is the problem with ‘higher criticism’, that school of thought from which pretty much all the ideas have arisen in the past two or three centuries denigrating the Sacred Origin of the Holy Bible and ridiculing the Divine Authority of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.


However, this is not the place to demolish such theories. An article, we hope, entitled Gospel Veracity Defended is forthcoming, and future posts in a small Questions & Answers section (again, we hope) will deal with these intellectual bullies and their thuggish attacks rather thoroughly. Time & strength, though, are limited, and many things seek to be done. For the time being we note how the two different passages in Sacred Scripture mentioning the first part of the Hail Mary are two different takes on the same subject. This is significant since St. Luke’s Gospel, in the initial passage, introduces the first part of the prayer including words the Spirit of Truth did not inspire Elizabeth to say, whilst, at the same time, this same Spirit inspired Gabriel to include words that both he and Elizabeth say. To wit, they both say, “Blessed art thou among women…” St. Gabriel, with his introductory salutation, first announcing, “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…” Whereas St. Elizabeth adds a further clause with, “…and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.” And yet the two different passages plainly belong together, the former initiating, the latter completing, one subject.


Which is? The Utter Unity ’Twixt Mother & Son, a Hypostatic Union.


The Uncreated Creator, the Trinity Itself, sovereignly chose His Most Perfect of All Creations --- Immaculate Mary --- to be the unique means by which a Sacred Trinity’s Second Person, the Everlastingly Begotten Son, Jesus, would incarnate, donning Her Perfect Flesh & Blood as His Own. Because She was Perfectly Full of God’s Grace, hence why the ‘man of God’ (St. Gabriel’s name’s meaning in Hebrew) did announce to the ‘woman of God’, Mary, telling Her that She is indeed one “…blessed among women…” since She alone God selected as worthy of His Divine Son. The Holy Ghost through the woman of ‘God’s oath’ (St. Elizabeth’s name’s meaning in Hebrew, i.e., figuratively ‘God of oath’, ‘God is an oath’, or, tellingly, ‘God of abundance & completion’; whilst, literally, ‘God of seven’ or ‘God is seven’: please see Helplessly Ignorant , especially Part 6 , specifically, Chapters 140-143, for an understanding of the number seven’s significance, or the even more recently posted Heptaton ) fulfilled God’s Oath most abundantly, fulfilling & completing it like an octave --- seven counted up till resonant with an eighth --- giving His Son and Singular Roman Catholic Means of Salvation to His ‘Seven’, Mary, they together, Jesus & Mary, resonating, as it were, in the ‘eighth’ and hence the completion of this Singular Salvation for everyone ending physical life as a good Catholic in the state of grace.


The Hail Mary prayer, in its first part, depicts the Union of Christ & Church exquisitely, showing the start of that Union with Jesus & Mary, perfectly.


Yet how did Roman Catholics know to pray the Hail Mary when it is not, deliberately & blatantly, taught to us in Sacred Scripture like Jesus did in the Gospels with the Our Father prayer? Earliest true Christians --- read: real Roman Catholics! --- have always venerated the Blessed Virgin Mary to the utmost since apostolic times. It quickly became common for ancient Catholics to recite the two scriptural passages from the Gospel of Luke in Her Honor, knowing that God is well pleased by those who honor His Mother, as would be any decent son of a decent mother. Before the first millennium was over, in conjunction with the Rosary (about which you may learn elsewhere in this section of The Epistemologic Works), the initial part of the Hail Mary was regularly recited & fervently prayed, thereby making true the Holy Ghost’s prophecy given to us through Mary Herself. Viz., “My soul doth [does] magnify the Lord. And my spirit hath [has] rejoiced in God my Saviour. Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid [servant or slave]; for behold [you see] from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.” (Luke 1:46b-48 DRC)


Does anyone on earth, apart from good Roman Catholics, make this prophecy true, venerating Mary as Blessed, as often & much as a good Roman Catholic? And can anyone on earth, apart from real Roman Catholics, please God in doing so, as often & much as He is pleased when real Roman Catholics do this? (The honest answers to these two questions, by the way, are “No” and “No”. Nobody apart from real & good Roman Catholics can fulfill Mary’s Spirit-of-Truth-given prophecy and please Her Son, the God-Man, reciting the Hail Mary prayer.)




