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·       The Achilles’ Heel of Evolutionary Theory: Wherein We Expose the Fundamental Flaw of Darwinistic Theory, or ‘Evo-Devo’, Along With a Few Other Intrinsic Errors; and Also Illustrate How It Is in No Way at All Compatible With Catholicism


Heard of evolutionary theory, or Mr. Charles Darwin? Of course you have. Even if you really don’t know much about it, or him, everyone in the contemporary world --- especially the most modern part of the earth, our part in Europe or North America, although other sections of earth are not far behind --- is at least acquainted with the title of the theory and source of the theory’s name. To wit, evolution and Darwin. Ever wonder why they are so prominent? Maybe not. Willing to wonder? And find some answers? Then read this booklet. If truly Roman Catholic I urge you to do so. While not absolutely innate to your soul’s salvation… being Catholic Whole, Entire & Undefiled does that, as well as persevering and dying in the state of grace… the full Darwinistic enterprise does indeed endanger said soul, which is immortal. Not that an evolutionist will believe this. But, then, who needs evolution? Okay, well, they do. Or, er, they really think they do. Why? Read the book to find out. They need it because they MUST have a supposedly ‘plausible’ way to DENY Roman Catholicism, Our Maker, or anything traditionally religious. Meanwhile, real Roman Catholics DON’T need it because it’s NOT actually true (not totally!) and we already have everything we need --- including the infallible truth about our origins --- in the Catholic Faith Whole, Entire & Undefiled. Granted, wise & scholarly Catholics can learn something worthwhile about creation & human history by studying scientifically what’s available to know by present day standards. This does NOT, however, then consequently mean the Catholic Religion CONFLICTS with such observations & knowledge. Far from it… infallible truth always meshes perfectly with that which we discover, or observe, within this physical world, INTERPRETING IT CORRECTLY. Got it? Good. Want to comprehend better, if not already fully informed? Then, please, read the book studiously.


·       Automatic Excommunications (‘Latae Sententiae’): Why Canon Law Automatically Excommunicates Notoriously & Pertinaciously Heretical or Schismatic Members of the Catholic Church Without Formal Action or Declarations from Her Leaders, and Why This Principle Applies from Highest Pope to Lowliest Layperson from the Most Ancient of Times


There’s a ton of confusion regarding excommunications from the Catholic Church. Amongst the few left nowadays who are truly Catholic, you’d think they’d have this figured out. Amongst those that are more ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ --- and even though they are not truly Catholic --- the confusion is predictable and easy to fathom. This is the Great Apostasy we’re living through right now, as another article in the Books & Articles section explains, and as numerous writings on The Epistemologic Works website make clear. Hence, confusion and rebellion is the norm. Indeed, confusion had to occur, increasing steadily over the centuries with a concurrent increase in rebellious tendencies, for the apostasy to happen in the first place and eventually come out into the open with Vatican II in the 1960s. Why would God permit this? To punish us for our sins. Why would Satan want confusion over excommunication? To make people who are supposed to be Catholic increasingly blind to what heresy and schism are --- and of how deadly serious they are --- and, in the end, to not realize that the Catholic Church, in Her Canon Law, has always required that notorious & pertinacious heretics or schismatics are automatically excommunicatedand all even without any formal action or pronouncements from the Church’s Hierarchy! This is stunning to the thinking person who cares. It means that Catholics --- or at least purported ‘catholics’ --- have become blind to the very thing that protects them spiritually. They are like a person who has forgotten that surgery can be necessary, that it is sometimes desperately important, in order to save one’s life, to excise and cut out that which is fatal in the end. Such is heresy and schism, such are heretics and schismatics who are notorious & pertinacious. That is to say, plain and out in the open. Such deadly and fatal spiritual plagues are automatically cut out. There is no need for ‘formal’ review or action that is long in the process or may never arrive. And this canonic principle applies to everyone in the Church, from highest pope to the lowliest of laymen or laywomen. Shocked? Appalled? Infuriated or inclined to mock? Then summon up a little curiosity, a lot of humility, and actually dare to read what the evidence is. Because if a person cannot know if he or she is truly Catholic --- or ever really know that another person truly is Catholic --- then we really are in desperate trouble. And the end of the world is at hand.


·       Baptismal Confusion: What the Fight Over ‘Baptism of Desire’ vs. ‘Water Only’ Is All About and Where Both Sides Get It Very Wrong, Falling into Heresy or Schism as a Result


Are you a ‘baptism of desire’ (BOD) believer, dear reader? Or perhaps a ‘water only’ (WO) enthusiast? Or maybe you don’t know which side is right, if either? Then read this book. The fight has been going on for half a century now, and what few people may be truly Catholic nowadays during the Great Apostasy are ripped in two by it. BOD believers look at WO enthusiasts as if they’ve lost their marbles. And, to be fair, most WOers aren’t very well informed. Meanwhile, WO enthusiasts look at BOD believers as if they’re traitors. And, to be honest, many BODers, if not most of them, are wrong when it comes to the Salvation Dogma. But that’s not what this fight is about. The Salvation Dogma is another war and another book. Baptismal confusion is simply this… can a good-willed catechumen die ‘accidentally’ before he’s baptized and still get into Heaven as an exception to water baptism, or is baptism in water absolutely necessary no matter what, God never allowing a good-willed catechumen to miss out on the sacramental water? That’s the real battle, and the combatants are full of ignorance, stubbornness & pride. This book attempts to solve the problem of ignorance. It’s up to Jesus and His Ever-Virgin Mother whether or not it succeeds. But I can tell you this much, my precious reader --- until you know and acknowledge what this book makes plain is both factual and true, then you will not end up taking the correct stance and you will risk damning your immortal soul as a consequence. The book is here, right in front of you. And I’m telling you that neither BOD nor WO is infallibly & explicitly defined yet by the Roman Catholic Church. Don’t want to believe it? Then put your money where your mouth is, summon up a little humility and a lot of patience, and study this book carefully!


