Helplessly Ignorant


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·       Part One of Helplessly Ignorant (Chapters 1-20)


What this book is about, and why it is important (Chapters 1-2)

Why do people nowadays tout the ‘power’ of ignorance when it comes to traditional religion and philosophy? Is it an honest reason or just a lame excuse not to look and think about why we exist, and what our lives are meant to be? (Chapters 3-7)

The first big problem with ‘ignorance’ --- can it ever really be ‘invincible’? No one needs to be a genius or highly educated to realize that intelligent people being ‘invincibly ignorant’ is a bunch of nonsense. If intelligent but ‘invincibly ignorant’, then intelligence is useless. (Chapters 8-12)

The second big problem with ‘ignorance’ --- what’s the point of an infallible Church? The facts are plain… if God made Catholicism infallible when it comes to things that are true and crucial, so no one can get it wrong, then no intelligent person can be ‘invincibly ignorant’. (Chapters 13-15)

The third big problem with ‘ignorance’ --- why does God’s Church teach us ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ if no one can ever be sure who’s actually on the outside? Post-Vatican II ‘catholics’ pretend their understanding has ‘deepened’ when really they’re just denying what Catholics have always known the dogma means and warns against. (Chapters 16-20)


·       Part Two of Helplessly Ignorant (Chapters 21-48)


The fourth big problem with ‘ignorance’ --- since when did God make ‘sincerity’ the eighth ‘sacrament’? This is what St. Paul predicts in two of his biblical letters, especially where he foretells the “wicked one” to be revealed in latter times when people hate the Saving Truth. As a result, God punishes us by sending us the “operation of error”. (Chapters 21-24)

Now we get into the nitty gritty, carefully examining four infallible statements of the Catholic Church regarding the means of our eternal salvation. Do they uphold the post-Vatican II notion of ‘salvation-in-ignorance’ or do they uphold ancient teaching? (Chapters 25-41)

An imaginary ‘sincerity’ makes you feel ‘good’, but, like a narcotic, what happens when the drug wears off? Two official doctors of the Church teach the absolute necessity of the Catholic Faith for people with intelligent minds. Even children need this Saving Faith, and ‘implicit’ desire for baptism never meant what Vatican II ‘catholics’ claim it means. (Chapters 42-48)


·       Part Three of Helplessly Ignorant (Chapters 49-69)


The fifth big problem with ‘ignorance’ --- what’s the point of Catholic Missions for non-Catholic people? After all, when people are saved while ‘ignorant’, doesn’t this destroy the purpose of telling others about how ‘urgent’ Catholicism is? The lack of agreement amongst self-styled ‘catholics’ after Vatican II re ‘salvation’ further annihilates their stance. (Chapters 49-55)

What happens to ‘missions’, then? A major statement from the most famous of post-Vatican II antipopes thus far, John Paul II, proves both his salvation heresy and the wholesale change in the ‘purpose’ for a supposed ‘missions’ to ‘social justice’ during modern times. (Chapters 56-62)

Finally, the most ‘conservative’ approach to ‘salvation-in-the-state-of-ignorance’, which a few cautious ‘traditionalists’ embrace --- and which was the standard party line just prior to Vatican II --- is still, when stacked against explicit & infallible teachings of the Church, revealed to be nothing but heresy and satanic lies. (Chapters 63-69)


·       Part Four of Helplessly Ignorant (Chapters 70-99)


The sixth big problem with ‘ignorance’ --- what’s so ‘unnatural’, per modern people, with the notion of a natural law? That is to say, if we’re created by a Creator, why wouldn’t He have a purpose for us to exist, and, making us intelligent, why wouldn’t He endow our intelligent minds with the Law of Natural Reason in order for us to fulfill this purpose? (Chapters 70-73)

And so we turn to apocalyptic considerations. What are we, in our modern part of the world, so afraid of? Why do we think the future will be awful? Because we have pretended to be ‘god’ and arrogantly defy the Law of Natural Reason written upon our hearts, which tells us that we are mere creatures. The Beast of the Apocalypse arises out of the Sea. (Chapters 74-77)

The spiritual father of most of this world, Satan, is a beast. Knowing this, we can begin to interpret the ‘bizarre-sounding’ yet transfixing passages of the Apocalypse. The Beast out of the Sea is modern people, who follow the satanic ‘angel of light’ and now rule our world. Hence, Christ & Catholicism are suppressed & eradicated. The United Nations, with its New World Order symbolism, is the epitome of antichrist Modernism. (Chapters 78-82)

How did this happen? What were the roots in our history leading to the Great Apostasy? We trace the path from the Remort (Renaissance), with a Black Plague and a Great Schism of the West along the way, to the Protestant Rebellion. Then came the Heliocentric Revolution and Endarkenment (Enlightenment), which prepped our part of the world for Freemasonry and the American & French Revolutions, with Communism and Darwinism spread throughout the world on their tails. This is how we got to where we are. (Chapters 83-90)

This is the ‘self-deification’ of humanity. This grasping for ‘godhood’ is purposely symbolized in our earth by God Himself, both in the earth’s structure and our long term history. We are decimal by nature --- though six in essence --- yearning for seven, and seven central empires have defined our chronology, the seventh imperial power playing out its role right now. Oceanic beast, indeed… the sea god lofts his tower into the sky. (Chapters 91-99)