The only possible ‘exception’ is the human being who, while not yet truly Catholic, prays the Hail Mary with a real & humble intention to ask, seek and knock for entrance into God’s Singular Means of Salvation, Roman Catholicism. Doing such, the Spirit of Truth and His Wife, Mary, will not fail to grant to this good-willed person full knowledge of Catholicism Whole & Undefiled. Yet no ‘exception’ since this good-willed soul then becomes truly Catholic doing so!


Again, period.


Yet how did Catholics wind up saying the latter part of the Hail Mary?


That is to say, “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death.” The Roman Catechism… or the Catechism of the Council of Trent, etc., as it can also be known… which is the Catholic Church’s greatest of all catechisms yet produced (albeit, not infallibly promulgated, hence not having guarantee of utter inerrancy in each of its words, simply authoritative guarantee of not teaching anything, rightly interpreted, which is heretical --- please see the Baptismal Confusion book, Part 4 , Chapters 83-88 specifically, for an inarguable proof of this seemingly ‘audacious’ statement, for those unlearned or stubborn), confidently assures us how the Church Herself is responsible for this ending. Meaning, while it could have its origin, in certain ways, amongst the laity or monastics of the One True Church, indubitably it was affirmed by the clergy. Consequently, while there is every good reason to think the latter part was becoming used by the early second millennium --- even by the end of the millennium right before the second --- the Church’s Hierarchy Itself was increasingly upholding this latter part by the middle of the second.


Indeed, the Papacy’s Vatican Curia itself gave highest approval by 1568. An approval which, as it became further known and papally upheld, made c.1570s the ‘tipping point’, as it were, when more Catholics than not, in using this prayer, included the latter part. Which, in turn, does NOT mean the latter part was in any way widely ‘forbidden’ or ‘unknown’ PRIOR to this most authoritative act. It’s only the FINAL move in elevating it to a position to make it known & used everywhere in the Roman Catholic Church, and removed any reluctance whatsoever, in more cautious or scrupulous Catholics, to pray the Hail Mary fully with this latter part. Comprehending? Good. Now let’s dive into a few more things to be thorough.


Various Catholic teachers or apologists, at various times and places, have ‘divided’ the Hail Mary into differing numbers of segments or sections. This is totally fine & permissible. The Holy Catholic Church has never yet, to my ken, pronounced with utter finality in an authoritative or infallible way how the prayer must be considered as distinct sections of a whole. Therefore, many approaches are allowable provided the member doing so is orthodox and thus really Catholic, and granted that the approach is logical & understandable, if but to the learned Catholic mind. We trust the approach described here is not too hard to grasp. That said, my own favorite approach, as a Catholic, is five divisions. To wit:


One, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…”


Two, “Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus…”


Three, “Holy Mary…”


Four, “Mother of God…”


And five, “…pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death.”


“Amen,” of course, follows the ending of the Hail Mary, yet so does it follow naturally each & every prayer said by a real & good Catholic, ergo why we are not calling it the ‘sixth’ section of the Hail Mary. Notwithstanding, why five?


As we make clear in Part 6 of Helplessly Ignorant , especially Chapters 175-180, and in Geocentricity , too, the number five is associated with the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary in an astonishing way, a number that similarly links to Her Divine Son, Jesus. Anything five-sided and pentagonal incorporates the universal constant, ϕ (phi). This is known, too, as the ‘Golden Ratio’ or ‘Golden Mean’. Please refer to the aforesaid Helplessly Ignorant passage or Geocentricity for more information explaining this rather ‘esoteric’ thing. It may be ‘esoteric’ to most of us, yet, I assure you, it is NOT irrelevant, mistaken or unimportant. Contrarily, God Himself has built it into our creation, including His Most Immaculate Creature, Mary, the Star of the Sea & Throne of Wisdom.