·       Catholic Fundamentalism: What It Is and Why It Is So Deadly


Heard about Catholic fundamentalists, my dear reader? They pretend the Church has taught infallibly about something that the Church has never yet addressed explicitly or thoroughly. Then, having done this, they assault other Catholics as ‘heretics’ simply because they dare to disagree with them about this. They also pretend to know the supposed ‘evil’ in a man’s heart by twisting and distorting his words into a noose to hang him with. And, as if that’s not enough, they mistreat the true sinner by going beyond what the Church actually tells Catholics to do to a sinner and having little or no mercy on the sinner’s sufferings. Sound familiar? If truly Catholic, you will sooner or later run into them… not to mention have to figure out how to deal with them. That’s where this book comes in handy. I’ve grappled with this kind of fundamentalism for years. And the lessons I’ve learned are ready for you to study, making it so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Been burned by them? Confused? Attracted by their militancy? Then take a close look!


·       Catholic Ritual Defended


Whether Protestant or not, do you think liturgy and ritualized religion are boring & useless? Do you think God couldn’t care less that we worship Him according to some sort of blueprint or pre-planned form? Are you fond of saying your faith is ‘personal’ --- that you dislike ‘organized’ or ‘institutional’ religion --- and that you feel ‘closer’ to God being all by yourself or out in a forest or on a mountain top, etc., etc.? Do you imagine that ‘casual’ is always better while ‘formal’ is never any good? Do you hate reciting memorized prayers? Do you loathe repetition, especially in public services with other people? Does the Ancient Mass of the Holy Catholic Church repulse you, do you despise Her Sacraments & many devotions? Then this article is for you. Find out why Catholics do what they do, and why it is vital for everyone to do the same. See how the Bible not only doesn’t condemn Roman Catholic liturgy & ritual, but that Catholicism is the very thing practiced eternally in Heaven by God Himself… and thus why He created human beings, who are made in His Image, to practice it on earth, too!


·       A Chart for Modest Dress


Further on down this list of titles and their summaries is an article called Modest Dress: What It Is and Why It Is So Crucial. It’s well worth reading, especially if you don’t know what modesty is when it comes to clothing. Or, even if you do know, you’re still not quite sure where to draw the line, exactly, on the kinds of clothes we wear nowadays due to a veritable flood of immodesty and almost complete ignorance about the matter. This link here is a companion piece for that article. It’s just a quick little way at one glance to know what men & women are supposed to do in order to cover themselves properly. So take a glance if you’d like. And be sure to look at the article, too!


·       Concerning Abjuration, Invincible Ignorance, Children & the Use of Reason


Confused about the role of so-called ‘invincible ignorance’ --- if any --- in the salvation of a soul? Ever wonder who --- if anyone --- really is invincibly ignorant? Not certain what the ‘age of reason’ is or why it is relevant to the question of a baptized child’s membership in the Catholic Body of Jesus Christ? Never heard about the Catholic Church’s requirement for baptized children raised in heresy who are fourteen or older to ‘abjure’ before they enter the Catholic Church? Yet aren’t you curious why those under the age of fourteen aren’t required to ‘abjure’, and even though they may be above the ‘age of reason’? Dear reader, don’t be baffled; there is good reason (no pun intended) for the Roman Church’s actions. Read this article to comprehend the relation between youth, ability to reason, ignorance & denunciation of one’s religious errors in order to enter the membership of God’s Church, which is the Exclusively Singular Way to have hope of saving an immortal soul… and regardless of how young or old a person may be!


·       The Dogma of Baptism Upheld & the Lie of ‘Faith Alone’ Cast Down


Are you of the opinion that Baptism of Water is merely symbolic, a ‘nice thing’ that Jesus said people should do if they’re going to follow Him, but certainly in no way intrinsically necessary for Salvation? Do you consider anything more than ‘just believing’ in Jesus useless for saving a man’s soul? Are you inclined to call Catholicism a ‘dead religion’ and love to mock Catholics for trying to ‘work’ their way into Heaven? Do you despise veneration of Mary & the saints, while at the same time you spare no effort to constantly honor the Jews as God’s ‘chosen people’? Or are you, perhaps, a student of holy scripture, studying it in the ancient languages of Hebrew & Greek, picking apart what you like to think doesn’t belong there --- having only been added or changed long afterward, say you --- whilst treating the decisions of modern scholars about the earliest biblical manuscripts as if they’re infallible papal decrees from on high? Then this book is for you. Find out that, yes, the Bible really does say Baptism is necessary to save one’s soul; that, yes, good works rooted in Christ really are necessary above & beyond mere ‘faith in Jesus’ to be allowed to enter Heaven. See how neither the Law of God nor the Law of Christ is disparaged by St. Paul the Apostle, but that what he opposes in Romans, Galatians & etc., ridiculing works & law, is the works & law of the animal sacrifices & their accompanying rituals in the Old Covenant Church of the Jews which has been superseded by the Divine Sacrifice & its accompanying rituals in the New Covenant Church of the Catholics. Don’t want to believe it? Then stop pretending to be all-knowing & never-wrong.  Knuckle down to read the book for yourself… humbly, carefully & thoroughly. You might learn something!