·       Part Five of Helplessly Ignorant (Chapters 100-134)


The ‘bizarre’ imagery of the Apocalypse --- the Bible’s final book, what Protestants call ‘Revelation’ --- is obscure & difficult. Yet it must mean somethingor else why did the Holy Ghost inspire it, and why has God’s Catholic Church confirmed that it is Sacred Scripture? Now is the time to understand during the Great Apostasy. The beast out of the sea has seven heads, and, amongst layers of meaning, we’ve shown logically & factually how the first & second heads are the Empires of Atlantis & Egypt. The third head is the Hittite Empire. (Chapter 100)

How is this particular layer of meaning derived from Heaven’s perspective? As pointed out before, God designed the earth for a purpose, giving it seven continents originally. He also chose a center for our globe’s spherical surface, which is the Middle of the Earth and where, to the east, He placed the Garden of Paradise. The successive heads of the beast are symbolic in relation to this terrestrial center, each head exuding a specific nature. (Chapters 101-106)

We now probe more deeply into the significance of God having established a literal ‘center’ to our earth’s surface, and how this relates to Catholicism & Salvation, not to mention that the Phoenicians being the fourth of seven heads of the Oceanic Beast makes them, in a sense, a ‘center’ of these seven heads. We also describe the ‘Chanaanite Curse’ and how this plague, religiously speaking, infected the Semitic peoples. Meanwhile, what’s so special about Jerusalem? Digging up bones, we link the First and Second ‘Adams’. (Chapters 107-116)

Why do contemporary scholars and modern people suppress certain facts or possibilities about ancient history? Because it’s not pleasant knowing the sad fate of earlier civilizations that were just as great & amazing as we think ourselves to be. Yet like the Phoenicians, we have a choice to make… is a visible earth & material wealth more important to us, or an invisible heaven & spiritual riches? (Chapters 117-123)

The fifth head of the Oceanic Beast arises in Babylon. Like an octave, we return to the middle where paganism began, God giving the leaders --- Neo-Assyrians, Chaldeans & Persians --- repeated chances to return to their senses by returning to His True Religion. Finally, He uses a Japhetic ruler, Cyrus the Great, to restore His Church & Temple. (Chapters 124-134)


·       Part Six of Helplessly Ignorant (Chapters 135-180)


The religious heritage of Cyrus the Great made for an enclave of people practicing Old Testament Catholicism in his vast multi-ethnic empire, both Jewish & non-Jewish. This is where the Magi (Wise Men) arise from, being learned practitioners of God’s Religion. With prophecies in hand and knowing how to read the ‘signs’ of the stars God places in the heavens, with their various motions, for the purpose of indicating the ‘seasons’ of humanity, including Jesus’ Birth and things that we suffer for our sins, they were an ‘epiphany’ to all the world’s peoples regarding Religion & Salvation during the New Testament. (Chapters 135-138)

Again we get apocalyptic. What does it all mean, and why are modern thinkers determined to usher in a ‘Man-God’ instead of a ‘God-Man’, their beloved Homo Deus? Here we delve into the God-given symbolism of certain numbers, such as 1, 3, 6, 7, 12, 144… and, oh yes, that neverendingly transfixing figure of ‘six hundred sixty-six’ or 666. What do they mean? Moreover, how does this tie in with Modernism and our era, especially the ‘character’ or ‘mark’ of the Oceanic Beast? And what does it mean spiritually, and what could it mean physically, or ‘technologically’? (Chapters 139-146)

Turning back to the sixth head of the mysterious Oceanic Beast parable of the Apocalypse, we begin to delve into the Greeks’ realm in earnest. Were they the worst civilization ever, or the best civilization ever? To be fair, something of both. And after Rome inherited their realm, with Greeks & Romans merging into one, Our Creator converted this terrestrially central empire to the One True Religion of the New Testament, Roman Catholicism. This is the foundation of Western Civilization, and Catholicism eventually spread throughout the world… until, of course, it fell to sins & false religion. Whither six, then? (Chapters 147-160)

And what is the seventh head of this Oceanic Beast? We demonstrate that it is the ‘Anglo-Amercian Empire’. Yet how does a ‘Terrestrial Beast’ connect to it? Indeed, what does the role of the Vatican II Pseudo-Council and consequent antipopes play in all of this? It is how the ‘image’ of the Beast is made, and how this image ‘speaks’. And what is the Apocalyptic Harlot upon a Scarlet Colored Beast? It is Lucifer’s Whorish Wife & Anti- Church. (Chapters 161-174)

Now we turn to the Mystery of the Virgins. One is a pretender; others are strivers (but only a few); and but a Single One is the real thing and Immaculate. The Signs are in the heavens and on earth --- lately, in the capitol of the Oceanic Beast’s seventh head. What do they portend or signify? We wind up the sixth devastating argument finally, and quickly decimate ‘salvation-in-the-state-of-invincible-ignorance-with-sincerity’ with the seventh devastating argument, dealing with the unforgivable sin. And, to close, we wind up at the center of the world, at Calvary, beholding the Sign of the Cross. (Chapters 175-180)


·       Coda of Helplessly Ignorant (The Dénouement)


We unveil a last parable which, if firm & certain, has been hiding for 5000 years… and becomes apparent as we contemplate the ultimate fate of humanity during that time, especially now, here at the end of the world as we know it. (The Dénouement)


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