It symbolizes complete obedience, a total harmony, an utter beauty.


And it is not attainable, in this fallen world, for a human being conceived in corruption of Original Sin, without SUFFERING. Namely, trials & tribulations. Neither Jesus nor Mary had to suffer, or undergo any trials & tribulations. But they did so nevertheless. To what end? To achieve the means of our salvation within Christ’s Singular Catholic Body, the True Church; and to give us members of This Singularly Saving Catholic Body twin examples --- from those who had no ‘need’ to suffer otherwise --- of how it is both possible & necessary for us, vile & reprobate sinners unlike Them --- to do likewise, imitating Their Perfect Selves. In this way, our salvation is not merely a spiritual hope, but a goal that is vouchsafed & obtained with ultimate heavenly certitude, eternally.


In other words, we work out our salvation with fear & trembling.


After all, did not Christ Himself bear His Five Wounds?


Naturally… and supernaturally, as well.


The first part of the Hail Mary (“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…”), is controversial amongst my former colleagues, Protestant rebels (I was not born & raised Catholic, or even Novus Ordoist --- those who, in a wake of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, think they’re ‘catholic’ yet are nothing of the sort, they having jettisoned one or more of the correct meaning & interpretations of the One True Church’s Infallible Dogmas --- I was instead inculcated with rabidly anti-Catholic Evangelic Protestantism & Modernism, converting out of nowhere in massive Los Angeles, California, during a long foretold Great Apostasy). Their translations of Scripture, until recently, have been very dismissive of the implications of “full of grace”… more recent takes still not willing to embrace the full implications.


Such as?


That there is no deficiency in the Blessed Virgin Mary, that She is as “full of grace” as mere creature can be, without Original Sin or Actual Sin in any way at all. This is further driven home by the fact that second-ranking seraph of Heaven, St. Gabriel, greets Her with “Hail”, directly implying the Queenly Ladyship of the Immaculate Mary, Who God Himself chose to make without stain of sin through prevenient grace, and chose as well to make the Queen of Highest Heaven along side His Eternally Divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Offspring, in His Human Nature, of the aforementioned Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. Their arguments, if scholarly, revolve around the peculiar Greek word used in ancient documents of Luke’s Gospel, but cannot hold water. It is bias they wield, not certain ‘rightness’ to field… i.e., they pretend ‘certainty’ because they hate that Catholics are correct. That, yes, God really did preserve Her, preveniently, from any stain of sin upon Her Soul, and that this is the more driven home by the great Gabriel’s stunning respect for Her in his flabbergasting salutation. A fullness of grace yet more amplified by him observing, “the Lord is with thee.” For, while no wise Roman Catholic pretends God is not with anyone else aside from Mary, in conjunction with Gabriel’s greeting & initial observation --- that She is “full of grace” --- it is truly incredible, and unavoidable, to conclude that he meant God is with Her wonderfully in an unparalleled way precisely because She is without sin and, moreover, perfectly humble & obedient to the Triune God of Catholicism.


A point irrefutable when one considers that God chose Her, and Her alone, to bear the Sinless God-Man, it being necessary to provide a Sinless Vessel for His Incarnation so as not to ‘pass along’ sin to His Human Nature, and, in any case, having chosen to become man via conception & birth in a mere woman, how could it be ‘fitting’ to miraculously preserve Him from inheriting Her ‘sin’… if ‘sinful’ She were (and She wasn’t!)… whilst causing Him to endure a most intimate connection to Her, as a small Babe in Her Womb, if She had sin? Obviously, this would be entirely incongruent! She is the Ark of the New Covenant, as wise Roman Catholics like to say: i.e., Perfectly Golden.