·       Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus


Think it’s ridiculous that there’s no Salvation outside the Catholic Church? Nevertheless, do you, at the same time, claim to respect the Bible? And do you consider yourself a reasonably intelligent person? Then read this book to find out how mistaken you are about the Religion of Rome --- how very, very, very, very mistaken. Using the simple verses of Sacred Scripture (from a popular Protestant translation, what’s more!), the publicly available documents of ancient history and the clear thought of good, plain, straightforward sense, discover that earliest Christians were neither nothing more nor nothing less than Roman Catholic. After all, why else should anyone convert? If not to save one’s soul --- if not because Catholicism is what Jesus started --- then it’s just a matter of stylistic preference, isn’t it? And isn’t the ‘style’ of our era totally against the ‘tradition’ of the Catholic Faith? Why, then, should anyone care? This is how I used to think. I didn’t want to be Catholic, and I was raised to despise Catholicism as ignorant, hidebound, blind, unbiblical, full of ‘dead works’, foolish & even diabolic. There was no way on earth I was going to convert. Except for one thing… I found out I was wrong. The facts were against me. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to figure this out. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (‘Outside the Church, no Salvation’) is the distillation of that trail blazing effort, making the work of conversion much easier for you. The first two-fifths of the book, constituting 72 chapters in 3 parts, are already posted. There’s plenty of good reading, so take a look!


·       Geocentricity: The Structure of the Cosmos as Deduced From a Scholarly & Catholic Paradigm; & How Supposed ‘Evidence’ for an Ultimately Frameless… or ‘Acentric’… Universe Fails Utterly to ‘Prove’ a Centerless Existence, But Ups Geo-Centrality


Acquainted with the idea that the Earth spins on her axis daily and revolves around the Sun yearly? Of course you are. Anyone in our part of the Earth (read: richest & most powerful…) ‘knows’ this as a ‘fact’. Why? Because it’s ‘proven’? Not at all. Rather, because it’s the dominant theory in the richest & most powerful part of the world --- western Europe & North America; no offense meant to other sections of the globe that are astonishingly unique and, lately, getting very rich as well --- and, with compulsory public education, along with ubiquitous media parroting the dominant party line, we are pretty much all raised nowadays to think of it as unquestionably ‘true’. Now, I don’t expect anyone to swallow unexpected or ‘strange’ claims as automatically factual. Epistemology itself… for which this website is named… demands that we know how certain our facts are, and how to reason correctly. But, if you’re not too scared or too biased, intensely curious and deeply wanting to know the truth, then this small book is for you. Accordingly, how did ‘heliocentrism’ or ‘acentrism’ win the day? That is, how did the idea that Earth is nowhere special in the Universe come to be what nearly everyone believes today? After all, for millennia on end, the prevailing belief was that the Earth was at the center of our cosmos, with said cosmos rotating around us. So what changed everyone’s mind in the last few centuries? Was it ‘hard proof’? Shockingly, not. Intrigued? Then study the book. The facts & rationality are there. Might be a little hard for most people --- it’s egghead stuff --- but I’ve bent over backwards to make it more accessible to the person not highly trained in physics, astronomy & mathematics. Skeptical? Then please be humble and examine the data & logic without prejudice & irrational discrimination. I’m really Roman Catholic (not the fake kind so prevalent presently during the Great Apostasy!) and, if really Catholic yourself, then this is important & revealing. If not really Catholic, it’s still worth knowing. People have been lied to. Most are innocently deceived, not meaning to deceive. But there’s been some snakes, too. It is in the interest of some people to make certain we all join the ‘acentristic bandwagon’. Want to know why? Then peruse it! And, if truly Roman Catholic, it’s more than a ‘scientific treatise’. It’s a wonderful spiritual epiphany. As in, this lifts up your soul and causes you to yearn for an Uncreated Creator’s Heaven Above, Triune God, and His Holy & Immaculate Mother.


·       Helplessly Ignorant: The Nonsense of a Perfectly Intelligent But Strangely ‘Invincibly Ignorant’ Person Somehow ‘Unable’ to Know Catholicism Is True in Order to Find Salvation, Whilst, Instead, Getting into Heaven by Being ‘Sincere’


Whether or not you call yourself Catholic, my dear soul, are you of the opinion that it’s ‘impossible’ to know which --- if any --- of the many different religions and philosophies in our world is true? In fact, during these modern times of ours… when, think many, we’re much more ‘informed’ and ‘well-educated’ than people used to be centuries ago, when ‘superstition’ reigned supreme… are you of the opinion that none of them are true, that all of them are absurd, particularly when it comes to believing in some sort of invisible ‘god’ or ‘deity’ that you’ve never seen --- and which, you suppose, can never be seen because this ‘supernatural being’ is simply fantasy and make-believe? Then join the crowd. All the ‘smart’ people think the same thing. The whole point of modern thinking is to dismiss what is old & traditional, including what once was obviously right or obviously wrong. Except… why are we to imagine that nowadays, of all times, suddenly out of nowhere we’re more bright, more intelligent, more amazingly cunning and superior than everyone who lived before us? Isn’t that rather childish and stuck up? What makes us think that we, of all people, are suddenly --- and inexplicably --- able to know and see what no one before us (or hardly anyone, at least!) was capable of realizing? What makes us today so ‘special’? Are we really that smart? Or are we just kidding ourselves and have gigantic fat heads ripe for the popping? Plainly, I’m poking fun at us. Even so-called ‘catholics’ since the 1960s and Vatican II have bought into what everybody wants to think nowadays --- that no religion or philosophy of a traditional nature is totally true. What’s more, even if one of them were totally true… well, how are you to know? Aren’t there too many to figure it out? And, anyhow, isn’t God (if such a Being exists) merciful & loving, isn’t the Golden Rule all that really matters? Aren’t traditional religions a lot of stupid ritual and meaningless mumbo jumbo? Aren’t we free to believe whatever we want? Isn’t that our ‘birthright’ as modern, democratic and ‘enlightened’ people? So we say… but are you, precious soul, brave enough and curious enough and humble enough to find out if you’re correct? Then read this book. While not exhaustive, it is comprehensive. And it points out the glaring flaws and silliness of all of the above thinking. We really aren’t smarter than people used to be; we really aren’t suddenly & inexplicably able to see what no one else ever saw for thousands upon thousands of years. We’re just more proud, more blind, and way more enslaved to our carnal passions.


·       Heptaton: The Octave Millennial Hypothesis, Wherein, With the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Aid, We Strive to See Via Our Creator’s Everlastingly Timeless Eyes


Do you know what a ‘parable’ is, my beloved soul? Right --- a story with a more profound point than what the parable itself, at face value, seems to be saying. And do you know what ‘theology’ is? Correct --- the study of God Himself, Who He is, His Attributes, how He creates, why He creates, and what He creates for… especially us, mere human beings. This long article is a theological parable. Yes, it is instructional. On that level, the reader may be able to learn lessons that he or she did not know beforehand. Or maybe not. Perhaps the potential reader possesses knowledge & understanding beyond the average person. In any case, are you a Roman Catholic? Truly? The real kind --- and not the fake sort masquerading as ‘catholic’ shamelessly (and often deludedly) since the Vatican II Pseudo-Council of the 1960s? Then welcome to this booklet. We seek to weave a theological parable that addresses the direful consequences of what happened out in the open at that time… consequences still mostly and banefully unchecked, let alone reversed or erased… and link them, poetically & allegorically, to the very real, and, simultaneously, very metaphorical, existence of the Mountain of God. And, prithee, what is the ‘Mountain of God’? Peruse this booklet to find out. In short, it is Heaven’s prophetic way to emblemize to little humanity --- especially a real Catholic --- wherever in the world we are to go, if we’re to save our immortal souls; what is needful knowing, in the meantime, about our history and our future; and how Our Triune God, Uncreated Creator of All That Exists, through His Chosen Mother, Immaculate Mary & Perpetually Virgin Queen of Highest Heaven, foresees and guides both cosmic & human history from the ultimate vantage point of Their Celestial Summit; a heavenly peak that Catholics, too, if striving for comprehension, may gain glimpses from, in this way more confident, come what may, of what we are to do and the Hope for which we do it. It is, essentially, a philosophical & moral course in Catholic Mountaineering. Ready to go? Magnificent! The climb is difficult. Yet the view is worth everything in the very end.


·       The Hideous Schism of Catholic Fundamentalism


Heard about the accusation against Leo XIII all the way back in 1880, my dear reader? That he wasn’t really a true pope after that point in time? And are you confused or upset by it --- or, perhaps, enchanted by the prospect since it fits your ‘gut feelings’ about him or your animosity toward heresy perfectly? On the other hand, maybe you don’t have the ability, time, patience or desire to read an intricate & long book on the subject? Then this article is for you. I’ve already addressed in great detail the accusations brought against another past pope, Benedict XV, who ruled in the early 20th century. The link to that book can be found a little further down this list under the title, Was Benedict XV an Antipope? This article really says the same thing as the book, only condensed and with much less intricacy. The principles are the same in either case --- whether attacking the papacy of Benedict XV in 1914 or Leo XIII in 1880, the accusers’ tactics can be rebutted by what I point out in both writings. Long or short, a Catholic must know the Godly, Catholic & proper rules for seriously entertaining accusations of heresy against other Catholics. Failure to do so (and failure to follow these rules rightly) results in grave sins of uncharitableness on the part of those who believe the accusers. And, what’s more hideous, such failure results in even graver sins of schism when it comes to accusing a real pope of being a false pope! This failure arises from the erroneous mentality of what I call ‘catholic fundamentalism’. Don’t make this hideous mistake, my dear soul. If you are truly Catholic and confused or allured by these allegations, then read these writings carefully before you dare to judge!


·       How to Get a Pope During the Great Apostasy


A very, very brief excerpt from Chapter 3 of the Afterword to the book, Inter Regnum, (which see, alphabetically below), this tiny little article --- with a very short preface --- does exactly what the title says: tell us how (with a lot of help from Jesus & Mary, of course) we can get a legitimate pope back on the Throne of St. Peter. Real Roman Catholics may be very few nowadays as we near the end of the Great Apostasy, and it will indeed take a lot of help from Heaven… but, believe it or not, there’s some down-to-earth things we could do in the meantime, following ancient canon law. Don’t worry --- I’m not talking half-nutty ‘traditionalist’ stuff that’s been tried several times over the past 45 years. I’m talking correctly-thought-out, perfectly legal, perfectly Catholic & perfectly factual things that… if Jesus through Mary gave us the graces… and we cooperated with them properly… well, shucks, don’t ya know… it really could happen. Likely? Only God knows. Worth considering? You better believe it! If truly of Catholic Faith Whole & Entire, I’ll razz your head if you don’t take it serious. It’s getting to be time, folks. Maybe not today. Maybe not next year. Maybe another decade or two. But it’s getting to be time. And that means it’s time --- and thus worth it --- to think it out. It’s not even two pages printed out. Buddy, could you spare a dime? And read less than two pages? Ah, well. Up to the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary if anyone cooperates. Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


·       The Infallible Magisterium Has Not Yet Ruled Out the Possibility of So-Called ‘Baptism of Desire’ for Catechumens