The second part of the Hail Mary (“Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus”) sharpens this point the more. Why is She, Mary, blessed? Because the fruit in Her Spotless Womb, Jesus, is blessed. And Who is Jesus? God from All of Eternity, become Man at the instant of Conception in Her Womb. And does God bear sin? May God forbid! He is not the ‘author of sin’ as Holy-Ghost-inspired St. Paul the Apostle tells us in Sacred Scripture, nor can imperfection mar Him at all, as the rest of Sacred Scripture assures us. Consequently, in the Blessed God choosing to inhabit Her Womb, this ‘blessedness’ of sinlessness extends to Her, She bearing the highest, extraordinary honor any mere creature can: to birth God Almighty.


Nor give in to silly Evangelic Protestant (EP) complaints against Mary.


No real Catholic thinks Mary ‘God’ just because She is the Mother of God. Blessed Virgin Mary did not give birth to a ‘body’ solely; like any mother, She birthed a Whole Person, which Person just happens to be the Second Person of the Eternally Divine Trinity, hence God Himself. Ergo, Mary truly is the Mother of God. Period. She did not ‘create’ God, She ‘merely’ (as if a ‘mere thing’!) bore Him in Her Immaculate Womb, clothing Him with Her Immaculate Flesh.


A choice God Himself made. He could have chosen to suddenly & unexpectedly appear on earth clothed in flesh that He made at that very instant. But He didn’t, did He? He Sovereignly Chose to take Manhood in His Mother’s Womb, using Her Flesh & Blood. Point made --- and silly EP or Modernist arguments completely debunked, defied & annihilated with a rigorous logic.


Catholicism is a Rational Faith, NOT a ‘blind faith’.


And She is the Blessed, bearing the Blessed.


Leading to the third part of the Hail Mary (“Holy Mary”). Why so short, why just these two words? Because, with the Singular Church of Catholicism choosing to denominate Her as “Holy”, we link between the former two parts (the Hypostatic Union made manifest, wherein God the Son unites Himself, an Uncreated Maker of Uncreated Spirit, with created flesh & blood, the Divinity taking upon Itself the Humanity… and not the other way around, as an infallible Athanasian Creed teaches us) to the two latter parts. The middle, thus third, part achieves this.


To wit, that Mary is thoroughly Holy, without blemish or stain.


She is Immaculate, God’s Most Perfect Creature, as before stated. And Her Name, Mary, as St. Jerome informs us --- and as my own intricate research of original Hebrew upholds (not that this great early Church father, doctor & saint ‘needs’ me to ‘uphold’ him… but Protestant & Modernist scholarship loves to trash him regarding this fact, so I will gladly oppose them with scholarship, defending the saintly & knowledgeable Jerome’s reputation!) --- means ‘Lady’ and ‘Star of the Sea’. In other words, She is no everyday woman. She is the Lady to Our Lord, His Queen, and Her Royal Head is wreathed in a Celestial Crown as the Apocalypse [Revelation to EPs] tells us in Chapter 12. She is the Highest in Heaven after Our Roman Catholic Lord, Jesus, and, as His Chosen Mother, possesses His Ear, as it were, more than any other creature in existence.


She is that Powerful, that Influential. By God’s Sovereign Choice.


Which leads us to the fourth part of the Hail Mary (“Mother of God”). This, too, drives home Her Heavenly Prerogatives. We’ve noted it already; now the prayer itself backs us up. That She is the Mother of God, an honor & splendor no other creature can ever equal, and that, if we are to work out our salvation with fear & trembling successfully in the end, dying Catholic in the state of grace, we must of a necessity implore Her Aid, begging Her for every assistance possible in order to succeed in the ‘impossible’ (impossible not because we can’t choose to be good, saving our souls, but ‘impossible’ in the sense that, wicked as our hearts are, we will never choose to do as much good as we ought, and must, so as to save our immortal souls, unless She, along with all of the Heavenly Court, over which She is the Royal Queen, comes to our succor, giving us the graces of Her Son to do that which we will too often fail to choose to do, because of our wicked hearts). Which is why wise Catholics love to say, ‘Ad Jesum per Mariam’. Which is Latin for ‘To Jesus through Mary’. For while Mary could never help us to gain salvation without the Eternal Sacrifice of Her Son, the Christ, He having taken upon Himself Her Flesh & Blood to do so, it also pleases Him that we should never be able to gain His Salvation for us without Her Help. We honor Him, immeasurably, in honoring Her. The Son wants His Mother honored!