Heard about the baptism-of-desire controversy? There are two sides to it. One is ‘liberal’ and the other ‘conservative’. We’re not talking about the liberal side in this little article (people on this side of things think anyone, whether aware of Catholicism or not, or whether trying to be Catholic or not, can save their souls via a purported ‘invincible ignorance’). We’re talking about the conservative side. This kind of person --- which I call a ‘catholic fundamentalist’ and which you can find out about in the link to the article listed right above this one --- thinks that baptism of water is absolutely necessary to the hope of salvation. Indeed, more than that… this kind of person thinks that even if you agree with his position but insist the Catholic Church hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a catechumen dying ‘accidentally’ while still, potentially, going to Heaven without water baptism, then you’re a heretic. Confounded by this claim, my dear reader? Don’t know what to think about it? Or, perhaps, is this your position but you’re not so arrogant as to think you’re infallible and hence you’re willing to read about the evidence & logic against your stance? Then dig in. The post is very short and very to the point. The repercussions for being on the wrong side of this fight, however (read: the conservative side), are grievous: it amounts to the grave sin of schism and winds up in the Pit of Hell!


·       Inter Regnum: Logic & Facts, Based on Catholic Law, Dogma, Scripture & History, Proving There Have Always Been Gaps of Time Between Popes, and That, Indeed, God Sometimes Allows Startlingly Long Papal Lacunae


Wanted to write this book for a long time… though with trepidation. Having finished Helplessly Ignorant up till the 144th chapter in December of 2017 (which see, alphabetically above), I suddenly knew it was time. The outline firmly emplaced within my mind before the year was over, I began writing it at the beginning of January of 2018 and it is officially done as of the very end of May of 2018. What’s it about, though? Did you know, my dear reader, that every time a pope dies (or, very rarely, ‘abdicates’) that it takes at least a bare minimum of time to elect the next pope? And that, even during the modern era of the last few centuries (as defined by history scholars), this minimum of time to elect the next pope is at least a couple of weeks? Indeed, that centuries previous to this (say, during the AD 1100s, 1200s or 1300s, etc., etc., or during the first millennium…), it could, once in awhile, take a year or two to elect a pope --- or even longer? The point is, during that period of time, Christ’s Roman Catholic Church Body is without a pope. Or, to put it differently, until both a valid & lawful election occurs, no real & legitimate Bishop of Rome occupies the Throne of St. Peter, and Christ’s Visible Body is without --- as it were --- a visible head. Does, then, the Roman Catholic Church disappear? Of course not. Were this the case, then the One True Church has blipped out of existence with the death (or abdication) of every single one of its hundreds of popes over the course of nearly 2000 years of history. Nor did Vatican I regarding a ‘perpetual line of successors’ then infallibly ‘rule out’ the historical fact that God both has, and sometimes does, choose to allow surprisingly long gaps between legitimate popes, and occasionally shocking confusion about who is truly the ‘pope’ in the meantime. This book, Inter Regnum, demolishes these illogical & unfactual assumptions. Don’t want to believe it? As I always say --- then put your money where your mouth is, find some humility, summon up a lot of patience, and read the book thoroughly, with close examination. That is to say, actually take time to THINK. Look at what the facts are (from Canon Law, Sacred Scripture, Church History, and etc.) and reason it through carefully yet fearlessly. The evidence & rationality is now there, my dearest soul, right in front of your perfectly capable mental eyes. You only have to open them, use your mind for what God intended that mind of yours to be used for, and hence see & comprehend. And, perceiving the truth… especially concerning the abominations we’re going through during a Great Apostasy… figure out with me (and Our Lord & Lady!) how to undo this titanic, volcanic & satanic mess.


·       Mary Exalted


Wonder why Catholics venerate the Virgin Mary so highly? Think it couldn’t possibly be ‘biblical’ --- as if that were the one & only standard for everything in religion, and that you, personally, interpret the Bible rightly --- and that Catholics are ‘enslaved’ to mere human traditions? Then think again, my dear reader. Here is the rock-solid logic for honoring the Blessed Virgin more highly than any creature who has ever existed. Indeed, for honoring Her as the Mother of God Almighty, since Her Son truly is God from all of eternity, and since mothers do not give birth to a body alone, but to a whole & entire person… a Person Who just happened to be Our Divine Creator! Not only that, but the Blessed Virgin Mary is more deeply ensconced in God’s Sacred Scripture than most anyone realizes, even Roman Catholics. She is foreshadowed in the Old Testament, and both intrinsic to & profoundly rooted in the New Testament --- so deeply rooted that this Testament of Her Son could not even exist without Her existence & cooperation. Stunned? Skeptical? Slanderous? Then put your money where your mouth is, my dear soul, and dare to read this. After all, if your unbelief is correct, then you have nothing to fear. A Catholic like me couldn’t possibly be right and you’ll see through all the holes in my facts & reasoning! But if, as I assert, you are terribly wrong… and you don’t pretend to be all-knowing, admitting that you could be wrong… then what have you got to lose? Nothing except your pride. Whereas, by admitting your error and becoming a good Catholic, you will gain the loving protection of God’s Mother and the friendship of God Himself!


·       Modest Dress: What It Is and Why It Is So Crucial


Ever heard about modesty, my dear reader? And do you know what it is, or why it’s so important when it comes to clothing? Contrary to what people think nowadays, how you dress is critical --- absolutely critical. Not just because of ‘first impressions’, ‘appropriateness’ or what-have-you. But because of morality. As in, God commands it. Before Adam & Eve sinned in the Garden of Paradise, clothes didn’t matter. That’s why they were naked and felt no shame. But as soon as they committed the Original Sin… ah, well, that’s a different story. Suddenly they were aware of their nudity and tried to hide it. What happened? The corruption of our flesh. And what did this do to us? It made us subject to sexual lust, something God condemns and only tolerates --- within certain limits --- inside the bounds of marriage. This, then, is why modesty is important. We cover our bodies properly in order not to offend or tempt others into the sin of impurity, even if only in their imaginations. Is the idea new to you? Or old hat, but not too sure on the exact guidelines due to the flood of immodesty that plagues us today? Then take a look and find out how to dress with Catholic propriety!


·       Population Implosion: Or, It’s Not da Bomb, But the ‘Black Hole’ We Should Be Getting Worried About When It Comes to How Many People Are on Earth


For the past half century, scientists, schools & media have stressed, repeatedly, how the earth is ‘overpopulated’. And practically, if not outright everywhere in the world, pushed for ‘limits’ on human population, or that we should decrease the human population to a more ‘manageable’ level. This is a fairy tale. Find that hard to swallow? Then summon up curiosity & patience, actually reading this article. It is chock full of hard data, solid facts & ironclad logic. The so-called ‘population bomb’ scare initially began in the late 1960s & early 1970s. And predictions made since then --- about ‘impending doom’ and ‘mass global starvation’ --- have proven to be embarrassingly wrong. Repeat… WRONG. So why are scientists, schools & media still pushing the same agenda & crusade? Yes, it’s gotten a little more sophisticated with ‘climate change’ and concern regarding ‘pollution’. Yet the same old tropes are trotted out again & again, and in spite of the track record of such apocalyptic forecasts & dystopian futures, based on, supposedly, ‘too many’ human beings existing on earth, having repeatedly failed in getting it right. A little intelligent skepticism is called for. And, if truly Catholic, you need to know what we face.


·       Protestant Protests Rebutted


Do you claim that Catholicism is ‘riddled’ with false & unbiblical teachings? Think it’s impossible for a Catholic to mount a strong & sensible defense of his Faith? Do you imagine that ‘born again christianity’ is impervious to assaults or logical doubts due to its supposed ‘foundation’ upon the Bible? Then think again, my dear reader. It is not real Roman Catholics who are ‘unbiblical’ --- it is so-called ‘bible believing christians’ who don’t know their own bibles and often contradict them! The evidence of reasoning and scripture is easily there for he who dares to look. Examine this book, then, to see what you’ve been missing. The Bible? Faith? Works? Purported ‘crimes’ of the Catholic Church? Heresy? Infallibility? Dogma? Jews? Religious liberty? Beliefs about Mary? Taking stands against your own family? It’s all there, and more. Indeed, it tells you where else to look on this website to find out still more reasons & evidence for the Roman Catholic Church. Written for an anonymous reader styling himself ‘Joy Given’ (and who I had already responded to in a shorter letter that’s posted in the L&A section as Regarding ‘Scripture Alone’, ‘Faith Alone’ & the So-Called ‘Crimes’ of the Catholic Church), this writing is for anyone who has the courage to admit that he is not infallible when it comes to interpreting the Bible or condemning the Catholic Religion, and hence also able to face the fact that the Roman Church really could be right when declaring that She is the One & Only Body of Christ and “the pillar and ground of the truth.” (1 Timothy 3:15d DRC) It is, as well, for those real Catholics who crave the knowledge necessary to stand up to ‘born again’ biblical bullies with good straightforward sense, a few simple facts & the testimony of Sacred Scripture. For while most of them don’t mean to be bullies, it is certainly intimidating to have verses quoted at you and not know what to say in return that sounds intelligent!


·       The Sacrament of Penance Without a Priest Available


Call yourself Catholic? And do you recognize that something dramatic and horrible has happened to our world in the wake of Vatican II? That is to say, our world has not gotten better since the 1960s from a truly Catholic perspective. To the contrary, it’s only gotten less Catholic and more wicked. And do you see how self-styled priests and bishops --- even popes --- are, for the most part, not opposing these changes and not teaching their followers to stay Catholic in the face of anti-Catholic beliefs and anti-Catholic practices? Indeed, how all of them, to some extent or another, approve of these changes and support anti-Catholic beliefs and practices? Which then leaves a real Catholic wondering --- can I still religiously associate with these people? And, if not, how do I get my sins absolved? Are we without hope? This is what many assume. Fortunately, they’re wrong. The Solemn Magisterium backs us up on this. Surprised? Dismissive? Skeptical? Try reading this article first, prior to acting like you already know everything you need to know, my dear soul. You might not want to think we’re in dire straits, but any Catholic faces the prospect --- however rare or unlikely, and despite being in a good & thoroughly Catholic country --- of unexpectedly dying before a priest can be at his side. Is such a man doomed to hell, caught in the state of mortal sin? It behooves a real Catholic to know what to do in this situation. An excerpt from the longer article, This Is the Great Apostasy… Now, How Do We Make Sure Our Souls Survive It?, the link to and synopsis of which can be found in the titles below, this shorter article is well worth examining. Who knows? You might even wind up reading the longer article, too!


·       Should You Go to a CMRI Mass or Take Part in the Worship of Other Traditionalists?


A lot of people who call themselves Catholic --- and aren’t allured by the ‘updatings’ or ‘reforms’ of the Novus Ordo Church that flowed out of the 1960s --- are genuinely confused. They can’t stomach the Vatican II stuff. Most of them know, somewhere deep down, that it’s deadly nonsense, spiritually speaking. But what about the traditionalists? There’s not many, but they do exist and have spread across most of the United States. What about them? Aren’t they an option? Can’t we at least get the sacraments from them? Don’t they have valid orders and valid consecrations of the Holy Eucharist? This is what some think. Most of the readers of this website probably know that I expound sedevacantism as the only logical explanation for what is going on nowadays with the Catholic Faith. Hence, I focus on the CMRI, which is the largest sedevacantist traditional outfit around. Nevertheless, the reasons I cite for avoiding the CMRI religiously also apply --- and equally so --- to other traditional organizations, too, like the SSPX, SSPV, FSSP and etc. Indeed, to my knowledge, they will apply to almost any traditionalist priest, parish or bishop that you will find. Wonder why? Then read this article, my dear soul. The information in it is, like so much you can find on this website, absolutely vital to the everlasting salvation of your soul. God has certain expectations of us; it behooves us to figure out what they are.