He saving us via Her attains this laudable goal succinctly.


Any real & wise Roman Catholic acknowledges this.


Bringing us to the fifth part of the Hail Mary (“…pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death”). For that laudable goal redounds to our humble success if, humble enough to entreat Her Regal Assistance, we humbly beg for Her Prayers on our behalf, as true Catholics, all throughout our troubled earthly lives… and, especially, at our deaths, when hell attacks most vehemently to damn us.


For human death is their last chance. State of grace? Their loss.


Forever --- and Lucifer doesn’t like to lose. He’s arrogant.


Yet the humbler-than-thou Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary is his replacement. Ergo why he hates Her so adamantly & utterly, more than He does God, so to speak. He was the ‘light bearer’ (what the name, ‘Lucifer’, means, as come from Greek) and now She is the Light Bearer, Her Own Son, Jesus Christ, the Light of This World. But She crushes his head, as any truly Catholic bible, derived from St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, plainly tells us in Genesis 3:15. God will have Her crush him completely in the end. Meanwhile, She crushes him routinely in smaller but still significant ways along the way. One way is She intervening, as per a real Catholic’s humble entreaty, at one’s death, vouchsafing one’s salvation.


Accordingly: dying as truly Catholic, and surely in the state of grace.


Our five wounds fulfilled, mirroring Her Son’s Wounds, we live.


Forever and ever, world without end, in beatific bliss, amen.


A last note. Just as the Our Father ‘links’ mysteriously to satanic Communism of our Great Apostate times, here at the end of the world as we know it, so also is the Hail Mary mysteriously ‘linked’ to this luciferian Communism of the Great Apostasy. That is, both prayers forebode & oppose this anti-Catholic work.


How so? Please read about the Our Father in Foundational Prayers.


But as well please read right here, right now, the next words.


Catholics have long observed the custom of associating the month of May with Mary. Likewise, they have long (howsobeit, not quite as long as with the just said custom of a May link, the former going back millennia, the latter about-to-be-said link ‘only’ centuries old…) observed the custom of associating October with Mary via Her Rosary. The Rosary, about which you may hopefully very soon learn here in Foundational Prayers at The Epistemologic Works, is composed of three main prayers (with three others usually added) in a unique sequence --- yet, without doubt, the Hail Mary is its central prayer, recited over & over again. The link to Communism? Communists, socialists, ‘labor union’ political parties or what-have-you have revived the ancient pagan practice of observing ‘May Day’ for the past century-and-a-half, at least. That is to say, ancient pagans, leastwise in Europe, annually marked the oncoming of spring and the soon-to-be-here summer with paganistic revels and worship or appeasing of their pagan deities on May Day. And what is May Day, prithee, calendrically speaking? May 1st. While not always exactly May 1, European pagans of old more often than not centered celebration around, or very close to, this date. In part, this is probably because summers in Europe tend to come earlier, and end earlier, than summers elsewhere in the northern hemisphere of the earth. Whatever the precise reason, it is no mere ‘chance’ Communists appropriated it for themselves. The Roman Catholic Church has consistently condemned & opposed Communism as inherently wicked and incompatible with Catholicity (read: Communism must, and always does lead to, combat against the One True Religion of Catholicism). This is why it’s significant that, with the Vatican II Pseudo-Council, which ushered in satanic Modernist revolution ‘within’ the Church, pretty much all open condemnation of, or opposition to, Communism was suppressed, and the now Novus Ordo controlled Vatican Curia then proceeded to establish ‘diplomatic relations’, brazenly, with the very Communists it had just recently severely opposed.