·       This is the Great Apostasy... Now, How Do We Make Sure Our Souls Survive It?


This is the Great Apostasy. In other words, there’s almost no one left on earth today who is truly Catholic --- Catholic in the sense that the word ‘Catholic’ has always meant since century one with Christ & His Apostles prior to the Vatican II Pseudo-Council of the 1960s. This dearth of real Catholics includes people who are supposed to be priests, bishops and even popes… when, in actuality, they have become antipriests, antibishops and antipopes since they are anti-Catholic and thus anti-Christ. Remember: Catholicism is a complete, whole & inextricable package of teachings & commandments from most ancient times. You can’t take some teachings and reject others, or believe what you want and change what you don’t like into something more ‘palatable’, and still remain, or become, truly Catholic. Yet do you claim to be Catholic? Do you distinguish between religious truth and religious falsehood? This website gives you lots to go on, making sure you are despite the crucifixion of Jesus’ Roman Catholic Body upon a Modernist Cross, this Ecclesial Body now appearing to lay dead in a Tomb. The question is, how do little tiny Catholic sheep survive the wolves we now face without any visible shepherds to protect us? For instance, how do we absolve sin if fallen into mortal iniquity? Without clergy, how do we get spiritual food when no ‘priest’ is truly Catholic and hence legal for us to turn to? Has God abandoned us? Has His Promise failed, has His Singular Church been overcome by the gates of hell and the lies of the devil? This is how it can look when hanging on amidst people who don’t care; who, indeed, hate us for our religion. Like the days of St. Noe (Noah) when an entire human race in hideous rebellion faced punishment of cataclysmic proportions, our wicked world teeters on the edge of destruction. Nevertheless, God did provide one truly Catholic man a means of salvation --- the Ark that took a hundred years to build. In this precious refuge only eight people saved their lives. (Genesis 7:13, 1 Peter 3:20) Everyone else was too proud, too blind, and too lame to enter. That Saving Ark today is the unchanging Roman Catholic Religion found centered in the Immaculate Heart of God’s Mother, the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. Her holy foot is poised to crush the serpent’s head. Notwithstanding, it’s up to us to become truly Catholic, to remain truly Catholic, and to depart from this life truly Catholic in the state of grace, regardless of what the rest of an unbelieving and disobedient humanity may do.


·       True Diversity: What Authentic Diversity Means, and How a False ‘Diversity’ Has Become One of Many Idols Befogging Our Feeble Minds Today


The whole world today --- but especially the most modernized parts of earth, like our dear United States --- has gone gaga for ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘love’ (that much twisted & distorted, poor, mistreated word…), etc., and gone ape crazy against so-called ‘racism’, ‘discrimination’, ‘hate crimes’, ‘microaggressions’, and so forth and so on. The problem? None of these words are defined correctly. They don’t mean what they should. Assuming, of course, they have any useful purpose at all to exist and be used in our language. We touch on a lot of these terms, but it all comes down to what a real diversity is. And hence what it truly means to be a nice person, treat others fairly, and, as real Catholics, love all human beings as the priceless, precious & wonderful Images of God that they are. Meanwhile, the managers of a New World Order have nigh well strangled us with their tyranny. A totalitarianism which begins with shaping how we think, as is usually the case with total tyrants. To recognize the truth or reason logically, totalitarian & false thought gets in the way. This little article is a modest attempt to clear things up and liberate people’s minds. Liberate them in order for everyone to see clearly, think straight, be at peace with one another, seek what is true & authentic diversity, and politely yet firmly tell the tyrants to get off our backs. If a real Catholic, then you’ll appreciate the insights and probably agree with the prescription. Vehemently not Catholic (not the real kind, at least)? Or just kind of wary? No prob. Take gradual, slow, deep breaths… stay calm… be an adult… and read the article. It’s not that long, and, who knows? You might find yourself finding something worth knowing in it. You know? Curious people who don’t like tyranny will appreciate what they read here. I guarantee it.


·       Ufology: Precisely What Is Going on in the Skies During Our Modern Era and the Great Apostasy, and How Real & Wise Catholics Can Respond


Familiar with so-called ‘UFOs’? Oh, I’m sure you are. Leastwise, you think you are. And, whether or not you believe it’s ‘true’, most people don’t actually understand the phenomenon as it really is, in and of itself. In other words, we’ve got contemporary fantasies, a veritable ‘mythology’ built up around it. Nor does it matter if the ufological phenomenon is ‘real’ or not. Even fantasies, spread widely enough, can have huge real-world effects. This is exactly the case with ufology, and it has had enormous repercussions regarding modern humanity’s religious beliefs. Nevertheless, decent researchers, however few, have provided enough hard data --- the phenomenon is real, period. Not every report is true, and we’ve lots of ridiculous ideas concerning the subject. This short book is an attempt to clear things up rationally. We’re additionally trying to give real Roman Catholics a reasonable understanding so as to respond to the ufological phenomenon intelligently. Intrigued? Then read the book.


·       Unity of Worship: Why Real Catholics Dare Not ‘Worship’ With Any Non-Catholic or False ‘catholics’, Pretending It ‘Pleases’ God; Nor May a Pope ‘Change’ This Law, or the Ignorant Remain Ever ‘Guiltless’


Consider yourself Catholic, as I’ve queried a few times? And are you the real thing? Nevertheless, do you dare to suppose that it doesn’t matter who you worship with? That is to say, do you think --- perhaps unthinkingly, having never thought about it --- that it doesn’t matter to Our Creator who you worship with, that every religion & philosophy is perfectly ‘okay’ with Him? Or, if rather more sensible and truly Roman Catholic, do you, notwithstanding, think you ‘must’ get the sacraments no matter what, that knowingly (or, at least, having had plenty of time to eventually know it, thereby incurring culpability) receiving the sacraments from, or with, those who are not Roman Catholic Whole & Entire is somehow mysteriously ‘permissible’ since you just know, despite what God’s Singularly Catholic Church has infallibly taught us, that He expects you to get the sacraments no matter what? In reality, we always have the Sacrament of Baptism and the Sacrament of Matrimony available to us, even without lawful priests to whom we may turn. But think you can’t possibly live without the Sacrament of the Eucharist at all or the Sacrament of Penance dispensed in its normal fashion, etc., that God would never allow this appalling situation to occur? Then think again. Japanese Catholics survived for some two centuries without priests. And today is the Great Apostasy, when God’s Vengeance punishes us for our hideous sins. The central part of this punishment is the Ecclesial Body of Jesus laid in a Modernist Tomb, awaiting resurrection, combined with Spiritual Famine for the few Catholics left. Tighten your religious belts!


·       Was Benedict XV an Antipope?


Have you heard the accusation against Benedict XV (a pope of the early 20th century) that he was an antipope? And, as a real Catholic (not the traditional-looking-yet-fake kind so prevalent today, wherein the claimant espouses salvation heresy, thinking people can die in the practice of a false religion while entering Heaven and usually --- but not always --- imagining that everyone from John XXIII onward is a Successor to St. Peter), are you troubled by the allegations, wondering how Benedict can be defended… or if, perhaps, he really wasn’t an occupant of the Throne of St. Peter? Then this book is for you. Indeed, even if you don’t doubt Benedict the Fifteenth’s papacy, you still can benefit from this book by seeing how to handle cases of suspected heresy. What makes a heresy notorious, or pertinacious? When is a heretic manifest & formal? How is a Catholic to be treated when under suspicion for heretical words or activities? Does a fellow Catholic just up and accuse him point blank, and, if he doesn’t kowtow to the accusation, does the first Catholic simply cut the second Catholic off completely as the very next step? What are the God-given & Church-sanctioned rules in these situations? Encountering what appears to be heresy in those who are supposed to be Catholic is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be utterly confusing. Just follow the rules and be very careful. Likewise, challenging the legitimacy of a pope’s papacy based on supposed heresy must be treated very carefully. A pope doesn’t have to be a good pope to be a real pope; he’s God’s man regardless of whether or not he does a good job representing God on earth on St. Peter’s Throne! The point is, bad or not, you don’t touch God’s man lightly --- and especially not wrongly, failing to follow His rules of strict justice --- and expect God to ‘wink’ at your mistake. God will require a severe accounting from a bad pope at his judgment, and He will require a severe accounting from you, too, at your judgment if you attack a pope mistakenly & rebel from his divinely- derived authority!


·       What Are We to Think of Written Abjurations?


Ever run into the claim --- prevalent amongst those few people nowadays who claim to be Catholic and might really be so, not thinking Benedict XVI is a true pope or that people can die in the practice of false religion and go to Heaven --- that a written & signed abjuration is necessary to save your soul if you are baptized in water but have believed in heresy during the Great Apostasy? Have you been told that, even if this signed abjuration is not absolutely necessary in every single case, nonetheless, to refuse to do it when you can do so would be to your damnation if you die in this state… and even though we have no bishop with jurisdiction to whom we may submit this kind of document? Has anyone claimed that these signed & written abjurations are needed to ‘prove’ that you’re Catholic, and that anyone who is truly Catholic (but who was a baptized heretic prior to denouncing his heresy) must be ready to produce the signed document for another Catholic to examine or collect? And have you, my dear soul, wondered what in the world this is all about? Has the Church actually said to do this? Or is it just the mixed up imagination of a scrupulous & tyrannical person? Don’t despair! There are answers to these questions --- good, simple & sensible answers. No need to twist your brain up into a knot. All you have to know is what the Church has actually said, and why, and you’ll be able to understand what we are to do today when we, or another, are baptized but fell into heresy and now want to abjure. The solution is easy when you comprehend the principle!


·       The World Offended


Do you hate real Catholics? Do you consider them weird, arrogant & rude, the way they seem to talk different, act different & think different from everyone else? Indeed, do you find their insistence on only good Catholics entering Heaven laughable & offensive? Do you feel certain they’re part of some sort of ‘dangerous cult’, a menace to right-thinking people & citizens everywhere? Then this article might just be for you. I can’t guarantee you’ll understand why Catholics are so sure about ‘no Salvation outside the Church’ from reading The World Offended --- that’s better done by looking at the book, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus --- but you will see, provided you think carefully & strive to put your biases to the side, why a Catholic must do what he does, given that he really does believe that there is no Hope of Salvation outside membership in His Church. Along the way, find out what the Bible is for, the reason Catholics ‘preach’, how come they tend to stick to themselves, and witness an anti-Catholic conspiracy theory refuted (albeit very briefly). In addition, discover the reality of the religious tyranny that almost all people nowadays slave under, all the while it is pretended to be a ‘liberty’. Written as a long letter to a close relation, this is a follow-up to something I wrote earlier and posted in the Letters & Admonishments section under the title, Regarding ‘The Epistemologic Works’ Website, Truth, Hell & the Catholic Faith. Investigate both of them carefully… the contents are eye-opening!


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