This is relevant to this day, as illustrated by Antipope Francis’ very recent (2019…) agreement with Communist China, allowing them to oversee, dictate and otherwise manipulate ostensibly ‘catholic’ Novus Ordo clergy & laity there, simultaneous to other Chinese, who, whether still truly Catholic or not, are at least Traditional Novus Ordoists (TNOs) and virulently opposed to their Communist leaders’ persecution of them for decades on end, these same Communist leaders now renewing the persecution with fury and aplomb.


Getting it? You can’t be truly Catholic --- and truly Communist --- at the same time. The two cannot mix. They are antithetical. And the eerie echoing of their title, Communism, with Catholicism’s central sacrament, Communion, is no lark. It is a purposefully luciferian mockery, and imitation, of the One True Religion. It is a taking of the Heavenly & Blessed Sacrament and turning it upside down, it then become an Earthly & Cursed ‘Sacrament’, rebellious humanity wanting ‘heaven’ upon earth right now, and rejecting with a vengeance a heaven or hell to come in the immortal life hereafter. Many Catholic scholars and learned priests in decades past have remarked on the hellish fixations of the various founders of Communism, along with their successors and leading figures till this day. Viz., Communism is NOT just ‘economic’, it is all-consuming (no pun intended), obsessed with Darwinistic evolution, atheism and suppression of, or, at a minimum, co-opting of, anything traditionally religious. And even in its (supposedly) ‘lighter’ and more ‘democratic’ forms of ‘Socialism’ --- whether the Socialism of your great grandpappy or the updated version vaunted by AOC and her fellow ‘millennial’ generation in the early 21st century --- it is notoriously nasty, tyrannical and viciously dismissive of anything smacking of Catholicism, which includes the traditionally religious. Such people HATE the traditionally religious, suppressing so-called ‘religious liberty’, and the freedom to be traditionally inclined, with a pathological vengeance. They are hellbent against it.


This is because Lucifer is behind it, and this is the Great Apostasy.


He has ever hated such things; it’s simply out in the open now.


So… mere chance May Day is communistically crucial?


No. It is satan’s way to openly defy & mock his replacement, Mary; arrogant Lucifer, and ancient ‘light bearer’, striking against Her while he can, She the humble & true Light Bearer, Whose Holy Heel will decisively crush his head. Therefore why his spiritual children, little worldlings, maniacally hate, defy, trample upon and oppress anyone who gets in their way. It is the insane asylum… so to speak… emptied, putting their foes in the ‘sane asylum’.


Although one wonders how much refuge this new ‘asylum’ offers.


But why is May Mary’s month? Well --- ever heard of ‘April showers bring May flowers’? Yes, I think most of us have. Perhaps it’s going out of style lately, soon to be forgotten, yet it endures in rural areas in our part of the world, if nowhere else. And what is the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary? God’s Most Lovely Flower.


May is the month of flowers, verdant spring morphing into rich summer.


And summer is sunny, no? Her Son the True Sun of This World.


And the Zodiacal Sign of Leo, the Lion, in summer’s middle.


Mary did have a Little Lamb, Who is the Lion of Juda.


Communists, of whatever stripe, innately & instinctively defy these allegories, parables & truths. They despise the One True Faith of Catholicism (or any shards of Catholicity found in traditional yet false religion), vituperate the Catholic Christ (even echoes of Him in heretical versions of ‘christianity’) and loathe Christ’s Virginal Mother, ridiculing Her and striving to be as impure as She is Pure.


To wit, the luciferian children naturally imitate their luciferian father.


This is the putrid ‘heart’ of the Religion of Modernism.


But October? What significance this month to Communists, who both ape & distort the Saving Truth of Catholicism? By the old-fashioned Julian calendar, Russians held their Communist Revolution in October (November 7th, really, by Gregorian calendar’s far more aptness of keeping the seasons…). This is why the first openly Communist nation on earth, in 1917, then celebrated their ‘October Revolution’ annually for decades thereafter. A thing still much remembered, admired & emulated to this very day.


And in spite of the ‘fall’ of Russian Communism.


For instance, while the Communist revolutionary leader, Mao Zedong, in all practicality proclaimed, to his fellow Communists, the start of Communist rule over China on 21 September 1949, he very carefully bided his time until, in the capitol city of China, Beijing, at the heart of this ancient city (and sole capitol of China since the 17th century), Tiananmen Square, he formally & publicly declared the Communist nation of the ‘People’s Republic of China’ on 1 October 1949. For Communist Russia --- first in the world --- by their old-style Julian calendar, the formal & official first day of Communist government was 25 October 1917. The significance? Aside from being Queen Mary’s month of Her Rosary, it is the precise same time of year when a pre-Flood earth reached evil apotheosis, religiously, of apostasy, prior to the Triune God of the Catholic Church then devastating their wickedness with the worldwide Great Deluge. The Church having clearly condemned Communism as anti-Catholic, and its top leaders known, to wise Catholics, as consciously luciferian, this is a Beast of Satan returning as the ‘eighth’ during our times. (Apocalypse [Revelation] 17:11) Desiring to fathom better? Examine Helplessly Ignorant , especially Part 6 .


Incidentally, China has no tighter ally than today’s 21st century Russia.


And Russia’s present leader, Vladimir Putin, was a loyal Communist.


Not to mention a member of their fearsome secret police, the KGB.


The real & wise Catholic cannot blithely dismiss this as ‘chance’.


And while China is now the 2nd richest nation in all the earth…


Russia is still powerful, very pugilist, and menacing Europe.


Nonetheless, if the poor reader cannot, or will not, accept the points we’ve logically & factually made just above, then consider. If you’re truly Catholic, and wisely so with some degree of knowledge at a bare minimum, then you know and realize the immense portentousness of Our Lady of Fatima’s Six Apparitions in the tiny place of Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, the year Russia threw a revolution.


The Queen of Highest Heaven very starkly connected Her Visit to Russia and Communism in general. (The curious or skeptical reader can find out enormous details regarding this in the book, Inter Regnum , particularly Part 5 .) She also spaced out these 6 consecutive visits on the 13th of 6 consecutive months.


The beginning & first of these months? May.


Last & sixth of these months? October.


Sheer coincidence? I think not.


Mary’s Son gave humanity, via true Catholicism Whole & Undefiled, the most magnificent gift a mere creature could ever receive… Her Sacrificed Son under the unbloody guise of Holy Communion --- the Blessed Sacrament of the Sacred Eucharist. Lucifer’s ‘son’, as it were, via false Modernism Whole & Defiling, gives Modernized humanity the most vile gift a mere creature could ever receive… his defiant ‘son’ under the bloody guise of Unholy Communism --- the damnable ‘sacrament’ of the Novus Ordo ‘eucharist’ and a fully earth-centered mind.


Which earthly mind nevertheless dreams of conquering heavens above.


A ‘heaven’ never attained here on earth alone, nor on our own terms.


It is either true Roman Catholicism or else false Roman Modernism.


What say you? I’d advise the former and a Hail Mary. And you?


With thanksgiving let us bear the Five Wounds of Her Christ.


And, as truly Catholic, with Mary, let us proclaim, “Amen.”


+ + +


In English:


Hail Mary,

Full of grace,

The Lord is with thee;


Blessed art thou among women,

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.


Holy Mary,


Mother of God,


Pray for us sinners, now,

And at the hour of our death.



In Latin:


Ave María,

Grátia plena,

Dóminus tecum;


Benedícta tu in muliéribus,

Et benedíctus fructus ventris tui, Jesus.


Sancta María,


Mater Dei,


Ora pro nobis peccatóribus, nunc,

Et in hora mortis nostræ.



+ + +


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